We Begin CHAPTER 63 on the Batting Range.

“Okay- keep your aim straight, just like that!”

Taiki stopped as soon as he heard the familiar voice echoing from a nearby baseball field.

Slowly, but surely, he turned his head to his right to see what was across the street.

Indeed- there was a group of kids standing around a slightly taller boy who was showing them how to throw a fast-ball under the light of a late-afternoon sun. It was of no surprise that it was Shoutmon doing this teaching.

Taiki stared out at the scene before him curiously. So this was where Shoutmon had gone during the tournament.

He was about to go over and observe Shoutmon’s teaching methods a bit closer when a flash of red caught his eyes.

“Eh?” Taiki did a double take as he watched the person in question walk over towards the field, “Isn’t that…?”

This is an indeterminate time later after the tournament. I didn’t really handle the time management well in this mini arc.

“No, no,” Shoutmon shook his head, and went to correct the form of one of his ‘students’, “you’ve got to hold it like this,” he made sure the kid was holding the baseball right, “now you can throw it and it should curve around the batter before they realize what’s happened.”

“Thanks, coach!” The kid grinned, and went to give it a try.

And then- moments later, Shoutmon heard a polite cough from behind him.

“Uh oh,” he started to sweat jut a little.

“So this is what you take up your free time with, Shouto?” came an all-too-familiar voice.

Ignoring the questioning looks of the kids around him, Shoutmon turned to look over his shoulder at his co-ruler of the Digital World:

“Ah…Hi, Akari,” he said simply.

She was smirking at him. He didn’t like that look one bit at all.

Akari’s very, VERY mad at Shoutmon.

For a very, VERY stupid reason.

*Cue Stand Up (TV Ver) by TWILL*



*cue Title Theme*

“SUPER STAR! The Dinner Disaster Calamity!”

We use “Stand Up” here, and it makes me wonder if the theme choice wasn’t meant to be “STAND UP: Main Story Plot” and “HOW TO GO: Side Story Plot.”

That’s about as close as I can figure, but it doesn’t quite add up. @_@

Taiki watched in fascination as the King tried his best to avoid eye contact with the Queen, and instead trying to focus on teaching the kids on the field how to throw a fast ball. It failed due to the fact that the kids were more in awe that both the King and Queen of the Digital World were there on their little baseball diamond and were seemingly having relationship troubles.

“Like a train wreck,” Taiki muttered as he searched his pants pocket for his Wrister.

He had a few calls to make.

Taiki’s quickly hatched a plan.

“So what are you doing here?” Shoutmon asked once he finally got a few moments away from the prying ears of the kids. “I thought we agreed that if one of us had to come over, we’d swap places so the world didn’t-”

“Kiriha can handle it,” Akari countered with the simple motion of crossing her arms. “Besides, I’m here on business, as are you.”

Shoutmon took a moment to look the girl next to him over. She’d let her hair grow out a bit, but still was tied up in the usual twin bushes. As for the clothes she wore, they were definitely not the usual thing she wore on causal trips to Earth. She had on a plain, blueish grey business jacket with the Xros Heart logo emblem-ized over the heart, and a light blue skirt on. A skirt!? She usually didn’t wear that at all… But then again… “Eh? What kind of business?”

“Relations treaties with China, the UK, and the US,” Akari explained.

“Isn’t that in Hong Kong?” Shoutmon raised an eyebrow. “In like…a week?”

“Yes, but as of this moment, the only train stations that stop on earth are here in Japan,” Akari looked up at the sky with a sort of sad look on her face. “And anyways, Nene sent me on ahead of her to finish up preparations for transport to Hong Kong- and that’s going to be a whole nightmare given those Train Robbers the Chessmon arrested earlier.”

“Oh, those two guys from this afternoon?” Shoutmon asked with little surprise, “I should’ve figured that would happen.”

You’ll notice that there’s a subtle stiffness to their conversation. It doesn’t quite…Flow the way it should. I guess it helps that I’m awkward at writing awkward.

“I also heard about the giant robot coming out of the rift.”

He froze solid.

“What’s this I hear about it being piloted by a character from that show we used to watch as kids?”

“Erhm…Yeah…That…” Shoutmon started, “You see…”

It was then that Taiki teleported in right between them. “Hi guys!”

“GYAH!” both King and Queen jumped back slightly in surprise, and all the kids on the field looked over at the sound.

“Anyways, onto business!” Taiki was grinning an absurdly wide grin, “Sally’s caught up with paperwork from all the train stuff today, so we can’t make the reservations at the place we had set for tonight. I figured, since you both were in town, you two could take our places!” And with that, Taiki handed Shoutmon (or rather, forced into his arms) an envelope with an address written on it. “Nice to see you again, Akari! Have fun you two!”

