XWAU02 — CH79

We Open CHAPTER 79 with little notes other than that the Rewrite is now at Ch25.

X0VA-3: DIGIMON XROS WARS VS. DIGIMON TAMERS. Takato and Rika find out the hard way that avoiding paradoxes when crossing their own time streams is the most difficult thing in existence. But the simple fact of the matter is, when it comes down to it, crossing their time streams was never more fun than it was on that one particular day…


MARCH 16TH, 2013.


annnnnd here we goooooo!

There was a small blue planet floating in the dead of space around a certain yellow sun…

But the blue planet wasn’t so blue anymore. Massive- ugly red whelps of a jello like substance had bubbled up on its surface- threatening to consume the planet whole.


Space wasn’t so dead either.


A small, subtle rift opened above the planet- just between it and its moon-


And then a certain SpaceTrailmon exited a Time Dimensional Warp- leaving a trail of ice behind it as it emerged into normal space.

As the ship came into orbit over the island nation of Japan, it’s crew observed the planet with steady eyes.

“Hard to believe it’s been a year,” Takato Matsuki muttered, “I forgot how it all looked just before…”

“Yeah,” Guilmon, the boy’s partner, nodded in agreement, “I missed everyone.”

“Well, it’s time to see them all again, Dino-boy,” Rika Nonaka chuckled.

A simple opening to introduce that the focus of this X0VA is the Tamers Universe…or atleast… the Tamers Universe in my fanfic “Blue Card.

*cue Gun X Sword [Opening Theme]*

Originally, I was going to use the [Starting Again] version, but upon realizing that it’s not uploaded in video format anywhere online, I had to settle with the main theme…and it works just fine! ^_^


The screen cut to black as the Xros Heart logo faded into existence before our eyes. Behind it, the familiar glow of a certain Catalyst’s forehead symbol appeared, and text wrote itself into existence.





The Catalyst logo and the text faded out- leaving the Xros Heart Logo behind, painted onto the side of SpaceTrailmon’s neck.


As the camera pulled away from the SpaceTrailmon, it began descending down from orbit, pulling down faster than the ship could descend- towards the Islands below…


Inside the temporary HYPNOS headquarters, the Technician Riley glanced at a Radar screen in surprise. Something was descending into orbit. She quickly motioned over for someone to come over and check her screen.


In a hotel room not too far away, Henry Wong practiced some fighting stances while his younger sister Suzie and their partners Terriermon and Lopmon watched on.

Henry glanced out the window as a flash of light occurred far in the distance.

Despite being featured in the opening credits, he’s not seen very much in this episode at all.


On an island beach, a younger Takato Matsuki glanced up to the heavens as a bright red light seemed to shoot across the blue morning sky. Nearby, his partner Guilmon also looked up- both of them felt that same odd feeling upon seeing that supposed meteorite.


On a hotel room balcony overlooking the ocean, a younger Rika Nonaka looked up as a subtle ‘pop’ was heard in the distance- coming from the rapidly entering object in the atmosphere.

Her partner Renamon narrowed her eyes at it in suspicion. What was that odd feeling just then…?

Renamon, Rika, Guilmon, and Takato are feeling the odd sensation of crossing their own timeline.


Meanwhile- inside the core of the D-Reaper agent situated directly over the old HYPNOS towers, Jeri Kato and Culumon looked up in surprise as a feeling of dread pulsed from their captor- a mutated, blue skinned version of Jeri herself.

The duo felt some delight at the Renegade Program’s torment.


The SpaceTrailmon exited the fiery ball of re-entry and began leveling out over the ocean- angling its body so that it’s momentum would keep it level as it headed towards it’s target destination.


Inside the cargo bay- Shoutmon and Akari- King and Queen of another Digital World- tightened their grips on their Microphone stands.

Behind them stood Marcus Damon, one of many Taichi’s, their respective Agumon partners, Davis Motomiya, Vmon, Takuya Kanbara, Tagiru Hinomoto, the armored bulk of Tactimon, Kaiyumi, Cutemon, and a few others- all of them ready to fight in the oncoming battle.

They all looked up at the stairway leading down from above- where the older Takato and Rika were descending, followed closely behind by The Watch Maker- Emmit Brown.


The SpaceTrailmon flew over towards an island- shimmering silently as it activated a cloaking mechanism and landed out of sight of anyone that could stumble upon it.


The dirt rustled away in massive circles from unseen jet thrusters, and then four massive squares formed on the ground from the landing gear being deployed.

A massive gust of wind flew out and around it as the unseen engines rotated towards opposite directions and created a quick micro tornado to cover up the displaced dirt- and when it settled- all was calm.

ending of the opening sequence.

As I mentioned previously, this X0VA was one of the few ones that I had a set plan for from beginning to end, from the very time that I’d come up with DeltAntylamon’s Time Burst Evolution.

“Alright,” Shoutmon began, “game plan hasn’t changed as far as we can tell from the outside scans. Akari and I go to get Takato and Rika’s past selves, and bring them to the Watch Maker so he can give them the deal. Then, tonight, when the call comes in, we all enter the D-Reaper and Record Scratch it’s core.”

“Since Quartzmon set up this scenario,” The Watch Maker continued, “we’re expecting to encounter no interference upon entering the D-Reaper itself. But despite that, Kaiyumi-chan will be handing out some specially designed pills before the battle that should allow you to enter the bubble with no risk of death or deletion.”

“Keep in mind we’ve got to keep as limited of a presence here as possible,” Marcus concluded, “so if you need to get out and stretch your limbs at any time while we’re here, keep it to as short of a time as possible. We don’t want to risk corrupting this timeline’s events more than necessary. That’d be a Bad End and probably shove us into a Doomed Timeline Branch.”

The key thing to keep in mind here is that, in the universe where XWAU02 is the Canon Xros Wars, my Blue Card story is ALSO the Canon Tamers series. Thus, even though the latter story of mine is not ANYWHERE near complete, I still have the main plot points down, and am using them here as “Common Knowledge” even though it really isn’t common except to me. [[Spoiler: Quartzmon is the one who: sent Gorillamon, IceDevimon, and Devidramon to attack the Tamers; provoked Zhuquaiomon into sending the Devas; and ALSO is the one who unleashed the D-Reaper from it’s prison.]]

“Any questions?” Shoutmon asked.

Silently, a familiar hand raised into the air. “Yeah,” Beelzebmon smirked slightly, “do I get a bike like this universe’s Me?”

“No,” Shoutmon said flatly. “Next question!”

“Yeah, um,” Davis raised a hand, “are the pills hard powdered or gummy type?”

“…” Shoutmon stared at the boy silently. “Seriously?”

“It’s a legitimate question!” Davis huffed while crossing his arms and rolling his eyes.

