XWAU02 CH 75 & 76

We Open CHAPTER 75 And 76 with one FINAL request to catch up.

That’s right.

You read it right.

The Story is now *COMPLETE.*

I’d like to begin this chapter with an easy chest. I can finally talk about the developments in this chapter without worrying about *SPOILERZ.*

Tagiru’s shoes pounded against the sidewalk- he had to hurry! Had to be faster! Had to get there before it was too late!

Chou was right beside him- her hand holding his. Their fingers laced around each other. Comfort. Had to make it. Definitely would make it!

He didn’t care about politeness or decency- he kicked the front door down to his own home and shouted out, “MOM?! DAD!?” The room was empty. “Hey!? Are you here!?”

That said and done.

Silence for a moment, and then…

“Rggnn” a groan came from the kitchen.

Tagiru ran in- “Mom! Dad! You’ve got to get out of here!”

“Nehh?” His mother looked at him with her brown eyes half-hidden behind her messy red hair. “Wha’s that?”

“We’ve got to get you to a train station and off of earth, Akashi-san!” Chou pleaded, “People are dying! Disappearing! You’ve got to-”

“Nobody’s dyin or nothuin…” Tagiru’s mother slouched back into her chair, “Ain’t been nothin’ on the news or…”

“You’ve been hungover all day!” Tagiru shouted, “If we don’t get you and dad out of here, you’ll-!”

He felt it before it happened- a sort of vague, reality breaking pulse through the world around them…

And then Tagiru’s mother fell apart into gelatin blocks before his eyes.

NONE of these developments are all that unexpected.

“!” Chou covered her mouth in shock, partially to hold back a squeal of terror.

“M…Mom…” Tagiru took off- running to find his dad… “DAD! DAAAD!”

“Akashi-sa-” Chou was about to call out as well when she spotted another gelatin pile not far from the refrigerator… “oh…Oh no…”

Tagiru ran back in, “I can’t find him- do you think he-?” He stopped the moment he saw where Chou was looking. “…N…No…He…Dad…”

Airu (in he ChaosGatomon form) slid past the house a few moments later- then immediately changed course and headed for her own home. She was too late to help there. But maybe not elsewhere…!

This is ARGUABLY worse than the Canon Loss of Tagiru’s parents.

Canon Tagiru didn’t know it was coming.

Canon Tagiru ALSO didn’t have Chou with him to see it.

They were too late.

By the time Taiki, Shoutmon, and Sally arrived mere moments later- they were too late to prevent Tagiru or Chou from breaking down in tears at the sight of two freshly made gelatin piles.

Ren showed up not a minute later, to the sight of Chou comforting Tagiru as Taiki and Sally dragged them outside.

And then the dam broke- all the emotion Ren had been bottling up inside burst out.

Shoutmon just gave Ren the most understanding of looks as three people cried in the streets.

Keep in mind that the last chapter made note of REN going through this exact same event.




*cue Title Theme*

“XROS OVER! A Branches’ Ends!”

The Final time we’ll see this opening theme.

Airu was fortunate that her parents were understanding about this. With little need for an increased motivation beyond the fact that she was in her Digimon form, Airu’s parents packed up and were heading out to pick her brother up from daycare before they drove to the train station and headed back to the Digital World.

Airu promised them that she’d be there to go with them, but somehow she felt that that was a hollow promise.

A bit of foreshadowing here on Airu’s soon-to-be departure from this part of the timeline.

Poor girl.

She headed back to Tagiru’s house to find that Ryouma and Ren had joined up with their little group (of course she’d known Taiki and Sally were following her. Shoutmon hadn’t exactly been quiet). Ren looked to be in about as good enough shape as Tagiru was, and Ryouma was simply baffled beyond all comprehension.

Ryouma’s baffled expression is meant to foreshadow the imminent reveal that he just DOES NOT CARE.

“So they’re gone then?” She asked aloud as she shifted back to her human form- making everyone jump at the sudden appearance. “Tagiru’s parents…And Ren’s?”

Taiki just gave a slow nod. “Yeah,” His own voice sounded choked up to a degree.

“Quartzmon…he’ll pay for this,” Shoutmon muttered.

Ryouma just looked even more confused, “Quartzmon? Who’s that?”

“Seriously?” Sally wheeled on him, “Don’t you listen to the news?”

“Er-” Ryouma took a step backwards from the sheer energy she emitted.

Ryouma is REALLY not being all that sympathetic. If you look across the entire Hunters Arc as a whole- you’ll see this trait of his bleeding through from the very get go.

“Quartzmon is the guy who’s been trying to assassinate people for the last week!” Sally explained (rather loudly) as she took a step towards Ryouma, “He’s the guy who’s making people disappear right this very moment! QUARTZMON,” she poked Ryouma in the chest with her index finger, “is the guy who’s made everyone’s lives miserable by doing something so HORRENDOUSLY bad that Time Itself is falling apart!” She grabbed at Ryouma’s jacket collar, and drew him in close to snarl at him, “And you have the guts to ask WHO he is?”

“Sally,” Taiki put a hand on her shoulder, “let him go.”

And she did.

And she Shouldn’t have.

This moment, when looked back upon in hind sight, is MEANT to make the readers think, “No! Kill him! KILL HIM NOW!!!”

But if she did that….then the entire world would unravel in a Paradox.

“Sorry,” Sally apologized after taking a moment to calm down. “I shouldn’t have snapped like that.”

“I…It’s fine,” Ryouma shuddered just a bit. “I-”

Anything he was about to say was cut off as something jumped off of a nearby rooftop to land right in front of their little group.

“SKREEE!” it chirped.

“What the hell!?” Shoutmon summoned a sword and leveled it at the beast before them- It was a Tsumemon- of the Keramon line. “Damn it, please don’t be another Tower…!”

In response to that- the thing gave off a shrill squeak that sounded a lot like… “TIME SHIFT!”


I’m taking the Canon events of Earth > DigiQuartz and tossing them on its head.

Here, we have the Tsumemon.

When the light faded- the Tsumemon had changed into a Keramon- and was now running away down the streets of the Digi-Quartz-ized neighborhood.

“Damn it! After that Tower!” Shoutmon took off after the insect bug- summoning his Microphone stand to dual wield along side his sword.

“Shoutmon! Wait up!” Taiki ran off after them.

Shoutmon roared and leaped towards the Keramon Tower (as it had the hourglass logo clearly visible in the space between it’s eyes), bringing both of his weapons down on the Tower…

It smirked and suddenly spun around wildly the moment before impact- “CRAZY TIME TURNER!”

“Oh Crap!” Shoutmon barely had the time to realize that his momentum brought him straight into the Time-Infused arms.


Shoutmon vanished into a burst of static- presumably thrown to some random point of time.

And now it’s a Keramon.


On Shoutmon, I wasn’t sure, writing the last episode, whether or not he would BE here to watch what happens to Taiki.

As of this scene- I forced him off of that path and I locked myself into a scene that made tons more sense.

Taiki skid to a halt as the Keramon cackled at them- “Heheh…Catch me if you can, fools!” it buzzed and then tore off down the street.

“After it!” Airu ran past Taiki- “It’s heading towards the warehouse district!”

“What?” Taiki shouted in surprise, “How can you-?”

“WHERE ELSE WOULD IT BE GOING!?” Airu shouted over her shoulder. “Gumdramon is still there!

Shoutmon landed in the street back on earth- three seconds before the Tsumemon had shifted them all into Digi-Quartz.

He got a front row view of the Hourglass logo on the back of it’s head just before the Tower vanished along with the rest of them into a time storm.

“Damn it,” Shoutmon pushed himself to his feet, “I gotta get back to-” The world shook with a might quake- throwing the Digimon King right back onto his back. “OW! What the hell!?”

Here comes the big payoff.

In the middle of the harbor in which DarkKnightmon’s army had fought a year previous- scrap data was reforming and resurfacing- spiraling together into a massive grey spike of sorts…Then it kept on piling on- rounding out and creating a massive sphere near the top of that spike- a sphere which gained an eye pattern on it not moments after it finished it’s transformation.

Remember Akari’s Dream from the first Intermission?


I wrote that scene with BOTH sides of Cascade in mind.

It’s why events “conflict” with each other in the way that they do in that dream.

“Aw Nuts,” Takato face palmed within Gallantmon, “that’s not good!”

“What the hell is that thing…?” Marcus stared at it in horror.

“I’m not sure,” Taichi narrowed his eyes, “but it’s Quartzmon’s.”

Kaiyumi and Kotone stared at the object in the harbor (displayed handily on every visible monitor due to it being breaking news) with a mix of horror and dismay.

“We…” Kaiyumi gulped. “We’ve got to hurry up the evacuations.”

