Xros Wars AU 02 — CH39

We begin the end of the arc that’s gone on for too long with Chapter 39.

“TO FUDGING KILL ME!” Zamielmon finished with a huff.

“Okay.” MetalGureimon smirked as his cannons powered up. “GIGA DESTROYER!”

“Oh Crap in a hat.” Zamielmon’s eyes widened as several blasts of energy soared down at him.

*cue New World (TWILL) TV Size*

Zamielmon, heavily scorched and burnt, ran for his life as Xros Heart continued chasing him through the forest. “Why does this have to keep happen-”

*cue title theme*

“Honey Sky! The Battle of dreams!”

“DAMN IT! Stop cutting me off!”

IDK where MetalGureimon came from, but it helps to keep interrupting Zamielmon’s rants.

“DAMN!” Sparrowmon cursed as she lost sight of the speedy little death general. “He’s fast!”

Nene floated up next to her. “It’s fine. I’ve got a lock on his data code.”

The digi-girl blinked. “You can do that?”

“Apparently yes. Yes, we can.” Echidna replied.

Sparrowmon blinked again, then grinned. “Awesome!”

Nene pressed a button on her Xros Loader, bringing up a holographic display of an abandoned amusement park. “Zamielmon’s hidden himself here.”

“That’s the old amusement park.” Lucemon noted quietly. “We never got around to restarting the thing after SlashAngemon shut it down.”

“Why did he shut it down?” Shoutmon asked, catching the wary tone in the angel’s voice.

“Even I remember that one.” Sally huffed as she crossed her arms. “The lab was deep underground, but its central chamber was directly underneath the amusement park.”

Now to wrap up the back-story of Sally’s escape from hell…


A younger Sparrowmon narrowed her eyes at the wrist watch that she had managed to swipe from the Mummy’s desk when he hadn’t been looking. “Five minutes.” She whispered quietly to the ‘mon chained with her to the wall.

Spadamon’s ears twitched in acknowledgement, and, ever so casually, he coughed twice- a cough that echoed through the underground laboratory’s many halls.

In the early morning hours of the soon-to-be-infamous day, a Minervamon, who had been awake all night with anticipation, shook her brother awake.

“Nee…?” the Ignitemon groaned slightly.

“sssh.” Minervamon sooshed. “It’s time.”

All around the cell block, the captive digimon- all formerly humans who had been unlucky enough to land in this cursed prison- began stirring. All together, there were fifteen of them in this block, with another ten elsewhere who they would free on the way out.

Sparrowmon took a deep breath, and waited for the the tell tale signs of the guards making their rounds for breakfast. “Five.” she mouthed as the watch counted down. “Four.”

It’s about time that we got to actually see the jail-break! Don’t you think?


And there was the distinctive marching of the Troopmon guards- Formerly human test subjects of this same facility, only cloned once perfected so many, many times that all they knew was that they were bred to serve those who ordered them.

“Three.” And today, Sparrowmon thought with a frown. Today they would be listening to her.


The guards came into range…

“Crash Boom.” she whispered.

She triggered her special attack- Something she’d been developing in secret to use for this exact moment for days now- and phased through the cell door walls as five distinct energy ghosts that then converged right in front the Troopmon.

“What the-” One began as she held up the watch’s face for them both to see.


Sparrow’s Crash Boom was used to escape the cage! What a development!


“When we broke out, we came out in the middle of that park.” Merva explained. “Mummymon was arrested, and the park shut down for investigation.”

“That’s probably where SlashAngemon was infected with a shademon.” Petsula shuddered as she wrapped her arms around her growing tummy. “And why the investigation was ended soon after that.”

“Probably.” Lucemon said as he put his hand on her shoulder and gave it a squeeze. “But beyond that…What could Zamielmon be doing there?”

“I know.”

Everyone turned around in surprise as Ignitemon walked into the room.

“Iggy!” Sally began.

“You shouldn’t be up!” Merva stood up.

“I know.” The boy said. “But I have to tell you. I have to tell you before it’s too late!”

More plot connections! oooH!


The Shade-Ignitemon raised an eyebrow as Zamielmon pulled back a rusted door to reveal a stair case, leading down into the darkness. “And what’s here?”he asked in the same warped tone of all Shademon-possessed citizens.

“A Dark secret that DarkKnightmon felt I was privileged enough to be let in on.” Zamielmon began with a smirk. “A secret power source that was said to be used to manipulate the growth rate of Digimon and humans who were exposed to it- of course it wasn’t without it’s drawbacks, mutations ran rampant with it’s use.” he began laughing. “So if Xros Heart manages to get here past the others, I’m going to use this to power myself up and destroy them!”

“What power source?” the Shademon asked.

“A Sweet, tangy nectar called the “Why Virus.” But personally.” he laughed. “I like to call “Digi-Honey.” An ironic name, don’t you think?”

This is a subtle play on the “X Virus” that went around in the Digital World for a while. This is part of why I need to go back to do a rewrite- to add a reference to this into the Heaven Zone explanations.


“Damn it!” Sally growled as she punched her gloved fist into a tree. “Damn it all to hell!”

This outburst drew everyone’s attention to her.

“Sally?” Taiki began…


“This, my little pretty…” Mummymon began as he held up a hypodermic needle filled with golden liquid up to show the frightened Sally Sparrow, currently strapped to an operating table in the middle of the mummy’s lab. “This is what I like to call the “Why Virus.” Hehe…” he snickered. “‘Why’ you ask?”

