We begin chapter 66 with little fan fare.


The Sun was high in the sky, and the birds chirped in the summer air (though due to the Zone Shattering, the current weather season was very off).

For Taiki and Sally- it was a major difference from the last time they’d seen this Zone…Which would be in about approximately sixteen years by their current guess.

“Welp!” Revolomon whistled, “This certainly is something you don’t see every day.”

“N’gah,” Ballistamon- who was holding on his back a giant black square that was enchanted by one of Shoutmon’s “Vows” to be “{Bigger} {On} the {Inside}“- agreed with his usual phrase.

“Putting that aside-” Kaiyumi, Lopmon’s Human form, glanced around as she shifted the backpack on her back a little, “-I don’t see anyone immediately out of place that the book said we’d meet up with.”

“Well, we’ll probably run into Tagiru or Gumdramon at some point,” Cutemon (in his Digimon form so as to maintain the loop of the locals remembering a Cutemon being involved with Breakdramon’s imprisonment, thus leading to his parents being brought there in the first place) said, then shrugged when Sally raised an eyebrow at him. “Who else could it be? We’re about around the time Akari was born, aren’t we?”

“Yup! That you are!” Came a familiar voice from behind the six time travelers who had just come back from the future. “About a month past by now!”

Everyone besides Ballistamon turned around, eyes widening as they saw the man standing there before them.

It was Tagiru, about six or seven years older, and by his side was a slightly more roughed up looking Sagomon (He had an eye patch over his left eye now, and his armor was badly patched up with duct tape).

“What?” Tagiru flashed a grin at them as he ran a hand through his (surprisingly) bright red hair, “Nobody’s going to ask how long we were standing here?”

Tagiru! Older, and somewhat wiser, but he’s there nonetheless!

*Cue Stand Up (TV Ver) by TWILL*



*cue Title Theme*

“Forwards to the Past & A Ramen Taste-off?!”



“Shoutmon gave me the heads up the last time I saw you guys,” Tagiru explained as he led them all down the sunny streets of Sweets Zone. “Of course, Chou and I had to come here to stock up on supplies anyways, so it worked out in our favor. Funny, isn’t it?”

“Yeah, funny,” Sally grumbled.

“So how long has it been since we last meet?” Taiki asked out of curiosity.

“About a month ago,” Tagiru said after a moment, “but that was all the future yous. Everyone wanted to come see Akari-chan after she got born, even Akari herself!”

Revolomon stared blankly ahead, “Isn’t that…like…a Paradox?”

“Not really,” Kaiyumi answered, “not if they didn’t touch each other, and even then, Akari’s innate Time powers should have prevented any timeline branching or dooming. If anything, it’s probably a fixed point on her own timeline.”

“That’s exactly what you said then, too,” Sagomon muttered under his breath, giving Tagiru an excuse to laugh.

Fixed Points are fun.

Except when they’re not.

“But before that?” Tagiru mused for a moment after he stopped, “It had to be years, at least. Not since we got sent back here, I don’t think.”

“That long?” Taiki frowned, “What would make us want to put trips like that if we can come back so easily?”

“I…” Tagiru and Sagomon shared uneasy glances with each other as the boy struggled for the words, “It’s really hard to say. I don’t know if there’s anything that you guys can really do to prevent it, but…from what the future yous told us, Quartzmon’s been causing trouble all over time with the storms. You’ve been too busy hunting him down to really do anything else other than to fulfill a looped visit.”

“How bad are we talking about?” Sally asked.

“I don’t really know-” Tagiru shrugged as he answered, “Chou and I left when things got really bad, and Gumdramon and Airu showed up a few weeks after that. And you guys never told us how bad it was when you visited last time.”

“Time loop stability,” Kaiyumi deduced, “so we don’t spoil ourselves.”

“Actually,” Tagiru countered, “you said the opposite last time.”

“Eh?” Kaiyumi blinked, “What?”

“The Time Storms birth is a fixed point,” Tagiru paraphrased, “not only that, but whatever happened was so bad to make them, it unnerved you guys to no end. You two weren’t even there,” he nodded in Sally and Taiki’s direction there, “Shoutmon said you were busy baby sitting. Who got pregnant again? Nene, wasn’t it?”

