We begin CHAPTER 59 with the usual request to catch up if you haven’t already!

NOTE! Keep in mind there might be some content in here near the end you don’t wanna read. It’s whited out for your convenience.

“Foreknowledge is a dangerous thing,” Simon lamented as he kicked his foot out to stop his forward swing. “Do you really want to know everything?”

Tagiru thought on it for a moment…


“No,” The boy shook his head, “I don’t want to know.”

“Heh, Okay then,” Simon hopped off of the swing, “By the way, the answer was going to be ‘no.'”

“Eh?” Tagiru looked up.

“We haven’t been able to prove if you’re Akari’s biological dad or not yet. You could’ve just adopted her or something. Nobody in Green Zone actually saw her being born. So…that part’s up in the air.” Simon grinned at Tagiru, “Now then, off of that tangent, and back to the real story!”

Thus- Tagiru’s decision unseen in the previous chapter! With that said- Simon went off to continue his story to catch Tagiru up to speed on the past.


As Tagiru walked into class, he felt a few too many eyes looking at him.

That is to say: Two eyes too many.

“Staaaare,” Mami was practically glaring daggers at him.

Jeeze, Mami. Lay off the death glare, would ya?

Tagiru gulped, sensing a dangerous feeling emitting from those piercing eyes.

The day before, just after Airu’s little ‘stunt’ had gotten a very dangerous weapon loose in the city (Still unaccounted for at the moment- though last seen heading east over the I-25), she’d sniffed at him like some kind of police dog, “Hmphf”ed at him, and then promptly began ignoring him- instead sending death glares at him every chance she got.

It was unsettling.

This was rather unsettling to write, to be honest. I wasn’t sure if I was giving too much away or not…now I’m fairly certain that I wasn’t being obvious enough.

As he sat down in his chair, he looked over towards Tsuwabuki-san, the boy who had come back with Kotone-san that day of the ‘stunt.’ Tsuwabuki had, surprisingly quickly, transfered into his class despite not having any previous school record. (And Tagiru only knew this because he over-heard his teacher arguing the boy’s case to the rest of the school-board that very morning.)

Speaking of that teacher- Marcus Damon was writing something onto the chalkboard.

“Quarter Grades Exam! Today 10!”

Where’d the @ go?

It was just after eight presently- and classes proper would be beginning in about another ten minutes.

Tagiru was fairly confident that he’d do well, but… He shivered as Mami’s death-glares continued to pierce his back. ‘Just ignore it, just ignore it, just ignore it…’

Yuu showed up about a minute later, and himself received a death-glare from another student- One Miho Sudo.

She was just to Tagiru’s immediate left after the desk-rearranging to fit in Tsuwabuki-san, so he managed to see her doing this for what was probably the first time.

‘What’s with the girls in this class anymore?’ Tagiru sighed.

Who knows how long she’s been just sitting there. Watching. Staring.

*Cue How to go (TV Edit) by School Food Punishment*



*cue Title Theme*

“Classmate Miho Sudo in Trouble!”

Misleading title is Misleading.

It was the next day- just after the test scores had been posted on the school’s main bulletin board.

“Ahaha- I didn’t do so good! Very Dame Dame!” Tsuwabuki-san laughed as he pointed out his own low score.

“That’s probably ’cause you just transferred in,” Tagiru shrugged.

He’d not done so well for the over-all quarter grade, considering his whole ‘lower my grades to hang out with Chou-chan’ plan had put a decent dent into his GPA. Still, it was better than it would have been had he not begun putting more effort into doing better. (An amusing fact he’d noticed, however, was that it took more effort to put down wrong answers than it did to put down the right ones.)

Tagiru’s grades have been suffering for love. But now they’ll raise up since he’s stopped. On the plus side- it shows that Tagiru is a bit smarter than he appears to be.

“Waahh!” one girl cooed, “I did so well!”

Still- there were plenty others who went practically above and beyond “Average.”

“Damn it!” A boy stomped his foot on the floor, “I knew that one test would take it down a few points!”

At least nine students total- two of whom shared the same last name: “Amano.”

“Hey hey! Mugi-chan! You did so well!” a girl complemented another, who replied:

“Naah! I only did about as good as you did!”

General chatter from the students- and some exposition.

Yuu and Kotone, the latter having coincidentally missed any important grade effecting tests during her trip to the Digital World, were what the board listed as some of the school’s “All stars.” But even then, they were near the bottom of the nine- seven others had done so much better- one of them, not to Tagiru’s surprise, being listed as “Hinomoto, Chou.”

“No surprise, Takanashi-san’s near the top!” A boy whistled lowly.

Soon enough, the crowds began to disperse away from the board, leaving only one standing there as the bells rang.

“I’m not even in the top six?” Sudo, Miho, frowned as she looked at her Number Ten slot on the listings.

And heeeere we go. The lead into making people think that this episode is going to play out similarly to the Canon episode.

As the day wore on, Kotone sighed as she watched the clock tick away.

It was a “POP TEST!” as her teacher had called it- a devilish surprise that came right after the exams- and, much like always, Kotone had finished first.

