XWAU02 CH 78

We Open the LiveBlog of CHAPTER 78 with two notes!

The AO3 Rewrite is now at Chapter 22!


X0VA-2: DIGIMON XROS WARS VS. DIGIMON FRONTIER. The PawnChessmonz are on a mission to ensure this Frontier Dimension’s Timeline remains on track, but when Quartzmon’s influence sneaks into the woodwork…Things just seem to conspire to break bridges more than build them.


NOVEMBER 20TH, 2004.


And so we open with a standard Time Card.

*cue Terezi Owns*

And cut to music straight off the bat.

Our camera view shot through a static void- quickly descending upon a torn and tattered Digital World that was missing several chunks from it’s surface.

It continued downwards and faster and faster- descending towards a certain open plain and field, crisscrossed with Train Tracks.

One was being used- a Worm Trailmon going at speeds it really shouldn’t have.


Climbing up the back of the ladder of the coal car was none other than our favorite Lawyer Chessmon: Terezie.

She was in her human form and had her cane blades slung over her back. As she cleared the top of the Coal Car, she smirked at the two thieves- A Doggymon and a ShadowWereGarurumon.

The ShadowWereGarurumon yelped in surprise as Terezie shouted something at them.


In the sky- descending towards them at an impressive rate- was KaiserGreymon, sword drawn and eyes narrowed in determination.


Terezie began walking down the coal pile towards the two thieves.

The Doggymon squeaked with each step- his nervousness getting to him.


She leaped at them- even as KaiserGreymon shot towards the front of the train- hoping to push it to a stop before something bad could happen.

Terezie grappled with the ShadowWereGarurumon- easily using her cane swords to deal critical strikes to the Wolf’s brass knuckles that shattered them rather easily.


With nobody to control the poor Trailmon- it quickly began picking up speed- Kaiser Greymon slammed his feet into the tracks, and planted his hands onto the front of the Trailmon.

The Train began slowing down- slowly but surely- and all the way through the hapless Doggymon just stared on as his boss was quickly sent sprawling onto the floor- unconscious.


As he stared up at the girl grinning at him, he felt terror like no other- the train was slowing down to a grinding halt- and she’d re-sheathed her cane into one solid piece.

And as the train finally stopped- she pushed the stylized dragon head of the cane into his gut and he SQUEAKED at the event.

“Now then!” Terezie said with a laugh, “I want you to tell me all about this cargo you’ve boosted here, Mister Plush Rump!”

I’ve wanted to use this song in a train sequence since the day I came up with the Locomon episode plot with the PawnChessmons….But it was just too silly AND too short to use in the way I wanted to.

So I decided to rework it as the opening sequence of this X0VA!

*cue FIRE! (TV Size)*

With a burst of fire and a train whistle- a stylized F appeared through a hollow outlined version of the Xros Heart Team Logo.

A moment later- another train whistle sounded and text wrote itself onto the fused logo:






One theme I wanted to establish in the X0VAs was one of working backwards through time and space to hunt Quartzmon.

I started off with the SAVERS X0VA to begin with, and have started counting backwards from 5 to 1.

“Uwaaah!” Izumi Orimoto took in a breath of fresh air, “That was a lot of work!”

“Yeah…” Tomoki Himi agreed, “Stopping a train is not something fun at all…”

“Che,” Takuya Kanbara smirked just a bit, “Well, at least it’s more fun than having an entire planet blow up in your face- Twice!”

He was- of course- referring to their team’s first adventures in the Digital World- where in Lucemon had succeeded in absorbing their Digital World’s Fractal Code- and their recent bout of new adventures- which began with arriving on an earth that soon exploded due to a misplaced Horror Terror.

“Okay, I’ll give you that,” Izumi nodded.

It had been three months since that fateful day- where in the previously mentioned Earth of another Universe had been destroyed.

Sure- it was argued that it was a “Fixed Point” and nothing could be done to undo the damage- but the result still left a sour taste in Takuya’s mouth. Twice in a row- they’d failed to prevent a world from being destroyed.

Of course while the fault for that lay squarely on nobody’s shoulders, Takuya couldn’t help but feel down about it.

The Frontier gang have a habit of losing in the Canon series. This is a subtle jab at it.

For all the fighting those kids did, they just weren’t able to pull off a win until the last moment…

For this particular universe, that has something to do with Two sets of the same team running around at ONCE.

So- when the opportunity came up to go back to their own universe’s Digital World to fight off Quartzmon’s devious machinations during their original adventure- he leaped at the opportunity to do such.

There were rules- of course. “No Interfering with your own time stream!” and “Avoid crossing paths with your past selves!” were high on the list among others.

That said- however- things still seemed to be going well.

Several of Quartzmon’s plots had been foiled thus far, and they were on the road to foiling yet another.

Takuya turned back towards the stopped train, and then more directly towards the tied up Doggymon and ShadowWereGarurumon. “Yo, buddies!”

Plus, you know, Quartzmon meddling with things.

“We ain’t your pals, pal!” Doggymon whined, “Leave us alone you stinkin’ Flamon!”

“Hey now, that behavior isn’t going to get you anywhere!” Takuya sighed as he ran a hand through his hair.

To “disguise” themselves as they traveled as to prevent their past selves from learning of their existence, the returning heroes had disguised themselves as various Digimon based off of a half-evolved form Takuya had once unlocked by accident on the Dark Continent.

Takuya was the “Rookie” stage of his Human Spirit Agunimon, “Flamon.”

Izumi was “Tinkermon,” the “Rookie” stage of her Human Spirit Kazemon.

And finally, Tomoki was dressed up in a Baromon costume- a rather short one at that.

“Look,” Takuya started, “we just want to-”

“Save yer breath!” ShadowWereGarurumon snarled, “We ain’t talkin’!”

“Sigh,” Takuya sighed, and turned away from them, “what’ll it take to flip these guys on their plan?”

“OI! Everyone!” Terezie called out from one of the back most train cars, “Come check this out!”

To get this off my chest- I had NO PLAN for this X0VA beyond “Frontier + Trains = FUN”

It was a box that looked like the one that had been found in Digi-Quartz- leading to the Gate room tunnel.

