UN-GO — The Working Title Job (LB-C1)

Shorah! I figured since I haven’t updated this site in a while (thanks in no part to FF.net’s stupid text-copying disallowing thing), I figured I’d do a quick liveblog on a story that IS finished and that I have ready access to the raw, finished text of! So without further adu, I present UN-GO: The Working Title Job, on FF.net and Archive Of Our Own. I recommend, as per always, that you read through the whole story first before you read the liveblog :33 Chose your pick, FF.Net has the better formatting, I think, but AO3’s version is what I’ll be linking to from this point on.

Keep in mind, the story is RATED MATURE for a reason, as it contains some graphic descriptions that might not be best for you to read if you’re under 18…So read at your own risk if you think you’re mature enough to handle it. I’ll be whiting out the text in question as per all my Trigger Warning marked posts, so if you see a large white swath of text and you feel squeamish….just skip over it.

ALSO: This story is basically a SEQUEL to the Anime UN-GO. If you HAVE NOT SEEN THAT ANIME START TO FINISH, INCLUDING THE BONUS EPISODE ON THE DVD/BLURAY RELEASES, then this story is not for you. Spoilers!

CHAPTER 0: Prelude to a Storm

A gunshot rang out through the dark and stormy night sky.

“This is such a cliche you know!” A male voice shouted as a set of boots ran across a steel beam near the top of a half-constructed building, leaving a trail of blood behind them across the metal. “Leading us up here like this after everything you’ve done?”

The cloaked figure fleeing for their life had nothing to say as they climbed up a wooden set of stairs to the highest unfinished floor.

“What? You don’t have anything to say to me now?” The owner of the voice asked as his own sneakers stepped down onto the blood-laced steel beam. “Are you really playing this scenario to the fullest? And for what? Your audience?

His shoes stepped up the wooden stairs carefully, calmly, with exact planning, unlike the person whose plans had worked so wonderfully until this final moment.

“This isn’t going to end well if you’re seriously going to keep this charade up,” the man called out, “just stop this now, nobody will think any less of you.”

The man stepped up onto the lone steel beam that stretched out over the ruined city, confronting the shadowy figure at the far end of the beam, back turned to him as they stared down at the city that looked up from below.

“It’s time we ended this,” The man said.

With a flourish, the cloaked figure spun around- cape flaring out to the side dramatically as they turned to face the Last Great Detective.

This scene was what kicked off the entire story in my mind- among one other- and was the only one to make it into the final version of the story.
So, what does it establish? A Good Guy and a Bad Guy- obviously the confrontation from the end of the story.

But who they are, we don’t know…yet.

CHAPTER 1. Dinner Theater

I’m going to say it now, this entire story is rated Mature for a reason. This first chapter alone is probably one of the worst offenders of the entire story- containing one partly shown sex scene, and one that’s only hinted at.

“You, me, dinner,” Rie Kaishou said decisively outside the door of the abandoned city apartment, “and no mysteries that threaten the world.”

“Er…come again?” Shinjuurou Yuki, the infamous “Defeated Detective”, said with a blink at the girl who had come knocking at his door to deliver this cryptic line.

“Don’t play dumb with me, mister,” the brown haired, red-brown eyed girl remarked as she crossed her arms, “You heard me perfectly well!”

“…No, I got that,” Shinjuurou said, “you’re asking me out on a date?”

“What else would I be doing with a phrase like that?” Rie said, “We go out to dinner, have a little fun, and don’t have to worry about solving any cases that might or might not bring about the end of the world.”

“Your father did something that made you angry, didn’t he?” Shinjuurou deduced.

The idea that Rie’s been pining after Shinjuurou isn’t a foreign one- the Anime hints at it at times- but it’s surprisingly uncommon in the Fanfiction corners of the internet. I’ve only ever found *ONE* fic of romantic nature between the two of them, and it’s just them having sex! (I’ll admit it right here, that story served as some inspiration for The Working Title Job.) Rie is even less commonly drawn in all of the fan art I’ve found as well. It’s always Inga, Kazamori, and Shinjuurou. Understandably so, Inga and Shinjuurou are the main characters of the story, and Kazamori…? Well, s/he’s….Kazamori.

“Yes and No, actually,” Rie said with a smile. “No in that he’s gone out of town to talk to the world governments after the Bettenou incident. A LOT of people in the world governments want to understand what happened in that TV studio, and what better way to do that then secret conferences held in a shady part of the world for an undetermined amount of time.”

“And the ‘yes’ in this equation?”

“I’m mad that he covered up what happened in the TV studio,” Rie’s smile turned to a frown. “And I just know that he’s going to end up lying to the world in the end. He’ll spin his web and then the whole world will be lied to about all of that. With Inga and…”

As a continuation of the Anime, this story needed to touch upon some important facts in the first few paragraphs, setting up world building for the story to come, and establishing continuity with the Anime.

