Xros Wars AU 02 — CH 48

“We Open Chapter 48 With a Reveal.”

“Why the Quotes And All Caps?”

“It’s A Magic Enchantment.”

“Just Like Caliborn Used.”


“But even so…” The boy was saying… And GrapLeomon had enough of this bullshit conversation about time paradoxes.

“DIE HUMANDIE!” he roared and jumped out of hiding, arms spinning and legs revving…

“What the-?” The boy began to turn around.

He pushed who he thought to be the helpless human to the ground and prepared to grind the Chess-King’s head into a fine powder, but not without gloating first. “With you dead, the game is CHECKMATE! We win! Any last words, king?

And then the blue eyes beneath him opened as Kiriha Aouma replied with a grin. “These are not the droids you are looking for.”


“W-what are you babbling about?” that was an odd choice of last words.

And then Lopmon- in her human form- slammed a sledge hammer ended with blocks attached with Pogo Springs into the side of GrapLeomon’s head.


A tooth went flying from the Leomon’s mouth as he was flung ever so rapidly into the air and down towards the battlefield in a descending arc. “Waaaahhhh!” he cried out like a new born kitten.

Double Homestuck Shout out- GrapLeomon’s lost a tooth by a Queen’s Kingly CLUBBING, which is more of a POGO HAMMER in this case.

The Piece representing that particular GrapLeomon dissolved away into data the moment it hit the battlefield.

“What was that?” DarkKnightmon did a double take.

“I can honestly say,” Taiki shrugged, “I don’t have a clue!”

And he DOESN’T! Taiki doesn’t know what just happened there!

At that moment, Yuu Amano leaped out of the shadows, wearing Kiriha’s clothing, and wielding Corone in her scythe form. “CHECK!” he roared as he dove towards the thrones.

“What the-” Trompeaurmon spun around just in time to watch Yuu Amano bring the Scythe blade up to Tsuwamon’s waist, mere centimeters away from cutting the Ninja in half with a powerful resonance attack. “Kiriha Aouma? No. Wait. You’re using a scythe.” she narrowed her eyes. “That makes you Yuu Amano. Correct?”

“Sorry.” Yuu tilted his head to the side slightly in that ‘don’t really care’ kind of way. “But I don’t believe we’ve met.”

“Well then.” Trompeaurmon kicked a nearby Treasure Chest, marked with the Bagura empire logo, and pulled a sword out from inside. “Since you’re going to soon be dead, I might as well give you the privilege of handing out my name…”

(Still hidden in the shadows, Nene smirked as she pressed the record button on Taiki’s old Tape Recorder.)

“My name is Trompeaurmon!” the general swung her sword to the side, then leveled it at Yuu. “And I am Lord Baguramon’s Daughter!”

At this, all three Amano siblings did a double take with the same “What?”

Even the stoic Tsuwamon who had said nothing through the whole encounter thus far had something to say to that. “Wait. You’re his daughter?”

“Ah, and lookey here…It seems my ‘Free Info’ Token has expired! Please wait until YOU REINCARNATE!” She lunged towards Yuu, sword glowing brightly. “GENERATION WARPSWORD!”

Yuu swung the scythe out to block as he jumped forward to counter.

With Kaiyumi Revealed to be the KING and Kiriha the QUEEN- gender roles reversed!- Nene is revealed to have been alongside Yuu this whole time!

And so Trompeaurmon makes the most dramatic reveal of all- and NENE Records it with Taiki’s recorder!

*CUE: crossing field -TV Ver.- (by LiSA)*


*cue Title Theme*

“Bright Desire! DarkKnightmon’s Checkmate move!”

No Opening sequence Changes here.

“BREATH IMPACT!” Yuu brought the hammer end down onto the spot Trompeaurmon had been standing a moment before. The whole floor shattered, exploded, upwards, and became a targeted catapult towards Trompeaurmon.

“GENERATION WARPSWORD!” a swing of the sword let loose a rush of water that slashed into the rocks, and instantly trans-mutated them into water as well- water that was pushed forward on the same trajectory as the initial sword strike.

“DEMON HUNTER!” But, a precise wavelength soared up through the oncoming water and scattered each and every atom to the winds.

“OBLIVION RIFT!” another sword slash to counter the still pursuing wavelength, this time a wave of water-like void energy.

An implosion of negative space occurred, and the entire Hell’s Field shook with a mighty force a few seconds later.

It’s attack vs. attack.

What a fight!

The control room shook with the power of an airliner encountering turbulence.

“No, really. What was that?” DarkKnightmon scowled.

“Ehhh…” Taiki looked up, slightly apologetic. “I really shouldn’t be mentioning this, strategy and all that, but when we took Olegmon’s ship, Shoutmon overheard a conversation between him and Appolomon and Baguram-”

“Spit it out already!” DarkKnightmon growled, fists clenched. {Impatient, aren’t we, Dork?}

“Well…” Taiki looked to the side…then leaned over the board as he whispered the following to his chess opponent: “Your boss? Baguramon? He gave orders to Appolomon to rig this place to explode- or fall out of the sky, he was very open ended about which- with both of us inside.”

DarkKnightmon remained still as a statue.

Taiki is BLUFFING.

And he’s bluffing so well that DarkKnightmon just doesn’t see through it.

“Honestly, I was hoping to get out of here and escape before the explosives went off…But…” he shrugged. “Well, it doesn’t matter to me. I can fly out of here if the place explodes. Can you?”

