We Begin Chapter 70 with that repeated call to catch up if you haven’t already…

And then we begin diving into BACKSTORY!!!!!!!!

“It was… A lifetime ago,” The Watch Maker began, “a world long since dead and gone.”

Kaiyumi and Simon shared an uneasy glance, but nodded in motion for him to go on.

“My story starts as one that you are no doubt very familiar with…”

Going into The Watch Maker’s back story was something I’d been wanting to do as a major part of the Hunters arc, and I had several ideas to toy with here.


A young Baguramon stood up from his throne, a smile on his beardless face and both of his natural arms thrown wide open in greeting.

DarkKnightmon’s immobile helmet hid the scowl on his face, the scowl of a plot soon to be pulled off.

“I was the ruler of a kingdom of my very own, until the day my treacherous brother betrayed me.”

There was a flash of purple energy from the tip of the staff as Baguramon came down to hug his brother- piercing through the good king’s chest.

“The fool he was thought that I would die from such a betrayal.”

DarkKnightmon’s featureless goons threw the betrayed king over the edge of a wall- straight into a burning rift of lava. Just as Baguramon’s body hit the lava- he vanished in a burst of static. The goons thought him dead.


“He was wrong,” The Watch Maker smirked slightly.

First up: The Canon Ending.

The Watch Maker was canonically revealed to be a Revived Baguramon at the end of the canon Hunter’s last episode.


Given that THIS universes’ Baguramon is in the SUN, and given the XROS OVER-ness, I decided to make him a Baguramon from ANOTHER world that got betrayed by ANOTHER DarkKnightmon brother of his…




*cue Title Theme*

“The Ghosts of Days Gone By!”

The Title is indicative of an old man retelling his history…

“I landed in the Human World tied to that Digital World,” The Watch Maker explained, “stuck in a human form as the laws of that dimensional pair dictated I would be. And so, young as I was, I made due.” He pointed at the journal as he led the two kids into the back room, “I started a project, designed to one day form a team that would come together and overthrow my brother off of the throne. But I needed a way to get to that world first. The Gateway was my attempt to do such.” The Watch Maker began unlocking his locks and pulled out his investigation files, leaving the room in relative silence for a few seconds.

The return of the folder- if possible, the pulling out of the files would be reused from the last time we saw it- just to show that he’d done it a bit mechanically a few too many times.

“The Gateway, what is it exactly?” Kaiyumi asked.

“Initially, it was a one way portal that would transport you across dimensions and local space. It required an extreme amount of power to function, however, and I never had a chance to properly test it.” The old man sighed, “I wish that I had.”

“What happened?” Simon asked.

“It took me much longer to construct a Gateway than I’d ever imagined it would,” The Watch Maker explained as he pulled out a certain photo to show to the two kids, “I lived as an inventor, and over the years, I slowly fell in love.”

Kaiyumi took the picture and looked over it for a few moments- then gasped. “No way…!”

Simon looked over his shoulder and stared at it in surprise- “You’re-?”

“Heh,” The Watch Maker gave himself the chance to smile ever so slightly.



The young inventor- a teen nearing his twenties whose features looked rather similar to that of one Taiki Kudo- smiled at the young woman across from him- who indeed looked rather similar to one Sally Sparrow save for that her hair was black and not green.

The Fan Theory that The Watch Maker was a Future Taiki.

Believe it or not, when I first wrote the scene with Taiki seeing his future self talk with the Watch Maker- that had been the path I was going for: A doomed Taiki coming back to prevent the events that had Doomed him- OR, equally possible, if I had gone through with Prison Land as intended, it would have been Hephaestus come back as his own separate self.

I thank the fact that I was on a Back To the Future kick when I wrote this episode out and for giving me this brilliant idea.

“So, Doctor Brown,” The girl, also nearing her twenties, grinned at him in return, “What’s on the schedule for today?”

“Well, Miss Clayton,” the boy grinned, “I was thinking that we could clean the lab up a little, and then maybe go out to lunch?”

“Lunch!” The woman stared at him for a moment in surprise, “Emmit, are you alright? You never want to go out to eat¬†anywhere!”

“Maybe I’m just feeling a bit…” The man paused for a moment to find the right word, “Adventurous today, Clara?”

Not ONLY is The Watch Maker an alternate Baguramon AND an Alternate Taiki- He’s ALSO an Alternate Emmitt Brown And YES, I know that I spell it wrong through the story- but that is an INTENTIONAL TYPO!!!