“They’re gummies,” Kaiyumi spoke up, “got a problem with that?”

“Nope!” Davis laughed.

Admit it, any Beelzemon who doesn’t want a bike to ride isn’t really a Beelzebmon.

Davis is being silly as well, injecting some humor into an otherwise serious chapter.

Tagiru shook his head as he observed all of this.

Not too long ago- it seemed like ages ago now, though- he’d been around their ages. Now? He was right up there alongside Marcus- his former teacher!

How things changed.

Tactimon chuckled, “It’s amusing to watch them organize themselves, isn’t it, Hinomoto?”

“Seriously?” Tagiru raised an eyebrow, “You think it’s amusing watching your daughter and her friends go to war?”

“More amusing when you’re not on the opposing side,” The former Bagura General chuckled. “Twenty some years on, and they still impress me every day.”

“I suppose so,” Tagiru frowned, watching as Akari- his daughter- stood up alongside Shoutmon and gave out some last minute training exercises via Virtual Reality Goggles that they’d acquired in another Dimension. “But I never had to go through that, I guess. You and Airu always go on about those days, but never want to elaborate on it.”

“What happened in the past happened in the past, Hinomoto,” Tactimon said simply. “What my Moirail and I did in your absence…is inexcusable. Even though I did all I could to mitigate the effects… I still committed crimes that I feel I’ve not yet repented for.”

“Come on, Gumdramon,” Tagiru glanced at his friend with concern in his eyes, “You gave them the edge they needed to get ahead.”

“I had the timeline wrong,” Tactimon glanced at his friend with a hidden look beneath his helmet, “Akari achieved a Time Burst before Shoutmon. I didn’t actually think that that necklace would be the source of his powers.”

“But you made a guess and it turned out as it should have,” Tagiru insisted, “that’s all any of us can hope for when it comes to stuff like this. Just roll with the punches, you know? And what does it matter anymore anyways? That was two years ago on a planet we knew was going to die in a sour apple flambe.”

“…” Tactimon sighed, “I can never win against you, Tagiru.”

I never really got a chance to Write more about Tagiru and Gumdramon after this point. The X0VAs were great for focusing on certain characters and events, but sadly, the plots demanded that Tagiru and Co. remain in the background for quite a bit of the rest of the story. They don’t even join in on the final fight either.

Takato Matsuki was feeling rather odd as he (as Gallantmon), Clockmon, and OmegaShoutmon soared towards the hotel that he knew Rika and Renamon were staying at. “Is it normal to feel like my heart’s about to explode?” he had to ask.

“You’re about to cross your own time stream,” The Watch Maker, who was sitting rather oddly on a chair that had been attached to Clockmon’s wind up gear, said simply, “a paradox like this is one that is not to be trifled with!”

“Yeah, that’s why I’m coming along,” Shoutmon chuckled, “I get Rika outside, and you guys talk to her.”

“Meanwhile, my future self by some hours will be traveling towards your past location,” The Watch Maker smirked, “with Hinomoto-san and Sakuyamon accompanying me, we’ll deliver the same message to the past you.”

“Why’d you have to remind me?” Takato sighed.

“It’s alright, Takatomon!” Guilmon said with a laugh, “We all know it turns out alright! Otherwise we wouldn’t be here.”

“There’s still the possibility of a doomed time line,” The Watch Maker reminded, “but I think we should be safe from that.”

“Thanks for reminding me…” Takato sighed once more.

Xrossing one’s own time stream is bound to cause some serious weirdness- now compare this to Quartzmon, who has NO DOUBT crossed his own time stream MULTIPLE times.

Takato Matsuki was feeling rather odd as he stared up at the towering form of Tactimon and a much older Tagiru Akashi. “…Seriously…?” He glaced over at Rika- who was somehow a bit taller now- “You’re seriously telling me that these guys came from another world just to help us?”

“That we are,” Rika noded. Geeze, this was really familiar.

“…And time travel is involved?” Takato finally asked after it had all set in. “The guy who unsealed the D-Reaper…is also the guy who you guys are chasing after?”

“That’s about the gist of it, yeah,” Tagiru nodded.

“…If I didn’t know any better, I’d say this was a fanfiction plot,” Takato rubbed at his head, “but I know Rika doesn’t pull pranks like this so…Alright. I’ll believe you…” He flashed a grin, “but I want to see your time machine!”

Rika stared at the goggle wearing boy in disbelief. She’d known it would come down to this, but…Seriously? He caved that easily?

Takato leans on the fourth wall.

Meanwhile, Inside the D-Reaper Core…

*cue Pumpkin Party in Sea Hitler’s Water Apocalypse (Homestuck Vol. 9)*

As we cut to one of the funniest sequences I’ve ever written for the X0VAs.

D-Jeri towered over the tiny Culumon and the Jeri who was tied up to the central column of the red, organic room. Beside the D-Agent was a holographic display of Space-Trailmon as it entered Earth’s atmosphere. Slowly, D-Jeri asked, “What exactly…Is this thing?”

Jeri kept her silence while studying the Digimon. Surely it wasn’t…?

“Well?” D-Jeri smirked slightly, “I’m waiting…”


“OH OH OH! I KNOW! I KNOW!” Culumon shot into the air and started dancing around excitedly. “I KNOW I KNOW I KNOW I KNOW! OH PICK ME PLEASE! I KNOW I KNOOOOW!” This went on for quite a few moments.

D-Jeri glared at the Catalyst, but sighed and relented, “Okay…Culumon…Tell me then. What is it?”

“It’s a TIME MACHINE!” Culumon shouted.

Both Jeri’s would have face palmed if they hadn’t been completely sidelined by that confusing answer.

“What?” D-Jeri asked flatly. “Are you serious?”


I wrote this ENTIRE sequence in the vein of [S] Ministrife and all the random nonsense it portrays….but rather with Talksprites ala [S] Past Karkat: Awake and other such walkarounds.

“It’s so completely and totally a time machine!” Culumon explained, continuing her funny little dance in the air without a care, “And it’s full of big heroes from other worlds who came to help Takato and the others defeat the D-REAPER!”

“Y..You forget that I *AM* the D-Reaper, don’t you?” D-Jeri pointedly asked the little white cream puff of a digimon.

“SO WHAT!?” Culumon shouted- continuing her dance- “There are Two Takatos on it too! And they don’t care about you knowing! Why else did they make such a big dramatic entrance, HUH HUH?!”

“Culumon…” Jeri hung her head at the little Digimon’s antics. Two Takatos? Where did she get such ideas from?

“And! And! There are two Rikas and Renamons and Guilmons too! They’re just acting so cool and clever!” Culumon continued. “They’ve got a huge big plan and they’re gonna take you down!”

