Xros Wars AU 02 — CH46

We Open CHAPTER 46 with a time skip- mostly for the viewer’s sanity…

Also a trigger warning: Character Death.

The grimdark clouds gathered over all that could be seen in Canyon Land, fueled by the fires and smoke and discord that was being sown through the Land by Anubimon and his own personal army.

It was a small thing… Only a couple handfuls of Digimon who had previously served under Gravimon’s command…

And a few others.

The Outline of MetalGureimon rose into the air, preparing another one of his Giga Destroyer attacks.

He, like all the others Anubimon had recruited, were twisted by the dark energies being put forth by Anubimon’s estranged powers.


Dark bursts of energy shout out of the missile launchers on his back… firing down upon the hapless town beneath him.

Poor MetalGureimon– out on a GrimDark rampage.

This episode was meant to be Kiriha’s lowest point ever.

Elsewhere near by, a mass of twisted wind cut through anything in its path…And at the center?

A boy…crying… helpless to do anything as his world crumbled around him. Blond hair had turned white in the void, and his clothes practically rippled with corrupted energy.

No, not even the Denizen locked inside the boy’s brain could do anything to free themselves from the prison, having been forced into slumber by the dark energies swirling in that boy’s mind, keeping him compressed and focused on memories.

The boy’s name?

Kiriha Aouma.

But at the moment…

All he considered himself worthy of was the title…

“I killed her.”

What’s gone on in-between episodes? Why…Kiriha thinks he’s killed Nene!!

Nene gasped for breath as Echidna’s life powers resurrected her once again from the brink of death, although it was not much of an issue considering that any such death was neither Heroic nor Just.

“Easy there!” Wizardmon held his hands out to keep the girl from sitting up. “He really did a number in on you… All that negative energy’s just barely keeping your healing factor down…”

“Wh…Where’s…?” Nene tried to ask.

“Kiriha’s gone, Nene.” Taiki said from the corner of the room across from her. “Left. Took off with MetalGureimon and Anubimon.” from the angle she was sitting at, Nene could easily see the Blue Xros Loader the goggle wearing boy was trying to hide. “Shoutmon and the others took off after him.”

How bad was she hurt, though?

Well…I’m hesitant to say- but the simple fact is that she was hurt bad enough to make it seem like a One Hit Kill to Kiriha.


The spinning triangle of green energy slammed against MetalGureimon’s color inverted helmet, barely dealing any damage to the cyborg at all.

“Sorry Gureimon!” Akari winced as her friend roared through the minimal pain.


Meanwhile, twin spheres of musical flame were cut in half by blades of dark wind.

“Damn it Kiriha!” OmegaShoutmon snarled. “Stop it already! This isn’t like you!”

The wind sphere had nothing to say to that, instead deciding to throw another burst of wind at the digimon.

Shoutmon and Akari are working to free their friends from Anubimon’s influence.

I realize now that this is sort of a SkullGreymon situation…Or A RuinMode ShineGreymon?… with Kiriha and Gureimon.

“Where are we now?” Nene asked as she shrugged on a replacement of her torn up jacket- now lying on the nearby table torn to shreds and soaked in blood. She winced through the pain lancing through her chest- but she’d survive.

This line is as explicit as I’ll ever be in-story with what happened to Nene- But suffice to say it was pretty messy, and hence the skip over events.

“Just outside what used to be Dust Zone’s town square.” Hephaestus remarked with annoyance. “Funny how we wound up here again, isn’t it?”

“Sparrowmon managed to get there before Anubimon did, everyone’s safe now, evacuated underground thanks to GranLocomon and Puppetmon…” Taiki continued. “They were prepared for something like this, thanks to our last visit inspiring them to make a new set of tunnels uncharted from Sand Zone’s.”

Good Ol’ Browncoats! It’s good to catch up with these guys, even if it is via dialogue only.

“Luck’s all it is.” Riska snarled as she watched MetalGureimon smash through a tower in the distance, despite the emerald speck of light trying her best to hold him off. “If we can’t get John- Gureimon.” she corrected herself. “If we can’t get Gureimon back…or Kiriha…” her fists were clenched. “What does it even matter if we got one town evacuated?”

Taiki could tell the little dragon’s heart was being torn. Duty over love. Love over duty. “We’ll get them back.” he put his hand on her head. “Just you wait and see…”

She looked up to meet his eyes with her own.

“We’ll get them back and put Anubimon down for good.”

Riska’s acting rather un Vriska like here. But it goes to show how much she cares.

Taiki’s being grimly determined here, if only to keep her hopes up.

*CUE: crossing field -TV Ver.- (by LiSA)*


*cue Title Theme*

“Canyon’s Echo! The Seven Swords Forged In the Heart of a Star!”


Also- no changes to the opening animation in this episode.


A young boy cried, his head buried in the sheets resting at the edge of the bed that was void of life, but not of matter…

A man stood in the door frame, staring down at the bed his wife’s body now lay… He hated how life could be so cruel at times… A whole lifetime had been planed, an empire built by two sets of hands… Then three… And now thanks to that blasted car…

He only had his son to continue on with.

“Kiriha.” He finally broke the silence filled created by the boy’s sobbing. “Come here. We…” he gulped. “We need to go.”

The boy turned his head to face his father, eyes wet with tears as he sniffed. “But…”

“She wouldn’t want you to be sitting here.” the father said. “She’d want you to be strong. To move on.” when he saw the boy’s eyes start to widen as tears began to brim with more waterworks… he added. “She wouldn’t want you to turn your back on those who still need you.”

