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The birds chirped, and the wind skimmed the streets like the void playing a musical instrument.

Marcus Damon gulped a bit, and then looked to the boy at his side, or rather…Digimon. Agumon, his Digimon partner who had never really liked being cooped up inside their Digivice, now had the perfect disguise thanks to a trip to a certain Digital World.

He could appear as a human- rather than a four foot tall yellow raptor.

“Could you, ah,” Marcus sighed, “just knock for me?”

“Sure thing, Boss!” Agumon said with a nod- reaching up for the door before them and knocking thrice.

“Comming!” came a voice from inside- and Marcus tensed up at the encounter that was sure to follow. “Hi, How can I help y-” Sarah Damon- Marcus’ mother- stopped in her tracks the moment she opened the door.

“Hi, Mom,” Marcus waved in an embarassed manner, “I’m home!”

Silence fell between them for a few moments as Sarah looked at her son…

“Marcus,” She finally said after a moment, “is there any…non-angering reason you’re wearing a cast on your leg and arm?”

Agumon glanced between the two for a few moments, and then broke the ice by saying, “Would you prefer the silly answer or the serious one?”

Sarah blinked at the boy- for the faintest moment, she could have sworn a distant memory of a bell had run in her head at this person, before the present caught up with her. “Agumon?” she ventured, “Is that you?”

“Yuppers!” The Dino-boy saluted, “That’s me! Got any fried eggs?”

Finally, a smile formed on the woman’s face as she said, “Of course!” Then, she turned to Marcus and put on a determined scowl, “Now then, young man, you are coming inside right this instant and explaining exactly what the hell happened to you!”

“Aw man…” Marcus sighed.

And now, we begin our story- Xros Over Animation 1.

Sarah recognizes Agumon through what would be, if you could hear the audio, that infamous bell chime from Back To The Future.

And speaking OF!

*Cue Back To The Future (Theme from Soundtrack 1) [0:00-0:15]*

As the camera cut to the sky to the tune of the chipper music- Two logos flashed into existence through the glare of the sun- the DATS Team Logo and the Xros Heart Team Logo.

With a clash of metal- the text appeared over both logos:




Da da DA DA, da da da da da daaa dadada….

Thomas H. Norstein stared at the gibbering metallic object on the table before him with bafflement and confusion. “Is that really…?”

“Yup,” Marcus nodded.

“Space! Gonna go to Space!” Space Core chattered, “SPACE COPS! Here come the Space Cops!”

“And…You Punched it through a badly broken Dive Gate to get back to another Earth?” Thomas asked for clarification of the story his friend had been recounting for the last few hours.

“And he screwed us up at the last minute by wanting to go home instead of space,” Marcus rolled his eyes, “Though that may have been a blessing in disguise since I don’t think we could’ve handled the explosive decompression.”

Thomas sighed, rubbing at his forehead, “Damn, one year in another world and you’ve really brushed up your vocabulary.”

“Hahah!” Marcus laughed, “Hell Yeah! I pretty much had to. I’ve got a teachers license in over five universe ya know!”

“Hahah!” Yoshino “Yoshi” Fujieda laughed from her seat at the other end of the Damon Family Dining Table. “Oh man, who would’ve ever thought we’d see the day that Marcus became a teacher!”

I have NO CLUE how Marcus got hold of Space Core again.

When I wrote this X0VA, I initially had no real plot in mind…

“C’mon guys, it’s not that out of character for me, is it?” Marcus grumbled.

“Well, maybe not,” Yoshi smirked, “but you having a broken arm and leg is!”

“And it’s the stupidest thing ever,” Marcus huffed, “I was all set to be a big help in the final battle and then BAM! This stupid set of stairs just gets in my way!”

“So,” Thomas ventured, “This Quartzmon’s not an issue, is he? This other team stopped him, right?”

“Eehhh…” Marcus evaded the question by glancing at the fridge, “Hey, are they any of those chocolate chip cookies left?”

“Right, Marcus?” Yoshi narrowed her eyes at their so called “Consultant” who was acting rather flaky. “You took care of it, right?”

“N…no,” Marcus replied after a moment, “not really. I mean…we killed a bunch of his time clones, but-“

“Time Clones?” Thomas raised an eyebrow, “So you can’t be sure that there isn’t more of him out there, can you?”

“Considering that I was in a hospital bed for most of the time, no I can not confirm nor deny that there are more of him out there,” Marcus said extremely quickly. “There! Happy now?”

So, to begin with, I had Marcus catching up with Thomas and Yoshi.

“Alright alright, we get the point already,” Yoshi grumbled as she sipped at her drink. “No need to get snippy at us.”

“He does have a decent excuse, though!” Lalamon said as she floated into the room, Gaomon right behind her, “He’s been kept up in a bed for a few days! That’s bound to make anyone a little snippy!”

“Thank you, Lalamon,” Marcus said with a sigh.

“Sir,” Gaomon saluted before placing Marcus’ Xros Loader on the Table, “preliminary look over complete.”

“Thank’s, Gaomon,” Thomas smiled at his partner, then picked up the Digivice. “So your Data Link evolved, you said?”

“Yeah,” Marcus laughed, “I changed up to the current model. A bit harder to access all of Agumon’s lower forms though. Geo and RizeGreymon are pretty much out of the question anymore.”

“A bit unwieldy then,” Thomas mused as he put the Xros Loader back on the table. “And you say a little Lopmon worked on them?”

“Yeah, Kaiyumi’s smart for her age,” Marcus nodded, then smirked as a thought hit him. “Why, she could probably out program you any day of the week!”

“Well- Let’s not get hasty now,” Thomas sighed at the remark- but smiled despite himself. It had been way too long since they’d all sat down to have a chat like this.

Gaomon can be read with either a female or male voice- I never decided if this universe that Marcus comes from IS the D-Burst Data Squad universe that i’d been writing, or if it was a separate one.

Meanwhile, in a nearby park, Gureimon, in his human form and thus called “John”, and Dracomon, in her human form and this called “Riska”, lay on the grass staring up at the sky, recalling the events that had lead them to this point of time.

These Guys! They’re going to be major players in this story…to a degree…and they’re part of the “Focus on characters you usually don’t!” approach i was going for with Hunters.


“Mom! Dad!” Akari cried out as she ran up towards the two time travelers.

“Akari-chan!” Chou- much older than as anyone had seen her at this point- grabbed her daughter up in a hug.

“Yo, Tagiru,” Shoutmon waved at the man as he split apart from the De Xros formation, “so you guys made it back after all, huh?”

“Looks like that part of the plan worked, at any rate,” Tagiru laughed despite the rather glum situation of the world around them. Then he glanced over at Tactimon, who was getting some odd stares sent his way by Kaoru and Kotone both. “Yo! Gumdramon!” he waved at Tactimon, intentionally calling him by the wrong name on purpose. “Glad to see you made it back!”

“Ah, Hinomoto!” Tactimon laughed jovially, also odd despite the situation, “I was wondering if I’d made it into the right Timeline or not.”

“Hey, wait a second,” Gureimon spoke up suddenly, “where’s Taiki?”

And at that moment- the somber mood became even worse.

“Yeah…” Kiriha frowned, “Where is Taiki? And Sally?”

“Ah,” Tagiru glanced over at Tactimon, who gave him a pointed look that said that he was on his own, and then over at Chou who also gave him a glance that said he’d put it off for long enough. “Well…see, the thing is…”

“Ryouma shot him.”

Wait? Who Said that?

Everyone from the present time turned in surprise as Ren and Yolei climbed down the SpaceTrailmon’s cargo bay ramp, neither looking a day older than the moment they’d left for Digi-Quartz.

“Ryouma had Astamon shoot at us, and Taiki jumped into the path,” Ren repeated.

“What…” The Watch Maker nearly whispered in shock, “Why would he do that?”

Ren said it. And- for sake of future reference- we STOP seeing Ren in the story after this X0VA (until the Epilogue) because he’s set out to watch all of the events of the story as they’ve happened from our perspective as readers.

