Xros Wars AU 02 — CH37

I begin Chapter 37 with a disclaimer: No. I wasn’t on anything while writing this one. :/

Yuu Amano sighed as he looked over Xros Heart’s planning board. A whole day’s worth of planing and scheduling and arranging…

Was it really all just so simple as everyone thought it was?

With another sigh, he wandered out of the room, down a hallway, and into another room, where a nice, soft, fluffy bed lay before him. His bed, his room, so the Lucemon’s wife had said.

Was that really all it took to get a good night’s rest?

With a third sigh he fell down backwards into the bed before muttering “Lights off” (thus turning the lights in the room off) and closing his eyes…

The ringing of an alarm clock forced Yuu to open his eyes warily. Not even a moment’s re-


Alarm clock?

Yuu blinked and sat up.

He was back home, in his own bed. On Earth.

“What the hell?” he frowned.

Well THAT”S not good.

*cue New World (TWILL) Tv Size*

*cue Title Theme*

“Honey Trap! The dual plan catastrophy!”

 Catastrophe. Not catastrophy!

J4P4N, 3ARTH (?)_ _ _| JULY 32ND 80:90 .M.A_ _ _ |

Yuu Amano stared at the broken display of his alarm clock in confusion. Why was it displaying the date as the Thirty-Second? Furthermore, why was the time backwards, and what was with the random numbers in the location display (something he didn’t even remember his alarm clock having!)?

This…Didn’t make any sense to him at all.


…This makes no sense to me either.

Despite what his oddly broken clock said, the morning’s events played out just like any other Thursday.

Except for the fact that he was supposed to be on summer break, and yet his mother still insisted that he had to go to school.

What. The. Hell.

Despite all of this as he walked to school, Yuu still had his Xros Loader, which was of some small comfort in this odd dream like world (It had to be a dream. Only dreams were this off on details.), with him. Right where he’d left it when he went to sleep the night before- In his back left pocket.

Despite the fact that he had changed clothes already.


“It has to be a dream.” he muttered as he walked down the sidewalk. “A very odd, and almost life like dream, but a dream nonetheless.”

Yuu is quick at figuring this out.

Why though?

He arrived at the school’s gate not moments later. “I guess even dream me has to go to school.” he sighed, then stepped forward…

…Only to come back out onto the street when he pulled his other foot forward.

“Huh?” he blinked, then glanced to his watch: six hours later in the day form a single second ago.

The date was wrong again too.

April 88th.

“What the hell?” he frowned.

Dreams sure are weird- aren’t they?

To pull back a bit…

At the exact moment, sometime in the middle of the night, both Xros Heart and the Twilight Squadron began their plans simultaneously. What Xros Heart’s and Twilight’s plans originally were do not matter beyond the initial conditions, as, one could say, the chessboard has been flipped over by the fact that, ironically, both of these plans clashed with each other horrifically, and, normally, would have canceled each other out under different circumstances.

But you see…

…A Burst of distorted static-time had occurred at the PRECISE moment when Xros Heart activated the Energy shield around the Land, sealing Twilight in while, simultaneously, a Doumon, working for DarkKnightmon, cast a spell to create a nightmare world for those who dreamed.

The spell was negated by the shield, and would have dispersed had it not been for the burst of static briefly linking three points of time and space together, causing three other dimensions- Earth, Honey Land, and a third, unknown world- to fuse together under the illusion of the spell and shield.

What was that third dimension?

It’s exact name and properties does not matter. All that does need to be known, however, is that it too is digital in nature, and that the earth that was tied to this dimension has humans with the ability to leap into it physically while leaving a duplicate of themselves on their earth.

And it was this dimension that caused the dream spell to create a waking nightmare around the entirety of Honey Land. Now all those that reside within the land are both simultaneously awake and asleep, having had their bodies been split between two points of time.

As you can see, things are not going well at all.

I think the dimension shout out was to Code Lyoko (despite never seeing that show personally).

Or maybe Persona?


Anyways. Exactly what it says on the tin- The Two plans were started at the same moment as a time storm- causing…quite a LOT of havoc.

This whole episode is because of that.


The boy turned around at his name being called. “Taiki-San!” he did a double take at the sight of the goggle wearing boy rushing towards him on a motor-bike of some sort. “What are you-!”

“No time to explain!” the Denizen replied as- with a sudden VWRR-CLANK– he reached out with a transformed arm, snatched the Amano sibling off of the ground, and tore off through the streets as the entire town exploded into carnage.


Some unidentified Digimon was sent flying into the air from the sewers below- Yuu didn’t recognize it, but if he had been from Marcus’ universe, he would have identified it as a “Gizumon XT,” a synthetic Digimon that had been created to delete a Digimon’s data with a single laser blast.

