We Begin CH61 with no witty remarks at all.

“It’s hot,” Tagiru lamented.

Okay, I stand corrected.

It was two days after the Vines had frozen half of the school staff, and Tagiru was following Yuu and Corone to the local Okonomiyaki restaurant.

Not to eat, of course. It was much too late in the day for that.

There had been reports of the doors being mysteriously locked despite the store’s sign listing it as open. The added fact that the door’s lock would shoot out black sparks at anyone who tried to open it was an additional piece of mystery.

Of course, DWI- Digital World Immigration- had been notified of the discrepancy and after what had just happened at the Dojo regarding Tacker, Nozomi, Yuu was brought in on it, bringing Tagiru along for the ride.

This is the first time that the DWI acronym is mentioned, and may be the last, in story. You can see that it was always something in the back of my head though, via this concept art of Sally. (Look at the badge.)

Also- digging up that link after two weeks of art school?- Good Googly Moogly are the proportions off on that.


“You never know,” Yuu had said, “You might get some more Digimon to your team!”

Tagiru, honestly, was torn on the Hunting job. Sure, it had been cool at first, but when he’d basically been put on the side block for the last three adventures, plus all of the other stuff that had been dumped on his shoulders about time travel and the fate of the universe…

Right now, he’d rather be spending time with Chou-chan over investigating some dimensional disturbance that might get someone killed.

Plus- it was hot.

Abnormally hot.

Tagiru grumbled, “I swear, you could cook okonomiyaki in this heat.”

“Be glad you’re not dough, then!” Corone laughed at his comment.

Foreshadowing, thy name art not subtle.

Soon enough, the trio reached the Okonomiyaki shop, and sure enough, the door was locked with dark magics.

Yuu peered inside the windows, “Looks like there’s a chef inside- making Okonomiyaki…but…Wait! There’s a Digimon next to him. Several actually. the one looks like he’s in as much trouble as the Chef.”

“So…How do we get in?” Tagiru frowned at the sparks shooting off of the lock.

“Easy enough,” Corone smirked, “Why do you think I came?”

Missed that Capital on “The.”

The Chef was sweating. He’d be running out of ingredients soon. He’d been cooking nonstop for the whole night since closing time. These… Pagumon- as they called themselves- had broken in and insisted that he cook them a gourmet feast in celebration of one of their own’s birthday.

He’d been perfectly willing to do that, but after the Pagumon in question- the nervous, Blue one by his side at the stove- had had his fill, the others, the tan ones that looked like they were made out of what looked like cookie dough with a carbonated soda texture, hadn’t.

They’d just kept eating, and eating.

And eating.


The Blue one looked rather scared of this- so the Chef took solace in the fact that this was Probablynot normal for the little fur-balls.

Definitely not.

ANYWAYS. For the longest time I’d struggled with Blastmon’s backstory. Was he a native of the past? Was he a Time Traveler with Tactimon and Lilithmon?

Eventually, I settled on this episode’s plot line.

And then the door to his store exploded open as a boy wielding a scythe-hammer broke it down with an energy attack.

The Gaggle of DoughPagumon turned in surprise, all of them shouting: “NO WAY! OUR DOOR!”

And then Gumdramon and the Starmonz rushed in.




Let the snack down begin.

*Cue How to go (TV Edit) by School Food Punishment*



*cue Title Theme*

“Okonomiyaki Panic!”

HTG used as the theme again. I’m SURE there was some theme to how I was choosing these title songs for the episodes, but I can’t remember it right now. >_<;


The Swarm of DoughPagumon rushed out of the broken door in a flood- with Tagiru barely jumping out of the way in time to avoid being swept away by the current.

“We’ll be back you delicious morsels!” One of the Pagumon shouted as the flood gushed down the streets, sending cars and people swerving to the side just to keep out of their way. “Just you wait and seeeee~! We’ll be baaaa~ck!”

Tagiru just stared after them in abstract confusion, “What.”

These DoughPagumon are meant to be absurdly confusing.

They’re PAGUMON. Come *ON.*

What else would they be??

“Thank you for saving me,” the chef bowed in thanks. “I don’t know what those things would’ve done to us if you hadn’t shown up! I was starting to run out of food to feed them!”

“I don’t know what got into them,” The Regular Pagumon apologized, bowing as much as his little head-body would allow. “One second they were all fine, then the next they were all super hungry and their color started changing and..and…” the Pagumon shuddered.

Yuu stared at the blue fuzzball for a moment, “Pagumon changing colors? That’s a new one on me.”

“Eh…” Corone scratched at the back of her head, “it happens sometimes. Certain groups get a quirk about them and that sort of defines them. It’s pretty much how most variants appear in any culture. But I’ve never heard of it advancing that fast in a Digimon before.”

Corone serves as Miss Exposition for the Pagumon’s sudden change in behavior. She’s certainly come a long way from the Crona Expy she began as, hasn’t she?

“What about the lock?” Yuu asked, “We had to shift through five wavelengths in a single second to break through that spell that was cast on it.”

“Spell?” The Pagumon tilted its head in confusion, “we didn’t cast any spell on the door. We didn’t even lock it!”

“As far as either of us knew,” the chef seconded that motion, “if either of us tried to make a break for it, we’d be the next course. So we didn’t even try the door. Plus, I never got a chance to lock it up normally anyways… it should have been unlocked the entire night.”

Yuu and Corone shared an uneasy glance.

This is a hint that SOMEONE is meddling behind the scenes. A lead into Quartzmon’s dramatic reveal over the next few episodes.

“So what do we do next?” Tagiru asked as they walked away from the now closed-for-the-day shop.

“I’ll have Sally put some guards around the place,” Yuu explained, “those Pagumon will probably be back, so we’ll wait til then.”

“Well…sure…” Tagiru frowned, “but I meant more about this guy?” He then pointed at the Pagumon sitting on Corone’s head.

“You don’t expect me to stick around and wait for my brothers and sisters to come and eat me, do you!?” the Pagumon protested, “I’m sticking with one of you guys ’til they’re all taken care of!”

Gumdramon, who was sitting in his cat form on Tagiru’s shoulder, laughed, “Hah! I like this guy! Let’s keep him!”

Careful readers will have LONG since picked up on Gumdramon’s future destiny of becoming Tactimon. For them- this is a hint that Pagumon will become Blastmon.

“We’ve got enough mouths to feed at home as it is,” Tagiru muttered. He’d done the math- with Sagomon, Gumdramon, himself, the rare times his parents came home to eat while he wasn’t there, and how often Chou-chan was over…

Tagiru was just glad that MetalTyranmon was above such things thanks to being a cyborg, and was content to just recharge off of the ambient energy in the air (Something, the Dino claimed, that Digi-Quartz was lacking.) or else he’d be eaten out of house and home already!

