Xros Wars AU 02 — CH40

We Open Chapter 40 on a cold open, with standard dramatic lightning and all that jazz!

Not Smooth Jazz, mind you, but you get the idea.

Storm clouds had gathered over Honey Land as the Amano siblings stood outside the open cell door along side Corone, Sally, Taiki and Kiriha.

Nobody said a word as Yuu stepped into the cell and reached down for the unlocked hand-cuffs.

Thunder rolled across the Land, and Lightning from outside reflected into the room, casting shadows over everything, including the message etched into the ground that had been hidden underneath the cuffs.


After a few moments of more silence…


…The boy hurled the cuffs across the room and against the wall.

The distant ‘clang’ sound made echoed even louder with another flash of lightning followed immediately by a clap of thunder.

Kotone looked over the railing of the carrier Whamon’s deck at the diminishing sphere that was Honey Land. ‘It’s not time yet. Almost. But not yet.’ she thought with a frown. ‘But for what is it almost time for…?’

“Well.” DarkKnightmon said as exited the bridge, having set the course for Cyber Land. “I certainly do not want to run into Xros Heart again, especially after they’ve developed wave-locking techniques to dispatch Zamielmon.”

Tsuwamon said nothing, merely diverting his eyes away Kotone for a split second to peer at their ‘leader.’

“I’m surprised they’ve managed to get this far.” DarkKnightmon rambled, mostly for his own benefit than his companions. “Dorbickmon? Sure, he was egotistical and failed to take them seriously, but he was the top of his class at masterminding Digi-Xrosses. To think that an unxrossed Digimon could beat him when Digi-Xrossing has been Xros Hearts forte…?”

“Pride knows no bounds when it is fueled by love.” Cetus said instinctively, then blinked at her own words. ‘Where did that come from?’

“NeoVamdemon was ultimately undone by his recent starvation.” The Knight continued. “But when he Xrossed with one of their own…? Creating a Digi-Xros within a Digi-Xros to undo that very Digi-Xros?” he seemed utterly flabbergasted. “How is it that they excel at undoing the very things that their opponents do?”

“Luck?” Tsuwamon ventured. “Or perhaps fate, if you believe in such things.”

“I don’t.” DarkKnightmon closed his eyes. “The future is not set in stone. History can be re-written by the victors. And I will ensure that Xros Heart dies before this week is out!”

Oh DorkKnight…

If only if only, the woodpecker sighed.

Kotone, Cetus, and Tsuwamon escape with DarkKnightmon on a Whamon transport- for some reason- heading to Cyber Land over their main HQ.

DarkKnightmon laments that XH now has wavelength targeting attacks- which is a BAD THING for him!

*Cue New World (TWILL) TV Size*

*cue Title Theme*

“Cyber Land! The Empty world of Splashmon!”

Keep the Title Theme Naming in mind for this arc- It’ll mislead you into thinking there are two arcs instead of the usual one.


There was a small burst of light, and when it faded there stood Xros Heart, freshly emerged from the transport tunnels into the middle of a dark and damp alley way.

“I swear.” Shoutmon grumbled as he looked around. “If we aren’t falling head first towards the ground every two portals, we’re landing in some sort of alley way or off in the middle of nowhere.”

“Well.” Dorulumon began. “Looking at it from a certain perspective, we weren’t going here on our own. Just following a path laid out for us.”

“A trail of bread crumbs.” Terezie giggled. “Well, more like a trail of floating water globs, but the practice holds true.”

“What really gets me is why Cetus would escape only to leave a trail behind.” Dorulumon frowned. “It doesn’t follow.”

“We would have gone down the other path if we she didn’t leave the trail behind.” Taiki mused. “Who knows what land that would have taken us to.”

“While that’s a disturbing thought.” Kiriha said as he walked to the alley way’s nearest exit. “An even more disturbing one is what land we did go to.”

Speaking of mis-leading- You’ll notice that I forgot to mention Zenjirou and Lila staying behind in the last Land. In animation- they’d be noticed as absent.  Cetus left them a path to follow.


