We begin Chapter 62 with a COLD OPEN.


Sorry. But it’s cold in here, you see.

Heh…Get it?


A lone Kettle Trailmon whistled as it chugged along the invisible tracks connecting Earth and the Digital World together.

Inside, the train conductor whistled a merry tune as she checked her watch. “We’re on schedule, Kettle,” the woman threw back a bit of her blond hair back over her shoulder, “We should reach Tokyo by sun down.”

“Sounds good to me, Rumiki-san!” The Trailmon agreed. “I could go for a rest…” The Trailmon’s eyes narrowed as they began to round the corner- framing the earth perfectly before the Sun. “Ah- heads up- we’re on the sun stroke stretch.”

“A bit early, isn’t it? Hm, Maybe not…” The Conductor picked up a radio and spoke into it, broadcasting to the entire Train.

Rumiki- I’m not sure what I was referencing with that name.


It’s a nice name though.

“Attention everyone- if you have any windows open right now, please close them. We’ll be entering the Solar Radiance section of our journey now, and we know you guys don’t want to get blinded looking at the sun, now do you?”

The Adults nodded in agreement, while a few kids whined in disappointment. A Renamon shared an uneasy glance with a Guilmon, who shrugged at her, then closed his window blind. Nearby, a girl with red hair put a set of shades over her violet eyes, refusing to close her window. The Boy next to her sighed and put on a pair of yellow rimmed, blue lens goggles over his crimson eyes- seemingly burned from one too many times he forgot to put them on when traveling with his companion via train in the past.

He didn’t need any more damage to his eyes as it was.

Introducing Rika Nonaka and Takato Matsuki.

A few moments later- the woman’s voice came over the intercom again, frenzied and panicked. “Wait- what’s that? Hey! You’re not supposed to be here! Get off you-!”

The radio went silent as the entire train shook from turbulence that shouldn’t be there.

Through the window the red haired girl had left open- the black of space suddenly transformed into the dull greens and greys and purples of Digi-Quartz with a flash of white light.

“What the hell…?” The girl muttered.

And then, a new voice spoke over the intercom- rough and male:

“Ladies and Gentlemen, this is your captain speaking.” The voice said with a chuckle, “Ladies and Gentlemen- Welcome to Con Air.”

Then, a second, female voice, distant in the background of the person speaking, added: “but this is a train. Not an airplane.”

“Oh shut up, would you?” the first voice replied.

“Alright everyone, in case you didn’t get it…” a second male voice threw in, “THIS IS A ROBBERY! Hands in the air!”


It was too good of a shout out to NOT put in.

*Cue How to go (TV Edit) by School Food Punishment*



*cue Title Theme*

“RUNAWAY LOCOMON! The Con-Air Gang!”


To the point that I just HAD to alter the episode title.


Cabarat the PawnChessmon sighed as he walked up with the rest of the luggage, “Remind me again why we’re on this trip?” He was presently in his human form, which placed him in dark clothing, grey khaki’s and a dark sweatshirt that had a very out of place pink crab on the chest. Even his boots were black. His hair was slightly red, though mostly black, and was messed up rather heavily.

Next to him was Reena- who was also in her human form. She was dressed up rather fancifully, with lots of pinks and blues and greens- with black as a base color. She had on a skirt and stalkings that went up a bit above her knees- she had two shirts on, one an over sized t-shirt on top, and one sleeveless, more fitting shirt on underneath. Her hair was tied up in two long twin tails that seemed to drag along the floor, just past the sandals she had on her feet. “‘Cause our King asked for us?” she offered with a shrug. “Other than that- it gives us an excuse to use all our pent up vacation time.” she winked at him, “Got anyfin else ta ask, Crabby?”

In case you couldn’t tell- this is a PawnChessmon episode in the vein of the “Lower Deck” type episodes.

Cabarat and Reena, as previously mentioned, are expies of Karkat and Meenah. You can see this in their human designs.

“Yeah…” Cabarat jabbed a thumb to his left- where Strider and Flute stood waiting. “What’re they doing here?”

Strider was dressed up in simple black pants and a black T-shirt with a pair of blue sided sneakers. On his left wrist was some kind of golden contraption with a lever on the end, and on his face was a set of shades much like Starmon’s. His hair was a sort of dark gold color.

Flute was a sort of mousy little girl- a head shorter than Strider, she had on a set of small glasses that seemed even smaller in front of her eyes, which were just about as brown as the long, curly hair she wore down past her shoulders. She had on a blue dress and a blue coat that seemed to be taken straight from a music school, and, also on her wrist, was a device identical to Strider’s.

