We resume our little Live Blog on CHAPTER 52.

Heads up though, this intermission is a bit…weird.

Even though it’s not noted here, The Opening theme is *STILL* Crossing Fields- with the following changes consistent over the next few episodes.

  • Shoutmon is dressed in his Heir of Space clothing now.
  • Olegmon and Beelzebmon are removed from the still shot- instead replaced by MailBirdramon and two pawn chessmons, with Deckerdramon restored from shadow and Knightmon looking only slightly worse for ware.
  • The shot of the world is of something similar to Bionicle’s UNITY DUTY DESTINY symbol- with the Digital World and Earth circling around the much larger sun.

That’s about it.

And so the story begins.

*Cue Title Theme*


I feel that- before I begin- I should say something about this.

This first intermission piece was meant to be a standalone story- placed in the CROSS OVER sections between Homestuck and Digimon.

I ended up three episodes short for the expected run- so I put this in here instead.

Thus- the odd story pacing as I changed it midway through.

Deep within the void zone known as Paradox Space lay a ruined Game session, a voided Incipisphere that once held a successful SGRUB session, run by twelve six-sweep-old Trolls.

Of course, they were long gone by now and these facts were irrelevant and all that remained or mattered of this doomed session was the demon that had evicted them and the Genesis Frog that the players had bred.

The demon raised his right hand, covered in cherry red blood and donned with a Queen’s ring- Four times prototyped as compared to the Troll’s Twelve- and initiated the ring’s standard attack:


Powered by the first guardian powers imbued to the Demon by the fourth prototyping, the red miles grew to a size well beyond their normal stature…

And then the demon launched his attack against the Universe frog.

The only direct scene from Homestuck ever written into this story.

Hi Bec Noir! */waves*

UNIVERSE B_ _ _| ITERATION #78_ _ _| EARTH_ _ _|

Our point of view now shifts to a house in the suburbs of Japan, specifically the bedroom of a young girl, no older than seventeen.

This girl, with long blue hair mixed with purple highlights, stands before her door, staring with her green eyes at nothing in particular through her round glasses.

What will her name be?

]Dualhair Quabyes


The Girl is un-amused by your choice of name, as indicated by the scowl on her face. Try something more Japanese, if you’d please?

]Miyako Sakamoto


The Girl accepts the name as her own with a smile- for it now will be, and always has been, her very own name.

By the way- I wrote this first section up before I ever began naming any of the Parents beyond Taiki’s.

Now then…

What will she do?

]Miyako: do something adorable.

The girl has no problem doing such, lass-scampering over to her computer without a care in the world. Why, by the way she’s scampering, you could say that the whole universe could die on this day and she could care less than an inanimate beetle carving.

But wait, our view changes yet again, to a bedroom in a similar house just two blocks down the road from Miyako’s house. Now who is this dashing, seventeen year old cool kid standing ever so nonchalantly by his wardrobe as he combs his dark brown hair to perfection?

The classic Act 6 fake out.

]Insufferable pr-


The boy could care even less for your naming shenanigans than Miyako. He shatters your attempted naming by placing the darkened lenses of his cool-kid sunglasses over his red eyes.

Please try again.

]Daiko Kudo


Yes, this is Daiko Kudo, and, as you may or may not already know, he is certifiably COOL.

Really. He got a license from his cooking instructor, he is legally allowed to use liquid nitrogen in STRIFE BATTLES.

Not that he’d ever need it. He’s just that cool.

Yeah- he’s a bit of a Dave Expy here.

]Daiko: Do Something cool.

He’d love to, really, but you’ve got better things to do, namely…

Being this lovely, brown eyed, seventeen year old, dark haired gal, standing ever so prettily outside of her house, having just snagged a picture of the Tokyo Tower in the distance behind her with- would you believe- a blimp sailing over head.

Now what will her name be?

]Hikari Yagami


‘We will not be having any of your silly shout-outs here.’ The girl’s narrowed eyes warn you. ‘Try again.’

]Akari Hinomoto


Sorry, but that name is already paradoxically in use- However, the girl strives to remember the last name for some unknown reason.

One more try: Don’t screw it up.