“Because Ryouma was Gravimon,” Lilithmon- very obviously Airu’s older self due to not wearing the robes that she had as a general, and instead something very similar to what she’d been wearing before being thrown through time- said simply. “Quartzmon took Gravimon, and gave him a disguise as a human boy. Even gave him a Xros Loader made from the remains of his old Darkness Loader, best as we can figure.” Everyone was taken off guard by the sudden revelation- even more so when she continued- “Astamon wasn’t even an Astamon. He was another Quartzmon in disguise.”

Silence fell upon the group, and then, finally, Kotone summed up what everyone was thinking:

“So they played us for fools the entire time?” When Ren nodded, all she could add was: “Those damned bastards.”

“On the plus side-” Blastmon spoke up for the first time in a long time- “we stopped Quartzmon from untangling the T-Shirt of reality by killing any of you guys involved in a major time loop.”

It was the single most important line that could be said from the giant crystalline beast.

“Damn,” Shoutmon ran a hand through his hair, “hes right.”


as in. He Is.

Dang it typos.

“Indeed…” The Watch Maker sighed, “and I played right into his hand once more by gathering you all here…” Everyone’s attention turned towards him as he continued. “I’m sorry, everyone. But I’ve made a terrible mess of things once more. And now that’s two earths gone by my hands.”

“Actually!” And then everyone turned towards Kaiyumi- who had climbed up onto one of the larger digimon’s shoulders to get a higher vantage point on the situation- “I think Quartzmon wanted a lot more to this than just killing us with your gates!”

“That’s right,” Tagiru nodded, “Quartzmon didn’t use the gates to destroy the earth.” And as he said it as a matter of fact, it made the reality of the situation sink in just a bit more. “He used them as they were intended. Matter gateway bridges.”

“Seriously?” Kotone asked, “What the hell could he have used them for?!”

“There were three gate molds in the lab,” it was Yolei’s time to speak up. “Two of them were accounted for by the one we took out of the lab- and the one that was inside the Terminal that you guys destroyed.”

“So,” Tactimon continued, “it begs asking, where is the third Gate?”

“We find that gate, we figure out what Quartzmon’s plan was,” Tagiru concluded, before glancing towards the sun- and the present day version of SpaceTrailmon coming towards them. “In the mean time, I think we all need to relax a bit.” He smirked just ever so slightly, “We’ve all had a long day- and for some of us, it’s been a lot longer than for the rest.”

And thus becomes the driving focus for the remainder of the story.

WHAT exactly was Quartzmon’s plan?

We, the readers, of course, know what that was…But the “Third Gate” Mystery will have to remain unsolved.

“Twenty years or so,” Chou giggled.

“So what,” Kiriha asked after a moment, “we just go home and suck our thumbs while Quartzmon’s out there causing chaos?”

“He won’t be doing anything,” Tagiru said simply- “I know that from what I heard from you guys in my past. This is a bad thing- yes- but we’ve got to regroup and figure out where to go from here.”

“Well…” Shoutmon deferred to the boy-turned-leader, “I don’t know about you guys, but I could certainly use a nice break from all this time travel stuff.”

Quartzmon himself makes himself a nuisance IN THE FUTURE- it should be indicated from Tagiru’s dialogue.


It was a fixed point.

Tagiru had told them this flat out right when confusion arose from there being two SpaceTrailmon, but it would be a little over a week later- after Kaiyumi and the Watch Maker had done the math and timeline calculations- that everything that had just happened was meant to happen and was absolutely destined to happen.

Nothing could undo it.

“As I checked back along our time stream, I noticed that there were too few places for it to branch naturally without tapering off into a doomed status and soon fading out,” Kaiyumi was explaining to all those that didn’t already know about all of this information. “Our timeline is a single, massive fixed point due to all of the stable time loops that were woven into our time line, with the main stand being the Hinomoto family line. Without that string in place- our reality would have imploded from the paradox and become something else entirely- and anything that branches off from it before a certain point that doesn’t contribute to the loop seems to die off and fade away into the void.”

And this, this is the explanation that is “exactly what it says on the tin.”

“And since we can’t access Digi-Quartz anymore,” Kotone reasoned, “that timeline must therefore be a doomed one as well due to earth being exploded”

“Exactly,” Kaiyumi nodded, “it existed only up to the point that it constructively aided to the stable time loop, and once we passed that point of usefulness, the paradox caught up to it and erased it.”

“Which is probably why the lab was there and not on earth,” Marcus, the one with the broken limbs, grumbled. “Great, that’s just what we needed.”

“Quartzmon probably bet on that when he took Gravimon into his plot,” The Watch Maker continued on, “The Astamon you saw probably had no intention of actively killing anyone directly tied into that paradox. Not even he could survive such a massive untangling of his own personal reality.”

“So Gravimon got played too?” Akari had to ask.

“I think not, actually,” The Watch Maker shook his head, “given the complexity of this- along with the speech they both gave in Digi-Quartz-” Ren smiled awkwardly at being able to recount the whole thing- “the simple fact of the matter is that they had to have both known this was inevitable.”

Except for the Gravimon assumptions.

Those are inherently WRONG.


“Siiighh…” Gureimon sighed. “How’d it get to be like this anyways?”

It was now three weeks after that informative, and Marcus, once he’d healed up a bit more, had decided he wanted to visit his home dimension for the rest of his recovery time.

Of course- curious as his friends from Xros Heart about his home dimension- many had discovered that they would not be able to come visit just yet, leaving Gureimon and Riska as the only ones who accompanied him straight to this world.

“Who knows, who cares?” Riska asked, “I’m just glad to have a break…”

“Yeah,” Gureimon sighed once more, “it’s nice to have a break once in a while…”

A moment later- he sat up and grinned at her, “Now let’s go bug Marcus!”

“Haha!” She laughed, “Now that’s something I could get behind!”

It was around this point that I got into the real meat of the plot.

Everything up until this point was a way for serial readers to ‘rewind’ and ‘relax’ and also as a way for them to process the information that had built up until this point.


Sixteen year old Kristy Damon stepped through the front door of the school building and grumbled as she shifted her book bag over her shoulder.

Yet another boring day in which the teachers criticized her for being late once more.

It wasn’t even her fault! Her alarm clock must have been slow or something. There was no way she slept in for a whole extra twenty five minutes!

She hopped down the stairs and then went to the bike rack for students where a scooter was chained up inappropriately.

The teachers would have cared about that so much more if it hadn’t been for the fact that she could make a golden aura appear around her fist just by clenching it. In fact, that reason alone was probably enough to keep the teachers from giving her anything less than a warning for being tardy.

Could you blame her for feeling slightly rebellious after living ten years of her life without a father- and then a further six with a brother who vanished off of the face of the earth for years at a time?

No, she thought not.

I now introduce who will be the main character, ostensibly, for the rest of the X0VA.

I wanted to write a Back To The Future style story, and I knew this from the onset of THIS X0VA, that introduced and explained the ‘fade out’ mechanics of doomed/rewritten timelines. A: as a way to explain what happened to Digi-Quartz. And B: as a way to foreshadow Emmit and Clara’s escape, and the Watch Maker’s future erasure.

“Kristy!” And then there was the other problem in her life. “Wait up!” Keenan Crier- one of those four who had fought to save the world while she’d been relegated to the sidelines.

Maybe it was because of that bond with her brother that had given him a… sense of duty, perhaps?…to protect her at any and all costs.

Kristy said nothing as she unchained her scooter.

Of course- given that when the teachers had first scolded her for being late, Keenan had immediately tried to cover and blame it something else… She didn’t like that at all. And after he kept trying to ‘help’…?

Kristy found that she was tiring of his presence somewhat. The boy just had no clue how to read social cues after spending years in the Digital World.

She could take care of herself.

Kristy was also a spur of the moment character addition that stuck with me after coming up with this X0VA. I needed someone fresh to Time Travel that wasn’t someone who was experienced with it WHILE ALSO having time travelers there to explain the new mechanics.

