Xros Wars AU 02 — CH43

We begin CHAPTER 43 with the usual fanfare– that is to say: FLASHBACK TIME!


Revolomon peered out over the edge of the boat in awe at the golden water beneath him. “Wow! Is it always like this?”

“In Gold Zone?” a voice behind him asked. “Hell yes.”

Revolomon turned around, eyes brimming with delight. “That’s amazing!”

The Petermon standing proudly with his arms crossed grinned. “And that’s not even the half of it.”

“So cool…!” And then as Revolomon turned around to look at the water some more… the Hookmon standing just to the left of him grinned, reached over…and…

“Welcome aboard, Guppy!”

Clapped him on the back.

“WAH!” Poor Revolomon lost his balance and fell over the edge, much to the older pirate’s dismay and worry.



Revolomon gasped for air as he surfaced from the golden waters, having shifted to his human form to escape the weight of his armor dragging him down. “GAH!” he coughed a few times for good measure, to get all the salty, data logged water out. When the pipe had collapsed, the sudden appearance of currents had flushed everyone in different directions, leaving the thief/pirate out on his own. “Not Good.” he breathed silently as he looked around for his hat. “Definitely not good.”

Hookmon is implied in this chapter to be Olegmon’s past self. It’s up to the readers to decide if he is or not.

*cue New World (TWILL) Tv Size*

*Cue Title Theme*

“Gold Land! Olegmon the friendly Pirate!”

Revolomon coughed a few more times as he dragged himself up onto a piece of floating wood. “Guh…I hate this place.” he scowled. “I really, really, hate this place.” With a grunt of exasperation, he yanked out his gloves from a pocket and began putting them on. “Of all the places that a Land had to mimic…” he lowered himself back into the water, grabbed hold of the board’s furthest edge, and began kicking for the nearest island. “It just HAD to be this hell forsaken place.”

Sorry, Revolo.


“Gwappo! Gwappo! Viva Oleguna!” A Geckomon in a pirate’s hat saluted as he ran up. “We’ve managed to retrieve two of the Xros Loaders and their bearers!”

Captain Olegmon turned around to face the Gecko. “Did we now?” He inquired. “Which ones?”

“Mermaimon is transporting them here as we speak!” The Geckomon continued. “I believe she reported the Red and Lavender Xros Loaders!”

“Red and Lavender…” Olegmon ran his index finger and thumb through his rough, metallic beard. “Weren’t those Hephaestus and Echidna’s colors?”

“I think so!” The Geckomon nodded. “The genders fit as well! One boy and one girl!”

Immediately, Readers will catch their slip up.

“I hate this place.” Shoutmon, in human form, huffed as he and Nene watched a Toucanmon lock the prison cell door in front of them.

“At least we’re not alone.” Nene smiled apologetically as she glanced over at the two Xros Loaders now locked in a glass box on the table near by. “But we can’t really do anything with them over there.”

“LEMME OUTTA HERE!” Sparrowmon cried out from Nene’s Xros Loader. “I’m not a Song Bird!”

“At least we’re not stuck out in the ocean!” One of the Green Monitamon added.

“I Just hope we’re getting taken to a general prison.” Mervamon remarked. “Otherwise, pray we’re not being taken to the general.”

From the Red Xros Loader, Wizardmon laughed. “Hah! I bet that’s exactly where we’re being taken!”

Tailmon hit him from inside and remarked with a growl. “Don’t talk like that!”

ChibiKamemon sighed. “Of all our luck…”

“I’m sure we’ll get through this!” Princess Bastemon replied. “We’ve just gotta have faith that the others’ll find us!”

“Well.” Shoutmon put his hands behind his neck. “If we are being taken to the Death General, at least we’ll have the element of surprise.”

“What makes you say that?” Nene raised an eyebrow.

He reached down and pulled out his necklace from the confines of his scarf with a wry smirk on his face. “‘Cause they didn’t take this.”

They have Shoutmon instead of Taiki.

“Good, good.” Olegmon nodded. “Anything else to report?”

“We think we might have a lock on another Xros Loader, but we aren’t sure yet.” The Geckomon reported. “The Diving team haven’t been able to get very close what with a rampaging Kaeokaeo Manta in the waters, and a massive wind storm that swept up from nowhere!”

“How frustrating.” Olegmon frowned. “Let’s hope it does not find our prey before we do.”

Deckerdramon floated along the golden waters, surrounded on all sides by an air wall that went up high into the air, and down through the water below. “Not a bad strategy.” he grinned as they kept the enemy at bay with sheer force of nature.

“Thank you.” Akari huffed as she wringed out as much golden water from one of her socks as she could.

“I don’t see anyone who we lost.” Kiriha said as he floated back down to land on the giant Love god’s back. “Just boats for miles around.”

“Boats huh?” Akari frowned.

By the way- I think I should mention- any fish names seen in this part of the story are shout outs to Bionicle.

Anyways: Akari and Kiriha are split off from everyone else. This is just an annoyance to them, but they have nowhere else to go at the moment.

“Dorulu Tornado!” Dorulumon’s drill tail revved up, launching a blast of air into the air, before reversing, and pulling the air current back down upon the drenched wolf and his soaked friends.