Flute’s Human design is based- surprisingly- not off of Homestuck at all!  Instead, it’s based off of Cardinal, and, in light of that, the fanfic Halkegenia Online character Bishop, who was in turn based off of Cardinal.

She’s wearing a Go-Onger Shift Changer, as is Strider.

As previously mentioned, Strider’s human form is based off of DIRK STRIDER, and not DAVE STRIDER.

“Yo,” Strider waved at them- a wry smile on his face. “I was wondering when you guys would get here.”

“That’s four of us now,” Cabarat frowned, “is anyone else coming too?”

“Terezie said she’d meet us on earth, but other than that,” Strider shrugged, “I think it’s just the four of us.”

“Well, some of us have to protect the Queen, after all,” Reena chuckled a bit as she picked up a bag only to deposit it on the large pile that Cabarat had been carrying already. “I feel sorry for Kroket, I really do. Stuck with Problem and Rue’ like that.”

“Actually, I think Problem said he got a special assignment from the Denizens just before that,” Flute spoke up. “I don’t know what that is though.”

“So two of us get stuck guarding the Queen, one of us gets a special assignment, and now five of us are summoned to Earth suddenly?” Strider mused aloud, “I wonder what’s going on.”

“Terezie’ll fill us in, no doubt!” Cabarat lamented, “But until then, I can guarantee we won’t have a single goddamned CLUE about what we’re supposed to be doing.”

“So until then,” Reena pumped a fist into the air, “I consider this a well earned vacation!”

These four- oh MAN are they so much fun to bounce off of eachother. Even with three of them as expies- their personalities just CLICK.

*BIN BOM BIN BOM!* The station intercom ringed, “Attention! The Earth Bound Train to Tokyo, Japan, will be arriving in ONE (1) Minute! Please prepare your luggage for boarding.”

“Well, I guess that’s our ride,” Strider said as he picked up his backpack (Black with an Orange Hat stylized on the back) and slung it over his shoulder. “Need any help there?”

Cabarat nodded in agreement. “Yes, Please…”

As the two guys balanced Reena’s rather large stack of luggage around between the two of them, the Locomon pulled into the station, and- once stopped- it began letting its current batch of passengers off of the train before it began loading the new passengers.

This is a slow to start episode, but it shows how they interact with each other outside of battle.

“Excuse me,” Flute smiled as she shuffled past some already sitting passengers, trying to keep her relatively modest satchel bag out of their way as she made her way to her seat. “Sorry, excuse me…”

A Leomon grunted in return, and a Turuiemon simply smiled apologetically.

Soon- Flute had reached her seat, and sat down next to Strider. “Hi!” She smiled at him.

“Yo,” he smirked in return.

The train’s Engine Chief spoke up over the Intercom then: “Hello everyone! I’m Funabashi, Kiichi, and I’ll be your conductor for this ride.”

Flute- who I now realize I *REALLY* should rename to “Bishop” as a more direct reference in that potential future Re-write- and Strider interact a bit here. They’re quite adorable together. Hehehe.

Kiichi is revealed to be the train conductor- OFFICIALLY!- rather than as a for-fun thing as he did in Canon.

I was debating all up until the end whether or not to make him Problem’s human form.

The young boy adjusted his conductor’s hat. He was a young lad, only about as old as anyone in Xros Heart was. He looked quite a bit like Tagiru- though that was only in his face. His hair was almost blond and was slicked back, and his eyes were a calm brown over bright gold.

“Now, this is my first licensed trip across the void- but don’t you worry none! I’ve made this trip dozens of times already!” He patted the controls of the Locomon before him, “We should be making top time, and reaching Earth just around Noon lunch time tomorrow. Just in time for the local Kendo Tournament, if any of you are into that kind of thing.” Kiichi laughed a bit, “Anyways! we’ll be cruising past the Solar Radiance zones about twice during this trip- during both times I’ll let you all know so you guys don’t blind yourselves lookin’ at that darned thing!”

Locomon chuckled. “I know I go blind watchin’ it every single time- and I’ve got special sunglasses too!”

“Anyways- joking aside- I hope you all have a nice ride,” Kiichi said into the intercom, “we’ll be taking off in about a minute, once all the luggage is shored up. So! If you need something out of your bags, get it now, or it’ll have to wait until we’re clear of the Gravity well.”

I really, really, was.

It’d add so much depth to him, I think. Make him less of a joke character that he’s always been…

It was a few hours now into the trip, and the bright blue skies of the Digital World had faded away into the deep black of space. The Locomon was now safely chugging along those invisible tracks and was plowing along the spacial curve towards Earth.