With a kick off of the pavement, she left the school behind without so much of a word said in Keenan’s direction.

“Wait! Kristy!” Keenan called out again, “Your mom called! Mar-“

“I don’t wanna hear it!” Of course her mother would call Keenan. As a matter of annoyance, she seemed to “forget” her cellphone at home as often as she was late for school these days.

“But-!” Whatever Keenan was going to say was cut off as Kristy zipped across a street- much to the annoyance of the driver who honked his horn at her. “Kristy-!”

She stopped once across, and glanced back for a single moment- just in time to watch a really large truck rush across the street- blocking Keenan from view. Kristy briefly considered sticking around to hear him out- but by the time the truck had finished passing- the boy was gone.

For the faintest moment, she could have sworn there was a faint piano melody, but dismissed it almost as soon as it had happened. Kristy scowled ever so slightly, “Meh. Whatever.” And with that, she turned to leave.

A repeat of the bell motif.

Keenan has just been ‘erased’ from the present timeline- indicating that there is something wrong that will need to be fixed.

Kristy arrived at her house about fifteen minutes later- to the breeze and darkening skies of an approaching storm. Funny, she thought, the weather man hadn’t mentioned a storm for today.

Regardless, she folded her scooter up and picked it up before marching up the steps to the front door.

Without even so much as knocking, she opened the door- not to the quiet of a near-empty house as expected, but instead to the sound of laughter and chatter.

Voices she hadn’t heard in a long time.

“No way…” She muttered as she stepped into the kitchen.

There- at the table, arm and leg in casts- was her brother.

“Marcus?” She ventured aloud.

Everyone stopped as her brother glanced over at her- “Kristy!” The widest smile on his face that you’d ever seen appeared as quickly as the tears formed in her eyes.

“MARCUS!” She threw herself at her brother- regardless of the contents on the table. “When did you get back?”

“A few hours ago!” Came the familiar voice of Agumon behind her- muffled through a mouthful of food. Kristy turned around to face the Digimon- only to find herself facing a boy that looked nothing like a yellow dinosaur.

“Wh-Wh-” She stared for a few moments- feeling a slight blush creep up onto her cheeks, “Marucs!” She spun around again, “What gives bringing home a cute boy like that and not giving me any warning!?”

“Eh?” Marcus raised an eyebrow, “But that’s Agumon!” He narrowed his eyes suspiciously…And then broke out into laughter at the horribly confused look on her face. “C’mon! Sit down, I’ll explain it all…!”

…I’ll admit. The Shipper in me caved in at the prospect of Kristy meeting Human!Agumon. Their voice actors (of Rika and Takato, in the english dub of tamers) just worked together too well…

Riska scowled as thunder cracked in the sky, “We’d better hurry.”

“Yeah,” Gureimon nodded in agreement- not liking the smell of the air coming from the storm.

Their dragon instincts are telling them that something is REALLY wrong,

“So you went out into a whole different universe- and just fell down the stairs?” Kristy had to ask.

“It’s not like I did it intentionally,” Marcus huffed. “Phelesemon pushed me!”

“As a little kid,” Yoshino reminded him.

“Yeah yeah,” Marcus rolled his eyes, “little kids can be really tough too you know!”

“That they can be!” Sarah laughed as she came into the room, holding a basket full of laundry, “I remember when Marcus was just a baby, I saw this kid at the super market once…” She trailed off, “Oh that’s funny, I can’t seem to remember where it was at exactly.”

“It happens,” Thomas said. “Old memories fade as new ones get made.”

“Yes, I suppose so,” Sarah frowned, “but it was the cutest thing, he…!”


“I’ll get it!” Agumon got up to answer the door.

“You were saying, Mom?” Marcus asked.

What’s happening here is that Sarah’s own memories are fading out in a VERY literal way.

“Right well, he was just singing this song as he tied climbing one of the shelves to get at a box of cereal,” Sarah recounted the tale, “oh what was it now…?” She strolled past that old photograph of their family just before Spencer Damon had gone to the Digital World… “Oh right, now I remember! It was a song that they played at this summer festival at the park when I was sixteen!”

“Really, mom?” Marcus groaned, “You remember it because of that?”

“Yes! It was a really good song,” Sarah smiled as she remembered the event, “it was where your father took me on our first date.”

Kristy groaned even as Yoshi leaned forward in interest, “Really? Tell us more!”

“Yo Boss!” Agumon called out as he walked back into the room with Riska and Gureimon, “John an’ Riska are here!”

“Oh? More friends?” Sarah glanced over at the duo that had walked into the room- and once more she felt a distantly ringing bell of a memory. She quickly shoved it aside- “Hi, I’m Sarah Damon, Marcus’ mother. It’s a pleasure to meet you!”

“Yo, I’m Gureimon!” Gureimon grinned, “But you can call me John!”

“Riska’s the name, guitar’s my game,” Riska flashed a smile.

“Nice to meet you,” Yoshi held out her hand in greeting, which Riska shook.

“So you’re the ones who came through with Marcus?” Thomas asked.

“Yeah,” Gureimon nodded.

“Well, I’m glad to see that someone had Marcus’ back out there without us to back him up,” Thomas nodded in approval.

“Hey now,” Marcus scowled, “you make it sound like I can’t take care of myself!”

At the moment- you CAN’T.

…And it pained me later on to realize how much of a dramatic foreshadowing this became.

I hadn’t planned on Marcus dying yet, at this stage of writing.

“So anyways!” Yoshi clapped her hands, “You were saying about that song?”

“Oh, right…” Sarah frowned in confusion, “which song again?”

“The one…about…the…” Yoshi frowned, “funny, now I can’t remember it…What were we even talking about again?”

Marcus frowned, “Uh, guys, are you okay there?”

Thunder clapped- and lightning stuck outside.

Gureimon frowned, “I really don’t like the smell of this.”

“Me either,” Riska’s eyes, however, were drawn towards that photograph on the counter, “Hey, what’s with that picture?”

“Huh?” Marcus glanced over at it, “What about it?”

“There’s one guy in it all sort of half-erased from it,” Riska pointed out.

“No it doesn’t,” Marcus countered.

“Yes, it does,” Riska picked the photo-frame off of the counter and held it out to see.

“Hey, she’s right,” Kristy’s eyes widened slightly, “what’s happening to dad in it?”

Marcus is only partially affected by the erasing due to being a time traveler and HAVING a normally ripple proof memory.

In this case, however, everyone who is MEANT to go back can remember everything.

The idea here is that the initial loop needs a KICK off by someone jump starting it. The Timeline KNOWS they’re supposed to go into the past, and so because of their present LACK of a presence in the past, things are erasing.

But WHY? That’s not how it was previously established.

Lightning stuck the house, and the power went out- drenching them in darkness.

“Okay, that’s enough of this…” Gureimon went back to the door, “I think we should get out of here right now-!” as soon as he opened it- he immediately yelped “nope!” and then closed it again.

“What’s wrong?” Yoshi asked, feeling slightly dizzy as she stood up from her chair. Why…was that…? “Woah…”

“Tower,” Gureimon gulped, “there’s a Quartzmon Tower floating outside the house right now!”

Indeed- the giant rock mass was floating above the street, staring straight down at the Damon household.

The storm in the sky crackled around it- lightning bouncing away from it like it had some sort of shield.

Slowly- but surely- the world beneath it began fading away as the changes to the timeline caught up to it.

That would be WHY.

Towers prevent a timeline FROM branching- forcing a butterfly effect ripple like this to even HAPPEN.

“A Tower!?” Marcus stood straight up- forgetting about the cast on his leg for a moment- “We’ve got to-WAH!” He fell to the floor with a clatter.

“Marcus!” Yoshi cried out in surprise before, “Gah-!” clutching at her heart as the timeline started to catch up to her.

“What the hell is going on?” Thomas glanced about in confusion as he watched the building start to change around him, “It’s like everything’s fading away…?”

