We Open Chapter 68 with an 4KOMA STYLE OMAKE inspired during a PM conversation with SwordDancerSapphy.

*Suddenly has a vision of something that could have happened in XWAU02 post-Airu regaining her memories…*

Chou walks into their shared bedroom with an apple in one hand and a book under arm… “Hey, Airu, we’re back! I brought apples at the store so if you want oneeee……” She trailed off as she caught sight of her cousin, Airu, dressed up in that ridiculous pig costume that Chou had been forced to wear the one time.

“C-Chou…!” Airu’s face went red. “W-What’re you doing back so soon?”

Chou just stared blankly at her cousin, then slowly backed out of the room and closed the door behind her, saying “I didn’t see anything at all.” as she went.

“W-Wait! Chou!” Airu squealed after her cousin. “It’s not what you think!”

This is totally canon by the way, as it takes place the night this episode begins. Hahah!! XDD

Also- if anyone wants to take a crack at drawing it, go right ahead! XDD (I might try taking a crack at it myself though! Hehe!

Okay moving on from the CANON CRACK FUEL…

The sun was setting over the warehouses as three humans stepped out into the shade of the building they’d been in for the last few hours.

“Alright, well, I’ll get going then,” Tagiru bowed to Hideaki and Rina. “It’s been a pleasure meeting you.”

“And tell that Chou of yours that I’d like to meet up to have lunch some time,” Rina smiled at the boy.

“Ah, I will,” Tagiru nodded, “that sounds like-”

“Ah! Three at once!” The Watch Maker called out suddenly- interrupting the farewells with his jovial tone of voice. “Thanks for saving me the trouble of hunting you down.”

Tagiru nearly jumped out of his shoes, but instead settled for turning around to face the man who’d given him his Xros Loader.

“Hey, it’s the old man who rescued us from that island!” Hideaki snapped his fingers in recognition. “Thanks again for that, by the way!”

“Ah,” The Watch Maker laughed a bit, “yes, funny how things turn out like that, isn’t it?”

“What did you mean,” Tagiru asked, “by saving you time?”

“Straight to the point as always, Tagiru,” The Watch Maker’s voice turned down to a more serious level. “Hideaki, Rina, that island I rescued you from…it is good that you remember it.”

“You mean…?” Rina frowned, “It’s time already?”

“Yes,” The old man nodded, “Volcdramon’s massive heat output has finally begun to affect the spatial warps on that island.”

“Volcdramon?” Tagiru asked, realization dawning in his mind at the name.

The Watch Maker appears to deliver important news!

“A beast more powerful than even the Denizens themselves,” The Watch Maker nodded at Hideaki, “These two explained of their rescue, did they not?” He smirked and didn’t even give Tagiru the chance to reply, “Volcdramon is a beast made out of a living volcano. His very heart is the molten heart of any life-sustaining planet. And as they have a personal history with Volcdramon, I promised them front row seats to this upcoming tournament, should they wish to join in.”

“You’re disguising it as a tournament?” Hideaki frowned, “I’m not sure if that’s a smart idea or not.”

“What else would you have me do?” The Watch Maker’s frown turned into a scowl, “Tell the world that a beast more powerful than the saviors of two worlds threatens to detonate the planet’s core by his very presence? No Hunter would even consider risking their lives for that kind of mission, and I need as many people on this as I can if we are to save this world.”

Foreshadowing- thy name art subtlety!

Also- it’s pure Irony as well.

I wrote this scene with Cascade Side B *ENTIRELY* in mind.

The Watch Maker turned towards Tagiru, “And as for you, Tagiru,…I know of the turmoil that your life will become. I’ve already lived through a good portion of what is to come for you.”

“Y-You do?” Tagiru took a step back in surprise.

“Yes, you and Chou, about the merits of keeping secrets from those that should never learn them,” The Watch Maker smirked just a bit at that. “I know I can count on you to help on this…I know I can count on you to not tell Taiki-san and the others from Xros Heart about the threat Volcdramon presents.”

“W…What…?” Tagiru stared at the man in confusion.

“Also, I know I can trust you to deliver these invitations to the ones addressed on the fronts,” And with that, the Watch Maker pulled several envelopes out of his inside vest pocket. He then pulled one out separately, and held onto it as he handed the rest over to Tagiru.

“Taiki, Yuu, Revolo…?” Tagiru looked up in surprise. “You basically want me to deliver these to everyone I know from Xros Heart?!”

“And Airu too, since I’ve already let Ren know.” The Watch Maker said simply, “Mostly, however, I need you to deliver these while I track down Ryouma,” his scowl turned towards annoyance. “That boy is impossible to find on any given day, and while I fear that inviting him to this tournament will be a bad thing, I must do such out of fairness to The Ever Changing Game. But due to the time it takes me to track him down properly, I am afraid that I won’t have time to address each and every Xros Heart Member personally.”

MORE foreshadowing! Readers with Canon Anime Knowledge at this point are supposed to make the Ryouma>Quartzmon connection from the Canon Hunters arc.

It makes the ultimate reveal of Ryouma=Gravimon all the more surprising. :33

“Alright…I guess…” Tagiru sighed.

The Watch Maker handed over the single remaining envelope to Hideaki, saying, “Here is yours and Rina’s, detailing the coordinates of the island and the time you should depart for the island. I have no doubt you’ll share it’s information with Tagiru.” And with that, he turned to leave. “I’ll leave you all to it. I have a Rogue Player to Track Down.”

Again- “Rogue Player” is meant to reinforce the idea of the Ryouma/Quartzmon connection.

