XROS WARS AU 02 — CH 71 & 72


Chapter 71

Chapter 72

KEEP IN MIND: I will be discussing SPOILERS! So If you haven’t caught up yet- Please do such!!!


Haruki and Witchmon sailed over the city- keeping their eyes open for the rumored-to-be-in-town Omegamon who had been spotted at various times over the last three days.

Meanwhile- across town- Hideaki’s SpaceTrailmon was doing similar- with Hideaki and Rina looking out for the same Digimon.

Elsewhere- closer to the streets- Tagiru, Opposumon, and Airu all sat on Arresterdramon’s shoulders as he zipped between the buildings.

Tagiru grimaced slightly as he thought back to the sight that had unfolded around a week earlier.

We Open Chapter 71 In Media Res Prologue.

I have no clue what that means but it’s what one of my favorite fanfics opened its Prologue with and I wanted to sneak a reference in.



“I’ve called you all here to explain something important,” The Watch Maker began talking to the gathered Players who had been invited to the Volcdramon tournament. “As some of you may know, I was not entirely truthful about the Nature of Digi-Quartz- a deception most of you should have figured out soon enough.”

“Digi-Quartz is Earth in the future,” Airu surmised.

“Yes,” The Watch Maker nodded, “and the Digimon who turns it into that state is named Quartzmon. He is the true reason I set up this Ever Changing Game, a reason always ever so slightly ahead of the main goal of rescuing the Digimon trapped there.”

“So what’s so bad about this Quartzmon guy anyways?” The one boy from the tournament, Taiga, asked. “Is he a special capture like Volcdramon?”

Taiga is from Re: DIGITIZE, and for anyone who HAD NOT YET realized that’s who he was, this was the flat out telling them who it was.

“Quartzmon is much worse than that,” Kaiyumi- whom a lot of people were surprised was standing with The Watch Maker, her own teammates included- corrected him. “Quartzmon seeks nothing more than the utter annihilation of Earth as we know it.”

People had muttered surprises at that.

“So what do you expect us to do about it, then?” Rina asked.

“The secondary reason I gathered you all was to indirectly meddle with Quartzmon’s plans,” The Watch Maker answered, “Many of you have done just that by rescuing Digimon from Digi-Quartz- snatching them away from his influence…Although some of his plans were so hidden from us that we failed to stop them in time.”

“Gravimon,” Kaoru took center stage next- surprising those from Xros Heart who recognized her- and as she said that name, shivers went through the room. “You should recognize the name as that of one of the Seven Death Generals who worked for the Bagura Empire that was taken over by DarkKnightmon and attacked this world.” As people slowly nodded in confirmation, she continued, “Yesterday, I and Kotone, of Xros Heart, had an encounter with not one, but three Quartzmon copies that prevented us from stoping a fourth Quartzmon from absorbing and obtaining all of Gravimon’s powers- among them included the ability to regenerate from any state of death, including, but not limited to, complete and total incineration.”

Kaoru explains what they think happened- which is similar to reality but again subtly different.


Tagiru shook his head out. It wouldn’t do him well to dwell on it. Opposumon noticed the look on his face and placed her hand on his shoulder before giving it a squeeze.

Airu, meanwhile, was thinking back to that day as well.



“The simple fact of the matter is that Quartzmon- with the power to infinitely regenerate- is the ultimate power source,” Kaiyumi spoke up again, before holding up the Journal with the diagram of the Stargate.

“This is a Mater-Bridge Gateway,” The Watch Maker explained, “it is a device I designed to travel across dimensions nigh instantaneously. When I first activated it- Quartzmon perverted it’s powers and caused it to self-destruct- destroying my home dimension entirely.”

“We recently ran into a Digimon named Phelesemon,” Kaiyumi continued, “he was hiding out at my school as a student. Quartzmon contacted him, and threatened him with blackmail unless he provided the power supply for this Gateway device. We stopped Phelesemon from gathering the energy, which we believe led Quartzmon towards finding an alternate power source.”

“If Quartzmon has a functioning Mater-Bridge Gateway,” The Watch Maker continued, “he will no doubt be hiding it somewhere in Digi-Quartz, and potentially Earth as well. While we have no clue where it may be- I would like each and every one of you to keep an eye out for any giant metallic rings with nine chevrons on its edge whenever you traverse into Digi-Quartz. We don’t know when or where Quartzmon may be planning on detonating this device, but if we can find it before it’s time, then we can most certainly be able to save this world and foil Quartzmon’s plans.”

Again- I’m playing on the Readers expectations of “everything the main characters assume to be the truth IS the truth”, which includes their assumptions of Quartzmon’s plans based off of his prior habits.

In a Meta Sense- Quartzmon is trolling the readers as well as everyone else with what he’s put on display and allowed ‘key’ information to slip out.

Quartzmon’s true plan- at this stage in the story- was a closely guarded secret. Only a handful of people knew what I was planning- and I intentionally chose people who WEREN’T Reading this story to tell!

“Detonate?” Airu spoke up, “You said it self destructed before, so you mean it’s like a bomb?”

“The most deadly bomb in existence,” The Watch Maker took off his shades, revealing his robotic eye to the room. “I only survived the first detonation due to my wife’s intervention, but not even then without a cost.” He looked across the room- meeting everyone’s eyes with his own as he talked- “The destruction of a Matter-Bridge Gateway is powerful enough to make the atomic bombs used in past warfare look like water guns. When I woke up to the ruins of my world- there was nothing there but floating rock in a dimensional void.”

“If Quartzmon detonates one in Digi-Quartz or on Earth- then we won’t be needing to worry about what he did to turn Earth Into Digi-Quartz,” Kaiyumi finished for the man, “there simply won’t BE anything left at all.”

This however- is actual foreshadowing.

Quartzmon’s plan DOES hinge on the sudden destruction of the Earth- but not in the way one thinks.

Come Cascade Side B- a Matter Bridge Stargate DOES explode- and the Earth IS destroyed- but they’re not the SAME event- instead separated by a mere fraction of a second.




*cue Title Theme*

“Shapeshifter Betsumon’s Bag of Tricks!”

Ah. Betsumon.

I’d been planning on making this episode a Base Episode Translation, with Tagiru and Gumdramon development all around…

The plot just got away from me.


And then Haruki saw something white and gold in the streets below, floating down a road at a quick pace. “Hey, Down there, Witchmon,” He pointed down at the golden-white form.

“Got it,” Witchmon nodded, and diverted their direction downwards.

“Guys, we’ve got a potential Omegamon down near Eleventh and Smith,” Haruki spoke into the Wrister that he’d been given at the Watch Shop.


“These are Wristers,” Kaiyumi explained as she held one up, “Xros Heart used these during the war, but I’ve modified these ones to link to each other across time, so they should work even across Digi-Quartz and Earth.” It was a silver-blue version of the normal Wristers, with a golden symbol painted on it in place of the Xros Heart logo- a Y with circles on the end of each prong.

“How do we know these’ll work?” Ren asked as he adjusted one onto his wrist.

“I’ll keep working on the Time Circuit links just in case they aren’t working yet,” Kaiyumi explained, “but for now they’ll work like regular Wristers and let us keep in contact with each other on either side of the time divide.”


Introducing the Xros Time Wristers with the Flux Capacitor drawn on them. There’s a reason for this- and it’s to subtly keep Back To the Future on the readers minds.

“Oi!” Haruki called out to the Angemon- not an Omegamon as they’d originally thought- as they approached from behind, “You there! Have you seen an Omegamon recently?”

“Me?” The Angemon froze- then laughed. “Oh Yes! I’ve seen an Omegamon!” He turned around and met his eyes with Haruki’s and Witchmon’s. “But I think that’s between him, me, and the sheets, don’t you think?”

“…” Haruki and Witchmon stared at the face that was clearly not an Angemon’s…

“WHAT THE HELL!?” Echoed through Digi-Quartz far and wide, even without the aid of the Wristers.

Betsumon’s line here can be taken two ways.

The first is…well… Kind of obvious to perverted minds.

The second is not so obvious. It’s referring to the fact that A. Betsumon designed this Angemon Costume. B. Betsumon ALSO designed the Omnimon Costume. Aaannnd C.  He used bed sheets in one or both of those costumes.

It is at this point that I realized that coming up with a Double Entendre / Innocent Innuendo like this is REALLY HARD TO DO!

By the time Arresterdramon and Company arrived on the scene of the crime- all that remained was Haruki and Witchmon- the former holing his legs tucked up against his chest and the latter hiding herself against her partner.

Neither of them were wearing any clothes, and both were blushing rather furiously at the fact that someone had managed to steal all of their personal belongings within the span of a single second.

“That was not an Omegamon,” Witchmon said before Airu could open her mouth, “and it most certainly was not an Angemon.”

“Don’t tell me,” Arresterdramon sighed, almost as if he had been expecting this outcome for some time now, “he had a cat face instead of a metal mask?”

“Yeah, you know that guy?” Haruki asked with a slight bit of indignity.

“Ermm..” The Dragon sweated just a little, “You could say we used to be friends.”

Remember Gumdramon’s earlier mention of a costumer? Hehehehe.

There’s not else to say about this scene.


In the town that had once been Heaven Zone, a Bastemon slipped through the streets as quickly as possible- being chased by a group of no-good hooligans who in turn were being chased by the local police force.

“AFTER THEM!” Gargoylemon shouted.

The Bastemon slipped into an alley-way only to find it a dead end.

“THERE SHE IS!” The Hooligans shouted, “The thief!”

The Bastemon panicked, looking around side to side trying to find a place to desperately escape…

“No escape for you now!” A hooligan smirked…

Then the Bastemon turned around to face them- while the Bastemon looked like a Bastemon in every way…it failed to do such from the face. “Oh please do be gentle,” the creepy face winked at them.

“WHAT the-!?” The hooligans took a step back in shock and dismay, just moments before…


By the time the Police officers found their way into the alley- the Hooligans were on the ground- stripped of their clothing- and the Bastemon was nowhere to be seen.

“What the heck just happened here?” Gargoylemon scratched at his forehead in confusion.

The Return of the Heaven Zone Police! W00T!

Meanwhile- the Bastemon threw off their skin- revealing themselves to be a completely different Digimon entirely. “Hahah! Oh man they so bit it!” Betsumon- a Cos-playing digimon- laughed as he slung the bag of collected clothing over his shoulder. “Wasn’t that just awesome?” He glanced over at a nearby trashcan and the digimon sitting on it.

“Heh, the ol’ ‘damsel in distress’ fake out!” Gumdramon flashed a grin at his partner in crime, “They really didn’t see that coming at all!”