They were in a city.

Super modern, with crisp, sharp lines and curving, sprawling architecture…

…And it was absolutely quiet.

Not a sound could be heard from anything living, only vague artificial sounds that sounded like they would run on through the end of time itself. Distant sounds of leaky pipes and dripping water could be heard through the ambient noise of echoing sounds of machinery and electronics.

Not a living soul was around for miles.

“Eerie.” Akari frowned as they walked down the streets. “It’s so much like what we saw back on earth.”

“Yeah.” Taiki nodded as he stared at an empty shop window. “The only thing that could possibly be worse is if this is if-”

“Don’t say it.” Marcus held up a hand. “If you say it, it’ll happen. Trust me on this. It happens way too often for my liking.”

“I’ve got to agree with him here, Taiki.” Dorulumon nodded. “Every time one of us says something like “It could be worse,” somehow things end up becoming worse.”

“TV Tropes!” Yuu commented suddenly. “It’s called ‘tempting fate!'”

“I think I get the-” And then the goggle wearing boy stopped in his tracks as the sound of static filled the air.

“Well, I guess someone had to say it.” Marcus frowned.

“Keep your guards up.” Hephaestus ordered.

Taiki tempts fate- and static time warps come upon them again.

Everyone tensed up…

And then suddenly the sky flared and warped as the buildings changed from slick and sleek and crisp to more human, bulky, and angular… then the sky returned to normal- A dark, bright night sky.

They were now back on earth- in the middle of a street- Dead of night, with no-body around for miles…

And just like Cyber land, it was quiet. Not a soul to be heard. But this time, there was no power being fed through the buildings or street lights.

And it was Hot.

This description is IMPORTANT.

Xros Heart has just landed in the middle of a Shinjuku in a random TAMERS Universe.

Except that it’s not so random.

“What the hell!” Shoutmon gasped as he stumbled backwards from the heat that suddenly overcame them.

“Alright, who messed with the thermostat?” Yuu frowned.

Everyone glanced around at the world they had been dumped into.

“Earth.” Taiki mused as he spotted a street sign. “Shinjuku district if I remember my street signs right.”

“Why did we get dumped here of all places?” Dorulumon frowned.

“I…?” Echidna frowned. “Something doesn’t feel right.”

“Boss…!” Agumon snarled suddenly as his eyes started to tremble. “I smell something bad!”

“I know.” The older man narrowed his eyes as he, too felt that odd-ness. “Why is it familiar?”

All around, the oppressive heat was filled with a dread. A feeling of oppressiveness and death and despair. A sense of foreboding. A warning to run, but also a warning…

That you couldn’t escape.

Specifically- a Tamers universe currently in the middle of a D-Reaper infestation.

“Hey!” Lopmon pointed upwards suddenly. “Look!”

There was a distant green glow forming in the sky.

“Is it an aurora?” Akari asked.

“No…” Marcus frowned. “I don’t think so.”

The green glow began to solidify, and somewhat expand a bit. It was branching out, like branches of a tree…

But as the glow grew brighter, it…began to look more like miles of green energy.


Branching out through the sky.

“What the hell is that!” Kiriha asked, eyes widening in horror.

“I don’t know.”Hephaestus scowled as…

The world transitioned back to Cyber Land with a single -blip- of static…


…Right in front of a patrol of Sealsdramon.

And so we get foreshadowing to Cascade Side A.

Green Miles- in the sky.

When Xros Heart had originally arrived in Cyber Land, DarkKnightmon and his two escapees had arrived three hours ahead of them…

“DarkKnightmon!” Splashmon, the Water Waves of Wednesday, said with glee as he welcomed the ‘Mon into his Land from the Whamon’s docking port with wide open arms. “What a surprise!”

“Splashmon.” DarkKnightmon nodded in greeting. “It’s good to see you.”

“Indeed Indeed!” Splashmon was a humanoid digimon, more human that the other Death Generals at least. He simply lookedfabulous with his marvelouslylarge, Overly-long, and wavey blue hair, and absolutelystunning in his way-overly-zippered track suit.

