Xros Wars AU 02 — CH36

Chapter 36 — Thus begins the longest, and strangest, arc of the entire 7Swords Act.

*Cue Fight for Victory*

“The Digital World!” Kiriha narrated. “Once a unified world, now split into seven! With two of the Death Generals now dead, Xros Heart continues forward on an ever unfolding road. The Dragon General and the Vampire Forger have been slain. But what lies on the road ahead?”

*cue New World TV Size (TWILL)*

*Cue Title theme*

“Honey Land! The lost Weapon Digimon?”

Continuing on with the Title Theme Naming.

We have Honey Land- Mirvamon’s introductory episode- and some MORE Sparrow Backstory!!

This time, Xros Heart had managed to stick together inside the tunnels as they entered the next land…

A a good tree’s height above the ground.

“WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH THE MAP DESIGNERS!” Marcus roared as they fell…

…Marcus has a legitimate complaint here. Whoever set the spawn regions left them MEGA High.


Straight into a grove of trees.

“I hate to break it to you.” Hephaestus lamented after they hit the ground at a much slower rate than they would have otherwise. “But I don’t think anyone is actually supposed to be using these tunnels for physical transport.”

“Also.” Agumon huffed. “This is real life, Boss. Not a video game.”

“Meh.” The man replied.

“Honestly.” Sally huffed as she brushed her shoulders off. “I could deal with a little less falling and a little more destruction.”

“Honestly.” Kaiyumi didn’t even sit up from where she’d landed. “I could go for a nap right about now.”

“Me too…” Cutemon sighed.

“I’ve got de ja vu!” Revolomon commented.

“So…” Yuu asked as he looked around. “Where are we?”

“Looks like Jungle Zone.” Nene replied. “But the Zones were all fused together…” she frowned. “But Green Zone was in Dragon Land along with Shinobi Zone, so it’s possible we are in Jungle Zone.”

This is guiding the audience along. They are INDEED in olden Jungle Zone…

“In that case.” Shoutmon laughed. “It’s a good thing we landed in the same spot, unlike last time!”

“What happened last time?” Corone asked.

“You don’t remember?” Shoutmon asked.

“Should I?” The girl replied.

“You were there.” he frowned.

“I…Was?” she blinked. “Oh yeah! Now I remember…” And then she wrenched her eyes shut. “All that spinning…!”

Shoutmon sighed. “I swear, we have the weirdest team imaginable.”

“Agreed.” Dorulumon sighed as well. “Looking at all of us rag-tag misfits…I really can’t see how we’ve made it this far.”

Seriously- looking back through this entire story? You guys have been running on a METRIC TON of Luck.

“Versatility.” Terezie said as she and the others reloaded from the Xros Loaders. “We each specialize in different parts of battle and combat should the need arise!” There was a crash as Problem Chessmon and the Red Pickmon chased after a Crow straight into a tree. “Some of us more than others…” She sighed. “I swear, not ten seconds out of the Loaders and they go and cause trouble.”

“Yup.” Shoutmon paled as the crow dropped a watermelon (What the hell?) down from a tree upon the two hapless digimon. “That’s us. Ragtag bunch of misfits for hire. ‘Cept nobody’s willing to pay us except fate itself.”

…Yeah, that’s about it in a nutshell.




There was pin prick of light…

“GH-” SkullKnightmon’s eyes widened as his dream-body was suddenly drilled through, leaving a gaping hole in his chest. “Khr-k…”

He coughed and then…

Found himself floating above the dusty landscape.

He..was dead?

His mind accepted it. Really, it’d been a long time coming for him…

But his body’s self-preservation instinct kicked in and his data immediately began dragging itself back together, pulling downward towards the darkest place he knew of- The Record chamber he had just been eaten in.

From the deepest shadow, his data congealed together and began to reform- First a snake like shadow…then a slight dragon…then his Meta-Knight like form of Skull Knightmon.