And then- He teleported away with that same stupid grin on his face.

“Woooah!” the kids were oohing and ahhing, having never seen such a thing before.

Meanwhile, Shoutmon just scowled and said, “He so planned that.”

“That he did,” Akari agreed with a nod.

He SO planned that.


Sally’s left eye twitched just a bit as soon as she saw the grin on Taiki’s face. “You do realize that if they don’t kill you for this, I will for giving them our reservations for dinner?”

“Ah come on,” Taiki laughed it off, “it’s not like I was lying, anyways.”

Sally sighed, looking down at the massive stack of paperwork on the kitchen table. “You’re right. Damn it! And I really wanted to try their pasta too!” As the hunger got to her, she started gnawing at the pen in her hand.

It’s really good pasta! (Apparently.)

This was a subtle shout out to the now Canceled Sanctuary‘s “Alfredo’s.”

Taiki sat down, “Well, it’s better that those reservations get used rather than not, right?”

“How DID you manage to pull that off anyways? That place has a three month wait time.” Sally had to ask it. She took the pen out of her mouth and pointed it at him as she said, “You didn’t do anything risky, now did you?”

“Actually, I won the reservations in a contest,” Taiki thought it over after saying that, “funny, though, I don’t remember entering any contests before that though.”


“Eh…maybe it was one of those random drawing things? They get your names off of the local school registries and the internet anymore these days.” Sally returned the pen to her mouth as she returned her eyes to the paperwork, “Damn it, did these PawnChessmon HAVE to quote Super Sentai? I swear, if Shoutmon hadn’t decided to cut an anime deal with them after Rei showed up, we’d have Toei on our heels like nothing else!”

Taiki laughed, “Don’t forget all the Gurren Lagann shout outs too!”

“Oh yes, thanks for reminding me…” Saly sighed in defeat.

In the XWAU02 Universe (Both in story and in that far off dimension where this story is the canon anime), Gainax Studios is a subdivision of Toei Animation, along with several other famous Animation studios. (It was a mass buy out that rocked the world by producing this series of massive Xros Over potential.)

It’s also what lets them get away with the whole Gurren Lagann thing Cutemon has going on.


The restaraunt that Taiki had given them the reservations for was but a small part of a much larger building- A Hotel, in fact.

But by no means were the two connected. Hotel Reservations AND Restaurant Reservations were entirely separate things. You had to plan for both if you were staying at that hotel.

Shoutmon stared up in confusion. Taiki hadn’t mentioned anything about the hotel itself, but then again he could see why. The place was absolutely garish. “It looks like a giant starfish.”

“That it does,” Akari agreed.

Giant Starfish? More like a Super Starfish. >_<;

The Restaurant was on the very first floor of the Hotel building- so much so that the entire Hotel Lobby was on the second floor- with the entrance on the back side of the building up a rather large ramp. (Stairs were straight out and out due to not being wheelchair accessible.)

So the duo- not dressed any differently than they were before- walked up to the main desk of the restaurant completely unaware of what a mess this evening was about to become.

“Reservations for Kudo?” Shoutmon said as he showed the letter from the envelope Taiki had given him. “Is everything okay?”

The Man at the desk peered over the letter for a few moments, then reached up to adjust his glasses before saying, “Yes, this all appears to be in order. Right this way, sir.”

Fun Facts: Ramps are more commonly seen in the XWAU02 Universe due to the massive increase of people falling down the stairs over the last 5 years.

Surprisingly- there were zero fatalities.

That didn’t make the given injuries any less important in the following legal proceedings.

The man lead them down a short hallway before stopping in front of a door. “This Restaurant is state of the art compared to some others, inside this room is the main dining hall. You do not order through the standard paper menus to which you have become accustomed, instead…” the man turned towards a box attached to the wall next to the door, and pulled out two watches, “these devices will be your menus. Simply use their holographic displays to customize your order, and our waiters and waitresses will put it together to deliver it to your table.”

Akari took one watch without question, “Okay.”

Shoutmon eyed the other one a bit more hesitantly before taking it, ‘Since when did they have this kind of tech? I’ve never seen anything like this before.’

“Now then, I’ll take you to your reserved Table, follow me,” the man then turned towards the door and opened it, revealing the grand Dining hall in the room beyond.

Now it made sense why the restaurant took up the entire bottom floor. It was simply massive.

There were wax statues of famous people standing at various intervals on the floor, raised high above the diners by massive stands. There were several gigantic water fountains that were simply too complex to be described, and on the roof was a massive, rotating, Five Pointed Star shaped Chandelier.

Shoutmon whistled, “I can see why people like coming here.”

Unlike Canon Xros Wars- this SuperStarmon isn’t exactly the brightest bulb in the box. He put his “Wax Figures” on display for all to see.