The old black and white photograph was of a man looking like an older Taiki on one knee, proposing to a woman that looked like an older Sally.

“She and I…” The Watch Maker thought on it all for a moment, “We lived a happy life then. And I…I grew content to have her by my side. At times I almost forgot about my other life, although I always wanted to return to help save them all.”

“You looked just like Taiki,” Kaiyumi breathed, almost in shock.

“I suppose I did, when I was younger,” The Watch Maker chuckled dryly.

Ultimately, this final version of the Watch Maker was settled upon because of the looming Cascade Side B- and all the events I’d had planned for it and afterwards.

Also- there’s [SPOILERS] and [SPOILERS] that make it doubly [SPOILERS] with [SPOILERS], [SPOILERS], and [SPOILERS].

:33 < *CT Purrs, “and yes, I am having way too much fun with those tags!” *

“So what happened?” Simon asked.

“My brother died,” The Watch Maker explained, “A massive beast from another dimension broke through the walls, and utterly destroyed my former kingdom.”

“Quartzmon,” Kaiyumi ventured a guess.


“So the gate became useless?”

“In a sense…” The Watch Maker sighed, “I finally attempted my first trial run of the Gateway on the day Quartzmon attacked. It…It signaled to him like a moth to a flame.”

D00M! D00MY D00M D00MS OF D00M!!!!!!!!

“Oh no,” Simon’s eyes widened slightly. “Don’t tell me he-”

“Quartzmon came through the gateway- overloaded it on every point on it’s time line as he did such-” The Watch Maker clenched his fist around a small ring that had lain inside the folder for quite some time now. “When the dust settled, I was fortunate enough to have survived because my wife had activated a pet project of hers- a personal dome force shield…She…” The man choked up for a few moments, struggling to put the words out before he continued as coldly as he had before- “The World I had built for myself was gone. Utterly erased from time and space and everything around me was just what debris remained. I barely managed to salvage it all to take with me.”

Foreshadowing for the Force shield that gets used later on in Cascade Side B.

“I’m so sorry,” Kaiyumi realized she was crying, yes, but did she let it affect her…?

“Don’t,” The Watch Maker huffed. “Quartzmon was the one who did all of that. The one who killed my wife. The one who destroyed everything I ever cared about…!” he took a moment to stare at the ring in his hand. “…And though over the years I’ve sought to fix that mistake of mine- to hunt down Quartzmon and kill him so he could no longer hurt people with my inventions…” he carefully put the ring back into it’s place. “I know she wouldn’t want me to dwell on it.”

The Watch Maker has a heartbreaking backstory- and it’s BECAUSE Kaiyumi and Simon are the first ones he talks to about it that he’s willing to trust them with “The Letter Job” that we’ve seen hints of through the last few X0VAs.

I won’t say anything more about it than that.


The man pounded on the shield to get to his wife. “CLARA!”

“I’m sorry.” She smiled at him through the golden light that was coming from the Gate- “Please forgive me, Emmit. I lov-”

And then the massive Ring exploded- nearly blinding the man entirely.


The Watch Maker sighed. “So that is my tale. And to hear that Quartzmon is planning to use my device once more on this world…? It saddens me and yet fills me with even more determination.”

“What can we do?” Kaiyumi asked after a few moments of silence.

“…I’ve danced this dance so many times now,” The Watch Maker said silently, “I believe it’s finally the right time time that I changed the steps.”

So basically: this is the point where I was telling the readers: “So you THINK you know how the final half of Hunters is going to go just because it’s following the same events as the canon series? WELL THINK AGAIN!”


Kotone and Tsuwabuku stared at the girl leaning against the phone booth with a grin on her face and a bounce to her step.

It was the girl that had once been the “Princess” of the Bagura Empire- Trompeaurmon- although now she went by the name “Kaoru” and had changed her appearance quite thoroughly.

Her hair- which had once been rather tye-dyed- was now thoroughly orange. Her clothing had changed from military to more ‘casual’, she had on a long sleeved green shirt on under a pink t-shirt underneath a tan vest- all of which was over a pair of cargo-shorts. Finishing off the whole bizarre color scheme was the Green hat on her head, and the Yellow boots that had green socks underneath on her feet.

She narrowed her green eyes at them as she smirked- “So you two finally made it, huh?”