“That…” He breathed. “Was too close for comfort…”

This particular segment was inspired by someone editing SkullKnightmon’s TV TROPES character entry on the XWAU02 Character Page to say that his recovery was unexplained.

I realized they were right. So I decided to write one up!

No more kidding around with theories. Time for the facts straight from the Dork himself!

DarkKnightmon’s eyes opened as he exited his resting chambers- a small, pitch black room from which no light could enter. ‘That dream again? ‘he asked himself.

“Personal Journal Three, Entry Forty, Month Seven, Time until D5…Unknown.”

The Knight strode down the hallways with a destination in mind, paying no attention to any of the Army-Digimon that took great strides to get out of his way.

“I’ve had the dream again. Why it persists I do not know for sure, but I believe it has to do with my very nature as a Shadow-Ghost Digimon.”

He passed by Ranamon and Duskmon, who were currently engaged in a friendly arm-wrestling match- Duskmon was losing. For some reason this sight held his attention for the remainder of the game.

“As I’ve briefly wrote in Journal One, entry eight, My very being came into existence from Baguramon’s betrayal to the side of the Dark Dragon, Moon Milleniumnmon. The Denizens ripped his entire right side from his body along with his shadow, creating I, SkullKnightmon, in the process. However, That is all I wrote on the matter at the time and I feel like I should give this journal entry a more…flushed out subject to it, as I fear my time among the living is growing shorter by the day.”

With Duskmon soundly defeated, DarkKnightmon summoned the two to his side.

This is a Meta-Narration. With DarkKnightmon narrating to a journal as he does other things.

“Because of this, we each had to find ways to stabilize our data in a more permanent way. My brother via the root of a dead tree, and I by possessing the closest Digimon I could find, a DeadlyAxmon by sheer coincidence. This was a simple version of the Jogress Evolution that had once been introduced into the world, and would further serve as the very basis of the Digi-Xrossing that once did and continues until even now to threaten my plans.”

DarkKnightmon rapped on the door belonging to his trump card and waited, with Ranamon and Duskmon looking annoyed at the wait more than he was.

“However, my data was more…corrupt than my brothers, and thus I soon burnt out that DeadlyAxmon’s life energy, forcing me to possess another in order to survive while my brother lived on with that…simplistic Husk. This new Digimon that I possessed was a Garudamon, and, in a process that caught me off guard, it transformed into a DeadlyAxmon to better serve my new primary form of DarkKnightmon.”

When the door opened, an irate looking Kotone stood on the other side, dripping wet and wearing only a towel. DarkKnightmon made a few gestures and then the girl closed the door again, opening it again a minute later with a dress made out of pure water-energy flowing over her body. As she strode out the door, closing it behind her, Ranamon observed a dolphin’s tail, formed similarly out of water-energy, and gave a thumbs up.

Kotone is supposed to have come out of the shower here. There’s a bit of a brick joke here- as a Water Denizen host, she LOVES long showers and baths.

This is referenced later on at the start of Hunters…

“Thus began my research into my very being. It would take me the better part of a decade to finally understand that I was just a shadow- an Echo of living matter- given it’s own shadow. And as such, I could overwrite existing shadows with my own, thus possessing them. It was then that I contacted the Mummymon in Heaven Zone, and contracted him to create better versions of my own species, as well as signing him onto an expanded, more public contract with the Empire itself to recreate the Weapon Digimon that were rumored to exist in the olden days of Reaper Zone before it was known by that name, long before the days of the Denizens as we now know them.”

Their little rag-tag group passed by Lilithmon and Blastmon (Still just a head) and DarkKnightmon motioned for them to follow down the hallways.

“Before Mummymon was brutally executed, he did manage to create three things for me. The first was the blueprints for the Darkness Loader, the Second was the Shademon species, and the third…”

He smirked as they found Damemon, who immediately shifted into his Tsuwamon form and joined their little march for the conference room.

