We begin CHAPTER 65 with the standard request.

Seriously, catch up. There twas an update last night ūüėČ


So as I was saying yesterday in the previous thing…

This is a two-sided story coin.

Now we get Airu’s side of events.

“Good luck, Akashi~kun~!”

Airu was disgusted by how much her cousin was putting on public display at this very moment.

Sure, Chou was kissing her boyfriend for the last time in about a week, but… Did she have to be so forward about it?

Besides her, Shoutmon was staring on in about equal dismay. “You think this is awkward for you?” He grumbled to himself, “They’re¬†my¬†girlfriends parents. I really hate Time Travel some times.”

“So what does that make us then?” Airu had to ask. “In-laws? Niece and Nephew?”

“Hell if I know.” Shoutmon shook his head. “Oi, Tagiru! We’ve got a plane to catch.”

Airu is now clued into the loop- and is aware of her cousin’s future time traveling adventures. It also sheds light on what Lilithmon’s role in events in the first two acts.

Tagiru and Chou pulled back from each other, and Shoutmon fought the gut reaction towards seeing the past version of the Omega Necklace dangling from the girl’s neck. Neither Tagiru or Chou knew the significance of that necklace yet- Tagiru had simply wanted to give Chou something to remember him by before he joined Xros Heart on the security detail he’d been recruited into.

So Shoutmon had just given the boy the necklace- rolling with the punches, as it were- knowing that it would work its way over to Airu in due course.

“Come on, lover boy,” Shoutmon put his hand on Tagiru’s shoulder, “let’s go.”

“Bye, Akashi-kun!” Chou waved at her boyfriend, “I’ll see you in a couple days!”

“Bye-!” Tagiru was in mid-wave when he and Shoutmon were pulled away by one of Taiki’s teleports.

Chou sighed contentedly as she held the necklace in her hands, “I miss him already.”

“I could tell,” Airu scowled a little.

The Omega Necklace begins it’s loop. Originally, Shoutmon was going to give it to Gumdramon’s human self on a whim when they met randomly on the street- as Gumdramon doesn’t have a human self in this draft, I couldn’t do that. This works out better anyways.


Training was something Airu had not done since her memories had been stolen away. Getting back into it was one way to try to find her old-self again, which still seemed like a distant memory despite remembering her whole past once more.

Of course- another part of that was using her other form for said training.

Airu wondered just how exactly she could have forgotten such a key part of herself like that.

Adding onto the massive pile of Cat Characters already in this story, Airu’s Digimon form was a ChaosGatomon- a Black version of the usual white cat with pink eyes and blond highlights.

Yup- Airu can now shapeshift- always has been able to- but forgot.

Memory Traps are just awful things.

Chou- as Opposumon at the moment- seemed to be only fighting half-heart-ed-ly, still distracted from having her boyfriend leave on business. Still, Airu thought, it didn’t matter much at this point. She wanted to ease back into figuring out who she was now- was she Airu the Cuteness Hunter or Airu the Super Cat?

Maybe she was something else now?

Then there was all the talk of Time Travel and Time unraveling and “Time Storms”- how could¬†Time¬†even¬†Storm? Wasn’t it some abstract element of the Universe without form?

How CAN time even storm? These are the questions that keep me up at night.

All around the devastated-at-some-point-in-earth’s-future-but-Digi-Quartz’s-past playground, were her collected digimon, who were either cheering on one or the other, or were eagerly awaiting the chance to stretch their muscles through training as well.

Of course- her most faithful, StealthComandramon, was simply standing there like any good butler should, holding a massive stack of clean towels fresh for handing out.


Airu’s world went upside down as Chou grabbed her by the arm and threw her over her shoulder-


Airu groaned- “Ow.” Definitely she had to be out of practice if her cousin could toss her like that even when distracted.

Chou is a decent fighter- is it any wonder Akari picked up her skills from her?

*cue Title Theme*

“The Tricky Wizard! Ignite the Fires of Courage!”