Of course, this wasn’t a real Gizumon XT, but a mere copy created by the dream spell that had gone horribly, horribly wrong. The even-more-than-usual Fake Digimon exploded in a poof of smoke and spontaneously appearing tree limbs.

Moments later, ShineGreymon rose out of the street…But he appeared different…

Very different.

He was in his Burst Mode, but this time instead of crimson flames, he was wreathed in grey, corrupted, burning agony. “GREAHHHH!” he roared in terror.

ShineGreymon: Ruin Mode.

Agumon and Marcus’ shared worst nightmare.

“Shine-Greymon!” Yuu gasped in surprise. “What happened to him?”

“The plan backfired!” Taiki said as he drove them away as fast as he could. “I don’t know how exactly, but somehow the entire Land has turned into a living nightmare for everyone involved.”

As he said this, a dragonoid Lucemon swooped in from over head, wreathing in agony and pain as he launched attacks he could not control towards ShineGreymon, Ruin Mode.

“What?” Yuu asked, taken aback by the sight. “How is that even possible!”

“DarkKnightmon must have done something at the exact moment we raised the shield.” Hephaestus reasoned. “It’s the only thing that makes sense!”

Lucemon: Dragon Lord Mode.

Lucemon’s worst nightmare.

“Where is everyone then?” Yuu asked.

“We got separated when the shield went up.” Taiki replied. “I think we’re all just dreaming back in Honey Land, but I can’t be sure.” he grimaced as a stray attack nearly hit them. “Damn it! I don’t even know for sure what would happen if we die in here!”

After a few moments, he wound into an alleyway…Which was suddenly the inside of a basement garage somewhere, and parked. With that done, he let Yuu down and looked him in the eye. “You need to find Akari.” he ordered. “Out of everyone she’s probably the only one who can get us out of here!”

“What do you mean?” Yuu asked.

“She’s been able to link our dreams together in the past.” Taiki explained. “If she can link us together again, we might be able to break out of here in one piece.”

“Alright.” he nodded. “I’ll try.”

“Oh!” He held up his Xros Loader. “And if you find Zenjirou, give him this!” There was a burst of green light out of his Xros Loader, which shot down into Yuu’s. “The Starmonz wound up with me when everything went down. The Delta Rare Star Sword might be able to break us out if we do things right.”

This here is to give Yuu some importance in the grand scheme of things.

“Ok.” Yuu nodded.

“Good luck.” With a final nod, Taiki revved the bike up and tore off towards a solid wall…

Which suddenly had a doorway in it the moment he reached it.

“So much for being a dream then.” Yuu sighed, then looked at his Xros Loader. “hello?”

“Hey, Brother!” Starmon replied, appearing as a cartoony version of himself on the screen. “Great to see another familiar face in all of this nonsense!”

“I guess so.” Yuu smiled, then looked around. “So what now?”

“Not a clue!”

“I thought so.” the boy sighed.

For all Yuu knows- this would have been his dream, had these other things not leaked in.

Therefore: it is not his dream alone.

It’s everyone’s.

Lilithmon narrowed her eyes at the garish green grandfather clock that had appeared seemingly out of nowhere the moment they’d had Doumon cast the spell on Honey Land.

It wasn’t even a normal clock either. It’s ‘second’ was just marginally slower than normal ‘seconds.’

“Tick…Tock…” it went.

Topping off the clock was it’s strange face plate- Instead of an actual clock face with hands was a single symbol, simplified dark green vines curling upwards, on a split gold and purple background. As the clock ticked, a needled swayed between the two sides.

“Annoying thing.” She snarled at it. “But familiar…Why is this familiar?”

She turned on her heels and stormed out of the room, joining the rest of her team as they hurried to figure out what had gone wrong.

Lilithmon’s probably thinking of something from The Watch Maker’s shop.

But in reality- This is Doc Scratch’s Clock.

The Flashy one that helps with the God Tier resurrections.


That one.

“…There’s some kind of external interference that’s creating static inside the spell.” Doumon, who was a viral version of the vixen Taomon, was saying as Lilithmon returned. “Along with some kind of energy that’s propagating it further and further beyond my control.”

Lilithmon blinked, then looked down at Blastmon. “What?” she asked. “What kind of energy?”

“Nothing from this dimension.” DarkKnightmon sighed. “Even I can tell that. My…very being trembles to the core at its presence.”

“How odd.” She jabbed a thumb down the way she came. “Think it has something to do with that clock?”

“Potentially.” Doumon remarked. “But I suspect it appeared more because of my spell over the energy that’s causing my spell to have gone haywire to begin with.”

