Xros Wars AU 02 — CH44

We Open the LAST CHAPTER of the Seven Swords first act (Over all act numbering is: A2A1)– AKA: CHAPTER FORTY-FOUR.



“So what’s going on?” Shoutmon frowned as he watched Olegmon’s crew rushing about to hoist anchor and set sail.

“The ocean in this Land is alive.” A Geckomon explained as the captain and his main crew shouted orders across the ship. “A digimon named Oroceanomon that slumbers until a hapless soul enters the waters and feeds it, thus awakening it.”

“We barely survived the last time Oroceanomon woke up!” a Biyomon added as she finished tying up the cargo crates nearby. “It gets stronger every time!”

“How did you defeat it the last time?” Nene asked, eyes widening with concern.

“We didn’t.” Came a familiar voice from behind the duo, making them turn around in surprise.

“No way…” Shoutmon’s eyes widened.

“It’s you…!” Nene’s eyes widened as well…along with a bright smile breaking out on her face.

“It’s me.” The familiar form of Ballistamon nodded his head. “It’s good to see you both again, N’gah. Gives me hope.”

Not a single soul didn’t see this twist coming.

*cue New World (TWILL) TV Size*


Gold Ocean! Grasp the future!”

Such a title! Very…hopeful?

“I! HATE! THIS! OCEAN!” Revolomon cried out as he held on for dear life to the back of JagarD0rulumon CM’s shoulder armor.

What was going on exactly?

Oroceanomon had taken to throwing up spears of water in any given direction, trying to impale anything it could get its hands on.

“This is getting ridiculous.” Dorulumon muttered within the Double Evolved Xros. “Even with all this extra speed, we’re only barely dodging.”

“I. KNOW.” Cutemon growled. “It’s annoying. Annoying! ANNOYING!”

“NEEDLE MESA!”ZekeGureimon threw up a record beneath him as a shield to give himself some time to catch his breath from all the dodging.

“You okay, Gureimon?” Kiriha asked.

“This form is meant more for quick bursts of speed.” The Digimon replied. “Not sustained bursts.”

“Even using the wind to our advantage…” Typheus agreed. “…This is getting tiresome.”

“Any Ideas yet?” JagarD0rulumon asked as he and Taiki flew over to join the others on top of the precariously balanced record.

“Nothing from me.” Taiki scowled. “Everything we throw at it doesn’t work!”

“If we had Shoutmon, maybe he and I could do an interfering resonance thing with our Soul Crusher attacks?” Akari suggested.

“Wave interference you mean?” Kaiyumi asked.

“Yeah, that.” she nodded.

“That Might just work!” Hephaestus began. “Water is a wave-transmitting medium! If we start a resonance of interfering waves, the ocean’s consciousness might dissolve in the process- maybe even fragment into its original state if the Code Crown did fuse multiple parts of it’s mind together.”

Yet again- I borrow school-work for the story.

This is the solution to killing Oroceanomon.

“But we don’t have Shoutmon.” Taiki countered. “He’s off pretending to be you- me- whatever it is he’s up to- on Olegmon’s ship.”

“Who knows where in the world they are right now.” Akari crossed her arms.

“Um…” Kiriha held up his Xros Loader, displaying a string of numbers. “Nene sent us the coordinates, remember?”

“Hey!” Revolomon snapped his fingers. “That’s rig-!”

At that precise moment, Oroceanomon threw up a giant water-made fist that was about a mile thick in all directions at the bottom of the record, sending it flying high into the air before it began to tumble to the side.

They just can’t- yet.

“OI!” Shoutmon began as he ran up to the main deck where Olegmon’s primary crew stood, Nene and Ballistamon were a few steps behind him. “Olegmon!”

“Yes?” The Rogue Death General and his First mate turned around in interest (just in time to miss a giant water hand flip its fingers at something high up in the air in annoyance). “What is it?”