D-Jeri facepalmed- growing two extra arms just to make it an X4 Combo. “Duplicates…? Why would there be two of anyone?”

The Irony of this is that Jeri and D-Jeri are pretty much divergent timeline clones of each other. Except…One’s actually a physical clone made by the D-Reaper Itself and the other is not.


“Besides the obvious?” Jeri smirked wryly at her twin.

“Besides the obvious,” D-Jeri said flatly.

“Well, excluding the obvious…Maybe Culumon isn’t so far off with Time Travel?” Jeri offered.

The Irony isn’t lost on them either.

“Don’t be ridiculous,” D-Jeri grit her teeth, “even inside the quantum bubbles that are the D-Reaper’s essence, temporal duplicates are impossible. Time may be unstable- but it’s not THAT unstable!”

“I don’t think you realize how messed up this whole D-Reaper thing is,” Jeri scowled at her duplicate. “You copy my body, pretend to be me in the most creepy way possible, and then you think Time Travel is impossible?”

“You seriously think that it’s Possible for there to be temporal duplicates?” D-Jeri asked.

“Of course!” Jeri answered, rolling her eyes to the ceiling. “They’d all find a way around any obstical.” She turned to meet her double in the eyes. “If not Takato’s dreaming, then Rika’s relentless attacks, and if not that then Henry’s calm planning!”


“Are you even listening to yourself?!” D-Jeri seemed to ignite- an aura of red flames flashing briefly up around her. “They cannot enter my realm without facing destruction! Coming to fight on even terms would be foolish and reckless! The Earth will be long since absorbed before they can even come up with a counter attack! Nothing will let them win!”

“TIME MACHINE!” Culumon shouted once more- ceasing her dance to ramble on with giant stars in hr eyes- “It goes super fast! 88 MILES PER HOUR! And then BAM BAM BAM! PCHOOO! It just shoots off into time and space and it appears somewhere else entirely!”

Jeri and her Duplicate stared for a few moments.

“Did she just throw a pop culture reference at me?” D-Jeri had to ask.

“She did…” Jeri shook her head, “where did she even learn that anyways?

Back To The Future shout outs– And yet not at the same time.


“Probably that Henry Human you’re always rambling on about inside that pretty little head of yours!” D-Jeri smriked at her subtle jab.

“So what?” Jeri sent a smug grin at D-Jeri. “It’s not a bad thing to enjoy a classic movie every now and again!”

“It is when you get disillusioned with the ideas of time travel- a thing that is completely fake, by the way,” D-Jeri said in an intentionally monotone voice.

“Oh, and just so you know,” Jeri rolled her eyes once more, “That was a Portal reference you did just now. That thing with the voice?” She too, intentionally used a monotone voice for the next remark, “It’s not exactly subtle, now is it?”

“I know,” D-Jeri snark-ed back, “I was doing it intentionally to mess with you.”

“Haaa. Haaa. HAAA.” Jeri laughed flatly. “Those were intentionally sarcastic, by the way. Just to mess with you.”

“Oh, are we really going there?” D-Jeri had to ask, “Are we really going to do a snark off? Here? Now?”

“Well, I don’t know,” Jeri narrowed her eyes, “are we, Jello Girl?”


Jello-Girl. OOOOOOH it is ON!

Culumon jumped into the air- having donned a referee hat and waving a cute little flag around that she’d gotten from thin air- blowing a whistle as she started dancing mid air again. “HERE WE GO! Snark Off sequence has been Initiated! Innnn The Red Corner we have D-Jeri!” she took off the hat and “BOOO”ed before re-donning it, “AAAND in the Yellow corner we have JERI!” she took off the hat and did a loud “YEEEEEAAAAAAHHH!” before putting it back on, “BEGIN IN THREETWOONEGOOOOO!


“Jello Girl!?” D-Jeri yelped in shock, “You’re one to talk, miss Fish Sticks and Custard!”

“Well, at least Henry appreciates the tastes,” Jeri smirked, “I doubt a soul-less abomination like you could appreciate such subtle things in life!”

“OHHHH Here we go! On and on again about the Henry Human!” D-Jeri rolled her eyes dramatically, “Why if I didn’t know any better, I’d say you had a crush on him!”

“So what? At least he’s a living being unlike YOUR boy toy,” Jeri spat out onto the ground, “Poor Leomon! He didn’t deserve to be turned into that!”


D-Jeri flushed a mighty purple as everyone’s view drifted towards the far corner of the room where a Red-skinned Leomon stood guard. “B-B-AAAAAAHH! He enjoys it more than being YOUR partner, you…you…POOP!”

“Oh my, Such a poorly phrased comeback,” Jeri said flatly as she smirked at her duplicate, “Is the little emotionless toy suddenly showing- Gasp!- Embarrassment?”

I-I-I-I-I-I AM NOT!” D-Jeri yelled- steam literally whistling out of her ears as her frustration rose to new levels. [2:22] “S-SH-SH-SHUT UP! STOP TALKING!”

“Why should I?” Jeri laughed, “Or wait, maybe I should! Watching you become so flustered is quite entertaining, you know.”

“En-ENTERTAINING!?” D-Jeri seemed to flicker and zap electricity as a fuse was blown. “You realizes you’re getting entertainment off of a mirror image of yourself- THEREFOR you enjoy belittling yourself! You probably g-g-g-g-get off on it too, I’ll bet!”

yes, she said realizes. yes, that is a typo. no, i’m not going to fix it.

“Oh my, You’ve caught me,” Jeri said sarcastically, “my secret perverted fantasies have come to light! Oh whatever shall I dooo?” She narrowed her eyes accusative-ly, “By that same logic, you’re getting off on getting told down to right now, aren’t you?”

D-Jeri blushed so much that her blue-turned-purple skin was now a red ten shades brighter than the skin of any D-Reaper bubble. “T-T-THATHAT’S NOT-THA- THAT’S NOT TRUE AT ALL!”


“My, the lady doth protest too much, me thinks,” Jeri quoted in a Shakesperian voice, “what do you think, Dame Culumon?”

“What’s ‘getting off’ mean?” Culumon asked, a question mark literally blinking on and off over her head thanks to the holographic monitor that had been forgotten up until this point.

“You’ll find out when you’re older,” Jeri remarked quickly, before returning to her duplicate. “My, do be careful what you’re saying in here! There are young ears within hearing range, after all!”

D-Jeri fumed with steam blowing out of her ears and noses once more. Her face was turned down to the ground in embarrassment.

“No response?” Jeri had to ask, tilting her head to once side, “Oh wow! You really are getting off on this, aren’t you!? And to think that this is the monster trying to destroy both worlds- a hormonal, teen-aged girl!”

There is a subtle irony in this remark that I’m just going to let sit and stew.