First: Kaishou, Rinroku’s “Stunt” of faking his own death has garnered the world’s attention- especially after the Indictment Hearing in the Anime in which a certain member of the Prosecutor’s office spilled some incriminating information.

Second: Because of the above, Rinroku is now OUT OF TOWN, basically leaving things to run unsupervised on auto pilot.

Third: Rie is capitalizing on this opportunity and is asking Shinjuurou out on a date seemingly out of spite? Revenge? What is it exactly that’s driving her here?

“Right right,” Shinjuurou said before she could say anything else. “Yeah, I’m pretty pissed about that too.” It had been a real annoyance. Once again, Rinroku Kaishou’s ‘editing’ of events had left the truth buried. Oh, sure, the real culprit, Seigen Hayami, had definitely been blamed for his crimes in trying to kill Rinroku and basically become a god among men, but the truth of how he went about it- Bettenou, the Illusion Kami- had been hidden away, replaced with a mere fantasy drug of the same name that didn’t even exist.

In truth, Shinjuurou wasn’t sure what was the lesser of two evils- lying to the public that there was an illusion creating drug that had caused all of the events, or straight up telling them that Gods and Demons existed and had the power to influence the world en-mass.

But humans would believe anything so long as the media sources all backed it up- and Rinroku’s empire of Japanese Media along with his status as “Ace Detective” all collaborated to one ‘truth.’

“So basically, this is a revenge dinner, right?” He asked.

Shinjuurou’s narration covers the above tying into continuity nicely, as well as serves as a recap for anyone who’s not seen the anime in a while.

“For a such a brilliant detective, you sure can be an idiot at times,” Rie scowled at him. “That’s where the ‘no’, comes in. I’ve really wanted to ask you out for a while now, but I knew that if I did it while my dad was around, he’d make sure that the restaurants would all be booked solid or something worse.”

“So…just dinner due to a random alignment of coincidences?” Shinjuurou asked.

“Yes, exactly that.”

Rie is also, despite her attraction to Shinjuurou, mad at his ability to be an unobservant idiot and not being able to pick up on the fact that she wants to have DINNER with him. She has to practically spell it out to him.

This…really isn’t Shinjuurou being unobservant. It’s him trying to hold himself back. Rie *IS* an unknown amount of years younger than him, being around 16 in the anime, with Shinjuurou somewhere in his 20s.

I suppose, in a way, that may be why the pairing isn’t that popular?

Wait. What am I saying? This is the INTERNET for crying out loud!! Like hell an age restriction is going to keep people from shipping their favorite characters!

“…Alright, that sounds fine to me.” Shinjuurou smiled just a little, “What time and what restaurant?”

“Eight Oclock!”

“You’re WHAT?” The Detective’s Assistant, Inga, shouted in protest of Shinjuurou’s announcement.

“Having dinner with Rie, is there anything wrong with that?” Shinjuurou asked in return as he fixed the bow tie around his neck.

Here, I’m firmly introducing my new manner of scene transitions. A single bold line of text.

Also, Introducing Inga!

“No… but…really!?” The young boy form of the Truth seeking Demon reacted in a rather exaggerated manner, “Tonight when we were going to watch that new movie that just came out on Green Disk?”

“BluRay,” The R.A.I. Kazamori Sasa corrected from across the room as s/he read from a book.

And Kazamori.

Truth be told, the idea for The Working Title Job was mainly a Shinjuurou/Rie APlot with a side Inga/Kazamori BPlot. I didn’t have much *Planned* for them. The crime itself really had no place for the two of them in it….So I combined what was TWTJ in my mind with a separate story from TWTJ that wasn’t part of the same ‘universe’….then came the idea of “What would happen if Kazamori became a real girl?” and…well….

The BPlot for TWTJ came into existence, and actually served as a way to screw things over for just about everyone in the process.

“I wasn’t really interested in that movie anyways,” Shinjuurou shrugged it off, “you and Kazamori can watch it on your own.”

“But Shinjuuuuroouuu…” Inga protested, “What about the after-show marathon? You know we can’t reach the disks!”

“I already agreed to it,” Shinjuurou shot that down, “and that’s a flat out lie coming from someone who can climb up onto the bookcase top without even trying or stretch their limbs like rubber.”

“Eheh…” Inga glanced to the side.

“And anyways, if you run out of stuff to watch- which I find really unlikely- you two can just play a card game or something else,” Shinjuurou said to the boy. “It’s just dinner, I won’t be out that long, and if something does come up to keep me longer then I’ll call to let you know I’ll be running late.”

“Fiiiine,” Inga rolled his eyes and danced off towards the office television, “but you better bring us desert!”

This scene is mainly to be here to really introduce that Inga and Kazamori are going to get *bored* as well as to be the proverbial gun that fired the “What’s the worst that could happen” Bullet with Shinjuurou and Rie’s dinner.

“No promises,” Shinjuurou said simply as he watched the Truth seeker slide down to the Digital Disk Player.

“Where are you going?” Kazamori voiced the question out of curiosity.

