Xros Wars AU 02 — CH 49



The room was a small cylindrical chamber. There were seven stone disks on the floor, six in a circle, one in the center. The room was silent, as the crystalline walls reflected all sound out of the room.

There was a flare of light, and DarkKnightmon’s winded breathing echoed through the formerly silent chamber as he stormed off of the center pad and towards the single door in the room.

“DarkKnightmon, sir!” The Troopmon at the exit saluted as he ran past them without a single word.

He ignored all those in his way as he briskly stormed for the stairs, hoping to get as far away from the transportalizers as possible before that De-Xros followed him through.


Olegmon’s ship had descended down to the tower’s entrance, and had it’s crew offloaded, for the most part, for a critical team planning announcement.

“Everyone!” Taiki was addressing the team. “We’re going to be splitting up here for now, I want Olegmon’s crew here to guard the ship and keep an eye out for when Zenjirou’s group catches up.” He took a look around at everyone. “I want Beelzebmon, Mervamon, Spadamon, Lunamon, ChibiBastemon, Chibi-Kamemon, Dondokomon, The Pucchiemon, Wisemon, Wizardmon, Tailmon, Knightmon, and-” His gaze settled on the Pawn Chessmon.

“No.” Terezie interrupted with her arms crossed. “We’re going with you.”

“You didn’t let me finish.” Taiki countered.

“You were going to say ‘to stay behind so there aren’t any more casualties’, right?” Terezie inquired.

“No.” Taiki frowned. “What I was going to say was ‘stay behind so that there aren’t any misunderstandings with the others as to where they need to go when they get here.'” he sighed. “Look, there’s a lot hinging on this next fight and I want the reserves to be able to find us once they get here.”

The Recap.


ShineGreymon soared over the endless blue oceans, eyes scanning the environment for any sign of a portal.

“We don’t need to worry about them not getting to HERE.” Taiki continued.

It was then that Lila pointed at a cluster of sea faring vessels in the distance- Whamon and boats that were gathered in the shape of Xros Heart’s Logo.


Puppetmon stared down at the rebuilding remains of his town, and smirked- A perfect rendition of Xros Heart’s flag icon. “We’re good!” He yelled down at the Trailmon dragging the boundary markers around.

“We’ve left some clues behind, they’ll find us.” he chuckled. “Puppetmon and Whamon will see to that.”

They’re leaving flags behind.


“But…” Taiki explained. “But that’s exactly why we need someone here so that they can get to the transportalizer immediately.” he frowned. “Besides, we still have Appolomon to worry about. We don’t know if DarkKnightmon hit him with a Shademon or not.”

“I’ll be sure to speak to him once he wakes up.” Olegmon offered. “If he’s acting off, I’ll know right away.”

“Good.” Taiki nodded. “Now then, as for the attack teams…”

“We’re coming with you too.” Kotone said as she stepped forward, now dressed up in some modified version of Nene’s usual outfit, showing that she’d really switched sides. “Trompeaurmon isn’t going to be very helpful, Kudo-San. You’ll need someone to guide you around.” Cetus continued without missing a beat. “So where-ever you need us, we’ll be able to show you where it is.”

“I can’t ask that of you.” Taiki frowned at the girl. “Not after everything you’ve been through.”

Kotone’s dropped her water-made clothing for actual clothes that Nene has on hand!

“Taiki.” Nene began, still wearing her Maid of Life outfit over her regular costume, which now seemed to belong to her sister. “I don’t want to put her at risk more than you do- but I can’t turn my back on her, not here. Especially not after Tsuwamon died protecting us both.”

“…Okay then.” Taiki nodded after a moment. “We’ll be doing it as teams of three, since we only have the three Monitamon right now. Group one is going after DarkKnightmon- That’ll be Shoutmon, Akari, Lopmon, Kiriha, and Gureimon.”

“De-Xros again?” Shoutmon mused.

“Maybe a Triple Xros.” Taiki smirked slightly. “All three of your evolved forms Have had some sort of combined attack potential.”

And thus comes the reveal I’d be holding back since DeltAntylamon’s debut.


As OmegaShoutmon spun in front of the Volcano, a circular shock wave of energy launched out, hitting the Dragon types surrounding him.

“Beat Slash.”

FLASH_ _ _|

ZekeGureimon summoned a giant record that pulled him and Dorbickmon up into the air.

“Needle Mesa.”

FLASH_ _ _|

DeltAntylamon circled around, and then slashed through Tactimon thrice, forming a Z shape in the air.

“And Record Scratch.”

Three attacks with similar designs.