“Snacks!” A Pumpkinmon called out as she pushed a cart down the train aisles. “Pumpkin bread, Pumpkin Pie, ginger ale, phepsee-cola” she called out the wares she was pushing out to the train passengers, “only Five Yen per serving!”

“Hey,” Reena raised a hand, “I’ll take a slice a pie an’ a cola, please!”

“Sure thing!” The Pumpkinmon nodded with a smile, and then selected a small plastic box with a slice of pie inside and a small can of soda.

“I’ll just have a Ginger ale, please,” Cabarat said next.

“Righty o!” The Pumpkinmon nodded and went to get a can of ginger ale, “Anything else I can get for you?”

“Nothing right now, thanks,” Cabarat shook his head no.

But…damn it, I just couldn’t work it in right.

I mean- look at this nonsense filler! It’s just a boring train ride across space!

They were half-way through the trip at this point- and due to the time differences, most of the train’s passengers had fallen asleep as they neared the second of the Solar Radiance spots.

Kiichi yawned- then shook his head out. “No! I’ve got to stay awake here!”

Much like before, there was a quick flash of light, and Locomon scowled, “Funny, I don’t remember it happening this early…”

“Eh?” Kiichi checked his stop-watch, “Yeah, you’re right. We’re a bit too early for the next Solar Radiance…” he frowned, “Locomon, full stop! Full stop now!”

But it was too late.

Locomon ran through a time portal, and continued running through Digi-Quartz.

Then the portal closed behind them.


In the distance, a boy with a rather bizarre hair-do scowled. “And there’s another one!” he laughed. “They just don’t learn, do they, Noboru-nii-san?” this was directed at another boy, in a hoodie and baseball cap combo.

“We’ll pull the same stunt as last time, Ken,” The boy in said hoodie and baseball cap combo, a bit taller than the previous boy, ageed, “We board the train, get their belongings, stop ’em, and then we shove ’em off at a drift back to Earth.”

Behind them were two others, a boy with a simple shirt and a twin feather necklace and a Witchmon- both seemed rather uncomfortable with this, though the boy seemed a lot more upset than the Witchmon did, who seemed more concerned about the boy that was her partner.

“I don’t know, guys,” The boy, the tallest and most normal looking (thus the most mature), spoke up, “The banks were fine and all, but I don’t think this is right at all. Robbing trains? It’s just not right!”

These Three Hunters were SOOOO under Utilized in canon- I just HAD to do something with them (and then I went and borrowed three more characters to fill their “Blank space” slots in the Volcdramon episode).

And so here they are- Train robbers.

“Eh, Haruki?” Ken looked over, and gave a shrug, “What was that? I didn’t catch it at all.”

“Hey, if I didn’t know any better, I’d say he’s chickening out!” Noboru laughed, “He didn’t even help us take all their stuff on the last one! Maybe we should just dump him out along with the rest of ’em.”

“Come on, guys,” Haruki, the boy who’d spoken up, frowned, “You know it’s not like that…! Think about what Mom would say if she found out about this!”

Dear Mother,” Ken spat on the ground with a laugh, “Isn’t here to find out, now is she?”

She’s not dead- but she IS the reason they began doing this robbery stuff.

The Witchmon put her hand on Haruki’s shoulder. She knew as much as he did that nothing he said would get through to those two.

I’ve been debating all throughout the story to CANONICALLY declare them as a couple. But I keep going back and forth on, “Can’t they just be friends” or “but then it seems like I’m just adding a ship in for the sake of setting sail” and….I haven’t made a decision.

There’s definite tension between them- whether or not they act on it off screen or not is another matter up for debate- and it’s…really hard to put a pin on.

So, they remain free of any pesky relationship titles for the remainder of the Hunters Arc.

These three were brothers- and not too long ago, their father had died in a car accident, leaving their poor mother behind to pick up the slack at work. But it hadn’t been enough.

The trio of boys had been given Xros Loaders and partnered up to “hunt” digimon in the months before that accident- and so, when the bills began piling up, the three brothers had begun robbing banks through Digi-Quartz to help pay them.

Nobody was going to miss any of it- it was all just sitting in empty buildings and vaults waiting to rot.

But then the youngest of the three brothers had an idea- “What if we can rob people from the present AND the future?”

Haruki had protested immediately- but that hadn’t stopped the other two, and so he reluctantly went along for the ride in an attempt to keep them from doing anything too dangerous.

“Alright, let’s go,” Ken held up his Xros Loader (Dark grey with Blood red trim) and called for his primary partner,“SHIMAUNIMON!”