And with that catchphrase borrowed from teammates last seen years past…the boy finally got off his knees and walked over.

Kiriha Backstory time!

This is rather sad for Kiriha’s father, given all his group went through to rebuild the Earth for their own future.

Also- Taiki probably heard the dont turn your back phrase from his mom or dad, who probably had it as a team motto during their SBURB game.

In the present, Kiriha cried harder as his own memories were played against him. “…Mom…”

He didn’t even realize that his body had shrunken down as the dark energy played with his mind and body.

“It’s not fair.” Kiriha whispered as he and his father stepped out into the overcast sky underneath their umbrella- rain was falling, seemingly symbolic of the tragedy that had just occurred. “Why’d it have to happen for?”

The man looked down at his son with regret and remorse. “I Don’t know.” he said sadly, he himself not truthfully knowing. “Sometimes the world is full of regrets and pains that we must simply suffer through.” he failed to add… “Even if they aren’t heroic or just.”

I don’t think I said exactly what killed his mother, and I don’t think I should in respect for Kiriha…


The boy was awakened by his father shouting downstairs, punctuated by a sharp slam of fist against table. “Damn it, Amano! I Don’t want your sympathy!”

“Now Daimon…” came a woman’s voice, softer, but still echoing. “Piro doesn’t mean that-”

“Yuki-chan.” came another man’s voice, soft as well, but somewhat more determined. “I meant every word of it.”

“Everything that happened back then is in the past.” Kiriha’s father nearly snarled. “My wife is dead and that place won’t do a single thing to bring her back to us.”

“More like it can’t even get here to try, Daimon.” The second man sighed, exasperated. “Don’t you think we miss her too? We were all at the funeral. You saw the ripple just like the rest of us.” Silence. “The only thing that makes sense is that the barrier closed from both sides. Meaning that any holes opened are what any of us can exploit.”

“Daimon…” The woman began.

“Kuroyuki-san…” Kiriha’s father countered. “Do you really think that there’s a chance…?”

His dad was in enough pain as it was- as Nene’s and Yuu’s parents try to get him to open up to the possibility that she’s alive somewhere in the Digital world…

Kiriha doesn’t understand yet.

OmegaShoutmon roared as he pierced the wind sphere with his water sword. “AQUA RESONANCE!”

For a single moment, the sphere of air became translucent, showing the crying child inside… Much younger than the dragon-born rescuer had expected.

And he hesitated.

A week later… Kiriha lost his other parent… not to a car…not to fate…

But to greed.

“Time for you to keel over, Amano!”



And he never will.

The Sphere reformed and then expanded, forcing OmegaShoutmon back and away from the weeping child. “GAH!”

“Shoutmon!” Akari’s attention was diverted for a single moment…

“AKARI!” Lopmon wrenched control of their shared evolved form back from the girl just in time to avoid being stabbed in the gut by MetalGureimon’s claws. “Focus! He can handle himself!”

And so the heir to the Amano Insurance Comany watched with grief stricken eyes as his father was buried alongside his mother.

“Hey…Kid…” His father’s trusted right hand man bent down to look him in the eyes. “We’ll catch the guy who did this- do you hear me?”

Kiriha nodded, but his eyes never left the sight of the two coffins- one fresh, one covered in dirt and mud- lying next to each other.

“We’re going to catch the guys who did this and we’re going to make sure the world turns right around.”

A Cruel echo of the “we’ll stop them” line from before.




AlturBallistamon, Revolomon, and Deckerdramon were currently engaged in keeping the rest of Anubimon’s twisted army from getting anywhere near Kiriha and MetalGureimon- whose rescue operation was underway.

“This is getting tedious!” Deckerdramon’s eyes narrowed. “If only they wouldn’t stop healing themselves!”

“N’gah!” AlturBallistamon nodded.

“Couldn’t have said it better myself.” Revolomon agreed as he fired off a few bullets into the range of attacking zombie-monsters.

But even so, these three were not alone.


Of course, the only one actually making a dent against those poor, twisted creatures was Yuu, wielding Corone in her scythe form to throw energy targeting attack after energy targeting attack at them- the specifically calibrated wavelengths were cutting through the twisted tangles of former Digimon and keeping them apart longer than any missile, bullet, or sonic attack could.

Meanwhile- more fighting elsewhere.

Anubimon’s been busy to build up a GrimDark army rather fast.

Corone had to hand it to the boy, his skills and claimed hours of practice were definitely showing through now- where as before he seemed a little clumsy, almost as if his skills were rusty and out of practice, now he showed precision as the skills seemed to flood back.

Of course, when the scythe blade failed to do any good against armored opponents that were getting too close for comfort, Yuu would twist her around, lift up in preparation for a power attack, and then… SLAM!

“BREATH IMPACT!” The ground practically cratered beneath them- forcing everything back as the very air around them formed a wall that shoved outwards, ever expanding like a shock wave.

Sure, Corone thought, being a weapon-Digimon had it’s disadvantages. One of which was that she still got dizzy whenever he began spinning her around- but at least it was controlled by someone who knew what they were doing. Not at all like when DarkKnightmon would throw her around as a giant ax. Sure, she was probably going to have a headache from all the hammering, but hey, it was looking like Anubimon’s small little army was thinning down a little.

Speaking of, where was that guy?

Yes- where is the elusive GrimBark Lord anyways?


