XROS WARS AU 02 — CH 73 & 74

We begin CHAPTER 73 and CHAPTER 74 with no requests to catch up. (There’s nothing new at this point yet! I’m still working on the next chapter. hehe)

THE BAY OF INFINITE FOG_ _ _| 2:59 A.M._ _ _|

A Lone Sentry stood at the light house in the early hours of the morning. “Aye…” he said to himself, “A quiet night.”

The clock struck three.

From outside the lighthouse- a quick flash of green light could be seen through the windows.

The Lone Sentry was no more.

We begin this second half of story plot (With the first half being Persian Espionage) with a man disappearing.



Kaoru- also known as Trompeaurmon- sighed as she spotted the girl who was waiting for her down at the docks. “Hello Mizuki-san,” she said in greeting, “and do you want the whole world to hear us?”

“Heheh…” The Red head simply grinned.

“So where’s Yuu? I thought you said he was on his way?” Kaoru frowned.

“Ah, he’s a bit late,” said a male voice from behind her, making Kaoru jump and turn around in surprise to see who it was speaking. “They’re meeting up with Shoutmon, apparently, before coming here,” the owner of the voice was a teen with dark brown hair under a royal blue fisherman’s hat and was wearing a wet suit. Oddly, he had an eye patch over one eye- and Kaoru grimaced internally.

He was the human form of Hangyomon- the traitor to the Bagura Empire from back in Island Zone- also known as the rebel whom she’d had a robot clone constructed of and had forcibly torn his eye out from in order to create the duplicate she’d stood alongside during Xros Heart’s liberation of Cyber Land.

I selected this chapter’s character list as a way of settling old wounds from Cyber Land.

Kaoru tried to put on a false smile- that she’d put it all behind her. To be frank, however, it creeped her out that despite her identity being outed long ago- neither Mizuki nor Hangyomon had confronted her on her deeds. It made her feel all awkward inside whenever she saw them.

“So, ah…” Kaoru turned towards Mizuki, “what’s up? What did you call me down here for?”

“There was a major surge of oceanic activity last night!” Mizuki explained, waltzing over to the docks to peer down over into the surface beneath her. “All of the Dolphins in the world suddenly made a mass exodus through Time Storms to the Digital World at approximately three A.M. this morning.”

You can see where this is going- and it’s why I listed the chapter title on the list as [Data Corrupted]. I’d chosen a title in the previous episode’s next time desc., and then as I wrote this sentence out, I realized it needed to change.

“What?” Kaoru did a double take- “Don’t tell me they-”

“My Dolphmon cousins who met them this morning said they had one thing to say about the Earth,” Mizuki laughed at the absurdity of it all.

“So Long, And Thanks For All The Fish,” Hangyomon quoted.

“I asked you not to tell me,” Kaoru face palmed.

And so- echoing Chapter 29’s broken title screen…




*cue Title The[][]*Cue[]JKSHH-C-C-C**

“Unders3a F1ght! D4G0M0N 4P~~alsjskKD{||}{||}DHHH[][][][][]!”

ERROR: Title Screen could not be loaded.

NEXT_ _ _|



ERROR: Title Screen could not be loaded.

NEXT_ _ _|





 We get this mess.

It’s meant to hint to the readers that- JUST like in Chapter 29’s suddenly changed game play-  something BIG is about to happen.


“So Long! And Thanks for all the Fish!”

In an animated format- this would all be rather surprising to the viewers, and it would give off a VERY ominous vibe.

“So…you want me…to go diving under water?” Kaoru grimaced slightly as she was handed a wet suit.

“Yeah, well, a few reports in this area showed some odd seismic activity just before the Dolphins left,” Mizuki explained, “I think that’s got something to do with it, so if we check that out then we should be able to find out what’s causing all of this!”

“Well…you see…” Kaoru scratched at her nose nervously, “despite my being a water themed digimon…I can’t actually swim.”

“…” Hangyomon stared at her for a few moments. “Are you serious?”

“…Yes, Yes I am!” Kaoru huffed.

“Damn it! Seriously?” He huffed and stormed off of the docks, muttering about that being the second person that day.

“uh…Did I say something wrong?” Kaoru asked.

“Heheh,” Mizuki giggled. “Let me walk you through this…”

New things learned about Kaoru: She Can’t Swim!!

She’s not even super heavy dense like Stitch/Experiment 626.

She just never learned.

“Look, Kame! It’s Kaoru-nee-san!” The Younger of the two Bastemon Princesses waved at them from a table at a nearby restaurant. “HIII! Hey! Kaoru-nee-san! Over hereeee~”

“Ah, I see,” and next to her was Chibi-Kamemon. Both were in human form at the moment.

“S…Seriously?” Kaoru’s eye twitched.

“Hangyo and I were on watch duty today,” Mizuki laughed at the absurdity of it all, “The Princess and her Consort had a free day. We were going to take them with us as part of her Princess training, but…”

That’s still going on- by the way.

“She can’t swim,” Hangyomon grumbled, “or rather, refuses to learn. Cats. They absolutely hate the water.”

Unlike Kaoru who NEVER learned, Princess Bastemon the Younger REFUSES to learn.

It’s a cat thing.

“I can see why,” Kaoru sighed in agreement. “So either I stay here and watch them or I risk going under water and potentially drowning?”

“Actually, we were hoping that Tsuwamon could watch them,” Mizuki explained. “Kotone-san couldn’t make it due to school stuff, so since he was coming anyways, we figured he could watch them while we went underwater to investigate.”

“Uh huh…” Kaoru nodded, “Right, so…Do you got anything I could use to maybe hitch a ride down then?”

“I think we can work something out,” Mizuki grinned.

Introducing: Loopholes!

“Reload: Submarimon!” A flash of light came out of Mizuki’s Xros Loader (Formerly Splashmon’s Darkness Loader, Kaoru noted), and from that light emerged a Submarimon who splashed down into the water. “There!” Mizuki’s grin didn’t seem to fade, “One undersea ride! Free of admission!”

“Cool,” Kaoru laughed.

I did this simply to work Submarimon into the plot. I wasn’t sure where the story was going at this early stage- heck, I was even considering Hangyomon to Time Burst into Submarimon for a while- so I just wrote it off the tip of my tongue and the character’s own personalities.

How did THESE particular characters interact with each other?

It’s very much a Lower Deck episode at this early stage.


The trio of explorers entered the water- with Hangyomon and Mizuki having shifted into their Digimon forms. The former, of course, was who we all knew and recognized, but the latter was being seen like this for the first tine in a long time.

In case it wasn’t abundantly clear from the earliar Dolphmon comment- Mizuki indeed was a Dolphmon.

Kaoru was riding inside the Submarimon’s inner compartment, watching the ocean roll by. “Somehow I was expecting this to be all…Lifelike.” She said into the Wrister she had on in between the sleeve and glove parts of the wet suit. “It’s kind of quiet.”

“Yah,” Mizuki agreed, though her voice echoed through the water somewhat, “All the fish are gone too. No Turtles or Sharks either…”

“This is kind of creepy, actually,” Hangyomon agreed, also with that same voice echo. “Oceans are not supposed to be this empty at this depth, even as close to shore as we are.”

They go in rather quickly- planning to be in and out before Shoutmon and Co. arrive- thus leaving ChibiKamemon and Princess Bastemon alone!

“Okay, the seismic activity should be somewhere close to our present location here…” Mizuki said after a few minutes of steady diving. “I think we’re closing in on a cave system…”

Indeed, they were. A few moments later- they lowered down within sight of a massive- swirling gateway of light and glass-like shards of static.

“Well,” Hangyomon muttered, “there’s your problem!”

They SHOULD have waited- but this scene introduces something interesting about the phenomenon (Ripped straight from Primeval, both the TV show and a fanfic I started inspired by the same show)…


They surfaced to meet the concerned and expectant faces of Yuu and Shoutmon.

“Where the hell have you been for the last two hours?” Shoutmon asked impatiently. “Bastemon-hime and ChibiKamemon were really worried about you when we showed up!”

“What?” Kaoru asked as she slid out of Submarimon’s air-pocket. “What time is it?”

“Fifteen ’til ten,” Yuu answered. “We were going to go after you in a few minutes.”

Mizuki went under again before resurfacing in her human form, now wearing a wet suit instead of the clothes she had been wearing before, “That can’t be right! We were only down there for ten minutes tops!”

“Maybe it was that rift?” Hangyomon offered a solution- “It looked like a time storm in a crystallized form. Maybe our time line got de-synchronized the closer we got to it?”

“Rift?” Shoutmon asked, “What rift?”

“You’ve got to see it to believe it,” Kaoru said with a slight trace of awe in her voice, “that thing is unreal.”

It’s also a Time Dilation field.

“Alright, Tsuwamon, we’ll be back as soon as we can,” Shoutmon ordered as he struggled to adjust the straps for his scuba tank, “don’t come looking for us if we’re not back right away. We think the warp is a condensed Time Storm, so there’s probably some time dilation around it.”

“Alright!” Tsuwabuki saluted. “I’ll hold down the fort and keep an eye on the radio in case we get a call from HQ!”

“And make sure those two stay on the surface, I don’t want them wandering down and getting caught up in the currents,” Shoutmon said that in direct reference to ChibiKamemon and ChibiBastemon.