“Er…Right!” Kotone quickly got back to the phone in her hand, “We need to load people on the trains faster! I don’t care if it’s a safety concern of overloading- I don’t think we have the time to hold back anymore! Get this message out to everyone! Earth is NOT SAFE anymore!”

Shit has officially JUST gotten Real.


Nene and Kiriha watched the developments on screen with horror and determination.

“We should get out there,” Nene said with a bit of determination. “We should help-!”

“Agreed,” Kiriha nodded, “but we can’t just leave the Digital World unguided, and You’re pregnant, so you should-”

“Stay here while our friends are fighting for their lives?” Nene asked. “I can’t let that happen!”

“Nene, listen to him!” Echidna countered, “You can’t go out there and risk our lives like that. Not right now!”

“I’ll go!” A door slammed open- and Akari took a step into the room- decked out in clothing that almost looked identical to what she’d worn during the first few months of their journey through the Digital World. “Shoutmon’s out there- he’ll need my help. So…” The Queen narrowed her eyes, “I’ll fight in your place!”

It pained me to write this scene.

Nene has been so much a part of Xros Heart that to force her out of the lime light…Why?

First: it’s because she’s pregnant. Second: I needed someone later on to observe the Earth. Third: I’ve established in the past that ONE of the remaining Denizens needs to remain in the Digital World to keep it in balance without the Code Crown.

But seriously. The main reason she’s forced to stay behind is because she’s PREGNANT. If she goes to fight, then there’s a risk of a miscarriage. If THAT happened… The Timeline gets screwed over.

“The problem is going to be getting there,” Kiriha strode towards the hangar where MetalGureimon was waiting for them, “I think a Time Shift should get us there fast enough, but with the way things are going, we shouldn’t rely on that.”

“Why bother with a Time Shift?” Akari asked, “We can just use our Xros Loaders to open a Zone Gate right to earth.”

“…Where do you come up with these ideas?” Typheus asked with a slight bit of amazement.

“Does it matter right now?” Akari asked.

“No, not really-” Kiriha stopped as an SpaceTrailmon swooped down into the hanger, “Wait a second- Who the hell are you!?”

“Hey now,” Hideaki called out over the ship’s intercom, though his voice sounded a tad strained at the moment- maybe from the annoyance of that offhanded remark?- “is that any way to treat your driver!? We came here to give you a ride! Tagiru sent us!”

This is a FUTURE Space Trailmon. Hideaki’s voice is strained because he’s trying to match his younger voice notes.

FUTURE! Ren and Yolei are hiding inside.

“My dad…?” Akari blinked at that, then narrowed her eyes, “Alright! We’re coming!”

“How the hell…?” Kiriha shook his head- Probably another time loop that hadn’t been even started yet. “Gureimon! Come on! We’re taking a different route!” Kiriha held up his Xros Loader.

To the outside world- all they saw was a Space Trailmon accelerating out of the hanger up to 88 Miles Per Hour, and then…


It vanished in an explosion of blue light and two trailing fire trails from it’s side thrusters.

And we get the HINT of this here.

Since WHEN could it Time Travel ALA the DeLorean?


That Gumdramon was in danger got Tagiru moving. They chased after the Keramon on the back of a Xros between MetalTyranomon and Sparrowmon- allowing them to catch up to it remarkably quickly.

Of course- once the Keramon realized that was happening, it shifted forms once more: Chrysalimon.

If one were paying attention- they’d realize it was going up the evolutionary ladder.

“Damn it!” Tagiru grit his teeth, “The faster we go, the faster it goes!”

“That’s got to be cheating,” Ren lamented.

“It’s using gravity,” Ryouma deduced, “floating above the ground by lightening it’s own mass so it can fly further with the same acceleration.”

Subtle Foreshadowing of Gravimon!ness.

“Clever,” Airu noted, “but not clever enough…!” And with that, she leaped off of JetMetalTyranomon and shifted into her Digimon form- “MREOOW!”

“RAAAHAH!” And then Crysta-Pagumon decided to join along side her- forcing his way out of Tagiru’s Xros Loader and diving towards Chrysalimon.

“KEEEEENN!” Chrysarimon tilted to the side as Airu/ChaosGatomon landed on it’s head, wrapping her claws around it’s eyes.

“CHOOOOMMMMPUUUU!” CrystaPagumon landed on it’s horn and bit down- hard.


The Chrysalimon spun around out of control and smashed into the ground- it’s momentum keeping up and plowing it through the pavement where it came to a stop just outside of the warehouse that Betsumon had holed up in.

“Quick!” Taiki ordered- “Smash it’s symbol!”

Airu flipped over to face the Chrysalimon’s face and then looked around on it. “I don’t see it!”

“It must’ve hidden it somewhere when it evolved,” Tagiru jumped off and headed for the warehouse, “we’ll come back to kill it later!”

“I’ll keep watch on it!” Ryouma volunteered, holding up his Xros Loader and reloading Astamon from it.

Nobody wanted to really trust him on that- but then again nobody else wanted to be near the thing when it rose up again.

I had to reintroduce CrystaPagumon into the plot- so I did it with this scene.

“GUMDRAMOOON!” Tagiru shouted down into the tunnel. “GUMDRAMOOOON!? ARE YOU THEREEE?”

The wrister on his wrist beeped, and Gumdramon laughed out a reply: “Geeze Tagiru! No need to yell! These tunnels really Echo!”

“Oh…whoops.” Tagiru looked at his wrister and then spoke into it, “Are you guys alright down there?”

“Yeah, we’re fine! Just trying to figure out how to get this damned Gate out of here though,” Gumdramon replied, “It’s REALLY heavy!”

“You found a Gate?” Taiki spoke into his wrister next.

“Yeah! There’s a whole lab down here dedicated to making the things!” This time it was Yolei’s voice who replied- although nobody on the surface recognized her. “There were notches in the ground for three of them, only one was left here.”

“Three?” Ren spoke up, “Why would Quartzmon need three?”

The Million dollar Question, Ren. *WHY* Need Three Gates?

“Well, that’s what we’re trying to figure out in the mean time,” Haruki said. “Best as we can figure, Quartzmon’s got something bigger planned than we thought. He might not be trying to blow Earth up with one of them.”

“That’d explain the odd power requirements for a continuous usage,” Taiki snapped his fingers. “Quartzmon isn’t looking to explode a gate- he’s looking to USE one! He probably wants to go somewhere specific.”

“ANNNYWays!” Gumdramon laughed, “Tagiru! Care to give us a boost down here? I think I could carry this thing as Arresterdramon with Silphymon’s help.”

Again- they had no clue who Silphymon was, but Taigru agreed to it, “Sure, just give me a second…”

He stood up, and held out his Xros Loader: “TIME BURST!”

As seen on the Art page (link on the side bar!), the following scene occurs.

Down below- Gumdramon glowed brightly…“RRRRYEEEAAAHHHH!”

For Hikari and Yolei, it was an odd experience. The Digivolution seemed rather quick and unstable compared to their other forms of evolution- more like what Yolei had seen come from the Tamers Digimon when they reached Champion level.

But then again- considering that this mode of evolution was specifically powered by an unknown artifact, Yolei wasn’t one to judge. Maybe that was how it normally looked?


The Dragon too to the air, wrapping his long, cable like tail around part of the Gate, and from there began lifting up. “WOAHH! Yeah! That’s Heavyyy!”

I wrote this scene as a quirky one-off, to show the comparison between Time Burst FLASH EVOLUTION versus the previously seen Real Time Evolutions of other series.

And then it was drawn up. 0_0

So Coooool!!!

“I’ve got it,” Silphymon called out as they supported the gate from below.

“Looks like we’re flying up first class then,” Hikari remarked with a giggle as she and Yolei tried to fit on Witchmon’s broom (There was enough room, thankfully). Haruki just laughed nervously while Witchmon barely suppressed a mutter that she then turned into a spell to lighten the weight on the Gate again.

“Woah!” Arresterdramon suddenly went up a bit from the sudden release. “Okay! Now we’re talking!”

“Alrighty then!” Yolei clapped her hands, “And we’re climbing!”

Carrying the Gate up proved to be an easier task said than done.

It would take them a good five to ten minutes to reach the surface- a trip which had originally taken them a much shorter time.

Once they did- however- it was worth it.

They had a Gate under their control.

However, that is in the future, and we must now look to the past…

Haruki V Hikari.

I can’t tell you the NUMBER of times I typoed one’s name into the other.

EARTH_ _ _|

The Towers had surrounded the Sphereoid as if guarding it now- completely ignoring the train stations now.

Whatever this new object was- it was massively important.


…Whhiiiich would be why the Towers got extremely pissed off when SpaceTrailmon suddenly exploded through the top most part of the spike with a burst of blue lightning and frigid frost.