The dark haired girl shook her head as she closed her brown eyes. “no!”

“Well, it’s called the “Why Virus” because it turns your DNA into something so wibbly wobbly and maliably wabialy that I can simply shape it into whatever I please!” He snickered and pointed the needle at her own hover board. “And that, my little bird, is going to be whatever comes out of fusing you to your own little board! That is why it’s called the “Why Virus!” Because all I ask is…” And he took a breath as he leaned in closer to the poor, terrified girl. “Why? Not?”

Some sadistic bits from a dead-mon-walking.


She snarled after a moment of silence. “It’s invasive and horrid and defiling. It messes with your DNA in ways that you only wish were science fiction.” Sally took a deep breath before she turned to face the rest of them. “It’s called the “Why Virus” because you ask “Why does this exist?” while it’s messing with you.” She clenched her hands into fists that shook with anger. “It’s…It’s…”

“It’s okay.” Nene hugged the girl suddenly. “We understand.”

“Of all the things the Bagura army has up their sleeves…” Dorulumon began. “Why wait until now to pull this one?”

“It shouldn’t even exist.” Merva said suddenly. “Not any more.”

“Why’s that?” Taiki asked.

“We destroyed it all.” Sally said with a frown. “Or so we thought.”

So now we hear why the “Why” Virus is so bad!


Sirens blared through the compound as Minervamon and Sparrowmon lead a charge through the building to the central lab.

“MADNESS MERRY-GO-ROUND!”The snake girl spun around, wielding a sword that she had stolen off of a troopmon- it was hardly appropriate for her style of fighting, and it was already beginning to break under the strain of fighting, but it was good enough for the moment.

“RANDOM LASER!”The jet girl let loose a barrage of bullets and lasers, plowing into any enemy unfortunate enough to get in her way. Really. That mummy should have checked for hidden compartments in her board before fusing her to it.

The poor Troopmon had no clue what was happening to them.

We get the escape sequence- Minervamon is fighting with someone else’s weapons.

After a few moments of dust settling, Minervamon and Sparrowmon barreled through the doors leading into the mummy’s office.

“Here it is!” Minervamon said with a smile on her face, probably for the first and last time upon seeing this demonic room. “Finally!”

“Look for the virus source.” Sparrowmon ordered. “We can’t let it or any trace of it remain.”

“Gotcha.” The girl nodded, and then the two of them began searching the office for any traces of that evil virus.

“Do you think Jaspers can get them all out ok?” Sparrowmon asked after a few moments of silent searching filled with distant explosions and sirens.

“If he can’t, Roxy’ll certainly step up to the task.” Merva replied as she pushed aside a hard cover book labeled “Sherlock Holmes.”

“Heh, yeah. Go Roxy!” Sparrowmon said as she dismissed a folder noted “Pocket Sphere Miniaturize.”

Sherlock Holmes reference FTW.

Roxy is a Homestuck shout out too- tying her to Jaspers in a sense- but in name only. I didn’t have a character design in mind for her.

Pocket Sphere- that’s a subtle nod to Pokemon, and the Pokeballs already seen in story!

“But the real question is can we escape after we finish up here?” Minervamon continued as she tossed aside some rather important looking documents labeled “D-5.”

“Of course we can.” Sparrowmon replied with a laugh as she over turned a note pad detailing a “Chimeramon” DNA structure to reveal some notes on a “Darkness Loader.” “But the REAL real question is if we can destroy all of it!”

“What the hell is all of this stuff?” Minervamon growled in exasperation as she tossed aside a science book focused on “Quartz Crystals and their uses in Clocks.”

D-5 foreshadowing– IGNORED.

Chimeramon and Darkness Loader back-shadowing- IGNORED.


“Whoever’s employing Mummymon must have his own plans up his sleeves.” Sparrowmon frowned as she started pulling books off of a bookshelf. “Look at half of these things, I don’t get-” CLICK“-it?” she frowned even more as the book she just pulled out remained firmly in place despite being pulled out onto its corner edge.

Minervamon turned around to look at the digi-girl as the bookshelf began pulling backwards into the wall, forcing Sparrowmon to let go of the book. “Holy shit!”

“Inappropriate language is appropriate!” the younger girl said with wide eyes as the shelf then rotated inwards to reveal a hidden passageway. “it’s a secret door!”

Minervamon shows her age over Sally- letting out a curse that is rather appropriate given what they were looking for.

After a few moments, lights clicked on inside the room, revealing huge stores of vials of green and gold liquids, along with…

“Woah!” Minervamon gasped.

…A Massive store of weapons and armor, each with a picture on display of their intended owners.

Among them were a massive sword (large enough for a full adult woman) and shield that were designated for Minervamon, a set of laser blasters labeled for Sparrowmon, a small blue sword marked for Spadamon, and a set of katanas under a picture of Ignitemon.

“I hate to say it but the Mummy’s got good taste in weapons.” Minervamon said with awe as she examined ‘her’ new sword..

“Forget that!” Sparrowmon immediately began hovering towards one of the golden canisters. “Let’s get to smashing and breaking!”

Some canon shout outs with Sparrowmon’s blasters- the same ones she uses in the anime, but doesn’t here.