“Time doesn’t exist in dreams, not as we know it, at least.” Cetus began by speaking through Kotone, who then continued on seamlessly without break in thought. “That’s why all clocks in this strange dimension are acting strangely.” and then back to Cetus. “That’s why that clock is off by several seconds, at the very least.”and then back to Kotone as the Land shook with a distant explosion. “But I doubt it’s of any importance beyond causing some sort of nightmare scenario that we intended for Xros Heart to suffer from in the first place.”

Oh Cetus. Oh Kotone…

If only you knew.

The golden Ninja, Tsuwamon, nodded in agreement. “Considering the damage caused by rampaging nightmares already, we shouldn’t have to worry about having to fight Xros Heart.”

“I wouldn’t count them out just yet.” Lilithmon began. “As our dear secret weapon said, Time doesn’t exist here. It could lead to an advantage for them that we have yet to see.”

“What POSSIBLE advantage could our plan have had,” Duskmon ranted as he paced between the cell walls he was now confined to, “if all it did was trap us in our own dreams!”

“Well!” Sally spat at him from across the room, similarly trapped as they were. “Maybe your plan wasn’t such a good one then!”

Duskmon glared at her. “Oh shut up. Like yours was any better!”

“Can you two PLEASE stop arguing now?” Corone asked from her position between them…Strapped to a table, hanging upside down, with all the blood rushing to her head. “You’re giving me a headache!”

“NO WAY IN HELL!” The two Bio-Digimon yelled at the same time.

I have NO clue how Sally and Duskmon wound up trapped with Corone.

“Fine.” Corone sighed. “Be that way. Just ignore the only person in the room trying to help.”

“How could you help, traitor?” Duskmon growled. “Switching sides just like that when our tower fell!”

“Hey!” Sally growled. “She would’ve died if we hadn’t helped her!”

“And you!” Duskmon roared as he grabbed the bars of the cell wall. “YOU switched sides long before then! Betraying us for Xros Heart for no good reason!”

“No good reason?” Sally asked, incredulously. “NO GOOD REASON?” She laughed sarcastically. “Don’t make me laugh! I was never on your side to begin with! I was only there to support Nene with her search for her sister- who, by the by, was held captive in our own home for YEARS without our knowing! A Chamber YOU guarded! Oh- And one more thing.” She grabbed a rock from the floor and hurled it across the room at the Skeletal warrior. “YOU JUST APPEARED OUT OF THIN AIR WITH NO EXPLANATION WHAT-SO-EVER!”

The rock hit Duskmon’s face, and sent him flying back across the rather small room. “OW!”

Corone’s left eye twitched repeatedly as she tried to keep her emotions in check. “Throwing rocks?” she asked herself. “Are we really throwing rocks now?” she took in a deep breath. “I DON’T KNOW HOW TO DEAL WITH THROWING ROCKS!”

And Corone doesn’t like it either.


The shop window shattered as a silver Pickmon flew through it, thrown courtesy of One Yuu Amano.

“Whoo!” Starmon grinned. “Nice toss brother!”

“Thanks.” Yuu rolled his shoulder. “I played softball for a while in kindergarten.”

“That too?” a White pickmon asked as the boy walked over to the broken shop window to raid it’s contents- A long, large, black metal hammer, with a scythe blade on the end instead of a hooked bar for removing nails. “Wow! A scythe master AND a baseball player! You’re amazing!”

“Ah, not really.” Yuu laughed as he pulled the scythe-hammer off of it’s stand, eagerly testing it’s weight as he did so. “I never got into it really, not like I did with scythe dueling.” he took a few steps away from the window and examined the scythe-hammer more closely. “And even then, I only got my mom to agree to it as a hobby and not for sport. She really didn’t like me doing things after I fell into that coma when I was a kid.”

“The one you know Taiki from?” Starmon asked.

“Yeah.” Yuu nodded as he took the scythe-hammer in hand before going through a test motion to see how well it flowed through the air. “he tried helping me, and I turned him down.” he took a swing through the air. “Thing’s probably would have worked out a lot better for all of us if I hadn’t.” he laughed. “Can you imagine how different things would be if I got pulled to the Digital world with Taiki and Zenjirou the first time?”

“Aye.” Starmon nodded. “I can! Lots of changes, brother!”

Remember how Corone’s a Soul Eater Shoutout?

Well…This hammer-scythe is to Homestuck’s John Eggbert’s prized hammers as Yuu is to Soul Eater canon.

…No. That doesn’t make any sense to ME either. But this is what my brain thinks as it struggles to process my own writing here.

Yuu closed his eyes as he took a practice stance with the weapon. “I would’ve found Nee-san a lot sooner, for sure. Then we might’ve been able to get Kotone-san out of the tower and then…?”

He opened his eyes and lunged forward, swinging the scythe blade up and across a lamp pole.


The pole- along with the five trees in a line behind it- slid apart into two clean pieces.

“Woah.” all of the shade-wearing Starmonz let said shades drop down their noses quite a bit, revealing their widened, shocked eyes.

