Xros Wars AU 02 — CH35

We open CHAPTER 35 with a nightmare of a headache.

Thump Thump.

…A woman walking across an intersection…

Thump Thump.

…A man lying in a hospital bed…

Thump Thump.

…MetalGureimon, lying near death…

Thump Thump.

…And then…


Being absorbed directly into NeoVamdemon.


Kiriha’s eyes snapped open to the sight of a vaguely familiar sight…

Silence, except to the pitter patter of rain on the roof…

As he turned over, he remembered that it wasn’t a roof, but the part of the cardboard structure he’d erected around himself for the night…

Eight years old…

Eight years old and he was an orphan.

No money.

No House.

No Family.

…No Friends…

The boy sighed, and turned back onto his back…

“Mom…” He whispered. “Dad…” Tears began to brim at the edges of his vision… “Why…?”

And a flash back for Kiriha. This is his backstory- and again, a bit more why he’s the focus of this act.

“…why did you leave…?” present day, Kiriha Aouma whispered as he stared at his Xros Loader.

“How can we undo the Digi Xros?” Zenjirou was asking.

“We CAN’T. It’s not in their programming to undo a foreign Digi-Xros!”Hephaestus replied.

“Then RE-PROGRAM IT!” Riska shouted, her voice hoarse from crying. “We have to get them back!”

“Do you even know how many lines of code we had to re-write just to get them back to the way they originally were?”



“It’s not impossible though!” Kaiyumi interrupted. “I’d need to have a Xros Loader inside of the Xros to be sure, but if I can write a program to analyze the Darkness Loader Xros wavelength…!”

“Is that even possible?” Taiki asked.

“Maybe if we hadn’t destroyed Dorbickmon’s Loader, it’d be less of a chore, but yes.” the lopmon nodded. “It can be done, we just need to hold him still long enough to scan his code.”

The other Lopmon, Nia, spoke up then. “I Know of a place. Somewhere Holy and un-tainted that should be able to hold his darkened spirit.”

Immediately, this episode gives off a grim atmosphere.

Vampire Demon: Xros Heart’s undeniable fate!

You can tell that because I didn’t cue the episode’s title theme.

As the dust from the crumbling castle settled, GigaNeoVamdemon towered above all else as he circled his Land methodically, searching for his prey…

Despite the resistance his combined meals were giving him (The Zone natives were not happy now that all of their data had been reunited) he still retained control thanks to his Darkness Loader…Which seemed to have been absorbed into himself as well!

‘Soon, Xros Heart will fail.’he smirked to himself.

‘Not if I have anything to say about it…’Gureimon snarled from within the forced DigiXros.

Gureimon’s fighting from the inside- along with everyone else from the Zon– LAND. Their Data has been restored into a whole piece.

Dang it, the whole Zone/Land shake up is really a pain- even in this liveblog.

They were moving through the streets and alleyways of the Land underneath a holographic cover provided by the HiVision Monitamon.

For the moment, Xros Heart remained undetected as they marched towards the ravine that lead to the White Lopmon Shrine.

“Vampire Land’s base was Reaper Zone.” Nia was saying as she led them down the steep slope that led into the ravine base. “But the village- That was a part of Temple Zone’s forest region.”

“Ah, I was in Temple Zone once.” Revolomon remarked. “Beautiful buildings.”

“When all of the Zones were united into the Lands, We considered it to possibly be a blessing, but when NeoVamdemon began taking people…” Nia shook her head. “The first thing he did was order all temples and shrines to be sealed off.”

“So we’re breaking into a sacred shrine?” Marcus asked.

“I’m not quite sure how I feel about that.” Yuu frowned.

“But what he didn’t realize that Reaper Zone had underground tunnels for seemingly random reasons.” Nia continued.

“They weren’t random!” Corone protested suddenly, causing everyone to look at her for a moment. “Just…don’t ask me what they were for though…” she frowned. “I can’t remember.”

Corone is still having some memory problems.

“Anyways.” Nia continued un-interrupted. “One of those tunnels lead right into the Shrine we need to hold NeoVamdemon still.” she then turned her head over her shoulder to look at those behind her. “A plan I still don’t approve of, by the way, a lot like the last one.”