Tagiru is lying. He’s straight up lying. He’s got to prevent them from KNOWING what’s going to happen in Cascade Side B.

“Yeah,” Sally nodded in agreement, “she asked us to be the kid’s god-parents.”

“Ah, right. I thought that was who it was. Wasn’t sure though. Things got a little bit hectic at the end there.” Tagiru laughed it off, “Oh man, that was quite the trial by fire we were under when we came here. Quartzmon was really trying to put the hurt down on us.”

“So we find him then?” Taiki asked. “Quartzmon?”

Tagiru and Sagomon got uncomfortable again- noticeable in how their pace slowed down.

“He…” Sagomon choked out, “sort of found us, actually.”

“Well that’s a comforting thought,” Revolomon remarked.

“Indeed,” Ballistamon agreed.

“ANYWAYS!” Tagiru clapped his hands, as if changing the mood, “That’s neither here nor now!” He turned towards them, “We’ve already got the downstairs space opened up for you! So we can head on down there and get Breakdramon all set up in his new home, and then you guys can come meet Akari-chan!”

Tagiru IS right though. Quartzmon found THEM.



The giant black box was set on the ground of the presently sparse office space that would, sixteen some years down the line, become the dim and icky sewers that GigaBreakdramon would be loosed upon.

“Well…” Sally dusted her hands off for no real reason, “I can’t say I’m happy to be back here again.”

“Me either,” Taiki shook his head. “It’s really unsettling.”

“Well, then,” Revolomon pulled some paint cans out of the backpack he’d been carrying, “let’s get this work done at Mach speed!”

Mach Speed- a Go-Onger reference. Revolomon’s going to paint the Breakdramon mural.

A few hours into setting up the massive servers (stored within the box) and Breakdramon’s roof-top prison (ALSO stored in the box), Tagiru came down to bring them up for a lunch break.

In the relatively more normal sized kitchens of Sweets Zone’s main building, they met up with Chou-chan, and the presently-month-old Akari, who was sound asleep in a baby cradle and completely unaware of her future friends standing over her.

“Uwaaahhh!” Kaiyumi barely held her squeal down to a non-waking level, “She’s so small!”

Chou, who had lost her glasses at some point, smiled at the girl, “She is, isn’t she?”

Sally nodded, “She’s really cute!”

“Akari’d be hitting us over the head if we said that around adult-her,” Taiki shook his head, “It’s really quite shocking when you see them grow up in front of you, but add in time travel? It’s really something else, isn’t it?”

“Heh,” Chou giggled a little, “It is…I was talking with her the last time she was here, right with her right in my arms, and…It really hit me how they were the same, yet so different…”

“People are just living Paradoxes, aren’t they?” Revolomon shook his head in disbelief.

Tagiru nodded in agreement.

Let us all just take a moment to appreciate how cute Akari is as a baby.

Say it with me now:



For the next few minutes, the group ate in relative silence (Save for the [occasional?] cooing over the infant) before something came to interrupt it.

Or rather- someone.

“NEW PEOPLE! NEW PEOPLE!” In came running into the room a girl with the same golden eyes as her parents…though with hair that ran past her shoulders of a green color similar to that of her mothers.

“Aradia-chan!” Chou shushed the girl immediately, “Your sister’s sleeping!”

“Oops, sorry…” the little girl stopped to lower her voice before repeating “New People! New People!” at a lower tone and continued her run towards Taiki and Sally. “Hi! Who’re you?”

Taiki just stared at “Aradia-Chan” in disbelief. “Who-?” He glanced over at Chou and Tagiru, “What?”


I’ve been toying with this reveal for a LONG time now. Since all the way back when Gureimon first mentioned the Lagann Cluster. There were some variations. That Aradia was the only born daughter, and Akari was another rescue…. That Shoutmon was Aradia’s sister and Akari was brought to them by Ben Tenyson (HAH, wow, talk about a scrapped plot line)… But, I felt that those first draft ideas just didn’t mesh well as the story went along in those early stages and I plowed along with the Time Travel plot.

