UN-GO — The Working Title Job (LB-C5)

Closing that…explosive chapter…we open up with the aftermath.

CHAPTER 5. Check Mate.

Chess references aside, guess what happens in THIS chapter. 😛

Rie colapsed into Shinjuurou’s arms when she heard this over the phone.

“Wh..what…?” She blinked. “Why would they…?”

“I’m sorry, Rie,” Izumi said over the phone, “but we can see the fireball from here.”

“What the hell kind of plan is this?” Katawase asked. “Kill the guy who wrote your programming? Kill his secretary and string him across the city? Kidnap the police’s hacker, and pretend to string her up across the city? Then Blowing yourself up in a house bomb?!”

“Not to mention dropping the programer’s niece into a garbage bin after hitting her with a car,” Shinjuurou said.

“What?” Izumi asked in surprise. “You found her!? When-?”

“She’s fine. Just a broken rib or two. She’s in the hospital right now,” Shinjuurou lied.

“And how did you-?”

“We ran into her during our investigations at Steranko,” Shinjuurou lied again. “She had a…trust fund that Kenta was funneling money into.”

“Damn these Rising Sun people,” Katawase growled, “how dare they…!”

“And true to his word, there’s the file download. Just completed onto this laptop…” Izumi said. “If it did it at this speed to every computer watching it across the world…?”

“Bread’s out of the toaster,” Rie muttered, “cat’s out of the bag.”

Appropriate Cat Metaphor is Strangely Appropriate.

“Rinroku’s not going to like this one bit,” Shinjuurou said, “I just hope he had bomb insurance.”

“Knowing my dad,” Rie chuckled grimly, “probably.”

“Alright then, Izumi,” Katawase said, “we’re coming on our way back. See you in a bit.”

“Alright, later then.”

Katawase hung up and said flatly, “Something smells like fish oil.”

“The timing of this was too smooth,” Rie agreed. “Too precise.”

“You thinkin’ what I’m thinkin’?” Katawase asked.

“That they were waiting for Kaishou, Rinroku to get out of town so they could pull this off without his supervision?” Shinjuurou asked.

“And how did they get access to my house?” Rie asked, “Our security system wouldn’t just let anyone in.”

“Actually,” Katawase said, “and I know you guys might not like this, but a part of me’s thinking that Aranea isn’t the only cop in bed with Rising Sun.”

“Izumi?” Rie asked.

“I hate to think it of the girl after all she’s been through,” Katawase said, “But she’s been point lead from the start of this case. It was her email address that was alerted so that we would know to look at the hacked websites. She was the one who vouched for Aranea.”

“She’s also had the experience in forging new identities,” Shinjuurou said simply.

“There was a reason you called me instead of her about Aranea,” Katawase said.

“I’ve been suspicious of her since we unlocked the yearbook,” Shinjuurou said. “But I didn’t have to take a gamble that it was her.”

“And not me?” Katawase asked.

“One Koyama, Isana,” Rie said, “she was in Kenta’s club along with everyone else.”

And here’s the reveal…a bit sooner than I’d planned, but it falls into place nicely here.

“Plus, there was something else Izumi said,” Shinjuurou added, “back when we were in Otonoshi’s house.”

“That would be because we can’t reach him,” Izumi Koyama said as she entered the room. “His desk number forwards to your phone, Rie, and the personal number he gave me incase of emergency is telling me that he’s out of the service area. Plus, it isn’t common knowledge that Rinroku’s out of town right now, so if a Kaishou isn’t on the case, either the one called out or the daughter that’s been known to work as his investigative agent, the Killer might grow suspicious.”

“A short while before Izumi called us about Otonoshi’s death, Rie got a call asking for her father,” Shinjuurou explained. “Alicia also told us that she heard Kenta making a call just before she’d gotten run over.”

“Oh right,” Rie nodded, “the unknown voice!”

“The only way Izumi would have known that Rie had set that call-forwarding up was if she was involved in that call somehow,” Shinjuurou said.

“How’s that work out?” Katawase asked.

“I’d only set it up just before Shinjuurou and I went out to dinner,” Rie said, and held up a finger when the Police Chief’s mouth twisted up into a smirk, “and yes, we are in a relationship. Don’t shout it to the room.”