“Well, time to move onto the next schmucks!” Betsumon flashed a…well…it was the same perverted smile he had all the time to be honest with you. But it had a subtle tone of agreement with his friend…I suppose.

Betsumon is just a weird character all around. I’d liked to have the chance to write him more…but…

I’m honestly glad I didn’t have to.


“So, ah,” Arresterdramon said shyly as Airu fished out replacement clothes from her Xros Loader, “remember how I said I used to know a guy who did costumes?”

“This is his MO?” Opposumon asked, trying her best not to look at the two hiding behind Arresterdramon, and instead focusing more on helping Airu pick out an old costume or two that wouldn’t look too out of place on the two stripped teens.

“Yeah,” Arresterdramon nodded, “He’d distract people with an insane costume, and then while they were floundering at his face not matching the rest of ‘im, he’d swipe their clothes right off of ’em in the blink of an eye. He’s got a special bag that just tears it all right off of his targets in a blink of the eye.”

I had no plans for this bag, nor do I have any plans for them- at the time of writing both the above and this sentence.

“So how’d you know this guy?” Tagiru asked, raising an eyebrow at his partner’s knowledge of this sociopath.

“Like I said, we… ah…used to work together,” Arresterdramon scratched at the back of his head. “Not the proudest moments of my life, I can tell you that.”

“Define ‘work’,” Airu asked.

“Weeell…” Arresterdramon began in a way reminiscent of a certain main character witch from the TV showBewitched, but, before he could continue, Haruki protested the costumes they’d been given.

“What the hell kind of costumes are these!?”

Haruki was, of course, referring to the fact that Airu had given him a rather odd costume that seemed more like it would be more at home on a female Digimon, and given Witchmon a costume that looked like it’d be more at home on a male Digimon.

Of course, he was also referring to the fact that both costumes were utterly, completely, and stupidly un-coordinated- and looked less like costumes and more like haphazard pieces of cloth that had been placed together.

“Just be glad I had anything in your sizes, alright?” Airu crossed her arms and huffed, and although she didn’t say it outwardly, a small part of her admited, internally, ‘I made those right after my mind got screwed up. Don’t blame me for making something completely absurd!’


Poor girl, Quartzmon’s STILL trolling her even after regaining her memories.

Kotone and Ren were the next ones to run into the clothes-stealing Betsumon.

“Wait. You’ve met a real Omegamon then?” Ren asked with a bit of surprise.

“Yeah- he’s a bit stuck up though, keeps wanting to be in-charge of everything,” Kotone laughed. “You’ve got no clue how hard it was to talk him down from managing everything at the last Birthday party we all celebrated. Wanted to do everything himself. Security, cooking-It was completely bonkers!”

“Wow…I wonder if they’re all like that?” Ren mused.

“Wonder who’s all like what?” Came a smooth voice behind them.

Kotone froze up as Cetus yelled in her head: “We’ve got to get out of here!”

Ren, however, had turned around to face the speaker, “We’re talking about an Ome-…ga…” He froze as well the moment he saw the body of an Omegamon with the cat smile face of Betsumon. “Oh… Um…”



“As a precaution,” Cetus was explaining through Kotone’s normal voice, “if you run into more than one Quartzmon at a time, the best thing to do is get them to attack each other, even if it’s accidentally.” Kotone slipped in seamlessly over a breath, “When Kaoru and I ran into those three yesterday, I lead one around in a circle and dodged it’s attack just in time to have it hit one of the two that Kaoru and my partner Tsuwamon had managed to momentarily stun.”

“The guy turned into a quagmire of drills,” Kaoru said flatly. “Quartzmon had no clue what was happening- and when the other two got hit by those drills, the three wound up fusing together into one before they dissolved away into…data, I guess. But it was weird data. I’ve never seen anything like it before.”

“Drills?” Simon asked suddenly, “What kind of drills?” Drills were somewhat of a specialty of theirs, after all.

“Gold and silver needle like things,” Cetus said simply, “sort of like spikes, maybe?” Kotone took over once more, “The weird part was that when the other Quartzmon got hit, they spouted identical drills in the exact same places.”

Murmers filtered through the room, everyone surprised at this turn of events.


More Synchronization and Foreshadowing for [SPOILERZ!]

Ryouma was not surprised at all by this turn of events as he watched the city below him from his viewpoint atop Tokyo tower.

Everyone was zipping about in search of the Mysterious Omegamon that had been spotted by a trio of recently recruited hunters.

Ryouma had made a point of not falling for the obviously fake rumors, and so he let the children play around chasing ghosts.

He would really regret not following up on those rumors later.

Ryouma? Yeah- I’m not really setting him up for anything good here.


Rina spotted a flash of red down below in the streets- for a moment, she thought it was simply Witchmon and Haruki zipping through town on a lower level search.

Then Tagiru spoke up over the Wristers:

“Everyone! Our target is NOT an Omegamon! It’s a Betsumon! I repeat, Our target is a BETSUMON!”

“AND HE STOLE OUR CLOTHES!” Haruki’s voice shouted out moments later. “SO BE CAREFUL!”

“Down there!” Rina pointed at the red form in the streets, “That’s got to be it!”

“You heard her,” Hideaki said to the SpaceTrailmon, “take us down!” He brought up his wrister next and shouted into it, “Speaking of! We just found the little thief!”

Haruki and Rina get some action now!

“OI OI!”

Betsumon- wearing Witchmon’s cape and hat- froze as a massive shadow fell over him.

Moments later- Rina and Rock jumped down off of Space-Trailmon and landed in front of him in a rather dramatic pose in their fused form.

“ERm…” Betsumon spun around before they could get a good look at his face- it was his one element of surprise! “Excuse me,” he put on a falsetto voice, “but I have business elsewhere!”

“I Don’t think so, Betsumon!” The clacking of a gun punctuated the sentence like an exclamation mark- and a shiver ran down the disguise artist’s spine as the sound echoed massively. “Stay right where you are!”

A snarl formed on his mouth, and Betsumon twirled around dramatically, throwing the cape and hat into his massive storage bag as he spun around- dragging out a different costume in the process. “Fine Then! But if we’re going to do this tango we’re gonna do it proper!” He shouted once dressed in an outfit looking suspiciously like a Revolomon. “Gun Versus Gun!”

As soon as he said those words- he realized that he’d switched to the wrong kind of outfit.

His tiny Revolomon costume was absolutely dwarfed by the massive cannon mouth that pretty much took up the entire street.

“Oh what the ever loving Chocolate Fudge Sunday is that?!” Betsumon’s eyes widened in horror.

I have to admit that’s my favorite euphemism in the history of EVER.

It’s just so WORDY.

“A Rainbow Cannon,” Came Rina and Rocks’ amused reply. He couldn’t see the smirk on their face, but he could most certainly hear it.


Betsumon gulped as he quickly spun to find a costume to shield him from the inevitable blast.


The massive flood of rainbow light filled the street from end to end- painting it with a massive rainbow of permanently stained rock…

And right at the front was Betsumon whose costume- a Gallantmon X- was practically ruined, but it had saved his life right then and there- or so he thought.

In truth- the Rainbow Cannon was simply a massive for-show device and did nothing more than stain the world around it with bright colors.

This doubles as a Black Rock Shooter shout out as well as an Alternate Timeline MLP:FIM fanfic (that I’ve since forgotten the name of :/ ) shout out.

That Massive cannon vanished before Betsumon’s eyes, and he coughed out a cloud of fruity colors as Rina/Rock switched for a smaller, two handed cannon that was only about as long her’s forearms.

“Don’t even think about running!” She called out- “This one does a lot more shock damage!”

Betsumon held his position- he didn’t move save for breathing awkwardly. He could practically feel the killing intent coming off of the girl.

That- and there was a giant space ship above him that could squash him flat in an instant should he even so much as flinch the wrong way.

Betsumon knows when to fold ’em.

A few minutes of waiting later, and Arresterdramon and company showed up.

“Yeah! That’s the guy right there!” Witchmon nodded in confirmation to something said before they were in hearing range.

“Hey! You!” Haruki hopped off of Arresterdramon and marched over towards Betsumon, “Give me back my Xros Loader, you little thief!”

“Eh?” Betsumon feigned innocence, “What’s a Cross Roader? Is it an ATV?”


“Betsumon!’ Arresterdramon spoke up rather loudly, “Don’t play games.”

“Eh?” Betsumon frowned as he looked at the dragon, “Who the hell are you? I Certainly don’t recognize ya…but yer voice…”

“You…” Arresterdramon began to say when the con-artist suddenly had a look of dawning realization.

“OHHH!” Betsumon snapped his fingers, “I stole yer parents clothes right off in front of ya, didn’t I?”

This…is Betsumon’s warped personality at play here.

“No.” Arresterdramon narrowed his eyes.

“I Stripped you and yer girlfriend and left ya in an alley?”

“Absolutely not!”

Basically I could have Betsumon say anything that I wanted him to and it would just be *perfect* for his character type.

“I…I don’t owe you any money, do I?”

“You owe me something alright, but it isn’t cash!”

“What then!?” Betsumon scowled.

Tagiru and Arresterdramon shared a look, then a nod, and then Arresterdramon shrunk down into his lower form.

“Recognize me now?” Gumdramon asked as he held his arms out to the side.

“…” Betsumon stared at Gumdramon for a few moments. “Yeeeeeah…Sorry, but I don’t hang out with nor around kids. It sends the wrong message to the moral guardians!”

He’s breaking the 4th Wall Here.

“…” Gumdramon stared at Betsumon for a few moments, “Yeeeeeah…Sorry, but I don’t buy that load of garbage! Fess up and give them back their clothes!”

“And who are you to order me around!?” Betsumon snarled.

“You seriously don’t remember!?” Gumdramon hissed.

Meanwhile, as all of this was going on, Airu and Opposumon glanced at each other, then at the arguing digimon, then back to eac hother and then the arguing digimon again. (Lather, Rinse, Repeat.)

“No really! I don’t got a clue who the hell you are!” Betsumon shouted at the dragon.

“Well Fine then!” Gumdramon shouted back as he stretched his neck so he could look Betsumon eye to eye, “I’ll tell you then, what you did is as follows, as such. And. Thusly.”

As Such.

Betsumon stared blankly at that line.

And then Gumdramon told them all what Betsumon did, as such.

And then we proceeded to watch.




“Wait. We’re stealing the Presidential Inauguration ROBES?” Gumdramon- Betsumon’s partner in clothes stealing- stared on in shock as they entered the Vault where everything important in Heaven Zone had been stored post-Code Crown.


“Yup.” Betsumon flashed a grin as he walked over to the outfit that Lucemon had worn on his inauguration day. “The most expensive piece of clothing in this entire town.”

“You’re not going to turn it into some weird costume, are you?” Gumdramon frowned.

