Xros Wars AU 02 — CH45

Before we Begin Chapter 45 Proper…

I feel that I need to get this out of the way first and foremost.

The Changed Opening theme.

First off there are many things different about Seven Swords Act 2.

Xros Wars AU 02 -- 7Swords Logo

Xros Wars AU 02 — 7Swords Logo

The FIRST of which is the new Logo (ALSO seen here on my DA, if the above image isn’t playing nice). As you’ll be able to see- first up is the coloring changes to the symbols. The Shades are shade colored, the Z is Gureimon colored, the Lambda  is Ballistamon colored, the Omega is Shoutmon colored, the Zero is Dorulumon colored, the Delta is Emerald, and the Sigma is Sparrowmon colored.


The second change is the opening title card. The new theme is Sword Art Online’s first theme, Crossing Field, of which I’m including an English dub version as the first word, and the original Japanese version as the second word.

First up: Why the change?

The reason that I changed the opening theme is simple- The story is suddenly going down a MUCH darker path than what we had before! The Lyrics, as heard in the English version, perfectly sum it up rather nicely.

What I imagined listening to this song is an animated sequence similar to SAO’s opening credits sequence- and this is the first time anyone besides me will be able to see what I was seeing when I chose this song.

Playing from the English version of the song:

We’d have the Xros Wars signature of the Kanji flickering into spelling Digimon Xros Wars, then concluded with the background symbols as the song’s lyrics kicked in at the :11 mark. We’d open with a screen of Shoutmon’s human form walking on a dark, static background with images of past fights of his playing invisibly in the static.

At the :20 mark, we’d cut to a scene of Akari’s face in a similar void, while scenes of her would play in the background too.

At the :31 mark we’d get a still, sort of staticy shot of several Digimon: Shoutmon, Deckerdramon, Beelzebmon, Knightmon, and Olegmon. They’d be standing in a sort of stacked shot, one ontop of the other. This scene would be a constantly changing screen as per the trope: Evolving Credits. What does this mean exactly? Well- without giving much away….It’s meant to foreshadow deaths. Mainly- the canon deaths of these four characters. After the events of Canyon Land- Deckerdramon would be shadowed out, and viewers would be fearing for the other three’s life-expectancy.

:33 — and no, not the emote — We’d see a short scene of Sally and Taiki lying on a wooden deck, with Sally reaching up towards a starry night sky.

:38 — The scene would cut suddenly to a Red and Green chess-themed battle field, with all Xros Heart members on one side, and Bagura Army digimon on the other. The camera would be panning back across them all rather quickly, and then would suddenly flip around towards Kotone’s face– Visually, she’s standing in the middle of both groups, with each side reflected in each eye, accompanied by some clever color lighting. Red for XH- Green for Bagura.

:45 — From Kotone’s eyes, we’d see an explosion of light- probably along side the Homestuck Sun symbol- as a deck of cards would spill out onto a dark floor.

As the song continues on from here- we’d have OmegaShoutmon, DeltAntylamon, SigmaArrowmon, JagarD0rulumon, ZekeGureimon, CascadeStarmon, and AlturBallistamon each doing one shot attacks that lead on into the next Digimon’s attack.

Interspliced at the :52-:53 mark would be brief shots of Zenjirou and Lila, and Examon and BlackWarGreymon.

Around the :58 mark, we’d get Musyamon, KinGRavemon, and ShineGreymon giving a combo attack. (this would be the only time we see Shiney in the OP sequence.)

1:01 — We’d see a shot of Taiki, then Sally. Then there’d be an explosion at 1:08.

Then we’d see brief still shots of a Golden Glowing Digimon- we’d be unable to make out any certain details of it at this stage, but after the next episode, it’d be uncloaked to reveal VKX7. More Evolving credits. VKX7 would swing it’s scythe and cut to a shot of the Corrupted Code Crown- with DarkKnightmon’s smug face reflected in it.

As the TV Version of the song would begin wrapping up at the 1:16 mark, we’d then cut to a still shot of Xros Heart all standing rather triumphant on the deck of Olegmon’s ship.

And with that- the song would end. You should keep listening to the song though- I’ll wait for this to all sink in for ya- it’s a good song too! I’m probably going to listen to it through before continuing on. So go on. Relisten a few more times. I know you want to.

This story’ll be here when you get back. 🙂

But seriously- listening to the english version of the song after having concluded 7Swords makes the whole thing make the song choice even MORE appropriate, especially if you think of it as Akari singing it.

But anyways.




“So that’s that then.” Akari said as she crossed her arms in front of her chest and nodded. “It’s all settled out then.”

And then Taiki held out one of his transformed hands to meet Olegmon’s over sized hand for a handshake. “Welcome to Xros Heart, Olegmon.”

“In turn I welcome you aboard my ship, the Good Friday, Taiki Kudo.” Olegmon smiled back. “It’s a pleasure to finally make your acquaintance!”

“Indeed it is!” Taiki smilled back. “It’s always nice to meet someone who wants to help us instead of killing us.”

“Yes.” Olegmon nodded. “The other Bagura Generals were the ones who insisted on the title of “Death Generals” after a vote. Appolomon and I were the only ones to vote against it, though we were outnumbered eight to two.”

“Eight?” Kiriha asked, raising an eyebrow.

“The other Generals, and Baguramon’s personal staff.” Olegmon explained. “DarkKnightmon put the title out there and the others took to it like flies to honey.”

“Yeah. That fits.” Nene nodded. “DarkKnightmon’s always been one for…flare over substance.”

“Ahhem.” Akari coughed. “Now that we’ve gotten all the pleasantries settled, shall we get moving on to Bright Land?”

“There’s a problem with that!” Shoutmon called out as he and Wisemon walked up, with a Dolphmon floating just behind them. “We just got back from the secret underground tunnel…” he looked annoyed. “I’ll let him explain.” he said with a jab of his thumb at the Dolphmon.

“Well…” The Dolphmon seemed nervous. “The thing is…The tunnel…um…”

“Out with it.” Olegmon ordered. “We don’t have all day to worry about specifics!”

