Xros Wars AU 02 — CH38

We Open Chapter 38 with a classic thunder roll.

Thunder rolled through the sky as the nightmare space turned on it’s creators, unleashing the horrors of space and time upon those who served the Bagura Empire.

DarkKnightmon’s eyes widened as Taiki leveled his sword at them. “Ready to end this, DarkKnightmon?”

For a few seconds, the shadow demon stared on with horror…


And then…




Began laughing for no discernable reason.

This, naturally, unnerved those around him. Even Zamielmon, the Hunter of Thursday, was taken back by this. “He’s lost it.” he muttered, hanging his head in disgrace.

“Laughter is NOT an answer, DarkKnightmon!” Taiki narrowed his eyes as they shifted from their normal grey tone to a bright, crimson red. “Just surrender, and we won’t have to fight.”

This made the shadow Knight begin laughing again.

“Shut up!” Kiriha ordered as he took a step forward. “Stop laughing, you…!”

“You think that I’d really surrender?” DarkKnightmon asked while straightening his back out, somehow making himself look taller than he was before. “Please. As if your pitiful powers could even stand a chance against me now.”

“We killed you once!” Hephaestus began. “We can do it again!”

“Did you?” The knight tilted his head. “As I seem to recall, you set your guard dog to eat me, Denizen. And then I came out on top of that battle.”

“You got drilled into atoms.” Taiki countered.

“You fool!” DarkKnightmon laughed again. “Did our encounter in Jungle Zone not teach you anything about me?”

And then Taiki and Kiriha shared an uneasy glance with each other, a look that did Not go unnoticed by Yuu.

“What?” he asked. “What happened?”

“I’ll tell you what happened, and what I did, thusly, and so forth.” DarkKnightmon sneered at them with his more expressive face. (Seriously, who did he have to Xros with to get that thing? It’s down right creepy.) “I decimated their forces, and then kidnapped Amano Nene, Aouma Kiriha, and Kudo Taiki for use in my own personal experiments, all on my own.”

“You…What?” Yuu took a step back, raising his weapon a bit higher than before.

“As I recall…” Taiki began. “You had help from that ninja, Tsuwamon.”

“He’s unavailable right now.” Typheus remarked. “Please leave a message after the tone.”

I’m taking a pause here on Typheus’ Joke because it’s absurdly out of place- this whole sequence is to remind the readers how powerful DarkKnightmon is.

DarkKnightmon narrowed his eyes. “I did not need his help then, and I do not need it now.” he summoned a dual ended lance to his right hand with a flash of dark purple energy. “What happened in Jungle Zone was all a part of my plan, and right now…” Those narrowed eyes flashed purple as well. “My plan is to simply kill you both where you stand, Denizens.

Before Xros Heart’s mobilized army could reach the front gates of the tower, an explosion of dark, negative energy tore apart the top floor of the tower, sending rubble and debris everywhere.

“SCATTER!” OmegaShoutmon roared.

And because everyone was focused on dodging the falling building, nobody noticed the two figures flying out into the air on the shock wave of that explosion: The very confused Doumon and Zamielmon, the former of which losing data out of the recently acquired holes in his robes.

And then it makes him stronger.

When the smoke settled, DarkKnightmon was simply floating on air, the ground beneath him having dissolved away into nothing by the sheer force of his suddenly revealed power.

Why, if it hadn’t been for Typheus summoning a massive wall of air to absorb the impact of the explosion…

Well, There would have been three less humans on that rooftop.

“What the hell was that?” Taiki’s eyes widened in horror as he asked that oh-so-important question.

“That, Kudo Taiki.” DarkKnightmon replied with an evil chuckle. “Was the power of my very being. Remember how in Jungle Zone how your attacks were unable to harm me? Well…” A dangerous smirk formed on his face. “I can copy attacks as well.”

Looks of horror shot across each Generals’ faces as he continued:

“Specifically, that was a MadLeomon’s ‘Beast King Fallen Fist’ attack.” He aimed the tip of his lance at them. “Now let’s see how you survive being on the end of one of your own attacks.” The end glowed with a familiar glow. “Five Victorize.”

Absurdly stronger.

*cue New World TV Size (TWILL)*

*cue Title Theme*

“Honey Victory! Zamielmon the Hunted?”


This was an artifact title- for the most part. The original concept for this episode was to have Xros Heart chasing through the jungle trying to hunt down Zamielmon.