As I’ve said in the past- The Hunters Arc was all about the real world expectations. How do you even MANAGE to feed a large Digimon Collection on Earth?

Tagiru struggles with as few as he gets in this story- let alone how much he’d have gotten if he’d followed his Canon!Self’s path.

Yuu shrugged, “Well, he’s staying with one of us for the foreseeable future. There isn’t a way around it, Tagiru.”

“Well, I’m not taking him home!” Tagiru crossed his arms.



Tagiru’s left eye twitched as he stared at the little blue fur-ball casually chowing down on the left over pizza from the night before.

He’d taken the Pagumon home.

Gilligan Cut.

That reminds me- I need to add that trope to the page.

There. Added.

“Well I think he’s cute!” Chou smiled at Tagiru.

“Well, thank you!” The Pagumon said appreciatively after bowing his head a bit more. “At least somebody does!”

“It’s not that he’s not cute or anything-” Tagiru sighed as he heard the toilet flush from the other room- Sagomon no doubt- “but this house is getting over-crowded as it is! And two of the people who are supposed to be living here aren’t visibly here, but I’m feeling their presence almost as if they were!”

Chou tilted her head a bit as her smile faded just a bit, “Your parents are still doing that?”

Remember, Chou’s been friends with (Well, tutoring, really) Tagiru a lot longer than seen in story. This has been an ongoing problem.

“I swear, I feel like Hayate sometimes, except I’m not a Jack of All Trades,” He said those last words in English to punctuate his point of feeling like an Anime character, “and at least Hayate got to see his parents before they jumped ship like they did!”

AAAACCCKK. Got to add that too!


“Uh,” Sagomon leaned his head in from the hallway just then, speaking with a nervous tone, “so we’re out of hand soap in the-” He flinched back when Tagiru sent a rather boiling stare his way. “-Nevermind! I’ll just…use plain water then…”

Gumdramon whistled lowly from the other room, where he was watching a regional soccer game on TV, “Smooth move, Kamiya!” His comment made absolutely no sense at all in context.

The Pagumon burped up a pizza scented bubble, “Whoops, excuse me!”

A String of misfortune designed to show just what exactly Tagiru’s been dealing with off screen.

Chou could certainly see where her boyfriend was coming from at that exact moment.

“Maybe,” she volunteered, “we should go outside for a bit?”

Chou certainly gets it.

Airu watched the duo leave the house through her binoculars with a scowl on her face. Yes, she was probably going to get in trouble if her parents found out she was sneaking out of being grounded (Thank Digi-Quartz for easy escape routes!), but it had to be done! Her cousin was dating the enemy! (Though, Airu wondered, was he really an enemy? Maybe more of a Rival? What made her think he was someone worth being angry over Chou spending time with him?)

Chou was leaning against Tagiru, and had her hand in his. She couldn’t tell what they were talking about at this distance (She was on a rooftop two streets away), but Tagiru seemed to be uncomfortable with something and Chou was trying to cheer him up.

They were starting to get away from her- so she marked the present time on her pink Xros Loader and prepared to jump through time back into Digi-Quartz.

So caught up in her escape was she that Airu failed to notice the flashes of green light bleeding through the window of the house Tagiru and her cousin had just left.

As I was writing this scene- I remembered one Reviewer’s question of whether or not I had a grudge against Airu. In retrospect, it sure can seem like it. It definitely affected how I was writing her scenes during this.

Gumdramon had over-heard it all, and so the moment after the two lovers had left, he had jumped to the window to watch them, and prepared himself to chase after to give Tagiru back his Xros Loader should they be leaving to do something else. (Why did he leave it behind so foolishly? Gumdramon had to wonder.)

It was then that he’d spotted Airu on the rooftop in the distance. “What?” Gumdramon frowned. She stuck out like a bright, pink thumb. Truthfully, it had been a mischievous glint of light off of those binoculars of hers that had first tipped him off, but once he saw her, Gumdramon just didn’t know how she was not being noticed on that dark blue rooftop.

TAGIRUUU! Don’t forget the Xros Loaderrr….!

Also- Pink on Blue? Airu really isn’t too smart right now, despite the implied genius-status I’ve given to her.

And so when Tagiru and Chou began wandering off, Gumdramon ran to grab the Xros Loader. He had a feeling Tagiru would need it soon enough.

“Oi! Pagumon! Sagomon!” Gumdramon called out as he hopped up onto the table where Tagiru had left the Loader, “We’ve gotta get going after them! There’s a rogue pink ninja spying on them!”

“A pink ninja?” The Pagumon asked incredilously, “Really?”

“Yes! Really!” Gumdramon sighed in exasperation, “Look! I just don’t want a repeat of that flying hammer!”

Gumdramon is being rather smart here. He knows that Airu has a few screws loose, and doesn’t want her doing something off. It’s a slow start, but after the Hair Biting he gave her, this is starting to turn into a stable Moiralship.

Airu stared at the two as they sat at an outdoor table at a cafe just slightly into town. At this distance, she was close enough to be able to use her secretive and ultra-high-tech Listening And Video Amplification Newspaper Screen. (Or LAVANS for short.)

I had to give it a weird acronym.

I just had to.

It never occurred to her that this technology was beyond anything anyone on Earth or the Digital World had actually invented before. It never occurred to her that she might have something genuinely unique to their little multi-universal cluster at this point of the time line.

It quite simply never occurred to Suzaki, Airu, that, in the years that would soon follow, though being in the past, she would find many clever uses for this device, many of which she would specifically design to be useful only to her and her close group of friends, even though it would be heavily common among the high ranking commanders of the Bagura Empire.

In the build up into the following reveal, this is an odd example of Airu seeming off. Again- it makes you think I’ve got a grudge against her.

I don’t.

I’m just mean to ALL of my characters, it seems. >_<;

Regardless, she had a perfect front row seat to her cousin and her cousin’s boyfriend chatting about… About…

Absolutely nothing of interest!

“Smile smile!” Chou was smiling as she pinched Tagiru’s cheeks and tried to make him smile.

“Uwahh- Chou-Chaann…” Tagiru was protesting with a laugh.

It made Airu sick to her stomach to see her book-obsessed cousin being so…so…

“Goddamned cute,” Airu muttered.

Airu can’t stand watching it.

Chou’s “Smile Smile!” is referencing Go-Onger once more.

She sat there watching for a few more moments when suddenly- a presence descended upon her.

It was a heavy weight on her right shoulder- and a feeling of being watched.

And then a voice purred into her ear:

“What’cha doin’?”


You just HAD to pull a Phineas and Ferb.

Airu paled slightly- it wasn’t a voice she was overly familiar with, but one she recognized immediately. Slowly, without turning her head, she moved her eyes to look at the thing on her shoulder that had just spoken.

A purple house cat- with a red vest. It was Gumdramon.