“The hidden tube to Bright Land has been sealed off from the other side!” The Dolphmon spat out. “We can’t get it open!”

“Sealed off?” The former Death General frowned. “That’s not possible, it’s a hand made tunnel!”

“Shoutmon?” Akari turned to face the Dragon. “What do you think?”

“Well, for one thing, the blockade’s not natural.” Shoutmon replied. “It’s magic.”

“Magic?” Kiriha raised an eyebrow. “Really?”

Kiriha is thinking like Wizardly Herbert- After all he’s seen (And even has a DENIZEN inside of him!) he sometimes still finds magic hard to find.

…Even if it’s the magic of LOVE or of FRIENDSHIP.

AND YES, EHVIHN, that is a thinly veiled reference to MLP.

You’ll get why I say that in the next chapter.

“After looking at the map of Gold Land and Bright Land in relation to the tube system,” Wisemon began. “I’ve confirmed that the secret tunnel should lead directly underneath Bright Land’s entire length. However, the seal we ran into is but an outer most layer of an even more complex sealing system that I’ve run into before- designed to prevent anything or anyone entering or exiting from anything but the desired points.” he held up a book he’d borrowed from the ship’s library and held it up, showing a certain page with a diagram of a blue police call box. “Such a warping system is normally designed to put something where it doesn’t belong- something that takes up more space on the inside than It should on the outside.”

“Like a TARDIS?” Sparrowmon asked as she floated up a bit to be seen better.

“Similar, yes.” Wisemon nodded. “Only reversed onto a much darker principle.” he turned the page, showing a diagram of a chess board. “What we are running into is a Hell’s Field- and from all appearances, it seems that someone has set one up to contain not only Bright Land itself inside, but a vast distance of the area around it before even factoring in the natural space increases inside. Thus explaining why we’re running into the barrier so far away from Bright Land. It has most likely been cut off from the rest of the Lands for some unknown reason by the Empire itself.”

“Probably to lure us into a trap by forcing us to go through the only Official Land that connects to Bright Land.” Olegmon scowled. “And since Bright Land is the only one able to connect to the Demon’s nest…And if we can’t get to it from here…”

“So what’s the other Land?” Shoutmon asked.

“Canyon Land.” the General replied. “And Gravimon…well…while he doesn’t mind, this understudy of his doesn’t take too kindly to visitors. He’s most likely a trap set before the real trap- that Hell’s Field. Appolomon wouldn’t go along with it if he weren’t being coerced.”

“So what do we do then?” Nene asked.

“What else?” Hepahestus spoke up. “We spring the trap.”

Yeah- Sally’s bringing up the DR WHO shoutouts again.

So yeah- you might think it stupid to spring the trap….but come on. Xros Heart’s done it before.

*CUE: crossing field -TV Ver.- (by LiSA)*


*cue Title Theme*

“Canyon Land! The Regenerating Gravimon!”

Yes, the ACT 2 Is a visible addition to the logo.


“Welcome back to the land of the living, everyone.” The revived Digi-Memory Omegamon spoke to his fully restored group as he floated high above them so his booming voice could reach all. “It’s good to see you all again.”

This Omegamon is the one referenced to have been found on Earth back in 30/31 and this is his first LIVE speaking appearance, outside of flashbacks.

“Indeed it is!” MetalGarurumon spoke up with a chuckling roar. “Too long it has been since I’ve properly smelled the air’s pure ionization!”

“So then…” Omegamon began. “What shall we do about the state of the Code-”

“Can we get on with this already?” Darkdramon asked with a growl, cutting their leader off. “We don’t have the time to dally about with the pleasantries of end game scenarios when someone is already focusing on that every goal.”

“Agreed.” Leviamon nodded. “Hinomoto’s daughter requires our aid, as her friends who revived us have told us repeatedly while they did such.”

Omegamon wants to run things like he did before- but he can’t.

Nobody wants to do it- they know it’s a waste of time.

As a contrast to the scene where the Scratch the Code Crown, this is IMMEDIATELY more chaotic than any other meeting of Omegamon’s.

“Damn straight they need our help!” Marcus spoke, with his right hand balled up into a fist, up from atop ShineGreymon’s right shoulder, where he, Mizuki, and Hangyomon stood. “We left them alone to enter a brand new Land and we have no clue how strong its Death General could be!”

“Yeah!” Zenjirou- along with Lila, Kotemon, and Lucemon on ShineGreymon’s left shoulder- spoke up next, fists clenched in determination. “Xros Heart is stronger when we’re all together, not seperated!”

“I can testify to that.” Lucemon nodded. “The faster they can reunite, the better for our world.”

“I vote that we end this meeting as soon as possible, to aid Xros Heart in defeating the Bagura Empire.” HolyAngemon spoke up, having entered his priest mode form for rest after having been locked in his warrior mode for years. “The Digital World cannot wait for us to debate what we should be doing.”

“They’re strong cats alright!” the Gatomon added from below, his eyes glimmering with anticipation for a fight. “I’ve seen them at work!”

Omegamon looked around as many of his troops agreed with that sentiment- even the Agumon brothers, who usually fought against each other during meetings like these, were in unified agreement. “I see…” He looked around. “But don’t we need a plan for the eventual restructuring of the-?”

Xros Heart’s made a real impact on the Digi-Memory digimon- even if they were rarely used ones!!

“In my experience.” Hangyomon stood up, cutting the Omegamon off yet again. “Xros Heart’s always done their best work by the seat of their pants. Plans made on the spur of the moment always work better than the ones long thought out in advance.”

“Look. dude.” ShineGreymon spoke up. “I get that you Omegamon like to lead…And I can respect that. But right now we’ve got two of our many, many generals here right now. And I think the best solution is their’s… We catch up with everyone else now and worry about the planning later. ‘Cause…Honestly, what good does planning do when we’re facing up against something unknown?”

ShineGreymon’s referring to the Omegamon from his universe, here, and along with that- he’s speaking from experience.

By the end of it- the Savers/DATS team were rolling with the punches as they fought against the Royal Knights- in the canon universe I mean specifically, and not any fanfiction version- they didn’t have time to plan when their plans could just be thrown out of the window a moment later.