I quickly realized however, that this title wasn’t going to work so well.

The V-Shaped Laser lanced out of the spear’s tip and soared straight towards Taiki and Kiriha, while ignoring Yuu entirely.

Big mistake, Dork.


Corone’s glowing scythe blade swung into the oncoming mockery of Shoutmon’s signature move and sliced through it with a soundless vibration that continued on wards back towards DarkKnightmon.

“Wha-!” He didn’t get a chance to react as the scythe’s attack wavelength slammed into him, and sent him flying off into the distance fairly easily- after all, he had been just standing on thin air all this time, and air has very little friction when it comes to digital energy attacks, as you may or may not know/remember.

“And THAT is for turning me into a bug!” Corone spat at the dot on the horizon.

And then after powering him up so much?

I knock him out of the park! *krak!* *Haaaahhh!* And the crowd goes wild!!!

“He did what?” Shoutmon asked, jaw nearly touching the ground in shock.

“Copied Xros Five’s attack.” Taiki repeated.

“Damn, I knew that guy was a tricky one, but…” Sally clenched her hands into fists. “Damn that jerk!”

“Everything we’ve thrown at him before he’ll be able to remember then?” Akari asked. “So even if we found Ballistamon and GranLocomon again, G9 wouldn’t be enough to finish him off?”

“Probably.” Hephaestus said with a sigh.

“We should have seen this coming.” Dorulumon remarked. “Especially after all the trouble we went through back in Jungle Zone just to put a scratch on him.”

“Wouldn’t Paildramon still be able to hurt him?” Stingmon asked. “After all, we never did cast a shadow during that battle.”

“Probably..” Shoutmon said as massaged his forehead. “Damn this is giving me a headache.”

“We won’t have to worry about that though.” Wisemon said as he, Yuu, Wizamon, and Corone walked up. “I’ve examined the girl, and much to my surprise, her DNA structure appears to have settled into a form similar to Spadamon’s, only with less artificial manipulations.”

“I don’t really understand it.” Corone looked down, embarassed.

We get everyone caught up to speed- …Wizardmon not Wizamon… -and immediately find out one of Corone’s abilities!

“I do, however.” Wizardmon began. “When we first found Corone, her DNA structure was heavily rewritten by being Xrossed with SkullKnightmon, forced into that of a Deadly-Axmon!” he laughed. “But the irony of it is that Corone here had trace ammounts of DeadlyAxmon DNA already within her!”

“So how does this help us?” Shoutmon asked as he crossed his arms in front of his chest.

Wizardmon explained. “Basically, Corone’s own nature as a DeadlyAxmon was awakened by the forced Xros, letting her keep the wavelength manipulation of DarkKnightmon’s body, which I suspect come from being Xrossed with a DeadlyAxmon to begin with.”

“In Layman’s terms please?” Sally asked.

“Corone can deal damage to DarkKnightmon by manipulating attack wavelengths through her weapon form.” Wisemon summarized.

Shoutmon nodded, a smirk forming on his face. “I like the sounds of that.”

This is basically the principle of Like Damages Like at play here. Corone can hurt DarkKnightmon because she was once a part of him. He’s going to try to make sure that he never gets near her attack range ever again from now on.

After several hours of resting, relaxing, and re-planning on Xros Heart’s side of things, the Dream Bubble popped of it’s own accord, as the original spell caster had expired, killed by DarkKnightmon’s reflected attack, leaving everyone in different places than where they were when the dream had been cast- But, that wasn’t much of a problem since, after all, everyone had woken up from the dream already and fused their two selves together.

This left Duskmon and Ranamon, having been captured during the fight, sitting within a jail cell within Deckerdramon’s old temple.

“So…” Sally began as she leaned against the wall across from them. “Are you going to give up this stupid ‘traitor’ nonsense or not?”

Duskmon said nothing beyond giving a small snarl as he directed each of his eyes on her.

Heh. Duskmon.

This scene here is meant to show that Xros Heart has done what they didn’t do in Dust Zone- Capture Duskmon, Ranamon, Kotone, and Tsuwamon from DarkKnightmon.

There’s a bit of a Chess analogy here that shows up a little later on, but I’d like to bring it up here. This is a pivotal triumph.