“Come on out,” Noboru held his Xros Loader up (A pale Blue with Green Trim) and called out his secondary partner, “PTERAMON!”

As the two flying Digimon reloaded, Haruki nodded at Witchmon, and she summoned her flying broom from sub-space.

With that, the trio took off towards the Locomon.

Here’s the brother’s backstory. Quite the thing, ain’t it?

But yeah- they DEFINITELY chose to rob the wrong train.

The Four PawnChessmon had assembled as soon as the train had ground to a stop.

“What happened?” Strider asked of the Conductor in the main booth.

“There was a flash of light in front of us, and I wanted Locomon pull us to a stop- but whatever it was pulled us in, and by then, I didn’t want to risk slowing down again,” Kiichi explained. “I don’t know where we are, but it isn’t good.”

“Digi-Quartz,” Cabarat breathed as he looked at the sky, “I’d heard the reports, but…damn…How’d a portal get out that far?”

“I’n’t it obvious?” Reena asked, pointing towards three dots coming at them from the distance, “it’s a trap!”

“Uh oh,” Kiichi said as a frown formed on his face, “I think I know where this is going.”

“Eh?” Flute looked around nervously, “Where?”

“There have been some reports of Train Robberies on this route,” Kiichi explained, “nobody knew how they were getting the trains to stop like they were, but now I think we do…”

“If I may make a suggestion?” Locomon asked as he began warming his engine up, “Should we start to run?”

“I think that’d be an excellent idea!” Kiichi nodded in agreement, “Alright! Full speed ahead on these tracks!”

Locomon quickly added on speed to his forward momentum- and off they went.

The Four Chessmon are NOT amused by this turn of events- but they reluctantly fall into the roll of “Protagonists” for this story.

“Wheewf,” Noboru whistled as the Locomon began speeding up faster than they thought possible, “Them Locomon can sure go fast, can’t they?”

“Wow!” Ken whistled as well, “That’s much faster than those Trailmon we’ve been dealing with so far!”

“Maybe we can’t catch this one,” Haruki proposed, “We should just let them go!”

“Let them go?!” Ken leaned back on his Unimon mount, sending a wry look to his brother. “Are you NUTS?! If we let them go, they’ll go straight to the cops and then we’re toast!”

“But they haven’t seen our faces yet!” Haruki protested, “We can’t be tied to this one!”

“Since when did YOU become the brains of this op’ah’ration?!” Noboru scowled, “I seem to recall you wanting no part in this at all!”

Noboru and Ken are quite the rambunctious little pests, aren’t they?

I wrote them to be about as annoying as possible so Haruki would be more sympathetic to the audience. And at this stage of the writing stage, he ACTUALLY wasn’t meant to go too far beyond this episode at all (Just to Volcdramon’s hunt, where he’d be a background char’).

“I just don’t want to see you guys get hurt!” Haruki frowned, “You’re my younger brothers, I don’t-”

“You WHAT?” Ken spat at the ground far below, “You’ve always been a coward, ‘big bro,’ he said it with such sarcasm that it dripped to the ground like the spit he just spat out, “you ain’t ever helped us out in our heists before! But you haven’t hindered us before either!”

“Before there wasn’t anyone getting hurt!” Haruki countered, “What we stole before was from Digi-Quartz! Copies! Fakes! Nothing anyone would be missing if we used it to pay off a few bills!” he gestured to the side dramatically, “But This!? This is actually hurting people! We’re actually stripping them of their valuables and leaving them to drift!”

“SO?” Ken looked at his brother like he was insane.

“So- of the three trains we set to drift so far- HOW MANY HAVE RETURNED?!” Haruki shouted.

The other two brothers fell silent as they thought.

“All of ’em?” Noboru offered.

“Two.” Haruki countered. “Two of three trains made it back. Nobody has heard from the third train since.”

His brothers were silent for a few moments.

“They might as well be dead because of us!” Haruki concluded.

In the end through- I liked Haruki enough to carry him onward to join Tagiru’s group in Volcdramon’s episode- and beyond that into the status of Secondary Character.

And then his brothers started fighting about how they didn’t want to KILL anyone.

Witchmon simply smiled a little. Haruki’s plan seemed like it worked…if it was a plan at all.

Noboru and Ken are foolish, to some small degree.

“Looks like they stopped to argue about something,” Strider turned off the binocular function on his glasses, “we’ve got time to make an escape!”

“Full steam ahead, Locomon!” Kiichi ordered.

“ON IT!” The Locomon grunted- and pushed forward faster and faster.



Five PawnChessmon stood in poses- dressed up in costumes that looked like they were ripped straight from Engine Sentai Go Onger.