“I realized there was something up when DeltAntylamon scratched MetalGureimon back in Canyon Land, and De-Xros’s Record had the same Scratch engraved on it when he came back just this morning.” Taiki explained. “I’m betting that if you can combine your three attacks at once, their combined potential will rise a lot.”

“Huh.” Shoutmon blinked. “How’d we miss that one?”

“Group two will go after the Code Crown- I want that to be me, holding Trompeaurmon hostage, Nene, and now Kotone.” He then turned to the rest. “Group three will be team ‘Mess Shit Up,’ comprised of everyone else. Your goal?” his eyes narrowed dramatically: “Cause as big of a distraction as you possibly can.”

“I like that plan.” Revolomon cracked his knuckles. “I like it a lot.”

Taiki’s plan is simple: They go after DarkKnightmon with their heavy hitters. Get the Code Crown with another group, while the third is causing distractions.


As Zenjirou and Lila conversed with the elder from Island Zone to find out where Xros Heart had gone to, Marcus and ShineGreymon stared uneasily as Mizuki and Hangyomon played around with the kids.

“Well then, I’m leaving you and Yuu in charge of that.” Taiki explained. “Beelzebmon?”


ShineGreymon took to the air, with added urgency to their flight path as they dove towards the emergency escape tunnel to Bright Land, now unsealed.

“When Zenjirou gets here, and it should be soon, I want you all to cause as much damage to the transportalizer chamber on the other side as you possibly can, making a second team of ‘Mess Shit Up’ as it were, got it?”

“Got it.”


“Alright then everyone.” Taiki clenched his hands into fists. “It’s game time.”

Game Time indeed.

*CUE: crossing field -TV Ver.- (by LiSA)*


*cue Title Theme*

“XROS UP! Infiltrate the Pandorica!”

Opening credits changes: Knightmons’ armor is roughed up to match the damage he took on- but is otherwise still there. Two PawnChessmon shadow outlines and a Tsuwamon shadow outline have been added as well.


“…We should continue to prepare the armies for the inevitable fight with Xros Heart.” Baguramon was saying to a Troopmon on the other end of the holo-call he was making. “Have the army ready to move out as soon as-”


The doors to the chamber flung inwards as DarkKnightmon kicked at them, interrupting the Emperor’s conversation with the Troopmon.

“Sir?” The Troopmon asked timidly. “What was that noise?”

“I’m going to have to call you back.” Baguramon turned off the table, and turned around. “What is the meaning of this interruption?”

“I’ll admit brother, your strategy was a clever one.” DarkKnightmon began. “Hiring that girl from my own failed experiments.”

“Excuse me?” Baguramon said, being flat out confused by the comment. “You’re making less sense than usual.”

DarkKnightmon’s gone to confront his Brother.

Taiki’s mind games have given him the wrong impression.

“Oh it would have worked too.” DarkKnightmon smirked slightly. “You replacing me with that Trompeaurmon would have been the perfect check-mate move to make.” Baguramon froze at the name. “Oh? Haha. Now you get it.” DarkKnightmon threw his hands to the side dramatically. “I’ve seen through your plan to get rid of me, Brother.” he narrowed his eyes as he laid out the pieces of the puzzle. “You refused to reunite with me, having grown content and whole with that little tree of yours while I on the other hand remained static, and constantly dying, although it was the one thing I never could pull off at all! Oh no, my data would instantly seek another way to pull itself back together! Something you could never do.”

“You sound like a mad man, Brother.” Baguramon began. “Perhaps you should lie down?”

“That’s never going to happen, Baguramon!” DarkKnightmon yowled as he pointed a finger at the Emperor. “We were never going to reunite our souls once they were torn in twine! That Denizen saw fit to that! He gave you all that was good and gave me all that was evil!” He was truly ranting now. “Our souls began to change, separate paths, growing our own morality and dark sides, respectively!”

DarkKnightmon is referring to one of the Denizens during the time of the Milleniumnmon incident.

Baguramon took a step back- and found himself running into the hologram table. “Brother, I-”

“TODAY!” DarkKnightmon grinned dangerously. “Today is the day that we unite our data together once and for-all! Today is the day I leave this pesky DeadlyAxmon puppet behind and I take YOU as my host, dear brother!” His grin widened. “And then I will take over your armies and lead them on a conquest across the multi-verse!”

“Multi-verse?” Baguramon narrowed his eyes. “What are you even talking about? There is nothing beyond this world and the Humans. Nothing but void!”

Baguramon has NO CLUE.