There came a roar of applause came from the formerly Digi-Memory Digimon- all those who had assisted Xros Heart in the past gleefully would side with them again in an instant. Omegamon was confused… But he had to respect the wishes of his knights… ‘It seems my time in the human world did me no good at all.’ He wanted so badly to fill in the shoes of leadership when they had already been filled by many greater ones. ‘when we broke the Code Crown…I can see now…we caused more harm than good.’

And so he floated there as his knight’s dispersed, heading for the energy tubes that would take them to the next Land.

Omegamon realizes he’s lost his leadership status, and so concedes his place.


“You guys were going to leave without us! ?” Yuu cried out in dismay as he and the others boarded the boat.

“Sorry sorry.” Nene held up her hands in an attempt to appease them. “But we’ve had a lot to work on! Marcus and the other’s would have found you eventually anyways…!”

“Mouuuu…” Corone pouted. “I think they just wanted to leave us behind.”

“It’s nothing Like that!” Nene was sweating slightly. Had she really gotten so used to her Brother not being a part of her life that she could have forgotten about him? (Apparently she had.)

“And you fought an entire ocean! ?” Starmon gasped. “And we Missed it!”

“No Fair! No Fair!” the Pickmonz chimed in at once in agreement.

Yuu and Corone show up- along with the Whamon Island!

“So how are you guys all doing?” Shoutmon asked as he leaned over the railing of the ship to speak to the Whamon Island. “The kids aren’t causing too much trouble, are they?”

“We are doing fairly well. No permanent damage has come to my exterior due to their shenanigans.” The Whamon replied.“However, they have become more excited than I’ve ever seen them all at meeting you all again. It’s been a long time since we’ve seen your team last, Shoutmon. Everyone is happy to see that you are well.”

“Heh.” The dragon laughed. “Yeah, It has.” he turned briefly to look at the whole assembled team on board the ship- only a mere half of the group if Zenjirou and the others could revive the Digi-Memory Digimon. “We’ve gotten a lot stronger since then. I was pretty much bluffing back when we got Island Zone’s Code Crown…But now…” he shot a grin at the eye-less island whale, who saw it nonetheless. “Well, I don’t think it’s much of a bluff anymore.”

“Quite so…” the Whamon agreed. “Quite so…”

“So…um…” He looked around for a moment. “What do you think about how the Lands are formed right now?”

“We could be closer to Green Zone.” the Whamon remarked. “That is the one wish everyone has had thus far. We were neighbors for so long that to have it taken away is such a devastating pain.”

“I’ll see what we can do once we get the Code Crown back.” Shoutmon smiled.

And Shoutmon and Whamon briefly catch up. This is the interaction that was really missing from the Canon XW anime.

And so, after many goodbyes were had, and with everyone on board who was going to the Next Land, the ship Good Fridaylifted out of the ocean on the now restored flight engines, giving everyone on deck a good view of the formerly gold Gold Land ocean beneath them.

(“Look at all the islands!” Sparrowmon pointed at a nearby cluster of islands.

“There are lots of boats too!” Taiki grinned. None of them could fly, however.)

And as the ship’s travel drive revved up, all those held their breaths in hopes that it didn’t crash and send them plummeting down to the ocean below in a smoking fireball.

But that didn’t happen. Instead, there was a delightful hum, and then a Spirograph portal appeared in front of the ship- it wasn’t just an ordinary dimensional rift portal, however; it was a size changing portal, much like the one Xros Five used to change size to match its opponents. There was a brief moment as the ship seemed to compress down horizontally slightly…

And then it shot through the portal, vanishing from it’s spot in the air instantly.

Olegmon’s ship flies.

This is not catching anyone by surprise.

The other end of the portal, moderately smaller, lead directly into one of the negative energy transport tubes, which, as you may have noticed from a previous description, was too small for the entire Good Friday to fit inside of it with the ship at a normal size.

The now shrunken Good Friday blasted out the other side of the portal and flew on through the tube as fast as it’s powerful engines could provide.

“The tubes are how everyone gets from Land to land anymore.” Olegmon was explaining to those interested in the science of it all- namely the Princess Bastemon, a few PawnChessmon, ChibiKamemon, and Wisemon. “But the thing is, we built them only large enough to fit two side by side Tankdramon through it- Our Whamon transports would never make it through here in one piece.” he grinned. “So every Flight Drive issued by the Bagura Empire includes a sub-space shrinking portal generator, allowing us to fit into the tubes at our leisure.”

“Of course the Elite Whamon transports have atmospheric shields that let them skip the tubes altogether.” Mermaimon threw in. “The Friday doesn’t have them, so we have to stick to the tunnels.”

“Cool!” Princess Bastemon agreed with a minor ‘woot!’

But just incase it did- WORLD BUILDING!!!!!!!!

Yeah. Meta i’n’t it?



Deserts and canyons and endless blue skies.

A hawk cawed…


And was killed by a precisely thrown dagger to the heart that shattered him into data instantly. (Elsewhere, RedPickmon’s eyes twitched for an unknown reason.)

The thrower of that dagger was none-other-than Anubimon- no. Not *THE* Anubimon of the realm of the dead. Just another of his species- who lowered his hand with a scowl. “Nobody shall disturb Lord Gravimon’s peace.” he thought to himself with (what he though was) a well-deserved smirk.

This is Anubimon’s establishing character moment.

He just killed a Hawk because it CAWED.

This Anubimon…he’s not quite right in the head, you can tell that immediately.

The Jackal began stomping down the dry, cracked, and desolate roads that may have once been buried beneath Sand Zone’s endless deserts towards the castle of his General, Gravimon. Anubimon was a simple fellow- do as his Commanders ordered- and the order for the last day had been for absolute silence for reflection and meditation. Xros Heart’s rampage across the Lands was disturbing to Gravimon…who remained unaware of the trap his own empire had planted in the land just beyond- one that was conveniently now only reachable by his own Canyons.

