UN-GO — The Working Title Job (LB-C6)

Quite a rush!

Before we begin, I’d like to add the note that that final scene wasn’t in the original draft. Originally, it was to end right after Izumi fired her gun.

I thought that was a bit weak.

CHAPTER 7. Tsunami

Rie Kaishou’s eyes opened and began looking around the room as she woke up to the sound of a heart rate monitor.

“Meeeow…” And then she saw Inga sitting in a hospital chair holding the Toaster Cat.

“I’m not dead, am I?” Rie asked groggily.

“Huh?” Inga glanced over, and then grinned at her, “Morning, Rie!”

“Mornin’,” The Detective’s Daughter blinked the sleep out of her eyes and tried to sit up.

“Ah! Let me help!” Inga got up, put the toaster cat back down on the chair, and ran over to help her up. “The doctors said that you shouldn’t try moving your shoulder just yet! But you’re really lucky that it didn’t hit anything vital! That shot went clean through and through!”

“It did?” Rie asked, and then felt a slight sting in her right shoulder as Inga helped turn the dial on the bed’s controls to help turn it more into a lounge chair. “Ow!”

Especially with the way this chapter opened with just what seemed like contrived coincidences.

“Yeah, but considering that Izumi was the one that shot you, I’m not really all that surprised,” Inga said in a quieter tone, almost whispering conspiratorially. “She probably aimed where she knew it wouldn’t hit anything major, and Shinjuurou got you to the hospital pretty quickly after that too!”

Rie’s eyes widened, “Wait, Shinjuurou? Where is he?”

“Here at the hospital,” Inga said, “but he’s talking with Mayoi right now about what we should do about Izumi.”

“You mean Chief Katawase?” Rie asked. “Is she alright?”

“‘Sides a concussion?” Inga shrugged. “Yeah, fine, I guess.”

“Concussion?” Rie asked, “What happened?”

“I got pistol whipped upside the head in the parking lot,” Katawase said as she and Shinjuurou came in, “that’s what happened.”

We basically reiterate exactly what just happened to Rie, and I felt that opening to this confusion was worse than having it be a recap.

“Rie,” Shinjuurou smiled, “it’s good to see that you’re awake.”

“It’s good to be awake,” Rie said, “though I feel really confused about what happened?”

“Izumi shot you, then dragged me into the parking lot while Shinuurou-san was keeping you from bleeding out, and then she hit me over the head,” Katawase said with a scowl. “With her gun. Not even the handle. She hit me with the whole damn thing like it was a brick!” She then added, “I’m not a happy police chief right now.”

But that line!

That entire Paragraph!


I love it.




“So what do we do now?” Rie asked.

“You’ll stay here and rest up,” Shinjuurou said, “we’ve got people searching all over town for her, but we’re not having much luck.”

“Aranea’s quite the hacker, even as a data spider on the internet,” Katawase explained. “She’s been stifling our every move with some cutesy eight eyed emoticon while Networks world wide have gone down overnight, especially with the P Versus NP hack out there for anyone to use.” She sighed, “Just the last hour alone I’ve heard reports of the world economy crashing ten times over. You guys think the war was bad? It’s looking like everything’s going to hell.”

“Flights have been canceled too,” Shinjuurou said, “though phones seem to have been left alone…” He smiled slightly, “Your dad called.”

“He did?” Rie asked, frowning slightly. “What’d he have to say?”

“A lot of rather unpleasant things about Izumi,” Katawase said with a chuckle, “can’t say I disagree with him at this point.”

“Other than that, he said that he can’t get a flight back here to help,” Shinjuurou said, “although he and I finally agreed on one thing.”

“What’s that?” Rie asked.

“That Izumi’s going to pay for shooting you,” Shinjuurou smirked.

“Which lead into all those unpleasant things I mentioned,” Katawase flashed a grin.

Despite painting Rinroku as an unsympathetic bastard, he *does* have his caring moments.

Rie smiled as well at it, though it was a hollow one. “So where does this leave us for now?”