“Oh how wrong you are, Brother.” DarkKnightmon’s eyes flared a deep green as a sickly aura began to form around his body. “I’ve seen it in the skies! That static that whisked Xros Heart away, scattered them to the far reaches of time, and then seemingly reunited them without a care! I’ve seen what truly lies beyond that dark void! A plethora of Digital Worlds! A Multitude of Human Earths!” He took a step forward as he explained it all. “I saw it when I almost died by that Xros Heart’s hands back in Dust Zone. I saw everything! I saw all of time and space lying before me- Mine to conquer ” he guffawed loudly. “And yet again Xros Heart has become the instrument of my success! If it were not for their interference my plans for today would have been ruined!”

DarkKnightmon is arguably VERY mad!!

“You’re talking treason, DarkKnightmon.” Baguramon narrowed his eyes. “My armies will never follow a mad man such as yourself! There is NOTHING out there for you to take as your own!”

“Why do you think I moved the schedule for D-5 up to this week the moment Kudo Taiki returned?” DarkKnightmon grinned as that aura flared so much that his physical body dissolved away, leaving behind an unconscious Holsemon on the ground as DarkKnightmon became nothing but shadows and dark energy. “Why do you THINK I named it Deadly Dimensional Death and Destruction Day?”

Baguramon’s eyes widened in horror as the shadow of his former self moved towards him with a vengeance. “You…! You can’t be…!”


D5 — Deadly Dimensional Death and Destruction Day.

“You think it was mere COINCIDENCE that I gathered all of the pieces for a Milleniumnmon in one place only to “Lose control” of it? Oh No. That was never my intent at all!” DarkKnightmon’s voice was echoing through the room now, even though it had no source for it to broadcast from. “You see, Brother, You failed to see my plans for what they were! And now, I turn your failed back-stabbing into an opportunity!”

“No…!’ Baguramon pressed a button on the table… Nothing. “You Can’t…!” He called for the guards on the other side of the door. “Guards! Guards! Come in here at once! I need your aid!”

“Oh they can’t hear you.” DarkKnightmon’s voice chuckled as glowing eyes and a mouth formed in the mist of the shadow.“After all, a creature of shadow such as myself can do so many, many things…Shadows can transmit sound between them…and at the same time…” he lowered his voice to a whisper. “Shadows are the very void between those worlds you’re so adamant about not existing.” The glowing mouth grinned so widely it almost seemed to bisect the shadow in two.“So what is the void but nothing itself?”

As Baguramon’s brother lunged for him, he had but to wonder…

Can anyone hear you scream in space?

He’s definitely going in for a hug, that’s for sure.

This is leading into DarkKnightmon’s highest point, if he’s not there already.

It’s not going to last for long.


The two Troopmon outside the room heard a whoosh of activity from inside. Then another, then another and another, and another and-

“What the hell is going on in there?” One of the Troopmon turned to look inside… “DOOF!” … And was dragged inside by the collar.

“Pete?” The other Troopmon did a double take. “Are you okay?” She readied her gun and leaned inside… “NAK!” only to be dragged inside by the collar a moment later.

After a few moments of rough-housing, the two Troopmon found themselves transportalized back to Bright Land, tied up in a massive amount of rope.

“Wow…” Spadamon stared blankly. “I didn’t think they’d actually mail them back to us.”

“This is all your fault.” The second troopmon hissed. “We always get into situations like this because you always have to investigate a suspicious noise!”

“Yeah yeah, Myks…” The first grumbled in a jovial tone. “Whatever you say!”

Lunamon giggled.

Warehouse 13 shoutout- Pete and Myka.

“I Can’t believe you actually transportalized them back.” Trompeaurmon scowled as she was pushed down the hallways, her neck at sword point courtesy of Hephaestus’ powers, towards the Code Crown chamber. “What kind of idiots would do that?!”

“There’s been enough Death around here.” Taiki said in a low tone as they rounded a corner into another empty hallway. “Shouldn’t we be saving lives rather than taking them?”

“‘Ch, whatever you say.” Trompeaurmon rolled her eyes, then took stock of their surroundings. “Wait, we’ve got to go the other way.”

“No, we don’t.” Kotone spoke up. “The Code Crown chamber is that way.”

“No, we have to go around.” Trompeaurmon repeated. “Some idiot burnt down the entire Right wing with explosives. Why do you think this part of the castle’s so empty?”

“Someone blew up an entire wing?” Nene asked.

That’s right! Cetus and Kotone have NO CLUE that something happened!

“Sounds like Lilithmon left behind a surprise.” Hephaestus mused. “Considering that Zenjirou said he only found the…” he decided to censor himself around the enemy. “…Temple after an explosion? I think it’s safe to say she rigged both.”