The Disk pulled back, and flipped around- revealing those same five PawnChessmon actually WEARING the suits from Engine Sentai Go Onger.


Yeah. They went there even in the Eye Catch.

Locomon pulled them into the shade of the warehouse district- a place to rest up where, hopefully, those three bandits weren’t going find them.

“We need a plan,” Strider determined. “Something that can get us out of here in one piece.”

“What if we get a message out to Terezie?” Flute offered, “She can get a Xros Loader to open a gate and BAM! We’re back in regular time again!”

“I don’t know how we’d contact her though,” Cabarat reminded the girl, “we’re not anywhere we can just drop a message into the past…”

“But we already did,” Strider countered, “the book.”

Slowly, realization dawned upon the four of them.

“The book from Tactimon,” Cabarat face-palmed. “God damn it, we already went through ALL of this, just to send info into the past that we’d need to even make it to the point of sending it.”

Stable time loops are a bitch, aren’t they?

“I hate time travel,” Flute whimpered, “it gives me a headache.”

This sentiment is repeated QUITE often through this story.

“So…Think for a moment,” Strider continued, “What’s the one new thing each of us were given before boarding that train?” he held up his left wrist, “I’ll give you a clue.”

Flute looked down at the device on her wrist in shock, meanwhile, Cabarat and Reena pulled out Cellphone versions of those wrist mounted devices.

From there, they each pulled out the “Encryption Modules” that they’d been given to “Encrypt Data sent over the devices Wrister functions.”

And- one by one- they opened their devices and put those Modules inside.

Once they closed the devices up- they all beeped in harmony- and began emitting a single hologram.

“I was wondering when you guys would figure it out,” Terezie said with a smirk on her face.

Terezie is quite the manipulative little Lawyer here. These Holographic Transmission modules, BTW, get reworked into Kaiyumi’s Xros Time Wristers.

She, too, was in her human form, but it was one that could barely be seen over the transmission- all that could really be seen was that her hair was cut short over her shoulders, she had on some form of jacket, and cargo pants, and over her eyes were a pair of sunglasses.

“Well forgive us for not figuring out that there was a time loop involved here sooner!” Strider snarked at her.

“Well, when it comes to Time Travel, you can never be so certain,” Terezie laughed. “Anyways! You guys are stuck in Digi-Quartz, right? On the Locomon?”

“Yeah,” Flute nodded, “We are.”

“We could use a plan, Ter,” Strider sighed. “I don’t know how we’re going to get out of this other wise.”

Terezie grinned, “Well luckily for you all, we already have one! But you’re going to have to make a stop first.”

Stop? What stop?

The most recent of the Three trains robbed had landed on Digi-Quartz rather than earth- so with as much speed as they could muster, while still being sneaky- the four PawnChessmon quickly searched the very same warehouse district that they were in for the missing Kettle Trailmon and her passengers.

“Well, that was an easy enough of a find!” Strider grinned once they’d found the train.

“It helps when you know the coordinates before hand,” Flute nodded.

That stop.

Now then.

I feel that it’s my duty now to point out that the following sequence was originally intended to be set to “Terezi Owns,” in the initial concept stages of this episode.

And then Dirk [S] Synchronize’d and [S] Unite’d in Homestuck and I knew I had a better song (Without the Squeaks that couldn’t be worked into any usable form at all).

So without further adieu…

[S] Unite Synchronization.


They’d LOST the train.

“It’s all your fault we lost it, Haruki,” Noboru grumbled, “We got distracted fighting over your stupid moral issues and we LOST Them.”

“Well, it’s not like we can’t find them ag-” Ken cut Haruki off with a yelp and a point.


The Locomon was barreling down the streets at a break-neck pace, with the supposedly LOST Trailmon hitched to the back of the Locomon’s caboose- the engine room on Locomon appeared to be abandoned.

“Let’s go catch us a pair’a’trains, boys!” Noboru’s mood immediately did a One-Eighty, instantly forgetting about the oddity that was the added Trailmon for the prospect of easy loot.


The Trio descended swiftly- with Haruki’s mood worsening the closer they got.

Finally- with one last push, the trio landed on the train’s top and Noboru and Ken traded out their Digimon- ShimaUnimon for Parasimon, and Pteramon for Dinohumon.

“Alright, Parasimon, You’ve got the deck!” Ken ordered, “Stop This Train!”

“On it!” The Bug Insect began sending out tendrils of possessive intent out towards the controls of the Locomon…

Only to shriek in pain as those tendrils were cut away.