*cue Title Theme*


No opening credits here. That time is taken up by the Ending credits.


SpaceLocomon flew over the ocean at a break-neck pace- fast enough that everyone had to be stowed away in the cargo-bay.

Hideaki and Rina were essentially providing a ferry boat across the ocean to that long-forgotten island for Tagiru, Airu, Ren, and their Digimon.

“So Ryouma was nowhere to be found, huh?” Ren mused. “I’m surprised. Usually he’s all over big adventures like this.”

“Meh, I say we’re better off without him,” Airu shrugged, “he’s been giving me the creeps lately.”

“You too, huh?” Ren said flatly.

Again- this is reinforcing that connection of Ryouma/Quartzmon. They ARE working together- as revealed in CascadeSideB, but it’s different from how the readers are expecting from this dialogue.

“So, where’s Taiki and them?” Hideaki asked Tagiru.

“Ah, well…I just stuffed all the invitations into one giant yellow folder and addressed it to Yuu’s apartment before I mailed it to them,” Tagiru shrugged. “If they got them all, they’ll come.”

“You’re really wanting to keep them out of this?” Chou, as Opposumon, asked as she floated next to Tagiru.

“They’re babying me whenever something like Breakdramon comes up,” Tagiru frowned. “And even back when I was doing security for them, it still felt like they were giving me the easiest job they could. And they still weren’t letting me do my job even then. Sally jumped in almost right away…” He reached up to adjust the goggles on his forehead. “I need to do this without their consent. I need to prove that I’m up to their standards.”

“What the heck is he going on about?” Ren asked Airu.

“We’ll tell you later,” Airu waved it off, wondering if there ever would be a latter to tell the boy.

Tagiru is *finally* breaking free of Xros Heart’s protection. He’s setting off on a *DANGEROUS* tournament to face off against Volcdramon- a being so powerful that even the Denizens would have trouble beating it.

He’s trying to prove to them that he can handle these kinds of situations by pretty much outdoing them at something.


The doorbell rang for the fifth time as a groggy Shoutmon stumbled towards the door. “Oi…I’m coming, I’m coming…”

DING-DONG! for the sixth time.

“OI! I said I’m coming!” And with that, Shoutmon pulled the door open to reveal a very startled, and worried Yuu. “The sun isn’t even up yet,” Shoutmon narrowed his eyes, “this had better be important.”

“It’s Tagiru,” Yuu held up the massive envelope in his hands, and that was all that needed to be said.

Early Morning Delivery!!

Tagiru paid the delivery man extra to get it to Yuu’s house as fast as he could.

…While shipping it from as far away as was physically possible for the boy to get.

Taiki was quickly woken up- and everyone that could be brought over on such short notice were teleported into the Kitchen for an emergency planning meeting.

“Tagiru’s gone off the rails,” Shoutmon said simply, “He went and sent us a bunch of invitations to this Tournament the old clock shop man’s holding.”

“A tournament?” Revolomon scratched at his head, “What kind of tournament?”

“According to these letters, it’s a Capture the Flag type event, only instead of there being multiple flags, there’s one digimon being offered up as prize to whomever can catch it,” Taiki explained as he put a letter forward, “Volcdramon.”

“Woah wait just a second,” Sally shook her head out in surprise, then held a hand up as she talked. “Isn’t Volcdramon that Magma Digimon that vanished out from under Typheus’ nose three months ago?”

“It is,” Shoutmon nodded, “I had Taiki send Typheus and Kiriha a note, but this early in the morning, I don’t think he’s going to get it right away.”

“Anyways,” Yuu contiued, “Tagiru’s gone off to confront it. He left this letter in here for us…” He held up the incriminating letter for all to see what it said:

“No Time to Deliver these all personally! Please have Taiki do it! -Tagiru”

Tagiru….This isn’t what the Watch Maker asked you to do.

Gumdramon’s trollish nature is rubbing off on the boy, I think.

“Well, that’s one way to do it,” Dorulumon, in his human form, planted a hand to his forehead, “Good grief, that kid’s a bundle of energy isn’t he?”

“The invites all specify a set of corrdinates out in the middle of the ocean,” Taiki began, “I can’t sense Tagiru directly, but there is an island out there- that much I can tell for sure.”

“So what do we do then?” Yuu asked.

“Isn’t it obvious?” Taiki flashed them a grin…

…And moments later- they were all deposited into the blue waves rolling into the beach of a very, very tropical island.

“Oh well THANKS for the heads up, Taiki!” Revolomon shouted in annoyance.

“Good grief,” Dorulumon grumbled.

Taiki’s teleport was off.

By the way, this is also another of those “Split scene plots” right here. Next episode we get Kaiyumi’s side of this teleport.

It was hot on the island- much too hot for the normal summer clothing that everyone had been wearing, especially with untold amounts of unusually warm sea water clogging them down.

So, naturally, after a quick clothing change via the Xros Loaders, Xros Heart (X5 Branch) found themselves wandering towards the nearest structure- A run down, two floor beach-side hotel that looked like it had seen better days.

There’s a reason I specify the X5 branch- everyone here can allow Shoutmon Xros Five to be formed.

There wasn’t much to that building- it wasn’t very modern by Japanese standards, maybe more of an American 1960’s style build- but it seemed sturdy enough, even in the heat of the early morning. (They were obviously further along in the day here, with the sun being at the 9:18 A.M. position rather than the 6:18 A.M. it had been back home.)