“That’s some blade!” a Silver Pickmon commented.

“Some blade indeed!” Yuu blinked at the carnage.



The camera zooms in on a disk’s right side, showing Yuu standing there with several White Pickmonz around him. The camera panned over past Starmon (in the center) to the disk’s left side, with Corone standing there surrounded by silver Pickmons.

The camera pans out, and the disk flips over, revealing two yellow outlines of Yuu wielding the Scythe-hammer and what appears to be a SuperStarmon ready to punch something into submission.


Blah Blah- usual foreshadowy things.

An explosion burst through a cliff face overlooking a pristine beach on some heavily forested island.

As rocks and debris slammed down into the sand, a body- the still half-conscious form of Ranamon- hit the sand along with them. “Owww…” she groaned.

“That was the wrong move, trying to drown me in a cave!” Akari snarled as she jumped down from the cliff face to the beach below.

“Yeah right.” Ranamon huffed as she pushed herself up. “Every fire user I’ve met has never gotten the fact that water always puts fire out when it comes to enclosed spaces!”

“All I see is a lot of steam.” Akari remarked as she readied her mic-stand, not even caring about said steam rising from the nearby rocks. “Hot air, if you will?”

“DRAINING RAIN!” Ranamon spun around and hurled a sphere of water.

“Rowdy Rocker.” Without a shout, without a yell, Akari simply blocked the water sphere with the head of her Microphone stand and deflected it over into the cliff face.


This is part of a Frontier Shout out, as well as….a Frontier Shout out?

…It’s two Frontier Shout outs in one.

Silly Ranamon.

The beauty of this…Dream Bubble was that time didn’t flow properly. Meaning that for some, minutes had passed from the initial cascade of events, while for others…

Whole hours, maybe even days had passed.

For Nene Amano, she had spent the last three of these dream hours on a date with one Kiriha Aouma.

…Of course, that was not Kiriha Aouma at all.

The Real Kiriha Aouma, was now side by side with Taiki Kudo, fighting a rogue Scorpiomon…

Who happened to be ten times the size of a normal Scorpiomon and appeared to be Digi-Xrossed with GigaBreakdramon.

“Where the hell did this thing come from?” Kiriha yelped as he jumped away from a spinning drill-claw.

“Who knows!” Typheus replied as he summoned a whirlwind to fight the beast. “What I want to know is how we’re going to beat it!”

…Seriously… Where the hell DID that thing come from???????

But back to Nene and her Not-Kiriha for a moment, let’s see who’s really behind that mask, shall we?

Why, it’s none other than Ignitemon- Mirvamon’s little brother! What is he doing here impersonating Kiriha?

Well, the simple fact of the matter is, he wasn’t doing anything at all. He simply stood there as Nene’s own wishes and desires put a disguise down upon him, sending words from his mouth that he did not speak, and returning emotions that he did not feel.

In essence, he was the anchor for a dream among nightmares.

But, if he had anything to say about it, that would soon change.

Of course, the irony of this is that Ignitemon was NOT in control of his own body- A Shademon, born of DarkKnightmon’s twisted plans, was the one waiting patiently for the perfect moment to strike.

“I’m really glad we did this tonight, Kiriha-kun.” Nene was saying as they approached a…House? Ignitemon really couldn’t tell where he was, considering that the memory the dream was based off of was so old. “We should do it again.”

“I’m glad we did this too, Nene.” The dream was saying. Shade-Ignitemon smirked. Now was the perfect time to turn this girls dream into a nightmare. He took control of the illusion and took a step forward, reaching out with a hand to cup her face. “It’s revealed so much to me.” and then he leaned in…

She closed her eyes…


And then opened them in shock as he dismissed the illusion of the dream with a single knife to the center of her chest. “K-Kiri…”

“Sorry.” Shade-Ignitemon smirked at the girl, speaking with his warped voice that he knew she’d recognise. “But Kiriha-Kun isn’t here right now.”

Ah- and there’s the Spades Slick style “STAB GREET.”

Poor Nene-chan.

Suddenly the Scorpio-Breakdramon Xros exploded as a giant beam of energy slammed into it from above, almost like a meteor.

“What the…?” Taiki took a step back, readying his sword.

From the smoking remains of the Digimon was a girl- Somewhat older than the two Generals by a few years- In fact, you, the readers, would recognize her as the very same girl that had saved Shoutmon in his flash back moment.

But Taiki and Kiriha never saw that flash back, so they had no clue it was her.

“Oi.” She waved at them. “You’d better hurry and wake up, air boy!”

Airu makes her first actual non-flash back appearance!

“What was that?” Kiriha took a step forward, fists clenched.

“Your girl-friend’s dying back in the real world.” She continued. “Waking me hasn’t even realized what that clock was for yet, so that’s why I’m here.”