“Bluh.” Taiki shook his hair out. “I hate this place already.”

“Same.” Dorulumon nodded.

“It’s annoying that we got separated from the others.” Lopmon grimaced as she shook her ears out to get what little water was still in them out. “I just hope we find them all in one piece.”

Hephaestus nodded. “I did not like the looks of those mud crabs we passed.”

I think this was a Skyrim shout out. Mudcrabs. Horrible creatures.


The group had surfaced not too far from an island, one not too far from Revolomon had surfaced near…In fact, it come as no surprise for me to tell you that it was the VERY SAME Island just to the right of the one Revolomon had been swimming towards.

And, as this had been the sixth time Dorulumon had done the tornado-air-dry trick, Revolomon had plenty of time to change course, so it might as well have been the same island. But he wouldn’t arrive for another few minutes.

“I think…” Cutemon began as he shook out his scarf for the last few drops of water. “We should try getting into the air, and see if we can find the others that way.”

“That’s a pretty good plan.” Lopmon nodded.

“Good work.” Dorulumon complimented his student.

Basically, this scene was to get some Taiki/Dorulumon partnership building done. I’ve kind of ignored them through the story so far.


“Hahahahaha!” The entire crew laughed over dinner, full of the success of their latest haul.

“I’d like to raise a toast!” Petermon raised his glass to his table of merry men. “To Ballistamon, with whom our latest haul could not have been completed!”

Ballistamon, the mechanical robot friend of Xros Heart in years to come, seemed bashful at this. “…It was nothing…”

Revolomon stood up next, raising his own glass. “I’d like to second that! Ballistamon! Your friendship truly helped us out there today!”

“Revolomon…” Ballistamon’s mechanical eyes blinked as tears threatened to form.

“So!” Revolomon patted the giant robot on the shoulder as they both looked out over the night time Golden seas. “What will you do with your cut of the bounty?”

“Art.” The robot said simply.

“Art huh?” Revolomon mused on it for a few moments, then laughed. “Yeah, that suits you!”

“I want to see art from all over the world.” Ballistamon continued. “I want to travel the world in peace, and not in crime.”

Revolomon’s hand came loose. “W-What?”

The robot turned to face the cowboy. “I’m not a thief. I feel as if there is something greater in store for me, and the world itself.”

Instead, it turns to Revolomon/Ballistamon friendship building.


Is it THAT hard for me to write these two?


“Yeah…” Revolomon huffed as he pulled himself to shore. “Something in store alright.”

“Hey!” Cutemon called out suddenly, pointing over at the drenched cowboy. “It’s Revolomon!”

He looked up, just in time to see Taiki and the others run over. “Oh Hi.” he waved half-heatedly.

“Revolomon!” Taiki began. “You made it!”

“What? Am I the first or somethin’?” Revolomon asked in surprise.

“We don’t know where everyone else is right now.” Dorulumon stated. “Either they’re lost or we are.”

“Huh…” Revolomon frowned. “I guess that makes sense.”

“So now that we’ve found you…” Taiki paused. “You…” he repeated, rolling the word over on his tongue a few times, as if a thought waiting to be asked was trying to form. “Well…” He ignored it and continued on. “Anyways, now that we’ve found you, what do you think we do now?”

Taiki’s partially realizing that Yuu is missing. This pun would NOT work in straight Japanese, and only in English.

It’s a set up for a dub joke by the initial script writers.


Yuu and Corone stared at the endless expanse of ocean that they now faced, having reached the beach front of the island-Whamon they had surfaced near.

“Well…” Archelomon, the elder of Island Zone, began from behind them with a grin plastered all over his face. “At least you landed on bendy foil!”

“He means friendly soil.” A Bukamon corrected.

Yuu face-palmed as Corone shouted to the skies: “WHERE THE HELL ARE WE!”

“Never never land never looked so far away.” Starmon lamented.

Oh- and we SURPRISINGLY catch up with Island Zone! Who saw this coming?

Meanwhile, back with Shoutmon and Nene…

A MarineDevimon escorted them up the stairs and across the boat planks to a much larger boat, the one Olegmon captained.

“Well, at least we know where we are now.” Shoutmon mused.

“At least.” Nene agreed.

…Up a winding stair-case, down a hall, and across a rather large dining hall, they came to the main deck, where the primary crew stood on guard.

This sequence is to show how MASSIVE Olegmon’s boat is. A MarineDevimon of all digimon can walk through its halls as if he were human sized on a human sized boat.


“What’s going on?” Sparrowmon asked from one of the still boxed up Xros Loaders. “Why’d we stop moving?”

“We’re here.” Shoutmon replied as quietly as the situation could allow.

Before them stood the towering form of Olegmon. His body was heavily armored, the design of which reminded one of many, many treasure chests. His back was turned at the moment, as he was speaking to his bride and first mate, Mermaimon, and someone who was hidden out of sight, currently standing between Olegmon himself and Xros Heart’s members.

What they were conversing about wasn’t truly important however- what was important, on the other hand, was the fact that Spadamon and Lunamon were swabbing the decks with soapy mops. Both had crazed looks in their eyes, and didn’t even both looking up from their assigned tasks as pirates rushed past them on quest to their current duties.

