Xros Wars AU 02 — CH33

We pick up Chapter 33 where we left off in Ch22.


Fanglongmon had barely gotten back to his feet when OmegaShoutmon’s Cannon fired- A Brilliant, shining white beam of energy that sang with the emotions of every energy of the temporal storms that had been targeting our heroes since chapter one. “WHAAAA-”

The explosion that followed was massive- And looked particularly stunning as a background as OmegaShoutmon spun around to strike a bad-ass pose in front of it.

The Bagura army stared at the golden warrior that had just easily taken out their commander.

“So.” Shoutmon smirked as he readied his sword. “Who’s next?”

A moment later, Fanglongmon exploded out of the ground where he had been burried by the explosion.

But…This wasn’t of his own volition. No. The Great God Dragon was unconscious, and was floating inside a dark purple aura.

“I believe I am.” Came a voice from above.

Everyone turned around, looking up in surprise at the purple dragon that held…a Black, Demonic looking Xros Loader in his hand.

“Forced… DIGI XROS!”Dorbickmon-The Dragon-King General Of Tuesday- roared as Fanglongmon became absorbed into the purple aura and shot over towards him in a burst of dark energy.

The Dragon-King General began glowing in a similar glow as…As…

His lower body began to transform… Elongating and bulking up…


Instead of calling all of the General’s Xrosses “Darkness-XXXmon” I went with a creative little descriptor.

Now, falling down at a massive speed was- Essentially- Fanglongmon with Dorbickmon’s upper torso in place of his head.

OmegaShoutmon’s eyes widened as the Death General fell down from above. “Oh Cra-”


The ground exploded as CentaurDorbickmon landed on top of OmegaShoutmon.

When the smoke settled, CentaurDorbickmon stood triumphant, holding one of his Fanglongmon feet right on top of the golden Digimon. “Hmmf. And here I was hoping for a challenge.” He twisted his foot ever so slightly, causing OmegaShoutmon to roar in pain and…

…shrink down into his normal form of Shoutmon with a glitch-y red and yellow glow.

“Shoutmon!” Akari cried out in horror.

“But instead you waste all your energy dispatching my Dragon army and you fall before my basic Digi-Xros?” Dorbickmon narrowed his eyes. “I really expected more from the so called ‘King’ of Xros Heart.”

“Heh..” Shoutmon was lucky that Fanglongmon’s body had shrunken down to match Dorbickmon’s body size, or else he would have been in even worse trouble than he was at the moment- Precisely, he would have been completely crushed underneath the dragon’s foot instead of just only partially held in place by his middle toe. “I guess I don’t know my own strength then.”

“Oi!” Marcus called out. “You let him go right now, or else you’re going to be in for a world of hurt!”

CentaurDorbickmon had to step off of Shoutmon anyways to turn to face the rest of Xros heart. “Eh? What’s that?”

“You heard me!” Marcus growled as he held up his Xros Loader. “Fight me instead of picking on him!”

“You’re just a human with a Xros Loader.” CentaurDorbickmon narrowed his eyes. “What good would fighting you even do me?”

Dorbickmon just doesn’t know who he’s messing with here.

“Because then you won’t have to deal with us!” cried out yet another, this time new, voice from above them.

CentaurDorbickmon- And everyone on the field too- Looked up to the heavens as, from above, a massive tornado of pink energy swirled down from above.


There was a brief, momentary flash of horror on every Bagura ‘Mon’s face as the wave of energy crashed down onto the battlefield, washing over everyone that stood on it.

CentaurDorbickmon’s body- Neigh, every Dragonoid Digimon on the Battlefield- froze up as the pollen buried within the wave of energy entered their bloodstreams and forced their bodies into a temporary state of allergic shock coupled with furious sneezing and coughing fits.

By the time the Bagura Army had recovered and the pollen had removed itself from the air, the Dragon-King General of Tuesday found that his opponents- Xros Heart- Were long gone.

Thankfully- someone’s here to save them all!


Meanwhile, halfway across Dragon Land and a mile into the air, Shoutmon’s eyes opened up to see a familiar face sitting over him, administering the antidote to the anti-dragon pollen via a perfume bottle. “What..the…?”

“Sorry about that.” Nene Amano said with a smile. “But we didn’t have time to be selective of who we hit with it.”

“Nene?” Shoutmon blinked and sat up. “Then that means…!”

Taiki nodded. “Yup.”

Indeed, Xros Heart had been rescued by Nene and Sparrowmon, the latter of which was carrying them away from the battlefield and towards the furthest reaches of Dragon Land itself.