This time- it was a real box and not a cleverly hidden door.

That didn’t make it any less empty this time, however.

“Looks like Quartzmon moved it again,” Strider, another PawnChessmon, said with a sigh, “Why the hell is he playing hard to get with this Gate? Why go to all the trouble of moving it from dimension to dimension like this?”

“What I want to know is how he got it out of this box while it was ON the train!” Flute, yet another PawnChessmon, gestured at the empty crate, “The Cargo Manifest lists it as weighing the full weight! This box doesn’t even have packaging filler in it!”

“He was probably keeping an eye on it,” Tomoki reasoned, “when we boarded the train, he probably moved the gate.”

“Yeah,” Izumi sighed, “but the question is where?

This X0VA was thrown together at a questionable pace. I had no clue what I was doing with this at first.

A PawnChessmon stared at their very souls. “Staaaareeeee…”

ShadowWereGarurumon flinched away- it was really making him uncomfortable.

“So…” Takuya started after a few moments of this, “What’s he doing exactly?”

“An unusual form of torture,” Terezie said as she filed at her fingernails in patience, “it’s something Problem picked up in Sword Zone.”

“Eh?” Takuya raised an eyebrow, “Who picked up where?”

“Problem,” she jabbed a thumb at the PawnChessmon, “That guy.”

“His name is literally…‘Problem’?” Takuya blinked.

“Yeah, and Sword Zone was one of the Zones we were in during the Code Crown hunt,” Terezie mused on that, “The last Zone, actually.”

“Wait, just back up for a moment here,” Takuya waved his hand through the air, “You’re telling me that out of all eight of you, he gets a bogus name that nobody would ACTUALLY name their child?”

“Nope,” Kroket giggled, “that honor would be tied with his sister, Flute!”

“Fl..flute?” Takuya’s eye twitched. “What kind of messed up parents did they HAVE?”

But you see- I was writing a Liveblog of the LakeZone arc when I wrote this X0VA…And I was hit by an idea.

“Yeah, we thought it was weird too,” Strider shrugged, “Rue’ tried to pry it out of ’em once, insisted they had to have some other names that they were hiding.”

“And?” Takuya asked.

Terezie and Strider laughed at once- much to his confusion.

“Let me tell you a story here, Mister Kanbara…” Terezie grinned, “About six or seven years ago, when I first joined the Chessmon Guard…”

And so I threw together a last-minute bit of foreshadowing that needed a bit more foreshadowing in the past of the story to establish it firmly (via rewrite), but was still acceptable within the bounds of the characters and the plot that existed in the first draft of the story.


“Alright everyone,” Their teacher- a Knightmon in crimson armor- had shouted to the room as he held up a list of names, “We’re going to go through the rows, and I’ll call your names out as we go.” The list, for a class of no more than fifteen Recruits to ascend into the narrower class of ten Pages, went by in a flash.

A Young Terezie stared at the rest of the trainees around her- all of them much younger than she was.

Terezie was Ten- making her the oldest in the room by a small margin. The next oldest person after her was an infuriatingly calm and collected boy whose name she’d not yet learned.

“Pyreope, Terezie?” The Knightmon finally called out.

“Present!” Terezie barked out with a sharp raise of her dominant hand.

“Strider, Dirk?”

“Present,” the boy raised his hand next.

“Vallerie, Louise?”

I’ll admit- reading an awesome Xros-Over while writing this X0VA probably didn’t help any either.

“P-present!” a younger girl had squeaked- though Terezie barely paid attention to it. Her attention was more focused on this fellow Recruit of name of “Strider.”

As the oldest in the room, they shared the greatest chance of making it past this first set of trials, and no doubt would be paired together during future training missions. Terezie narrowed her eyes, she’d have to take the initiative and introduce herself properly later. No way would she be working with a frozen Popsicle like this… “Strider” fellow!

Still, this was a chance to rectify some of the shoddy last-second character development that surrounded the PawnChessmon from the onset. So I took it.


“We got along rather well for a while there,” Strider mused, “but then one day both of us screwed up on something, and we blamed it on the other.”

“Our teachers weren’t too happy with us, so they sent us outside,” Terezie chuckled dryly, “that’s when we met Flute and Problem.”


“And if you hadn’t gotten so stuck up with the idea of-!” Strider was shouting, when Terezie interrupted him.

“ME? HAAAH! That’s a rick one, Prince!” She spat at the ground, “You think just because you’ve got all those girls wrapped around your finger that you can just-!?”


The sudden snapping of a tree branch brought their argument to a halt.

Slowly, but surely, Strider and Terezie turned their heads towards the source of the sound.

“Uh…” A young boy waved at them, “hi?”

“Hello,” The girl next to him smiled, “we seem to be a bit lost. Could you tell us what Flute we’re on?”

Flute Vs. Floor.

If you’ve come into this without having reached the SAO part of the X0VAs, well First of All: GO READ IT ALL!

If you’ve come into this HAVING finished the entire story, however, you’ll realize that this kind of substitution sounds rather similar.


“She actually said ‘flute’?” Izumi interrupted the flash back as she passed by.

“Yeah, something of an oddity we worked with for a looong time,” Strider sighed as he shook his head. “She’d replace random words with ‘flute’ when speaking, didn’t even realize it.”

“Over the years, we started doing verbal tic lessons, trying to make her say the right thing, or rather, replace something not important,” Terezie chuckled, “we even started an infectious motto among our fellow PawnChessmonz cause of that.”

Inadvertently, however, in having to provide foreshadowing WITHOUT actually spoiling an imminent plot twist which I was SURE people would see coming, I’d ended up giving Flute a bit of a mental disorder. Whoops.

If anyone was offended by this sudden change of character development for Flute, I genuinely apologize. It was never my intent to do such a thing. >_<;


“…But I know I can speak clearly if I put my Flute to it, Chessu!” The girl winced almost as soon as she realized she’s said it incorrectly. “Sorryyyy…”

“Okay,” Strider rubbed at the bridge of his nose, “We’ll take this from the top.”