]Caroline Kagamine

You barely enter her name in before our point of view shifts to a house on the other side of the world, in the Americas, where a Boy sits hunched over his computer, hurrying with all of his might to finish his programming in the dark.

What is his name?

]Tyson Sparrow

Now what is he doing so late at night?

Believe it or not: Saving what he can from a doomed world.

This is my little attempt at humor- as well as poking fun at the sillyness that is the Anime-trope of many characters looking identical to each other. But hey, here’s Sally’s parents!

By the way- If you haven’t noticed yet…

But, we can’t be this guy all day long, back over to Japan, so we can be this blond haired blue eyed certifiably intriguing lancer-lone-wolf-character leaning back against the refrigerator while kissing his girlfriend. What’s his name?

]Daimon Aouma

Yup, that’s the guy currently too busy to deal with anything beyond pleasing his gal. Now before we go on, let’s look at her. A lovely lass with golden hair, flowing down to her waist, also with her own stunning blue eyes. Truly a match made in heaven.

Who is this gal standing right next to Mr. Aouma?

]Angie Codenes

Let’s leave them alone now, shall we?

…I’m introducing them in pairs.



Quickly now! No time to waste! Half-way across town, we join a girl, sitting in her own personal library, with long brown hair, tied up into an odd helicopter design, but done so in such a way that her blue eyes were obscured.

What’s her name?

]Bookworm Helicopter


She doesn’t dignify this childish behavior with even a blink.

]Kuroyuki Suzumiya


Miss Suzumiya appreciates your kind and considerate naming.

Finally, one last camera transition (I Swear this is the last!) to the local mall, where a boy stands in front of a wide selection of computers- one that will hopefully serve him for the rest of his long, uneventful life.

What will this boy’s name be?

]Piro Amano

Good job! You named all the characters! Achievement Unlocked!

But with this done, let’s finally get this story on the road, shall we?

There are… a LOT of shoutouts in these names.

Lemme try to list them all.

  • ]Miyako Sakamoto

Miyako- as previously said- is towards Miyako of Digimon ADV02.

Sakamoto- as previously said- is towards the cat from Nichijou.

  • ]Daiko Kudo

Daiko is a corruption of Daisuke.

Kudo is the obligatory Last Name that must be Kept under ALL Circumstances.

  • ]Caroline Kagamine

Caroline- I needed an english sounding name, and so I turned to Portal 2.

Kagamine- Towards the Vocaloid programs, Rin and Len Kagamine- I figured the ‘mirrored sounds’ thing would fit well as ironic.

  • ]Tyson Sparrow

Tyson- towards the old Beyblade series, whose english dub had a main character named Tyson.

Sparrow- Had to work it in, Obligatory Last Name that must be kept.

  • ]Daimon Aouma

Daimon- Not towards Marcus, actually. I just needed a name and that’s the closest I could get.

Aouma- again, Obligatory Last Name Bluh Bluh Repeated Sentences.

  • ]Angie Codenes

Angie- sad in hindsight. It’s the same name as Beelzebmon’s dead girlfriend.

Codenes- I think I just mashed Keys until a Last name came together?

  • ]Kuroyuki Suzumiya

Kuroyuki= Black Snow= Accel World Shout out.

Suzumiya– Haruhi. Need I say no more?

  • ]Piro Amano

Piro- Shout out to MEGA TOKYO.

Amano- OLN.

]Be Miyako again.

You are now Miyako Sakamoto, as previously mentioned you are SEVENTEEN YEARS OLD and you have a variety of interests, many of which are QUICKLY BECOMING IRRELEVANT due to your upcoming COLLEGE CHOICES. Like many of your other friends, your life as you know it is quickly being torn down by the obligations of a world well on its way to self destruction.

Not that you know this, anyways.

You are currently chatting with your best friends over your group’s chat room via some instant messenger program or other, not that old classic PESTERCHUM however, as the developers of the program shut down their servers OVER THE SUMMER for reasons no-one could understand.

It makes you sad to see your old haunts being torn down to be replaced by new things. Over the last few years, your town has “RENOVATED” it’s restaurants and other such places to make them “Better.” You think it’s a load of crap. Memories should be cherished! Not torn down and ignored for all of time from then on.