“A Beautiful weapon Digimon- a Ninjamon formerly- who was perfectly loyal to me and me alone. Not even I could have predicted how useful this Digimon would be for my own future plans.”

And so they reached the Emperor’s personal chambers. DarkKnightmon knocked.

“During this time, Mummymon also tied down that the sometimes recurring dreams of mine are tied to my ability of possession. I…Have on occasion retained the memories of the host I was possessing during that time of possession, despite the host’s suppressed mindset, something even the good Mummy was unable to strip out of the Shademon DNA.”

Baguramon himself stepped out a moment later, and joined their group march towards the conference room.

Hmm- bit of backstory conflict here. I’ll need to rectify that in a rewrite.

“It seems only reasonable that with my last host being a Milleniumnmon in of itself, that it’s ability to influence time seems to have stuck with me, and, as some brief fling of vengeance, it has decided to make me relive it’s death as well as my own near-death. This is all conjecture of course, but there’s no other possible explanation for it.”

Finally, they reached the conference room, with its large, wide, holographic table. They each took positions around the table, and waited for a few moments.

“But is it entirely a coincidence that Baguramon’s siding with a Milleniumnmon resulted in my birth, and a Milleniumnmon later nearly caused my death? I’m afraid I shall never know.”

Four forms flickered around the table- Zamielmon, Olegmon, Gravimon, and Splashmon.

Olegmon, who had been missing from the table previously, appeared to be wearing massive, bulky armor that made him look like a Pirate brute. “So what’s the situation?” He asked in a gravely voice that matched his distorted holographic appearance.

“NeoVamdemon is dead.” DarkKnightmon began. “That is two of the Death Generals defeated.”

The grim news is given- with Olegmon introduced!!

“Impossible.” Gravimon began. “There’s no way he could have lost! From that report he sent in just last night, he had one of Xros Heart absorbed into his very being!”

“And it was with that member that he was defeated…” DarkKnightmon sighed as he pressed a button on the table, displaying a grainy, distorted image of Shoutmon De-Xros. “From within.”

“No way…” some murmured from around the table. “What is that…?”

Another button press, and the video- actually a memory from the deceased NeoVamdemon’s point of view- began playing to each of the remaining generals.

As the record slashed, and the Lasers fired, each General in turn flinched away from the sight of their former ally being destroyed piece by piece.

“Well…” Splashmon said when it was all said and done. “I hate to say it, but the jerk deserved it.”

“You’d treat your own friends like that?” Olegmon asked, raising an eyebrow.

Olegmon’s value of Friendship is introduced here. Another function of these conference scenes was to give some characterization to the Generals before we met them in their home lands.

“He clearly violated the rules the moment he began eating his charges instead of tormenting them for energy.” Splashmon refuted. “If the surviving Digimon hadn’t been sending in the highest amount of negative energy there was, I doubt we would have let him continue on as he was.”

“While this is all true…” Zamielmon interrupted. “Xros Heart entered my land upon NeoVamdemon’s death. I’ve been tracking them for the moment, but they’re doing nothing but wandering around.”

“Keep it that way for now.” Baguramon ordered. “I’m sending in Twilight Squadron to finish them off personally.”

“Brother?” DarkKnightmon took a step back, startled. “I’ve faced Xros Heart before! I won’t be able to stop them easily!”

“True.” Baguramon’s right eye glowed a dangerous red. “But this time you will have the aid of Cetus, the Fourth Denizen, and one of Xros Heart’s own family members.”

“So that’s why you had me invited to this meeting.”The girl ventured with the Denizen’s voice.

“Correct.” Baguramon replied. “With you aiding my brother, Xros Heart won’t be able to retaliate with their full force out of fear of harming you.”

Baguramon is scheming here. He wants Xros Heart stopped- so he’s sending his brother in to finish the job he never wanted.

“Sir.” Lilithmon began. “If I may…?”