Had Gravimon known any of this, he would have let Xros Heart pass through without incident- had Gravimon known of the events that were to transpire- he would gladly have resigned his Darkness Loader to save his own Land from the destruction that would ensue.

Alas, Gravimon- nor any of his Canyon Land Subordinates- knew nothing of the rest of the Empire’s holdings and the actions happening there-in. Why? Because, as previously mentioned, Gravimon had called a day of absolute silence for reflection and medetation- and that included Radio Silence. None of the empire’s warnings or communique’s would reach the general’s ears until it was far, far too late.

This bit right here? Well… SPOILERS:
This- believe it or not- is what actually kicks off the Hunters Arc.

That don’t make sense? Don’t worry. It shouldn’t.

Just understand that all of the time storms are due to this single lack of communication.

It was at that moment that a massive sonic boom struck Canyon land, shaking the desert landscape to it’s crystalline core. Anubimon’s head turned to the clouds in annoyance as a re-sizing portal spat out it’s contents- Olegmon’s flagship.

“What the devil is he doing here?” Anubimon’s eyes narrowed in frustration. “Doesn’t he know it’s Peace day?”

A caw crowed.

And was spared death by an anger-thrown dagger that wasn’t aimed at all.

“RRRRRR…” Anubimon growled. “I wish they would all just DIE!

And he wouldn’t have it any other way.


The sole Digimon in the room was humanoid, looking similar to Splashmon (may the goddamned puppet rest in pieces) in appearances, wearing a single white jump suit, and having a similar face (Probably where the bastard puppet got his face copied from), but after having absurd hair, that was where the similarities ended.

Gravimon’s limbs were made out of paper, and his hair was made up out of television plug cables. He was sitting cross legged, and had his arms held out to the sides, finger pinched into an “OK” sign.

…Oh, and he was floating too.


Splash-Er. Gravimon had been meditating for so long on this fine, quiet day that he had finally achieved a peace state with the entire Land that he commanded, and as he did such, he focused on forming a cloud, within his mind’s version of the Canyon Landscape. (In reality, a cloud formed as well.) From there, he set the cloud to flicker through images of the past, present, and future… Just for fun and relaxing.

The Cloud had barely begun it’s prophetic cycle when it exploded- both in reality and in the mind’s landscape- with a massive sonic boom, forcing Gravimon onto his rear as the entire land shook from the shock wave that had hit its crystalline core.

Gravimon scowled as he forced himself up into the air to float over towards the nearby window. “What in the world…?” he looked up into the sky, seeing the remains of the cloud he had tried forming…Along with the boat that had destroyed it. “Olegmon? What is he doing here?” Gravimon’s scowl turned into a frown.

Splashmon and Gravimon do look a lot alike, don’t they?

Makes sense in hindsight- Splashmon was modeled after Gravimon.


The camera zoomed in, towards a disk with Lopmon on one side, Akari on the other. Both were standing in an action like pose, holding their two Xros Loaders together at the top. The camera then zoomed out as the disk turned over, revealing a green filled in outline of DeltAntylamon standing in front of the Delta symbol.


The Eye catch is edited a little here: now it flat out tells us that it’s DeltAntylamon.

The boat landed down in the middle of a ravine…which made Anubimon’s ‘escort’ team suspicious. If it had been Olegmon piloting for a visit, he would have landed near the palace, not in a ditch somewhere- which meant that Xros Heart had obviously stolen the ship! Thus, the ‘escort’ team would escort the blasphemous war mongers to the dreaded “Prison Land,” the current euphemism for “Kill them all.”

“Damn, they’re good.” A Wendigomon muttered. “To beat Olegmon?”

“Eh…He was pretty weak to begin with. Why’d they make him a death general again?” A Sagittarimon asked.

“Meh.” A Hippogryphonmon shrugged. “He and Appolomon were Lilithmon’s pets. It didn’t surprise me when I heard she’d turned tail and ran from Xros Heart’s assault in Honey Land. The traitor.”

“Makes you wonder what her and Tactimon’s game was, huh?” Another Sagittarimon asked.

“Rumor around the feeding pot was that they were planning on betraying Baguramon from the get go.” A Raidramon offered.

These are all the usual Canyon land Cannon Fodder.

And they’re chatting away happily.

Anubimon sighed. His ‘escort’ party was so loud that if Xros Heart *WERE* on board, they would have heard them coming a mile away by now. If he were not under orders directly to kill his own men, Anubimon would have vaporized them all on the spot as soon as they’d set out.

It was then that the sound of music could be heard drifting up from the boat…And then everyone looked up as silence over came them…

Despite the music coming from somewhere, the visible parts of the top deck seemed to be completely empty. And besides the creaking of the tall wooden masts swaying from the wind, that music was all that could be heard.

Soft, quiet, Piano.

Anubimon’s escort team fell silent as that haunting melody floated through the air…It was nothing they’d ever heard before…

But to you viewers at home…Well…Let’s just say that the particular melody of X4B the Guardian is something that’s hard to forget.

Yes- X4B’s melody comes to haunt us once more.

Ominous? Why no, no it isn’t.

It was when the first Raidramon stepped one single foot into the open port at the bottom of the ship that Anubimon realized it was a trap.


Twin bursts of energy shot out of the door, slamming into the Raidramon, flinging him over and over in circles, before crashing the poor digimon into another Raidramon who was looking on in horror.

Both died in an explosion of green lightning.

Beelzebmon took a step out of the shadows to wryly smirk at the stunned ‘escort’ party. “Who’s next?”

“WH-” Anubimon couldn’t even formulate a proper response to that attack as the music suddenly changed paces- from X4BTG to Skydancing Hero- XROS FIVE!- and Sparrowmon shot out from somewhere on top of the deck- holding a lance that looked suspiciously like Spadamon’s weapon form.


Suddenly her body split up into five duplicates, each one, holding duplicates of the lance, then shot down in different directions towards Anubimon’s little Escort party.

There were many, many explosions as the Sparrowmon duplicates slashed through their targets like bolts of lightning.

Sally’s Xrossed with Jaspers for this run- and you’ll notice that Beelzebmon and Sally both have adopted their later Xrossed Form’s theme music as their battle tunes here.