“We’ve got Kotone, we’ve got Tsuwamon, and we’ve got you two here.” Sally continued. “But right now, all I care about is you two.” she narrowed her eyes. “I found Jaspers…Almost half a year ago now.”

“You did?” Ranamon asked with a glance upward.

“We got lost when the storms came in Sword Zone.” Sally said. “I haven’t found him again yet, but…” She smiled. “Merva’s here right now, and her brother…” She paused for a moment. “He was that Ignitemon who you were working with.”

This made Duskmon react. It was a small, barely inaudible “What?”, but it was a reaction nonetheless.

Mainly, however, this scene was also meant to tie up some loose ends for Sally’s over-arching plot ties to these two. She’s basically trying to catch up with old friends that she KNOWS are still inside these two digimon.

“Once we find Jaspers again…” Sally continued uninterrupted. “It’ll be the whole gang back together again.” she smiled as she closed her eyes. “All of us, sticking togeth-.”

“You left us!” Duskmon snarled suddenly.

“You were taken before we escaped!” Sally sprang forward just as suddenly, planting her hands firmly around the bars of the cell wall and sticking her face through to meet the warriors masked face. “That’s what made me go through with the plan early to begin with!”


“And Don’t call me a liar, Koichi!”

Sally has the high ground here- and she knows it. She knows all about DarkKnightmon and what he’s done to her friends in Xros Heart. What he’s done to her close family personally.

 “You…You two were made for DarkKnightmon. That damned mummy wouldn’t shut up about how you two were his key into larger and greater things, and how the rest of us were going to end up being just. Like. You.” She pushed away from the call wall, and turned around as she sniffed. “I pushed the plans for escape forward and we broke out so we wouldn’t become like you.” she turned slightly, just enough to look over her shoulder at them. “When I left everyone behind in Heaven Zone, it wasn’t just so I could find a way home.” What really caught Duskmon off guard was the fact that there were tears brimming at the corners of her eyes. “It was so I could find you two, and then bring you and everyone else home.

Sally’s emotions are really what hit home here- you can tell just from this paragraph alone that she cared for them.

“Then why…?” Duskmon began. “Why did you join with DarkKnightmon?”

“I didn’t know he was your buyer until after we met- and fought- in Heaven Zone.” Sally turned back around and began walking towards the exit door. “I thought he could help me find you two like he promised to help Nene find Kotone.” She paused for a moment, then scoffed. “And Look at how well THAT turned out! Both of you right under out noses the ENTIRE time!” And with that, she left the room, leaving Duskmon to his thoughts.

And here she highlights the irony of the situation. So close and yet so far.

She storms out, and we get this exchange from the two hybrids:

And after a few seconds of silence, Ranamon whispered: “Koichi?”

“Yeah?” He whispered back.

“I want to go home.”

He paused for a moment, then replied:

“…Me too, Mizuya.”

It’s a quiet thing, but it really under-scores how much they want to return to their old lives on earth.

We then cut briefly to DarkKnightmon with a sort-of Nichijou shout out:

Elsewhere in Honey Land, DarkKnightmon was staring upwards into the sky, dazed and confused from the attack that had thrown him far and wide and had knocked him unconscious for a long amount of time. “Where…” he blinked as he finally realized that he was awake. “Where am I?”

The poor ‘mon just didn’t get it.

And he wouldn’t for another three and a half hours.

He’s providing a bit of humor in-between serious moments here. I think it helps, but I can’t really be sure.

We then cut back to Sally-

There was a knock on the door behind Mervamon, causing her to look up from her sleeping brother. “Come in.”

A moment later, the door opened and Sally leaned through with a small wave. “Hey.”

“Hey.” the older girl waved back.

“So…” Sally began as she stepped into the room. “How’s Iggy?”

Mervamon let loose a deep sigh. “Sleeping again.”

“Oh?” a raised eyebrow.

“He woke up for a little while.” The older sister said as she smiled at her younger brother’s sleeping form. “Back to his old self again.”

“That’s good.” Sally smiled.

“Yeah.” Merva nodded. “The Shademon didn’t really care about him though. Kept him up day and night for the last two months.”

“Damn.” Sally frowned. “No wonder he’s so tired!”

“Yeah.” A nod.

She’s checking in with Merva and Iggy- seeing that whatever Nene did to the Shademon returned Iggy to his old self.

We then see that they’re still catching up on things too:

“So what about Koichi and Mizuya?” Merva asked.