“I rigged the blasters that were supposed to go to me to over load.” Sally explained. “We smashed all of the canisters and then ran for it.”

“The explosion wasn’t that much.” Merva explained. “But it was enough to set that whole portion of the lab on fire.”

“We thought that was the end of the Why Virus.” Sally frowned.


“I guess we were wrong.”

Zamielmon laughed and laughed as he stared at the one remaining vial of golden Why Virus- a vial that had been hidden within a fire-proof safe within that torched office, hidden behind another secret door.

Sally used her blasters to overload- and thus exploded.

Hence why she doesn’t use them ever.


The camera zoomed into a disk with Sally standing side by side with Nene on top of Sally’s Digimon form’s back. The camera then pulled back to watch the disk flip over, revealing a golden outline of what appeared to be Sally (with mechanical butterfly wings on her back) standing on a Golden version of the Greek letter SIGMA while holding a massive cannon in front of her, aimed at some unseen target.


Sally gets the eyecatch today- foreshadowing her imminent evolution.

MetalGureimon snarled as he circled the abandoned amusement park. “This place is a creepy as NeoVamdemon’s guts.”

“Heh.” Shoutmon smirked as he stared down at the rotted Ferris wheel. “Got that right.”

“We should be fine.” Kiriha began as he looked over an unstable roller coaster. “Just so long as we don’t try any of these rides.”

“Amen to that.” Shoutmon nodded, then brought up his Wrister to talk into it. “Omega to Delta, come in Delta.”

“This is Delta.” Akari said from the other end. “Are you in position Omega?”

“This is Omega, we are in Position.” Shoutmon replied.

“Do we have to use radio lingo?” Zenjirou asked, somewhat annoyed.

“Yes, ‘Salty Sea Sword’, yes we do.” Came Beelzebmon’s amused reply. “Dark Wing In position.”

“Very funny.” MetalGureimon rolled his eyes, not that you could see it though his helmeted face.

Some code-name sillyness.

“This is Team Drills.” Taiki said into his Wrister. “We’re in position.”

“Team Wing, in position.” came Nene’s voice.

“Scythe-hammer ready for action!”Starmon beamed.

“Let the show begin.” Dorulumon quoted.

“This is Base, over.” Lucemon said over the Wrister channel from the safety of the Deckerdramon Love temple. “We’ve got the shield up and preventing zone portal access, The door is locked.”

Meanwhile, unnoticed by the Angel or anyone else in the room for that matter, ChuChumon scurried into the chamber, hiding among the shadows as he searched for his target- The Keys to The jail doors.

“Roger that base. We’ll proceed when ready.” Taiki replied.

ChuChumon scowled as he darted across the room towards the slumbering Piximon who had the key ring attached to his belt. ‘Why am I doing this again?’ he scoffed. ‘Oh right, I’m the only one small enough to slip through the bars!’

Of course- despite this, ChuChumon is making his escape!

Sparrowmon stared intently at the amusement park that had- at one time- been bustling with life. From this high up, she couldn’t quite tell where their old exit was, probably long since sealed away, but even then… She hadn’t really been paying attention to the wheres of every single thing at the time.

“Something bugging you?” Nene asked from her spot on the Digi-girl’s back.

“Yeah…” Sparrowmon nodded. “Lots of memories.”

“I see…”

“You’ve got it easy now, ya know?” Sparrowmon said after a moment. “You’ve got your brother here helping us, and we got Kotone back…Kind of…so it’s like you’re moving forward with your goals.”

“If you’re trying to say that you haven’t accomplished anything.” Nene countered. “Then you’d be lying. We’ve done a lot for you too. We have a way back to Earth once this war is done, and you’ve reunited with everyone that you-”

“I wasn’t saying that!” Sparrowmon cut her off.

“Oh.” Nene frowned. “Sorry.”

“No, it’s fine.” She sighed. “I…I can see where you would get that idea, with the way I started with it.”


“So let me try again, ok?”

“Ok.” Nene nodded in agreement.

Sparrow’s being a bit melodramatic here- it seems that she’s comparing herself to Nene here, doesn’t it?

Sparrowmon took in a deep breath, then exhaled. “It just seems like it was so long ago that I was escaping this place- I found you, joined with Xros Heart- and yet…Here I am again.”

“It’s been a long road, hasn’t it?” Nene mused as she looked up at the sky-blue sky- not a cloud in sight. “We both started out running away, but then we turned right around and started fighting back.”

“Yup.” Sparrowmon nodded with a distant smile on her face. “So long ago…”

Sadly, this ever so important flashback would have to wa-No. No! NO! Stop with the ripple dissolve! Stop it right NOW. I said it’ll have to wait!

What? “Why?”

Look down.

Sparrowmon looked down… “Nene!” She gasped. “Look!”

The portion of the amusement park just directly underneath the Ferris Wheel was glowing with an odd red light…Almost as if it were being super heated.

“Team Wing to all!” Nene said into the Wrister. “Zamielmon is making his move!”

Of course- we won’t ever know what she was thinking exactly- Zamielmon is making his move.

“Got it.” Yuu nodded, then turned to CascadeStarmon. “Go for it!”

“Allllright!” The Star held his hands up and roared… “CASCADE RECKONING!”

The giant Spirograph appeared high over the abandoned amusement park…Just slightly below MetalGureimon’s current altitude.

“You know…” he frowned. “I’d hate to see what would happen if someone went through one of these in reverse.”

