Xros Wars AU 02 — CH57

We Begin CH57 with a cold opening and some poorly done timing issues. ALSO: BE SURE TO READ THE LATEST CHAPTERS IF YOU HAVEN’T ALREADY!!!!


Before we begin: This Episode’s plot summary:

03Puppetmon appears, BET until Breakdramon breaks out of DQ into HW via time warp, GLX4 Hunts, (TS).

Welp. I think I can safely say this episode is NOT a Base Episode Transition. Not at all.

Puppetmon doesn’t even appear in this episode.

THURSDAY_ _ _| 4:20 P.M._ _ _| EARTH_ _ _|

An explosion ripped through the downtown area as the massive machine Digimon, Breakdramon, tore through the buildings around him. Above, high in the air just out of Breakdramon’s drill reach, was Arresterdramon, with Tagiru sitting on his back, watching the scene unfold with horror. “Damn it,” he snarled. “Just look at him go! Like a one ‘mon wrecking crew…!”

“DROP KICK!” KinGRavemon dove down towards Breakdramon’s head, hoping to catch the monster off guard…

The out-of-control beast didn’t even feel a thing as the tiny little fighter bounced off of his massive jaw.

“KYUUUU!”Cutemon’s evolved form barely had enough control left to spread his wings and stop his spiraling course towards the ground. “Not again!”

Nearby, JagarD0rulumon floated into a comfortable stance in front of Breakdramon’s face. “Hey! Over here!” He leveled his drill spear and let loose a “HYPER DRILL BUSTER!” onto the war machine’s ugly mug.

Breakdramon swayed backwards for a mere moment as the tornado rushed into his face, forcing him to wrench his eyes shut at the torrent of fresh air they were being hit with.

Then he flung a drill at JagarD0rulumon.

Welp- this looks glum!


A rather large jar’s lid snapped shut as Kaiyumi finished twisting it into place. “There,” she smiled at the random assortment of Digi-Quartz Moss inside, “that should be enough!”

Visual Metaphors.

Cutemon yawned from his perch on what used to be a retaining wall for a storage warehouse. “Are we done then?”

“Yeah,” Kaiyumi turned around to face the bunny-boy, taking in the surroundings around her as she did such. Barren, empty, desolated- excluding a few buildings, it had seemed as if an explosion had detonated nearby. “We’re done here.”

“Great!” With that, the bunny hopped off of the wall, shifting into his human form as he did such. “It’s almost time for the VRMMO Anime Marathon!” Which was exactly as the name implied, a marathon of anime based around Virtual Reality MMOs.

Cutemon is referencing Anime like .Hack// and Sword Art Online.

Kaiyumi giggled. “I never would have thought you to be one for all those game-based anime, Simon.”

“Yeah yeah,” the boy crossed his arms, turning his nose to the air slightly. “I like it for the sword fights!”

“Speaking of…” Kaiyumi began as they began walking in a random direction that would put them somewhere where a building didn’t used to be when they shifted back to Earth, “how’s Kotemon’s training matching up with Dorulumon’s?”

“It’s about the same, really…” Simon mused, “just so long as I can keep myself from putting too much energy through the swords, I should be able to meld the two styles together okay.”

Subtle Foreshadowing? Perhaps.

As they got to the exterior entrance of one particular building, Kaiyumi pulled out her Loader and called out the command phrase: “TIME SHIFT!”

Through the cracks in the door, the light from the portal bled through, highlighting a bloodshot blue eye watching them from the other side.


*Cue Stand Up (TV Ver) by TWILL*



*cue Title Theme*

“Breakdramon’s Rampage! The Return of GLX5!”

Nothing out of place here.

THURSDAY_ _ _| 2:00 P.M._ _ _| EARTH_ _ _|

At the ‘end-of-period’ bell’s tone, Taigru found himself assaulted by his ‘follower’, Mami. “Tagiru! Let’s go get a snack,” she tried to drag him away from his desk to the cafeteria, despite the fact that he’d already eaten lunch and wasn’t hungry at all.

“But I’m not hungry!” he protested.

“Well I am, so come on you lazy sack of bricks!” She hissed at him in a way that reminded him of a cat (Had she been hanging out with Gumdramon? Tagiru wondered briefly.) and redoubled her efforts to remove him from the room.

Mami, you are about as persistent as a cat! Let Tagiru stick around, would it kill ya?

After a few moments of these shenanigans, largely ignored by everyone else in the room, the door to the classroom was thrown open by someone Tagiru couldn’t see, but the teacher could, judging by the way he tensed up upon seeing whoever it was on the other side.

“Oi,” Marcus Damon, said teacher, said to his students, “when next period begins, turn to chapter five in your history books and don’t stop reading until I get back. So don’t leave this room unless you’ve got to go to the bathroom or something, got it?” With that said, he motioned for Yuu to follow him, and went for the door. Yuu got up and followed just as immediately, leaving the class murmuring among themselves about what could be happening.

Tagiru frowned, ignoring Mami’s continued actions to get him to go to the cafeteria. Something wasn’t right.


“Journal entry for today,” Shoutmon was saying as those of Xros Heart who managed to get-together on such short notice strolled away from the school district. “‘Barrier Break in DT dist’ period comma, ‘Wait to Five at Two forty.'”

The Journal! Such important information resides within!

“So we’ve got a time storm coming in less than forty minutes?” Corone asked as she checked the current time on her watch. “How are we supposed to deal with that?”

“Probably, something from Digi-Quartz is going to come through a warp,” Yuu reasoned. “I’d imagine we’ll have to face whatever it is when it comes out.”

“Why the short notice anyways?” Marcus asked with a frown. “Shouldn’t we have been ready for this ahead of time?”

“That would be because I took too long to process the samples I got last week.” Kaiyumi answered as she held up her Xros Loader to display a hologram from it. “They were heavily saturated with a data structure that needed to be cross referenced,” the hologram was of some nonsensical jumble of molecular structures. “So to make a long story short, the suspected emergence point was practically wiped off of the map, and whatever caused it left a unique data structure in the ruins that seeped into the moss.”

Basically, nobody knew WHAT was coming through….

Until now.

“And?” Marcus asked.

“I had to cross-reference it with Wisemon’s Data Scan Library, and we found that it matched a wave form we encountered in Sweets Zone.” Kaiyumi concluded with a brief pause, then said the name they dreaded to hear: “Breakdramon.”

Yuu frowned. “That’s the Digimon you said you barely managed to beat, right?”