“I just want to say that if we’re going into battle against an entire ocean, that we really need to be honest with each other.” Shoutmon began, taking a deep breath to steel himself against any backlash. “I’m Not Hephaestus.”

“Oh?” Olegmon grinned. “Taiki? Did you wake up then?”

(Nene went to say something, but was held back by Ballistamon faking coughing.)

“Nope.” he shook his head. “Look dude, I just want to say that you- sir- are honest about wanting to defeat Bagura!” he narrowed his eyes in determination. “I was going to be honest about this straight up, but Nene over there-” he jabbed his thumb at the Denizen of Life’s host. “-Wanted to play ‘information gathering’ for a day or something like that. I only played along with it ’cause Echidna is downright scary at times.” he took a moment to lean in close and add under his breath. “you saw how she threatened me back there, right?”

Olegmon nodded, remembering the vague undertones from when Echidna had mentioned the word ‘coma.’

Yeah- Like I said, Echidna was being unsubtle there.

“Right then.” Shoutmon took a breath, shifted over to his Digimon form, then took a bow. “The Name’s Shoutmon, the one they keep calling the future King.” he stood up, held out his hand, and smiled. “And to be honest and fair- I think we can all work together here.”

DarkVolumon snarled before Olegmon could react. “You lied-!?”


And the darkened robot froze mid sentence- as did everyone else on deck at the sudden revelation that no-one had caught onto in the last six months.

“Shoutmon has one of the purest hearts I’ve ever seen.” Ballistamon continued. “He’s not one to lie intentionally.”

“I…” DarkVolumon began…to modulate his voice down from the evil tone he had been using from before, down to something that matched Ballistamon. “He still shouldn’t have-!”

THIS twist- however- NOBODY saw coming!!

Come on- there wasn’t any foreshadowing for it at all- Or was there? HMMM??

Yeah no I literally came up with this on the spot.

“I’ve already told Nene off for it.” Ballistamon explained. “This war has been stressful on all of us, we’re not all perfect, after all.”

The other beetle themed robot digimon sighed, then nodded. “I see.”

And after a few moments of silence…

“Wait.” A Toucanmon cried down from the crows nest. “You two are BROTHERS!?”

A Falcomon fainted.

“Didn’t see that coming.” A Doggymon said with surprise.

This is the reaction everyone should have had.

Shoutmon and Olegmon just shared equally bemused looks with each other…Then Laughed.

“I know everyone’s going to want to talk it out some more, but personally, I don’t give a damn.” Shoutmon said after a moment, holding his hand out a bit higher now, and curled up into a fist. “So what do you say to teaming up to stopping this Oroceanomon thing?”

“Agreed!” Olegmon grinned. “And then…” His giant fist met Shoutmon’s in a fist bump to king all fist bumps. “We save the Digital World!”

“GWAPPO GWAPPO!” a Geckomon cried out.

“VIVA OLEGUNA!” The rest of the entire ship finished.


Not seconds later, the two Xros Loaders were unlocked from their boxy prison, and Spadamon and Lunamon were released from their hypnotized state.

“Ready the cannons! Batten down the hatches!” Olegmon ordered his crew. “Prepare the depth charges! Today we end the fight with Oroceanomon once and for all!”

“AYE AYE, CAP’N!” The Pirate crew saluted as they went about their business.

“Alright everyone!” Shoutmon grinned as he donned a rather dashing pirate hat he had been loaned, having shifted back to his human form to wear it specifically. “You heard the ‘mon!” he turned to his own team. “Let’s get ready to lay the smack down on this ocean!”

“AYE AYE SIR!” The green Monitamon, Sparrowmon, Spadamon, and Lunamon saluted in turn, then rushed off to do their thing.

Shoutmon also has put on a Pirate hat now- Why?

He’s just rolling with the punches- that’s why!

“Just you wait and see!” Ballistamon said as he helped DarkVolumon roll a peculiar looking cannon into position. “We’ll make this ocean ever regret waking up! N’GAH!”