“Proceed.” Baguramon said.

“If I go with them, I can distract Xros Heart’s heavy hitters while DarkKnightmon finishes them off.” She offered. “I’ve faced off against them in the past, and we have history with each other. They’ll be distracted if I’m there.”

DarkKnightmon’s eyes narrowed. “Now Lilithmon…”

“Granted.” Baguramon smirked. “That’s the initiative I’ve missed from you, Lilithmon.”

“Thank you, sir…” She bowed.

“So Twilight’s coming to Honey Land.” Zamielmon crossed his arms. “Why does this make me worried?”

“We should prepare for your defeat, just in case.” Splashmon offered. “I have some Xros Heart hostages in my land, I can use them for ransom should they arrive here.”

“One.” Olegmon corrected. “You have One. I Have three. Your hostage won’t nearly be enough to persuade them to stop if they arrive.”

The Generals are bickering among themselves- Lilithmon is plotting for something bigger.

“Dorbickmon had the most and look at what happened to HIM!” Zamielmon reminded. “Dead! As! A! DOORKNOB!”

“AHHEM.” Duskmon coughed, bringing the room to silence. “I sincerely doubt that the Twilight Squadron will fail in our assigned task.”

(“Glad someone’s sure.” Blastmon coughed.)

“You should make some defense plans just in case though!” Lilithmon replied with a wink. “After all, we never thought that Dorbickmon would fall, now did we?”

Actually- it was never a doubt in Lilithmon’s mind.

Her wink here is to her plant- Olegmon- who will relay a message to her other plant- Appolomon.

They’re not time travelers- but they’re good people that Lilithmon’s selected for this job.


Sadly, Xros Heart’s fight with Twilight will have to wait a few episodes, as they’ve just found trouble while the entire above conversation was starting.

“LILLY!” Lila the Lillymon cried out as she jumped forward to save Lilly the Lilamon from the swarm of HoneyBeemon that were attacking her.

“Bee?” The busy little bees looked away from the one flower girl to the other.


A Gust of wind shot out behind and around her, driving into those Honeybeemon and flinging them into the trees.

“Lilly-san!” Zenjirou joined the girl, with the Delta Rare Star Sword in hand, ready to bat away any HoneyBeemon that would dare to return. “Are you alright?”

“Whu…?” Lilly blinked drowsily. “Zenjirou? Lila..?”

“What the hell did they do to you?” Lila asked.

“GAH!” Cutemon squaked as a HoneyBeemon tried to sting him in the leg. “Get away you creeps!”

I say tried because Cutemon gave the bee an uppercut that sent it flying into the stratosphere.

Yup- Jungle Zone. Here’s Lilly the Lilamon.

Yay- more confusion!

The Video Paused, quite literally as if someone had stopped the tape reel (wow! Retro!), and Aradia took a step forward from off screen. “Hi there!” she gave a little wave. “The writer wanted me to clarify: What the HoneyBeemons were trying to do was very simple! Drain their target Digimon- Namely us in this case- of their energy by stinging them with their stingers and then sucking, very much like mosquitoes.” the emoticon on her screen turned into a 0n0 shape. “But these are bees. Not Mosquitoes. So don’t you get confused. OK?


“Right! Back to the show!” the emote turned back into 0u0 as she stepped off screen and the video began playing again.

…Aradia pulls off an Emperor’s New Groove style screen pause to deliver some quick info on the HoneyBeemon.

I did this because it wasn’t immediately obvious what was going on, and I couldn’t put this info in without breaking the flow of the story…

so I did it Meta’ly.

“Damn there are a lot of these things!” Sally growled as more HoneyBeemon began swarming out of the woodwork- Very Literally- to surround them all.

“I hate beeth.” Sollux grumbled as the Honeybeemon began to close in…


In a completely predictable moment in which our heroes don’t even get a chance to really fight, someone swoops in- very literally- to save the day.