DarkKnightmon stared at the boy for a few precious moments… trying to figure out if the boy was lying through his teeth or honestly trying to give him a heads up on the events going around this place… “And Trompeaurmon?” he finally said, voice dry as a beach without ocean.

“Oh yeah! That’s why Sparrowmon remembered her in the first place.” Taiki leaned a bit closer. “Baguramon listed her name as your replacement.”

“…” DarkKnightmon stared for a few moments more as the (false) pieces finally clicked into place for him…

“I knew it.” he whispered as his eyes began to tear up. “I just knew it.” There was a sniff. “My own brother…” another sniff. “I was planning on backstabbing him eventually, of course…” he began to cry a little. “But to see him take the initiative…?”

Taiki reached over and patted the poor Knight on the arm. “There there.”

Taiki is fast becoming a con artist here.

Why do I phrase it like that?


*cue “Leverage” theme*

This is why.


“So what’s the plan?” Kiriha asked as they all gathered around a dining room table on the ship.

“Obviously, if DarkKnightmon’s here, then so are Kotone and Tsuwamon.” Taiki noted. “If that’s the case, he’s probably set them as King and Queen.”

“I can go after them.” Yuu volunteered. “I think I got through to them in Honey Land. I can do it again.”

“I’ll go too.” Nene nodded. “Kiriha?”

“I should guard the castle.” He noted. “BUT. I think Yuu should take MetalGureimon, make everyone think I’m there, and not here.”

“So now the question is,” Shoutmon ventured, “Who is the Chess Master?”

“Taiki.” Yuu said decisively. “It’s got to be him.”

It’s time for a little…

FLASH_ _ _|

“Really?” Yuu grumbled as he unbuttoned his shirt. “You want us to make them think we’re in different places by trading clothes?”

“Look. The thing with you and Nene and Kotone is a family thing, I don’t have any right to intrude on that.” Kiriha sighed as he pulled his shirt off of his head. “But the empire doesn’t know about your family ties, I don’t think, so it makes perfect sense to send you in.”

FLASH_ _ _|

“You look adorable.” Akari smiled at Lopmon, who, in her human form, was wearing her hair in a style similarly shaped to Nene’s.

“I look ridiculous!” she protested. “Like some kind of a bug!”

Nene looked taken back by that, and subconsciously began messing with her own hair a bit. “Does it really look like a bug?”

Revealing of plans…

FLASH_ _ _|

“Be sure to come up with something impressively sneaky!” Revolomon chipped in.

Taiki sighed. “Alright, alright…” He glanced over at Kiriha, then, after a moment of thinking, said: “You can’t be King.”

“What?” Kiriha blinked.

“They’ll be expecting you to be King, going by gender.” Taiki repeated. “Lopmon is King, Kiriha’s Queen, but we make them think that they’re the opposite, and we have them think that Lopmon is Nene.”

“Okay. But why queen?” Kiriha was starting to take offense to this.

“Because if someone sneaks into our side of the board, then I want them to make the mistake of going straight after the king.” Taiki insisted. “And if they do that, then they’re going to get the queen and allow the REAL King to take them out from behind.”

FLASH_ _ _|

“Green Queen: One Step Right.”

“Red Queen, One step Right as well, please?”

Kiriha stood up from his throne and took a step to the right. “He’s just doing this to mess with me now, isn’t he?”

“Probably.” Kaiyumi rolled her eyes.

“Thank you.” Taiki said.

“Yeah yeah, You’re welcome.” Kiriha grumbled.


FLASH_ _ _|

“Red Queen, One step Right as well, please?”

“Eh?” Appolomon stopped in his patrol of the hallways of the Green Castle, and turned to look out a nearby window. “What the hell are they playing at?”

Yuu nodded to Nene and then to Shoutmon, then raised his Xros Loader and whispered…“Reload.”

Silently, MetalGureimon flowed out of the Yellow Loader and realized right behind the confused Appolomon.

“Hey.” Gureimon began with as quiet of a voice as he could muster. “Do you know where the nearest Pumpkin farm is?”

“What pump-?” Appolomon turned around at the sudden question, only to have his face crash into MetalGureimon’s fist.“KIIIIN!”


Poor Appolomon flew through the wall with so much force that a hole wide enough for MetalGureimon to fly through opened in his wake.

That Pumpkin!” Gureimon grinned as he dove through the wall after him.

“Let’s go.” Yuu ordered.


FLASH_ _ _|

“Do we have anything to collapse the Hell’s Field outside of winning the game?” Taiki inquired.

“Perhaps…” Wisemon began. “Tairru found an interesting note about a paradoxical item removal object, that always broadcast a specific frequency…”

FLASH_ _ _|

“Can you repeat that frequency again?” Tinkermon asked of Corone, who nodded in response and made her arm vibrate at a certain frequency. The device in Tinkermon’s hands beeped in confirmation. “Got it!”

FLASH_ _ _|

The device beeped as Yuu and Trompeaurmon clashed weapons elsewhere. “Engaging shock wave.” Tinkermon grinned as she flipped a switch on the engine controls that amplified that signal a thousand times more.

Seconds later, the engine for the Good Friday let loose a subsonic pulse which made the entire Hell’s Field shake.

And Wavelengths.