“What clock?” Hephaestus asked.

“Never mind that.” She shook her head. “Just hurry up and snap out of it already!”

“Who are you?” Typheus asked.

“Oh for crying…” The girl sighed then stormed over to Kiriha. “Quit daydreaming and get Nene to her bed already!” she pulled her right hand back…


And then the general faded away in a subtle white glow as she slapped him across the face.

“What are you-?” Hephaestus began before…


She slapped him too, causing him to vanish in the same white light.

“Ch.” She put her hands on her hips. “Why is it that I’m always cleaning up Tactimon’s messes?”

….She slapped them back to the land of the waking world. …Also, waking up via dream bubble shenanigans. Maybe that was the reference?

“WHAT THE HELL?” The Denizen of Breath and the General of Blue Flare were yelling as Taiki sat up from where he had just woken up. NENE! ECHIDNA! Come on..! Wake Up!”

Kiriha has a bit of a split personality here. Doesn’t he?

“What…?” Taiki looked around the room where they had triggered the shield around the Land.

Lucemon was leaning against the table, face twisted into a grimace as he dreamed of a rampage he could not control. The Starmons were dozing all around the room, with some muttering things like “how cool!” And…Nene!

Nene was lying on the ground, face contorted in pain as…as…

Taiki blinked as he looked over her. Kiriha was leaning over her, having already removed her jacket and…

There was blood pooling on the ground beneath her.

“Nene..!” Hie eyes widened for a moment as he registered the shock…

“Where’s Cutemon?”Hephaestus asked as they both took on a dedicated look of determination.

This would be a major “Oh Crap!” moment for the viewers- Dream wounds *Carry Over!*

“But I don’t wanna be a gopher!” Cutemon was crying as he and Lopmon ran from a horde of Goblimon.

“Give me back my sister!” Marcus was roaring as he chased after a Drimogimon, running in the opposite direction.

“What the hell is going on here?” Lopmon asked, eyes widened in shock and confusion.

Yeah. I don’t think Cutemo’s going to be of much help here.

Oh- another of Marcus’ nightmares.

Meanwhile, back with Yuu and the Starmons…

After wandering through the dream-space for a while, our group of travelers had arrived in the center of a clearing.

In the center of which stood the golden ninja Tsuwamon and his companion, the Denizen Cetus.

“It’s the Ninja!” Starmon cried out upon spotting the duo. “And…! And…!”

“Kotone-san!” Yuu called out upon spotting his other older sister.

“Excuse me?” The Denizen tilted her head. “Who are you?”

“My name is Yuu Amano!” Yuu said as he took a step towards her. “I’m your younger brother!”

The girl blinked her oddly colored eyes. “Funny, but I don’t remember having a younger brother.”

“You don’t have one.” Tsuwamon said coldly, almost as if it were a part of a pre-programmed routine. “Nor do you have any family, no matter what they might say. You are the pure reincarnation of the ultimate Shademon.”

“Hey That’s a Lie!” Starmon exclaimed. “You’re both Kotone Amano and the Denizen Cetus, sharing the same body!”

“My name is Cetus.” the Denizen Said. “But I am not the Denizen of the old world. I was simply named for her.”

“Is that what they’ve been telling you?” Yuu asked. “Do you even remember anything about earth? About me and Nene? Or what about the past of the Digital World?”

“All memories I have…” Kotone began before trading over to Cetus. “Are but dreams resulting from memories left within my base DNA.”she switched back. “The circumstances of my birth were…”


I’m not sure whether or not Cetus and Kotone are playing a prank here…or if this is part of their subconscious minds talking here…?

“I SAID: SHUT THE HELL UP.” Corone repeated, having finally snapped. “Shut up so I can figure out how to deal with this rock throwing thing!”

Sally blinked. “um..”

Duskmon blinked. “what?”

Both were startled by the sudden yelling from the girl and remained quiet for a moment or two.

Corone huffed. “Now then.” she sent glances over to Sally and then over to Duskmon. “Are we done fighting here?”

“Yes.” Sally replied, crossing her arms and nodding respectfully.

“Shut up, insect.” Duskmon remarked.

“What did you just call me?”

Whoops. Duskmon just said the wrong thing.

“Shut up shut up shut up!” Yuu repeated repeatedly. “That’s all wrong!”

“And what would you know about correctness?” Tsuwamon asked. “Your ‘resistance’ is just an bug in the grand scheme our master has for the Digital World.”

“Bu…” Yuu was cut off as Starmon raged at the ninja.

“And which master is that HUH!” the star roared. “Baguramon or DarkKnightmon!”

“One and the same.” Tsuwamon replied casually. “They are the same being in two different souls.”

“That makes absolutely no sense at all!” Starmon shot back.