“Trying to find Izumi,” Inga said simply. “Kazamori can’t even access the net from the safe house, and Alicia’s not really willing to venture out via wifi with Aranea prowling everything like she is.”

“In other news,” Shinjuurou said, “it seems that my appliances weren’t the only things suddenly coming to life.”

“What?” Rie asked.

“In addition to all the world wide infrastructure crashes?” Shinjuurou explained, “Somehow toasters, microwaves, vacuum cleaners, computers…Anything wireless not affected by the P Versus NP stuff? Basically it’s all come to life.”

“World. Wide.” Inga added.

Rie blinked at the boy who was petting the Toaster Cat, then asked, “…Seriously?”

“Completely at random too,” Katawase said. “The first major outbreak reports came from production factorys in China, a few Toy stores across the UK, oh, and just about every construction machine in the USA going on strike for better working pay.”

Isn’t that just like the USA? [#EvenTheConstructionMachinesAreUnionized]

“…” Rie leaned backwards into her pillow and closed her eyes with a sigh. “Please tell me I’m in a coma and this is all a bad dream?”

“Sorry,” Shinjuurou said, “but you’re wide awake right now, Rie.”

“I could hit you over the head with my gun, if you’d like,” Katawase amended, “but in my experience? It ain’t worth it.”

Concussions aren’t fun at all.

Izumi Koyama had thrown the world into chaos. And for the following week, the world twisted and turned and convoluted itself into some new form that it had never been before.

From her spot safe and sound in her mansion, An Osada watched all of this transpire with curious eyes.

It seemed now that the crimes of the past had virtually been erased, literally in some cases.

An wasn’t sure what to make of this. She wasn’t sure what chaos the world had become, or what it would finally settle into.

All that was known for sure was that a large portion of the world’s online community had been given a devastating tool that was throwing the world off the rails it had been on. Wars? What wars? Nobody gave a damn about any wars now.

Wars were a thing of the past when anyone could tell a bank computer they’d put in ten billion trillion dollars into their account, when that money had never even existed in the past.

Wars were a relic of a long forgotten age when a single money debt could be paid off by telling computers that some non-existent zeros and ones had been sent through as payment.

War? What does that word even mean.

Indeed, for the four lives wasted by the Rising Sun’s opening gambit, that blood was a mere speck of paint on the wall compared to the chaos that was this new age and era of the world.

Behold a Brave New World.

Cloning seems to not be a thing yet, however.

Rie Kaishou had been discharged from the hospital, and she and Shinjuurou had joined Inga, Kazamori, and Alicia at An’s mansion.

“It’s about as safe as safe can be,” Shinjuurou said to Rie as he lead her up the stairs to the guest room An had provided for them. “So we’ll stay here until things settle down.”

“I guess that’s alright,” Rie glanced at her right arm, held in a sling so as not to agitate the bullet hole in her shoulder. “Still though, it’s not your place, or my place…”

“Yeah, well, I don’t trust my place to be secure right now,” Shinjuurou said. “Not when Izumi sent your clothes there.”

“I was wondering how you got this dress for me,” Rie said with a giggle.

“I’m just glad the mail system worked long enough for it to get there,” Shinjuurou shook his head when he thought about the mess that the Mail Delivery System had become world wide.

Mystery Solved.

A week later, and the world was in even more of a mess than it had been to begin with. Thankfully, it seemed, that someone had the smart idea at the start of all of it to disable the world’s nuclear missile supplies, not to mention the growing challenges in military equipment suddenly coming to life and changing things.

True to Izumi’s words though, news of Rinroku Kaishou’s involvement in the war slowly came to light over the week since it all had begun, along with numerous other documents on the falsified ‘deductions’ that the man had made over the years.

Izumi had been using her proximity to Rinroku and his associates to document dozens upon dozens of files and cases and charges to be levied against him. Curiously, though, Shinjuurou noticed that quite a few cases that he’d been involved in were not listed in the massive folder of documents, with the Osada case, the Sasa case, and anything related to the Bettenou Incident being of the most prominent missing.