D-Jeri had no response other than to poke her index fingers together as she refused to meet her duplicate’s face.

“Wow…Really? That’s the route you’re going for?” Jeri shook her head in disbelief, “The D-Reaper, Moe Destroyer of Worlds.”

“S-Shut up, please…” D-Jeri muttered quietly.

“What was that?” Jeri asked.

“I SAID SHUT UP!” D-Jeri shouted- practically exploding.

“Nah,” Jeri said simply.

“SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP!” D-Jeri continued to shout at her duplicate.

“No.” Jeri said flatly.






“Not happenin’.”






This continued on for the remainder of the song track time- leaving Culumon sitting there watching it all with a rather confused expression on her face.

I had SO MUCH FUN writing this sequence. Jeri is just…arguing with herself. XD

There was a knocking at the door. Rika raised an eyebrow. Just who was that? She remained silent, her grandmother and mother were out looking for decent restaurants for dinner, but they wouldn’t knock at all…

A knock rung out again, this time a voice calling out, “Rika? Are you there?”

“Takato?” Rika frowned- what the heck was he doing here? Regardless, she quickly went over to open the door.

First off- she was surprised by the presence of not one two- but four people outside the door.

Takato Matsuki and Guilmon were two of them, obviously, (although, oddly enough Takato seemed different somehow. Did he hit a growth spurt?), the third was an old man who seemed rather familiar for some reason, and the third… A red headed boy with blue eyes who she didn’t recognize at all.

Why were they hanging out with Takato?

“Oh, hey,” Takato waved, “mind if we come in?”

“How did you know I was here?” Rika narrowed her eyes. “And aren’t you supposed to be in Okinawa?”

“You told me, first off,” Takato grinned, “and second, who says I’m not?”

“…You lost me gogglehead,” Rika sighed, “what do you want?”

“The fate of the world, Miss Nonaka,” The old man said- and that voice. Rika’s head turned sharply to face him. Why did he sound AND look familiar? “I’ll explain, if that’s alright.”

“Yeah, sure,” Rika took a step back to let them in, “come on in.”

And so we get to the point of the time travel situation.

Renamon observed them from the shadows. She’d noticed changes in Guilmon and Takato almost immediately. They seemed…older somehow? Guilmon certainly was keeping quiet for a lot longer than she’d seen in the entire time she’d known him.

The red headed boy and the old man both gave off auras of Digimon. Who were they?

That was answered right that moment, as the case may be.

“My name’s Shoutmon, King of the Digital World,” the boy introduced himself. King? Renamon had never heard of any king of their Digital World, “but not your Digital World.” Oh, that explained it- wait. What?

“Excuse me?” Rika echoed Renamon’s thoughts verbaly.

“This is The Watch Maker,” Shoutmon gestured to the older man, “he’s an ally of ours.”

“Watch Maker…?” Rika’s eyes narrowed- and through their mental link, Renamon heard her think in surprise:“Shoutmon AND the Watch Maker? Where the hell did Takato find sound-a-likes from the TV show?”

“Sound-a-likes?” Renamon asked.

“Both of them sound like the characters from the Xros Wars anime. But that’s impossible.” Rika shook her head in disbelief. “Even if they were those same characters, Shoutmon never had a human form in it. So they-“

“They’re both Digimon, Rika,” Renamon interrupted that train of thought immediately, “The boy and the old man- they both give off a Digimon’s aura. They’re telling the truth!”

Rika’s eyes widened slightly. “Wait. Seriously?” She didn’t realize she’d said it aloud.

“We’re quite serious about this, Miss Nonaka,” The Watch Maker said simply. “We’ve come here at your own request, as well as to fulfill our own mission here in this time and place…”

“Ever heard of Quartzmon?” Shoutmon asked.

“Yeah…” Rika began, “He’s…”

“The Digimon who activated the D-Reaper,” Takato finished immediately, almost as if he’d rehearsed that. Rika glanced at him suspiciously.

Setting the facts straight here.

Again, ‘common knowledge’ in universe.

“Yeah, well…” Shoutmon looked uncomfortable bringing it up, but continued on with what he’s speaking, “That guy…transformed our earth into Digi-Quartz. We’re hunting down and limiting his influence as best as we can while investigating why he did that, and maybe…maybe find a way to reverse it.” It sounded like he wasn’t hopeful about the ‘reversal.’

That’s different from the Anime,” Rika thought, then said, “Wait, Quartzmon is from your Universe?”

“Yes and No,” The Watch Maker shook his head, “while he transformed King Shoutmon’s earth, he’s also destroyed mine several years before, has done the same to countless others that we were unable to stop, and has attempted to do the same to other dimensions that we’ve been able to stop thus far.” He sighed, “Quartzmon is a being without beginning or end with timeline manipulation powers beyond anything that should be considered logical. All we hope to do is provide the latter, and the former I suspect we may never know. Perhaps he was born inside the Time Storm itself? Or perhaps he fell in and was forever changed? It does not matter, really.”

Note the careful use of the word ‘transformed’, this is an information time loop- Rika and Takato MUST NOT KNOW that Earth-2 will be destroyed, else the entire time loop falls apart.

“We’ve already killed about sixty different versions of him so far,” Shoutmon grumbled, “three of them entirely by accident with most of the rest of them being various agents of his: the Towers and Terminals.”

“So…he activated the D-Reaper here for…what?” Rika frowned.

“We don’t know,” Takato shrugged, “probably to make sure that we were there to witness him…ah…Doing the transformation, I guess.”

“So you’re not my Takato,” Rika deduced.

“What?” Takato blinked in surprise, “No! I am, I’m just him a year in the future.”

“…” Rika narrowed her eyes at the boy, and then said two simple words: “Prove It.”

Next, we get an example of why Time Travel is FUN.

“Oh boy,” Rika shuddered as she entered the cargo bay of SpaceTrailmon- already remembering the look of awe on Past Takato’s face at going from an empty field to a hidden spaceship. “Hey, heads up, Akari!” she shouted over at the other Red-head across the cargo-bay, who was presently wearing a set of VR goggles over her eyes alongside Kaiyumi, “Past me’s going to walk in here any minute now and go completely OOC! Try not to let her hug you would ya? It’d be embarrassing for both of us if that part of the timeline changed.”

Common Knowledge from In-Universe: Rika is a HUGE fan of Akari.

“Huh, what?” Akari glanced around- and then flinched as Kaiyumi simultaneously let out a sharp squeak of surprise. Whatever Rika’s warning just then had interrupted obviously hadn’t been pleasant. “Aw, come on!”

“That’s my cue to jump back,” The Watch Maker bowed as he held up his Xros Loader, “see you all again in a few moments… TIME SHIFT!”