Soon enough, Taiki’s small group entered the lobby of the little hotel, which seemed to be running on minimum power. The AC was cranked up to maximum, and the lights were all turned off. Someone was playing at the piano in the corner.

“Thank YOU!” Sally breathed in relief at the slightly cooler air, however, this drew quite a bit of attention onto those entering the room from those standing in the shadows.

“Ah, so they made it afte rall,” Hideaki whispered towards Tagiru, who simply nodded.

I have fewer hunters in this tournament than there are in the canon XW episode. Ryouma was impossible for the Watch Maker to find- and he failed to get the invites out to *everyone.*

In the main corner by the Piano was those who had flown in on SpaceTrailmon, with Ren being the one playing the instrument. In the opposite corner, at the small drink bar, was Haruki and Witchmon. In the other main corner, where a table and a few chairs resided, were three teens, two boys and one girl, though you couldn’t see them well. At their sides were an Agumon, a Gaomon, and a Biyomon, respectively. The Boy partnered with the Agumon had a set of goggles hanging around his neck.

Finally, at the counter next to the stairs in the final corner stood the Watch Maker and Clockmon, the latter of whom was tick-tock-ing backwards, as if acting as a timer.

In a change of pace- Ren plays piano instead of Ryouma. I think it speaks volumes about Ren’s character development to have him playing it.

Haruki and Witchmon are alone due to Noboru and Ken being in jail.

And here we have the main trio of RE: Digitize.

These three kids in the foreground.



Yeah. Basically, in that meta verse I keep talking about, these guys are Early Bird Cameos of the RE: Digitize characters.

Taiki glanced around at this odd assortment of characters- at least half of the people and Digimon in the room he’d never seen personally before. And as for the other half…? Taiki narrowed his eyes at Tagiru in the corner, who was comically wearing a large, wide brimmed, straw hat over his face as if it were disguising him.

Tagiru’s nice hat is referencing this kid:

…And his very nice hat.

“Welcome,” The Watch Maker said to those entering the room, “Please do come in. We’re expecting a few more guests shortly, and then we can begin with this tournament.”

There wasn’t much room in the small lobby, so Xros Heart’s few members went to sit on the floor in the center of the room.

After a few more minutes of waiting- a boy came walking up to the door, yet another Agumon at his side. “We’re not late, are we?”

“Not at all, Kamiya,” The Watch Maker said with a smirk. “You’re just in time, in fact.”

“That’s good to know,” The boy laughed as he fiddled with his own goggles.

A few moments later, two more figures stepped up into view- Haruki immediately recognized them as two passengers from one of the Trailmon that had gotten held up a short time ago. He quickly turned to take a large drink from his glass, while Witchmon put a hand on his shoulder.

“Yeesh,” said the girl with red hair. “What is this, a Goggle-head convention?”

The goggle-wearing boy next to her too just laughed nervously as they entered, two digimon following right behind them- a Renamon and a Guilmon.

The Watch Maker smirked, “Ah, and here come the last few…”

Enter Tai, Rika, and Takato.

This is the point where readers are about to realize: “OH hey, wait. They’re going to be doing Xros Over stuff, aren’t they!?”

Taiki frowned- there was something rather odd going on here. He didn’t see Xros Loaders on some of these new people at all. And then there was Hideaki in the corner- the same boy from the Concert Hall. A part of Taiki wanted to rush over and talk with him right then and there…but he restrained himself.

And then a cold breeze blew into the room from outside as a figure in a dark green over coat stepped into the room.

Everyone shivered at the refreshing burst of cold.

“DING!” Clockmon chimed, “Time’s up!”

It’s of no surprise who this guy is.

“Well then,” The Watch Maker looked over a small notebook, then laughed, “It seems some of those invited had opted out of this event. Perhaps they’re busy with more pressing matters. In any case, those of you here are now welcomed to the opening ceremony of this Unique Tournament!”

The girl with the Biyomon clapped cheerfully.

“Now then,” The Watch Maker flipped to a page in his notebook, “we will go over the rules one more time, and these are exactly as the invitations told you…”

“ONE!” Clockmon chimed. “All Digi-Xrossing rules for normal hunting proceedures are to be Ignored!”

“Volcdramon is a very dangerous Digimon,” The Watch Maker explained, “The usual concerns of killing a Digimon during a hunt is not a problem here.” He sent a casual look Taiki’s way, “For those of you who excel at “Megazord Xrossing”, you are free to go all out.”

Basically- he’s told them to go at it with a mega xros- such as Xros Five.

“TWO!” Clockmon chimed before anyone could fully absorb the implications of that rule. “Digi-Quartz is off limits for the remainder of the Tournament!”

“The Heat Wave currently hitting this island,” The Watch Maker explained, “is a direct result of Volcdramon’s presence in Digi-Quartz. The unbearable heat right now is but a mere fraction of the pressures exerted on the island in Digi-Quartz at this moment. If you were to Xros Over into Digi-Quartz, you would be melted into a liquid, and vaporized into a gas before you even felt the heat touching you.”

Nervous murmurs floated about at that remark.


That’ll be tough- hunting a Digimon you can’t even see!

“THREE!” Clockmon chimed in. “Teamwork is encouraged! Partner up with whomever you’d like to! The more people working on capturing Volcdramon the better, Chi Chi Chi~!”

“This needs no explanation with the exception that we do not want people sabotaging other teams efforts,” The Watch Maker smirked. “If they have a valid idea to capture Volcdramon, please, let them try it.”

“That concludes this announcement!” Clockmon chimed again, “You may now…”

“BEGIN!” The Watch Maker took his hat off and threw it into the air.