And yes, that last sentence was his own thoughts about himself exactly, only with italic emphasis his, and bold emphasis mine.

“So what brings you to Cyber Land?” Splashmon asked as he clapped his hands together and tilted his head slightly to the side.

I do realize that this site has ruined the Italic formatting.

Also- Splashmon is being played up as a joke here. It works in his favor- and the story’s too.

Kotone, Tsuwamon, and even Chuchumon shared uneasy glances with each other- All three of them thinking: “Is this guy for real?”

Sadly, the answer was Yes. Yes he was.

“Sadly, Splashmon.” DarkKnightmon began. “It is fleeing for higher grounds. We have a head start on Xros Heart by an unknown period of time, and we are hoping to reach the Demon’s Nest before they can-”

“SIR!” A Sealsdramon cried out as he ran up, holding a radio in hand. “We’ve just apprehended Xros Heart in the middle of down town!”

Sadly, we couldn’t hear what the Death General’s reply was over the sound of DarkKnightmon’s jaw hitting the ground.

See what I mean?

That is to say, when Xros Heart was time-stormed back to Cyber land, it was three hours earlier than when they had originally arrived.


The Sealsdramon were unnerved as they marched Xros Heart up into the Prison Transport Whamon’s cargo bay. They just wouldn’t shut up!

“So if that was another universe…” Taiki was saying. “And not ours in the future, could those energy mile things been a part of the storms?”

“Could be.” Dorulumon nodded. “When we last spoke with that Rythm girl, didn’t she mention something about tendrils of energy, or am I just miss-remembering things?”

“Considering how unstable time is right now.” Marcus theorized as he ran a hand through his hair. “I wouldn’t be surprised if things are progressing further and re-writing our own histories as we live through the events that ARE changing them.”

“So, say…” Cutemon asked from his seat on Dorulumon’s back. “We could suddenly remember setting up a code word in case of emergencies that we would only have ever needed in certain circumstances?”

Everyone turned to look at the bunny as if he’d grown a second head.

“Yeah.” Marcus said distantly. “Something like that.”

Xros Heart is being so nonchalant about being captured- they don’t even care.

The Sealsdramon shared uneasy glances with each other. What the HELL were these guys going on about? Was it some sort of intimidation tactic? Somehow teleport into the middle of their patrol, get arrested, and then unnerve them with bouts of nonsensical-timey-wimey-relativity-shmellativity-dimensioney-wensioney-wibbly-wobbly-spacey-wacey stuff?

…If it was. That was a SCARY kind of Intimidation.

This is true.

Also- new favorite line- Wibbly Wobbly Timey wimey spacey wacey dimensioney wensioney.

The Sealsdramon had no problem getting Xros Heart into the cage inside the cargo bay of their Massive Prison Transport Whamon.


They had a friend among the prisoners already inside the cage/cargo bay: Hangyomon.

But the fact that he was going to appear was never exactly breaking news to anyone.

I mean, come on! He was in the episode-trailer for crying out loud.

“Guys!” he waved at them and stood up straight from his seat on the floor when he saw them. “Boy am I glad to see you!”

“Hangyomon?” Dorulumon blinked. There was something off about the fish… Oh. “When did you get an eye patch?”

The scuba diver grimaced as he reached his left hand up to touch said eye patch over his left eye. “I’d…Rather not talk about that.”

“Fair enough.” Dorulumon nodded.

This isn’t the real Hangyomon- just throwing this out there. It’s a convenient placement.

There was a shake, and a tremble, and then the Whamon began to lift off of the ground, floating ever higher into the sky, gaining altitude by the second. The pilot Sealsdramon at the controls whistled nonchalantly, not even noticing the static cloud some several miles away, directly in the path he was about to fly the Whamon through.

“Guys, this is Ruka.” Hangyomon gestured towards a girl with poofy, purple-ish hair, dressed in the standard dress code for humans in Cyber Land: A frilly blue dress with absolutely way too many zippers. (Yes. Even the men had to wear them too. Splashmon was the only one who had a men’s version of the uniform.) “Ruka, it is my pleasure to introduce you to Xros Heart.”