“N’GAH!” His brother chimed in agreement.

“Faster! Those cannons won’t load themselves!” Mervamon and Mermaimon simultaneously ordered a pair of Gotsumon who thought they could slack off on cannon loading duty.

“Heheh.” Olegmon grinned at their work. “Quite the lookers, aren’t they?”

“Very.” Beelzebmon nodded with a faint look of terror on his eyes.


BeelzebmonXMervamon shipping fodder here… I’m STILL hesitating on settling their relationship down for the Hunters arc.

Beelzebmon’s slowly moving on, however, from Sand Zone.

He’s had six months- give the guy a break.

“Nene…” The Monimon in the girl’s arms looked up at her sadly. “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing…” She glanced to the side, trying to evade the question entirely.

Nene’s feeling pretty down about being told off by Ballistamon of all people about doing something wrong– This is a bit crucial for the opening episodes of the Next Act.

And so the good ship Good Friday sailed faster than it ever had before, being carried on winds of determination, and currents that drew them ever closer whether they wanted to or not.

“Alright.” Shoutmon began as he paced the front deck as they got closer and closer to the approaching battle, coming closer to them as they got closer to it. “Let’s brain storm here. Oroceanomon is just a digimon, right? So how did it act before Gold Land was formed?”

“Before then…?” A random Toucanmon thought for a moment. “Much less violent! It hesitated on its attacks, as if it weren’t quite sure how to proceed. Probably because it whoever was in control then would be fighting against the wills of long since deceased digimon. That’s how I remember it anyways!”

“So when the Code Crown fused the Zones, it must have united those wills too.” Shoutmon nodded as he paced to the other side. “So what is Oroceanomon besides a Digimon?”

“It’s an ocean!” The Palmon from before spoke up.

“Which means it’s water!” Shoutmon snapped his fingers. “Therefore it must transmit it’s actions like water as well!”

“Water transmits sound and energy as waves.” Tailmon’s ears perked up as she recalled an old physics lesson from school. “So if it’s transmitting it’s thoughts, they’re likely to be made up of waves!”

Tailmon serves as my self-insert for this line– she’s remembering the same lesson I did.

“Exactly!” Shoutmon grinned as he spun around to point dramatically at Wisemon and Wizardmon. “So how do you break up waves?”

“Waves can constructively or destructively interfere with each other.” Wisemon noted.

“All I know about waves…” Wizardmon just shrugged. “Are that waves have to go around obstructions.”

“So we blast him with something that messes with his waves!” Shoutmon snapped his fingers again as he grinned even wider. “And what’s better to break up a wave than a barrier making waves?”


On one side of a disk stood Revolomon in his human form, holding up a Blue bodied, red trimmed Xros Loader; on the other side stood Ballistamon holding his fists in the air with a roar of triumph.

The disk flipped over, revealing what appeared to be a more heavily armored Ballistamon standing in front of a metallic sky blue version of the Greek letter Lambda.


Both sides of Xros Heart came up with the same idea almost instantaneously– and by the way, It took me quite a while to figure out how I was going to defeat Oroceanomon. I’d essentially made a monster that couldn’t be killed.

Sound waves was what I finally came up with.

Oroceanomon just didn’t give up. Pulse after jet after gush flew up at those dancing in the skies hoping to evade the rampaging digimon’s attacks. No matter how fast or hard they flew towards the coordinates Nene had sent them, Oroceanomon kept following them easily.

It was the entire Land, after all.

“I don’t know how long we can keep this up…” JagarD0rulumon CM gasped, feeling the drain from dancing around for who knows how long now. “If we don’t do something quick, I think we’re going to un-Xros.”

“If we just had something to make a loud sound with…” Taiki frowned- They had a plan, but it just wasn’t possible at this stage. Those Eye-lands kept staring at them, almost as if they were taunting them. In fact, it was taunting them. The entire surface of the water beneath them gurgled loudly with roars of annoyance.