Immediately- the Spheroid began trying to reform itself, and the Towers went on the offensive…

They didn’t stand a chance against the sudden onslaught of Typheus’s powers- MetalGureimon’s missiles- and Akari’s firey song.

Of course- for every tower destroyed- another two replaced it from a burst of static.

“TYPHEUS!?” Cetus couldn’t believe it- “Where the hell did you come from!?”

Kotone shook her head out at the sudden take over from her other half. “Wow, you’re sure worked up over a dramatic entrance.”

SpaceTrailmon appears out of nowhere- subtly different from how the DeLorean will be seen to move in the first X0VA.

“Now THAT guy knows how to make a dramatic entrance!” KaiserGreymon smirked as MangaGarurumon came flying up to join them from another part of the world.

“You’re telling me that?” MagnaGarurumon asked with a raised eyebrow- speaking in the voice of a boy named Kouji.

“Taichi!” Joining the other Garurumon was a MetalGarurumon, with a blond haired boy riding on the back. Yamato Ishida. “Think we’re up for using that form?”

“Probably!” The Taichi on the ShineGreymon’s shoulder nodded.

“Then we’re going to our highest levels then?” the Younger Marcus asked.

“Oh boy!” Gallantmon nearly squealed in delight through Guilmon’s voice, “That means we get to call Grani out to play!”

“Then let’s do this!” KaiserGreymon pumped a fist into the air.

I forgot to have the Legend Xros Wars song playing. Ideally- it starts when Space Trailmon appears.

“So this is the part where they Digi-Xros, right?” Akari asked from her perch on MetalGureimon’s head.


Taichi’s WarGreymon and Yamato’s MetalGarurumon glowed, transformed into energy and shot together into a single, spiraling, egg shaped sphere of data and light- emerging from the lightshow was noneotherthan the ultimate digimon:“OMEGAMON!”

“In actuality!” Said a red haired boy riding on the back of a MegaKabuterimon- “That is just a simple fusion between two compatible Digimon. Or at least, that’s what we called it back then.”

“Eh?” Akari glanced over at the boy who just spoke. “Who the heck are you?”

“Izzy’s my name, tech is my game,” The boy said simply.

“Izzy…” The MegaKabuterimon groaned.

After all- this entire scene is a reference to the Canon Hunters scene.

“MODE CHANGEEE!” Gallantmon cried out- summoning the spectral outline of a flying, metal dragon, before completely shifting from the normal white color scheme into the crimson mode he held in reserve.

“That would be Takato and Guilmon- partners who fused together through a process called Biomerging- activating their special mode change, which apparently was unlocked during a battle we’ll all eventually participate in,” Izzy explained, “Though whether or not that’s an information paradox or not, I’m not sure.”

“Uhhh…” Kiriha floated to a stop near by, “Right…Let’s just…Go with that, shall we?”

Foreshadowing for the Tamers X0VA.

“ANCIENT SPIRIT EVOLUTION!” The KaiserGreymon and MagnaGarurumon blasted together into a spherical data sphere for a moment- in which six human forms could be seen inside- before it exploded outwards into their final form-“SUSANOOMON!”

“Those six come from a world where they themselves turned into Digimon through ancient Spirit totems of Legendary Warriors,” Izzy continued on his explination even as the towers continued to shoot laser blasts at them.

“Fascinating!” Akari grit her teeth- almost wishing for a moment that she hadn’t come along just to avoid this rambling.

“D! N! A! BUR~ST!” The Younger Marcus shouted- as the ShineGreymon beneath his, Taichi’s, and Yamato’s feet shifted into it’s burst mode.

“And that is-” Izzy was cut off by Gureimon snarling at him:

“We’ve got our own Marcus! We know what a Burst Mode is!”

“Oh, okay then,” Izzy just blinked at a crimson shape coming up at them from the streets below. “Okay, let’s reverse the roles then. Who’s that?”

Akari glanced over at the shape coming in at them … and smirked. “My Shoutmon- the Digimon King.”

“Eh?” Izzy did a double take.

Of course- I had to lampshade that we already HAD a Marcus.

“RRRRAAAH!” OmegaShoutmon slashed through a tower with his Aqua Resonace attack- sending the pieces falling to the ocean below. “TAKE THAT!” And when the next one got in his way-

“GET OUTTA MY WAY!” Shoutmon just punched it- and then double punched it as he transformed his fist into a larger form mid-punch.

Kiriha rubbed at his jaw almost instinctively, which Akari raised an eyebrow at.

Call-back to Disc Zone, and SETUP for the FINAL BATTLE with Quartzmon.

“Woa-ho-hooo!” the Younger Marcus grinned, “I like that guy’s style!”

VictoryGreymon came to a rest near the other Taichi and laughed, “I’ll bet!”

Sakuyamon showed up next- with Rosemon right beside her.



The Towers kept falling- but more kept replacing them.

There wasn’t a chance to get anywhere near the Sphereoid.

“CRIMSON LIGHT!” Gallantmon Crimson Mode threw a beam of red light from his javelin.

“Really, gogglehead?” Rika chided as Sakuyamon came to a float next to the knight- “Breaking out this form already?”

“Everyone else is doing it!” Takato replied.

“Fine! But don’t think that not saving it for later isn’t going to come bite us in the ass again later,” Rika rolled her eyes and then took off again.

It doesn’t matter if Takato saves Crimson Mode or not.

“Damn- there just doesn’t seem to be an end to them!” Kiriha growled as he watched MetalGureimon explode a few more with missiles. “Shoutmon!” he called out.

“WHAT?” OmegaShoutmon shouted back from a tussle with a Tower that had shifted into some horrid combination of a MarineDevimon and an Hououmon.

“What about De-Xros?” Kiriha shouted.

“Ah! That might work!” OmegaShoutmon nodded back in agreement.

“Our turn to show off an evolution,” Typheus remarked in Izzy’s direction, who blinked at the voice change. “TIME BURST!”


Beneath her feet- Akari watched MetalGureimon change into the more familiar form of ZekeGureimon. She looked to Kiriha and shouted; “Double Xros?”

“DOUBLE XROS!” Kiriha agreed as he floated over.

“ZEKEGUREIMON!” ZekeGureimon called out as he finished evolving.

Whoo! What a fast paced fight so far!!


“So this is a gate,” Yolei said once she got a better look at it under the light, “Funny it’s called that here- then again, maybe not so- It’s like something I saw on a scifi movie once! Except the chevrons are colored differently…”

Sally tensed up at that reference- “Please don’t say ‘Doctor Who.’

“Nope, ‘Stargate’!” Yolei laughed.

“Yeah…funny that,” Taiki frowned, “somehow I don’t think that’s just a coincidence.” He had to ask, “Do you remember anything about traveling long distances with it?”

“The Movie’s logic is a bit different from the novel series, but one of the more recent books did try to make use of an entire planet as a power source to dial a gate on the other side of the known universe,” Yolei rambled, “but then the bad guy alliance blew up the planet and they haven’t published the next book yet so I don’t know what happened there. They left it on a reeeeaaaly annoying cliffhanger.”

In Yolei’s universe- STARGATE is a long running Novel series based off of the hit movie.

Atlantis and SG1 continued on past their respective series finales in this way- and SGU would grow to become an even BETTER story than it’s TV Clone due to opening with a CHRONOLOGICAL story rather than playing up the LOST style Flash Backs.

Also- in that respect- it caused the first book to end with the planet exploding- and Yolei is unaware of what exactly CAUSED it. It’s assumed by her to be the badguys firing on the planet, WHEN INFACT it is the Stargate dialing that causes it.

This is all FORESHADOWING for what’s to come in the next chapter.

ALSO- if the readers are clever enough to remember THIS tidbit from SGU:

We can only dial out from this gate. If we dialed in, everything would explode.

Then they’ll have a flash of inspiration of WHY Tagiru and Chou dialing a gate from several Intermissions back isn’t EXACTLY a good thing. 😉

“So we’re basically still at square one then,” Sally sighed, “Great, just great.”

“Anyways…” Haruki stood up from where he was sitting, “I should go get Hideaki and SpaceTrailmon- that way we can drag this thing all the way back to base, or where-ever we need it to go.”

“Good idea!” Hikari the volunteered herself, “Mind If I come with?”

“Sure, why not,” Witchmon shrugged.

And so a moment later- Hikari, Nefertimon, Haruki, and Witchmon stepped through a time gate, leaving everyone else behind.

“So what now?” Yolei asked aloud.

“Now we take care of that Tower before it causes any more trouble,” Taiki said simply.

Speaking of the PRESENT Hideaki and Rina, they are NOT present in the timeline any more.

Alternate! Emmit has traveled back at some point between the final fight and the epilogue to upgrade their SpaceTrailmon with the time circuits it will need to help in this fight.

They are going off to wait for Gumdramon, Airu, and CrystaPagumon where they are dumped out via the storms.