JagarD0rulumon: Crimson Mode, was firing off a near constant stream of red tornadoes to keep the twisted demi-god from escaping the targeting of CascadeStarmon’s signature move:


Meteors fell at a near constant rate from the Spirograph portals, slamming against Anubimon’s energy shield at a break neck rate, which was what was being hoped for- Anubimon’s neck being broken.

But alas, it was not working. Anubimon just laughed his twisted laugh as nothing actually harmed his body.

Ah- being held back.

“Why the hell did Anubimon infect Kiriha and Gureimon and not me?” Nene asked as Wizardmon looked her over for any lingering negative effects. “We were all hit with the same energy!”

“It’s all a matter of heart.” Wizardmon mused as he finished casting his scanning spell, and reviewed the results before his eyes. “The Negative energy inside you is being erased by a combination of Echidna’s life powers and your own love for Kiriha- however the doubt that lingers is what even allowed the attack to even be near fatal.” he ran a hand through his hair. “Whatever this negative energy is, it feeds on doubt…But that’s about all that I can tell for now without examining things closer.”

“Doubt?” Taiki frowned as Sparrowmon flew up to join them on the boat’s deck. “What do you mean?”

Thus the reason why Nene’s little act in Gold Land becomes important.

“I…” Nene tried to start…but couldn’t.

“It was her idea to make Shoutmon pretend to be you, Taiki.” Sparrowmon frowned, having only heard the tail end of the conversation, but enough to gather what was going on. “I think she’s been kicking herself in the butt for even thinking it was a good thing to do, especially after Ballistamon told her off about it.”

Nene grimaced as she stared down at her feet. “It was my idea… Echidna backed me up on it, and yet…”

“Nobody’s perfect.” The Denizen of Life countered. “We all make mistakes- even the rest of us Denizens. Only whoever designed the multiverse at the quantum level would be perfect enough to never make mistakes.”

“So wait.” Hephaestus held up his hand. “We’re all immune because we don’t have any doubts? That doesn’t follow at all.”

“No…” Wizardmon shook his head. “I think it’s something different from that…But similar enough…perhaps…”

“What then?” Sparrowmon asked.

Self-Doubt.” Spadamon spoke up as he slid down from the crow’s nest, making everyone jump slightly in surprise at his sudden appearance. “Confronted with your own internal struggles and doubts, you can’t help but to second guess yourself.”

Hephaestus quickly squashes the idea that everyone in Xros Heart is doubt free- they aren’t!

But it’s a PARTICULAR type of doubt that’s what’s dangerous!

“So Nene’s got enough doubt that the energy could hurt her, but not enough that it couldn’t overtake her?” Sparrowmon’s eyes narrowed. “Jaspers, come on! That’s completely absurd!”

“Not really.” Spadamon shook his head. “It’s just that Nene’s doubts about herself are more recent. Kiriha and Gureimon have been facing things for a lot longer!”

“Like a tree that has yet to grow.” Wizardmon snapped his fingers. “That makes sense!”

“Come to think of it…” Taiki mused. “Kiriha was pretty upset when Nene almost died back in Honey Land… And the look on his face when…”

“Deckerdramon.” Nene took a step back as she looked up at the nearing battle in the distance. “It’s Deckerdramon! Kiriha’s been afraid to use him in battle because of the Code Crown doing something when we all were separated!”

Six Months of Self-Doubt building up- this is why Kiriha is possessed. MetalGureimon has his own doubts- especially where MailBirdramon’s still unconscious form is involved.

“So if he’s afraid of losing people…” Wizardmon began. “Then seeing Nene almost die right in front of him again would-!”

There was a sharp squeal as the three Xros Loaders on the boat glowed brightly and began to heat up.

“GAH!” Taiki dropped Kiriha’s Xros Loader out of surprise while everyone else covered their ears from the sound.

But… The device didn’t hit the ground. Instead it came to a halt just a few inches above the deck…And then began to rise.

Nene’s and Taiki’s Xros Loaders began to float out of their respective holders, forcing their way out into the air (thankfully Nene’s jacket hadn’t been buttoned up, or else that might have been uncomfortable for her with the injuries previously sustained) to join the blue one hovering in the air.

“What the hell-?” Hephaestus’s eyes widened in surprise as the Xros Loader’s shrill beeping began to fade, replaced instead by a… a resonating hum.

And so the Xros Loaders prove once again- this time with even more persistence- that they are sentient!

However- we can thank Marcus’ DataLink for this- The “Flare” Loaders are more Digimon now than actual Digivices! Hence their suddenly given ability to *float!*

“Woah…” Spadamon’s eyes widened.

“What’s going on?” Sparrowmon asked as the Lavender Xros Loader turned towards her and… Made her evolve into SigmaArrowmon on the spot. “EH! ?”

The Sigma Letter flashed on Nene’s Xros Loader’s screen in time as it beeped a series of beeps that sounded like Morse code, then turned to face the other two Xros Loaders. Taiki’s Xros Loader beeped in return, flashing the Slashed circle in time with each beep. Kiriha’s then beeped in reply to that, showing the slashed Z symbol on it’s screen as well.

For a few moments, the Xros Loaders began talking with each other, beeping and whistling and sounding, in general, like a bunch of astromech droids from the Star Wars universe.

The Xros Loaders are coming up with a plan- hashing thoughts and ideas out faster with beeps and whistles than anyone else could.

Yes- they’ve essentially became the R2-D2’s of the XWAU02 story.

