We Open Chapter 69 with the usual requests to catch up to current! There have been MAJOR plot developments!! ūüėČ


“Isn’t it obvious?” Taiki’s voice rang out before the familiar sound of teleportation.

Kaiyumi watched with an eyes-half-closed fascination as everyone from Xros Heart teleported away from the kitchen.

“Huh,” she said sleepily, “I guess I’m walking to school today.”

Poor Kaiyumi.




*cue Title Theme*

“The Friend of Phelesemon!?”


New Theme song!

Alright. Before we go into this in detail, here’s why I decided to change theme songs.

First: I got too confused with the other two.

Second: I’d been planning for a theme song change once the Xros Over began in earnest.

Third: In the last episode, Tai, Takato, and Rika were fully introduced. So the above stipulation could be fulfilled!

So- let’s cue this new Opening off!


 Ahhem! Please note that I am using the FULL theme here, but that it should end at the end like it does in the TV Version!

[0:00-0:13] We’d have a swirling time gate here- and in the 0:14 gap- we’d accelerate towards Digi-Quartz- a cliff face with six shadowed figures on it.

[0:15-0:17] Zoom in- first two shadows are lit up by spotlights to be revealed as Tai and Davis in signature poses of theirs.

[0:18-0:20] Quick pan across to the opposite side of the cliff- Shadows are revealed by spotlights to be Takato and Takuya.

[0:21-0:24] Pan to the middle- revealed to be Marcus and Taiki.

[0:25-0:28] The camera jumps down to the bottom of the cliff- where Tagiru holds up his Xros Loader Dramatically, with Arresterdramon behind him, as the Xros Wars Logo appears.

[0:29-0:40] We’d get some scenes of Airu and Chou here- probably fighting off a couple of shadow!Betsumons.¬†¬†A few seconds of SpaceTrailmon flying over head. And Probably Haruki and Witchmon looking cool on top of Kiichi’s Locomon.

[0:41-0:44] Here we’d have some scenes of Akari and Shoutmon being particularly badass.

[0:45-0:48] Then a shot of Kiriha doing a Windy Thing.

[0:49-0:54] We’d then get a composite of separate shots of Taiki and Sally walking in different directions while that Golden Meteorite flashes overhead.

[0:55-1:00] A quick succession of shots here- Quartzmon’s right eye- Astamon’s left eye- Dagomon’s ugly face- Ryouma’s grin- and tears running down Sally’s cheeks.

[1:01-1:09] More quick successions- Any random Taichi throwing his fist in the air as a small army of Greymon variants follow his order- a shot of Hikari and Yolei with Sylphymon behind them- Rika and Takato jumping through the air as they Biomerge with Renamon and Guilmon into Sakuyamon and Gallantmon- and then Susanoomon and Imperialdramon Fighter Mode throwing a double punch at some unseen enemy on the other side of the camera.

[1:10-1:22] We have a scene of Tagiru, wielding a blue crystal katana, dueling with Ryouma, who’s using a white crystal blade. Basically a complete lift from the Accel World Opening frame for frame up until the cut to their avatars- after which we cut to Arresterdramon and Astamon dueling it out in an arena- Astamon is Xrossed up with a (lady?)Devimon to have the wings and darkness claw attack. The nod between CP and SC is traded off to having Arresterdramon and Tsuwamon nodding and rushing forward into battle.

[1:23-1:27] We have Kotone here surfing on water to avoid random laser attacks in a run down factory setting.

[1:28-1:30] We get Tagiru reaching up towards that golden meteor in a Digi-Quartz Sky with his right arm- which has the bracelet on him- and as the camera pans around- a blue Lightning bolt strikes down from the sky towards him- filling the screen with blue light.

[1:31-1:35] When we can see again- we get a shot of the Digital World and Earth orbiting their sun with the green miles encroaching in from the side.


End Of Song!
Wow! Fun!