“Blame NeoVamdemon not sticking to the plan, okay?” Kaiyumi huffed as she stared down intently at her own Xros Loader. “Not my saying ‘this is too easy’ or anything like that.”

Cutemon coughed. “Yeah. Right.”

The brown bunny shot the pink bunny a glare that…hooo boy if only looks could kill, then NeoVamdemon surely would be toast by that toasty glare!

“Anyways…” Akari coughed. “How’s the program coming along?”

“Easily.” Kaiyumi replied. “The De-Xros program works as a base, but the hard part is the cracking algorithm. I think it’ll be ready by the time we get there though.”

“Good.” Akari nodded.

And so they walked onward and onward, ever wary of the Death General that was circling the skies of the Zone.

Meanwhile, while all of this was going on, Kiriha walked on along with them while staring at his Xros Loader in silence.

Kiriha isn’t.

FLASH BACK_ _ _| EARTH_ _ _| JAPAN_ _ _|

Ten year old Kiriha Aouma wandered the streets of Japan, clutching a tattered green jacket tightly against his body as the wind howled against him.

Nobody paid any attention to the boy as he walked past them. Why should they? After all, his name had practically been erased from the public record. Not even “the System” knew he existed, no part in thanks to those idiots. Thieves.

And as Kiriha walked past an nearby alleyway, he heard a voice calling out… ‘help me…’

“Huh?” He looked around. Nobody else had heard the cry for help… After a moment, it came again, ‘please help me…’and he knew he had to.

The soon-to-be General took off down the gap between buildings, following the voice’s source.

…Had this been another world, another time…

Kiriha would have gone down a path that would have been easier to swallow, a path that didn’t require so much pain and torture.

…That is to say…

“I’m here!” Kiriha called out as he reached a dead end. “I can help!”

…Had this been another dimension, an alternate universe, or, even, perhaps a primary universe…

“Do You wish to restore this life’s harmony?”came a new voice as an unclaimed Xros Loader emerged from the brick wall in front of him.

Kiriha’s presented with the same choice as Taiki.


“A complete stranger? And you wish to save them?”the voice prodded.

“I can’t turn my back on anyone suffering! Not like I’ve had my life turned upon!” Kiriha insisted.

“What is your name?”


The Xros Loader’s screen flashed as it’s colors changed from the default to it’s new Blue color scheme. “Interesting, Aouma, Kiriha.” the Xros Loader said. “I believe you’re just who I’ve been looking for.”

…Had Xros Loaders Not evolved like they had since their initial creation…

…Kiriha Aouma would not have been pulled into the Digital world years before many would have considered him ready.

And now we’re shown that indeed, it was the Xros Loader that chose him.


Kiriha sighed, which did not go unnoticed by Nene. “Penny for your thoughts?”

“Huh?” He blinked. “What?”

“You’re worried about them, aren’t you?” She asked.

He stared at her for a moment, then looked down at his feet. “yeah.”

“Don’t worry.” Nene began. “I’m sure we’ll get them out.”

“We’ve never had to deal with one of our own getting absorbed before.” Kiriha lamented. “What if we don’t get them out in one piece? What if..?”

“Kiriha.” Deckerdramon interrupted from the Xros Loader. “You need to calm down.”

“I’m sure it’ll all work out.” Nene repeated. “We’ll get them out.”

“We just have to trust that things will go the way that they’re supposed to!” Deckerdramon said. “Even if things seem bad, you-“

“UH OH!” One of the HiVision Monitamon interrupted as, all of a sudden, the holographic cover cloth that they were using was ripped away into the skies.

“SCATTER!” Typheus thankfully had faster reactions than anyone else did at that moment, and summoned a massive burst of wind to send everyone flying away from the massive claw that was about to crash down upon them.

Nene, Deckerdramon, and Kiriha have a bit of a discussion- only to be interrupted by NeoVamdemon appearing again.

Once the initial shock had faded (a split second later) someone yelled “RUN!”, and they did.

In two separate directions.

Half of the group ran for the shrine, the other half back the way they came.

GigaNeoVamdemon growled in frustration, but inevitably took off towards the group retracing their steps. “Come Back here you miscreants!”

“Did he seriously just say that?” Akari asked incredulously as they ran.

Such a Cliche phrase, isn’t it?

“Looks like he did!” Nene replied.