They hit the ground floor just then, and hurried out through the lobby to the exit towards Katawase’s car.

The pieces begin falling into place here. All those shady details of Izumi’s odd comments and reactions?

“So you got the call during dinner, and then…?” Katawase picked the conversation up as she started the engine.

“And about forty or fifty minutes later, Izumi called us both directly,” Shinjuurou said, “Rie’s ringtone was different the first time.”

“That was the one I set for forwarded calls so I’d know how to answer them,” Rie explained.

“So Otonoshi called Rinroku’s office to see if he was home or not?” Katawase asked as she pulled out into traffic.

“Izumi knew about the trip, and had Kenta call to make sure that dad wasn’t getting his calls, which was practically ensured by my call-forwarding setup,” Rie realized. “So when they Knew that dad wasn’t home…!”

“They knew to go ahead with the plan,” Shinjuurou concluded. “Kenta probably had finished P Versus NP just before that, so the timing must have seemed perfect for them.”

“Why would Izumi do this though?” Katawase asked. “And what’s her connection to this Isana girl?”

“Cousin? Sister?” Rie said with a shrug, “Izumi probably got Aria the tech job after meeting her from the school.”

“And since those kids were all in the same club,” Shinjuurou said, “that’s the connection with Kenta and Mitsuku.”

“As for the why,” Rie frowned, “we’ll have to ask her ourselves.”

Younger sister.


In that order.

“So who killed Otonoshi?” Katawase asked. “Asahina?”

“Probably,” Shinjuurou nodded.

“And the guy in the crates?” Katawase continued.

“Asahina too, if he had a thing for limb splitting,” Rie guessed, though seemed squicked out by it.

“So how are we going to go about this?” Katawase asked.

“We’ll have Izumi take us straight to Aranea,” Shinjuurou planned, “she’ll probably be keeping us away from the secret room as best as she can. So whatever she does, we should probably do the opposite.”

“What if she pulls a Gun on us?” Katawase asked.

“Try to let me be the one to get shot?” Shinjuurou offered.

“No way,” Rie shook her head, “not happening, Shinjuurou.”

“Rie, I’ve been stabbed clean through with a wooden pole once,” Shinjuurou said, “I can handle a bullet.”

He neglects to mention that it was through the throat.

“Detective,” Katawase said as they came to a red light, “one of these days you’re going to have to catch me up on all of those cases you took before I got promoted. I feel like I’m out of the loop more than I should be.”

“It might be more than your brain could handle, chief,” Shinjuurou remarked.

“I’ll be the judge of that.”

They arrived soon enough, and re-entered Otonoshi, Kenta’s office.

“What are we doing here, exactly?” Izumi asked as she surveyed the scene before her.

“Alright, let’s do a bit of role play here,” Katawase said as she sat Rie down at the chair, and moved to stand Shinjuurou at the doorway. “So let’s say that you’re Aranea, Rie-chan, and Yuki-san, you’re Asahina.”

“I’m here at the computer, working on hacking,” Rie said as she sat in the rather comfy chair, looking around the room.

“I’m holding a gun,” Shinjuurou held his right hand in a gun shape.

He said in a flat monotone.

“So Asahina comes in-” Katawase says, “he tries to be courteous to Aranea at first, but then confronts her on her dual identity?”

“Sticking to that theory, are we?” Izumi asked with crossed arms.

“So I shoot the computer to make my point,” Shinjuurou said flatly.

“Oh no!” Rie said dramatically, “I’ve been caught!”

Izumi’s eye twitched, “Too dramatic.”

Rie’s having fun with this.

“So Asahina tells Aranea to stand up, and to unhook the computer from the broken monitor,” Katawase continued.

Rie stands up, remarking, “By the way, can we get a chair like this when the case is over? It’s really comfy!”

“I’ll see if I can find the model number online,” Shinjuurou replied.

It’s all so domestic, isn’t it?

“Heh,” Katawase chuckles, “so, that’s all what it appears to be. Instead, maybe, Asahina and Aranea converse about their love life? Maybe it’s a steamy affair and Aranea’s putting that upset look on her face more because she’s admitting that she’s pregnant with their love child or something!”