“Aww! You sure we can’t come?” ChibiBastemon asked with a frown.

“Be careful, Shout-onii-san!” ChibeKamemon nodded.

“We’ll try,” Shoutmon gave a half-smile.

There’s a reason I make those three stay behind– though it isn’t immediately obvious.


Into the water their group went once more.

Yuu had Corone slung over his back in her scythe form, which she seemed comfortable with to some degree.

“This is weird, not having to breathe…” Corone said as they dove deeper, “I never even noticed that I didn’t breathe in this form before.”

Fun Facts- as a weapon, Corone doesn’t need to breathe.

She’s made of metal, ya know. 😉

“Ah, yeah, I can imagine,” Shoutmon rolled his eyes beneath his diving visor, “You notice the weirdest things at times.”

“So where’s that rift at?” Yuu asked.

“Just a bit further ahead,” Hangyomon motioned towards the cave clusters.

A short swim later- accelerated or decelerated by whatever time warp was being forged on the spot- they reached the rift.

It still spun and shimmered and gave off a terrible presence.

“Holy-“ Shoutmon cursed at the sight- “Just what the hell is that thing?”

“Who knows,” Kaoru spoke up, “we won’t find out though unless we pass through it.”

And so they progressed forwards through the Anomaly.

I do plan on revisiting that Primeval Story one day… We’ll see. ^_^;


The shift in coloring was immediate- from dull blues to bright pinks, greens, and yellows.

They were in Digi-Quartz.

The birth place of Digi-Quartz, actually, if Dagomon weren’t present.

And also- they were quite clearly no longer in the local cave system as the water suddenly increased in temperature by about Twenty Degrees.

“Well, that’s uncomfortable…” Hangyomon muttered.

Another sign of the cave system being different was the type of rock around them. It had gone from cool grey to Red Velvet coloring.

A few moments of swimming later- and they suddenly found themselves at the surface of the water- leading up into a massive cave that was impossibly large for being anywhere near where they’d left.

Shoutmon spat out his re-breather and grumbled, “Well…this is totally implausible.”

The cave was huge- towering and massive- the roof supported by large brown support pillars with glowing green gaps on the sides.

And at the center of it all?

A massive spherical device that was being constructed around an imprisoned oceanic Digimon- Dagomon.

Also- the high concentration of Towers in this area is what ALLOWS the ripples of earth being destroyed to catch up to Digi-Quartz at all.


“RRRRRAAAHHH!” Dagomon roared in the primordial tongue of the Horror Terrors, “Spleh’wyn Elocni’uo’ysi Ht’Rof yap L’Lahsuoy!”

“You Shall pay for this, you incolent whelps!” Wow, a Y for a T really screws up that entire Backwars speak.

The floating, smaller versions of the support towers, turned their green gaps towards Dagomon and fired Red Lasers out of their ‘faces’- stunning Dagomon once more before they returned to their work.

“K’RHAAAAH!” Dagomon slumped into his restraints again.

“Poor guy,” Corone whispered, “Nobody deserves that…”

“Wait-” Yuu pointed towards the mostly-completed casing- “What’s that thing on the front?”

“Lemme see here…” Hangyomon pulled out a telescope and looked at the shape on the Black Sphere. “Looks like a giant silver ring with… .da…Nine Red Triangles on it.”

This is not a real Gate.

In animated form- it would clearly be two notches of shading darker, and the chevrons are RED, rather than orange.

“Let me see that,” Shoutmon grabbed the telescope and looked at the sphere. “…Damn. It’s one of the old man’s Gates.”

“You’re right,” Kaoru muttered as she looked at it through her own set of micro-binoculars, “it’s a gate. That device it’s being built into is probably it’s power source.”

“What about Gravimon?” Yuu asked. “Didn’t Quartzmon say that he was using him as a power source?”

“No, *I* said that,” Kotone corrected, “Quartzmon just said something vague about us never being able to get to Gravimon first.”

The entire room here was set up for Xros Heart to stumble upon- making it SEEM as if they’ve found out what Quartzmon is really planning.

That “Dagomon is being Built into a Terminal to explode a stargate!”

Quartzmon is a clever little bastard, keep that in mind.

“So we were wrong about why he wanted Gravimon,” Shoutmon scowled, “so what the heck is up with Dagomon here…?”

“Shouldn’t we go get a closer look?” Mizuki asked.

“No way,” Hangyomon shook his head, “I don’t like the look of those towers.”

“Yeah, they’re giving me the creeps too…” Yuu frowned. “What are those things anyways?”

“I have a feeling we’ll find out soon enough,” Shoutmon scowled, “One’s coming our way! Dive Dive!”

This is where the Tower name originates- Hangyomon calling the support pillars “Towers.”

Eye Catch of Shoutmon.

The name just sticks, I suppose…

A floating tower of rock came to the edge of the pool.

A few moments passed- and then an emoticon face appeared in a deep shade of red superimposed on the green data field. It was a ” :c ” face.

The Tower scanned over the pool for a few moments… and seemed dissatisfied by it’s results.

Remember when I said the “Stand Up” Opening was to keep the Emoticon Towers? This was meant in exactly the same foreshadowing as in cannon.

‘C’mon you big lug…’ Shoutmon thought desperately, ‘turn around. Go away!’

It didn’t turn away.

‘Shoo! Shoo!’ Shoutmon desperately wished for it to go away.

It didn’t “shoo.”

‘Please. Just go away already!’ Shoutmon prayed.

Moments later- the Tower glowed a green-white color, and it began to change its shape.

From a brown rock cylinder, the Tower changed into a large, sea fairing creature with equally massive fins and a long neck.

A Plesiomon- with the Hourglass logo painted on it’s chest.

Originally- the hourglasses were just meant to indicate that it was a part of Quartzmon’s plans.

The Towers- however- gain an added ‘feature’ that Quartzmon worked in during his initial development of the Towers.

“CRAP!” Shoutmon shouted into the radio channel- “EVERYONE SCATTER!”

The Plesiomon Tower dove towards the water…



Only to be forced out of it as a smaller, white furred Digimon emerged from the water, firing off it’s single black horn repeatedly as missiles.


The Plesiomon Tower was flung back into the cave- where it hit the dirt moments before an alarm blared.

Every Tower’s ‘face’ turned red as an angry ” :[ ” emote appeared in green.

Hey! That’s a familiar attack!

“Whoops! I think I over did it!” The Ikkakumon, for that indeed was who it was, chuckled dryly as a green bubble emerged from the water behind him and floated up into the air.

Inside was Shoutmon, Yuu, Mizuki, Kaoru, and Hangyomon- of course- but joining them were four others- Tsuwabuki, Chibi-Bastemon, an older teen with glasses and blue hair, and, naturally, Chibi-Kamemon, who was creating the bubble.

“I think you’re right Ikkakumon,” The older teen laughed, “but hey! Since when have we not ever over done it?”

“Good point, Joe!” Ikkakumon laughed even as the towers started converging towards them, “Don’t you think it’s time we took it up a level?”

“My thought’s exactly!” The teen- Joe- pulled off a golden necklace from around his neck and threw it into the air with his left hand, even as he held up a smaller, white, almost watch like device under it. “GO NOW, IKKAKUMON!”

And it’s JOE!!

*Cue BRAVE HEART (Karaoke)*

You can play the full lyric version if you want- but I didn’t want to tie lyrics down into the action.

The Digivice pulsed and transformed into a Navy Blue color as it shot a beam of light out into the necklace- containing what other than the Crest of Reliability- which continued on, containing all of the data necessary for a Digimon to Digivolve. The Crest data exploded at the top of the cave roof and spiraled down onto Ikkaukmon in a rush of energy.


The waters grew turbulent, and Ikkakumon submerged underneath a massive pillar of spiraling water. Lightning shot off of the water spout in all directions- but mainly at the converging Towers- hitting them in the faces and short circuiting them rather heavily.

The tornado of water fell to the wayside as a new Digimon grabbed a lightning bolt and transformed it into his Hammer- “ZUDOMON!”

This was my take on the “Digimon Evolve in Real Time” Sequences from Hunters cannon. Joe’s was really the only one I could do properly.

“Woah!” Yuu gawked at the sight in surprise, “What kind of Time Burst was that?”

“Not a Time Burst, A Super Digivolution,” Joe corrected with a smile as he casually caught the falling necklace on its descent, “by the way, sorry we’re late! The anomaly was rather unstable by the time we found it. We almost didn’t make it through on time.”

“But that’s our Good Ol’ Reliable Joe!” Zudomon laughed as he punched an oncoming tower in the ‘face’ sending it flying backwards into the cave, “Always making it just in the nick of time!”

“I’m Joe Kido, this is my partner, Zudomon,” Joe introduced himself, “It’s a pleasure to finally meet you for the first time, King Shoutmon.”

“Eh?” Shoutmon stared at the glasses wearing boy for a few moments, “Have we met?”

“About four years ago on my personal time line,” Joe laughed just ever so slightly, “but that’s about par the course for this adventure so far.”

Foreshadowing for the Adventure X0VAs.

“VULCAN’S HAMMER!” Zudomon utterly smashed a Tower into collapsing dirt and debris with a side swipe from his hammer.