“Damn it I am NOT a miscreant!”Typheus growled. Thankfully the Denizen had taken over when he did- as Kiriha, however, had returned to another state of shock- or else they all would have died just now.

“I officially hate this Dimension!” Marcus grumbled.

“Over the One with the cursed teapot?” Agumon cheerily inquired.


However, as fast as everyone could run, it wasn’t fast enough.


 Cursed teapot = Gunnerkrigg Court Shout out.

Meanwhile, the other half of Xros Heart were pounding down the pathway towards the Lopmon Shrine.

“I hope Kiriha and the others can keep him distracted!” Shoutmon grumbled as the sounds of missiles launching behind a cry of “DECKERDRAUNCHER” echoed through the ravine. “Otherwise, this is going to be a really short trip…!”

*cue New World (TWILL) Tv Size*

and then we get one of the few mid-episode opening credits of Seven Swords.






The five simultaneous attacks flew into the air, smashing into GigaNeoVamdemon’s massive form, but causing no major damage otherwise.

“Heh. You pesky pests!” he snarled. “It will take more than that to defeat me!”

“We’ll see about that!” Corone protested from behind Deckerdramon as Yuu pulled her back out of the line of fire.

Corone’s berserk button was lightly pressed with the “Pests” comment.

Having stopped for a moment to take a breath at the entrance to the tunnel, Xros Heart’s final plan was put into motion.

“I’ve got the program as done as it’s going to be!” Kaiyumi said as she held up a memory card, freshly ejected from her Xros Loader’s card slot. “Xros Loaders, now!”

Taiki handed his over. “Will this work?”

“Has to.” Kaiyumi said as she put the card into his Xros Loader. “It’s the only chance we’ve got.” The Digivice beeped and ejected the card, signifying the data upload had finished. “here.” She handed it back. “Next!”

“I’m still not sure about this.” Zenjirou began as he handed his Xros Loader over. “I know you haven’t really said it, but isn’t someone going to have to go inside NeoVamdemon along with the Xros Loader we use?”

Kaiyumi paused as she put the card in, long enough for it to upload it’s programming and be ejected again. “…Yes.” she said as she handed his Xros Loader back. “Next?”

“We have to what?” Shoutmon asked as his jaw nearly fell to the ground and his hands fell open, dropping the Red Xros Loader down into Kaiyumi’s paws.

“It’s the only way I can get the program to work right now.” she said as she put the card into the Xros Loader. “It WILL work though, once it gets a lock on the Xros signal.”

“I’m not so sure I like this plan all of a sudden.” Dorulumon commented from Taiki’s Xros Loader.

“Me either.” Cutemon crossed his arms. “Why does it have to be inside the Digi-Xros?”

“As of right now, it serves a double function.” Kaiyumi stated. “One is to lock onto the Xros Frequency, and the other…” She took a breath. “And the other is to check on MetalGureimon’s mental state. To see if there’s anything actually worth rescuing left.”

And that was the scary part.

Kaiyumi spells out how grim their situation is.

They have to get INTO the Xros Itself to do anything.

Suddenly, GigaNeoVamdemon’s Darkness Loader beeped in alarm as a Shrine seal was broken.

“Ah! So that’s your game!” he sneered at those who still dared to fight. “Well Played. Distract me so you can raid a shrine!”And then he took off, soaring towards said shrine. “WELL I WON’T ALLOW IT!”

“That’s our signal!” Nene began. “Let’s get after him!”

Deep within the tunnel, they’d finally found the shrine’s sealed doors.

Of course- Said seal was a giant stone door with a Lopmon engraved on it.

“How are we going to get through?” Shoutmon asked.

“Easy.” Hephaestus said with a roll of his neck. “We Lift it open.”

A moment later, giant arms dug themselves under the bottom of the stone door…and pushed upwards.

Surprisingly, the door was on a track- one that didn’t give way easily- but still, a track that was able to be used to lift the door open.

“GO!” The Denizen ordered. “I Don’t know how long I can keep this open!”

“What about you?” Zenjirou asked as Shoutmon, Nia, Lila, and Cutemon went through the door.

“I’ll wait for Akari and the others to get here!” Taiki said. “We’ll need all the help we can get!”

“I’ll stay behind too then!” Kaiyumi stood by him. “Akari and I can Digi-Xros and then we can evolve into DeltAntylamon once we get NeoVamdemon stuck!”