Shinjuurou and Rie sputtered at that, and Izumi remarked: “Definitely not.”

PFFFFTHAHAHAHAHHA! I find my own writing amusing no more then at this point.

Just….Katawaseeeeeeee-chaaaaaaan X33

“Regardless of their conversational content!” Katawase continued on, “Aranea picks up the computer, and Asahina leads her outside!” Shinjuurou and Rie quickly exited, and Katawase and Izumi followed.

“Now what?” Shinjuurou asked.

“From here,” Katawase said, “they go to the elevators!”

The four of them headed to and entered the elevator.

“Now then…!” Katawase continued, “We lost camera feeds at this point, right?”

“Right,” Izumi agreed, “and they didn’t reboot until after you arrived.”

“Logic dictates they went to the parking garage next,” Rie said, “since Asahina needs to get from here to my place.”

“Ah! That’s true!” Katawase said, “But what if Aranea wasn’t *IN* the elevator!”

“E…Excuse me?” Izumi blinked.

“So from here they split up,” Shinjuurou said. “Asahina stays in the elevator and Aranea gets out with the computer.”

“So since we know where Asahina goes, we’ll follow Aranea’s path instead!” Katawase pumped a fist into the air.

“…Which is to where, exactly?” Izumi asked.

You should never split the party, you know….and always keep that dirty thief where you can see him.

A cookie if you get the reference.

“To the secret room, of course!” Katawase said as they exited the elevator, and headed back into Otonoshi’s office.

“So…What secret room?” Izumi asked as she leaned up against one of the bookshelves.

“Kenta was really paranoid,” Rie said, “but properly so! He laid plans in for just about everything- remodeling his house so many times just to update security.”

“We wondered if Kenta didn’t do the same for his office,” Shinjuurou said as he held up his cellphone, “so I made a few calls.”

“As it turns out, Otonoshi made a major reno’ on this office building last year- mysteriously cutting the living space on this side of the building clean down the middle with an entire section of offices from top floor to parking garage being sealed off for some mysterious reason not even listed on paper,” Katawase grinned.

“Kenta’s office happens to have been halved in space due to that sudden renovation,” Shinjuurou said, pointing at the wall that Izumi was leaning against. “That wall was added, to be precise.”

Izumi stepped away from it suddenly, as if it had shocked her. “What? Seriously?”

“Yup!” Rie nodded.

The Bookshelf was pulled away, revealing a staircase heading down and down and down.

“Gentlemen first, Shinjuurou,” Rie remarked.

“Sure thing,” Shinjuurou replied.

Katawase laughed, “Hue Hue Hue…”

There’s that laugh.

And so they descended.

Down and down they went until they reached the bottom floor, which was just below the parking garage, and not once did Izumi even suggest calling for backup.

Shinjuurou found that unnerving.

With good reason!

Even more so when they found a fake body-cast of Aranea’s torso- the arm cut off view that they had seen in the video.

“Well,” Rie said, “that makes me feel somewhat better.”

“Me too,” Shinjuurou agreed. “Now the question is, where’s the real Aranea?”

Ah, Movie Magic! plus typos. That whole last half of the first sentence got seriously mangled somewhere along the line.

They progressed deeper into what appeared to be a safe-house filled with all kinds of computers…

“How much do you wanna bet that drop box is stored on one of these?” Katawase asked.

“High chances of it, I’d say” Rie said.

They continued searching, finding various whiteboards that had mostly been wiped clean, save for one that had a map of the city with the crate locations circled on it.

And then they found Aranea.

Or what was left of her, at any rate.

“…This is not better than being dismembered,” Rie said.

The woman had lied down in a chair and strapped some sort of helmet to her head- a helmet that was hooked up to a computer terminal and seemed to have electrocuted her to death.

“What the fuck happened here?” Katawase asked.

“Brain Scan,” Shinjuurou deduced instantly. “She’s uploaded herself into the internet.”

Prototype helmet.

Fries the brain, saves the mind.

Aria just pulled a Kayaba.

“Why would she do tha-AHH!”


And then came the moment they’d all been dreading.

Izumi had pulled her gun out and primed it while aiming it at Katawase’s head, which was held steady by the fact that the Prosecutor had the Police Chief in a choke hold.