“The Tower!” Riska snapped her fingers against the photo frame glass in her hand, “The Tower must be altering the timeline somehow, preventing it from branching when a change got made maybe?”

“That’d make sense!” Agumon agreed- “But when was that change made?”

“WHEN ELSE?!” Gureimon shouted, “That day you guys were talking about before!”

“You mean the day my mom and dad went on their first date?” Marcus’s eyes widened, “Of course! If that day got changed, then…!” Suddenly, he keeled over as a sharp pain shot through his body, “GAHH…Damn it…!”

“What day was that?” Agumon turned to Sarah, who was looking rather faint herself. “What day was that song played when you were sixteen?”

“Uh…” Sarah’s face knit up in concentration as she thought… “July..18th? 1987, I think.”

Theorizing theorizing, mainly them guessing what I want people to accept as fact here- for a change.

Gureimon is being Genre Savvy here- he KNOWS they’re in a Back To The Future Plot now.

Another thing about this date is that this was when the LEGO Back To The Future DeLorean was meant to come out.


The ACTUAL release date was fudged up horribly! Nobody knew that it was coming out in stores that day- which at the time I wrote this chapter I assumed it was- because shortly after this chapter was released- the “18th” date was said to be for COMIC CON ONLY….But it DID come out in stores that week of the 18th, AND the “Official” Release date of “August 1st” was for the ONLINE version only!

Even the RETAILERS selling the set were confused.

Was it ANY wonder the sets over-sold on August1st?

“July 18th,” Agumon grabbed Marcus’ Xros Loader off of where it’d landed on the floor at some point earlier, quickly setting a time gate coordinate with a bit of haste without even double checking that he’d gotten it right, “1987!” He handed it to Marcus, pleading, “Quick! Boss! Open a Time Gate!”

“R-Right,” Marcus held up his Xros Loader and shouted- “TIME SHIFT!”

Before their eyes- a winding circular gate opened up leading to the same spot some twenty-six years earlier.

“Let’s go!” Riska shouted before getting ready to jump through.

“Right behind you!” Gureimon ran for time rift.

“Agumon!” Marcus ordered, “Take Kristy and get through there right now!”

“What?” Kristy protested, “What about you!?”

“We’re fading out,” Marcus winced as he glanced at his hand holding the Xros Loader- seeing the Digivice straight through the skin and bones. That wasn’t good at all, “but if you guys can stop this, then it won’t matter what happens here!” And with that- one desperate push- he shoved Kristy towards the confused Agumon who stumbled backwards as he caught her. “Now Go!” He shouted as the duo as they fell through the time gate.

And so- Kristy is taken back on her first time travel mission.

The Tower frowned as it sensed the timeline already starting to revert itself back to normal- it’s own personal timeline began unraveling…!

It had…had to…ha…do…

The tower’s own timeline straightening effects are catching up to it.



2:16 P.M.

A Back To the Future Style time screen.

Note the screwed up date.

Kaneda, Isamu, was munching on his cereal with a bored expression on his face.

His favorite TV show had been canceled.


Of all the inconceivable things…!

Suddenly! There was a ripple in the air before him, on the other side of the table… And then a Girl with long black hair and wearing a leather jacket hopped through what seemed to be a sudden gaping hole in space.

“Woah,” She said after a moment’s pause, “tacky 80’s wallpaper!”

Moments later- a boy with short black (although it had a bit of blue tint to it) hair hopped through after her.

Kaneda is an unused character from the canon Xros Wars Anime whose Hunters Focus episode was completely changed around to the point he never appeared in it.

This entire scene, by the way, is a clear shout out to the Honey I Shrunk The Kids, The TV Series.

“Woahhh!” He commented, glancing about, “I can see why they repainted!” As he turned about, his gaze fell onto Kaneda, “Uh…Riska…?”

“Yeah, John?” ‘Riska’ spun around at that, then spotted the boy that was sitting there with his mouth open- a spoon full of cereal just sort of half-possibly sitting between his upper and lower teeth. “Oh. Right. Crap. We didn’t think this through, did we?”

It was then that Agumon and Kristy came tumbling through the time rift- which closed right behind them a second later. Neither of them had Marcus’ Xros Loader.

“Yeeeeah…” ‘John’ sighed, “we really didn’t.”

Finally, “Who the heck are you guys!?” Kaneda nearly shouted at the four unintentional trespassers.

“Believe it or not, Time Travelers,” John said simply, “And WOW is this a lot like that one episode of Honey, I shrunk the Kids!”

Yes, see. Thank you Gureimon/John. Also- the changed perspective gave me the opportunity to switch to Gureimon’s given name.

“Stop that,” Riska lightly hit him on the back of the head, “this isn’t a TV Show!”

“Would you rather I break the fourth wall and say that this whole day so far is a Back To The Future plot?” John offered the alternative. Riska slapped him harder that time- “OW~!”

Meanwhile, Kristy just stared at the space that the time rift had been rather blankly. Part of her was wondering ‘Just what the hell happened here?’ while another part was fuming rather angrily, ‘He did NOT just shove me through a time gate.’

He did, Kristy. Your Brother just saved your life by doing that, by the way.

“Okay, say I believe you,” Kaneda said with crossed arms over his chest and a devious glint off of his glasses, “What day did you come from?”

“August 20th, 2012,” Agumon said simply.

“It’s July 15th, 1987,” Kaneda told them the date.

Agumon’s eyes widened slightly- “Uh oh.”

Riska turned to glare at him, “You were supposed to send us to the 18th! Not the 15th!”

“Hey! The 5 and the 8 look really similar and I was in a rush!” Agumon defended his screw up.

That they do!

“On the plus side,” John pointed out the bright side of the mix up, “we’ve got extra time now to deal with whatever Quartzmon did!”

“Ah, that’s true,” Agumon perked up at that, “in which case, we should probably get out there and start investigating!”

At this point- Kaneda had to admit that there was no way anything so outlandish couldn’t be anything but true.

Shrug. There are more outlandish things out there than this.

THE PARK_ _ _|

John and Riska decided to investigate the nearby park where, they’d learned, the Summer Festival was being held (Even though it wouldn’t officially be Summer until the 21st). Agumon and Kristy- meanwhile- had gone off to see if they could spot anything wrong with the local timeline that might not be related to the Festival.

And so it was with that decision made that the two Digimon discovered the first major problem with the timeline:

“No!” A man in a suit was arguing with a teen-aged girl holding a clipboard, the former looking very angry, and the latter looking very shocked. “Find some other band to play for your crummy little event! My clients are not playing at this venue and that is final!”

“But-!” The girl protested.

“No Buts! We are *TERMINATING* our contract!” And with that- the man stormed off, leaving all those who were busy constructing the stage staring on in horror and confusion.

“Damn it…!” The girl tightened her grip on the clipboard as she watched the Lawyer storm off after breaking their dreams.

“Excuse me!” John called out to the girl- “What was that about?”

The girl turned towards the duo, and frowned just a bit at their slightly futuristic way of dressing, but sighed and explained, “That was our last band quitting a week before the festival, and with that, probably the festival itself.”

“Last?” Riska asked.

“We had three scheduled to play over next Saturday,” the girl explained, “we lost the first one due to a sudden contract conflict- some charity in need thing. Then the second one quit when they all caught a sudden case of the flu…”

“Ouch,” John frowned. “And the third…?”

“Their manager thought it wouldn’t get them any ‘exposure’ and so canceled it, but didn’t have the guts to tell us face to face. That guy was their lawyer telling us on not so kind terms that we couldn’t have them playing music here…” The girl sighed, “it’s such a pain.”

One word:


“We could play for you!” John volunteered, “We’re a band!”

“What?” Riska stared at him in surprise, “Seriously? You’re volunteering us for that NOW?”

“You’re part of a- a band?” The girl asked. “Really?”

“Yeah, we came to town to visit a friend of ours who just got out of the hospital, but we’re free otherwise!” John grinned, expertly dodging any falsehoods and telling only the truth of what they had merely been doing before the sudden trip to the past. “So what day is the festival anyways?”

