Xros Wars AU 02 — CH42

We begin Chapter 42– yes, 42- with gibberish that doesn’t make sense in context what-so-ever.

“Wjt dpce dps Lsqsjtwfy Psfise ir-

uijrfijdst dps bols qsjsfwl ir –

Lwjt, rclly ojdsjd ij tsrswdojq –

wjt uijdojcojq ij di dps jszd lw-

Apwd awe cjmjiaj di dpsk wd dp-“


~Untranslated Soothsayer’s Legend, wall engravings #3, eroded on back end of pillar, rendering text illegible.
~discovered by Atbash Cyfer, third generation archeologist.


Give me a second to see if I’ve got the un-scrambled message here still…

“And thus the Legendary Heroes of–
confronted the vile general of —-
Land, fully intent on defeating —
and continuing on to the next la—
What was unknown to Them at th—–“


…Yeah, there really wasn’t anything to it. Just a bit of a ‘recap’ for anyone willing to translate it.


“It has long since been speculated as to the meaning of this odd-ball script,” The Hakase Agumon lectured his students as he strolled across the stage. “Many have tried translating the text, but none have come close thus far to unlocking it’s secrets.”

In the college level classroom before the Professor, a BlackWarGreymon, currently in human form, sighed at the sight before her. ‘Why is this class so boring?’she thought with a scowl.

“Many have regarded the Soothsayer’s legends and prophecy journals with great regard, but the fact that this one, one out of his many, many others, is the only one encrypted in a strange cypher…!” The professor humphed. “Well, it’s baffling! Many doubt the credibility of this particular rune: Researchers have studied for years on the various coded languages of the multiverse, the discoverer himself, Atbash Cyfer, has not even-”

Her eyes snapped open. “what?” she didn’t even realize that she’d said it aloud, barely above a whisper.

The digimon next to her, a sharply dressed, human formed Examon, looked over in surprise. “Huh?”

You can tell I was just getting into Gravity Falls at the time of writing this. Just look at that location name.

Plus the cipher stuff…

The bell rang soon after that, BlackWarGreymon dragged the Examon out of the lecture hall by his tie. “I can’t believe it hasn’t occurred to anyone before!”

“What hasn’t?” Examon asked, blinking as several other digimon on campus stared at them. “And can you let go of my tie?”

“Atbash Cyfer.” BlackWarGreymon said with a grin as she shifted direction to the local library. “The archaeologist who discovered the coded message, think about it for a moment!”

“Think about what?” Examon frowned.

“Atbash is ALSO a type of cipher!” She said. “The soothsayer saw so many things about the past and future that he MUST have known that someone named Atbash would find the code, and then USE that cipher to decode it!”

“It’s been years since they found it!” Examon remarked as she finally let go of his tie to fish out her ID badge out of her sweater pocket. “Surely someone’s tried it before.”

“True!” BlackWarGreymon remarked. “But think about Cyfer’s full title for a moment.”

“Um.. Archaeologist?”

“Third GENERATION Archaeologist!” the dragon girl replied with a grin as she spun around, holding her ID badge high into the air. “I think I know how to solve it!”

This was mainly an excuse to give some back-story into the Knights.

Whose group name has been totally inconsistent across the story so far.


BlackWarGreymon looked around the chamber before her as the Kotemon that had awakened her hastily explained as many details of the past twenty years that he could remember.

Beneath her mask, she frowned as her eyes panned over every statue of her former colleagues- the bodies of her friends. How had she been reunited, but not the others?

“And then they found the other Digi-Memories as they went through the Zones-” Kotemon was saying.

And then her eyes widened slightly. “No way…”

“huh?” The tiny yellow eyes blinked under his helmet. “What?”

“How many have you found?” She pressed.

“Zenjirou has a few, and the rest are with everyone else, but altogether?” Kotemon did a bit of recounting. “I think twenty? I could be wrong though…”

“Take me to this ‘Zenjirou’ immediately!” BlackWarGreymon ordered.

Yeah- basically, the Scratch that destroyed the Code Crown put the Digimemory Digimon into a Go-Onger situation, with their souls separated from their bodies.

*cue New World (TWILL) TV size*

*Cue Title Theme*

“Cyber Gold! The Return of the Oblivion Knights!”