“Probably, then.” Sparrowmon whispered from Nene’s Xros Loader. “She’s rigged stuff up so far to help us. So whatever that explosion did, it’ll help us in the long run.” she then muttered even lower. “Though I’m really getting tired of all this time travel garbage by now.”

“Time travel?” Trompeaurmon scoffed at the idea. “I don’t know what you’re on, but time travel is as fake as magic.”

“I wouldn’t be so sure about that.” Echidna replied with a sultry tone. “Any technology sufficiently advanced enough appears to be magic.” she smirked. “And this is a world made out of data, little girl. So think long and hard about what that means in terms of your last comment.”

Trompeaurmon gulped as Cetus and Kotone conversed inwardly. ‘I don’t get what they’re talking about. Do you?’

‘Apparently there’s something amiss with time to the point traveling through it is possible?’

‘Perhaps. But even so, why haven’t they explained it to us yet?’

‘No time? We’ve only just joined their team. And…With Tsuwamon…’

‘Yes. I see what you mean. This is no time for a mental breakdown. We have a job to do.’

Cetus and Kotone STILL don’t know what’s going on.

They’re not caught up yet.

As they walked down the hallways leading up to the living quarters, the Intercom system turned on with a quick buzz of static, causing Shoutmon’s group to pause in their tracks.

“Damn it…I hope that’s not a bad omen.” he muttered.

“Attention, Bagura Army.” Came Baguramon’s voice through the system. “This is your commander, Baguramon, speaking!”

“So that’s the jerk’s voice.” Akari muttered. “About time we finally heard from this guy…”

It’s not Baguramon.

In what appeared to be a cargo hold for ammunition and large machines, The workers looked up in surprise as they paused in their transferring their supplies to the nearby loading docks.

“As you may no doubt be aware, my second in command, DarkKnightmon, has been…how do I say…an unpleasant pain in our collective sides for the last six months.”

Yuu scoffed. “He’s got that right.”

“Wait…” Corone frowned. “There’s something wrong with all of this.”

“But you need not worry: The traitor has revealed his true colors and has been dealt with. He planned on using the Code Crown for his own ends- Taking over the entire Digital World and subjugating all those within to become his personal slaves.”

“Eh?” Revolomon blinked. “Wha’d’ya mean something’s wrong?”

“The timing’s off.” Corone explained. “We shouldn’t be hearing this.”

“His actions in Bright Land have lead to the death of his planned replacement, Trompeaurmon, when he learned of my plans to delegate him to a lesser roll in the empire once Xros Heart had been defeated.”

DarkKnightmon, however, is doing a WONDERFUL job of painting himself as his Brother!

Trompeaurmon stopped in her tracks, causing Taiki to stop in surprise. “What the hell?” She asked aloud.

Nene frowned. “Something’s not right here.”

“She died a fool’s death- at the hands of a boy and his pet scythe. A death unbecoming of our glorious empire!”

“…” The girl’s jaw slackened, and then fell open even further as he continued.

“Xros Heart will pay dearly for their actions just as DarkKnightmon has paid for his transgressions! With. His. Life!”

“That’s not my dad…!” her eyes widened in horror. “He’d never say such a thing!”

“And so we shall RETALIATE before they can strike upon our stronghold- which that foolish Knight has lead them straight to our doorstep!”

And ALSO playing up Trompeaurmon’s capture as a DEATH!

In the Communication’s Room…the evil aura radiating off of the one using the table seemed to cause all of reality to warp with his lies.

“That retaliation will be a strategic strike upon the Human home world- their precious Earth– We shall open a portal with the Code Crown, and we will TAKE their world, and crush it under our own heels!”

There was a spark of green electricity off of the Tree-bone arm that Baguramon had used as a replacement for his own as it tried to force itself off of the Digimon now using it. But the shadows forced it to hold on- the shadows needed that arm…Just for a little while longer.

“And should the universe seem fit to throw more at our empire…well…We will be ready to take them down preemptively where-ever they should prepare to strike!”

Green Lightning- This is an important visual cue.

“Earth.” Yuu’s eyes widened in shock. “They’re going after Earth.”

“What the hell could Bagura possibly want from there?” Revolomon asked.

“Nothing.” Corone whispered. “But DarkKnightmon…?”

“I know this doesn’t sound plausible.” Trompeaurmon was saying as quickly as she could, before Taiki decapitated her on principle of his home world being attacked. “But that was NOT Baguramon talking there! That was NOT my dad! Let me go and I’ll help you! No need to threaten my life!” She added after a moment: “…Please?”