Kaiyumi yawned. It was one of the rare days that she was required to go to school on the weekend, and she could forgive Taiki for forgetting about that, but even so… “It had to be a test day…didn’t it?” The school she was going to wasn’t too far away from where they lived presently, however, a major problem was that the school was on a hill, and thus took a lot longer getting to it due to said hill.

It reminded her of this one anime, where an average high school student was pulled into crazy adventures by a girl in his class who constantly was searching for Aliens, ESPers, and Time Travelers (Sliders optional). However, after one encounter Zenjirou had within the time storm, she wasn’t so sure that it was *just* an Anime anymore.

“Yoho!” Konata waved to her as she ran up, “Kaiyumi-chan!”

I have no clue what the real world Japanese school system is like, so I’m just winging it and saying that this universe doesn’t USUALLY have weekend classes, but on occasion DOES require them.

“I wonder sometimes,” Kaiyumi asked as they climbed the hill together, “in what kind of story would you like to be in?”

“You mean like a protagonist,” Konata asked, “or just a secondary character?”

“I mean like…” Kaiyumi thought on it for a moment, “Just any kind of character in any kind of story.”

“Probably some slice of life thing,” Konata mused, “maybe something like Nichijou or Yuyushiki!”

“Figures,” Kaiyumi rolled her eyes.

I was honestly trying to make this a breather episode.

I really, really, was.

I was ALSO trying to make it a Kaiyumi/Simon focus episode.

And here I am breaking the fourth wall and making Nichijou and Yuyushiki references.

“What about you?” Konata asked.

“Eh, maybe an action-slash-romance type thing?” There was a blush to Kaiyumi’s face as she said that.

“Ah! That’s so like you!” Konata grinned.

0_0 More 4th wall breaking.

Soon, the two girls drifted into hearing range of Simon and Clubs, both of whom were talking about the strangest thing.

“-And I swear, those guys looked just like my old crew, myself included!” Clubs was saying, “And there were two other guys with ’em! Twins!”

“I’m not surprised, really,” Simon shrugged, “we had those guys that were pretty much ripped straight out of that one anime recently. So…”

Foreshadowing. Clubs saw the Frontier gang- whom the Midnight Crew were based upon visually.

“Yeah, I see what you mean,” Clubs nodded.

“Yo! What’s happening?” Konata asked with a wave and a grin.

“Just talking about these doppelgangers Clubs saw,” Simon answered.

“Dopplegangers?” Kaiyumi frowned. “Tell me more.”

And so as those four continued walking, a boy observed them.

He scowled just a little. Friends. Pah~! Who needed them?

The boy shifted the weight of his backpack over his shoulder and continued walking…


…Straight into a time rift.

No student on that road noticed the boy vanishing in a poof of static. Not a single one at all.

However, one teacher from a certain high school who absolutely should not have been there did.

Marcus Damon saw it all.

“I’ve got some calls to make,” he grumbled.

Oh Marcus…

Several hours later- the lunch bell rang, signalling the end of the testing period for the day and turning the students over to their own devices for preparation of the festival that had been announced just that morning before the tests had been given out.

And so, it was with much surprise that as Kaiyumi came out of class, she nearly ran face first into Riska- A.K.A. Blue Flare’s dragon digimon Dracomon in human form.

“Hey!” Kaiyumi stared on in surprise, “What the heck are you doing here?”

“John an’ I came with Kiriha, but then he got pulled away by a teleport or something,” Riska shrugged, “then we ran into Marcus and he asked us to come find you for some reason.”

“Huh,” Kaiyumi frowned, “I wonder what for?”

And…It stopped being a focus ‘slice of life’ breather episode right about here.

Marcus was having them meet up on the rooftop of the school.

‘Can you say¬†Cliche¬†or what?’¬†Kaiyumi shook her head as she looked around. Simon, Clubs, Konata, and John- Gureimon’s human form- were waiting there alongside Marcus and Agumon, also presently in human form, the former of whom looked concerned about something. “So what’s up?” She asked as they walked up.