The Man lead them to a table on the furthest edge of the Dining Hall- only a few tables away from being right up next to the massive bay window that dominated the entire room and tied it all together.

You could see for miles out of it- you really could.

It was an impressive view, that was for sure.

“I don’t even want to know how expensive this place is,” Akari muttered as the man left, “just so long as Taiki’s paying for it.”

“Amen to that,” Shoutmon nodded in agreement.

It’s a subtle difference to their usual banter- and it makes you feel odd reading it.

The two diners remained quiet as they examined the holographic menu-watches. Shoutmon was reminded of the kind of tech that the Xros Loaders had. You’d grab a ‘base’ item, and then drag other items onto it, or pull others off.

Finally, the relative silence of constant chatter around them got to Akari, and she spoke, “So how goes the Digi-Quartz investigation?”

“Do we have to talk about this now?” Shoutmon asked in return, “In such a public place?”

“Please, as if anyone’s listening to anyone else,” Akari looked him in the eye and repeated, “How. Goes. The. Investigation?”

Seriously- all business? She’s really mad at him.

Shoutmon sighed, then answered, “Troubling.”

“How so?” Akari pressured.

“Well, for starters, we’ve got two people so far who have been acting very oddly-”

“The Kid that just got sentenced, right?” Akari interrupted him.

“Yeah, that guy, he-”

“And the other?” she cut him off again.

He shook his head, saying, “Not here. Time sensitive stuff, ya know?”

Though she scowled at him, Akari understood his meaning. This had something to do with the Time Storms.

Shoutmon means Airu here, specifically.

Note that he fails to mention anything about Chou and Tagiru- despite the fact that Akari’s no doubt read the reports?

“But we’ve got a sort-of lead on it,” Shoutmon continued on. “A chimera guy- made up of a bunch of different Digimon.”

“Oh,” Akari grimaced, remembering the Chimeramon from Dust Zone, “and?”

“I’ve got the Monitamon looking into it, but I doubt they’ll find anything,” Shoutmon explained as he finally placed his order for dinner- a plain old chicken sandwich with mayonnaise, lettuce, Swiss cheese, and pepperoni. Then without a moment’s pause, he hit the order button again, adding an “(x2)” to the receipt so far. “This guy’s probably the one behind it all, so… He’s gotta be good at hiding for as long as he has.”

“I see,” Akari went silent after that, focusing on finishing her dinner order.

Shoutmon’s not in the mood to try something fancy- he goes straight for something he knows he’ll eat.

A Chicken Salad Sandwich- straight from my own heart.

Although…I’ve never tried one with Swiss cheese and pepperoni. I honestly have no clue how that would affect the taste.

Might be good- Might be gross. I’ll have to try it some time.

Their Drinks came a short time later- and by now, it was late enough in the day that the sun was starting to lower towards the horizon. Shoutmon couldn’t help but to chuckle every time he saw it. Their once enemy was now providing them with life sustaining light as he slowly burned the eons away.

Truth be told, Shoutmon wasn’t sure why it was a fitting demise for the Dork Knight, but it just resonated as a fitting punishment- making something bright and good from something dark and evil.

A sun- they’d turned him into a sun- few people appreciated the irony of that fact these days.

Then again, maybe that was why this window was there- it was a perfect view of the sunset to come.

Still though…

So far it had been an antagonistically silent dinner. How was he to change that? Shoutmon wasn’t quite sure.

Shoutmon muses on DarkKnightmon’s fate.

“So…” Akari finally broke the ice, again, though this time with a bit of hesitance, “is he happy?”

“Who?” Shoutmon had to ask- there were many “He”s out there.

“My dad,” Akari clarified, “is he happy right now?”

“About as happy as anyone could be, knowing he’s doomed to time travel into the past,” Shoutmon shrugged.

“You told him?” Akari frowned.

Akari- at this point- isn’t quite sure WHAT to think of the fact that her parents are right there- within reach.

She’s put distance between them at the moment- distance that she’s afraid to close due to not know how to even talk about it.

“I had to- I’m sick and tired of being cautious. This last year…It’s…” Shoutmon glanced out the window and frowned. “Taiki only found him a few months ago- and Taiki had enough chances to bring him in since then. He didn’t.” Shoutmon turned to look her in the eyes, “I ruined enough by being cautious, Akari. I don’t want to lose everything in existence because we over thought something.”

Whatever Akari was about to say was interrupted by the waiter showing up with their food.

“We’ll talk about this later…” Shoutmon went to say, but she shook her head, even as the waiter put the food on the table.

“No way. We’re talking about this now.” And to punctuate her point, Akari stabbed her fork into her salad. “Where was this attitude six months ago, Shouto?” then, she chomped down on the leafy-greens on said fork.