“Oh, no, I’m being paid waaay too much to get this out to muck it seamless!” Betsumon’s wry way with words was rather..what’s the word or phrase I’m looking for here…?…Well…It let’s go with “it just doesn’t hold water” and leave it at that.

Good grief was that first one really so blatant?

“Erm…” Gumdramon grimaced at that odd thought, “Right so…how much are we being paid to jack this?”

“We?” Betsumon laughed as he stashed the costume into his magic bag of infinite cloth holding, “We are not being paid a thing. *I* on the other hand am being paid rather handsomely for fetching this.”

“Hey now!” Gumdramon’s ears flared up like a cat’s, “I don’t like the way you’re talkin’, Betsumon!”

“Well I’m glad you picked up on my little subtleties there, kiddo,” Betsumon then placed a ring on one of his fingers and waved goodbye, “because you’re gonna have a heck of a time explainin’ to the coppers how I just vanished right out from under yer widdle nose!”

And he turns invisible- there are so many shout outs here we’d be here all month listing them all.

And with that- Betsumon vanished a moment before Gargoylemon and his Piccolomon guards rushed into the Vault.

“HOLD IT RIGHT THERE!” Gargoylemon shouted.

Gumdramon cursed Betsumon’s name out a thousand times in that hour as he was arrested, as such, and was placed in jail.





Lopmon, in her human form, stood next to Cutemon, in his human form, while their Digimon forms stood in front of them- all four shared equal grins of excitement.

The disk flipped over and revealed a pink-purple outline of KinGRavemon.


Eye-Catch that doesn’t apply to the first half of the story.

“You used me like a decoy and got me arrested!” Gumdramon summarized as such, and thusly summarized the entire situation to anyone who might not have understood that last sequence of events. “THAT IS WHAT YOU DID!”

Which was only Betsumon. (He was picking earwax out of the fake Gatomon ear on his head- nobody wants to know how it got in there. Trust me on that- and totally not paying attention to any of the above at all.)

“So…ah…What were we doing again?” Betsumon asked coyly.

Rina and Rock primed their cannon again as they said, “You were about to give back everything you’ve stolen.”

“Errrm…Yeah, no. I don’t think that’s going to happen,” Betsumon laughed. “See, my boss wouldn’t be too happy with me returning the cloth I need to fulfill his commission, aaaand…”

The Cannon got shoved directly into his face along with Airu, Opposumon, and Tagiru all holding improvised weapons.

Hideaki- from above on the SpaceTrailmon- laughed. “So, care to tell us about your boss?”

“Hey now! He’s a reasonable guy!” Betsumon sweated a little, it didn’t add much authenticity to his costume. “But if I don’t do this job, I’m toast! Turned over to the authorities and roasted over the sun like a marshmallow!”

“Sound familiar to anyone?” Opposumon asked- to which everyone in the general vacinity agreed unanimously:


“Well now that just ain’t fair!” Betsumon’s fake ears drooped from the intense killing intent everyone around him was emitting. “Gettin’ a guy all down like that when he’s tryin’ to be coy about who he’s workin’ for! It’s like kickin’ ‘im where it hurts the most!”

In hindsight- Betsumon talks a LOT like Jake– except not so “Old timey.”

“Speaking of, we should probably knock him out and take him prisoner,” Airu suggested. “Who knows what kind of valuable info he’s got.”

“Well well, that’s rather forward of you, Miss Pinky-Keen!” Betsumon whistled.

“Oh shut up!” Gumdramon spat at the fake-cat.

“So do we knock him out now,” Tagiru asked, “or should we wait?”

“Wait for what?” Gumdramon asked, “For Quartzmon to rescue him?”

“Oooh, Now that’s low!” Betsumon huffed, “I can rescue myself anytime I want to!”

“You’re not putting any rings on,” Rina and Rock pressed their cannon forward a bit more.

“But I’ve already got a ring on!” Betsumon’s fake-cat-tail swished, showing the horribly inaccurate Tail Ring that…looked just like the escape ring he’d had on in the flashback. He faded away, leaving only his grinning mouth behind to taunt “Bye Now!” before that too vanished.

Cheshire Cat and Alice In Wonderland.

“What the-!?”

Seconds later- everyone (Excluding Airu, Haruki, and Witchmon, who instead had post-it notes hastily placed onto their foreheads) found themselves suddenly not wearing anything at all.

As all those suddenly striped down let loose shouts of shock and dismay- Airu instead inspected the post-it note that had received.

“Your…Clothes…Are…Too…Pink…For…My…Co llection.” She had a little trouble deciphering Betsumon’s crummy handwriting, but once she finished reading it, her temper rose. “OH THAT’S JUST GOING WAY TOO FAR, MISTER!”

Witchmon’s note simply read “Tacky” and Haruki’s was a string of “HA” repeated eight times.

“Um…Airu…!” Opposumon poked at her cousin’s shoulder to get her attention, “Maybe you could get them all some clothes?”

“And send mine up via ladder please!” Even Hideaki, all the way up on the SpaceTrailmon, had been hit by Betsumon’s sticky fingers.

Betsumon is GOOD.

After taking a quick stock of the situation- they found that- along with any clothing they had- every Xros Loader and Wrister had been snatched away- save for Airu’s set. So, once Airu had gotten more odd costumes out of her Xros Loader for everyone, she went to work trying to contact anyone who might be listening.

“Oi, we’ve got a major problem here,” Airu said into her Wrister, “that Omegamon’s really a cosplayer who’s going around stealing clothes and our Xros Loaders too. If anyone’s listening to this, be careful! Don’t let him get the upper hand!”

A few moments passed, and then…

“Kzzz-Time Chat works! It act-KZZZRRR-Sort of I gue-ZZZZZ-!” Kaiyumi’s voice came through over a heavy burst of static interfeerence. “Could you repea-KKRT-again? I think we mi*ZZ*ed some of that last transmi*Zzzz*.”

In hindsight- I rather easily predicted the garbled text in Homestuck that came about due to the Special Stardust. Even though I wasn’t intending it to be that way at all.

There was a few confused glances about, but then Tagiru repeated exactly what Airu had said moments before.

“Tagir-ZZ?” Simon asked in surprise, “What’s- *ZZKRRrRrRrT*?”

Everyone sighed- obviously there were a few bugs to work out with the FluX Time Chat Wristers.

Soon enough- Kaiyumi and Cutemon arrived to observe the most bizarre scene of all.

Every humanoid present, excluding Airu, were wearing bizarre costumes. Added to the roster now was Tagiru in a Cow costume, Hideaki in a pink Cowboy’s outfit (with a rather long browncoat that looked rather nice on him otherwise), and Rina/Rock in… a Gothic Black/Green Wedding dress.

She looked smug about that, however, for some odd, unknown reason.

“So…” Kaiyumi stared at them all for a few moments, “…How hung over are you guys right now anyways?”

“We weren’t drinking!” Gumdramon protested.

Kaiyumi! Girl, did you SERIOUSLY go there???

Rina/Rock are dressed up in Dead Master’s clothes- as another shout out to BRS.

Tagiru’s dressed up as a cow for no apparent reason other than to be funny (And I ran outta ideas).

Hideaki’s wearing Marty McFly’s initial 1885 clothes plus a Firefly Browncoat.

“So Betsumon’s working for Quartzmon?” Kaiyumi asked once she was brought up to speed.

“Yeah,” Tagiru nodded, “he pretty much confessed to it.”

“I see,” Kaiyumi mulled the thought over for a few moments, putting her hand in her chin and glancing at the rainbow ground without really any real reason. “Then we have to find this guy at all costs. We can’t let one of Quartzmon’s allies roam free.” She looked up suddenly, “Wait, how did he escape again?”

“Sort of faded out of existence,” Airu explained, “why?”

“He might not be teleporting- just turning invisible!” Kaiyumi answered, turning to leave suddenly, “I need to go get something! I’ll be right back!”

And just where are you running off too?

“Hey, Gumdramon,” Tagiru ventured as they waited for Kaiyumi to return, “How did you meet Betsumon anyways?”

“Ehh…” The dragon scratched at his nose nervously, “Well, it’s kind of a stupid story, really…”

“I think we’ve got time,” Opposumon offered.

“Yeah, besides, I want to know about how you got out of that vault,” Airu flashed a dangerous smile.

“Well…” Gumdramon took a breath, then began.


Months in the past- BUT NOT MANY!

It was a chance meeting.

Gumdramon stared at the Armored Digimon struggling with the massive stack of Bagura Empire styled armor in his arms. “Hey, do you need help with that?”

“Eh?” The voice from the unseen face was undeniably Betsumon’s. “Sure thing!”

Betsumon had led Gumdramon towards an armored truck marked with a nondescript logo of some armor company as he explained that the company was recalling all of the armor left in disuse in the Empire bases now that the war was over.

Gumdramon had helped Betsumon, who was dressed up as a Grademon in the traditional colors for that armor company, get the armor loaded into the truck, and when that was done. Gumdramon asked the armor piercing question of the day:

“So do you really work for this company, or are you just stealing armor from people who won’t be using it?”

“Nak!” Betsumon had reeled backwards and clutched at his heart in surprise, “You Got me!” And with that, he fell to the ground dramatically with a “DOOF.”

Gumdramon laughed.

You wonder if Betsumon just had amnesia, or if he’s really not that bad of a guy here…

“But seriously though,” Betsumon sat up, “I’m more of what you call…a freelanzer?”

“Freelancer,” Gumdramon corrected.

“Right, that sorta thing,” Betsumon laughed. “See, these clients of mine sometimes want some humiliation dished out on their enemies, or some priceless clothing brought back to their, ah, ‘rightful owners’ from some OTHERrenegade thieves who have the policea in their pockets and basically get off without so much as a warnin’ for breakin’ some kid’s arm.”

“So you take bad guy’s stuff?” Gumdramon asked. “Isn’t that illegal though?”

“I take their clothes! There’s a subtle difference” Betsumon corrected, “Ain’t nothin’ more humiliatin’ than leaving some poor schmuck in the middle of da street without a scrap’a’cloth to provided any of their so called ‘decency’. A lota times those corrupt coppers change their minds when they see their bosses lying in the street buck naked!”

“Niiiice,” Gumdramon grinned. “So can I get in on that action, or what?”

But then you remember…


“He was a bit hesitant at first, really,” Gumdramon shrugged, “but then he took me on for a time without a shred of doubt! I guess he was planning on dumping me in that vault from that first day forwards.”

“Wow, if he wasn’t working for Quartzmon and hadn’t traped you in that vault,” Airu mused, “I’d say he’d be a pretty nice guy overall.”