“We’ve got a situation,” Marcus explained, “Agumon and I have been tracking a Digimon that jumped dimensions right before all this Digi-Quartz nonsense started. As of this morning, he’s officially made his first move.”

“His name is Phelesemon,” Agumon spoke up next, “before we came here to this part of the multiverse, our group wanted him on multiple charges of mass-murder-slash-ritualistic-sacrifice and massive levels of being a very¬†VERYbad guy.”

“Up until last night, he’s been relatively quiet,” Marcus continued. “Quiet enough that we couldn’t actively trace his data signature down beyond it being somewhere on this earth.”

When Marcus says “Digi-Quartz Nonsense”, he’s referring to the start of Act 3 where he comes in to teach. Supposedly- he followed Phelesemon here to this dimension.

Go figure.

“I think I’ll regret asking, but what happened last night?” Konata asked.

“Quartzmon,” Agumon said the name simply- and everyone shuddered at the implications.

“As far as we were able to tell, Quartzmon pulled the guy into Digi-Quartz for a one on one,” Marcus explained, “probably hiring him for a job like Harpymon’s assassination attempt on Nene, or the cafe bombing the other day.”

“Or the Lobomon who showed up after cutting up the streets,” Kaiyumi added.

“Exactly!” Agumon nodded.

“Whatever happened last night, this morning Phelesemon began his usual tricks,” Marcus ran a hand through his hair, “He’s approached a kid at this school through a time rift, where and when in Digi-Quartz that’s happened we can’t tell exactly, but the kid was returned at the school right where he would have been if he’d just been walking.”

“Where is this kid anyways?” Clubs asked, “Maybe we can talk to him and-”

“That’s a no go,” Agumon shook his head ‘no way no how!’ as he explained his interruption, “as we found out the hard way. Phelesemon’s got wards and charms set up all around this kid! There’s no way anyone can approach him with intent to question him about Phelesemon without getting teleported into the nearest body of water!”

“Seriously?” Riska raised an eyebrow at that, “How is that even possible?”

“We don’t know,” Marcus snarled a little, “it’s starting to tick us off to be honest!”

“Okay…” Gureimon spoke up finally- “Where is this kid anyways?”

This is a warning flag for careful readers.

Something is amiss with the kid.

“His name’s Makoto,” Clubs said simply as they all observed the boy that Marcus and Agumon singled out, “he’s new to town- only moved in recently with his family. Doesn’t have any friends. Rumor has it that at the last school he went to, his friends practically shunned him for his parents moving him due to some kind of incident. He turns away anyone who tries to get close him though.”

“Seems like Phelesemon’s kind of mark,” Marcus nodded in agreement, “the Timing works out too if Phelesemon’s had a plan set up as insurance. Maybe he caused whatever drove this kid away from his friends?”

“I dunno,” Riska frowned, “that seems a little far fetched to me.”

“What else could it be?” Agumon asked, “Got any better ideas?”

“Well, he¬†could¬†be Phelesemon himself!” Gureimon offered.

“Oooh! Now that’s pretty likely!” Riska snapped her fingers, “The timing works out even better if that’s the case!”

“Come on,” Marcus frowned, “you think that kid is Phelesemon?”

The two nodded.

“What kind of universe do you think we’re in, exactly!?”¬†Marcus nearly shouted at levels that everyone in the country could hear.

Marcus, Marcus, Marcus.

This is practically telling the readers, “Yeah, he’s the guy.”

“To be fair,” Konata spoke up, “this¬†IS¬†the kind of universe where we turn the big-bad into a¬†sun. Anything’s possible.”

“Kind of got to agree with you there,” Kaiyumi agreed.

“And plus it’d fit with the general theme of bad guys we’ve fought.” Simon added, “I mean, Look at Trompeaurmon. We didn’t know who she was at first, then she became someone really important later on!”