Note- Shoutmon simply wants to focus on eating. He KNOWS where talking during dinner will get him.

“What do you think made me tell him flat out, Akari?” Shoutmon frowned, somewhat concerned by the large amounts of food Akari had ordered. Cream Pies? Plates of Mashed Potatoes? A bowl of J311-0? Was she expecting this to devolve into a food fight or something? “After all that we went through, that ended up with us breaking up and I realized what a jerk I’d been by being overly cautious. So I told him he’s a part of a time loop. We’re too close to the eye of the storm for dancing around the damned issues here!”

“So what?” Akari pointed the fork at him, “You think that just because you’ve had a change of heart will get you out of breaking up with me?”

It’s bound to cause a food fight.

*cue “in his mind, DB sways his shoulders and dances“, from the SOUL EATER OST*

“What,” Shoutmon blinked as a switch was flipped in his brain. “did you just say?”

“You broke up with me!” Akari repeated a bit louder than before as if he couldn’t hear, “You kept digging into your work with that journal and just ignored me after that night!”

“EHHH?” Shoutmon stared at her, “No! You broke up with ME!”

…And so begins the first (and probably last) food fight sequence I’ve ever written.


“No I didn’t.” Akari countered, “You broke up with ME.”

“You stopped taking my calls! I tried to apologize!” Shoutmon countered the counter.

“You never called for anything but to brag about what new ‘word wall’ you uncovered or SOMETHING like that!”

“So you didn’t take my calls where I was honestly trying to apologize!?”

“Then you started avoiding ME whenever I tried to confront you about it!”

“You stopped taking my calls, I thought you broke up with me! I didn’t want to have you yelling at me for something I’d already apologized for!”

“You Never Did!”

“I so did!”

“You Didn’t!”

“Well I am now!” Shoutmon stood up from the table, and bowed sharply as he said each word with Distinct Capitalization and Pronunciation “I Am Sorry For Being A Jerk Who Did Not Think His Words Through Properly, And I Apologize For Not Making This Clearer Sooner!” he sat down again, crossing his arms, “There? Happy now?!”

This referring to Nichijou, a scene which very much inspired this fight between Shoutmon and Akari. That bit where the song kicks in? Imagine a switch being flipped just like in the previously linked to video.

“You still broke up with me!” Akari protested.

“I did NOT break up with you! You Broke up with ME!”




By this point, the entire room’s attention was turned towards the rather loud couple who were shouting at each other over whom broke up with whom.

Some men were staring in honest confusion, and others just nodded, knowing where he was coming from. Some women were cheering Akari on, one was even cheering “You tell him, Sister!”

The children in the restaurant were staring on with their attention held firmly. “Finally! Some entertainment!” a few pre-teens were crying out in glee.


By this point, Akari was now about to make full use of the food she’d ordered in preparation of this. “I knew you wouldn’t admit it! I knew it’d come down to this!” She grabbed a cream pie.

Shoutmon’s eyes widened, “Oh fudge-”

“Banana Creme, actually!” Akari grinned a demented grin as she threw the Pie into his face. “Ironic, ISN’T IT!?

Shoutmon sat there with pie in his face for a few moments before he stood up, and wiped the creme pie out of his eyes, sending it splattering to the floor. “Very mature, Akari.” he said with a flat voice. “Very mature.”

What’s ironic about it being a Banana Creme Pie? I don’t get it, Akari.

“Like you haven’t started your fair share of food fights!” She snarked at him, “I seem to recall a time when you pretty much ruined my mom’s kitchen with eggs and flour!”

“WE, Akari. WE!” He stressed that as he grabbed a hand full of J311-0 and then squished it out over her head. “we BOTH ruined it!”

Akari squeaked as the Gelatin melted in his hands and returned to liquid form right on her hair. “OH SURE! Shift the blame!” She grabbed a hand full of mashed potatoes, and flung it right at his face.

“I’m not shifting ANY blame around!” Shoutmon countered as he dodged to the floor- allowing the potatoes to fly into the distance, landing with a splat on the back of a long, blond haired girl’s lavender cap. “You’re the one who’s trying to blame me for something I didn’t do!”

“But you DID DO IT!” She shouted at him, grabbing a dinner roll and throwing it at him. “You didn’t even go to their wedding!

Shoutmon yelped as he covered his head- the roll bouncing harmlessly off of his hands, “But they didn’t have a public wedding! They ran off to Digi-Vegas for that weekend, Remember!?”

“SO WHAT?!” Akari grabbed one of Shoutmon’s sandwiches and threw it at him. She missed as he quickly tumble rolled forwards and out of the line of fire- “You STILL didn’t go!”

“Well Neither did you!” he countered- watching helplessly as half of his dinner fell to the floor in an unrecoverable heap. “Oh Come on! I was going to eat that!”