Yeah- standard title card is standard and non compliant with the plot.

Tobari, Ren, watched with mute fascination as a school bus full of kindergardeners ran away from their school as fast as they possibly could- which wasn’t really fast at all considering they were all half-dead on their feet.

“Gotta…runn…” A kid was huffing…

Ren glanced over at the school bus- which was currently stopped in the middle of the road due to the dancing pyro-maniac on it’s roof.

“AHAHAHAH!” FlameWizardmon laughed with¬†way¬†too much energy. “Oh man! You guys shoulda seen the looks on yer faces!”

Dracmon reloaded from Ren’s Xros Loader, “Should I bite him?”

“No,” Ren shook his head, “I want to see what his game is,” and with that, Ren took a few jogging steps forwards, jumping around the sluggish kids and hoping that they all got to safety. “Oi! Wizard!” he shouted to the FlameWizardmon.

“EHH?” FlameWizardmon tilted his head at an impossible angle. “What d’ya want, kid!?”

Ren is a bit of a focus in this episode- and you’ll notice that I intentionally give development and focus to him and Airu as a way of hinting that Ryouma wasn’t all that he appears to be.

“What did you do to these kids?” Ren asked as he slowed to a clam stop, though his eyes burned with a trace of indignation.

“Oh I just sapped these lucky saps of their motivation’s, that’s all!” FlameWizardmon laughed, “Ya got a problem with that, candy corn head?”

“…” Ren frowned at the insult towards his very fine hat, “Why Yes! Yes I do!”

“RRRAAH!” Dracmon leaped for FlameWizardmon- who simply aimed his staff at the oncoming demon and yelled:


There wasn’t even any magical sound effect or anything- the only sound that accompanied the brief flash of red from the burning staff was the Wizard’s own voice.

Suddenly- and almost comically- Dracmon froze in mid air, stood straight, yawned, curled up into a little sphere, and then fell to the ground where he began snoozing soundly.

This is why I went with Ice King’s voice for FlameWizardmon.


Ren just stared in confusion, “Bu-wha-?”

“AHAHAHAHAHA!” FlameWizardmon guffawed. “And another one bites the dust! Hahahaah!”

“Dracmon!” Ren held his Xros Loader up- pulling his snoozing partner in without so much as a second thought. “Fine, I didn’t want to have to do this, but I will…!”

“OOOH!” FlameWizardmon guffawed, “You’ve got me shakin’ in me boots, kid!”


Out of the Xros Loader came a giant Cockatrice, eyes already glowing with his next attack:¬†“PT-!”


Imediately- the Kokatorimon fell asleep on his feet- as evidenced by his eyes closing and a loud snore emitting from the bird’s beak.

Ren just stared on in disbelief.

Kokatorimon was going to petrify FlameWizardmon.

He fell asleep.






“OOooooh, I’m¬†so¬†Scared! ZAP!”

These are all digimon from Ren’s canon collection in Hunters.


“EEEK! REEEN!” The DemiDevimon went back into the Xros Loader before she could get data drained as well.

This DemiDevimon… There’s a bit of backstory to her that I’ll probably never get to tell anywhere else but in these blog things.

She’s Dracmon’s younger sister- for one thing- and she actually has quite a crush on Ren. Not that she’s acted on it or anything, but it’s enough to make her flustered when Ren flirts with Kotone in Betsumon’s chapter.










Ren winced. This was going nowhere.

Pteramon reloaded mid air- and fell to the ground when zapped.

Time for the big-guns!


“ZaP! zAp! ZaPpO!”




This is just plain silly nonsense right here.



Ren was absolutly out of cards by this point.

“You can’t win, Kid!” FlameWizardmon was juggling a few fireballs with one hand as he lounged on the roof of the Bus like a french model. “I’m a Wizard! You’re a mortal! Do the math!”

“Fine…I didn’t want to do this…!” Ren held up his loader one last time:¬†“RELOAD! PHANTOMON! CHIMERAMON! DIGI-XROS!”