“Probably nothing.” Shoutmon frowned. “But if they got sent somewhere…I’d hate to see what’s getting hit with all these meteors.”

Some inquiries as to what’s on the other end.

And speaking of meteors…

The Portal flashed briefly before vanishing, sending the tiniest of meteors down towards the ground.

“Aaaand that’s embarassin’.” CascadeStarmon muttered as he watched the golf-ball sized rock fall harmlessly to the ground.

Then all hell broke loose.

…Yeah. That’s just pathetic.

The ground beneath the Ferris Wheel exploded upwards before it- and the Ferris Wheel itself- dissolved into data that was dragged downward into the form that was now super-heating everything-


The idiot had actually injected himself with the virus and then used his seldom-used Darkness Loader to Digi-Xros himself with the entire laboratory- And the structures above it.

“Well this can’t be good.” Akari muttered, from within the evolved DigiXros DeltAntylamon, as she watched a nearby (namely half a mile away) building get dragged into the ground.

The entire Land shook with the sudden unstable-ness of having a part of it being removed forcibly.

Elsewhere, within the Bagura Empire’s Headquarters…

The Corrupted Code Crown Cracked ever so slightly.

Zamielmon-of course- is doing more harm than good! He’s cracked the Code Crown with this stunt of his- although he doesn’t and will never know it.

“Damn.” Dorulumon snarled. “Something tells me this is not going to end well…”

“Tell me about it.” Hephaestus grimaced. “Something is not right about all of this…”


CascadeStarmon roared, letting loose a veritable wall of Spirograph portals into the sky, each of which began spitting out meteors in record time.

“Everyone!” Yuu said into his Wrister. “Take cover!”

Not that it wasn’t a given already. After the first ride was destroyed, everyone who was taking part in this little operation was running for the hills now.

By the time the meteors began falling…Well…

There was still the danger of being hit by the shock waves, but actual SQUASHING by meteor impacts was near zero!

This is a spin on Cascade Reckoning- it’s a wide spread version of it with multiple portals.

After a few moments of smaller meteors hitting the amusement park, reducing it all to rubble, CascadeStarmon tried his primary attack again.


THIS TIME- A moderately large meteor appeared out of an appropriately sized portal, heading down straight for the center of the abandoned park.


A mushroom cloud of rock, debris, metal and data flew into the air, with surprisingly little flame or radiation.

“WHOO!” Zenjirou pumped his fists into the air as random pieces of rubble fell back down to the earth. “Yeah! Now that’s a finisher attack!”

“I gotta agree.” Musyamon nodded. “That was quite an explosion.”

“I don’t like it.” Marcus frowned. “It’s too easy.”

“Boss…” ShineGreymon began as the smoke began to clear. “I think you just jinxed us.”

Indeed, right in the center of the impacted crater was a glowing bubble of sickly looking golden light.

“Heheheh…” it began laughing with a warped, overly twisted voice. “HAHAHAHHAHAH!”

“Damn it!” Sparrowmon snarled. “He used the virus!”

Thus begins the first hardest Death General Fight ever- inspired by a comment that Xros Heart was winning WAY too easily.

The sickly golden blob of energy and matter began growing, and reshaping itself, growing taller and taller and taller…

Until finally it began to return to a stable state of colors and shapes.

The ‘it’, as you might have guessed, was Zamilemon, and he was now taller than even NeoVamdemon had been after Xrossing with MetalGureimon. Heck, he was currently taller than Milleniumnmon- if only because of his ridiculous hat.

Also, he looked HORRIBLY disfigured, having random pieces of metal and building and ground sticking out or making up different parts of his body.

“What…The…” Kiriha’s eyes widened in shock.

“Why do I get the feeling this isn’t going to be easy?” Shoutmon frowned.

It’s not.

“If we had Ballistamon and GrandLocomon…” Dorulumon frowned. “But even G9 might not be enough to take this guy on.”

“If we had Ballistamon period…” Taiki frowned.



Zamielmon looked up as two blinding sources of pure golden light descended down upon him.





Twin beams of energy lanced down and slammed into Giant!Zamielmon’s forehead, immediately followed by a giant record (not nearly as big as it would have been useful however) whirling down and slashing into his right shoulder.

Two explosions ensued, but caused relatively little damage, instead only serving as a distraction for…


…DeltAntylamon to spin into action, slashing into and through the giant Zamielmon’s chest three times…

One would have expected the fight to be over the moment the purifying energies began to do their magic…

But, alas, Giant!Zamielmon just roared and the Scratch effects shattered, having had no effect either.


That was everyone from Xros Heart.

Saying the exact same thing.

Because they were thinking the exact same thing.

The “One Hit Kill!” move FAILED.



“CRASH BOOM!”Sparrowmon swooped down from above using her doppelganger attack to cut through the Demonized Death General, while Nene hovered high up in the sky, eyes closed as she focused on doing..something that relied on Echidna’s Lifey powers.

Sparrowmon’s attack failed to even phase through Zamielmon, instead causing her to bounce off in multiple directions before reforming some ways away.

“GLORIOUS BURST!”ShineGreymon jumped into the fray next, hurling a giant sphere of fire at the GiantZamielmon.

Another harmless explosion.

And then the Death General smirked. “Is that the best you’ve got?”