In this case, it’s our old friend Saberdramon- Remember her?- on burning blue wings of destruction for the Honeybees.

“BEE!” They cried as they fried.

And then…


Someone new joined the fray.

Rolling through the burning bees was a woman. The first thing that anyone could see was the sword she wielded- Something large, heavy, and completely disproportionate to her body size.- immediately followed by her hair- Long (down to her ankles), braided, and teal.- and the flurry of red cloth that seemed to be attached to her helmet, which was designed to appear like a snake.

When both Bird and Snake stopped their attacks, and the Honeybeemon dissolved into Data, Xros Heart just stood there, blinking.

“Well.” The woman said as she smiled at them. “That’s another group saved.”

“More than that.” Saberdramon said as she lowered down to the ground. “This is Xros Heart!”

And here comes the heroes!!

As Xros Heart soared over the jungle on Saberdramon’s back, everyone took a moment to breathe and take in this odd savior of theirs.

The woman had a snake tattoo winding around her left arm, and was dressed for fighting in a tropical jungle- minimal clothing to fight overheating and that appeared to be laced with chrome digi-zoid metal in its fabric to deflect any kinds of attacks that should hit. For convenience, the massive sword she had been wielding shrunk down into a small dagger that she kept in a hilt that was strapped to one of her boots.

So, while Most of Xros Heart thought she looked like some type of Amazon warrior, one in particular recognized her right off the bat for what and who she truly was.

“It’s been a while.” Sally said after a moment of awkward silence among them all. “Mirva Medullia.”

Mirvamon is another one of those weapon digimon from Heaven Zone.

“As perceptive as always, Sally Sparrow.” a grin broke out on her face. “Indeed it has!”

And then a smile formed on The Digi-Girl’s face. “Oh yes!”

“What’s it been? Three years now?” “Mirva” asked.

“Over five.” Sally replied. “Since I left Heaven Zone.”

“I saw what you did.” The woman said. “Against the President’s corrupted form?”

“Did you now?”

“Oi.” Zenjirou interrupted. “Hold on a second.” he pointed at the two of them. “You two know each other?”

“I thought it was fairly obvious, myself.”Hephaestus commented before letting Taiki take over. “Sally has mentioned a girl with teal hair before.”

“So, can I just ask what’s going on here?” Zenjirou frowned. “I’m pretty confused right now.”

“We’ll explain once we get to camp.” Saberdramon said with a flap of her wings. “We’re almost to the temple now.”

Indeed, Hephaestus’ and Taiki’s comment is alluding to the backstory she’s told before.

*I Indeed Did Plan For This Development!*

“Stingmon!” Taiki grinned at the insect Digimon. “You’re okay!”

“As are you!” Stingmon smiled…or would have if his mouth were visible. “We were all worried when you were all kidnapped, but when we heard you’d been rescued and were fighting on in other Zones…!”

“We were really worried when you guys vanished off the face of the world for six months!” Lucemon smiled as he walked over. “It’s good to see you all again!”

Wait– WHAT?

In the six months since the Digital World had been reformed into the Lands, somehow Heaven Zone had been grounded and fused into Jungle Zone’s center, where Deckerdramon’s temple resided. The two Zones had since forged a tight friendship over their experiences with Xros Heart.

…Okay. Yeah.

In the end, not even Zamielmon’s displays of force could coerce them into fearing the Bagura empire.

“So how’s life been tree-ting you?” A heavily pregnant Petsula asked with a giggle. “Sorry, the tree jokes start to get to you after a while!”

Akari just stared at the angelic girl with wide eyes. “We’ve been better…But what about you! You’re…!”

“I know.” She giggled. “Six months on the nose!”

“That’s…!” Akari narrowed her eyes. “Wait. Six months?”

“I tell you, Beelzebmon.” Shoutmon said with a roll of his eyes as he watched the display of old friends reuniting. “You get thrown through time for six months, and when you get back, people you’ve barely met have made progress in their lives.”