“Kaoru,” Kotone smiled at the girl, “great to see you again! How’s life treating you?”

“Still trying to find out how to get dad out of that sun,” She shrugged, “but I doubt I’ll find anything that won’t end up killing everyone else.”

Trompeaurmon/Kaoru has been working off screen to try to get her dad out of the sun.

She hasn’t succeeded much.

Trompeaurmon WAS created with the Kaoru role in mind- actually. She’s not an OC at all.

Well, I mean, not in terms of having an actual Canon self somewhere in the multiverse.

“Yeah, that’d be pretty dame dame bad,” Tsuwabuki nodded in agreement.

“So what’s new with you guys?” Kaoru then added a second later, “I mean, besides the fact that Tsuwamon’s back in the land of the living.”

“I’m going to be an aunt!” Kotone grinned.

“Wow, that’s cool,” Kaoru flinched slightly, but put on a smile anyways at the good news. “Anyways, since you’re here, let’s get going!” And with that, she kicked off and away from the phone box and started heading into the forest around them.

“What’s so important up here that requires Cetus’ immediate attention, anyways?” Kotone asked.

“You’ll see when we get there,” Kaoru frowned, “but it’s got to do with Gravimon.”

“Gravimon?” Tsuwabuki blinked in surprise, “What’s he got to do with anything?”

“Giant immortal gravity manipulator, remember?” Kotone reminded him. “Sort of the only Death General who Xros Heart didn’t even meet face to face?”

Like I reminded readers the chapter before of Kaoru, I remind readers here of Gravimon.

Because, you know, of Plot.

“They all fought against Anubimon,” Kaoru nodded, “see, thing is, a few nights ago there was a meteor spotted over this area. But there aren’t any meteors that can fall on earth after Taiki did his whole space manipulation thing.”

“So…Gravimon?” Kotone ventured.

“I pretty much saw Taiki blast him out of the Code Crown, so it makes sense.” Kaoru said with a nod, “If he got caught by the storms, and dropped here…? Anyways, beyond that, ever since that night, there have been some strange gravitational fluctuations from this local area. I’d only just barely managed to track it down to a pinpoint when it suddenly vanished.”

“Time gate?” Tsuwabuki ventured.

“Yup, that’s what I’m thinking. Quartzmon recruiting Gravimon is pretty much the worst thing that could happen at this point,” Kaoru laughed flatly- “So that’s why I called you guys here. I figured, if the three of us checked around, we could see if Gravimon was really here. And if he was, you can call for Taiki and he’ll bring everyone over to here so we can finally put that little upstart six feet under.”

Mainly- I’m playing on the readers perceptions of “Everything the Characters Guess is the truth of it!” Even though that’s very much not the case.

“…” Kotone blinked slowly at that, deciding instead to take in all the trees around them in silence for those precious few moments. Then she replied: “Riiiight. So where’s this crash at exactly?”

“Just up ahead…” Kaoru explained, “It’s an old abandoned factory, not sure what it was used for originally, or if it ever was. There’s a lot of abandoned buildings that look like they were used for things, but don’t actually have any signs of decay to them.”

“Yeah, funny that,” Kotone frowned slightly- even creating the earth from scratch twenty years earlier had created perfectly fine abandoned buildings? That made no sense at all.

Kaoru is lampshading the artificial nature of this earth.

There’s another reason for that- and the reason I made the earth artificial in the first place- and THAT reason is…

Well…You know. ūüėČ


“So how did you escape?” Kaiyumi asked after a short bit of planning.

“From my dead world?” The Watch Maker laughed, and pulled off his sun glasses- revealing the right eye to be completely replaced by a black orb with a red light in the center. “I was in no condition to do anything, as you might see.”

“Is that robotic?” Simon stared with a slightly open jaw.

“That it is,” The man replaced his sun glasses, “I received it shortly after I was rescued.”

“Rescued,” Kaiyumi blinked, “by who?”


The man lay on an island of crumbling stone and masonry. He was on his right side, in a small pool of his own blood- all of which came from injuries on his right side sustained after the shock wave broke through the force shield and…

He’d blacked out.

Now, all he could feel was pain, and lots of it. His left eye was blurred, but still usable for seeing… Not that there was much TO see.

Just an endless, yellow and green, pixelated expanse.

Nothing but Air-Space.