Another meteor appeared through another portal…

But Zamielmon spun around and backhanded it through the portal with his tail’s hand. “Cause it’s not Good Enough!”

He’s batting METEORS back through their portals!

Dorulumon launched some long distance attacks while Beelzebmon swooped in from above, launching energy blasts from his cannon.



The tornadoes were like specks of blue fluff, and the green bullets were like flakes of salt against the Giant’s mutated form.


Zamielmon finally attacked, summoning a giant arrow into one hand and then throwing it towards Dorulumon.

“NOT HAPPENING!” Taiki roared as he threw himself forward, summoning a drill arm to drill into the arrow that was approaching.


…Too bad the arrow was rigged to explode the moment it hit anything.

“TAIKI!” Dorulumon yelped in surprise as the boy general went flying off into the distance.


“CAST-SHADE BOOMERANG!”CascadeStarmon let his boomerang shades fly, both of which targeted Zamielmon’s legs and continually battered against them for as long as they could manage.

“Oh Come on!” Zamielmon laughed. “This is embarrassing! Not two hours ago you had me running but now you can’t even put a scratch on-“

“RECORD SCRATCH!”DeltAntylamon launched into another attempt at her signature attack.

“PATHETIC!”Zamielmon slapped her out of the sky before she could get anywhere close.

“RAHHH!”Typheus roared as he threw a massive whirlwind at the Death General.

And then Echidna struck as well, throwing her hands forward with her eyes glowing bright pink, she roared one simple command: ‘BIFURCATION!’

The air strike hit GiantZamielmon and then cut through him, causing his body to split into two after images, one red and one blue- Perfectly suited to match up with CascadeStarmon’s shades.

An explosion occurred as the two types of energies collided and canceled each other out.

And then a mutation-free Zamielmon, now shrunken down to half of his previous size, fell down towards the ground. “OW!”

“What the hell did you just do?” DeltAntylamon asked as she hovered up close to the Denizen of Life.

That’s what I’m wanting to know.

“We separated his living DNA from the world Data.” Nene explained. “That should give us an edge now!”

“It took you that long to do that though?” OmegaShoutmon pried as he joined them.

“It’s something that shouldn’t have even been possible to begin with.” Echidna rationalized. “But even then, I think we were only able to pull it off because his DNA is still malleable due to the Virus he injected himself with. A second more and I don’t think we would have been able to pull it off.”

“That’s a terrifying thought.” ZekeGureimon muttered.

“ENOUGH CHIT-CHAT!” Zamielmon snarled as he summoned more arrows to throw. “It’s time for me to put an end to this!” he threw them upwards. “FLAMING ARROWHEAD!”

“I’VE HAD ABOUT ENOUGH OF YOU!”Typheus roared as he threw an air shield in the arrows path to block them.

“Hey! Arrows are designed to cut through the air, doofus.” Zamielmon smirked.


Echidna only just BARELY managed to separate Zamielmon to bring him down a level or two. It’s STILL not going to be enough, though.

Sally’s eyes fluttered open as she pushed herself up off of the ground. “Ow…ow…ow…” she grimaced upon seeing a nasty cut along one of her arms.. “That hurt.”

An explosion in the distance made her look up. “Shit. That’s…” Shoutmon De-Xros had been introduced to the fight now, and he was having just about as much luck as anyone with the still super-powered Zamielmon. “That cheating bastard!” She breathed.

And now De-Xros- who PWNED Neo-Vamdemon with three strikes- is having trouble with Zamielmon.

The “Why Virus” was dangerously stupid. It allowed for DNA to be freely manipulated by those who had the tools for a limited period of time. Zamielmon had used it, apparently, along with his Darkness Loader. Somehow this made him grow super tall. Although, she noted, he seemed to now be lacking the park mutations and seemed to be moderately smaller now, though still too big for her liking.

“That cheating bastard!” she repeated for emphasis. “That virus is nothing but a god damned cheat code!”

As you might be able to tell, Sally Sparrow was NOT happy about this turn of events.

“Okay…Think…” she took a breath. “First things first.” a glance around. “Where’s my hoverboard?”

After a few moments, she finally spotted it, wedged into a tree’s upper branches.

“Wow.” she said flatly. “No way I’m getting that down.”

After a few moments of staring she walked over and gave the tree’s trunk a kick.

There was a rustle…

The board tipped slightly…


And then fell backwards onto a branch on the other side of the tree.

Sally’s in a bit of a pickle here. How did she get here again? *re-reads*

Oh- right- failed Crash Boom attack scattered her across the Land.

“Oh hi.”

She looked down to see Taiki leaning back against the tree. “hi.”

“How’re you holding up?” he asked with only one eye part-way open.

“Been better.” She replied, putting her hands on her hips as she looked up into the tree. “Board’s stuck in a tree, but fine other that that and a sore back.”

“Same.” he paused. “on the back thing, I mean.”

“Ah.” She nodded slightly, but kept staring up at the board stuck in the tree. “So what do you think?” she asked after a moment.

“Zamielmon?” he asked back.

“yeah.” she nodded.

“I think if we hit him with enough energy at once we’d be able to put a scratch on him at least.” he mused. “If we did that enough times we might be able to kill him.”

“Hmm…” she turned to face him. “Taiki? Do remember how we found him in the first place?”

Somehow, Sally and Taiki wound up near each other.

She has an idea- but isn’t sure if it’s going to work or not.