“That was a GigaBreakdrdamon though,” Simon said, but nodded nonetheless, “and he was really angry at us for some reason! I guess we’ll find out why soon enough.”

“So it’s coming here for revenge?” Yuu asked, “From where?”

“Isn’t it obvious?” Shoutmon asked in return.

Isn’t it?


Suzaki, Airu lowered her binoculars and frowned at the building they were spying on. “Nothing.”

Next to her, Tobari, Ren, yawned. “We’ve been at this all morning, Ryouma…And unlike you two, I’m skipping class.”

Character Development: Ren is a STUDENT!

Mogami, Ryouma chuckled in reply. The trio, his “Team Alias” as Airu had joking called their team once, were on one of the few remaining building rooftops of Digi-Quartz’s Downtown District. Something at some point or another had leveled the area, and his sources indicated that that something was about to return to the scene of the crime. “It’s simple, really,” he replied, “whatever caused this damage is super powerful, and super rare,” he added the latter tag simply to get Ren’s attention hooked again. “To capture such a Digimon…!”

I believe I got “Team Alias” from BlueIke’s references to these three. Of course, they’re in a completely different role here.

“Hmf,” Airu closed her eyes and huffed in annoyance, cutting the silver haired boy off. “Capture capture capture. That’s all you’re ever going on about! What ever happened to the old man’s condition of returning them to the Digital World?”

“Something powerful enough to cause this much damage…” Ren mumbled, “could we even catch such a thing without it breaking out of our Loaders?”

“We can catch it.” Ryouma insisted, “It’s been done before, and it can be done again.”

Ryouma- for those of you who remember canon hunters- is acting super suspicious here. He’s professing knowledge of events he shouldn’t know of.

“You sound like you know what Digimon it is even though we haven’t even laid eyes on it,” Airu remarked. “And besides, it’s probably long gone by now. What makes you even think it’s going to show up here?”

“I’ve heard rumors-”

“You’re lying.” She said such decisive words in a tone that if used in some other universe would signal it’s end of days. Repeatedly. Potentially through time loops.

Uso Da!

Ryouma sighed. There was no getting past her deductive reasoning, so he said as such. “I’d expect as much from the girl who aced college courses at the age of s-!”

“Don’t patronize me!” She countered immediately, seeing where he was going with that line of thought without any problem at all.

Ren sighed, and fiddled with his MP3 player some… ‘Yare yare,’ he thought, ‘such an unstable relationship we have!’

Airu’s shouting here is due to a defense mechanism installed by her here-yet-unknown Memory Trapped status.

Their “team” was… tense to say the least. The bonds between them was not much one of ‘companionship’ but more along the lines of “A business deal,” as Ryouma has proposed it. They teamed up to “Hunt” (and it was always that word from him, over the “Rescue” that Ren had always operated by when he caught those Rare Digimon who were stuck in the collapsing world) the Digimon that they couldn’t otherwise catch alone.

Some more development for Ren here.

“Tea?” came a nasally voice from behind him- and Ren instinctively reached back for the cup of tea that was no doubt right over his shoulder. As he took a sip, he cast a glance over to their waiter.

It was a relatively rare StealthCommandramon, in that it looked more like a BlackAgumon in a tuxedo over the regular camouflage pattern and military armor. It was one of Airu’s Digimon, he knew even without having met this Digimon before repeatedly- It was that garish pink collar she forced her ‘In Training’ digimon to wear during their “Rehab and Reform,” as Airu insisted it was called, that gave it away as hers.

Ren was envious that she had managed to catch such a rare Digimon, but he kept his peace on that.

Pink Collars- foreshadowing to Airu being Lilithmon.

Also- Stalthy here is the past!form of Mugendramon, or the Reborn!form? It’s hard to tell sometimes.

“Tea?” The Dinosaur offered the second of the two cups to his master, who eagerly took the drink with a smile and a nod.

“Thank’s Stealthy-kun!” she smiled and patted the dinosaur on the head, who in turn muttered something Ren couldn’t hear, but assumed went along the lines of “Thank you, Ojou-sama” or “It was my pleasure, Ojou-Sama.”

Ren sighed as he put his cup down a bit, “Putting all of that aside,” he looked up to the other boy in their group, “I don’t trust your sources, Ryouma. The last time we followed them, we nearly got eaten alive by that Kuwagamon.”

Airu shuddered, groaning “Don’t remind me!” in response.

What Kuwagamon?

“This should be fine,” Ryouma put on a smile so fake it would make a clown cry. “It’s a machine type, not a bug type.”

Ren sighed, muttering “I hate clowns” in response to his own wayward thoughts before seriously saying: “I’m even more worried then. We haven’t had a good record with Machine types as of late, remember that MetalTyranomon?”

At this, Ryouma frowned. “Yes, that boy certainly had some skill to pull that capture off.”

“Mouuuu” Airu huffed, “I just want to know how he managed to upgrade a fresh Xros Loader when I still haven’t gotten mine to do the timey thing with Opposumon yet!”

Airu’s desire to “Time Burst” Opposumon into her future form.

“Speaking of, where is she?” Ren had to ask. “Doesn’t she usually come along on these group things?”

“She said something about exams today, so she’s at school,” the blond replied with a devious smirk and a wink. “Whiiiich is Exactly where you should be right now, Renna-chan!

Ren scowled as his face flushed red, “Don’t call me that!”

Subtle hinting here: Ren occasionally Xros-Dresses.

At this, his partner, Dracmon, laughed his head off from nearby, where he was sipping tea along side a Psychmon, one of Ryouma’s Digimon, and the Commandramon serving said Tea. “Oh are you still sore about that Halloween costume I made for you?”

“That was less of a costume and more of a prank.” Ren shot a death glare at the little demon casually sipping tea like a refined gentlemen, which that prankster definitely was not.

“Ah yes,” Dracmon grinned, “I enjoyed the pranksters gambit on that exchange!”

Even if it’s his partner that put him up to it.

Anyways: Airu is also telling us here that Opposumon has a SCHOOL LIFE outside of the Digital World. How odd!

Meanwhile, inside the building that those three kids were watching..

A Scientist stared up at his creation.

His bloodshot blue eyes stared up in determined insanity at the glistening green machine with silver and gold drills.

He ran an oil coated hand through his grease slicked brown hair and laughed. “Soon those fools…” he giggled, “soon they will realize my ultimate goal was always right there!”