Heh. “Do the math.” One of my favorite lines from this guy in the early part of the story.

By the time Ryouma and Airu arrived on the scene of the crime- Ren lay on the ground- all energy drained form him- staring up at the sky while his drained Digi-Xros lay split on the ground in several different pieces- the Chimeramon being so utterly drained of will power that it couldn’t even hold its normal form.

“Wh…What happened here?” Ryouma seemed utterly confused for the first time that anyone could remember.

“Oh you know…” Ren said with a delirious tone, “just a Digimon Hunt gone wrong in about the worst way possible…”

“How’s that?” Airu asked, concern showing on her face.

“Full Reverse” was Ren’s answer.

Finally, Ren just got zapped instead.

It didn’t take long to track the wayward Flame Wizard down- they just had to follow the path of sleeping people.

The Wizard was presently outside a pet store of some kind- causing trouble by draining will power all over the place.

“Alright! Together now!” Airu held her Xros Loader up- motioning for Ryouma and Ren (who followed half sleepily) to do the same.¬†“TIME SHIFT!”

With a blast of time energy- the Wizard fell through a hole in time, landing ten years in the future.

Clever plan.

“Ehh?” FlameWizardmon glanced around in confusion- “What kind of magic is this?”

Team Alias leaped out of the portal after him- with Airu yelling “No magic! Just time being seriously messed up!”

“Feh!” And with that- the wizard leaped deeper into the pet store he’d been terrorizing years before. Opposumon and Ryouma’s Psychemon reloaded from their Loaders- ready to fight…

“STOP!” Ren held his arms out half-asleep…

Then fell to the ground due to his uncoordinated balance.

“Ren-kun…?” Airu frowned, “Are you okay?”

“We…” Ren forced himself to his feet, “We can catch it without using the Xros Loaders! We have to! I…He already drained all of my digimon! I can’t let him drain yours too!”

“Well?” Airu looked at Ryouma for a moment, “What do we do?”

Ryouma shrugged, “I say we try taking it on ourselves, if Ren thinks that’s the best course of action.”

BTW, the “Team Alias” thing came from BlueIke over on DA once more, if I haven’t mentioned it yet. I liked it, so I use it on occasion.

It also fits the subtle theme going on between them here.

The result- as you might remember from the previous episode- was quite pathetic.

It went something like:

“Chou? Is something wrong?”¬†Tagiru would ask over the Wristers.

“We’re fine,” Opposumon would sweat just a little as Ryouma was sent sprawling into a pile of squeaky dog toys, “just having a little trouble with a slippery digimon, that’s all!”

“Oh, okay.”

“How’s things with Akari-Chan?”

“I think she’s just as scared as we are.”

“FAIL!” FlameWizardmon would cackle as Airu failed to grab him- and then he threw her through a window in retaliation. “SOOO¬†Much Fail!”

Resulting in:

“I gotta go! Things just got a bit worse! Tell Gumdramon we said hi! Have fun! Kisses~!” Opposumon would put the Wrister away, and then…”OI! LAVA-HEAD!”

Remember that?


Well, that’s where we are now.

Heh. That was all copy paste and inverting Italics.

“ZAP!” FlameWizardmon was growing panicked as his attempts to drain Opposumon of her energy failed horribly each and every time. “Zap! Zap~ Come on already! DRAINNNN!”

Opposumon just bared down on him with a dog leash.¬†“DON’T THROW MY COUSIN OUT WINDOWS! IT’S NOT SAFE AT ALL!”

Yeah- we’re just going to put this all off screen while Psychemon just watches impassively at all the loud and painful sounding noises coming from the burning wizard.

Naturally- FlameWizardmon could only take so much punishment before he fled, much like anyone facing down a mad Opposumon.

“EMERGENCY TELEPORT!” The wizard cried out in terror as he vanished into thin air.