As she waited for the timer to ring, she glanced over at a near-by seat. There was that girl, Chou Hinomoto, that everyone expected to be Akari’s mother.

Kotone had to admit, there was a lot going for her, biologically speaking. The eyes, the nose- the subtle things that added up when one looked at two people. But even so…

As Kotone watched the girl instead, she spotted something odd.

It was a faint green glimmer at her feet.

Cetus barked at her: ‘Danger! Not good!’

Kotone glanced around instinctively- seeing a similar glow on a few other students and… THE TEACHER TOO!?

Kotone happened to be in the class that got targeted heavily.

Bad luck- that.

She stood up, jumping out of her seat to deliver a warning a moment too late.

The green glow suddenly exploded upwards- wrapping glowing data tentacles around every single one of their targets- wrapping them up and then fusing into a solid greyish-green bark.

As everyone screamed in horror, Kotone felt a yank on her own right leg. She glanced back to see that she too had been targeted!

Her leg was partially caught in the vine trap- apparently her warning came a moment too late, but the jump came not a moment too soon.

Kotone scowled and raised a hand, forming a sphere of water in front of it before…


It shot out and cut through the energy vines like a blade- causing the little ‘trap’ to explode violently.

Plants plus water equals explosion? That math doesn’t add up.

The Denizen of Water was thrown across the room- thankfully not hitting anything or anyone but the far wall. The cries of alarm grew from outside, while everyone in the classroom started coughing rather violently from the sudden smoke.

‘That was not fun in the slightest.’ Cetus remarked as they stared at their right leg- which was partially covered in the bark that now trapped everyone else.

‘Agreed,’ Kotone frowned as she looked around the room. ‘What is going on here?’

The classroom door slid open, and Tagiru and Tsuwabuki came rushing in, with the former rushing right over to Chou.

“Kotone-san!” Tsuwabuki came over to her, trying to help her up. “Are you okay?”

“We’re…” She shook her head, looking over the petrified students, “I’m okay. I can’t say the same about the rest of them…” Cetus scowled and asked, “What about everyone else?”

“Yuu-san and Daimon-sensei are frozen up too!” Tsuwabuki explained, “Then when we heard the explosion, Tagiru-san-”

“What about the other classes?” Cetus continued to ask, “Is anyone else frozen too?”

“A couple other students went off to check a few other classes too,” Tsuwabuki frowned, “but I think by all the screams we heard before that this is affecting the whole school…”

Kotone took a glance over at Tagiru, who was holding the frozen Chou’s hand and whispering to her. Both Denizen and host sighed before unanimously declaring: “Get me to the principals office.”

Kotone is handicapped for most of this episode- her leg is frozen due to the trap she barely got out of.

Getting across the school with only one working leg would have been impossible for Kotone without Tsuwabuki’s help as a crutch.

As they traveled, passing class from class, a similar story played out- every single faculty member of the school staff had been frozen solid by the energy vines. The only seemingly ‘random’ thing that was going on was that all in all of the school, only about eight students (nine counting Kotone) had been frozen similarly.

It all smelled of conspiracy.

As they passed by the Computer Lab, Cetus’ enhanced hearing caught a bit of whispering from inside:

“It’s working! It’s absolutely working!”

Quickly, Kotone raised a finger to ‘shoosh’ Tsuwabuki then motioned towards the door, indicating for him to help her get closer.

“I can’t believe it’s working…!” There was a pause, as if whoever inside was talking to someone else, and then: “Yes! Yes! Soon they’ll all see! We’ll make them see!”

Kotone scowled, and then flung the door open as Cetus shouted: “Caught you!”

And here is where people’s expectations are thrown out the window.

What they saw was not what they were expecting (a single Digimon muttering insanely to itself about the damage it was doing to the school’s population).

It was Sudo, Miho, standing over a potted plant that was sitting by the window. That by itself might have been normal- had the girl not been standing naked (her clothes randomly thrown about the room without a care in the world) with a set of thick, green vines wrapped around her entire body.

“What the-” Kotone tried to formulate some sort of response as Miho threw a glare at her and yelled:


The entire computer lab exploded into a blinding light.


By the way- I should mention now that I was heavily censoring my own writing in this one in fear of needing to bump the rating up from T to M. If I ever do a Re-write, I’ll be skipping all of that nonsense.

That said, however, up until a certain point the story is relatively unchanged from the plot in my head.


When Kotone’s eyes stopped stinging from the light, the girl before her had taken on a drastic change:

Immediately obvious was her hair- it had gone from short and light brown to long and golden. There were now red, armor like flower petals on her hips and chest- and the vines around her legs had turned black as they seemed to grow and fuse together into what looked like boots of some kind.

On her stomach was a green hourglass inside of a red circle, and then there was the girl’s eyes- there was a matching set of paint around the girl’s eyes (which now were wholesale-ly tinted purple) that reminded one immediately of a Blossomon’s eye markings.

You can see the unfinished picture I had done for the second part of this reveal here. Besides the lack of boots, she’s pretty much the same.