The insane man ran for the ladder leading up to the beast’s head…

He giggled insanely. “How do they expect to out run me?” He cackled as he climbed rung after rung. “When I’ll already be THERE!”

The man stood on the giant’s head, hands firmly gripping the levers as he smiled an insane (I feel I’ve overused this adjective) smile. “And Now…”

This guy….Oh man, Crocker is insane, isn’t he? This guy is a plain old shout out to Fairy Odd Parents, rather than Homestuck.

Ren frowned as a ripple went across the surface of his tea. “Guys?” He tried to get their attention.

But no, those two were tied up in an argument about a previous “Hunt” Of theirs.

Another ripple, along with the building they were sitting on trembling slightly. “Um…Airu..?”

Still arguing, as if they hadn’t even felt that tremor. To Ren, this was beginning to feel like something out of a movie he’d seen as a kid.

Jurassic Park.

A massive tremor this time, along with a massive ripple of tea. “HEY!” He shouted, finally getting their attention.

“What!?” The two teens turned towards him, fire burning in their eyes.

“My Tea is shaking,” Ren said simply just before another tremor rocked the building, testing each of their balance at that crucial moment.

“AH!” Ryouma let loose a rare smile, “So it’s arrived!”

Immediately, they all turned to look at the building that they’d been watching all day.

The whole world seemed to tremble again…

And then a Breakdramon was born into the world- destroying that building as easily as if it were its own eggshell with all of those drills.

“IT’S…!” The man on the Breakdramon’s head cried to the heavens in horribly mangled sounding English.“SHOWTIIIIIIIMEEEEEEEE!”

Double Shout out here: SAO: the Laughing Coffin Guy who shouted this a lot. Digimon Savers: Kurata.

Ryouma stared in confusion while Airu’s jaw dropped open with shock.

“What the-” The newly born Breakdramon stomped a foot forward, creating a sound so loud that the Ren’s appropriate question went unheard.

It roared by opening its jaw, although it did not move its head one iota, as doing such would unbalance its pilot, who was controlling the massive beast from all those various levers sitting on the beast’s head.

“Kukuku…” The man chuckled, “Those fools at the Academy will rue the day they decided to kick me- J. Blitzkrieg Crocker!- off of the Robotic Board!”

Seriously? This is his backstory?

That’s his back story? Couldn’t he have come up with something better?” Ren asked aloud, then added after a moment’s pause, “Then again, the fact that he managed to make such a thing on his own for an unknown amount of years might just be the reason why he was kicked off in the first place.”

Thank you, Ren.

I guess they’ll never know for sure, because at that moment, this “Crocker” Fellow pulled a lever on the Breakdramon’s head- causing the drill on its forehead to rev up, spinning into a brilliant purple hue…

“KURONO BUREIKAAA!” Crocker roared for the beast as the drill literally tore a hole in time and space, allowing Breakdramon to step through that suddenly made rift, and into some unknown point in the past.

“…We are so in over our heads,” Dracmon deduced instantly as the three humans stared at the broken wall of space time in front of them.


I’m SURE this is a shout out to something.

I just don’t remember what.

EARTH_ _ _|

Evacuating the downtown district had been easy enough- Taiki had teleported every living soul to somewhere safe (Just outside the observed damage radius in Digi-Quartz) as fast as he could while JagarD0rulumon floated above in the sky, keeping an eye out for any sudden temporal rifts.

“Taiki…” The rather large wolf began talking into the Wrister radio that was built into his headset, “are we sure this is going to work?”

Down below by an evacuated pawn shop, Taiki replied into his own Wrister, “I’m about as sure as I am anything anymore.”

“Hmf, that has me concerned,” JagarD0rulumon remarked.

“Shouldn’t, really,” Taiki rolled his eyes pointlessly. “I know how this all turns out, I saw it already, remember?”

“Yes, more time travel storm shenanigans,” the wolf sighed as he glanced around. “Are you sure that was the absolute end of the fight? You never saw that Breakdramon die from the drill attack, after all. Heck, do you even know for sure that that drill you saw was even one of ours?”

Some Dorulumon/Taiki partnership bonding here. They’re in sore need of it.

“Eh…That’s true…” Taiki mused, “but what else could it have been? One of Breakdramon’s getting tossed into the sky and falling back down onto him?”

“Nah,” JagarD0rulumon laughed, “the timing of it all would have to be really impractical!”

Dang it- Now you just KNOW that’s going to happen.



Tagiru opportunity to slip away from the clingy Mami arrived in the form of his tutor, Chou-chan, when she had opened the door to his classroom with a math book under arm and a smile on her face. “Welp!” He pushed away, barely noting the frustration brewing behind Mami’s Calico eyes as he exclaimed, “Time for me to go get my grades up!”

After the daring (hah!) escape from the classrooms, he smiled at his rescuer, “Thank you Chou-chan, I really needed to get out of there!”

“Well, since all the teachers just up an’ left, I figured nobody’d care if we slipped out the rest of the day for studying,” she smiled at him, then frowned as she contiuned, “besides, Akashi-kun, my aunt called me a little while ago! They’re evacuating downtown and she wants me back home as soon as possible, but since we’ve got that outstanding appointment for studying…”

Tagiru<3Chou Development: Using studying as an excuse to skip school!

“Who’s evacuating downtown?” Tagiru asked, his interest suddenly piqued. This had to have something to do with what had happened before.

“Xros Heart!” Chou replied, “The King himself is asking that the government be prepared to evacuate people even further away from downtown!”

“Why are they doing that for?” Tagiru asked mostly to himself, the answer to which came in the form of a sonic boom the moment Chou opened her mouth to answer.

The entire school population began screaming in panic as the building shook from some kind of shock wave.

As far away as the school was from the source of the temporal disturbance, being right at the epicenter of it was ten times as worse.

A massive shock wave had spontaneously emerged from the point of Breakdramon’s emergence, completely grinding the immediately surrounding spherical area into a fine powder, and forcing major damage upon the buildings surrounding that area. JagarD0rulumon, having been in the air at the time, had been forcibly flung backwards by the shock wave. And of all the embarrassing things to land on, he’d landed on a flower shop.

“Ow…” He grumbled as Taiki teleported next to him. “What the hell was that?”

“The Dimensional warp we were waiting for,” Taiki frowned. “I wasn’t expecting something that powerful though.”

“Taiki!” Yuu’s voice crackled over the Wristers, “What just happened? What was that sound?”