“There there…” Taiki, with a widening grin on his face, just kept patting the sobbing knight’s arm as another shock wave made the room shake and the crying increase. “It’ll be alright.”

“I’m so PROUD!” DarkKnightmon was wailing, face buried into the table’s holographic projections to the point that he didn’t even care that he was being consoled by his sworn enemy. “He’s grown up to be his own devious person! I’m just so very, very, VERY proud of him!” he sobbed even more than he had been already.

Now tell me- wasn’t that a bit of a silly thing? :33

BUT YEAH- Leverage.

I just HAD to do the reveal Leverage Style.

It’s just PERFECT.



Missiles rained down upon Appolomon, forcing him to run for his life. “You’re persistent!” he grinned through the annoyance. “I’ll give you that!”

“The pumpkin ruse…” MetalGureimon roared. “WAS A DISTRACTION!”

“I GOT THAT ALREADY.” Appolomon roared back, eyes wrenched shut as he did so. “You don’t need to keep repeating it!”


Appolomon’s eyes opened exactly at the right time to see OmegaShoutmon’s fist soaring straight at him.


“He kind of does.” OmegaShoutmon grinned as Appolomon fell onto his back, unconscious.

“It is part of the plan, after all.” MetalGureimon grinned back.

And It Don’t Stop!


X4 smashed into the ground, groaning. “Ow…that hurt…” Akari muttered.

“You really should have paid more attention to my fire attacks.” the Marsmon chuckled. “Seriously, what a stupid move…” he shook his head as he put his foot on X4’s back. “Why switch to hand to hand combat when you had the advantage in the air?”

“I guess we’re just suckers for doing things the hard way.” Dorulumon smirked inside the Xros.

“Or maybe…” Akari grinned dangerously at Marsmon. “We’re just better strategists than you thought?”

Before Marsmon could figure out what they meant…


Five mirages of Sparrowmon soared through Marsmon’s chest at once, before looping around and reuniting behind him as he stumbled forward from the force of the attack.


Multiple explosions occurred on the Olympian’s body, forcing him down onto his side as Xros Four stood up.

“Ready?” Sparrowmon asked.

“N’gah!” Ballistamon replied from inside the Xros.

“XROS OPEN!” Revolomon ordered as he threw the Xros Loader into the air. “SPARROWMON AND BALLISTAMON! DIGI-XROS!”

Xros Four burst apart into pieces as Ballistamon shot up and Digi-Xrossed together into a single compact form: one that looked like Ballistamon had turned into armor for Sparrowmon!


“STARMONZ DIGI-XROS!” Revolomon continued.

Akari leaped into the air, springing off of Dorulumon’s tail mid air, reaching up to grab the Star Sword as it finished Xrossing. She did a back flip, and then landed on the back of the Sparrowmon AB Xros. “Ready?” She asked.

“Yosh!” Sparrowmon nodded.

Akari then swung her Xros Loader through the air. “REVOLOMON! DORULUMON! DIGI-XROS!”

Before Marsmon could get his wits about him, he had an angry triple team of Digi-Xroses targeting him.

“STAR BLADE!” Akari swung out, launching a wave of fire at Marsmon.

“SONIC DUSTER WAKE-UP!” Multiple compartments on the wingspan opened up and let loose missile shaped sonic pulses, infused with random laser bursts thrown in for good measure.

Marsmon’s eyes widened as the dual attacks soared down upon him from above…


And then Revolomon, in place of Taiki for the Cannon Xros, let lose his own Justice Bullet attack as he fired the Dorulu Cannon.

…And a third attack came from the side.


Another Green piece exploded into data.

“Well…That’s me cue to scrapper.” Taiki said in an overly-Brittish accent as he stood from the table, before switching back to normal. “I’d tip my hat if I had one, but…I really must be going.”

What’s this? Why it’s a Tranquility Base Shout Out!

“Wait!” DarkKnightmon reached out and grabbed the boy’s hand, keeping him from leaving. “You won’t tell anyone about this! Will you?”

“What? The fact that you’re proud that your brother is trying to betray you?” Taiki asked for clarification. “Or the fact that you wouldn’t have known unless I told you?”


Taiki transformed the held hand into it’s larger fist form, forcing DarkKnightmon to let go, and stumble away from the table.


…Which was broken in two by said fist a single second later.

“Just to make it look good.” Taiki winked, and then returned his fist to normal a second later as he turned to leave. “I’m not making promises, DarkKnightmon, but I will say that I’m not turning my back on those who need my help.” and so he forced the doors open and strolled out into the hallway. “Make of that what you will.”

Taiki’s setting up DarkKnightmon so hard he doesn’t realize it.

Had Taiki waited a moment to view the remains of the table’s flickering hologram, he would have noticed one critical thing…

Two red pawns were dissolving away.

However- things are NOT going well!

It was just the six of them now- Terezie, Problem, Flute, Reena, Cabarat, and Strider.

“DIE ALREADY!” Problem roared as he jabbed his spear at Marsmon’s foot, trying to pin the Olympian down to the ground.

“PAWN ARROW!” Terezie dove for Marsmon’s legs and jabbed her spear through one of his Knees.

“GARHH!” Marsmon roared in pain.

They’d lost two of their friends already.

“CHECKMATE BREAK!” The other four dove forward at once, using this weaker form of their combo attack to try to take him down.

It hit, but didn’t go through.