You’ll notice the variation of the Omnitrix symbol on her stomach… I’m not sure if I’ll be keeping that bit of foreshadowing intact through the rest of the story, but we’ll see…

“ROSEN BLOOD!” The girl threw one of her whips out at them- immediately discarding any pretense of normality.

Immediately, Tsuwabuki threw Kotone to the side as he jumped away in the other direction to dodge.

When the vine-whip hit the ground, Miho immediately pulled it back with a snarl and- instead of pursuing any further attacks- backed away, grabbed her potted flower and then back-flipped away from them out an open window, which closed a moment later due to a rather thick vine swinging down to cover it.

“What the hell was that!” Cetus lamented as they sat up… and immediately noticed that their frozen leg had been vaporized in the transition. “Weeehhh?” Kotone stared on in confusion.

Though Kotone, Cetus, and Tsuwabuki had yet to visit Digi-Quartz properly before now, The Denizen knew what it was, and it was immediately obvious to them that the transition had modified the effect on her leg- removing it entirely somehow!

Which meant that what ever was trapping the the people in the past was keeping them there! Kotone’s leg had obviously been lost in the transition, and it made her wonder just what was left behind on the other side.

{A concerned student stopped in his tracks the moment he spotted a stone leg simply standing alone in the hallway.}

But, alas, she had no way of knowing for sure. Even so, it was less of a hindrance than the stone had been. With a simply flick of the wrist- Cetus’ water based powers drew hydrogen and oxygen out of the air and formed a false leg made out of water to replace the seemingly lost one.

“Come on,” The girl said as she got to her two (somewhat unsteady) feet, “we’ve gotta get after her.”

Some Body Horror right here. Just be glad that the wound got cauterized in the transition from Earth to Digi-Quartz.

Anyways- Miho’s got properties of a Rosemon X here, and that’s rather important to note that she’s HUMAN.

She’s a human who’s taken on properties of a Digimon.

No Shape Shifting spell was used *AT ALL.*

The duo ran through the hallways of the abandoned and overgrown school, unintentionally following the same path that Tagiru and Gumdramon had carved away several days earlier.

“Is Sudo-san a Dgimon?” Tsuwabuki asked as they rounded a corner, and came up upon a hole in the floor.

“Dunno for sure-” Kotone frowned as she talked, meanwhile Cetus created a quick slide of ice down to the next floor through the hole, “I didn’t sense anything from her any other time I saw her in class, or anywhere in school for that matter- and I sure as hell didn’t feel anything off of her now that’d tell me she’s a digimon!”

“So she’s like Sparrow-san then?” The ninja boy asked even more as they slid down the ice slide and hit the next floor, “A mutant?”

Tsuwamon brings up the possibility of Miho being an experimental digimon like Sparrowmon.

Kotone’s uncertain knowledge on this is meant to imply to the readers/viewers: “The answer is no.”

“Again! I Don’t Know!” Kotone huffed as she threw a few water blades at a nearby blockade of vines- decimating them instantly. “I didn’t feel like Miho was like Sally- or even Taiki for that matter!”

“Maybe we’re just too used to weird?” Tsuwabuki asked as he hopped over the remains of the vine blockade right beside her.

Suddenly, the little golden mouse, ChuChumon, popped up out of one of the pockets on Tsuwabuki’s shirt, squeaking “Home Grown!” at them in English.

“Eh?” Both of them looked at the little stitched up mouse in confusion. He rarely ever spoke up, even during that one year when he was requesting parts to help re-build Tsuwamon/Damemon’s body.

“Home Grown!” ChuChumon repeated as they all rounded another corner, and emerged out onto the main floor of the building.

“You mean she’s made all of it up on her own?” Kotone asked, to which the mouse nodded. “How’d she find her way into Digi-Quartz then?”

The Mouse shrugged as if to say: “How the hell should I know?”

“Okay, good point, stupid question!” Kotone shook her head, “So she made her own powers then? How does that work?”

Nobody had an answer for that as they skipped through the school’s newly added side entrance and out into the plaza where A Certain Sagomon had been hunted not several days earlier.

ChuChumon gives a sort of plausible answer, and the story ties back into the Sagomon episode.

Whatever Miho’s been up to- it’s been a plan for a LONG time now.

Ren held a neutral look on his face as he looked at the over-grown school. There was NOT a single possible entrance into the central courtyard- everything was over-grown with vines, and thick ones at that.

He kicked at a tree-trunk sized thing that stuck out of the massive wall that seemed to circle the entirety of the central courtyard (it gave off a small puff of powder in return). Even going in through the school itself was impossible- every room just immediately facing that courtyard was filled with vines even twice as thick as the one he currently faced.

We cut to Ren, who’s skipping school for some reason? I never understood why he was at the school in the canon episode when he wasn’t a student there.

Anyways- Ren is looking into things here, why?

Ren’s partner, Dracmon, huffed nearby. “Do we hafta keep tryin’ to break in here?”

“But that Blossomon…” Ren said as he shifted his eyes to look at the little demon, who sighed as he remembered.

“Right right! That silly Yellow-Blossomon of yours,” the green and red eyes on Dracmon’s mask were fakes, but even so, they seemed to close with annoyance.