“And what would an insect like you know about sense?”Cetus asked.

“Insect?” Yuu asked, narrowing his eyes. For some reason, that really ticked him off.

…Cetus. Dang it. Really???

Elsewhere, deep within the internal mechanisms of that strange green clock…

Two keys turned simultaneously, causing the speed of the clock’s ‘ticks and tocks’ to speed up.



Lilithmon wasn’t there to see it.

If she had been, however, she would have realized something that always had happened and always would happen had just- in fact- happened.

“What did you just call me?” Corone repeated.

“An…Insect?” Duskmon blinked.

Sally, who had yet to witness this event, could only whistle as she remembered what Shoutmon had said about calling Corone an insect. “That was the wrong thing to say.”

“What did you just call us?” Yuu asked.

“Bugs? Insects?” Tsuwamon asked in return. “It’s what you are after all.”

“Uh…” Starmon took a cautious step back as the scythe-hammer in Yuu’s hands began to glow a bright blue color. “Oh.”

And in that moment, circumstantially simultaneous and yet physically separate, two voices cried out across two points of a dream bubble, linking said points together as one waking self and it’s dream self merged together.



I’m just gonna…

There was an explosion of light from Yuu’s Scythe-hammer- Actually Corone through some sort of dream shenanigan, which you might have already guessed- shot out of his hands and flung forward, punching not only Duskmon as he suddenly appeared in a flash of white light but also managing to give a deliriously sick-nasty round house kick to Tsuwamon’s chest in the moments following.

“It’s time to BRAWL!” Starmon roared as he and his followers began to glow with a blinding Yellow light, much different from the teleportation of dream selves, but very, very similar to the one exploding from Yuu’s Xros Loader.


I think it’s safe to say that this dream bubble has sufficiently been popped. And about time too. Even I was starting to get confused by it.

go google that next song link now.

}Nene: Ascend

*cue Clockstopper (Homestuck album: ColoUrs and Mayhem: Universe B)*

At that moment, but several seconds before hand, A clock appeared next to Nene’s bed in a flash of light. Kiriha looked over, startled for a moment.

Simultaneously, in the dream itself, Shade-Ignitemon had failed to notice one thing about where he had chosen to stab Nene to death: The very oddly textured stone rectangle that they had been standing on had the symbol of Life on it- Echidna’s symbol- The same as the clock.

With the camera pulling away from that scene at the 0:08 mark of the song, we see the two sides of the dream beginning to over lap, with Nene at it’s center. Kiriha standing on one site, with the Shade-Ignitemon standing on the other.

Meanwhile, the Green grandfather clock ticked away in harmony with the smaller alarm clock.

As the :22 mark hit, both beds and clocks began glowing as the two Nene’s fused together entirely, with strange pink energy beginning to condense around her body. Kiriha stared on as her body began to glow as well, and began to rise up into the air. Shade-Ignitemon snarled and drew another dagger.

At the :30 mark, her clothes transformed into similar energy, only slightly lighter in color, as the pre-existing pink energy began swirling around her body in a certain pattern- A Spirograph.

At the :37 mark, the grand father clock’s pendulum hit the center exactly and ceased ticking while the Alarm clock continued. But despite this, the Life symbol on all three objects- the bed and the clocks- began to glow a brilliant shade of green.

Nene’s body floated high into the air, way above the bed as the pink energy began to swirl faster and faster until…!

At the 0:54 mark, she exploded into a brilliant sphere of white light.

And I do mean exploded, as at the :58 mark, that sphere expanded quickly and vastly, shattering through every single moment of the dream bubble and over every dreaming person, shattering the nightmares, and undoing any damage that had been caused by them, like a wall of white energy flowing across an ocean of dreams.

At the 1:12 mark, a new beat took into the song as Yuu’s Xros Loader flared into life, bringing the Starmonz Brigade together into a single form, Digi-Xrosing AND Evolving at the same time, much to the surprise of Kotone and Cetus.

Silver Legs smashed into the ground, yellow arms swung through the air as the star-shaped chest-face let loose a roar of evolution, still wearing those pointy shades over the chest’s eyes despite the new Digimon having a head, where the fifth point should have been, covered in a red helmet.

At the 1:20 mark, Yuu lept forward, side by side with the new CascadeStarmon, towards Corone, who immediately transformed back into her scythe-hammer form without even needing to look at them.

CascadeStarmon broke off and diverted straight towards Tsuwamon, while Yuu spun his partner-weapon around as he dove towards his startled sister.

With a scream we couldn’t hear over the music, Yuu brought the weapon up and swung down towards the Denizen of Water, who instinctively brought up a sword of water to block the hammer end of the Scythe.

Meanwhile, CascadeStarmon delivered a right hook that sent Tsuwamon sprawling into a prison wall that had appeared out of nowhere.

