Homestuck Updates and connections to XWAU02

Okay. First up: READ THIS LOG.

Read that?

Okay good.


If you’re like me, you’ll be seeing a BIT of similarities to Quartzmon/Gravimon/Ryouma here.

ARANEA: I am just taking some initi8tive for a change.
ARANEA: Has it occurred to you that it might have 8ecome a little tiresome for me to spend eternity as a 8oring no8ody while so many others got to play important roles in determining the f8 of reality?

Gravimon, as you’ll remember from the story, spent about three whole UNIVERSES from beginning to end in a row doing absolutely nothing. He grew tired of that and decided to “Get Revenge…”

ARANEA: Even my altern8 universe self got to lead an amazing life. Which is all well and good for HER……..
ARANEA: 8ut what a8out ME, Meenah?
ARANEA: Water. 8oat. Me.

For a purely selfish reason.

Gravimon wanted revenge on Xros Heart for SEEING THROUGH the disguise that he failed to see through. In that respect, he then started a plan that would ‘get revenge’ on Xros Heart for defeating Dark Knightmon (who pretended to be his brother).

MEENAH: i mean you KNOW this shit aint like
MEENAH: part a the legit chain of events
MEENAH: you arent supposed to be there

By time traveling- Quartzmon began inserting himself into timelines where he WASN’T MEANT TO BE THERE.

ARANEA: I’m going to take over this session.
ARANEA: And then I am going to make sure it never 8ears fruit.
ARANEA: If I can stop this universe from 8eing cre8ted, then the young Lord of Time will never have hatched in the first place.
ARANEA: I won’t merely 8e defeating an invinci8le foe. I will 8e erasing all the pain he has ever caused.

ARANEA: If anyone else attempted this, what you said would 8e true. 8ut I am not just anyone.
ARANEA: I am a very powerful Sylph of Light. I have had millions of sweeps to hone my a8ilities.
ARANEA: As one gifted with the aspect of light, certain outcomes will 8e prone to 8r8king in my favor.
ARANEA: And as an ancient, highly experienced sylph, I wield an unprecedented a8ility to heal.
ARANEA: A doomed timeline is really just an anatomical feature of a much larger organism. Like a capillary which comes to an end, 8ecause it has withered and died.
ARANEA: I 8elieve I will 8e a8le to heal this offshoot.
ARANEA: And with enough time and patience, I am confident I can restore its vitality to such a gr8 extent, it will effectively take over as the alpha timeline, thus reducing English to a lost footnote of paradox space.

In the end- Quartzmon’s “revenge” plan was VERY similar to Aranea’s here.

  • Take the “Alpha Timeline,”
  • Split it into a divergent “Doomed Timeline,”
  • And then “Make It Alpha.”

AT THE SAME TIME- Aranea’s plan would:

  • Doom an originally “Non Doomed” timeline.
  • Thus Erasing someone undesirable from existence.

Quartzmon, as you might recall, ALSO tried this with the Evangelion Earth. He doomed a timeline with several Xros Heart members inside it in the ATTEMPT to erase them from existence.

To Prevent their influence from *SPREADING* to future timelines.

ARANEA: Then the new alpha timeline will flourish under my immortal care. I will watch over it for eternity, assuring peace and harmony everywhere. There will 8e a new progeny of universes, and those universes will 8eget more universes, and each will 8enefit from my good grace. I will personally make sure nothing like the English mishap ever occurs again.
ARANEA: I mean, this is mostly theoretical, of course.

Quartzmon, in creating the Lagann Cluster in the way he did, was attempting this EXACT SAME THING. Xros Heart came in to deal with him twenty or thirty years into his ‘immortal care’, but even so…

MEENAH: so your timeline healing fantasy aside
MEENAH: your plan is to just waltz in there
MEENAH: an knock over the whole session
MEENAH: you do realize that means youll have to take down my grownup self
MEENAH: like
MEENAH: not to blow my own conch but she is arguably the greatest deadliest most stylin badass who ever lived
ARANEA: I am aware.
ARANEA: 8ut there is no one who is in a 8etter position to deal with her than myself.
ARANEA: After all, who knows you 8etter than I? ::::)
MEENAH: ok yeah but
MEENAH: you aint exactly shoppin for her mindfang
MEENAH: she got all these sick powers yo
ARANEA: It’s like I said.
ARANEA: I’ve had quite a long time to refine my a8ilities.
ARANEA: I will have a few tricks up my sleeve.

Quartzmon and Aranea have BOTH had ‘a long time to refine’ their abilities, to the point that they have ‘tricks up’ their ‘sleeve.’

ARANEA: Meenah, I must say your attitude is a little surprising.
ARANEA: I thought you were typically gung ho a8out such audacious escapades?
MEENAH: yeah well
MEENAH: theres audacious and then theres bald faced flipping insmanatee

This idea- this very PLAN to ‘usurp’ a timeline’s status- is INSANE, and you HAVE to be insane to think it a good thing!!

ARANEA: When you’re trying to do the right thing, there is always sacrifice involved.

The Watch Maker- to take down Quartzmon- would sacrifice himself as he faded out of existence.

Someone WILL sacrifice themselves to stop Aranea- just you wait and see.

ARANEA: 8esides. I’m sure Vriska would approve of my plan.
ARANEA: May8e she can explain my reasoning 8etter than I have.
MEENAH: um no
MEENAH: actually serket deuce isnt down with this at all
ARANEA: She isn’t?
MEENAH: nope
MEENAH: she thinks you bein dumb as a fuck
ARANEA: What did she say, exactly?
ARANEA: Were those her exact words?
MEENAH: dunno
MEENAH: this aint the serket twin message reelay service

Even VRISKA thinks this is a BAD IDEA.

And it IS.

ARANEA: Very well.
ARANEA: You have 8oth made yourselves a8undantly clear.
ARANEA: I will go it alone. 8ut that’s what I was signing up for in the first place, I suppose.

Another thing to keep in mind here is that Aranea and Quartzmon ended up going about their plans ALONE- only maintaining the illusion that they were working with others through their sheer multiple states of existence.

They WORK ALONE and when they DON’T, they MANIPULATE others!

As has been said by BladeKindEyewear:

If Aranea is killed in the process of trying to execute her plan, she’ll receive a Just death for her attempts to unjustly, arrogantly, selfishly overrule the combined wills of all who exist.

Quartzmon was done in for this EXACT same reason, and Aranea will be done in just the same for trying to follow in Quartzmon’s footsteps– with the combined hearts and souls of EVERYONE and EVERYTHING fighting against her while NOTHING backs her up.

Now, the whole point of this post was to bring to light (Heh) this rather extravagant plan and ALL of the flaws there-in.

Whether or not Hussie’s read XWAU02 or not, I don’t know. If he has, then that’s cool. If he hasn’t, then we’ve no-doubt thought up similar plans at the same time. It’s a small world, after all.

At any rate- I know how Aranea’s plans will end up IF she manages to get as far as Quartzmon does. I have the feeling that she’s *NOT* going to get that far…

HOWEVER- if she DOES get so far as to break open the rift around the Green Sun that Lord English has crafted up, you’d better bet that it’ll probably be of a Blue Color.


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