“The Halkgenkian Platter.”

“This place looks new,” Shinjuurou noted.

“Yeah, it’s part of the whole ‘reconstruct the city’ movement that got started a little while back,” Rie explained as they walked through the front doors, greeted by a waiter standing at the podium, wearing some fancy, early modern, late Medieval sailors costume. “HI!” She smiled at the waiter, “Reservations for Kaishou?”

“Table for two?” the man asked.

“Yup! That’s the one!” Rie nodded.

“Please wait for a moment, I’ll go check to make sure your table is ready,” And with that, the waiter bowed and turned to go check.

“So what kind of food do they serve here anyways?” Shinjuurou asked.

“French themed, I believe,” Rie said, “but I’ve never eaten here before, so I’m not exactly sure.”

“Ah, interesting.”

I’ll admit it- I read a bit too much Halkegenia-Online before writing this scene. Hell, I even typo’d the name. Does that make it excusable as a reference?

Who knows who cares.

I repeat the scene transition here to tell the readers, “Yes, It’s a new location!”

It’s just banter between them, otherwise, showing that time has moved on.

In the darkened room lit only by the light from the TV…

“This movie sucks,” Inga said simply.

“As far as movies about renegade house hold appliances come to life,” Kazamori noted, “that is a fitting description.”

“Seriously,” Inga pointed at the screen, “all they’ve done so far is just talk on and on and on about how many citys have been destroyed but not shown any of it at all!”

“Agreed,” Kazamori nodded, “I cannot understand how it could have won so many awards for this political drabble.”

“The trailers lied to us,” Inga said with a frown, “that’s all there is to say on the matter,”

Basically Every crappy Horror Movie ever made.

Also- how did some of those typo’s slip through my spell check pass?

This scene sets up something right away: That a movie about APPLIANCES COME TO LIFE is a world wide hit.

“Shinjuurou had the right idea missing out on this movie,” Kazamori added.

“Right, that too,” Inga grumbled.

“So…what now?” Kazamori asked. “Do we switch to another Disk, or quit entirely?”

“Hrm…” Inga frowned as he thought it over. “Do you know where Shinjuurou put the card deck up at?”

“I do,” and with that, Kazamori got up to find the deck of cards. “What game do you want to play?”

“I dunno,” Inga shrugged, “any game really.”

“Do you know how to play Poker?” Kazamori questioned.

Kazamori and Inga are cute together. After ShinjuurouXRie, I don’t think I’ve ever really seen *ANY* Fanfic about the two of them… even platonic ones.

Pics of them together are a bit more popular than Rie pics…but even so…

Quite a while later, at the “Platter”, our two diners had been seated and already had received their food…

“So then they said ‘no, you’, and tried to ram me up into the meat grinder,” Shinjuurou said as he retold the tale of a previous misadventure while he cut into his steak. “Somehow I managed to get their jacket pulled up and twisted around behind them, and got that stuck into the grinder so Inga could question them.”

“Wow!” Rie smiled with quite a bit of interest while twirling her fork into the long pasta noodles on her plate, “So what happened next?”

“As it turned out, their boss was actually this higher up guy at the first place we’d investigated,” He continued on as he pulled up a chunk of meat from the steak. “The real snobby one?” He asked as a reminder before biting down on his food.

“Right,” Rie nodded before she too took a bite of food.

One day- I want to write out the whole version of the adventure that Shinjuurou is relating here.

“So we went to confront the guy, leaving the mook tied up in the grinder for the police to find later, only to find that somehow that mook managed to escape and beat us to the place just in time for us to watch the Snob shoot him through the shoulder.” Shinjuurou said, much to Rie’s gasp of shock. “Somehow, the lucky bastard survived it, but even then…” he shrugged, “he still got off scot-free cause of…well, you know…” Rie nodded at that, frowning slightly, “but that’s besides the point. We still somehow managed to get the Snob caught up in his own words on a public confession the next day, in front of his own boardroom staff too. Confessed to shooting the guy, and got put in jail for that, despite everything else he’d done.”

“Like how they caught Al Capone on tax evasion, right?” Rie asked.

“Yeah, something like that,” Shinjuurou nodded.

Another thing here is that an Engineered Public Confession is something to be remembered- it’s the entire central theme of the story.

You’ll recall that in the Anime that Shinjuurou tried a similar thing with Rinroku at the DIET hearing? Yeah….I forgot about that when I introduced this plot element.

Still! Where it didn’t work before….!

Meanwhile…a card game goes awry…

“How did we go from Poker to Strip Poker?” Inga asked as he and Kazamori sat across from each other on the floor- both with various pieces of clothing missing.

“We ate all of the popcorn we were using as money, remember?” Kazamori reminded him as she laid out her hand of cards.

“Oh right…” Inga blinked at the cards and then groaned in defeat. “Damn it!”

The R.A.I. smirked at him, “Take of the tie, Inga.”

take OFF the tie. What the hell???