Meanwhile, it seems the rest of Xros Heart had already come up with that first ‘attack all at once’ idea.


Shoutmon De-Xros let loose a blast of v-lasers towards Zamielmon, who was struggling to shield himself from the near constant onslaught of energy from multiple fronts. “DAMN IT! Stop doing that!”

“Keep pouring it on!” Beelzebmon ordered as he let loose energy blasts of his own. “DEATH THE CANNON!”

“DELTA WAVE SPIN!” DeltAntylamon let loose another spinning triangle of energy and then re-positioned herself to launch another. “DELTA WAVE SPIN!”

“GLORIOUS BURST!”ShineGreymon: Burst Mode roared as he funneled a wave of fire out of his burning flame sword.

“DEMON HUNTER!” From below, Yuu swung Corone’s scythe form multiple times, launching energy bursts of varying wavelengths at Zamielmon, hoping to cause some sort of damage with one of them.

“KIRISUTE GOMEN!”Musyamon was getting in on the action as well, throwing energy slashes with his sword at every opportunity.

Attack barrage.


Meanwhile, Kiriha, Typheus, and Dorulumon were struggling to keep Zamielmon from moving in any horizontal direction by keeping his feet in place with vacuum making tornadoes. “We’ve got enough to hold him still…!” Kiriha grumbled. “But not enough to cause any damage!”

“If Starmon had any long lasting energy attacks,” Typheus added, “we’d have this nailed already!”

“We’ll just have to hope that Sparrowmon or Taiki will get back soon.” Dorurlumon said as he set his jaw into a grimace. “I don’t know how much longer we’ll be able to hold him still like this!”

Speaking of the dynamic duo…


Suddenly, Sparrowmon exploded out through the nearby line of trees, up and into Zamielmon’s chest, splitting apart into different mirages that sliced and diced through the over sized Death General multiple times.

Finally, an explosion worthy of all the energy put into it occurred, throwing dirt and debris everywhere.

“YEAH!” CascadeStarmon threw a fist into the air. “Did we get him?”

Don’t hold your breath.

For a few precious moments, everyone waited with baited breath as the smoke began to fade away.

….What did I just say????????

The first height mark passed away just fine…

The second height mark was gone too!

…Then, after more precious moments of waiting for the dust to settle…

Zameilmon still remained.

Still massively tall compared to his ORIGINAL size, but…Now he was cut down in half from his previous size!


“Wh-You are KIDDING me!” Echidna said with much exasperation. “Did he just survive being hit with over six attacks at once! That has got to be the dumbest thing that I-!”

“Woah woah woah woah WOAH!” Nene cut her off by pointing at the Death General. “Look!”

Echidna and Nene are quoting GLaDOS partially.

“…What ! ?”

“Woah.” Dorulumon’s eyes widened.

“No way!” DeltAntylamon gasped.

“Hahah!” Sparrowmon was laughing. “It works!”

“Finally!” Shoutmon De-Xros grinned.

“YEAH!” Marcus and ShineGreymon both cheered.

“What’s everyone looking at-?” Zameilmon asked as he looked himself over…

And realized that all of the smoke from before (Only now finally gone in its entirety) had been covering up his legs up to his knees, which were now missing his pants…and skin…and bones…and…well…

The only thing that was actually there anymore were sickly green, transparent outlines of the wire-frame mesh that would have made up his body had he been from a certain Southern Quadrant of a certain Digital World which was neither here nor there.

This is a Tamers shout out- visually, Zamielmon’s body has lost his skin much like the Digimon there did when they evolved.

He’s not getting this back, however.

“WHAT THE HELL!” he gasped as the damage began to spread upwards. “What did you do to me!” he pointed at the sparrow girl.

“Not me!” she giggled as she pointed down at the edge of the crater. “Look down.”

Everyone did such…

To see Taiki holding his arms up over his head, having transformed and combined them into some sort of machine that was pulsing out waves of energy- Electromagnetic to be precise- Calibrated specifically to Zamielmon’s data structure.

“You can thank my sister for providing your DNA pattern, by the way.” Hephaestus smirked. “We wouldn’t have found you without it, and- ironically- now we wouldn’t be able to delete you piece by piece either!”

“Nene!” Sparrowmon called over to the girl. “NOW!”

And thus- magnets play a role in the story once more!

Now- before I go on, I’d just like to say that I had a really hard time picking out a theme for this next fight. For a while it was just going to be EVO &DigiXros again…then it was going to be the ending theme from Aria- The Scarlet Ammo…

I eventually settled on the old standby of Gurren Lagann OST:

*Cue Happily Ever After (Gurren Lagann insert song)*

“What?” The general blinked.

With a roll of her eyes, Sparrowmon replied: “Chou-Shinka!”

“Oh!” Nene blinked, then began to smile as she pulled out her Xros Loader. “Right!”

With a shared smile between the duo, the Greek letter Sigma flashed onto the screen of the Digivice.

“SPARROWMON!” Nene held the Xros Loader high up. “TIME BURST!”

There was a spiraling burst of bright green/golden energy that spiraled out and surrounded Sparrowmon as she yelled the magic words: “SPARROWMON CHOU-SHINKA!”

Her wings and arms suddenly collapsed into her body as her skin turned a chrome-gold color and hardened into a sharp metallic form as her internal workings shaped into a plasma engine. Then, four blade like wings shot out of the bottom of the engine as cloth straps and metallic armor shot out and formed around some-unseen form in random places.