“Yeah.” The Warrior of the Goddess said with a nod. “Time’s tricky like that.”

Yup. Petsula-chan’s pregnant. To be specific- exactly six months from when she last saw anyone from Xros Heart in person.

“Yay!” Lilly smiled as she hugged Stingmon. “I’m all better now!” she was practically glow- Wait. No, she actually was glowing. Bio-luminescence. What a thing for a plant digimon to do. “The doc says I’m all fit for duty, Hehe!”

“Well, now that you’re here…” XVmon began. “Now we can start.”

“Zamielmon actually hasn’t taken control of this Land not even yet.” Lucemon opened with a smile.

“What?” Kiriha did a double take. “But Dark Knightmon said that all the Lands were under their control!”

“The liar lies.” Lilly grinned. “Is anyone surprised, really?”

“Not really” Came to be the general consensus among those gathered around the small, private fire designed for talking and explaining.

Yeah. This is surprising who exactly?

“The point is,” Lucemon continued. “Zamielmon has not been able to take control of the land because of what you guys did in Heaven Zone.”

“Eh?” Shoutmon blinked. “Come again?”

“All that negative energy from the Shademon that possessed me was in of itself corrupted by you guys destroying it, turning it into positive energy that shaped the Land into a brighter place when our Zones fused together with Heaven Zone as the base.” Lucemon clarified.

“And then!” Stingmon further clarified. “All that positive energy reacted with the shield that Deckerdramon used to maintain and caused it to reactivate at double strength!”

“Woah.” Zenjirou’s eyes widened. “Really?”

“Yuppers!” Petsula nodded. “It kept the empires forces out of our way long enough to mobilize a defense against them with Lake Zone’s own armies and defense training!”

“Once that was done, we’ve been able to repel any attacks that come our way for the last Six months.” Mirva replied.

“Lake Zone?” The younger princess Bastemon’s ears perked up. “Does that mean my sister’s here somewhere?”

“The other side of the land.” Lucemon said with a nod. “but yes, they’re all here.”

This is another surprise- is it not?

But we won’t be seeing them any time soon.

“It’s been a while since we’ve been home, hasn’t it?” Knightmon mused aloud.

“Yeah!” the Princess nodded. “I hope everyone’s okay…!”

“So three of our allies managed to land in the same Land?” Shoutmon asked, then clarified. “Pardon the pun, but isn’t that a bit of a coincidence?”

“Not really.” Wizardmon began as he reloaded from a Xros Loader. “There were only so many Zones to begin with, and now there are only Seven Lands, so the math works out in our favor, actually.”

“I concur.” Wizemon nodded as he reloaded from another. “My calculations show that the Zones that Xros Heart liberated were all in the same general vicinity of each other during the shattering. It only makes sense that they’d reunite together.”

“So putting that aside…” Shoutmon continued. “What was all that about the HoneyBeemon?”

“Zamielmon’s been trying to get his ‘fair share’ of energy through other means.” Stingmon stated. “He sends the Honeybeemon through our defenses to siphon it out of us during the night, but ever since you’ve all returned, he’s been kicking up energy collecting to try to offset the difference.”

“We didn’t mean to…!” Akari began.

“No! That’s a good thing!” XVmon countered with a fist-to-palm punch. “We’ve been able to kill more of the bastards this way!”

“I like your style!” Marcus grinned with his own fist-to-palm punch.

XVmon and Marcus do indeed get along well.

“What our friend here is trying to say is…” Lucemon coughed politely. “We’ve been able to deal larger and larger blows to Zamielmon’s forces ever since Dorbickmon’s death. That last batch of Honeybeemon was the smallest we’ve seen all day! His forces either must be dwindling or he’s preparing for a larger offensive. But with you guys here…!”

“So we just need to take out Zamielmon and then everything’ll be a-okay?” Agumon asked. “Sounds like a plan to me!”