“Okay…” Flute took a breath. “I know I speak Fl-” A pause- “oddly, Chessu.” Strider nodded to continue. “But I know I can speak clearly if I put my…My…M…Miiinnnnd..” She slowly grit the word out and then continued as quickly as she could, “to it, Flute!” And then she flinched upon messing it up on the last word. “I did it again!”

“That’s alright,” Terezie put her hand on her fellow Recruit’s shoulder, “you only messed up the Verbal Tic that time. If anything, that’ll be the best part to goof up.”

“T..thanks, I guess,” Flute smiled for what seemed to be the first time in a long time.

But I honestly needed to prevent an Information Time Loop FROM FORMING at all!


“She got the hang of it eventually,” Strider seemed to smirk, “but the “Chessu” tic spread to just about everyone in the Chessmonz.”

“So…why do you still call her Flute then?” Izumi had to ask.

“And why is Problem “Problem”?” Takuya asked.

“Now that’s something I’d like to know, actually,” Kroket said, “you guys never told me that part.”

“Ah, right, we did get interrupted a bit didn’t we?” Terezie asked such a rhetorical question it made her chuckle. “Well…”

Sigh. Honestly, I was sure this X0VA was going to fail from all the shoddy writing I was putting into it.

In my head, I was SURE this was going to be a repeat of the Honey Land “Dream” Episode.


“Hi, I’m Flute,” The girl unintentionally censored her own name, “and I just said the wrong thing.” She grimaced. “This is such a problem, Problem!” she said towards her brother.

“…” Who said nothing with regards to his mismatched name.

The Knightmon who Taiki would one day save sighed, “Yeah, it seems you did,” he glanced over at Terezie and Strider. “Thanks for bringing this to my attention, you two. You can leave now.”

Terezie weighed the decision. It didn’t feel right to leave like this… But in the second it took her to gather up the courage from hearing the order and speak up, her partner beat her to the punch.

“With all due respect, I think we should keep an eye on them being the ones who found them, sir,” Strider said, standing rather straight and tall despite the clear insubordination he just presented. “It might help them overcome whatever’s messed with their minds in such a way…” there was a short pause before he added, once more, “Sir.”

Knightmon glanced to Terezie, “And what do you think, Recruit Pyreope?”

“I think Strider’s right, sir,” Terezie agreed, “we can’t leave a fellow Chessmon behind, right?”

Apparently I did a good enough of a job avoiding that, somehow? I never got any flack for this chapter at all. I was sure it was going to fail and yet…?


“Whenever we asked them about their names, Flute would goof on the words without fail, respectively “Flute” for her and “Problem” for Problem.” Strider explained, “And as for Prob’ himself? He’d just sort of tune out for a few moments like he was getting the weirdest case of De Ja Vu you’d ever seen. And then he’d just snap back to it, and ask what we were just talking about.”

“So if I asked him right now…?” Takuya began.

“He’d space out and we’d likely never get anything out of those guys,” Terezie said just as the Doggymon cracked.

“ALRIGHT ALRIGHT! I GIVE UP! IGIVEUUUUP!”he whined, “juststopstaringatmeeee!”

“AHHAHAHA!” Problem punched a fist into the air. “I WIN!”

“We were told to deliver this train to the Autumn Leaf Fair,” Doggymon explained despite his boss’s constant whining.

“No, stop, don’t tell them anything!”

“We’re supposed to deliver the cargo to an awaiting dealer who said he had some awesome artifacts to trade with some Toucanmon from a nearby island!” Doggymon continued to explain, tears in his eyes.

“Please! Stop talking! You’ll ruin everythinggg!”

“After that, we were told to take our Trailmon and win a race so that way nobody could win the tickets to the Hamburger Villaageee…” Doggymon whined, “That’s all I know!”

“You fool,” ShadowWereGarurumon bowed his head in defeat.

Maybe it was because I brought back these two comedy gold villains?

“Autumn Leaf Fair, huh?” Tomoki mused, “Isn’t this about around the time that I got my Beast Spirit from Datamon?”

“It is,” Takuya nodded, “AND, it’s also around the time that we raced those two bozos in the race,” he jabbed a thumb at the tied up duo, “Whiiiich means we’ve got to let them go if we don’t want to screw up our timeline.”

“So it all boils down to the Toucanmon again?” Zoe frowned, “Well, I guess that makes sense.” She glanced at a watch just under one of her gloves, and sighed, “We’ll never make it to the Fair at this rate.”

“Good thing Kouji and the other’s are there already,” Takuya grinned, “Takato too! Oh wait! I just realized something.”

“What?” Tomoki and Zoe asked.

“Takato and Guilmon were that Gallantmon we ran into a buncha times at that fair!” Takuya snapped his fingers, “I thought their voices sounded familiar!”

“Wait,” Izumi narrowed her eyes, “then that means he LIED to me about seeing the Toucanmon!”

Or Maybe I just stumbled around into this like a fool and somehow managed to pull it off.


Takato sneezed.

“You okay?” a passerby in a black business suit asked of the Royal Knight Gallantmon.

“Er…Yeah…” Takato laughed, “Just felt like someone was talking about me, was all.”

“Ah, yeah, I know that feeling well,” and with that, the passerby turned to leave.

Foreshadowing is foreshadowing.

In an animated format, we’d recognize Kaoru’s voice before we even see her.

Kouji Minamoto, who was disguised as “Yasyamon”, stared out over the plaza through his mask.

It would be about another day before the Toucanmon stole their D-Tectors and sold them to Datamon here at the fair. That said- it was their job to go through these places and make sure that the timeline was stable for their past selves to come through.

“Well,” Kouichi Kimura, Kouji’s long lost twin brother, had put on clothing that made him look like a young Ba’almon, once more blending into the ‘darkness’ that was his element. “At least we don’t have to worry about anything going wrong,” he began. “I don’t think we’re going to run into any trouble short of the Royal Knights showing up again.”

“Meh.” Junpei Shibayama, who was disguised under a large hooded cloak that looked rather uncomfortable for the boy in the present weather, “all I want to know is when we get to move on to the hamburger town. I haven’t had a decent meal since we got here.”