There was a burst of light, and suddenly a rich, honey golden plasma filled into the shape of a body within those armor and cloth pieces. Long golden hair shot out from her head and whipped around before suddenly being cut short by a set of swimming goggles forming out of thin air around eyes that had yet to open.

SigmaArrowmon was going to originally look like this.  Then I had a brilliant idea of making her translucent.

Kimi ni au mae no

With a swoop and dive, the new Digimon let loose a roar of her new name: “SIGMA ARROWMON!”

Jibun wo wasureta mitai ni

“ZAMIELMON!” SigmaArrowmon leveled one of her clawed gauntlets at the General. “I think it’s time you hit the scrap pile!”

Kimi ga ita koro no kioku wo wasurerareta nara

“Eh?” He took a step back in shock.

Donna ni ii darou

“PLASMA ROULETTE!”And then the jet engine let loose a burst of green light that sent SigmaArrowmon flying high into the sky, where she then began spinning rapidly, clawed gauntlets held above her head as she then dived down towards the Death-General.

Kazoekirenai hoshikuzu no naka

“NO!” Zamielmon tried to move away, but, alas, he was too slow.

Dokoka de sotto mimamotte kureteru hikari wo

With all that rapid spinning, SigmaArrowmon summoned an aura of a drill around her as she drilled forward through the air…

Bokura ha ima mo koko de sagashiteru


The flying digimon smashed into Zamielmon and forced all of that energy into an explosion right at the point of contact, flinging the Death General into the far wall of the crater that had once been an amusement park, while SigmaArrowmon simply rebounded away from the explosion using it as momentum to fly higher than before.

“NOW!” she roared.

“RIGHT!” The other digimon nodded, then jumped in to action.

Shiawase ha itsudatte ushinatte hajimete

“TRIDENT JUST FANG!”Shoutmon De-Xros swung his dual sword arm, launching a burst of red and blue energy at Zamielmon.

“DELTA WAVE SPIN!” DeltAntylamon let loose a wave of spinning delta waves.

Shiawase to kidzuku chiisa na fukou

“CAST-SHADE BOOMERANG!”CascadeStarmon flung his shades.

“DEATH THE CANNON!” Beelzebmon fired his cannon.

Ima datta kitto mada ma ni au hazu dakara

“BURST SHIELD!”ShineGreymon Burst Mode hurled his burning flame shield like a Frisbee.

“KIRISUTE GOMEN!”Musyamon swung his sword down, letting loose a burst of white light at his target.

Negai ha tatta hitotsu


Another massive explosion that flung the General flying yet again.

Kokyuu to onaji kazu dake naita sono ato ni

And then SigmaArrowmon aimed her clawed gauntlets at Zamielmon, and smirked as the upper halves, containing the claws, folded down to reveal two sets of blaster mouths. “SIGMA BARRAGE!”

Bursts of energy shot out of the muzzles of the blasters, flying straight towards their target as the bursts turned into arrows mid flight.

Machiuketeta no ha knono saki eien ni tsudzuku

Before Zamielmon could even hit the ground from being flung the last time, he was pelted with dozens of arrows that exploded on impact- ironic, considering his own use of them before. “GAHHH!”

Kimi nashi no sekai

“Keep the pressure on!” SigmaArrowmon ordered as she reached back with one hand to press a button on the nose of her jet engine (which then detached from the wing assembly and sprouted two control arms out of the side) while she reached back with the other to grab one of those control arms. “I need to charge for this next attack!

Hayunen tattemo ienai kizu to ienai kotoba Sore dake wo michishirube ni shite

“Right!” Nods all around as she hefted the engine/cannon over her head and leveled it straight at Zamielmon.

Bokura ha ima mo koko de ikite iru


Shiawase ha itsudatte ushinatte hajimete

“TREASURE AX!” DeltAntylamon threw her bunny-blade axes.

“DEATH THE CANNON!” Beelzebmon launched more bursts.

Shiawase to kidzuku chiisa na fukou

“DORULU TORNADO!”Dorulumon spun his drills to make as many tornadoes as he could to supplement Typheus’s own barrage of air strikes.

Ima datte kitto mada ma ni au hazu dakara

Poor Zamielmon just couldn’t catch a break- these attacks kept on coming, and he couldn’t do a thing to stop the already-up-to-his-hips deletion.


Negai ha tatta hitotsu

Meanwhile, up above, the cannon/engine mouth swirled with green energy as it charged up for an attack it really was NOT made for, despite being made to do such a thing. Lines of green energy zig-zagged around the structure, shaping power conduits and electrical circuits.

‘So you like arrows, huh? Well, let’s see how well you like this one!’ SigmaArrowmon smirked as the targeting system finally came online. “GIGA ARROW DRILL!”she roared as she pulled the triggers.

Shiawase ha itsudatte ushinatte hajimete

There was a roar as a massive burst of green energy, in the shape of a drill-tipped arrow, launched out of the engine/cannon’s mouth. Not once. Not Twice.



Shiawase to kidzuku sasayaka na koto

At this loud noise, Xros Heart took it as their cue to scatter as three massive drill-arrows flew through the air towards the Hunter-General.

Shiawase ha itsudatte nakushite hajimete

Zamielmon could only look up with a groan as his death came to face him head on. “Why?” he asked quietly.