Where did that typo come from????

And So…

“And this was all before we met at that costume ball, right?” Rie asked.

“Yeah, but it was about a week before that,” Shinjuurou shrugged. “The cases were all starting to blur together before that though. So many wrongs hidden away…”

“Shame really,” Rie said, “I think that would-” And then, her cellphone rang. “-Huh? Excuse me for a moment, that’s a call from dad’s desk…” She went to pick up her phone out of her purse, and then answered. “This is Rie,” She paused. “Um, no, my father’s out of town for the moment…” another long pause. “I set up his computer desk to forward calls to my phone, actually. He didn’t want to be dis-” She cut off abruptly. “I’m sorry, but I don’t think he’ll be back for another few- Hello?” Rie frowned. “Hello?” She pulled the cellphone and stared at the screen. “Weird, we got disconnected.”

And so… things go awry.

I just realized that Rie doesn’t fully state her name- let’s say that whoever’s on the other end cut her off and that I didn’t just forget it out of laziness.

“Who was it?” Shinjuurou asked.

“Someone calling for my dad,” Rie said with a frown. “I didn’t recognize their voice…”

“Great,” Shinjuurou sighed, “knowing our luck, something bad is going to go down.”

“Probably…” Rie sighed as she put her cellphone back into her purse. “But there’s not much to do about it right now. Probably best to forget about it for now.”

“Probably,” Shinjuurou agreed. “By the way, why are you forwarding calls to your phone from your dad’s desk?”

“So he doesn’t get called back by some ‘big case’,” Rie said with a devious smirk, “I want him to sweat as long as he has to in front of the world’s governments.”

“Heh,” Shinjuurou chuckled.

“But also, I wanted to know if it was something important,” she said, “if it were a client asking for help on a case, or something, so I set up a different ring tone for the forwarded calls.”

“Clever!” he said.

We get a hint here that Rie’s gotten a bit bitter over her father’s covering of things up… Is it OOC of her from the end of the Anime? I’m not really sure….

A part of me thinks that by this point, she’s frustrated with her father playing games with the world and is glad to see that he’s getting some karma paid back in interest.

At the same time- Rie doesn’t want anyone GENUINELY needing her father’s help being left out in the cold- hence the forwarding system.

Next: I talk about Inga and Kazamori.

When a Game stops being a Game…

At some point during the game’s final stage, when both were down to a single item of clothing, Inga had brought up an interesting theory.

“I think I might have absorbed some of Bettenou’s powers when I ate her soul,” Inga said, “and I think…they might work differently for me than for her.”

What came next was an experiment to test that theory to its limits.

“So basically,” Kazamori ventured as she leaned up to Inga, “forget the game and test a theory?”

“Yup,” Inga nodded.

“Then I have an idea as to what we could test,” Kazamori said.

“What’s that?” Inga asked.

“I’m an R.A.I., and as such, a robot, a machine.” Kazamori leaned in a bit closer, “That movie, boring as it was, provided an interesting premise of machines reproducing in a biological manner.”

“I think I see where you’re going with this,” Inga smirked.

The Movie prompts Kazamori’s sex drive into action…and since Shinjuurou has rejected her advances in the past…. Inga’s the closest thing she can target to fill that desire.

Also- if you think about it- Inga and Kazamori are opposites in a sense.

Inga starts out as a Female Spirt inhabiting a Female Body that’s transformed into a Young Boy’s Body.

Kazamori starts out as an RAI in a Male Body, apparently switching back and forth before finally settling on a Young Girl’s Body (and the Panda Doll on occasion).

They’re both artificial creations- one a Spirit made of Words, the other a Program made of Code- and, c’mon, you can’t tell me that they aren’t adorable together when in their kiddy forms!

Of course, that sort of leads to squick territory given their apparent ages….but when you think about it- both of them are a LOT older than they appear to be…and they both owe their lives to Shinjuurou as well…

Honestly, if the UN-GO anime ever gets an official sequel, I really hope that Inga and Kazamori get to spend more time with eachother. :33

Okay, enough of my Shipper’s Rantings!

…Things go awry.

Shinjuurou’s cellphone rang not fifty minutes later.

“Hello?” He answered.

“Yuki, Shinjuurou?” It was the familiar voice of Izumi Koyama, the female detective who they had all worked alongside on many occasions. “It’s Prosecutor Koyama we’ve got a situation.”

“Can it wait, Izumi-san?” Shinjuurou asked, “I’m sort of busy with something at the moment.”

“Murder waits for no-one, especially when we’re dealing with someone calling you out by name with one,” The woman said.

“Excuse me?” He asked.

“Just come to this location, you’ll see what I mean…” And as she said the location to him, he gave a bemused look to his date.

“Well…okay, if it’s really that-” He winced as the line went dead- “Important.”

Huh? What’s that? Izumi Koyama is asking for SHINJUUROU’S help specifically? Even after everything that happened with the Bettenou incident and her callous behavior during the main portion of the Anime?