This is to indicate to readers ahead of time that the SAME air space that came about because of the Digital World’s earlier shattering is due to a similar cause to what happened to this world here.

It’s a set up card for the final reveal of the Code Crown Shattering and of Kanagi’s ultimate identity.

On what remained of his desk lay a framed photograph- him and his wife just after he’d proposed… Good, that that had survived…

The man choked up- just a bit. Clara- his dear wife- she was gone. Gone and dead and…and so was their unborn child as well.

If there had ever been anything worse than losing the entire world around him- that was it.

He felt his eyes watering up with tears- and it hurt his right eye all the more due to the damage it had taken.

He didn’t care.

He’d lost it all.

The Gate had exploded for some reason and it had taken the entire planet with it.

Oh god- he realized with a start- he’d just killed the entirety of Planet Earth. If there were anyone left to document history, he’d go down as the biggest mass murderer of all time!

It was then that a spotlight flooded the small island- and a voice boomed over loud speakers:¬†“Hey! There he is! We found him! We found him!”

Dazed as the future Watch Maker was, he realized that there wasn’t a trace of malice in those words.

This Photograph is important enough to have survived- remember what I said about Marcus’ impossible survival?


“It was- believe it or not- Tagiru and his friends!” The Watch Maker laughed at the irony, “Today was their first time working together as a team, and yet this day has reached all the way back some fifty years into my past.”

“Tagiru saved you?” Simon stared on in confusion, “How?”

“Obviously, someone told them of that exact day and it’s temporal coordinates sometime in the future, and from there they go back in time to rescue me from that dead world,” The Watch Maker said simply. “They never did tell me why they were out there- so I can only imagine how that happened. But they were old. Older than I’ve ever seen them in the fifty years since. It took me some time to actually recognize them all when it came time to giving them their Xros Loaders due to that, in fact. Although, I suppose having my vision reduced a full three-fourths will do that as well.”

“Where’d they take you?” Kaiyumi asked.

“Here, there, everywhere,” The Watch Maker shrugged. “Every when and every place that I would need something from to become the man I am today without my even knowing it.” He tapped at his right eye, “A far flung technologically advanced future world was the first stop. They saved my life so thoroughly that they very well near doubled it, although,” he patted his right thigh, “they could not completely undo the damage to my leg.”

Hence the cane.

“How’d you get a Xros Loader?” Kaiyumi asked.

“Our second stop was another dimension like this one- I received my Xros Loader there from it’s version of myself. Heh, he had no clue who I was until my Xros Loader matched his in color.” There was some amusement to the man’s voice as he said that, “I’ve yet to do something so outlandish like that since.”

“So they told you it was Quartzmon who destroyed your worlds?” Simon asked.

“Yes, yes they did,” The Watch Maker looked over his notes once more, “that Quartzmon was planning to do the same to their world, and every other world in existence. That they had been chasing him across time and space for decades and months and centuries and days.”

“I guess that means we’ll fail at stopping him then?” Kaiyumi frowned.

“Not at all,” The Watch Maker shook his head, “I’ve followed Quartzmon for about as long as they have- maybe even longer. None of them are as old as the ones that have appeared in this world are. If we have a chance to stop him here, we may be able to put an end to him once and for all.”

“So the other Quartzmons we’ll chase are younger versions?” Kaiyumi’s frown deepened. “That just doesn’t seem fair!”

It’s the River Song paradox.

Meeting in the wrong order and all that.

“Fair it isn’t,” The Watch Maker pulled out a few photos of Multiple Quartzmons at once. “He’s a mastermind of temporal divergences. Using the very nature of timeline bifurcation to make copies of himself that are all equally deadly. They will all die easily enough, but because there are so many of him… it’s almost as if he’s immortal.”

“I remember we almost had to deal with an immortal once,” Simon shuddered, “and instead we ended up facing off against a horror terror.”

“Ah yes, those things,” The Watch Maker shuddered as well, “horrible beasts those. I’ve observed that Quartzmon’s flirted with them along with every other evil demon and beast in the known multiverse. If something bad has happened, you can very well bet that Quartzmon’s had a small hand to play in it, even if the people causing those bad events don’t even realize it.” The man’s voice went quite- almost hollow- “He is the voice of discord that whispers in everyone’s ear. That subtle impulse that tempts us to do wrong. He is the snake of the Garden of Eden, and he is the one who inevitably puts the dominoes in place for the end of the world.”