EARTH_ _ _|

Susanoomon swung their laser cannon sword around in a massive circle- smashing through Towers left and right.

Omegamon launched blasts from the Garuru Cannon and impaled towers with his Grey Sword.

And now Imperialdramon Fighter Mode had joined the fight- and was trying to shoot down the Sphereoid Tower to little success, as the smaller towers kept throwing themselves into his line of fire.

It seemed that they didn’t want to let any damage come to the Sphereoid.





The golden Digimon took to the skies- powering up his forehead crest for the biggest Area of Effect attack he had-“VICTORIZE BANKING! MAXIIIMUUUM!”

Crimson V lasers shot out and across the battle field- smashing through the existing Towers and obliterating new ones as they appeared.

A path was being slowly cleared towards the Sphereoid.

What a fight so far! 0_0

I just HAD to use Victorize Banking one more time.

It’s such a cool attack~!

“How goes the evacuation?” Kaiyumi shouted as she ran too and fro across the nearly empty office.

“Statistics say we’re at…76% complete!” Kotone shouted back from a bank of monitors- “But we can’t be sure if that’s because people are disappearing, or if they haven’t gotten on the trains yet!”

“They’re not acceptable losses one way or the other!” Kaiyumi grit her teeth as she observed a live feed of a train station on a random monitor, “Tell them to get the lead out!”

“What…” Haruki stared up at the chaos in the skies with confusion- “just what the hell is happening here!?”

“That wasn’t in Digi-Quartz at all!” Hikari pointed at the Sphereoid. “What’s going on here?!”

Confusion Confusion!


Taiki approached the still unconscious Chrysalimon with a crowbar in hand. He kicked at the Chrysalimon and rolled it out of its pit with his foot. “Now where’s that hourglass at…?”

Ryouma glanced to Astamon, who readied his Tommy gun just in case the Chrysalimon got up suddenly.

“Wow, so that’s a Chrysalimon,” Yolei whistled as she looked at the fake Digimon, “I never saw this form when it was rampaging across the Internet a few years ago. It just skipped straight to Ultimate.”

“Eh?” Arresterdramon tilted his head at that. “What?”

“Digimon have ‘levels’ in my universe, titled from Fresh to Mega,” Yolei explained, “I’m guessing you all have levels too, it’s just that they go by different names. Rookie is the third stage, Champion is the fourth, Ultimate is the fifth.”

“I have a feeling Tai and Matt would be having a fit if they saw it, however,” Hawkmon (Aquilamon/Holsemon’s previous form) said with a bit of concern, “I certainly don’t want to be facing down against a Diaboromon any time soon!”

A Nod to the fact that Canon XW has no levels- and NEITHER does XWAU02!

EARTH_ _ _|

“HIIIYAAAH!” KinGRavemon suddenly shot through the pathway carved through the Towers from out of nowhere- leveling a drill straight at the Spheroids’ eye.

“GO GET HIM!” Kiriha shouted.


KinGRavemon’s drill smashed into the Spheroid.



Taiki scowled, there wasn’t a Hourglass anywhere visible at all on the Chrysalimon’s body- which meant it had to be hidden under it’s plate armor somewhere. He circled around the still unconscious Tower so that he was facing the warehouse. Maybe there was something in there that would let them pry the armor open?

Out of a made force of habit- he glanced to his left, towards Ryouma and Astamon…

‘Wait a second.’ What was that shape on the breast pocket of Astamon’s suit? It was hidden from sight normally by that long red scarf, but at this angle and the way Astamon was holding the gun…?

And why was it drifting away from Chrysali…?

Taiki’s eyes widened as he realized what Tagiru’s future self’s warning had been about in the instant that he acted- throwing himself into danger just one last time because he couldn’t-


-Turn…his back…



“TAIKI!” Sally’s screech of terror would be one of the last things he ever heard.


Tagiru’s “Look Left” Set Taiki up for this very moment- a thing that weighs heavily on him for QUITE a while.

EARTH_ _ _|

The Towers froze in place.

The Spheroid shuddered.

No-one dared to believe it was over.

One hit- straight to the eye- and they’d…they’d won?

KinGRavemon pulled his fist out of the drill- leaving it embedded into the Spheroid’s eye like a flag planted in the dirt. “Did that do it…?”

Silence fell over the Earth as everyone held their breath in anticipation of the final moments…


A splinter appeared in the Spheroid’s surface- spreading out in a fan shape from that Drill onward like a tree growing to the sky.


And then roots formed beneath…


The Spheroid began collapsing- it’s outer shell falling into the water like a molting skin.

What a bizarre effect!

This is suddenly turning out to be NOTHING like people were expecting.

Taiki didn’t get BACKSTABBED here. He THREW HIMSELF into the line of fire!

And now….

Even the drill fell to the waters below as the Spheroid evolved into its next form- and the Towers began glowing brightly- as if about to…!

“DIGI-XROS,” Boomed Quartzmon’s voice from the Core of the Sphereoid as the Towers shot into it as beams of energy and transforming the Core into something more…


There was a flash of light from the black space where the sphereoid had once stood- and then moments later-


A shock wave shot out of it- forcing everyone back quite a distance as four long, golden, spindly legs shot out to support the massive black sphere that now stood above the waters.

The top of the new object glowed purple- and a slimy, almost liquid white creature emerged from the purple haze. It had four arms, a mouth where a stomach would be, and it’s head had six beady red eyes in between two clock hands that jutted out of the sides of its head like ears.

The Quartzmon Terminal had appeared.


What a rush! WHEW! Quite a story so far, EH?


Readers: Go take a break for a moment. You’re going to need it.

The Readers take a break for a few moments to let the events of the chapter settle in. They wonder briefly just what the hell happened.

I got up to get a drink of water here after finishing all of that writing.

Readers: Look up two songs, and save them in a new tab for the next chapter.

The Readers open up new windows and search for the following songs: “Cascade” and “Eternity Served Cold.”

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On the former, you can just look up “[S] Cascade” and have the flash animation play in the background! That’s what I’ll be doing writing this! 😀 On the latter, the “Original” Mix is what I’ll be using, but I can’t seem to find it with web searches, so the Album version will work just as well for reading purposes.

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Ren’s shoes hit the pavement.

“RYOUMA!” Ren threw a punch- which Ryouma impossibly dodged- his feet didn’t even touch the ground! “YOU BASTARDD!”

“Taiki! Taiki…!” Sally was crouched down on the ground, holding the bleeding Taiki up to her chest. “Taiki, come on, Speak to me…!”

Tagiru simply stared on in abstract horror as he watched Arresterdramon and Shurimon (One of Hawkmon’s Armor evolutions) try to catch Astamon to about as much success as Ren was having.

One minute- everything had been fine- the next…

The Next…!

Astamon had shifted his aim off of Chrysalimon and had targeted-Targeted…

Tagiru gulped- He’d stared straight down the barrel before Taiki had blocked it off.

He was the target.

Ren is NOT happy.

Tagiru realizes that HE was the target.

And things generally go to hell.

Why…why would Astamon…?

“Fool!” Ryouma shouted as he kept dodging Ren’s punches- “You can’t hit me!”

“WHY!?” Ren threw a punch, “WHY DO IT!?” Ren launched a kick, “WHY KILL TAIKI!?” He lunged towards Ryouma with a howl.

Ren is QUITE angered by this- he and Taiki may NOT have been close, but Ren has just lost his parents. There’s been TOO MUCH DEATH for him to take in.

“Ch-” Ryouma scowled- and kicked out- hitting Ren in the gut and sending him flying backwards- where Airu and Yolei caught him less through intent and more through coincidentally standing at the right spot at the right time. “You think I meant to shoot him?”

Astamon spun around and kicked Arresterdramon and Shurimon into the ground- and then leveled his gun at them. “Now Nobody Move,” he barked an order in…In Quartzmon’s voice, “or I turn these two into Swiss cheese!”

Taiki isn’t dead and WASNT the target, however.

Taiki made his choice.

It’s the last choice he’ll make AS Taiki as well.

He couldn’t turn his back on ANYONE.

All motion on the field stopped, and Ryouma took the time to adjust his suit back into place. “That fool jumped into the line of sight- I wanted Astamon to shoot and kill the biggest paradox of all TIME!” He pointed at Tagiru- “YOU! Akashi, Tagiru!” He narrowed his eyes, “Without your presence in the past, I would never have even had to go to all these lengths to make sure you DIE!”

“…W…What?” Chou stared at Ryouma in horror, “What does that even mean!?”

YOUR Daughter…!” Ryouma snarled, “That girl- The Queen of the Digital World… If she was never born, then I’d never have been thrown out of that damned Code Crown and lost to space and time for TRILLIONS of years!”

“…No way…” Sally stared at Ryouma in horror, “G…Gravimon…?”