“Koichi’s about as stubborn as ever.” Sally sighed. “Worse actually, I think his memory’s been manipulated.”

“Why’s that?”

“He thinks we left them there when we escaped.” Sally said with a grimace.

“But they were taken away just before we did.” Merva pointed out.


“I see…”

Silence for a few more moments…

“I was hoping you could talk to them, actually.” Sally said suddenly. “Maybe that’d shake ’em out of it? I mean…they haven’t seen you guys in years! Where with me we’ve…uh…You know…”

The older girl nodded. “I think I can manage that.”

Sally is sure that Merva can break through where she can’t. Not that they need it- however. Duskmon’s slowly come around thanks to Ranamon.

Next- We find out where Zamielmon went:


Zamielmon was having a very, very, hard time finding his way back to his castle (which, he sadly didn’t know, had been reduced to rubble thanks to DarKnightmon’s actions). “Where the heck am I?” he frowned. “Stupid dumb user access… How the heck am I supposed to rule all of Honey Land when I don’t even know where I am?”

Poor dude.

What happens next with him is another reason why I fused Jungle Zone and Heaven Zone together for Honey Land. It wasn’t just to bring all of these plot points together in a nice  bundle.

*cue Shining Dreamers!*

Meanwhile, down in a secluded clearing in the forest outside the old temple…

“STARMOZ!” Yuu ordered, holding up his Xros Loader. “DIGI-XROS AND CHOU SHINKA!”

“HAIIII!”The brigade of Stars cried out as they glowed brightly and began swirling together.

Silver Pickmon connected together, forming rough mockeries of legs, with Starmon landing on top of them, balancing easily on his own two ‘legs’, then the white pickmon jumped up and grabbed hold of each other and onto Starmon’s ‘arms’, while the red Pickmon flew down and landed fully ontop of Starmon’s head.

“JOGRESS SHINKA!”The Brigade cried out in unison as they fused together, and grew bigger.

The once unbalanced arms and legs became more mechanical and sturdy, while the top point of Starmon’s body split down in two, revealing an un-helmeted head underneath that was soon helmeted by the Red Pickmon transforming Into a helmet and fusing with the rest of the body.

“CASCADE STAAAARMON!” The Digimon roared as he struck a pose.

Shining Dreamers! Is an insert song from Hunters, and like Tagiru Chikara, it’s a bit of a call forward to Hunters- but also to get the insert theme into the show a bit sooner. It’s really Yuu’s theme song in general, but if I recall correctly, I used it later on in the story too for the Amano family in general.

“Sugoi!” Lilly the Lilamon clapped her hands, eyes wide and brimming with excitement.

“That’s pretty impressive alright.” Lila the Lillymon nodded.

“It’s a shame we can’t use the Star Sword in this form though.” Zenjirou mused.

“Yeah.” Yuu agreed with a frown. “I didn’t mean to steal your thunder like that, but they were the only ones with me when Tsuwamon and Kotone challenged us…”

“It’s fine it’s fine!” The kendo-general waved it off. “I’ve got Kotemon as a partner, so that just balances us out!”

“Balance?” Kotemon scoffed as he leaned back against a boulder. “Come on, instead of forming a giant sword, they turned into a giant robot!”

“Without Ballistamon though…” CascadeStarmon began, using Starmon’s voice as a base. “We can’t form any of the X2 Line, so we’re just going to have to pick up the slack in the giant-robot department until we get him back!” he punched a fist into the air.

And thus the reminder that Ballistamon isn’t just his usual quiet self- He’s actually still MISSING.

At this point, I was still gunning for the Gold Land arc to play out similarly to Canon- except with a few differences that I hadn’t rationalized away yet.

I’m kind of glad that it didn’t end up that way.

“We should get you used to the special attacks though…” Yuu began. “During the fight all you did was trade punches and kicks, no special moves at all!”

“How about we do a sparing match?” Zenjirou offered.

“Against pointy shades over there?” Kotemon laughed. “Being beaten once is enough for me thank you very much.”

Lila narrowed her eyes at the former Bagura-general. “Now come on…!”

“He doesn’t have to if he doesn’t want to.” Lilly said. “I…”

“Oi!” Shoutmon said as he and Taiki walked up. “What’s going on over here?”

“Trying to figure out what we’re going to do with figuring out CascadeStarmon’s special attacks.” Yuu said offhandedly.