Another reminder of Gravimon’s presence.

A subtle reminder and a hint for the readers that there’s a connection between Quartz and Gravi.

“So basically,” Kaiyumi began, “if my alarm clock breaks during the middle of the night and I’m late for school the next day…?”

“Quartzmon did it.” The man flashed a humorless grin, “Although that particular example may be taking it just a bit too far. Sometimes bad luck is just bad luck.”

“Sounds like a real nut case to me,” Simon shook his head in dismay.

This line came from a dialogue with a reviewer who phrased it like this. “Something bad happens? Quartzmon did it.”

It was the intent I was hoping to portray, and he summed it up so nicely in words.

So thanks for that! ūüôā


The building loomed above them- it was a factory of some kind, and it was very, very abandoned.

A piece of it’s higher structure crumbled away into an unseen hole in a lower level even as they watched it.

“Welp,” Kotone stared at it, “I guess that’s where he landed.”


On the first side of the disk was a picture of Kotone and Kaoru standing back to back, each holding swords made out of water and smiling dangerously at something off screen.

On the other side of the disk was an image of three Quartzmon, each of them giving a devious smirk as if planning something different from the others.


The Eye-Catch! Wheeeeee!

Inside- the factory was just as abandoned as the outside made it appear.

“Well…” Kaoru sighed as she stood up from the center of the large crater in the center of the main floor, “Gravimon was definitely here. Regenerating, by the looks of it.”

“That shouldn’t have taken him too long, should it?” Kotone frowned, “I mean, he resurrected rather quickly inside the Code Crown.” She looked up at the roof, “So what made him take so long?”

“That’s true,” Kaoru held her chin in her hand for a moment as she thought it over, “Gravimon’s regeneration was always rather quick and unnoticeable. The fact that he ended up staying stationary for so long…Plus the Time Storm…?” She looked over at Kotone, “Did Taiki ever say¬†how¬†much power he pumped into Gravimon through the Code Crown? I didn’t really get a good look at that fight.”

“Not really,” Kotone answered, “but Akari said it was enough to kill them.”

“Triggering Taiki’s own regeneration, right?” Tsuwabuki asked.

“Yup,” both girls nodded in confirmation.

“Plus, the residual energy from Taiki regenerating wound up healing my injuries too,” Kaoru added, “then it went on to fuel the resurrection of every dead digimon that deserved to be reborn.”

“And after that Taiki wound up nearly dying again from all the remaining excess energy,” Kotone continued on that tangent, “He had to get it all sealed away by an external lock so it wouldn’t explode out of him.”

This is an “As You Know” for the readers- but a confirmation of facts to remind the readers of what happened- and to subtly hint as to what WILL happen.

“If Gravimon got just as much power put into him,” Kaoru ventured a theory, “then maybe the problem Gravimon’s been having is the same one? He keeps regenerating and regenerating and can’t stop?”

“That would explain why Quartzmon would pull him into Digi-Quartz,” Kotone agreed, “after what Kaiyumi and Simon discovered from Phelesemon, that much power coming from Gravimon would make the ultimate power source, no need to sacrifice anything at all!”

“Let’s slip back into the shadows and then see what we can find in Digi-Quartz,” Kaoru suggested. “If Gravimon’s here, we might be able to capture him instead of outright killing him.”

“Good idea!” Kotone nodded in agreement, and with that, held up her Xros Loader…


The gate way opened and the trio prepared to step through it’s event-horizon when…

“AH AH AH! You didn’t say the magic word!”

Come on. Tell me that ANYONE who has seen Jurassic Park didn’t get a shiver down their spine at that!!

A blast of energy came hurtling through the time gate- forcing the trio of would-be-spies to jump to the sides to escape an imminent demise.


“What the hell was THAT!?” Kaoru stared at the massive crater in the ground with dismay.

“That my dear,” came Quartzmon’s voice as his serpentine form slithered out through the time gate and began climbing into the air, “would be my signature attack,¬†Gap Ryushi Hou.”

“Quartzmon!” Kotone jumped to her feet. “It’s about time we met face to face!”

“Face to face you say?” And then a second Quartzmon slithered out of the still open time gate, “Funny you should say that!”

“W-W-WOAH!” Tsuwabuki stuttered in surprise, “There’s two of him!”