Marsmon once more roared in pain as he stumbled backwards, all six spears stuck in his torso, with the Pawns still hanging onto them. “Garrhhh…I’m going to make you pay for that!”

Like HELL they were going to let him take any more lives!

“Scatter!” Strider ordered. “Last Resort move NOW!”

“Sorry, Ol’ girl.” Terezie whispered to her spear, and then leaped away along with the rest of her PawnChessmons.

“Audios mu-cha-cho!” Problem roared as he pulled out a small cylinder from the inside of a glove and pressed the button on the top.

The other PawnChessmon did the same.

“What the-?” Marsmon looked down at all of the spears in surprise as they each beeped…


All six exploded in sequence- sending the critically damaged Marsmon flying through the air.

The 8 have become 6- the exploding staff thing however, came from the Homestuck Fanfic Herding Cats.

“Back up weapons ready!” Reena ordered as she pulled a golden trident out of thin air. Following suit: Terezie summoned a cane, Cabarat pulled out twin hand scythes, Problem his key-ring, Flute her shotgun, and Strider his Sword.

These weapons are summoned Power Ranger style- out of nowhere!

As the smoke cleared from the crater Marsmon had made, the bulking Olympian forced himself up out of the crater- He had a massive pit in his chest that did not look healthy, and his legs were mangled to the point of amputation.

“We can finish this!” Flute cheered on.

“For Rue’ and Whatshisface!” Reena flinched once the words left her mouth. Had she really forgotten their last teammate’s name? Even after her death to protect them all from Marsmon’s attack?

WhatsHERface- and it’s Kroket, Reena.

And yes- I did forget her name.

“FOR DECKERDRAMON AND EVERYONE ELSE!” Terezie pulled her cane apart, revealing two sharp blades hidden inside each half.

And so they roared in unison, running forward and leaping with their weapons ready.

They charge–

“SHOTGUN WEDDING!” Flute fired into the pit wound.

Flute Wields a SHOTGUN.


And she uses a custom attack called SHOTGUN WEDDING- which are actually THINGS!

“METEOR BREAKER!” Strider slashed across the waist.

Strider/Bro/Dirk sliced a Meteor in half in Homestuck.

“IMAGINATION BULLET!” Problem fired off a laser cannon- having transformed it from a key-ring by sheer imagination alone- and blasted off Marsmon’s left shoulder.

More Problem Sleuth stuff- though who the HECK knows where the Laser Cannon mode came from.

“THIEF OF LIFE!” Reena jumped into the air and stabbed her trident straight through Marsmon’s eyes.

Because Meenah is the Thief of Life.

“SMELL YA LATER!” Cabarat dashed for the one mostly whole leg and double sliced his hand scythes through the meaty flesh.

For Karkat’s “Holmes! Smell Ya Later!” scythe.

And as the bulk of Marsmon began to fly backwards once again, Terezie jumped for the neck, bringing her two cane blades together in an X slice.


Need I reiterate the Terezie/Terezi expy-ness?

For a few beautiful moments, time slowed down as the Marsmon began to dissolve away into data, leaving each of the PawnChessmon soaring through his data as they carried forward through their attack motions.

Then time resumed, and they all hit the ground in unison as the crater Marsmon had been standing in EXPLODED behind them dramatically.

Apparently, he had been charging up another of his fire attacks. Oh well. Not like it was anywhere near lethal levels.

They take him out Power-Rangers style too.

Good thing he doesn’t grow.

The GrapLeomon that Knightmon was fighting turned his back for a single moment to look at the explosion. “What the hell-?” And then Knightmon’s cracked and chipped sword pierced the Leomon’s chest from behind. “GRK!”

“Rule one. Never turn your back on an opponent.” Knightmon quoted. “You Bagura scum.”

And the GrapLeomon shattered into data, leaving the battered, armor cracked, leg broken, seemingly defeated Knightmon leaning against nothing but air.

He fell forward onto his one good knee as he tried to use his sword for support, but, damaged as the sword was, it simply cracked in half.

“oof.” he grunted. “I’m not doing that again.” he grumbled to himself… Then fell forward onto his face as darkness claimed his mind.

And now Knightmon cashes in on his opening sequence foreshadowing.

You’re meant to think he’s died- and therefore it makes you worry even more about Shoutmon and the others.


The camera zoomed in on a disk’s right side, showing Yuu standing there with several White Pickmonz around him. The camera panned over past Starmon to the disk’s left side, with Corone standing there surrounded by silver Pickmons.

The camera panned out, and the disk flips over, revealing two yellow outlines of Yuu weilding the Scythe-hammer and CascadeStarmon ready to punch something into submission.



Trompeaurmon back-flipped away from the exploding rocks. The damned boy was chasing her in circles! At this rate the entire floor would collapse and they would probably Fall to their deaths!

And what was with the Queen and King just standing there? Why weren’t they running away? Didn’t the Tsuwamon say that if their lives were in danger they’d-?



Trompeaurmon ducked down, barely avoiding losing her awesome cap in the scythe’s attack. The whole Field shook again with a mighty tremor. What was WITH that wavelength that scythe was putting off? And why was the whole Field shaking whenever he used it anyways?

She has no clue.

“Should we run?” Kotone asked. “It would only make sense that we flee when there is such danger in the area.” Cetus continued as the Field shook with another quake.

“Perhaps we should…” Tsuwamon mused. “But perhaps we should wait to see who is the victor here.”