“Welcome back, everyone.” Nene said with a smile.

Nene and Sparrowmon!!

*cue Fight for Victory*

“The Digital World!” Kiriha narrated. “Currently divided into Seven lands, each ruled by a fierce and evil Death General from the Bagura Empire. With the return of Xros Heart, lead by Akari Hinomoto and Shoutmon, we now have the hope to write the best ending to this dark and twisted story!”

*Cue New World (TWILL) Tv Size*

*cue subtitle*

“Dragon’s Pride! Blue Flare’s Dedication!”

Kiriha’s narrating the opening sequence just like he does in canon. Why? Believe it or not- this Seven Swords Arc’s first half is pretty much all about him, even if it’s not immediately obvious.


Everyone watched with amusement as Sally Sparrow pushed Taiki into a nearby tree, giving him a rather unprecedented hug and kiss combo.

“And there we go.” Shoutmon smirked at himself, mentally checking off that time loop from the list of things to do.

Ah- here’s the other part of Shoutmon’s time-vision.

Yes- after being rather silent for the whole ride over- the moment they’re on the ground the first thing Sally does is glomp Taiki as she kisses him.

Six Months of fighting had not gone over well with any of the Xros Heart members that had to take the long path to this reunion- Specifically Sally herself. Despite the obvious costume changes that Kiriha and Nene had undertaken (The latter wearing the dreaded love love dance costume for no apparent reason other than to unnerve Zenjirou and Lila), the Digi-Girl had opted to keep the same outfit for, what one could assume to be, the same six months that everyone had to wait through, showing the many destructive battles they’d gone through with the many patches and torn pieces of clothing telling the obvious tale.

Sally’s clothes are rather ruined at this stage. I’ve got two pics that show her clothing progression: First is here, from pre-Series to the present moment in hunters, and the second is a general clothing layering sketch Here, showing her clothing for and after this episode.

Generally- Sally followed a progression of “Fun! > Serious! > DANGER MODE! > Flirty!”

Representing this is her *Hair Clip.*’

In the first picture set, you’ll see that she’s *without* her jacket, and her skirt is a bit shorter. Her hair’s a bit more tidy and kept up.

During Xros Wars’ first act, she’s got her jacket, ditched the Hair clip, and has messy hair- generally showing that she’s a bit more serious about things.

Then, after the six month time skip, her clothes are in a serious state of disarray, and her hair is even more messed up, HOWEVER, with Taiki back in the picture, she’s now wearing her hair clip again.

After this episode, Nene gets Sally a new set of clothes, which has a design ripped straight from the Manga. She retains the hair clip.

Also- on that note of Nene and her costumes- HERE is a character progression of her outfits across the series, though mostly the second half of hunters, drawn *well* before I even began writing this whole act.

The Luminamon form was meant to appear in Cascade Side A, however, that was replaced with the Maid Of Life God Tier clothing, gained in the Honey Land arc.

BUT that’s getting ahead of ourselves. Presently: Nene is wearing the “Love Love Dance” costume, and this would be the first time we’d see it properly on anyone besides Zenjirou and Lila. It’s part of Nene’s “Ohanamon” disguise.

“It’s good to see you all back safe and sound.” Nene was saying to Akari and Shoutmon, completely ignoring Taiki and Sally as she dragged him off towards the Monitamon monitor shaped tent in the near distance. “And you’ve brought some friends with you too?”

“Yup.” Akari nodded, turning to introduce everyone. “That’s…”

“The name’s Marcus.” Marcus introduced himself. “This is my partner, Agumon. We’re…Consultants from Earth.”

“Pleasure to meet ya!” Agumon waved. “Taiki and the others have told us all about you guys!”

Sally is dragging Taiki off to do unknown things. I mean, you can probably guess by later comments from Nene….buuut you can’t be quite sure. I’m not even sure really. *shrug*

Also, Marcus is introducing himself as a “consultant.” This is a throw back to my Digimon “D-Burst” DATS story, which is also on FF.Net and I’ll ALSO be covering here once I’ve caught up and finished with XWAU02. (I have a lot of stuff that I need to get caught up on that XWAU02 has taken time away from for me. LOL)

Whether he’s the same Marcus or not remains to be seen due to my not having written the conclusion of *that* story yet. (My bet is that he is, though!)

“It’s me, Revolomon!” Revolomon, who still remained in his human form, grinned. “You’ll never believe what we went through!”

“I’m Tailmon!” Taiiru said with a grin. “Wizardmon didn’t recast the spell on me when it broke!”

“Oh!” Nene’s eyes widened. “So that’s what you look like!”