Quartzmon is referring to his ALSO being Gravimon- and their meeting in the Code Crown Chamber.

He’s also just being a troll.

“Better make that three!” A Third Quartzmon chimed in as he too joined his ‘brothers’ on the other side, “But then again, I can be as many as I want to be! Tee Hee!”

The trio of would-be-spies stared up at the beast in surprise and dismay.

“Just what the hell…” Kaoru’s face betrayed the fear she was trying to suppress, “what the hell are you!?”

“Quartzmon!” The trio chimed in simultaneously, “And sorry, but we’re not taking autographs.”

He’s also quite insane, by the way.

Channels Discord, Q, and who knows how many other weird characters.

All. At. Once.

Kaoru’s eyes narrowed, “So you’re the big guy himself, huh?”

“Well of course we are!” One said.

“We’re just the absolute pinnacle of-” The second one was caught off guard by Kaoru cutting her hand through the air to launch a wave of water-like void energy.


The Second Quartzmon was completely caught off-gaurd. It’s false skin was utterly burned away by an explosion of void energy, leaving behind a malleable, liquid white colored crystalline substance beneath.

That is to say- the fake-skin around it’s head was utterly gone.

“OW! YOU CAUGHT ME MONO-LOGGING!¬†THAT REALLY HURTS!¬†The second Quartzmon let loose a surprisingly pain-full yelp and started dancing around in dismay…then, he immediately stopped, and narrowed his now visibly-nonexistent eyes at Kaoru- “Not.”

I’ll tell you. Quartzmon as a troll is just a plain fun to write.

And then the fight began.

As Kotone jumped into the air on a wave of water with her Xros Loader held high, Tsuwabuki shifted to Damemon and immediately evolved into Tsuwamon, and Kaoru grabbed a stray metal pipe on the ground for use as a sword.



Waves of wind and mater transmuting water shot forth towards different Quartzmon- smashing into two of the beasts who simply shrugged off the damage like it was nothing.

Meanwhile- Kotone surfed across the room- desperately outrunning the third Quartzmon who was chasing after her- “TAKE THAT! AND THAT! AND A COUPLE OF THESE!”- who was throwing magic runes at her.

“Damn it! Why’d we get stuck with the wise guy!?”¬†Cetus spoke up in a rare fit of anger.

“Who knows, who cares!?” Kotone snapped, “All I wanna do is smash this guy into next week!”

This is the surfing scene from the Opening sequence.

“GAP RYUSHI HOU!”¬†The two Quartzmon shouted in simultaneous motion as they spat high-powered laser beams at their targets.

Tsuwamon quickly grabbed Kaoru and uttered a technique:¬†“KAWARIMI NO JUTSU!”

In the single second before the laser blasts would have hit- the duo were replaced with fake sand-bag dummies that took the hits for them.

Tsuwamon and Kaoru appeared above and behind one of the two Quartzmon (the damaged one) and immediately began their next attacks:



A Blast of Void Energy smashed into the exposed back of the Quartzmon’s neck- creating another explosion that sent chunks of Quartz Crystal into the air. Then a web of electrified threads was thrown out of Tsuwamon’s hands- dropping onto the Damaged Quartzmon and shocking it rather thoroughly.


The Quartzmon hit the ground- stunned and dazed- and in that moment Kotone jumped over it with her wave of water- expertly dodging another rune blast from the third Quartzmon that impacted that already weak spot on the second Quartzmon.

This right here is a fine example of me ACTUALLY planning ahead- and I SERIOUSLY debated whether or not to include this scene.


And then the strangest thing happened- The second Quartzmon simply…turned into a reverse pin cushion.

A giant, needle like golden drill shot out of his back- and then a silver one shot out of his arm- and then a golden one and a silver one and a-

“What the hell did you throw at him!?” The first Quartzmon yelped as a drill shot out and nearly clipped him in the leg.

“Just the usual rune spell! I didn’t devia-KRHK!” The Third Quartzmon got impaled by a drill.

“WHAT THE-!?” The sole remaining Quartzmon forgot about Kotone, Kaoru, and Tsuwamon, and instead rushed over to check on his companion. “Hey! Me! Are you alrigh-TRK!”

And then the Impaled Quartzmon spouted Drills of his own- identical to the ones that had come out of his twin in every single way- right down to the same emergence spots.