The room exploded into motion. Tagiru’s group of friends slipped out through the stair-well, heading to their rented room on the next floor to plan immediately.

“We can’t use Digi-Quartz,” Ren was particularly startled, “How can we not use it if the Digimon is THERE?”

“We draw it out, obviously,” Rina said as if it was the most obvious thing ever.

“How though?” Airu scowled, “This seems like it’s a completely impossible requirement!”

“We’ll just use the reverse of the Zenimon trap, right?” Hideaki asked.

“That’s what I was thinking of,” Rina nodded in agreement.

“Okay, but once we take care of that,” Tagiry began, “how do we deal with something that hot?”

“Ah,” Ren thought after a moment, “I think I might have something…!”

Dang it- i still can’t believe a tagiry typo slipped through.

Taiki watched as everyone else swirled around them in a flury of motion. The trio of teens with the Agumon, Biyomon, and Gaomon simply got up and sliped out through the entrance, as did Haruki and Witchmon shortly after them.

The Boy with the Agumon went to talk with the girl with the Renamon and the boy with the Guilmon, leaving Xros Heart alone with the figure in the green coat.

“So,” The figure said as he stepped forward, pulling off the hood of his coat just enough to reveal his face, “Volcdramon, huh?”

Taiki grinned, “Yup, exactly that, Kiriha.”

“Woah,” Shoutmon did a double take, “You got here fast!”

Kiriha gave a smirk as his voice shifted to Typheus’, “You can get a lot of places really fast when your wife’s teleportation powers are being messed with by a very clever baby.”

“That,” Kiriha added next, “and we got caught up in a time storm after I got here. We wound up all the way back here just after you guys did.”

Nyarkoooo…! X33

“Ah, that makes sense,” Sally frowned a bit. “Wait, so there are two of you running around right now?”

“For the next few hours, yeah, Probably.” Kiriha nodded, “So do you guys got any clue how we’re going to get to Volcdramon?”

“Nope,” Taiki shook his head. “Not having access to Digi-Quartz is a major hurdle.”

“Ah, I’m sure we’ll figure it out,” Kiriha grinned. “We always do, after all!”

The Planning stage quickly fell away to the Preparation stage. Our merry band of rag-tag misfits sneaked out the back door, dressed up in swim suits and carrying tons of apparent ‘day-at-the-beach’ gear with them.

Airu smirked to herself- if all went according to plan, everyone would think that they were goofing off due to their disguises, and would steer clear of what they were planning.

Inside the large coolers that were held under many arms were not drinks and food- but instead massive quantities of rope, pulleys, screws, hammers, shovels, and other things.

As for the inflatable floaty toys…Well…The less said about those the better.

“Alright everyone!” Hideaki grinned, “Let’s get to work!”

Fanservice with a Plan! That- and it’s BLOODY HOT on that island! Minimal clothing is going to be a requirement of this Hunt.

*Cue schlachtschiff (SOUL EATER OST2)*

Oh boy this was a fun one to write. I’ve wanted to use this song since I first planned the Hunters arc, but I never found a good place to use it until HERE.

They’d needed the swimming suits after locating the hottest part of the island. It was a massive field that had once held wheat and other such crops. Now it was nothing but a barren field of rocks.

This was the spot where they’d bring Volcdramon through.

“This’ll do,” Tagiru nodded in approval.


Shovels were brought out, and digging began immediately. Hideaki mapping out four large spots around the center of that hot spot for pit traps. A Digmon and Drimogimon were reloaded from Airu’s Xros Loader while Ren brought out most of his more humanoid Digimon out to help with the process. Tagiru had Gumdramon evolve into Arresterdramon, and had him and MetalTryanomon join in the digging.

Everyone went to work with a bit of dread on their faces.

Digging went slow- with each pit’s beginnings being made at first- and then the heavy lifters widening and deepening those pits wider and wider.

Sagomon had the easiest job- and yet also the hardest. He had to pull whole waves of water up out of the ocean and carry them over to the dig-site all while cooling the temperature down to an actually refreshing level.

Opposumon had shifted to her human form to help out as well with this- working right alongside Tagiru to help out with the digging.

A few of Airu’s digimon who were unable to work in the digging helped out in other ways- joining Sagomon with getting water and or providing towels or snacks whenever someone needed a break.


Slowly but surely, those four massive pits took shape and form.

From the distance- those who were watching this endeavor wondered just what in the world they were all doing.

Haruki and Witchmon just surveyed the site with understanding from the air- and after a short while would go down to join them in the digging.

Here’s the team forming up.

Meanwhile, from the edge of a nearby forest, the three teens with the Agumon, Gaomon, and Biyomon partners would just stare on in confusion. The boy without glasses, Nikolai, thought that whatever plan they had would potentially fail in capturing Volcdramon, although it would definitely bring the digimon out of Digi-Quartz.

His Gaomon and the Agumon agreed on that.

The girl, Akiho, with pink hair and a plain white dress laughed. She thought that they had a good chance of catching Volcdramon if they were going to all this work to set it up. Her Biyomon, and the boy with goggles, Taiga, agreed one hundred percent, though shot an odd glance at his Agumon for thinking that the plan could go awry.


Digging continued on- with two of the four pits finished now, leaving Airu, Arresterdramon, and Ren to set up the trap within each one.

Ropes were strung across from the various parts of the pit walls- and off of the ropes were the inflatables filled with strange liquids that nobody could guess of what they were made out of.


The three late-comers stayed in the hotel lobby, simply chatting as they waited for one of the other teams to summon Volcdramon out of Digi-Quartz.