This is where my original draft ended, and the changes began. It’s meant to be a subtle transition into the shift back to my normal writing style. There’s a bit of my own thoughts in here too, at the end. I wrote this right around when the local McDonalds got torn down to be renovated. Shit changes. I can’t avoid it. This….it’s also subtle set up for the true nature of the XWAU02 Earth.

Miyako sighed as she typed up her response. “It’s just a shame that we have to move on to these other places now that we’re out of high school.”

“Agreed.” Daiko sent a message back after a moment of typing. “I’d love to just stop and smell the roses, but nope. Can’t even do it ironically anymore.”

“Speaking of ironically smelling the roses.” Caroline messaged back- although the sentence was riddled with typos due to her phone’s keypad being severely broken. “Does anyone know what’s going on with Tyson? He’s been on DND all week.”

“Something about setting up a special SBURB game server before we all go off to do our own things.” Miyako messaged. “That’s all that he’d tell me.”

“SBURB?” Daiko messaged back, using an emoticon that showed he was barely believing that. “Wow, that’s a blast from the bast. Didn’t they cancel that thing back when it was in Alpha testing in ’04?”

In this version of Earth- SBURB is a normal MMORPG…. With URU’s backstory implemented into it with a few tweaks.

Such as URU’s beta ending becoming SBURB’s Alpha ending.

“They did a beta test of the game in 07, remember?” Caroline reminded him. “That’s where we all met! On the Land of Wind and Shalestones,second level dungeon- we all got stuck because the room was broken and didn’t let single player runs go through like it should have!”

“Damn girl, how do you remember these things?” Daiko used his “incredulous” emoticon again. “I barely remember any of that stuff after all those cooking classes I took.”

“Memories are precious things.” Miyako messaged to them. “I still remember my player ID: T34M-H34R7.”

And URU’s FULL release in 07 becoming a BETA.

BTW- the ID for Miyako is the Universe hinting at things to come- she just doesn’t realize it yet.

“And why wouldn’t you?” Caroline used a grinning smile emote. “You’re the heart of our team alright!”

“Sure sure, rub it in.” Daiki rolled his eyes- so much easier to do with emoticons than in real life.

Caroline stuck her tongue out. “Yeah yeah Mr. Knight of Mind!”

“So SBURB huh?” he asked. “Seriously, that’d be a perfect send off for all of us. Did Tyson say exactly what the server would be? Would we need to import our old saves?”

“Didn’t say a thing.” Miyako repeated. “Just that it was a SBURB server…”

“It’s a mod, actually.” Tyson messaged them suddenly. “And I’ve-

FUN FACT: their original SBURB BETA Game Roles ended up becoming their roles during their SCRAB game session.


“Wait. Wait. Wait.” Sally stopped the story her dad, Tyson Sparow, and three of the other parents (who had been a part of this) were telling. “You’re saying you ended your world by modding a video game?”

“Not exactly.” The genius looked to the side. “More like…Opened the portal to escaping from an already inevitable doom by modding a video game.”

“Makes sense to me.” Taiki shrugged.

“Please, do continue.” Nene said as she took a sip of her hot chocolate. “What was this modification exactly?”

“Well…” Her mother, Kuroyuki, took over the story from here.

Taiki- by the way- is meant to come off as slightly different. I came up with so many possible ending ideas for the Cascade Side A…None of it felt right to make that kind of reveal then.

So there’s a bit of set up for it here, in the three-part intermission.

UNIVERSE B_ _ _| ITERATION #78_ _ _| EARTH_ _ _|

“So you guys remember that Anime we watched as kids?” Tyson was saying to the whole group over the instant messenger, now that they were all online at once. “The one about the monsters on the island?”

“Summer Wars?” Kuroyuki messaged. “Yes, I remember it.”

Shout out to the fact that the actual movie- Summer Wars– was a plot expy of the first Diaboromon movie.

Hence- the “anime” mirrors ADV01’s plot here.

“How could any of us forget it?” Piro asked with a chuckling emote. “That show made up the other half of our friendship at the time.”