Shiwase to kidzuku taisetsu na koto


Thrice in succession, the arrows hit, drilled through, and utterly vaporized Zamielmon’s digi-core.

Ima datte kitto mada ma ni au hazu dakara


A final, FINAL explosion signaled the end of Zamielmon’s life.

Negai ha tatta hitotsu Dokomademo oikakeru yo

And as the smoke settled in this last crater, everyone just sighed at the end of one tough battle.

“Let’s not do that again.” Shoutmon De-Xros muttered.

…There’s not much to say about this sequence other than that it took THREE strikes of the same attack IN A ROW to take Zamielmon down.

Two attacks wouldn’t have finished.

Neither would have Two-and a half.

It *HAD* to be three.


“Dinner time!” Gargoylemon whistled nonchalantly as he strolled down the cell block to the cell where Kotone and Tsuwamon were being held- A Plate full of two bowls full of Digi-noir held in his hands. “Hope you’re hun-” He stopped at the sight of the cell door being wide open, and the two prisoners nowhere to be seen. “-gry.”

He stared for a moment, then blinked his non-existent eyes, and finally…

“PRISON BREAK!” his cry of horror could be heard all over Honey Land.


 And while Xros Heart is being bad-ass and fighting an impossible enemy- Kotone and Tsuwamon have escaped.

“DIGIMON INTRODUCTION CORNER!” the Monitamon cried out as they introduced their next episode.

“Today we’re introducing SigmaArrowmon!” Aradia said with a bright smile on her monitor as she pointed at a still shot of said Digimon. “A Sparrowmon whose body moved so fast its body became liquid data! It uses restraining trans-plastics to hold its data in place and uses the powerful Plasma Engine to achieve even faster speeds than it could as Sparrowmon!”

“Her finisher attack is the “Giga Arrow Drill,” Which takes several moments to charge and is considered to be her‘certain kill’ move due to the massive drills attached to the heads of the arrows the cannon engine fires!” Sollux explained. “Her other attacks are the Plasma Roulette, in which she spins at incredible speeds and launches an aura of a drill arrowhead at her target, and the Sigma Barrage, in which she launches a barrage of energy arrows at her target!”

“Her name is a pun off of Sparrowmon.” Eridan explained as he pulled a Magnetic letter P off of the name Sparrowmon, currently spelled out on a refrigerator door. “Turning it into ‘S-Arrowmon,’ and then further more corrupting the S into the greek letter Sigma!” he swapped the S for a side-ways W. “Simple, Huh?”

“Oh Eri.” Aradia said sweetly from behind him.

“Yes?” He turned around…


She threw a cream pie into his monitor.

“Okay.” He muttered through the cream. “I deserved that.”

Yeah- I mean, explaining it is one thing, but…come on…

Using refrigerator magnets?

That’s sooooo old skool.


“Finally! We reach the next land!”

“Cyber Land: Home of Splashmon!”

“Wait? Hangyomon!”

“Yup! That’s me!”


“Woah! Who’s that?”

“Guys, this is Ruka! Ruka, meet the guys!”


“Is that all she says?”


“No! She says other stuff!”

“Next time, Digimon Xros Wars: Cyber Land! The Empty world of Splashmon!”

“See! I told you she said other things!”

“…Good grief.”

Preview for next episode.

Which….I’m rather “meh” on.

Basically, this long and involved fight with Zamielmon was to show that, well… You can’t solve ALL of them by Denizen Might alone. Also, since it wasn’t mentioned in story yet, I’ll just take now to point out that SigmaArrowmon’s finisher attack was calibrated to Zamielmon’s Data Code/DNA structure/Whatever-plot-coupon-it-runs-on. Anyways. Yeah. That’s the end of one LONG arc, for this story’s standards. Arc fatigue maybe? More like author fatigue. -_-; ANYWAYS. Now we’re cooking with petrol! Got Only… Four Lands Left…Oh god…And then the Demon’s nest arc that I don’t think I actually watched due to shenanigans? …Strap in folks…This is going to be a BUMPY ride.

…Ow. As Past me so eloquently says: I did NOT see the Demons Nest Arc.

Meant to- just somehow managed to never see those episodes…

I mean- I saw photos of them, read summaries- I knew what happened in them as much as any XW episode…

I just never saw them.

WHICH probably helps how AU these next few arcs go.

Since it doesn’t work out this way, I’m going to sum it up for you:

The Next Arc, Cyber Land, was meant to go close to the Anime’s normal course of events. With Ruka becoming Splashmon’s avatar, and playing ‘pranks’ on XH.

As Hunters had already aired, Mizuki was to show up along side Hangyomon to bail Xros Heart out, and Taiki would change Splashmon’s Darkness Loader to a regular Xros Loader. Taiki would evolve Dorulumon to JagarD0rulumon, and then he and Mizuki would Double Xros JagarD0rulumon and Hangyomon together into a form that would properly give Splashmon the beatdown he deserved.

Also- as a note for future episodes- Splashmon was meant to escape death by leaving his ‘true body’ behind and taking over Ruka’s body as a replacement. S/he and Gravimon would then be in the Code Crown to confront Taiki when he went up there during Cascade Side A.

…As you’ll find out in the next few chapters: This FAILED due to the story taking a completely different course of events that I find much more favorable to the initial story plan.



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