“Spadamon…” Shoutmon murmured as Nene simultaneously whispered Lunamon’s name.

“They got Jaspers too?”Sparrowmon gawked in surprise.

That, however, was enough to make Olegmon turn in surprise…

Yes- that is subtle shipping there. In the literal sense.

Spadamon, Lunamon– Olegmon, Mermaimon–

I’ll let you figure out whom that shipping comment applies.

And the duo got another surprise- DarkVolumon. Being a subspecies of Ballistamon more so that Guardromon, his appearance really shocked them the most.

“Ballistamon!” Nene took a step forward in surprise.

DarkVolumon snarled. “I’m not a Ballistamon.” He spoke evilly. “Do not confuse me with those weak fools.”

Shoutmon reached to put a hand on Nene’s shoulder. “It’s not him.” he whispered to her.

“It has to be.” Nene shot back, not even bothering to whisper. “This is the fifth land; It has to be him!”

Nene’s reaching here. DarkVolumon is TELLING THE TRUTH. He is NOT a Ballistamon.

At this point I had the initial plot of canon story thrown out. The twist that DarkVolumon was always his own person was here from this very exchange.

“Nene Amano, and Taiki Kudo!” Olegmon clapped his hands together and rubbed them thunderously, interrupting their conversation. “But come on Taiki! I was expecting you two to be a little…taller… given all the rumors surrounding your fights with the other Generals!”

And here’s where the train derails and crashes into someone’s house– Olegmon thinks SHOUTMON is TAIKI.

“What.” Shoutmon and Nene stared at the fool like he was blind. No, not for the ‘short’ implication, but the fact that he had mistaken Shoutmon for Taiki.

“Oh come on now!” he grinned at them. “Just some friendly humor between potential friend-enemy-allies!”

“But I’m-!” Shoutmon began, only to be silenced by Nene suddenly kicking out to the side with her right foot and taking out Shoutmon’s left Knee from the side. “GAK!” He bit his lip and staggered to the right a bit.

“Hephaestus!” Echidna continued. “Taiki checked out when we crash landed.”

Shoutmon is going to correct Olegmon, but ECHIDNA and NENE both want to play games.

“Checked…Out?” DarkVolumon’s eyes narrowed in disbelief.

“Yeah!” Nene continued, waving her hands in a dismissive manner. “It means he fell into a coma!”

“A coma!” Olegmon gasped. “Dear god, what happened?”

“The ah-” Nene explained quickly, only pausing to smile apologetically at Shoutmon as he rubbed at his wounded knee. “Tunnel we were using to get here collapsed. Taiki hit his head, and Hephaestus took over. The guy’s out like a light right now!”

Shoutmon narrowed his eyes at Nene. “I’m pretty sure it’s not THAT bad, Nene. I’m sure Taiki’ll be up an’ about in a little while.”

Shoutmon means here that he’s pretty sure that Taiki will be coming to find them soon enough- they shouldn’t be playing games!

“Never doubt your sister, brother of mine.” Echidna replied with a devilish grin. “You know what I’m capable of when it comes to monitoring life signs. If I say you’re in a coma,-” She snapped her fingers. “-you’re In. A. Coma.”

Echidna is *threatening* Shoutmon here. I’m honestly starting to like her more silent than vocal; she’s sort of being a bitch here.

Shoutmon rolled his eyes. “Sure. If you say so.” he took a step back and flung his hands out to the side dramatically. “Oh woe is me! I’m in a coma!”

For their credit, most of Olegmon’s crew on deck actually found that humorous, and found themselves trying to restrain their laughter.

Thankfully, Shoutmon’s good at playing off her threat- he’s being rather silly with that.

“Anyways…” Olegmon coughed politely, also trying to cover some chuckling and maintain some dignity. “I was hoping to talk to Taiki personally, Kind soul to another Kind soul.”

‘Yeah Right.’ Nene thought to herself, glancing to the side to check in on Spadamon and Lunamon- No reaction from them so far.

Nene does NOT trust Olegmon! Neither does Echidna- hence their little ‘game.’

“You see, I have a proposition for him!” Olegmon continued, bringing Nene’s attention back to him.

Shoutmon was playing the part of “Hephaestus” just fine. “What proposition?”

“That Xros Heart team up my pirate army and that together, under the banner of the Good Friday, we shall conquer and loot the Bagura empire for all they’re worth!” Olegmon clenched his right hand into a fist with a grin as wide as a mile on his face.

“What.” Shoutmon blinked.

“You don’t have to answer right away!” Olegmon waved his hands in a dismissive manner similar to what Nene just did. “In fact, I’d like you to discuss it with your whole team once our rescue team finds everyone and brings them here! But for now, atleast, just record what I’m about to say as a memory and share it with Taiki when he wakes up.”

Olegmon is ACTUALLY being considerate here! He doesn’t want Taiki (Shoutmon here, however) to make a snap decision, and wants them all to discuss it out reasonably without having everyone spread out across the Land.

Also- should be: “team up With my pirate army.”

Olegmon, whose sentence implies that he wants them to fly under his flag/team banner, ACTUALLY means that they simply travel with him on his boat, literally UNDERNEATH THE SHIP’S FLAG- Which could be ANYTHING when they’re actually traveling!