Dracmon asks that very question- sort of.

Then he voices the obvious solution of how to get around the big obvious barrier.

“Remind me why we haven’t just time-shifted into the center from the outside again?”

“Because we got kicked back out the last ten times we’ve tried that?” Ren reminded the little demon with a simple question.

“Oh yeah, I forgot about that.”

“Of course you did.” There was a subtly amused tone to the boy’s normally monotone-ish voice.

This is more Ren character development. Ren’s quite the smart kid, actually, but he’s got a bit of a perverted streak to him.

Ren kicked at the vine again after a moment of silence.

“Are ya just gonna keep doin that, or…?” Dracmon offered.

“I guess we could try cutting it, but…” Ren blinked, “what with?”

Their key to the problem answered them: “Hey! Kid!”

Ren and Dracmon turned their heads to the sudden voice- Kotone walking towards them with Tsuwabuki by her side.

“Oh, she’s got her sea legs already,” Dracmon commented offhandedly upon spotting Kotone’s water-replaced leg, “that’s cool.”

Draaaacmoooo~n, that’s a lame pun!!


The camera zooms in on Kotone standing on one side of a clock face with Tsuwabuki standing on the other side.

The camera pans out, and the clock spins over, revealing golden colored in outlines of Damemon and Tsuwamon.


Eye Catch is repeated…i guess.

“So- Ren-kun, right?- what’re you two doing here?” Kotone asked once the standard name-introduction scene was handled and subsequently passed over because that would just be awkward to read, come on.

“Chasing after a rare Yellow bodied Blossomon that’s hidden itself in there,” Ren jabbed a thumb at the massive wall of vines, “what about you? And yeah, that’s fine with me, Amano-san.”

In Manga format, it would be like this:

“So what are you doing here?” (it’s ren-kun, right?)

Said by Kotone.

“Chasing after a rare Blossomon,” (and that’s fine with me)

Said by Ren.

That’s basically how I was imagining it as I wrote this scene. I’ll just edit in []’s around those parts in this next exchange.

“We’re chasing after a classmate who we think is responsible for turning eight students [and every teacher] in the school into a plant-ey statuette,” Kotone replied.

“Really? Wow! That sounds boss!” Dracmon then received the combined glare of three annoyed teenagers, so he quickly backtracked with: “[I mean, it would if it weren’t a life or death situation. Ahhem.]” He ended with a polite (Yet fake) cough.

“Anyways-” Ren decided to ignore his partner for now, “What makes you think it’s this student?”

“Maybe the fact that she wasn’t wearing any clothes and only had some dame dame looking vines?” Tsuwabuki offered, “[Also, she yelled “time shift” and pretty much left us in the school after attacking us with said vines.]”

“Vines huh?” Ren placed a hand on his chin and thought for a moment, then nodded as he asked, “Were they yellow vines? [Also, I hate to say it but that really sounds like some poorly written X-rated Doujin plot to me.]”

And here’s where the idea of that X-Rated Doujin I’ve mentioned before came from- or was directly mentioned in the story after I came up with it. I forget which.

“Yeah, they were yellow alright,” Kotone nodded, “[and I’ll agree with you there, but since I once had to wear nothing but clothes made up out of water for six months straight, that really didn’t occur to me until you said it just now.]”

“Sounds like we’re dealing with a Rosemon X, maybe a child version?” Ren offered with a slight hand gesture, “Rosemon aren’t that rare, but the X types are so I don’t really know much about their abilities. It’s possible that she’s summoned the Blossomon I’m after for whatever reason,” he paused for a moment, then said with a slight blush, “[pardon me for saying so, but I think that’s rather…um…forward,]” he didn’t seem too sure of his word choice however, as if what he wanted to say wouldn’t come out, “[of you to reveal such facts so casually.]”

…Yeah, Ren’s hitting on her. Awkwardly at that.

“Ahhem,” Dracmon coughed rather loudly, “[before this turns into that whole ‘X-Rated Doujin’ thing Ren brought up earlier,] shouldn’t we focus on breaking into Fort Vine-lock over here?”

Thank you Dracmon for breaking the fourth wall.

“Yeah,” Tsuwabuki nodded, “I’m kind of surprised by how this conversation’s shifted so suddenly. It’s a little embarrassing, honestly.”

“S-Shut up!” Kotone stuttered as she looked up at the clouds in a rather flushed hurry.

So yeah- basically what this scene was meant to set up was Kotone and Ren in a sort of shared-interest friendship in …ah… you can probably guess.

Moments later, a blade of water cut through the thickest portion of one of the vine walls, making Miho turn her head over her shoulder in surprise. “What?”

The blade of water quickly cut a circular path through the vines and then- SHWHAM!- the entire section of plant wall exploded into data.

“Now that’s how you crack a tough nut!” Dracmon grinned as he and Damemon hopped over the hole in the wall, with Kotone and Ren right behind them.

“And we’re right back to awkward again!” Damemon sighed, but regardless drew out the two ton-fa weapons he had on hand.