“Well, anyways.” Tyson continued. “I figured if I had to really mod the game just to get a server connection running, I might as well make something fun out of it.” He sent the entire chat two files- One labeled “SCRABServer,” The other “SCRABClient.” “So I modded the whole game to run with themes from the anime: Four Sovereign gods ruling over an entire land filled with creatures being plagued by an evil monster.”

“Why are there two files?” Angie asked. “Server and Client?”

“We’re going to do the connections peer to peer, in a chain, since we’re running without a centralized server. It’ll be Server Code to Client Code, then the Client becomes a Server with their copy of the file and connects to another Client.” Tyson explained.

“Retro.” Daimon remarked. “That’s just like how SBURB was handled in the 04 alpha.”

“The code was there, so I just used it.” Tyson shrugged. “It should work to keep us all centralized, I think.”

Retro indeed. URU never worked that way. Could have one day, maybe.

But I betya that’s why the Alpha testing in this world failed. 😉

*cue Another Jungle*

Miyako pressed the install button on the Server program, giving a rather impressive looking view of a rotating, and constantly changing Spirograph. She smiled at the scene.

“Now that’s the SBURB I remember!”

Daiko did the same, except for the Client program. “Nice install tune remix.” he typed into the chat.

Angie laughed. “This is hilarious!”

They were all installing the game as simultaneously as their computers could physically handle, turning the keys to to a door that would soon let them escape the world…Although none of them knew that at the moment…

Except for Tyson.

He glanced over to the hacked feed from a NASA satellite on his computer, having already installed the game on his end, and scowled as bright red tendrils wove their way through the sky.

“C’mon already…” He scowled at the image.

“Done!” Caroline cheered as her install finished.

The modified game title flashed on every monitor for several seconds before depositing them all to nearly identical splash screens for starting the game.


“‘Welcome to SCRAB, please press enter to establish connection with server player.’ Retro indeed!” Daiko smirked slightly as he hit the enter key, just as the splash screen for Client asked him to.

Immediately, a view of Daiko’s room replaced the “Please wait for Client” Message on Miyako’s screen.

“Woah!” she leaned back from the screen. “What the hell!”

As each of his friends made similar connections, Tyson looked down at the new screen on his computer- that of Caroline’s room. “Welcome to the fun house.” was all he typed into the chat in reply to their startled messages.

“Time to turn our backs on this dying world once and for all.” he said aloud.

This was just me being silly, AND showing that they were all having fun before the end of the world.

In short succession, the Client players and their houses vanished from the Earth, just in time to avoid being blasted into pieces by spontaneously appearing strings of glowing Red Miles.

“Wait.” This time Taiki stopped them. “Red Miles? As in the things I turned DarkKnightmon’s Green Radiation into?”

“Not exactly. I thought the same thing after seeing it, but…” Tyson shook his head. “I’ve reviewed the recordings people took of your version of the attack and compared them to the photos I have of the Red Miles that attacked our world. Yours were made of fire. The ones that we just barely escaped from were made out of blood.”

“So someone else out there was using the same attack, only out of blood instead of fire?” Akari inquired.

“Looks that way.” he nodded. “I think what happened was some external influence attacked our old universe directly from outside of it, but after considering the mythology of the original game, I’m not surprised that happened exactly as it did.”

“I’m just glad he sent us the game when he did.” Miyako said with a smile. “If we hadn’t seen the explosion when we did, we wouldn’t have started installing the rest of the programs soon enough.”

This is my clarifying on why BECNOIR’s redmiles were bad, and why Taiki’s were good.

The younger girl opened her eyes after the explosion of white light had transported her from Earth to some other world…

She was still in her house, but it was abnormally hot.

“Atsuiii!” Miyako reeled back from the machine she had just used to provide for the escape, and wandered over to her bedroom window. “How’d it get so hot already…?” She shoved the window open and stared out into the space beyond…

A seagull flew past her, making her jump back in surprise. “GAH!” …After standing in a very awkward pose for a few moments, she returned to the window and stared out again. “The ocean?” She took off her glasses and rubbed at her eyes before putting them back on. “How did I get to the ocean?”