How the hell had he found her?

At this moment, Airu was put in a tricky situation. She could either react rather visibly, blow her cover, and get grounded for the rest of her life once her parents found out, or…

“Wow, what kind of technology is this?!” Something else landed on her other Shoulder- and it was a voice Airu did NOT recognize immediately. She turned her head on instinct.

She couldn’t help it- she let loose a soft squeak- It was a Pagumon on her other shoulder.

And the Three Amigos are together for the first time.

“Who knows,” Gumdramon replied- obviously knowing this other speaker personally on some level. “But It looks really high tech! I didn’t know anyone on earth had this kind of stuff!”

“I’ve seen some stuff from back home- salvage operations from the old Bagura bases- I wonder how it got to earth?” The Pagumon was saying rather loudly- starting to draw some attention to them.

A hint of the Baugra usage of Airu’s tech, as well as implying a connection to Bagura with Pagumon.

“I invented it!” Airu spoke in a harsh whisper. “I invented it fair and square!”

“Woah woah! Slow down there Pinky-tan!” The Pagumon stared at her, eyes wide, “You’re sayin’ you invented this thing?”


That simple suffix.

This is really where the readers are supposed to start putting the verbal patterns together and realize that Pagumon is taking Blastmon’s “Lili-Tan” and…well…actually reversing it’s usage back to the original “Pinky-Tan.”

She really wears a LOT of pink as Airu.

“I think she just did!” Gumdramon was staring at the paper in awe, “This thing’s amazing! I haven’t seen anything like this before! But man, if I had something like this back then, I’d-!” He cut himself off- shaking his head in self-disgust. “Never mind.”

Airu didn’t let it go, however; she had to know more! “So you used to be quite the black cat, were you?” She asked with a rare, and truly honest, smile.

“Eh…” Gumdramon narrowed his eyes at her, “That’s besides the point.”

“What is the point, then?” Airu had to ask.

“That You’re here spyin’ on Taigru and Chou when all they want is some time alone!” Gumdramon hissed into Airu’s ear- and a part of her felt actually rebuked by that tone! “Plus there was all that stuff you pulled a couple days ago! Don’t think I haven’t forgotten about that!”

Gumdramon hasn’t forgotten it- only PARTIALLY for the reason of it messing with Tagiru and Chou’s relationship (even if it was for the better). Mostly- he’s just annoyed that anyone could act so *dense* as she did.

“Well…” She glanced to the side in embarrassment As if getting scolded by her parents wasn’t enough- now she was getting berated by her cousin’s boyfriend’s Digimon? No way! She scowled and pulled out her Xros Loader- shifting them all into Digi-Quartz just so she could be as loud as she wanted to.

It was thankful that- at the point- Tagiru and Chou were busy ordering their meal, or else they would have been looking up at the commotion, just across the street, of a table and several chairs disappearing into a flash of green light.

Airu opened just a weeee bit too big of a field.

Yeah. Those table and chairs are never coming back.

“Now listen here!” Airu ‘humphed’ as she stood up from the chair, throwing the two Digimon on her shoulders off. (Pagumon landed on the ground rather roughly while Gumdramon shifted back into his normal form.) “I’ve had enough backlash from my parents about that as it is!” She said as she climbed up onto the table to stare down at Gumdramon in a rather overly dramatic fashion. (Remember hunting rules- the bigger you are, the more scared an animal will be!) “Sure, I let a dangerous weapon out into the wild- but it would’ve worked if Chou-!”

Airu is overreacting- she thinks, ONCE AGAIN, that people are shouting at her for the Hammer. She’s actually somewhat forgotten about what the actual incident was to a degree. Partially due to wanting too, and…well…partially because of what’s about to be revealed.

I Don’t care about the damned Hammer!” Gumdramon suddenly shot up to match her height by stretching his legs, “What I care about is how you treated Opposumon- Chou- Your own COUSIN!” Gumdramon shifted his face into a slightly more panther-like form, and snarled a little at her, “You took her glasses, and she can’t see! You made her dress up stupidly! Then you give her an untested weapon and you expect her to win a fight!? All for what? Getting an upgrade for your Xros Loader!?” Gumdramon’s eyes started to burn a little as he held back the urge to launch into a Fire Vortex. “I might not be the nicest guy around, but that’s INCREDIBLY SELFISH, even by MY Standards!”

Gumdramon is calling Airu out on forgetting stuff about her own COUSIN! The Glasses thing should REALLY have been more important in Airu’s mind.

Airu took a step back in surprise. Even though her parents had yelled at her for going off like she had- endangering her cousin in the process- she hadn’t actually been yelled at for all the stuff that HAD happened that day.

Chou had seemingly brushed it off in favor of focusing on the fact that Tagiru liked her, and her parents had never even GOTTEN the full story- only hearing that fabricated thing that had been given out to the mass-public. She hadn’t spoken to Tagiru since that day- and he was probably the only one who would have yelled at her for it if they’d ever met again, she figured.

She figured wrong.

“Look- I don’t care what ever it is you plan on doing next- but it SURE AS HELL better not be spying on Tagiru and Chou!” Gumdramon continued on his rant in the split second it took Airu to think all those thoughts. “I may lie to Tagiru about who I used to be, but I DO NOT want him getting hurt! Not when he’s put so much trust in me!” Gumdramon seemed to calm down just a little bit, “And that’s the difference between us! Even though we’re both technically the bad guys here- I CARE ABOUT TAGIRU!”

But then Airu remembered.

Things might have gotten worse if this little Dragon hadn’t started biting at her hair.

She’d been willing to reload a bigger digimon to attack Tagiru just for running in to help her cousin…

And now Airu’s actually being FORCED to realize all of the bad stuff she’d done.

In writing this scene- I hadn’t intended for it to come out this way. I just wanted Gumdramon and Airu to start fighting so that way they could reconcile as <MOIRAILS> and the episode would have followed a similar plot to the canon episode for more than it actually does.


“How long have you known your cousin?” Gumdramon asked next. “How Long?”

Airu blinked as she tried to remember.

How long HAD it been?

It was at this point that I had to make a decision. Either Airu was MISTAKEN about Chou being her cousin- and that would explain away the reason that CHOU is a Digimon and Airu is a human…


And then Airu realized that she couldn’t remember. She quite simply just could not remember how long she and her cousin had known each-other. How long had she known that Chou was an Opposumon? How long had Chou been able to shift forms? There…there had been… “I can’t…” Airu clutched at her head, “I can’t remember…!”

She literally COULD NOT REMEMBER those important facts.

In retrospect- I can’t imagine how this “Plot Hole” would have otherwise been resolved! Airu’s memories had been altered- and suddenly ALL of her previous behavior made SENSE.

Every time someone brought up school? Airu would shut them down.