“Damn, Time Travel again,” Shoutmon muttered, “so did I leave any advice for my past self?”

“Not really,” Joe then pointed at the spherical construct, “though if I had to guess, I’d say destroying that Gate would be the most important thing right now!”

“Right then,” Shoutmon nodded, then shifted into his OmegaShoutmon form, “ChibiKamemon! Open the bubble please!”

“Right!” ChibiKamemon nodded, and let a small opening in the bubble appear so Shoutmon could escape from it.

“Thank you!” Shoutmon saluted before summoning his engine wings and leaping out.

“I’ll cover you,” Yuu drew Corone in her scythe form, and leaped out after Shoutmon. ChibiKamemon then resealed the bubble and took a breath.

“Holding a hole open is a lot harder than maintaining a whole bubble,” he said with a sigh.

“You did great!” ChibiBastemon patted him on the shoulder.

Shoutmon and Yuu go to join the battle.

“So wait just a second,” Hangyomon took a moment to collect himself, and then asked, “What the hell is going on here!?”

“Isn’t it obvious?” Joe asked as Zudomon smashed another tower to pieces (Damn, there were a lot of them). “This is the eye of the storm! We’ve gathered about as many fighters as our timelines can spare, and we’re joining in the hunt for Quartzmon.”

“You know who Quartzmon is?” Kaoru asked, surprised.

“Of course we do!” Zudomon shouted, “He nearly killed us all when he super-charged the Dark Masters like he did!”

More foreshadowing.

“We’ve all got sort of a grudge against him, really,” Joe said with a completely serious look on his face, “If we didn’t come back to this moment in time to help you guys out, you couldn’t go into our pasts to help us out in our time of need! And then the timeline would get all convoluted and paradoxical and Izzy says that’d be aReally bad thing.”

“So now it’s our turn to even the score against this jerk!” Zudomon smirked and pulled his hammer back again,“VULCAN’S HAMMER!”

Another Tower bit the dust.

“God, I hate stable time loops,” Kaoru rubbed at her forehead.

“Tell me about it!” Tsuwabuki and Joe said at the same time, and then laughed the same laugh at the coincidence.

Voice actor Joke- Damemon and Joe shared voice actors in cannon- and do such as well in this universe 😛

OmegaShoutmon landed on the ground and summoned the massive SMASH CANNON, loading it with raw material that had just been lying around from one of the destroyed towers. “Let’s see how you like a taste of your own medicine, eh, Quartzmon?”

The Cannon revved up.

“DEMON HUNTER!” Yuu slashed through some of the even smaller towers that were starting to form up from the larger surviving chunks. “BREATH IMPACT!”

“Oh hoooo!~” Zudomon chuckled as the Plesiomon Tower came at him, “Ultimate Vs. Mega? Who Will Win?” He twirled his hammer around, and then jumped towards the mockery of his Evolution Line’s higher form. “RRRAAAH VULCAN’S HAMMER!”

“HERE WE GOOO!” OmegaShoutmon roared as the cannon locked onto the Stargate on the partially constructed sphere. “RESONANCE…CASCADEEEE!”

A massive beam of energy fired out of the cannon mouth and hurled straight towards the entrapped Dagomon.

The attack hit dead center.

Zudomon’s hammer smashed the Plesiomon Tower’s fragile rib cage right on the Hourglass Logo- and Shoutmon’s Laser Beam smashed into the Gateway like an arrow through the bullseye.

The Hourglasses end up being a sort of “Emergency Shut Down!” button, being synthetic creatures.

This weakness *IS* Carried over to everyone who has power provided to them by an Hourglass due to the simple fact of Quartzmon not bothering to clean up his code.

The Plesiomon Tower broke apart into cubes of green, yellow, blue, and white, much like Quartzmon had- and the Gateway…?

It melted into liquid, and then was vaporized into gaseous particles before it ever had a chance to explode.

And then Dagomon broke free of it’s prison with a roar: “EERF MA’I!”


“And that’s our cue to skedaddle!” Joe shouted, “Everyone, Fall Back Now!

Zudomon quickly scooped up Yuu and Shoutmon, and leaped into the water as Chibi-Kamemon pulled the bubble back down after them.

The remaining Towers turned towards the enraged and freed Dagomon and tried their best to contain him once more.

Dagomon smirked as the Towers failed in their goal.

You WANT to cheer Dagomon in his escape- but later on you learn that Quartzmon WANTED Dagomon to escape…

It’s very much a BAD THING.

They’d barely made it out of the anomaly before a pressure wave followed them out and the rift collapsed in on itself with a snuff, as if it were a birthday candle.

“Whewf,” Joe sighed in relief, “I wasn’t sure we were going to make it out of there for a second.”

“You think that was close?” Kaoru asked, “You should’ve seen what kind of pressure we were under when we fused two whole planets together.”

“Ah, point taken,” Joe chuckled.

Anomaly closes.

After they surfaced what was actually a few seconds later (The Time Dilation from the anomaly had been rather severe it seemed), our heroes found the harbor surrounded by boats, apparently sealing it off.

One was heading their way, and, at the bow, was a certain Watch Maker.

“Oiii! You all look like you had fun!” He waved at them.

“Ah, Emmit!” Joe called out, “It’s good to see you again!”

And they surface mere *SECONDS* later.

THAT is how severe the time anomaly was.

“You blew up a gate?” The Watch Maker asked in surprise.

“Sort of vaporized it, really,” Shoutmon confessed.

“That’s impossible,” The Watch Maker scowled, “the material the gates are made out of was chosen because it can handle heat and energy to an impossible degree when made into a circular form. It absorbs that energy and disperses it in an instant! You can’t melt one into a liquid with anything short of throwing it into Volcdramon’s core- and even then, the temperatures required to further vaporize it are impossible to reach by anything in the known universe! It can’t be done!”

“But we saw it vanish in an instant,” Shoutmon insisted, “My Resonance Cascade-”

“Should never be able to reach that kind of temperature without first vaporizing YOU first!” The Watch Maker had genuine panic in his eyes now, “That wasn’t the real gate! Quartzmon tricked us yet again!”

Sound familiar?

This is PART of the reason why The Watch Maker wanted Volcdramon captured rather than killed.

But sadly- this part of the plan never comes to fruition.

“Wait, what do you mean again?” Yuu asked.

“Your school was meant as a distraction,” The Watch Maker explained, “Tagiru and Chou managed to stop that incident, but it was obviously meant as a distraction from this, but if the Gate wasn’t Real…then…Then…” he realized what was going on that exact moment, “Betsumon…That fool was a plant in case he ever got caught…! Quartzmon must have fed him false information!”

“But why?” Shoutmon frowned. “What could be so important as to set up such a massive con like that?”

Inside his interrogation cell, Betsumon smirked ever so simply as he heard the chaos outside unfold.

“I can’t be sure,” The Watch Maker grumbled, “But there’s something bad about to happen. One of these things is not like the other…!”

“Wait, I think I remember you saying something before, King Shoutmon,” Joe spoke up suddenly, “something about a warehouse?”

“Ah!” Shoutmon’s eyes widened, “Betsumon’s warehouse! Where he was hiding out…!”

Joe knows a lot more than he lets on- but he CANNOT SPEAK A WORD OF IT out of turn or else risk screwing up his OWN past in the process!

Stable Time Loops are a *HUGE PAIN.*

“That’s our Joe!” Gomamon, Zudomon’s and Ikkakumon’s base form, laughed, “Always coming through at the last possible moment!”

Airu pulled a large tarp away from an object to uncover a strange crate. “Guys! Over here!”

“Wow, that’s pretty weird,” Haruki stared at it in awe. It was a wooden box- large and square, but mostly flat. “I wonder what’s in it?”

“Should we open it?” Gumdramon asked.

“Why not?” Witchmon shrugged.

And so they went to open the box.

“So what’s there?” Shoutmon asked, “What could possibly..?” It hit them all then as they simultaneously said:

“The Gate.”

MetalLifeKuwagamon- not a Digimon but a transformed Tower as indicated by the hourglass on it’s forehead- surveyed the ruined warehouse with a cold dedication.

It was now the time to strike.


MetalLifeKuwagamon gets an appearance several episodes ahead of schedule.


Joe Kido stared out over the docks with a bit of concern. Nothing good ever came from areas like this. When Myotismon had taken over Odaiba and trapped it in fog, Joe and T.K. had left from docks similar to these ones to enter the city to help their friends. Then, years later, their friend Ken, when he was under control of the Darkest of forces, had trapped Cody, Davis, Yolei, Kari, and T.K. inside an oil well off the coast of docks just like this.

There’d even been a MegaSeadramon both times- something Joe hoped to never repeat.

“I need to find King Shoutmon,” Joe said simply, glancing about for any sign of the Digital World’s present ruler. Instead, he saw a girl and a boy who would’ve been just a bit older than T.K. and Kari were during their first adventure, along with an awkward looking teen who seemed to be watching them. That was a hopeful sign. “Let’s try talking to them, okay?”

“Yeah, sure! They look pretty friendly,” Gomamon, his ever present Digimon Friend/Partner/Companion, agreed with a nod.

And so they walked over.

Here is why I had those three stay behind.