The camera pulled back to reveal the full gravity of her situation to us: Her house was lying on a sandy beach, with her window facing out into the ocean just beyond…

And then it kept pulling back, revealing a tropical jungle behind the house, and beyond that…

More ocean, meaning she was on an island- Oh, and another house at the other end of said island! Looks like the modified game decided to put some of them right next to each other-, and pulling back even further…

There was a distant continent, barely visible on the horizon, over which floated a massive storm cloud, twisting in it’s tempo of evil song.

Finally, pulling back even more, we saw the whole planet itself, spinning contentedly on it’s axis in a point of time and space that was remarkably painted with colored nebula and stars.

Then, the camera zoomed back into the girl’s window, showing her still shocked expression. “What did I just get myself into?”

SCRAB is different from SBURB’s loading nature due to the modding.

There was a whole list of changes i thought up, but never wrote down. Oh well. I guess it’s not too important.

“What we got ourselves into was a whole year of exploring a foreign world, stopping evil Digimon where ever they roamed, and helping out as the destined heroes of that place.” Miyako concluded. “There’s a whole lot more to tell, but I think you’d all be tired of it by the time we got to answer all your questions.” she smiled apologetically. “Besides, it’s hard to tell the whole store when all of us aren’t here any more.”

“That’s true.” Kuroyuki nodded. “Daimon and Angie died a long time ago, and they did a lot of things together with their portion of the world that they never told us about, so their adventures have been lost to us ever since then.”

“So now that we’ve got the Act One out of the way.” Tyson clapped his hands as a grin formed on his face. “Time to randomly jump about the story as we answer your questions!”

Sally face palmed. “Dad…Please? Can’t you just do something linearly for once?”

True Homestuck storytelling here. 😛

Sally’s sick and tired of the non-linearity though.

“So What I want to know is…” Nene asked. “How did the full encounter with the Denizens play out? Echidna’s locked her memories of that time to me, so I don’t really know anything about it.”

“It was just after we had realized that the Digital World wouldn’t be saved by our own hands alone.” Miyako told the girl. “So, at the urging of our Consorts, we went to see the Denizens.”

The eight teens- now entering full adulthood- marched up the steps of the massive temple, leading straight to the Denizen’s Palace.

Behind Miyako, a Hawkmon cowered slightly. “The Denizens are mighty powerful! Some have come up here seeking wisdom and power and have never come back!”

“Exactly what we want for this guy.” Daiko said as he pushed their escort, one of his “consorts,” a Green Vmon with a nasty gash over one eye, forward. “Come on, traitor. You’ve got a lot of explaining to do to your gods.”

“Ch.” The Vmon scowled. “You all deserve it for takin’ on Milleniumnmon like this. Going straight to the Denizen’s in an attempt to overpower him? Cheatin’, that’s what it is.”

“See!” Sally protested. “This is what happens when we don’t go linearly!”

Agreed, Sally. Agreed.

If I ever write out the full story- this will definitely be touched upon.

The hint here, however, is that the Vmon here has something to do with DarkKnightmon/Baguramon.

Whether or not he actually does or not…*shrug*

The group of teens reached the top of the stairs, and started to spread out into the plaza.

In the four corners of the temples were statues of human like beings- a man wielding a clockwork hammer, a woman holding massive wands that looked more like quills than needles, another man hefting a massive sword, and a woman slinging an aquatic themed rifle around.

“DENIZENS!” Caroline called out to the air. “We- the Heroes of Legend- come seeking your guidance and wisdom!”

“Look, we’re going to be frank with you here.” Daiko called out next. “Milleniumnmon’s too strong for us to take on alone. Our weapons haven’t done a thing to his latest batch of minions, and we’re running out of time to stop his plan.” he kicked at the green Vmon. “And this guy here’s done his part to make sure that we can’t fight these new monsters of Milleniumnmon’s. He gave him the specs on all of our tech and he made his monsters immune to them.”

“What is it that you seek?” a loud voice rumbled through the air, emerging from the statue of the hammer man as it glowed a subtle green. “New weapons? A way to punish this traitor, perhaps?”

“We simply seek your guidance.” Miyako said. “What should we do now that we can no longer fight the way we are used to?”

The statue of the woman with the rifle began to glow a subtle blue color. “Milleniumnmon has been a pain in our plans for much too long now. Even we cannot fight him on even terms.”