And here is the FIRST of many layered reveals about the Ryouma+Gravimon+Quartzmon triangle.

*Cue GURREN LAGANN title theme*

“XROS OUT! Quartzmon’s Symphony!”

Before we begin- this is a META title.

The REST of this chapter is NOTHING but Music.

Their Drill spun on.


Okay. So Load that page up in a new window.

Wait for it to load.

Or…rather, if it takes too long…Use this Link.

Personally, I used both for writing this.

[PART 1.] EARTH ?. AUGUST 14TH, 2012.

Evangelion Unit 05- on some random leg of it’s various inter dimensional journey, smashed through a Quartzmon Tower that had thrown itself in their path.

Rei Ayanami let out a whoop and a holler as they plowed through the rocky structure with their spinning drill- shattering it to pieces and sending cubes flying every which way.

[00:20] Even up into Time-Space!

Rei is fighting Towers here, just to remind readers that she’s still a part of the story, as well as foreshadowing the NGE X0VAs.

The Camera spun through a static storm- coming to focus on a certain 100 floor Castle and a certain floor.


One Black Swordsman was facing against a boss monster- The Gleam Eyes- with his twin swords drawn.

With a roar- they dove at each other- trading blows and strikes and attacks until the Black Swordsman “Kirito” leveled a Sixteen hit strike against the goat headed creature and it shattered into blue polygons.


Kirito here is foreshadowing the SAO X0VAs.


Ryouma stood before them all even as Taiki bled out on the ground- in his mind’s eye, he remembered that day, and he remembered it well.


The Camera zoomed into his eye- and pulled back out of Gravimon’s- and pulled out even further, out of the Code Crown Chamber- and then down towards…

An eye shot- similar to the ones in Dust Zone’s “Descend” sequence.


[00:53] DarkKnightmon- in his Baguramon disguise, summoned his Green Miles attack- increasing it, and growing it and collecting power.

[01:08] He threw the lightning up into the sky. Our camera view followed it up through space- where it hit the Code Crown Chamber, then Gravimon and the Code Crown itself, and then off in a branching arc into one of the Seven Lands of the Digital World- where it then was branched out an infinite number of times- shooting out into the Time-Space and spreading- traveling past planet and dimension and universe and timeline alike all in the matter of seconds.

It interweave-ed and interlocked and crossed it’s own path and the paths of its siblings many, many times.

And as the Multiverse was filled with those green beams- a Fenstrated Plane was shattered into pieces by a stray strand- before that strand and many, many more came to settle down on a certain doomed planet and it’s little doomed moon.


This Fourth Wall is introduced for the sole purposes of quick scene swapping later on in the sequence.


“So I joined up with Quartzmon,” Ryouma explained. “I had to make sure that his plans aligned with my own…”

“Up to as certain extent of course,” Quartz-Astamon smirked, “after today, we’ll be free to live our own lives in other places!”

“You…You did all of this just to undo your own timelines!?” Airu shouted- “That’s insane!”

“No no, not just to undo it-!” Ryouma corrected- “To make them BETTER. To create our own universe where WE live asWE see fit!”

“That’s…That’s just crazy!” Yolei was gobsmacked. “You’re absolutely crazy!”

“Pot calling kettle black?” Quartz-Astamon laughed, “You all seem pretty insane to me to cross over into a Doomed timeline just so you THINK you can preserve a few measly time loops.”

“What?” Arrestermon growled from the ground, “What the hell does that mean?”

“What makes any of you think you ARE the Alpha Timeline Heroes?” Ryouma smirked, “For all any of you know- this timeline is simply a branch of the real timeline. I mean- look at Taiki there! He’s already dying! What kind of Alpha Timeline would allow it’s guardian to remain a cadaver? Not one I’d be a part of, that’s for sure!”

There actually is NO doomed or branched timelines for Digi-Quartz. ALL this is is foreshadowing for the NGE X0VAs.

“And as the master of branching,” QuartzAstamon chuckled, “I must say that breaking a timeline in two is…rather easy.” His voice went low. “I could break it right now and keep breaking it and you’d be none the wiser…”

“Oh, and would you look at the time,” Ryouma smirked as he intentionally checked the wrong wrist for the time- “We absolutely must be going!”

“Bye Bye now!” Astamon snapped his fingers and then he, Ryouma, the Chrysalimon, AND the all but forgotten Stargate warped away in an instant. “Catch us if you can!”


“GO after him!” Sally ordered as she shifted her weight a bit to hold Taiki better, “All of you!”

Sally is already preparing to take Taiki out of the world.

“But Taiki…!” Yolei protested.

“He’ll Regenerate!” Sally grit her teeth, “Taiki will regenerate and then he’ll be FINE! Now just go after him!”

Tagiru stared at her for a moment- then narrowed his eyes in determination. “Alright. We’ll go.”

“Thank you.” Sally said.

“Just be careful,” Tagiru warned her.

“I will.”

And so Tagiru lead the charge after Quartzmon and Gravimon- who obviously were heading towards Breakdramon’s Rift from the way it had lit up in the sky not a moment ago, leaving Sally alone with the still bleeding and dying Taiki.

She looked to the sky, and spotted a green vein in the sky that definitely had not been there moments ago. “Right…forgot about that part…” She narrowed her eyes as she remembered that Taiki’s last regeneration had been rather explosive.

And here she goes.

From orbit, a flash of yellow light could be seen- and then a moment later, Sparrowmon, holding Taiki in her arms, came flying up at speeds she had never even tried before. She quickly rushed past the view of the camera- sending whatever object was there spinning before the view settled back down on Earth.

A StockFootage “Take to the sky” animation.

[Part 2] [02:39]


The camera descended towards the city- showing the trail of destruction the Terminal had wrought as it crossed from the harbor towards the warehouse district- it was marching towards Breakdramon’s Rift, and had been slowly doing so for the last few hours now.

Progress was slow. Attacks were launched. Attacks bounced off. The Quartzmon Terminal finally grew tired of this delay. It’s tiny body crossed all four of it’s arms as the entire structure flashed red briefly.


A massive laser fired from some random point on the black sphere’s surface- tracing a path of destruction across the city-scape- Everyone scattered to get out of the way in time.

The Terminal picked up speed- marching forward faster now as if to make up for lost time.


It fired another laser when Imperialdramon tried to get a clear shot at it- more explosions.

Kotone surfed up above it- preparing to rain down spikes of water upon the creature on the top.

The Terminal looked up a moment too late- The spikes of water fell upon it.


This does not look like things are going well here.


It let loose laser blasts uncontrollably as it’s tiny body choked on all the splashing water- nearly drowning above ground.

They had a chance to attack- if only the lasers weren’t being so haphazard now.


The camera view quickly pulled back and away from one of the shards of the broken wall that was showing these events- shifting quickly to another shard that was following the path that Sparrowmon and Taiki were following out of Digi-Quartz.

Entering the “FLARE” Portion of the song here.

I intentionally cued up Taiki’s circumstantially simultaneous regenerations across this song.

[Part 3] [04:26]

They shot across space and time as a yellow shooting star- leaving behind a trail of golden energy as Taiki’s regenerating powers began to warm up- hopefully saving his life before he died completely.

Across many worlds and even their own- they were seen from below as a shooting star- an occasional symbol of hope- a random sign of despair- but always a symbol of some kind- a warning or a congratulations.

All of these views were briefly seen from other shards of that broken wall drifting around this particular one shard.

Sparrowmon hugged Taiki closely- tears flowing from her eyes as she pushed herself further and further away from anywhere inhabited. Once Taiki fully started regenerating, there would be an explosion. Just like the last time- and she’d probably absorb some of the energy this time. Idlely, a thought laughed at the possibility of her having two hearts.

They’d be made for each other that way.

But what if she died here? Would she absorb the energy and regenerate too? Would she even be who she originally was anymore if that happened? And for that matter… Would Taiki even be the same?

She noticed absently that she was heading towards a storming planet- what would happen if she crashed there?

No time to adjust course now- Taiki was heating up…!

A last look into Sally’s mind before she Regenerates.


Our view detached from those two- and zoomed down on the blue thunder ball.

Through the clouds of hissing static…past the lightning blue zaps of electricity…

Towards a single island peeking up above a turbulent ocean- on top of which were two spires on either side of a blue column of funneling energy and two humans on either side of a locust like creature standing inside the funnel.

“What are you waiting for, Kids?” The Locust Warrior hissed at the boy wielding an electric blue crystalline sword.“BANISH ME!”

These characters are from the Myst Fanfic about Time Travel I once started.

Kaiyumi as a character is ripped straight from that story. Not intentionally beyond the name at first, but once I made the right connections…

The boy and the girl raised their swords and slashed down- launching twin strikes of lightning down at the pillars opposite them- where the bursts of energy bounced across at an angle and struck at the Locust girl- who, it should be noted, was standing on top of a Gateway- in the classic Record Scratch Z shape.