Suddenly- two figures jumped onto the roof from somewhere out of sight- Strider and Flute, now in their Digimon forms and looking rather Super-Hero-ish.

“Who-?” Ken started to ask.


“Dash Dynamic!” Strider yelled as he pointed at the Parasimon who squealed upon spotting the blood stained blade, “PawnChessmon Five!”

“Doki Doki Delight!” Flute pumped her shotgun, which made the Dinohumon take a step back in warning, “PawnChessmon Four!”

“Wh…Who the hell are you two?!” Ken shouted in annoyance, “Some kind of Sentai Wannabes?”

“Ne, He really doesn’t know who we are, does he?” Flute asked with a giggle.

“He doesn’t…Even after we did the name calling and everything!” Strider sighed in an overly dramatic fashion.

“I guess we’ll have to show them then, won’t we?” Flute asked in an equally dramatic fashion.

“Yes, I suppose we will!” Strider nodded.

“Grr…” Noboru snarled, pointing at the two of them in anger, “Dinohumon! Get them!”

“HAI!” The Digimon leaped forward.

“NUH UH!” Flute fired her Shotgun, and sent the Dinohumon flying a few feet back where he was then-



-Double teamed on either side by Cabarat and Reena- who had been hiding on the side of the train through some sort of Monitamon disguise.

“Smile Blooming!” Reena called out as she stepped down on the Dinohumon’s back, “PawnChessmon Three!”


And then- just as they passed under an overhanging bridge- someone jumped down onto the train from above- kicking the Parasimon in the head before back-flipping over and landing in front of his team:

“Randomly Correct!” ProblemChesmon called out, “PawnChessmon TWO!”

“At Mach Speed!” Cabarat said with a slight twinge of disbelief, was he REALLY going along with this? Well, they were all here now, “PawnChessmon One!”

The five of them jumped back into a line, and then began mimicking the same motions- spinning their right arms around in a few circles then ending in a dramatic index finger point at the wanna-be robbers as they called out the same line: “Pressing Forward on the Road to Justice!” Then with a rather well rehearsed jump kick (for being on top of a train), they quickly struck some poses and called out: “CHESSMON SQUADRON! XROS HEART!”

You could almost see the explosion behind them with Xros Heart’s flag waving dramatically in the background- Wait. No, that was really there.

(A Sorcerymon laughed to himself as he finished casting that spell from inside the Trailmon’s Engine car. “Now that’s a show they won’t soon forget!”

The Conductor for Kettle paled slightly at her passenger’s eagerness to help out. “Whatever you say, dude.”)

And with that done- Haruki climbed back on his Witchmon’s broom and saluted to his brothers, “Alright, that’s it, I’m out of here! You guys can get creamed by the Local Sentai Squad for all I care.”

Before either of his brothers could protest- the eldest was gone with his partner.

“Traitor!” Noboru called out in dismay. He had little time to lament it however, as the Five PawnChessmon leaped into battle.


Strider’s sword flashed- Cabarat’s scythes danced- Reena’s trident jabbed- Flute’s shotgun fired- and Problem just laid the smack down with his own two fists.

The Dinohumon and Parasimon quickly found themselves outmatched- and soon enough, they were pushed to the edge of defeat.


And it was then that a time portal opened up straight ahead of them. Ken and Noboru didn’t notice it- they were too distracted by the fight, but Locomon…He saw it and he grinned as he laid on the speed.

Faster- Faster- FASTER! He had to Go Faster! He had to hit that portal-!


With a flash of light, they left Digi-Quartz Behind…


…And emerged out of a mountain tunnel on Earth.

The staggering change in lighting made the two human boys shield their eyes in surprise.

The PawnChessmon had their Visors drawn- so they could see what awaited them:

Helicopters- airplanes- and most important of all:

King Shoutmon riding on the back of MailBirdramon’s head, arms crossed, and a smirk on his face.


And then Terezie jumped down off of a Helicopter- holding a massive bale of rope in one hand, and a zip line in the other, allowing her to zip down to the train quickly and safely.

But what of the rope?

With the two Bandits distracted by the light show- she quickly zipped around the duo- tying them up in rope and knocking them down so they could be fastened to the very top of the train.

And she had left-over rope too: with a toss, Strider Caught it, and he and Problem quickly went to work tying up the two Digimon.


With that Done, Terezie crouched down to grin in the two bandit’s faces as she then continued on with the Roll call: “The Team Lawyer: PawnChessmon Six!”

Ken groaned in dismay.

Terezie stood up and turned towards Strider, “Nice job, Cool Kid! I couldn’t have done better myself.”

“Hah, This is a fixed point- we couldn’t do it any better than we already did!” Strider snarked back at her.