“I’m Corone.” Corone introduced herself. “But I used to be Deadly Axmon before you rescued me.”

Nene did a double take. “You’re…?”

“Yay!” The Monimon that always followed Nene around jumped up over onto the girl’s pink hair. “new old friends!”

Reintroductions for the new forms. Mainly to get Nene up to speed, but this also serves to introduce the characters to new followers of the series if they *just* started watching the anime with 7Swords.

“Akari-Oneechan!” ChibiKamemon ran up suddenly, with princess Bastemon the younger and the Starmonz Brigade right on his tail. “You’re back, kame!”

“ChibiKamemon!” Akari smiled at the turtle boy.

“Yahooo! All our Brothers are back!” Starmon cried out with glee as they circled Shoutmon, Dorulumon, and Cutemon.

“Yeah!” The Red Pickmon jumped up onto Zenjirou’s head. “Now we can finally kick those Bird brain Dragons out of our pumpkin gardens!”

“Still as random as ever, I see.” Zenjirou noted.

And so, as the reunion between Xros Heart members continued, Yuu walked over towards Nene (who had put on a pink and white jacket and a much more conservative pink skirt almost magically) and coughed politely. “Hello.”

“Hi.” She smiled at him. “I don’t believe we’ve met before?”

Yuu blinked. “You don’t remember me?”

“Um…” Nene stared at him for a moment, then, a second later, a spark of recognition flared in her eyes. “Wait…”


Suddenly, Nene found herself being hugged by her younger brother. “Y-Yuu?”

Kiriha, who had just returned with a bottle of water, coughed and sputtered at this, having taken a drink at the exact wrong moment. “D-Did he just call her…?”

“I think we’ve got some explaining to do.” Shoutmon rolled his eyes.

And so- the wayward siblings are reunited! I’m not sure if the “nee-chan” is in the present or past. Doesn’t matter.

“So that’s about it.” Akari concluded. “Everything we’ve found out about the storms so far.”

“So…” Kiriha began. “That’s how it is then?”

“Pretty much.” Shoutmon nodded as he stared at the necklace in his hand.

Nothing is explained to the audience.

Mainly because I didnt know what was up with the storms yet at this point.

“So with that out of the way.” Zenjirou began with a clap of his hands. “What in the world is up with that necklace! ?”

Shoutmon blinked. “huh?”

“Yeah, I’m curious too.” Akari nodded. “Just what’s so special about it that let you evolve like that?”

“He even had Hephaestus’ powers too!” Revolomon threw in. “Where did that come from?”

“Huh…” Shoutmon blinked. “I don’t know, really…” the camera panned down to show Shoutmon’s face reflected in the surface of the golden object. “I’ve wanted Taiki to teach me how to do the jet engines thing, and then I could just do ’em. It’s like this thing gave me all of his weapons in one go.” He looked over at Lopmon, who was examining Nene’s Xros Loader. “I don’t think I’ve ever told anyone this besides Akari, but I’m like Lopmon and Cutemon.”

“eh?” both bunnies blinked as they looked over at him.

“My home village was attacked by the Bagura empire.” Shoutmon narrowed his eyes.



“I don’t really remember much about what it was like,” he said, “but I remember the invasion.”

Troopmon were walking through the streets of a Stone base village, Dragon Digimon were rebelling against them- Flamedramon, Shoutmon, Guilmon, Agumon.

“My parents must’ve gone off to fight ’em off, or something.” Shoutmon grumbled. “All I can remember of ’em is my mom leaving me in my room, promising that she’d be back.”

A younger, smaller, Shoutmon cried as the sounds of explosions and fighting and death filtered in from outside.


The door opened, and the boy looked up.

“She appeared.”

A girl with blond hair, that had once been tied up but now was let hanging loose, looked into the room with her oddly pink eyes. “I found him!”

“Good!” came a voice from out side. “I’m not sure how long it’ll be before they come after us!”

“C’mere you…” The girl hurried over and picked the young dragon digimon up. Immediately, his eyes were drawn to the golden necklace around her neck, thankfully keeping him from noticing that his mother’s microphone stand (that would one day become his own) was strapped to the girl’s back.

“She had this necklace with her.” Shoutmon continued. “And I know it’s the exact same one. See this scratch right here?”

The younger Shoutmon started screaming at a nearby explosion- One that sent a fragment of glass flying dangerously close to the girl’s neck. The young dragon’s eyes watched in slow motion as the glass fragment hit the necklace and bounced away, leaving a curious V shaped scratch on it’s surface.

“Exactly the same.”