“Incredible…” Echidna murmured as she listened to the devices talk with each other. “We’d thought that they might have had their own personalities from what happened back in Dust Zone, but this is beyond anything I ever thought could be possible! They’re talking to each other in their own language!”

The Lavender Xros Loader spun in place, beeped a few times at her, then turned back to face the other Xros Loaders.

Cute! ❤

“How the hell is this even possible?” Hephaestus stared at his own creations. “Taiki’s was rebuilt from scratch- The only way it could have retained any sort of life from before was if the casing was what was really important! We replaced all of the chips and hardware inside of it! This shouldn’t be possible!”

And then the Three Xros Loaders beeped re-soundly in agreement, and then transformed into spheres of similarly colored energy- blue, orange, and lavender- that then shot off into the distance.

“Well…” Taiki couldn’t help but to grin. “I think it’s safe to say we know what they just said there.”

“What?” Wizardmon said half jokingly as he stared after the shrinking dots. “‘We can’t turn our backs on them’?”


“Damn it.” Spadamon grumbled. “I knew you were going to say that.”

Also- that beep sequence the Xros Loaders did there before flying off? It’d sound very suspiciously like the japanese phrase for “We can’t turn our backs for them!”


By the way- I was constantly dabbling with this scene-going back and forth whether or not to have Sparrowmon suddenly Time Burst into SigmaArrowmon without Nene’s assistance.

I settled on her evolving, eventually- but it was down to the wire of the last minute upload.

As Yuu and Corone stood on top of a pile of rocks staring down at the shambling corporate presences below, a lavender sphere of light shot down from Olegmon’s ship, coming to rest just before him.

“What the…?” The boy blinked as the sphere then proceeded to beep what sounded to be Morse code.

Then, almost as if by magic, Yuu’s Xros Loader began to heat up, before it leaped out of his pocket and came to rest in front of the lavender sphere. It beeped in return, showing off the W shape that was CascadeStarmon’s shades as it did so.

The Lavender sphere beeped in agreement, and then the Yuu’s Xros Loader turned into a yellow sphere and both launched over towards Revolomon.

“…Um… Yuu?” Corone stared after them. “Why did your Xros Loader just run off?”

“I don’t have a clue.” Yuu sighed as, a few moments later, the two spheres were joined by a green one, which, oddly, came from Revolomon’s Blue and Red Xros Loader.

Corone says it so simply.

DeltAntylamon was having a hard time trying to keep MetalGureimon from hurting her while she wasn’t hurting him. “This is getting tiring…” Akari grumbled.

It was then that an orange sphere of light shot up over towards them from the approaching boat.

“What the hell?” Lopmon narrowed her eyes. “Isn’t that…?”

It beeped very loudly, drawing MetalGureimon’s attention away from DeltAntylamon and instead towards the sphere.

“That sounded like a Xros Loader.” Akari noted as near simultaneously…

Lopmon’s Brown and Purple Xros Loader flew up in front of their face: Showing a holographic display of their primary attack.

“Of course!” Lopmon’s palm hit her face inside the Digi-Xros. “We’ve been putting off the obvious solution for so long!”

“But that hasn’t worked the last few times we’ve used it!” Akari protested. “Zamielmon and Splashmon…!”

“Well, It’s all we’ve got!” Lopmon set her eyes down in determination as her Xros Loader went off to join the other one as a sphere of Dark Purple light.

The Xros Loaders are ALL coming to life now! They simply just don’t have time to play around with these other Loaders coming up and telling them the plan instantly through a few beeps!

Inside his little dream memory world…

Kiriha stared in horror through the key hole of the door to his dad’s office as he watched the man who had sworn to get the man who had killed his father…

Become that man by pulling off a wig and letting his longer hair fall down over his shoulders.

“Liar…” Kiriha took several steps back away from the door. “He’s a Liar…!”


In the hours that came following that revelation, Kiriha had found that in the two years after his father’s death, the company reserves had been emptied out- stocks had been traded to other companies- and his own personal inheritance had been wiped clean.

He had nothing…

And now the men that had killed his father were most-likely going to come after him.

Well…Not if he had anything to say about it.

Kiriha decides to run off! What a brave boy!


The Camera Zooms into one side of a coin, showing Kiriha standing with his Xros Loader at the ready, then pans over to the other side, showing MetalGureimon preparing to slash his glowing left claws down into some unseen opponent.

The camera pans back, and the coin flips over, revealing a dark blue outline of ZekeGureimon standing with a slashed Z in the background behind him.


OmegaShoutmon was thrown backwards by another gust of negative wind energy as the sphere shook violently. “Damn it…!”

And then a blue sphere of light shot over from Olegmon’s ship, coming to a halt between him and the wind sphere. {Damn that’s a lot of spheres.} The raging wind ball seemed confused for a few moments…

And then the Red Xros Loader shout out of OmegaShoutmon’s armor pocket to join the blue sphere in orbit in front of the wind sphere.

“Bluh.” Shoutmon scowled. “I suddenly understand nothing.”

Agreed, Shoutmon- Agreed.

Months later, Kiriha Aouma, not a dollar to his name, shuffled through the alleys and streets as he cried, wishing, begging that it was all a dream…

As he ducked into an alley way, prepared to set up camp for the night once more…

Something wasn’t right.

There was a kid, older than him (Although Kiriha felt that he was the same age), with brown hair, and square goggles obscuring his eye color, just standing there…waiting for him. A fire patterned jacket rested on the boy’s shoulders, and…just behind him…

A blue dragon.