Remember what I said about the title sequence? This is a blurring of Cyber Land and Gold Land’s title cards.


It’s really one arc.

There isn’t a break between the two lands like in the rest of it.

The reason for this is because this is the last stretch of Act2Act1, and with that act break comes a renewed interest in the story.

“So she was right after all.” Examon said with a ruffle of his wings as Zenjirou finished his tale. “Do you have more of these Digi-Memories on hand?”

“Um…” The boy fished a few out of his pocket. “A couple, not really important ones though, just the two Vmon, Patamon, and Gatomon Digi memories.”

“Find their casts, and place their souls back within their bodies if you can.” Examon turned to exit the chamber. “I have to survey the state of the world for myse-”


And then BlackWarGreymon jumped him from the entrance.

“Wh-Kuroi-?” The dragon stuttered at the sudden act. “How are you-?”

“You too huh?” Kotemon asked as he walked in after the Greymon, only directing his question to Zenjirou.

“Yeah.” The general nodded. “I wasn’t expecting him to come back to life!”

“There’s a whole room on the other side with the more of these…” Kotemon frowned as he looked over the statues. “Cases? Bodies? What the heck happened to these Digimon anyways?”

“That?” BlackWarGreymon asked, looking up from her reunion with her friend. “I can tell you about that!”

Zenjirou and Kotemon shared a glance, before Zenjirou turned to his wrister and activated it. “Lila, Get Lucemon and bring him down to the subways as fast as you can.” he paused for a second, then added. “Oh, and bring along a long range transmitter or a camera or something too.”

“What? Why?” Lila asked from the other end.

“Akari’d kill us for not telling them this.” was all he said.

“Good point.”

Kuroi’s a bit of a loose cannon compared to other Knights.


Omegamon stared at the needle now housing the Code Crown and sighed. “This is it.” he said with a finality that all around him dreaded. “The Code Crown must be destroyed.”

Hagashi Kanagi nodded. “It’s a shame, but for the sake of the Digital World…”

Okay- before I continue on I NEED to get this out-

Kanagi- the name- is intended to be a shout out to Kaze No Stigma.

As are Typheus’ wind based powers.

But mostly THIS GUY- is the intended shout out.

“It must be done.” Omegamon then turned to his group- the Knight’s Aegis- Knight’s Ageis- Oblivion Knights- the Storm Knights of Oblivion and Beyond- hell, they went by so many names now that history would be kind enough to probably remember them as “Royal Knights” or what-have-you. “I say to all of you here now. You can leave now, and save your own lives, or you can stay, and potentially die with the rest of us.”

Leviamon snorted. “Omegamon, Kanagi-san, I doubt that death is enough to deter us from this traitorous moment.”

“If it’s any consolation.” The Guilmon said with a sad look in her eyes. “My brother died protecting this world, if this moment is the death of me, I’d like it to be so that I can rejoin him in the next world.”

Many in the room nodded in agreement, and those that did not had their own words to say on the matter.

“I’m a ‘mon of little words.” Darkdramon said. “But this day has long since been coming. Hephaestus created this Code Crown with pure intentions, but from the onset even he must have known that one day many evil beings would want to use it for their own purposes.” he motion to the giant arm holding the Code Crown. “Thus this device.”

“I second that notion.” MagnaAngemon nodded.

“If today is the death of our group…” MetalGarurumon said. “Then I’d just like to say that it has been a honor serving with you all.”

“Then let it be so.” An Impmon said with his regal voice, betraying the old age that his young body hid.

“Let it be so.” Kanagi nodded, then turned to Omegamon. “Start the Scratch.”

Ominous words. This whole sequence here is to actually DO something with the Digi-Memories, which, in canon, fell to the wayside during the Death Generals arc.

I had to do better.


“The next thing any of us knew, there was a flash of light, and then our souls were forcibly ejected from our bodies as the entire Digital World shattered into pieces.” Examon said with a certain finality of the matter. “We could do nothing to search for our other halves, but apparently someone did so for us.” he gestured to the room around him.

“So that’s how the world broke.” Lucemon mused.

“You guys were ready to die, but were trapped for all eternity?” Lila asked, with tears brimming in her eyes.

“Sadly, yes.” BlackWarGreymon nodded. “To be fair though, time inside the memories doesn’t pass the same way as it does out here. We were as the name implied, just memories.”