“But…!” Zenjirou began.

“GO!” Hephaestus ordered. “Don’t make me say it again!”

And once The Swordsman went through the doorway, Taiki let the door go- Allowing it to slam shut with a “THUD.”

Needless self sacrifice here.

It must be the temple:

“Either that’s the bravest man I’ve ever met…” Lila whispered. “or the stupidest.”

“With him, who knows…” Zenjirou began…only to trail off once he got a good look at the room they were in.

The entire shrine itself was a single, round chamber with massive pillars going up into a retractable roof- Absolutely perfect for a trap.

And look there- It’s already open.

“So why is this place called the White Lopmon Shrine?” Cutemon asked.

“It’s a place that a legendary “White Lopmon” was said to have been born ages ago.” Nia replied. “The White Lopmon was said to hold mysterious magic powers that could banish any evil.” she frowned. “Ironically, the legends also say that at the end of their life, the White Lopmon fell to the dark side and was only redeemed through a death of friendship and self-sacrifice.”

Definitely the temple. This scene here was to tell the audience about how the CANON Xros Wars Anime ended.

“I hope that doesn’t refer to any Lopmon we know.” Shoutmon grumbled. “That’s just be the perfect top to our day so far, wouldn’t it?”

“Everyone!” Akari’s voice clipped over the wristers. “NeoVamdemon’s on his way!”

“Roger that!” Shoutmon replied, then looked around. “Where are the roof controls?”

“This way!” Nia led him over to a certain pillar by the wall.

And Shoutmon’s line? It’s actually a ray of hope.

GigaNeoVamdemon lowered himself down into the center of the White Lopmon Shrine. It was almost unbearable for him to be here- In such a holy place with him being such a foul demon- But as long as the light of the moon shown down upon him…!


Spoke too soon. Someone pulled the lever to close the automatic roof, and close it did.

Don’t ask me WHY a holy temple has an automatic closing roof.

NeoVamdemon growled, and began searching the room for Xros Heart…

He, of course, made the foolish assumption that everyone that had escaped from him were in the room, and not waiting outside the sealed entrance.

So he set his sniffers out for the Lopmon that had fused with that girl with the fiery hair (she would make a tasty meal), and sniffed as he crouched down as well as he could and searched the room.

Shoutmon, who was hiding behind the control pillar currently being sniffed, blanched. ‘What the hell is this guy? A blood-hound?’

NeoVamdemon scowled and turned to the next set of pillars…

Behind one of which were Zenjirou and Lila hiding.

‘please don’t find us please don’t find us please don’t find us’ Lila prayed.


NeoVamdemon sniffed the air, which made odd “snooof”ing sounds as it was pulled into his monstrous nose.

“Feh.”he continued searching the room…

This supposed to be inappropriately funny with the tension in the room.

…And came to rest behind the pillar that Nia and Cutemon were hiding behind.

The Death General didn’t even need to really breath in that scent. The smell of a ripe Lopmon overrode his current search…

And his tummy rumbled.

‘Crap!’ Cutemon tensed up.

“I’m So HUNGRY!”

NeoVamdemon pulled back his mutated Greymon claw and aimed at the pillar…

“MOVE!” And then Nia pushed Cutemon towards the next pillar the moment NeoVamdemon struck.


There was a brief flare of data…

…And Nia the Lopmon had been absorbed into NeoVamdemon’s claw.

Cutemon just stared at the ruined pillar as NeoVamdemon pulled his claw back…and then stuck his head in in its place. “N…No…!”

“I Spy with my little eye…!” The vampire chanted as he turned his head towards Cutemon. “A SNACK!”

Nia gets Captured- just like her TTGL counterpart- and the bad guy goes after Simon…


The following explosion that rocked across NeoVamdemon’s back drew his attention away from the rabbit.

“OI!” Shoutmon snarled at the demon. “Why don’t you pick on someone your own size!”

“You?” NeoVamdemon raised an eyebrow, amused. “My own size?” He laughed. “Don’t make me laugh!”

And then he jumped at Shoutmon.

‘Akari’s going to kill me for this!’The dragon closed his eyes and braced for impact.

And Shoutmon takes it instead, lamenting that usual “She’ll kill me” line for a stupid action.