“Excuse me,” a voice called out, “can I ask you three a question?”

ChibiKamemon looked up, surprised to see someone talking to them. “Uh…”

“Hi, I’m Joe Kido,” Joe held out his hand to greet them, as if expecting someone to meet it in return, “I was told I could find King Shoutmon down here?”

“If it’s not too much trouble, we’ve got a message to deliver,” came a second voice- making all three of them look down.

“OooH!” The Princess cooed, “It’s a Gomamon! I haven’t met one of you before!”

“Pleasure to make your acquaintance then,” Gomamon pretended to take off a hat and place it in front of his heart as he bowed his head.

“Who sent you, exactly?” Tsuwabuki asked, slightly wary. Where did this guy come from?

“Emmit Brown, the guy who runs the clock shop,” Joe answered.

The Right Name Drop- and you can get by with wonders.

“Oh, that guy!” Tsuwabuki nodded, “Gotcha! Okay then, well, I’m sorry to say that Shoutmon and the others went underwater to investigate something!”

“Oh no,” Joe’s eyes widened in panic, “I’m too late!”

“Too late for what?” ChibiKamemon asked.

“I’ve got to go save them before it’s too late!” Joe turned to run off before, turning back around towards them, “Sorry, um, Which way did they go again?”

“This way!” The Princess cheered and hoped down from her seat to lead Joe and Gomamon to where they needed to go.


That’s Joe for you.


“We’re too late!”

“Why the hell can’t I teleport?”

“We’ve gotta hurry!”

“Palmon! Time to show these goons who’s boss!”

“Renamon! I don’t want to get left behind by a Flower Girl, do you?!”

“Hey Hey Hey! Guess who’s finally here!?”

“Ugh, couldn’t we have left him back home?”

“Sorry, Yolei, I don’t think the timeline would’ve liked that.”


“XROS THROUGH! The Eye of the Storm!”

“Are we really picking that naming scheme up again?”

“Do we have the time to discuss the Meta Narrative Prompt right now, Takato?!”

Takato is, of course, referring to the 7Swords finale structure:


The next three are, as follows,


19BETUnderseaAdventure Mizuki reintroduced, catch up with Hangyomon, ChibiKamemon, ChibiBastemon.
20RookChessmon BET Hiroya

This episode and NEXT episode.

As you can see, the first is more accurate than the next.


“There was a hole in time,” An unknown girl said to whoever was listening. “A hole so big with cracks so wide that time started falling in on itself.”

Our camera view rested on an Earth and its moon- surrounded by clouds of static and miles of red and green tendrils.

I never settled on whether or not the girl speaking here was Hikari, Kristy, or Rei.

It might be Nyarko or Kuuko, all grown up, for all I know.

This is the XrosWarsAU02 Earth.

“It was a hole so bad that everything bled over- and suddenly you may wonder,” The girl continued on, “was the hole actually a hole? Wasn’t it natural that all these ideas and concepts from these other worlds bled over to different places, different times, all under the guise of being ‘fictional’?”

The Earth blurred in a cut of static- becoming a different Earth- one with red seas instead of blue, and having been flooded massively. The Moon had a streak of red across it’s surface.

An Eva-Verse Earth- most likely the Nobody Dies EvaVerse Earth seen in the later X0VAs.

“Should that hole be fixed? Or should it’s creation be ensured?”

Another blip- suddenly it was as it was before- except now it had pink oceans and yellow and green and blue landmasses.


“It’s the same as another well known paradox- Do we risk changing things for the better, and chance them getting worse?” the girl questioned. “Or do we risk staying the same and chance having something miraculous happen?”

The planet vanished into the static, as the camera pulled back away to reveal the static being viewed in one of four panels of a four panneled Television of sorts- a Frenstrated Plane.

A Fourth Wall, if you will.

“By the very nature of Cause and Effect- this choice has made two time lines.”

The Screen Bifurcated- Showing the same planet on the top two monitors, and the same person on the bottom two.

“The world where you Stopped the chaotic event, and the world where you Failed to prevent it.”

The bottom screens showed the person going about different actions- and on the left side, the planet and person were eradicated in an explosion. On the right side- the planet and person stayed the same.

This is Foreshadowing the end result of Quartzmon’s plan in a very simple way.

“But what then of other people’s individual choices? What branches do they make? What paths do they consider risk-able?”

The screen bifurcated again- showing four people- two on the right side that were different, and two on the left side that were different.

“Having made that first choice, what then does the second person do? Do they make the same choices? And if so, what happens as a result of your first choice?”

The screens cut to static.

“And so on, and so forth.” the girl said with a sigh. “Eventually- the timelines of multiple realities start merging with each other. Branches colliding and paths uniting…”

I set this scene up with the Eternity Served Cold section of story in mind.

The four screens changed- showing different teams of people. On the top left- Taichi Kamiya’s team of Eight- facing off against the menace Apocylamon. On the top right- Davis Motomiya and his team of Six, facing off against the menace MaloMyotismon. On the bottom left, Takato Matsuki and his team of Four, fighting inside the D-Reaper. On the bottom right, Takuya Kanbara and his team of Five facing off against the Royal Knights Dynasmon and Crusadermon.

“What happens when the lines twist and tangle because of that hole- because of the bleeding- because of one person’s unified will across all multiversal duplicates of himself?”

The Screen changed once more- Showing Xros Heart during their final battle in Sword Zone against Grademon on the right most monitors, and the DATS team during their final fight against Yggdrasil on the left most monitors.

“Cause. And. Effect.”

The screens changed to show Tagiru’s group celebrating the victory of having caught Volcdramon on all four monitors.

This was a sort of flowery scene to remind people of who the heroes of past generations were.

These are the CANON!Versions of the past heroes- even the Grademon scene.

“But what if the Cause is the Effect? How can you tell what can possibly be done when timelines so converge that all choices have been narrowed down onto a single path? A single result?”

The screens returned to static- showing the Red and Green tendrils being quickly overcome by Lightning Blue energy.

“So now we must ask ourselves: Success… or Failure?”

The Static and Lightning Blue lines vanished- instead replaced by a combination of the 69 symbol and the Record Scratch Z.

“Heads… or Tails?”

More foreshadowing for what is to immediately follow.




*cue Title Theme*

“XROS THROUGH! The Eye of the Storm!”

What a title- eh?


“It’s empty,” Gumdramon said flatly.

The crate was completely empty. More than empty, in fact.

Inside of that oddly shaped crate was a massive tunnel that went downwards and downwards…

Witchmon cast a small sphere of light, and then dropped it down into the well.

A second later it was out of sight.

“Wait for it…” She held up a hand.

Five seconds passed…Ten…Fifteen…Thirty…!


“Yeeeah,” Haruki frowned, “We’re not going down that way, are we?”

“Not unless you can fly,” Airu huffed as she crossed her arms. “Seriously, who makes a tunnel like that?”

“Well,” Gumdramon ventured a guess, “I’d say someone who could fly!”

If you do the math- that is a very long fall.

In animated format- this scene would stand out by not having the characters stay static- but instead by them gradually getting more concerned the longer it took.

“Yeah, but that’s just about anyone,” Witchmon pointed out. “Wait, *I* Can fly! We can just take my broom down and-”

“No! I mean THAT GUY RIGHT THERE!” Gumdramon shouted, pointing upwards suddenly.

MetallifeKuwagamon was descending towards them, blaster hands drawn and ready to fire.

“Woah! Hey, buddy!” Haruki held his hands up to appease the Digimon, “We don’t mean you any harm here!”

The Golden Digimon stared at them for a few moments- and then the Hourglass on it’s forehead glowed.“Homing Laser,” it said electronically.

Beams of light shot out of it’s fingers and started dancing around wildly before converging towards the warehouse.


Suddenly- a Silphymon threw itself into the line of fire and fired off a pink aura duplicate of itself that cut through the lasers (absorbing them straight into the aura) and straight into MetallifeKuwagamon- sending it flying backwards in surprise.


“YAHOOO!” Cried a cheerful girl’s voice from outside, “That’s the way you do it, Silphymon!”

“Good work, Silphymon!” came a second girl’s voice.

“Let’s go!” Airu shouted before running outside to go see what was going on.

Standing outside were two girls. The older one had a beret on over her dark purple colored hair. She was wearing a pair of round lens glasses, a set of jeans that went down to her knees, and a green T-shirt with a radio station logo on the front. Her boots looked like they’d been ripped straight out of a video game.

Her name? Yolei Inoue.

The younger one was just a head shorter- having matching shoulder length brown hair and brown eyes. She had on a yellow bandanna around her neck, was wearing sleveless pink shirt with three red diamonds on the front and a pair of dark purple shorts, and hand an absurd amount of watches on her wrists. She had on a completely average pair of white and yellow sneakers.

Her name? Hikari Yagami.

They’re wearing their summer clothing designs- rather than their Digital World gear. Why? I have no clue, really. I just liked their summer clothing designs. ^_^;

Both were holding Digivices that were completely unusual- oval shaped bodies with opposite colored trim + main colors, and black antennas sticking off from one side. Yolei’s was red trimmed, Hikari’s was pink.

“Alright! Let’s take this fake of a Digimon out in a flash!” Yolei shouted.