“What’s wrong?” Rie asked not a second before her Cellphone rang- a different ringtone from before, it should be noted, however.

“If I had to guess, I’d say you’re about to get the same call I did,” Shinjuurou grumbled as he selected his home office off of speed dial. “Give me a moment to call Inga…”

As the Phone Rang…

The two left at home didn’t even hear it constantly ringing, instead too focused with a personal game of twister on the floor, without a board or any clothes…

…The dial tone sat unanswered.

Shinjuurou grumbled as the answering machine picked up, “Inga? Kazamori? Something’s come up. Give me a call back when you get this.”

He hung up at the same time that Rie did as well, a pale look on her face.

“I think I just lost my appetite,” she said.

“Yeah, me too.” Shinjuurou sighed, and raised a hand to grab attention, “Waiter! Check please.”

You know that something is wrong here- in both situations.

A long Taxi cab ride later…

Shinjuurou and Rie stood in front of what was very clearly someone’s house- surrounded by police cruisers and crime scene tape.

Silently, the duo stepped up to the house, drawing the attention of the police officer who had replaced the former Chief Hayami. “Woah, why’re ya all decked up like that?” Mayoi Katawase, a ginger haired woman whose eyes were hidden by her long bangs, grinned at them. “Don’t tell me this little investigation of ours is interrupting…dare I say it…a date, now are we?”

Meet Mayoi Katawase a sort-of-Expy of this charming young lady.

Also, apparently I misremembered her name…Because it’s “Katase” instead of “Katawase.”


Oh well. I like “Katawase” better as a name anyways.

“No,” Rie grumbled as she smoothed down some folds on her dress, “we were just finishing up when you called.”

The Security Bureau Section Chief grinned as she spotted the blush on Rie’s face. “Hue hue hue…You two..you’re totally dating now aren’t you?”

“Besides the point,” Shinjuurou said, “what happened here that you need to call us both in on this?”

“The writing’s on the wall, Yuki-san,” Katawase said with a jab of her thumb over her shoulder, “quite literally.”

Katawase is the replacement for Seigen, AKA the guy who tried to leap off of the rooftop after causing the Bettenou Incident at the TV station.

She’s not a corrupt cop.

“To the Last Great Detective Yuki and The Compulsive Liar Kaishou: CATCH US IF YOU CAN. ~The Rising Sun~”

“Cold,” Shinjuurou noted as a camera flash highlighted the message written in blood on the wall. “So I’m guessing the Rising Sun is the name of the killers?”

“Caught the “Us” didn’t you?” Katawase said with a grim chuckle, “The victim under the tarp is Otonoshi, Kenta, and I REALLY don’t recommend looking at him, Rie-chan.” She said that just as the girl had been about to pull the tarp away from the dead body. “They butchered him pretty thoroughly. Split him limb from limb and used each piece to write the message on the wall like giant paint brushes.”

Ah, the writing is on the wall- literally.

The name “Otonoshi” comes from the same anime as Mayoi’s name….except for him I remembered it right. “Kenta” comes from Digimon Tamers.

Note: When I wrote this chapter out, I FORGOT that there was already a group in the anime CALLED “The Rising Sun” ….So yeah. Whoops again. But this time, it helps as a plot point.

They split poor Kenta limb from limb! Why? Nobody deserves that…!

It’s a bloody mess though.

“Ew,” Rie stood up suddenly at that revelation, taking several steps backwards. “So why call me in? They’re calling out my father, specifically.”

“That would be because we can’t reach him,” Izumi Koyama said as she entered the room. “His desk number forwards to your phone, Rie, and the personal number he gave me in case of emergency is telling me that he’s out of the service area. Plus, it isn’t common knowledge that Rinroku’s out of town right now, so if a Kaishou isn’t on the case, either the one called out or the daughter that’s been known to work as his investigative agent, the Killer might grow suspicious.” She raised an eyebrow at Shinjuurou, “What, no midget brigade with you this week?”

“They had a Movie date,” Shinjuurou said simply, not even elaborating on the point that he still hadn’t been called back from the office yet.

“Fine by me,” The woman turned on her heel, “the less weirdness I have to deal with on a day to day basis the better.”

Note that due to the law of conservation of detail- Izumi should *NOT* know about the call forwarding.

She also reacts to the fact that Inga and Kazamori aren’t with Shinjuurou!

“So what did this guy do for work?” Shinjuurou asked as he started walking around the room to search it.

“Ah…” Katawase pulled out a note pad and flipped through it for a few seconds, “He was a programmer, Pre-War. He was working on the P Versus NP problem for some firm…” At the odd look Shinjuurou sent her way, she clarified. “It’s an equation that can be used to crack any known type of digital security, basically. It’s worth Millions in the U.S., there’s even a prize available to anyone who can solve it.”

This is a REAL THING! Look it up!

Whether or not it DOES what it appears to do in this story is up to interpretation, given the…circumstances of the case…plus the inspiration coming from the TV show Elementary.