“Well, I’d say we-” Kouichi stopped when he spotted a familiar face in the crowd- “Hey wait a second, isn’t that Takuya?”

It was a boy- identical to Takuya- wearing a black business suit and having a rather dashing hat on.

We- of course- recognize him as the one and only Spades Slick- from Karaoke Zone.

I was really sorry with how the Intermissions came out in the first round. I felt like I HAD to keep tying it into the main story somehow.

Kouji glanced towards who his brother had pointed out and growled, “What the hell? That can’t be either Takuya. That’s impossible.”

“Uh, guys…” Junpei gulped as two others joined Spades- the Junpei look alike Hearts Boxcars and the Izumi double Diamonds Droog. “We might have a problem here.”

“How the hell…?” Kouichi stared at them. “That’s you…!”

“This…cannot be good,” Kouji brought up his Wrister and spoke into it, “Guys?”

So, having seen The Lone Ranger movie in the middle of writing this…I was struck by inspiration.

“Yeah?” Takuya picked up on his end, “What’s up?”

“We’ve got a body doubles of you, Izumi, and Junpei down here at the fair,” Kouji explained, “wearing black suits and looking like they’re heading somewhere important.”

“Did you just say Black Suits?” Terezie grabbed her own Wrister, leaving the clearing of the train’s artifacts to the other Chessmonz. “Do you see any card suits on their chests anywhere?”

“Uh…” Kouji looked at those three, but frowned, “I can’t tell at this angle.”

“Damn it,” Terezie looked to Strider, who just nodded in agreement, “Guys, you’re dealing with the Midnight Crewfrom our universe! Stear clear from them as best as you can! I repeat…!”

Inspiration that ended up creating sequences that came out SPECTACULARLY.

*cue BLACK (Homestuck Vol 4)*

-Make Her a Member of The Midnight Crew…-


And with that- our camera shot away from their current position, zooming out to the atmosphere, and then out again past the three moons.

It shot back through a static burst, past the ring of asteroids that was once an Earth and past the Sun, and then past the sunny side of the Digital World, descending on Ye Olde Karaoke Town just an evening before.


Inside their basement music room, the trio of Spades Slick, Hearts Boxcar, and Diamonds Droog were practicing some musical number when sudenly- the door to the basement was kicked open.

The trio drew weapons that they’d always kept on hand for such an event, but paused when the intruder held up a hand, and instead gave them an offer.


And then the camera pulled out of that room- shooting up into the stars and the static filled void- chasing along a strand of red/green/blue energy straight across it’s length, before descending down towards that other Digital World and It’s Autumn Leaf Fair…


With a flash of light- we joined the fourth member of the crew (the one who offered the job) as she stepped foot onto the pavement- a black military boot laced up to the knee.

The Camera panned up her legs- past the dark grey- knee length skirt, and came to rest briefly on her leather jacket- where the white-on-black Clubs icon flashed briefly against the camera before it pulled up just a bit higher to reveal the girl’s face- easily recognizable as Kaoru/Trompeaurmon.


The Camera pulled away- revealing her to be leading the other three towards a certain destination, each carrying briefcases of various sizes in hand.



With a kick- she knocked the door of a certain banking shop open- and the four of them entered, pulling out various weapons from their briefcases.


Kaoru took her sword and pointed it directly at a banking clerk- smirking rather deviously at them.


The Clockmon gulped as he heard her demands.


Quickly- he lead her to the vault, and began opening the door- much to the girl’s delight.

With a clack- the door was shoved open- and its contents revealed for all to see.

Kaoru grinned, and she quickly ordered the vault emptied of all it’s contents.


Moments later- the four of them were racing out of the bank riding a large trolley car of something massive hidden under a tarp flowing on a wave of void-water.

They flooded down the streets-and then up the side of the frozen dome walls- straight towards the train station.



Their ride froze over momentarily, but the trolley cart was sent flying onto a Trailmon track where it connected to a certain Locomon who was waiting for them at the station.


Kiichi gave a nod once they were attached- and the Locomon raced off.


The door of the last usually attached Trail-Car opened, and Clubs Deuce flashed a grin at the four thieves.


Kaoru gave a thumbs up.


Hearts let loose a gruff laugh.


Kiichi heard the all clear and pushed a lever forward.


The Locomon put on speed.


Clubs helped them out into the car.


Soon, they were all on board.


Droog shook her head at the absurdity of what they’d just pulled off.


Spades just stared up at the roof in delight of a pulled off heist and punched at the air.


And then the Train was out of sight, leaving a startled Kouichi, Kouji, and Junpei staring at the path of destruction carved through the fair in horror.


So I usually try to avoid repeating a song like this- Original plans were to repeat “Descend” for the later train sequence which I really didn’t like- but while writing, I discovered that the repeated “Make Her a” parts were ACTUALLY lines being said and not some random instrument.

I felt that I HAD to include this song again KNOWING this fact.

At the same time, I kept it mysterious, and fast paced. A HEIST– just like the last time I used the song- but MORE SO.

“Yeah…” Kouji said after a moment, “I’m pretty sure that didn’t happen last time.”

“What?” Takuya asked into the Wrister, “What just happened?”

“Obviously?” Strider sighed, “We Xrossed our Time Streams and got some critical info dropped somewhere.”

“Damn,” Terezie growled, “what the heck happened?”

This was a subtle Ghostbusters reference.

“They robbed a bank,” Kouichi answered, “here at the fair. Just completely robbed a bank and took off on a wave of purple water.”

“Purple…?” Kroket sighed upon hearing that- “Guys, Kaoru’s with them.”

Meanwhile- on the Locomon racing away from the Autumn Leaf Fair- Kaoru just smirked as she listened to them make the proper deductive leaps in logic to come to that conclusion.

She finally pressed the “Talk” Button on the Xros Time Wrister and spoke up, “About time you guys figured it out!”

“Have you seriously been listening in this entire time?” Strider had to ask.

“So what if I was?” Kaoru asked as she leaned back into her seat, put one foot up on the seat across from it, and crossed her other leg over it all in one smooth motion, “You guys gave me permission for this stunt, after all!”

