Xros Wars AU 02 — CH41

We begin Chapter 41 ELSEWHERE.

N0- stop pronouncing that like the Elsewhyre country from Elder Scrolls!

Wait. what’s this?


Water dripped ever so loudly across the empty subway tunnels that had once been a part of Heaven Zone. Of course, these subway tunnels were no longer in service, and had not been for many years, for reasons immediately obvious after taking one quick glance down either side from the boarding track:

The tracks were buried under caved in roofs.

Lilithmon frowned as she surveyed the damage. It was just a little too convenient that the rubble had formed neat, exact walls that would prevent anyone from passing through or climbing over. Even stranger, the ground from above this little spot showed no signs of a collapse at all!

Yes. Convenient.

It was such a shame that she had been the one to set this up all those years ago, or else she wouldn’t have known to do what she was about to do in the first place.

With a well deserved smirk, she hopped down onto the tracks below, then reached over with her right hand to begin unlocking the clasps on the golden glove on her left hand. “Well well.” She began speaking to her companion, the still body-less Blastmon, who was watching from afar at the bottom of the stairs leading to the surface. “It looks like it’s time to let the cat out of the bag, don’t you think?”

Lilithmon and Blastmon are PLOTTING!

“Lili-tan…” Blastmon murmured, staring at the woman as she finished unlocking the last of the clasps.

“I think it’s time you gave that up, Blastmon.” she laughed lightly as, one by one, she began pulling the fingers of the mystical-mechanical glove loose from her fingers, hidden beneath ever so cleverly by a soothsayer’s spell. “After all…” she smirked as the last finger came free, and the spell the glove cast was broken, causing her voice to shift into something…a bit younger as a sort of…glimmer or shimmer to roll over her body, revealing a smaller form beneath. “It’s been a while since we did some good, old fashioned trolling, don’t you think?”

And as several lights on the glove turned on and blared a bright red, the blond haired girl now holding the glove simply smirked as she dropped the it down onto the tracks, and then pulled herself back up onto the boarding platform.

“No turning back now!” the girl smirked as she began running towards the trembling Blastmon, pulling a Xros Loader out of some pocket inside the jacket she now wore. “RETURN!”

The dented, scratched, and slightly faded pink colored, blue screened Xros Loader beeped and pulled the also-former-Bagura general inside as she raced past the spot he once stood and up the stairs to safety.

The glove beeped. Then again. And then again, even faster now. Then it started beeping faster, and faster…

Lilithmon removes her glove- turning herself back into AIRU! She’s got the pink Xros Loader and everything.

All the way back at the Bagura Empire’s HQ, a round device left in Lilithmon’s room began beeping in harmony with that glove.

And then everything was still.

A moment later, both devices exploded.

*cue New World (TV size) By TWILL*

*cue Title Theme*

“Cyber Riot! The Best in Paradox Space!”

And then everything was still.

Absolutely still.


The entire western wing of the Demon’s Nest tower had exploded into a massive fireball, leaving what remained of the structure aflame as Fire-fighter dressed Troopmon tried their best to put the flames out.

Baguramon scowled as he watched his base burn from a safe distance away. “Who would dare..?” his fists clenched.

There had been so much in that west wing…The living quarters for half the entire base, the telecommunications room, the Negative energy pumps…

Thankfully, the Code Crown chamber itself was in the eastern wing, and far away from the burning damage that now inflicted his base.

But the question remained…

“Who Would DARE…!” he snarled, feeling anger for the first time in his split existence.

Lilithmon/Airu has just bombed her former place of residence.

I don’t know whether to applaud her for this or slap her for something so risky.


Zenjioru- he, Lila and Kotemon having stayed behind for a short while at Lilly and Petsula’s insistence- looked up at a smoke ball rising up into the distance. “What the…?” he grabbed the katana strapped to his back and pulled it free, then motioned with it to Kotemon to come follow him. “Oi! Let’s go check that out…!”

“Sigh.” The kendo armor clad ‘mon sighed. “Ok, let’s go.”

Thus the Meta reason these guys stayed behind! They’re being drawn to the explosion!


Unaware of this turn of events, however, due to being hours in the past, Xros Heart’s main forces in Cyber Land were searching the streets for signs of Splashmon’s base of operations, seemingly unaware that something had happened to Dorulumon and that Hangyomon was a robot copy who had done that something to Dorulumon.