“Uh…” Shoutmon blinked again. “Okay. I’m…Uh…Recording.”

“Great!” The Death General coughed, as if to clear his voice. “From what I’ve heard, We’re very alike, Taiki!” Olegmon began after a moment, making sure he was saying each word from the very bottom of his heart. “We both honor our friends with respect, and we both wish to see the empire’s downfall!” he motioned over to Spadamon and Lunamon. “In fact the only reason I have your friends here under DarkVolumon’s control is because the Empire ordered me to keep them prisoner! But that is Beneath a pirate captain such as myself! Capturing men only to hold them in the brig? No way! I had to make them a part of my crew so that they could be treated fairly and not rot away in a cell somewhere!” Olegmon honestly sounded exasperated, and Shoutmon, much to HIS surprise, felt the pain under-laced within the Pirate’s words as he continued. “But the Empire wanted them under control, having no free will of their own! So, alas, I had DarkVolumon hypnotize them with his Ultimate Speaker. I’ll be glad to release them to you before we come to blows if that comes to it, but I really hope it doesn’t!” He took a few steps forward. “Because, I would like you to side with my motley crew of pirates, Kudo, Taiki!” Olegmon repeated from before. “Either that, or we side with you. But in any case of siding, if we unite together, it will be that together that we shall defeat the empire once and for all!”

This is basically Olegmon’s character in a SINGLE paragraph! This is why Lilithmon chose him as a General.

Olegmon is a genuinely good guy here! He doesn’t want to be evil! He even wants to overthrow the empire just as much as XH does!

At that, the bridge crew all chimed in with a hearty “GWAPPO GWAPPO! VIVA OLEGUNA!” and the pirate laughed.

Nene and Shoutmon shared a glance with each other… The former showing concern for the pirate crew’s mental stability in her eyes, and the latter… Actually honestly considering the proposal, having felt the pure emotion coming from the crew at that battle cry.

“Now then!” Olegmon clapped his hands. “Let’s all have lunch!”

And with that- Olegmon offers LUNCH!!


When was the last time you saw Splashmon or Zamielmon or Dorbickmon or even NEOVAMDEMON offering the heroes LUNCH??

You can tell a lot about a character if they offer you lunch! LOTS of Xros Heart’s allies have offered them meals in the past…OLEGMON continues the trend!!


A Wall exploded as Petermon’s crew burst through from inside the bank. “Let’s go!” Hookmon ordered. “Come On!”

Ballistamon and Revolomon followed through the makeshift entrance a moment later, the former carrying the dying form of Petermon on the former’s back, and the rest of the crew rushing out after them fractions of a second later.

“Come on, Cap’n!” Revolomon beged their wounded captain. “You gotta make it!”

“I’m sorry…my boy…” The man smiled weakly at the young lad.

Hookmon’s fist slammed into the captains- now his- desk. “Damn it.” he snarled as he looked at the hat lying on coat hook just across from him. “How the hell did this happen?”

A Ranamon steped forward. “We don’t know sir. The bank had an extra layer of security we weren’t expecting. The bomb-”

“SHOULD HAVE KILLED ME!” Hookmon yowled. “I was supposed to clear the room, not him!”

After some silence, the Ranamon added… “We got the conversion blueprints. We lost Guardromon along with the Captain, but…”

Revolomon packed his bags, much to Ballistamon’s surprise. “What’s wrong?” The robot asked his cabin-mate.

“They’re going to turn you into a monster.” Revolomon huffed. “They’re going to mess with your insides and make you into something you’re not…!”

“Revolomon…” Ballistamon began, trying to bring up some counter argument…

“Come on, Pal!” Revolomon turned and grabed the robot’s hands with his own, ending that counter before it began. “Let’s go see the world! Let’s go and escape this place!” tears were streaming from the thief’s eyes. “Let’s make your dream a reality!”

This paragraph is FAUXSHADOWING. It’s meant to imply to the readers that Ballistamon’s been turned into DarkVolumon.


Revolomon’s eyes opened from the memory as a wrister beeped in alarm of an incoming message.

Lopmon, whose wrister had been the one that was beeping, answered. “This is Lopmon!”

“Lopmon.” came Nene’s voice. “Great to hear you.”

“Same here.” Lopmon nodded.

“Hephaestus is here with me,” Nene said suddenly, much to the goggle wearing boy’s surprise and confusion. “Olegmon’s given us an offer.”

“Olegmon?” Revolomon asked, raising an eyebrow at the slightly familiar name.

“Olegmon?” Kiriha entered the conversation at the same moment, concern filling his voice as he spoke. “What’re you doing with a Death General?”

TO the present- Everyone’s discussing things long distance!

“Apparently being his lunch guests.” Shoutmon said over the channel next. “We’re not sure what’s going on exactly, but, hey, Shoutmon?” This made everyone blink. “What do you think about this?” There was a bit of confusion all around, but Shoutmon continued before anyone could comment. “He’s offering that we can team up with him and then we can- together- take down Bagura.”

Taiki decided to answer, testing the waters. “Um…It sounds like a plan. But is it just Olegmon?”

Of course- Taiki has to pick up that Shoutmon’s pretending to be him- which he does, uncertainly.