“The 18th,” The girl smiled, “You really want to play for us?”

“Sure!” Gureimon grinned, “After all, with no band, there can’t be any music, right?” He winked at Riska, hoping she’d get the point.

“Ah, yeah, that’s right,” Riska nodded, getting what he was trying to do. “I guess we could do it. I can’t think of any reason not to…”

“Well, then,” The girl held her hand out in greeting, “Welcome to the Summer Festival! I’m Sarah, and you are?”

Riska and John shared a glance at that moment- both thinking the exact same thing, ‘We so should have seen this coming.’

Annnd here’s Sarah! Marcus and Kristy’s mother! Working at the festival!

The town seemed “Normal” for the 1980’s, Kristy guessed. At the very least, it seemed normal enough that she couldn’t really see anything that could cause a paradox.

“Agu,” She began suddenly.

“Yeah?” Agumon glanced over at her. “What’s up?”

“I think Keenan got erased earlier,” Kristy confessed, “and I just brushed it off like…like…I don’t know…” She looked him in the eye and honestly asked, “Does that make me a bad person if I just ignored him vanishing like that?”

“…” Agumon just stared at her for a few moments, “Uh…Well…”

“I seriously just ignored him when he was trying to tell me that mom had called- Probably to tell us that Marcus had come home- and I brushed him off and then he was just gone and…” Kristy stopped her rant to take a deep breath, “And I really have to ask if that’s the kind of person I really want to be or not!?”

Worried that Kristy came off as OOC before, I wrote this scene to address that fact.

Agumon just sighed in response, “Well, Kristy, the way I see it, everything’s just plain bonkers right now. We’ve got Quartzmon who’s basically blown up a whole planet just to spite us primairly, and secondarily for some alternate goal that we don’t even know about yet.” Agumon held up a finger when Kristy went to protest what that even had to do with her question. “We all make stupid mistakes in our lives, things we can’t ever undo. Failing to save a planet from utter annihilation- failing to say goodbye to someone who you thought you were going to see later on only to have them die tragically in a car accident- sending a jokingly mean spirited text to someone who would die in a Mexican Stand Off and never having the chance to apologize. That’s all life in general. Ain’t nothing that can be done to stop it.” He smiled, “So no, I don’t think it makes you a bad person. We all do stuff like that from time to time, and it makes us appreciate the things that we have while we have them.”

Kristy just stared at Agumon for a few moments before asking, “When did you get so smart?”

“Somewhere around nine point twenty three west temporal longitude and eight point one four north temporal latitude,” Agumon replied with a grin.

“Uh…” Kristy sighed, “Nevermind, we’ll talk about this again later.”

“Oh, if you say so,” Agumon tilted his head to the side in confusion.

Remember how I said the shipper in me caved in to the demands…?



“Basically,” John said with a tone of finality, “the paradox is exactly what I was expecting it to be. Kristy’s Mother and Father won’t be able to have their first date at the festival without a band to play music for them to hear and eventually have Kristy’s mother hear again during the time when Marcus was a baby in the supermarket. It’s a subtle little paradox, but it’s one of the most drastic ones.”

“It doesn’t explain why it’s erasing this photograph though,” Riska said as she held up the photo frame pilfered from the future- showing the mostly erased Mr. Spencer Damon, and the partially erased Marcus Damon.

“Any number of reasons tied into a butterfly effect,” John shrugged, “say without Kristy’s mom recognizing the song, Kristy doesn’t get born, thus preventing the day that prompted the photo from being taken?”

“Okay, I can see that,” Agumon nodded, “but why would Marcus start being erased otherwise? He was still born, wasn’t he?”

“It’s the Digital World,” Kristy said flatly. “Without me here, Biyomon doesn’t hatch, and without Biyomon, Marcus doesn’t fight Aquilamon after he’s brain washed by Merukimon, and therefore Agumon doesn’t become RizeGreymon, and because of that they can’t save earth from Merukimon or Kurata and because of that the entire earth gets destroyed by the Royal Knights and Yggdrasil attacking.”

This scene was written to address WHY such a song was drastically important. As it turns out: Kristy WAS a lynchpin for the entire Canon Savers timeline.

“She’s right,” Agumon’s eyes widened, “and that was enough years ago by now that naturally Marcus, Yoshi, and Thomas would start fading out along with everything else! The earth would be destroyed otherwise!”

“Okay,” Riska grumbled, “so the stakes just got a bit higher. But we just play the song and-“

“Which song?” Agumon asked the million dollar question.

“Uh…” Riska frowned, “Right…we didn’t find out WHAT song it was, did we?”

“No, that we did not,” John sighed.

“I guess we’ll just have to wing it then,” Agumon suggested.

And so: the paradox is easily resolved….Except not.



It was some crazy stroke of luck that Kaneda’s parents had jumped town that very day, of the time traveler’s arrival, to visit a sick relative in the country- leaving him with complete control of the house with only a message on the answering machine as his only answer as to their absence.

Note for rewrite: “That very day” to “The day before.”

They wouldn’t be back until the 20th, thus giving the time travelers a place to rest during the three days of their “Back To The Future” plot.

It was either that “Luck” thing or an incredible coincidence, Kaneda thought. After all, hadn’t that movie just come out two years earlier? And now- here before his very eyes- were four time travelers!

There were differences, of course, between a simple movie plot and what was going on here. This was a simple “Realignment” of getting an as-of-yet unknown song to play at a festival to simply close a loop, where-as the movie had the overly complicated plot of first getting two people together during a known song, and then playing a futher unnecessary song to the audience.

But adding onto that- it seemed that three of the four time travelers weren’t even from this earth- let alone the local time stream! It was an interesting thing to listen to, and would be something to inquire into, had he ever had the time to deal with such things.

The sleeping arrangements for this few-day trip was simple enough- Kaneda kept to his room (Which Kristy had said would become her brother’s) while Riska and John took his parent’s bedroom and Kristy and Agumon took the guest room (What would become hers in the future).

Agumon had thrown a protest when Kristy had suggested that however. “No! I’m fine with the couch!”

Kaneda would have allowed that if Kristy hadn’t ended it there by saying, “I want to finish our talk from earlier.Alone.

Nobody but Agumon seemed to know what that had meant.

When I wrote this scene out- I was tempted to have Kristy and Agumon sleep with each other.

It felt too sudden for their relationship to jump like that.

I don’t even know what I was thinking. @_@;

In the morning, the boy had seemed rather uncomfortable (“I slept on the floor,” was all he said), and Kristy refused to elaborate on anything, even at Riska’s poking and prodding.

“Alright, it’s the Sixteenth now,” Riska said at the dining room table, presenting the picture frame for all to see. “We’ve stabilized the timeline somewhat, Marcus has reversed fading, and his dad’s stopped at half way, so we’ve obviously done something right.”

“So, then,” John clapped his hands, “Today’s mission is to get some songs rehearsed. I know Agumon can use the drums to some degree, but I’m not sure on Kristy’s skills with an instrument. So! We’ll get to work on those few songs, and in the off time, we’ll investigate around town and see if we can stabilize anything else with regards to a time loop.”

“Also! I’ve set up a stable time loop,” Riska held up a letter, “I wrote this letter to be delivered here at a certain day and time-“

“The day and time that we ourselves left for the past,” John grinned. “That way, Marcus can come pick us up after we finish up here and stabilize the timeline.”

“What if he doesn’t get the letter?” Kristy asked, “What if it doesn’t get to him and we wind up stuck here?”

“Then that’s where Plan I comes in,” Kaneda spoke up. “Me, in case you didn’t realize it.”

Plan i.

Get it?

“He’ll take the long way back to the day we left, and he’ll personally hand deliver the letter,” Riska explained, “That way, for sure we’ll get back after this.”

“Then what’s the point of the letter?” Agumon asked.