“She’s right, Taiki!” Hephaestus was the only thing keeping the boy from pulling the sword through. “There was somethingwrong with the way he was talking. That sounded more like someone talking in someone-else’s voice. The speech rhythms were all over the place.”

“He’s probably trying to mask his voice to sound like Baguramon!” Sparrowmon agreed from Nene’s Loader. “We need to get to the Code Crown now, or else DarkKnightmon’s going to win!”

“Kudo-san, please- Don’t kill her!” Kotone pleaded.

“Taiki.” Was all Nene said.

“…” Taiki grit his teeth, then closed his eyes… And dismissed his sword, as he let Trompeaurmon fall forward who, as she fell, let out a breath she hadn’t realized that she had been holding. “Fine!” He huffed. “Take us there right now, and no tricks.”

“No tricks.” Trompeaurmon agreed as she looked back at the goggle wearing boy in confusion. What was with him?

Taiki’s kicking himself over the head for letting DarkKnightmon go when he had the chance to kill him.

“We need to find Baguramon then.” Shoutmon changed tracks. “If DarkKnightmon’s dead, then if we kill Baguramon, then we save Earth, right?”

“Our Monitamon traced the signal broadcast.” Lopmon said as she looked up from her Xros Loader. “She sent me a map of where we need to go from here.”

“Let’s get to it then.” Kiriha nodded.

And so they went off, not realizing that something had been amiss the whole time about the way ‘Baguramon’ had been speaking.

Shoutmon’s Group didn’t get that something was wrong, however.

They’re still going along with the plan- like everyone else- only now BAGURAMON is their target.

The Troopmon and Tankmon in the Cargo Bay resumed work at double speed as soon as the transmission ended- so distracted by their work they were that they missed Starmon float up into the air, surrounded by his fellow Pickmonz.

“HEY HEY HEY HEY!” Starmon cried out with a lot of vigor, getting everyone’s attention. “What’s all this I hear about raiding another planet!?”

The room was filled with the sound of cocking weapons.

“Heh.” Starmon smirked at them.


A rush of sonic bursts leveled through the Cargo bay, flipping shit left and right onto their sides as team “Mess Shit Up” sprung into action.



Bullets rained down through the air on their randomly upwards fired arcs, and random wavelengths cut through anything straight in front of them.

Yuu’s team launches into action.

Just further ahead, four of the six PawnChessmon zigzagged onto the top floor of the multi-layered loading dock, breaking out their special weapons just for the task before them.



Terezie and Strider leaped across the gap through the air, aiming their swords for cords holding up the many, many florescent lamps.


And so the glowing lamps fell down to the Whamon transports below, negating a significant portion of the lighting in the room as the transports began to fall down from the bumps on the head.



Problem Chessmon turned his key-ring into four revolving Gatling guns- two shoulder mounted, two hand held; coupling that with Flute’s shotgun…


The Troopmon on the various floors just didn’t know what hit them.

Basically- Problem’s Keys are like a Green Lantern’s ring.

At the security station just outside the Demon’s Nest power station, which was nearby those same loading docks and armory stations, and a few moments into the past…

A dozing, snoring Apemon was startled from his slumber as a trident flung over his head and into the monitor just above him. “Wha-”


The electricity from the shattered monitor flung out, redirected through the trident to the entire station, zapping and frying everything- including the dazed Apemon.

When the light show ended, sirens began to blare as the entire security grid was over loaded from the stunt.

“Fact of Life:” Reena said with a chuckle as she walked into the room to collect her weapon. “My Trident conducts electricity so easily, it’s practically a lightning rod. Hehe…”

The Apemon groaned in his seat as he slumped out of it and onto the floor.

“Ouch. You my-tuna get that checked out, it looks absolutely shellfish.” She giggled at her own fish pun replacements- ‘Might wanna’ and ‘hellish’. “I love fish jokes.”

The Apemon groaned again, though whether it was from the electrocution or the puns, we may never know.

And neither do I.

Those were just Awful puns.

Nearby, Cabarat flipped the switch to the generators powering the facility to its off position. “Whoops. Looks like someone blew a fuse.”

And so the whole castle went dark.

The Troopmon that had survived the initial slaughter, sought refuge in the dark. Their night-vision goggles would serve them well in this environment. They clicked said goggles on and began to search the room…


And then came the dual explosions of golden light that blinded the surviving Troopmon horribly.

Darkness + Light = Blinding.