“Sounds like fun.” Shoutmon grinned as he fingered the Omega necklace around his neck. “Taiki and I were going to try seeing what else this necklace of mine can do.”

The goggle wearing general nodded. “If we can figure out what else it does, it might give us some clues as to how we’re going to survive this mess long enough to stop the time storms.”

“It’s password encrypted through layers of data structure beyond even me.” Hephaestus remarked. “So it’s pretty obvious it’s got to be something powerful enough to warrant being thrown back in time.”

And here’s the sparring match beginning. Figuring out more attacks for our heroes. For Shoutmon, it’s hoping that the necklace will give them some hint as to stop the time storms- if not just outright survive them. For CascadeStarmon…Well… he just needs to figure out his attacks. (Speaking of- one of the three attacks he has that isn’t shown in the story yet is a chain-saw attack. His right arm turns into a chainsaw that he uses like a sword.)

There’s a hint here, however, about the Necklace’s nature!

Password Encrypted through layers of data structure beyond even Hephaestus! This is an ominous bit of foreshadowing tying into Taiki’s flash-forwarded conversation with the watch maker.

The omega necklace is a KEY.

After getting Kotemon and Shoutmon evolved into their ‘future forms’, the trio of Digimon began circling each other.

“I still don’t think this is a good idea.” Musyamon began.

“Oh sush!” Lilly called from the sidelines. “I wanna see a fight!”

“Well…” OmegaShoutmon smirked. “Let’s give it a go…” he closed his eyes for a moment before smirking. “Why don’t you go first, Starmon?”

“Alright then…” CascadeStarmon nodded…

Then threw his hands into the air with a mighty cry of: “CASCADE RECKONING!”

There was a sudden build up of static in the atmosphere…and then…

Suddenly, a Giant Spirograph appeared high up in the sky, changing shapes and designs as it built up power to serve as the ultimate weapon- A Meteor redirection portal.

There was a blinding flash of light and then a meteor just as large as the portal shot through it, heading straight for the battlefield.

“Oh crap.” Shoutmon’s eyes widened in shock and surprise…


The meteor exploded with a mighty impact…

The first of CascadeStarmon’s attacks- a Dual Homestuck shout out.

The Cascade Reckoning attack is a Skaian Redirection Portal- probably from any number of SBURB Reckonings across time and space- hence “Reckoning.” “Cascade” Comes from the flash animation, [S] Cascade.

Zamielmon looked up at the sight of smoke rising into the air. “Ahah! So that’s where they got off to!” and so he jumped across to the next tree to find his opponents…

…Against a giant drill that had formed on OmegaShoutmon’s right arm. “Heh…Good thing I saw Taiki do this back on earth…!”

“Woaaahhh!” Both flower girls stared on in awe. “Did you see that meteor?” They asked simultaneously.

Zenjirou whistled. “Now that was impressive.”

“A bit of De-ja-vu.” Yuu remarked. “Only with a meteor instead of a car.”

“His armor probably protected him better than my clothes did, though.” Taiki added with a thoughtful nod.

OmegaShoutmon dismissed the drill and looked over to CascadeStarmon with a grin. “Now that was an opening move!”

“Thanks brother!” CascadeStarmon gave a thumbs up.

“Now it’s my turn…” OmegaShoutmon summoned his sword. “Now come at me, Musyamon!”

“Fine.” The warrior rolled his eyes and jumped forward with his sword raised. “Have at thee!”

OmegaShoutmon easily blocked the attack with his sword. “Let’s see about Rampping it up a bit…” He focused for a few seconds…

Then his sword glowed blue and began vibrating. “AQUA RESONANCE!”

Shoutmon’s next attack is something similar to what Cetus can pull off- a water based sword.

Musyamon’s sword phased through the glowing weapon as if it hadn’t even been there, throwing the Digimon off guard. “Woah-!”

“What good will that ever do us?” Yuu asked. “It’s a water sword!”

“Hmm…” OmegaShoutmon narrowed his eyes at the still glowing blade. “Good point.”

“Kiriha said one of the Bagura Generals was called Splashmon.” Taiki mused. “If he’s made out of water, then it might be a decent counter attack.”

This was meant to be foreshadowing to a fight with Splashmon- as Taiki’s said- however, the story didn’t allow for that.

“Even better point.” Zenjirou nodded. “If Shoutmon has water attacks, and we come up across a water enemy, then we’ll be able to match him on that front too!”