There goes dinner.


“NO YOU WEREN’T!” Akari threw a handful of J311-0 at him next- melting it with a subtle fire-ball just as he had.

Shoutmon let loose a terrified squeal as the super-heated mass of liquid flew at him- she’d heated it up a LOT more than he had. Looked to almost be boiling at this point. “Come on Akari! We can work this out!” He called out as he dove for cover yet again.

“What!? And dance around each other for another half-a year?!” She threw another hand full of potatoes at him.“DIDN’T YOU SAY WE DIDN’T HAVE TIME FOR THAT!?”

“Stop using my own words against me!” Shoutmon dove under someone’s table- hoping to get out of the line of sight.


The Table- plus all the food that was on it from the diners who were eating at said table- was sent careening over due to a rather well aimed pie-pan toss, the one whose pie had already squashed into Shoutmon’s face.

“Damn, she’s gotten good,” Shoutmon breathed as he was left exposed to another onslaught of mashed potatoes.

“YOU IDIOT! IDIOT! IDIOT!Akari was shouting at him as she flung as much mashed potatoes as she could rapid fire. “DON’T YOU DARE RUN AWAY AGAIN!”

Shoutmon’s got good reason to this time. Akari’s heating that food up to rather high levels as she’s throwing it.

At this point- food was practically everywhere. The children, teens, and pre-teens had all taken Akari’s prompt as the cue to begin their own food fights. Meanwhile, as the parents tried to regain some sense of control- the wait staff could only stand and stare as their perfectly clean dining room became littered with food and other objects. (Someone’s button down shirt had been flung over the head of one of the wax statues.)

“Big Bro,” one of the waiters said to the man next to her, “we’re going to have a lot to clean up, aren’t we.”

“Eyyuuup,” said man replied with a subtle nod.

Two things here- some teens are making out under a table in the chaos of the food fight. (Hence the shirt.)

The Waiters are shout outs to Applejack and Big Mac of MLP:FIM fame.


Meanwhile- the Restaurant manager’s cowboy boots stepped into the room- his voice completely betraying the shock of what he saw. “What…WHAT IN TARNATION’S HAPPENED TO MAH DININ’ ROOM!?”

Shoutmon had little time to pay attention to this- as Akari was throwing whatever she could find at him as she chased him through the ruined dining room. “COME ON AKARI! I Said I was sorry!? What more do you want!?”

“YOUR HEAD!” She shouted, throwing a random watermelon over her head like she was slam-dunking a basket ball.

Shoutmon was lucky it over-shot him- he was unlucky due to the fact that it crashed into a rather irate man who had already lost his glasses. And now- he was blinded by the gourd.

The man fell to the ground- causing Shoutmon to trip, and fall to the floor of his own accord.


“COME HERE, SHOUTO!” Akari shouted at him, going for someone’s bowl of spaghetti to throw next.

This whole mess was getting out of hand- and to make matters worse, Shoutmon had no stable means of escape.

The entire room was in chaos- even the parents had given up on restraining their kids- and now everyone who cared to fight was throwing food around like crazy. Those that wished to escape were trying as best as they could to remain small.

The Manager took a few steps around, glancing about at the disarray that was going on.

And then a meatball splashed onto his sunglasses.

“That’…” His eyes twitched, his hands clenched into fists, and then… “THAT JUST ABOUT TEARS IT!” he took in a deep breath, and then shouted EVEN LOUDER over the din of the cacophony that was pure chaos:“EVERYONE JUST STOP RIGHT DARNED TOOTIN’ NOW!”

Everyone stopped, turning to look at the man- or rather, “Mon.

The Manager was a SuperStarmon, his arms were crossed over his chest and he looked rather upset by everything going on around him.

“That’s better,” he said with a certain tone of finality.



The Still shot for this eye catch is simply the moment of impact- the Pie Akari was pushing into Shoutmon’s face.


“Ironic, Isn’t it?!” Akari’s voice would echo across the screen.

The phone rang.

Taiki frowned. He wasn’t expecting anyone to call at this time.

Sally looked up as Taiki got up to answer the phone. “What’s up?”

“Not sure,” Taiki replied, and then answered the ringing phone. “Hello? … This is he.”

Sally stared as Taiki nodded a few times as he listened…

“I see.” Taiki concluded, “Thank you for letting me know.” And with that he turned around.

“Well?” Sally asked.

“Shoutmon and Akari started a food fight,” was all Taiki said.

“Oh.” Sally blinked as that thought settled in, then her eyes widened in horror, “You…You… You don’t mean that they-”

“Apparently they got in a fight over who broke up with who first,” Taiki explained with a laugh, “so much for that plan, eh?”