“Even that software that you confessed to using, Izumi?” Shinjuurou asked.

“Yes, even that,” Izumi scowled.

A nod to the DIET hearing.

“So it’s the sort of thing my dad would be interested in then,” Rie said more than asked.

“Ah..Right well…” Katawase continued on, “Poor Kenta-kun here quit that to work as a computer janitor for the Military, and after the war went on to become manager of that security firm he used to work for.”

“I’m guessing he never gave up on P Versus NP though?” Shinjuurou asked.

“Not publicly,” Izumi said, “but we’ve got a missing computer tower and any personal digital objects. We think whoever killed him stole his completed work on P Versus NP and used it for their own purposes.”

“What makes you say that?” Rie asked.

“It’ll be better if you just see it for yourself,” Izumi said flatly.

Pay close attention to the dialogue here.

She lead them out to the kitchen where a laptop had been set up on it, a woman stood there monitoring it.

“This is Serket, Aranea-san,” Izumi introduced, “the best tech analyst the department’s got outside of Rinroku Kaishou’s areas of expertise.”

“I’m basically the understudy who fills in a play when the main actor is unavailable,” The woman adjusted her silver glasses to a degree, reflecting the kitchen light away from her cerulean eyes.

“Aranea-san,” Izumi introduced in return, “This is Rinroku’s daughter, Rie-chan, and our consulting detective Yuki, Shinjuurou.”

“Pleasure to meet you both,” Aranea bowed in greeting.

“Yeah, pleasure,” Shinjuurou glanced at the computer screen, which seemed to be displaying numerous video players at once. “So what’s this?”

“This,” Aranea turned to the computer, “Yuki-san, this would be how we were alerted to the murder.”

“Seriously?” Rie asked as she approached the computer to look at the screen.

It was a blood red background whose defining feature were the six video players showing multiple angles in the house- each changing every few minutes.

One such camera changed to a view of the kitchen, showing the five of them standing over the computer.

“Say hi to three million viewers world wide,” Aranea waved up at the spot on the wall where no visible camera could be seen.

This is quite the set up!

A ditched idea of the website hack that would have been a clue to the culprit was that the Developer version of the Website was different from the public view.

“Three million?” Shinjuurou turned to look up at the wall. “How is this possible?”

“This is why we think Otonoshi-san cracked P versus NP,” Katawase said flatly, “this rogue website has superimposed itself onto multiple web pages world wide…”

“Wikis, Forums, social media sites- from web comics and email systems,” Aranea said, “to government front pages and who knows what other various things… Whoever murdered Otonoshi, Kenta, set up cameras around his house, and are making them broadcast wire-less-ly into the internet and forcing the world to follow this case.”

“…And nobody can take it down?” Shinjuurou asked, eyes wide in surprise as one of the feeds changed to an image of the phrase written on the wall. “Wait, let me guess…P Versus NP?”

“Exactly,” Izumi nodded. “Every time someone gets anywhere near close to cracking this hack’s encryption, it changes drastically and suddenly as if the code is rewriting itself as it learns from the attempts at cracking it.”

This is taking P Versus NP so far beyond it’s assumed practices and bringing it to a WHOLE NEW LEVEL.

“So even my dad couldn’t stop this?” Rie asked, curious.

“Let me put it this way,” Izumi said, “if Kaishou, Rinroku, had access to an ideal P Versus NP, we wouldn’t be having this conversation.”

“That’s a relief!” Rie said, and Shinjuurou found himself surprised to be in agreement with her on that subject.

“Instead,” Izumi continued on, “we’d be having a conversation about how this hacked P Versus NP exaggerates it so far beyond it’s original idea that it becomes a completely different problem and P Versus NP might as well be the puny little antivirus programs we’re using against it.”

“That not so much,” Rie said, and Shinjuurou couldn’t help but agree with her once again.

Now- the question remains- HOW does Izumi know this?

A Quick trip outside and away from the cameras…

“So what’s this website all about?” Shinjuurou asked.

“Basically, we got an anonymous call about half-an-hour ago,” Izumi explained, “they said to simply turn on to our department’s own web page and…voila, here’s what we saw.”

“All of the information about the victim we uncover so far was also posted on the site,” Katawase said, “but the P Versus NP stuff was in bold, italic, underlined, AND in a completely different font entirely.”

“So this Rising Sun group is taunting us with the fact that they have a working P Versus NP?” Shinjuurou asked.

“Pretty much,” Katawase nodded.

Think about this for a moment.

THINK about what is being said here, and what the people running “Rising Sun” are like.

“Did he have any relatives?” Rie asked.

“No. A sister who died just at the end of the war,” Izumi said, “parents died a year after he started work at the firm in the first place. No cousins, grand parents, aunts, or uncles either.”

“Has a listed Niece, though,” Katawase added. “She’s supposed to live with him, but we haven’t seen a sign of her all night. Kind of concerning given the murder, so I put out an A.P.B. for her.”