How did he know that the last one was missing and simply not being delayed?

Izumi had released information on a small time case that had occurred just after the confrontation at the TV studio.

Shinjuurou wasn’t sure of why that was, but he was going to use it to his advantage if he could.

There are a few other missing things of importance but were not mentioned. There’s the case with the statue, and anything involving or mentioning “Full Circle.”

“It seems hypocritical of her to have left out such big cases,” Kazamori commented as they sat down for lunch.

“Yeah, what’s with that?” Inga asked.

“The only thing I can figure out,” Shinjuurou began, “is that she left those ones out as a puzzle for us to figure out, since we’re the only ones who’d know.”

“Maybe,” Inga frowned, “the Kazamori thing? I can see her leaving that out because of the R.A.I. thing that happened with Aria. The An thing? I can see why she’d go along with that one after we uploaded the song to the net like we did…She’s covering her own bases…or she forgot.”

“It could be she forgot about them when uploading them,” Shinjuurou frowned, “but the Bettenou thing? If she were really all about releasing the truth about Kaishou, Rinroku, then that would be one of the biggest lynch pins against him.”

“Maybe she doesn’t care since he’s pretty much going to jail at this point?” Inga offered.

“It doesn’t follow…” Shinjuurou frowned, “The only thing I can think of is that she wants us to retrace the steps of that case for some reason…or maybe she’s waiting until she’s out of the line of fire to release those files?”

That follows a certain linear story line….

“You think she’s hiding out somewhere in that investigation path?” Kazamori asked.

“With all the chaos that’s gone on, hiding in plain sight might be the best thing,” Shinjuurou said. “It’s been a week now, so if she was hiding out in any of those places then she’ll be preparing to move out from there soon…she’s got no choice left either to release the Bettenou case files or wait even more.”

“Either way though,” Kazamori said, “we have a lead.”

“We have a lead,” Shinjuurou agreed.

But this makes a more…dramatic flare.

After hours of searching the various locations involved in the Bettenou incident, the only remaining place was the finally reconstructed TV studio, and that place was too high-trafic for anyone to have been hiding there…Although, there was a new high rise apartment building being built right across the harbor from it.

A crack of thunder and a flash of lightning occurred a moment after Katawase arrived at the building, where Shinjuurou and Inga were waiting for her.

“So this is the place?” The Police Chief asked.

“This is the place,” Shinjuurou said.

“Right across the harbor from the TV studio,” Katawase observed, “Half-built, no security. Damn, how the hell did we not think to look here sooner?”

“I’m just surprised they stopped construction on it,” Inga said. “Why was that?”

“The construction tools here revolted too about around the same time,” Shinjuurou said, “Izumi must’ve thought it was ironic enough to tempt a final confrontation after the elaborate story she’s crafted so far.”

“The Rising Sun does seem to like their monologues,” Katawase noted. “She’s probably been hitting herself over the head for missing the chance since she shot Rie-chan.”

“Did you call for backup?” Shinjuurou asked.

“If we’re wrong about this,” Katawase said, “I’d rather not have my men look like fools again going after a wild goose chase when they’ve already got egg on our faces from the crates and for letting Izumi get away in the first place.”

“And if we’re right,” Shinjuurou added, “then Izumi get’s a show to broadcast to the world.”

“There’s that too,” Katawase agreed.

In which case- Back Up will be on it’s way of its own accord.

“So are we going to go in now or what?” Inga asked.

“Might as well stop putting off the inevitable,” Shinjuurou answered.


And so they entered.

Katawase shone her flashlight into the darkened halls of the building, keeping it and her gun at the same angle and level as they reached the second floor.

She nodded at Shinjuurou, and he and Inga came sneaking forward.

Quietly, the trio searched the building, getting higher and higher through the floors in a calm, continuous manner, unaware of the cameras recording their every movement…

And being hacked into the nearby TV Station’s broadcast list.