“Hm…” Zenjurou scratched the top of his head. “Then I guess the Xros Loaders allowed new memories to be added then…”

“Potentially so.” Examon agreed. “Hephaestus’ devices have always been impressive.”

Now then- enough backstory! Back to Cyber Land!


“RAH!” Taiki’s buzz-saw sword clashed against the metal from a Tankdramon that Splashmon had Digi-Xrossed with. Sparks flew, and then the leg that Taiki was attacking kicked out and flung the poor boy across the street.

“Have I mentioned-” Akari said from within DeltAntylamon. “How much I hate evil robots lately?”

Splashmon had gone from a fluid man to a stiff, blob like, robotic tiger sort of thing. Without a head. He was just a body with a giant mouth and a set of eyes on the front. “Kreeeeee…” he sneered. “You fools just don’t get it!” his voice sounded nasally. Why? His nose had been replaced by the Darkness Loader, and was firmly embedded into his smelted flesh.

“I think you’re the one who doesn’t get it!” ZekeGureimon snarled as he and ShineGreymon floated up behind him.



The barrage of bullets and molten suns hit TigerSplashmon square on the back and caused massive explosions…

Which caused no damage to the Dark-Xrossed Digimon that his Darkness Loader couldn’t repair by adding in more destroyed robot parts to the Xros.

“KREEEEE!” TigerSplashmon sneered as he spun around, and several hatches from Giga and Megadramon opened up. “INFINITE WATER BLASTER!”

“Oh Crap-” ShineGreymon barely managed to get out before massive torrents of water shot out of the cannons underneath the hatches and hit the duo Greymons.

This is Splashmon’s true form. As I was writing this and the next episode out, at some point I realized that my plans for Splashmon surviving just were NOT possible.

He had to die in this arc.

So I crafted Trompeaurmon out of Ruka and another Hunters character named Kaoru, (I think that’s the right spelling anyways. She’s the girl with the red hair and green eyes in the ghost!Patamon episode.) but I wouldn’t be doing the reveal of this until much later.

“You make machine types look bad!” Deckerdramon offered up as he opened up his cannons and fired. “DECKERDRAUNCER!”

The missiles exploded, causing moderate damage that couldn’t immediately be healed over. “SNEEEERRRR” TigerSplashmon sneered as smoke wafted off of his body.

Elsewhere, and back in time by several minutes, AKA circumstantially a few minutes before Splashmon Digixrossed himself…

Dorulumon finished telling the tale that he had set out to tell, and left everyone in the cell standing there staring at him in awe.

“Come on.” he blushed, somewhat embarrassed. “It’s not that amazing…” he frowned. “Was somewhat of a pain to be honest…”

“Well,” Hangyomon began. “I think it sounds like a battle that could have used a few extra hands!”

“Extra?” a voice whined from beneath them all, echoing through the floor. “Dorulumon wouldn’t let me fight at all!”

Several Gomamon stared at the floor in horror as a portion of it began to glow green and then…


Pushed upwards suddenly as Cutemon pushed through it, holding onto that drill key thing (from all the way back in Sweets Zone) like it was an actual drill…

But considering that Cutemon’s hand (and the micro-drill along with it) was glowing green as well, it wouldn’t be that surprising that it HAD been acting like a drill up until that moment.

Cutemon’s still got that drill from Sweets Zone. And he’s using it like Simon from TTGL did- as a drill proper.

“AH!” A Girl squealed. “It’s a gopher!”

“NOT A GOPHER!”Cutemon cried out in annoyance.

(“Better than being a monkey anyhow.” Mizuki snickered.)

This is a subtle Dave the Barbarian shout out.

All of Cutemon’s Gopher protests have been climaxing towards this one line.


“Cutemon!” Hangyomon grinned brightly. “Wow has it been a long time since I’ve seen you!”

Cutemon blinked and tilted his head to the side, not quite sure of what he was seeing. “Hangyomon…?”

“The other one was a robot.” Dorulumon said nonchalantly. “Sent me here, replaced me with Splashmon.”

“I see.” Cutemon nodded, then dropped back down the small hole he’d dug. “Well, It’s time to get back! They’ll be done fighting without us if we don’t get back soon!”

“I think I can handle that.” Dorulumon smirked as his tail drill began to spin.