The Watch Maker looked over them appraising-ly, taking in their moods and how each of them were reacting to this situation.

Taichi Kamiya, Rika Nonoka, Takato Matsuki- three heroes from vastly different worlds.

And to think that they were here for a tournament of his… It brought a smile to the man’s face.


The Confirmation of the Xros Over beginning.

Elsewhere, Xros Heart searched the island for any signs of Volcdramon’s influence from the vantage point Xros Five took in the air.

Taiki frowned upon seeing the massive excavation work in the field. Just what were they doing?

Kiriha just stared on at it all with an impressed look on his face. He could see what kind of trap those kids were making- how all the pieces fit together and what they might potentially do in concert with each other.


Sagomon brought fresh waves of water over to cool off the hard-working diggers, though it seemed that he was failing at keeping the deep pits from getting soggy and wet as he did his job, that was actually yet another layer to the trap.

The third pit was finished- progress going faster now that more diggers were working on it and the fourth- and soon, it was being strung up with ropes and inflatable pool toys too.


Hideaki surveyed the progress of the four pits as work on the fourth neared completion. He glanced at Rina, and gave a thumbs up even as Rock came up behind her and dumped a bucket of water over her head.

Rina let off a shriek of surprise, but laughed immediately after it. (It was hard to stay mad at a piece of yourself playing such a prank on you, after all.)


Soon, the fourth pit was dug and work on stringing it began.

Those who were finished with digging stood there, and surveyed their hard work with approval.

Four massive pits traps- each one ready for a massive foot to fall into it.


Quite the clever idea, is it not?

As the sun hit the straight-above-you Noon position, all of the trap work was finished- and they all decided to take a quick break to recover their energy before springing the trap.

After hours of long and hard work- those who were watching and waiting to see what would happen surveyed the progress made, and the tight frame of teamwork that had been forged between every single one of those people working on the massive trap.

Shoutmon nodded in approval as he gave the trap a thorough once over from the air. It was quite the trap alright. He could see how it could work, and how it could potentially fail.

Yuu and Revolomon thought it clever- simple and yet elegant. A time warp dropping Volcdramon into it would trap him rather well if the pits had been dug in the right spots.


Haruki thought it was perfect, and what was more, he realized, he and Witchmon had found a ragtag bunch of misfits that he fit in just perfectly with. They didn’t care what he’d done or where he came from…but he fit in just as well.

“Everyone!” Tagiru held up a soda can, “This is the best trap anyone could ever have hoped to make! I don’t know about you guys, but I’ve got a good feeling about today.”

“Hell yeah!” Gumdramon held up his own soda can in agreement.

“Today’s been a lot of fun so far and I just don’t see that stopping any time soon,” Tagiru continued on his little toast. “I think I can honestly say that we’ve all come a long way from where we were three months ago, let alone three hours ago! We’ve all had adventures through Digi-Quartz and we’ve faced some incredible challenges. So let’s make sure that this one tops them all!” he raised his can higher, “To The Catch of a Life Time!”

“To The Catch of a Life Time!” Everyone with a can- from Airu to Sagomon, from Gumdramon to Chou, from Rina to Hideaki, from Witchmon to Ren- called out in agreement.

Quite a way with words there, Tagiru.


The Watch Maker smiled to himself as he heard that cry echo down through the mountains.

Shoutmon chuckled, “That kid’s got a way with words.”

“Ah, he does, doesn’t he?” Dorulumon mused. “Reminds me of someone else I know.”

“He probably got it all from me, Brother!” Starmon laughed.

“Yeah, right,” Sparrowmon sent the star a wry look, “whatever you say, man.”

“N’gah,” Ballistamon agreed with the girl.


Taiki narrowed his eyes, “I just hope he knows what he’s doing.”

“Relax, Taiki,” Kiriha claped a hand on the other boy’s shoulder, “I’m sure they wouldn’t be going into this without a plan. I mean, he’s not us!”

“Eh?” Taiki raised an eyebrow, “What do you mean? We had plenty of plans!”

“Ah, that’s true,” Dorulumon remarked from within X5, “but he’s not steam-rolling every plan against an Empire who had time travelers among their ranks, now is he?”

“I guess that’s true,” Taiki shook his head, “Maybe I’m worrying too much. I mean, maybe Volcdramon isn’t as bad as the watch guy says?”

Hard not to stumble upon a plan that doesn’t work when time travelers are making it work, ne?


The Front side of the coin was a still shot of everyone raising their soda cans into the air.

The Coin flipped over- revealing the backside to be a frightening still shot of Volcdramon’s menacing form.




*Cue “Libera Me” from Hell, Gurren Lagann OST*


Four Xros Loader holders stood at each of the four pits- Tagiru at the north-west facing one, Hideaki at the south-west facing one, Airu at the north-east facing one, and Rina at the south-east facing one.

“Is everyone ready?” Tagiru shouted out.

“READY!” The other corners shouted out in confirmation.

“R-Ready!” Ren- unfortunately- had drawn the short straw and had to be standing at the center of each of the four pits. He couldn’t help it- he gulped.

“READY!” Haruki had ALSO drawn the short stick, and so was riding on Witchmon’s broom WAY up in the air, over the center.

“THREE!” Arresterdramon- who was standing next to Ren and ready to bolt away at a moments notice- called out to everyone- “TWO!”

The Countdown had begun.




This song fits pretty well.


Six massive Time gates opened on the spot- each programmed to seek out the moment Volcdramon would be standing in that spot in the future and…

DING! One turned green.