“GET BACK HERE!” Opposumon shouted to the skies.

Psychemon is another piece of Quartzmon. He’s just staring at this nonsense and laughing inside his head.


“OW!” Airu yelped as Opposumon applied a bandage to her cheek. “That stings!”

“Well…” Ren sighed as he put an ice pack on his head, “that could have gone better.”

“I think the problem now is… what do we do about it?” Ryouma asked.

“A better question is why Opposumon wasn’t affected.” Ren countered. “I doubt he got ‘full’ of energy.”

“Who knows, who cares,” Opposumon huffed, crossing her arms over her chest, “I just want to bash that wizard’s head in for messing with Airu like that!”

“We need a plan,” Airu lamented.

Opposumon didn’t get affected because of the necklace.

Ryouma doesn’t know about it.


On one side of a disk stood Airu, holding her Pink Xros Loader up near the wry smirk on her face, and Opposumon, floating to the side of her cousin with a concerned look.

The disk flipped over revealing Chou, standing in a battle pose and a Broom in hand, and Airu-As-ChaosGatomon crouched on the top of a short wall next to her.


This was a neat little inversion. Airu as human with Chou as Digimon, then Airu as Digimon with Chou as human.


…Yeah. I went to the trouble of finding that image from Homestuck just so I could make the reference clear.

IDK why I like having characters use brooms as weapons.

Moving on…!

A few hours of planning later- Chou’s wrister beeped in alarm of an incoming message. “Oops!” She smiled in appology to Airu, “I gotta take this!”

With that, she slipped outside and answered. “Akashi-kun?”

“Hey, Chou-chan,”¬†Tagiru replied. Somehow, she just knew he was smiling.

“Is something wrong?” she asked, slightly concerned.

“No, Not really,”¬†Tagiru paused for a moment, and then a voice distantly asked¬†“can I-?”¬†from behind him.

“Who was that, Akashi-kun?” She asked, somehow, she just had a feeling…

“Someone wants to talk with you, Chou-chan,”¬†And then a moment later, the sound of the Wrister being handed over occurred.

Silence passed for a few moments.

“Hello…?” Chou blinked.

“Hello?”¬†A girl’s voice parroted almost instantly.

Chou nearly sighed in relief. “…Akari-chan?”

“Um…Yeah…”¬†The girl’s voice replied,¬†“that’s me…”

“Hi there,” Chou smiled a bit, so this was her ‘future daughter’? She really didn’t see why the ‘future’ tag even needed to be added. “How are you?”

We had Father/Daughter bonding, now we have Mother/Daughter bonding.

“I’m…fine, I guess?” Akari scratched at her nose, “How are you?”

“Ah, well…” Chou mused for a moment, “I could be better. There’s a rogue digimon going around stealling people’s will power and energy, making them all really tired!”

“Ouch,”¬†Akari replied.

“Yeah…we’ve been trying to figure out a plan as to what to do, but…” Chou subconsciously lifted a hand to finger at the necklace, “So far we just don’t know much other than the fact that I wasn’t affected by it.”

Akari blinked, “You didn’t get drained?”

“Nope…He kept zapping me but it wasn’t doing anything,” Chou mused a bit, “it tickled, I guess, but I didn’t feel drained or anything?”

Akari thought for a moment, “Hold on, I remember Shoutmon telling me that Tagiru gave you something before he left?”

“A necklace, yeah,” Chou nodded.

“Shaped like the letter¬†Omega?”


“It’s part of a time loop Shoutmon and I came across. That very necklace saved our lives on more than a few occasions.”

“EH? It did?” Chou’s fingers dropped from the Necklace almost in shock.

“Yeah, it did,”¬†You could hear Akari nod,¬†“if you’ve got it now, and it let you survive that digimon’s magic…then you might be able to use it against him.”

“I…I see…” Chou thought for a moment, “I’ll let them know in a bit then…But…Um…”

“Could we maybe just talk about something else for a while, maybe?”