“It’s just a formality,” John said, “and a back up, in case something happens to Kaneda in between now and then, it’ll get put into the mail service with a delay order. “

“Right…Then…” Agumon blinked, unsure of how to process that. He summed it up with: “I hate Time Travel.”

“You and me both,” John sighed.

A recurring phrase in the XWAU02 verse.

Just look at the timeline I made.


It was decided that Kristy would be the singer for their impromptu “band” (Ironically named “Marty Mcfly and the Time Travelers” just for the fun of it). She’d protested, yes, saying that there was no way she could do it, but had relented upon seeing the picture frame start to begin erasing her father again. (It stopped the moment she agreed.)

Of course, they quickly realized that the only instrument Agumon was good at (Drums) was nowhere to be seen. Sarah had said that one of the bands would have brought a set with them to play, but as that had fallen through…

This left Riska and John on their own, hunting the markets and stores for a cheap Drum Set while Kristy hurriedly rehearsed the set of songs they’d selected for the Summer Festival.

“Damn, why is it that none of these stores have drums in stock?” Risk growled.

“Because they’re so damn heavy?” John offered a solution that also passed as a Back To The Future shout out ever so casually.

“Ha ha ha,” Riska said flatly.

Shortly after that exchange, they passed an old antique jewelry store- and something caught Vriska’s eye.

“John,” She breathed at the boy, concern in her voice, “come look at this.”

“What is it?” John sighed as he turned around to look at the window, “Don’t tell me you’re looking at a wedding ring or something.”

“Just look at those bracelets on display,” Riska said, bluntly ignoring the cliche’d remark.

“Bracelets…?” John narrowed his eyes at the only set of bracelets on display…and gasped. “No Way!”

“Yes Way,” Riska summed up exactly what they were with one sentence, “Tagiru and Gumdramon’s bracelets.”

In the display stand- the two golden rings shimmered in the sunlight.

HOW Riska recognized the bracelets, it’s unknown.

But she did.

ORIGINALLY- the bracelets were to have fallen STRAIGHT from the Fissure Explosion…but A: That counteracted the info of the Bracelets having Hephaestus builds to them, and B: The fact that I COMPLETELY forgot to write that scene into the Cascade Side B sequence.

“The bracelets?” The elderly woman who owned the store inquired, “Oh those were given to me along with a pile of scrap metal from some fancy electronic device a nephew of mine had found out when exploring one day in the forests. There were some crystal blades that came with them too, but they were rather broken. I sold them a few days ago, sorry to say.”

“We’re just interested in the bracelets,” John said, “they look exactly like this matching set a few friends of ours have and we’d, uh, like to surprise them with it.”

“Well, they’re just cheap gold-colored brass. Not extraordinarily rare, or expensive,” The woman shrugged, “if you want them so badly, I’ll give them to you for five dollars!”

“Deal!” Riska forked over a five dollar bill that she’d gotten from Kaneda for buying the drums (Their current money stock was from twenty five years earlier, after all).

This entire X0VA gave me a chance to correct that folly- as well as make the entire timeloop have even MORE of a need to be done.

They walked out of the store with the bracelets in hand- literally.

“So they’re the bracelets alright,” John said as he twisted one around in his hand. “I can’t tell if they’re supercharged or anything though.”

“Well, I say we keep hold of ’em and wait to see what happens,” Riska sighed, “I have a feeling these things will just walk their own path to Tagiru.”

“How the hell did he get them anyways?” John asked, “I never found out.”

“I think they fell from the sky like a meteor of some kind,” Riska shrugged as she put her chosen bracelet on her wrist- loose, but not unbearably so. It definitely felt like it was destined for another person’s arm.

“On wards, then,” John laughed, “to Drum land!”

They found a drum kit not two stores later.

Riska’s right about the walking their own path thing.

The Picture had been restored to some degree- now Spencer Damon was only missing down to his shoulders.

Kristy found this a positive development and so put a bit more effort into learning the songs they’d chosen.

That afternoon as they ate lunch, they realized that their current clothes would never hold up to the scrutiny a band would receive at a festival. Riska’s impromptu purchase of the Destined Bracelets had given them all an idea, however.

“We obviously need to get new clothes,” John said simply. “Something that screams ‘band’ for the present era.”

“Well,” Kristy mused, “it is a festival.”

The next few hours were spent shopping for new clothes.

The next day was filled with even more practice and rehearsal than had been planned due to that decision. However- with new instruments, and songs chosen- and the fact that the picture was slowly returning back to normal…?

They felt confident that they could win this.

Confidence is over-rated.



8:14 A.M.

…I was tempted for this next scene for another potential set up for romance…

“It jammed,” Kristy lamented at the dress she’d chosen to perform in- specifically the zipper.

As far as show time mornings went- this was not the way to get things done. The first ominous sign had been that the picture had begun to start fading away yet again- at an accelerated rate this time.

Something wasn’t going right.

The second ominous sign right here was the jammed zipper on her dress.

“Damn it,” Agumon- who was already dressed up in clothing that looked like they’d been ripped straight out of Marcus’ wardrobe (Agumon insisted it was a natural look for drummers)- grumbled as he came over to help her out. “This is just what we needed…!”

Kristy’s dress was a simple strapless, light blue, knee-length dress. “Strapless” is a word here meaning “Naturally having a jammed zipper that was working fine not one day ago.” It cannot be stressed enough how much this jammed zipper is important due to it’s constant mentioning.

[[Spoiler: It’s use here is for a classic trope.]]

The narration is, of course, referring to the Lemony Narrator trope.

“Damn, it really is stuck,” Agumon snarled slightly at the jammed zipper, and he desperately focused on it and not Kristy’s back. “Who designed a dress like this?”

“Hello?” Kristy laughed, “It’s the 1930’s calling, they want their bad dress designs back.”

“Haha,” Agumon laughed as well, then frowned slightly, “hey, Kristy?”

“Yeah?” She glanced over her shoulder at him.

“I just…If this doesn’t work out and we’re both erased from the time stream, well…I’m glad at least I had someone I was really close to at my side when it happens,” Agumon said with a cautious tone, as if he were treading a fine line, then he corrected, “IF it happens.”

“…Thanks,” Kristy smiled faintly, “I’m sure we’ll do fine.”

“Hehe…” Agumon giggled.

“Now, um, could you hurry up with that zipper?”

“Oh, Right, sorry!”

I mean- here he is, helping her with a dress… Minimal clothing on each…?

And I passed it up again.

It wasn’t the right place or time in their relationship for it.

The third ominous sign had been the broken guitar string.

Riska scowled at her guitar with annoyance. She’d simply been tuning the device when- SPROING– it split.

“This day is just getting better and better.”

Breakfast was eaten quickly, and soon they were heading to the park. Equipment had to be set up, and all sorts of sound checks had to be made well before the Festival officially began at Noon.

“The Fourth Ominous Sign” was a literal sign.

During the night- a tree branch had fallen onto the suspended banner above the stage- and that needed to be cleared off before anything else could be done.

Things don’t look good, now do they?

Quartzmon’s stepping up his game, it seems.

Soon enough- the time to face the music had come.

To start off with- their little band of “Time Travelers” warmed up with instrumental songs and themes- their singer had an important job to do for the first hour, after all.

Kristy didn’t appreciate the fact that she had to make sure that her parents had started their date.

Of course- at the same time- she realized that maybe that was what she needed.

At this point of time, she was the same age as them. She could see how they were and what their lives were like when just…living!

And as she watched them go on their first date, she had to wonder if she’d ruined any chances of having something like that by acting the way she had over the last few years.

For Kristy- it was a bit of an eye opening experience. Seeing them go on dates and other such things. She realized that, as things went along, that her parents really didn’t have anything weird or odd that tied them together. They just lived and encountered and experienced.

She turned to go to the stage.

Kristy here has been at the point where she wasn’t looking for romance in her life- and is now considering it for the first time, it seems.

They switched to real songs soon after the clock struck one.

Songs came and went- mostly period songs that should have been known like “Johnny B. Goodie.”

But soon they ran out of those. Their group of time travelers broke out the future songs.