Despite his eyes being closed, the Darkness Loader briefly flashed before his eyes…

“GOTCHA!” Shoutmon then swung out with the Red Xros Loader at the Darkness Loader, causing the two to crash into each other during the forced Digi-Xros, and activating the analysis program.

When he opened his eyes, Shoutmon found himself floating in the inside of a Digi-Xros…But unlike his own Xroses, there wasn’t anything he could do to affect the outside actions.

“Bluh…” He shook his head out from the strain of Digi-Xrossing.

“So now what?” Nia asked as she floated down.

“Well…” He adjusted his scarf. “I guess it’s time to see about finding Gureimon and MailBirdramon…” Then he frowned. “And everyone else from your village too.”

So with that in mind, they began storming through the Digi-Xros Field in search of their friends.

And hey! Nia’s alive!!

Outside, NeoVamdemon’s monstrous form had gained a bright red aura… But that seemed to signify his great displeasure.

“I don’t think Shoutmon quite agreed with him!” Zenjirou jovially remarked as the Demon clutched his belly.

“You think?” Lila stared.

Not a moment later, the stone door sealing the shrine burst open in a shower of cut up rock.

…On the other side stood Turuiemon X2, who was practically burning with rage, and behind her were a shocked Dorulumon and Taiki, along with everyone else, who were staring at the once mighty stone door.

“Shouto…” The DigiXros began with an angry toned version of Akari’s voice as she stared at the uncomfortable NeoVamdemon.“I’m going to kill YOU!”

Zenjirou and Lila stared as the former muttered. “Talk about Tsundere.”

…Ah…Yeah…Akari’s not happy at all.

Tsun Tsun.

Biri Biri.

Meanwhile inside NeoVamdemon’s DigiXros…

Shoutmon shuddered as Akari’s words managed to float into the Xros-Space. “Damn, I knew she wouldn’t like this…”

“Huh…” Came a friendly, familiar voice off to the side. “I’d have to agree on that.”

Shoutmon looked over to see a half-dissolved MetalGureimon. “Gureimon!”

“Hey.” The Dinosaur replied casually.

“What happened to you?” Shoutmon asked.

“Well, I was watching the fight from the Xros Loader, then I got re-loaded and then Digi-Xrossed twice within a minute and then I tried fighting back from the inside and then-” He shrugged, letting some data float into the air. “he literally reached inside and stabbed me in the gut with his claw.”

“Damn.” Shoutmon frowned. “Who knew he could do that, eh?”

“A lot of us, actually…” a Lopmon Shoutmon didn’t recognize (but Nia did) said as he floated past. “Anytime we resisted, he reached in and killed us inside, making our data a permanent part of him.”

“Oh no!” Nia gasped.

This does not bode well for MetalGureimon!

“Oh yes.” Gureimon said with a roll of his eyes. “Quite the way to go as I’m sure you’ll find out…” Then, the whole Digi-Xros shook with the sound of an external explosion. “So…What happened to you?”

“We came to save you from eternal damnation” Shoutmon said with a smirk as he held up the Red Xros Loader, which was shining brightly inside the darkness. “Lopmon got us a way out.”

“Which one?” Gureimon asked, referring to the many Lopmon now floating around them.

“Who else?” Shoutmon asked with a laugh. “Kaiyumi.”

“Oh. Right.” Gureimon sighed. “It’s hard to remember things in here…”

“Well.” Shoutmon said as he began glowing with the Light of evolution. “What do you say we fix that and get out of here?”

Shoutmon’s necklace is once again an important part of the time line.

Poor NeoVamdemon didn’t understand why this one Digimon was causing so much trouble! It’s almost like he was being protected by some external force? …Oh, and then his girlfriend or something was trying to KILL the guy for getting absorbed by attacking HIM. OW! Stop that! OUCH!

And then the humiliations of all humiliations…

The red aura turned golden, and then the pain from his insides began GROWING…

And so he groaned in pain as his data bubbled and buckled as something inside of him began forcing its way out.

“That’s…!” Taiki began.

“Shoutmon’s Digivolving!” Marcus noticed immediately. “KIRIHA!” he turned to the boy. “Digivolve MetalGureimon right now!”

“Huh?” The General blinked. “But how will that help?”

“Do it Kiriha.” Typheus insisted. “Do It NOW!”