“Yeah, I guess so,” Gumdramon shrugged, but whatever else he was going to say was ended as Kaiyumi returned- holding a laptop computer under one arm.

He left Gumdramon to hang.

“What we’re going to do is simple!” Kaiyumi explained as she tapped a few keys, “Betsumon stole your Xros Loaders AND your Wristers! Both of those give off unique signals, and if he’d stolen one, that’d be fine! We could track him down based off of that. But given that he stole multiples, he’s got to have some sort of a home base. A store house.”

“That’s about right,” Gumdramon nodded, “he always had a sort of base where he’d stash things locally until we had to skip town.”

“So, if he’s got a base, then whatever he’s got stolen will stop moving once it gets there, and we can triangulate his position!” Kaiyumi concluded as the tracer program booted up. “Aaand, there he is!”

Indeed- there were multiple dots on screen that were moving rapidly across the city map. He was heading in a straight line- towards the warehouse district of down-town that had been wrecked completely by Breakdramon.

“Now all we have to do is wait for the signals to stop, and then we can pin him down,” Kaiyumi smirked.”

A Wise deduction!

And a stray end quote.

As they rode in Space-Trailmon towards the warehouse district, Gumdramon resumed his story at Airu’s insisting.

“So, after he left me in the vault, I got arrested,” Gumdramon began, “Heaven Zone police- man are those guys forgiving of somebody getting used as a decoy.” Kaiyumi and Cutemon shared a laugh at that. “But still, I did some bad stuff, so I wound up serving time. Limited sentence though, since I was just a kid being used by some other, worse criminal…But I served it, and then I got out…” he puffed out his cheek and blew out a gust of air in mockery of a static burst. “A little after that, I got grabbed by a portal and wound up in Digi-Quartz.”

How time flies.

“Wow, that’s odd timing,” Hideaki noted.

“Odder than that,” Gumdramon made his hand bigger, five fingered, and then jabbed an over-sized thumb at Airu, “I ran into her just a few minutes after that!”

“We did?” Airu thought on that for a moment, “Oh right! Yeah! That was the day that we found MetalTyranomon! And then…!” She frowned as her mind drew a blank- “Then what happened?”

“You chased me all over town before I managed to slip away into MetalTyranomon’s territory,” Gumdramon said flatly- before he noticed that Opposumon and Tagiru were looking rather uncomfortable at that exact moment. He smirked a little and threw a bit of amusement into his next words, “aaand then I ran into Tagiru just after that.”

Gumdramon was there when Opposumon lied about not seeing Tagiru- Remember?

“Oh, really?” Airu blinked in confusion, “Well, I guess that makes sense. You guys did get MetalTyranomon that very same day…” A thought hit her just then, and she leaned over towards Gumdramon. “Saaay…” she began in an almost conspiratorial tone of voice, “You didn’t happen to be hiding under that car that Dracmon and Opposumon investigated, did you?”

“Hahaha!” Gumdramon started to laugh- not at her deduction, but at the increasingly flustered looks on Opposumon and Tagiru. “Oh man, yooou have NO idea how close you guys were to finding me!”

“And Tagiru-” Airu’s further questioning was cut off by Opposumon shrieking rather loudly:


My My- did little Opposumon let her emotions get the best of her yet again?

Gumdramon broke down into laughter while everyone else stared at Opposumon with confused looks.

“She’s Right!” And then Kaiyumi came to the girl’s rescue completely unintentionally by talking into the intercom that let Space Trailmon hear what his passengers were saying: “Betsumon Stopped! Stop right now!” She checked the coordinates on her computer as the screen updated with their current coordinates. “Turn towards the north-east by fifteen degrees and take us down! We’ll be right outside Betsumon’s hide out!”

Tagiru and Opposumon shared a simultaneous sigh of relief.

Nope! Just a lucky coincidence.

That’s all, ~sa!!!

And so our team of intrepid costumed heroes approached the open hanger door to a large warehouse. Gumdramon leaned out to peer past the door, then Simon and Kaiyumi leaned out just above him. Then Opposumon leaned out, then Tagiru, then Airu, Haruki, Witchmon, and then finally Hideaki and Rock/Rina. Gumdramon muttered to himself, “This is Stupid,” though to what he was referring to, either the former view stacking or the scenery inside the warehouse, it was hard to say. The warehouse was full of cloth piles and tables lined wall to wall with humanoid doll robots stitching together identical costumes. And pacing towards the back of the warehouse was Betsumon.

“Alright, let’s get going!” Kaiyumi whispered.

And then the entire group fell head over heels to the ground as they all tried to move at once from that completely awkward positioning.

The noise- predictably- alerted Betsumon to their presence.

Why the heck did I go to the trouble of writing this out. It’d be much easier to have shown visually and– Oh. Right. Hah.

“Oh, drat,” Betsumon said in a false-concerned voice, “it appears my base of ahpah’rations has been discovered. What ever shall I do?” And with that- he spun around and changed costumes once more- donning the Costume of DarkKnightmon…whose entire body under the waist was completely over-buldged in all the wrong places. “Have AtTheeeeee!” He shouted in the most Shakespearean voice he could manage.



And then Space-Trailmon ruined the completely dramatic show down by smashing through the roof.

“EEEEK!” Bestumon leaped straight out of the DarkKnightmon costume in shock and dismay- landing immediately afterwards in a Cardboard-box costume of Megidramon…that was horribly painted to the point that 3D JPEG artifacts had been formed out of the paint in mid air. “What nonsense is this!?”

A Flash of light occurred from the floor- and then KinGRavemon took to the now open skies.

“Oh COME ON!” Betsumon cursed as the crimson armored warrior came at him with a drop kick.


And then Kaiyumi leaped off of KinGRavemon’s back and shifted into her Lopmon form mid leap- whirling up into a tornado that plowed into Betsumon’s horrid costume along with KinGRavemon’s dropkick.


Betsumon went flying into the air- where Rina/Rock was waiting for him, having jumped up onto SpaceTrailmon and then leaped off of the landing dock.


“SMACK!” Betsumon shouted as he was kicked in the shoulder by a high heel boot straight down into one of his assembly robots.

“EVERYONE!” KinGRavemon held up Betsumon’s bag of holding and threw out several signature costumes from it.

Nice plan!

As Betsumon climbed out of his ruined robot, he turned to watch all those he’d stolen clothes from return to their original costumes via throwing off their present ones like they were ninjas or something. “Oh come on!” He lamented, “I thought I was the master of quick change around here!”

“Well you’re NOT!” There was a flash of light yet again- and Gumdramon became Arresterdramon. “TAGIRUUU!” he howled.

“RIGHT!” Taigru held up his Xros Loader and shouted a single command: “ARRESTERDRAMON! METALTYRANOMON! DIGI-XROS!”

A beam of light shot out of Tagiru’s Xros Loader and surrounded Arresterdramon in a burst of silver energy. When it faded- Arresterdramon had gained all of MetalTyranomon’s cybernetic enhancements.


The pun is “Cyber + Arresterdramon”


Like a Pirate.

“Just who the hell do you think you are HUH!?” Betsumon quickly leaped into a pile of clothes and emerged in a RustTyranomon costume. “I am the Mighty-!” Cybe-Arresterdramon leaped across the room at mach speed and delivered a mighty “Corkscrew Tornado” punch with the claw arm. “KRRRK!”

He was sent flying out of his costume and straight into- and then through- the roof, only to come down a moment later on the opposite side of the factory.

“AIRU!” Opposumon called out to her cousin, “Do you still have that pig costume!”

“Eh?” Airu seemed surprised all of a sudden, “You want THAT?” This was completely out of nowhere.

Remember that Omake I wrote well after this scene? Well…That certainly helps Chou remember it for this.

“Without the helmet this time though, please!” Opposumon then added- “And get me a Xros Up with Witchmon while you’re at it!”

“Well alright then!” Airu held her Xros Loader up and shouted the command for that particular costume change while Opposumon shifted into her Human form.

“Sure thing!” Haruki held up his reclaimed Xros Loader and called for a Xros between Witchmon and Opposumon.

For the dazed Betsumon- and pretty much everyone else watching- it seemed like Opposumon was Digivolving just like Arresterdramon and KinGRavemon had in the minutes before.

XROS UP,” Chou shouted, having basically gained her previous costume with the additions of Witchmon’s gloves, boots (both replacing the pig armor boots and gloves), hat, cape, and broom (which was held as a weapon).“WITCH MODE!”

Betsumon stared on in confusion, “Wait- what?”

HRRRRRAAAHHHH!” And then Chou leaped at him, improvised weapon held back like a baseball bat.

The room shook as a mighty “BROOM!” resounded across Digi-Quartz- knocking what little remained of the roof off into the atmosphere as the soundeffect became a visual effect to those watching this in an animated format.


Betsumon- after receiving one Legendary BROOM!-ing courtesy of Chou and Witchmon- was hogtied up in his own bag of holding. He wouldn’t be going anywhere- especially since everything on his person had been stripped away (It was Gumdramon’s idea), leaving him just as humiliated as every single one of his victims.

This left our heroes free to search the room for anything else the little thief might have stolen while in Digi-Quartz.

“Hey wait a second!” Rock (who had by now split apart from Rina) called out as she held up a familiar looking hat. “Isn’t this Ren’s hat?”

“Oi, it is,” Airu stared at it in surprise, “Did he get hit by Betsumon too?”

“Hey, guys!” Simon held up Kotone’s Xros Loader, “This is Kotone’s!”

“…as is this…” Opposumon grimaced as she held up a familiar looking shirt.

“Hey, here’s Ren’s Xros Loader!” Tagiru picked up the silver device- and an instant later- Ren’s DemiDevimon reloaded, tears in her eyes and panic in her voice:


I’ll admit- I was tempted to go the Hentai route with this exchange.

“Ah- right-” Hideaki grabbed the Xros Loader, and whatever stray clothing they could find that matched Ren and Kotone’s wardrobes, “Lead the way, little Woobat! I’m sure they’re plenty embarrassed about that given-”

“NONONONONOOOO!” The DemiDevimon shook her head furiously, “That’s not the problem! That’s not the problem AT ALL!”

“Erm…” Hideaki grimaced a bit, “What is then?”

“They…they…!” The ‘little Woobat” comment should more perhaps have been aligned towards a Water Type Pokemon instead of a Flying Type, given that a massive torrent of tears started flowing out of DemiDevimon’s eyes. “THEY JUST IGNORED HIM AND THEN…AND THEN THEY…THEY…!”

The sentence need not be finished as DemiDevimon fainted on the spot, landing simply on a pile of clothes.

“Wow…I had no clue Digimon could faint like that,” Hideaki remarked simply as he observed the swirly eyes on the poor Bat.

But I felt that it was too humorous to just let them be doing something completely innocent and having little DemiDevimon overreact.