So they’re actually sisters.

Aradia is Akari’s older sister by four years.

“We arrived a long time before the Digital World got shattered,” Tagiru explained as they watched the young girl eat a rather sugary looking sandwich, “Chou got pregnant after that, and we had Aradia almost just before the Code Crown wound up being broken up.” He shook his head, “She’s lucky she doesn’t remember most of that time. It was living hell for everyone.”

“So…Akari has a sister…” Kaiyumi asked seriously. “A flesh and blood sister?”

“Yeah, It caught us off guard too…” Tagiru frowned just a bit, “We were so worried those first few months that something would happen to her because of the Digital World being broken…But I’m guessing you guys know what’s going to happen to her?”

“We ran into an “Aradia” in Shinobi Zone,” Cutemon explained, “one of the Monitamon, actually.”

“So we just leave her there?” Tagiru frowned, “I don’t really like the thought of that. She’ll be four in another few months…”

“If she wants to stay there of her own will,” Taiki began, “let her. It’ll be her own choice that way. Give her the support she needs if she wants to stay there.”

“I see…” Tagiru nodded, “she has been quite the little ninja lately after all…”

Thus- explaining why Akari has no memory of this.

“What’s dat ting?” Aradia pointed at the control console with a big red button on it.

“It’s the button to release the bad guy once he’s served his time,” Sally explained calmly.

“Why ‘lease ‘im?”

“Be~cause he’ll have served his time and it’s time for him to come out,” Sally answered.

“Bu’ ‘e’s a ba’guy!”

“Even bad guys need a chance for redemption every now and again,” Sally sighed. The Present-Day version of Aradia was a lot less inquisitive, although she still shared that same cheerful behavior.

…Aradia’s child speak is adorable, isn’t it?

Say it with me here…


This would continue on for several more hours, until…

“Alright!” Kaiyumi called out as the servers all went online, “We’re up and running! All that’s next to do is upload Breakdramon into the new mainframe and we’re all done here!”

“Alright then,” Taiki held his Xros Loader up and plugged in a wire that was ended with a Code Crown shaped access card. “Beginning download.”

Meanwhile- on the other side of the room, Revolomon had finished up with his paint job- the mural of Breakdramon’s face. “We’re finished up here! Just don’t touch the paint! It’s still wet!”

“Taiki-san,” Tagiru started after a moment of silence.

Taiki glanced up from his Xros Loader, “Hm?”

“I know that you’ve got a younger version of me to keep you company until that day,” Tagiru thought his words through, “but I want you to know that it’s been an honor to fight alongside you, and everyone else in Xros Heart. I had fun every step of the way.”

By the way- Tagiru is getting his last words into Taiki. At this point, as far as Tagiru is aware, Taiki is *Dead.*

Taiki blinked in confusion, then smiled, “Thanks, Tagiru. I’m glad at least you got a chance to live your life the way you wanted to.”

Tagiru thought for a moment, then added, “When the time comes, you need to look to your left.”

And he immediately sets Taiki up for it.

Tagiru has to ensure that Taiki gets shot- so he delivers the message that sets Taiki up for it.

It seems cold- and it is to a degree- but Cascade Side B is a CASCADE of Fixed Points.

Any little thing would throw it off.

“Huh?” Taiki blinked again at the cryptic message, and was about to press further when Sally came walking back into the room with Cutemon and Ballistamon at her sides.

“We’ve got the Drill Door set up- and we’ve left Cutemon’s drill key here so Gumdramon can make copies of it later on,” Sally marked off items from the list rather quickly. “If we’re lucky, the key Cutemon’s had all this time is a copy of the original version which itself was probably a copy of the copy of a copied copy of a copied copied copy…”

Everyone who heard that sentence shook their heads in confusion as they- as one- thought: “I hate time travel.”

Soon enough, Taiki’s Xros Loader beeped as the data transfer completed.

“Well then,” Taiki coughed, “I guess it’s time for us to go.”

“Yeah,” Tagiru agreed, though it sounded like he had a clog in his throat as he said it.

“Aww…” Aradia just sniffed, “New people go ‘bye bye’ now?”