“Trust that it will work out!”Deckerdramon said from the Xros Loader.

“Alright…” Kiriha nodded, then held up his Xros Loader. “TIME BURST!”

Kiriha’s not sure- but he’s going along with the flow here.

They give NeoVamdemon indigestion.

From within the Digi-Xros. MetalGureimon’s data began flowing right back into him.

“What the…?” The Digimon blinked.

“Looks like Kiriha got the message…!” Shoutmon smirked. “So Let’s Kick it up a notch!”

“RIGHT!”MetalGureimon roared.


Side by side, Shoutmon’s body height doubled and he became covered in thick, golden armor that radiated with the heat of a burning red fire of creation. Blue armor turned golden, and MetalGureimon’s red visor broke away, revealing Gureimon’s crimson red eyes.

The V crest on Shoutmon’s head grew outwards, nearly matching the same length as that of Xros Five’s V crest. Missile laden wings streamlined out, and MetalGureimon’s right hand molded itself into a rail gun canon.

Finally they both struck poses as they cried out their names:



And at this point, NeoVamdemon just really didn’t care about the outside world- Only the blinding pain that came from his data ripping itself apart. He opened his mouth wide- Far wider than should be possible… “GARRHHHRFFF…” And he stuffed both arms down his throat.

“What.” Taiki said flatly.


He’s basically swallowing his arms.

Suddenly! NeoVamdemon’s arms reached into the Xros Space and began fishing around wildly for the sources of his pain.

“Great!” Omega Shoutmon smirked as he summoned his giant fists. “Time to catch a tiger by the toe!”

Ironically, NeoVamdemon’s right arm also transformed into the same weapon, much to the Death General’s surprise as he literally began choking on his already too large hands.

“DUDE!” ZekeGureimon let loose a yelp of surprise. “Do it again!”

“Okay!” And then he changed his fists into matching swords.

…Which turns out to be a BAD MOVE.

Y’see…. Shoutmon’s affecting the Xros formation with Hephaestus’ powers.

Suddenly, NeoVamdemon’s hands transformed into swords, making the Death General let loose a wail of pain as the insides of his mouth were cut open.

“Shoutmon’s just messing with him now.” Zenjirou crossed his arms as the swords transformed into cannons…

“Everyone ready?” OmegaShoutmon smirked. Everyone who was still alive inside the Digi-Xross were hiding behind the massive arms, which were now aimed at the furthest wall of the inside of the DigiXros. “Well here we go!” He aimed his own arms at the wall and fired. “HEAVY METAL VULCAN!”

And then a massive explosion ripped out of NeoVamdemon’s…

Left foot.

Wait. How does that even work?

Whatever, it doesn’t matter. The point is, NeoVamdemon essentially shot himself in the foot through his big mouth.

The Vampire squealed in pain as Xros Heart just stared on in vague fascination.

Nobody on the outside has ANY clue what’s going on here.

“My Turn…!” ZekeGureimon focused for a few moments, then roared… “NEEDLE MESA!”

Suddenly a giant record disk burst through the Vampire’s right knee, essentially reducing him to one leg…Not an improvement considering he was floating on his wings already from his shot foot…But just barely.

“Heh.” OmegaShoutmon summoned his Jet wings, already spinning at a good speed for hovering… “Buh bye.” And turned the engines off while leaving them built.

And then NeoVamdemon’s wings utterly stopped working, dropping the demon down into the center of the chamber on his already broken foot and damaged leg.

There was a sharp crack, and the demon fell to his knees as his left leg gave out on him.

More squealing in pain from the startled Death General.

“I…I think this is a good thing?” Taiki scratched his head.

….This is just humiliating for NeoVamdemon, isn’t it?

I gotta admit though, pulling the wings right out from under him was a preeeety clever move, Shouto.

Finally, with the Digi-Xros room around them starting to fall apart, OmegaShoutmon reached for his Xros Loader. “Looks like we’ve got the frequency for de-Xrossing!” he pressed a button and transmitted the data out to the other Xros Loaders.

Every Xros Loader in the room beeped as a wireless data transfer arrived from the red Xros Loader.

Yuu pulled out his own Yellow and white Xros Loader and looked at it. “Looks like Shoutmon got the frequency!”