“No.” Nene said next. “Olegmon says he has allies in Bright Land, and they’re willing to work with us to take down Bagura.”

“Bright Land?” Akari entered the conversation next. “Isn’t that the one under Appolomon?”

“It is.” Kiriha replied. “What the hell? Did two of the death generals suddenly have a change of heart?”

“Get this.” Shoutmon said, and you could hear the grin in his voice. “Both Olegmon and Appolomon worked under Tactimon and Lilithmon respectively before the Lands were formed.”

And here’s the reveal!

“Ah, now those are names I do not tire of hearing.” Dorulumon rolled his eyes. “So Lilithmon and Tactimon planted Olegmon and Appolomon as traitors?”

“It’s looking that way. He’s willing to let us all meet up here at his boat so we can discuss this out and see if we want to go with it.” Shoutmon said. “Oh and by the way Shoutmon, Sparrowmon says ‘You owe me a new hair pin.'”If there was any doubt as to what was going on now, the conversation made sense now. For some reason Shoutmon was posing as Taiki/Hephaestus at Olegmon’s base of opperations.

“Ah, Tell her I’ll pay her back once this is all over.” Taiki replied, raising an eyebrow in only mild confusion.

“Done and done.” Shoutmon said with another audible grin.

Shoutmon uses a bit of a code phrase here-something everyone will put together.

“Now then, the Clam chowder’s here and we don’t want to let it get cold now do we?” Nene said next. “We’re sending you the coordinates over the Xros Loaders. Meet us here if you’re able, and then we’ll discuss the potential partnership.”

“Coordinates received, we’re moving there right now.” Kiriha replied, worry still filling his voice, but now partially filled with relief. “See you soon.”

“Oh I’ll be waiting.” Nene said with a certain…giddy…undertone to her words.


Lopmon, in her human form, stood next to Cutemon, in his human form, while their Digimon forms stood in front of them- all four shared equal looks of excitement on their faces.

The disk flipped over and revealed a pink-purple outline of what looked to be a lightning mode of Gurren Lagann Xros Five without the helmet, and with giant bird wings instead of jet wings.


By the way- Yuu and Corone don’t have wristers! The Starmonz do, but they were….distracted by the kids from Island Zone- couldn’t answer.

Again- the eye catch is foreshadowing an upcoming evolution! This time CUTEMON’S!

Meanwhile, far beneath the surface waves…Splashmon’s egg shaped container rested on top of a small pile of rocks…

A hairline crack rested on the shell of the egg, having formed on impact, and was leaking out a minuscule amount of energy…

Just enough energy to attract a curious little fish… Who nudged the egg shell gently…

The crack widened, and the data within the egg began to glow as it interacted with the spare, loose data in the ocean that had collected over the centuries, and had given it its tell tale golden color.

Splashmon’s data was absorbed immediately, and was made no-more as a beast only recently laid dormant awakened.

And now things go horribly, horribly wrong.

Nene had lost Splashmon’s containment egg during the entry to Gold Land.

Splashmon is now dead- properly.

HOWEVER- he’s woken something DANGEROUS up.

There was a distinct…change…to Gold Land that was seen a full minute later. The golden color began to drain out of the seas that gave the land its name, leaving behind nothing but blue ocean for all to see.

For Kiriha’s group… It was a sudden wave of transition over the water’s surface that made everyone blink, but think nothing of it. “Oh. That’s odd.” Deckerdramon mused.

With Yuu and Corone, they weren’t looking at all, instead having been distracted by the children of former-Island Zone.

With Olegmon’s ship… DarkVolumon rushed into the dining hall. “Sir!” he cried out in dismay. “The ocean is changing colors!”

“What?” Olegmon’s eyes widened in surprise…and fear.

And with Taiki’s group…

“Huh.” Dorulumon frowned as the golden sea around them seemed to grow brighter. “That’s odd.”

“Yeah.” Taiki nodded. “It’s like the air’s gotten charged with energy…”

And if one were to look at all of Gold Land from above at this exact moment…

They would see that the island that Taiki’s group were on was the epicenter of all of the data stuck in the water drawing together, specifically forming a giant golden ring around the island that reminded one of an eye.

An eye that opened, suddenly splitting the island in two and flinging our heroes into the air. “What the hell!” Taiki yelled to the air as- from that vantage point in the sky- saw the glimmering eye resting inside that golden circle not a moment before…





They didn’t hit the water.


Instead the water reached up in the form of a giant hand to crush them.

Too bad that, much like the last water based digimon to face Dorulumon, a liquid body fairs no chance against a massive tornado.


The clenched hand exploded into all directions as Dourulumon evolved on the spot, launching out massive air currents in all directions to rend the hand into globs of water.


The wolf warrior would have fallen to the ocean below if, thanks in part to being Hephaestus’ host’s partner and thanks in the other part to Taiki wishing that they wouldn’t fall, he hadn’t gained a set of jet engine wings with the evolution this time.

Revolomon and Lopmon hung precariously off of his shoulders, while Cutemon had dug his hands firmly onto Taiki’s hair, much to the boys partial annoyance.

“What the hell is going on here?” JagarD0rulumon frowned as the now blue ocean beneath them seemed to gurgle in annoyance. “Did Splashmon decide to go for round two or something?”