“Who was Trompeaurmon again?” Marcus asked, scratching at his head.

Nobody had noticed that the boy- Makoto- had tensed up upon hearing Marcus’ voice shout through the air, and was now muttering to himself the chant for a time gate.

This line was to deliberately remind the readers of Trompeaurmon’s presence and as a set up for the rest of the series so that way people would have her on the brain when she showed up and thus doesn’t seem to come out of nowhere.




Bluh Bluh!

I’ve got nothin for this one.

And then the world around them blinked from Earth to Digi-Quartz and back again with a simple BLIP of static that lasted barely a second.

“What was that?” Marcus frowned.

“It’s quiet…” Kaiyumi blinked, then looked over the yard that had been full of students a moment earlier… “Too quiet!”

“Where the hell did everybody go!?” Marcus stared at it all in confusion.

“Digi-Quartz,” Simon said simply.


When they shifted across time- the school was empty again- but this time there was a major signal that let them know they had the right place and time:

A Massive thundercloud crackled over the roof of the school building- very different from Digi-Quartz’s usual weather.

“I think we know where Phelesemon’s hiding,” Konata said simply.

“No doubt!”

With all the lightning flying about the area- flying up was not a safe option, leaving our heroes to climb the stairs as quickly as they could.

Agumon, Konata, and Simon had shifted back into their Digimon forms for the climb- racing ahead of the others at a slightly faster rate.

“Oh man!” Gureimon huffed, though still in his human form, “how do you guys manage this!?”

“Practice, now hurry up!” Marcus snarled slightly- he wanted to punch something.


The Door to the Rooftop flung open with a well-placed kick from Agumon, and everyone raced out onto the rooftop- a very crowded rooftop.

“What the-!?” Cutemon snarled slightly. Every student and teacher from the school was on that rooftop- staring vacantly at the magic rune that was pumping lightning up into the clouds.

“Phelesemon!” Marcus shouted out, “We know you’re out here! So come out and surrender while you still have a chance!”

The tall demon was nowhere in sight- but someone did step forward: the boy, Makoto.

Gureimon isn’t used to running in his human form.

Poor guy! ^_^;;

“Seriously? Can’t you just leave us alone?” Makoto frowned, “Can’t you see that we’re busy here?”

“You can’t protect Phelesemon, kid!” Marcus clenched a fist, “He’s bad news and he’s DEFINITELY not your friend-!”

“Protect!?” Makoto snapped- suddenly bringing Marcus’ rant to an end, “Of COURSE I’d want to protect myself! That’s just plain common sense!” and with that, the boy causally threw a sphere of black energy at Marcus- sending the older man flying back through the stairwell door frame and…

“OOF! Ow! ACK!”

“BOSS!” Agumon cried out as his partner started tumbling down the stairs without a stop in sight.

“Heh,” Makoto- or rather, Phelesemon- smirked as Agumon ran off after Marcus, “Sorry, I forgot to warn you about those stairs, man.”

Believe it or not- for all I’ve quoted Homestuck and SBAHJ, this was the first time I did a Stairs joke.

It just came with the territory.

Also- this scene is deliberately foreshadowing Marcus’ future in X0VA-5.

People can DIE falling down the steps- even small ones, which this stair well IS NOT- that Marcus DOESN’T die here is the Time Line keeping him alive so that way he can complete a time loop.

I didn’t intend for him to die from this- but as I thought on the matter, I realized that Marcus SHOULD have. And so…I plotted and debated whether or not to do it.

“So you’re Phelesemon, right?” Riska ventured.

“As if it weren’t obvious enough with that magic burst!” the boy threw his arms to the side in dismay.

“YES!” Riska and Gureimon both pumped a fist into the air, “We so TOTALLY¬†Called¬†It!

“…” Phelesemon/Makoto stared at them blankly, “Riiight.”