“Hi!” She waved with her blue eyes closed and a smile gracing her face. “It’s great to meet you all!”

“So yeah.” The fisherman grinned. “What have you guys been up to?”

“Um…” Taiki blinked at the care-free attitude everyone in the cell had. “Not a lot?”

“Ah, yeah. One of those days.” Hangyomon nodded. “I hear ya.”

Ruka is not Splashmon’s robotic avatar- even though she was planned to be such, as I originally said in the end of last chapter.

Ruka is actually a Digimon called Trompeaurmon- and her name is a corruption of french words meaning “deceptive water monster.”

“Taiki.” Dorulumon began at a whisper, having taken the boy across the hold to a relatively empty corner. “I get the feeling that something weird is going on here.”

“Yeah.” Taiki nodded. “There’s something off about everyone.”

Some Gomamon were lounging around singing their heads off, a group of Geckomon were playing rock paper scissors, a couple of kids were giggling to themselves about some in-joke…

It was downright creepifying.

Even this…Ruka girl was smiling way too much to have done anything wrong…

“I get that feeling too.” Beelzebmon said as he suddenly reloaded. “This place isn’t right.”

“So the question is.” Hephaestus began. “What do we do about it?”

Suspicions around- everyone’s just too damn happy!

Especially as prisoners!

“So where are we going?” Akari asked Hangyomon. “This is a prison ship, isn’t it?”

Everyone from Cyber Land laughed at this, and then returned to what they were doing before without a moment’s pause.

“no way!” Hangyomon grinned…again. “We’re being taken to the amusement park!”

Sparrowmon and Mervamon shoved their way out of Nene’s Xros Loader at this. “NO MORE AMUSEMENT PARKS!” they yelled in harmony.

Hangyomon looked taken back by this. “Um…Why not?”

“That’ll have to wait for later.” Shoutmon waved his hands in a dismissing motion as Beelzebmon and Taiki rushed over to try to keep the two weapon-digimon from tearing the inside of the Whamon apart. “It’s a bit of a long story.”

Taiki’s holding Sparrow back, and Beelzebmon’s holding Merva back. This is subtle ship building for the latter two- ship reinforcement for the former two.

“We’ve got time!” Ruka said with a grin.

“Um…No really…” Shoutmon grimaced as a hissing sound began to fill the Whamon. Static Hissing.


“Damn it.” He grimaced as…


The world around him vanished, dumping him somewhere back on earth…

Only… He wasn’t all there. Parts of buildings were dissolved away into static, and the sky was flickering between red and green colors.

“Well this is just great.” Shoutmon frowned.


That’s a reference to a webcomic– I can’t remember which at the moment though.


The camera zoomed onto the right side of a disk, showing Shoutmon in his Digimon form, then panned over to the left side, showing him in his Human form.

The camera pulled out and the disk flipped over, revealing an red cut out of what looked like Shoutmon holding a sword and a shield, with the Greek letter “OMEGA” behind him.


Shoutmon whistled as he strolled down the empty streets. “These storms are getting weirder and weirder…”

He paused as…he saw himself standing not too far away, just staring around and looking confused. “Huh.” he blinked.

“What the hell?” The other him blinked as well, looking about madly. “Where am I?”

For some reason, Shoutmon was getting quite a bit of de ja vu off of those lines… “OH!” he snapped his fingers. “That’s right!” The other Shoutmon looked over at him…Or rather…Behind him.

There was an older looking (By a few years) Taiki and Sally walking side by side, holding hands, as they chatted about something obscured by static.

‘This is when I was thrown out of Shinobi Zone!’ Shoutmon mentally slapped himself. ‘That other me is past me! Hah! How about that!’ Going by what he remembered about this moment, he just stood there and looked around nonchalantly.