“Miho-San!” Kotone called out, “Let everyone go right now or…” she trailed off, eyes widening.

“And if you wouldn’t mind letting me have that Yellow Blosso…” Ren was adding before he, too, trailed off with wide eyes.

“Uh oh.” Dracmon’s grin vanished as his jaw dropped open.

“Not. Good.” Damemon said simply.

Basically- these guys just jumped into the middle of a giant flower-fest.

Miho smirked as she turned around fully to face them, “Well well well, it looks like some poor flies fell into a venus fly trap!”

All around here were plant type Digimon of many, many types- Blossomon, Palmon, Mushroommon, Floramon, and many more- and all of them were variants of their normal types.

Each and every one could be identified, if checked by hand, to be X Type Digimon, either previously known before or only recently discovered.

With a snap of her fingers, Miho sealed up the hole in the vine wall behind our interrupting heroes and smirked even wider: “Time for some cultivation…!”

And then the Yellow Blossomon (Or rather, BlossomonX) opened the massive blooms on its arms and…


This was a subtle tie in to the Digimon World: RE:DIGITIZE/DECODE games- a lead into the game’s plot in the universe where this story was the actual anime.

…Kotone’s eyes opened slowly as she groaned- a massive headache was pounding behind her skull, and it hurt.

“Welcome back to the land of the living,” Damemon greeted from his upside down position above her.



Kotone’s eyes, which were still half open, snapped open as she took in the scene before her.

Damemon wasn’t upside down- SHE was! And she was the one above Damemon too!

“Damemon!” She called up- down- whatever, “What happened?!”

“Blossomon used a massive spore burst to put you all to sleep!” Miho called out from behind Kotone before she was suddenly spun around by the massive vines holding her in the air.

“Guh!” Kotone shook her head out at the near whiplash, then looked on in confusement.

Adjusting the picture around from Kotone’s view-point- Miho had ditched the vine design she’d had on transition, dropping the black faux-boots instead for connecting directly into the BlossomonX’s body- where she now stood at attention on it’s chest as if she were piloting the thing.

This is where that picture I linked earlier comes in story wise.

She’d also changed her hair style a bit too- now it neither was her original brown, nor was it that golden yellow color either- it was a poorly done looking fusion between the two, almost as if someone had changed the color of her hair during the shading process and then tried to cover it up with a ‘spray brush’ effect.

This description was literally what I did in drawing her hair.

The only reason Kotone had that particular thought was because the jarring transition was even more noticeable by the random sparkling of data where one color changed to the next.

As a GIF- that’s ALSO what the picture would have looked like when finished.

“So what’s this supposed to be,” Dracmon said from somewhere actually above Kotone, “your final boss form or somethin’?”

Miho’s facial expression didn’t change one bit- she was still smirking exactly as she had been before, “Joke all you want, it won’t be getting you anywhere.”

“So…Is this the part where you go on your evil motive monologue?” Dracmon continued to poke and prod despite his precarious position (Made even more precarious by his own intentional swinging back and forth). “‘Cause I’d reeeeelly like to hear your evil back story! I’m a sucker for those things!”

Dracmon…! Don’t antagonize her!

“Gnfr…” Ren groaned from near by, “please don’t start up on that, Dracmon… I’ve got a headache…”

“Hehehehe,” Dracmon simply continued to laugh.

Miho frowned, instead opting to glance over at one of her Floramon companions, “Take the others and go check on the prisoner’s energy outputs.”

“Yes ma’am!” The Floramon saluted, and then ran off, dragging most of the Digimon in the courtyard off to elsewhere.

Once the area was relatively cleared out, Miho looked up at Dracmon with a slight scowl, “You really want to know why I’m doing this?”

“Hell Yes!” Dracmon replied.

“I don’t think I’ve got anywhere else to go,” Ren sighed as he began looking around for his hat, likely dropped somewhere when he got picked up.

“Sure,” Kotone shrugged as best as she could, “why not?”

Damemon remained silent.

Dame just KNOWS she’s going to go into it anyways.

“Well, three out of four ain’t bad,” Miho sighed, and then leaned back into what could be considered to be the ‘chair’ of her BlossomonX. “It all began three years ago- I was just a girl on summer break…and then I met her!”

“Her?” Dracmon whistled, “oooh, please continue!”

“She was a Rosemon, just about my age, with something called the X Antibody that kept her immune to certain virus types…” Miho sighed, “It made her so much more beautiful too.”

(“Heheh,” Dracmon grinned slightly, “ohh I bet I know where this is going!”

“Shut up, please,” Ren grimaced as his own headache started to flare up.)

“She was stranded here, all alone, nowhere to go… What else were we to do?” Miho smiled in memory, “For two years we grew closer and closer…” She frowned suddenly, “And then the Bagura Empire attacked.”

Cetus, inside Kotone’s head, grimaced at that. (It really didn’t help Kotone’s headache either.)

This is the modified bit of story plot- although I do like it a bit better than what I’d originally had planned, self-censoring not even being a factor.

