Check This Out!

Story: Digimon Xros Wars! Alternate Universe 02!

Chapter 72 Title: Persian Espionage! (6,666 words)

Category: Digimon

Character(s): Akari H. & Shoutmon

Words: 6,666
Genre(s): Adventure/General
Rating: Rated: T

Summary: The Cascade is Returning. The Fissure is Returning. The Storm is
Returning. Soon, all loops will be closed and all that remains is the
future… When all else fails- Look to the past- but don’t cling to what you
once knew. Remember, but don’t hold on. Now is the time to Prepare- the Walls
are Broken, and the worlds turn to the last Dragon King to set things right…
If he can.

…Isn’t it Ironic that the chapter that the BIG BAD QUARTZMON starts his plan on….the word count winds up on “6,666”?
…I couldn’t have planed that any better if I even TRIED!

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