“No doubt after we come back from this,” Terezie sighed, “What the hell did you just steal anyways?”

“Maybe you should ask the two mutts trying to make a stealthy escape right about now?” Kaoru asked with a smug smirk.

And so- YEAH- it’s Kaoru. I had to remind the audiences of her presence in the story yet again- that just because we were done with the main ‘series’ that she STILL had something to do.

She needed to be remembered for the Finale in the last X0VA.

It’s for the same reason that Tavros keeps getting shown in Homestuck despite his character not really DOING anything.

A reminder that “Yeah, he’s still here.”

Everyone turned towards ShadowWereGarurumon and Doggymon- who were, indeed, trying to make a stealthy escape.

“And just where do you two think you’re going?” Kroket asked as she drew her signature weapon- a giant spork.

“GULP!” Doggymon gulped.

“Erm…” ShadowWereGarurumon sweated just a little, “The little Puppy’s room?”

“Nice try,” Terezie scowled.

Moments later- the duo of train drivers were seated back down and surrounded by

“Alright..” Terezie said as she gestured at herself, “you guys can talk to me about what it is that was in that bank our friends just robbed and why it’s so important, or you can talk to him,” she gestured to Problem, who was cracking his knuckles and rolling his neck. (Flute would later berate him for the knuckle cracking, however.) “So…What’ll it be?”

ShadowWereGarurumon gulped- “No way! Our bosss would skin us alive if we!”

“Forget Gokuwmon and Sanzomon,” Doggymon whined, “what about Kinkakumon!? If she finds out we flipped on them she’s going to be reeeeeally mad! Oh man oh man oh maaannnn…”

ShadowWereGarurumon swore loudly- “No way! We can’t!”

“Fine.” Terezie said flatly, “but don’t say I didn’t give you the chance.” She turned to Problem, “They’re all yours, Prob!”

This whole section here was to work in the Digimon Jintrix introduced Digimon- all of whom I didn’t want to short their debut times, and for two of them, I wanted to introduce them for the first time proper.


“N-NO!” ShadowWereGarurumon resisted, “We Must HOLD GROUND!”

“Sooo…” Takuya began once more, “back to that original question… What’s he doing over there? Where’d he learn it?”

“It was sometime after we landed in Sword Zone,” Terezie began, “we Chessmonz were doing some preliminary investigations of some nearby ruins when Prob’ got himself caught. One of the interrogators used that technique on him to find out what he knew.” She chuckled, “Instead? he learned the technique and inverted it on his torturer.”

“He did what?” Takuya stared at the PawnChessmon in question in confusion and horror.

“It was epic, you should’ve seen it,” Strider laughed, “words cannot describe how epic that was. I mean…He turns this…this Stare right around on the guy using it on him and BAM! The whole place is just in absolute chaos!”

“C-Chaos?” Doggymon blinked.

“I still have no idea what that rubber chicken was for,” Kroket remarked helpfully.

“R-Rubber chicken!?” ShadowWereGarurumon gulped.

“What about the way that Grademon’s lackeys were all tied up inside a giant Gordian knot?” Terezie offered.

“G-Gordian!?” Doggymon whined.

“I’ll never understand why everyone had lasagna stuffed into their pants like that, though,” Strider chuckled.

“L-LASAGNA!?” ShadowWereGarurumon yelped.

“But what about the Chocolate Cakes?” Flute asked.

“CHOCOLATE CAKE!?” Both of the tied up train haulers squealed in surprise. At this point- they’d heard enough to make them not want to undergo any further staring, “ALRIGHT ALRIGHT!” They squealed like pigs, (although that really doesn’t make any sense because of their being canine digimon), “We’ll tell you everything…!”

This sequence…Oh my god this was so fun.

Originally, the Train sequence at the end was going to have a time storm, cutting BACK to Sword Zone showing this Noodle Incident that happened…

In the end, I just resorted to this nonsensical train-of-thought style of saying random things by whatever came to mind first.

I THINK I might have been hungry when writing it. I usually do my best random writing when I haven’t eaten anything for a while, XD

“Our bosses are expecting a bunch of Toucanmon tomorrow with a delivery of extremely important items,” ShadowWereGarurumon explained, “We’ll sell them to the clients who want them, and in return they let us have the power crystal to power the giant ring in the back of our train!”

Takuya caught the paradox immediately- if the Toucanmon traded the digivices and Spirits to someone other than Datamon- then things would seriously go wrong.

“So what did you guys steal anyways,” Kiichi had to ask.

“It’s a device to funnel energy into a mater bridge gate,” Kaoru smirked as she checked her watch, “and if I’m right…then the big bad boss man will be coming to track us down aaany minute now…”

So yeah.

Here are those introductions.

The monkey faced humanoid Digimon Gokuwmon snarled at the sight of the empty vault. Nearby, the masked woman in robes, Sanzomon, glared at the poor clerk who had opened the vault.

Moments later- the enraged duo left the building, and Kinkakumon- a tall woman digimon- with golden gauntlets, golden boots, a golden helmet, and a golden shoulder collar clasp that held a golden cape in place- who wore strips of black striped, golden cloth over her chest, waist, arms and legs- entered the building, dragging a massive silver club behind her over her shoulder.

As the bankers inside met her ice cold blue eyes, they felt fear as an equally cold blue light zapped across her short, spiky green hair.

“I hate to break it to you,” Takuya began, “but there isn’t a gate in that train anywhere. Your bosses were played. Whoever wants those objects isn’t going to give you that power source- if there is one.”

ShadowWereGarurumon gulped.

Gokuwmon and Sanzomon, who only got ONE brief scene in the Anime together, instead get a whole X0VA of being Gangsters!

Kinkakumon, who hasn’t had an Anime Appearance YET, gets one in story.

I have to wonder if she’s the Frontier Universe’s version of Sally for a moment with that green hair/blue eyes combo…Buuuuut I doubt it. Would be interesting to explore Sparrowmon evolving into Kinkakumon at some point, though….

*Scribble scribble Note Making*

“Of course,” Hearts chuckled, “however when we were getting it out of there, I did a quick once over of it. While it really could probably power a gate, there’s quite a lot more inside that does something besides that.”