It didn’t matter- the ground beneath the Beast exploded upwards and outwards in a cascading wheel of static-born devastation and time ripping tendrils of blue lightning that quickly ignited any remains of energy from the Green-turned-Red Miles.

The storm of energy ran past every universe and time line and dimension and was born through itself- the paths that had been made once were now the conduits for it’s own creation! The shattered wall and we changed views to watch as it came down towards Earth 2 and its Digital World once more.


This scene is basically the finale for that story that I’ll probably Never write now that it’s been written here.

I do hope to get there naturally, one day, rather than skipping the build up as I did for this story.



The Sky thundered as lightning crackeled

They’d confronted Quartzmon’s Tower- now in the form of an Infermon- Quartzmon himself in the shape of Astamon- and Gravimon in the shape of Ryouma Mogami.

Tagiru reached a hand towards his Xros Loader as he realized they weren’t doing so well.

Arresterdramon lay in a pile of debris- hunched over Airu and CrystaPagumon- Ren and Yolei were not too far away- hiding behind a stunned MetalTyranomon.

And Chou…? She was slowly getting to her feet right next to him even as he picked himself up.

“It’s useless!” Ryouma threw his hands to the side, “Why do you keep fighting like this!?”

“Because…” Tagiru coughed out as he tightened his grip around his Xros Loader- “We can’t turn our backs on anyone!”

“Fools,” Quartz-Astamon scowled. “That won’t get you anywhere!”

“Well carve it on your heart!” Chou put her hand around Taigru’s hand- holding the Xros Loader together- and smiled at him as she said, “Because that’s just how we roll!”

Together, they raised the Red Xros Loader and let loose a shout.

Here comes what was originally meant to be Arresterdramon Superior Mode’s debut.

I changed that after a reviewer commented on seeing the General’s become who they were, and so I had to include it as a seen scene, rather than something that happened off screen.


[Part 4] [07:14]

Lightning descended from the heavens- and struck Tagiru’s and Arresterdramon’s bracelets in exactly that same moment with exactly the same strike.

But it wasn’t hurting them at all- quite the opposite in fact!

Arresterdramon, Airu, and CrstaPagumon felt a rush of energy as their bodies were healed and then super charged.


Tagiru and Chou felt it as well- and they let loose a combined roar that fed their own energy up into the arc and back down into the other three.

Ryouma and Quartzmon could only stare on in horror as twin symbols spun in the air before the suddenly evolving trio- the 69 and the Scratched Record.

“NO!” Quartzmon shouted in dismay as images of the past- present- and future all played before their eyes- seen through those two independently rotating symbols.


This would look more impressive visually- as well as would contain at least two visual spoilers for future X0VAs.

The symbols exploded away with a burst of blue light- and the trio of Digimon stood before them all- forever changed.

Arresterdramon had become a humanoid knight- easily recognizable as the infamous Tactimon to all those who knew him.

Airu seemed unchanged save for her clothing- it had gone from frilly and pink to sharp, dark blacks and deep, piercing purples.

CrystaPagumon was the most changed- he had become the hulking brute known as Blastmon.

“NO!” Ryouma took several steps back in shock and dismay. “THIS IS IMPOSSIBLE! YOU CAN’T BE HERE!

“Take that, Ryouma!” Tactimon smirked under his helmet as he leaped at the former Death General, his sword of blue crystal lightning without a sheath and ready to cut some lose ends. “Your timeline just caught up with you!”

Tactimon still has Gumdramon’s personality here- and actually, this is how he truly is. Tactimon as we saw him through the previous parts of the story ALWAYS had this sort of tricksterness to him that I wrote in almost unintentionally at first.

Ren just stared at the sight in awe as the three Bagura Generals leaped into action- Blastmon easily squashing the Infermon into cubes- and Airu/Lilithmon handidly kicking Quartz-Astamon into the Breakdramon Rift without breaking a sweat.

Tactimon and Ryouma- who was now desperately searching for a weapon and dodging any attacks until he could- played a game of cat and mouse.

Our view pulled away from that shattered fragment of the wall- and shifted through another back to…


EARTH 2. 1:00 A.M., AUGUST 15TH, 2012.

Quartz-Astamon stumbled out of the rift and landed on his back- staring up and watching in horror as his Terminal was slowly being beaten away from the rift- He had to do something!

It was then that a familiar form landed in front of him- leveling a drawn crystalline blue blade at him.

“Hello!” Tactimon said- and this time with white armor instead of the usual purple- “We meet again!”

“Oh MOMMMAAAAA!” Quartz-Astamon cried out as he got to his feet and tried scrambling away.

Astamon is killed off screen.

I’ll also point out here that Tactimon’s Sword *IS* made in the same style as the Swords that were used in the Myst fanfic.

Meanwhile- Lilithmon and Blastmon had joined in the romp against the Quartzmon Terminal as well- lending their aid to an otherwise unwinnable battle.

“Where the hell did they come from!?” Shoutmon cried out with surprise- and relief- at seeing their older enemies fighting along side them.

“The SpaceTrailmon that brought us here?” Gureimon remarked from within their Xrossed form- “It’s a future version of the one we know personally!”

“Niiiiice!” Shoutmon grinned.

“COMBO RAVE!” Typheus and Cetus shouted- finally managing to tear a hole into the massive black sphere that was the Terminal.

ProblemSleuth shoutout.

Inside was a lot of mechanical parts, an Active Gateway, and an empty holster that looked like it had just fired something through the Gate.

The camera pulled away from that shard- and settled on another.



The Watch Maker stood by the DHD of their stolen Gateway and smirked as the device they pulled from the wreckage of that final fight in Digi-Quartz was finally put to good use.

Chevron Seven Locked.

Tagiru and Chou gave each other a nod as they checked the time on their watches.

We switch shards again:


The Trio of To-Be Generals triple teamed Ryouma who was quickly dodging attacks as fast as he could.




“EEEK!” Ryouma let out a very un-becoming squeal of terror.


Darkness Love is one of Lilithmon’s lesser known moves- but still totally canon.

Another shard, another Day:

EARTH 2. 1:06 A.M., AUGUST 15TH, 2012.

The Gate suddenly shut down and the devices inside the Terminal revved up- including a gauged monitor that had two rising red bars- both in steady sync with each other.


Another Shard:


The Eight Chevron Locked.

Tagiru steeled himself as the final symbol- a Sun inside a moon with three stars above- slid into place.


Chevron Nine…!

EARTH 2. 1:06 A.M., AUGUST 15TH, 2012.

The Gate Inside the Terminal activated with a mighty KAWOOOSH! and a wave of what appeared to be water.

“WHAT!?” The Terminal shouted in surprise, “That’s Not supposed to happen!”


The right side of the gauge stopped ascending- and quickly fell out of sync with the left side of the gauge.

The Terminal looked up as everything came pounding down towards it-

Remember what I said about dialing *IN*?



Dagomon roared- letting loose a shock wave that began pushing and obliterating everything around it in accordance to a plan he had never even known about.

We changed shards quickly- following along a narrow string of events.

Tactimon swinging his sword down- Akari swinging her Microphone stand- The Boy firing lightning from his sword in defense of a town- A girl with white dog ears and wearing the Witch of Space outfit summoning a fenstrated plane out of her sylladex- A boy wearing a nice hat and his Betamon partner staring up at the night sky as a golden shooting star raced through the heavens- A Spiral Gague breaking past the limits of the glass and expanding out into the world around it- Emmit Brown pounding against an orange dome of shielding- DarkKnightmon launching his Green Miles attack into the sky- Gravimon being kicked out of the Code Crown- Rei Ayanami reuniting with her fellow pilots from her home universe- Zenjirou and Lila watching the Earth from the view of a train window- Taiki’s face being overcome with the regeneration’s golden energy- And all the while, one shard of glass continuously showed a digital accelerator slowly climbing up to that infamous 88 Miles Per Hour.

There’s a LOT of things here.

Tactimon and Akari are self explanatory. The Lightning Sword scene is from the Myst Fanfic that I didn’t get to that crucial plot point of. Jade in Cascade summoning the 4th wall. Dan and Betamon, BlueIke’s characters, as an homage that later inspired that two-shot comic that BlueIke drew up, and I later referenced. The Spiral Gauge from Gurren Lagann doing just that. The rest is self-explanatory.

Except for the one shard at the top taking the place of the count down in the Cascade Flash.

That Accelerometer is on Emmit’s DeLorean as he and Clara prepare for a time jump.

Meta, ain’t it?


The view settled on the Earth and It’s moon in orbit around its sun- with trains leaving en-mass from it, heading to the Digital World.