Turuiemon X2 smirked as she looked down at Kaiyumi’s Xros Loader. “He did more than that!” she showed the readout on her screen to Kiriha. “Look!”

He blinked as he read the message. “Will that even work?”

“Who knows and who cares.” Kaiyumi grinned from within their own Xros. “All I know is that I’m going with this one!”

“Cause that’s just how we roll.” Akari finished with a grin herself.

What is that message?

*cue Boiling Power (instrumental)*

“Get Ready!” Shoutmon said as he held up the Red Xros Loader. “GIGANEOVAMDEMON!”

This is gonna be good.

Turuiemon X2 and Kiriha stood back to back, Xros Loaders in hand.



“DE-XROS!” Shoutmon Roared.

“DOUBLE XROS!”The Two Xros Loaders slammed together, connecting at the ports on the top.

Three Xros Loaders flared out in harmony as a single Darkness Loader cracked from under the pressure.

“NOOOOOO!”Neovamdemon cried out as his body exploded into a brilliant golden light.

… Hehehe.




And when the light show faded, a Normal, regular old Vamdemon stood on the floor, staring up in shock at the single golden Digimon above him.

He appeared to be Omega Shoutmon wearing ZekeGureimon’s body as armor, with his own old body as a right arm. Finishing off the impressive look of the new Digi-Xros was the Red Xros Loader fused into the chest.


“WHAT!” Came the general consensus from the floor.

And this is my Take on Shoutmon DX. His name literally means: “Shoutmon: De-Xros” it’s not “Double” Xros….Nope.

It’s “REVERSE” Xros!!

“NeoVamdemon!” Shoutmon DX poined his right arm weapon at the poor little Vamdemon and transformed it into a giant Buzz-saw…With a record as the Saw itself. “Your crimes against this Zone have become too numerous to count!” he narrowed his eyes. “You deserve nothing but the quickest death! But no…That’d be too good for you now wouldn’t it?”


“But!” He smirked. “I’m not the kind of man to deal out revenge of any sort like that!” and with a laugh, he added. “So, I’m going to go with the good old adage that our Blue Flare friends follow…” And then he switched over to Gureimon’s voice as he- and everyone else on the good side- said the next few words as one: “There’s No Kill Like Over Kill!”

With a roar, Shoutmon DX Lunged towards the little Vamdemon and swung his Record Saw at the Death General. “RECORD HARMONIZE!”


But before you could blink, Shoutmon DX had turned around and had summoned a giant, etherial version of the Xros Heart Logo in front of him. “VICTORIZE BANKING!”

The V Crest of the logo glowed brightly and then launched a barrage of V shaped lasers into the Vamdemon formerly known as Neo.

By the way- this choice of song is kind of important here. It’s double foreshadowing for Tagiru later on, but also it’s another hint for the Time Travel stuff.

And then with one final transformation, the saw turned into a twin bladed sword and the Vamdemon was finished with the final strike.


Vamdemon had been in shock since the first attack, and finally…with a moment to finally breath, he exploded into a data cloud, leaving the Land free from his presence once and for all.

…Well, not really.

For a small fraction of that data managed to pool together near the shrine entrance…

“Damn them!” It squeaked. “I shall have…MY REVENGE!”


And then the last of NeoVamdemon’s data was squashed and ground into a fine paste by Beelzebmon’s foot. “Not likely, Bub.” he sneered at the vampire.


NOW The Land was free from Neo Vamdemon’s presence entirely.

*end song*

After all- They just used an attack called “UNIVERSE SCRATCH.” 😉

Shoutmon DX stood over the remains of the vampire’s castle, then transformed his right arm into a giant cannon, reminiscent of MailBirdramon’s head. “SUNSHINE…”he aimed it at the sky and fired. “DAY!”

There was a burst of golden light from the cannon’s mouth as it fired into the dark cloud layer, slicing through them and the remains of the Bagura Flag like a hot knife through a Potato.

There wasn’t even a moment’s delay as the entirety of the false night created by NeoVamdemon’s powers was obliterated away into hydrogen and oxygen atoms, revealing a brilliant, bright blue sky with a sun just barely peaking over the mountains.

And as those oxygen and hydrogen atoms condensed into water, and a fresh, pure rain began to fall from cloudless skies… Shoutmon DX looked over all that he had fought for today and declared…

“Now this is a world worth fighting for.” he smiled.