The Watch Maker stepped through the time portal and Rika shook her head, walking off to leave the Past Takato and Guilmon alone on the plank-way, just as she remembered.

She quickly ascended the stairway to the upper level of the bay- passing by Davis and Marcus (who were chatting about Portal 2 for what seemed to be the tenth time that week), and then climbing up higher into the Kitchen and the top floor’s single corridor.

“Yo,” Taichi waved at her, and then turned back to his conversation with the Fire Spirit user Takuya. “So anyways, Agumon and I were just floating on the iceberg on the middle of nowhere when all of a sudden-“

Taichi tells this story a lot no matter what universe he comes from.

Rika continued on past the kitchen, heading up towards the head of the ship- which contained the “bridge” as well as all of the Quantum Navigation Computers that had been added in by The Watch Maker just shortly after Gureimon and Riska’s encounter with a Time Traveling DeLorean.

Inside that Bridge (which really was inside SpaceTrailmon’s head) was just the guy she was looking for. “Yo, Poke-boy!”

“Huh?” The Space-Trailmon’s “Trainer” Hideaki, who was presently checking the “Time Radar” for any blips, glanced over his head, “What’s up?”

“Just checking to make sure the engines were ready for take off,” Rika said simply. “We’re dealing with the second best time of her life Past Me’s going to have on this trip, I want to make sure it goes according to pan.”

Makes you wonder what the first is?

“Well,” Hideaki, who looked a little tired of being a ferry boat pilot, simply shrugged, “Trailmon’s about as ready as he’ll ever be. I don’t see why anything would go wrong.”

“Well, things have a habit of going off kilter,” Rika said as she watched her past-self (as Sakuyamon) OmegaShoutmon, Gallantmon, and Clockmon descend in front of the window. “Aaaand here come the fireworks now.”

Here come the Fireworks indeed.

Rika stepped into the open space that she’d seen Shoutmon and the Watch Maker go through moments before- with Takato right behind her.

And yet also right in front of her- exactly at the same age she remembered him being at- staring around in awe at the massive cargo bay before her.

She had no clue if this was a “Bigger on the Inside” thing or not, but the simple fact of the matter was that there were two Takatos standing beside her at that exact moment.

“I’ll go see where the..ah..Other you got off to,” and with that lame excuse, the older Takato slipped away out of sight just as the younger Takato (‘her Takato’ a part of her mentally labeled; another part immediately questioned the possessive tag) began to realize that she’d arrived.

“Oh, hey Rika,” He said simply, “you too, huh?”

“Uh huh,” Rika nodded, looking around the room to take in everything. Up on the walkways were- judging by the clothing designs- Davis Motomiya and Marcus Damon, and down on the other side of the cargo bay was Shoutmon and…

Rika froze as the other red-haired girl in the room pulled off the VR goggles and spoke to the King:

“Seriously, though, that training VR is really mean! Where did you even find this game?” came the unmistakable voice of one Akari Hinomoto.

Rika stared on- memories of a goggle wearing girl flooding the section of her brain that processed information. A General who lead troops into battle and didn’t take “No” for an answer. The first main character girl in the history of the Digimon Anime to wear goggles…!

Rika is, of course, remembering a DIFFERENT Akari.

“Eh…” Shoutmon scratched at his nose, “are you sure you even want to know that?”

“Tell me, Shouto,” Akari jabbed a finger at his chest, “where did you get this game?”

“Alright, well, it’s Skyrim at it’s base core, but the D-Reaper field is a mod that…” Shoutmon was answering, but Rika just didn’t care. The voice- the actions- the mannerisms…

Believe it or not, Rika’s spacing out here. I just couldn’t resist the idea of Rika going into ‘fangirl’ mode over meeting Akari, an event that’s so totally out of character for her normally.

“Uh,” Takato waved a hand in front of Rika’s face. She didn’t care. “Earth to Rika? Come in, Rika?”

“It’s Akari,” She said simply.

“Huh?” Takato glanced over at where his friend was looking, and, indeed, was a girl who looked a lot like Akari Hinomoto from the Xros Wars Anime. There were differences of course- this Akari didn’t wear goggles for one thing. “Oh, I didn’t even notice. That’s pretty cool.”

“It’s Akari.” Rika repeated, taking in a sharp breath, “I have to meet her.”

“Huh?” Takato blinked- and before he could even formulate a reply, Rika was already half-way across the cargo bay with a look in her eyes that he’d only ever seen before on Kazu and Kenta when they went into Fanboy Mode whenever the newest Digimon Cards came out. “Uh oh,” Takato realized rather belatedly that that was something he didn’t know how to deal with coming from Rika.

Takato takes this all in stride after all the stuff he’s seen over their adventures so far, and he’s only JUST been introduced to Time Travel and Alternate Universes.

“And the modders actually had experience inside of it, so even though they weren’t actually the same people who went through this series of events-” Shoutmon was cut off as the younger Rika Nonaka walked up to them with stars in her eyes, a slight blush on her cheeks, and a pen + digimon card in hand.

“Akari Hinomoto?” Rika began to hold out the card and pen, “Can I…Can I have your autograph?”

Akari blinked at the sudden offer, “Huh…?” she realized that this was probably what the older Rika had meant, “Um…sure…”

Shoutmon looked at the card, realized with a start that it was a stylized drawing of Akari wearing goggles and holding an Orange Xros Loader up to the sky.

Inaccurate to a wild degree, but it made him think a rather sad thought, ‘If Taiki were here, he’d be laughing at the irony so much right now.’

Akari canonically gets an Orange Xros Loader, but in the XWAU02 verse she has Red, while Taiki has Orange…. so this Card Akari having an Orange XLoader is just about as weird as it can get.

The subtle vibrations of the SpaceTrailmon as it moved into orbit were easy to ignore.

Beelzebmon was meditating in the lounge room, just behind and below the cargo bay, trying to get into a battle ready state when someone sat down in the chair across from him.

The sound of the fake-leather crumpling was not so easy to ignore.

He opened one of his three eyes to look at who it was.

“Hi,” BlackWarGreymon- one of the Oblivion Knights- waved hello.

“Uh…Hi,” Beelzebmon said after a moment’s pause, unsure if he should return to meditating or stop to chat.

“Soo…” the female WarGreymon glanced around, almost as if not sure what to say, “Been a while, hasn’t it?”

“Eh?” Beelzebmon opened his other eyes at that. “What?”

“It’s been a while since we were on the same battlefield,” she clarified, “Earth, about two years ago? When the worlds got Xrossed?”

“Oh, right,” Beelzebmon nodded, “yeah, that.”

I haven’t had BlackWarGreymon on screen in a long time, and for some reason, she turns out to be the perfect catalyst to talk about Beelzebmon’s home life.