“There may be a way, however.” the Statue of the swordsman began to glow red…And then that aura began to rise up into the air as it changed shape, becoming draconian in shape and design while retaining its humanoid stature. Shapes began to become distinct in the mist, Golden armor seemed to appear from the red, and a the wings seemed to be made out of metallic hexagons…

And when it solidified, the Draconian Denizen of Creation, Hephaestus, floated above them all.

“Please, Sister, friends, emerge so that we can talk with these heroes.” he said as he crossed his arms.

The Denizens dont talk in echo here EXCEPT from the statues.

The other three statues glowed, sending up beams of energy in their respective colors, Blue, Purple, and Green.

From the statue of the wand waving woman emerged what looked like a Quetzalmon, only with elegant bird like wings off of her back, her tail ended in twin spikes that matched the wands of her statue, and her color scheme was very heavily purple shifted.

The Denizen of Life- Mother of All Monsters- Echidna. “Brother, if this is about what I think it is…”

From the Statue of the hammer man emerged what resembled an Azoolongmon, only that he lacked the beard, chains, and fluffy cloud wings normally associated with the Sovereign. His tail split into two, ending in massive hammers, and the wings above him pulsed with green energy, much like the rest of his body. “Now now, My darling wife, I’m sure Hephaestus has something well worth saying.” The Denizen of the Breeze- Typheus- replied with a caring smile. “Especially if it will deal with Milleniumnmon once and for all.”

From the statue of the woman with the rifle emerged another humanoid figure, this one clad in massive, flowing blue robes that hid her physical body from view. “I’m siding with my brother on this one, Sister-in-law.” The Denizen of Knowledge/Light/Luck, Cetus, practically spat the title at her sworn rival. “Your brother has come up with many ideas that have proven to be quite profound and wise in the past. I see no reason why this should be any different”

The Hawkmon with Miyako was shivering behind her one leg. “All four Denizens…” he whispered softly, “…in the flesh!”

The Denizens here also have some mythology ties to the Beta Kids- John, Rose, Dave, and Jade.

“Okay.” Echidna, in the present, started. “I believe I can carry on from this point?”

“Nah.” Daiko replied. “Let Miyako do it.”

“Oh you…! Putting me on the spot like this.”

“So let’s hear it then.” Echidna, of the past, began. “What’s your plan brother?”

“It’s simple.” Hephaestus started. “We lend our powers to the heroes, and should we, with our shared strength, fail in defeating him, we reset history so that he was never born in the first place.”

“NO.” Echidna snarled. “That Beat Mesa of yours is too unstable! You shouldn’t have made it in the first place! And besides,” Echidna continued. “We are the four pillars on which this world rests. If we leave to fight, what should happen to it? What if we die?”

“I’ve thought of that.” Hephaestus said. “I’ve created a Device that should keep this world stable in case we die, but defeat the monster. We simply need to activate it.”

“What device is this?” Cetus inquired.

“I call it the Code Crown…” Hephaestus said.

…Echidna protests too much, methinks.

“Please!” Echidna pleaded. “Don’t go any further! I’m begging of you!”

“Um…” Miyako faltered for a moment.

“Please! Don’t go into the rest of it!” Echidna was making a very big scene. “Just summarize it if you must! But please don’t say the rest word for word!”

“Why’s that, hm?” Kotone spoke up suddenly, switching just as easily to Cetus as they always had. “Embarrassed about the fool you made of yourself arguing with me?”

Definitely protesting too much.

This scene was meant to highlight that Echidna wasn’t all that nice in the past.

“Maybe we should move on to another question?” Shoutmon ventured. “You know, before this gets more awkward than it already is?”

As the two Sisters ignored this due to their Denizens arguing, much like in olden times, everyone else agreed with nods.

“So My question about this is,” Akari began, “if your original game gave you powers, and our Digital World was simply a world found to match a modded version of the game…Then could other people be born with those powers even if they weren’t part of the ‘game’ anymore?”