And it was then that something taunted it right back-


A not-quite-as-massive roar filled the air as a Not-quite-yet-familiar cannon fired, tearing a massive trench across the ocean’s surface with it’s energy attack that impacted one of the many Eye-lands and disintegrated it instantly with a fairly massive explosion.

“Well-” Kiriha said with much relief. “I think we all know who just got where.”

Everyone looked over towards the source of the attack- instantly spotting the Good Ship Good Friday with SigmaArrowmon standing on the nose of the ship, holding her signature engine cannon out in front. “TAIKI!” she called out over to them while Oroceanomon was distracted. “Get Over Here!”

GET OVER HERE! Another Skyrim Mod Shoutout- which is in of itself a shout out to something else entirely that I have NO CLUE what it is referencing!


Oroceanomon was still reeling from the attack as Xros Heart’s lost members landed on the ship for some rest from the fight. But this was no time for lazy-ness, Oroceanomon’s stunned state was being prolonged by the ships crew firing depth charges from the cannons into the water below.

“Taiki!” Shoutmon said with a bit of no-nonsense as he and Olegmon walked up to meet them. “No time to explain, but we need you to purify Olegmon’s Darkness Loader back into a Xros Loader.”

“Huh?” Taiki blinked as the Death General handed over the sparkling dark device. It was brand new! Never used a day in its life! It was so unused, in fact, that it looked more like a normal Xros Loader than the usual Darkness Loaders. “Why?”

“Well, we need it to-” was all Olegmon could manage as Shoutmon continued on to the other side of the deck.

“Revolomon!” Shoutmon continued on as he grabbed the cowboy out from behind Dorulumon and dragged him across the deck of the very familiar ship. “Once Taiki’s done with that, I want you to take the Xros Loader and make Ballistamon Digivolve!”

“Wait what?” everyone who had been lost at sea reacted exactly the same. Ballistamon was here?

“Long story. No time to explain now.” Shoutmon reiterated as he walked past Akari. “Akari, I need your help on this too!” he didn’t even have to get her attention beyond that, she followed behind anyways.

“Okay.” The girl had no clue what the hell was going on, but she trusted in Shoutmon’s judgement and planing skills on this.

For once in a long while- Shoutmon’s calling the shots. He’s basically settling into his future role as King.

Or trying to anyways.

Up the stairs to the top and front of the boat, there stood Ballistamon, DarkVolumon, and the Monitamon elite trio- one of whom was just finishing up rewiring something inside DarkVolumon’s signal broadcasting systems- and just behind them were Nene and SigmaArrowmon, both of whom were keeping an eye on the oceans ahead.

“Ballistamon!” Revolomon’s eyes widened in glee at seeing his old friend again. “You’re okay!”

“N’Gah!” The sound themed mech-bot nodded.

“Are we done here?” Shoutmon asked the one Monitamon.

“Yup!” a nod from the Monitamon “The broadcasting system is now tied into our own broadcast system. All we need to do now is plug in the microphones and we’ll be good to go!”

“Alright then!” Shoutmon turned around and called down deck to Olegmon and Taiki. “Is it ready yet?”

“Yeah!” Taiki nodded as he held up the purified Darkness Loader. “Always easier the second time around!”

“It helps that it was being purified by just being in the presence of a good person for all this time!” Hephaestus remarked.

“Great!” Shoutmon grinned, and turned to leave his position.

Taiki was about to move to take it up to him, but the device vanished in a burst of pink and white energy- one of Echidna’s teleports- only to reappear in front of Revolomon and Ballistamon.

“So this is ours then?” Revolomon asked, eyes wide as he reached for the device.

“Indeed.” Ballistamon nodded.

“Alright then!” Shoutmon clapped and rubbed his hands together as a grin broke out on his face. “Show time everyone!”