“Hey.” The boy waved.

“Uh…” The still younger Kiriha blinked. “Hi?”

“You’re a hard man to track down, Aouma Kiriha.” the boy said as he held out his hand. “So this is where I properly introduce myself. The name’s Daisuke, Motomiya Daisuke.”

And this is where people go: “What the Fudge?”

“I’d tell you my name…” Kiriha narrowed his eyes. “but you already know it. How?”

“Long story.” The boy laughed. “It hurts my head a little, to be honest!”

Kiriha stared at this boy, suddenly on eye level as he held his own hand out to meet the kid’s. Had he shrunk?

“No, You’re just waking up.” The dragon said, making Kiriha jump a bit.

“Oh right!” The goggle boy- familiar and yet not somehow- grinned. “This is my partner, Vmon!” he held up a hand. “Don’t worry. I’ve done this sort of thing before. Heh…Though to be fair it was a lot easier since it was my friends I was waking up.”

“What are you babbling about?” Kiriha, now back to his proper age and height, frowned.

MaloMyotismon! That’s what Daisuke’s talking about!

“You and your partner, Greymon was it?” Daisuke inquired of his partner.

“Gureimon.” Vmon corrected.

“Right. Gu-Rei-Mon.” There was a stress on the pronunciation. “Gureimon. Right. Anyways, you and Gureimon are stuck in separate nightmares, built off of your own insecurities and fears.”

Vmon’s correcting Daisuke’s spelling- both names are audibly indistinguishable.

Kiriha stared blankly at the boy. “Really. That’s the best you can come up with?”

“Woah, I’m serious here!” Daisuke insisted. “Past me’s already working his magic on getting him out of there, circumstantially simultaneous with this part of time anyways.” he grimaced. “Bluh! Time travel. I hate it. Never could get a hang of the darned thing.”

“Wait, you’re from another dimension, aren’t you?” A part of Kiriha’s mind asked before he even realized he’d asked it. “Another Digital World and another Earth?”

“Corectamundo!” Daisuke grinned as he did a double thumbs up. “Give that boy a prize!”

A Hawkmon, Armadillomon, and Wormmon joined Vmon in blowing whistles and popping confetti bottles before they absconded to the other side of the room- no longer an alleyway.

Kiriha blinked, he was in some sort of apartment he didn’t recognize, the Hawkmon and Wormmon were sitting near a girl with purple hair and glasses and a boy with blue hair, respectively. The Armadillomon was nowhere to be seen.

Yes- that was just for laughs.

“Don’t worry, part of my memories.” Daisuke grinned as he held up an odd looking blue football with a blue YinYang symbol on it and a spike sticking out of it. “I wouldn’t be the Bearer of Friendship if I didn’t share my own memories now and again!”

“You’re really from another dimension then?” Kiriha frowned. “Like Marcus and his Agumon?”

“Yeah…” Daisuke nodded, though he got confused a moment later. “Though I know two sets of them personally…, only one of which you guys know.” he shook his head. “Like I said- Time travel. Gets confusing- You’ll meet the other guys later!”

“Later?” Kiriha frowned.


“Course!” Daisuke grinned. “My past, Your future! The fact that you’re getting out of here is just a formality!” he frowned as the room blurred a bit, taking them to an overgrown version of the apartment- digital data leaked from the walls, and moss and vegetation grew through the floor. “Well…That is if we haven’t jumped into a doomed timeline…” he shook his head as the room blurred back. “But that’s besides the point!” Daisuke shoved the weird flip-flop with a spike into Kiriha’s hands. “It’s time for YOU to wake up! Your friends need you!”

Digi-Quartz foreshadowing.

“What do you mean?” Kiriha frowned.

“Right now, everyone out there- Shoutmon, Yuu, Akari, Deckerdramon-” Daisuke listed off names. “They’re all out there fighting for you and Gureimon, and those that aren’t are hurrying to get there as fast as they can to join in!”

“You’ve gotta wake up and help them!” Vmon nodded rapidly. “Anubimon’s going to go nuclear if you don’t! Then they’ll all be dead!”

“Nene’s already gone.” Kiriha frowned. “I killed her. Deckerdramon was wrong. How can I have love in my heart if I killed the one I loved most?”

“She’s not dead!” Daisuke punctuated his statement by… closing the two halves of a cymbal set, that had holes cut out at the bottom for Kiriha’s shoulders, around the other General’s head. And through the ringing, Kiriha felt a pain swell up in his left cheek as Daisuke’s last words fell through the noise. “So Grit those Teeth already and stand up to fight!”

Daisuke- ever the simpleton. Instead of doing the full Gurren Lagann thing associated with “Grit those teeth” and punching Kiriha— He simply crashes cymbals over his head.

The two Xros Loaders then dove away from MetalGureimon, having distracted him long enough for DeltAntylamon to have completed the circling motion of her signature attack:


OmegaShoutmon was futher confused as other spheres of light flew over and began circling the wind sphere. “Okay…I really don’t understand anything.”

Seven lights- Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Lavender, Purple.

They began circling faster and orbiting in different directions.

Faster and faster…

It was like a rainbow colored sphere had formed over the raging wind ball to contain it…and perhaps…?

“KIRIHA!” OmegaShoutmon roared as he dove into the brightly colored sphere.

The Xros Loaders are all working together in a mimickry of an ELEMENT OF HARMONY blast- once again lifted from the Pony POV Series.

There was a massive “GONG” sound as four circumstantially simultaneous events occurred- only three of which we have witnessed.