“What the hell is this?” A Technician asked as he observed the video feed being overlapped onto all of their channel broadcasts.

“Is that Shinjuurou?” Rie asked in surprise as the image on the TV changed from a comedy to a real life drama.

“It is! Inga and the Chief too!” An agreed. “Where are they?”

“Near the TV station, I think,” Kazamori noted. “They must have found Izumi’s hide out if this is being shown.” ‘Good luck, you two.’

And so they pack it up, and head out.

All across Japan, local broadcasts were being overwritten with this slow, steady, floor by floor climb of the building.

Everyone stayed glued to their screens as they watched this, and, even on the internet, the world wide chaos slowed to a halt as the video was put up via live-stream.

Higher, higher…

“We’re running out of floor,” Inga noted with concern as the flooring beneath them started becoming less and less stable concrete, and more and more flimsy sheets of plywood.

“We’re getting close then, if she’s here,” Katawase said as the sound of a large cloth flapping in the wind drafted past.

Then there was a flash of lightning- and a caped outline appeared against the open sky, a floor above them, also serving to highlight the trio of sneaks to the rogue Prosecutor.

“THERE!” Shinjuurou pointed upwards as Izumi bolted in the moment of recognition.

“KOYAMA, IZUMI,” Katawase shouted, “YOU’RE UNDER ARREST!”

A gunshot rang out through the dark and stormy night sky.

It’s all about the drama.

And the ironic echos.

The world watched as Katawase shot upwards at Izumi- but was unsure if the woman had been hit or not by the initial shot.

The trio ran for the nearest ascension point, and left Inga there to guard it in case Izumi somehow got behind them as Shinjuurou and Katawase ascended.

The camera changed angles, showing Izumi skipping up to an even higher, and even more unfinished floor.

“STOP!” Katawase shouted.

Izumi spun around and threw something at them through a gap in the flooring- and Katawase fired off a set of shots- hitting the object and detonating it.


A flash of light and sound briefly overwhelmed the broadcast, but when it cleared, Shinjuurou had managed to stay on the floor while Katawase had vanished.

Flash Grenades.

Man are those annoying!

I don’t know if you can detonate one by shooting it though.

“I’m fine!” her voice remained however, “GO AFTER HER!”

Katawase had lost her balance and fallen through a gap in the flooring, but had managed to land in a large sand sack pile on the floor immediately below.


Shinjuurou ran.

“This is such a cliche you know!” Shinjuurou shouted as he ran up a set of stairs- the penultimate set in the entire building. “Leading us up here like this after everything you’ve done?”

Silence followed as Shinjuurou followed a trail of blood on the steel beams beneath his feet. So at least one of Katawase’s shots had made it through. “What? You don’t have anything to say to me now?” He followed the blood trail along to the final set of stairs. “Are you really playing this scenario to the fullest? And for what? Your audience?

His shoes stepped up the wooden stairs carefully, calmly, with exact planning, unlike the person whose plans had worked so wonderfully until this final moment.

“This isn’t going to end well if you’re seriously going to keep this charade up,” Shinjuurou called out, following the trail of blood to the final destination, “just stop this now, nobody will think any less of you.”

He stepped up onto the lone steel beam that stretched out over the ruined city, confronting the shadowy figure at the far end of the beam, back turned to him as she stared down at the city that looked up from below.

“It’s time we ended this,” Shinjuurou said, “Izumi.”

With a flourish, the cloaked figure spun around- cape flaring out to the side dramatically as she turned to face the Last Great Detective.

Her right hand was clutching to her left shoulder, blood flowing down from the wound.

And so we relive the opening sequence with full knowledge of who’s who.

“Ironic,” Izumi said, “I shoot Rie in the right shoulder by careful aim, and then Katawase nails me in the left through sheer blind luck.”

“Yeah, Ironic.” Shinjuurou said.

“How did you know I was here?” Izumi asked.

“Bettenou,” Shinjuurou said. “You completely avoided uploading anything related to that incident to the internet.”