Akari smiled, “I’d like that.”

They stumble upon the needed solution, but put it off for just talking.

But the plot doesn’t have time for that.

Also, bizarrely- it is raining right now and it sounds like someone’s using a bloody jackhammer outside for whatever reason 0_o;

After a few more minutes of conversation- Chou stalked back into the room, holding the necklace in hand. “How’s the planning going?” she asked.

“I want to go to sleep…” Ren muttered.

“Saaaame…” Airu breathed out slowly.

Ryouma said nothing, having already fallen into a deep slumber, instead snoring the rest of the day away.

“Well, then,” Chou held the necklace over Airu’s head, “maybe it’s time you guys wake up!” And with a quick motion, she tapped the Omega Necklace against Airu’s forehead.

A spark of static leaped from the metal towards Airu’s skin, and, immediately, there was a change- Airu sat up, eyes widening as if she’d just gotten a shot of adrennalin. “What the heck was that for!?”

Chou spun on her heels and tapped the necklace against Ren (and then Ren’s Xros Loader to help his zapped Digimon). “Just a little pick-me-up!”

As Ren sat up, rubbing at the spot where the necklace had hit him, he had to ask, “What exactly is that thing?”

“It’s the metal!” Chou reasoned- not knowing what exactly was IN the necklace besides the metal making it up that made it special- “Whatever it’s made out of counteracts FlameWizardmon’s powers!”

“And you had it on you the entire time?” Ren blinked the sleep out of his eyes, feeling as if he’d just eaten ten whole sugar cookies in a single second.

“She did,” Airu nodded, her thoughts wondering, “Maybe if we put metal on us like that, we won’t get drained the next time we fight him!”

As Chou tapped the necklace against Ryouma (creating a slightly larger spark than the previous two, which woke him up immediately), she said with a grin, “And if it doesn’t work, then I can just keep negating all of his energy draining tactics with this!”

“Well, then!” Dracmon burst out of Ren’s Xros Loader with a demented smile, “Let’s get cracking! And by cracking: I mean that stupid wizard’s staff between my teeth!”

Ryouma gets a bigger zap because of being Gravimon.

A short time later- FlameWizardmon stalked the empty streets of Digi-Quartz with concern.

He was stuck wherever this new place was, and there was nobody around to drain energy from! That meant that if he ever wanted to get out of here, he’d have to trick those kids into releasing him.

As the Wizard thought these thoughts, he heard footsteps behind him- slow, methodical, and occasionally shuffling. Ah- there those brats were!

FlameWizardmon turned around, expecting the three kids to be completely drained of energy and begging him for them to return it.

“What.” He said flatly as soon as he caught sight of those kids.

They were wearing metal pots and pans as armor or weapons- and they didn’t look tired at all.

“Yo!” Ren pointed dramatically at the Wizard, “I’ve come back to continue my objections of your energy draining!”

FlameWizardmon’s eyes twitched in a dis-unified pattern that really could not be called blinking, “Kid, you’re just going to get beaten down again. Don’t even bother!”

“I think you’ll find this a bit harder to swallow, FlameWizardmon,” Ryouma grinned ever so slightly, “because we don’t take kindly to thieves.”

“OH WHATEVER!” The Wizards temper boiled over, and he aimed his staff at them, “ZAP!”

In perfect slow-motion, you, the viewers, could see a small burst of fire colored electricity shoot out of the staff- flying like a bullet straight at Ren…


-Where it bounced off of the metal pan he was wearing on his chest and flew into a nearby lamppost- whose sole power supply had long since been depleted.

“…What.” FlameWizardmon repeated just as flatly as before. “ZAP!”


This is channeling Go-Onger to a small degree- the heroes challenging the bad guy with pots and pans and no actual weapons.

“…” The same result- Ren still stood in the same position.

“ZAP!” FlameWizardmon changed targets.

“…” Ryouma shrugged and shook his head.


“…” Nothing from Ryouma yet again.