The first was MetalGureimon being Record Scratched- The second was Daisuke and Vmon waking Gureimon up (unobserved) just the same as they had Kiriha- which was the third event- and the fourth…?


You’re about to see it.

Four Circumstantially Simultaneous events! What Madness!!

OmegaShoutmon tore through the inside of the raging wind ball, diving forward at the catatonic boy lying in the center. “LET’S!”

Dull blue eyes looked up.


A fist flew forward.


Color returned to the eyes a moment too late.



(Elsewhere, Marcus blinked for no particular reason.)

And then the raging wind ball exploded in a massive shower of the glorified, purifying energy that was friendship’s Rainbow of Harmony.

Shoutmon fulfills the Grit Those Teeth Punch on Kiriha- and Marcus feels like his trademark has been infringed upon somehow.

Anubimon’s attention was diverted away from his one-sided battle with Xros Heart to observe the dual explosions of light that signified the end of his power’s hold on two very important beings.

That distraction was all that was needed for CascadeStarmon and JagarD0rulumon to refocus their efforts to slam the Dog God with a meteor, and then oh-so casually fling him into range of the Good Friday‘s top cannon wielder.

“Fire.” Olegmon smirked.

“With pleasure!” SigmaArrowmon grinned as she fired her engine cannon.

A Third explosion ensued- different from the others, however, in that it wasn’t made out of purifying energies.


A couple of minutes later…

As the dark and overcast skies finished clearing, the fading day light was now only being blocked by the Good Friday as it descended towards the ground, and Kiriha was staring up at the orange sky of sunset as MetalGureimon groaned from near by. “Did anyone get the number of that bus?”

“Heh…” Shoutmon laughed, having de-evolved out of lack of energy. “Oh man that was fun.”

DeltAntylamon slapped him on the back of the head as she said, in Akari’s voice. “Don’t SAY that!” Even so, she couldn’t help but grin. Even the Xros Loaders were still circling in the air nearby, each conversing with each other jovially as they waited for their masters to return.

They’d blasted that Anubimon to kingdom come, and they’d freed Kiriha and Gureimon! This was a time to celebrate!

I hate to say it- but that line there is tempting fate.

“KIRIHA!” Nene cried out as she ran over and fell to her knees so she could give the boy a hug. “You’re okay!”

“N-Nene?” Kiriha blinked. “You’re alive?” It was hard to believe that dream of his was right… Which meant it probably wasn’t a dream.

“Yup.” She smiled at him as she giggled slightly, erasing all worry of future time line obligations. “Getting blasted while confused about my own emotions isn’t really considered Heroic or Just in any universe.”

“AHOY!” Revolomon called out as his group of fighters rolled over on Deckerdramon’s back, JagarD0rulumon CM floating not too far behind them. “We’re back!”

“Nee-San!” Yuu leaped off to go hug his sister, who he had yet to see be walking around as if she hadn’t nearly died.

“Well…” JagarD0rulumon couldn’t help but grin as KinGRavemon de-xrossed with him, and then further de-evolved back into Cutemon from a lack of energy. “That was a lot of work.”

“I’m tired, Kyuu…” Cutemon whined.

“Indeed it was.” Taiki nodded as he walked up along with SigmaArrowmon, Spadamon, and Wizardmon. “Although you guys did a lot more work than we did.”

“That was a good call, sending the Xros Loaders over.” Shoutmon grinned. “I don’t know how you did it, but they managed to get rid of all of that energy that Kiriha was trapped inside.”

“Um…About that…” Taiki started sweating a little. “That wasn’t our idea at all.”

“Eh?” Shoutmon blinked. “Really?”

“They just took off on their own.” Hephaestus confirmed. “We don’t know how or why they did it either.”

The Xros Loaders are not Taiki’s idea- despite what Shoutmon thinks!

Also- You’ll notice that 5 of the 7 are still evolved- namely everyone BUT Shoutmon and Gureimon.

“Well…” Shoutmon glanced over at the circling Xros Loaders. “We certainly couldn’t have gotten Kiriha or Gureimon out without ’em.”

“Hmm…” Deckerdramon mused. “A connundrum for sure. I sense as much love from them for you as you have for each other. It seems before they were merely hiding from my sight!” he chuckled. “I didn’t believe that could ever be possi-”

And then he let loose a squawk of surprise as he collapsed to one side, causing the entire Land to shake.

Kiriha shot up to his feet immediately. “DECKERDRAMON!”

And the Crock Bites it.

From happy to sad in an instant.

Everyone rushed over as the mighty love god’s data began to instantly destabilize.

Cutemon, despite drained of energy from the fight, began trying to heal their friend; Echidna, despite not knowing what was going on, began sending a stream of life energy to Deckerdramon to keep him alive; the Xros Loaders, despite knowing very well what was wrong, chipped in anyways to help keep him alive for the next few precious seconds by extending their combined healing programs out and around the Guardian; but each of them knew that something very wrong was going on.

“Deckerdramon!” Kiriha cried out. “Deckerdramon!”

“STOP!” Deckerdramon managed to call out. “Don’t come closer!”

It was then that they all saw the twisted, elongated dagger sticking out of the poor Love God’s side- precisely thrown by none other than Anubimon…Who stood not too far off in the distance, smoke drifting off of his half burnt body…And holding the Darkness Loader in his opposite hand, active, and already pulling in the remnants of Anubimon’s fallen mini-army- and Deckerdramon’s data as well. Everyone stopped in their tracks.