“I’ll never get to try their pasta now, will I?” Sally sighed.

“Let’s go pick them up, okay,” Taiki offered, “and then we can all go grab something to eat together?”

“If they aren’t at their throats, already,” Sally agreed.

….Yeeeah. They should have expected this.

The duo teleported to the hotel’s parking lot with a flourish of red and white energy.

“Wooo…” Sally peered up at the building, “who would design something like that?”

“Dunno…” Taiki shrugged.

And so they walked up to the building.

SuperStarmon- obviously.


SuperStarmon looked up as someone knocked at the door to his office. “Yes?”

“Sir,” a woman leaned in through the door, “you need to come see this.”

“Excuse me, kids,” SuperStarmon stomped away from Shoutmon and Akari.

There was some mumbling from outside, and then…

“WHAAT DID YOU SAYYY!?” SuperStarmon shouted.

Someone muttered something from outside elsewhere- then there was a loud stomp of cowboy boots as SuperStarmon and the girl who had shown up walked away.

Shoutmon and Akari shared a glance, wondering what was going one…and then…

“So what exactly did you mean,” Akari began, “that *I* broke up with you?”

Shoutmon raised an eyebrow, “Do you *want* me to go over that again?”

“Look, obviously we’ve had SOME sort of miss-communication screw up here,” Akari sighed, “let’s try to fix that.”

And here comes the reconciliation.

“Well for starters,” Shoutmon began, “I screwed up with what I said back in Karaoke Zone. Okay? Let’s just put that on the table. Okay?”

“That much we can agree on,” Akari sat back in her chair a bit, closing her eyes.

Shoutmon knows he was an ass, and admits it.

“Right so,” Shoutmon sighed, “I screwed up, so I went off to do my own thing so I could put things in perspective and I realized that I made a huge mistake. So…I tried to fix that. I tried to apologize to you for my being an utter ass and…you just shut me out. I-” he closed his eyes and shook his head, “I just gave up then, I figured you’d just given up with me! So what else was I supposed to think when you stopped answering my calls?” A few moments of silence passed. Then he added: “Then there was the whole thing with…you know…just before that.”

Akari frowned a little as her hands drifted down to her stomach, “Oh…right…”

“Yeah… That.”

“Yeah,” She looked to the side, “That…”

This was about as willing as I was going to get as having them SAY it in story. The Implication is all there for readers to pick up on, but it should be DOUBLY obvious now that you know that they were trying to have kids and have failed thus far.

“Heh…” Shoutmon chuckled after several awkward moments of silence, “look at us. We’re such a mess.”

Akari glanced back at him, and then laughed a little as well, “You’ve got potato sliding down the back of your neck!”

“You’ve got gelatin in your hair,” Shoutmon grinned.

“And who’s fault was that?” Akari grinned as well.

“Well, isn’t it my fault like always?” Shoutmon laughed as he leaned back in his chair and closed his eyes. “Gluuuuuuub,” he let loose a gurgle from the back of his throat in annoyance, “we didn’t even get anything to eat either. I’m hungrrry!”

“I had a little salad, but…” Akari shook her head as her tummy grumbled as well, “same here. Heh…”

Heh. They got so caught up in THROWING food that they forgot to eat any.

“We were called in here about the people using our reservation?” Taiki asked of the front desk man.

“The Kudo Reservations?” The man asked.

“Yes,” Taiki nodded.

“Well,” the man began, “First things first, company policy requires you to never step on the premises ever again for allowing them in.”

(“No pasta EVER,” Sally pouted.)

“Second,” the man continued, “our manager wishes to speak with you.”

“Okay, ” Taiki nodded, “And there’s a third?”

“Third, there is no third,” the man concluded.

“I meant about our friends you have in lockup?”

“Ah. Them.”




“Well what? Are you expecting me to say something else?”

“…Just take us to your Manager already.”

This is rather suspicious, is it not??

Taiki and Sally were led into the ruined dining hall by the waiter man, who then left, leaving them in there with the Manager of the restaurant- who was standing with his back turned to them at the very edge of the room.

“Oh WOW, this is a mess,” Sally gasped.

“It is, isn’t it?” Taiki glanced around- spotting the random wax statues and getting an unnerving feeling from them.

“YOU TWO!” SuperStarmon shouted as he whirled around to face them- “Do you have ANY idea what y’all’ve done!?”

Even though I’ve established SuperStarmon with a Texan accent- well- I wrote this sentence with a Certain Time Traveler’s voice in mind. (Near the end of the episode, specifically.)

“Uh…” Taiki stared, “What?”

“You two were supposed to come here so I could commemorate ya with wax statues for all the work you did in reuniting the Digital World,” SuperStarmon fumed. “But No! You had to cancel! But not just cancel! You traded your damned reservations to a couple of kids who didn’t even eat their dinner AND INSTEAD started a DARNED TOOTIN FOOD FAIGHTO!”