She wasn’t *embarrassed.* She was being FORCED to not remember!

She took a few more steps back on the table, nearly falling off the edge… And then she fell to her knees, tears falling from her eyes as her brain failed to understand the paradox. “Why can’t I remember…?”

Gumdramon’s anger quickly bled away into confusion. “What…?”

“Does…does that make me a bad cousin?” Airu asked, “Does that make me a bad person? Why…why can’t I remember…?”

In a way, Kristy’s later BSOD similar to Airu’s here is an Ironic Echo. Airu was literally brainwashed into not remembering- she has an EXCUSE, even though at this point she doesn’t know it.

Kristy genuinely asked this same question of self-worth because she was reflecting on her own actions. Her. *OWN.* Actions.

Gumdramon quickly shifted back to normal as he jumped onto the table. “What did I just do…?” Gumdramon’s eyes widened in horror at the girl whose mind he’d just effectively broken.

The blue Pagumon, who for the moment had lain forgotten on the ground in a daze, now sat up, confused even more than he had been all day. “What the hell did you say to her, Gumdramon?!”

“I…I don’t know…” Gumdramon reached a hand out towards Airu, “I just asked her how long she knew her cousin, then…Then she just started crying like this!”

This is where Gumdramon feels responsibility towards Airu- and it starts to make them fall into the Moirailship status a bit quicker.

The Pagumon frowned for a moment, then a bit of realization dawned on him. “Oh crap- she’s been Memory Trapped!”

“What the hell is a Memory Trap!?” Gumdramon whirled on the Pagumon.

“It’s a dark magic spell- ever heard of a Soul Trap spell? Well- it’s a spell that traps your soul in a gem. A memory trap is like that, but it’s a LOT meaner than trapping someone’s souls!” Gumdramon’s eyes widened at the Pagumon’s explanation “It literally rips out your memories and parts of your very being and it just traps them in a gem or crystal or some kind of conductive object!”

“So someone tore a piece of her brain out?” Gumdramon cried out in panic, “Is that what you’re saying? Someone did this to her?!”

“She might have done it to herself- even if it was by accident,” The Pagumon panicked, “Oh man, Oh MAN! We’ve gotta find those memories! If she doesn’t get them back soon, she might never be able to get them back at all!”

With a nod, Gumdramon shifted his insides a bit, letting Tagiru’s Xros Loader pop out from his back and into the air, “Tyranomon-sensei! We need your help!”

And thus, the reason Gumdramon has Tagiru’s Xros Loader-to help find Airu’s stolen “Memory Gem.”

To be truthful- Airu COULD have done this to herself- and no doubt had I NOT mentioned this possibility, some clever reader would have questioned the plot point.

That said- the danger here is no less real. Without that gem- now that Airu’s memory gap has been revealed- her brain is slowly imploding on itself.

Meanwhile, somewhere in Japan’s deepest alleyways, the hoard of DoughPagumon chattered among themselves as they plotted and planned.

And then… One of their smartest held up a device that looked like it had been thrown together from scrap junk. “It’s a tracker device! I’ve got it calibrated to track those Xros Loaders those kids who stopped us had! With this we’ll track them all down and trap ’em in the Okonomiyaki Cafe!”

“And then…” Another DoughPagumon spoke up, “WE FEAST!”

Cue massive applause.

As if this wasn’t bad enough? The DoughPagumon are being quite devious.


A still shot of Airu sitting on her cafe chair, with Gumdramon and Pagumon on her shoulders, appeared on the front side of the disk.

The Camera panned back, and the disk flipped over, revealing a still shot of Yuu and Corone sitting, tied up back to back, on a chair surrounded by DoughPagumon wielding sporks and knives.


The Three Generals- and the Pagumon’s plan.

Gumdramon had no clue where they were going right now- but at the moment, he, Pagumon, and the still crying Airu sat on MetalTyranomon’s head as the CyberDinosaur lumbered down the streets of Digi-Quartz.

The first stop, obviously, was Airu’s house.

Dang it past me- You Contradicted Yourself!!!!!!!!

They’d have to search both Digi-Quartz and Earth to be thorough. If Airu HAD done this to herself, then she might have left whatever she’d stored her memories in Digi-Quartz where she wouldn’t find it. If it was on Earth, then it had to be somewhere that Chou wouldn’t have stumbled upon it.

And then there was the question of what if Chou had been Memory Trapped as well?

Gumdramon didn’t want to think about all the possibilities. It was part of why he’d let himself get arrested in the first place (and then subsequently pulled into Digi-Quartz where he’d met Tagiru and the others).



Let HIMSELF Get arrested…?

…Okay, well, I suppose that CAN fit in with what happened. That he’d let himself get arrested than try to pin it all on the then phantom Betsumon…


Continuity ERRORZ.

But if Airu HADN’T been the one who’d Memory Trapped herself, then the question was “Who, and do they still have the memories on them?”

From there they had no real way of knowing. Of the potential suspects were Airu’s family, and the other two Hunters she’d been seen hanging out with.

Gumdramon scowled a little- speaking of that team- all of the humans on it had seemed a tad iffy every time he’d had a close encounter with them. The Silver Xros Loader holder, Ren, had been fixated on Gumdramon’s “Rare” status. The Green Xros Loader holder, Ryouma, had seemed oddly “Odd”, and there was no other way to explain that feeling away. Airu, the Pink Xros Loader Holder, had that strange fixation on “All things Cute.” Almost like it was a gimmick.

Buy two Quirks, get the third FREE!

Had The Watch Maker done something to those three? Were they all similarly “Memory Trapped”?

Nope. Not ol’ Emmit.

A Reasonable Guess, however. No doubt that the viewers watching this in the alternate universe where this story is the canon anime would be speculating the same thing.

If that was the case- why hadn’t anything happened to Tagiru? Was it because he was under Xros Heart’s protection? Or was there something else?

Gumdramon’s eyes drifted down to the bracelet around his tail. The Objects from the sky.

Had those helped prevent Tagiru from losing his memories, if it happened to anyone in Digi-Quartz?

And if THAT was the case, there was some support to that theory. The Man who’d built the Breakdramon. Absolutely insane- that one had been.

Gumdramon shook his head out, he was worrying about needless details now. Right now he had a mission- one that Tagiru and Chou would thank him for keeping from them later.

Wild Mass Speculation: Gumdramon style.

“Sometimes you’ve gotta strike out on your own to be a super star, I guess,” Gumdramon muttered to himself.

MetalTyranomon chuckled a bit, having heard that stray comment, but said nothing in return otherwise.

MetalTyranomon came to a stop just outside where Gumdramon remembered Tagiru dropping Chou off after the incident at the school with the vines. This had to be the right place.

“Alright- I’m heading in! Pagumon! You’re with me, Tyranomon-sensei! Keep an eye on Airu! If she gets worse, let us know right away!” Gumdramon barked out orders like a commander- the snap decisions needed for victory.