“LET’S GO!” Arresterdramon took off- pulling Ren away from the center of the occurance before the massive beast could come through the portals.

DING! Followed by another.

Those on the ground started running towards each of their fastest Digimon currently out on the field.

DING! And another.

…And they ran.

DING! And Another!

As far away as could be considered safe for what was about to happen.


It was an amusing sight, watching as steam began emitting from the open time gates…



Another silly sound effect. XDD

A Massive sphere of steam exploded from the spot as Volcdramon was ripped out of his place in Digi-Quartz.

An earthquake shook the island as something utterly MASSIVE landed in those four pit-traps.

Moments later- a massive roar followed- shaking the island even more.

As the steam began to clear- the shape of Volcdramon could be seen.

A beast that looked like a Brachiosaurus made up out of entirely molten rock. On it’s face as a green and red mask that threatened to melt due to the sheer heat the beast put off. Along its back were six spines of volcano.


From the air, Xros Five stared at it in shock.

“What…” Shoutmon breathed. “That’s Volcdramon?”

“He looks like a giant camel!” Starmon squawked.

“I think he’s a lot tougher than the watch guy gives him credit for,” Yuu muttered before colapsing against the back of Xros Five’s neckguard.


“Airu!” Tagiru shouted across the field. “Did it work!?”

Airu flicked on a pair of sunglasses before gazing at the four pits Volcdramon’s feet were trapped in.

Green Smoke was rising from the legs- The Inflaitables had burst!

“IT WORKED!” She shouted back.

“Then let’s do this!”


“We need to go stop it-!” Taiki was staring at the beast with wide eyes, “something like that-!”

“Wait!” Kiriha held his arm out- summoning a small sphere of wind around Xros Five. “This is Tagiru’s fight. I want to see what he does without our interfeerence.”

“Kiriha…” Shoutmon blinked at that.

“Oi! Look at that!” Dorulumon called out.

What is it- What WHAT?!

“SPACETRAILMON!” Hideaki called out.

“SHINY, CAP’N!” The Spaceship took to the skies.

“METALTYRANOMON!” Tagiru ordered.

“READY!” The Cyborg snarled.

“ROCK!” Rina shouted.

“LET’S SHOOT ‘EM!” The Vmon did a back-flip.

“STEALTHCOMANDRAMON!” Airu called out.

“TEA TIME’S OVER!” The Dragon threw off his black tuxedo, revealing a set of military armor beneath.

“WITCHMON!” Haruki called out as his partner jumped off of her broom.

“DOUBLE TROUBLE!” The Witch sang with a grin on her face.

“DRACMON!” Ren shouted.

“KU KU KU!” The little demon laughed.




Before everyone’s eyes- MetalTyranomon’s body transformed into an even more metallic form- looking like something straight out of a Super Sentai show. His left arm pulled away from his shoulder with a burst of steam as his torso split at the waist- leaving the massive legs to straighten out and become something a bit taller.

SpaceTrailmon Also Split in half- with the back thruster detaching with bursts of steam and plasma. With a final bit of maneuvering from the side thrusters- the two exposed connection points made contact. There was a burst of steam as StealthComadramon fused in- detaching the small jet thrusters and folding them onto the back as significantly larger Plasma Cannons.

There was another burst of steam as MetalTyranomon’s left arm attached onto the newly exposed left shoulder joint- then a second burst as MetalTyranomon’s robotic-ized head attached on as a shoulder guard.

Rock transformed into a Gatling gun which shot back onto the rest of MetalTyranomon’s torso, and then transformed entirely into a solid limb that attached on as the right arm with another burst of steam. Following that was the shoulder-guard made out of the jet-thruster from Space Trailmon.

Finally- completing the monster of a Xros- Dracmon transformed into a rather large helmet/head and attached itself onto the ‘neck’ of SpaceTrailmon. There was a flash of data as Witchmon’s deep red color scheme took over the entire Digi-Xros and a head formed inside that helmet.

With a mighty roar- the combined Digi-Xros struck a pose as they called out their name; “XROS UP! TIMEAGLE MEGAZORD!”

Now THIS Xros.

What is there to say about it.

People have toyed around with giving Gumdramon a super Xrosed form…but I just felt it’d be overkill with Gumdramon’s evolution to Tactimon.

So….Yeah. It’s a team Xros.

Time + Eagle = Timeagle.

It’s a silly name I made up when I was REALLY into Go-Onger. I re-purposed it for this story since where else would it be used?

[At 2:16, Switch to Tagiru Chikara]

Everyone stared at the newly born Digi-Xros with shock and awe clearly written on their faces.

“W…What the hell!?” Shoutmon gawked.

Kiriha nodded in approvement, “Now that’s the kind of thing I like to see!”

The trio of teens stared on in awe. Whatever it was they’d been expecting from that large group’s plan, it most certainly had not been that.

The Watch Maker smirked, “So they took the loop-hole to heart then?”

“Feel that?” Taichi smiled, “That’s the power of this world’s might.”

Then we cut to Tagiru Chikara!


Tagiru pumped a fist into the air, “Now That’s AWESOME!”

“I’ve got to agree,” Hideaki whistled, “now that’s a Digimon alright!”

“The combination of all these rare digimon…!” Ren’s nose would have been bleeding had this been that type of anime, “It’s…It’s…!” he settled for fainting instead.

[0:20] Sending Sparks Flying, It’s a Dead Heat!

AQUA PUMMEL!” Timeagle- that giant Xros- roared as they flew forward- revving up the right hand gun into a spinning furry.