A few moments later, eight of the ships cannons exited their hiding spots and began firing- not missiles, but- PawnChessmon at their selected targets- respectively three Sagittarimon, one Wendigomon, and four Raidramon. “PAWN!”

“CHECKMATE BREAK!” Knightmon roared as he dove off of the Crow’s Nest on the top of one of the ship’s masts, pointing his sword straight down at another hapless Wendigomon.

And then, from the other side of the ship- there was a burst of golden light, and then DeltAntylamon soared up high into the air as she charged up her next attack- “DELTA WAVE SPIN!”

The spinning triangle of energy flew down and then plowed into the ground, pushing a Sagittarimon into the dirt so hard and fast that his data shattered from the force.

This left Anubimon with few men left as Sparrowmon reformed over Beelzebmon, Revolomon (Just de-Xrossed), The PawnChessmons and Knightmon while DeltAntylamon came to rest next to her in the air.

“W-Who the hell a-” Anubimon stopped himself. “Wait. No of course I know who you are. You’re Xros Heart!” his voice dripped with venom.

“Hey!” Came a good natured chuckled from on deck as the music suddenly stopped. “Looks like we’ll finally able to drop that particular running gag! People know who we are now!”

Anubimon catches himself- and Shoutmon grins at the break in tradition.

They’ve made a name for themselves- after all- EVERYONE knows who they are.

DeltAntylamon sighed in Akari’s voice. “It’s a shame. I was getting used to it, too.”

Shoutmon, in human form, Yuu, Taiki, Kiriha, and Nene all stepped up to the edges of the railing, looking over and down at Anubimon and his severely weakened ‘escort’ party. “Well, I guess we’ll just have to come up with a new one.” Shoutmon grinned. “What do you say we open up with a bang?”

Spadamon’s lance form glowed, then shot down to the ground as a beam of energy that re-formed into Spadamon a moment later. “Hah! I think we’ve already done that!”

“Yuppers.” Revolomon nodded as he shifted to his human form and brought out his Blue and Red Xros Loader. “I’ll have to apologize for that one.”

Sparrowmon rolled her eyes. “Heh, well, whose to say we can’t continue with an even bigger one?”

“I’ll have to second that.” Nene said with a smile as she brought out her lavender Xros Loader.

“Sure. Why not.” Kiriha shrugged as he pulled his Xros Loader out of his jacket pocket. “There’s no kill like over kill, as I’ve always said.”

“So then…Why don’t we do a reversal?” Taiki began as he looked down at Anubimon. “Who are you supposed to be?”

Yup- they ask Anubimon who he is.

What a change of pace!

“Me?” Anubimon snarled. “I am Anubimon! Saint Commander Gravimon’s personal servant! I deal with any and all interruptions to the peace and quiet of Canyon Land!” he yelled with as much enthusiasm as he could muster without ACTUALLY yelling.

“Oh-ho-ho!” Shoutmon grinned. “Looks like we’ve got ourselves a …” he frowned. “Akari? What’s the word I’m looking for?”

“I dunno.” DeltAntylamon shrugged. “Enthusiast? Fanatic?”

“Fanatic. Let’s go with that.” Shoutmon shrugged, then held up his and Akari’s Xros Loader. “So we’ve got ourselves a fanatic here?” he frowned a bit more. “Nah, still doesn’t sound right. Anyways!” he grinned again. “Let’s kick it up a notch to a whole new level, what do you guys say?”

I’m pretty sure Fanatic isn’t the right word for Anubimon.


“Sounds like a plan to me.” Yuu agreed simply.

“Well alright then.” Shoutmon turned to the Music team, just hidden from the ground view of Anubimon’s team. “Hit it guys!”

“Right!” Dondokomon nodded.

“Gotcha!” Riska pumped a fist into the air.

“Allons y Allonso!” Jade grinned.


“RELOAD!” three generals called out at once.

“BALLISTAMON!” Revolomon ordered.

“DORULUMON!” Taiki ordered.

“STARMONZ!” Yuu ordered.

“DELTANTYLAMON!” Shoutmon roared.

“SPADAMON!” Kiriha called.

“SPARROWMON!” Nene sang. (No. Really. She sang her partner’s name out.)

“BEELZEBMON!” Taiki added.

“KNIGHTMON!” Shoutmon continued.

“PAWN CHESSMONZ!” Kiriha finished.

And then together they all yelled out as one: “GREAT XROS!”

This whole sequence?

This is so XH isn’t Sequence Breaking their Xros Numbers come the end of this Land.

Beelzebmon, Dorulumon, Ballistamon, and Sparrowmon attached together in the usual X5B formation, while Knightmon and the PawnChessmonz formed the usual Knightly adornments- like the Pawn-Spear tips for Drills and the super flashy cape along with the Xros Heart Shield. Spadamon’s spear form was then grasped firmly by the new Xros’ Right hand, replacing the Star Sword. The Knight additions however added several golden patterns swirling the spear head, making the Spada-Spear look more Regal than before.

However, due to this replacement, Starmon fused together with Ballistamon into a chest adornment, while the Pickmonz added onto it, turning into energy that fused with Starmon’s shades and caused them to grow into a massive size, matching that of the usual V crest of X5. Next, DeltAntylamon fused into the body of the Xros, transforming the shades from their usual Black to a glimmering emerald color.

Finally, Xros Five’s helmeted head appeared in a burst of green energy from where the head usually sat- only this time modified by Spadamon to have a royal blue coloring, as opposed to the regular silver. Finally, the new DigiXros spun about, and pointed its lance forward as it cried out its new name.


This is supposed to give off a few subtle visual cues to VKX7- With the Starmon chest adornment.

And with a guitar rift not heard in a long time topped with a holy chime, the glimmering letters XS burned themselves into the sky directly in front of the Digi-Xros.

And at the 40 second mark of that song, the Music Team cut to an old classic that everyone recognized.


Xros Six’s legs tightened, and then sprung forward, launching the Digi-Xros spear first towards the nearest Wendigomon.“VICTORY LANCE!” A bolt of blue lightning sprung out, impacting and then punching through the Wendigomon, fracturing the poor ‘escort’ into data.