“Right!” Both digimon in question nodded in agreement.

“FIRE VORTEX!” Gumdramon leaped at the Digi-Quartz version of a house’s front door. With a mighty explosion, the wooden block came out of its frame, and the duo had their entrance to the locked building.

Time to begin searching.

A few minutes of searching the Digi-Quartz version of the house turned up not much except for a lot of mechanical devices and inventions- proving that they’d found the right house.

Several prototypes of the Rocket Hammer were on display in some rooms, and were obviously failed prototypes at that (they were in fragments). In one room seemed to be a robotic suit of armor, and other devices lay scattered about the floor.

Finally, Gumdramon decided to begin searching the Earth side of things.

After ensuring that they were hidden behind something on the other side, Gumdramon and Pagumon shifted over to earth.

The house seemed empty for the most part- but that mostly was due to how clean it looked!

And so the search resumed- with the duo quietly sneaking about as they searched for whatever could be holding a Memory inside, all the while trying to avoid the two present residents- the mother and her younger son.

Not much to say on this, really.

Meanwhile, Yuu and Corone were just leaving a restaurant similar to the one that Tagiru and Chou were at.

“…so stinky, wasn’t it?” Corone was saying to Yuu, who nodded in agreement.

“Yeah, it was!”

Meanwhile, as they passed by an alleyway…

A large set of glowing red eyes opened- no, despite what you all might think after Rei showed up, these aren’t the Ree.

This is something much, much worse…

“GET THEM!” A DoughPagumon ordered.

And then they got the drop the two teens.

A Shout out to LUCKY STAR there- “so stinky.”

aaaand i really needed to rework that one sentence better. “A large set of SEVERAL glowing red eyes opened.”

The house was a bust.

Not a single thing that could be a memory gem.

This left them at a cross roads- “Where next?” Gumdramon asked.

“Don’t know, exactly…” Pagumon muttered.

Presently- they were back outside Airu’s house in Digi-Quartz. The girl had stopped openly crying by now, and instead was just sitting, knees tucked up to her chest, sniffing occasionally.

“We gotta do something,” Gumdramon crossed his arms in an almost-state of defeat.

“We’ve gotta ask her.” Pagumon then started talking in Airu’s direction, “I’m sorry things went this way, but… we’ve gotta ask you something.”

The girl didn’t move much beyond nodding slightly.

“What is the first thing you’re sure you can remember?” the Pagumon asked. “How far back?”

“A…” Airu opened her mouth, then stopped for a moment, “a half a year ago, I think?”

Sagomon- who had swapped out with MetalTyranomon- made a gruff noise then, “That’s about when I got stuck in Digi-Quartz.”

Gumdramon raised an eyebrow, but said nothing in return, instead, he waited for Airu to continue.

“I was…” Airu continued on after another moment of thinking. She scowled as she tried to remember, “I was in an alley in Digi-Quartz. Coming back to Earth.”

“Which alley?” Gumdramon asked.

Airu doesn’t remember getting a Xros Loader? Curious!

That alley was- coincidentally enough- a few blocks away from the school where Sagomon had made his home. Sagomon made a point of this by mentioning something that he remembered seeing around the time he landed in Digi-Quartz.

“It was a few days after I’d landed,” Sagomon explained, “there was a big flash of green-purple light, and a short clap of thunder- I figured it was just how lightning works here so I never investigated, but I saw it coming from this direction.” He facepalmed, “Now I’m wishing I had.”

“It’s alright,” Gumdramon patted the formerly deviant aquatic digimon on the leg, before turning to Pagumon. “Green-purple equals Memory Trap?”

“I’ve never seen the magic itself personally,” Pagumon explained, “But from what I know the Soul Trap spell has a purple tint to it. So that lines up, for the most part.”

“Alright then, so somewhere in this alley, maybe, is Airu’s lost memories,” Gumdramon nodded, and started walking towards the alley entrance to begin his search.

Time is a funny thing- is it not? All the little “could have”s and “should’ve done”s.

“Why are you helping me?” Airu had to ask.

“It seems to me that something made you act all out of character, so…” Gumdramon shrugged, “I can’t really blame you for acting the way you were if you couldn’t remember half of the things you were supposed to.” Gumdramon scratched at his left shoulder, somewhat embarrassed, “Besides, I made you remember that you couldn’t remember. I can’t let this sit half-finished! That’s just poor planning.”

“You…” Airu blinked at the Rubber Dragon. Maybe she’d mistaken Gumdramon for something else. Maybe he did care about people. But even so- he sure didn’t seem to come off as a bad guy, even if it was a self-proclaimed title.

Not if he was going to all the trouble of helping her out.

Gumdramon isn’t going to let this be one of those “what if” moments.

“I hate to break it to you guys, but I Don’t think there’s anything in this alley,” Pagumon frowned. They hadn’t even been searching for about a minute now, but there just wasn’t anything to see in this alley. “Somebody cleaned it dry.”

Indeed- it was an odd alley. Unlike other areas of Digi-Quartz, there wasn’t a single trace of moss lying on the floor or walls of the building.

No garbage, no dirt.

It was spotless.

And it shouldn’t have been.

“Time shift?” Gumdramon asked.

“Let’s head over, yeah,” Pagumon nodded.

Sagomon leaped back into Tagiru’s Xros Loader, and then Gumdramon went to raise it.

“Wait,” Airu stopped him.

“Eh?” Gumdramon looked over at her.

“If its something of mine there, shouldn’t I be the one to shift us back?” Airu offered. “Maybe something will resonate if I do it.”

“Good idea,” Gumdramon nodded.

Airu pulled out her Xros Loader and held it up, “TIME SHIFT!”

Smart Idea, Airu.

They came out into an over-crowded alleyway with a small gaggle of DoughPagumon standing just in front of them, completely unaware of their new visitors.

“Uh oh!” Pagumon gulped.

“What the heck?” Airu did a double take, “What are these guys made out of?”

The DoughPagumon turned around, eyes widening in surprise.

“HEY!” One shouted, “It’s the Dragon who beat us up!”

“Yeah!” Another shouted, “That girl was there too!” It held up the tracking device, “Look! It’s even tracing her Xros Loader!”

“GET THEM!” The remaining three ordered.

And before anyone could fully react- the five Pagumon en-mass jumped into the air and swelled out into massive (each easily the size of an adult human) sheets of dough that fell down on their targets in a single swoop.

In the confusion, however, Gumdramon had thrown Tagiru’s Xros Loader out of the way- straight at the only blue Pagumon around- knocking both of them out of the way and into a pile of garbage.

Except Not.

By the way- their Tracking Device isn’t incorrectly tracking Airu’s Xros Loader- it’s tracking Airu.