So Let’s see what’s happened with that guy, shall we?

They simply moved the cage he was in to the side of the transportalizer, well out of the way. “I don’t know what you’re planning.” Dorulumon began as he watched Splashmon roll his shoulders and neck in preparation of something. “But I’m sure it won’t work.”

“I myself have my doubts.” DarkKnightmon provided. “But since Splashmon’s plan has worked thus far- we captured you, didn’t we?- I’m willing to wait to see how far and how well it Does work.”

“Ah. Good point.” Dorulumon nodded. “Though, It’s not really all that clever. Kidnap me? Then what?”

“Oh it’s quite simple.” Splashmon grinned as his body rippled like a stone had been dropped into a lake and then quivered like a slab of gelatin having been struck by a spoon. “I’m going to impersonate you!” and with a “SPLOOSH” his body collapsed down into a puddle of water that immediately shot back upwards and spread out into a different form- That of Dorulumon’s.

“You are KIDDING me.” Dorulumon face-pawed. “That looks nothing like me!”

In actuality, if it weren’t for the odd markings below his eyes, Splashmon WOULD look exactly like Dorulumon. “What? But I’m a perfect replica of you!”

…Splashmon doesn’t know about the eye thing.

(DarkKnightmon suppressed a chuckle by covering his mouth and pretending to cough. He wasn’t about to say anything that would actually ENSURE Splashmon’s plan working- although it would be nice for a change.)

“If my friends are really blind enough to NOT notice those…” Dorulumon paused as if reconsidering his sentence mid sentence. “…dull drills on my body, then MAYBE you have a chance. But come on. Those things are absurdly too dull!”

Splashmon blinked, then his body rippled again, making the drills longer and sharper. “there!” he grinned.

Dorulumon rolled his eyes. “Alright, fine, now you stand a chance.”

“Stop being sarcastic!” Splashmon countered in a rather annoyed manner. “I WILL NOT be aqua-transparent!” and with that he stormed onto the Transportalizer and was whisked away to the other end.

“You didn’t point it out?” Dorulumon asked the Knight after a moment of silence.

“My part of this plan is merely to observe whether or not it worked, as if I were still on base and not actually here where I could CAUSE interference.” DarkKnightmon replied.

“Ah. I see.” Dorulumon nodded.

Then after a moment.

“What are you going to do with me?”

The knight snapped his fingers, summoning a few Sealsdramon into the room.

Ah- the old trivial casual conversation.

SLAM. click.

“So what’re you in for?” The Seasldramon tried as he locked the door to the prison cell that held Dorulumon and a few others inside.

“…” The wolf said nothing.

“What? I thought it was funny!” the Sealsdramon sighed as he turned to walk away.

Followed by the classic SLAM THE DOOR and LOCK.

Once the robo-Guard was gone, Dorulumon turned to examine everyone inside the cell along with him.

Surprisingly, the cast was very similar to those who had been on the Whamon, except for the fact that instead of being eerily chipper, everyone melancholy and often times crying in despair.

“Well this is a pleasant reversal.” Dorulumon muttered as he looked around a little more. “Ah, I thought as much.” He padded over to a hunched over digimon, wearing a potato-sack cloak, and nudged the digimon with his paw. “Hey. Wake up.”

The cloaked digimon looked up- and HEY! It’s Hangyomon! Only the real one! And missing the OTHER eye with only a blood soaked bandage instead of an eye patch to cover it up!

“Whu-?” His one good eye blinked in confusion. “Am I dreaming again?”

“Is that any way to respect your teacher’s teachings?” Dorulumon began. “By sitting around doing nothing?”

“Dreaming.” The diver sighed then curled up again.

Someone nearby sighed. “There’s no helping him when he’s in one of his moods…”

Dorulumon looked over, seeing a girl, with her long orange hair tied up into knotted pony tail, staring over at Hangyomon with her concern filled dark blue eyes. “How long have you been here?” He asked.

“A little over three months.” She said as she shifted her face towards him, allowing the light to reflect off of her freckle stained face. “He’s been here a bit longer though, Five I think?”

Poor Hangyomon. He’s lost an eye.