Of course- they had to sell these as their own songs, and some of them were!

Themes that had been written during the Code Crown War- “X4B The Guardian” and “Sky Dancing Hero” along with songs from Television. Things like “Cruel Angel’s Thesis“, “Sorairo Days”, and other such songs that hadn’t been written yet in this dimension’s time frame.

Riska and Gureimon are trying out whatever they can. You’ll note the EVA reference with C.A.T., foreshadowing that we’d be returning to the EVA verse in the future.

As the hours wore on- and the sung songs were intermixed with instrumental themes, they soon realized that they were running out of time.

The Picture had bizarrely continued to erase itself- now Spencer and Marcus were gone, and Sarah had started to vanish as well.

Already, Kristy and Agumon were feeling the effects of the erasing time line- breath was harder to catch and the timing on songs became ever so slightly more harder.

“We’ve got to nail it on this next one,” Riska, who quite honestly was dressed exactly the same as she’d always been (Just with newer, shiner, plastic-y clothes), muttered, “let me take over singing on this. John, back me up on the synth.”

“Sure thing,” John had said with a nod, nearly sending the goofy looking hat he’d purchased as part of his “Future Tech” costume to the floor.

“Ok by me…” And with that, Kristy slumped to the floor next to an Amp, taking a few moments to glance at the picture. Soon- the erasing effect on her mother would hit the image of her as a baby- and then all bets were off.

But it’s not working.

Nothing is letting them restore the timeline….why?

“Alright everyone, we’re about spent for the night so this is going to be our last song.” Riska called out to the audience under the setting sun, “This last one is a personal favorite of mine. A Danish band I follow wrote it about…” She did the temporal math and fudged a few numbers, “Five years ago, I think? Anyways…This one’s out there to all you crazy kids having a blast!” She then added, under breath and away from the microphone, “Here’s hoping.”

*cue BYE BYE BABYLON (By Cryoshell)*

That’s because I had a set song in mind.

And with that, she plugged in her electric guitar- having unplugged it specifically for the sound it would make when she plugged it back in. That was John’s cue to cue a pre-recorded wind sound.

Moments later, she kicked off the song with a guitar rift. Agumon followed in with drums a few moments later, and finishing it off was a wavering violin melody that had been pre-recorded by John.

After a few moments of that, Riska took over on the guitar with a slower melody and sang, “Release…Let me take on eternity… Taking one more step and let it rip through me… I’m Building up my nerve, So You Can Wish Me Well… Or You Can Wish Me Hell!” She smirked a bit as she continued on, “From pride we’ll fall…!” And with that, the song kicked to a higher gear, “BYE BYE, BABYLON! Was reaching for the suun! Depraving everyone, so don’t you know? You Don’t Belong. BYE BYE, Babylon! Now Scattered you will ruuun~ Left burning in the Sun, prepare to be…Bye Bye, Babylon, Be gone!”

Kristy felt a bit of energy come back to her as the song played, and she checked the photograph on a hunch- rather quickly, the erasing effect was being undone- reversing so fast and quickly that the rest of the image just seemed to fade back into place, though slightly differently. Her parents seemed just ever so slightly younger in the picture now.

On a hunch- she glanced down into the audience, and saw her parents kissing on their very first date.

So That explained it.

Funny, Kristy lamented, she didn’t feel any older. But then again…Who could tell until they traveled back to the future?

The Timeline has accelerated a bit on Kristy’s birth- but so has her departure time, leaving her at the same age she was when she left originally.

“Unseen, the Prime obstruction is facing me…” Riska continued to sing, “Wanting to retreat but you won’t let me be… I’m Calling for Belief. Be Sure I will Be there…” She took a breath and flashed a grin at the audience. “AND YOU WILL FAAALLL~!”

Unseen by all- the Quartzmon Tower floated over the harbor- this time being the past self of the Tower that had been seen earlier in this movie.

And then it felt a ripple in the space time continuum. The Timeline had almost completely reasserted itself again.

The Tower failed to understand why Quartzmon had dispatched it to this timeline in the first place, if that was the case.

“BYE BYE! Babylon! Now Scattered you will ruuun~ Left Burning in the Sun, Prepare to be…Bye Bye, Babylon, be gone…” Riska sang, “Bye Bye, Babylon…Be Gone…”

Out of the corner of her eye- she spotted a brief flash of blueish white light and heard the screeching of car tires following a muffler blast.

“Bye Bye, Babylon, be gone!”

And with the song ended- the audience cheered.

“THANK YOU EVERYBODY!” Riska held up a hand and waved at them all, “THANK YOU! AND GOOD NIGHT!”

On the song- I felt that it was fitting for a Time Travel story like this- considering all that Quartzmon’s done in the story…

And let me tell you, it was either THIS more subtle thing, or the straight up hitting the readers over the head with it via “Discord“…

“The Timeline’s reasserted,” Riska said as she packed up her guitar into hammer-space. “And I think our ride’s here.”

“What ride?” Kristy asked.

“That one,” Riska pointed at the very obviously out of place Modified DeLorean just around the corner. There was a teenager wearing a cap leaning against the car, just waving at them.

“Oh my god…it’s a real live DeLorean!” John stared at it in awe. “Look at that! It’s even got the Mister Fusion and the steam vents on the back!”

“Well, then,” Kristy laughed a bit, “Let’s get back to the future then!”

Enter Verne Brown.

They approached the obvious Time Machine with little haste- and the teenager- someone they’d never met before- smiled at them. “Hi there, guys! My name’s Verne, Doc. Brown sent me to come pick you up!”

“Doc Brown?” Agumon asked, “As in…?”

“Yup,” The teen just nodded, and pulled a letter out of his pants pocket- it was an older version of the one Riska had written before. “See? Here’s my proof!”

“Wow,” John whistled. “Now this is really something.”

“So we just get in the car and drive back to the future?” Kristy asked.

“Pretty much!” Verne nodded, “Although we have one quick stop to make first.”

“What’s that?” Agumon asked.

“You’ll see!” Verne replied mysteriously.

He’s come from BEYOND THE EPILOGUE to fulfill this timeloop.

He’s sixteen here- and, although he wasn’t seen IN the epilogue, he was 13 at that time.

He’s WAY in the future.

This was a hint of things to come, I suppose.

It was a squeeze fitting them all into the DeLorean’s tiny interior, but four of them managed it, leaving the fifth standing in the trunk of the car, hunkered down behind the raised (and transparent) trunk door.

“Alright then,” Verne powered up the car, and activated a few buttons, “and we have…” The car jerked upwards- “Take off!”

The DeLorean’s four wheels had folded down and became hover devices.

The Car could FLY.

And with a push of the accelerator- the DeLorean took off towards the harbor.

“Alright up there, Riska?” Verne asked.

“REALLY!?” She shouted through the windshield- “I’ve Gotta ride in the TRUNK!?”

“Sorry, it’s the time loop,” Verne apologized. “We’ve got to make this in one jump without coming back here.”

“Why?” Kristy asked, “What’s so important about making it in one take?”

“Well, for one thing,” Verne pointed through the side window at the Quartzmon tower over the harbor, “That.”

“Oooh, Right,” Agumon whistled, “Forgot about that thing.”

“So I ride in the trunk because you want me to kill it!?” Riska shouted again- “ON MY OWN!~?”

“No no!” Verne shook his head- “You’ve got to throw the bracelets into it’s mouth!”

“WHAT!?” John and Riska shouted- “WHY!?”

This really seems unsafe…0_0;

“They’ve got to gain momentum somehow!” Verne was- of course- referring to the bracelet’s original entry into Digi-Quartz. “That’s what you guys did in my past, and it’s what we’re doing now in the present! So get up on the roof of the car and get ready to throw the bracelets!”

“I. Hate. TIME TRAVEL!” Riska snarled as she did just that. Climbing over the windshield and onto the roof- carefully minding the Mister Fusion device on the back. “Why the hell do *I* have to do this!? Couldn’t John or Agumon do this!?”