Shoutmon’s got a tight crew running here- and it helps that Olegmon’s crew was tight to begin with.

Oroceanomon’s senses came back to it after a few moments of silence…Either the boat just inside the edge of its attack range had ran out of depth charges or they had intentionally stopped… And Oroceanomon couldn’t figure out a reason for why they would stop when they had an advantage… So it had to be the former!

Oh well. Time to break that boat into tiny splinters.

Just as Oroceanomon began to rear up to throw an attack…A giant dome of crystalline energy shot up from the neutral waters just outside the edges of it’s currently compressed reach- Wait- scratch that- not a dome. A SPHERE.



Oroceanomon’s eye-lands turned on their sides to glare at the sources of the accursed wall. Divermon, Dolphmon, and boats manned by the Land’s natives each held odd devices in front of them- devices that generated the sphere. Where had they gotten their hands on such things?

They’ve essentially done what they did to Splashmon’s data only for an ENTIRE OCEAN.

(Some time earlier…

“The flight engines? !” The startled Tinkermon gasped at her captains request. “You want me to scrap the flight engines to make a void generator! ?”

“Yup!” Olegmon nodded.

“…” The fairy put her hands on her hips and raised her head to meet his eyes with hers. “Give me ten minutes.” the scowl she’d been wearing up until now turned into a full fledged smirk of deviant delight. “I’ll give you something ten times better than that! A shield generator that’ll keep anything semi-solid inside!”

The captain gave a thumbs up. “Just what I wanted to hear!”)

This Tinkermon is essentially Kaylee from Firefly/Serenity running on Girl Genius’ SPARK LOGIC and Stargate Atlantis’ Rodney Mckay’s tendency to pull off insane stunts within tight time limits.

Oh well. It didn’t matter. So what if Oroceanomon was now trapped inside a giant sphere with the boat that probably had ordered said sphere’s construction. It’s not like that would cause any permanent-

Oh. Wait. What was that glowing light on the deck of the boat? Why was it familiar…and yet…Different?

In terms of ocean thought, Oroceanomon thought what would be translated into English almost exactly as:

“…Oh Crap in a hat.”

Yes- even the ocean is quoting Reasonably Clever now.


Do you even REALIZE how insane this entire plot *IS*?

*Cue Evolution and Digixros! Ver. Taiki (instrumental)*

“TIME BURST!” Revolomon called out as the lower-case Greek letter Lambda glowed brightly on the screen of the blue and red Xros Loader.


Ballistamon’s body remained relatively the same, being a robot in form, only gaining minor modifications to his legs (much bulkier, as if reinforced to some degree to house something more inside), arms (Much thicker, and more ornate looking), and head (the jaw piece became more complicated, angular and refined while his horn gained multiple plates and stages of armor), while his entire torso changed completely, going from square to octagonal in form.

Topping off the whole transformation was a rush of gold and white coloring that over-wrote his normal blue and red colors.

“ALTURBALLISTAMON!” he didn’t even take time to strike a pose, instead buckling down his legs and then spring boarding up into the air like a rocket. It appeared that those modifications to his legs housed some kind of powerful spring, as the jump was accompanied by a rather loud “SPROING” sound effect.


AlturBallistamon now has SPRINGS IN HIS LEGS.

Parts of his back armor unfolded, and two turbine engines moved out from their hiding places, activating immediately to keep AlturBallistamon from falling back down onto the deck.

“Now!” Revolomon ordered.

AlturBallistamon’s hands pulled backwards into his arms as the wrist armor broke apart, and spread out to form rather odd looking radar dishes on both arms, while the speaker mounted to his chest expanded outwards to match.

Oroceanomon had no clue how to react to this- other than the obvious, of course.

A tentacle of water launched upwards towards the newly evolved digimon…But alas, it was too late.