“Whatever!” She shrugged at him.

From the sky, Shoutmon simply watched the Train pull up towards the nearest train station with a satisfied smile on his face. “Not bad, no bad at all, guys.”

“Indeed,” MailBirdramon agreed, “this was the cleanest Sting operation I’ve seen in years.”

“We did good today,” Shoutmon nodded, “But I gotta wonder why this one’s a fixed point and not something else?”

Wow- that was fun- wasn’t it? Makes ya wanna go back and read it again and again! Gosh, where do I even begin? I think it speaks for itself, really.

“Oh My GOD!” Rei squealed at Shoutmon as he finished explaining why he was late to sending her back to her home dimension, “I wish I could’ve been a part of that! Train heists and Time jumps? That’s right up my alley!”

“Yeah, well,” Shoutmon rolled his eyes, “you weren’t mentioned in the journal, so who knows what might have gone wrong if you’d joined in. For all I know, we could’ve been sent to doomed timeline or something.”

“Well, you’re excused!” Rei grinned despite that comment, “Sometimes things just go kinda wonky, ya know?”

Back to Rei for a PROPER send off. There is some important foreshadowing here for Cascade Side B regarding Doomed Timelines here.

“Yeah, I know,” Shoutmon glanced to the sky, then down at his watch, noting the time, “So, uh, I’ve got to get somewhere soon, and so do you, but before that,” he met her red eyes with his blue, “do you mind if I ask for some personal advice?”

“Sure,” Rei nodded, already the Lilith in her was thinking away at one thought that would most definitely be appropriate.

“So, I messed up with Akari, she’s, well…You know,” Shoutmon explained, “I said a few things I shouldn’t have and…well, that added onto an already big problem as it was.”

Shoutmon is coming to REI for advice.

Do you have any idea how messed up that is??

“Babies.” Rei declared suddenly.

“Eh?” Shoutmon blinked, “Well, yeah, that’s sort of the problem I was-“

Shoutmon here think’s Rei’s figured out WHAT the problem is- that they can’t have kids.

“Babies. Definitely babies.” Rei nodded as if that was the solution to everything. “Babies.

Instead- she launches into a typical Lilith Rant about wanting KIDS.

Shoutmon paled a little, “Erm…well…”

Rei put her hands on Shoutmon’s shoulders and practically stared straight into his soul as she repeated for the fifth time, slowly, but loudly: “Babies!”

“Right, Thanks…” Shoutmon sweated a little as he nodded, thinking, ‘Somehow, I shouldn’t have expected anything but that from her.’

In reality though- She’s right to some degree.

To say anything more would tread on Spoiler Territory.

And so, he took center stage before the giant Evangelion: Unit 05. Rei had already loaded up with “souvenirs” from this dimension, as per what she’d done in previous universes, and was seated in the Entry Plug.

“Alright,” Shoutmon looked around at everyone monitoring the rift he was about to punt Unit-05 back through, “are we ready for this?”

With nods all around, and Rei’s voicing of an affirmative through the Eva’s loudspeakers, Shoutmon summoned his Microphone stand and took in a breath…

{“Dimensional Gate Open!”} he began- and the Rift behind the Eva rippled like it was a puddle of water.{“Safe Travels Home!”}

And then- The Eva glowed a golden red and turned into a beam of energy that then shot through the rift like a bullet.


{“Dimensional Gate Close!”} Shoutmon concluded- and the ripple in the air faded away.

Foreshadowing for the Gateways.

With a sigh, Shoutmon dismissed his Mic-stand, “Well,” he nodded to some rather astonished scientists, “that’s my job done. Let me know if this thing gets any worse, okay?”

“Right!” One of them saluted. “Of course, Your Highness!”

And so Shoutmon turned on his heals- he had a Kendo Tournament to watch.

We then proceeded to watch the events of the next two hours rush by in fast-forward up to the point where it paused briefly, showing Shoutmon tearing down the advertisement for the Baseball Coaching Position, then resuming its fast-forwarding even further- to the moment where he stepped foot onto the court to place the sheet of paper on desk of the first person he found who worked at the baseball field.

“I’d like to do some coaching, if that’s alright?” Shoutmon grinned a sort of weak smile.


And so- we’ve caught up to the present.



“Well…” Strider mused, “That was awkward.”

“Yeah…” Terezie nodded. “What was up with that?”

Akari had practically stormed off into the bathrooms, and Sally and Nene had gone off to talk with her, leaving a Taiki and Kiriha to try tracking down Shoutmon.