“So…What’s new?” BlackWarGreymon seemed to be unsure of what to say, “How’s life? Ready any good books lately…?”

“AH, well…” Beelzebmon shook his head, “mostly I’ve been trying to get over everything that happened after the war. Lilithmon got away scott free for most of that time, and I wanted…well…to hunt her down, I guess, for what she did in Sand Zone.”

“How’d that go for you?” BlackWarGreymon asked.

“She found me, actually,” Beelzebmon chuckled. “Fell on her knees right before me about a year and a half ago out of nowhere and practically begged me to forgive her.”

“Seriously?” BlackWarGreymon blinked in surprise- why hadn’t she heard about this?

“She said it was all time travel stuff,” Beelzebmon explained, “and that she regretted every single thing that she did as a part of it. Kept insisting that it went against the person she was born as.” He sighed. “I honestly considered shooting her right then and there and being done with it.”

“You didn’t though,” BlackWarGreymon deduced. “You let her live.”

“I did,” Beelzebmon nodded.

“Why?” BlackWarGreymon asked.

This scene also brings closure to the Lilithmon/Beelzebmon antagonism. In the end, Lilithmon/Airu did things that she regrets, and is atoning for them.

“I spent all that time tracking her down, expecting her to be acting the same even despite knowing about the Time Travel, and then…” Beelzebmon made a dismissive gesture with his hands, “I realized it wasn’t worth killing her over. She was just as upset by it all as I was, in the end.”

“Did you forgive her, though?” she asked.

“I told her that I’d never forget what she did, but…” he sighed, “I could forgive her if she promised to move on from it like I was going to.”

“Did you?” BlackWarGreymon asked. “Move on, I mean?”

“Yeah, actually,” Beelzebmon chuckled, “I got married, didn’t I?”

“Yeah, that was actually why I wanted to talk with you,” BlackWarGreymon chuckled, “I never told you or Mervamon congratulations. Almost a year later, but our schedules never really seemed to mesh up well.”

“Yeah…” Beelzebmon frowned slightly, staring off towards a wall, “Without Taiki and Sally…things just sort of got out of hand, didn’t they?”

“I never knew either of them that well,” BlackWarGreymon admitted, “I never had the chance to spend time with you lot like the other Knights did.”

She DID come in at the end of the story, after all.

“Taiki was…” Beelzebmon took a moment to think his thoughts through, “the guy who brought me back from a place I could never have come back from. Lilithmon wanted me to kill him when I worked for the empire as Ba’almon. I…I think somehow she knew I’d never go through with it. But…I’d been willing to just to get one step closer to her…so I could put a blade through her back or a bullet in her heart…”

“You were an assassin,” BlackWarGreymon deduced, “you had a target and you were going to hunt them down.”

“But Taiki…he wound up somehow being the first new member of my order in a long time. He did what I never could…made a statue glow… And…And I had to protect him. I’d made an oath.”

“And now he’s gone?”

“And now he’s gone.”

“So what now?” BlackWarGreymon asked after a moment.

“I name the kid after him if it’s a boy, after Sally if its a girl,” Beelzebmon answered, “I figure they’d get a kick out of that.”

“Kid?” Her eyes widened, “You and Mervamon are…?”

“Obviously,” he smiled slightly, “I figured, might as well get back into the fight, atleast for a while. I’ve got something to protect now.”

That kid’s full name is “Mahiro Taiki Yasaka,” and we see him in the Epilogue.

“I think we’ve all got something to protect now,” BlackWarGreymon chuckled.

“Anyways,” Beelzebmon smiled just a bit, “thanks. I’ll let Mervamon know you said that.”

“Right, right,” BlackWarGreymon chuckled…then a thought came to her, “Were you serious about that motor bike thing?”

And so the two black clad warriors fell into a conversational rhythm that fit in time with the subtle rocking of the ship’s motion.

This scene, all together, was written later on, but moved forward because it fit the pacing better.

*cue “Taste of the Future” (GUN X SWORD OST 2) [1:04]*

Sadly, I can’t link to it via video. You’ll have to find a copy for yourself, I’m afraid.

A short time later- but chronologically several hours in the past- in orbit of the D-Reaper covered Earth was the Space-Trailmon, orbiting at an angle so that the bridge was facing down at the planet.

On said bridge- the past Takato and Rika stared up/down below at the planet rolling past them with wide eyes. It was an awe-inspiring view, and yet one that reminded those seeing it of the danger they would soon be facing.

Shoutmon and Akari held hands as they looked at the view before them.

Marcus stared on impassively, having seen more impressive celestial views in his time dimension traveling.

Hideaki looked at the planet with an impassive view- he’d seen plenty of planets from orbit like this before, and he’d be sure to see many more like that in the years to come.

But it wasn’t just the Earth that was in trouble- the Digital World was in danger too. Soon- the final fight would come- and both would be saved.

Tagiru stared on at the planet- seeing the Earth (any Earth, really) from orbit personally for the first time in his life. He clenched his fists and watched the blue and red orb rotate silently in space- unaware of the battle that was about to commence.

In mere hours- the fate of this dimension would be decided, and with it, the timeline of the multiverse would be solidified into place.

…An orbital view. Impressive isn’t it? The idea of showing them what’s at stake here, and the promise of seeing it all fixed, is a tempting offer.

“Your friend Henry will explain it better to you- us- later tonight,” The Watch Maker began, “but the short stick of it is that the plan HYPNOS comes up with has a One Hundred Percent chance of sending every Digimon on earth all back to the Digital World, and sealing the barrier forever, upon its completion.”

“WHAT!?” The past versions of Rika and Takato exclaimed simultaneously.

“HOWEVER,” The Watch Maker continued, “we have a plan, but it requires your free agreement to it to make sure we’re in the right time line and that everything rolls smoothly.”

As is this one.

“What do we have to do?” The Past Renamon asked.

“In exchange for ending the D-Reaper threat and allowing the Digimon to remain on your Earth,” The Watch Maker began, “you must agree to go back into the past to become your future counterparts. Living out for one year, fighting along side us and helping us hunt down Quartzmon. You have a chance to decline, of course.” The Watch Maker frowned slightly, “That declination would place us firmly in a splinter timeline, and would require us to go back in time to recheck the dimensional coordinates to ensure that we landed in a timeline where you would agree, so as to maintain a stable time loop, and you would be on your own in dealing with the D-Reaper.” He shrugged as he continued, “A pain, but it would require that we went through the exact same script with you two as we performed today, and it would really be quite bothersome to rehash all of that.”

“Doesn’t sound like much of a choice to me,” Rika said flatly, “more like a straight out con.”

It IS a con, in a way….