Also- Hideaki makes a Pokemon reference- indirectly.

After reviving the poor DemiDevimon, Hideaki took SpaceTailmon to find the missing Ren and Kotone…

“What the hell…?” He stared at the scene before him in confusion.

The two of them, of course, had moved away from where Betsumon had stripped them, opting instead to wait patiently inside a Magic Shop that had coincidentally been near by.

They were playing Reverse Strip Poker.

Each time one of them lost- they’d put on some random piece of clothing from inside the old shop.

Apparently each had lost so many times that they’d resorted to turning random objects from the shop into clothing items and wearing those. The oddest part of it all was that Kotone had one of those fake-flower-water-squirting-bouquets resting on her head as if it were some kind of hat, and Ren…


The less said about his present, super bizarre state of dress the better.

“Told you.” DemiDevimon said to Hideaki with a whimper, “They just didn’t care and went about like there wasn’t anything wrong at all.”

And I’ll admit- in that X-Rated Doujin, they probably DID go the Hentai Route.

“JENGA!” Kotone slammed down a stack of cards that didn’t even belong to any valid Poker game at all. Ren groaned in dismay at his luck and grabbed an empty box that showed a plastic cauldron on the sides- before dumping it on his head like a hat.

“Stop hoarding all the Eights!” He lamented.

“I…I think we should… just let them be for now,” Hideaki said with a slight stutter of confusion, “they… look like they’re having fun?” He didn’t sound too certain of that fact.

“Agreed,” The DemiDevimon whimpered once more.

“Third-ed,” SpaceTrailmon agreed.


I think this is funnier.


For the first time in his entire life, Betsumon was regretting stealing someone’s clothing.

“Huh, so that’s all he does?” Ren asked without a hint of embarrassment. “Steals people’s clothes?”

“Seems like!” Kotone agreed, also without a hint of embarrassment. “So…should we let the others know, or just ignore him for now?”

Betsumon stared on. “What!?”

“I say we just ignore him,” Ren shrugged, “trolls like that get what’s coming to them eventually. If he’s going about messing with people, he’s going to get the exact same treatment from them before the day’s out, especially with Airu and Opposumon around.”

“Ah, good point!” And with that, Kotone started walking away.

“Hey! Don’t you walk away from me!” Betsumon protested.

“Ah, so what should we do about lunch then?” Ren asked Kotone as he followed instantly. “We don’t exactly have any cash on hand at the moment.”

“HEY!” Betsumon’s temper flared, “Stop ignoring me!”

“I know! Let’s play cards ’til someone beats him and returns our clothes!” Kotone suggested, “Whoever loses the most has to buy lunch!”

“Sounds fun!” Ren agreed by giving a thumbs up, “So where shall we begin?”

“Waaaiiit!” Betsumon was near crying, “Stop ignoring meeeee~!”

They continued to ignore him even as they entered a Magic shop to locate a deck of cards.


Also- for this entire scene- animated, it’d be seen from the shoulders up for Ren and Kotone. ^_^;

A short time later, Kotone glanced out the window to see SpaceTrailmon hovering outside- “Oh, look, I think they beat Betsumon.”

“Eh?” Ren glanced out of the corner of his eyes…


…Only to lose for the ten-thousandth time that day.

“Grrraahhh…” He groaned, and reached for the Magic Kit box-hat. “Stop hoarding all the Eights!”

“That’s three lunches you now owe me, Ren! Count ’em out!” Kotone flashed a wry grin at the boy across from her,“One! Two! Three!” She counted out in English.

“Fiiineee…” Ren conceded her the victory, “Now can we get going now? My legs are getting cramped up from sitting here for so long.”

“Haha…!” Kotone’s grin became very impish, “What? And miss out on all the fun of watching you suffer at my victory at Nonsense Card Games?”


Nonsense games.



“Alright Betsumon! Sober up and tell us EVERYTHING!”

“Like I’d ever betray my client-patient confidentiality agreements!”

“Don’t worry, we’ve got ways of making him crack.”

“So what? We just go to school and hope everything pans out OK?”


“What? Hey, what are you doi-!?”


“Uh oh.”


“Next Time: Digimon Xros Wars! Persian Espionage!”

“O…kay… That title’s about as subtle as a brick.”




Quite the next time segment this one is, isn’t it?


Since we’re at THIS SEGMENT:

17Betsumon– Shapeshifting nonsense. Check. BET. Have Airu<>Gum take precedence over Tagi<3ChoHak if possible.

Here is the last episode’s thing.

18BETEkakimon&Shouta– Monster creation. Focus on Rival Hunters again.

Here is the NEXT episode’s.

Which we’ll start.

RIiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight NAO~!

“Snivy!” Hideaki ordered- “Use Vine Whip!”



“Ow! That reeeeely hurt you know!” Betsumon sneered at his interrogators. “JUST KIDDING! That barely tickled at all!”

Basically- Betsumon’s interrogation scene was him being a complete sadist and just TAKING the pain and mocking it.

The reason I have Hideaki and Snivy doing this?


At this exact moment- they were in one of the Interrogation cells in Sally’s office building.

Betsumon was proving to be a rather tough nut to crack with regards to information on Quartzmon. Three hours into the causal, normal style interrogation, the little jerk had decided to “Lawyer Up” with himself. Plus, all of the flirting he was doing towards anyone who walked through the door was getting rather annoying as well. (Sally had nearly shot him after the last “Hey, Doll-face!” he sent her way.)

Four hours after Betsumon had been captured- and they’d yet to learn a single thing from him.

Oh he knew quite a lot, as he’d said himself (“Oh I know quite a lot about that Quartz fellow you’re talkin’bout, but I ain’t spillin’ the beans on my clients!”), but getting him to crack and actually ‘spill the beans’ was another story entirely.

“Do you want a silly answer or a honest answer? Honest? Well…THEN I REQUIRE A PASSWORD!

Honestly… It’s a multi-tiered joke setup.

Homestuck Shoutouts and random nonsense is Tier one.

“Sees, it’s a literal ‘metaphorical’ mannera’ speakin’ here. Yous gotta take everythin’ I say Literally, while I speak all metaphorically on yous lousy coppas and yer stinkin’ ROOM!”

“You know, thos’ vines o’ yours could really make a guy happy if you used them for somethin’…other thanwhips.”

And the list of insane comments went on past the Forty-Second Page.

We don’t have time for that nonsense.

More innuendo from Betsumon.

But come on- plant monsters? Everyone thinks that at some point in their lives.

“We don’t have time for this nonsense!” Sally growled as she stared through the one-way mirror. “He’s toying with us and he knows it!”

“Easy there, Sally,” Taiki placed a hand on her shoulder. “We’ll get Quartzmon’s info out of him eventually.”

“Alright then, You’ve left me no choice…” Hideaki crossed his arms and shook his head. “Snivy?”

“Vyy?” The little green plant Pokemon on the ground looked up at her friend.

“Use Iron Tail on that spot,” Hideaki ordered.

“Sniiii!” The Snivy caught on towards what he meant, and turned towards Betsumon with a genuine smile on her face.

“Ermm…” Betsumon grimaced a little, “Why’re you lookin’ at me like dat for?”

Snivy didn’t reply as her leaf tail began glowing silver…

“You really shouldn’t have played tough guy, Betsumon,” Hideaki shook his head. “You’ve brought this on yourself.”

And with that- Snivy leaped into the air, and spun down upon that spot between Betsumon’s legs.



“AYYYY CARUMBAAA!” Betsumon squealed in pain.

Joke two:




*cue Title Theme*

“Persian Espionage!”

Persian Espionage- People who first read this will think it’s referencing the fact that we’ve got Betsumon in Spy Vs Spy like interrogation.


Hit him where it hurts the most.

Tagiru flinched at the sudden car horn from the street, grimacing slightly. What a day it’d been since yesterday…And it just hadn’t ended yet.

Combined with this little quick cut.

After capturing Betsumon (Which in of itself had been a laborious task), everyone had split their different ways to deal with the situation.

Hideaki and Rina had gone off with Kaiyumi and Simon to Sally’s office in an attempt to pry what information they could out of Betsumon. Meanwhile- Haruki, Witchmon, Airu, and Gumdramon had all volunteered to search through the rest of the massive clothing piles.

That left Tagiru and Chou with absolutely nothing else to do except live their lives. Of course, by the time all of the Betsumon nonsense had been settled with, it was then well past dinner time, and so Tagiru and Chou had gone to his place to eat.

Tagiru’s parents had been there- both out cold, drunk on the floor with several empty bottles of fine wine and whisky around them, and completely blocking the pathway into the kitchen.

A single, drunkenly scrawled note had explained the situation.

“Three Day weekend! Don’t mind us!”

The first time we get a CHANCE to meet Tagiru’s parents- and the impression we get from them IS NOT all that great, to be honest.

Apparently, Tagiru’s parents had taken the first vacation they’d gotten off of their work in a long time and had simply decided to get drunk for the first day.

From the state of the kitchen’s supplies, Tagiru had to have guessed that they’d been there since well before school had gotten out for him. They didn’t even call to let him know to buy more food.

With Dinner scrubbed there- Tagiru and Chou had simply gone to a Ramen Noodle Cart and ordered a few bowls of noodles before wandering through Digi-Quartz for the night.

By the time they’d realized they should have been heading to bed for the night, it was already well past 1:30 A.M., and they were completely lost.

Yeeeah. That’s not fun at all.

Tagiru yawned as he and Chou walked towards the school building. “Man…why’d they have to come home now of all times?” He asked for the tenth time that hour, fiftieth time that day, and six-hundred and twelfth time since the discovery of his parents’ “Three Day Staycataion.”

“I dunno…” Chou was half asleep on her feet as she mumbled a reply.

In the end- The duo had simply found an empty hotel room in Digi-Quartz and spent the night there until morning- where they then went on to try to find their way back to school.

NOTE: If Tagiru and Chou *HAVEN’T* actually slept with each other in a more-than-catching-z’s sense before this point in the timeline, they DEFINITELY did the previous night.

Aradia’s birth in nine months (for Chou and Tagiru) kind of depends on it.

Thankfully, they’d found a bus stop, and had shifted back to Earth to make use of it.

All in all, Tagiru thought with a bit of sleep-deprived annoyance, this was looking to be a fairly bad day that was going to probably get much, much worse.

“Oi, what the heck happened to you two?” The Basketball Coach for Xros Heart, Dren Solfield A.K.A. Dorulumon, asked as he saw them walking up to the main doors of the school, “And why are you two here so early anyways? School doesn’t start for another hour.”

“Don’t ask,” Chou grumbled.