Can’t let my guard down in the danger zone! Fighting souls flare, echoing each other fiercely!

You’re not really expecting this sudden smack down- but consider for a moment here what’s going on.

With a massive punch- Volcdramon’s face went reeling to the side; the massive dragon volcano tried to move it’s feet to stabilize itself and flee- but found to its own surprise that it’s feet were literally melted into the ground.

I’m feeling the best as the Superstar!

“HYDRA KICK!” The Xros spun around and delivered a kick to the other side of the dragon’s face- and while some thought it a tad over-excessive to be launching into such an offensive attack so soon, no-one noticed that there was one other thing going on.

Attacking to the last inch is my hunting time!

The Volcdramon was steaming up massively every time it got hit.

Let’s go! My challenge is starting!

With a massive leap backwards- Timeagle readied the two cannons on it’s back and primed them. “HYDRO CANNONS!”

We’re gonna decide our target!

Massive torrents of water exploded out of the two cannons- splashing down gallons upon gallons of ice cold water onto Volcdramon- solidifying his molten skin to some degree.

Unleashing now a heated passion that can almost melt…

The Mecha then switched to the Gatling gun and revved it up- “WATER GATTLING!”

My Power Overflows!

Sensing a theme here?

The massive machine-arm let loose blast upon blast of plasma infuse water as the Mech-Xros circled Volcdramon.

“KREAAHHHH!” Volcdramon cried out in dismay- it was stuck! Not only because it’s feet were trapped, but also because its skin was hardening! Soon- Volcdramon would become a Statuedramon!

SEETHING POWER! It can’t be stopped! Limitless energy swirls within!

As steam filled up the entire view of the fight- you could see the outline of Timeagle jump into the air- the two shoulder guards launching off of the shoulders, and attaching firmly onto their respective hands.

The Tyranomon mouth opened- and the plasma relay began to spin really fast.


Right Now, the world is waiting for me! Heating up with a surge, charge in,


It couldn’t be seen through the steam- but twin blasts of light shot out of both hands and circled around Volcdramon repeatedly…

I Challenge Battles by putting everything on the line…!

There was a blinding flash of light through the steam cloud- then the sound of a digimon entering a Xros Loader-


-And finally, the steam cloud dispersed to the winds, having had its heat source removed, leaving Timeagle standing there triumphantly over an empty field.

End song.

It’s the water.

Volcdramon is a LAVA Digimon.

“What-” Revolomon just stared at the empty field in shock. “What the HELL just happened!?”

“I’d say,” Typheus said simply, “they hardened it’s skin with water and then captured it with some sort of shrinking attack.”

“…” Revolomon stared at the Denizen for a few moments, then shouted loudly, “I WAS BEING RHETORICAL!”

Thank you Typheus.

*cue A Rising Tide, GUNxSWORD OST*

And here’s the ending credits.

A half Red half White base-ball sized sphere lay on the ground- containing none other than Volcdramon inside.

Hideaki bent down to pick it up, and with a smile on his face, he held it up in victory. “Can I get a Hell Yeah, or what?!”

“HELL YEAH!” Everyone cheered in victory.

On a mountain high. [Dig a hole again.]

A Poke-ball.

This is a direct result of me making Hideaki come from Pokeverse.

“Ren,” Hideaki tossed the sphere over at the boy with the Silver Xros Loader, “I do believe that this is yours, per our little arrangement.”

Ren caught the sphere, and examined it with wide eyes, “You’re sure you really don’t want to keep it?”

Then I dream and fly away but without you…

“Hell no,” Rina laughed, “that guy’s the reason we met, but we don’t want to have to take care of him day in and day out.”

On my knees and pray,

“Besides,” Tagiru clapped a hand on the boy’s shoulder, “I don’t think any of us are equipped to taking care of rare digimon like that better than you are!”

torn apart again, I can count the reasons but maybe the mind…

“That’s true,” Haruki shook his head, “I was hoping the reward would be money! Not a giant volcano!”


“Hey, Don’t look at me!” Airu shook her head when Ren turned towards her.

Heh. Ren’s got the Digimon he never wanted.

But hey- It’s SUPER RARE!

“So you’re just going to let them keep it?!” Shoutmon asked in shock.

There’s a show in here, the things we can’t express so come inside.

“Yeah,” Kiriha nodded, “Volcdramon may be a dangerous digimon, but at this stage, I wouldn’t let a potential resource fall out of use.”

“RESOURCE!?” Shoutmon’s jaw practically became unhinged.

Kiriha is much different here.

He lets them keep Volcdramon.

Is it time to start moving on? Time to believe?

“Well,” Rika scoffed as she crossed her arms and leaned against the door frame looking out over the island, “I guess we weren’t needed for this after all.”

See the red rain here the things we can’t express So Give Me My Sword.

“Oh, you will be soon enough,” The Watch Maker laughed, although it was a hollow laugh, “though I apologize for asking you to come down here like this. I had no clue Tagiru and his friends would be so resourceful, nor that they would capture Volcdramon so quickly!”

“Though to be fair,” Taichi added on, “it gives us an idea of what kind of people we’re entrusting with the fate of all of time and space itself.”

Oh it will be better when it’s done, My eyes don’t deceive…

“Ah yes…” The Watch Maker nodded slightly, “I do think that this shall be the time that Quartzmon is given his first thorough defeat.”

Give Me My Sword.

Heroes chatting.


I Can Hear your voice… From the Dark again…

Ryouma frowned as he watched the crowd of hunters walking down the street, all chatting merrily about something. Ren in particular had that look that said he’d caught some rare Digimon.