“Hah, that tickled a little!” Airu giggled as she barely felt the little energy ticks bouncing off of her.

The Flame Wizard howled in dismay, “OH WHAT DID YOU DO! Why isn’t it working!?”

“Like we’d tell you, jerk!” Chou took advantage of his distraction and pulled the staff out of his hands, throwing it to the side where Dracmon waited with a wide open mouth.



FlameWizardmon stared in dismay as his fire staff burst apart into data particles between the demon’s jaws. “Bu-bu-bu-bu-”

“By the way,” Ren held up his Xros Loader, “these guys say Hi!”

FlameWizardmon sweated as all the Digimon he’d previously drained of energy reloaded- all of them with eager, and somewhat bloodthirsty, grins on their faces. “Mommy…” the wizard whined before gulping.

“Have at ‘im, boys!” Ren ordered nonchalantly.

…Yeah, you guys definitely do not want to see all this carnage.

It’s just way too brutal for even the most hardened of viewers…

FlameWizardmon gets whats coming to him.

Except for this bit:

“AIIEEEE! I DID NOT EXPECT THIS AT ALL! NOT ONE BIT!”¬†the Wizard cried out in terror as he was chased down the street by the Garurumon piece of the Chimeramon.

“ARARARARARARRRAHRR!”¬†The Garurumon was barking like a lap dog.

“Is it even Legal to do this?” Airu had to ask.

“Oh I sincerely doubt it,” Ren shrugged.

I absolutely did not expect thiiiiiiiis!

Every time I’ve done an “AIIIIEEEE!” , it’s been in reference to this page.

Paraphrased, of course. (Thank TV Tropes for letting me find this page. BLUH.)

So…Twice, really. SuperStarmon and FlameWizardmon, to my immediate recollection.

After a few minutes of toying with the rather idiotic FlameWizardmon, Ryouma pulled the Digimon into his collection and they returned to the real world as a group- where Ryouma reloaded the Wizard and forced him to give back all the energy he’d stolen.

The Wizard claimed it was impossible, but one touch of that necklace to his neck- and suddenly he became as limp as his victims had.

“Oh that’s just¬†looow…” FlameWizardmon moaned as he fell to the ground, fast asleep.

“Well,” Ren said as he watched Ryouma load the Digimon into his Loader again, “I think that’s enough excitement for one day.”

“I don’t know about you two,” Airu yawned, “But I’m ready to take a nap!”



Not that Airu would get any rest at all- Chou was chatting with Tagiru over the wrister as each of them told the other about their days when the grave news had been brought up:

A Name for the Chimera that had wiped Airu’s memory had been given by the Harpymon:

“Quartzmon?” she asked in surprise.

“Ah,”¬†Tagiru replied,¬†“that’s what she said, at any rate.”

“I don’t think he was made up of any crystals,” Airu mused, “but then again, he might have had some crystal parts hidden on him.”

“Or maybe all the other Digimon parts are just pieces of skin?” Chou shuddered the moment she offered that thought, “Creepy thought, if that’s the case…!”

“Ah, well…”¬†Gumdramon spoke up, though somewhat hesitantly,¬†“I actually once knew a guy who was good at faking Digimon skin with just cloth. I haven’t spoken with that guy in years now, though, but…”

“You think he might be involved?”¬†Tagiru asked as well.

“I don’t know, I knew he was thinking about taking in commissions when we split paths, but he always prided himself on accurate costumes…or as accurate as he could make, at any rate…”¬†Gumdramon shrugged- and you could hear the rubber of his body making it exaggerated to some degree over the line.¬†“It’s possible. I just hope it’s not that guy who’s behind all of this. ‘Cause if it is…then…UGH. Boy are we all in trouble!”

Airu and Chou shared a look- if Gumdramon was stressed out by that idea- how bad of a person was this Quartzmon?

Gumdramon is foreshadowing Betsumon here.


FlameWizardmon awoke to the sound of laughter. “Feh…? What’s going on…?” He sat up, and immediately regretted it.