Taiki and JagarD0rulumon hesitated to reply, as Breakdramon’s mighty roar howled through the air…

“Nevermind that,” Shoutmon huffed, “we figured it out.”

Breakdramon: thy name art subtlety.

“TIME BURST!” Yuu and Kaiyumi roared as they held up their Xros Loaders.



With a mighty glint of light off of those pointy shades, “CASCADESTARMON!” struck a pose.

Silver armor gained a crimson hue, and “KINGRAVEMON!” let loose a mighty roar.

“D.N.A. CHARGE!” Marcus slammed a palm full of glowing data onto the top of his Xros Loader, formerly a “Burst” Digivice, “OVERDRIVE!”


A tiny dinosaur grew to the size of tallest building in town, “SHINEGREYMON!” had arrived.

“MODE CHANGE!” Shoutmon’s body glowed with brilliant golden light as his human form shifted into that of his current form, a ruby red and emerald green version of “OMEGA SHOUTMON!”

And he still had that rocking yellow scarf!

“Let’s go!” And with that order from the Digimon King, those that couldn’t fly climbed onto the backs or shoulders of those that could, and they took off with an increased sense of speed.

Gratuitous Evolving.

Of Note: Shoutmon stays in his human form most of the time during the rest of the story as it progresses because his Default Digimon form *IS NOW* OmegaShoutmon.

All that armor makes it awkward for him.

Of course, ShineGreymon drew the most immediate attention of any of those evolved Digimon, bringing the world’s eyes upon the downtown district of this simple little town as Xros Heart soared towards battle.

Outside the school’s main doors, Tagiru frowned and narrowed his eyes as he watched them go.

He didn’t care if his teacher (also a part of Xros Heart!) had asked him to stay behind- Akashi, Tagiru was not going to stand idly by while something bad was going down!

He reached for his Xros Loader… “Eh?” …Only to realize that he’d left it in Gumdramon’s care.

It was back at his house.

‘Chou-chan’s house is two blocks away from mine,’ Tagiru narrowed his eyes, ‘if we can get back there and I can get my Loader…!’ He turned back towards his tutor/friend and, rather determinedly, said, “I’ll take you back to your place, okay?”

“Ah…right!” She nodded, a faint blush forming on her cheeks, “T-that’d be fine, Akashi-kun!”

Tagiru. Always the Hero! He puts getting Chou home OVER getting his Xros Loader and joining the fight. In fact: by doing this he’s got to go out of his way!

“HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!” The insane man Crocker, who was clearly off his rocker while standing on Breakdramon’s head like a cracker topper, cackled with glee as he looked at the mayhem that had been caused by his mere arrival! “Oh wow! I didn’t expect that much damage from this!”

“You DIDN’T?!” came a surprised shout from below, and he looked down- JagarD0rulumon, spear in hand, was flying up with a snarl on his snout and a flickering sphere of red and white energy on his shoulder.

“Wait. What?”

Much to Crocker’s surprise, that sphere of energy has a person inside- A Kid!- and that person could Teleport!– He’d teleported right off of JagarD0rulumon’s shoulder right onto the tip of Breakdramon’s nose drill! What Perfect balance!

Nicely Done, Taiki!

“Who the hell are you?” Crocker stared in awe.

“I could ask the same thing!” Taiki snarled, “But instead I’ll settle for the routine…!”


Teleporting fists could become a problem to his plan, Crocker thought belatedly as the boy punched him away from the controls.

“Engrave it on your heart! I’m from Xros Hea-er-whaaahh!”

The removal of Breakdramon’s pilot from the controls, however, ruined the dramatic running gag as the machine Digimon went wild.

“Nice job breaking it, hero!” Those were the words going through Crocker’s mind as his creation flung it’s head backwards with a mighty roar and threw the two tiny humans off of it’s skull.


JagarD0rulumon had meant to be the distraction to the robot while Taiki teleported onto it to remove the pilot from the controls.

Plan A had succeeded in that respect.

…Then the Breakdramon would be shut down for containment

Plan A had failed there.

Nice job screwing it up, Taiki!

As Breakdramon roared, drills flaring about in random directions, keeping him from getting anywhere near close to it, Taiki teleported back onto his shoulder, holding a rather dazzled looking Crocker with him.

“Didn’t expect teleporting kids!” the insane man rambled, “didn’t see that one coming, not one bit!”

“Eh…” JagarD0rulumon didn’t like the way Taiki shrugged. “We really didn’t think this through, did we?”

“No,” The wolf replied sourly. “No we didn’t.”

At the moment, Breakdramon seemed more interested in keeping them away rather than doing anything. The beast was probably more concerned about retaining its freedom than causing damage at the moment…

That would probably change soon.

“Without a pilot it goes berserk ” Taiki mused, “sort of like that one anime they remade into that movie.” he sighed, “It’s moving around too much, I can’t get a good lock on where it’s going to be at any given moment.”

Taiki can’t teleport onto Breakdramon to shut the controls down- it’s moving too much and Taiki might just get stuck INSIDE Breakdramon.

“It doesn’t look like it’s moving around all that much to me,” JagarD0rulumon mused, “What makes you say that?”

“I need something to be relatively flat for about three point one four seconds in order to safely teleport onto it, so I don’t end up getting stuck inside anything,” Taiki pointed at Breakdramon, “That is two seconds between motions.”

“What about above it?” JagarD0rulumon offered, then frowned, “Wait, no, I see the problem with that.”

“If it suddenly jerked up, I’d get stuck inside mid teleport.”


“Yeah, that,” JagarD0rulumon’s frown turned into a scowl, “so what about this guy?” he asked in reference to their captured prisoner.

“I figure he’d be able to help us out here,” Taiki shrugged as a smile formed on his face, “besides, it’s not like I was going to let him die on any of those sharp, pointy drills, now was I?”

(Crocker gulped as he realized that Breakdramon DID have an absurd about of sharp, pointy drills on his back, “Oh…I hadn’t thought of that possibility!”)

“Good point,” JagarD0rulumon replied, “Can’t turn your back on anyone, even now?”


Can’t turn his back, especially when it means the guy’d get impaled on his own drill.

“So really, what about him?”

“Got anything to say?” Taiki hefted Crocker up by the back of his dingy lab coat collar, “Why build the most dangerous Digimon ever known to the universe?”

“They kicked me out of the academy,” Crocker replied, watching in bafflement as Breakdramon began to lash out at the buildings around, feeling as if they were encroaching in on his personal space. “So I made a giant death robot to prove that I wasn’t insane.”