“Got it!” Silphymon agreed in one of it’s two voices- the deep male one- indicating it as a Xrossed Digimon. “Hey Ugly!” it shouted in the other- the higher pitched female- voice, “Why don’t you come back down here and pick on someone three-tenths your size!”

I couldn’t help it- I *LOVE* that taunt of Gatomon’s just a weeee bit too much.

Er- Tailmon, I suppose, since this isn’t Gatomon, but Tailmon.

MetallifeKuwagamon would have snarled if it had been programmed with the emotion. “Emit Blade.” It held it’s hands flat out like blades and summoned blue energy beam blades. It dove down towards them with a killing intent.

“So you wanna play it like that, huh?” Silphymon asked with both voices, then glowed pink like it was about to fire off another astral double- but then condensed it down into a sphere of pink energy in their hands. “STATIC FORCE!”

One thrust- and a bullet like burst of energy shot through the air- piercing MetallifeKuwagamon in the forehead (straight through the hourglass), and forcing it to colapse into it’s cube-like data structure with all of it’s momentum held intact.

It started raining gelatin cubes of green, yellow, white, and blue.

“…” Gumdramon stared at the sight for a few moments, then took a breath and shouted, “WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT!?”

Hikari turned towards Yolei and smiled, “I think we should give them an explanation, ne, Yolei-san?”

“Yeah, probably,” Yolei was more focused on making sure that all of the cubes that landed around them had started melting away. “Looks like we’re clear!”

Smooth as *ICE* plus one off screen explanation later.

Kotone arrived at the warehouse just in time to watch Yolei hold her Digivice into the air and order a command;“DIGI-ARMOR ENERGIZE!”

Meanwhile- Hikari shouted a similar command, “DIGIMENTAL UP!”



It was an amazing sight- the small hawk and the small cat were surrounded by rings of energy as they changed forms. Ghost images of other Digimon seemed to briefly appear inside the formations of energy- Biyomon, Birdramon, Garudamon, and an Angewomon.

Metal wings shot out of the red storm of energy as a new Digimon took a step out onto Digi-Quartz:“HOLSEMON! THE WINGS OF LOVE!”

Angel wings shot out from a sphinx’s body that stepped out of the pink storm of energy, calling out a slightly different phrase, “SHINING SMILES! NEFERTIMON!”

This was to show that these two have opposing dub names BECAUSE they’re from different universes.

In the ENG Dub of this scene in that universe where this story is the canon Xros Wars, they kept the lines like that because that’s how the scene was intended to come off and a LOT of future lines make no sense if they’re from the same universe.

“Wow, despite being such an identical process,” Airu was saying- completely surprised, “it’s really different between you two!”

“Different Dimensions and all that jazz,” Yolei brushed it off. “Izzy could explain it better than I can. Well…Any Izzy, really. Why did we bring so many of him like we did?”

“I’m just glad that we could combine our digimon just the same though,” Hikari smiled, “I was concerned that the Joggress wouldn’t work.”

“D.N.A. Digivolve,” Yolei corrected a small multi-versal difference.

“Yes, whatever,” Hikari laughed.

Lines like that.

There are also LOTS of Izzys running around, apparently.

“Uh…” Kotone coughed politely, as if to introduce herself, “Hi.”

“Hey ther-errr,” Airu stopped the moment she saw what Kotone was wearing, “what’s with the fan service outfit?”

Only Airu could mistake a Gym uniform for a fan service outfit.

“One of Tagiru’s classmates pulled us all into Digi-Quartz during gym,” Kotone said simple, “can one of you guys come back with me so we can get our Xros Loaders back?”

“Your classmate?” Hikari asked, surprised, “What happened?”

This Hikari isn’t quite used to espionage within her own universe- the events of this Xros Wars Universe help her to deal with it a bit better come the reveals leading into the Daemon arc in her universe.

It also gives her the chance to giggle at the oddest of times when she sees something that reminds her of this journey- and people got *Really* unnerved by it- especially her team-mates.

“It’s really embarrassing and I don’t want to talk about it here. All you need to know is that Chou stopped it.” Kotone crossed her arms with a huff, then noticed the open box, “So what the heck is that?”

“Tunnel Quartzmon left,” Gumdramon said simply, “we think it leads to a lab.”

“Okay then,” Kotone turned towards Haruki ad Airu, “so about that ride?”

“I’ll go,” Airu volunteered, “if my cousin put a stop to something, I really want to hear all the details!”

“Alright, I’ll fill you in on the way,” Kotone turned to Gumdramon, “you coming too?”

“Nah, I’m gonna check this tunnel out with these guys,” Gumdramon flashed a grin, “gotta make sure Betsumon didn’t leave any traps behind.”

“Alright then! That sounds like a plan!” Yolei clapped her hands and rubbed them together with a grin on her face, “Let’s get spelunking!”

“Is…she always like that?” Witchmon asked.

“Don’t look at me,” Hikari smiled uncomfortably, “my Miyako is a touch calmer than this.”

Parallel Universes are FUN.

“So who were they?” Kotone asked as she surfed her and Airu back towards the school.

“Heroes from other dimensions that the Watch Maker recruited,” Airu answered. “Apparently we’ll get around quite a bit over the next few months!”

“Time travel?” Kotone asked.

“Yeah, basically,” Airu smirked, “now tell me! What kind of trouble did Chou put to an end?”


That “Get around” line can be interpreted in so many ways.

But it’s NOT just months, Airu- it’s YEARS.


“What’s going on?” Kaiyumi asked as Tairru pulled her out of class.

“Taiki called,” The girl answered, “apparently he can’t teleport anymore. Quartzmon’s making his move so he wants us all together A.S.A.P.!”

“What do you mean he can’t teleport?” Kaiyumi asked.

“I asked the same thing!” Simon said as he joined up again, having split off to grab Konata and Clubs from elsewhere. “It’s exactly what it means! He can’t teleport right now!”

“But that’s impossible! The teleports are just a subset of his greater powers given by the Code Crown,” Konata ranted, “he can’t not do it because he didn’t seal that power away! Isn’t that how it works?”

“Well, it’s not working now,” Tairru huffed, “so we can’t risk being split up right now. Quartzmon’s making his move.”

“He is?” Kaiyumi asked, “Wait- all the missing people, right?”

“Not just that,” Tairru said as she lead them out into the school’s entry hall, “Watch Guy got us back up from other dimensions Quartzmon’s terrorized. They’ve met our future selves and they can confirm that we told them that this is the time Quartzmon accelerated everything.”

“Wait- we’ve got multiple stable time loops?” Simon asked as he went up to his shoe locker, “That can’t be good!”

This scene is Kaiyumi and Simon playing catch up- as well as giving me an opportunity to straighten out some details that might otherwise not be immediately obvious.

“Not so much time loops as inter-dimensional walls not lining up at the same point,” Kaiyumi corrected as she too went to her locker, “That said, if this IS the day we’ve been waiting for- the day that the Time Storms were born, then that might be why Taiki can’t teleport.”

“What do you mean?” Clubs asked as he opened the door to his locker.

“Taiki once got a glitched teleport- he and Sally didn’t wind up where they wanted to be, but instead wound up somewhere else in time-space. Another world alternate to ours,” Kaiyumi explained as she started trading shoes out. “They figured that Taiki’s teleporting was actually hijacking a Time Storm in a localized space, and in that case, the storm decided not to play along.”

“So basically if we’re at the epicenter of the time storms, then Taiki can’t actively find a time storm?” Konata asked as she put her school shoes back into her locker, “Is that how it goes?”

“Probably.” Kaiyumi looked to Tairru, “I bet Taiki already came to that conclusion?”

Another thing that shows up in this final arc of hunters is that EVERYONE thinks the Time Storms are centered around this particular earth at this particular time.

To a degree- they are. But at the same time- the actual CAUSE of the storms happens elsewhere- undetectable by normal means.

“I’d guess so,” the older girl shrugged, “he didn’t really tell me anything other than to pick you guys up.”

“What about Tagiru and the others?” Kaiyumi asked as they started for the doors.

“We lost contact with Tagiru’s school about an hour ago,” Tairru said, “but Airu wristered us a few minutes ago that she was with Kotone, so evidently things got sorted out on that end.” She paused for a moment then added, as if remembering something crucial, “Oh! Also, Shoutmon and Yuu found a construction Yard for a Gate. But the one they destroyed was done in the wrong way- the Watch Maker thinks it was a fake.”

“So what’s our plan now?” Kaiyumi asked.

“Evacuate as many off of earth as possible,” Tairru said, “Sally and Nene are handling the logistics of that, but the way it’s looking with all the wildlife vanishing like it has, and all the missing people? Earth isn’t looking habitable anytime soon.”

“Digi-Quartz,” Simon deduced.

“Exactly,” Kaiyumi nodded, “So this is the end eh? Thirty years? Forty?”

“Yeah looks like,” Tairru glanced to the sky and smirked, “Ah, and there’s our ride!”

“Huh?” Konata glanced up- seeing first hand exactly what it was that was descending towards them. “No Way!”

It was an Imperialdramon.

I’m setting up people’s expectations that- DESPITE ALL ODDS- they prevent the earth from being destroyed.