“There was a Troopmon that caught us by surprise- I would have died if my dear, sweet Pirogoeth hadn’t thrown herself into the line of fire.” Miho’s fists clenched up as her body shuddered from the memory. “I held her in my arms as she died!” She looked up at them, tears welling up at the corners of her purple shaded eyes. “I watched her die just moments before Xros Heart showed up to save everyone! Everyone but HER!”

“The Code Crown should have-” Kotone tried to counter, but she knew it was a hollow argument before she even finished the sentence. Damemon hadn’t been reborn during that final battle.

“That’s right!” Miho was scowling, “She died! But I couldn’t allow it! Not ever!” She stood up, and pulled a few vines away from her stomach, where that green hourglass resided on its surface. “So I took her data into me the moment she broke apart! I took it all in- X Antibody and all!” As if to prove her point, the entire symbol glowed blue for a moment, turning the red parts purple, and the green parts more blue.

“So what happened next?” Dracmon would have been tossing popcorn into his mouth had he been facing the right way for Gravity to be working in his favor for that trick.

This was DRAWING ATTENTION to the glyph! You’re supposed to notice it here! It was- at the time of writing this- very important to be noticed!

“Next?” Miho let the vines go, and they fell back over the symbol. She shook her head and laughed, almost hollowly. “I lost the love of my life, even though she was always right beside me! Right INSIDE me!” she snapped her head up to glare at Dracmon as she continued: “I couldn’t focus! I couldn’t breathe! Every single thing in life felt like it was restraining me and keeping me from trying to get her back!”

“So how does all that lead into trapping the students and teachers in tree bark?” Kotone demanded.

“I COULDN’T FOCUS!” Came the repeated reply, filled with much anger.

Kotone flinched back as the vines holding her and everyone else twitched rather threateningly. “Okay, continue on?”

Miho’s a little unhinged right now.

“My grades fell! And they kept on falling!” Miho began ranting, “I couldn’t focus on bringing her back with grades and tests and deadlines continuing to pile on and on and ON!” she threw her arms out to the side as she shouted up to the sky: “How DARE they think that I simply just was falling behind the curve?! Didn’t they realize the stress I was under!? Didn’t they realize that the only way I could focus on meeting their STUPID. STUPID. STU-PIIIID goal of me going to College was impossible with Pirogoeth GONE!?” she slowly lowered her head down to a normal level, and sent a mental signal to BlossomonX to drag Kotone closer to her.

There was a jerk, and then the vine followed it’s instructions, bringing Kotone closer and closer to Miho, whose face held a look of a soul that was absolutly broken. Cetus flinched inwardly upon seeing it, and Kotone herself felt a shiver run down her spine as their eyes met.

Pirogoeth, btw, like any other mention of the name “Piro” in this story, is a shout out to MEGATOKYO, which, in combination with the canon name of Miho, gives a sort of shout out to MT as a whole in this plot.

“Tell me,” Miho said quietly, “have you ever lost anyone like that? To lose someone you care deeply about and have their very life sacrificed just to save yours?” Her eyes narrowed, “I bet not.” Before Kotone could reply, Miho continued on, “And neither have they. All of them- the teachers and those pesky NINE STUDENTS who placed higher scores above me- all of those people who have lives and people who love them and people who care for their safe return…”

Flashes of the lives she now held in the balance ran through Miho’s mind as she closed her eyes. Students with parents, teachers with mothers and sisters, boys and girls who loved each other to the ends of time and space- all of them pleading, begging, wishing to be let go.

Miho’s eyes opened slowly, “I’ll take their lives- then they’ll all realize the pain I went through- and after that, I’ll use their life force to bring Pirogoeth back. I’ll use their life to help bring back the souls of every single digimon whose family members stand here on this ground today.”

In Hindsight, Miho’s plan is eerily similar to Phelesemon’s later actions, only with a different motive.

Quartzmon is behind both of these plans, btw.

“That’s insane!” Ren barked out, disbelief flooding his grey eyes, “Nobody would want to be brought back to life on the blood of innocents!”

“Yeah, lady,” Dracmon spat at the ground, “that’s messed up even for me, and I’M a Demon type!”

“Who asked you anyways?” Miho snarled at them out of the corners of her (and BlossomonX’s) eyes.

“I know I wouldn’t!” Damemon suddenly spoke up.

“And what would you know, HUH?” Miho brought Damemon in closer to her, “Have YOU ever lost anyone?”

“I was the one who saved Kotone-san!” Damemon continued, “I pushed her and her sister out of the way of an attack- I saved them both at the cost of my own dame life and I would NOT want to be brought back in such a Dame Dame Way!”

“It’s true!” Kotone nodded vigorously in agreement, “He was my best friend at the time and he saved me from a very bad man! I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for him!”

“THEN HOW!?” Miho whirled around to yell at Kotone, “How do YOU get him back of all people!? Did he just come back to life during that last battle? HUH!?”

“I DIDN’T!” Damemon shouted back, “I died and I was dead for a whole year before I was resurrected! No. That’s wrong. I was rebuilt out of hard sweat, tears, and the wish for my soul to have somewhere to return to!”