A Sealsdramon walked into the room to do the usual rounds of checking up on the prisoners…

Of course, as soon as he saw the cell empty with a gaping hole in the floor, he face-palmed. “Great. Just great.” And with that, he reached for his radio and placed the call to Splashmon.

All this time travel is really confusing, isn’t it?



“I see explosions.” Beelzebmon frowned as they hurtled towards the battle zone. “And a lot of them seem to be hitting the same thing…!”

“That can’t be good!” Revolomon frowned as he, Hangyomon, and Mizuki rode on Dorulumon’s back.

“It probably isn’t!” Cutemon clenched his fists from his spot on Beelzebmon’s shoulder. “I don’t hear any music either!”

“Music?” Hangyomon asked, raising his one good eyebrow.

“The band was playing something as we left to come find you.” Revolomon answered.

“You guys really have a band?” Mizuki asked, eyes widening in awe. “Awesome!”

“Would I ever lie about such a thing?” Hangyomon asked rhetorically.

No. No you wouldn’t!

“We have to get that Darkness Loader!” Hephaestus had decided. “If we can get it then we can shut him down!”

“Do we do it like with NeoVamdemon and Dorbickmon?” Typehus asked as he threw a tornado at the nigh invulnerable TigerSplashmon.

“I want that Darkness Loader alive.” Hephaestus ordered. “I’ve got something that I’ve been wanting to try…!”

“That’s going to be a lot harder than putting a scratch on this guy!” SigmaArrowmon snarled as she back pedaled away from a missile attack. “We can’t get close!”

“Maybe if we-” Taiki began…



Suddenly, twin drill shaped attacks, one of golden metal and the other of green energy, launched out of a nearby alleyway, slamming into the side of TigerSplashmon, and forcing him to stumble backwards just a little. “RAWR!” he yelped.

“Taiki!” Revolomon waved as he and the others ran up. “We’re here!”

“Perfect timing!” Lopmon grinned from inside DeltAntylamon. “We could use the extra help!”

“So what did we miss?” Dorulumon asked as he skid to a halt next to whoever else was still on the ground, In this case Yuu and Corone.

“Not alot.” Yuu summarized. “We fought some robots and then Splashmon digi-xrossed with their remains.”

“I see.” The wolf nodded in confirmation. “What’s the plan?”

Dorulumon and company to the rescue!

“The Plan is to get his Darkness Loader!” Hephaestus repeated as he swooshed down to the ground to join the conversation. “After that, we’re open to ideas.”

“His Darkness Loader?” Hangyomon asked as he readied his spear unevenly. “That big blob on his nose?”

“Yeah.” Taiki nodded.

“Well that’d be easy enough to get.” Mizuki said nonchalantly as she grabbed Hangyomon’s spear. “Just gotta get a rope attached to this…” She looked around… “ahha!” and spotted a fishing store.

“Undamaged!” Hephaestus repeated. “As undamaged as physically possible!”

“Even better!” she said as she ran over to the store and smashed one of the windows open with the spear.

“Hey!” Hangyomon protested. “Be careful with that!”

“Who’s the new girl?” Corone asked Dorulumon as she watched Mizuki grab a fishing pole.

“Someone from this Land who was in prison with the rest of the natives.” Dorulumon replied as the girl broke off the normal hook of the pole and began tying the cord to the tip of the spear. “She’s very resourceful, managed to keep Hangyomon sane after they pulled his eye out.”

“Oh…” Corone blinked, then held up a small…something wrapped in red stained cloth. “You mean this?”

“Uh…” Dorulumon and Yuu took steps backwards simultaneously.

“I found it where the robot was after Splashmon xrossed with everything.” Corone explained. “I thought it would just get in everyone’s way if it was just lying on the ground so I picked it up.”

(“Thank you!” Hangyomon raced over and grabbed the cloth and it’s cargo then rushed over to get his spear back from Mizuki.)

“I was just going to throw it out once the fight was over.” Corone continued uninterrupted, although somewhat sheepishly. “That’s the right thing to do, right?”

Okay this is probably one of the grossest things I’ve ever written- Hangyomon’s stolen eye was left out of the Mega-Robo-Xros.

Corone picked it up so nobody would step on it.

And then Hangyomon comes BACK for it.