Meanwhile still, Duskmon had barely recovered from the opening punch to suddenly find himself on the receiving end of a barrage of bullets courtesy of Sally, who was running towards him with both guns armed and blazing.

And so as the three way Mele began, the camera suddenly switched views at the 1:37 mark, back to Nene, who was now descending towards the bed she had just risen from, decked out in some fancy new clothes. Green and pale white cloth covered her body, with the Green symbol of Life on her chest, and a dark green hood over her head, concealing her hair. Topping it all off were the pink energy dragon wings off of her back.

At the 1:45 mark, Kiriha stared up in awe at the girl as she, with out her bare feet even touching the ground, reached an arm out and snapped her fingers, teleporting the three of them elsewhere in a burst of pink and white energy.

That elsewhere was the site where ShineGreymon- Normal mode- and a dazed Lucemon looked up in awe at the proverbial god that had just descended upon them.

The Shade-Ignitemon remained in a choke hold in the Fully Ascended Denizen of Life’s right hand, while Kiriha floated along side them on green energy wings.

Nene extend her left hand as she looked down upon them, revealing her glowing, brilliantly violet eyes.

At the 1:54 mark, the camera view immediately switched back to another fight.

Akari and Ranamon.

Who, despite having been teleported to a random part of a city space, were still staring off at each other in a heated duel.

At the 2:05 mark, Akari leveled her mic-stand at the frog-girl, who could only Rib-bit in annoyance as she summoned several spheres of water. “Give up.” The General ordered. “Switch sides. It’s not worth fighting us over!”

“Like hell I’ll join you lot!” Ranamon spat back. “This is the only way to undo the things that happened to me in that lab!”

“is that what they’ve been telling you?” Akari asked, eyes narrowed. “Did you even question who ordered them to do that?”

“Of course not!” Ranamon replied. “Nobody but his own selfish mind came up with those cruel ideas!”

“Idiot!” Akari countered. “Everything leading up to this stupid war has been a part of DarkKnightmon’s plan! The shademon he uses so freely were made in that same lab!

“Y-You’re lying!” the frog girl croaked. “The Shademon plan was to-”

“To What?” Akari narrowed her eyes. “To take over the world by possession?”

“I…I…!” Ranamon dismissed the spheres of water as she took several steps away from the girl.

At the 2:34 mark, Akari leaped forward, Mic-stand blazing up into flames. “You’ve been played!”

And then the Mic-stand smashed down into the faux-shadow of DarkKnightmon that had been standing behind Ranamon the entire time, destroying it instantly.

As the Frog girl collapsed to her knees, shock welling up into her eyes…The camera switched to another POV at the 2:40 mark.

Back to The Yuu Vs. Kotone fight…

…Where Nene and the others were descending down upon them.

Yuu flipped over his sister and brought the handle bar of the scythe hammer up to her neck. “Watch!”

That simple word brought everyone’s attention up to the sky at the exact 3:00 mark as Nene threw her left hand out, throwing the Shade-Ignitemon into the air, and leaving him hovering there. She then struck out with her right hand, placing the two backs of them together, and then pulling apart.

Before everyone’s eyes, a shadow version of Ignitemon began to pull away from the boy’s body. It was a slow process, taking up to several seconds to safely and securely separate the two, but when it had finished, Nene snapped the fingers of her right hand, Teleporting Ignitemon away to somewhere safe while she took care of the shadow that had possessed him.

With a determined scowl set upon her mouth, she brought the shadow ignitemon closer, transforming it into a pink variation of energy, and began condensing it down into a sphere of energy. Closing her eyes in determination, she pressed down with her hands, forcing the sphere smaller and smaller and adding in a Spirograph pattern-spell for good measure. Once it was down to the size of a small basket ball, she offhandedly flung the sphere to her right, not having a target in mind.

Eyes followed it for a moment…

At the 3:32 mark, that sphere immediately hit Tsuwamon in the chest, exploding on contact, and flinging the golden ninja away into a nearby tree.

After that happened, other Digimon began teleporting in in flashes of white and pink energy- all those of Xros Heart and the Land’s natives.

And as Kotone watched all this wide eyes, Corone simply said. “That’s the side I’m on.”

To which Yuu added. “What about you?”

From within the tower walls Zamielmon snarled at the display of might that was being presented before his tower castle.

Lilithmon just smirked at the 3:52 mark of the song. “About time you got your act together.”

As DarkKnightmon viewed the battle field moving towards him, he scowled darkly. “So this is what happens when the universe sets a game against me.”

And through all of this, OmegaShoutmon led the charge forward, gliding forward with the powers provided through a time travel trinket as he narrowed his eyes at the tower, a smirk forming on his mouth.

For, see, this might of force was just a distraction.

One person was missing.