“RESONATING SOUL CRUSHER!”both Shoutmon sang into their microphones, which were connected up to DarkVolumon’s back via cables, who in turn began broadcasting and amplifying the two signals in as many directions as possible, thanks in part to the Monitamon’s configuring. Half of those signals, in turn, went instantly to the shield generators that began transmitting the wavelengths through the shield sphere as seamlessly as anything could be done. The remaining half of signals went straight up to AlturBallistamon who launched his own modified version of the wavelengths through his massive amplifiers with his signature attack…


…Yeah. This is just complicated.

…Aimed not at Oroceanomon’s many eye-lands, but instead at the top of the sphere shield in three critical places- exactly where Wisemon had said to aim. The shield, acting like one while still transmitting a wavelength through it, refracted the wavelengths down along with it’s own transmissions, each interfering constructively and, most importantly, destructively each other to the point that all that could be heard was…well…

To Xros Heart and Olegmon’s Crew, somehow the resonance managed to sound beautiful, not even overwhelming the music that Dondokomon’s team was playing but somehow working along side it to amplify the song even greater… It was a beautiful symphony, one that many feared could never have been played… But here it was. Being played. Brilliant. Just brilliant.

But to Oroceanomon? It was fairly obvious by the way that the waves violently shunting across the surface of the water digimon’s body that it was not a lover of fine music. Essentially, the shield was resonating so thoroughly that Oroceanomon’s data was losing coherence and was falling apart at the seams. Hard as it tried to retain consciousness, golden data wafted up off of the surface of Oroceanomon’s body like steam and floated harmlessly through the shield, and…eventually… the Eye-lands that Oroceanomon used to see with broke apart as the digimon’s consciousness faded into nothing…

The sight itself was beautiful, somehow in combination with the instrumental song…Even in Death, a horrible monster somehow managed to retain some semblance of dignity…

As the last of the golden coloring drained out of the sphere’s containment, Revolomon gave a tip of his hat to the deceased digimon. “When we get the code crown back…” he began to no-one in particular. “Let’s hope Oroceanomon comes back a nicer digimon than it was.”



A cloaked figured stormed past the Troopmon security guarding the exit to the docking bay. One flash of the figure’s official badge showed that the guards were not to mess with this person. Wet, slopping boots squelched against the polished marbled stairs as the figure shoved aside the doors to the hallway beyond. A soft squish, squash, followed the figure as they hurried down the hallway to their very ends, hoping to reach the command chamber as soon as possible…

Only to stop in horror as nothing but scorched remains of the path ahead remained- the shortcut the cloaked figure had been hoping to take had gone straight through the tower that had just very recently been demolished by an explosive device. Horror soon turned to anger as the figure threw down their hood…allowing a familiar set of ocean like locks to flow down her back.

Ruka, the presumed destroyed robot from Cyber Land, scowled as she turned on her heel and proceeded to take the long way around to the chambers they had sought to reach…

Many digimon going about their business looked down in surprise as the robot girl shoved them out of her way… any complaints they had were dismissed instantly by the Cyber Land Official Staff badge. Even so… one BioDarkdramon shook his fist angrily at her when her back was turned.

And so we return to Bagura HQ- following RUKA!

Eventually, she reached her second stop… the Code Crown chamber.

With a still slopping wet SQELKCH she kicked the door open and stormed inside.

The sole occupant in the room, Baguramon, turned around in mild annoyance at the intrusion. Ruka caught the sight of the golden cracks forming in the dark purple sheen of the Corrupted Code Crown and scowled even further. “Lord Baguramon!” she began, in a voice that did not quite match what we had become familiar with… Something more natural…Not as…fake.

“Yes?” The emperor’s annoyance had muted itself to concern upon recognizing the voice coming from the girl. “What is it?”

“I bring word from Cyber Land…” she began. “Xros Heart has defeated and purified the Puppet that we put in place for appearances sake. They’ve no doubt already reached Gold Land by the time I got here.”

This is basically confirming what I already told you all in the notes- Splashmon was a puppet.