“Agreed.” Kotone nodded…but frowned as a stray void blast skimmed past her shoulder. “But I still insist that perhaps we should move to a safer location not on the open field of battle where we have a risk at death.”

“Good idea.”

And so the two ran for the nearest stairwell.

Debate from the King and Queen of Green.

Taiki flew through the air back towards the red castle as fast as he could, pushing the engine wings faster and faster. Then he flew over the PawnChessmon, who were trying to help an unconscious Knightmon back to the castle. “Hey!” He turned direction and flew down. “Are you okay?”

“Taiki!” The PawnChessmon cheered.

“You’re back!” Terezie cried out in glee.

“Quick! Get Knightmon into the Xros Loader!” Reena pleaded.

“Right!” He held out his Xros Loader and the Knight vanished in a burst of light. “What happened down here?”

“We got attacked by a Marsmon!” ProblemChessmon explained. “We lost two of our fellow Pawns to that jerk!”

“Damn it.” Taiki’s hands clenched into fists. “And Marsmon?”

“We kicked his ass!” Reena pumped a fist into the air. “You should have seen it! It was so awesome! Terezie decapitated him!”

“With spears?” Hephaestus blinked.

“No, with varying weapons of awesome degree.” Strider replied.

A moment passed as the expected follow up failed to come.

But SURPRISE!!!!!!!! Knightmon survives his near-death experience!

“Anyways, ” Taiki glanced over towards the castle, where he could see Xros Five already heading back, “we need to get going; we’re already in Phase Three.”

“Three?” Flute asked. “Wow! I didn’t think we’d be able to trick DarkKnightmon so badly so quickly!”

“The Pegasusmon told me a lot of what we needed.” Taiki explained. “A *Lot* of curious things.”

“You’ll have to tell us on the way.” Cabarat insisted. “We’ve got too much ground to cover and too little time.”

“Right.” Taiki held up his Xros Loader again. “Let’s get going.”

Tsuwamon and Kotone had ducked into the alcove leading down to the next level only to have their progress stopped by a wall of green vines that had not been there before, and the person who had created it- Nene/Echidna.

“Sorry.” Nene said, an apologetic smile on her face. “But the stairs aren’t safe at times like these.”

“We’re warning you now and preemptively stopping you so you don’t go tumbling down the stairs repeatedly to your doom.” Echidna added.

“That’s fine.” Tsuwamon replied. “We just wanted out of the line of fire at this point.”

“So…” Nene said after a moment of awkward silence. “What’s new?”

Kotone lunged forward.

Set up…

Trompeaurmon jumped backwards after another attack went wide. Well, at least those other guys had gotten out of the way now. “You’re an annoying brat, you know that, right?” she spat at him.

“Same to you!” Yuu spat in return. “What are you? Ten? Eight? You shouldn’t be able to wield a sword that well!”

“I am FOURTEEN!” She snarled and jumped forward, not even bothering to use an attack this time.

One of the few given ages of any character!

WORD OF GOD: By the end of Cascade Side A- Trompeaurmon will only be a year behind the rest of XH’s older generals.

Sword met scythe-handle, and for a few precious moments the duo struggled to gain dominance over the other. As they did such, neither noticed the shadow rising over them.

The shadow of a familiar set of Digimon.

“So who do you think is going to win here?” OmegaShoutmon asked of his companion. “I’m betting personally on Yuu.”

“Eh…” MetalGureimon shrugged. “It’s a toss up, really.”

There was a tense moment as the tension grew too much… and then the clashing duo pushed themselves back and away from each other, each jumping quite a bit to gain some extra distance before they resumed their fight.

“Shoutmon! Gureimon!” Yuu grinned at the two. “How’s Appolomon?”

“We left him unconscious.” OmegaShoutmon rolled his eyes. “Poor guy was worn out after all that running.”

“You’ve made a mistake letting him live, you know.” Trompeaurmon scowled. “He’s not in it for anyone but himself.”

“Really now?” OmegaShoutmon raised an eyebrow. “Care to elaborate?”


“Too bad.” MetalGureimon replied. “I’m in a rather chatty mood right now! I could go for a good story!”

It’s not really touched upon…ever… but Appolomon might have been Shademon’d. This is really one of the sad parts about his character- I couldn’t cover his story the way I wanted to.

Chuchumon wasn’t sure what to make of the current events. He simply sat in his seat on Tsuwamon’s back and stared on, slack jawed, as Kotone and Nene hugged like they hadn’t seen each other in years. Wait. They hadn’t. Not really. Did one of them being unconscious in Dust Zone count as seeing each other? No? Didn’t think so.

And follow-through!

Kotone’s hugging Nene.


He shut his mouth as Tsuwamon talked. “Cetus had been remembering things ever since the rest of you returned, subtle things, and slowly at first, but once we were captured, both of them began remembering more and more; significantly, however, a large portion of Kotone’s memories resurfaced when we escaped from Honey Land. We were planning on stealing the Code Crown back once we returned to the base, so we left clues behind so you would follow us there.”

“‘We’? You were in on it? You BOTH were planning on betraying DarkKnightmon?” Echidna inquired. “The first time we all met, you were ruthless, an assassin for hire. You kidnapped her in the first place! What would make you do such a thing?”

“My own life was false.” Tsuwamon said with some regret. “I was made as a chariot and hired to be a weapon. Up until you hit me with the remains of that Shademon, my own body was not mine to control.” It was then Chuchumon realized that Tsuwamon was reaching back towards him and-!