“THUNDER BLAST!”The Raidramon behind that Wendigomon launched into action, countering the incoming blast of lightning with his own.

Last time we hear WE ARE XROS HEART proper- and again, it’s Akari’s theme here- probably the only time after the DeltAntylamon evolution that it’s played that way.

Of course, the heavy boots coming down upon the Armor type did little to protect it as Xros Six couldn’t slow soon enough after plowing through the Wendigomon. And another one fell.

A surviving Sagittarimon roared as he fired several of his three pronged arrows at once. “JUDGEMENT ARROW!”

Xros Six brought up their Double Shield to block the arrows as they turned on a dime, and then jumped towards the Armor type.


Beelzebmon’s cannon let loose a blinding blast of emerald energy that looked like a swirling triangle.

The Sagittarimon snarled…and batted the oncoming attack to the side with his bow, which deflected the burst of energy into a nearby piece of the landscape. “Now You’ll-GRK!”

And everything stopped.

Anubimon had thrown one of his throwing daggers at the Sagittarimon’s head, planting the blade firmly at the base of his neck.

Xros Six stumbled and slowed down- only managing to come to a stop right where the Sagittarimon had stood a moment after he had disolved away into data.

“What the hell-” Shoutmon began…

“NO ONE.” Anubimon roared. “NO ONE SHALL DAMAGE THE LAND ITSELF!” electric sparks arched over his body. “DO YOU HEAR ME? NONE OF YOU!” he pointed at the survivors of his Escort team. “NOW LEAVE! YOU DISGUST ME!” He pointed back into the distance as he shoved his snout into the air. “THIS BEHAVIOR IS UNACCEPTABLE FROM YOU LOT!” he repeated for emphasis.“UNACCEPTABLE!”

And then he warped the lot of his team away with a transportation spell, leaving a bewildered Xros Heart behind.

I haven’t even seen Adventure Time properly yet- but even *I* know of the “Unnaaaaacceeeeeeptableeee!” voice and drew inspiration from it.

Anubimon *IS* channeling Lemongrab’s voice- yes yes he is.

Akari doesn’t get a chance to shine here- I had a grand fight planned out…But that was before I nailed Anubimon’s character down.

“Ah I thought that might have been him.” Olegmon said with a grimace as he picked up the left behind knife. “That Anubimon…I’m surprised he made it as far as he did in Gravimon’s army.”

“Really?” Shoutmon frowned. “Why’s that?”

“During our earlier meetings…before Xros Heart returned to this world…” Olegmon closed his eyes as he remembered. “Gravimon would occasionally complain that the young recruit DarkKnightmon had sent his way was working counter to his plans.”

Now we get backstory on Gravimon and also Anubimon- thinking that maybe Gravimon isn’t that bad of a guy!


“Gravimon was always one to use peace as his weapon of choice. He’d did something so drastically horrid upon his ascent as general that his long time term of peace kept everyone in line, fearing the day that Gravimon would turn against them.”

“How is it-” Gravimon was arguing over the transmission table. “-That I can’t keep my people in line the way I wish to when I have a strict enforcer who punishes anyone for the slightest offense to my orders?”

“That’s just the way it goes, Gravimon.” Dorbickmon said with a chuckle and a wave of his hand. “You’ve got to keep them in check with constant shows of violence, or else they don’t behave.”

“But my land was putting out more negative energy before this…Recruit of DarkKnightmon’s was promoted to his current position!” Gravimon snarled at the dragon. “His ruthless tactics have killed more of my land’s population than the negative energy those deaths created has been able to keep up with!”

“Every time Anubimon got out of line, Gravimon would heavily protest about his plans failing before his eyes.”

A still shot of Gravimon yelling at Anubimon.

“Despite the number of times Gravimon told Anubimon not to do this, the boy would continue in his fanatic pursuit of ‘maintaining orders to the letter’, though Gravimon insisted they were not being followed in spirit.”

A Still shot of Anubimon and several Centarumon charging through a city, destroying and attacking anyone who got in his way.

“Since Anubimon was one of DarkKnightmon’s placements, Gravimon simply couldn’t kill him. So he tried a different tactic”

“I’m giving you an order here! Do NOT kill anyone!” Gravimon snarled at the dog man. “Maintain order without needless bloodshed!”

“Of course, this only worked for a short while. Anubimon soon resumed his rampages, and despite Gravimon coming to Baguramon himself to request the boy’s removal from his Land, DarkKnightmon somehow made sure the boy remained there. Apparently the official word was that the transfer orders were always being ‘lost in the red tape jungle of legal-dom’.”

Yes- that was the official answer to Anubimon’s permanent placement.

No- I don’t know who was responsible.

It. Does. Not. Matter.


“Yeesh.” Shoutmon frowned. “And the guy went off on his own subordinate just for deflecting an attack?”

“From the stories I’ve heard told…Anubimon seems to think that Gravimon’s ability to manipulate Canyon Land to his liking means that he can feel and see everything that goes on.” Olegmon sighed. “I tried talking to the lad once- explained that it didn’t work that way, Gravimon’s done the same too many times to count… But he just didn’t want to listen.”

“And I have to wonder…” Shoutmon scowled. “What did Gravimon do to earn that kind of devotion?”

“Not even I know for sure, only that it had something to do with the dark creatures that came from Terror Zone…and what Gravimon did to them.”

“Terror Zone?” Akari asked as she walked up. “Never heard of that one.”

“Be glad.” Olegmon shuddered. “All I know is that there were…creatures there…Creatures that were terrifying the other natives once the Zones had united into the Lands.”

This is a Homestuck shout out- and I’m sorry. But it was the only thing I could properly draw inspiration from for this…

Especially with what I had planned for Anubimon. For Xros Heart…

For poor Deckerdramon.


Gravimon snarled as his gravity powers overwhelmed a nearby chair and flatened it into a sphere. “I want this lad removed once and for all, Knight.”