“Is that so…?” A scowl began to form on the emperor’s face.

“What are the current whereabouts of your brother and his consorts?” She inquired.

“DarkKnightmon is in Bright Land.” He informed the girl, although you have to wonder if ‘Ruka’ was even her real name by this point. “I received word from them not too long ago that they were resting there briefly. I’ve ordered them to set up a Hell’s field and to prepare for Xros Heart’s entrance.”

“Brilliant!” Ruka laughed and turned to leave. “Be sure to tell him that I am on my way. Xros Heart thought saw through my mechanizations” a smirk formed on her face, unseen by the man. “I will make sure they die a long, painful, and excruciating death for their folly of not realizing that I was playing them all.”

“I approve of your plan…” Baguramon began, himself smiling a smile that she would never see. “My Dearest Daughter, The Deceptive Wednesday General, Trompeaurmon!”

“Thank you…” …a distant chuckle… “My dear father.”

And so here’s the reveal!! Something that even DARK KNIGHTMON was unaware of!!

thought THEY saw through. Dang it typos.


As the last of the Digi-Memories were put back into their bodies…BlackWarGreymon scowled as she felt a chill run through the air. “What the hell was that?”


“DIGIMON INTRODUCTION CORNER!”the Monitamon cried out in glee.

“Today we bring you AlturBallistamon!” Aradia pointed to a poster of the digimon. “A Ballistamon given upgrades by the legendary Denizen Hephaestus himself! He gained transforming speaker hands, super jumping legs, and the ability to hover once in the air!”

“His special attack is the Ultra Sonic Speakers!” Sollux explained. “He can produce sonic waves beyond the range of hearing of even the most sensitive devices!”

“The first part of his name is spelled out Lambda, Te, Eu, Ar, but pronounced “Al-Tur.” The Lambda looks like an A, but is the Greek letter L!” Eridan elaborated as he held up a name card showing the complicated spelling.

Short- simple- and to the point!

If you’ve been paying attention at home- this makes the last of the seven symbols from the dream glyph:

The Seven Fold Xros.

The Seven Fold Xros.

Yup- this is to say:

Delta- DeltAntylamon.

Omega- OmegaShoutmon.

Sigma- SigmaArrowmon.

Z– ZekeGureimon.

0- JagarD0rulumon.

Lambda- AlturBallistamon.

Shades- CascadeStarmon.

These are the “Seven Swords” that this arc is named for.

Seven Stars- Seven Future Forms.

Next Time:

“Wait! I just realized something. Ruka is Baguamon’s daughter? But I thought the author was setting up for her to be Splashmon!” Aradia gasped as the realization suddenly hit her. “What does that mean about Oroceanomon? What made it wake up? And what about Splashmon? Was he ever really Alive! ?”

“Aradia! Calm down! We’re not supposed to know that yet!” Eridan turned the tables on her for once. “So we’re not supposed to worry about that yet either! Leave it to the fans to rationalize it out!”

“Hey, I read the script too, you know.” she protested.

“But that’s meta-gaming, Aradia!” he protested back.

“Do I look like I care, Mr. Breaks the fourth wall ever chance he gets with his stupid name explanations!”

“Stupid!? Why I oughta…!”

“Guys, guys, GUYS!” Sollux stepped between the two of them. “Look. We’ll do a segment next show, Ok? We’re cutting into the trailer time now.”

“Oh right!” Aradia spun around to face the camera. “Next time on Digimon Xros Wars-!”

“Canyon Land! The Regenerating Gravimon!”Eridan cut in.

“Oi! That was my line!” Aradia snarled.

“GUYS.” Sollux groaned. “We do not have time for this.”

As past me sums it up: Where the *HELL* did That twist come from?

I don’t even KNOW.

Anyways- Act2Act1 is now OVER.

As such- we’ll be doing something different in the next episode….Different from the Canon Anime anyways…

What is it?


We’re changing the theme song!!


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