“…” Taiki blinked.

“Well, you could still do the wax statue thing, maybe,” Sally countered, “and we’re sorry that Shoutmon and Akari caused so much trouble, but-”

“They aren’t wax,” Taiki said suddenly.

“YER DAMN RIGHT THEY’RE NOT!” SuperStarmon raged, “THEY ARE REAL PEOPLE I’VE CLONED AND-!” He stopped suddenly, “Aaaand Y’all weren’t supposed ta hear that… Not one bit! Whoops-y.”

Sally shared a glance with Taiki, “Shall we?”

Taiki shrugged, “Might as well.”

By the way.

I feel that it is my duty to inform you that on a power scale that I made up specifically to demonstrate SuperStarmon’s power level…

He is a “3.”

Where the next highest lowest rank on the scale is at 4,130.

The ranking literally goes:

  1. SuperStarmon: 3
  2. NextHighestmon: 4,130

That is literally how weak he is.

SuperStarmon’s startled yelp of surprise echoed through the now star filled sky, “AIIIIEEEE! I MOST CERTAINLY DID NOT EXPECT THIIIIISSS!”

He really didn’t stand a chance even *IF* Taiki and Sally had come as originally planned.

“Knock Knock,” Taiki opened the door to SuperStarmon’s office, and Shoutmon and Akari looked up. “Time to go.”

“Taiki…!” Shoutmon blinked in surprise, then sighed, “Welp, I guess we’re in trouble, eh?”

“Just be glad that you two aren’t in trouble,” Sally remarked as she walked up, dragging a handcuffed SuperStarmon behind her. “This guy here would’ve turned you into wax statues if you hadn’t gotten that fight started.”

“Really…?” Akari blinked in confusion, then sighed, “I guess we should have expected that.”

“Anyways, let’s get this guy dropped off at the office, then we’re heading out for dinner,” Sally pouted a little, “I’ll never be able to taste their pasta… This place is going to be closed down once we get a team in to those people de-waxed.”

“I’m sure we can find somewhere else that’s sufficiently stuck up to have decent tasting pasta,” Taiki patted her on the shoulder.

“Sniffle,” Sally replied.

Sniffle. .w. It was really good pasta.

They were all teleported back to Sally’s office a few moments later, where immediately the green haired girl said: “Okay, I’ll take this guy to holding. You two-” she pointed at Shoutmon and Akari, “-should get cleaned up before we go eat.”

Smart idea.

Shoutmon and Akari walked down towards the nearest set of wash-rooms in about as much silence had been given to them over the course of the whole evening. When they arrived at their destination, they split off to the appropriately split off sides to clean up. And as Akari finished first (having had less food on her overall), she waited outside for Shoutmon to finish getting cleaned up.

“So, um…” Akari started, “I don’t really have any place to stay tonight. I was hoping to talk to Taiki and see if I could grab a room, but…”

“No chance yet?” Shoutmon asked as he pulled a small glob of mashed potato out of his hair.

“Yeah,” Akari nodded. “So, what I was going to ask was…If it’s alright, could I stay with you?”

Shoutmon’s hand slipped out of his hair as he was washing it at this comment- crak!– he hit it on the sink counter, and bit his tongue to hold in an involuntary scream.

“Shouto?” Akari looked over her shoulder in surprise. “You okay?”

“Fine! Fine!” Shoutmon called out as he shook his hand out, “Just a piece of slippery hair was all! Hand hit the sink! I’m fine!”

It’s the truth- but you’ve got to wonder if there was anything else involved in that moment.

“Okay,” Akari seemed to take that as that, “So, is that alright if I-?”

“Yeah! That’s fine!” Shoutmon looked over the red part of his hand where he’d hit the sink, then looked over the counter… “Damn it.”


“I broke the counter.”

Akari couldn’t help it- she laughed.

There is literally a fist sized chunk missing from the porcelain.

As the four of them walked out on the streets below the freshly formed night sky, Sally glanced up at the stars and gasped in surprise, “Look! A shooting star!”

Taiki, Shoutmon, and Akari looked up.

Normally- a shooting star would have been long gone by now- but this odd one, a bright golden yellow- was calmly making it’s way across the night sky about as fast as any airplane.

“I didn’t think we still got those!” Taiki remarked.

“I guess we do!” Sally reached her right hand out and grabbed Taiki’s left. “Make a wish!”

Teh Ironies.

BTW: If you check the newly added FANART PAGE and click through the fourth piece of fan art on there and read the comments on the given Deviant Art Page (Or just click there rather than going through all of that). You’ll see that Taiki and Sally aren’t the only ones to make a wish off of their future selves shooting through the sky. XD

But yeah. It’s a shooting star.