“I suppose it’s possible.” Tyson said as he tossed the thought around in his head a bit. “As players, we ended up gaining those powers through doing quests and learning them from Digimon on our Islands that had the same powers as we were supposed to have. They must have come from the Denizens themselves, I suppose, since the Denizens were similar to those selected from the Game’s usual pool of elements.” He looked at her in surprise. “Why do you ask?”

“I’ve had dreams.” Akari answered. “All my life, I’ve had dreams about future events, sometimes those dreams would get shared with the people involved and then they’d be more accurate than they would be if it were just me dreaming. I’ve even heard stories of some other Digimon and humans who had various powers.”

Kuroyuki and Miyako shared an uneasy glance.

“The Seer of Time we were told about?” Miyako asked.

“I think so.” The other woman nodded in agreement.

This is all that Akari’s Seer of Time Claspect comes to mean.

“It was about half a year into our game.” Kuroyuki said. “Miyako and I were shopping for food at a local market to celebrate Piro’s birthday, when we ran into someone…”

“You Two!” A Clockmon yelled at them, and then started running towards them. “You’re the heroes I’ve been looking for!”

“Damn it…” Miyako swore. “Can’t we catch a break once in a while?”

“Sorry, we’re busy with a quest right now.” Kuroyuki began as the Clockmon stormed up to them, a desperate look on his face. “We can’t help you right now-”

“No no!” He shook his head. “I don’t need your help!”

This caught the two girls by surprise.

“Excuse me?” Miyako asked with a tilt of her head to the right.

“I need to tell you- wait, actually, I do need you to do something, but not today! Not for years to come!” He was yelling, despite being right next to them. “First you need to know something! There will be a Seer of Time born in several years time!” he proclaimed. “The Seer will guide a team to victory against any turmoil they may face!” he pointed to the sky. “Theirs is the drill that will pierce the heavens!”

“Uhhh…” Both girls were staring at the strange clock with confusion and perhaps a little uneasiness.

“Yes…?” Miyako took a step back. “And…what are we supposed to do about this Seer?”

“When you find the Seer, in the future” The Clockmon repeated. “You need to give the Seer a message! A very important message that will help guide the Seer’s team to victory against an impossible demon!”

“Okay.” Kuroyuki nodded. “We can do that. What’s the message?”

A critical piece of information! Oooh, I wonder what it means….~!

“‘Don’t turn your back on the body’?” Akari repeated. “Is that some kind of prank?”

“That’s what we thought at the time.” Miyako said with a scowl. “So we ignored it at the time, though we did keep our eyes open for anyone who acted a tad insane like that Clockmon.”

“We figured that, if he was telling the truth, he himself was a Seer of Time.” Kuroyuki shrugged. “And that he saw something that would be just as odd as him.” She frowned. “I guess we were wrong then?”

“Well, in any case.” Shoutmon said as he crossed his arms. “It’s as enigmatic as Sally’s ‘Don’t press the green button’ warning.”

“Exactly.” Sally shook her head. “Why future me would even say such a stupid thing, I don’t know!”

All in all- this is pretty much what this message is meant to mean. Something ominous that PROBABLY doesn’t actually mean anything.

“If there’s one thing we learned from our game session,” Daiko said. “It’s that time travel is a pain in the ass.”

“Still.” Taiki said. “It’s another piece of the puzzle regarding the time storms, I think.” he narrowed his eyes a little. “My question next, if you don’t mind?”

“Go right ahead.” Miyako smiled.

Taiki’s question is ALSO important to the story at large, setting up the next piece of the intermission rather easily.

“How did you make this Earth?” he asked. “Specifically, the dimension that it used to reside in.”

The remains of Millenumnmon’s data floated into the air, leaving behind his ruined fortress and the device he had been using to manufacture his monsters.

They cheered as the skies instantly began to clear away of the nonsense fog that had been clouding it.

“It’s simple really.” Miyako said after a few seconds of thought. “We used the machine designed to destroy the Digital World for the exact opposite- Creating a new Earth.”

“It took us another half-a-year to fully understand how the thing worked.” Tyson explained. “Well, me, mostly, but we figured out that it worked on the memories and desires of it’s users.”

“Alright.” Tyson said as he took a step back to look at the reconfigured machine. “I think it’ll work now.”

“It looks like a frog!” Caroline giggled.