By by, Ara-chan.





This plot…Heh….Oh what to say about this plot…

Kotone whistled to herself as she stalked down the local food district. It was a happy day for most of the world- an assassination attempt had been foiled, a combustable wizard had been put on ice, and Kotone was going to be an AUNT!

It had taken all of her will power to not spill the beans as soon as she’d gotten back from dropping the girl fused with the Rosemon and all the other X-Antibody digimon off in the Digital World.

It was STILL taking all of her will power not to jump in the air and clacp her heels together at an impossible angle up by her waist.

She was just that excited!

For Kotone and Cetus- most of their remember-able lives up to the last year had been practically non-existent due to DarkKnightmon’s meddling. This was a chance for them to get back their shared lost childhood by giving their niece or nephew a chance to have the ABSOLUTE BEST CHILDHOOD EVER!

Also, Kotone had had the pleasure of meeting up with Rei during the girl’s recent visit to their dimension, and so they had shared in the collective glee of BABIES over cake, ramen, and tea at a nearby ramen parlor. Sure, Nene had said not to tell ANYONE, but come on! The Girl was from another dimension, and plus, Kotone had made Rei swear not to tell anyone of their immediate friends or family.

So it wasn’t like there was any harm done, RIGHT?

Combustible. Not Able. IBLE.

Anyways- Kotone and Rei share a common interest.

Still- Kotone was in the mood for RAMEN and CAKE and TEA- so she headed to the Ramen shop with the intent of bringing some of the delectable food home to share with her parents, who by now had heard the good news directly from Nene’s mouth via Wrister communique.

Kotone strolled into the Ramen shop and came to a grinding stop.

The owner and his son were arguing with each other over which item the shop should sell most prominently.

“CAKE!” The Dad was shouting.

“RAMEN!” The Son was protesting.

And on both sides were the twin digimon chefs who were scratching their heads in confusion.

“I Just don’t see why we don’t just continue to sell both,” Ogermon was suggesting.

“We can’t really specialize in one thing over the other, right?” Fugamon was shrugging.

“We’ve started this place as a RAMEN shop!” The son- a young man nearing adulthood named Masaru- repeated his argument to his father, “If we should be specializing in anything, it should be the Ramen Noodles!”

“But the cake is your Mother’s recipe ” The Father- a middle aged man by the name of Kematu- reasserted his point, “Your Mother’s Cakes should be the best and most prominent thing we have in this store!”

As this was about to continue- Kotone whistled sharply. “Oi! Chefs!”

The sad thing is that these two are arguing for nothing.

The Two Digimon looked over with looks that said “Thank you!” while the father and son duo simply snapped, “What do you want?”

“Are you guys going to keep arguing or can I order some food?” Kotone asked.

The two men shook their heads, each thinking, “right, customers are more important…Wait…We can ask HER which is better!”

“I recommend the Ramen noodles!” The Son offered, “They’re really the best!”

“I recommend the Cake!” The Father counter offered, “They’re better than the ramen!”

The Fugamon and Ogermon face palmed.

Kotone had to agree with them. “Um, could I have both?”

“BOTH!?” The Two men shouted in surprise.

…Kotone, no…don’t…!

Kotone’s Eye twitched. Somehow, the two men had ordered the Digimon Chefs to cook up the finest cake and ramen noodles that could be cooked.

She was to taste both of those from the Digimon, as well as the food cooked by the father and son…and she was to decide which tasted best.

Kotone just wanted to order take out.

“Such Misfortune…!” she whined out that phrase as the first course came out for testing.

It was cake vs. ramen- “ROUND ONE.”

In this case- the Ramen easily trumped the Cake- which had been over-sweetened during mixing.

She let them know as such- and the boy pumped his fist as his father insisted on the next round.

“ROUND TWO,” This time- the Ramen Noodles were of the spicy variety, and the cake was much nicer over all.

Rounds Three, Four, Five, Six, and Seven repeated this pattern, constantly balancing each other out.

The ONLY thing that made it more bearable for Kotone was the free tea refills.

By the time they forced Round Eight on her, Kotone finally had enough.