The Phelesemon/Makoto plot here was designed to subtly hint to readers of the Gravi/Quartz/Ryouma plot. That a Digimon- and a very bad one at that- could use a human disguise to hide.

“What are you doing with these people?” Kaiyumi asked, taking a few steps forward, and claiming a spot as the leader of the group with Marcus otherwise disposed of.

“What does it look like I’m doing?” Makoto/Phelesemon shrugged, “Sacrificing them to Ladys Boethia and Mephala, Daedric Princes of Sacrifice and Deceit!” Thunder rolled and lightning flashed in the sky behind him as he said this.

Elder Scrolls reference.

“…Er… Why?” Riska had to ask.

“Well, I usually only do one or the other,” the boy/digimon shrugged, “Buuuut I’m on a tight schedule as of today. Some jerk of a chimera thought it’d be¬†reeaal¬†funny to threaten me with exposure unless I gave him the energy from a large sacrifice to power some fancy device of his.”

“What kind of device?” Cutemon asked with the utmost urgency and attention.

“Didn’t say, just that it needed a LOT of power to run-” Phelesemon took a few steps back as his body began to ripple a little like waves in a pond- “And in any case, I’ve got more than enough power on my own from the previous sacrifices, so I don’t really need it. So if this guy wants energy, I’ll be glad to give it to him. Shame though, I was really starting to like it here.”

“Then stop this!” Kaiyumi held her arms out in a peace offering even as the boy’s body began to grow taller, “We won’t arrest you! We’ll let you live your life peacably if you just stop this right now!”

Reasoning doesn’t work when blackmail is the order of the day,

“I’m no fool!” Phelesemon snarled as his clothes changed from a school boy’s to a well dressed demon’s, “By ‘exposure’ that chimera didn’t mean publicity of any kind! He meant a direct encounter with the Daedric Prince of Submission, Molag Bal! I don’t care what you fools do to me, but I am never dealing with that soul stealing demon unless I can absolutely help it!” His skin turned black and red, but his face betrayed the demonic look he had going for him- a look of genuine fear graced his features. “So leave me alone to my sacrificing, or else I’ll have to add you to the lot!” And with that he turned his back on them to work on completing his spell rune.

This was a direct skyrim reference because of the Molag Bal questline.


“Kyuuuu…” Cutemon’s fists clenched.¬†“LIKE HELL WE’LL DO THAT!”

Kaiyumi held her Xros Loader up and shouted a single command:¬†“TIME BURST!”


“Huh?” Phelesemon turned around just in time to see a silver fist turning crimson red flying at his face.




While Phelesemon and KinGRavemon fought it out- ducking and weaving around the kids and the spell seal- everyone else focused on trying to free the kids.

“What kind of spell are they under?” Gureimon panicked as he waved his hand in front of some kid’s eyes. “They aren’t reacting at all!”

“Hmm…” Konata’s ears twitched, “It feels like there’s some vibrations coming from the air that’s making them ignore what’s around them… My hair’s all sorta on end cause of it!”

“Vibrations?” Clubs asked, “Like what?”

“Sort of like…” The Togemogumon focused on the feelings for a few moments, then replied with an uneasy, “Chanting?”

“Chanting air?” Clubs frowned for a few moments… And then it hit him! “Music! Phelesemon’s playing music at a frequency above our hearing range! It’s affecting them because they’re all naturaly born humans and not us because we’re naturally born Digimon!”

“Well if¬†that’s¬†the case…!” Riska pulled out her electric guitar from thin air, “Let’s rock ‘n’ roll!”

Gureimon flashed a grin and pulled out… an electronic keyboard?

“Where the heck did they get those from?” Kaiyumi asked.

Clubs shrugged, then pulled out a rather large amplifier, while Konata grinned and pulled out a hand held Microphone, both speaking simultaneously: “Same place we got these, I’d imagine!”

Hyperspace Arsenals. XD

Kaiyumi would have face-palmed if not for, at that moment, KinGRavemon slamming into the rooftop due to one of Phelesemon’s thrown attacks. “Alright! I think we know what to do, guys!”