Across the table, the holographic forms of Applomon and DarkKnightmon stood unimpressed, the former showing some form of concern however. The Shadow Knight spoke: “Anubimon is simply-“

“Simply nothing!” Gravimon pointed at the knight. “He had Xros Heart’s latest Digi-Xros in his sights and WHO does he chose to attack? No! Not them! But his OWN SOLDIER.”

Appolomon nodded slightly as he stroked his chin. “He has a point, DarkKnightmon. Xros Heart was the greater threat and your man decided to attack the wrong person.” he smirked. “Why if I didn’t know any better about your choice of men, I’d say he wanted to switch sides and help Xros Heart in conquering Canyon Land.”

“I…” The shadow knight grimaced. “I suppose you have a point. Anubimon has gone too far in this. Xros Heart proves to be the greater threat and they should be eliminated.” he nodded. “Bring him in.”

Appolomon is drawing inspiration from Obi Wan Kenobi from the current Animated Star Wars TV series. This is sadly all the characterization I could give him during this constricted flow of story….and I really wanted to give him more too.

“They were Creatures that could warp reality itself…” Olegmon shuddered. “From the rumors I’ve heard… The natives of that Zone formed a contract with the outer gods of the Furthest Ring.”

“Furthest Ring?” Shoutmon frowned. Why did that ring a bell?

“Apparently Gravimon killed them all to gain his regenerating abilities.” Olegmon grimaced. “Creatures that could warp reality being slaughtered by a single Digimon with a Darkness Loader? That single act of pure terror was enough to put out more negative energy than any other Land at the time.”

“Regenerating?” Akari raised an eyebrow. “Meaning Gravimon can heal?”

“His data can never be broken apart far enough.” Olegmon nodded. “You could spread his ashes to the four corners of the universe and he would still be able to pull himself back together within a year.”

“A year?” Both musicians asked in equally shocked tones at the exact same time.

Here we find out that Gravimon is NOT a nice guy! He probably deserves what Anubimon represents!

And is planning.

Anubimon was brought in, ankles shackled to a massive metal sphere and wrists cuffed together so closely that he couldn’t reach for his daggers. He seemed submissive, although annoyed at the confinement. He knew he’d broken the rules…but he didn’t care. He would be let go soon enough.

“Anubimon.” DarkKnightmon said over the transmission. “From what I’ve heard, you had a run in with Xros Heart today.”

“Yes, My lord.” Anubimon bowed his head. “They…Well…I…”

Gravimon stood in the room, next to DarkKnightmon’s hologram form, but seemed to be keeping silent for now.


“He’s tryin to lie, but ‘e knows ‘e can’t.” A Pegasusmon out of sight on the other end of the transmission noted to DarkKnightmon and Appolomon. “Yah can see it in th’ way he holds ‘is body. All Shifty like. Not makin’ eye contact either. There’s somethin’ else too. But I can’t figure it out yet.”

This Pegasusmon is a shout out NOT to My Little Pony directly…

But rather a FANFIC of MLP:FIM.

The PONY POV SERIES, to be exact.

I hadn’t seen MLP- not a single episode- when I wrote this chapter. I STILL Haven’t as of writing this liveblog.

…But I stumbled on this story via TVTropes and…

I just had to do a shout out.

So AppleJack here is seeing straight through Appolomon’s “truth.”

DarkKnightmon nodded. “I see.” he looked over to the Anubimon. “Gravimon tells me you turned on your own men, and let them live?”

“…Yes.” Anubimon said after a moment. “I did.”

“Why?” DarkKnightmon inquired.

“His block of one of their attacks hit the landscape.” Anubimon explained, head still bowed. “It would have hurt Lord Gravimon.”

“I’ve told you a thousand times.” The Thursday’s Soil- General Gravimon finally spoke up. “My connection to Canyon Land is not physical. I do not feel the damage to the landscape- but the damage to the life within my Land’s borders.”

“But you can manipulate everything to your heart’s desire!” Anubimon’s head snapped up to face the paper man. “You can move mountains and trim trees and change rivers and lakes! How can anything like that be anything but a pure physical connection to the land itself? !”

“He’s tryin’ to rationalize.” The Pegasusmon shook her head. “I don’t think even ‘e believes in what ‘e’s sayin’.”

“My powers come from the beings that could warp reality!” Gravimon explained. “The beings that I Killed for their magic and for the terror that they imposed on the beings living within my Land! There is only room enough for one Death General in Canyon Land, and I. Am. IT.

Gravimon is feeling the pressure from Anubimon trying to take his job out from under him.


“I’ve told you a thousand times and I will NOT repeat it again!” Gravimon’s fists clenched. “I am the law of this Land, and you’ve broken my rules one too many times.” Gravimon took a breath to calm himself. “I’m having you removed -permanently- from my Land’s borders.”

“What?!” Anubimon’s eyes widened in shock.

“Anubimon- You let Xros Heart escape due to your own personal beliefs.” DarkKnightmon began. “That is something we can NOT allow in our Empire’s ranks, not after we’ve had so many traitors buried within our midst.”

“Trait-?” Anubimon’s eyes narrowed as something in his brain snapped. “no…” something clicked.

“Lilithmon’s and Blastmon’s disappearance from Honey Land has left a bitter taste in my mouth.” DarkKnightmon continued.“To say the least that the devices found in Tactimon’s old quarters could be used against us, and then with the recent explosion-“

“Even You?” Anubimon began.

Anubimon’s officially snapped here.

“No.” The Pegasusmon’s eyes widened in horror. “I can’t believe I missed this.”

“Even You would betray me?”

Appolomon’s eyes did as well. “Wait. Couldn’t it be that Gravimon didn’t erase all of the-?”

“Now Anubimon…”

“No. I am not a traitor.”

Gravimon took a step back as a dangerous aura formed around the Dog-God. “Anubimon…!”

“You destroyed a race of people…So much powerful than your own lonesome…and yet you defeated them!?” Anubimon ranted as a dark aura formed around his body. “Didn’t you realize what you were doing? Those people were my ancestors! My Family!”