We’re now introduced to Mizuki- who canonically we meet in Hunters first- who is set up to be Hangyomon’s Xros Loader tied Partner, as well as another potential humanXdigimon ship to parallel that ongoing theme of this story.

“So what’s the story here?” Dorulumon asked. “What’s Splashmon up to?”

“You don’t know?” She raised an eyebrow.

“I’m…New.” He replied.

“You must be from that Xros Heart he always talks about.” She sighed. “Why am I not surprised?”

He frowned. “Well…”

“For the last four months, Splashmon has systematically captured residents and replaced them with robot fakes.” The girl began. “He’s not very good at it either. They’re always so chipper for whatever reason. Nobody ever buys that they’re real for a second. The problem is that the fear comes from not knowing what happened to the real people. ‘Are they dead? Are they being held hostage?’ Things like that.”

“That actually sounds like a plan.” Dorulumon mused. “Clever way of collecting energy, actually.”

“Well, things aren’t quite that good anymore. Most of Cyber Land’s been put on ice in these cells, so we’ve actually gotten somewhat fearful that things are going to start getting worse.” she sighed. “What a pain.”

“Ugh, I guess I’m not dreaming then.” Hangyomon said suddenly, drawing the two conversation-ists attention back towards him. “No dream of mine’s this wordy.” the diver unsteadily got back to his feet and looked over at Dorulumon. “So you’re really here then?”

“Yup.” Dorulumon nodded. “Taiki and the others too.”

Mizuki tells us what’s gone on- and Hangyomon’s realized that he’s not dreaming.

“I figured it would only be a while before you worked your way here after that show in Dragon land.” Hangyomon chuckled as he stretched one of his arms out. “But damn, did you have to take five months to get here?”

“Six actually.” Dorulumon replied. “According to Dracomon, anyways. There’s no real way of telling how long we were all really gone with the way those time storms work.”

“Time storms?” The girl asked, raising both eyebrows. “You mean they’re real? I thought those were just part of your ramblings!”

“Those things are about as real as anything gets, Mizuki.” Hangymon said.

“Mizu-” Dorulumon did a double take, looking the girl over for a second time. “Really?” his eyes narrowed. “Another water based name?”

“Another?” Hangyomon raised his one good eyebrow. “What the hell are you talking about?”

“Remember the Ranamon who used to work for DarkKnightmon?” Dorulumon inquired. “Her name is Mizuya.”

“Hah!” The girl- Mizuki- laughed. “Sounds like we’d get along just swimmingly!

“Good grief.” Dorulumon sighed. “I guess it’s a good thing they stayed behind in Honey Land then.”

“Honey Land?” Hangyomon asked, his interest piqued. “What went down there?”

…Yeah. Mizu = Water in Japanese.

Water puns.



“What the hell happened down here?” Zenjirou frowned as he and Kotemon stared at the decently sized crater in the tracks before them.

“Looks like some sort of explosive.” Kotemon mused as he jumped down into the crater. “Probably originated here…” He turned to face one of the formerly blocked tunnels. “Looks like it was focused this way and…” he spun around to face the other way. “That way too.”

“What could cause that?” Zenjirou asked as he jumped down to join the ‘mon.

“Dunno.” The ‘mon scratched the top of his kendo helmet. “Something about this rings a bell with me though…”

“Well.” Zenjirou crossed his arms over his chest. “I guess we’ll have to go look down these tunnels if the explosion was designed to open ’em.”

“Probably.” Kotemon sighed. “Which way do you want? West or East?”

“I’ll take East.”

“Ok, then I’ll head West.”

And with that, the two nodded, and went their separate ways.

Kotemon, being former Bagura, has heard rumors of Lilithmon’s favored form of explosive tinkering.


“It’s a long story.” the wolf said as he looked around at the cell, then reached up to paw one of the headphones over his ears, triggering the wrister device built into it. “I think I’ve got time to tell it, though; shouldn’t be too long before Taiki sends someone our way.”

“Eh?” Hangyomon blinked, although it looked more of a wink considering he only had one eye.


Remember how before I said Xros Heart was ‘seemingly unaware’ of Dorulumon’s replacement?

Yeah. Not really.

The markings under the eyes and the fact that his drills were MAJORLY larger was a dead give away the moment everyone saw him.