“Good,” She smirked, “you figured it out. And here I was worried that you’d just gotten lucky and some random citizen saw me come in here this morning.”

“What the hell was even the point of all of this?” Shinjuurou asked. “I thought I knew you better than this, Izumi. We all thought we knew you better.”

“The point?” Izumi asked with a laugh, “The point was to prove to the world what a monster Kaishou, Rinroku was.”

“So?” Shinjuurou asked. “I thought what happened with Hayami across the harbor was enough betrayal for one lifetime.”

“Hayami was a love sick fool who thought he knew the real me,” Izumi said with a scowl. “He had no clue who I was. Who I used to be before the war.”

“Then explain,” Shinjuurou said.

And here comes the Villain rant.

“How many people actually understand what happened in the war? What sparked it?” She said with a confident smile, “I’ll bet you that you don’t know.” She made sure to adjust her stance a bit as a gust of wind blew past her. “And so, in front of the whole world, I’ll explain what the hell happened. I’ll admit, even I didn’t know what it was that truly sparked it all off, not until I met you, Yuki, Shinjuurou. You and that Demon of yours.”

“Inga?” Shinjuurou frowned, “Inga’s just a kid. Sure, I guess you could call him a demon, but-”

“Shut up!” Izumi shouted as crack of lightning went off behind her, “You know I mean that woman. The one who asked me that one question infront of the world.” She scowled, “If she’d phrased that question even the slightest bit differently, years of work would have gone down the drain as I blew my cover in an instant.”

That question really was so awkwardly phrased in the Anime. Any slightest difference and she could have spilled her guts to the world about her plans.

“Seriously?” Shinjuurou blinked, “I didn’t realize that we were that much of a-.”

“I said to shut the fuck up!” Izumi grit her teeth. “When that man with Bettenou arrived, told the world about that video…that sparked the war, but it was Kaishou, Rinroku that fanned the flames. During that first wave of terror attacks following the video, quite a few of them were home grown fakes. A highschool was just one of them, blown up by our own Anti-terror forces. My little sister was a part of the P Versus NP solving club at that school. Isana-chan Died in that attack.”

“You were already working for the Prosecutor’s office by then, weren’t you?” Shinjuurou asked.

“I was,” Izumi admitted. “I was a low rank and file, but high enough to learn who ordered that attack after the fact. Kaishou, Rinroku was the one to push the button on the school.”

“So you vowed revenge,” Shinjuurou guessed as another gust of wind rushed past.

What a startling development!

“I reached out to the kids in that club who survived. Kenta, Mitsuku, Aria…” Izumi chuckled grimly. “We all knew we were living on borrowed time after that. So we planned, programmed, plotted…we waited with so much patience that the war ended before we knew it, and it was but a few months before the Bettenou cult surfaced.”

“That seems to happen a lot with P Versus NP,” Shinjuurou noted.

“But it still wasn’t finished,” Izumu continued. “And then YOU showed up, Rinroku’s own little summoned monsters who could solve things he couldn’t, and then he would just spin it into his favor anyways.” She scoffed, “After your fifth successful case, we realized you’d be a problem.”

Thunder rolled, lightning flashed.

“It strengthened your resolve, didn’t it?” Shinjuurou asked. “Well, I guess that explains why you grew so cold to me and Inga after a while. We never even really did anything to earn your ire, so that always made me feel off.”

It is a strange disconnect from the “Chapter of Inga” and Episode 1, with how Izumi acted.

“Exactly that!” Izumi laughed, “And from that day on, we put the final pieces together faster and faster. Then Hayami pulled out Bettenou and brought every player we needed to be wary of to our attention. Our final plan had to involve all of the players of that Bettenou Incident, or else we risked you coming in as an outside problem and screwing things up so thoroughly that everything went to hell…And even then with the perfect plan, you still kept finding ways to screw us over.”

“You mentioned that before,” Shinjuurou said. “For the record though, Inga didn’t have anything to do with messing with my phone so you couldn’t hack it.”