I am seriously not sure what to make of this exchange at all.

“Yes, yes it is.” Yuu smiled awkwardly as he put a hand on the girl’s shoulder.

“Can we get done with the talking and back to the fighting already!” CascadeStarmon yelped as he was flung overhead by a kick from TigerSplashmon…Only to crash into a trash bin a few buildings away.

“You know that seems about the right thing to do…!” Taiki began, then nodded at Dorulumon Dorulumon nodded back, then they both jumped into action, drills spinning.



Dorulumon smashed into TigerSplashmon’s foot like a top hitting a wall, but it caused enough immediate damage that when Splashmon raised said foot, it was right into the line of sight of Taiki’s attack…


Which broke one of the poor tiger’s toenails. Yowtch!

“YEOWCH!” The Death General roared in displeasure. “My Pedicure!”

“Akari?” Lopmon suggested. “Maybe we should do the scratchy thing again?”

“After it didn’t work on Zamielmon?” Akari narrowed her eyes.

“We’ve gotta try it again!” Lopmon nodded.

Akari’s hesitant to use the Record Scratch attack again- it’s FAILED on Zamielmon already.

“Someone get him still for a moment!” Hangyomon roared suddenly, drawing everyone’s attention to him as he aimed his modified harpoon cannon at Splashmon’s nose…

It had a massive fishing reel attached to the side, which was connected up to the harpoon with a SUCTION CUP on the end. And while this may have looked silly, he had his right eye back in, although it looked a little worse for wear at the moment when compared to his other one, its return combined with the dangerous smirk on his face sent a message that he was not to be messed with.

This would be animated rather bloodily, by the way- just adding to the squick factor.

“ON IT!” Echidna’s hands glowed for a moment… And then suddenly massive, tree trunk thick vines burst out of the ground, snaking up and wrapping around TigerSplashmon’s body, threatening to hold him still for the singlest of moments.

And at that moment two attacks went off:



The grabby harpoon shot out, and a split second later *plock*ed onto the Darkness Loader. “YEAH!” Hangyomon then began reeling in his catch.

Simultaneously, DeltAntylamon circled the Death General of Wednesday once until the Loader was hit, and then performed a zig-zag-zlash-ing through the robotic body with a burst of purifying energies.

For several seconds, it seemed as if something within the Scratch attack was straining against Splashmon…

And then…

The Darkness Loader came free, and along with it, all of the negative energy that had been inside Splashmon.

There was an explosion of bright white light coming from Splashmon.

There’s something wrong with Splashmon- I’ll remind now.

This was pretty much the point where I’d settled on Trompeaurmon replacing Splashmon. This whole defeat just doesn’t get any worse.


Taiki and Dorulumon stood next to eachother, on either side of a disk. The camera pulled out, and the disk flipped over, revealing a humanoid version of Dorulumon wielding a drill tipped staff standing infront of what looked like a circle pierced by a drill.


From his perch on the Whamon heading back to the Demon’s nest, DarkKnightmon sighed upon spotting the massive speck of light from Cyber Land’s surface. “And there goes another of my Generals.”

DarkKnightmon, however, does NOT know what’s going on or what WILL about to be going down!

He’s very much in the dark about Splashmon’s true nature.

Except…When the light faded, everyone found themselves pressed up against something flat, due to the force of the blast…But otherwise intact. As for Splashmon…? At the moment there was a giant crater filled with smoke, and no telling whether or not the General had survived or not.

“Hell yeah!” Hangyomon held up the Darkness Loader. “Hook Line and Sinker!”

“Booyeah!” Mizuki punched the air.

“Whewf.” DeltAntylamon sighed. “Glad that’s over with.”

“Now to just…” Taiki began as he walked over to the duo…


Everyone turned around to the clearing smoke crater…

TigerSplashmon remained inside…Only…Surprisingly lacking the metallic parts.

He looked even worse.

And he looked MAD.

“What the hell!” OmegaShoutmon’s eyes shot wide like massive drills. “He’s still alive after the Record Scratch!”

“I had a feeling…!” Akari frowned.

Akari is wrong- technically- the Scratch WORKED.

Splashmon has been cleansed of all dark energy.

And there in lies the problem.

Splashmon roared and roared…But otherwise did nothing.

“Wait…!” Marcus began. “There’s something different about him…!”