But, that didn’t stop Xros Heart from joking around and confusing the poor bastard as his plants, Robo-Hangyomon and Ruka, tried to lead them all into a cyber ambush that they knew was almost certainly a trap- after all what kind of Prison ship would take people to an “Amusement Park”?

“So if we infiltrate the main chamber, then the vampires won’t stand a chance.” Kiriha was saying as enthusiastically as he could, trying to convey to Splashmon that they thought his robots were vampires and NOT robots.

Xros Heart doesn’t buy the trickery at all- they’re taking the trap and reversing it on the trap setters.

“Ah, that’s an idea.” Akari countered. “But the draugernaut guards aren’t going to just let us stroll on into their den.”

“If we use a pogo-enchanted hammer.” Yuu said suddenly. “We could just bounce them away into the distance!”

This conversation is also a Homestuck/Skyrim shout out. Namely- a shout out to a Homestuck mod for Skyrim.

The simple fact of the matter was, this confusing terminology was pure and utter gibberish. Poor Splashmon had no clue what they were saying.

“What do you think?” Taiki asked as he turned to the fake wolf.

“Uh.” he stuttered. Of course, to keep up his ‘ruse’ of pretending to be Dorulumon, Splashmon had to reply, so he simply said. “Sounds good to me.”

“So!” Nene clapped her hands and smiled brightly as she leaned in between robo-Hangyomon and Ruka. “How long until we get there?”

“Um.” Robo-Hangyomon blinked, looked at a nearby street sign. “I think about another two minutes or so before we reach the entrance.”

And so Nene/Echidna pulls off the second Portal shout out in a couple of chapters:

“Great!” her smile widened even further as she reached her arms out and wrapped them around both Robo-Hangyo’s and Ruka’s shoulders, then she waited a good thirty seconds before Echidna delivered their trump card in a barely audible whisper:

“This Sentence is False.”

And with a three point one four second delay, the processors in the Robotized Hangyomon sputtered out of control as they failed to process the statement. “B-B-B-B-B-B-B-” he stuttered and froze in place.

Ruka, as well, seemed to fail to process the statement; her eyes suddenly rolled back up into her head as she fell forwards onto her knees. “Kay-nine-eight-seven-six-go-” she said in a distinctly auto-tuned voice before falling forwards onto her face with a ‘thud’.

Thud! Ruka/Trompeaurmon is playing along with the robot thing. She’s not actually affected by the paradox.

“Well, THAT was worth the price of admission!” Shoutmon grinned as he elbowed Splash-Dorulumon’s side, who jumped to the side in shock.

“W-What!” He gasped.

Taiki grinned as turned to face Akari. “Care to do the honors?”

“Of course.” The girl grinned in reply as she pulled out her microphone stand and gave it a twirl. “SOUL CRUSHER!”she let loose a roar, and the mircophone translated it into a high-pitched frequency that only robots would hear, which would roughly translate into something along the lines of: “Forget the plan and come out of hiding!”

And thus began the single greatest Robot Riot that Cyber Land would ever see.


On one side of a disk stood Zenjirou, and on the other Kotemon. The disk flipped over, revealing Musyamon and Zenjirou wielding the Delta Rare Star Sword standing back to back as they faced off against an unseen enemy.


Revolomon sighed as he, Cutemon, and Beelzebmon ran through the streets, tracing down the location of Dorulumon’s Wrister Tag via Taiki’s Xros Loader. “Man! We’re missing it all!”

“Well!” Cutemon offered helpfully from his spot on Beelzebmon’s shoulder. “Consider it an incentive to get back faster!”


Some quick jumps of character POV. Revolomon’s gone off with the others to find Dorulumon.

Almost out of nowhere, The Dondokomon Music Team reloaded from various Xros Loaders, having added Riska into their numbers with her electric guitar, immediately launching into action by grabbing Marcus and Agumon and handing them microphones (having been borrowed from old Karaoke zone some time during the six month time skip) and lyric sheets.

“What the hell are we supposed to do with these?” Marcus blinked as he stared at the lyrics on the paper.

“You Sing!” Dondokomon gave the order as the Sealsdramon, Tankdramon, Gigadramon, and Megadramon that had been laying in ambush came out of the building’s steel-works.

“W-What-?” Agumon’s jaw slackened.

“Just do it!” Riska said with a strum of her guitar- triggering one of it’s special attack modes: “Racket Beat.”