DarkKnightmon blinked. “Wait. That’s not why you said you wanted to-”

“YOU ALL. YOU’RE THE TRAITORS!” Anubimon roared as the aura over took his mind, and began warping his speech patterns. “NOW…Won ll’I eb elba ot teg ym egnever rof lla ev’uoy enod!”

It’s official-

You are now Anubimon: and you have just gone GRIMDARK.

So what does he do?

He speaks backwards.

The entire communication’s room exploded into a massive, dark purple fire ball, drawing everyone’s attention towards the now rising black and purple smoke cloud rising in the distance. Birds, snakes, trains, puppets and toys and even several rocks and pumpkins all turned their eyes into the dark cloud in the distance.

“What the hell?” Shoutmon looked up into the distance in surprise.

“That can’t be good.” Hephaestus lamented.

“Olegmon…” Akari began. “What if Gravimon didn’t kill all of those creatures?”

“Well…” Olegmon’s eyes widened in horror. “They…they’d be pissed off as hell.”

The communication’s feed from Canyon land cut off, leaving Appolomon and DarkKnightmon staring at a burst of static.

“What just happened here?” DarkKnightmon asked.

“I don’t think yah wanna know.” The Pegasusmon lamented. “Yah really don’t.”

Olegmon puts it *mildly*

As the smoke began to clear, drifting up into the skies, Anubimon remained floating in the air where he had been standing on solid floor moments before. A powerful, shimmering dark aura flared around his body- clothes tattered and stained with dark marks that either came from the massive fire that had just ensued or the grimdark energies now pouring through the poor lad’s body in place of his blood. Gravimon and the other guards that had been in the room were nowhere to be seen- only the Darkness Loader that Gravimon had used to activate the communications table had survived the explosion- floating inside it’s own protective shield of dark energy that crackled and sparked with dangerous intent.

Child. the Darkness Loader began speaking of it’s own accord. No surprise really. The Xros Loaders seen so far have had their own personalities, hidden for the most part, of course, but still there. A Darkness Loader would be no different- it is, after all, a corrupted Xros Loader. You have incredible power, child.

And now- The Darkness Loaders prove THEIR intelligence and sentience.

This Darkness Loader is moving on from Gravimon to Anubimon.

Anubimon’s color inverted eyes came to narrow on the device in a very creepily over animated sweep. He said nothing, but his eyes said everything.

Oh? You are no child you say? the Loader chuckled. Well. Pardon my language then.

Anubimon scowled at the Darkness Loader, asking- no. Daring it to say what ever it had to say, and to say it fast.

You’ve vaporized my previous commander- Oh, Sure he’ll regenerate soon enough. He personally saw to it all those months back when he chose to slaughter the very creatures you are well on your way to becoming… But YOU, dear child…No…My dear Student it would have smiled if it could have. You have more evil than that so called “Death General” had in his left PINKY FINGER. And you have something else those others of your kind did not have.

Anubimon’s eyes relaxed slightly, as if to say… “go on?”

This Darkness Loader is also playing the role of a DENIZEN, as per Homestuck canon and not this story canon, with the offering of The Choice.

You my Student, You have focus. The sole desire to cause harm to those who have wronged you. Those before you had no drive other than to gain power, and they grew week, thinking that massive reserves of dark energy could make up for their lack of focus and training. I’ve decided to change alligences. Gravimon has failed me again and again over these last six months, proving to use the mere threat his slaughter of your kind to hold control over his subjects whileYOU did all the hard work of actually keeping them in line- much as your ancestors were beginning to do when he arrived.

Anubimon’s mouth began to break into a grin… One so horribly twisted and mangled by the explosion he himself had created that if any viewer were to look into it, why they would go insane from the sheer horror and terror that that grin portrayed.

So What do you say, my Student? Do you wish to cause anarchy and all it brings to the inhabitants of this world? Do you wish to take the crown back from those who wrongfully hold it? Cast this world into Discord and Chaos and Disharmony and take your rightful place as its leader?

I think, I’m sad(?) to say, that this Darkness Loader *also* pulls heavy influence from the PONY POV’s Discord.

Anubimon slowly reached out for the Darkness Loader as his eyes began to cycle different colors, as well as the numbers Seven and Five showing on brief occasion…

Now that’s what I wanted to hear, dear Student of mine. Now then…Claim this shell- this Darkness Loader- as your own… And let’s show this foolish creator of mine who ACTUALLY holds all the cards!

Anubimon touched the Darkness Loader, wrapped his fingers around it… and then he vanished along with his ‘new’ Darkness Loader in a flash of corrupted energy.

…Meanwhile…Down in the rubble of the floor below…

The left half of Gravimon’s enraged face stared up at the events just transpired with anguish and anger as his data slowly began to pull back into his body, reforming…recompiling… He let loose a silent scream from his half mouth as the blue sky above began to darken over with thundering, krackeling energy.

This is rather ominous!

Kiriha looked up from his spot on the boat deck as the blue skies rapidly darkened. “What the hell…?”

“This isn’t natural. I can’t sense anything to do with the wind causing this.” Typheus noted…

Right before Anubimon teleported into view, miles above the air, supporting himself only on dark wings made out of tentacles and bones and charred flesh…

Everyone tensed up as an other-worldly laughter- a giggle- filled the air…

“!Seidd Ub El G’NaT eb S‘teL” Anubimon’s twisted mouth cried out with a childish glee.

…And then he struck.


“Let’s be TANGLE BUDDIES!!!!”



And I leave it on a cliffhanger????

“Wait.” Aradia turned away from the screen. “So not only do A: We get confronted with the fact that Splashmon wasn’t the real Cyber Land General… but…But…” She groaned as her screen emote changed to the classic eyes clenched shut emote. “Uggghhh I’ve got a headache.”

“Don’t we all.” Eridan shrugged.



“I Told you again…!”

“What the hell’s gotten into him!?”

“Look out!”

“I won’t turn my back on that guy!”

“Borrow this, borrow that…”

“How can we stop this?!”



“Next time, Digimon Xros Wars!”

“Canyon’s Echo! The Seven Swords Forged In the Heart of a Star!”




That’s an OMINOUS title drop- a double title drop in fact!!

As well as a LOT of foreshadowing.


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