“Let’s show ’em how Xros Heart Rocks and Rolls!” Gureimon flashed a grin, and then pressed a button on his Keyboard- sending a vibration through the air, and making the chanting audible to all.

*cue “Libera Me” from Slam (TheKeithD‘s MIX)*

And HERE is the FUN.

So APPARENTLY the original mix got YouTubeDelete’D.

So Here’s a ReUpload!

“Eh? What?” Phelesemon glanced around in surprise, “Wait, What are you doing!?”

“What else?” Riska flashed a dangerous smile, “We’re kicking it back like it’s 1985!


Gureimon began playing the keys on the keyboard as Konata began singing the opening lyrics towards one song, and KinGRavemon began chanting another as he forced himself to his feet.

“Everybody get up, it’s time to slam now, we’ve got a real jam going now…”

“Do the impossible, see the invisible, Ro Ro, Fight the Power…”

Phelesemon glanced around in surprise- all around, the thralls he had ready for sacrifice echoed the “Ro Ro, Fight the Power!” along side KinGRavemon. “What are you doing!?”

At the [0:33] mark, Gureimon kicked in a pre-recorded drum beat, and all the kids began clapping in time with it, even as KinGRavemon continued chanting, getting to his feet and regaining his balance as a bright green aura flared around him.

“Wow, Fakers wanna test me again?” Inside his helmet, Cutemon/Simon/KinGRavemon grinned, “Sorry, my rhymes are gonna stun your brain…”

Phelesemon could only watch in horror as his Latin song was drowned out by the noise of all these different songs that somehow meshed together wonderfully. “N…NO!” he shouted and forced his song to play louder through sheer force of will.

Slammin Jammin Giga Drill Breakin’!


With that, KinGRavemon leaped forward, drawing his swords as he challenged Phelesemon to a duel.

“Come on and¬†Slam!” Gureimon called out everyone echoing the stressed word rather loudly, “If you wanna¬†JAM! Come on and¬†Slam! And Welcome to the¬†JAM!”

“UH HUH!” Riska let a cheer at the appropriate time- one everyone around them mimicked.

“Hey You! Whatcha gonna do!” Gureimon continued on with his part of the song as Riska led everyone on with the changed chanting. Slowly but surely, they were beginning to snap out of the magical thrall, and beginning to clap and sing along of their own free will.

All around- things were going insane- Phelesemon’s magic circle began to fade away, and the storm began to calm rather suddenly.

“J-JAM!” Everyone shouted, “WHAT’S UP!” All at the [1:45] mark.

KinGRavemon danced around Phelesemon- who was desperately blocking attacks with whatever he could summon at a moment’s notice- shields, swords, tree branches, magical staffs- none of it survived the Dual Sword Barrage.


Konata had shifted back to Human and was clapping along with everyone else. Clubs was even slamming his feet into the roof to add even more sound to the mix. Kaiyumi just focused on keeping an eye on KinGRavemon as he danced around- utterly devastating Phelesemon’s entire plan in a matter of minutes.

“HEY DJ!” Gureimon shouted to the sky,¬†“TURN IT UP!”

Two Minutes- to be exact.

Once more- the chanting had been drowned out- and Phelesemon was put on the offensive- there was no way he could survive without fighting back at all.

But it would only buy him a little more time.

Twenty-five seconds later- Phelesemon realized he was losing them all when the spell rune completely vanished. He immediately focused on increasing the power of his chanting spell…but as he did so, he heard KinGRavemon (faintly) still chanting his own song.

“This is the theme of “G” comin’ through, baby, so RO RO, Fight the power!”

Everyone shouted as one:¬†“FIGHT THE POWER!”

Three Minutes- KinGRavemon ditched his swords for summoning twin conical- golden-silver drills over his hands.