“There’s still hope for your Pirogoeth,” Kotone said with a smile, “we can bring her back- pull her data out of you, and then you two can be reunited!”

She’s putting out the hope spot! The deal that could make things work out for the better…!

“And what about the others? Hm?” Miho’s eyes remained narrowed, not even widening at this shocking development. “What about the Digimon whose family members are here, trying to bring their loved ones back from the brink of death?” She snarled, “That X Virus- the thing that claimed their lives! It’s impossible to bring anyone back from that!”

Miho throws it away for the sake of the others who had died due to the X Virus.

“I’m one of the Denizens!” Cetus said suddenly, breaking out her tone voice after a year of silence, “Cetus of Water- The Sylph of Light- I can help bring them back! Echidna- much as I’d hate to admit it- she can do the same! The Maid of Life can resurect them all! We can purge that virus from existence and they’ll all be back to life!”

Ah I’d forgotten I went with Sylph as Cetus’ title.

“Please,” Kotone pleaded, “let us help you.”

“Nobody wants to be brought back through something like this,” Damemon added on. “Just let them all go, please?”

Miho’s head drifted to one side slowly as she thought it over. “How about…?”


And that word would echo in this ‘deleted’ scene that was never written.

{From there, Miho would begin to choke the life energy out of Kotone and Ren in the most devious way possible- forcing them to…erm…’couple’ in mid air while suspended by their wrists and ankles from vines (in knocking them out first and then tying them up, their clothes had been removed at some point inbetween). This scene would drift dangerously into that “X-Rated Doujin” category.}

As Kotone and Ren would struggle against the vines, Dracmon would increase his attempts to distract Miho- asking how she came up with the plan to drain everyone’s energy. Miho would explain that, on her most recent birthday, a a friend of her mothers from the TV Station would give her a metal box with the Red/Green version of the Omnitrix logo on it. (This friend would later turn out to be a minion of Quartzmon’s, probably another blackmail victim.)

Inside that box would be the vines that Miho was seen wearing earlier in the chapter. Those Rose Vines- when put on- would inject some stray data into Miho’s blood stream, and would give her access to all of RosemonX’s normal powers. It was after she put the vines on that she’d realize that she could bring her lover back to life with the data energy of others.

Meanwhile- as this was being said- Cetus would slowly ‘melt’ her replacement leg into a trickle of water that would get between her and the remaining vines, and from there- she’d force the water to expand violently and suddenly- cutting through the vines and dropping her to the ground where she’d then summon a full outfit of water similar to what she’d had on during the 7Swords arc. There’d be a quick duel- and it wouldn’t end with anyone claiming victory- but with Kotone and Cetus managing to talk Miho into their own little deal.

“Free everyone from this trap and we’ll bring EVERYONE back!”

Eventually- some sense is snapped into Miho through the realization that her Rosemon “Pirogoeth”, and all of those relatives who would be resurrected as well, wouldn’t want to be brought back to life on the blood of so many innocents.

The fighting would stop- Miho would call everyone back in, and they’d discuss the terms of the deal off screen, as we instead pick up with the rest of the story.


Tagiru’s hands were wrapped around Chou’s frozen ones, tears welling up in his eyes. ‘Please, Chou-chan…come back to me.’ he thought for the thirteenth time in the last four minutes.

Apparently, 4:13 was the magic number, as, without a single warning, the bark around the girl’s hands cracked, sending fractures all along the surface of her entombed body…


Chou gasped for air as control of her body suddenly came back to her.

“Chou-chan!” Tagiru smiled at her brightly before leaping forwards to hug her.

“A…Akashi-kun?” Chou blinked in confusion. “What…?”

Other students cheered for her return- while a few groaned at their teacher coming out of it.

All across the school, however, was a happy feeling as everyone who was entrapped returned to the land of the living.

“Huh.” Yuu simply blinked at the chalkboard in front of him, not really sure what had happened here.

Marcus, from near by, simply sighed as he rolled the kinks out of his shoulders. “Well that’s an experience I was hoping never to repeat.”

“Ehh?” Mami spoke up suddenly, “What d’ya mean ‘repeat’?”

“AH…” Marcus paled, “that’s a story for another time.”

Marcus is referring to the Savers movie- with Argomon and all the vines.


Ren picked up his hat, and dusted it off before returning it to his head. “Well, that was interesting,” he said flatly.

“Yer tellin’ me?” Dracmon whistled slightly as Kotone and Miho walked towards them, the latter wearing a coat made out of water, courtesy of Cetus, and the former having her whole leg back to normal. “Hot damn, what a day.”

Ren lightly hit his partner on the top of his head. “Stop staring, you’re drooling all over your feet.”

“We’ll be taking everyone back to the Digital World,” Kotone said finally as she passed by, “we’ll try to get them all reunited with their family members, and we’ll have to look into this X Virus thing too a bit…” She smiled at him, however, “I’d appreciate your help on it though, Ren-kun?”

Dracmon elbowed his partner in the knee, “I think he’d love to come help out!”

“Great! Let’s get going then!” She smiled before Ren could answer for himself, then held up her Xros Loader- which she had just recently customized not a few minutes ago into a vine green and rose red coloring pattern- and called out a simple phrase: “TIME SHIFT!”