Keep careful note of *who* brings up the Niece. It’s Katawase. Not Izumi. Izumi flat out doesn’t bring it up.

“I guess the next step short of finding her is to investigate the firm Kenta-san worked at,” Rie said, “see if he had any enemies there who might have known about the P Versus NP thing.”

“It’s a reasonable guess,” Izumi said, “but I doubt we’ll get anything out of them tonight. Considering how long their own website has been hacked, I’d say they’ll be mourning until tomorrow.”

“Wait, how long ago did this all start?” Shinjuurou asked.

“Basied on body temperature, Otonoshi-san was killed ten minutes before the website went live and the email came into our office,” Izumi said.

“Just enough time to write the message on the wall and plant the cameras, I’m assuming,” Rie noted.

“Why didn’t you take the cameras down?” Shinuurou asked.

“There aren’t any actual cameras where the feeds are coming from,” Katawase said. “We went over the place with a fine tooth comb, checked every feed that was live and we couldn’t find a camera to source it at all.”

Izumi is making a LOT of assumptions here, and is generally directing the flow of the story as if it is just that… a Story.

How does she KNOW the firm’s website was hacked? Has she had it CHECKED?

“Aranea-san thinks that the cameras are actually part of the building itself,” Izumi said, “probably built into the house’s drywall directly, like at the Sasa house, but at a smaller scale, maybe something more like a button camera or a fiberglass wire.” Shinjuurou and Rie exchanged an odd glance with each other at that, and the Prosecutor didn’t let it go unnoticed. “Yes, I know it’s far out there, but it’s all we can come up with at this point short of tearing down every wall in the building to see what’s there.”

This whole PARAGRAPH.

“I was actually thinking,” Shinjuurou began, “who has the resources to pull something off like that?” He glanced up at the house, “This is what, twenty, thirty years old? Otonoshi-san might not have even lived here until recently.”

“Good point. We’ll have to check to see if he had remodeling done recently,” Katawase said. “If whoever killed him had surveillance on him, then they might have been waiting for him to finish P Versus NP so they could steal it and pull off this stunt.”

“If it is recent,” Rie said, “then it had to have been done after the war. There’s no other reason they’d want to call my father out like this.”

“So what am I,” Shinjuurou asked aloud, “an after thought?”

“Possibly,” Izumi said, “you did have a major part in,” She faltered on her words slightly as she struggled to keep her emotions in check, “the Bettenou incident.” She coughed. “So it’s possible you were added in to make sure you were a known variable.”

Seriously, Izumi here….just everything about her…

“I guess that makes sense,” Shinjuurou muttered. “Still though, this feels off somehow.”

“It always does when someone does something like this,” Katawase said with a grimace, “it usually means they’re going to kill again.”

Katawase’s hit the nail on the head here. Seriously.  At this point knowing all of the above? Does it SEEM like they’ll stop at just one murder?

Another long taxi cab ride and several phone calls later…

Shinjuurou was annoyed as he left an answer on the answering machine beeped for the fifth time that hour, “Inga, Kazamori, give me a call back when you get this.”

“Still no response?” Rie asked as they walked through the front door of her house.

“Nope,” he replied.

“I hope something bad didn’t happen,” Rie said as she closed it behind them. “Then I’d feel just awful dragging you away from them like this.”

“Knowing my luck, Inga disabled the answering machine for the movie and forgot about it,” Shinjuurou mused.

Ah, so close and yet so far away from the truth.

“Probably,” Rie tried to smile at that, but found her mood a little soured after the evening’s events. “So much for our date, huh?”

“Seems like I can’t go so far as an hour without stumbling into some case,” Shinjuurou said as they walked down the hallway into the library/Rinroku’s Office. “I feel like there’s something off though. I just can’t place my finger on it.”

“Same here,” Rie nodded, “how did they get a working P Versus NP, and modify it to broadcast over multiple websites at once all within half an hour?”

“They couldn’t have,” Shinjuurou deduced. “He had to have been working on it from the very beginning.”

“You think Otonoshi-san was a part of this?” Rie asked.

“Call it a hunch for the moment,” Shinjuurou said, “I could be completely wrong on this.”

He’s not.

It’s all too complicated for him to have JUST been working on P Versus NP *ONLY* and have someone steal it from him to do *ALL* of this.

A few minutes of searching later…

“So the firm Otonoshi, Kenta worked for is called Numerical Security Advancements,” Rie said as she read off of a computer screen from her Dad’s desk. “Looks like there were a lot of parties interested in P Versus NP for internet privacy, especially after the reveal of the NSA’s mass spying practices… But since they were also a general security firm, guess what else they dealt in?”

“Spy Cameras?” Shinjuurou guessed as he shelved a book on Cameras.

“The encryption system on another companies surveillance system, cameras included, to be precise,” Rie said with a laugh. “I guess we have another lead to follow up on tomorrow.”