The Empire was foolish in one regard, Taiki mused as they approached the double doors leading to the Code Crown chamber. Whoever had designed the castle had put everything right next to each other, practically. Although considering all the short cuts that had to be made now that the one part of the entire building was gone, that might have been a good thing.

Supposedly, he had to admit, perhaps they weren’t prepared for an internal invasion of this scale, and so had put everything important together in one centralized location where it would be hard to reach from the outside? It was possible.

Even so… The doors were unlocked due to the lack of power to the entire place, and easy enough to open with one hand…

They creaked open, and Taiki’s group found themselves facing the Cracked, Corrupted Code Crow.

“Hello beautiful.” Hephaesuts whistled lowly. “It’s been a while.”

The whole room was lit solely by the Code Crown and the various instruments connected to it via the cables reaching up into the massive spikes sicking into the Crown from all sides. The room was circular, and at the same time diamond shaped, much like the Code Crown at it’s center…

“What’s wrong with it?” Nene frowned. “Why is it purple?”

“More importantly, why is it cracked up with gold?” Echidna asked.

Sparrowmon reloaded at this point. “Woahhh…Look at it…! It looks like it’s sick or something…!”

“They messed with it since I was here last.” Trompeaurmon frowned as she looked at the spikes. “Those weren’t here before.”

“That would explain why sometimes we saw it in the distance to begin with, and after that we didn’t.” Taiki moved over to a control console and looked it over. “They’ve fixed it into the whole room so it couldn’t move.”

This whole room….The Code Crown is damaged for some reason.

“Can we remove it?” Sparrowmon asked as she flew over to peer at the console he was working on.

“You can’t.” Cetus spoke up. “I think DarkKnightmon built it into the room’s whole structure now. It’d be like trying to pull out a single grain of sand from a sand castle.”

“So we tear down the castle.” Echidna provided.

“That won’t work, I’m afraid,” came a new voice as the lighting in the room snapped on in full, draping everything in a violet tinted shade of red with an ominous sound.

(“Seriously?” Sparrowmon scowled at the familiar noise and lighting. “Why do I get the feeling someone’s set me up for another Doctor Who joke somewhere?”)

That sound effect is the one from the TARDIS in the one episode where the Master creates a Paradox.

The Bell.

Nene, Kotone, and Trompeaurmon spun around to look at the new-comer…A smirking paper man who we recognized as Gravimon.

“Well well, if it isn’t Xros Heart.” Gravimon held his hands out to the side as he bowed slightly. “I do owe you my gratitude for obliterating that Anubimon for me. He was a pain in my side for far too long.”

“Gravimon!” Trompeaurmon pulled out her badge and held it up at him. “I order you to stop right there this very instant and never say another word about this encounter ever again!”

“Ah?” Gravimon peered at the badge. “Isn’t that Trompeaurmon’s badge? Oh, but I heard she died! That means you must have stolen it off her corpse. Sorry, but I don’t listen to thieves.”

“You idiot!” She snarled. “I AM Trompeaurmon! That wasn’t Baguramon over the intercom earlier! I’m NOT dead!

“But if it wasn’t him then who?” Gravimon asked, a smirk beginning on his face as he asked. “There’s no possible explanation for that, now is there?”

“DarkKnightmon Possessed him,” Kotone said flatly. “That’s what.”

“Oh, and if it isn’t the Knight’s pet project.” Gravimon ’tisked’ as his smirk vanished. “What ever are you doing here with Xros Heart? Switching sides now that he’s dead?”

Gravimon confronts Xros Heart- and I feel like I should explain something about Cascade Side A now instead of later:

Gravimon is my last ditch character for confrontation.

Originally- Ranamon and Duskmon were going to be in the Code Crown Chamber…

Then I cured them.

Next up was Gravimon and Splashmon.

Then I killed Splashmon.

Then it was Gravimon and Trompeaurmon.

Then I Heel-Face-Turned Trompeaurmon.

Gravimon’s alone now.

And this actually works out for the better…

Or “worse”, depending on the perspective.

“We switched sides days ago.” Cetus remarked just as flatly. “Please do keep up with the times.”

“Well, I’m sorry for not keeping track of the day to day mundane…” Gravimon shrugged. “But it’s really none of my concern!”

“So…” Taiki began. “You’re Gravimon?”

“So I am.” Gravimon’s smirk returned. “You’ve heard of me?”

“Only that you were weak enough to die at the hands of a novice Grim-Dark protege.” Hephaestus lamented. “It seems the rumors about your regeneration skills weren’t fake after all.”