“Water huh?” OmegaShoutmon turned his still glowing sword at CascadeStarmon. “Let’s see here…” he closed his eyes for a moment, imagining the water sword transforming into a lance of sorts-

“WAH!” The Jogress Digimon leaped to the side as an arrow of water shot out of the sword. “Watch where you’re aiming that thing, brother!”

OmegaShoutmon’s eyes snapped open in surprise. “Sorry!”

It also shoots arrows.

Unknown to our heroes…

That arrow of water had nearly impaled Zamielmon through the waist… Only barely missing the bottom of his right leg by a millimeter because he had been jumping up to a higher branch at that exact moment.

“Gulp!” The hunter general gulped as the water arrow remained firmly in the tree despite being made out of water that should have fallen apart by now.

This was my shallow attempt at tying the title into the story.

Zamielmon thinks someone is *hunting* him.

It’s just training.

“My Turn again…!” CascadeStarmon reached for the sunglasses on his chest with both hands, gripping the tips of the lenses firmly… “CAST-SHADE…” He then yanked out twin, energy-clone-copies of the shades with both hands- One red, one blue. “BOOMERANG”

CascadeStarmon takes visual cues from Gurren Lagann- and so with the shades on the chest I just had to do a TTGL shoutout with the shade-attack, bifurcated, of course, to match the ongoing Homestuck shoutout theme.

With a roar, the Star flung both sunglasses towards his opponents…

“Wha-” OmegaShoutmon jumped to the side to avoid the red shades. “Hey! That’s Xros Three’s move!” after a second he added a shocked “Squared!”

“GAK!” Musyamon cried out as he ducked below the blue shades. “DO you really care about that right now!”

The sunglasses copies then began spinning around on their return course…

…And completely missed their targets a second time as well as flinging past their thrower, deep into the forest.

“Let’s…” Taiki coughed. “Save that one for later, shall we?”

“Agreed.” Yuu nodded.

Zamielmon stared in shock at the tree he had been standing in not moments before…

Completely and utterly cut into thirds by the two boomerang attacks that had come out of thin air.

“What the hell ! ?” He gasped. “Am I being hunted or something ! ?”

…Poor Zamielmon.


The camera zoomed onto the right side of a disk, showing Shoutmon in his Digimon form, then panned over to the left side, showing him in his Human form.

The camera pulled out and the disk flipped over, revealing an red cut out of what looked like Shoutmon holding a sword and a shield, with the Greek letter “OMEGA” behind him.


Shoutmon gets the eye catch here.

Why? I don’t know.

Kotone didn’t even look up as Sally and Merva walked past their cell and towards the one that Duskmon and Ranamon were in. Neither did Tsuwamon. After all, that was the back up plan. Wait for DarkKnightmon to mount a rescue.

That was always the back up plan.

After all, they were the keys to his plans- to the Empire’s plans.

To everything really.

But Tsuwamon had been feeling…

Off since Nene had blasted him with a trans-whatever-ized Shademon.

As he stared up at the roof…For the first time in his entire life did he wonder…“Why am I here?”

Had he never been hit by that…Purified?…Shademon, he never would have thought of such things, mostly due to the fact that he had someone already at his controls, acting and behaving much like a Shademon: The ChuChumon that rode in the hidden compartment on his back.

But this ChuChumon had no idea Tsuwamon was thinking his own thoughts. In fact, the ChuChumon saw no change in brain activity- only seeing the brainwaves of the mindless puppet he thought he controlled.

But Tsuwamon didn’t know of ChuChumon’s influence…So all of this rambling was for moot anyways.

We now get some character insight into Kotone and Tsuwamon.

Oh- and CHuCHumon too.

“Kotone?” He asked suddenly, not above a whisper.

“Yes?” The girl asked in return.

“Do..” he hesitated for a second, at the back of his brain, he felt a twitch. (ChuChumon was trying to peek into his brain. ‘I didn’t authorized that inquiry!’) “…You think that something might have happened to Dark Knightmon?”

“Possibly.” Cetus replied. “He’s been taking too long.”

ChuChumon tensed up. What was going on?

“I think we need to escape on our own.”

Damn, what was going on here? Why was his puppet talking on its own?

More importantly, why was it thinking the things that ChuChumon himself hesitated to think?