“Oh no, obviously not,” Izumi laughed, “not when the whole world starts having its appliances and tools coming to life and sprouting limbs they never had before.”

“So is that it?” Shinjuurou asked, “The end of your motive rant?”

Izumi broke down into laughter, “Yeah, no, not really!” She narrowed her eyes at him as the wind began to pick up more, blowing her cape around dramatically, “It might just be the blood loss getting to me, or it could be that I’ve pent this all up inside me for so long that it’s driven me insane, but I’m feeling HELLA Talkative right about now!”

“Uh…” Shinjuurou blinked, “I’m pretty sure it’s the blood loss.”

This whole exchange, funny as it is, was me realizing that I’d hit a point that she could reasonably STOP talking, but I felt like I was forgetting something important for her to say.

Blood loss does funny things to a person.

“See, the timing of all this SUCKED. We were hoping that Rinroku would’ve been here personally to witness this chaos,” Izumi said, “but we had to scrap Plan A because he was out of town!”

“You know, I’ve got to ask,” Shinjuurou frowned, “why not wait then?”

“Because Kenta’s secretary found our plans and tried to ruin it all!” Izumi scowled, “Do you know he nearly convinced Kenta to take that niece of his and skip town? Move to HAWAII?

“Hawaii actually seems like a nice place to be right about now,” Shinjuurou muttered as a thunder strike went off. “So you killed Kenta because he was wanting to pull out?”

Wow- cold blooded murder of a secretary for putting forth the Hawaii Option.

That’s how you know you’re dealing with some really insane people right here.

“No, we had to kill the secretary to keep him quiet.” Izumi scowled, “Ice only keeps a body fresh in the condition we needed it in for about a month. Even then, we nearly blew it because we didn’t kill that R.A.I. of Kenta’s thoroughly enough. How can running one over with a truck at over sixty miles per hour NOT kill an R.A.I.!?”

“She’s not an R.A.I. though,” Shinjuurou said, “she may be using an R.A.I. body, but she’s started as a flesh and blood human.”

“Yeah yeah, ‘R.A.I.’s can be used for medical purposes’,” Izumi spat some blood out then. “I’ve heard that spiel millions of times from Kenta already. Didn’t stop the military from wanting R.A.I.’s, didn’t stop the perverts from wanting R.A.I.’s, didn’t stop the fucking murderers from wanting R.A.I.’s. And then she goes and gives Aria the idea of uploading into the net by her merely existing…” She scowled, “You know that Aria wasn’t even supposed to upload her brain like that? But no, as soon as she saw that we were going down there, she had to take us into Plan C instead of trying to ride it out.”

They started with plan B because plan A required Rinroku’s presence.

The building shook in the wind.

“Look, Izumi,” Shinjuurou said, “as much as I’d like to keep talking, I don’t think this building is going to give us the time.”

“Too bad!” Izumi shouted. “I’m not submitting myself to arrest! As long as Aria’s on the internet, the Rising Sun can continue to function and publish documents, becoming a force for-” The buildings sudden shake caused her to nearly lose her balance. “Woahh…that felt bad…”

“We’re not supposed to be up here, Izumi,” Shinjuurou said, “come on down and we’ll talk this out on the ground.”

“No way no how!” Izumi shouted, “Not til you explain to the world how you figured out it was me!”

“…What?” Shinjuurou asked.

“Tell the world how the “Last Great Detective” figured out that I, Koyama, Izumi, was the one who did all of this!” She shouted again.

Blood loss.

She knows that the building’s unstable up there, but….she just doesn’t quite surrender cause of it.