Moments later- the third remaining Quartzmon spouted Drills in the same spot- most of which merged with their brothers and-

“~~~~~!”¬†A thousand billion trillion million screaming voices shout out to the tune of a clock that had just struck twelve through the resonance of the three Time Divergent Quartzmon- who finally died by being warped into one single Quartzmon who stared on with a look of horror as if facing his final demise.

“No! You can’t-!” Came a voice that was Quartzmon’s, and yet not Quartzmon’s, from his mouth. “That’s cheating! That’s just not fair at all!” And then…

He dies mid sentence without elaborating at all.

If You’ve caught up to the latest X0VA, you’ll realize that this Quartzmon fusion was an example of Synchronization to a rather violent degree.

If you get one Quartzmon to hit the other- they suddenly fuse together.

This is the only time we see this onscreen- but it does happen a lot more off-screen.

He fell apart into little square gelatin blocks of green, white, yellow, blue, and purple. This left the trio of would-be-spies standing there alone in the chamber with nothing but a swirling time gate and slowly dissolving gelatin cubes.

“O…kay,” Kotone said after a moment, “That was weird.”

“We’ll have to figure out just what the hell that was later,” Kaoru shook her head out, “Let’s get to Digi-Quartz and find out just where the heck Gravimon got off to!”

Introducing: The Tower Collapse.

Gelatin cubes are odd things, but it sets Quartzmon and his minions apart from Digimon.


They leaped through the gate to find the room in a similar state as it had been in the past- except for the fact that there was only a single Quartzmon remaining in the chamber, standing in the crater that Gravimon had apparently landed in, and that it was very, very dark in there.

“Oh ho ho, so you managed to defeat my doomed Time Clones,” Quartzmon gave a smirk, “Well, while I’m very impressed at the time, I’m afraid you’re all too late. Gravimon is…no longer with us.”

“NO!” Kaoru grit her teeth, “We’re too late!”

The smirk turned into a very twisted smile, “That is to say…Resistance on his part was futile! His power is MINE!” He jabbed his thumbs into his chest and that smirk turned very, very sinister. “And it always has been! Even if you traveled back in time, you’d never be able to stop this day from happening. It’s what I like to call a‘Fixed Point.’

“A fixed point?” Kotone stared on in dull horror- why was that ringing such an ominous bell?

“Oh well, it’s no point stressing over it!” The Quartzmon laughed, and then faded away into the shadows. “You’ll never even begin to¬†conceive¬†what has just transpired here!¬†Hahaha…!”

“We were too late…!” Kaoru repeated in horror as she fell to her knees, “We were too late to stop him…!” She clenched her fist and then punched it into the dirt.¬†“DAMN IT!”


Quartzmon gloats. The Readers are meant to think that Quartzmon has successfully recruited Gravimon- and to a degree he has- but in reality- Quartzmon has merely ensured his own timeline as intact.


The two were walking down the street, holding hands and chatting about absolutely nothing in particular- neither noticing a faint static like outline of two different Shoutmon watching them from different points of his own time line.

“So I was thinking that if it’s a boy, we’ll name him¬†Caliborn,” Clara said almost nonchalantly as they walked towards their office, “and we’ll go with¬†Calliope¬†if it’s a girl.”

“Well, I think that’s fine,” Emmit agreed, “but the question is will their middle name be¬†Verne¬†or¬†Midnight, respectively to the previous genders?”

Remember that scene where Shoutmon saw an older Taiki and Sally that really didn’t fit in anywhere?

I make use of my mistakes.

Verne¬†like the writer, right?” Clara asked,

“Yup,” Emmit agreed.

With a giggle, Clara leaned over to kiss Emmit on the cheek. “You’re so silly some times, dear.”

(Neither of them noticed the two Shoutmon vanishing at that moment.)

“Haha,” Emmit laughed. “I suppose I am, aren’t I?”

“Well…I think¬†Verne¬†would be a good middle name for¬†Caliborn, but where’d you get¬†Midnight¬†from?” Clara asked.

“A song,¬†Midnight Calliope,” Emmit answered, “sort of a stealth pun, of sorts.”

“Oh my god, if we do name her that she’s going to freak out when she’s old enough to get it.” Clara giggled again, then regained her composure and thought for a few moments before talking again, “I wonder how she or he would react to being a prince or princess of an entire world?”