“Attention passengers! We are now landing at some middle school in the middle of nowhere,” Imperialdramon said in the alternating voices of Stingmon and ExVeemon. “Please prepare for boarding! We will be taking off momentarily!”

Clubs whistled, “Now that’s what I’d call back up!”

On top of Imperialdramon’s back stood a boy- wearing a blue and red flame jacket and yellow-grey pants. Holding his mess of reddish-brown hair in place was a set of Goggles. “I’m glad you guys approve!”

His name? Davis Motomiya.

This isn’t the Daisuke we saw back in Canyon Land who spoke with Kiriha.

He shows up later- and is from Hikari’s universe.

“Attention! This is a Public Safety Announcement. As of this moment, all world leaders are advising their citizens to flee to the Digital World.” A news Reporter interrupted a local broadcast. “Due to increasing evidence piling in the last few hours- there are concerns that a major world-wide catastrophe will strike and that the world’s citizens will not be safe should this-“


“But the real question is what is CAUSING this?” A man asked. “All of the Dolphins in the world suddenly jump ship to the Digital World? That’s straight out of a science fiction novel! But it’s not just the Dolphins either. World Wide we are starting to see animal populations vanish nigh instantaneously. At the Denver Zoo we had a first hand witness who was cleaning the monkey cages observe the monkeys simply vanishing into portals of some kind.”


“It’s a conspiracy,” A woman said simply, “the Digital World’s Denizens are preparing to terraform Earth and absorb it. They’ve been planning this for over a year now. It’s all a simple matter of-“


“Operations have been put underway to reach third-world nation countries who have no clear method of transport to or from the Digital World.” A man explained, “The process is slow going as the key people involved in organizing these events have gone missing.”


Ren shut the Television off. “They were off by four months,” was all he said with regards to the sudden apocalypse.

This was the LAST chance I had to work in the World Media reactions to the Digi-Quartz thing in the Hunters Arc.

Ren’s comment is referring to the infamous “Dec 21, 2012” date.


The Tunnel went down for quite some time before it leveled out and headed in a completely different direction.

“I’ll run low on magic at this rate,” Witchmon muttered as she recast another light sphere.

“Don’t worry, we’ll reach where ever it is we’re going before then,” Haruki put a hand on her shoulder and smiled. “Then you can rest up, recharge…”

“Right,” She smiled back at him.

“So I never got a straight answer on this before,” Yolei began talking at the Dragon riding on Holsemon’s head in front of her, “Digimon and Humans in this world are…compatible, right?”

“Hm?” Gumdramon raised an eyebrow. “I guess it depends on what you mean by ‘compatible’.”

Yolei is asking about Human/Digimon relations in two senses. The first, that she’s too embarrassed to really talk about, is Human/Digimon reproduction.

“Well, we just defeated our big bad,” Yolei explained, keeping the spoilers at a minimum for Hikari (whose own timeline hadn’t reached that point yet), “and now our Earth and our Digital World are aware of eachother. How well does that work? Inter-planetary wise?”

“I suppose it’s alright,” Gumdramon shrugged, “I never really paid any attention to politics, if that’s what you mean.”

“I know the feeling,” Yolei laughed just a bit. “It’s already been a bit of a mess…”

“To be honest, I think it worked out better here because our rulers can shift forms on the fly,” Gumdramon started rambling. “If someone’s not comfortable talking to a giant dragon, they just shift to human and bam! Instant ease of relations.”

“I guess a major problem is that our Digital World doesn’t really have a ruler,” Yolei frowned. “Usually any time it happens, bad things start happening.” She sighed, “Maybe I’m being paranoid, but I can’t shake the feeling that if we don’t keep tensions low, that my earth is going to try launching an invasion on our Digital World. I…I just wouldn’t know where I’d stand on that.”

The second is another thing that’s been on the forefront of her mind.

The scenario she’s imagining is something similar to the Digimon Fanfic The Interloper, where Human/Digimon relations went BAD in a REALLY BAD way.

It’s a well written fanfic, mind you, but it’s bloody depressing to the point I had to stop reading it. If you’re into that kind of thing, I recommend it, I guess.

“Heh, you and me both,” Gumdramon laughed hollowly. “Honestly? If I could stay out of politics for the rest of my life, the better I’d be. But I know I can’t…”

“Oh?” It was Yolei’s turn now to raise an eyebrow.

“Tagiru keeps getting all these facts shoved in his face that he’s gonna go back in time and become someone important, and I’ve gotta stick with him, ya know?” Gumdramon held his hands out for emphasis, “I can’t just leave him alone in the past like that!”

“That’s a feeling we all know well,” Holsemon chuckled. “I would never be able to leave Yolei to such a fate. We’re friends to the end.”

“Aw, Holsemon, you big softy!” Yolei playfully punched at the metal wing in front of her.

“Heh,” Gumdramon chuckled, “I don’t think you’ve got too much to worry about, Miss Inoue!”

“Call me Yolei, please,” Yolei sweated just a little, “Miss Inoue sounds like my mom.”

“Haha,” Gumdramon laughed, “Sure thing!”

This is a final chance to get in Gumdramon’s impressions on his impending Time Travel adventures.

And Yolei proves once more why she’s a favorite character of mine to write.

“Everyone,” Hikari called out, “I think we’re here!”

Indeed, they were.

Before them now was a massive metal, spiral gauge gate. (Or maybe rather, an Iris, if you will?)

It’s a Stargate Iris– like seen in SG1.

“So how do we get it open?” Haruki asked.

“Eh, knowing Betsumon…?” Gumdramon coughed a few times, and then tried his best Betsumon impersonation- “Password.

There was a click- and then the metal door began spiraling into the wall- opening the passageway into a round room that looked like it was an assembly factory of sorts.

On the ground were three ring shaped dents that looked like they would hold Gateways perfectly.

Only two were empty.

“For once, I think we hit the jackpot,” Nefertimon noted.

The Password is Password.

You’ve GOT to wonder- *WHY* exactly did Quartzmon make *THREE* Gates?

He only needs TWO.

WHY make a third unless he *EXPECTS* Xros Heart to steal one?


One the first side of a disk was every human character that had xrossed over to this universe that would be seen in this episode.

On the second side of that disk was every Digimon character that had xrossed over to this universe that would be seen in this episode.




Everything was as quiet and peaceful as could be given the world wide order to evacuate.

And then a floating tower of rock appeared in the sky with a flash of time static. It had a green face with a red ” TuMuT ” written on its face. Nobody knew what it meant at all when spelled like that.

This QuartzTower is channeling Caliborn in all the wrong ways.

His double flip-off emote is broken.

“Alright, Palmon!” A girl wearing a Pink Dress and an equally Pink Cowboy hat ran out from under an overhang, a green digivice similar to Joe’s was held in her gloved hands. “Let’s show that overgrown meanie who’s boss!”

“Right, Mimi!” The Palmon at her side nodded.

Mimi Tachikawa held up the Digivice and a beam of light shot out at Palmon. “Let’s do this, Palmon!”

Palmon leaped into the air, shouting out “PALMON BIOMERGE TOOO!” as she and Mimi transformed into beams of energy that fused together, showing each of Palmon’s intermediary forms as sort of 3D models before settling on the highest form- whose body gained detailing and color as she emerged from the beam of light-“ROSEMON!”

The Tower didn’t react to the lone digimon soaring up towards it, although the people in the train station cheered at the sudden light show.

Excluding two.

“Ch, c’mon Renamon,” Rika Nonaka smirked and held up her blue trimmed, white bodied D-Arc, “you don’t want to get shown up by flower girl here, now do you?”

“Heh,” Renamon chuckled, “I suppose not!”


There was a sudden gust of Cherry blossom petals from the spot where the duo stood- and a second later a cry could be heard as a blue light, surrounded by a raging sphere of petals, leaped into the sky: “RENAMON BIOMERGE TOOO!”

The newly-formed Mega blew the barrage of leaf-petals away as their combined form revealed itself-“SAKUYAMON!”

“Uwwaah!” A kid cried out, “That was awesome!”

This Mimi and Palmon- seen in the FIRST EPISODE of Hunters- are Bio-Merge capable.

Mimi and Rika hit it off due to that.

Now- with two Megas in front of it, the Tower finally noticed it’s challengers. The emoticon on its face shifted to a “TuWuT” before it glowed completely and shifted forms- becoming a massive, bipedal castle of a beast:

RookChessmon (Black).

“Ch-” Inside of Sakyuamon, Rika smirked, “I don’t think this guy’s going to be much of a problem!” And with that, she drew her staff and quickly chanted a spell that launched off a storm of cherry blossoms at the beast.“AMETHYST WIND!”

“I like your style!” Rosemon crossed her arms and then glowed red as she prepared her own attack.“FORBIDDEN TEMPTATION!”

Twin storms of flower petals blew around and surrounded the RookChessmon Tower.

“Castle Wall!” It tried to bring up it’s defenses, but it was too late.

Its outer brick masonry was being peeled away by the storm of wind and petals- the Hourglass logo could be seen on its chest clearly now.

“Now, then Palmon!” Mimi shouted, “Let’s use That attack!”

“Right!” Rosemon pulled the left whip back and then threw it at the exposed Hourglass: “BEAUTY SHOCK!”