“…Alright, fine? You want to know?” He scowled and took a step forward toward her, “You tipped me off to many times. Rie’s phone redirect, the fact that you knew that the initial hack was a supercharged P Versus NP when all the website said was that it WAS P Versus NP and nothing about how it could beat Rinroku’s systems. You bragged about it! And then there was your introduction of Aranea to us, sorry, I mean Aria. You made the introductions, you made us think she was trust worthy. Hell, you even set us on the trail of the Rising Sun by calling us out with a murder of one of your own members! I guarantee you, if you wanted a confusing Mystery that would’ve thrown us off, don’t start by killing the guy and writing a CALL OUT MESSAGE ON THE WALL!” He continued on closer, “Do you even realize how stupid that is!? If you had just given an anonymous call about a disturbance, NOT put a message on the wall, and NOT broadcast it onto the internet until AFTER the police arrived, then MAYBE you might have stumped us.” He motioned widely to the world, “Or hell, GO AHEAD and do EVERYTHING in the exact same way that you did, but don’t do it to the guy who has ties to THE ENTIRE GROUP!”

Shinjuurou practically breaks the fourth wall to rail against how stupid the plot of the story is.

In all seriousness- this was ME railing against the plot I’d crafted up.

“…” Izumi stared at him for a moment, then started laughing. She laughed so hard that she stumbled backwards and…

The Building shook as lightning hit just barely shy of the building they were on- Izumi slipped off of the steel beam…!

Only to be caught by a last second lunge by Shinjuurou- managing to catch her by the right arm as she flailed it upwards.

“W…Wha…!” She stared up at him in confusion.

“Like hell I’m letting you get out of it that easy!” Shinjuurou growled at her, “Not when you shot Rie!” he began pulling her back up onto the beam. “Koyama, Izumi,” He declared as he lead her back across the beam and towards more solid ground, “you’re under arrest for the murders of Otonoshi, Kenta, and his former Secretary; The attempted murders of Otonoshi, Alicia; Kaishou, Rie; and Kaishou, Rinroku; Accessory to a Suicide Bombing; Assault on an officer with a hand gun and a flash grenade; The endangerment of civilian lives by hanging crates over city intersections with intent to drop; and Obstruction of Justice on so many fucking occasions that I don’t even have the breath to list them all.”

And then he arrests her.

They descended a floor, and met up with Inga and Katawase, who was nursing a dislocated shoulder.

“Here,” Katawase said as she handed Shinjuurou a set of handcuffs with her good arm, “you deserve the honors.”

Inga just grinned as Shinjuurou took the handcuffs and quickly cuffed Izumi, completing the ritual by saying, “You have the right to remain silent, anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.” Izumi sighed as he continued on. “You have the right to an attorney, and if you do not have an attorney, one might be provided for you…”

And reads her the Miranda rights.

I don’t CARE if Japan uses it or not- that spin on the classic “One will be provided for you” is just the perfect icing on the cake.

They descended further as the rain began to fall. Thankfully, the lower floors were completed enough that the rain didn’t affect them all that much. And then, as they reached the bottom floor and exited the building…

A crowd awaited them- cheering and clapping and yelling for the successful arrest of the woman who had caused so much trouble over the last week.

Izumi’s eyes panned through the crowd, and then spotted the familiar faces of Rie, Kazamori, Kenta’s niece…and An Osada.

The sheer strangeness of both of that girl’s presence there and the sight of all of these people, many of them colleagues Izumi had worked with in the past, forced her to finally break- a sob wracked her body, shooting pain through her left shoulder, and she began to cry.

One last Ironic Echo: Courtesy of An Osada, and the only real reason I had her in the story.

“Is she having a breakdown?” An asked of Shinjuurou, who replied in very much a similar way that he had that day at the cemetery.

“Ah? Yeah.” He said with an Ironic Echo, “We all break when our dreams are shattered before our eyes. Some dreams just break more dramatically than others.”

“I see, I do hope she gets help for that shoulder, though,” An remarked.

“I’ll see to it personally,” Katawase said grimly, “she hit me over the head with a gun you know! Then she goes and dislocates my shoulder with a flash grenade!” There was a pause as Izumi was put into the awaiting doors of a police cruiser. “I’m a happy Police Chief right now, ya know?”

The door closed with a slam.

Yeah- Katawase got her shoulder dislocated from the fall.

But this time she’s a Happy Chief.




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