Ren is referring to those unseen events I just told you about.

Dracmon is acting as a bit of a match-maker however, in light of those events.

To give a bit more character development to Ren and Kotone- Kotone would be completely calm about it, knowing that Cetus was trying to cut them free. Ren would have been panicking ever so slightly- but would have kept his same deadpan tone through it all.

In the end- these two would have a sort of off-and-on casual sort of relationship. Not really anything close to “Lovers” but nothing close to “Just Friends” either. The ramifications of this will show up in Chapter 71 briefly.

Anyways- with this episode almost over, we cut to…


…For some last minute episode-bridging.

“She did WHAT?!” Yuu shouted in surprise at Tsuwabuki.

“Took all of those Digimon back over to the Digital World so Echidna-san could help out,” The ninja boy replied with a shrug, “and took that kid Ren-kun with her too.”

Yuu isn’t too happy about this.

Taiki chuckled, “I teleported them, so it’s ok.”

Taiki- teleporting just gives them more time to goof around that would otherwise be spent on a train.

“Why am I the last one to find out about this?” Yuu asked with a groan.

“Well you were still getting checked out by the school nurse for any side-effects,” Taiki said, “and since she forwarded everyone over here, it’s really not too bad for us, I suppose.”

“And why’s that?” Yuu asked with a frown.

“‘Cause we’ve got a problem,” came Shoutmon’s voice as he waved at them from the entrance to the nearby hospital.

“Weh?” Tsuwabuki stared a bit, “What kind of problem?”

“A bad one!” Came a familiar voice as a certain plant type fairy digimon stepped out of the shadows next to Shoutmon. “Zenjirou’s hurt!”

“Thanks for calling us, Lila-san.” Taiki smiled at the green haired girl, though it was a hollow smile. “How bad is he?”

Aaaah! It’s her!


Drat. Guess we’ll wait til the next one to find out what’s wrong with Zenjirou! 0_0;


Kotone stepped up onto the stage next, giving a slightly sad smile as she did such.

Nene waved from the audience, and Yuu grinned at her, both of them clearly encouraging their sister on.

With a quick sigh, Kotone motioned to Astamon, who began the song track (“Buddy” from the anime Last Exile), as she started singing.

The Song is as is linked.

After she’s done singing, Kotone goes down and we get a small look on Tsuwa/Damemon’s rebuild.

Kotone wandered over to the table were she’d just come from- ChuChumon sat on it as he twisted a screwdriver into a random metallic piece before him. “How’s it going?” She asked.

The mouse looked up briefly, shrugged, then returned to his work.

Even so, Kotone smiled as she looked at the piece of metal in the mouse’s possession- what would one day become one of Damemon’s new legs.

‘Hurry back soon, buddy.’ She thought quietly.


THIS is why ChuChumon survived 7Swords.

I needed him to rebuild Damemon.


“Kudo, Taiki! You get that guy for me!”

“Don’t worry, Kotemon, we’ll track him down for this.”

“I want to help too!”

“Lila! No! This is my job! I failed to protect him so it’s MY responsibility!”

“Anyone else care to fill me in on what was happening while I was gone?”

“Next time: Digimon Xros Wars! The Cheater Swordsman’s Revenge!”

“I’ll catch this guy for sure!”

The Next time Segment is….odd. I wrote it planning a BET of the Canon episode…

I wound up with something else entirely.

Oh well.

A.N.: Welp. This is a slightly shorter than usual chapter because A: I couldn’t write down the battle scene I had in mind without pushing this story over the M-Threshold; and B: I had no confidence in my writing abilities to pull off said battle scene in any well written manner. Go ahead and soap my brain out for even THINKING such a scene, Kate, but that doesn’t stop the fact that that’s how it went down. Dang it, I couldn’t even get a key piece of foreshadowing into the story there…But on second thought, maybe that’s for the better? I don’t want to be bashing any bricks into people’s heads here on this particular piece of foreshadowing. It’s already been implied enough in this chapter. Heek, it’s practically staring people right in the face in one scene there as it is. …Yeah, Foreshadowing is subtle enough here. BUT! When I come around to LiveBlogging this chapter on A-Xros Time and Space, I’ll be describing this missing scene out because it actually IS pretty important to the overall scheme of things. But that’ll be a while until then- I’ve only just gotten to CH28 on the Live Blog. I’ve got time before I get to 59. 😉 _DTC


AAAAAAAAnd there’s my AN explaining why I didn’t write that scene. How long ago was it that I actually wrote this chapter? *Checks*

Chapter 28…


And it’s now…. 2013/06/07.

Four Months, 19 days.

Wow. Four Months.

That’s quite a while ago!

So yeah. 4 Months was long enough to get here. Whew. Sure doesn’t seem like it. @_@

Oh and this episode’s original plot notes:

05Classmate Miho Sudou in trouble, Blossomon Hunted (KD). BET Until End: Lila appears, says Zenji in hospital.

…Raaaather simple. And Quite accurate except for the BET part.


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