“You’ve got the best aim!” John offered.

“NOT HELPING, DORK!” Riska shouted rather hysterically.

“Sorry, dear,” John sweated just a little.

Kristy blinked at that sudden turn around. What the heck?

But John and Riska bantering makes up for it well in return.

Within a few moments- the DeLorean came up at as close to the Quartzmon Tower as they possibly. The Tower stared at them with a blank “Creeper” face. What did they want?

Minecraft reference.

“Batter up…” Riska- standing on top of the Delorean rather dramatically- wound up, and then threw the two bracelets at the Tower’s face.

With a simple sploosh, the golden bracelets vanished into the Tower’s odd visage.

The tower’s face grew angry, and it started revving up a power attack.

“An’ that’s me cue to scrapper!” Riska yelped as she slid back down into the trunk and pulled the glass door down over her- locking her in.

“And that’s MY cue to hit it!” Verne punched the accelerator and with a quick burst of speed, the DeLorean flew straight at the Quartzmon’s face.

Double “Tranquility Base” shout out- Ah, Squidman, will thy clever way with language never cease to amaze?


“WWWAAAH!?” Kristy screamed in horror- Oh-God-Why-Were-They-FLYING-At-it!?


The Tower didn’t understand- what did it do? What should it do? What? WHAT?


John screamed like only a three month old baby could.


Verne smirked. This was a game of chicken he knew he’d win.


Riska wrenched her eyes shut as a massive display of blue sparks flew over her.


The DeLorean exploded into a burst of blue light that sailed right into the Tower’s eyes as twin tire tracks of fire.

The Tower groaned and leaned backwards in surprise…

This, by the way, is exactly what his Dad did to Quartzmon.

I thought of that scene first- and had Jules mimic it realizing that I might never get the visual effect of fire going into somebody’s eyes into the story elsewhere.

AUGUST 21st.


6:12 P.M.

Ironically- it is now August30th as I write this. 10:14 PM.

The Delorean emerged straight out of the Tower’s face at an angle- the Tower was falling towards the harbor with extreme gashes in its side.

As they ascended- Agumon spotted the cause: “Hey! It’s MirageGaogamon, Rosemon, and Ravemon!”

“Woah!” Kristy stared out the window at the three Megas giving the flying car an odd look. “HEY GUYS!” she waved.

“What the-?” You could hear Ravemon stumble over his words in surprise- “Is that Kristy!?”

“Alright then!” Riska kicked the hood open and jumped out onto the windshield before kicking the hood closed again and sliding down onto the hood, “Let’s kick this tower to the curb!”

“It’s Riska!” Rosemon gasped- “But she vanished into thin air!”

“I Guess we know where they got off to then,” MirageGaogamon chuckled, then turned to face the tower and readied the next attack- “DOUBLE GALE CLAW!”

“FORBIDDEN TEMPTATION!” Rosemon prepared her own attack next.

“SPIRAL RAVEN CLAW!” Ravemon spun into a tornado.

And finishing it off?

“MEGALOVANIA!” Riska swung her guitar through the air- launching a musical burst at the Tower.

The four attacks swirled towards their singular target- the Quartzmon Tower- and then hit true- shattering the massive rock sculpture into pieces.

And hey! Everyone’s back to normal!

Soon, the four time travelers had landed outside the Damon household and had headed inside to reunite with those who had been left behind.

“KRISTYY!” Much to her surprise- Her mother and father hugged her with surprise.

“We’ve been so worried,” Sarah was crying, “where have you been for the last week?!”

“Er-” Kristy blinked at that- “Week?”

“Mom told me you’d vanished about a week before I got here,” Marcus explained from the table, looking exactly the same as when we first saw him at the beginning of the episode, “just gone! Out of nowhere! Then when I showed up with Gureimon and Riska yesterday, they and Agumon just vanished too! Did you guys get pulled to the same place or-?”

“Yeah, sort of,” Agumon scratched at his head, “there was a bit more to it than that, though.”

And so the retelling of the entire above story happened.

As such.

And Thusly.

As Such, and Thusly. You know where this came from.

But we don’t have time to go through everything again. As such, and Thusly.

“I thought that you all were familiar when I saw you yesterday,” Sarah laughed once she had heard the entire story, “Turns out you all just went back into the past!”

“We still don’t know what caused it all to happen,” Riska sighed, “but at the least, we closed one more time loop.”

“Half-way,” John grumbled, “We still don’t know where they came from originally. Crystal Swords? Who the heck uses those?”

“Anyways, why’d you send Verne to come get us and not come yourself?” Kristy had to ask. “We wrote that letter, after all.”

“Letter?” Marcus frowned, “What letter?”

At that moment- the doorbell rang. Upon checking- it was the mail courier with a package and a ton of letters.

Predictably, the very same time travel letter was in that stack of mail.


Ha. Ha.


Unfortunately for Kaneda, a family matter had dragged him out of town on the day before he was supposed to deliver the letter, as an included attachment explained. So he’d put it in the mail and hoped it arrived in time.

Naturally- it hadn’t.

Thus another loop began where one was closed.

“Just hold onto that letter for a few years,” Verne insisted as he climbed back into the DeLorean. “You’ll know where it needs to be delivered when the time comes.”

And with that- he closed the door to the DeLorean and drove away, leaving everyone back where they belonged.

“By the way,” Riska said suddenly, “you never told me how you knew to ask about what we were just talking about.”

“Oh, that?” John laughed, “I figured we were about to go on a Back To The Future plot. Narrative causality implied that some major piece of information about the loop was given.”

“You’re making that up, aren’t you?” Riska asked.

“Yeah,” John sighed, “I am.”

“How then?”

“A lucky guess based off of all the time traveling we’ve done over the last year and a half?”

“…Yeah, I’ll buy that. But considering we found the bracelets, I suppose it wasn’t an entire waste of time.”

“What happened to those things anyways?”

“Who knows, who cares,” And with that, Riska turned on her heels and marched back into the house.

And so we close the plot of this X0VA with–wait. What’s that?


The two bracelets flew through space with about all the momentum of a thrown baseball.

They floated with just the bare minimum of momentum, never stopping, never accelerating…

And then a giant shooting start of massive regeneration energy shot over them- imbuing them with both the mystical power of time as well as giving them an increased speed.

The Bracelets began moving faster and faster through space and time- descending through all the right paths and bridges until they approached a singular planet.


The bracelets fell- targeting a certain block and a certain little alley way with a certain two destined heroes laying on its floor.

It impacted the ground- and a Time Loop was closed.


Ah. There we go.

Now we can close the plot of X0VA-1 with ONE final timeloop. Heh…

*cue Back To The Future (theme)*




Such a teaser! XD


Welp! That was fun to write. I’m not sure the plot was quite as stable as it could have been, but the time loops? Yeah, those are about as tight as it gets. For those who didn’t quite get it the loop here was that Kristy was ALWAYS destined to go back and be on stage. She didn’t have to be singing or playing an instrument. The loop just required that she, Gureimon, Riska, and Agumon were on that stage to play the song that paradoxically otherwise wouldn’t have existed. That’s all the loop required. The Quartzmon Tower(s) were simply there to PREVENT the timeline from branching between the Departure Time and the Arrival time. Why should Quartzmon care to send a Tower to do that? The Bracelets. That’s why. Quartzmon knew that the bracelets wouldn’t be there to attract the lightning during the final stages of his plan without this somewhat stable loop.

And if you were in his shoes, wouldn’t you go to all the trouble to ensure that the birth of your own pocket universe happened the way that it was destined to?

The paradox alone would…well…be rather messy.

Thanks for the explanation, past me.

Here’s the ORIGINAL summary I posted when uploading, as well as what got pasted to TvTropes.

  • X0VA-1: DIGIMON XROS WARS VS. DIGIMON SAVERS/DATA SQUAD. Time is running out for Gureimon and Riska as they find themselves in the past of a world not their own. Can they get Back to the Future before things get deadly for them and those around them?




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