“Well,” Emmit narrowed his eyes slightly in determination, “we’ve got to take back my kingdom from my brother first, but after that…?” He smiled, “Well, I think they’d do just fine as prince or princess if we’re both there to raise them.”

This is a VERY elaborate Homestuck Reference- as well as confirming the BTTF shout out of them naming a kid Verne.

They stood in the lab- preparing for the first test run of the “Stargate” as Clara had affectionately named their massive ring.

“City approval of power grid granted,” Emmit ran off the checklist, “power supply on, and circuit breakers are on!” He flashed a grin at his wife. “Looks like we’re read to roll!”

“For science!” Clara grinned back, and then flipped the main switch on the dialing device.

The Ring roared to life- the first Chevron quickly locking into place.

“Oh,” Emmit remembered something suddenly, “What about the Mobile All-terrain Lab and Probing device?”

“The MALP is all set, dear,” Clara giggled, “I made sure it was charged last night, it should have a full battery.”

“Oh, good,” Emmit sighed in relief as the second Chevron locked. “Thank you, Dear.”

“You’re welcome, Love!” She gave a wink and spun on her heel to monitor another device.

You feel really upset knowing that she’s about to die.

This entire scene is intentionally shown for you to see the state of things.

The Chevrons couldn’t come into position fast enough for the former-King turned-Inventor. Four, Five, Six…!

“Power output stable, looks like we’ve got the estimated one point twenty-one gigawatts of power…” Emmit read off of a chart.

Seventh Chevron.

“Wait, hold up- I’m picking up a spike on the memory buffers-!” Clara’s warning came off too late as the Eighth Chevron attempted to lock- but failed.

All of the Glowing Chevrons turned off, and then…


They began relighting in sequence as something began dialing in.

“Incoming Data Stream!” Clara shouted as she reached for a button on her desk. Her own little pet project.


Emmit stared at his invention in dismay and wonder as the ninth Chevron locked and built up a charge of power…

A Golden Bubble Dome popped up around him.

“Clara?!” He spun on his heels to look at his wife-


-As the end of the world began.



Anyone who’s familiar with SG1 will realize what’s happening.


“Is it a Bird?”

“Oi! Come down from there!”

“Is it a Plane?”


“Is it¬†Superman?”

“Stop infringing on other people’s trademarks!”

“Why would you look who it is! Believe it or not,¬†It’s JustME!”

“Sigh. Next Time Digimon Xros Wars.”

“What’s with the sighing? Let’s¬†SI~~NG!”

“Shapeshifter Betsumon’s Bag of Tricks!”

“And clothes too!”

“Oh shut up, already!”

Again- I set things up as a “Breather” Episode…but, in fact…

16 Mayuzumi Kaoru/Trompeaur, Kotone, Damemon, Tagiru, Gumdra, Airu– Relationship strain between Gumdra and Airu. Kotone & Tagiru investigating viral video- run into Kaoru: Who knows about hunting. (Kaoru is purified trompeaurmon) They investigate nearby building due to signal detected on Kaoru’s Scanner (based on a XrosLoader). Tagi and Kotone run into Airu. Kaoru falls into DigiQuartz. (FlashBack:Airu and Opposumon investigating Xros Loader signal, Opposumon gets possessed, Airu flees.) Airu asks Tagiru for help, he agrees due to established ChoHak<3Tagiru and Airu<>Gumd. Kotone annoyed. Kaoru tries to rescue Patamon. TIME SHIFT- Enter prison, Opposumon possessed attacks them. Airu tries evolving to ChoHakkaimon in an attempt to break the possession. Attacks get more violent. choshinka Battle threatens Kaoru and Patamon. Tsuwa holds ChoHakkai down long enough for Tagiru to snap her out of it while Arrester finds Kaoru+Patamon. GhostPoyomon thrown off by Tagiru raising ChoHakkai’s ’emotion meter.’ Patamon scolds ghost digimon, but thanks it at the same time for bringing them here to rescue him. RETURN: Kaoru with Patamon in tow return to DW, everyone else leaves. Where were Taiki and Shoutmon? Shoutmon + Akari at Baseball torunament, Taiki and Sally on date.

I REALLY wrote out what I planned to happen.

This is just another lovely example of how my story changes from beginning to end. It’s basically the BET but explained. Gravimon wasn’t even mentioned in this script. THAT is because I hadn’t gotten to the Canyon Land arc yet when I’d written this summary. WOW. How things change, eh??



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