Then it changed- the Terminal’s core was overloading- the Gate shouldn’t have activated! Nothing should have come through as it had! It shouldn’t have been exposed at ALL!

All the attacks that had hit it were making it unstable- energy arced between all of its circuits and began fluctuating wildly.

The Uneven Gauge became even more uneven as the left side Flashed red dangerously.


The Camera pulled away from that shard to view the solar system from afar- even as the shard continued to play it’s information.

A heart beat could be heard- and again- And the shard cut to a brief flash of red and blue before it cut to static.

There was an alternating flash of red and blue from the surface of the Earth-

A moment passed.

And here it comes.

[Part 6] [10:45]

-And then The Earth exploded in a blast of emerald light as the Horror Terror Dagomon escaped his tiny prison.

The shock wave flew out, hit the moon, and destroyed it in an instant.


Nene Amano stared up at the blue sky towards the green star that would only briefly appear in their sky and gasped, “No…!” She fell backwards into the chair she’d had placed nearby, and felt tears flow from her eyes. “It can’t be gone…!” She couldn’t tear her eyes away as much as she wanted to. “It just can’t be…!”


DIGI-QUARTZ. ?ASD[][][][][]!{}{}?! SOSE?.

Corrupted location display.


A wave of static suddenly burst through the Rift- overwhelming everyone there- and forcing them to cover their ears.

“AHHAHAHAHA!” Ryouma cried out in delight- “IT WORKED!”

The static of a Time Storm quickly overwhelmed those still within Digi-Quartz’s confines- and warped them away to the first possible safe location that could be found.

Moments later- the entirety of Digi-Quartz began fading away as if it had never existed in the first place.

It simply just…faded. As if someone were going over the entire planet with an eraser.

Digi-Quartz fades away BTTF style.


When Tagiru opened his eyes, he and Chou were still down town, but they were now thirty years in the past from Digi-Quartz time- twenty-one years on the nose from the present day they called home. “No…way…”


Ren opened his eyes- finding that he, Yolei, Shurimon, and Metal Tyranomon had been dumped outside of a sunny little Village of Smiles in the Digital World.


Tactimon, Lilithmon, and Blastmon found themselves on board the deck of a familiar SpaceTrailmon- with the familiar faces of Hideaki and Rina there to greet them.


From the ruins of the destroyed planet- a single Gateway remained- and past that lay a rift- and through that rift lay a realm of endless possibilities- and in that realm lay a planet- and on that planet was a crater that had just been added by a certain Shooting Star that had come from another universe.

Standing at the edge of that crater was a man, and a boy with familiar looking shades.

The boy stared into the crater, and his eyes widened at what was inside-

Kamina and Marcus.

I was afraid people would be mad at me for this development.

[Part 7] [12:02]

They were safe-

From the Gate had emerged Tagiru and Chou- years older now- and with them they brought a massive shield generator- and used it in tandem with the identical generator on the Space Trailmon floating above them- creating a larger- more stable shield that was ten times as effective as the prototype that had saved the Watch Maker’s life in the past.

Akari stared up at her father and mother… and cried as she ran to them for a hug.

Shoutmon watched this with a bit of dismay as he surveyed the ruined world around them.

Everyone who had been left in town had been under the shield when the earth exploded- but what of those who had not made it to safety?

The death toll was not something he wished to see.



That shard pulled away to reveal another one to us.

Through it was the Golden Code Crown- Set in a frame to be dragged along the surface of a giant record.

Reflected in it’s surface was Ryouma’s face- older now- and though he went by a different name- it was indeed Ryouma Mogami that stood there in that chamber as the Oblivion Knights scratched the most important artifact in the world.

It was dragged across the surface slowly- and surely- and cracks appeared inside the golden crystal’s core.

In those last moments- nobody saw his smirk widen and broaden… They were too focused on the destruction of their troubles.

The cracks soon became too much to bear- It was almost three-fourths done- the Code Crown Pulsed with energy as it began to fracture- leaking energy out into the environment.

The Oblivion Knights were affected immediately- their souls being ripped from their bodies and scattered across time and space…

Ryouma Laughed as his body was torn to shreds and scattered to the winds by the stray energy.

He did not care that his immortality had been lost- it had gone to a much better cause.


The Code Crown Exploded- and with it- the Digital World.

The Camera pulled away from that shard- showing all of the shards viewing that same climatic moment- and then pulled away again- viewing all of those broken pieces of glass through a perfectly whole fenstrated plane- which was cut off from view as a pair of large, red curtains drew to a close in front of them.


And here’s the SECOND of the layered reveals.

THIS Ryouma from Digi-Quartz was the guy who set the Code Crown Scratch into motion.


Hey! You! Yes You! The ones reading this! Go take a quick break! That was a lot to take in there! Step away from the screen and come back after getting a drink of water or something.

That’s alright. I’ll wait. Tell you what! I’ll go get a drink of water with you! Come on now! We’ve got a limited commercial break here before the episode resumes!

And so with this, I HAVE to actually go eat dinner now! So I shall do as the story suggests and take a break from this XDD

Whew. Okay then! You guys back? You are? Okay, good! Cause here we GOOOO!


Wow. Okay. That took a while.

So what now?


Oh. Right. That.


That is to say. THIS.

The Red Curtains opened- revealing the Fenstrated Plane viewing the Gate Lab- specifically the three gate dents in the ground- and the symbols that resided in the center of each,

A “W” turned on it’s side with two hollow circles to one side, and two tiny dots to the other.

A sort of winding spiral path that circled around on itself again.

A Moon with a Sun Inside and three stars to the top.

These three glyphs are:

Minkata’s Division Glyph.

The Winding maze seen in these picutes

And Finally:

The moon and sun in the middle

These glyphs are all from Myst Online URU Live. The last one is the Sparkly Island symbol, also seen here:

Look to the Island


We focus on the “W” Glyph- revealing it to be the Gate that was on the Storm Planet from the last sequence.

The Gate’s inner track spun around as the island- presently empty- waited in the storm for it’s fate.


We focus now on the Spiral Gate- the one inside of the Terminal.

The Screen splits in two to follow a bifurcated timeline- with the top screens showing the status of the Gateway on the top monitors, and the events surrounding them on the bottom monitors.

Played in fast forwards- the two timelines seemed identical up to a point- at which point the footage slowed down.

We’re focusing on the Minkata glyph first- which is from the age of Minkata- showing it to be the gate at the heart of the “Fissure”/”Void”/”Time Wound.”

Then we go to the Pod Portal Gate, this one being the symbol that appears in the four pods. This is the one inside the Terminal.


On the right side- No Space Trailmon appeared to crash through the top of the Spheroid- on the left- the exact events seen in the previous half of the episode occurred. From there- things went completely differently. We focus on the Right side lower monitor for the moment:

The Towers were able to keep the Spheroid protected- at some points even managing to kill some of our heroes. Things were not going well at all- especially once the Spheroid morphed into it’s Terminal form and began it’s rampage unchecked. Lasers fired off in a controlled fashion and things went absurdly well for Quartzmon’s plan.

Lives were lost- people died- the Top Right Monitor displayed the status “TIMELINE: DOOMED” for all but a brief moment.

Here we get the first example- and most prominent of all- of DOOMED TIMELINES.

Visually- without much explanation- we’re shown how ALL of one difference can be made.


The Terminal reached the rift and powered up it’s energy core- inside- we could watch the Gateway dial itself- and with aKAWOOSH! it activated.

We then cut over to the other timeline (TIMELINE: BETA) where we watch the exact same motion- however- side by side we watch as only the Beta Terminal launches the Rocket within through the gate.


In the Rift- after the planet had exploded- but before the Timeline had Bifurcated- the gate opened- and the rocket came hurtling out of it to fly through the rift at speeds well exceeding safe.

The Gate disconnected- and we cut back to the DOOMED Timeline, where Dagomon successfully explodes the planet and destroys the terminal and everyone on the planet- but leaves the active gateway there in front of the Breakdramon rift- where it began pulling upon the power of the Rift to increase it’s power and redirect the energy to a different place.

Timelines are confusing- but this is spelled out as plainly as I could make it.


We cut back to the Storm Gate before the divergence, where it activates for a second time- connected to the DOOMEDGateway.

Both Gates- now active- begin their destined purpose.

The DOOMED gate begins pulling in everything around it like a black hole- and it doesn’t stop once the remains of Earth are sucked in. No. It begins pulling in the Sun- and the Digital World- and then it latches onto the strands of the time storm and begins pulling those into it’s even horizon.


The Storm Gate begins spitting out all of that matter into the time rift- and out into the void beyond where the rocket lay in wait.

The casing exploded open- and Gravimon- in a sort of mutilated hybrid form between his Ryouma persona and Quartzmon’s Terminal control self- began pulling all of the matter coming through the Storm Gate into himself and around himself.