“Alright, alright,” Dorulumon shook his head and thought to himself, ‘Good grief, they look about as tired as we were after that all nighter in Dust Zone.’

I forgot a line of “The next morning” with regards to the bus stop.

Kotone hummed to herself as she walked up to the school’s main gate- not half an hour after Tagiru and Chou had arrived.

Today had been a good day- counting the fortuitous clothes-napping that Betsumon had inflicted on her and Ren. She was going to be treated to LUNCH– Not once, not twice, not even THRICE!

She’d managed to beat Ren so thoroughly at a made-up-on-the-spot card game that she’d managed to get him into owing her TEN LUNCHES!


Today was going to be the first day. What would it be? Purple Slushies from the local Mall? Or maybe Pizza from the local Pizza Parlor?

As she walked up to the gate, Cetus made a curious sound.

“Eh?” Kotone frowned a little. ‘What’s up?’

‘Something doesn’t feel right.’ Cetus remarked, ‘Like there should be more teachers here than there are.’

Oh By the way- this entire second episode- Purr-sion Espionage- is EXACTLY 6,666 words.

Just thought I should mention that.

‘Ah, you’re probably just imagining things!’ Kotone brushed it off.

‘Maybe.’ Cetus then gave a wry smile and remarked, ‘But then by that logic, you’re imagining it too. We are about as close to one person as any two individuals can be, after all.’

‘Bah!’ Kotone grimaced, ‘You make it sound like we’re clinically insane!’

‘But we are. Technically speaking.’ Cetus insisted, ‘We did work for DarkKnightmon for a time, did we not?’

‘Welll…’ Kotone was cut off as Tsuwabuki called out to her.


“Sis!” Oh and look, Yuu and Corone were with him.

‘This can’t be good.’ Cetus lamented.

“What’s going on?” Kotone asked.

“Something really really bad!” Corone had a flash of panic in her eyes like nothing Kotone had ever seen before.

Especially because this is the beginning of the end of the Hunters arc.

Quartzmon is MAKING HIS MOVE.

“I’m sorry to say that several teachers have gone missing today,” The Vice Principal, one E. Strickland, said into the intercom. “Attempts to contact them have proven futile, and their homes have since been found abandoned.”

Kotone grumbled to Cetus, “You so totally jinxed us.”

“Furthermore, I’m afraid to say that I’ve received some reports that some students have called in today to say that they cannot come in due to the fact that their parents have gone missing as well.” Miss Vice Principal Strickland continued, “Due to this sudden loss of Faculty and Students, we will be operating on a half day and with combined classes.”

“What!?” A teacher shouted in dismay over the intercom a few moments later, “You’re kidding me!”

“I’m afraid that I am not, Mister Mcfly,” The Vice Principal sighed.

“So you’re telling me that we’ve got a rash of disappearances and all we’ve got is a HALF DAY?”Mr. Mcfly shouted at the absurdity of the situation. “We shouldn’t even be doing school at this point! We should be investigating and-“

“The Principal is missing too, Mister Mcfly!” The Vice Principal nearly shouted. “I am doing what he would want us to do and that is Continue On with our jobs as teachers while the Police investigate this matter as fully as they can! …I’m afraid I’ve already said too much. Now we can either discuss this in private or not at all.”

Back To the Future The Game shout outs- Edna Strickland arguing with Marty McFly.


“Damn that Betsumon’s persistent!” Sally growled as she refilled her coffee mug. “Eight hours into this and he still hasn’t broken!”

“You’d think he’d be tired,” Rina agreed before sipping at her own coffee. “I know I am…”

“Me too…” Sally sighed, then leaned back into the counter as she stirred sugar into her coffee, “Then there’s that nonsense of teachers and parents going missing from all over the world now…”

“That’s concerning, alright,” Rina nodded, “I wonder what it means?”

At that moment- Taiki pushed the door open with a concerned look on his face. “Sally, you’ve got to come check this out.”

The people going missing thing transitions straight into this.

“It’s a list of everyone gone missing so far,” Taiki explained as he pointed at the computer monitor showing a list on it. “So far we’re seeing losses of people in similar fields- Electronics, Data gathering, Mathematics, High up positions in businesses and schools…”

“Okay,” Sally rubbed at the bridge of her nose, “so what’s the connection?”

“They’re disappearing at exactly three A.M.,” Taiki brought up a footage feed from a bar in the United States somewhere. “Just watch this.” He clicked play.

The video showed a man coming out of the bar, a drink in hand and an arm around his best buds.

Taiki pointed at that man, “Professor Edward Johnson, yesterday he was given the position of Teacher at the University of Massachusetts Advanced Math class.”

I apologize if there IS a Prof. Edward Johnson working this class IRL. I just made the name up on the spot.

The video continued, showing them waiting at a rainy street corner for a taxi cab to arrive…

There was a warp of static on the screen, and when it passed, the man was gone and his friends were shouting in surprise, digging at the ground where he’d been standing moments before.

“What…” Sally stared at the screen, “Play that back again.”

Taiki did such.


He replayed it.


After that, she took the mouse and began replaying the video at will.

“Why are they digging at the ground?” Sally asked as the footage played again.

“According to reports, Professor Johnson melted into a bunch of green and yellow cubes that dissolved away into the rain water,” Taiki said simply. “Sally, he’s the youngest person to get that job on record.”

“How old?” Sally didn’t look away from the screen.


“…And the others?”

“It ranges from twenty-two to forty-two at the moment, but that number’s growing with every hour.”


And so here is where you should START to piece it together.

22 is the YOUNGEST limit.

Exactly within the time frame of the 20 years earlier– when this Earth was “made.”

“Alright then…” Hideaki finally caved in. “You’ve forced me to do the second most despicable thing a man can do to another man.”

“Ya think?” Betsumon flashed a broken-toothed smile at his tormentor- a smile that faded quickly. “Wait…”

“So…It’s time that I do the first most,” Hideakie concluded matter-of-fact-ly.

“Wh…What’s the first most despicable thing?” Betsumon was actually panicking now. If ALL of what he’d been forced through so far was only amounting to the SECOND most dispicable thing ever…

What was the FIRST?

“Snivy,” Hideaki ignored Betsumon, “One last move. And make sure it’s Super Effective.”

“Vy!” Snivy nodded tiredly, taking a breath and steeling herself in preparation for the next move…

Joke The Third:

“Wait! What the heck are you doing!?’ Betsumon’s heart was racing. Oh No, Oh Man Oh HELL No! “What the Hell are you doing~?”


“Hey! C-C-c-Mon here!” Betsumon was sweating, “Let’s be reasonable here! I-I’m sure we can come to an understanding here!”



“sniii~VY!” Snivy winked at Betsumon and a wave of Pink hearts suddenly circled her before flying out and entraping Betsumon within them.

“OHHH MAN! This is gonna suuuuuckkk!” Betsumon whined as the Hearts converged on him and…

3 Bwinnng! 3


Gender based Pokemon attacks.

His eyes now had hearts in them. “Tsuuuuuu…” He purred as all of his pain was flooded away in a wash of pure bliss.

“Alright then, Betsumon,” Hideaki cracked his knuckles and rolled his neck, “are you ready to tell us about Quartzmon?”

“Whu…” Betsumon’s head rolled to the side, “whaadya wanna knooow…?…About my bozz man…?”

“Heh,” Hideaki smirked just a bit as he thought to himself, ‘I should’ve tried that hours ago!’

Yes! You SHOULD have!!


Gym class had to be the most crowded class of all at this moment. The regular Gym teacher, Chen Gadyen, was teaching at least three half-classes along side their own present teacher, Dren/Dorulumon.

Four-half classes in total equal to about the usual “Two Classes Per Gym Session”- Tagiru mused.

Of course- it was different from what he was used to.


For one thing- Chou was in part of the dodge-ball game going on under supervision by Dorulumon, and she was absolutely making a killing in it.

At that exact moment- she’d grabbed a ball with her right hand- holding it’s forward momentum back even as it spun on with barely a decrease in side-wards momentum- then with that previously written yell, she threw it right back at the person who had thrown it.

SMASH! The ball hit the far wall- and a few cracks splintered up from the point of impact.

I point out here how much of a badass Chou actually *IS.*

If she weren’t so dead set focused on her studies- she could *easily* have a scholarship in some field of sports.

I mean just LOOK at that! She CAUGHT a ball and it keeps *SPINNING* despite being caught!!

Slowly but surely, everyone stopped to stare at the impressive display…then they started clapping.

Tagiru whistled. Apparently, even in a half-awake state, his girlfriend could pull off impossible things when her blood started boiling. And considering that with Chou’s power added in with his own near-boundless energy, was it any wonder their future daughter was already Queen of the Digital World?

Tagiru never noticed Mami glaring daggers at him and Chou.

Again- echoing Tagiru- is it any wonder that Akari is as powerful as she is when her mother can do *THAT*???

“Guys!” Hideaki ran into the office where Taiki and Sally were talking about the consequences of people vanishing. “We’ve got a mega bad problem!”

“What’s up?” Sally looked up.

“Betsumon blabbed!” There was genuine panic in the boy’s eyes, whatever he’d been told, it was NOT good.

This is NOT good at all!

It’s a reused Eye Catch of Tagiru!!!

Kotone was displeased.

First- her perfect day had been ruined by the fact that some disturbances off the coast of Japan had taken not only her brother, but her own Ninja partner as well, out on a trip to investigate a signal an old friend of theirs had sent them.

Second- Cetus had been right and people WERE missing. Lots of them, if the news reports were to be believed. Neither of them were liking the idea that people- in mass- could just go missing from their homes.

The Media would be having a field day with this.

If half of the reporters who normally WOULD report on this weren’t missing.

It was then that she spotted one of Tagiru’s classmates walking towards the center of the room, which, for some reason, was completely wide open space.

Cetus gave off the feeling as if… as if there were some odd feeling coming off of that girl that made her feel…

Just plain weird.

Kotone frowned. The girl looked like any normal student in gym class. White T shirt, blue gym shorts…Okay, that was odd.

The girl wasn’t wearing sneakers or socks.

Now that she’d noticed that oddity- the second strangest thing was they way she walked. Hips swaying as if there were something trailing off of her waist like a coat or something…

Kotone notices something rather odd about the way another girl walks.

And WHO is that?

Takahashi, Mami, surveyed the room with a smirk. Nobody was looking her way…Not just yet.

Oh. Her! The jealous girl!

“Wait- he said WHAT?” Taiki shouted in surprise.

“Exactly what I said,” Hideaki insisted. “If we don’t warn Yuu and Kaoru right now, they’ll be caught up in the-!”

Oh- wait- Hideaki’s NOT talking about this ominous thing that’s happening with Mami??