“Dammit!” Taiki face-palmed with both hands. “We forgot about Splashmon’s egg!”

“That’s right!” JagarD0rulumon’s eyes widened in horror. “Nene had Splashmon’s egg container, if she lost it when we all went under…!”

This was meant to be a major “OH CRAP” moment for EVERYONE. Nobody was supposed to have seen this coming.

“So the ocean came to life?” Lopmon asked in abstract horror. “What the hell, Splashmon?”

“It’s not an ocean, not any more at least!” Revolomon groaned as he explained. “It’s the remains of all the digimon who died due to the predators- not even Digimon- living in it! The ocean turned gold because it was over saturated with digimon data over centuries and centuries.”

THIS was supposed to be even MORE horrifying!

“So what happened then?” Hephaestus asked.

“Every now and again if a digimon fell into the ocean, and died without being killed by another digimon, their data would take control of the ocean’s data…” Revolomon grimaced. “Eventually their minds couldn’t handle the stress of controlling a whole ocean and they died. Splashmon’s data must have become the dominant host when we lost the egg!”

“So we have to wait for Splashmon to die of his own volition?” JagarD0rulumon narrowed his eyes.

“It never got this bad before when it was just Gold Zone!” Revolomon’s eyes took in the eye on the ocean that was staring at them ominously. “The Code Crown’s restructuring must have done something to the ocean data…”

“This just isn’t right.” Hephaestus frowned. “Splashmon shouldn’t have come back at all. I went over Echidna’s work before we left. There wasn’t any personality data left. It was all base programing!”

“So maybe something else woke up when Splashmon’s data was added to the mix.” Taiki suggested. “Maybe some sort of limit got passed with a Death General’s data, and it’s a digimon on it’s own right?”

Yup. This is exactly that.


Once again- The Code Crown screws things up without even realizing it.

“Wait.” JagarD0urlumon paled as realization dawned on him. “If the Zone Restructuring united the Zones, then what about the minds of all those trapped inside? Wouldn’t they have been united as well?”

Nobody had anything to say to that besides “RUN,” as the ocean tried it’s darnedest to hit our air born heroes once more.

“Well, whatever it is, this ocean has it out for us.” Taiki scowled as the attack fell short of them thanks to their speed.

“My attacks are good at separating a floating mass of water, but against an entire ocean…?” Another torrent of water launched upwards, towards JagarD0rulumon, thus pausing his current thought process as he brought up his drill and activated it’s air cannon mode: “HYPER DRILL BUSTER!” The massive tornado launched out of the drill tip and slapped into the torrent, shredding the water based attack, as if to prove his point. “But against an entire ocean! I don’t think I can do much of anything!”

“We’re sitting ducks up here!” Revolomon cried out in exasperation.

Another torrent launched upwards towards Taiki- who, taking a page out of his partner’s book, summoned his giant fists and then further upgraded them into massive fan blades, which roared into life and atomized the water geyser as it continually tried to attack.

Revolomon sums it up nicely.

“So what’s going on?” Shoutmon frowned as he watched Olegmon’s crew rushing about to hoist anchor and set sail.

“The ocean in this Land is alive.” A Geckomon explained as the captain and his main crew shouted orders across the ship. “A digimon named Oroceanomon that slumbers until a hapless soul enters the waters and feeds it, thus awakening it.”

“We barely survived the last time Oroceanomon woke up!” a Biyomon added as she finished tying up the cargo crates nearby. “It gets stronger every time!”

“How did you defeat it the last time?” Nene asked, eyes widening with concern.

“We didn’t.” Came a familiar voice from behind the duo, making them turn around in surprise.

“No way…” Shoutmon’s eyes widened, a grin breaking out on his face.

“It’s you…!” Nene’s eyes widened as well…along with a major twinge of confusion clouding over her face.

This sort of ‘twist’ only works in text format. In any anime- despite not seeing who it is- we’d hear the voice just fine.

“Keep Dodging!” Lopmon ordered as she shifted to her human form, Kaiyumi, for access to her Xros Loader. “I have an idea!”

“Like we have any choice?” JagarD0rulumon asked rhetorically as he swerved to the side to avoid another jet stream.

“Just trust me on this.” She said as she whirled around and aimed her Xros Loader at Cutemon…still hanging onto Taiki’s head.

“Wait!” Taiki’s eyes widened in horror. “If you’re about to do what I think you’re about to-”

“CHOU SHINKA!”the girl ordered, and the Xros Loader flared to life with a roar of energy.

“Well this won’t be fun.” Hephaestus lamented just as the burst of energy reached the hapless bunny rabbit who had been keeping his eyes closed the entire time up until this moment as he involuntarily cried out the evolution call.


Thankfully for Taiki, the bunny’s spatial location was locked on the spot as he began to evolve, and, thus, when his size began to increase, the boy General was not underneath him.

Chrome Digizoid Armor formed over thin air, with Cutemon’s body at the very center of the chest armor. The new form was humanoid, with glistening wings shooting off of the back. Cutemon’s red scarf also appeared on the digimon, adding a Kamen Rider feel to the new Digimon…whose currently silver armor began to colorize itself- adding splashes of red and gold and black to the Digimon’s form.