The dough balls are just too hungry to realize they’re chasing the wrong thing.

This is a hint that Airu’s gem is inside the tracker.

When Gumdramon’s eyes were able to see daylight again- he found himself in the Okonomiyaki shop for a second time that day. The circumstances were a bit different, though a few things were the same.

Yuu and Corone were here, by the chef’s table, this time tied up back to back on a chair. Behind the table was, yet again, the Okonomiyaki chef. However, this time all of them were surrounded by DoughPagumon holding Sporks and Knives in their little ears.

Oh- and he was tied up against a ceiling fan that was spinning lazily around the room.

Right below him was Airu, who looked like she was nursing a rather nasty headache at this point.

Gumdramon glanced around, hoping to spot wherever the Xros Loaders were. Much to his relief- all two Xros Loaders (Yellow and Pink) were resting on the Chef’s table.

Much to his horror- the Xros Loaders were floating in what looked to be a waiting-to-boil Stew.

Thankfully- the Red Xros Loader AND the blue Pagumon were nowhere to be seen.

‘There’s still hope!’ Gumdramon sighed in relief.


“There’s no hope at all!” Pagumon sweated as he glanced around nervously. At his height- he could only do so much… And that, at this present moment, was Hopping.


His Doughey siblings were much faster than they used to be. They’d captured Gumdramon and Airu and absconded away before he even knew what hit him (The Xros Loader). Now, Pagumon stood on the streets- hopping as fast as he could towards Tagiru’s last known location all while carrying the Red Xros Loader over his head with his ears.

“Damn it!” The Blue Pagumon cursed. “Why did I get stuck with this lame-o job for, HUH!? All I wanted to do today was eat Pizza and lounge around! SOME BIRTHDAY THIS HAS TURNED OUT TO BE- OOF!”

And it was then that his luck turned around- Pagumon had literally ran face first into the two people who could get him anywhere in a single instant.

“Eh?” Taiki blinked, “Isn’t that Tagiru’s Xros Loader?”

“I think it is,” Shoutmon nodded in agreement.

“You guys know Tagiru!?” Pagumon asked in delight- YES! A Lucky break!

He finds Taiki. What a BREAK!

Taiki had teleported them straight to Chou and Tagiru in an instant, and from there, the Pagumon quickly spilled the beans.

“Gumdramon was following you to give you the Xros Loader back when we ran into this girl named Airu and it turns out she got Memory Trapped and she couldn’t remember much of anything beyond what some creep-o wanted her to remember and we went looking to where she remembered loosing her memories and then they got captured by my brothers and sisters!” Pagumon took a sharp breath- having said it all in a single breath.

Tagiru facepalmed, “Gumdramon…really…?”

Taigru is facepalming at the fact that Gumdramon didn’t come talk to him about it.

“It’s all true, Tagiru,” MetalTyranomon said from the Xros Loader.

“I saw it happen with my own eyes, sir!” Sagomon confirmed.

“So who are the Pagumon’s brothers and sisters?” Shoutmon frowned in confusion. “Am I missing something here?”

“Oh, They’re probably the DoughPagumon that Yuu reported earlier from the Okonomiyaki shop,” Taiki snapped his fingers against his goggles, “I guess they came back for their revenge after all.”

Taiki heard about Yuu’s report from Sally.

“And they have Airu too?” Chou asked with a frown. What was this about her cousin losing her memories? Had that been on a trip she’d stayed home to study?

“So where the heck are they now?” Shoutmon asked. “They could be anywhere at all…”

“If I know my Brothers and Sisters,” Pagumon narrowed his eyes in determination, “They’re probably back at the scene of the crime!”

…Reeeemember how Chou beat up Jagamon for messing with Airu’s little brother?

“Soo…” Yuu whistled lowly, “Anyone got any jokes?”

“You asked that five minutes ago,” Corone lamented with a sigh.

“I’ve got a headache,” Airu grumbled, “where’s the punchline already?”

There was a knock at the door to the (somehow repaired) Okonomiyaki shop door.

The DoughPagumon all shared nervous glances with each other before a female DoughPagumon spoke up in a really high pitched voice, asking, “Who is it?”

A moment later- the BACK door to the Restaurant flew open as Chou kicked it in- a snarl on her face and a rather dangerous looking broom in hand. “Give. Me. Back. My. COUSIN!

“Uh oh,” A DoughPagumon squeaked.

Airu does!

“Chou…!” Airu’s eyes began to brim over with tears of joy.

“RRRAAAAHH!” And then the glasses wearing girl leaped forward, broom raised like a bat as she fell upon the DoughPagumon crowd.

Right behind her were Tagiru and Shoutmon- both rushing in to help untie Yuu, Corone, and Airu.

“TAGIRU!” Gumdramon squealed with delight as the BluePagumon jumped up onto the ceiling fan to help untie him. “You found us!”

“Me and Taiki ran into that Pagumon,” Shoutmon explained as he finished untying Airu. “You’re really lucky that he’s having a really shitty birthday so far!”

“It’s getting better and better all the time!” Pagumon laughed.

It’s still got one rough spot to go, Pagu.

“YOW!” Yuu yelped as he pried his and Airu’s Xros Loaders out of the hot, near-boiling stew. “Hot hot Hot!” he tossed them into the air a few times as his hands failed to handle the heat. “Ow That’s Hot!”

“You’re Telling me, Brother!” Starmon howled from the Yellow Xros Loader.

“RETREAT!” A DoughPagumon cried out in horror as his siblings were swiftly drubbed over the head with the business end of the Broom Chou was swinging around like a Bo expert.

“AGAAAINNN!” another DoughPagumon added.

And with that- they rushed for the door- knocking it down in the process and running-

Straight into Taiki’s awaiting Time Gate Trap.

Taiki had that gate open the moment he finished knocking.

Heedless of any danger- the entire room of DoughPagumon fled out of the Okonomiyaki restaraunt and straight into Digi-Quartz.

“You know,” The chef rubbed at his head, staring at the time portal in front of his ruined front door, “I’m thinking that this has been one of those days where nobody will believe you when you re-tell it to everyone else.”

“It’s probably for the best that you don’t,” Corone patted the man on the shoulder, “you won’t get institutionalized that way.”

Corone is speaking from experience.

What experience though? I cannot say.

Everyone (sans the Chef) rushed into Digi-Quartz after the DoughPagumon.

The flock of dough-birds were rather confused by the change of scenery- as they were all flapping about and squaking with dismay.

“Oi, DoughPagumon-” Shoutmon slammed his left fist into his right hand, getting all of the Pagumon’s attention over at him, “I’m the King. [Be Quiet Now.]

The DoughPagumon en-mass quickly closed their mouths.

Shoutmon’s “Three Words” are always so much fun to come up with.