“Different?” Kiriha frowned.

“He’s right…!” Nene began. “There isn’t a trace of negative energy inside him at all!”

“What?”Typheus asked, surprised.

“I think…!” Echidna began, her eyes widening. “I think this is the REAL Splashmon!”

The beast growled.

“You mean he’s been a giant slobbering beast the whole time?” Hangyomon asked, both eyes narrowing at the Death General.

“I think that negative energy pulled out by the scratch must have reverted him to a pre-Bagura memory set!” Nene rationalized. “That’s the only explanation…!”

All of that negative energy? Yeah…It was brainwashing him into a ‘civilized’ form.

Splashmon roared again, and dug his foot into the crater several times, snarling at Xros Heart.

“Is he going to stop doing that?” Cutemon asked.

“Somehow I don’t think so.” Revolomon frowned.

Splashmon’s body rippled…

And then shot out in all directions, seeking multiple targets at once.


Dorulumon’s drills revved into action, plowing through the water wave gushing towards him, and THAT caused a reaction all around.

The water plows that made up Splashmon stopped whole meters away from their intended targets, and instead immediately changed directions back towards Dorulumon.

Taiki’s eyes widened and his hand reached down for his Xros Loader almost immediately, but for him it seemed so much slower…

Nobody noticed the stylized Zero emblazoned on the Xros Loader’s screen as his fingers barely touched the edges of the device as the next words left his mouth in what to him seemed to be slow motion, but in reality were full speed.


And it was at this point that I said: “Forget this” and decided to scrap the dramatic fight sequence I had planned.

I was tired out from real life, and other things- but top on that list was the Robot-Riot sequence that I did in the previous episode.

Simply put- if this were the animated version over text- I spent Cyber Land’s animation budget on the Robot Riot sequence, and couldn’t pay for the sequence that I had planned here.

*Cue Evolution & DigiXros Ver. Taiki*

“DORULUMON CHOU SHINKA!” There was a golden flash of light as Dorulumon howled and shifted forms… from quadrupedal to bipedal.

His legs grew thicker, his arms bulkier, his chest broader; brown pants and golden chest armor formed over his body, yet still retaining enough of his orange flame pattern that you wouldn’t have noticed otherwise. Most of the tail between the drill and his hips vanished in an instant, and out of the end of the remaining drill grew a staff end, similar to the microphone stands that Akari and Shoutmon used.

He grabbed the staff and spun it around as he roared his new name right before Splashmon struck him. “JAGARD0RULUMON!”

The song seemed to stop right as all of Splashmon crashed down on JagarD0rulumon. For a single second, time seemed to stop…

And then Liquid-TigerSplashmon was repulsed away in as many directions as possible by a massive tornado that burst out from inside him. Everyone covered their eyes as the whirlwind scattered the Death General’s Data to the four winds of Cyber Land, and when the tornado finally dispersed, there stood JagarD0rulumon, holding his drill staff, having transformed it’s drill tip into a sort of jet engine that quite literally could blow away the competition. “And that, ladies and gentlemen,” he said with a sort of finality that set the tone for the situation, “Was the Hyper Drill Buster.”

It’s short- simple- and straight to the point.

“Well.” Echidna said as she landed on the ground, holding a rather large, transparent plastic egg filled with water. “I collected as much of Splashmon’s data as I could and sealed it into an egg shell. Hopefully that will prevent the remaining data that I missed from reforming into something monstrous again, and it will just disperse into the afterlife like a defeated Digimon is supposed to. Then we can release this data in another Land and it’ll do the same.”

“Wait.” Yuu spoke up suddenly. “Afterlife?”

“When a Digimon dies in a battle, typically their data goes into a parallel dimension.” Beelzebmon explained. “After a short time, the data comes back and reincarnates as a new Digimon altogether.”

“So it’s a sort of limbo?” Yuu asked.

“Yup.” Nene nodded. “Echinda set it up so that lives couldn’t be ended prematurely before their time, since most Digimon die in battles with other Digimon, the system gives more opportunities for second chances at life.” she shifted her grip on the egg a little. “We’re cheating the system a little since Splashmon’s not technically dead yet. A good portion of his data’s in here, but the rest is still out there, trying to find the rest.”

…This WAS foreshadowing for “Prison Land.”