“STAR BURST DRILL!”¬†You could see his face through the green sheen of the mask for a single second- he was snarling in victory.¬†“TWIN VULCAN STREAM!”

Then he leaped into action- using the same sword strikes as he had before with the drills instead. Phelesemon didn’t even have time to gulp.

Sixteen seconds of complete mayhem and chaos- a beautifully choreographed dance of sword strikes and drills whirling.

And at this point- nobody could distinguish one voice over the other- every piece of song, every uttered lyric, every strike of metal on flesh or leather upon stone- it was a chaotic piece of harmony.

“JUST SLIDE!” Phelesemon BARELY managed any hits at all- KinGRavemon would simply dodge with that impressive dance of death and skill.¬†“JUST SLIDE!”

And it was through this distraction that Phelesemon failed to notice the Purple Holographic circle around his body- a Xros Loader’s Capture program.

“STAR BURST DRILL!”¬†KinGRavemon saw it- and he acted one final strike:¬†“DUAL DRILL BREAKER!”

He combined the two drills into one and leaped through Phelesemon’s chest as a giant whirling tornado of gold and silver swirls.

There- Phelesemon exploded into a burst of purple data that shot over into Kaiyumi’s Xros Loader- thorughly captured.

“Fight the power,” Riska smirked.

I gotta say. This entire sequence was a BLAST to write- and it sets up for a moment much later in (Spoilers, Sweetie!) where (spoilers!!) and (spoilers) in the (SPOILERZ!!!) and (Spoilers Spoilers Spoilers).

Marcus stared up at Agumon blankly… “Did I really just get knocked down the stairs by a kid?”

“Eyuup,” Agumon nodded slowly, “sorry bout that?”

“Just help me up, would you?” Marcus grumbled.

“Maybe we should wait to make sure you’re not really hurt, first?” Agumon frowned in concern.

“AH, I’ll be fine… I’ve been hurt worse than this before!”

“Are you sure about that, boss?”

“…Just help me up already, would ya?”

Marcus really hasn’t been hurt worse than this, actually.

In the end- everyone had been returned to earth with no memory of being stuck in Digi-Quartz at all. It was a brief enough jump in memory that everyone simply assumed that for those few minutes-they’d all just spaced out. Nobody brought it up with anyone else.

It was all forgotten about.

No permanent damage was done- leaving Kaiyumi and the others free to question Phelesemon about just what Quartzmon had wanted him to do.

“You say his name’s ‘Quartzmon’?” Phelesemon- who was being displayed from the Xros Loader as a cartoon-y hologram- asked in surprise, “Well, that certainly fits with that crystalline grinding sound I heard whenever he moved.”

“Wait. So he’s literally made out of crystal quartz?” Riska had to ask. “That’s completely insane!”

“At any rate,” Simon mused, “at least we know Quartzmon’s after enough energy to power¬†something¬†big.”

“That’s true,” Kaiyumi nodded, then asked, “How much energy was he asking for?”

“One Point Twenty-one giga-watts of power to be… supplied…” Phelesemon said simply, then frowned as everyone stared at him. “What?”

“You can get that off of a lightning strike,” Gureimon said flatly, “Easily a whole Terrawatt of power off one of those.”

1.21 Giga Watts of Power!?! Are You insane!?

“Hey hey hey!” Phelesemon held his holographic-hands out and shook them side to side, “Even *I* know that sounds insane, but you didn’t let me finish!”

“Okay, finish then,” Riska glared at the hologram.

“He wants it supplied constantly for a total of thirty eight minutes,” Phelesemon explained. “As a “precaution” he said. Doesn’t actually expect the thing to be running for that long but he want’s enough to be there for the full amount of time the device can run!”

“Thirty eight minutes?” Kaiyumi frowned- why had that rung a bell of familiarity?

Both THAT and THIS are direct set ups for the Back To the Future overtones and the Stargates that get used and have already partially appeared in the story so far.