“Oh there was nothing novice about that Anubimon!” Gravimon’s paper fists clenched. “He played me and the knight for fools, making us think he was anything but a full-fledged Horror Terror!”

Gravimon’ mad- with good reason.

“And you know…” Hephaestus countered, “that made me wonder after we killed him: Just how did a creature from the void space get into our world?” he paused for a single second as if to think, then wittily replied. “Oh, that’s right. The Multi-verse is falling apart at the seams. It’s no wonder that some corrupting influences could slip through the cracks to wreak some anarchy and discord.”

“Falling apart?” Gravimon scoffed. “Just what the hell are you talking about!?”

There was a pause…

A single second…

Two… Then three… Then four, and five…

Six. Ten. Twelve. Fifteen…

“Shit.” Taiki cursed. “We were really hoping the storms would follow through on that and make you vanish into thin air right about now.”

“What storms?” Kotone asked, raising the question for all to wonder…

…And the split second plan to rely on a TIME STORM to get rid of Gravimon FAILS.

A roll of static-coated thunder answered.

…Sort of!

Ah- the Paradox-ness of it all.

Boots stomped out onto the open rooftop of the castle, just a single staircase away from the communication’s room.

The wooden arm reached up towards the static-filled sky and reached up towards a small illusion of a sphere just beyond it, slowly getting closer.

“Oh what sweet harmony.” DarknessBaguramon, as he was currently calling himself, chuckled, even as green sparks of electricity danced across his body as the Wooden Bone tried to detach itself once more from the Monster. “A storm would have to appear at this very MOMENT! he chuckled. “Xros Heart may be on my doorstep, but my path to Earth lies just beyond my grasp!” his chuckling turned into laughter.

He stood there for a few moments, breathing in the atmosphere and drinking in the sounds of his own laughter being drowned out by the static…

But it was not static he heard. No. He heard signals. Radio, TV, Music, Wi-Fi, Digital- all kinds of transmissions from every corner of the Multiverse. Images, pictures, lives, stories…

The Dampening Noise, the Endless Void, the Un-tempered Schisim, the Beating Drums, the Ceaseless Piano.

DarkKnightmon has somehow coincidentally gotten a storm!

DarknessBaguramon, though in reality just another form DarkKnightmon had taken upon himself, smirked as his left foot began tapping a rhythm…

One two three four. One two three four. One two three four. One two three four.


And there it was, just on cue.

He turned around, trying to hide the smirk on his brother’s face as he faced those who had nearly killed him in the past.

DeltAntylamon, OmegaShoutmon, and ZekeGureimon, with Kiriha Aouma at their side.

“Yes?” He tried to talk as dully as possible, although the grin kept trying to bubble up from behind his mask. “Who are you?”

“The name is Xros Heart, Engrave it on your heart!” OmegaShoutmon declared. “Because your reign of terror is about to end, Baguramon!”

He couldn’t keep the charade up any longer. He broke down into laughter.

“W-What the hell is so funny!” DeltAntylamon cried out with Akari’s voice. “Your time as emperor is drawing to a close so buck up and face it like a ‘mon!”

“I’m sorry, Xros Heart…” He grinned at them, even as green lightning zapped across his body, slowly transforming Baguramon’s armor into the same armor that he had worn as DarkKnightmon. “But I believe you’re sadly mistaken as to what is about to happen here…”

The Reveal- proving that Shoutmon’s group is way in over their heads.

The Code Crown Chamber shook violently as Taiki and Gravimon exchanged glancing blows- Taiki’s fists against Gravimon’s gravity spheres.

“Oh what fun!” Gravimon grinned like a madman. “I haven’t had this much of a challenge in years!”

“What about those terrors then?” Hephaestus questioned as he struggled against the gravity attack.

“Child’s play!” And then Gravimon leaped backwards to dodge Echidna and Cetus’ combined elemental attacks of life and water. “Gah! You two aren’t supposed to be working together! You’re supposed to be bitter rivals!”

“I’ve had a lot to think about during my time with Nene,” Echidna scowled at the Death General, “and Cetus is more pleasurable company than YOUR EMPIRE EVER WILL BE! she threw a sphere of Life at Gravimon as the punctuation to that sentence.

“My memories may have been tampered with, but I certainly agree with that sentiment!” Cetus did the same, creating spears of water that dove at Gravimon’s paper body.

Poor Gravimon- when Denizens hit hard, they hit hardHis body was soaked through with water and then frozen solid by the life blast.

“Damn you witches!” He scowled through the cold…


…And was promptly shattered into a billion crystalline pieces by Sparrowmon’s signature ghosting move.

“Yeah!” She pumped a fist into the air as she reformed.