Kinda hard to make it actual foreshadowing when I skipped that arc entirely.

“So I didn’t even kill the guy?” Dorulumon asked, raising an eyebrow.

“Nope.” Nene shook her head. “His data would have reformed eventually, but we didn’t want to take the chance that he would have gone on a rampage upon doing it. Hence: the egg.” she smiled. “Once we get to the next Land, we can dump the data and watch it go on its merry way.”

“This is different from back home.” Marcus frowned. “Back there, whenever we killed a Digimon, they just turned into an egg right there on the spot. That way we knew we’d won.”

“Different dimensions, different worlds, different times.” Hangyomon muttered before he blinked his eyes after Cutemon finished healing them up. “Can we just get on with it and stop everything from falling apart already?”

“Did someone explain to him about the universe falling apart already?” Marcus asked, jabbing a thumb at the diver’mon.

“Haven’t had time to explain in full detail yet, no.” Revolomon said with a tip of his hat. “But we did cover the basics.”

Some contrast between the different methods of ‘revival’ for the Digimon franchise.

“Well…” Marcus began…

Only to be cut off by a sharp cracking noise from over where Taiki was messing with Splashmon’s Darkness Loader.

Everyone glanced over just in time to see the dark casing fall off of the apparently pristine Xros Loader inside. The sheets of dark plastic hit the ground and then shattered into data moments later.

“Done!” Hephaestus grinned. “One Darkness Loader turned into a Xros Loader! It CAN be done!”

“Cool!” Mizuki grinned as she clenched her hands into fists and her eyes watered with anticipation. “So can I have it?”

“I-“Hephaestus was about to say when Taiki curtly took over and tossed the Xros Loader over. “Don’t see why not.”

“Awesome!” The girl caught the Xros Loader and held it into the air expectantly. She didn’t even have to say anything beyond that: The Device immediately shifted colors from the gold default to a sea blue matching her eyes, with even darker blue trimming.

“Well.” Typheus stared at his own Xros Loader. “Now that’s going to be confusing.”

“Not really.” Kiriha said as he turned it over slightly. “Ours is a lighter blue.”

And so this bit was mundanely passed along- it was going to be dramatic in the middle of the fight- with Taiki doing it instantaneously.

…Again. Plans changed.

In the grand fashion of great timing, the wristers beeped with the notice of an incoming signal from elsewhere.

Everyone looked to their own Wristers while Akari answered hers. “This is Akari.”

“Great!” Lila’s voice beamed from all the way back at Honey Land. “Just the girl I was hoping to speak to!” she paused for a moment.“Is everyone there?”

“Yeah.” Shoutmon nodded, not even realizing that the motion wouldn’t be seen. “We’re here, Lila. What’s up?”

“Zenjirou and Kotemon found DIGIMEMORIES!” Lila exclaimed. “And not just that, but…well…Something VERY awesome!”

There was a bit of a shuffling sound over the transmission before Lucemon began speaking. “Long story short, we need the Digi-Memories back here in Honey Land. All of them.”

“Aaaaaaaall of them?” Riska asked as she climbed onto Kiriha’s shoulder. “What’d you need all of ’em for?”

“Long story even shorter, we found a way to revive them.” Lucemon concluded, leaving everyone in shock. “We need the Memory cards as soon as physically possible.”

And so they split up.

This was going to be set up for a BIG DAMN HEROES moment from Zenjirou and co. arriving at the Bagura HQ just after Shoutmon sacrificed himself (identically to the anime canon).

Again- Plans change.

Xros Heart split up once more. With Marcus, Mizuki, Hangyomon, and ShineGreymon soaring backwards towards Honey Land with the Digi Memories in tow, while everyone else trudged forward to the next land through the suddenly sludge filled tunnels…

While riding on Deckerdramon’s back.

“These tunnels are getting shorter…” Revolomon noted as they rolled forwards through the pipes. “And smellier too…”

“Considering that we’ve defeated four generals now…” You could tell that Akari was briefly recounting to make sure her number was right by the little motions she made with her head during the brief pause she made. “I wouldn’t be surprised if they put their Lands closer together the closer to the headquarters they are. We’re technically over half way there if that’s the case.”

That was me actually re-counting to make sure that was correct, and applying it to Akari.