“I thought you’d like it.” Tyson turned to smile at her.

“So we gathered everyone together,” Kuroyuki continued, “and we all put our hands on the machine’s controls, instructed it with what we remembered of Earth, and how we wanted our new one to be.”

“That everyone?” Piro asked to the group once they finished up inputting their commands.

“Everyone but me.” Tyson nodded, then walked towards the machine, and put his hands on the glowing screen, and then closed his eyes. “I want this new world…” he began. “…To breathe with new life.”

That was it, simply enough..

The “eyes” of the machine’s frog like head glowed, and then the sky began to cloud over as a new pocket dimension, just to the side of the Digital world, was born above them.

Data flowed upwards from the machine’s ‘mouth’, and began to form a universe within that dimension- all of it centered around a single solar system- nine planets, one sun.

As the machine’s humming picked up pace, the third planet from the sun formed exactly as they all remembered it, conflicting ideals and all.

This is all that they did.

They used a machine.

“So that’s it?” Taiki frowned. “You just told a machine to make a universe?”

“That’s pretty much it.” his mother nodded.

“Well!” Shoutmon laughed hollowly. “That explains how we were able to Digi-Xros Earth with the Digital World and everyone else! It was all compatible data to begin with…”

“You realize that because of how this world was made…” Taiki began, drawing everyone’s attention towards him. “Everyone that was ‘born’ in history before the world itself was made is as real as an NPC from a video game?”

“Well, you could say the same about the Digit-” Tyson was cut off by Taiki slamming his fist into the table, sending minuscule sparks of red and white energy off of it from the impact.

“There’s a difference between those things!” His voice echoed through the room despite it not being over a whisper.

Taiki is oddly upset- also using a voice echo similar to Hephaestus, but it’s NOT Hephaestus’s voice!

“Taiki.” Sally put her hand on his shoulder. “Keep calm…”

“What’re you talking about, Taiki?” Nene frowned. “Everyone on earth is just as alive as they are in the Digital world.”

“I certainly would have noticed if there was something wrong with an entire planet’s population the moment we all Digi-Xrossed. Echidna threw in as well.

“They may be alive.” Taiki began. “But they’re not there.”

“He’s right.” Shoutmon spoke up. “It took me a while to figure it out myself, but once Taiki spelled it out to me, well…” He looked over to the boy and girl as he pulled out a re-made Omega Necklace from his pocket. “Taiki, maybe you should explain what happened?” this brought a lot of eyes down upon him. “You don’t have to, but…”

“No.” Taiki shook his head. “I can do this.” And so he closed his eyes as he thought back to two months back…

There’s a lot in these last few sentences. Biggest one is “Re-made Omega Necklace.” RE-MADE.

That necklace is CRITICALLY important even after it completes it’s time loops and ‘dies’ reviving Shoutmon.


“stuff to do…” a scorched Gravimon whispered to himself as he floated aimlessly through space. “so much to do…”

“Yeah…” Said a spherical core, similar to Space Core, with a cracked blue optic. “So much to do, pal.”

“So who’s the new guy again?” Another core, with a Green optic, asked with a shrug of his handles. “Seems like he’s a bit…what’s the word?…Toasty? Hmmmm… toast. I could go for some toast right about now.”

“Eh…” The Blue optic shook his ‘head’. “Not sure. Just sort of fell in from above. Poor guy though. Looks like he had his brains scrambled!”

“At least he’s quieter than Spacey ever was.” The Green Eye gave a chuckle. “Ah, I shouldn’t say that. The poor Kid’s had it rough. But I’ve had it… rougher.”

“So, so much to dooo…” Gravimon whimpered as the two cores orbited around him.

Maybe this should have gone at the end of the entire Intermission, but I wanted the Readers to feel like Gravimon’s story was finished.


Next time!

“hey Mikes!”

“Oi, don’t call me that.”

“Haha, oh man you should’ve seen the look on his face when we-!”

“Taiki? Are you okay?”

“Intermission 2B! The Present Danger of Future Knowledge.”

This warning is a critical thing, and it pops up a few times.

Future Knowledge can cause dangerous side effects.

But what does it truly mean?

Find out in the next segment!


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