Sorry to say, that’s a pretty stupid move.

Taiki and Dorulumon shared an uneasy glance.

That’s his backstory?” Taiki asked, repeating Ren’s earlier comment without fail, “Really?”

“Well, I think it proves that whatever place he got kicked out of had the right idea,” JagarD0rulumon rolled his eyes. “Really, now…couldn’t he have just talked to them?”

“Reminds me of a cartoon Sally had me watch recently,” Taiki remarked, “Some old man was obsessed with getting his son to pay attention to him, so he made a giant Loch Ness Monster robot and put it in the local lake.”

Gravity Falls shout out.

“I remember that one, wasn’t it that one about the Kids finding an oddly numbered journal with odd things in it?”

“Yup! Apparently it’s really popular over in America, and I can see why!”

Crocker was thoroughly confused by this conversation at the moment, why were they talking about television instead of trying to stop his massive creation?

“Oi! Taiki!” OmegaShoutmon called out as he and the others flew over, “What the heck are you guys doing?! We’ve got a Breakdramon to break!”

(“That’s just what I was thinking!” Crocker spat out in… You know, I’m not really sure what tone he was trying to express right there. Let’s go with “astonishment” for now?)

Breakdramon didn’t wait for anyone else to answer- upon seeing the new arrivals getting closer, he decided that enough was enough and roared as he broke out of his defensive flailing.

And things go from bad to worse.

The sounds of battle had definitely gotten everyone’s attention if something else hadn’t already.

As Tagiru and Chou hurried down the streets back to their neighborhood, they’d passed several street side TV stores, all of which were showing long-distance footage of the battle that had begun.

Breakdramon was swinging around wildly, smashing drills into buildings with seemingly no hesitation. He was trying to hit Xros Heart’s defending members, but they were (barely) able to dodge away each time.

As I said before- an ongoing theme of Hunter’s arc is REAL WORLD IMPLICATIONS.

Here is a battle being broadcasted on LIVE TELEVISION.

“GLORIOUS BURST!” ShineGreymon roared, flinging a sphere of golden red energy down at Breakdramon, who simply drilled it into nothingness.

“HARD ROCK DAMASHII!” OmegaShoutmon threw twin spheres of energy down at Breakdramon, hoping to confuse the beast with multiple attacks.

Breakdramon simply snarled and broke one of his many drills into two slightly smaller ones, which easily deflected the attacks away with ease.



The shock waves from any kind of deflected attack could be felt across the country, even as Breakdramon continued his rampage across the downtown area.

“If that area hadn’t been evacuated…” Tagiru didn’t want to think such thoughts, but he could tell his tutor was, worrying about the aunt that had called her back home no doubt.

Things could be going worse.

But they COULD be going better.

KinGRavemon began the first stage of a new attack he’d been practicing, courtesy of Kotemon, grabbing two ‘blades’ off of the tips of his wings, he struck a pose that any dual-wielding sword master would recognize as the opening stance for a certain sixteen hit move:


Of course, adapting the move to aerial flight was something not to be trifled with…

The crimson armored digimon dove down, striking out with each ‘sword’ as he dove past whatever drill was thrown up in front of him to block or to attack.

As a brilliant blur of blue shot out of each blade with each strike, Breakdramon suddenly got nervous at that crimson colored warrior.

A well founded nervousness, as KinGRavemon finally managed to slice through the base of one of Breakdramon’s massive golden drills to take it as his own.


KinGRavemon pulls a Kirito.

Ironic in Hindsight.

What Hindsight?

Well, Ironic in *MY* Hindsight, at any rate.

Everyone heard the roar of shredding metal as two drills hit each other, and continued to try to pierce each other with equal force.

It was very much a symptom of hitting a rock with a rock, or fighting a lake with another lake.

Massive sparks could be seen flying off of the clashing metal, and all who listened feared for the inevitable…

KinGRavemon pulled off the same move as before- He STOLE Breakdramon’s drill.

Airu stared at the carnage before them- it was one thing to see it all after the fact, but it was another to see it all happening right there in front of her! “Earth…” She finally put it together, “is Digi-Quartz?”

“I didn’t realize…” Ren stared as well, “I though that Digi-Quartz was a copy of here…”

Out of the three teens, Ryouma was the only one who seemed calm, “The damage only goes so far in Digi-Quartz, therefore Breakdramon gets stopped here.”

Airu and Ren turned to look at him with horror in their eyes, neither wanted to believe he could be so…callous towards the destruction of their home town!

Ryouma is SUPPOSED to be emotionally cold here, and Airu- even memory trapped as she is- is shocked by this!

Taigru hurried away from Chou’s house towards his own with extra speed. “I gotta help them!” he clenched his fists as he rushed past a house’s main window, through which he could briefly see the owner of the house beating on the TV screen, which had cut to the local news station’s “Please Stand By” screen for some reason.

Since he only lived a few blocks away, Tagiru got to his house in record time, shoving the front door open and calling inside: “Gumdramon! We need to go!”

“About time!” Much to Tagiru’s surprise, Gumdramon was sitting on the couch, Xros Loader in arm, waiting for him. “I was about to go out there to look for ya!”

Tagiru gets home- and we see Gumdramon itching to fight.

As the rubber dragon threw the loader over to Tagiru so he could turn the TV off via remote control, Tagiru noticed what channel it had been on- that same local network’s news station as he’d seen just minutes before, it’s logo clearly visible in the center of the wide, flat-screen: GA-PRL-Zero-Five News broadcasting- a green hourglass in a black circle.

He didn’t know why he took notice of it at that moment, maybe because it was the first time in a while that he’d seen it in color instead of the transparent water mark usually used in the corner?

The TV was off in a second, and Gumdramon was running towards him, ready for action. “Let’s go Tagiru!”



^^That Symbol, Right There^^

As the Eye Catch plays, I’ll let you mull over WHY I chose this symbol.

All I’ll say that it is *very* important.

“TIME BURST!” Tagiru held his Loader up as the bracelet on his wrist glowed.

“REEYYYAAAHHHH!”Gumdramon roared as the bracelet around his tail glowed in sync with Tagiru’s bracelet.

Gumdramon’s data expanded out, changing shaped and solidifying into his future form. “CHOU SHINKA! ARRESTERDRAMON!”

With a combined cheer of excitement, Tagiru jumped onto Arresterdramon’s back, and the dragon took to the air.