“Now HIT IT!” Jade the Pucchiemon cried out with a cry of enthusiasm.

And back to the battle.

Marcus and Agumon are roped into music works.

What are they singing exactly?

[S] ROBOT RIOT(Phineas and Ferb – Across the 1st and 2nd Dimensions Soundtrack)

This song.

And before anyone could argue, Riska the Dracomon kicked off the song’s base guitar beats and the song began.

Agumon shrugged with a “Might as well.” response, and Marcus turned to the lyrics and began singing. “It’s gonna be a mechanized melee…

“A Bit of a Big Bot Brawl.”

Kiriha smirked coolly as he raised his Xros Loader and let MetalGureimon, Cyberdramon, AND Deckerdramon loose into the air.

“When we get through you’re gonna know it’s true…”

A Megadramon that was flying through the air was suddenly knocked out of it by MetalGureimon’s clawed fist.

“The more metallic they are, the harder they fall.”

A Tankdramon was suddenly hit from above by that falling Megadramon, and then was brutally smashed into scrap metal by Taiki’s transformed fists.

“Don’t mess with me ’cause I’m a whole lot of trouble when I’m back up against a wall.”

A Pair Of Sealsdramon who had Shoutmon cornered would soon learn the folly of doing such as he suddenly began spinning at them as he whipped out his microphone stand and smashed into them with a roar of “ROWDY ROCKER!”

There was a brief “Oh Crap” look on the Sealsdramon’s faces before they were smashed into sparking debris.

“We’re gonna kick some robot chassis, so you better tell your robot nation..”

Akari was foregoing even using her favored weapon at the moment, simply strolling between Sealsdramon and delivering punches and kicks to their faces and torsos.

“To say a robot prayer! ‘Cause you better prepare! For an automaton annihilation!”

Lopmon took to the air, and let loose a blast of frozen ice shards right into a Gigadramon’s face.

“You think you’re gonna take us down?”

A Tankdramon rolled up and prepared to fire…

“Well mechanical man you just try it!”

…Only to realize that he was looking right up Deckerdramon’s nose.

“You’re gonna ride that rail out of town!” Marcus took a breath, and then sang louder; “THIS IS A ROBOT RIOT!”

“Robot Riot!”Agumon chimed in.

“I think you know what I mean!” (Robot Riot!) “THIS IS A ROBOT RIOT!”

Sparrowmon launched into the air, and then “CRASH BOOM”ed through several Giga- and MegaDramon.

“I’m gonna break you down and sell you for scrap metal but I’ll keep enough to build myself a trampoline!”

Ironically, the pieces of metal that fell down to the ground landed next to a trampoline shop.

And then Agumon threw in: “‘Cause your momma was a blender and your dad was just a washing machiiiiineee…!” To which a Sealsdramon cried a single black tear of liquid oil sorrow before he was ran through by Taiki’s saw blade like the aforementioned blender.

“This is a robot riot.” Marcus sang again, only this time a bit quieter. “I’m gonna rip you up. I’m gonna break you down, I’m gonna take you to a chop shop down town.”

Meanwhile, Akari and Lopmon had Digi-Xrossed into Turuiemon X2, and had begun using their swords to slash through some Tankdramon treads.

“You know that you’ll be dreadin’, this android Armageddon.”

Meanwhile, The red trio of Monitamon danced around a Gigadramon who was trying to squash them with his STRONG claws, as he was freakishly too heavy to use his wings to fly.

“I think you better check your fluids ’cause I know you’re sweatin’.”

Then Aradia threw a water ball into it’s face, causing it to shriek in displeasure.

“You know you’re gonna lose. And sing the robot blues.”

Sollux then jumped into action, diving a broken piece of tankdramon armor into the Gigadramon’s back.

“You’ll blow a fuse and take a robot snooze.”

The Gigadramon’s CPU was broken from the process and it’s torso slumped to the ground.

“I will deactivate ya, because I kinda hate ya.” Marcus offhandedly kicked a Sealsdramon that was trying to sneak up on him in the neck, decapitating the poor bot instantly. “Don’t wanna beat around the bushes, gonna decimate ya!”he took a breath as Agumon then took over with the next verse.


“Robot Riot!” someone continued to chime in as Marcus then turned to face another Sealsdramon who was backing away.