“Like?” Kiichi asked.

“Like providing exactly 1.21 Gigawatts of power continuously, and remotely, to anything on its own for approximately thirty-eight thousand years once fully charged,” Kaoru surmised. “We think this is what was powering the gate inside the Terminal- or would have, if it hadn’t exploded just before earth did.”

This is me making the 1.21 Gigawatts being MORE than a shout out- it’s got plot relevance now.

It’s meant to be foreshadowing.

Kouji flinched the moment he saw a flash of blue light come out of the bank- along with an electric sounding gun shot. A rail-gun of some kind?

Then- the even worse sound of a Digimon’s Fractal Code unraveling occurred- and Kinkakumon exited the bank, a sphere of condensed code held in her right hand. Nobody batted an eye at her actions- and in fact- most everyone shied away from the fearsome power the woman projected into the air like a killing intent.

“Well…I guess that explains why the Toucanmon went to Datamon,” Junpei gulped.

“I don’t like it,” Kouichi frowned, “we’ve got to do something…”

“And blow our cover?” Kouji hissed. “If we announce ourselves- our past selves will definitely hear about it and-”

“Actually!” Kaoru said suddenly over the wrister, “I just remembered something. Kinkakumon should be coming to join those two on the train about to chase after us, if anyone sees her, they should distract her somewhat. Make sure she doesn’t get on that train. There’s no way we’ll be able to deal with Gokuwmon and Sanzomon with her around.”

Kouichi and Junpei had taken off before she’d even finished saying “if anyone sees her.”

“Damn it,” Kouji sighed.


“W-WHAT!?” Doggymon squealed, “No way! Kinkakumon’s a power house on her own! But if you go and try to attack her head on she’ll just summon her little brother to deal with you!”

“Little brother?” Izumi asked, “Who’s that?”

“GINkakumon!” ShadowWereGarurumon gulped, “the big towering giant made out of silver!”



Kouichi used the shotgun he’d borrowed from Beelzebmon to fire straight at Kinkakumon.

She spun around in an instant and used her massive silver club to block it. “HAH!” She laughed, “You think that’ll stop me, petty little boy?” She raised the club and then swung it at Kouichi- “KIBAKUSOU!”

“HRRRAAAHH!” And then Junpei ran into battle- silently scanning his D-Scanner over the dual fractal code for his human and beast spirits- A Fusion Evolution. The Cloak he’d been wearing exploded off of him in a burst of lightning and data- revealing the charging digimon RhinoKabuterimon.

The club met a massive bony crest- and stopped as lightning ran through it and into Kinkakumon.

“KRREAAAAHHH!” She shriek in surprise and dropped the club.


Suddenly- but without much surprise- the massive silver club transformed into an ever bigger silver titan: Ginkakumon.

Kouichi glanced up at the towering giant with dismay. “Fu-”


And then Ginkakumon shot a massive fireball from his mouth.

Ginkakumon transforms out of Kinkakumon’s weapon. Is he a Weapon Digimon? Or perhaps he and Kinkakumon were sold out of Heaven Zone like Duskmon and Ranamon?

Who can say, it’s not important to the over-all plot.

There was a surprisingly small explosion- but it was enough to tell Gokuwmon that it was time to leave. “Fah! Get us going now, Trailmon! We have thieves to catch!”

“Kinkakumon shall destroy whomever has delayed her,” Sanzomon agreed, “After the thieves!”

The Angler Trailmon just sighed and began moving along the track, “You and your pesky motives, damned bankers!” He muttered in a german accent.

“Alright, one last question,” Tomoki spoke up, “Just who is the person you’re trading for the power source?”

The two dogs shared a glance, and then nodded as one before turning towards the boy and shouting as one: “The Royal Knight Dynasmon!”

“W…What?” Takuya and Izumi sputtered in surprise. “Dynasmon!?”

And HERE is a plot twist I’ve been holding in the cards for a while now.

For what though- I can’t say.

“SHIELD…!” Ginkakumon realized a moment too late that his fireball had been absorbed harmlessly against a glowing shield. “OF THE JUST!”

A Burning explosion of bright light shot out and impacted Ginkakumon in the chest- flinging the titan up and out of the Autumn Leaf Fair.

Gallantmon chuckled slightly. “Wow, it’s been a while since I’ve used that attack.”

“Nice save!” Kouichi gave a thumbs up.

“You’re just lucky I went off to grab Takato instead of rushing off like I had a death wish,” Kouji grumbled.

“You…!” Kinkakumon stared at the Knight, “What does your kind have business here?!”

“Me?” Takato tilted his head to the side in confusion- which mirrored out onto Gallantmon, “I’m here as security! I’m kicking you out of this fair for the slaughter of innocent Digimon!”

“Ch…” Kinkakumon grit her teeth, “I’d like to see you try!” And with that- she transformed into a beam of golden light that shot up into the air- arcing back down towards the ground on the same path Ginkakumon had followed.

“After that woman!” RhinoKabuterimon shouted.

Takato saves the day- making the Gallantmon at the Fair him for sure-

“Who was Dynasmon again?” Kroket asked once they’d stowed the two dogs away into the cargo car.

“He was the guy who tricked Lucemon all the way back before the Human Beast war into intervening,” Takuya explained. “He couldn’t help but gloat to Lucemon once he had us on our knees. Killed the guy’s wife and child and pined it on both sides of the conflict- Lucemon got tricked into actively taking control of the world and after that, he went mad with power.”

“The Ten Legendary Warriors took action when he started going mad,” Izumi added, “our entire adventures were caused by that guy’s actions. And when Lucemon found out he’d been duped- Dynasmon killed him and assumed his form and powers.”

“How much do you want to bed Quartzmon gave him the idea?” Strider lamented.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if Dynasmon was another copy of Quartzmon after all this,” Tomoki sighed. “When will this guy just give up?”

“A guy like that?” Takuya grit his teeth- “After all he’s already done to us?”