Some thick slime started pouring down his body and through his clothes. “Ewww…” He grimaced, “How long have I been out of it for…?”

“Not long.” A calm, deep, and suave voice replied- the laughter stopping for the words to be said, “I’ve pulled you out of that infernal Xros Loader when it and its owner crossed over into my realm again. Feel free to thank me.”

Thus, we hear Quartzmon speak for the first time since we’ve heard his name.

He’s saying he pulled FlameWizardmon out of Ryouma’s Xros Loader- making the audience think that he can DO that, when, in reality, he just asked Ryouma/Gravimon to let the wizard out.

“Well thanks for that,” The Wizard grumbled, “But I need to be-”

“I require your help, you see.” The voice continued, “Consider it…a chance to use your…rather unique powers.”

FlameWizardmon looked around in dismay, “I don’t work for voices in the background! I’ve got enough of those in my head as it is!”

“Do you now?” The voice laughed. “Well, let me present myself, and you can…judge for yourself whether or not you think I’m worth working with…Not that I’ll be giving you a choice, mind you, but it’s still good to have willing minions who don’t need to be persuaded!”

You really should be reading Quartzmon’s voice with John DeLancie’s voice. IE: Q and Discord, from Star Trek and MLP respectively.

Emerging from the shadows was- predictably- the chimera that had threatened Harpymon and warped Airu’s memories.

His body creaked with the constant sound of crumbling glass- and the stitches between the various parts of his body threatened to break out with every jagged, puppet-like movement.

His head was that of some dragon type digimon- with horns borrowed from other Digimon that had them, his body was that of a snake digimon’s, with legs from a Devimon and an Angemon, while his arms were borrowed from a Cyberdramon and a Leomon. His wings were mismatched from an Angemon and an Airdramon, and his tail was that of a Greymon’s.

Had he not been sitting on his rear end, FlameWizardmon would have taken several steps backwards in horror as not one- but three of these creatues followed the first.

“You see…” The first said, “I am many and yet I am the same,”

“We are different, and yet identical,” the second said with the same voice as the first.

“Using the wonderful ability of time itself to branch off and twist about to its own likings,” the third opened…

“We have made ourselves Legion,” The fourth concluded with a grin.

“W-W-W-W-W-W-WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU!?” FlameWizardmon cried out in terror.

“I-” all four as one- “am Quartzmon- a manipulator of time and space, and as I previously said, I have a job offer for you, FlameWizardmon.”

The First took another step forward and held out a hand, “Are you willing to listen to my proposal?”

This is meant to be *REALLY* Scary.

Does it come off as that?


Ren shuddered as a chilling breeze flew down the streets. “What the hell was that…?”

Something…Something very bad had happened. Ren didn’t know what…But something had just happened.

If, however, he had been running the audio recorder on his MP3 player, and he went back and played that chilling breeze backwards…

Ren would have heard Quartzmon’s displeased voice muttering, “It’s a shame you didn’t take the deal, Wizard.”


In an animated format- someone WOULD have to record the audio and play it backwards to get that message.



“GYAH! Come On Already!”

“Need any help with that?” Gumdramon raised an eyebrow.

“No! I’ve got it!” Tagiru grunted as he tried to knead the cinnamon bread loaf that was being quite troublesome, “I just-I’m not used to this recipe yet!”

“Alright,” Gumdramon shook his head- “If you say so!” And with that, he returned his attention to where Akari and Chou were conversing.

…? I wrote Talking.

What the hell spell check???

“That was about the last we ever saw of our old village chief after that,” Chou was explaining. “After the empire left our zone under its control, we were pretty much left alone. The new chief wasn’t even all that bad of a person. So we just tried to fly under the radar for most of the time. Airu really didn’t like it because she had to stop inventing things. If I remember right, the higher commander traded our Zone around a few times…I think we were with Lilithmon for the last few weeks of the war, then after that…We got pulled into Dragon Land.”