“As I said, it would require us to restart if you declined, and it is still an option,” The Watch Maker said, “it would be a pesky detour, but to ensure our own stable timeline, we would need to go through the motions.”

But the problem is that there *IS* a Takato and Rika out there somewhere who HAVE agreed to it, and that Takato and Rika NEED to be the ones who are sent forward along to fulfill one of the Cascade Side B loops.

These two DO have a choice in it, but it’s a tricky one.

“I think we should go for it,” the past Guilmon spoke up, “I really don’t want to be separated from Takatomon!”

“I’ve got to say,” Takato began, “it’d be pretty awesome to have backup in there.”

“Agreed,” Renamon swished her tail, “It just doesn’t feel right knowing that all of those Digimon in the Digital World are fighting the D-Reaper on their own…”

“Fine…leave the decision up to me then…” Rika sighed, and weighed all the pros and cons… “Alright, fine. I’m in.”

“What do we do?” Takato asked.

And so, we explain the plan as we show it.

“Wait for the Call that is to come,”

Takato glanced to the sky as Grani soared down towards him and Guilmon, his D-Arc beeping in alarm.

“Persuade Henry and Ryo in what ever way possible to change the plan so that you and Takato are paired together during the fight,”

Rika quickly offered the alternative to Henry’s admittedly bad battle plan- and Takato seconded it quickly. Ryo liked it, and Henry agreed that it was better than taking the risk that the Digimon would be lost forever.

“We’ll handle the rest.”

It’s a simple plan.

Inside the D-Reaper itself: Sakuyamon recounted those simple tasks as the battlefield around her grew intense.

Gallantmon and Grani had been thrown down into the Wormhole that connected Earth to the Digital World- and at this moment, she saw no back up coming her way. ‘Dumb, dumb, stupid, dumb!’ Rika thought to herself with a scowl as the D-Reaper agents surrounded her.

As she threw a spell towards an encroaching agent- she heard Ryo shout in protest over the radio channel that HYPNOS had set up: “HENRY! NO!”

Terriermon was shouting for Henry as well, begging for the boy to respond.

Something had gone wrong! Something- somewhere- had gone very, VERY wrong…!

And then a blinding green light shot out of the wormhole- sailing up into the distance, and away towards where Henry and Ryo had gone.

For a single moment, Rika wasn’t sure if she was imagining it or if it were real…

But when the D-Reaper agents paused at the event, she’d known it was real.

Moments later, she heard a piano melody play over the Radio.

This entire sequence is a DOUBLE Off-Screen moment of Awesome.

For Blue Card– Rika and Takato’s fight goes unseen.

For XWAU02– Henry and Ryo’s fight goes unseen.

In an animated form- someone could take both sides of the sequence, and play them side by side and watch as the motions synch up.

*cue We Are Xros Heart*

“What…Who’s playing that!?” Rika heard Riley shout out in surprise.

“It’s not me this time, I swear!” Terriermon shouted.

And then a blinding crimson light emerged from the Black Hole even as Henry’s tired voice came over the radio.

“Sorry, but that was me this time.”

“HENRY!” Terriermon shouted with glee.

This is a Brick Joke landing.

It has yet to take off yet.

Rika watched as the shimmering form of Gallantmon rose out of the crimson light- his armor transforming and shifting into his brilliant Crimson Mode for the very first time.

“MODE CHANGE!” Twin voices shouted over the channel at once:



And then- a giant drill burst through one of the D-Reaper agents that had had remained frozen the entire time- revealing the Digi-Xrossed form:


Tachiagare tomo yo

“TAKATO!” Rika called out, suddenly finding that her own radio broadcast was being superseded by another transmission, “You’re alright! But how did you survive that!?”

“Henry! We’ve got your back out here!” Future Rika was shouting, “We finished up with the portal and are coming to give you guys back up!”

“Yeah, Grani saved us,” Takato nodded, even as his future self shouted:

“Now go get Jeri!”

tomaranai, BURNING SOUL!

In the animated format- the future versions’ lines are simply replayed from the original episode.

The D-Reaper agents suddenly decided to move again when suddenly- they found themselves under attack from all angles.




Dokomademo, yuku sa

VictoryGreymon, Magnamon, and Vitramon arrived on the scene- blasting away at their targeted D-Reaper agents and destroying them instantly.

Kimi wa, hitori, ja nai

“OI!” Beelzebmon shouted as he and BlackWarGreymon descended to join in on the fight, “Get to preparing that finisher attack!”

“We’ll hold them off!” the Oblivion Knight shouted.

Nakama no kizuna ga kirifuda sa

“R-Right!” Sakuyamon and Gallantmon CM both nodded, and with that, they began focusing on preparing the finisher attack they’d been planning on using since the plan changed last moment.

Inochi wo moyashite RO-A-R!

Sakuyamon began chanting a spell that wove words into the world around her and Gallantmon at the same time.

Ima, hitosu ni, GREAT XROS

As a D-Reaper agent closed in on them- it was pierced suddenly by a spinning triangular beam- courtesy of DeltAntylamon.

“Sorry for the delay,” Akari apologized, “but we had a bit of trouble finding the right place.”

tokeau ore ni kure minna no hiketa SHOUT wo

“That’s fine,” Takato waved it off.

Ima, umareru, GREAT HEART, asu no kiba!

“HRRAAAH!” Tactimon leaped towards a D-Reaper agent- stabbing his unsheathed sword into the top of it and sliding down to the very bottom of the goo-based agent like a pirate sliding down a sail- “ICHI NO TACHI!”

Basically- they’re throwing everything they’ve got at the D-Reaper on two fronts.

Tobitate, tatakae, WE ARE XROS HEART!

“Oi! We’ve got them on the ropes!” Shoutmon called out from within GLX4. “Keep them away from the portal and Takato and Rika at all costs!”

Tobichitta mirai

“Got it!” there were nods all around- and the kill fest continued.

“DEATH THE CANNON, SPIRAL!” Beelzebmon fired off twin shots.

senran no BATTLE FIELD

“BREZZA BETALO!” In came Fairymon- letting loose torrents of wind from her fingers that sprayed through various D-Reaper Agents.

kono mune ni todoku

“Well this is going easy,” Magnamon muttered as ShineGreymon Burst Mode slashed through a D-Reaper Agent with a fire sword.

tomo no nageki namida

“GURREN SHADE VICTORIZE!” A Shade shaped laser beam shot out from GLX4’s shades, and blasted through a flock of Bird type agents.

Hohoemi ubatta zetsubou wo

“ALMOST THERE!” Rika called out as half of the needed glyphs had surrounded Gallantmon CM.

Tamashii tsunagete KU-DA-KE!