And as they watched the star begin to fade away into the distance, Akari, too, reached out her hand to grab Shoutmon’s… This wasn’t in a loving gesture, however.

Shoutmon flinched slightly at how tightly she was griping his hand. “Akari…?” He looked over at her…And nearly gasped as well when he saw the glowing crimson gears spinning in the reflection of her eyes.

A few moments later, when the star had passed, the light disappeared from Akari’s eyes and she started to fall towards the ground- and would have if Shoutmon hadn’t caught her.

“Hey? Are you okay?” He asked as she groaned a little. “Akari? Are you okay?”

When Akari’s golden eyes met Shoutmon’s blue, he realized something was really wrong before she even said those ominous words:

“Eight in the corner pocket: the Bracelet Resets the Game.”





“Oh! It’s on!” Chou, who had been coming over regularly for dinner ever since she and Tagiru had begun dating, rushed over to the TV. “That remake of the show I like!”

“Eh? That one’s starting already?” Tagiru looked over from the kitchen as Chou turned the audio up.

“Yeah! That one!” Chou nodded as the show began it’s opening narrations. For the next few moments, only the sound from the TV could be heard as the main character explained how his twin sister had gotten them custom avatars in a new video game. Then, Chou squealed as the show prepared to cut to the opening theme “I’m so glad they kept the old theme song! It just isn’t this show without it!”

“Heh,” Tagiru closed his eyes and smiled a bit as he listened to his girlfriend sing along to the opening animation.

This line was- of course- a bit lead into a .Hack//Twilight shout out.

A few moments later, the show cut to commercial, and Chou skipped into the Kitchen, humming the melody to that song.

“So why were they remaking this one again?” Tagiru asked as he focused on flipping the contents of the skillet over. “Something about the plot, wasn’t it?”

“Yeah, the Manga was ongoing when the first series aired, so they changed the plot half way through,” Chou explained, “but then with all the Digital World stuff, the company decided to re-do the series with the completed plot, now that the manga’s finished.”

“That’s nice of ’em,” Tagiru could hear the smile in Chou’s voice without even looking, “I bet it makes all the fans of the completed work happy?”

“That it does!” Chou nodded, “But we’ll have to see if they stick to their promises or not!”

“Ah, I’m sure they’ll do just fine,” Tagiru laughed. “Dinner should be ready in a few minutes…”

“Alright, I’ll go turn the TV up a bit more so we don’t miss it when it comes back on!”

“That’s always a smart plan,” Taigru laughed- then his eyes caught a golden light briefly emitting off of the bracelet on his wrist. “Hey, wait a second,” he turned to call back to Chou, “doesn’t the main character in this have a golden bracelet too?”

“Watch and see, Akashi-kun!” Chou called back, a wry smile on her face, “Watch and see!”

“I’ll take that as a yes, then!” Tagiru shook his head. That was a weird coincidence, but it was unlikely that anything was going to come from that odd premonition he’d felt just then.


As of writing this scene- the bracelets had no actual means of “resetting” anything.

As vague as Akari’s prophecy gets, what it really is referring to is Cascade Side B- and the fact that the bracelets attract lightning to them. It “Resets” the “mini-game” of fighting Ryouma and Astamon, so to speak. It’s also vaguely referring to Tagiru and Chou coming OUT of the past and into the present, sinking the “8 Ball” of the Quartzmon Terminal.

Also- it is just a shameless referral to this logo that I drew just shortly before uploading this chapter originally.


“Hi Everyone!”


“So what are we doing here exactly?”

“Isn’t it obvious? We’re meeting with the higher ranking world leaders to make sure that everything goes smoothly!”

“But what am *I* doing here exactly?”

“Wait. What *ARE* you doing here?”

“That’s what I was asking!”

“Next Time: Digimon Xros Wars!”

“HONG KONG ASSASSIN! The Harpymon of Discord!”

“I’ll catch you all, my little pretties! AND YOUR LITTLE DOG TOO!”

“But we don’t even have a dog.”

“You would if Dobermon and I got our planned episode already!”

“Keep petitioning, Hide-kun!”


I’d imagine there was an ARG type thing going on in the anime world for Hideaki’s petitions.

Here’s the original script:

09BET: Shoutmon at baseball field helping with training, Akari arrives. Taiki gives them tickets to buffet due to Sally having work. Akari ❤ Shoutmon date. Tagiru<3ChoHak (Chou H.) Date simultaneous. SuperStarmon (siver with Gold, shadeless XWStarmon) wanted Taiki, and had laid the trap for Taiki especially, but gets Shoutmon+Akari instead. SSMon Hunted by Kotone+Damemon. X4 formed.

….NOT close at all. XD



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