They have a chance here to stop Anubimon- probably- but Deckerdramon knows that’d be a bad thing if he lets them get any closer!

“Kiriha!” Deckerdramon cried out as his loosening data began to dissolve away into the air, only to be forcibly pulled down into the Darkness Loader. “Don’t forget! You have a strong love!” he repeated even as his data stretched and warped. “The strongest love I’ve ever felt! Your friends! Your family! You love them all!” One of his rocket launchers completely exploded away.

“DECKERDRAMON!” Kiriha was crying again, tears openly falling from his eyes.

“Never forget!” Deckerdramon’s eyes narrowed. “Your friends, they all love you just as much! Those bonds are something that should never be thrown away! Not EVER!” The other launcher exploded away. “Nene! Hear me now!”

“Y-Yes!” The girl looked up to meet the gator’s eyes.

“Take care of him.” Deckerdramon ordered. “Make sure he lives to love another day!” he closed his eyes and then added. “And whenever Typheus awakens… Tell him that I am sorry that we could not have concluded our chess game before I died.”

“Decker…dramon…” Akari whispered.

“To the rest of you- Never forget! These are the moments that the stars themselves forge! People may be placed in certain times for all of eternity, fixed forever by emerald eyes!” Deckerdramon’s eyes snapped open even as the lower half of his body finally succumbed to the absorbing and deletion. “But your friendships! Your relationships! You made that on your own!” his front legs vanished. “You are all swords, crafted from hard work and love and harmony! Sworn to protect and defend! Fight for the world, Xros Heart! Fight to save it from darkness! Obliterate the last of this evil with your bonds of friendship! That is my only wish!”

This is Deckerdramon’s final message- he’s always known since he was introduced that this would be where he died.

And the last thing he says is a title drop.

And then his data completely fell apart, being dragged down into the gaping black hole that Anubimon was turning into…All of the data of his micro-army…All of Deckerdramon’s data…


The cry echoed through the canyons, through the empty city streets, across the plains…

…Everyone who was still in a Xros Loader reloaded as the devices flew down as quickly as they could to their owners…

Kiriha’s Xros Loader flared to life as MetalGureimon evolved into ZekeGureimon on the spot…

Shoutmon’s necklace began to glow as the rowdy rocker marched forward towards the ascending form of Anubimon’s demonic self, and after a moment of silence, he spoke. “Well, you heard the ‘mon.” Shoutmon’s eyes narrowed as a golden aura shot out from the necklace and surrounded everyone. “Let’s take this guy DOWN.” He flashed Digivolved into OmegaShoutmon as he held the Red Xros Loader high into the air.

The Music team pulled out their instruments… And Spadamon and Wizardmon pulled out microphones from out of nowhere.

“You ready?” OmegaShoutmon asked of the boy that he’d punched not a minute earlier.

“Absolutely.” Kiriha said through gritted teeth.

“Then let’s do this.”

It’s silent as things escalate to a boiling point…

And then…

“WE ARE XROS HEART!” Spadamon and Wizardmon sang, kicking off the epic song of an epic showdown as Xros Loaders all over clashed together to unite for one epic Xros.

“OMEGASHOUTMON!” Akari’s voice roared.

“DELTANTYLAMON!” Shoutmon’s voice followed.

“ZEKEGUREIMON!” Kiriha’s voice barked.

“JAGARD0RULUMON!” Taiki’s voice boomed.

“ALTURBALLISTAMON!” Revolomon’s voice called.

“CASCADESTARMON!” Yuu’s voice cried.

“SIGMAARROWMON!” Nene’s voice sang.

“VICTORY XROS!” came the cry of fourteen voices at once as a rainbow colored X Drew itself in the sky.

They SING.

“The road is always filled with struggle, a BURNING ROAD!”

A massive swirling vortex of fire burst out of the ground as the newest Digi-Xros ascended from the depths of darkness to fight for all that is right.

“I came here running the whole way, for your dreams!”

The right leg was made up of Zeke’s body, the left leg was made up of Jagar’s armor formed around something else. The torso was Altur’s, with Cascade’s Star attached to the chest.

“The Bonds we’ve added on top of each other are our trump card!”

The Shoulders had Altur’s and Jagar’s heads attached as armor much like the X4 line. Attached to the back of the left arm was SigmaArrowmon’s plasma engine. And on the back of the Xros itself were Sigma’s and Zeke’s wings.

“Bring out the last of our power and FI-GH-TO!”

There was a burst of fire energy, as Omega’s V crest burst out of the Star, only to be topped a moment later by glimmering emerald shades from Cascade and Delt. And finally the helmet emerged in a similar blast of fire as the head formed beneath it.

“Now Everything will fuse as one into a GREAT XROS!”

The right hand shot out and grabbed hold of Jagar’s drill ended staff and twirled it around, revealing that OmegaShoutmon’s lower body had transformed into a scythe head on the opposite end from the drill.

“VICTORY KING: TIME SEVEN!” The New DigiXros roared in Shoutmon’s voice as angelic wings made up of rainbow energy formed through the outlets provided by Zeke and Sigma’s wings.

“Give me everyone’s shining SOULS!”

“SEVEN…!” The Xros held it’s arms in front of the Shade V Crest and then roared as they were flung to the side, letting loose a massive burning W shaped burst of rainbow energy. “VICTORIZE!”

“Grab victory with these hands…!”