“EEP!” he squeaked as he was lifted up into the air, and found himself staring straight into Tsuwamon’s eyes. Chuchumon gulped.

“This little one controlled me, so if you wish to take things up on my past actions, please feel free to do such.” Tsuwamon was saying, eyes narrowed. “However, I am willing to take on any punishments you feel are-” His eyes then widened in horror as he then threw Chuchumon at the two hugging sisters while he dove forward and pushed them to the side as if to throw them out of the path of- OH CRAP IN A HAT there was something bright barreling up the stairwell!

Tsuwamon barely finishes saying that he was just a robot in the past before he throws himself into the line of fire.


The entire Hell’s field shook violently with one major tremor as everything within the field began to glow brightly.

“What the hell?” Taiki scowled.


“Yes!” Tinkermon pumped a fist into the air. “The hell’s field is collapsing!”


“This can’t be good!” Kiriha gulped as he watched the opposite side of the field rush towards them as if all of reality had been stretched like a rubber band, and had subsequently been released.


TARDIS soundeffects.


An object made out of green metal hit the ground, and bounced.


It landed, and began rolling.


And so the Green King’s Crown rolled to a stop against the edge of the now purple castle’s throne room wall…where it promptly fell apart into scrap data.

Yuu blinked rapidly as he tried to figure out what just happened. “Whoah…”

And thus: The Title is fulfilled.

“Damn it! What the hell!?” Trompeaurmon was cursing loudly and painfully as she hopped around, grasping her right foot. Her sword lay nearby, wedged slightly into the floor where there had once been a large dent in the ground, but now was none.

Nearby, Kiriha, Kaiyumi, Revolomon, and Xros Five stood bewildered as well, as if they had been somewhere else a moment before. Not too far away in floating orbit above the castle was Olegmon’s ship, the Good Friday, and in the distance, Taiki could be seen flying towards them as fast as his wings could push him.

“What just happened?” MetalGureimon asked.

“The Field collapsed, you idiot!” Trompeaurmon howled through the pain of her wounded foot- which looked fine. She probably did something stupid like drop her sword’s hilt on it during the transition back to Bright Land. “One of the Kings lost their crown, that’s instant game over for the chess master’s agreed-to rules.”

Before anyone could figure out what that meant, it was shoved into their faces.

“TSUWAMON!” Kotone’s voice cried out in horror, forcing everyone to turn around to face the stairwell that an explosion had occurred in unnoticed.

This was me being a Trolling creator. Instead of killing someone on the opening card- I killed off someone who wasn’t!


What is WRONG with me????????

The poor girl was kneeling over the upper half of Tsuwamon’s body, his lower half…elsewhere at the moment. Nearby, Nene was leaning against a pillar, dazed, and Chuchumon simply sat next to her, reaching out with wide eyes and an open mouth as his creation slowly wasted away.

“Let me help!” Cutemon forced himself out of Lopmon’s Xros Loader and ran over towards the wounded ninja.

“What the hell-?” Trompeaurmon stared at the bisected ninja, her eyes widening. “This wasn’t part of the plan…”

“Tsuwamon!” Kotone was crying. “Tsuwamon! Speak to me…!” Cetus switched over mid conversation as well. “Come on Ninja! Don’t die on us! Please! We need you!”

Cutemon slid over to the ninja and immediately began casting his healing powers. “KYUUUU!”

Everyone just sort of stared in abstract horror- Xros Five even De-Xrossed down into it’s base parts as each of them stood there, confused. What HAD just happened?

“Tsuwamon…Tsuwamon! Come on! Wake up! Please… Just stay here…! PLEASE!”

And for a few precious moments, everyone just listened to the girl’s pained cries in what would otherwise be considered to be silence.

This is arguably better than Tsuwamon’s canon death- which was slow and painful.

Not that this isn’t painful either, but… it’s quicker than the canon death.

And then there was laughter.

Dark, sinister, and familiar laughter.

There was an echoing metallic thud, followed by another, and another, and another…

Someone was climbing the stairs.

Yuu tightened his grip on Corone as he turned to face the stairway. “Kotone…” he began.

“C’mon Tsuwamon…!” Kotone and Cetus didn’t even seem to be hearing the laughter, or the foot steps. She didn’t even hear Yuu speaking.

“Kotone!” he repeated. “Get Tsuwamon away from there now!

And then a shadow appeared in the smoke emerging from the entrance of the stair way. “Oh what sweet sorrow.” Came the familiar, devilish voice of DarkKnightmon as he stepped through the smoke dramatically. His twin spears staff resting calmly in his right hand, it’s own tip smoking from the fired laser attack. “The Ninja had some honor after all, even if he was planning on betraying me in the end.”

“DarkKnightmon!” OmegaShoutmon snarled. “You’d fire on your own Subordinates! ?”

The title fulfilled- DarkKnightmon checkmated his own King.

And the foreshadowing isn’t done there.

Taiki really should have killed DarkKnightmon when he had the chance- but it wouldn’t have stuck.

“I was aiming for Echidna, sadly. The Ninja got in my way.” DarkKnightmon shrugged as he walked past the dying ninja and headed towards the center of the room. “I don’t regret it one way or the other. A Bug has been squashed regardless.” he chuckled. “I really should be thanking you all, in fact. The betrayal Baguramon had planned for me would not have come to light without your interference.”