It took them little time at all to get to the scene of the battle, and once they were high in the air, just out of Breakdramon’s drill reach, they watched the scene unfold with horror.


“Damn it,” Arresterdramon snarled. “Just look at him go! Like a one ‘mon wrecking crew…!”

“DROP KICK!” KinGRavemon dove down towards Breakdramon’s head, hoping to catch the monster off guard…

The out-of-control beast didn’t even feel a thing as the tiny little fighter bouced off of his massive jaw.

“KYUUUU!”Cutemon’s evolved form barely had enough control left to spread his wings and stop his spiraling course towards the ground. “Not again!”

Nearby, JagarD0rulumon floated into a comfortable stance in front of Breakdramon’s face. “Hey! Over here!” He leveled his drill spear and let loose a “HYPER DRILL BUSTER!” onto the war machine’s ugly mug.

Breakdramon swayed backwards for a mere moment as the tornado rushed into his face, forcing him to wrench his eyes shut at the torrent of fresh air they were being hit with.

Then he flung a drill at JagarD0rulumon in retaliation.

“Uh-oh.” he gulped.

> Cliffhanger: RESOLVE!

KinGRavemon dove in, summoning Breakdramon’s stolen drill back into existence in the mere fraction of a second he had to strike. Both Drills jammed up as the second one materialized inside of the second.

Breakdramon snarled in frustration, and KinGRavemon simply laughed as he let go of that drill, leaving it haphazardly merged with the other.

“Oi!” Tagiru waved down at them, “Need some help!?”

“HEY!” Marcus shouted from his perch on a rooftop some ways behind Breakdramon, “Didn’t I tell you to stay in class?!”

“Study break!” Tagiru grinned back at the man.

“Why you…!” Marcus growled slightly.

“Oi Oi!” OmegaShoutmon came into a hover just next to Arresterdramon, “No fighting you two! Plenty of time for that later,” the King looked at Arresterdramon funnily, then towards Tagiru, “and yeah, we could use some help, but I’m waiting on Taiki to get back here with the backup he went to get before I’m even considering letting you in on the fight.”

“Back up?” Tagiru asked, “Who?”

The King rolled his blue eyes, “Who else?”

Taiki HAS been suspiciously absent for most of the latter part of the fight, hasn’t he?


CascadeStarmon’s bifurcated shades swung up at Breakdramon’s many drill cables, only to be deflected by other drills moments before they impacted. “Damn it!” CascadeStarmon snapped his fingers in frustration. “It’s not working, Yuu!”

“I KNOW!” The Amano boy shouted back in frustration as he leaped from one rooftop to another, swinging Corone’s scythe form as he jumped, “DEMON HUNTER!”

So far, the vibrating wavelengths were the only thing that had managed to cut any of Breakdramon’s Drill cables after the beast had gone even more berserk in an attempt to keep that from happening anymore after KinGRavemon’s last stunt. But the monster was learning to vibrate his own drills to counter that.

Crocker, from his position tied up with an absurd amount of rope and duct tape next to Marcus, just laughed with insanity. “He Learns! HE LEARNS! AHAHAH!”

“SHUT UP!” Marcus shouted at him, “That’s getting real annoying real fast!”


“So when did Taiki leave?” Tagiru asked of OmegaShoutmon.

“About Five minutes ago. Ballistamon and Revolomon can pretty hard to track down when they want to be, which is a real pain in the ass for us when we need to find them!” The King glanced at his left wrist, whose armor had slid back slightly to reveal a stop watch. “I give them another minute before they show up in a Big Damn Heroes moment and we put Breakdramon where he belongs.”

“Ye Olde Horror Zone?” Arresterdramon supplied helpfully.

“No, but he would fit in there, wouldn’t he?” OmegaShoutmon grinned slightly, “I was actually thinking of something a bit…sweeter than that place for this guy.”

“Eh?” Arresterdramon blinked, “You lost me there. Care to repeat that?”

Sweets Zone, Shoutmon means.

“You’ll see soon enough,” was the King’s cryptic answer.

True to Shoutmon’s guess, exactly six minutes after Taiki left to get backup, indeed, he arrived with three digimon in tow, two of whom were already Digi-Xrossed.

Taiki pulls it off- He’s grabbed all of the components necessary for this next Xros.

“SPARROWMON: AERIAL BOMBER MODE!” Sparrowmon called out the name of the Digi-Xros between her and Ballistamon, Taiki and Revolomon standing on her back, Xros Loaders connected together in the standard “Double Xros” position. “ULTRA SONIC RAIDER!”

And then Breakdramon was bombarded by a horrid sound that utterly sent his senses sprawling out of control, causing him to thrash around even more wildly than before, but this time in a distracted kind of way.

“Taiki!” KinGRavemon let loose a whoop as he warped back into his normal state of Cutemon, “About time you found them!”

“Hey!” The goggle wearing boy protested as Sparrowmon: AB broke down into Sparrow and Ballistamon. “You try visiting every point in the solar system in under ten minutes and then you can complain!”

Taiki DOES have certain limits when it comes to Teleporting.

“We can argue later,” Yuu said as he jumped down to join them, Kaiyumi hanging onto his back, while CascadeStarmon broke down into the regular Starmonz, “Right now we’ve got to stop Breakdramon!”

Much to Tagiru’s confusion, JagarD0rulumon landed next to them and shrunk back into Dorulumon.

“So we’re using that form again?” The wolf asked.

“Gotta go!” OmegaShoutmon saluted to Tagiru before he dove down to join the rest of them, switching back to his human form in the process.

“What the heck are they doing!?” Arresterdramon’s eyes went wide as he watched them all stand in front of the convulsing Breakdramon without a care in the world. “Why are they powering down!?”

Arresterdramon is understandably confused.

When four Xros Loaders went into the air, Tagiru’s eyes widened. “I think that’s your answer.”

*cue Sora iro days*

“GALAXY XROS!” Four voices cried out in unison, and then five Digimon blured together as bursts of energy.


There was a burst of light, and then…A body formed. It was Xros Five’s body…but somehow…Different…and Familiar.

“SUPER GALAXY COMBINATION!” The body shone with crimson armor, the Starmonz incorporated into the torso to make it look more like a giant face. The legs and arms were thick, and the Sparrow-wing assembly on the back had taken on a black coloring while the shield had failed to form entirely. The helmet looked different from anything Tagiru had seen before, and topping it all off were the brilliantly shining Awesome-Shades on the chest, right over Shoutmon’s V Crest. “GURREN LAGANN: XROS FIVE!”