The burst of energy soared forward, smashing into Anubimon’s black hole form, and utterly DECIMATING it with a fiery explosion.


But the fight wasn’t over yet, all that explosion did was set the form beneath the black hole on FIRE. Anubimon looked horribly twisted and un-amused as he hit the ground, still aflame as the oils and toxins that covered his body burned in the purifying light.

VKX7 said nothing as he leveled the scythe and began to charge, running forward to deliver a powerful downwards cut with the blade, staggering Anubimon and blinding him with pain momentairly.

“I overcame the nightmares on this hopeless Darkness Field!”

VKX7 then spun around and delivered a powerful kick to the corrupted dog-god’s torso, then swapping the scythe to the other hand, they threw a powerful punch forward, breaking that already broken jaw. Then, with a roar, they brought the scythe down from the other angle.

“In my heart remains my friend’s emotions and smiles.”

Anubimon stumbled backwards, then threw some dark tentacles at them in retaliation.

“The Darkness billowing around the demon’s castle!”

VKX7 simply strolled through them as the tentacles simply dissolved away upon making contact with any part of the golden armor. No mater how many waves of tentacles came at them, it just Did. Not. Work. Casually, they swapped the scythe back to the other hand for their next attack.

“I will use a dazzling flame to LIGHT-IT-UP!”

And then the plasma engine revved up and with a mighty punch, a massive energy drill launched forward from the mouth of the cannon, firing forward and then smashing into Anubimon, creating another explosion that set the fire on his body on FIRE, turning it from red to a brilliant blue color. {The handy text at the bottom Identifies this attack as: Decker’s Drill.}

“Now let’s obtain a tomorrow with a GREAT XROS!”

Then with a roar, VKX7 leaped forward, bringing the drill tip down on the X marked on Anubimon’s chest then further damaging him with the blade attached to the back end of the scythe.

“By gathering the courage of our wonderful friends,”

They threw the scythe into the air and then began pummeling Anubimon with punches so fast and furious that every hit created a miniature sonic boom.

“Now let’s shine as messengers of the dream with a GREAT HEART!”

Finally, Anubimon had enough and summoned wings (also on blue fire), so that he could escape into the air.

“Facing the Future…”

“I Don’t think so.” Shoutmon’s voice came as VKX7’s eyes narrowed in delight- They had him just where they wanted him.


Their angelic rainbow wings flexed and then with a roar, VKX7 took to the skies, flying faster, and then HIGHER, than Anubimon could, gaining height and altitude so fast that they appeared to be a rainbow comet shooting up into the air.

They caught their scythe before it had even begun to reach it’s zenith, and then twirled it around a few quick times before they closed their eyes to all focus their energies on this one final attack…

“Yes! The world is one!”

The wings grew even larger, brighter, and more colored, so much so that they appeared to be a blinding white!

“Yes! We are one!”

Then, their seven symbols formed in the air before them, Delta in the center, Omega beneath, Lambda to the Top Right, 0 To the Top Left, Sigma to the Bottom Right, Z to the Bottom left, and the W shades to the tippy top.

“Destroy the seven dark ambitions, The Seven hopes stand here!”

As the wings grew even brighter and whiter, their eyes finally snapped open, and gripped their scythe a certain way, making sure that the Drill tip pointed straight through the Delta’s center.

“Cut through and grab eternal peace…!”


And with a sonic boom, they shot down towards Anubimon, drill spinning, combined seal shimmering…


Anubimon looked up as his horror tainted mind finally realized that he couldn’t win this- that he had made a mistake somewhere.

“Now everything will fuse as one into a GREAT XROS!”

The Spell Seal shot through him…

“Give me everyone’s Shining Souls!”

And then the drill did-

“Now Let’s Blaze Up With Fangs of Tomorrow Into a GREAT HEART!”

And then once on the other side, VKX7 spun around and then beheaded the foolish Dog with the end of their scythe.

“Grab Victory With these Hands!”

The Plasma engine shoved into the gap they had just drilled through, and then fired.


Anubimon exploded, transforming for a very few key moments of time and space into a massive sun- freeing the souls of all those he had absorbed… And as this happened, VKX7 descended towards the ground, and struck a pose as whatever demonic energies that had remained burned away in the center of a newly born star that would soon be warped to another point of time and space where it could do some good.

“Ah, Facing the Future! WE ARE XROS HEART!

Victory King Time Seven spun around, and then gave a thumbs up to those still on the ground as the song came to a close.

And there was much cheering to be heard in Canyon Land that day.


As past me so eloquently put it:

And that is how you do Xros Seven’s Introduction *Properly.* None of that ‘cut to credits’ junk. No Song cut short. You let the thing run it’s glorified, chocolate fudge covered course. I don’t care if I ended up having to cut the next-time segment super short. It was WORTH IT.

And it WORKS.

This fight is E to the P to the I to the C.

You can’t tell me that it isn’t.

The Lyrics simply *fit* the mood of the fight- and the best part is that this Xros is made up of Digimon that are *tired* from previous fights! If they can be so damned EPIC on half strength, then what about FULL POWER?

I mean- come on- they didn’t just KILL Anubimon! They turned him into a SUN.

Eternally burning- eternally in a void- eternally alone!

Plus- Time Seven (A pun on Times Seven or rather “X7”) is not fooling around- every attack is designed to kill.

And they do it efficiently.

“Next time: Digimon Xros Wars!”

“Bright Land! The Hellish trap of fiends!”

Next up is Bright Land’s arc- Chess Themes ahoy!



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