“You…You…!” OmegaShoutmon roared as he leaped forward, summoning his sword…which did not look quite right. “YOUBASTARD!”

DarkKnightmon brought his spear staff up to block, and managed it easily. “Your weapons are a weak imitation of Hephaestus’, you think you can defeat me with knockoffs?”

“RAHHHH!” Shoutmon pushed forward, summoning massive turbine engines to push him forwards, which did little against DarkKnightmon’s cool and relaxed stance. “DIE! DIE! JUST CURL UP AND DIE ALREADY!”

This is rather Un-Shoutmon like of Shoutmon!

Infact- this is a problem!

“KIRIHA!” MetalGureimon roared as he flew forward, not liking what he was seeing from the dragon.

“RIGHT!” The Blue Flare General raised his Xros Loader. “TIME BURST!”

“METALGUREIMON CHOU SHINKA! ZEKEGUREIMON!”ZekeGureimon flew forward and smashed his forehead into DarkKnightmon’s side, catching him by surprise and flinging him into the far wall. “SHOUTMON!” he ordered. “Calm down!”

“I AM CALM!” OmegaShoutmon spun on the spot to glare at the dragon as he shouted. “And I’ll be even calmer once I cut that bastard’s head off!”

“You’re NOT thinking straight, Shouto!” Akari called out a second later. “Just look at your sword!”

This- ironically- is the same behavior that Jane was having prior to the Trickster act in Homestuck.

Damn it past me! Stop being Prophetic!

“My Sword is-!” He held it up to prove his point, that it was just fine… and then he saw that it wasn’t. “It’s…!” his eyes widened slightly as he took in the oddly broken, twisted shape that the weapon had taken on. “What the…?” and the sword vanished, replaced by his normal hand.

“Let’s fight this together, Shoutmon.” ZekeGureimon insisted. “Let’s balance each other out and take him down!”

OmegaShoutmon stared at him for a few moments, only to have his decision made a moment later by DarkKnightmon forcing himself out of the wall he had been flung through.

“Ouch.” The Knight said flatly. “I do believe you bruised my ego there, somewhat.”

OmegaShoutmon closed his eyes, and took a deep breath. “Alright, Gureimon. You’ve got yourself a deal.”

Gureimon’s acting very much like Shoutmon’s Moirail- probably in place of MailBirdramon acting like his own.

This very nearly became another SkullGreymon/Megidomon/Ruin Mode.

*Cue Tagiru Chikara*

“Kiriha, Akari!” ZekeGureimon called out, not taking his eyes off of the Dark Knight for a moment. “Double Xros us NOW!”

“Right!” The two jumped forward and brought up their Xros Loaders.

“OmegaShoutmon!” Akari called.

“ZekeGureimon!” Kiriha called.

“DOUBLE XROS!” and they threw their Xros Loaders together.

There was a burst of light as two golden digimon fused together and became one powerful force. ZekeGureimon’s body and tempered strength, with OmegaShoutmon’s speed and unleashed power.

“SHOUTMON: DE-XROS!” the golden Digimon roared as he struck a pose and leveled his trident arm down at DarkKnightmon.

This time- It’s the full song with lyrics.

Sending Sparks flying, it’s a DEAD HEAT, Can’t let my guard down in the DANGER ZONE

“De-Xros?” DarkKnightmon chuckled. “Is that supposed to be a pun?”

Fighting Souls, Flare, Echoing each other fiercely

“You’re going to regret coming back here, DarkKnightmon.” Shoutmon snarled. “Don’t play the fool.”

I’m feeling the best as the SUPERSTAR,

And so he jumped forward, bringing his trident arm up to slash down.

Attacking to the last inch is my HUNTING TIME.

DarkKnightmon brought his spears up to block…only to find to his abstract horror that he was actually HAVING to block the Double Xros’ mighty strength. “Uhoh.” His eyes widened ever so slightly.

Let’s Go! My Challenge is starting!

Shoutmon DX threw his left fist forward and sent DarkKnightmon through the wall behind him completely.

We’re gonna decide out Target, Unleashing now a Heated passion that can almost melt,

DX flew faster through the hole after the Knight and gave another punch and a kick so fast that time had seemed to slow down just for that specific attack.

My Power Overflows!


DarkKnightmon hit the stairwell he had just ascended some time before, and began tumbling down those steps rapidly and painfully. “Ow-Oof-OW!”

SEETHING POWER! It Can’t be stopped! Limitless energy swirls within!

DX flew above and powered up his laser attack. “VICTORIZE BANKING!”

Right now, the world is waiting for me, Heating up with a Surge, Charge In!

There was a blast of crimson energy, flying fast and repeatedly, from Shoutmon’s V Crest, blasting down into the stairs at each point DarkKnightmon rolled past, each causing an explosion and a tremor that forced him to continue spiraling down the stairs faster and faster.

I Challenge battles by putting everything on the line, Become One HEART AND HEART!

Taiki landed on the deck to everyone’s surprise. “Woah…What the hell happened here?”

“Shoutmon’s fighting DarkKnightmon.” Akari said offhandedly as she stared through the hole Shoutmon had forced DarkKnightmon through.

Just because you stumbled a little, Don’t lose heart. From here on out it’s “A One Hit Turnaround!” That’s our password.