He became a seed for which all matter and mass would collect.

Through the DOOMED gate- everything was pulled through- whole timelines, branches, and universes and dimensions- everything was snagged by the storms in this multiversally DOOMED timeline, and systematically funneled through theDOOMED gate.

Thus begins the birth of the Lagann Cluster.


Meanwhile- the BETA Terminal was overloaded by having it’s gate re-activate after being shut down. It’s power supply was not designed to handle an incoming connection, only to dial out.

Tagiru and Chou emerged from the gate- immediately barking orders to get everyone away from the Terminal so they could be shielded from the imminent explosion that was about to occur.

The Shield went up- and moments later, the Terminal exploded in a blast of blue and red energy- leaving a crater in the town that would have been a perfect circle had the domed shield not made it a crescent moon- ironically, with the domed shield mimicking both the sun and stars of that other gate glyph.

It’s ALSO ironically the same Point of Origin symbol on the gate that had been stolen away twice- and used to connect the Digital World to this moment for Tagiru and Chou to come through.

Now WHY you must be asking- WHY did Quartzmon build a third gate??

He was actually intending to dial in to create the explosion HIMSELF, at one stage of his planning…But it all changed.

He allowed the gate to wind up in Tagiru’s possession, and thus allowed them to fulfill this stage of the plan.

Moments later- before the radiation from the explosion had a chance to disperse- the entire planet around them exploded in a blinding green flash of light.


The DOOMED gate continued to funnel in mass and energy- nearly half of the Multiverse collected so far. And still half to go.


From space- Quartzmon (In his regular chimera form) happily observed all of the mass and energy being funneled into his little rift.

He smiled in bitter-sweet victory. His plan had worked out so wonderfully! It was a shame that he’d never be able to see it from this incarnation. But his doomed clones were destined to do so much work on this side of the universe that it wouldn’t be fair for all of them to jump ship.

Matter kept being funneled out of the Rift Gate- and the singularity of information, time, space, and data was reaching critical mass- three-fourths of a doomed copy of the Multi-verse that would be made whole once he was finished.

This scene showed that the GREEN explosion was a SEPARATE one from the Terminal explosion.

Then we get some Quartzmon exposition- hinting that A DIFFERENT Quartzmon would be going through into the Cluster.

Then the Rift Gate from the Doomed Timeline was shoved through (Miraculously intact) and…


It Begun.

The Kernel of a New Universe absorbed all that it could- and exploded.




The Shockwave would have thrown Quartzmon off his feet if it hadn’t been absorbed by the rift being a one way event horizon.

For the moment.


It was quite the sight- A tiny pinprick of white light flashing and gaining so much color and energy and vibrant energy as all bogus, doomed, branched, alternate, and inverted timelines were merged into a single solitary line.

A Single Universe, based off of what he knew best- the Digital World that he’d been born it. The Zone Structure that he’d lived by and had gone to the most trouble in setting those particular dominoes to fall in the first place.

The Doomed Gate’s Universe Status fluctuated wildly as it’s meter flickered and pulsed and shuddered-

And then it’s status changed; “TIMELINE: ALPHA.”


It would be named the Lagann Cluster.

It was an endless expanse of creative differential-

And Quartzmon (A version of him at least) would rule it all.

As the observer laughed- he failed to notice a shooting star blip into existence right outside the gate- and shot through it just the very moment it shut off.

Taiki and Sally shooting through into the rift fundamentally changes it because of all of the regeneration energy Taiki’s putting out.


It spiraled down, streaming through the newly born Universe as it aged in seconds and years and decades and minutes-

And then it crashed on a planet.


That planet of craters and desert- whose sun was an endless illusion in the sky- a planet of pits and of holes and of tunnels.

The most insignificant of planets in the Lagann Cluster- and it landed there.


The Father picked up two young children from the crater- a boy and a girl.

Red hair and pink hair. Grey eyes and Blue Eyes.

Each wearing clothing much to big for them.

The Son inquired about the debris in the crater- and the Father replied that he would lock it up until the two became of age to learn of their origin.


The two children would grow- given names fitting their new world and having no memory of the lives they’d previously lived.

Taiki Kudo and Sally Sparrow were gone.

In their place were two new souls who would do much good for the universe.

Their new names?

Gimmy and Dari.

I got one reviewer who was rather startled by this development- saying that they could never go back from that.

And it was so very much true.

But it’s part of the plot line i’d had in mind since Taiki first regenerated.

Taiki was too unchanged visibly from his last regeneration. He needed something more drastic.

That’s the whole POINT of a Doctor Who style regeneration- to become someone else.

There was a scrapped scene at one point after that first regeneration that had to be cut which would show the reborn Taiki acting rather alien…but then slipping back into his normal frame of mind.

That was too weirdly written- and it got cut- even though it established Taiki’s Time Lord title of “The Maintainer.” I believe I mentioned this at the end of Cascade Side A, but in case I haven’t, I’m bringing it up here.

They would occasionally show flashes of a skill that they should not yet know- nor should have ever known. A glance over the shoulder at an expected remark that never came.

And yet meanwhile- In another Universe that was once their own- friends would grieve their disappearance.

They would wonder what had happened- where had those two landed? If were they even still alive?

And it was that motivation that- in the years to follow- would drive Xros Heart towards hunting down every last Quartzmon copy in existence.


And so we end the story sequence- and go into flash-card mode.

Loops would be closed.

-Flashes of each team that had Xrossed over to help in the fight against Quartzmon appeared on the screens-

They would fight to survive- to avenge the losses inflicted upon them by such a violent storm of chaos and disharmony.

-Flashes of various ships with Xros Heart’s logo on them went by as they sailed past our view-

All the while- Quartzmon would forever be on the run- distracting them, and keeping them as far away from the rift that lead into his perfect universe for as long as he possibly could.

-A Quartzmon copy cowered before the shadow of Shoutmon De-Xros-

Basically- I had ideas in my mind that I couldn’t frame words to…

For it would only be that when no more Quartzmon remained in that original reality would Xros Heart stumble upon the final Quartzmon- and their long lost friends.

-A flash of that hybrid symbol, the Scratched 69, appeared for a brief moment-

And along the way- as they cleansed their time lines of Quartzmon’s influence- they would make friends.

-Flashes of Rei and Kirito appear on the upper monitors-

They would make enemies.

-Flashes of hideous monsters appeared on the lower monitors-

And also- I simply needed to stall for time until the end of the song.

But above all- they would continue to fight on for the freedom of all worlds and timelines. Either in the foreground…

-Flashes of Xros Heart gallantly charging into battle in various scenes-

…Or the background…

-Images of all six Monitamon sneaking through various situations-


And so ends the tale of a team who fought to save two worlds and saved one. Now the story must change as the beginning is tied to the end.

-A Shell rune appeared across all four monitors for a few moments-

At the same time though, It needed to hold people’s attention- and make them invest in the time it would take to finish the story.

The story of Cycles is over. Now- we begin the story of Fate, and of Destiny.

The only way to advance from rock bottom is upwards.

-An image of the ruined earth appeared on screen, and there, on the largest surviving chunk- stood King Shoutmon, staring up at the sun with a determined look on his face, with his hands clenched into fists.

“Quartzmon…” He said, “We’ll make sure that you’ll pay for this.”

And with that- the camera pulled away from that island- past the sun- past the Digital World- and outwards and onwards. It pulled back and pulled back- past the Rift that had been born- and then out into the void to view the two twin Multiverses that were old and new- borrowed and blue- young and old- parent and child- and yet twin siblings all the same.

They orbited that Z Shaped Rift between them with an eternal march- each waiting for the day for their reunion.

Oh say, can you remember this symbol?



And as our camera pulled away from the Fenstrated Plane- we observe it to be resting in a lavish office with a massive bay window overlooking a massive yellow nebula- inside which an impossible expanse of planets lay in wait.

A hand placed down a wine glass, and moved over to a picture frame- showing a man and his young daughter proudly.

The Emperor Baguramon sighed in remorse as he surveyed his Empire, and then put the picture frame back before reaching for the wine glass once more.

In the background- the familiar face of Ryouma Mogami- wearing the clothing of a simple butler- smirked at the so called ruler of this world.


And with that- the screen cut to black as the following words slowly etched themselves into view with the remainder of the song time left.



“Butler Ryouma.”

That is the strangest part of all of this, one person told me.

This final scene is set inside the Lagann Cluster, and is setting up the finale plot of reuniting Baguramon and Trompeurmon- father and daughter separated across universes.

And so the “Anime” Portion of the series ends.

A.N.: To appease your fears. No. The Story is not over yet. If this were an Anime- yes, this would be the last episode of the tradition Anime Series format. From this point onward- it’s all OVAs and TV Movies and Theatrical releases. :33

Quite the change of pace, eh?



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