“It’s time to finish this!” Renamon quickly opened the four vials attached to her belt as she and Rika called out their Finishing Move, “SPIRIT STRIKE!”

Four Fox Spirits leaped out- Lightning, Wind, Fire, and Water- and circled around Rosemon’s vine-spear as if forming a drill tip of some kind.


The Hourglass logo was destroyed in an instant- and the Tower began collapsing before it could even pull off an attack.

“Well that was easy,” Mimi remarked as the gelatin cubes began falling towards the ground below.

“Nice job,” Rika said through Sakuyamon as she held up her hand- which Mimi met with a High Five through Rosemon.


The Hourglasses made it rather easy for me to end fights quickly in these Cascade Lead In chapters, mainly because there are TONS of them and there’s a LOT to show.

“We now have confirmation! Unknown creatures have begun attacking various parts of the world.” A reporter advised as an image of a Tower appeared next to him, “Authorities are advising to seek cover when these objects appear!”


“In what’s becoming an absolutely amazing show of defense, guards assigned to help keep order during evacuation boarding have been able to destroy the towers with the uncovered weakness of the hourglass logo that appears on the transformed bodies at various points of the-“ A female reporter was saying.


“I’m telling you, it’s a conspiracy “ a insisted, “The Hourglass logo on these creatures is the exact same one as a local network station logo in Japan. The fact of the matter is that this is NOT a coincidence at all and-“


“The Militaries of the world are scrambling fighter jets to target these UFOs, tentatively named “Towers” after their tower like form,” a woman representative of some various government was explaining, “whenever and where-ever they appear. At the moment, we’re fairly certain that these Towers are only targeting the major rail stations and-“


“Well THAT’s certainly done it,” Sally muttered as she shut off the news reports feeding in from all over the world now.

People’s responses to the defense against the Towers.

The Hourglass point out is to make readers go back and double check for that Hour-glass logo mentioned.

Quartzmon was stepping up his game. He really didn’t want people leaving earth for some unknown reason- why else send the Towers to attack train stations?

“Ahoy!” Came a familiar voice from outside- she glanced outside of the office she had borrowed and saw Tagiru, Chou, Airu, Dorulumon, and Kotone walking up- with a tied up Mami in tow.

Kotone was the one who had called out, and was also the one towing Mami along inside a massive bubble of floating water. Chou was carrying…Wait what? Sally blinked. Did her eyes deceive her, or was that the rocket hammer, that had gone ballistic, that Chou was holding?

Sally had to laugh at the absurdity of the situation. “What the hell have you guys been up to all day?”

“You wouldn’t believe us even if we told you,” Chou laughed as she hefted the hammer a bit.

“Anyways!” Sally changed the subject, “We need to regroup, and get as many people off of earth as possible. We think Quartzmon’s doing something to all of the people over age twenty to make them vanish like they have been.”

“Wait,” Dorulumon’s eyes widened slightly, “you can’t possibly mean that he’s-?”

“He is.” Sally nodded glumly.

“Can someone explain what’s going on here?” Airu asked with a frown.

And so- for those who didn’t get it- what’s happening is explained.

“Long story short?” Kotone began, “My parents and their friends made this world twenty years ago- now anyone who was ‘born’ native-ly to earth before that time doesn’t realy exist as fully as people born after that time.”

“What? Seriously?” Airu gawked at Kotone in disbelief.

“About as serious as we can get,” Taiki said as he strolled in, Kaiyumi at his side. “It’s a subtle kind of difference, but it’s enough to give Quartzmon an edge.”

“That’s why we’re evacuating earth,” Sally added, “Save as many lives as we can, worry about what Quartzmon’s doing after that and-” she frowned as she saw a look of horror flash in Tagiru’s eyes, “Are you okay?”

“No,” Tagiru shook his head, taking a few steps backwards, “My parents are-They were-”

Chou seemed to get his meaning, as her eyes widened as well, “Oh man, we’ve got to get over there right now!”

“Wait,” Taiki started, “what’s wrong?”

“No time to explain!” Taigru turned and ran off, Chou close behind him. “We’ve got to go!”

“Tagiru!” Kaiyumi called out, “Wait just a second…!”

But it was too late- those two could be really fast if they wanted to be, and they were already out of sight before anything could be done.

Tagiru’s parents are DRUNK and HUNG OVER and are DEFINITELY going to ignore the news.

Or Laugh at it. Depending.

“Damn it,” Sally grumbled, “that’s just what we need right now. History’s most important people going awol.”

“I’ll go after them!” Airu turned to leave too, “Maybe I can figure out what’s wrong on the way?”

“Good luck!” Kaiyumi’s wishes weren’t even heard as the other girl shifted forms and darted out of there like a bat out of hell. “Wait…since when could she shift forms?”

“I don’t really think this is the time to be discussing these kinds of things,” Kotone snapped, “right?”

“Right,” Sally shook her head, “we’ve got to-” and as she turned- she realized that Taiki was gone too. “Damn it, Kudo.” She growled, and then took off her ID badge and threw it to Kotone, “You just got promoted! You deal with all of this!”

And a moment later- she was running out after Taiki and the others.

Kotone didn’t even have a JOB with Sally- she’s been Hired and Promoted in ALL of one motion.

A Tower drew close to another train station- preparing to rain energy blasts down upon hapless citizens below-


-Only to be smashed into pieces by Imperialdramon blasting it through the face with a laser.

“Nice job, Imperialdramon!” Davis gave a thumbs up…

“Uh, Davish…!” Imperialdramon cautioned in ExVeemon’s voice.

“Uh oh…” Davis regretted that quick-jump-to-victory instantly as three smaller towers appeared from the ruins of the first one- each shifting forms into identical shapes- MaloMyotismon. “That’s not good.”

“You’re telling me!” Imperialdramon took to the skies as the trio of MaloMyotismon’s followed them- anger clearly evident on their faces.




Suddenly- explosions rocked the trio of MaloMyotismons as a WarGreymon, a Gallantmon, and a ShineGreymon descended on the scene.

“Hey, Davis!” Taichi Kamiya waved from his spot on ShineGreymon’s right shoulder, next to the ShineGreymon’s owner- a Younger looking version of Marcus! “Don’t let your guard down!”

“Like I’d ever do that, Tai!” Davis flashed a grin at the younger, alternate version of his mentor.

“Uh…guys…!” Gallantmon spoke up with the usual dual voice of Takato and Guilmon, “We didn’t finish those Myotismons!”

Indeed, the trio of Myotismons seemed to have barely been scratched by that onslaught.

“We didn’t hit their weak points,” the alternate Marcus growled, “I can’t see any hourglasses on them, do you?”

“Let’s hope it’s not split between them,” WarGreymon grumbled.

And then…

…A KaiserGreymon descended upon the trio with a roar and a mighty down swing from his sword.


The first MaloMyotismon was cut in half in an instant- dispersing into cubes that melted away from the sheer heat of the attack.

The Other two reeled backwards in surprise-


-Only to be bisected by a VictoryGreymon in two neat strokes from behind.

“Woah,” Davis stared on in surprise, “now that’s an entrance!”

The Heroes of Past worlds unite.

Sorry- there won’t be a Marcus leaping off to punch four MaloMyotismon into oblivion here.

“No way…!” Gallantmon said in Takato’s voice, “That’s…!”

“Yo!” The VictoryGreymon gave a wave as it greeted them in Taichi’s voice. “And what do ya know, there’s another me here too!”

“Eh?” The first Taichi stared on in confusion. “What the-!?”

“Biomerged, right?” Takato asked.

“Yup,” The VictoryGreymon nodded.

“Dang, don’t tell me there’s other versions of me running around here too?” The younger Marcus nearly shouted in surprise.

There are- alt Marcus.

“I hear the one who was here already fell down some stairs and is in the hospital,” the KaiserGreymon remarked- talking with the voice of none-other-than Takuya Kanbara.

“What? Seriously!?” The younger Marcus actually shouted in surprise. “Maan! What a lame way to get stuck out of fighting!”

“So…” KaiserGreymon ventured, “Out of all of us who’re in Digimon form right now, who wears goggles normally?”

Gallantmon and VictoryGreymon raised their hands.

“Niiiice,” KaiserGreymon grined- though you couldn’t see it through his face plate. “Goggles rule, man!”

“That they do!” VictoryGreymon and Taichi agreed with a shared, identical laugh.

Takuya is the one to bring up the goggles.

Davis, meanwhile, was just staring on with a mildly befuddled expression on his face. “Man…that’s five Tai’s I’ve met since we started this,” he muttered, “why are there so many out there?”

“I don’t know, Davis,” Imperialdramon said with Stingmon’s voice, “I really don’t know.”

There are so many Tai’s out there because there are so many Tai’s out there in the Multi Verse.

There are just too many Tai’s!!!

Shoutmon turned his head the moment Taiki ran past them- “Wait, what?” He turned to Joe, who was driving the car they were in, “Hey! Stop the car!”

“What?” Joe hit the brakes rather suddenly. “What’s wrong?!”

“Nothing! I’ve gotta get out here!” Shoutmon threw the door open and jumped out of the car before slamming the door closed behind him, “Get going! We don’t have all day!”

“Right!” And with that, Joe sped off before anyone else could protest.