Kotone blinked in surprise as the girl dropped her shorts to the floor before stepping out of them and yanking her shirt off in one smooth motion.

The act itself was startling enough- but Kotone and Cetus had another reason to stare on:

There was a familiar green hourglass inside of a red circle tattooed to the girl’s back.

Most people would be surprised by the fact that a girl- in the middle of gym class- just stripped down to nothing.

But No- Kotone is surprised by the HOURGLASS.

“But besides that-” Hideaki continued on as Sally dialed a number on her phone, “He told me that one of Quartzmon’s backup plans is activating TODAY! The people disappearing is just the SIGNAL for someone else to start it!”

“What?” Taiki couldn’t understand any of the new facts rolling in with how they fit in with what they knew previously… “Where? Who’s triggering it?”

A Back up Plan?
Oh So we ARE talking about this weird thing in the school then!

“Takahashi-san!” Gym Teacher Gadyen shouted at Mami, “What the hell are you doing?! Put your clothes back on right this second!”

This- of course- had the intended result of drawing everyone’s attention towards her.

“How about…” Mami rolled her eyes as she pretended to think. “No?”

And with that, she flung her arms out wide as the symbol on her back flashed with a nearly blinding light.

Remember that “No” I never got to write in the story officially due to it kicking the rating up SUPER HIGH?

This is the payoff to that.

By the way- before I forget- Teacher Gadyen is the last remnant of a sub-arc I’d had planned for Dorulumon since the end of the Code Crown Hunt.

She was to be a Garurumon who had taken up Human form years in the past after being stranded- and she was to be Dorulumon’s love interest.

Yeah- I know, I know- You’re screaming “ANOTHER ONE!?”

But I’ve got to remind you: This entire story was originally a THINLY VEILED SHIP FIC that got WAY out of hand!

Tagiru had looked towards the center of the room just in time to watch his classmate transform into a blinding sphere of light.

He instinctively covered his eyes with his arm.

Oh- NICE timing, Tagiru!

“It’s one of Tagiru’s classmates, Mami Takahashi,” Sally pinpointed the name among the online student Year Book before returning to her call, “Yes! I said I want that bay sealed off this SECOND!”

“We need to get to Tagiru’s school right now,” Taiki said before willing a teleport…


…That failed to work.

“What?” Taiki blinked in surprise. “How the…?”

Oh- BAD Timing, Taiki!!!

When Tagiru opened his eyes- his classmate and stalker Mami Takahashi had vanished- becoming replaced with a Female Digimon who- at a first glance- would appear to be the well known species of Bastemon.

On a second glance- you’d see all the subtle differences: Three tails instead of two, a Tiger’s fur pattern rather than a leopards, more humanoid hands that had blood red fingernails, and a pair of fangs that appeared to be more like a saber cat’s than any house cat’s.

This was no Bastemon. She was a VamPersiamon, the vampiric (well, extremely more so) subspecies of Bastemon. (And yes, she still wasn’t wearing any clothes. Not that it matters what with all the fur.)

And then, Tagiru realized with dull horror, they were in the Digi-Quartz version of the school gym.

‘And me without my Xros Loader,’ he lamented.

This is me playing with US Vs Japanese Dub Terms.

Persiamon is Bastemon’s ENG name.

I made VamPersiamon a Vampiric (Even more so than Bastemon are!) subspecies- as indicated by the text.

It had worked. Mami laughed, and laughed, and laughed. She’d successfully pulled off the plan to shift everyone into that alternate world Miho had discovered as well as shifting forms and paralyzing everyone in the room in the same breath.

One sight of the light from her tattoo had done the job well enough- the one who provided it had certainly came through on his promises.

“Oh man, I wasn’t expecting that to actually work,” She said once she finished laughing.

So yeah- this was the big reveal.

Remember all those Cat references that just kept piling up?

THAT was me planning for this moment.

Kotone was on the floor, and it was there that she found that she couldn’t move a muscle.

She was as still as a statue.

Almost everyone else was frozen as well.

‘What the hell?’ Kotone couldn’t blink. ‘What’s going on?’

‘We’re frozen, I don’t know-‘ Cetus was rather uncertain, ‘She did something. I can’t…I don’t know what the hell she just did, but it’s frozen our motor control.’

‘And probably everyone else’s too…’ Kotone glanced about as best as she could- Ah- it looked like some people were twitching- either the effect would wear off or some people didn’t get hit hard by whatever had stunned them.

Wow- even CETUS is affected!!

Tagiru was playing dead as best as he could. Mami, for the moment, was stalking about without a care in the world.

“Hahah! Oh man, this is just perfect!” Mami continued to ramble to herself, “I’ve got enough genetic diversity here that I can convert you all and start fresh on a new world! Haha!”

What the hell? Tagiru frowned. What was she going on about here?

Mami went to pull a paralyzed student up off of the ground- one of the students from Tagiru’s class that Tagiru recognized as someone who’d hung out with Mami on more than a few occasions- and smiled a fang-y grin. “Oh yes…you’ll do nicely for a first convert…!”

The girl- Midori- had her eyes widen ever so slightly due to the fear factor pumping her blood fast enough to slightly overcome the paralyzing effect. “N…N…” She couldn’t talk, however.

Poor Midori- reduced to an extra even more so than in Cannon- and what do you get for your troubles?

Vampire Food.

“Oh don’t worry…It won’t hurt at all!” Mami’s twin saber teeth seemed to glow with the power of a building attack. “Well..I kid, It will hurt just a little! No, well…I lie. It’ll hurt a LOT. But once that’s gone, you’re not going to feel a damned thing except for what’s good for you!” Mami adjusted her grip and held the girl by the front of her shirt with her left hand, and then, with her right, pulled Midori’s left arm out at an angle she could bite down on. “Itdakimasuuu~” She opened her mouth and…


-Was thrown to the side as a dodge ball hit her in the side of the head. “OW!”

Mami’s plan here was to convert EVERY person in the Gym into VamPersiamon’s, to rebuild her nearly extinct species.

Midori was dropped to the ground in surprise, and although it hurt just a little to land as she did, relief flooded her body at being spared a painful death.

“Okay!” Mami turned on her heel to face her attacker, “WHO THE HELL DID THAT!?”

And rebirth, Midori. Don’t forget the rebirth.

Isn’t it obvious, Mami?

Her sight settled on Chou- whose glasses glinted what little light was in the room back at Mami with a killing intent.

“Don’t.” Chou said simply as she shifted her line of sight ever so slightly as to dismiss that glare, “Don’t you DARE try that again!”

“Che~” Mami grit her teeth, “I should’ve figured it’d be you.”

“Me?” Chou blinked in surprise at that.

“Yeah! You!” Mami snarled- “You’re the tramp that stole my Tagiru away from me!”

“…Wait what?” Was thought by every person in the room at that exact moment- said only by Chou, however.

“Yeah! You head me you little thief!” Mami continued to snarl.

“But…I didn’t steal him.” Chou corrected the girl’s faulty logic, “If anything, he’s the one who stole ME away!”

“OH don’t you DARE play that shit with me!” Mami bared her claws, “You stole him from me with that little ‘tutoring’ LIE of yours. You just wanted him in your grubby little claws so *I* wouldn’t have him!”

Jealous much?

“…” Everyone in the room would have face palmed at that. Chou did a Face-palm X2 Combo to compensate. “Seriously? I was offering tutoring because my teacher thought it’d be good for me… I didn’t even know Akashi-kun then.”

“AKASH-” Mami let loose an uncontrolled squeal of anger, “You’re seriously sticking to his LAST NAME even after I’ve smelled your SCENT on him for over a MONTH now!?”

Mami’s over-reaction is due to my learning of a potential confusion with the “Kun” honorfic I’d had. I wasn’t sure if it was true or not, but I decided to give it a reference anyways.

Tagiru realized rather belatedly that that was what Mami had been doing when she’d sniffed him that one day.

“I call him what I call him! Akashi-kun is Akashi-kun and that is that,” Chou crossed her arms and stared straight at Mami. “Wait- is all this why you trapped us all here!?” She blinked, incredulously, “Oh by the Denizens you are soShallow!”

“Me? SHALLOW?” Mami scoffed, “HAH! NO way No how! I just find this to be an excellent opportunity ofcoincidental nature!” And with that- she leaped towards Chou with a howl of deprived anger and anticipation.

Chou dodged the first strike and started running- away from where most of the students were ling on the ground. “Hey! What’s the rush!?”

Now that the chase was on- so to speak- Tagiru risked moving. He pushed up to his feet and started running towards the doors that lead into the rest of the school from the gym. He quickly leaped over people and past gym equipment- trying to be as stealthy as he could under the sounds of Mami’s enraged rantings.


“No way!”

I hate to say it…but Chou (Opposumon) and Mami (VamPersiamon) are both cats…

And they’re fighting.

“PRECISION CLAW STRIKE!” Mami shouted as her blood red finger nails glowed with an even deeper red color- flooding the room with some moderate amount of lighting.

Chou gulped as she leaped to the side. It wasn’t the most elegant dodge in the history of dodging, but it worked. She landed in a pile of dodge-balls. Perfect! “Hey!” She shouted, “You really think you ever HAD Akashi-kun in the first place?”

“OF COURSE I DID!” Mami stomped her foot on the ground in frustration.

“Well you DIDN’T!” And with that, Chou stood up, spun around, and threw a dodge ball. Mami scrambled to dodge it. “He didn’t ever like you because you were so CLINGY!” Another dodge ball was thrown. “YOU made him so scared of you that he was afraid that something like this would happen!” Another dodge ball was thrown.

Across the room- Tagiru grimaced as he scrambled across the floor- why the hell did he have to be the center of attention here.

Better the IDEA of you than the you presently trying to do something.

“SO WHY THE HELL DO YOU THINK THAT *I* HAD TO DO ANYTHING TO “STEAL” HIM AWAY!?” Chou shouted as she started throwing balls rapid fire.

“GRK!” Mami gasped as a dodge ball finally struck her in the shoulder.

“YOU!” Another hit. “NEVER!” And a third! “HAD HIM!” And there was the fourth! “TO BEGIN WITH!” And then a fifth ball smacked Mami straight in the mouth- breaking the two fangs with the impact alone.

Mami hit the ground with a thud- and the room went quiet save for Chou’s heavy panting from all that yelling.


Tagiru finally reached the doors and started trying to open them. “Damn it!” He cursed. The doors were barred from the outside. Obviously Mami had planned this out just in case her paralyzing tactic hadn’t worked.

And then he heard Chou shout in surprise.

He turned around to see the worst sight possible.

Clever Plan- Mami.

Mami had faked being knocked out. When Chou had come over to check to see if she were still alive, Mami had swung her legs out in a kick that sent Chou tumbling to the floor.