“Where have you been!?” Sally jumped from the side and hugged the boy tightly. “We’ve been worried ever since he showed up!”

Even if I put on airs and fall over, I can do it as long as I have friends who laugh along with me,

“Left!” Grueimon ordered as he directed the Victorize Banking attacks down the stairs so that they would continue to hit DarkKnightmon. “Right! Left! Right! Right! Left! Damn it! Why didn’t anyone warn us about these stairs!”

Shoutmon had to admit, even for a single moment lest he lose focus… ‘I need him here right now. These attacks wouldn’t be hitting at all if I were trying to target this precisely.’

Keep the eyes and head forward and DASH!

DarkKnightmon hit the bottom of the stairs, finally, and stared upwards as DeXros descended down upon him.

Crossing over the walls of time, This bond connects us like an invisible sympathy,


He slashed through the air, drawing up twin cuts of red and blue energy that slashed forward towards the DarkKnight and…


Pushed him through to the next floor- the basement.

This Power can change everything!

DeXros dropped down and summoned the record saw blade- slightly different from before in that it now had a giant Z etched across it’s surface, the same shape as DeltAntylamon’s Record Scratch attack.

Seething blood circulates through the body as hearts soar!

“RAH!” DarkKnightmon leaped up from the rubble in a surprise maneuver, throwing his spear against the saw Record to engage in a stalemate. “I won’t die by your hands! NOT TODAY!”

The glittering glint will tear to shreds, in the very center of this universe…

“That May be so!” Gureimon said rather calmly to the Knight. “But I’m holding it to you exactly! If not today: Then TOMORROW!”

HOLD UP! Raise High Your fist!

“AS IF!” DarkKnightmon shoved forwards as he pushed himself away, turning towards a transportalizer platform in the corner of the basement as he did such- un-thankfully not broken by the collapsed floor.

Searching for hope within the darkness, Become one BURNING HEART!

De-Xros was take by surprise at the sudden movement, and the Knight gave himself the momentum needed to abscond away- Straight to the Demon’s Nest- The Pandorica.

“RAHHH!” Shoutmon threw the saw blade down at the device…

“STOP!” …Only to have it stop a mere inch above it’s surface.

“Gu…Gureimon?” Shoutmon blinked.

“Damn it Shoutmon, what’s gotten into you?”

And DarkKnightmon escapes- very nearly completely too!

Shoutmon almost destroyed the thing that would let them follow.

There’s a lot in this sequence- mainly that Shoutmon’d be out of control without Gureimon holding him back. You’ll also notice the Record is now Scratched- courtesy of DeltAntyalmon in the last Land.

DeXros flew back up through the hole and looked over everyone- the situation having changed visibly- Tsuwamon’s body was gone completely, and from the way Kotone was being consoled by Yuu and Nene… It wasn’t because he was in a Xros Loader.

“Everyone…I’m sorry.” Shoutmon made the announcement as soon as he saw that. “DarkKnightmon got away.”

There were some tense looks, and some frustrated growls…

“But all is not lost!” Gureimon picked up. “The device he fled through is still active. If we hurry now, we can chase after him, and stop everything he’s done and is planning on doing for GOOD!”

“That transportalizer goes straight to the Pandorica.” Trompeaurmon spoke up immediately, having been tied up to a throne so that she couldn’t escape. “The heart of the Bagura empire. You’d be straight out killed the moment you stepped through the thing.”

“That’s a risk we’ll have to take then.” Taiki countered her. “If what I’ve heard is true, and Baguramon plans on betraying DarkKnightmon, then the device might not be guarded.” he took a step forward. “And you are going to help us out with that, even if it is guarded.”

“Me, huh?” She stuck her tongue out at the boy. “Well good luck with THAT!”

“Well, It’s only logical.” Taiki smirked as a dangerous red energy flared up in his eyes as Hephaestus spoke.

“Any guards there won’t be willing to kill us if we’ve got their superior officer as a hostage, now will they?”

At that moment, the emperor’s daughter realized that he wasn’t joking around.

She gulped.

Immediately- you’ll realize that this set up is MAJORLY different from the Canon anime.

I’m just EVIL with foreshadowing in this chapter, aren’t I? Both times it wasn’t even intentional, either! Yuu threatening to cut Tsuwamon in half, then he GETS cut in half. Echidna warning about the stairs, and then the DorkKnight FALLS down the stairs? Gureimon’s “Why didn’t anyone warn us” was written in ESPECIALLY after I noticed it.

Ahhem. As Past me so eloquently puts it…. This chapter and the last are mega heavy with foreshadowing.

The Next Time segment is no worse off:


“The Demon’s nest! The Pandorica!”


“DarkKnightmon went this way.”

“Brother! Please!”

“You’ve Proven yourself unworthy to be a part of this empire, DarkKnightmon.”


“Next time: Digimon Xros Wars Seven Swords!”

“XROS UP! Infiltrate the Pandorica!”

“I’m not turning my back on you, Kotone!”

The Title Theme has changed here- It’s NOT “Pandorica Land!” or “Prison land”

It’s “XROS UP!”

This is the new modifier for the last 3 episodes of this act.


By the way- this second Act of Act 2, 7Swords, was written fairly quickly- one chapter after the next.

But this is NO LESS TRUE than these next three episodes.

They were written specifically to be released one after the other.

I was on a roll with them.

And you’ll see why it rolls so quickly.


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