The man lunged towards the Sealsdramon whose CPU couldn’t process the speed.

“This is a Robot Riot! I’m gonna rip you up and put you back together in a new configuration just to mow my Lawn!”

Speaking of lawn mowers, Deckerdramon’s missiles had blown several Tankdramon into a shop selling the things.

“‘Cause your sister is a fridge and you know her light is always ooooooon-“Agumon then stopped as Marcus snatched the microphone away at his out of line comment.

“This is a robot riot.” Marcus continued without missing a beat, deciding mentally instead to focus his anger on the next hapless Sealsdramon that came his way.

“Robot Riot! Robot Riot!” Kyon the Pucchimon continued in the mean time, having been handed Marcus’ first microphone.

“LOOK OUT!”someone yelled as a hapless Tankdramon soared through the air with a rainbow trail behind him- courtesy of one combo attack by a Hi-Vision and Mervamon.

“Robot Riot! Robot Riot!”

“THIS IS A ROBOT RIOT!”Marcus sang louder as Digimon evolved all around the battle zone.

OmegaShoutmon swung into the air, surrounded on either side by DeltAntylamon and SigmaArrowmon, with ZekeGureimon looming behind him and CascadeStarmon riding on the back of his head.

“You better listen up. I got some breaking news.” Marcus sang as Meteors began falling from the sky. “I’m gonna melt you down and pour you on some baby shoes.”

And then OmegaShoutmon’s ultimate cannon reached out and pulled in some wrecked Megadramon and Tankdramon for ammo, powering up for it’s primary attack.

“I’m really on a mission. I call it demolition.”

SigmaArrowmon also powered up her main cannon.

“And when I’m through you’re gonna need more than a new transmission!”

“THIS IS A ROBOT RIOT!” Agumon borrowed Kyon’s microphone again.

“No matter how you strive.” Tankdramon were smashed from above by meteors. “You’re gonna take a dive.” Megadramon were slashed from below by DeltAntylamon’s bunny blades. “I’m gonna mess you up and devastate your hard drive.”Sealsdramon were then blasted by missiles from Deckerdramon’s cannons.

“I’m gonna shut you down.” ZekeGureimon’s Gatling gun fired off rounds of bullets smashing through the heavy armor Tankdramon with ease.

“I’m teaching you a lesson.” Not even batting an eye, Marcus smashed his fist to the side, punching through a Sealsdramon. A beat later, he pulled his clenched fist out revealing a still connected device to the horrified robot digimon as he sang: “Rip out your CPU and show it to you still processing.” and then he yanked the CPU free from its wires so hard that the Sealsdramon flew in the opposite direction.


“I’m gonna rip you up. I’m gonna break you down.”

And then with two cries of their finisher moves, OmegaShoutmon and SigmaArrowmon let loose barrages of energy down upon the remaining enemy digimon.

“I’m gonna take you to the chop shop down town.”

ZekeGureimon roared, and summoned several individual records that launched the target Sealsdramon high into the air, right into the target Zone of DeltAntylamon’s finisher move.

“You know that you’ll be dreadin’, this android Armageddon.”

Not to be out done by everyone else, Kiriha and Typheus summoned a massive tornado from the winds around them.

“I think you better check your fluids ’cause I know you’re sweatin’.”

Echidna and Nene threw their powers into the mix as well, enchanting the tornado with massive electrical energies that were target sensitive.

“You know you’re gonna lose, and sing the robot blues.”

Splashmon looked up in horror as the Tornado struck down, pulling all of his precious robots into the massive vortex that whirled them around so fast that they overloaded and began b0t-spl0ding into large chunks.

“You’ll blow a fuse and take a robot snooze!”

And as the remains of his army crashed down around him, Splashmon couldn’t help but stare up at the digimon that began converging down upon him, strange and curious looks upon their faces that he didn’t recognize at all that made him tremble in terror. “Um…”

“I will deactivate ya, because I kinda hate ya!”

OmegaShoutmon cracked his armored knuckles as he smirked at the impostor Dorulumon.

“Don’t wanna beat around the bushes, gonna decimate ya.”

“Care to settle this like gentlemen, Splashmon?” he asked as Echidna’s lifey powers washed over the general, shifting Splashmon back into his ‘normal’ form.