This wasn’t part of the plan!

“I agree.” The girl said.

Not part of the plan! Not part of the plan!

“How should we go about this?”

“I have an idea.” Tsuwamon said.

And for the first time in ChuChumon’s life…

He found himself helpless to do anything.

This is mostly to introduce us to ChuChumon’s presence. In animated form, careful viewers would have spotted him long ago- but would have no clue what he was.

As the duo whispered their plans for escape minutes at a time, the sounds of a cell door opening behind them forced them to stop for the moment.

After a few precious, tense moments of listening to shuffling feet and a girl sobbing quietly, they saw Duskmon and Ranamon being led out by Sally and Merva, with the Skeletal knight wearing handcuffs and the Frog girl not, being the one who was crying tears of relief.

Tsuwamon and Kotone shared a glance of confusion. Why were they being let out?

Koichi and Mizuya are let out- to much confusion.

ChuChumon also felt confused, slightly betrayed, but also somewhat irked. Twilight was falling apart at the seams. First Sparrowmon switched sides, then Nene joined her with the Monitamons, then the previous DeadlyAxmon was captured by the enemy, then the secret weapons begin plotting mutiny, and now Duskmon and Ranamon were being let go?

This…Really was not a part of the plan.

So with a muted sigh, the tiny, golden mouse sat back in his control seat and decided to let events unfold from around him. This was really starting to cheese him off and-


Damn it.

Now he’d made himself hungry with a lame pun.

ChuChumon is made known due to his stomach grumbling aloud!

You’d expect Kotone and Tsuwamon to be mad…or upset….?

The sound was loud enough for Kotone and Tsuwamon to look at the mouse, somehow actually really noticing the being that had been riding on the ninja’s back for the first time.

He didn’t like the looks passing between the two…but they did nothing beyond removing him from the controls and…

Including him in their breakout plans?



They include him into their plans.

After a few moments of chanting, Wizardmon waved his staff over the two hybrids and cast the transformation spell upon them, reverting them from Digimon forms into what they now looked like as humans.

For Duskmon, he lost all of his armor and (then restrained) weapons, leaving him dressed in light grey colored robes. His height reduced somewhat, and his long golden hair shrunk down into something more manageable and dark colored. But beyond that, his eyes were still tainted red and his skin was unimaginably pale. He gave a sigh as he felt the weight of the past years melt away along with all of that armor.

For Ranamon, her cloak vanished, as did her swimming suit… only to be replaced by a much more conservative looking pair of pants and a long sleeved shirt. Her skin also had shifted from it’s odd green tones to a more natural looking brown-tan. Sadly, upon checking, the embarrassing tattoo that she really hated remained stubbornly in place, but even so, she looked relieved at the reversal of the mad science that transformed her and Duskmon in the first place.

“You can reverse the transformation whenever you need to, and shift back again at will.” Wizardmon explained. “But that takes lots of practice and training, which I’m willing to give to you if you’re wanting it.”

“No, thank you though.” Duskmon-Koichi shook his head. “We’ll be happy enough to return to earth once the fighting is all done with.”

These two are turned human again- and this is soon to be one of the last times we’ll ever see them.

“Is there anything you can do about my hair though?” Ranamon-Mizuya asked as she played with a few strands of her still blue hair.

“Nope.” The wizard shook his head. “Sorry, but the spell works on a certain genetic level only, basically transmuting species while keeping the base DNA intact. It doesn’t change hair color.”

“Don’t worry.” Sally smiled while placing her hand on the other girl’s shoulder. “I’m sure you can dye it once we get back home.”

She nodded. “Okay.”

“So this is how you shifted forms when we fought?” Koichi asked as he stared at his hands.

“Yup.” Sally nodded. “Exactly that!”

“Interesting.” He mused. “I’d wondered how it was possible, but DarkKnightmon said that it was just an illusionary tactic to make us think you had an advantage. I wanted to research into it for Mizuya’s sake, but…” he clenched his fists. “That lying bastard!”

‘Welcome to the club.’ Sally thought with a sigh, then looked around. ‘I wonder where Merva went?’

DarkKnightmon’s lies continue to be exposed.

Where was the good warrior Princess?

Why, she was walking over to where Nene stood, looking through the trees at nothing in particular, and still dressed in those odd god-like robes.

“I’d like to thank you again.” Merva began.