“Looks like we’re heading for a dramatic finish!” Kaiyumi laughed as DeltAntylamon dodged around a scythe type agent’s attack, and then threw a BUNNY BLADE attack into it’s face for good measure.

Ima chikaou GREAT XROS

“Just don’t use that attack on me this time!” Tactimon let out a laugh as he nonchalantly blocked a projectile attack with a twirl of his sword.

asu wo kono hata ni atsumatta minna no kazu dake!

“NOT A PROBLEM!” Akari shouted as she sent DeltAntylamon into a dive for the Black Hole.

Ima kagayaku GREAT HEART yume no shisha

The final glyphs fell into place- and then all shot together onto Gallantmon CM’s lance-sword.

“DONE!” Twin versions of Rika’s voice called out, “GO FOR IT TAKATO!”

THIS is why there needs to be two of them at once- not only does it complete the time loop, but also…

Butsukare takamare, WE ARE XROS HEART!

The angel winged Knight soared high into the air, holding the glowing lance high into the air. “HERE WE GO!”

DeltAntylamon began circling the Black Hole- obviously preparing to use a signature attack as a golden circle began forming right on the edge of the event-horizon.

The Agents increased their attempts to get attacks through- but they were all quickly blocked by all of the defending Digimon.

‘Today’s the day,’ Takato thought with a smirk as he reached the highest point, ‘That we kill the D-Reaper!’

In the background- unseen- a second Gallantmon Crimson Mode rose into the air, preparing to use a similar attack at the exact same moment.

DeltAntylamon’s circling sped up to incredible speeds- but she didn’t launch through the center just yet…!

Nakama no kizuna ga kirifuda saaa

Gallantmon reared back, and aimed for the center of the golden circle…

Inochi wo moyashite RO-A-R!

Everything went silent as three cries echoed through the air:




Both Gallantmon threw their spears- and DeltAntylamon shot for the center…

It doubles the power of the attacks going on by being synchronized.

One attack wouldn’t be enough to safely destroy the D-Reaper.

ima hitotsu ni GREAT XROS tokeau ore ni kure minna no hiketa SHOUT wo!

As the one spear reached the center of the golden circle- DeltAntylamon ZigZagged through the spear and shot out to the other side- completing the triple combo attack as a crimson pillar of light emerged in the distance, and a golden sphere of light detonated on the spot where the Spear had been sitting.

Ima umareru GREAT HEART asu no kiba!

Instantly- all of the D-Reaper mass began being pulled into the golden explosion on top of that black hole. In what seemed to be a massive, world wide tornado- a red whirlwind swept up all of the D-Reaper fragments around the world and drew it in towards that single point.

Tobitate! Tatakae! WE ARE XROS HEART!

As the last of the red storm was swept up into its final grave- A thinner, Rapidmon sized, Emerald Color MegaGargomon stood in the air over the city with one Jeri Kato in arm, and one Culumon on his shoulder. The Future Gallantmon and Sakuyamon, along with the present Justimon, floated along side him as the sun rose upon their little battlefield.

AH! Butsukare! Takamare!

The condensed sphere of D-Reaper data hit a critical density- and then it imploded onto itself in a flash of brilliant white light!


When the light cleared- the fighters found themselves over the park at the dawn of a new day.

If you ALSO compare this sequence to the DeltAntylamon evolution, you’ll notice that there are QUITE a few similar cues across the song.

Off-Screen, Henry has rescued Jeri, but trust me on this, it IS AWESOME, and you’ll definitely be seeing it ONE DAY, eventually!!

The D-Reaper had condensed down into a Digi-Egg- and Marcus simply picked up the blood red colored egg without a care. “Time to find this little guy a new home universe where it won’t cause anyone trouble,” He shook his head at the thought. “Man, what a weird day this has been.”

“We…” Takato stared blankly at the egg, “turned it into a Digi-Egg.”

“Death, eater of worlds,” Rika said flatly, “and we make it the cutest thing it ever could be.”

“The irony is staggering, really,” Davis remarked, “we turned it into the very thing it was made to destory.”

This D-Reaper was turned into a Digimon.

Akari glanced out over across the park- to where the gathered Tamers were celebrating their win. “Time for us to go,” she said.

“What? Really?” Takato blinked, “Do we have to go right now?”

“Future Yous are taking their rightful places in the timeline,” Shoutmon explained as he watched Kazu and Kenta flip out over the other Takato’s sudden growth spurt. “You’ve got to go become them.”

Future Rika waved at them from across the park, shouting, “THANK YOU!”

Davis shouted back, “YOU’RE WELCOME!”

Vmon added, “SEE YOU NEXT YEAR!”

“WOULDN’T MISS IT!” Future Takato shouted back at them.

“That loop done,” Marcus amended, “now it’s time to leave.”

And so- they walked off to where Hideaki would have SpaceTrailmon parked.

Takato had to ask, “Wait. Where did the cloaking mechanism come from?”

“Atlantis,” was all Akari said in return.

“Wait, seriously?” Takato did a double take.

“You’ll see,” Shoutmon chuckled.

This is a noodle incident that took place in a Stargate Atlantis setting.

Will we see it one day?




6:18 P.M.

We cut to JUST after “Runaway Locomon”‘s credits began to play.

The sounds of the party inside seemed distant as Takato and Rika sat on the porch, staring at the setting sun.

“Some birthday, huh?” Rika asked.

“Heh…” Takato chuckled, “we really can’t choose when Digimon come to do their worst, now can we?”

“Part of me wonders…” Rika began, “what’s everyone else up to, out there in the multiverse?”

“Who knows,” Takato shrugged, “probably out there fighting Quartzmon and being generally awesome.”

“They do have a knack for that sort of thing.” Rika laughed lightly, then mused, “I wonder if they’ve found Taiki and Sally yet?”

“Not yet, but we keep hoping.”

Takato and Rika paused at the third voice that suddenly intruded on their conversation.

Slowly, the duo turned their heads towards the right- where a certain Digimon King was leaning over the gate into the backyard. Behind him was Akari, and a few other familiar faces from months earlier.

“Yo!” Shoutmon waved at them.

“Shoutmon, Akari, everyone!” Takato stood up quickly to attention- What were they all doing here? “What are you guys doing here?”

“We heard there was a birthday going on,” Akari smiled, “I thought we’d drop by since we haven’t seen you guys in a while.”

“Well, come on in!” Takato grinned, “Everyone’s wanted to meet you since we beat the D-Reaper!”

Rika just stared at them all as she whispered to herself, “Best birthday ever.”


Cut from this episode due to time is a Credit sequence showing the party going on with Xros Heart joining in- with Davis singing “Biggest Dreamer” in English over the Karaoke machine as a sort of nod to the canon tamers episodes having him as the narrator.


And with that cute little reminder….

Off we go!



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