“You, Filthy, LIAARRRR!” Mami flipped over and pinned Chou to the ground- Holding Chou’s wrists to the ground with her hands, and Chou’s legs to the ground with her outer most tails. “I am going to Kill You for Everything you just said!” Mami hissed at the rather startled Chou. “But first, because you broke my FANGS, I am going to torment you! And torture you! And make sure that you’re BEGGING for death FAR before I am even CLOSE to being through with you!”

Anything Chou was going to say in response to that was forgotten the moment she heard a faint whistling sound from outside. “Eh?”

“Oh Don’t you DARE play dumb!” Mami continued on- completely ignoring the increasing volume of that whistling.

“Um…” Chou blinked, “don’t you hear that?”

“All I hear is a caged bird squawking to avoid it’s inevitable FATE!” Mami shouted just as a loud CRACK resounded through the room- and day light shown down upon them like a spotlight for a single moment before-


Special Delivery! One Brick Joke!

-The Rocket Hammer launched all those weeks/years ago by an inexperienced Airu came to a landing on top of Mami’s head- it lightly bounced off of her head and landed on the ground on it’s side, while Mami’s eyes rolled up into the back of her head as she blacked out into the Dream Bubbles in the Furthest Ring.

“Murma…” Was all Mami said as she fell onto her side, leaving a very confused Chou lying there on the ground- staring up ath Digi-Quartz’s sky.

“What the hell…” Chou said quietly before starting to laugh. “Hahah! Airu! You clever, Clever little~~~!”

And for the record: Yes. I did plan this moment when I had Chou lose the Rocket Hammer and it went FLYING out into nowhere.

With Mami unconscious- everyone’s motor control soon returned to them, allowing everyone to get back to their feet.

“What the hell is wrong with her?” the girl, Midori, stared at her unconscious friend in abstract horror, “Sure she may have been a bit…uptight…but she never said that she ever wanted to do this…This…!” She fell to her knees and started crying.

Isn’t it sad, Midori?

“The door’s jammed,” Dorulumon rolled his neck, “Everyone! Stand back!” he pulled back a hand and took a breath:“DORULU TORNADOOO!”

There was a burst of wind from his hand that completely shattered the locked doors.

Teacher Gadyen whistled in appreciation, “Not bad, Solfield-sensei!”

“Ah, well, thanks, Gadyen-sensei,” Dorulumon laughed just a bit.

Sigh. Maybe it’s for the best I didn’t have that arc tying things up.

“I’ll surf on over to the warehouse,” Kotone said as she took a few steps outside, “I’ll go get Airu or Haruki and get them to shift us back over to Earth.”

“Sounds like a plan,” Tagiru nodded in agreement.

“Just have everyone stay around here for now,” Kotone gave a wink, “I’ll be back in a flash!”

Chou had to laugh at the absurdity of it all.

The only reason she’d been saved by this hammer at the last moment was because it’s rocket fuel had run out.

She was saved all because her Genius Cousin had given it a fuel supply of just shy of Ten Years.

And it chose to run out right over her head.

She laughed as she twirled the hammer around almost like a baton. A really heavy baton- but a baton nonetheless.

By the way- that hammer was aiming straight for Chou’s head yet again.

It was Mami’s head that got in the way.

I DID plan this one out rather well, I suppose.

Mami Takahashi woke up with a pounding headache and the aching pain of having been tied up to a chair for who knows how long.

“Rgha…” She groaned, “What happened…?”

“You tried to do something stupid and got hit on the head by a hammer that got thrown into the sky almost ten years ago now,” Tagiru said simply as he tapped his foot on the gym floor, “of course, that hammer was only launched a few weeks ago on earth, but you probably already know that given that it was on the news like it was.”

Mami’s head snapped up at that- “Tagi-!”

“Stop.” And that one word made the smile on Mami’s face vanish before it had even appeared. “You just did something really, really stupid, Takahashi.” And the fact that he’d reverted to her last name rather than her first name, combined with that dreaded version of “you”…Mami realized she wasn’t ever going to get him back. “Just what the hell were you trying to pull off there?”

“…” Mami glanced around the room- seeing quite a few angry students glaring at her… And Chou had that giant hammer. She couldn’t get away with anything now… “Alright,” She sighed, “I’ll tell you.”

The most derogatory version of “You” Imaginable.

She totally screwed up her relationship with him via this stunt- and she knows it.


It had been a stroke of luck.

She’d moved to earth to gain an education at the behest of her parents- some of the few digimon left of their species.

And it was on that fateful day that, as she toured the school, she’d wandered past the computer room where Miho Sudo was talking to a plant.

While wearing nothing but vines.

“I’ve got a plan to bring her back…” Miho said simply once Mami had explained the situation. (No, she wouldn’t judge. She was an odd ball too.) “I’ll take all of those upstarts away, and then I’ll be able to bring her back.”

“What about the rest?” Mami asked.

“Huh?” Miho blinked in confusion, “What?”

“What about the rest of the students after that?” Mami asked. “Do you have any grudge against them?”

“No, not realy…” Miho tilted her head to the side. “Why?”

“…I’d like to resurrect my own species, actually…This school might be the best place to do it.”

Two Girls- planning mayhem together.


“I got my back tattoo from the same guy who gave Miho hers…” Mami explained, “but he requested that I hold back my stage of the plan for a certain event trigger. To ‘Maximize’ my yield.”

“Who was that guy?” Tagiru asked.

“An Ekakimon,” Mami said simply, “walking pencil with magic powers.”


“Ahhh…Ahnd I am Finished!” Ekakimon concluded in a French accent as he finished printing the tattoo on Mami’s back. “Now that dis is done, I tell you about the payment, no?”

“Ok…” Mami agreed.

“There will come a day, one years time after the Digital World and Earth reunited…” The Talking Pencil explained, “People shall go missing, all over the world…And when they do… You shall enact your plan, young Takahashi-sama! That is payment for my services. Do you accept?”

“I do,” Mami nodded in agreement. It was already almost seven months past that day he said. It would be no problem to wait.


Ekakimon is worked into this plot BARELY as a tattoo artist.

Another of Quartzmon’s alts and/or blackmail victims.

“Did you ever meet this Ekakimon again?” Tagiru asked.

“No, I didn’t…” Mami shook her head.

“How’d you meet him?” Chou asked.

“I…” Mami frowned. “I can’t remember. It’s like there’s a blank spot around where we arrived and when we left…”

“Quartzmon,” Dorulumon deduced instantly. “That was probably one of his lackeys doing the job for him.”

“Yeah,” Tagiru nodded, “a plan with that amount of specific detailing has to be his work.”

“So this Quartzmon guy’s behind all the people disappearing?” Gadyen-sensei asked. “Dang, I really don’t like that guy already.”

“That looks like it’s the case alright,” Dorulumon sighed, “Now the only question is, what do we do about it?”




“The Eye Of The Storm,” Quartzmon laughed to himself.

Things were finally falling into place. A Terrifying Catastrophe played by his Symphony of cause and effect- What a Terrifying Work of Art!

The chaotic time storms that had plagued the universe for as long as he could remember were finally about to begin…

They were the effect, and he was the cause.

It was a world far away from any the heroes of Xros Heart had ever seen- or even stepped foot on.

A world of books and pens and magical creatures.

This is the universe of another Time Travel story of mine- The Uru Chronicle one listed on my FF.Net page.

Those beasts- not even Digimon- were at war. Locust like beings who could warp reality in far more delicate ways than any Super-Ultimate level Digimon ever could.

He plotted silently. He whispered in the ears of a mad man, ages in the past, planting the seed of an idea to answer the riddle the man had long since struggled to find. He guided the daughter of a war lord to near-insanity by altering her very time stream in subtle ways…

And then the unthinkable happened.

A boy- a normal, utterly plain and stupid human- and a beast- also normal, utterly plain and stupid, but in the sense of a lack of experience and age that would give it to him- were pulled out of their time stream when a rogue agent that had gone unseen by Quartzmon’s many eyes attacked them- Only for a Time Storm to rip them from their place in the time line and dumped them almost two hundred years into the past.

Then things started getting out of hand.

Ironically- I began using Static in that story as a show of Time and Space being broken without much thought. Come XWAU02’s first chapter- I did it again without much thought.

It was months after the fact that I realized I’d done this that an opportunity to tie up the end of that plot that I suspect I may never get to the end of had appeared.

The Accursed Girl- The so-called “Grower” who could travel through time much like he could- as her ten-year-old-self encountered the boy and the beast on a world that was ‘created/realized/found/written’ by her mother.

And then he saw the Accursed Girl’s friend.

Quartzmon nearly screamed in terror.

The girl! THE GIRL! An older version of that blasted child who had captured his pawn Phelesemon inside her Xros Loader!

I intentionally gave Lopmon the same name as the main heroine of that story- a Rivenese girl named Kaiyumi.

Quartzmon took another look at the boy- and realized the horrible, horrible truth.

It was the girl’s partner- an older version of the Cutemon’s human self!

But HOW? That boy had been born to a normal family! He’d CHECKED. There was no way that they could possibly be the same people…!

And yet they were!

The Girl and the Boy soon fell into familiar rhythms, and the Accursed Girl and the Beast found a strange friendship that should never have existed!

And “Daisuke” of that story– well, I never settled on his real name, and used Daisuke as an alias…

But now I can safely say?

It’s “Simon.”

Slowly but surely- the Time Storms used the Boy and the Girl to alter Quartzmon’s planning and mechanizations.

Each careful step- each cautious move- UNDONE IN AN INSTANT!

Quartzmon watched and watched and watched- subtly trying to change events for the better.

He corrupted a storm- made an impossible beast rampage through a town.

And then the Boy STOPPED IT.

He took a sword out from who knows where and shot LIGHTNING from it through his creations!

It was the same boy- there was no doubt about it.

An important fixed point in that boy’s personal timeline.

Quartzmon felt uneasy observing these changes. The timeline he’d already worked so hard into crafting had become unstable- and then MORE Time Travelers appeared! Things got worse and worse and WORSE…!

And then- remarkably- on that stage he’d set to create the Eye Of The Storm himself…

Suddenly everything fell into place.

The Boy and The Girl confronted The Daughter, and… And…!


And then they wind up on that stage he prepared for himself.

Funny how those things work out, eh?



“Oh my god, really? Just shout to the whole world that we’re here, why don’t you!”

“Mizuki-san, are you sure this is the right place?”




“Screw you, I’m getting out of here!”

“Next Time, Digimon Xros Wars: Undersea Fight! DAGOMON APPEARS!”

“Let’s GOOOOO!”

“We’re in the eye of the storm now…”

Next time: I do another Two Part post!

Until then!



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