Come on- you all knew this was coming from the Episode Title.

Kimi ha kikoeru? Boko no kono koe ga, yami ni munashiku suikomareta

“And there it is…” Marcus smirked at them. “The Impossible made Possible.”

Moshi mo sekai ga, imi wo motsu no nara,

Breakdramon had barely gotten it’s wits back together as the Crimson Mech Xros leaped forward, punching Breakdramon straight in the drill nose to establish superiority.

Konna kimochi mo, muda de ha nai

Crocker just stared up at it in abstract horror as Breakdramon’s nose drill broke. “Seriously?! They can do that!?”

“They can and they have.” Marcus nodded.

Akogare ni oshitsubusarete akirametetanda

Breakdramon roared as he realed backwards in pain and surprise, GLX5 simply narrowed its eyes in a way that suggested it was smirking at him.

You know it’s a bad day when you can see a smirk coming through a MASK.

Hateshinai sora no iro mo shiranaide!

GLX5 then twisted their right hand slightly, and –BAM- a giant golden drill formed out of a flash of green light.

Hashiridashita, omoi ga ima demo, Kono mune wo tashi ka ni tataiteru kara


The Drill revved up and then span as GLX5 lunged forward- Breakdramon raised a few drills to counter…



And as that drill sent Breakdramon’s own high into the air, transforming it into the same golden color as GLX5’s drills, Breakdramon knew he was done for.

Kyou no boku ga sono saki ni tsudzuku, Bokura nari no asu wo kizuite yuku

That drill pierced through Breakdramon’s entire torso, riddling it all to rubbish metal within an instant, leaving the shambling husk of a machine to collapse to the ground, near death if it wasn’t already.

Kotae ha sou…

And then to add insult to injury, that broken drill fell from the heavens and pierced Breakdramon’s neck, pinning the beast to the ground and leaving his mind trapped within his head, unable to do anything else.

Itsu mo koko ni aru!

And with that, GLX5 swung their oil covered drill to the right, flinging the oil off like blood off of a blade before dismissing the drill to the space it had last come from.

Another Kirito-ism- the side swipe to dispel liquid.

Airu and Ren stared at the ruined Breakdramon with their jaws wide open, nearly touching the ground. Ryouma, to his credit, was only vaguely disturbed, to the point that his face showed the actual reaction of “Shock!”

“How…did they…?” He stared on in confusion.

Above them, Arresterdramon and Tagiru stared at the ruined husk of a war machine with equally shocked expressions.

“Just…what the heck…” Tagiru could barely form the sentence, it was so riddled with shock, “…was that?”

“That was Xros Heart,” Arresterdramon said simply. “What incredible power!”

Marcus chuckled as he hefted Crocker off of one of the only remaining rooftops in the immediate area. “Welp, so much for that plan of yours, eh, Crackers?”

“It’s CROCKER!” the man insisted.

This is the first time GLX5 is seen by the public- and it is an epic show down!

Down below, Taiki walked forward, Xros Loader in hand. “Well Breakdramon, you certainly proved to be a menace, eh?”

The beast couldn’t reply, let alone move.

“Good thing you’re not actually made out of data yet,” Taiki smiled slightly, “just a very powerful AI. Well…” He held up the Xros Loader, “It’s time to put you back in your cage.”

Breakdramon glowed brightly, and then was sucked into the Orange Loader with a flash of teal light, very different from the usual effects.

“Heh, I worked extra hard on that containment program!” Kaiyumi said aloud to no-one’s benefit but her own, “He’s not getting out of there unless we let him.”

That’s good to know.

“Which we won’t,” Yuu said with a sigh of relief… which disappeared when Revolomon let out a “ehh” sound. “What? Do you mean we have to?”

“After the beatin’ he just took?” Revolomon jabbed a thumb at the place where Breakdramon stood a while ago, “I Can see why the guy was so pissed off at us when we faced him last time.”

“He’s got a point,” Kaiyumi nodded, “That was just brutal compared to what we did to him before. I mean, that was basically three hits! What was it before? Six? Ten?”

“I lost count, actually,” Taiki remarked as he pocketed his Loader. “I think it was about twenty hits?”

As GLX5 broke down behind them, Sparrowmon remarked, “And don’t forget we have to do the video next.”

“Video?” Yuu frowned, not liking the way everyone was looking at him. “You mean THAT video?”

“Yup,” Taiki nodded.

Remember- Yuu wasn’t there for most of the Code Crown war.

SUZAKI RESIDENCE_ _ _| 6:09 P.M._ _ _|

“Geeze mom! I’m fine! I just forgot to charge my phone this morning,” Airu moaned in slight annoyance as he mother nearly hugged her to death.

“When you didn’t answer my calls I got so worried about you,” her mother was near hysterics, “and then when they started reporting on all the damage…!”

“Mooom!” Airu cried out as she got squeezed a bit tighter. “Can’t! Breathe!”

Airu’s mother worries about her.

With a sigh, she closed the door to her room and leaned back against it. “Geeze, she can be so clingy sometimes…”

“Aunt Sera just wants us to be safe you know,” the other girl in the room, wearing a rather cozy looking pink hoodie, said from the desk she was sitting in front of as she typed up her homework on a laptop. “She called me out of school today when the evac’ call came in.”


“Did she now?” Airu raised an eyebrow.

“Eyup,” The other girl turned around in her chair, revealing to all, with no surprise, that she was Chou-chan, Tagiru’s tutor. Except Airu didn’t know that little bit. Yet. “Akashi-kun walked me home too, though I think he was a little tired of that one classmate hitting on him…” She sounded a bit frustrated at that.

The Reveal!

“Why don’t you just kiss him already?” Airu teased as she walked over towards the bunk beds in the room, continuing on with her little ramble over the other girl’s startled protest. “The way you go on about this kid makes it obvious you like him!”

Airu is oblivious so far that Tagiru = “Akashi-kun.”

“But…it wouldn’t work for us,” Chou frowned, “he’s on the basketball team and I’m just some geek who tutors him,” she adjusted her glasses nervously, “there’s no way he’d like me back.”

“He walked you home, didn’t he?” Airu reminded the girl of her own story as she sat down, “And he’s a couple blocks closer to the school, isn’t he?”


“He went out of his way to make sure you were safe!” Airu crossed her arms with a huff, “Kind of like that new Hunter we’ve been spying on.”

Airu is TOTALLY Oblivious.