“DAMN YOU PHELESEMON!” Marcus shouted from the bed he’d been put in- stuck in a similar (Actually, down right identical) situation to that Zenjirou had been in quite recently.

One Arm broken- other leg also broken- both limbs strung up in slings suspended from the roof.

“Well, at least they caught him?” Agumon offered with a shrug.

“Oh shut up!” Marcus snapped- despite knowing very well that he got off lucky for that kind of fall and should count his blessing where they came.



As The Watch Maker came into his store with a tired sigh, he was expecting to be able to rest after such a stressful day on the island.

He wasn’t expecting Kaiyumi and Simon to be standing there waiting for him.

“Eh?” He blinked, “How’d you four get in here? The store’s been closed all day.”

“We’ve got some questions for you about one of the devices mentioned in this journal of yours,” Kaiyumi said as she held up that journal marked “AROUnD Project” that the Watch Maker had given Taiki once before. “Specifically, the device on page six- the Quantum Tunnel Molecular Teleportation Ring.”

“Oh? What about it?” The Watch Maker frowned. Were they really about to ask him about¬†that…?

“We have reason to believe that Quartzmon is planning on powering a device like this,” Simon explained. “He hired a guy named Phelesemon to try to gather up that energy via a mass sacrifice.”

“When was this?” The Watch Maker’s frown deepened.

“Just this afternoon,” Kaiyumui answered.

“…Hmm…” The Watch Maker mused for a few moments, “I suppose if you’ve uncovered this information, I should explain to you what it is about.”

“It would help,” Simon nodded.

“Very well then,” The Watch Maker took a breath…


And so begins: THE FINAL ARC OF ACT 3!!!

We finally get into The Watch Maker’s backstory! W00T!!


Quartzmon snarled- once more his plans had been foiled. Now he’d need to find another source of power for his Doomsday Bomb.

He’d hoped that by looping backwards onto the same day and recruiting that blasted Cultist Phelesemon he’d be able to gain power while the main source of his distractions had been foiled.

But No! That accursed man from the other world had tipped them all off!

What to do, what to do…?

He silently observed the children as they interrogated his former “willing assistant” about the power supply. Oh how he wished he could swoop down and kill them all right then and there…

But that Xros Loader of the girl’s had been heavily modified. Not even¬†HE¬†could swipe in without getting blasted by Phelesemon’s own charms!

A hint that Quartzmon had easy access to Ryouma’s Xros Loader- even though he insists that Kaiyumi modified hers.

Wait- what was that about the Lightning?

Of course he’d managed to plan the Detonation on the day of a thunderstorm without even realizing it. Mood lighting for a proper doomsday device! But that the could USE the Lightning…?

No! He couldn’t. Lightning was too unpredictable.

Too much lightning and his bomb would be fried before it ever went off. Too little and he’d never have the power to charge it!

He’d have to find another way to fuel his Paradox- and Lightning certainly wasn’t going to help him any.

Not One Bit.


I debated on whether or not to add this line to the end of this:

Come that certain day- Quartzmon was cursing himself for dismissing Lightning as a power source.

Buuut I felt that it spoiled the CRITICAL MOMENT that’s already been spoiled in the opening- Tagiru getting hit by Lightning.


“Eh, that wasn’t much of a breather episode…”

“Hey! What are you so glum about? *I’M* finally returning as a guest star!”

“Oh, Hi.”


“Don’t you ‘oh hi, yo’ me! It’s not even morning!”

“Well excuse me for having walked half way across town!”

“Hey, could you guys keep it down over there? We’re learning something important here!”

“Next Time! Digimon Xros Wars!”

“The Ghosts of Days Gone By!”

“…Oh joy, another two part-er plot.”

“Oh shut up you melancholy-!”


Nothing to say here except:

15Phelesemon&Makoto Tamura– LOPMON AND CUTEMON EPISODE. BET otherwise.

This was ANYTHING but a Base Episode Translation, past me!!!



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