I tried to warn you…

“ALRIGHT! THAT’S IT!” She slammed her tea cup onto the table and glared at the two arguing family members, “Neither of your cakes or Ramens are better than the other! Each has their pros and cons!”

“But-!” Both men tried to protest.

“HOWEVER!” Cetus interrupted- “We find that the Tea is the BEST thing we’ve had all evening! If you absolutelymust promote ONE item among the other items you have for sale- IT MUST BE THE TEA OR ELSE YOU PUT EVERYTHING ON DISPLAY EVENLY!

“…” The Father and Son duo stared in confusion…

“YEAH! YAY!” The Two Digimon clapped in delight- finally someone had told their bosses what they’d been telling them all along! “YEEEEY~!”

“So!” Kotone put her hands on her hips and shifted her gaze from the father to the son- “Are you two going to put your differences aside now?”

“Yes, ma’am,” they both nodded slowly in agreement.

“You’re not going to fight over whose side of the business is better over the other?”

“Yes, ma’am!” a round of furious nodding ensued.

“Now then! I came here to pick up dinner! You’ve wasted my time! I think I deserve a discount, don’t you?”

“YES, MA’AM!” The two men bowed on instinct.

“Great!” Kotone clapped her hands and grinned.

The two Digimon Chefs were holding back their giggles.

Kotone and Cetus go all ROYAL CANTERLOT VOICE on these fools.

They get in line…and…!


Kotone came back to find the shop’s sign renamed, and business booming.

The shop was now called: “Tea, Cake, and Ramen!”

And it’s subtitle?

“Cetus approves! There’s no Contest!”

Kotone face palmed, “Damn it.”

Cetus chuckled, “At least they’re being honest!”

At least!

Taiki’s group had returned from the past, and, as Kotone had suggested, they were meeting up at this rather popular Ramen shop.

“So how’d it go?” Kotone asked.

“Well enough,” Sally nodded, “though we had a few surprises.”

“Like what?” Kotone asked.

“Like me!” And at that moment, Aradia announced her presence to the restaurant, dressed as she had been before, though now not wearing her helmet. And although there hadn’t been any doubt before, the fact that her hair was the same green as the girl that they’d seen whole years earlier confirmed the entire time loop.

“Huh?” Kotone blinked as the Monitamon slipped over to the table they were sitting at, “Someone mind explaining?”

“Aradia is Akari’s older sister,” Taiki said simply as Aradia sat down.

“So you knew all this time?” Kaiyumi asked, glancing around to make sure that nobody was paying attention to them. Once she was sure that everyone had returned to their business and was safely ignoring the loud Monitamon, “About Breakdramon?”

“Yup!” Aradia nodded, flashing a smile at them, “Uncle Gumdramon left me a book for one one my birthdays when I decided to stay in Shinobi Zone, I had to keep quiet until you guys came back, though.”

“Which was today,” Revolomon, in his human form, deduced.

“Eyuppurs!” Aradia nodded. “Though I gotta ask you not tell Akari-nee-san yet,” her smile faded a bit, “I can’t risk her telling mom and dad and them knowing about me in advance. I really was a bit of a surprise to them.”

“So a time loop of them not knowing any information,” Taiki frowned a little as well. “Alright, then, I guess we can deal with that.”

“Thanks, it really means a lot, Taiki-ojii-san!” Aradia giggled at the boy’s startled reaction. “Sorry, I had to. You were really old when I first saw you guys!”

“Greeaat…” Sally grumbled as she sipped at her tea, “Another damn time loop. Why do these things keep piling up for?”


“Fate, my dear friend,” Revolomon said after throwing on a British accent, “fate that has been written in the past, althought the ending has yet to be written!”

“Yeah, what ever,” and with that, Sally downed the whole cup of tea and then slammed the cup to the table. “Waiter! I’d like a refill!”

“Coming!” Fugamon stalked over, holding a massive pot of tea in his arms.

While almost everyone stared in confusion, Kotone just face palmed while Sally shrugged nonchalantly, saying: “Whatever, good tea is good tea!”

Sally’s fed up with the time loops.