Of course- that had the unintended side-effect of the one holding the tracker device to the ground- where it cracked open and its power source rolled out onto the plaza.

“Hey!” BluePagumon spoke up, “It’s some kind of gem!”

“Airu’s Memories!” Gumdramon leaped for the gem- leaving half of the local group rather confused.

See? It even comes up with things he didn’t even know he needed.

This- sadly- had the unintended side-effect of setting the DoughPagumon into a frenzy again- they Puffed up and, due to their close proximity to each other, they began to fuse together- dragging in the small crystal and all of the device remains along with it.

“GYAH!” Gumdramon simply bounced off of the edge of the DoughPagumon rather ineffectually.

And so- a few moments of uncomfortable shifting and groaning later- all of those DoughPagumon had fused together into one GiantDoughPagumon.

Taiki stared up at it in annoyance, and snapped his fingers- instantly teleporting everyone to the school’s swimming pool- with the GiantDoughPagumon now resting firmly in the empty pool.

Taiki’s teleportation powers come in handy.

“Well that’s one way to stop it from moving,” Chou mused, “What now?”

“What else?” Shoutmon pulled out his microphone stand- “It’s dough- We cook it.”

And with that- he jumped into the air, already taking in a deep breath for his next shout:


Fried Okonomiyaki, anyone?


Sagomon stared at his filled up swimming pool in a dejected horror. “Why…Why did you have to burn it?”

The GiantDoughPagumon had been over-cooked to the point that it was now a giant brick of dough- having deflated from the extreme heat.

Meanwhile- Gumdramon, Pagumon, and MetalTyranomon were digging into it piece by piece- looking for that tiny gem that had been swallowed by the dough-blob.

Poor Sagomon- his home has been filled up with A BRICK DoughPagumon.

“So…” Chou asked of her cousin, “Let me get this straight. The reason you forgot I had to wear my glasses was because someone stripped your memories out?”

“Un…” Airu nodded, still somewhat in pain due to her head hurting from the realization. “I’m sorry…I really am…”

“How long though?” Chou asked, though fearing that she already knew the answer.

“About six months ago, I’m pretty sure…” Airu grimaced a little, “I could be wrong though…”

“Airuuu!” Chou gave her cousin a hug, “I’m sorry I didn’t go with you that one day! I really am!”

“You remember then?” Airu asked, eyes widening in confusion.

Chou and Airu reconcile here, and this is where the Airu we’ve seen so far dies, and is ready to be reborn not as the Airu she was before but as the Lilithmon she’ll become.

“Yeah! You came back home one day all drained and you barely ate anything at dinner and you wouldn’t talk to me about it and then the next day you were going on and on about finding cute Digimon and-!” Chou stopped to take a breath once Tagiru put a hand on her shoulder.

“Breathe, Chou-chan. Breathe…” He took a few breaths with her, then met Airu’s eyes with his own, “I’m sorry that things wound up this way, Airu-san.”

“No, I’m sorry,” Airu frowned, “I should’ve remembered things that are important like that. I really should have… You…You guys have every right to hate me for the things I did.”

“I think the more pressing concern is finding this gem, and whoever trapped your memories in it in the first place,” Taiki countered as he surveyed the field of cooked dough. “I have the feeling that whatever’s made Digi-Quartz is probably related to all of this. There was that kid just the other day at the Kendo Dojo…He didn’t seem right in the head either.”

Tagiru is accepting of this- he knows that something odd has happened and Airu can’t really be blamed for what happened in the past.

“Well, we can’t just-” Whatever it was Shoutmon was going to say was cut off as a cheer came from where Gumdramon and Pagumon were standing.

“WE FOUND IT!” Gumdramon called out, “We found the Gem!”

Pagumon said nothing- for his mouth was full of the gem he’d accidentally found by biting at the next chunk of dough.

A few moments later- Pagumon held the gem out to Airu with his ears, saying, “One touch, and everything should come rushing back, so long as the gem isn’t too damaged.”

“Alright…” The pink eyed girl nodded, and then kneeled down to touch the gem… “Here’s to the past…”

To the outside observer, a bolt of Purple-Green Lightning shot up to the sky as the girl’s finger touched the gem- nearly electrocuting her and the Pagumon holding the gem as well.

But to Airu- it wasn’t anything of that nature. The pounding headache she’d been having since ‘remembering’ faded away almost immediately, and then…

She remembered.

The Plot Hole is Patched.

‘I grew up in the Digital World,’ she thought, remembering scenes of her and Chou, both as young Salamon, playing around in a field. ‘Then when the war ended, we moved to earth.’ Flashes of that day- when Xros Heart brought both worlds into balance. Airu and Chou, both helping Airu’s parents moving boxes into their new house… ‘then…Then…’

A creature- a conglomeration of random vaguely humanoid Digimon- confronting her. It looked like something out of a children’s cartoon- with each piece of its body something else entirely. And then it shot magic at her- and a command.


She’d screamed- or was she actually screaming now?- but the memory kept playing:

“Bring me a fully upgraded Xros Loader- one EXACTLY like the ones Xros Heart use- but Do NOT let them know what I am doing. They cannot know that you are getting this Xros Loader for me at all!”The Digimon had ordered. “When you get it, signal me with a transmission burst, and I shall reward you beyond your wildest dreams…!”

And Quartzmon’s plan is revealed.

Airu fell away from the gem as she remembered for the first time in a long time, just who she was, and…just exactly Why she had been so driven to get an upgraded Xros Loader. “What…What have I done…?” She whispered.

As if to punctuate her question- a sharp crack fell from the gem in the blue Pagumon’s possession. Everyone looked over at the Pagumon to see that the gem he’d been holding had broken from the strain of transfer, and the Poor Pagumon himself seemed to have been electrocuted from the data transfer as well.

His eyes were swirled over as smoke wafted off of his now faded, white fur. “Gruuhh…” The Pagumon groaned, “suuugah rrrrrrussshh…” he mumbled.

Remember Corone mentioning one thing setting a digimon apart from the rest?

Pagumon is now on the fast track to Blastmon.

He’s even rolling his R’s.


Shoutmon kicked at a can as he wandered down the streets.

Added onto the convoluted nonsense of the last week’s events was the revelation of the Okonomiyaki incident: The last of the three generals had been revealed.

The Pagumon- whose own memories had been slightly scrambled by Airu’s retrevial of hers from the gem- had taken on the same slightly conductive, crystalline structure of that memory gem to his body. The fact that he was now rolling his R’s much like Blastmon had pretty much set in stone that the recently dubbed CrystalPagumon would be sent back in time to become Blastmon.

See? Even Shoutmon sees it.

Then there was Gumdramon. Shoutmon had had his own suspicions before the fact (Mainly due to that 69 motief that had been following Tagiru and Gumdramon around since those bracelets fell from the sky), but seeing the three of them together, sitting right next to eachother…

Shoutmon just simply saw the potential of the three Bagura Generals in that trio.

