Long Time Post Gap

Haha Wow. Have I gotten distracted with things.

2013 ended, then 2014 started and is already well into February in what seems to be the blink of an eye. I’m expecting a large increase in traffic here soon, so I’ve really got to keep a better eye on this site! ^^; Sorry for the long gap, but yeah… life has been… chaotic to say the least.

First up, I’m making an official announcement right now on this site for the Sequel to XWAU02, which… is pretty much nearing it’s final arc! XD

It’s VAMOLA! KYORYUGER! (A Sentai adaptation), and can be found HERE on AO3 and HERE on FF.Net. I won’t be doing liveblog updates for it, but I do plan on posting new notifications of the incoming chapters as they come along.

Second! For you Un-Go fans out there, the sequel to The Working Title Job has long since been uploaded! It’s called The Lost Souls Job, and can be found HERE on AO3 and HERE on FF.Net. It was uploaded and completed in one day, although writing took several months.

Also, for those of you who haven’t seen it, though you probably have, long runner Lucky Numbers for Nichijou is still a long runner! You can read it HERE and HERE in the respective AO3 and FF.Net. Future updates will probably also be posted here as well, though I don’t think I’ll be backporting updates here.

What’s in the future? Some in-between stuff for XWAU02! EVENTUALLY new chapters for Babysitting (HERE and HERE!) as well as a LAST EXILE Xros Over featuring Fam’s story prior to joining the Kyoryugers! I’ll also be trying to get back to older stories like Blue Card, and the D-Burst series… But no guarantees.

Also, you might have noticed Miles in the corner up there, yes, the Grasshopper car. He’s my new mascot! He’s also the reason why I’m expecting an eventual increase in visitor traffic. Reasons for that’ll be explained later! 😛 As I’ve run out of time for writing this post! WOW, how did that happen??


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