“TAIKI!” Shoutmon turned to run after the goggle wearing boy. “Wait up just a second!”

“What the hell was that all about?” Yuu blinked in confusion.

“I don’t know,” The Watch Maker muttered, “but this can’t be-”

Moments later- Sparrowmon whizzed past the car going nearly twice the local speed limit.

“-Good,” Tsuwabuki finished.





That had been the compromised term for the two Jogress/D.N.A. Digivolve partners from across dimensions.

“When in Rome,” Yolei had reasoned.


To save on the confusion.

Gumdramon shifted into a makeshift sort of Car-Jack, and, with that form aiding them, Silphymon, Witchmon, Haruki, and Yolei managed to wrench the Gateway out of it’s hole in the floor, and onto it’s side.

“Wheewf…” Yolei wiped some sweat off of her forehead, “This thing’s heavy, even with it’s weight reduced by half with Magic!”

“Wow…My Miyako never would’ve wanted to help with that…” Hikari was impressed. “Maybe I’m living in the wrong universe?”

“Let’s worry about that later, and focus more on getting this thing out of here,” Gumdramon wheezed as he slowly pulled himself back into his regular form. “Man, I don’t want to do that ever again…”

“Nothing better to do than to roll it, I guess,” Haruki suggested.

“Let’s get crackin’ then,” Yolei laughed as she stretched her arms out before her- some small cracks and pops coming from her wrists and fingers as she did such. “No pun intended!”

Hikari’s Miyako is a bit…of an odd one.

Ren Tobari ran face first in Ryouma Mogami without having even seen the silver haired boy approaching him. “Oh, sorry, Ryouma!”

“Ren! I’ve been looking all over for you,” Ryouma started. “What’s all this nonsense about evacuating?”

“That,” Ren simply pointed to the sky where Imperialdramon Fighter Mode bashed a Tower across the city with alternating punches and kicks.

Ryouma stared up at the sight casually, then looked back to Ren with a completely baffled look, “Who wasThat?”

“Hell if I know,” Ren shrugged, then reshouldered his bag and prepared to leave. “I’m getting out of here, though.”

Ren CANT leave however- he’s the guy who needs to witness *EVERYTHING!*

“What?” Ryouma jumped- no, not at Ren’s statement, but instead at the massive explosion that came from Imperialdramon Fighter Mode’s Giga Crusher Cannon being fired on the tower. “Why?!” Much to Ryouma’s chagrin, Ren stayed steady on his feet.

“My parents are gone, Ryouma,” Ren said flatly. “I watched them disappear right out from under my nose not ten minutes ago.”

“W…What?” Ryouma seemed surprised, “But people aren’t vanishing anymore like that, they’re-!”

“Haven’t you been keeping track of the News, Ryouma?” Ren actually scowled- a genuinely angry scowl. “An hour after those towers started appearing, people started DISappearing. Faster. No discernible pattern.”

“But, but that’s not-!” Ryouma’s floundering excuse was cut off as Tagiru and Chou rounded the corner and ran past them.

“Sorry! No time to chat!” Tagiru apologized.

“…What the…?” Ren turned to look after them when- not a moment later- Sparrowmon shot overhead- with Taiki riding on her back, crouched to survive the high speeds, and Shoutmon barely hanging onto Taiki’s shoulders.

“WWAAAAAHHHH!” the King was crying in a rather un-kingly manner.

“On second thought,” Ren started chasing after them, “I’m going to go see what this is all about!”

“Wait! Ren!” Ryouma- once again- was left standing in the dust of time rushing past him like water flowed around a rock in the river. “…What…”

The bit with Shoutmon hanging off of Taiki is a reference to: [S] Dirk: Unite where Jane flails around.

It’s also meant to be an ominous piece of foreshadowing due to the..you know…decapitated head thing.

Betsumon smirked inside his little cell. “What a day, what a night! What a week long fright!” He giggled madly. “Oh I wish to see the sight! Of when these fools realize their plight!”


That rhyme was hard to write.


The Watch Maker had come to visit.

Davis Motomiya and Yolei Inoue were not quite sure what to make of the man’s offer to their gathered team on that special anniversary day. “Help those who once helped you, and prevent a tragedy”?

Not sure what they were helped with- probably the Armageddonmon event.

Mimi Tachikawa and Tai Kamiya wondered why Gennai had held them back after their victory over the Dark Masters, but when that man…Emmit Brown…had shown his face, they suddenly understood everything.

Something that happened before they could Bio-Merge, I believe.

Joe Kido had been asked once to save two worlds- and he’d stepped up to the challenge more times than some had seemed necessary. He wondered idly, as he stepped through the Old Man’s time portal, what was one more added to his resume?

We see his universe in short order.

Takato Matsuki and Rika Nonoka had made a deal to keep their Digimon friends on earth safely after the defeat of the D-Reaper. Help as many worlds as was necessary to pay for that price. The Old Man was with other versions of them, who had already finished paying that price, after all.

This scene is re-shown later on in an X0VA- in even shorter order than the above short order showing.

They seemed…Content. Hikari Yagami smiled to herself as she watched the younger Digimon play around in the Computer Lab. Sure- things weren’t quite looking up at the moment- BlackWarGreymon was still out on a rampage, and it would be a long time before things got better, but even so, things would definitely get better!

The Remorseful Scientist appeared through the computer’s Digi-Port, interupting her thoughts.

Emmit’s just tapping on the TV screen in the Digital World- Hikari happens to be there to see it.

We also see her universe AFTER the Xros Over.

Taichi Yagami and Yamato Ishida had just teamed up to defeat a nasty Computer Virus taken Digimon form- but instead of being returned to earth like each had expected, they found themselves inside a virtual Clock Shop somewhere on the internet.

The Clock Shop’s Owner offered them tea as he gave them a chance to continue on their adventures.

I don’t plan on showing this universe.

Takuya Kanbara and his friends went into that old abandoned clock shop on a whim because of the logo of the Ten Elements on the faded sign. Inside- they found it less than abandoned, and the Watch Maker inside gave them an opportunity to reunite with some old friends from a far-away world.

Bokomon never would admit it- but Neemon confided that the researcher was happy that some trivial chaos had popped up to bring them all together again.

We do a mean Double Reach Around with this universe.

Marcus Daimon and Agumon wandered the wastes of one of the Digital World’s many deserts… It was there that they ran into a curious, strangely out of place clock shop, and an old man who offered them tea.

Maybe it was the dehydration, or maybe it was the promise to be able to return home to visit his friends and family once more, but Marcus and Agumon decided that it was Fighting Time once again.

By the way- the different Watch Makers up to this point are all future versions.

The Watch Maker gave an amused smile as all these heroes were gathered in his shop- oh so many hereos, so many successes-

And all of these specific heroes would be long since dead had this Universe’s Xros Heart not gone to pull them out of trouble at some point in their pasts- whether they knew it or not.

It was time to close some karma-bound time loops around Quartzmon’s neck.


This version?

He’s a past version.


“Mom! Dad!”

“We’ve got to speed up the evacuation!”

“Hurry! Hurry!”


“The Tower Ruse…!”



“Oh no…That’s impossible! That’s…That’s…!”

“You fools. Next Time on Digimon Xros Wars, the two part finale!”

Whaaat?! Is it a Two part special?”

“XROS OVER! A Branches’ Ends!”

“XROS OUT! Quartzmon’s Symphony!”

“IT IS!”

“Oh wow, this can’t be good at all!”

“It’s Not.”


“Have a nice dream.”

Okay So….

This Preview. The ending foreshadows What’s going to happen to Taiki rather evily- as well as referencing the SONG.


I do a Recap??

}DTC: Attempt Highly Dangerous and Extremely Abnormal 2X Cliffhanger + Q&A Session Combo

I attempt to pull off the above mentioned 2X Cliffhanger + Q&A Session Combo. I leave you all to judge the results.

}DTC: Explain this nonsense!

What? Like a recap or something? Be patient! Wait for next two episodes please! It’s not going to be all THAT long of a wait.

}No, not that. What’s with all the inconsistencies from Canon?

Eh? But isn’t it obvious? They’re from alternate realities from the Canon Series. Come on, didn’t you read the Intermission just now?

}I skimmed because of all the music stuff, I really wasn’t into all that Karaoke every single week. There wasn’t anything important in there, was there?

You really should go back and re-read the intermissions if you skipped over them. Now is the chance to do that before we go into the finale for Hunters. I stopped with the Karaoke stuff after Zenjirou proposed, but that said, I can see why you would’ve. I was getting tired of writing those things, to be honest.

}I read the intermissions! 0u0

^U^ Great! Then some of the things that are going to happen in this next arc that really depend on those intermissions- one in particular, actually- won’t seem like they come straight out of nowhere!

}DTC: explain about quartzmon’s plan! i don’t understand it at all!

Can’t do that just yet. Spoilers~

}DTC: Five Tai’s? Really?

Sorry, Davis but I can’t help how dimensions and timelines branch off.

}DTC: End this highly absurd Cliffhanger+Q&A Combo! It’s eating up word space!

Gladly! I’ve got plenty to Write and not a whole lot of time to do it! Hehehe


Wow. what a thing this is.

I think this is self explanatory though.

Next time… Things go to hell.


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