Indeed it is.

Shoutmon De-Xros immediately tore NeoVamdemon to pieces- and then went and SHATTERED the false night over the entire Land!

Shoutmon DX landed on the ground between Xros Heart and the entrance to the negative energy tubes, then De-Xrossed back down into Shoutmon and Metal Gureimon.

“Whewf.” Shoutmon said as he rolled his neck. “That was a long fight.”

“Tell me about it.” MetalGureimon said with a sigh and… Then looked surprised for some reason. “Um…Kiriha?”


“Come here for a minute, would you?”

And that’s ALL before they De-Xros!

Meanwhile, Shoutmon held up the Xros Loader and pressed the center button. “Reload!”

A Moment later, every Vampire Land native that had been absorbed reloaded from the Xros Loader.

“That…!” A Flamedramon began. “WAS SO AWESOME!”

“Heh. I aim to please.” Shoutmon smiled.

“I’m the elected leader of the Local villages.” A regular old Antylamon, looking nothing like the Delta variety that we’ve become used to, said as she walked up. “I’d like to thank you for saving us all, and for protecting us even despite the danger to yourselves.”

“It was no problem, really.” Taiki smiled. “We can’t turn our backs on people in trouble.”

“Even when it almost gets us killed sometimes.” Akari said with slight annoyance as she put her elbow on top of Shoutmon’s head- Much to HIS anoyance when she began leaning down with all of her weight.


“In any case.” The Antylamon continued. “When you go to fight the empire in future, you will have our prayers and support to guide you.”

“Thanks!” Akari smiled.

And look! Everyone made it out in one piece!!

“Thanks for saving Cutemon earlier.” Kaiyumi began.

“No, It was my fault we even got attacked.” Nia countered.

“But he would have been absorbed if you hadn’t pushed him away!” Kaiyumi countered the counter.

“No, Really…”

“Oi.” Cutemon interrupted. “Can we both agree to disagree and leave this behind already?”

“Fine with me.” The two Lopmon nodded.

Even Nia!!

She survived her Namesake’s fate!!

However- despite this happy ending…

Meanwhile again, inside of the MetalGureimon Digi-Xros…

Gureimon stared at the unconscious form of MailBirdramon, who was missing large patches of his data, but appeared stable…for the moment. “…Why’d you have to take that hit for me?”


The mutated claw smashing through into their form inside the Dark DigiXros.


MailBirdramon throwing himself in front of the claw inside their DigiXros inside the DigiXros.


“Why…?” The Dinosaur sniffed as he held back tears.


MailBirdramon is now unconscious within the DigiXros of MetalGureimon.

And he’ll remain that way for quite some time.

This….This is their first Loss of the war.

“DIGIMON INTROUCTION CORNER!”the Monitamon cried out as they introduced their…Fourth episode now!

“Shoutmon De-Xros!” Aradia pointed at a screenshot of Shoutmon DX. “A Composite type Digi-Xros with the power to reverse Digi-Xros any other Digi-Xrossed Digimon!”

“His special attacks include the Record Harmonize, which uses a giant record as a saw-blade.” Sollux continued on as he changed slides on a project showing the different attacks. “And his Victorize Banking attack will obliterate any evil it comes across!”

“His name is a joke on his main ability!” Eridan held up a card showing the two different spellings of the name. “To De-Xros Other Digi-Xrosses with the Xros Loader in his chest!” He then jumped into a nearby tree as a sword sliced through the air his neck had once been sitting in. “Haha! Missed me!”

“Damn you and your joke explaining!” Aradia shook her fist.

Eridan explains easily what I think I failed to above.

Thanks dude.

Next Time: Digimon Xros Wars: the Seven Swords!

“Welcome to Honey Land!”

“M..Mirvamon? !”

“It’s been a while, Sparrow.”

“Woah! How have you been?”

“My brother is being held prisoner by Zamielmon. Otherwise fine.”

“We’ll get him back, I swear to you we will!”

“Next time Digimon Xros Wars: Honey Land! The lost Weapon Digimon?”

“Oi! That was my line!”

“You snooze you loose!”


 …And so the Episode ends with a preview…

And thus begins the longest, and WEIRDEST, arc of Seven Swords.

I wonder how much more I can get through tonight?


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