A grey boot stomped on the dirt covering the floor of the kitchen of the Ramen Shop. There was a grunt from the owner of that boot as he turned on his heels and began walking towards the main room.

A few moments after he finished his walk, the being raised his hand to the air…

“…Sesrever Emit Fowolf Eh’tdn’A!” and let forth a chant of power in the ancient tongue of the Horror Terrors.

All around the grey clothed mage, the world around him began rewinding, as if recorded on an old fashioned VHS tape.

He stood still, waiting, patiently, until the moment that a flash of energy exploded in reverse.

And that was the time he was waiting for arrived, he chanted a word, “Semuser Emit!”

Suddenly- before anyone realized he had blinked into existence- the being threw a sphere of dark energy at a table and then ordered the space around him (“S’Dra Wrof Emit Fowolf Ehtdn’A!”) as the energy exploded and he watched it happen in fast forward.

When he arrived back in Digi-Quartz… the Being was confronted with the business end of a rather polished, refined, and sharp sword blade staring him down point blank.

“You missed,” a voice the being had never heard before, but was terrified of just the same, spoke with anger.

As Always, horror terror-ese is Backwards text. And The Flow of Time Reverses, Time Resumes, And The Flow Of Time Forwards!

And then Tactimon confronts the poor Flame Wizardmon.

EARTH_ _ _|

Everyone in the building had been teleported outside the moment Taiki had, on a whim, glanced to his left in time to see the shadowy assassin appear in a warp of space time.

“Well THAT sure killed the mood!” Sally huffed as she looked at her now empty tea cup with dismay.

“Be glad that was the only thing that got killed,” Aradia pulled her helmet back on, “That attack was targeted at one ofus!


Aradia, at this point, goes into hiding. I haven’t seen her since.  I don’t know if she’s reunited with her parents and sister after Cascade Side B or not.

For Akari, it’d certainly be an awkward situation. This friend of yours turns out to be your older sister? Wow. What.



“Are you sure you want to do this?” Chou asked of her eldest daughter.

Aradia had- upon finding some kids of her own age in the local village- decided that she, too, wanted to be a Ninja, just like they were.

It had been almost spontaneous- Tagiru had noted. Like his little girl had sensed some sort of connection to the two boys, named Eridan and Sollux, and had decided that she had to be friends with them, else something bad would happen.

“Are you absolutely, positively, one hundred percent sure?” Chou was continuing her questioning.

“Yeah!” Aradia nodded, her long, messy hair flying all over the place.

“Even though if you stay here, you can’t see mommy or daddy or little sis again? You still want to stay?”

“I’ll miss mommy and daddy, but I wanna stay with Sol and Eri!” Aradia clenched her tiny fists and put on the bravest smile she could muster. “We wanna help people jus’ like you do!”

Tagiru knelled down and put his right hand on her left shoulder, “You don’t want to turn your back on anyone, right?”

“Yeah!” Aradia nodded once more- her hair again flying about, though this time when it settled, it somehow seemed calmer…more put in place. “I won’t turn my back on ’em!”

“Well,” Tagiru smiled, “that’s about all anyone can ask of you, Ara-chan.”


For Chou and Tagiru- leaving Aradia behind was the hardest thing they could ever imagine doing. But they were comforted by the thought that it was in the knowledge that their little girl had made the choice all on her own.

Seven Years Later- when the point of their ‘deaths’ had arrived- Tagiru and Chou faced a similar moment with Akari. But this time, they couldn’t tell their littlest girl goodbye.

Tagairu looked over at Gumdramon- ne, Tactimon- who held himself with more posture and self-control than he’d ever seen from the Digimon during their youth. To hold a single form for so long…?

“It’s time, Hinomoto,” Tactimon said, and even to this very day, he wouldn’t let up on nagging his old friend that he’d taken his wife’s name even despite it being a stable time loop. “The gateway will only be open for a brief moment in time. You’ll have to get through it as fast as you can.”

I was initially going to leave the transition into the Bagura Generals off-screen.

But after I wrote this intermission, someone asked if we would see it happen…

The Rest is History, as they say.