And then the doors to the room sealed shut.

There was a slight giggling echoing through the room as Gravimon’s one remaining finger lifted itself off of the button it had just pressed.

“Please tell me that wasn’t the elevator controls?” Trompeaurmon paled.

Then the whole room jerked upwards, much like an elevator.

“Damn it.”


It was at that moment that, just behind “Baguramon,” a piece of the Castle roof slid away as a Giant version of the Code Crown Lifted up out of the castle, ascending high up into the air behind him as if it were some sort of evil flag.

“The Code Crown!” Kiriha’s eyes widened.

“Heheh…” DarknessBaguramon smirked at them, a look so utterly foreign on that borrowed face of his. “See what I mean?”

“We’ll still stop you…!” Shoutmon leveled his sword at the ‘mon. “Even if you use the Code Crown against us, we’ll STILL stop you!”

“I’d like to see you try.”

Things are not looking good for our heroes!


The skies had once more gone dark, but this time with the looming ominous sound and appearance of static filled void.

“Please…!” Nia the Lopmon prayed aloud. “Let them all be safe…!”


Petsula clenched her fists as she stared up at the static storm looming in the skies above her jungle home. “Don’t let this be a bad omen…”

Nearby, Lucemon and Gargoylemon stared up as well- they had heard of these static storms, and knew what they signified.


In the Village of Smiles, Jijimon and Babamon stared up at the looming sphere, just barely visible behind the static clouds.

“Something is coming!” Jijimon gasped.

“It’s not good, is it?” Babamon asked of her husband.


Puppetmon’s hand locked fingers with that of his girlfriend’s as they both stared silently up at the skies.

Nearby, GranLocomon’s engine revved in preparation for a fight.


Beelzebmon’s wings were tensed up in preparation of whatever the static storm might throw his way. “C’mon already,” he muttered as the sphere began to gain some details through the storms. “Show me what you’ve got… Come on…!”

Wizardmon narrowed his eyes. “Just what the hell is going on today?”

“Wait…” Tairru gasped. “I recognize that shape!”

Everyone’s looking to the skies.

This isn’t one small storm.


Soaring across the normally bright landscape, ShineGreymon pushed himself harder and faster towards the purple castle with the floating boat next to it. “C’mon…C’mon…!”

“Zenji…” Lila said, not above a whisper as she looked up at the looming planet above them. “Look at that…!”

Zenjirou and Marcus did that at the same time, and gasped…

“What is it?” Hangyomon asked, not recognizing the planet looming above them.

“It’s…” Zenjirou began.


And as the Code Crown Chamber continued to ascend, the walls turned translucent, almost as if they were now made out of glass or crystal instead of metal… And revealed the sky above to those inside.

“Oh Crap…” Taiki gulped.

“That’s not good…!” Sparrowmon’s eyes widened in horror.

“We’re going up!” Trompeaurmon gasped. “What the hell is that thing?!”

“It’s…” Nene began…

You know that this play around is just silly.

You all know what it’s going to be.

From the rooftop, the Code Crown was now framed perfectly with the distant shape of the earth just above it.

Silence fell among the group as they stared at it in horror…

And then Typheus yawned as he finally woke up. “Okay, I’m back. What’d I miss?” he the did a double take… “Oh. Crap in A hat.”

“Yeah.” Kiriha sighed at the Denizen’s timing, “Couldn’t have said it any better myself.”

DarkKnightmon’s eerie grin broke through his Baguramon mask for a single moment. “Checkmate.”



EARTH_ _ _| JAPAN_ _ _|

Four more Xros Loaders went into the air, and, as one, they yelled out a phrase that would be very ironic in the year to come:


And so the heroes walked through the portal, emerging a week into the past on the other side. As soon it soon closed behind them, however, Taiki’s mother happened to look up into the sky…

And she gasped. “No…!”

The whole of the afternoon sky had transformed into a static filled void as a single set of shapes became clear… Eight roughly spherical shapes, one large, seven small, with six of those smaller ones orbiting the seventh.

And descending towards them…?

A vaguely dark triangular shape- The Code Crown.












“Oi! Why is everyone yelling so much for?”


“Next time: Digimon Xros Wars the Seven Swords TWO PART SPECIAL!”

“XROS WARS! The Cascading Ultimatum!”

“XROS HEART! Saviors of the Dying Flare!”




Yeah…so that’s the thing I’m playing with here.



Those titles are VERY foreshadowy!! You just wouldn’t BELIEVE it!

Anyways- those two will be coming up shortly :33 but I must eat dinner!!!



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