Well, at the 4:31 mark, A flash of Pink and white light above the tower’s top floor revealed the Denizen Hephaestus, powered up with jet wings and armored sword.

As The Bagura forces were all too busy looking down, they failed to notice the boy sneaking up behind them, foot after foot.

A the 4:55 mark however, the Denizen’s music making powers kicked in, drawing DarkKnightmons’ attention backwards towards the boy who had once bested him at his own game.

Lilithmon and Blastmon made no move to block, instead vanishing in a flash of white light from the dream area entirely, leaving Doumon, DarkKnightmon, and Zamielmon left behind to fight the boy-General as he smirked at them.

And as the song drew to a close, all the Bagura’mon employees could hear was that rhythm beating every so patiently with no end in sight.

And as Taiki leveled his sword at them, a second and third flash of light brought Yuu Amano and Kiriha Aouma to the battlefield as well.

“Ready to end this, DarkKnightmon?” Taiki asked.

The poor demon’s eyes just widened in horror as the song hit the 5:34 mark, and ended seconds later.



Where to begin?

This sequence is probably the whole reason this episode is so disjointed as it is.

I had it set in my head to have Nene Ascend while set to this song and inorder to GET to this part of the song…well…

I had to write an oddly disjointed episode.

The Stone Slab that Nene’s one half landed on is a dream projection of a QUEST BED.

The Starmonz Digi-Xros and Evolve in an instant- becoming CascadeStarmon- whose design is inspired heavily by Gurren Lagann yet again– it’s the shades, I swear.

During this dream- Akari confronts Ranamon about her own actions, and reveals that DarkKnightmon’s played her like the frog she is.

Nene/Echidna THEN separate the Shademon from Ignitemon, and then throw the remaining shademon energy aimlessly at Tsuwamon– THIS IS IMPORTANT!

Back to Bagura- Lilithmon and Blastmon VANISH- leaving DarkKnightmon, Zamielmon, and Doumon alone to face the approaching Xros Heart.

Taiki then appears with Yuu and Kiriha at his sides, and he levels a sword at the Dork.



“DIGIMON INTRODUCTION CORNER!” The Red Monitamon cried out as they introduced their fifth episode!

“Today we have a double for you!” Aradia pointed, with her handy dandy extend-o-Wand, towards a picture of CascadeStarmon standing rather heroically besides Yuu, who was holding the Scythe-hammer mode of Corone. “First is CascadeStarmon!” Sollux discretely changed pictures as she said the name. “He’s a Jogress Evolved Digimon, unlike the other, previous, Digimon we’ve introduced! He came from the fusion of a Starmon with his follower Pickmons! The Silver ones make up the legs, the white ones the arms, and the strange red one making up the head while the main Starmon makes up the torso!”

“His Primary attack is the “Cascade Reckoning!” which summons a massive storm of meteors from sub-space to crush his opponent!” Sollux explained. “And his certain-kill finisher is the “Cast-Shade Boomerang!” in which he summons energy versions of his shades and throws them at his opponent!”

“His name is a pun on his finisher move as well!” Eridan explained. “Cas-Cade, Cast-Shade! Get it?”

Aradia’s digital left eye twitched as she forced herself to move on. “Second up is DeadlyAxmon!” Sollux changed the picture boards again very smoothly, showing Corone standing next to her scythe-hammer form. “Much like Spadamon from Sweets Zone, Deadly Axmon is a Weapon Digimon who can transform into a living weapon from a Digimon form! Our resident dork, SkullKnightmon, had no clue that Deadly Axmon could do such a thing outside of his forced Digi-Xros forms!”

“Her Primary special move when combined with a partner is the “Demon Hunter!” slash, in which the partner swings her like a scythe to cut through anything in their path!” Sollux explained. “And the second Primary Special move is the “Breath Impact!” in which the partner smashes their opponent with the hammer like end!”

“Eh…” Eridan shrugged. “I’ve got nothing.”

…TO Which Aradia punched him in the snout to establish superiority.

“OW!” He yelped. “What was that for?”

“For the LAST Explanation!” she yelled.

“Ohh.” he groaned. “right.”

A two-fer-one this week. Corone and CascadeStarmon are the focuses. For quite a while- these attack names are informed abilities only. However- they all get used after some time.


“The race is on!”

“Quick! Catch that Digimon!”


“Bah! You won’t catch me…I’m the ultimate hunter!”

“I won’t let him get the better of us!”

“You’re not going to escape, Zamielmon!”

“Next time: Digimon Xros Wars: Seven Swords!”

“Honey Victory! Zamielmon the Hunted?”

“It’s time we ended this story arc with a bang!”


This arc is an episode longer than in the canon Anime. Why?? Doesn’t matter.

Mainly this episode though.

All that extra filler that I could have done without.




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