The questions were all equally rhetorical…the answer was obvious:




….damn it, just by thinking that, I KNOW someone’s going to write/draw art of it. Stupid Typos…


The four warriors climbed up onto the ice ridge to see Ginkakumon rising to his feet- with his big sis Kinkakumon riding in the massive chamber in his chest.

“Uh oh…” Kouichi gulped once more.

“NEVER HURT MY BIG SISTER AGAIN!” Ginkakumon roared as a massive, flaming, golden Aura surrounded him.

“You fools!” Kinkakumon shouted from her seat inside her younger brother, “My brother has entered his Promote mode! You’ll never get rid of us that easily!”

“GYAKUGEKI ENDAN!” Ginkakumon shouted as he spat off another fire ball- one much larger than the one before.

“NOW!” Gallantmon threw himself forward to block the fire ball as Kouichi and RhinoKabuterimon held up their D-Scanners.



“EXECUTE NOW!” Kouji held up his D-Scanner as his two companions transformed into beams of energy that shot towards him. “HYPER SPIRIT EVOLUTION!”

The explosive fireball hit the shield.



*cue Let’s All Rock the Heist (Homestuck Vol 7)*

But instead, we cue a different song.

A BETTER song for this entire sequence than Descend would have been.

The explosion could be seen for a good two miles away.

Sanzomon chuckled in delight.


Meanwhile- after their Trailmon whizzed past an intersection a shimmer of light occurred as the tracks changes lightly- and Kiichi’s Locomon backed out onto the original track- quickly gaining speed to catch up to the other Train.

Gokuwmon glanced out the window and yelped as soon as he saw it, shouting an order to go faster than they were.


From the dust arose twin spiraling spheres of data- one blue, one crimson.

Kinkakumon frowned. Just what the heck was happening?

From the blue sphere emerged the armored form of MagnaGarurumon.

From the crimson sphere emerged the winged shape of Gallantmon Crimson Mode.

MagnaGarurumon smirked, and readied his arm cannon. Gallantmon twirled around his sword-lance and narrowed his eyes in determination.


Kiichi smirked- it didn’t matter how fast their Trailmon went- his Locomon was ten times as fast, even in reverse!


At the open door of the front car, Kaoru readied her weapon of choice- a rail car holding pole.

The rails passed steadily below them- closer and closer- they soon would impact the other trail car and-



Kaoru threw the metal spike through the suddenly connecting train ports- and then she leaped across the gap with Droog and Spades right behind her.

With a kick- the trail car door was kicked open- and Droog and Slick leveled their machine guns at those inside as Kaoru called out the typical “nobody move” order.

Gokuwmon and Sanzomon narrowed their eyes at the sudden intrusion- and the Shakamon guards threw themselves forwards to attack.

This entire sequence was heavily inspired by The Lone Ranger, by the way, but with my own flare to it.

From the outside of the train- flashes of light could be seen through the window- but at that moment, our view trailed back to the fight with Kinkakumon and Ginkakumon.


MagnaGarurumon soared through the air- launching missiles and laser blasts at Ginkakumon- who, at the same time, was desperately trying to hit Gallantmon CM with electrified punches.

Meanwhile- inside her little brother- Kinkakumon snarled. Things were not going well.


The Shakamon guards lay on the floor, groaning from gunshot wounds to the knees- they wouldn’t be going anywhere any time soon.

Kaoru took a step forward, and held out a hand, “The keys, if you’d please?”

“What keys?” Sanzomon spat.

“The keys that unlock the big fancy-shmancy case around the power nodes for the Gateway,” Kaoru explained as if it were the most obvious fact in existence.

“What makes you think we even have that?” Gokuwmon snarled.

Spades laughed. “Well- nice of you not to deny that that big fancy block we have hitched up in our train back there isn’t a total waste of time!”

Sanzomon scowled beneath her mask, “Why the hell should we tell you, thieves!?”


“Because,” Droog said simply- “if you don’t tell us, that Dynasmon guy’s going to kill you anyways.”

“You DIDN’T actually think he was going to let you KEEP the Power nodes, did you?” Kaoru had to ask with the utmost caring and understanding tone of all- as if talking down to children.

It made Gokuwmon clench his fists to be talked down to like that. “S-SO? You’ll just kill us once we hand it over!”

“Maaaybe we will, maaaybe we won’t,” Spades smirked at them. “You’ll have to take the risk and find out for yourselves.”

Sanzomon clenched her fists.


Explosions rocked Ginkakumon’s body as he was flung to the ground once more.

Kinkakumon’s eyes widened in horror as the glass shield in front of her cracked violently.

Gallantmon CM and MagnaGarurumon came to float just above them.

“Surrender now, and we won’t have to kill you!” Kouji called out, “In fact, surrender and answer our questions, and we’ll let you live far, far away from this place.”

“GO TO HELL!” Kinkakumon spat out a tooth from a jarred impact, and poured more of her life energy into Ginkakumon- who forced himself to his feet and drew his shakey fists up in front of his face in preparing of duke-ing it out.

“Fine then,” Takato narrowed his eyes, “don’t say we didn’t offer you a chance.”

“RRRAAHAH!” The Demon Siblings roared- leaping for their tiny prey with their giant fists.

MagnaGarurumon and Gallantmon CM dodged to the sides- sending Ginkakymon stumbling over one of the trail-station rooftops.


F’in’ TYPOS.


Meanwhile, at a dual train bridge sweeping over a large icy river, the familiar forms of Aradia, Eridan, and Sollux were finishing planting explosives all along the lower of the two bridges.

As they climbed down into the waiting transport of Deckerdramon for them, they nodded to the certain trio of Tailmon, Togemogumon, and Wizardmon, who were standing there patiently on the Love God’s head.

Everything was set.


Kaoru pushed Sanzomon to the ground and then shoved a hand deep between the folds of Sanzomon’s robes- just at the chest.

The woman squeaked in surprise as Kaoru then pulled out a key ring that was looped around one of the inner support straps of the robe- which Kaoru snapped off with a delightfully evil smirk.

With that done- the trio of train hoppers switched train cars to the Locomon driven train car, and with a grim wave of farewell, Droog saluted at the gawking Gokuwmon before shooting the connection bolt out with a well aimed burst of fire.