Zenjirou and Lila seemed besides themselves- not sure if they were what caused Shoutmon to run off or if something else had.

“Hey um, so…” Flute came walking over to them, with Cabarat and Reena right behind her, “Right, so… I want to do this song on stage- but it calls for five voices… Would you two want to join in?”

Terezie looked around the room, the nodded immediately, “Yeah, someone has to lighten the mood around here.”

“Yeah, alright,” Strider nodded, “count me in. So what’s the song?”

This is the LAST Karaoke Intermission- and it’s plot important, to some degree.

The Five PawnChessmon took to the stage unnoticed- and even shifting from their Digimon forms into Human forms didn’t get anyone’s attention. So, Strider rectified that with a simple “Tap Tap” of the main Microphone.

As the speakers hummed, everyone looked up to the stage in surprise.

“Yo,” he gave a wave, then stepped back to let Flute take the main Microphone.

“Ahhem!” Flute coughed as politely as she could, “Hi everyone! We’re going to be singing the song, ‘Shiokaze no Harmony“, also known as “Harmony of Sea Breeze.” It’s the ending theme to an anime that I saw a little while ago, and I really liked this song, so…” She smiled, and then closed her eyes as she prepared to start, “Hit it, Astamon!”

And the five of them began singing.

…There was a good reason I chose this song. For one thing- it’s a beautiful song from a wonderful anime that REALLY needs some good attention. For another? Well… The lyrics are really appropriate.

I’ll just let it speak for me.

“As a new wind blows by, I laugh, I cry, and I try singing a song,” and as the song kicked up in gear, the mood of the room seemed to rise just a little as well, “Opening up my closed heart, I hum a harmony of sea breeze.”

Even well outside the Bar, Shoutmon could hear them singing. Oh those clever PawnChessmon, he realized a little glumly, they’d connected the Wristers into the karaoke machines.

“On both sunny and rainy days, I was able to smile when everyone else was with me.” Flute was singing now.

“Now, I’ll reminisce beyond my memory and listen carefully to that swaying voice,” Reena took over the next line, who then let Terezie sing the next.

“Come, hold out your hand, and join the circle,” Terezie then handed it over to Strider and Cabarat, who sang at the same line.

“It’s time to immerse yourself in this space where you’re no longer alone!”

Then, all five picked up with the next line. “As a pleasant wind blows by, I’ll laugh, I’ll cry, I’ll try singing a song!” They were all smiling a bit as they continued on. “Opening up my closed heart, I’ll hum a musical phrase of memory!”

Then, Cabarat and Reena began the next verse as a duet: “Let’s imagine what our future days would look like.”

Terezi picked up the next line, “Each, with our own anxiety, let’s give a yelp and start walking with an intent gaze!”

Flute continued on: “Come, the other side of the railroad crossing may be scary, let’s take a step forward with courage. My cloudy heart has cleared up!”

The five of them began singing together again- heard all the way into the bathrooms where Nene and Sally were listening in.

“As a new wind blows by, after searching, I have found the song of hope. With the door to the unknown tomorrow right before me, I hum a harmony of sea breeze..”

“There are musical notes written in my textbook,” Flute sang, “and the sounds of waves in the place where we sing together!”

Terezie and Reena took over in duet with the next line: “The sun, gently enveloping us, climbs down the stairs,” and then Strider and Cabarat faded in with them, singing along, “Leading to the beach, and stretches out!”

Taiki laughed, and focused on his next teleport search.

“As a Pleasant wind blows by,” Flute sang, “I laugh, I cry, and I try singing a song,” she was joined by Reena and Terezie, “Opening up my closed heart,” and then the two boys joined in with the last verse of the song, “I hum a musical phrase of memory…” with a quick breath from each of them, they then sang the last line: “Let’s play out this piece!”


Nice song, eh?

They did it as a message to Shoutmon- specifically, to try to get him out of whatever funk he’d just stumbled into.

It works- sort of. Not completely.

But it works for the most part.



“Oh no.”


“No. Please. Just stop.”


“Can we run already?”




“…Yeah, forget about running. I wanna punch this guy now.”

“Next Time: Digimon Xros Wars!”

“SUPER STAR! The Dinner Disaster Calamity!”


“Just let us eat our dinners first, please?”


“Okay- Now I want to punch this guy too.”

“Shall we?”

“After you!”

Some next time segment, eh?

Here’s the original summary:

13BET. Kiichi Funabashi + Locomon. Focus on PawnChessmonz as main characters. Train robbery stopped.

Note the abrupt number change. I really did swap these around at the last moment.

>_<; It works out for the better- though Hideaki still kept bugging me about it.


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