“…Izumi-chan?” Katawase asked calmly, and yet fearfully of the gun pointed at her head.

“Nobody move,” Izumi said flatly.

Things remained silent for a moment.

“You weren’t supposed to see this,” Izumi said finally. “You weren’t supposed to figure out that it was me.”

“You bugged our phones, didn’t you?” Shinjuurou asked.

“Just Katawase’s,” Izumi admitted, “I couldn’t hack into either yours or Rie’s, Shinjuurou. Don’t know how, but those phones have encryption well beyond anything I’ve seen.”

“Luck, I guess,” Shinjuurou lied.

“Or magic, whatever,” Izumi rolled her eyes, “what do I care if the Midgit brigade messed with your phones? I still listened in on your little chat in the elevator and car.”

Izumi assumes that Inga or Kazamori INTENTIONALLY did something!

Haha, how wrong she is!

“Doesn’t matter now, does it?” Rie asked.

“Not especially, no,” Izumi narrowed her eyes.

“So what now?” Shinjuurou asked.

“I take Katawase hostage, escape to my car, get out of town, start plan C,” Izumi said simply, “then you two try and fail to hunt me down for years on end while The Rising Sun undoes all of the damage done by Rinroku Kaishou’s hands. Even the war.”

“‘Undoes’?” Shinjuurou asked, “You can’t just undo a war, Izumi.”

“You’re right,” She laughed, “but I can give people a new target for their anger. Rinroku got us into that war, and by my hand, I’ll make sure the bastard gets what’s coming to him.”

“Why are you doing this, Izumi?” Rie asked. “Didn’t you work with my father to-?”

“Work?” Izumi spat, “WORK? Oh no, young Kaishou, I did not work with your father so much as I did gain his trust.”

Was it all just an act, Izumi-chan?

Could have had me fooled with those tears of..yours…..oh wait… maybe you were crying because years of hard work seemingly were flushed down the drain?

“And what about Hayami?” Shinjuurou asked.

“That guy was too self-absorbed and love struck for his own good,” Izumi said, “I would’ve congratulated him if his plan hadn’t backfired on him the way it did though. Would’ve saved me the trouble, and The Rising Sun the lives.”

“So you made this elaborate ruse up, after that, didn’t you?” Shinjuurou asked.

“After you proved how much of a spanner in the works you and Inga were?” Izumi scoffed, “I had to make sure you were distracted. Honestly, I’d been planning on having Inga around more, though. You nearly screwed our plan up majorly with him not being there that first night.”

Seriously, Izumi? You *WANTED* Inga there!?

“Even when mortal, he’s screwing up evil plots,” Shinjuurou muttered.

“Has everyone forgotten that I’m here?” Katawase asked timidly.

“Nope,” Izumi chuckled, “in fact, I was just about to make my exit. You nearly caught me monologing, Detectives.” And then she changed the aim of her gun from Katawase and-



Everything went dark for the Liar’s daughter.

End chapter.



Katwase watched in horror as she was dragged away from the girl, who had already been caught by Shinjuurou and was already trying to stop the bleeding. “What the hell Izumi!?” she whined to Izumi as she was forced up a stairwell one floor. “You shot her! You shot Rie!”

“I didn’t aim for anything vital,” Izumi said coldly.

“That’-What!?” Katawase shouted. “How the hell can you not aim for something vital!?”

“It’s the right shoulder, should be a clean shot through and through,” Izumi rolled her eyes. “I want Rinroku to suffer, but killing his daughter? Please. I’m not that stupid!” She kicked a door open, and out into the parking garage they went.

“Why?” Katawase asked, “Why shoot her!?”

“I needed Shinjuurou immobilized while I made my escape with you,” Izumi remarked. “Why else?”

“You’re not going to get away with this,” Katawase said as she was pushed towards a car, “I’ll-”

“You’ll what?” Izumi cut her off with the question, “Arrest me? Fat chance. After today, you’re never going to see me again.”

Good grief, Izumi is scary as a bad guy!

“You mean to kill me then?” Katawase asked.

“Like I said,” Izumi laughed, and then threw the Chief in front of her and spun her around.

“What-?” Katawase blinked in confusion as-

“I’m not that stupid.”


End scene.

End Chapter.


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