“I’m gonna rip you up, I’m gonna break you down, I’m gonna take you to a chop shop down town.” (This is a Robot Riot!)

“I…!” Splashmon took several large steps back away from the Xros Heart United Army. “I…!”

“I’m gonna rip you up, I’m gonna break you down, I’m gonna take you to a chop shop down town.” (This is a Robot Riot!)

“What’s that?” Taiki asked as he held a hand up to his ear. “I didn’t quite catch that.”

“I’m gonna rip you up, I’m gonna break you down, I’m gonna take you to a chop shop down town.”

“I…!” Splashmon paled as his Darkness Loader beeped at the sound of an incoming communication…

“This Is a Robot Riioooot!”

And then he smirked.

What to say about this sequence?

Well- first off it’s one of those things that just hits you on the spur of the moment to do. Mostly, I was just listening to this song on my MP3 player one day and my mind just started drifting towards imagining Marcus singing it.

And thus I had this sequence written out as a perfect thing.

…The Sealsdramon crying a tear of black liquid sorrow at Agumon’s vague insult is a Problem Sleuth shout out.

Just imagine that for a moment.

Then Agumon gets his microphone taken away again at the ‘sister is a fridge’ comment. Marcus doesn’t take that lightly considering that he has a younger sister in his home dimension. Seriously- Agumon should’ve known better. (Seriously. Do the math on what that one line means.)

Marcus then does the rather epic moment of ripping out a Sealsdramon’s CPU as it’s still processing. Something that was missing from the Phineas and Ferb movie!! (It was animated though- and that’s epic looking.)

Anyways- this whole sequence would come off in bad taste (or still does, anyways, to some people) if Ballistamon had been there- being a Robot Digimon, after all.


In the farthest reaches of the ‘caved in’ tunnels were two rooms, identical in design and purpose: Storage.

Of what you may ask?

Small, Plastic statues of various digimon.

“What the hell?” Zenjirou frowned as he walked up to the display shelf before him. On it were such digimon as MagnaAngemon, Omnimon, Leviamon, Guilmon, MarineAngemon, WarGreymon, Darkdramon…

The full list of each and every statue in both rooms, predictably, would go on to match the rest of the Digi-Memories, save two, one in each room.

And with good reason.

“BlackWarGreymon?” Kotemon frowned as he picked up a Digi-Memory card just lying around.

“Examon?” Zenjirou blinked at the card in his hand.

 You Might see where this is going, if You remember the Go-Onger shout outs I’ve done in the past.
(Btw, you only need to click the third link to get at what I’m hinting at here.)

Almost simultaneously with the name call, the matching statues had hatches snap open with a hiss, for Examon, it was the lance he carried, for BlackWarGreymon, it was his right gauntlet.

And inside those hatches?


For Digi-Memories.

You might see where this is going.


Almost as if guided by fate and destiny, both partners reached out with their new-found Digi-Memories, and carefully placed them in their matching slots.

The chips were pulled in faster than they could be pushed in, and then…

The hatches snapped shut and the darkened eyes on the statues snapped open.



To every-ones surprise, the statues began glowing with blue-white light as their plastic skins snapped free and began to return to their normal sizes.

They expanded once.


Thrice before assuming their full stature in front of the tables containing the bodies of the DigiMemory digimon.

“What…” Zenjirou began in awe as the dragon digimon before him flapped his wings.

“The…” Kotemon stared up at the dark armored digimon towering before him.

“HELL.” Both finished simultaneously.

“We are the Storm Knights of Oblivion and Beyond.” Both Examon and BlackWarGreymon said simultaneously via a fancy split screen. “And we now ask of you, brave warriors, what is the state of the digital world after our twenty year slumber?”


Also- BlackWarGreymon should be speaking in a female voice- not a male one. But that doesn’t matter exactly- you wouldn’t hear one voice dramatically over the other at this point.


“Splashmon, you’re going down!”


“Boss…May I punch him now?”

“Go right ahead!”

“As if that’s the end of this story.”

“OLEGMON! Get out of my victory party!”

“How about no?”


“LOL. U mad?”

“Next time: DIGIMON XROS WARS Seven Swords: Cyber Gold! The Return of the Oblivion Knights!”


Not much to say here, ‘scept that the Legend Xros Wars song shouldn’t play past the lyrics.



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