Everything is underway, but without you…

Tagiru- Airu- Opposumon’s human self- Ren- and three other teens he’d never met before were all just… There! Where had they met up? Why were they working together towards a hunt?

“Oh, Ryouma!” The Watch Maker suddenly said from behind the boy, “Always hard to track down you are!”

At the break of day…Feeling whole again…I’ve found lots of reasons now here’s one I can believe in…

“Eh?” Ryouma looked over his shoulder at the old man. “What!?”

“Sorry you missed out on all the fun, but I couldn’t give you the invite to the tournament because I didn’t have your contact info,” The Watch Maker apologized, “I spent as long as I could looking for you on earth and Digi-Quartz last night. I ended up missing you.” And with that, he pulled out an invitation and handed it to the boy, “Better late than never, I suppose!”

Ryouma is flat out told he couldn’t participate because of his absence.

And with that, the Watch Maker stepped away, leaving a baffled Ryouma standing there with a useless invitation in hand.

“Wait, What did I miss?!”

The Watch Maker had no reply for Ryouma.

Taiki shook his head as he watched Tagiru’s group chatting around about seemingly nothing at all. “How the hell did they come up with that plan?”

“Ah, you’re just mad you didn’t think of it yourself, Taiki,” Dorulumon laughed, “I don’t think I would’ve thought of that, honestly. Cooling them off with water? That’s pretty hard core right there.”

“Maybe,” Taiki sighed…then looked up as he heard Airu say something to Ren.

“Oi! You’re about as subtle as a brick with that smile on your face!”

“Eh?” Dorulumon and Taiki shared a glance.

“Did she just say what I thought she said?” Dorulumon asked.

“She did…!” Taiki looked over at them in surprise. “Is Ren the one that we’ve been trying to find to see every event of the time-line?”

Subtle as a Brick- no surprise, it was ALWAYS Ren.

There’s a show in here, the sound of my distress, A Rising Tide…

Meanwhile- across the plaza unseen by most everyone was Mami. She was staring out at Tagiru’s group as well from behind a pillar. “Tagiru…?” She stared on in confusion.

And then Tagiru gave Chou a kiss.

Mami felt something inside her heart break, and at the same time- she felt her fingernails digging deeply into the pillar she was hiding behind.

Well it might be better in the sun, Time to believe?

“PHRRRRR…” She bared her teeth slightly. So she’d been right after all.


This was the last chance I’d get to directly foreshadow her character twist reveal- which had been planed since the Hunters arc began.

See the red rain here,

Corone looked up as Yuu opened the door to the apartment, “Welcome back! How’d things go?”

The things we can’t express,

“Yeah, bro,” Kotone flashed a grin at Yuu, “How did leaving us girls here behind all day long go for you?”

So Give Me My Sword.

“Giant Volcano Digimon-” Yuu said simply, “I’m going to bed now thank you verry much.”

Oh it will be better when it’s done…

With that, the two girls shared a confused glance before returning to their dinner meal.

Poor Yuu.

My eyes don’t deceive…

“So I propose a toast!” Chou held her glass-full of orange juice up, “To new friends, allies, and companions! May we all have good luck in the days to come!”

There’s a show in here, the things we can’t express so come inside…

“Here here!” Airu held her own martini-glass-full of root-beer (A girl can pretend, after all) up in agreement,

“Here here!” Everyone else agreed- and took large sips out of their drinks.

As Tagiru put his glass down, he looked up at the sky- and smiled at the blue skies above them.

Oh it’s time to start moving on. Time to believe.

‘Yeah,’ he thought as his smile turned to a grin, ‘I don’t think luck is going to be a hard thing to find anymore…’

Give Me My Sword.


What an ending- and this song just the perfect thing to use, wasn’t it?



Quartzmon scowled at the glass crater that had once been an island- to think that such a beast like Volcdramon had remained hidden under his radar for so long…!

They’d done him a massive favor by removing Volcdramon from Digi-Quartz. The beast would have eventually caused the entire planet to explode had today’s “Tournament” not happened.

But Even So…

“I could have used it for a power source,” Quartzmon’s scowl deepened.

Oh well. It wasn’t as if this changed his plans at all. In fact, it saved him the trouble of trying to re-write the entire timeline to skew things in his favor.

…And yet…

“This gives me an idea…”


As you all know- Volcdramon was said to be powerful enough to destroy earth by detonating the core.

This is where Quartzmon got the idea for doing the same.

Just for the LULZ.


*Cue Previous Notice, GUN x SWORD OST*

Believe it or not- I couldn’t track this file down anywhere on YouTube for this live blog.


“Wait? What’s this?”

“I’m Phelesemon! Pleasure to meet you!”

“Oi, what the hell do you think you’re doing?”

“This is OUR school, mister! And you’d better shape up!”

“Like I’d ever listen to bullies like you!”

“Come on Makoto!”


“This is a mess…”

“Next Time, Digimon Xros Wars!”

“The Friend of Phelesemon!?”

“Oh boy…A breather episode.”


SO. SO. SOOOOOOO far from the truth!

14BET Characters durring Volcdramon hunt: Watchmaker, Clockmon, Taiki, Shoutmon, Ballistamon, Tagiru, Opposo, Airu, Gum, Sagomon, Kotone, Damemon, SuperStarmon, Hideaki, Dobermon, Kiriha, MetalGureimon. OTHER HUNTERS: Witchmon, ShimaUnimon, Allomon. Kiriha+MGmon BDH moment

Welp. That wasn’t much of a help! XDD




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