“Dragon Land?” Akari blinked in surprise- “Huh…That’s where we found the Necklace too…”

“Could be a coincidence?” Chou offered a shrug, “Or maybe not, given all the time travel…”

“It’s such a headache, isn’t it?” Akari laughed, “Sometimes I wonder where we’d be without it!”

“Who knows!” Chou laughed as well, “Maybe there wouldn’t have been a Bagura Empire?”

“That would’ve been nice,” Akari nodded in agreement, but sighed, “Though, without time travel, I’d never have been born to be with Shoutmon at the same time he was alive. We probably never would have even met, if that was the case…”

“It seems like it’s all a bunch of narrow hit and miss chances, doesn’t it?” Chou sighed, “Where’s the free will?”

Akari thought for a moment…

“It’s the little things.”

Akari here is about to go on about my own personal interpretation of Homestuck’s “Ultimate Riddle,” which is based a bit off of some other well know theories.

“Eh?” Gumdramon blinked at that answer.

“All the little things that make us¬†Us, that’s free will. I could have gone through that entire war without once kissing Shoutmon, or falling in love with him all the years before. Nothing of the timeline demanded that we get together, but…” Akari smiled slightly, “I liked him, faults and all… And even if we got into a fight over something stupid, we still worked it out later on.”

“I think I get where you’re coming from,” Chou nodded in agreement, glancing over at Tagiru, who was still struggling with the bread dough. “I fell in love with him at somepoint when I was tutoring him…It just… sneaked up on me.” She met her daughter’s eyes with her own, “I think that even without time travel, I’d still love him for who he is. I’d still want to have a daughter just like you, Akari-chan.”

“Would you still name me¬†Akari¬†even though you know it’s my name?” Akari had to ask.

Chou was taken back by the question, and thought it over for a few moments. “I think I’d just know,” she finally said. “I’d know what to name you on the spot! So if I knew I wanted to name you Akari, I’d name you Akari without a second thought!”

Akari stared at her mother’s past-self for a few moments, then smiled. “Okay!”

“Besides,” Chou leaned in to whisper, though still loud enough for everyone to hear, “knowing Akashi~kun, he’d probably want to name you something weird instead. So sticking with a pre-known name might be the safer route!”

Akari giggled, “Maybe that’s why all this Time travel exists! To keep me from having a silly name!”

Here’s another information paradox for ya.

Tagiru let loose an enraged howl- mostly from the frustrating bread loaf and only partially from the rogue and unexpected comment: “I Would Not! I would Never do that!”

Gumdramon added into the conversation with a rather loud, though joking, comment, “Sorry, Tagiru! I gotta side with them on this one!”

The boy let out a string of frustrated sounds as he ran his hands through his hair at the playful jabs. “Do you guys really think of me that way!?”

“Sorry, Akashi~kun,” Chou giggled at his silly antics, “but you’re an easy mark some times!”

“Ah, yeah, I remember this time that-” Akari was about to go into some story from her childhood when Tagiru let out a strangled shout:


“Oh right, I don’t want to ruin the surprise, now do I?” Akari grinned.


All in all, Gumdramon thought as he observed the scene with a laugh, they made a pretty normal family despite all the oddities that surrounded their lives.


Heh. Information Paradoxes are fun. ūüėõ


“It’s time we put Breakdramon into his prison.”

“Tagiru? You coming?”

“Of course I am!”

“Meanwhile! I’ll get to face off against you two bozos!”


“Who are you calling a Bozo!?”


“Forwards to the Past & A Ramen Cook-off!”

“And what about my episode!?”

“Keep Petitioning!”

“Aw man…!”

End of episode.

Here’s the original summary:

11Skip Original Episode Entirely. Ryouma + Ren + Airu focus on Hunting FlareWizardmon. Have Ryouma be concerned about Airu’s/Opposumon’s Relationship with Gumdra/Tagiru, potentially opposed to it.




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