Silence for a moment.

“Right?” Agumon asked.

“Well, that’s stage B of the plan, actually.” Mirva began. “See…”

oh this can’t be good.


“Ignitemon?” the boy with similarly colored teal hair asked as he stared at himself in the mirror, staring at his transformed appearance. “But that’s not my name.”

“Oh but it is now, boy!” The Mummymon said. “Your name is Ignitemon Zero Zero One! The Very first of your kind! Don’t you feel special?”

“Leave him alone!” the older girl, held back in a cage in the far side of the room, shouted.

“Ah, But Minervamon Zero One Eight, you are not in a very special position!” The Mummymon sneered at her.

“Don’t provoke me!” the teal haired girl growled. “You don’t want to mess with my brother!”

Flash BACK to the FUTURE_ _ _|

“My Brother’s been kidnapped.” she finished.

“Possessed like Petsula-chan and I were, actually.” Lucemon scowled. “By one of those blasted snakes.”

Sally’s hands clenched into fists. “Mirva, We WILL Get him back. I swear we will…!”

It’s not.


There was a fluctuation of energy as Team Twilight transportalized onto the center floor of the castle’s main room.

“Greetings.” Zamielmon took a step forward to greet the Bagura Empires ‘finest.’

“Woah!” Ranamon did a double take. “He’s tiny!”

Indeed, compared to the other Death Generals like Dorbickmon, Olegmon, or Appolomon, Zamielmon was rather small. His full height went no further than that of a normal humans. “Yes yes. Make fun of the normal sized man among giant toddlers.” And apparently he didn’t take it well.

Zamielmon was, as previously mentioned, averaged sized for a human, and looked fairly much like one dressed up in hunting gear. The only obvious “Digimon” parts about him were the massive arrow that seemed to run through his body without harm and the tail he had that ended in a giant fist, rather reminding one of a certain type of Pokemon when you added in his Purple hair.

But that’s another show.

“What is Xros Heart’s status?” DarkKnightmon asked.

“Unfortunately, they managed to find their old allies from Heaven and Jungle Zones and are preparing an offensive.” The Hunter General of Thursday answered. “While we were holding our meeting no less.”

“Does it truly matter?” DarkKnightmon asked.

“You don’t know the pain these people have caused me over the last six months.” Zamielmon protested. “Xros Heart influencing them early on left my forces defenseless for that onslaught!” he spat at the ground to punctuate his point. “It sure as HELLmatters!”

“Well.” Duskmon began. “We will just have to come up with our own counter strategy then.”

Twilight Transportalizes in….

Kiriha lowered his binoculars as he and one of the Red Monitamon, Eridan, stood in a treetop overlooking the Bagura Empire outpost.

“DarkKnightmon’s here.” he muttered. “And he brought Kotone with him?”

“Damn, this is just too good for us to pass up now.” Typheus began. “A Two for one rescue special.”

“So what’s the plan?” Eridan asked.

“Don’t know yet.” Kiriha narrowed his eyes as he brought the binoculars back up. “But Lilithmon’s in there too…And Blastmon?”

“Combined with what Tactimon told us, plus their own off handed comments, I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re planning something to end up helping us out in the long run.” The Denizen of Breath commented.

“This day just keeps getting better and better…” Kiriha frowned.


And Kiriha sees it!

Next time! The Action Begins!

“Okay, so we’ve got this really complicated plan…”

“…And they’re totally going to walk right into it…”

“…But first we need to…”

“…Kidnap the…”

“…Episode Writers! … Why’s everyone looking at me like that?”


“Next time: Digimon Xros Wars Seven Swords!”

“Honey Trap! The dual plan catastrophe!”

“…I can’t believe this is happening…”

“Believe it, bucko.”

….This preview makes it seem like the two plans are going to mesh against eachother violently.

They are.

Just not in the way you’re expecting.




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