And here’s the second half of the vision- with a bit more critical foreshadowing…

…But as the other two walked closer to him, Shoutmon began to hear what they were talking about. Something he’d missed the first time around.

“-with Calliope if it’s a girl!” Future Sally was saying.

“Wait.” Shoutmon blinked, then turned to look at them. “What?”

“Hm, I think that’s fine,” Future Taiki was saying. “but the question is will th-?”

And then the conversation distorted into static again, and the duo began to fade away as well, but not before the crucial moment of having Future Sally giggle, then lean over and kiss Taiki on the cheek.

“WHAT.” Past him stared at the sight.

“Enough Public displays already.” Shoutmon muttered, just loud enough for past-him to hear, before…

You’d think they’re talking about their own future child.

They’re not, actually.

Cyber Land flashed back into existence around him. “Well that was a waste of time.”

Then he looked down as he realized…

The storm had teleported him high up into the air, just above the Whamon’s upper decks.

“Oh Crap in a-” He managed just before gravity realized that something was amiss…

And he fell.

The Sealsdramon piloting the Whamon transport whistled to himself a slightly different tune (having finished the last one) as he guided the massive whale through the air…

Then he stopped his merry tune as a sound faded into his hearing range.

“What the…?”

He strained his ears a bit, and leaned closer to the nearby windshield…



Shoutmon is pretty tough to survive that.

Then a bright red meteorite smashed into the windshield from above, firmly lodging itself there with an immediately made spider web of cracks.

“AAAAAHHH!” The Sealsdramon jumped back in horror as he stared at the little red dragon that literally had fallen head first into his flight path. “What! The! Hell!”

Shoutmon groaned, then opened an eye. “Dammit.” he grumbled as he saw the Sealsdramon inside.

“W-Who the hell are you!” The Sealsdramon stammered.

“Me?” Shoutmon scoffed as he pushed himself up off of the windshield. “I don’t have the time to explain. Just passing through, really.”

The Sealsdramon reached for the radio on his belt. “I-!”

“Wouldn’t do that if I were you.” Shoutmon smirked as he noticed his necklace’s glowing reflection in the cracked glass.


“CHOU SHINKA!” he roared as he pulled his right fist back. “OMEGA…!” The Poor Sealsdramon had no idea what was happening as Shoutmon’s fist smashed through the glass and transformed into a massive cannon in the process. “SHOUTMON!”

The Sealsdramon gulped as the next three words left the still evolving Digimon’s mouth:


That would be truly impressive to see in animated form.

It was at precisely this moment that Shoutmon had originally vanished from the prison hold/cargo bay, just for reference.

And before Akari could even begin to form an adjective of surprise, an explosion rocked the whole Whamon.

“What the hell was that?” Dorulumon frowned.

“Shoutmon.” Akari just sighed knowingly.

“But wasn’t he just-?” Hangyomon blinked as he suddenly processed the fact that Shoutmon had vanished before his eyes not a second before. “Oh.”

“In retrospect.” OmegaShoutmon stared at the smoking pile of metal that had once been the Pilot Sealsdramon. “I probably should have seen this plot twist coming.” he shrugged, then transformed his cannon arm into its sword form. “Oh Well!”

They’re robots.

The five Sealsdramon on the other side of the bridge door were staring at it in absolute horror. (Now there were seven of them.) They had HEARD that explosion, along with feeling the darned thing.


Was this another of Xros Heart’s intimidation tactics?



An arrow of pure water shot through the metal door as if it had been nothing, sailing past the three Sealsdramon closest to the door, and impaling the fourth one behind them. His body immediately began short circuiting as the CPU that had just been punctured overloaded and sent electricity flying every which way.

“TAKE COVER!” One of the new arrivals (That made Fourteen) ordered just a little too late as…


…The impaled one exploded into a shower of electrified robotic pieces.

Now there were thirteen.


Homestuck ref. again.

“Wh…What!” several of the Sealsdramon stared at the pile of debris in horror.