NSA firm. I didn’t notice until later about the acronym, other wise I would have changed that one line to:

especially after the reveal of the US NSA’s mass spying practices…

Whoops Again.

“The power supply for something like these cameras must be ridiculous,” Shinjuurou mused as he picked up another book. “Invisible to the naked eye, able to peer through plaster, and able to transmit wire-less-ly all without being hooked up to any noticeable power source… Let me guess, this other company dealt with stealthily spying on people?”

“One second…” Rie scrolled down the page, “Ah…Looks like they deal mostly in ‘Stealth Building Security,’ high rises and the like for law firms and CEO offices. They’ve got a local branch here in Japan, but they look like they’re a US based firm…”

“Name?” Shinjuurou asked as he leafed through the pages.

“Ah…’Steranko’ Security?” Rie frowned. “Am I pronouncing that right?” She tried sounding it out, “Stuh…er…ahhn…kho?”

“I’ve heard of them,” Shinjuurou said, “Supposedly they’ve invented a security system that learns and adapts to whatever is trying to break in.”

This is a Leverage shout out- much like the title of the story!

“Sounds like something my dad would be into,” Rie frowned, then spun around in her chair. “Hey, Shinjuurou?”

“Yeah?” He answered as he closed the book and put it back up.

“What would you say to staying the night for breakfast?” Rie asked.

“Breakfast…? But it’s only…” He glanced at his watch. “Fifteen past ten… Okay, I see your point…sort of… It is getting late…How’d that even happen?”

“Well, Otonoshi-san’s house being out on the edge of town probably didn’t help any,” Rie said as she got up from the chair and started walking towards Shinuurou.

“Probably,” Shinjuurou agreed. “Still though, I’m a little concerned about Kazamori and Inga. I should probably give them another call if I’m going to stay…” He thought for a monent, “Do you even have any spare bedrooms? If not I could probably just sleep on the couch…”

Oh shinjuurou…



Fucking Typos…


“Why would you want to sleep in another room for?” Rie asked, scowling slightly.

“Well, your dad’s probably going to kill me just for going out to dinner with you,” Shinjuurou grumbled, “I’d rather not get even more trouble if he finds out I spent the night…Yeah, I think I should go see what’s up with Inga and Kazamori-” somehow, Rie had slipped up to him and grabbed at his shirt sleeve as he’d turned to leave.

“I’m sure they’re fine,” Rie said with a slightly forceful tone, and a bit of a blush on her face that didn’t go unnoticed by the Detective. And before he could protest, she insisted, “Stay. Please. You can stay in my room and-”

“Look, Rie…” Shinjuurou cut her off, “I’m not going to sleep with you if that’s what you’re wanting out of me. You’re what, fifteen? Sixteen?”

Shinjuurou’s trying to pull away so that way he doesn’t get romantically involved…

See? He’s even pulling the age card.

This…this whole following scene was inspired by the previously mentioned fic between Shinjuurou and Rie…

“I’m Seventeen as of today, I’ll have you know!” Rie remarked with an increased flush.

“And that’s still a few years younger than-” The sentence caught up with him fully at that moment. “Wait. You’re telling me that today’s your birthday?”

“…Yes,” Rie said with a nervous glance to the side as she admitted, “today’s my birthday.”

This is Rie’s motive for asking him out to dinner.

“Geeze…” Shinjuurou ran a hand through his hair with his free hand, “and here I was being a jerk.”

“No you weren’t,” Rie pulled at his arm again, turning him around by a few degrees and bringing him just a bit closer to her. “I was going to tell you but I…I…!” She seemed to struggle for the right words at first, and then finally said, “I just didn’t want to be alone today…even if just for a little bit…” In retrospect- “Dad left this morning right after he told me he had to leave…He didn’t even wish me a happy birthday…and…And then this rising sun nonsense happened and totally screwed it all over” -Shinjuurou would never be sure if it was the look she gave him in that moment- “I just want someone to be there.” -Or the emotion in her voice as she relayed her single birthday wish- “So please… Just be with me tonight. That’s all I want out of today.”

Totally shitty Birthday, right?

-But something made him cave in and kiss her.

Not really.

What happened next was a blur of emotions and action, resulting in the next thing either of them being aware of was the door to Rie’s room slamming shut behind them and they quickly focused on taking off their clothes.

When Rie did a spin and her dress hit the floor, leaving her completely naked, Shinjuurou briefly wondered for a moment if Rie hadn’t been wearing underwear all night, or if her panties had been discarded at some point in the trip from the library to the bedroom, but that thought was discarded along with his pants a moment later.

“Like what you see, Detective?” Rie asked with a giggle, “Then don’t hold back!”

He approached her and kissed her, hands holding her head steady against his while her hands wandered down his body. He returned the motion in kind- sliding his hands down her neck, and under the hair over the front of her shoulders before sweeping back and pushing all of her brown, curly hair to the back as his hands held a firm grip on her shoulders.

She then wrapped her hands around his waist and pulled him down onto the bed…



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