Cutemon’s on Taiki’s head. Then he evolves. OF COURSE Taiki’s not going to be happy!

Thankfully, things work out better than that.


I spent a LONG time discussing this name with an URU buddy of mine, trying to figure out what to call him.

KinGRavemon is basically SILVER CROW from ACCEL WORLD with a Gurren Lagann color scheme. I knew what he looked like, but I couldn’t come up with a name.

What was the closest Digimon that he looked like? Ravemon- who has a previous form of “Crowmon” and thus is also a bird type digimon- only a metallic cyborg version of him! So he’s “Kin” for Silver. “KinRavemon” but that’s not counting the continuing Gurren Lagann theme Cutemon’s had in the story. So… “G” had to be thrown in there to match the “Theme of G Coming through” ^_^;

But where?

I settled on in between the names “Kin-G-Ravemon.”

This settled on an audible pun. “King Gravemon” is how it would sound if said fast enough. The G just sort of…forces itself to double when you yell it out really fast! So therefore: His name can be pronounced “Kin Gravemon” (Silver Grave Monster) or “King Ravemon” (King Raven Monster) or, as the pun implies, “King Gravemon” (King Grave Monster).

There isn’t a single pronunciation because of this. It is intentionally obscure- and that is the joke of the name.

The Giant eye in the ocean (Which had been following them to keep an eye on them so it could keep attacking them) narrowed itself at the newly digivolved digimon.

“What…?” KinGRavemon, whose face was obscured by a glowing green glass mask, looked down at his clawed hands in surprise. “I…Evolved! ?”

“Cutemon!” Lopmon ordered. “Attack the eye!”

“Huh?” He looked down as Oroceanomon sent forth more water tendrils at them. “Oh- I see what you mean!” And with a flap of his mechanical wings, KinGRavemon disappeared in a blur of motion.


An explosion of green energy exploded on the eye’s surface, faster than it could react and throw up a defensive shield.

Oroceanomon’s Eye-land exploded, and KinGRavemon was flung away from the explosion by the shock wave alone.

“Whoo!” He cheered as smoke and data rushed into the air. “Did I get him?”

The sudden geysers of water that shot out from multiple directions answered that question.

“NOPE!” JagarD0rulumon snarled as he began dodging.

As the water geysers launched more and more from the ocean’s surface, the remains of the island became visible through the fading smoke screen. Each tiny (compared to before) fragment was now an eye on its own right.

How sick and twisted can this weird ocean fearing digimon get?

As a SILVER CROW expy- KinGRavemon has a DROP KICK attack- as well as some punches and headbutt attacks.

“Set course!” Olegmon pointed towards the explosion in the distance. “Oroceanomon has been engaged by someone strong!”

“It’s probably someone from Xros Heart!” Mermaimon added with a grin on her face. “Only they could actually land an exploding hit on it!”

Elsewhere, Blue Flare had switched from ocean travel to air travel- MetalGureimon soared through the skies as the oceans below twisted in dismay at the fight occurring not too far off in the distance from where they were now.

“Seems like one of us is always getting into trouble, doesn’t it?” Kiriha said with a laugh.

“Yup.” Akari laughed as well.

“This isn’t working!” Taiki yelped as one of his jet engines was hit from behind by a water geyser, forcing him to dismiss the build and quickly jump onto JagarD0rulumon’s shoulder, where Lopmon had been standing before, but had traded off to her new partner, KinGRavemon,’s back for the moment.

“Do you have any ideas?” JagarD0rulumon asked as he swung his drill staff into another tendril of water.

“None as of yet…” Taiki frowned. “If Gureimon and Shoutmon were here, we could try a Double Xros…”

“Why don’t we try that now?” JagarD0rulumon asked.

“Huh?” Taiki looked over in surprise. “What?”

“We both have Xros Loaders!” he said as Kaiyumi held her Xros Loader up in the distance. “Let’s Double Xros me and Cutemon and see what we get!”

Taiki stared blankly for a moment…then a grin broke out on his face. “Alright then!” he turned towards Lopmon/Kaiyumi and called out. “Hey! Let’s Double Xros!”

Of course- This being Xros Heart- Taiki and Kaiyumi (Lopmon’s human form, remember!) have to do this in a completely dramatic fashion.

“Sounds like a plan!” And before KinGRavemon could react, the girl on his back grinned and leaped off of him, whipping out her Xros Loader as Taiki jumped off of JagarD0Rulumon.

Both went sailing through the air towards each other like two pieces of toast about to slap into a melted piece of cheese.

“JAGARD0RULUMON!” Taiki roared.

“KINGRAVEMON!” Lopmon cheered.

“DOUBLE…!” and as the duo (barely) missed hitting each other, they swung their hands out, high fived each other, gripped each others hands tightly, swung around, and then slammed the tops of their Xros Loaders together in what was clearly a ‘for-show’ maneuver. “XROS!”

This is also sort of where Lopmon/Kaiyumi starts to see herself as Taiki’s little sister in a sense… I mean…They just did something ABSURDLY ridiculous!

There was a spiral of exploding energy as JagarD0rulumon and KinGRavemon shot together into a Digi-Xrossed form.