“Just be careful, okay?” Airu- ne, Lilithmon- was telling her cousin, “We’re not sure we’re going to be able to be there to catch you on the other side. If we’re not there, you’ve got to get to Shoutmon as soon as possible if you’re going to survive.”

“Neeee~ We’ll be fine,” Chou pouted a little. “I’m sure you’ll both be there for us when we get to the other side.” She sniffed, “Just…look after Akari-chan, would you? Make sure she doesn’t get into too much trouble?”

“We promise!” Crysta-Pagumon- ne, Blastmon- pumped a fist into the air, “We’ll be the best secret secret care takers she’ll never have known!”

Tagiru laughed at the Crystaline Digimon’s words, “And I don’t doubt it.”

And so came the dramatic moment…

The giant metal ring with the nine glowing chevrons began to power up, indicated by it’s inner track spinning freely, as The Watch Maker activated it’s dialing device.

“If all goes well, we’ll interrupt Quartzmon’s bomb as it detonates- forcing the Time Storms we’re used to,” the man said with little remorse, looking no older than his ‘present day’ self, “if we fail, and the time storms was what he intended to create all along…then may the stars themselves help us escape our inevitable fate.” The first of the Nine chevrons glowed, and locked into place.

This Watch Maker HAS YET to live through Cascade Side B.

“You don’t have to be here, old man,” Tactimon retorted as the track begun to spin in the other direction. “We’re perfectly capable of powering this device on our own.”

“Ah, that may be true,” The Watch Maker laughed, “but I allowed Quartzmon to escape my clutches once before when he destroyed my universe with my own discovery! I won’t allow him to destroy another with it! Not if I can’t help it!”

The first hints of the Stargate here being his doing.

“Watch Maker,” Tagiru spoke up, looking to the man as the ring before them continued to spin into place before the second Chevron locked, “I know it won’t be a long time for you before we meet again, but I wanted you to know…”

“It was a honor serving with you?” The Watch Maker guessed flatly. “I know that phrase very well, boy. But with Quartzmon, I have no doubt that I will continue to meet many more alternate yous, and many more yous that will have met mes that do not remember those meetings.” He looked up at Tagiru as the third chevron’s symbol spun into place, “Remember boy,” The Chevron locked, “We only have one chance at this. Screw it up, and Quartzmon is free to do whatever it is he wishes.”

Tagiru doesn’t want to let him know he knows the man’s real name…not yet.

“You don’t need to remind be about what’s at stake here,” Tagiru’s hand clenched tightly around the Xros Loader. “I know perfectly well…Taiki-San…Sparrow-san…They-”

“Will survive to live another day if we succed,” Tactimon interrupted. “Despite my future actions that I already regret, I will personally ensure that they will survive past that day!”

The fourth Chevron locked.

A relative silence filled the air- nobody spoke anything as the ring began to spin once more.

“Don’t worry,” Lilithmon spoke up after the fifth Chevron locked. “We know what we’re doing.”

“Yeah,” Tagiru scratched at the back of his head, where an old goggle band rested once more. “That’s what worries me.”

The Sixth Chevron Locked.


This is MAJOR foreshadowing of Taiki and Sally’s imminent Regenerations.


“AHHA! FINALLY! It’s *MY* episode!”

“I told you we were just swapping the episodes around.”

“All my hard Petitioning worked! It paid off! Now my episode is being aired!”

“Um, Well-”

“Oh let him have his moment. NEXT TIME! DIGIMON XROS WARS!”

“The Trouble of Money and Soul Control!”

“Eh? What? That’s not what it’s called!”

“Well that’s what the script’s called now, sorry bud.”

“Aw man…You guys are going to make us re-film the entire thing, aren’t you!?”

“It’s time travel, we never filmed the original episode to begin with.”


This title…HAH. I just had to do a tribute even if the original script idea didn’t pan out.

12SOEE: Kotone + Damemon focus: Ogermon+Fugamon hunted. 12b. Tagiru visits Digital World with Taiki, Kaiyumi, and Nene. Time shift to past to install servers in Sweets Zone.

The summary.

Nene wasn’t even IN this!!

And it’s the wrong Tagiru.


My how things change.



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