“Still…” Revolomon scratched the top of his head. “I’m sure there’s something more to it than that.”

“Who knows for sure.” Kiriha shrugged. “What I want to know is why these tunnels are covered in sludge all of a sudden.”

“This sludge is full of neutral energy.” Deckerdramon said as he plowed forward. “Such matter only occurs when liquid negative energy comes into contact with liquid positive energy.”

“So that means the pumps are broken?” Shoutmon asked, ignoring the creaking sounds coming from beneath them.

“There’s more to it too.” Deckerdramon continued. “A majority of this sludge is water, only tainted and thickened by the compounded energy.”

“Wait.” Akari frowned. “Please don’t say what I think you’re about to say!”

“I believe we’re about to emerge into an ocean!” Deckerdramon said anyways as a loud cracking sound filled the tunnel. “You may want to hold your breaths, please!”

Not a moment later, the pipe work beneath the massive Love god broke, dumping him and everyone else riding him into a watery soup of sludge and liquid gold.

Thus- one of Xros Heart’s most embarrassing entries to a Land ever.


Gold Land was but an ocean of liquid gold with occasional islands. The main form of transportation (or living in general) was by boat or Whamon. And Olegmon had the biggest boat of all.

It was a castle on floats, in essence. Towering and spiraling in every possible direction, the pirate boat Good Friday under the Captain-ship of General Olegmon stood as a proud reminder of who ruled this land with his friendly iron vice. After all, when the golden waters beneath lurked with sea creatures that could not be tamed, a firm, but kind leader was all that was needed to keep the Golden seas in line.

Olegmon turned to his first mate, Mermaimon, and his security officer, DarkVolumon. “Report?”

“We’ve searched the oceans for signs of the break, but at the moment we aren’t finding anything in the waters to suggest foul play from Xros Heart.” The woman’s toned upper body transitions seamlessly into her lower fishy section, which could switch to a more mobile form on a second’s notice, just as he liked it. Her weapon choice of an anchor set her apart from the other Mermaimon by her sheer fashion sense alone- her anchor was painted black to match her hat. “We suspect it was just a Taeka shark.”

The security officer was a subspecies of the robotic species of the likes of Ballistamon and Guardromon: Boxy, heavily armored, and heavily armed. He leaned closer to the Ballistamon side of things, however, due to his pincer-claw shaped beetle head adornment, along with the massive radar dish mounted to his chest. “I would agree.” he said in a robotic voice that sounded modulated into a deep, evil tone for no other reason than for kicks. “If it were not for the fact that several Xros Loader signals have entered the Land.”

“If the pipe gave out on them…” Olegmon began, dreading the very thought. “Perhaps they drowned in the ocean?”

“That would be a blessing for them.” Mermaimon scowled. “The Sharks have been very aggressive recently.”

“Xros Heart.” DarkVolumon began. “We should not underestimate them.”

“Indeed.” Olegmon turned around and crossed his arms. “We will not let the mistakes of our fellow Generals lead us to ruin.” he smirked. “Although I hear that Revolomon of theirs is quite a crafty fellow. Just the person I’d want on my crew!”


And so we’re in Gold Land!! Briefly.

As I said, this is a combo arc.

AANNNNYWAYS! Some quick notes here.

DarkVolumon was meant to be Ballistamon through and through at this stage….At least…

That was when the story arc was playing along with the Anime canon.

I realized that upon finishing this chapter that things were NOT going to play along with the anime.

Especially considering the A.N. at the end of the chapter.


“I am DarkVolumon! Xros Heart: LEAVE AT ONCE OR PREPARE TO DIE!”


“They got Jaspers too!”


“Join me Revolomon! Join me and we can rule the seven seas!”

“Um. Do I know you?”



“Next time Digimon Xros Wars: Gold Land! Olegmon the friendly Pirate!”

“I won’t turn my back on my friends, Olegmon!”

DarkVolumon is intentionally playing up the evil voice, by the way.

As for that A.N.:

So yeah. Simple and elegant, considering that Splashmon’s WATER. Just fling him all over the place. Then again, that almost seemed too eas-Huh? What?

*Offscreeen dialogue*

…Aradia. What do you meanit ‘didn’t get logged into the props vault’?

…Quab in a hat.

That “it”?

Splashmon’s “Egg.”


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