“XROS UP!” the Digimon- looking like a more heavily armored version of JagarD0rulumon- roared as he flexed his new jet engine powered raven wings. His staff had vanished as well, with the drill head having fused to his right hand; and topping off the ensemble…was the emerald version of Starmon’s shades obscuring the wolf’s eyes.“JAGARD0RULUMON! CRIMSON MODE!”

Revolomon looked dazed as Taiki and Lopmon landed right next to him- somehow having gained enough altitude during the Double Xrossing sequence to have gotten above the resulting digimon. “Can we not do something like that again?” he complained at all the jerking around in a Digi-Xros sequence he actually wasn’t taking part in.

Crimson Mode here is a shout out to Tamers again. As well as Starmons Shades again- this is another TTGL shout out.

Oroceanomon was likewise not impressed; its many eyes narrowed and launched as many jets of water as it could manage up at the single target.

JagarD0rulumon CM smirked, and held his drill hand into the air. “CRIMSON TORNADO MILES!”

The drill revved up and launched a massive burst of red energy into the air, in the form of a massive tornado, which then launched off multiple tornado tendrils to counter the water strikes.

Many explosions of water particles occurred, and Oroceanomon’s mouth-less body growled at them. Quite impressive if an ocean can growl at you, that. It means you’ve made it mad.

This is another bit of shoutout/foreshadowing to Homestuck’s Cascade flash, and the inevitable Cascade Side A.


As both attacks ceased… The combating opponents seemed to take a quick breather to gather their energies back.

And then a giant record fell from the sky, landing on top of the many eye-lands, and eliciting a scream of dismay from Oroceanomon.

Taiki looked up just in time to see the familiar golden form of ZekeGureimon descend from above.

“Oi.” Typheus smirked at them in a friendly manner. “What did you do to anger the world this time, Hephaestus?”

“We didn’t do anything!” JagarD0rulumon CM replied. “This land started trying to kill us for no good reason!”

“We think it was Splashmon’s data that set it off.” Taiki added. “Nene must have lost the container when we got separated.”

“Great.” ZekeGureimon lamented. “as if we didn’t have enough to worry about.”

It was at that moment that Oroceanomon forced the giant record up off of its ‘face’ and shattered the disk into pieces that were tossed to the sides, and left to sink down to the murky depths below.

“Well…” Akari frowned. “This isn’t going to be easy, is it?”

“Ya think?” Cutemon and Lopmon yelled simultaneously, making Akari blink at the source of the former’s complaint.

“Cutemon?” she asked, surprise evident in her voice.

“That’s KinGRavemon to you!” the bunny-robot replied from within the Double Xros in a rather amused tone.

Oi Oi.” Dorulumon spoke over his student. “Let’s not get lofty here. We still haven’t been able to land a hit on this thing.”

“Dorulumon’s right.” Taiki frowned as he stared at the mass of eye-lands. “This digimon’s practically immortal.” he frowned. “There’s got to be a way to defeat it.”


Blue Flare’s team shows up next- and the episode ends.

Things are just not working out for our heroes are they?

DIGIMON INTRODUCTION CORNER!” the Red Monitamon trio cried out in glee.

“Today we’ve got another two-fer for you~!” Aradia said with a wink as she held up two framed pictures, one of KinGRavemon, and the other of one of Oroceanomon’s eye-lands. “First up is KinGRavemon! He’s a Gurren Lagann variant of the Cyber-Bird type digimon that normally are variants of the Falcomon line’s final form, which themselves are Accel type variants! This one, however, is a Cutemon with the lessons of the Way of the Spiral Path who found a way to evolve into a faster, stronger, and more powerful form!”

“His special attacks are- very simply- HEADBUTT! DROPKICK! and GOLD PUNCH!” Sollux explained while mimicking the attacks on his own. “He puts all the power of his Spiral Path training to use and delivers twists during contact on his kicks and punches!”

“His name is a mystery!” Eridan shrugged. “It can either be read as King Ravemon, or Kin Gravemon, which respectively mean King Raven Monster, or Silver Grave Monster! Because of this, people pronounce it with two G’s! Like so…” he coughed, then played a recording of Cutemon’s voice as he cried out his evolved form’s name, which, indeed, sounded like “King Gravemon!”

“Next we have Oroceanomon!” Aradia switched to the picture of the eye-land. “A Digimon who used to be an entire ocean! He became so full of the data of other digimon that when he slumbers, his skin takes on a golden glow!”

“His attacks are unnamed!” Sollux face palmed. “All he can say are sounds of rage!”

“His name, Oh-Ro-Cee-ANoh-mon, in Spanish, means Gold Ocean monster!” Eridan gave a thumbs up. “Now that’s not so punny at all, is it?”

Aradia shook her head in agreement. “No, It’s not. And that was very educational, by the way!”


For once Eridan doesn’t get hit by Aradia despite the punny ness of the name. Why? He did it in a way that was actually educational!


“Oroceanomon’s going down!”


“Let’s team up!”




“What? We Missed it!”

“There’s always next time, Yuu.”

“Next Time: Digimon Xros Wars: Seven Swords! Gold Ocean! Grasp the future!”



Next up: The LAST EPISODE of ACT 2 ACT 1.



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