To add insult to an already large robotic injury…

OmegaShoutmon gave the impaled door a hefty kick, sending it flying off of it’s hinges and crashing into the sixth nearest Sealsdramon, in turn sending both it AND the door into the safety railing that prevented people from falling off of the deck and…


Over the railing itself and down into the Cyber Land below.

And then there were twelve.

“Oh Lucy!” OmegaShoutmon smirked as he quoted some old TV show. “I’m Home!”

He then proceeded to have the Second-best Robot Riot that Cyber Land would ever see.

An I Love Lucy shout out.

Where do I come up with these things?

Also- Robot Riot- this is a set up as well as a double shout out.

After a few minutes of waiting around, everyone inside felt the Whamon beginning to descend downwards.

“Well. Seems like we’re here.” Dorulumon mused as the Whamon’s cargo bay came to a jarring halt.

The lone Sealsdramon that came to unlock the cage door seemed uneasy, as if it hadn’t taken long enough.

In fact, it was precisely for that reason that he waited to even put the key into the lock.

And then the main cargo bay door (The mouth) Opened…

The Sealsdramon put the key in and-


-had a liquid arrow run through his chest for his delay.

“Ow.” the seasldramon then collapsed to the ground as a shadowy figure stepped in from the bright outside…

“Yo.” OmegaShoutmon grinned and saluted to everyone inside.

Classy move, Shoutmon.

The process of evacuating the Whamon was long and arduous. As it turned out, there were more prison cells inside of the Whamon than one would initially expect: It took a good half hour to get everyone out; and during that time…

…Look, I’m just going to cut to the chase here. We’re short on run-time, and nobody’s in the mood for these coy shenanigans of my trying to trick people with clever words when you all KNOW that Dorulumon and Hangyomon have somehow managed to slip past everyone’s radar and vanish into a nearby alleyway. No overly wordy paragraphs that just don’t flow right from that line right up there.

“So what’s up?” Dorulumon asked as they walked to the end of the alleyway. “What’s so important that you had to bring us out here to talk about?”

“Oh. Just a personal question.” Furthermore, you probably already can see the plot twists forming before your eyes as you watch Hangyomon pull off that creepy eye patch of his: “He’s possessed by a Shademon along with everyone else in Cyber Land, and that creepy eye patch is simply hiding a second Shademon meant to possess Dorulumon and BLAH BLAH SHOCKING DEVELOPMENTS! GENUINE DISTRESS!”

Except for the fact that that entire previous paragraph was an Outright Fabrication, and also enclosed in Massive Sarcasm Quotes.

Portal shout out.

No, what really was revealed was a cybernetic lens that shone with an odd red glare. Yeah, nobody- Not even Dorulumon-‘s not seeing this twist coming a mile away.

“Good grief.”

That weird eye flashed and then…

The wolf was transportalized away.

And Homestuck shout out too.

On the other end of the transportalizer, Dorulumon found himself inside of a glass box, standing across from…

“Good grief.” Dorulumon repeated.

…DrakKnightmon and Splashmon.

“It seems like our plan worked to a T!” Splashmon grinned.

“Your Plan” DarkKnightmon crossed his arms with a stress on the “your” word. “But, it seems it has worked so far.”

Dorulumon blinked.

“Proceed.” the Knight ordered.

Splashmon’s plan worked- surprisingly- giving you the impression that something is up with Splashmon’s intelligence.

Back on the other side, the Robo-Hangyomon’s eye flashed again as something transportalized from the other side: Dorulumon again, only not.

He had weird markings underneath his eyes, very reminiscent of Splashmon’s own make up.

“Well?” Robo-Hangyomon asked as he re-applied his eye patch.

“Mission is go.” ‘Dorulumon’ replied with a smirk.

“Cool.” Robo-Hangyomon gave a thumbs up.




“Really? More robots?”


“Can we just get this trailer over with already?”


“Marcus, calm down please?”




“Nex time: Digimon Xros Wars Seven Swords: Cyber Riot! The Best in Paradox Space!”

“Also known as: You sure can tell where this Land’s animation budget went to!”

a bit of meta joking in the next-episode scene here.




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