Then- there was the problem of the DoughPagumon and their rampage.

After some hard effort had been applied to digging those Pagumon out of the swimming pool- they’d broken down of their own accord back into their original forms of Blue Pagumon.

And they had no clue what had happened to them.

One minute, they remembered eating happily along with their siblings, and the next…

They woke up in Digi-Quartz.

Shoutmon places the facts together- and the Three Generals are confirmed.

The Pagumon were memory trapped too, to a degree.

One of them (the one that had made the tracking device) remembered being given a pretty gem that he’d been instructed to give as a birthday present to that one Pagumon, but after that had blacked out like the rest, and couldn’t remember who had given the gem to him other than ‘some weird red eyes’ and that it was a male person- which matched up with Airu’s memory of that Chimera Digimon who had taken her memories away in the first place.

It didn’t make sense to Shoutmon at all.

Why go to the trouble to take someone’s memories, only then to GIVE the gem containing said memories to some rogue Pagumon who then were corrupted by the gem itself?

In the end, this rogue agent’s plans had clearly backfired- or had they?- in that Airu now had her memories back and was already on the mend back towards a healthy psyche.

Quartzmon is DEVIOUS. It doesn’t make any sense.

But this…this is FORESHADOWING to Cascade Side B.

That Quartzmon even MADE a third Stargate! Why? For what purpose? It only served to COMPLETE the time loop and allow Tagiru and Chou to return to the future.

Shoutmon kicked the can again- sending it flying down the street, where it impacted a billboard advertizing a baseball coaching position. Shoutmon stared at it for a few moments, before tearing the advertisement down and stuffing it in a pocket.

He could use something to take his mind off of all of this.

But then his mind wandered to what happened that very next day…


And the story progresses on.


Everyone cheered.

It was the moment quite a few people had been expecting for a long time now. Zenjirou had finally done it.

He’d asked Lila to marry him.

And she’d said yes.

It was of no surprise to anyone that this would happen- but even so, some people let out sighs of relief.

Stating the Obvious.

As they sat there watching this, Akari smiled slightly, “You know, we should do that one day.”

“Hm?” Shoutmon looked over at her, “Realy?”

“Yeah, well…” Akari chuckled a little, “I mean, we’re King and Queen of the world by claim- but not by marriage. It seems a little off, doesn’t it?”

“Yeah, I suppose so,” Shoutmon nodded in agreement, but still… a thought tugged at the back of his head, “but does anyone really care about that?”

“What?” Akari looked at him in shock.

Open Mouth.

“I mean, our rule’s recognized by everyone, sanctioned by the Denizens and all, so there’s really no rush on getting married,” Shoutmon explained. “I don’t really want to put a rush on it, you know? Get into things too fast before we’re sure everything’s safe and sound.”

“Shoutmon…” Akari frowned a little, “So you think they’re rushing into things? Zenjirou and Lila?”

“What? No, I don’t-” And it was then that Shoutmon realized that he’d effectively just put his foot into his mouth. He sighed- “Look, Its just…we’ve still got the Time Storms to stop. What if one of us dies during that- I don’t want a repeat of-”

“What does that have to even do with anything?” Akari’s frown deepened. “I’d rather live and regret than not do anything and wonder what could have been!”

“Yeah, but…” Shoutmon just sighed- he wasn’t going to win this and he knew it. “Sorry,” he said a bit louder for the whole room to hear, “I just remembered I have something I’ve got to do.” And with that- he pushed himself up out of his seat and away from the table.

Insert Foot.

“Shoutmon!” Akari called after him.

He ignored it- despite everyone looking over at him in confusion.

“Shouto! You get back here right this minute!”

He stepped for the door, muttering a set of three words which sounded like utter gibberish to the person he’d just walked by: “Wuld Na Kest.”

Taiki watched as Shoutmon vanished in a blast of wind, exiting through the door faster than Taiki could rig up a teleport to pull the King back into the room, “Shoutmon?”

“Y…” Akari clenched her fists, “YOU IDIOT!”


You feel sorry for Akari. Shoutmon just suddenly had a major OOC moment and just…POOFS? What? Why?

As I mentioned before- this has to do with Shoutmon and Akari not being able to HAVE kids. It has to do with the Flymon, really. Around this point, Shoutmon’s put it together that Akari once got stabbed in the stomach repeatedly- and now they can’t seem to get pregnant? For Shoutmon, it makes him feel somewhat worthless. He couldn’t protect her then- why should he stick around?

And then he takes her words to heart later on when he tells Tagiru about his future fatherly status. (Ouch. Do you realize now why he got it out so suddenly without delay?)

Don’t linger on what could be, and focus on the now.


“Yo! My name’s Mashimo Hideaki, and I’m here to help YOU with whatever ails you!”

“Ehh? What? Sorry dude- you’re not on this episode.”

“What?! But the schedule says-”

“They’re moving the episodes around. Didn’t you hear?”

“But we already filmed it!”

“They’ve got some new plot going on. Something about this sub-arc tying things together.”

“Oh, fine then! Just tell me what the name of the next episode is already, if that’s the case!”

“Next Time: Digimon Xros Wars: RUNAWAY LOCOMON! The Express Lane Gang!”

“EHH? They’re putting a movie on instead of my episode!?”

“It’s not the Movie itself- it’s an allusion to the movie!”

“I call it cheating!”

“Take it up with the writers.”


And he DID.

Good grief, Hideaki! Do you realize how many trees you might have killed if that paper hadn’t been RECYCLED???

Here’s the summary of this episode. See how it compares, ne?

07Okonomiyaki Panic! Blu Pagumon (tg) + Jagamon hunted (rp). Gum/Tagiru and Airu/ChoHak break. Tagiru leaves Xros Loader with Gum, claiming he needs time alone. Tan Pagu kidnap and trap Yuu/Corone, Taiki/Shout, and Kotone/Dame in Digi-Quartz (By tracking the XrosLoaders’s and then Baking the XL’s into Okonomiyaki) and demand the return of Blu Pagu. Airu + Gumdramon (<> confusion) spy on Tagiru+ChoHak (due to funny coincidences) until TanPagu find them, by tracked Xros Loaders, forcing them into DigiQuartz. Airu+Gumdra fight tan pagu, but escape capture by briefly returning to the human world, where Gumdramon reloads BluePagumon and sends him off to find Tagiru. BluPagu finds Tagiru and ChoHak, explains Tan Pagu situation, and gives Tagiru Xros Loader back. Partners reunite, Xros Loaders rescued, and TanPagumon mixed into Okonomiyaki.

Quite a different plot- as you can see.

I like the uploaded version a LOT better- especially as it deals with the Blastmon character arc. We’ve seen his birth day! XD


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