“Hm?” Nene looked over her shoulder in surprise. “oh, It was no problem, really.”

“Nene, Don’t be so jovial! He tried to kill us!”Echdina said suddenly.

“Under the influence of a Shademon.” Nene replied back. “Do I have to remind you about the one that was inside us?”

“…No.” The Denizen huffed.

Merva just blinked at this exchange.

Echidna is now talking again. You MIGHT think this is to do with the whole Ascend thing, but it’s not… not really. Echidna just doesn’t have a reason to be silent anymore. The Ascend sequence has pretty much broken her snooze button. She can’t really regress back into silence unless Nene allows it- which she’s not going to do such anytime soon.

“Anyways. As I was saying.” Nene coughed. “It was no problem. I’m just glad it worked is all, considering the circumstances.”

“Yeah, what was up with that anyways?” Merva scowled. “It’s like we were dreaming, but were awake at the same time.”

“Exactly that.” Echidna nodded. “We were somehow split into two selves, a real self and a dream self. Any damage caused to either would cause damage on the other.”

“Sounds…nasty…” Merva frowned.

“DarkKnightmon was probably planning on killing us in our sleep, but somehow it backfired and the whole zone was split.” Nene shrugged. “But whatever caused it, it doesn’t matter now.” she smiled. “We got your brother back, and we have a way of fighting DarkKnightmon on two fronts now.”

“Which sounds nice and all until you realize we have no clue where Zamielmon OR DarkKnightmon are.”Echidna added with a harumph.

Not seconds later, a resound explosion occurred further into the forest, caused by a falling meteor.

“Damn it.” Nene swore, not knowing that the cause was a practice duel and not anything to do with attacking Bagura scum.


We get a *little* explanation as to what happened…but nobody really understands it.

Zamielmon simply stared from his hiding spot in the trees overlooking the clearing where Xros Heart were training.


He’d nearly been killed- no. HUNTED like an animal- almost TEN Whole times this past five minutes.






Zamielmon just slapped all three of his hands (the one on his tail included) to his face. “Damn it, I’ve lost my edge.”

At that moment, the rest of Xros Heart ran into the clearing, all looking for an enemy that wasn’t there (that they knew of).

“What was that explosion?” Akari was asking.

“We were just training.” OmegaShoutmon began. “Nothing really.”

“Training?” Nene asked, shocked. “That was training?”


“LIKE HELL IT WAS TRAINING!” Zamielmon finally snapped as he dove down into the clearing, pointing all three of his index fingers at the three training warriors. “YOU ALMOST KILLED ME! TEN! FUDGE! COVERED! TIMES!”

Musyamon stared at the Bagura goon. “Seriously?”

“SERIOUSLY!” The Death General yelped as he pulled up a torn portion of his pant-legs, showing the gash that had been made by one of Musyamon’s miss-thrown sword strikes. “Just look at this close-shave handiwork! I would’ve lost my leg if you’d actually been trying-!”


“Sorry!” Aradia cried out as she peeked into the “TBC” Card frame. “But that’s all the time we have for today! Broadcast restraints and all!”

“What? They took our slot time too!” Eridan yelled from offscreen.



….Sorry Zamielmon.

And thus the longest arc continues on.

“Sorry! But we don’t take orders from Bagura generals!”

“We kick reason to the curb and-!”

“What did I just say about not having time!”


“Next time, Digimon Xros Wars: Seven Swords!”

“About Time! Honey Land’s Arc finally ends!”

“No! It’s Honey Sky! The Battle of Dreams!”

“A: That doesn’t even make any sense, and B: I Like my title better!”


“Hey! Don’t stick your tongue out at the Boss!”


BOSS! She’s doing it to me too!”


Chaos in the recording studio.

To quote my old A.N.:

 I would’ve kept going at Zamielmon’s rant, but I…I just couldn’t figure out how to end the chapter if I kept going on from that point, so… I took an old Haruhi-ism of the second season, where they were making the movie? Anyways, the show’s animators basically just made one long movie and cut it up into half hour segments, cutting off conversations right in the middle of sentences even!


Also of note:

 Check-mate. …Yeah, the latest HS update was a chess game between uu and UU at the time of writing this (just for the record). I was almost tempted to add in some chess references into Zamielmon’s ranting at the end, but… MEH!

This marks the point where I began plotting Bright Land’s Chess Match.

Why do i make note of this?

You’ll see.



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