Chou turned back to her homework to hide the nervous look in her eyes, “Oh? How’s that?”

“He just showed up at the end of the battle today, asking if her could help out,” Airu retold the tale, “but they didn’t need him, so he just sort of hung out in the sky if they did need his help.”

‘Akashi-kun…so that’s why you were so nervous!’ The girl sighed, then said, “Well, I can see why, they’ve been doing nothing but repeating that finishing move on all the media sites since it ended.”

“Absolutely brutal, that!” Airu nodded in agreement, then fell silent for a few moments… “Hey…Opposumon?” she asked rather quietly.

But even so- and even with her memories trapped away- she’s a bloody GENIUS.

“…” The girl’s hands twiched slightly on the keyboard, “Yeah?” she answered after a moment.

“What do you think Digi-Quartz is?”

“Eh?” That caught her off guard. “Well…It’s an alternate Earth, right? Made out of the Digiworld and here digi-xrossing last year?”

“It isn’t,” Airu said with a bit of frustration, “The damage to the down town district today? It’s smaller, way smaller in fact, but a lot of it matches what’s there in Digi-Quartz.”

“So it’s…?” Chou clearly had no clue where the Hunter was going with this. Airu took a deep breath, as if bracing herself for saying the next few words…

“It’s what earth becomes.”

She figured it out. And she’s seeing how her cousin reacts.


The Watch Maker scowled as he reviewed the news report of the day’s battle.

“With the appearance of the monster called “Breakdramon,” civilians are asking how we had enough forewarning to evacuate the area, but not enough to stop the rampage itself?” a female news caster was commenting.

“What the DWI officials are saying is that they received a tip off about a portal generator being stolen the previous night,” a male politician was countering, “Due to that, they were able to pinpoint roughly where Breakdramon was going to emerge from but not when. If you’ll look to the footage of Xros Heart’s JagarD0rulumon, you’ll see that he’s scouting the city for a good five minutes after the evacuation was completed. Nobody knew when the attack was coming or exactly where!”

“I Don’t know, I smell a cover up,” a third person, a woman in a cap indicating her military status, remarked.“I’ve seen enough of them to see one a mile away.”

This woman was later demoted for this comment.

“Even so,” the man said, “The Maid of Life herself, Echidna, is coming to Hong Kong within the next few weeks to discuss the events that happened here more fully with the World’s leaders, and if there’s one thing we all know about Echidna, its that she hates needless carnage! Regardless of any cover ups-“

“But what about the fall guy!” A second man interrupted. “The man who BUILT the bloody machine! What about Crackers?”

“I think you mean -“ The TV Cut off.

The Watch-Maker let loose a heavy sigh, and then began to chuckle. “And so it begins.”


Some Subtle Plot Foreshadowing here.


“Good evening everyone,” Nene smiled to the room as she took the microphone in hand. “I hope you’re all doing well?” There was a general consent of agreement to that, and then she continued. “This…is going to be my first time singing on stage like this, but Kiriha says I have a good voice, and Echidna and Typheus are backing him up on that, so…” She closed her eyes and smiled a bit wider, “Here we go!”

With that as the cue, Astamon hit up the track of music, and then she began.

The Song? Innocence. I’ve since found a better version of the English lyrics that I like better, and so in the future if I ever re-write this story- this chapter’s lyrics’ll be changed to match.

“EYYYAAAHHH!” The audience cheered once the song concluded, leaving the girl standing there, with eyes wide and a smile on her face. And then Kiriha started whistling, making her blush just a bit.

While someone else was on stage singing (who it was doesn’t matter), Yuu sighed as he sat down at the bar, “One Orange Cream Soda please, barkeep.”

“Sure…” Astamon slid a soda can over the counter to the boy, “Something troubling you?”

“Nah, not really,” Yuu shrugged as he poped the tab on the soda can, “just that it’s all so… different. You know?”

“Yeah,” Astamon nodded, “not having to worry about war tearing the world apart, or mobsters trying to steal your Code Crowns…It’s relaxing, honestly!”

“Maybe…” Yuu frowned, “and you all deserve it, really. Everyone went through so much more than I did by the end of it.”

And so, instead of focusing on the Lyrics this time, we get some foreshadowing on future plot from Yuu.

“That’s true,” Astamon remarked, “but by the same logic, I never encountered anything at all. Everything that happened was well outside my experience buffer by the time it all was over. Even when Xros Heart was here before, it was just pretty much like this save that one random battle against the Felt leader.” He shook his head, “A Giant robot with a drill, will wonders ever cease to amaze?”

Yuu had no clue how to reply to that, so instead took a large sip from his soda then said, “I had a dream last night.”

Ominous words.

“Did you now?” Astamon said with a wry smile.

“Corone and I were fighting against some giant skeletal insect thing with a human skull for a head,” Yuu narrated simply. “There were a bunch of other people in there too, all of them fighting with swords and axes and spears…Corone was in her scythe, so I was leading the attack with it… That’s pretty much it though.”

“Sounds a bit like those prophetic dreams the King told me about once,” Astamon noted. “Maybe you’ll be fighting one of those things in the future?”

“I hope not!” Yuu shook his head “no” as he pushed away from the bar just a bit, “That thing was absolutely horrid! If I ever see it again it’ll be way too soon!”

“Considering from what the King has also said about our Time here being short,” Astamon continued, “that may very well be the case.”

“I really hope it isn’t,” Yuu said simply before he took a large drink out of his soda. ‘”The Skull Reaper,” I don’t want to face such a thing ever!’


The Skull Reaper- You KNOW who this is if you’ve seen SAO.



“WAHHHH! Leave me alone!”

“Hey! He’s my partner and he’s MY Boyfriend!”

“Yeah She’s my-! Wait. WHAT!?”

“Opposumon, CHOOO~U SHINKA!”

“Do I have to wear the costume, Airu?”


“Er…Next Time, Digimon Xros Wa-”

“Cuteness Hunter! Airu the Trap Master!”


“…Just let her have her moment?”

“Alright…I guess?”

“I’ll Catch You For Sure!”

“Kyuuu…Can I call in sick for this episode?”


Deceptive NEXT TIME is Deceptive.

Cutemon is NOT even the target….

This was a bit of a fake out for people coming from Canon Hunters, as well as… The story just CHANGED as I wrote it.

Anyways: did the plot follow the Initial thing I wrote?

Nah. Not really.

This version of Hunters had really varied to some degree. We’ll see how else it changes, ne?



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