With that- the two trains began pulling apart- as Locomon was slowing down, and the Trailmon was speeding up.

Soon- the distance was great enough that with one well aimed swing of a newspaper- the train tracks switched, and the Locomon began drifting off to the left.


As they pulled along side the other train- Gokuwmon and Sanzomon got a decent look at Clubs Deuce standing on top of one of the cars, singing softly into a microphone that seemed to be attached to a loudspeaker system.

All they could hear was some soft humming at this point- which confused the duo quite thoroughly.


And then Clubs started beat-boxing.

This is why I wanted to use this song.

This Line.

Right Here.

“And then Clubs started beat-boxing.”

Directly below him- waving at the passing train through the windows- were the grinning forms of Hearts, Droog, Spades, and Kaoru.


As Locomon suddenly veered uphill- Clubs started singing something through the microphone that was just a bit too fast to hear thoroughly.

MagnaGarurumon let loose a burst of missiles as Gallantmon flung his spear-sword at Ginkakumon.

Ginkakumon found himself suddenly too riddled with bullet holes and explosive craters to be able to move.

Kinkakumon’s eyes widened in…awe… as the brilliantly white angelic weapon homed in straight upon her.

With the right distance set- the explosives went off- shattering the bridge and sending it’s pieces tumbling into the icy rivers below.

Togemogumon punched at the air, letting out a whoop and a holler.

Wizardmon just shook his head in disbelief at her energy.


The Spear punctured the glass case- and then continued through Kinkakumon as it exploded with a crimson light.

Ginkakumon shadowed out- and twin bands of Fractal Code began to spiral out around him- one for him, and one for his sister.


The Trailmon realized a moment too late that the bridge was gone- and it went over the edge of the cliff just as Clubs switched back to beat boxing.

Gokuwmon and Sanzomon’s eyes widened in horror as they realized that they’d made a bad trade somewhere along the lines of their lives, and this was the karma of that trade coming back to haunt them.

Such were their thoughts as they plunged towards the icy river below.

From the higher up train, Clubs just continued beat boxing into the microphone as they all watched the Trailmon splash down- only to have insult added to injury with Deckerdramon launching off a massive barrage of missiles to finish them off.


As MagnaGarurumon scanned the code with Three D-Scanners, twin Digi-Eggs floated up into the sky.

Gallantmon shook his head as he watched the Digi-Eggs fly away.

We’re in the Frontier Universe- I had to do a visual call back to Frontier’s Digi-Eggs.

A mass of six Digi-Eggs floated up out of the river, shooting up into the sky where they were joined by two others on their journey to elsewhere.

Kaoru smiled as she clenched her hand around the key ring, “Nice job, everyone.”

Nice job indeed.


Locomon came to a stop next to the Dog’s Trailmon- and from there, they began disconnecting cars from that Trailmon and reconnecting them to Locomon.

Meanwhile- Kaoru unlocked the stolen object.

Kouji, Kouichi, and Junpei had joined with them, leaving Gallantmon behind to watch over the Fair.

As they all stood around, waiting to see what was in that massive device’s exterior, there was a slight bit of uncomfortably in the air due to four of the team’s duplicates staring right at them.

Of course- for each individual, the uncomfortably was to different degrees.

Tomoki and Clubs naturally got along like a pair of long lost twins.

Takuya and Spades just glared daggers at each other (and thankfully only metaphorical daggers from Spades).

Izumi and Droog seemed just unnerved by seeing someone with their exact same face…

And Junpei and Hearts were discussing the oddities of having the same teammates while living different lives entirely.

“They just don’t get it yet,” Hearts insisted, “but one day, those two will hitch up and they’ll be all, ‘Oh why didn’t we listen to you before, Boxcars!?’ and I’ll be all, ‘Oh but I did!'”

“HAHAH!” Junpei laughed, “same with those two over there,” He jabbed a thumb at Takuya and Izumi.

Also- they seemed to have hit it off in discussing the similar relationships between the dominate male and female of their respective groups- much to the annoyance and embarrassment to each party involved.

“BOXCARS!” Spades roared, “What did I tell you about the SHIPPING!?”

Kouji and Kouichi just stared on watching this in abstract amusement.

“Wow,” Kouichi mused, “and here I thought we were the odd ones out being twins.”

Spades and Takuya began chasing Junpei and Hearts around the field for the continued shipping exercises.

Kouji just sighed, “And yet they still act exactly the same when it comes to base reactions.”

“Eh, we’re all not so different, after all,” Kouichi smiled.

This was the perfect joke to end the episode.

Kouichi and Kouji are twins- and now the rest of their team have twins too!!


And with that- the metal casing fell away- revealing three shiny, oval shaped pods inside.

“Wheeew…” Kaoru whistled, “Orbital displacement power systems. What the hell does Quartzmon need these for?”

“I guess we’ll find out eventually,” Flute said as she walked up, holding a clipboard with a completely checked off list. “We’re all hooked up, and ready to move out now.”

“Cool,” Kaoru nodded, “let’s get these things back home so Doc Brown can get a good look at them.”

“Let’s just hope Quartzmon doesn’t have any spares,” Flute sighed.


The Earth Exploded- and destroyed the terminal- leaving the Gateway behind- floating in orbit just in front of the Breakdramon rift through means of three identical Power Pods attached to the sides.


The Rift Gate activated as power was supplied to it from the three orbital displacement pods attached to it’s surface- keeping it in just the right placement in preparation for the incoming stream of mater energy to come through.


The Watch Maker had gone to great lengths to acquire these energy providing pods to power the gateway- he mused as it shut down.

He could only hope that this tool of Quartzmon would foil his plots in the future…

But since that was where these devices had come from…?

He shrugged as he looked to the Three Generals- “Dismantle it,” he ordered, “leave no trace behind.”

“That was the plan,” Tactimon nodded as he tightened his grip around Tagiru’s Red Xros Loader- now destined to become Akari’s.

And so we end the episode by showing that Quartzmon DID have spares.



The. End.

Next up…The one X0VA I’ve held onto the plot of since I came up with DeltAntylamon’s flash evolution.


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