I’m not going to lie- for those of you reading this after catching up to current (Chapters 58/59), this is clearly Airu! But who is the boy?

“There was a boy with her too.” Shoutmon sighed. “They both managed to get me out of that burning village, then took me to Green Zone, where they left me with Akari and her parents in the Village of Smiles.”

Akari frowned. “You never mentioned the necklace before.”

“It never seemed important until now.” Shoutmon frowned. “How the hell did Dorbickmon get a hold of it?”

“Well…” Riska, the Dracomon, began. “That thing’s been under lock and key for years, going back to when Key Zone was under Tactimon’s control.”

“Tactimon again?” Shoutmon frowned. “What the hell. Did he know I’d need this thing or something?”

“Wait.” Akari frowned. “Remember back in Sword Zone? He said he used to be a friend of my dad’s…”

“And your mother was friends with-” Shoutmon froze. “Oh you are kidding me.”

“I think they both saved you back then.” Akari nodded.

“Great.” Shoutmon frowned. “So I owe my life to two of the three Bagura Generals.”

Nobody knows who Tactimon’s past/future self is however. And I’m not saying just yet. 😉

“Um…What?” Riska blinked. “I don’t follow.”

“Where are Lilithmon and Blastmon right now?” Akari asked.

“Last I heard they’d been demoted to work under DarkKnightmon.” Nene said as she walked over, carrying a pile of clothes- Some of which obviously belonging to Taiki- which made everyone raise an eyebrow at her.

“Echidna’s teleportation powers.” She explained with a giggle. “It’s not like they’re going to be using them anyways.” At thesecond raised eyebrow from everyone, she clarified: “Taiki finally got Sally to take a shower and change out of those old, dirty clothes of hers.” When un-amused expressions began to form, she then added, very hastily with a flush on her face: “Not Like That!”

“Let’s…” Shoutmon sighed. “Just get back to the question at hand, saving us any further mental scaring? Please?”

How Taiki did this is up to interpretation.

Anyways- Nene sews on the XH logo to Taiki’s shirt, as well as replaces Sally’s clothes subtly.


“Emperor Baguramon and adviser DarkKnightmon-Sama would wish to speak with you.” Tsuwamon, the golden ninja digimon, said to Lilithmon and Blastmon (Now a giant head, only reaching up to Lilithmon’s waist) as he informed them of their new assignments. “In the communications room in Wing B in five minutes.”

“Fine. We’re going.” Lilithmon huffed.

“Good.” There was a moment of humming as the Ninja’s body suddenly broke apart in a burst of wind and re-assembled itself into a smaller form. “Now Kotone and I have dinner plans, Dame Dame! See you around, dame dame!”

And with that, Damemon/Tsuwamon hopped away, whistling a merry tune as he went.

“Ugh.” Lilithmon shuddered. “I Know I let him in here on purpose to complete a time loop, but that new attitude of his creeps me out!”

“Lili-tan…” Blastmon frowned. “I never really liked him anyways.”

Lilithmon is of course now openly complaining about the Time Loop to the readers!! This attitude of Tsuwa/Damemon’s is apparently completely different from how she remembers him in the past/future!

…I’m not sure *what* to make of this comment of dinner plans.

At the time I was writing this, I was subtly trying to imply one thing while saying another.

Kotone/Cetus and Damemon are planning to betray the Bagura Empire for their own goals– Not even DarkKnightmon knows what they’re planning– and to hide it, they’re ‘pretending’ that they’re actively dating in ‘secret.’

Nobody dares confront them on it because of the fact that they’re being so damn *weird* about it.

“We’re here.” Lilithmon called out as she and Blastmon entered the communication’s room. Baguramon and DarkKnightmon stood near a large, round, holographic table.

“Ah, pleased you could make it.” DarkKnightmon smirked. “Please, take your places and then we will begin.”

“Fine fine.” She huffed and took a spot to the left of Baguramon, who was to the left of DarkKnightmon. “So what’s this all about?”

“I’ll tell you what it’s about.”

The door on the other side of the room slammed open as Dorbickmon strolled forward. “As soon as our fellow Generals join us.”

“You’re late.” Baguramon said in a flat tone.

“Sorry.” Dorbickmon replied as he held up a flash drive.”But I had to make sure that I had the footage formatted properly.” With a chuckle, he inserted it into the table, and then opened the conference call.

Immediately, five different digimon appeared around the table in an eerie red glow as static lines ran down their forms. You could barely make out the basic details of their bodies, due to the poor quality of the imagers on the other end.

The first was a demon vampire, NeoVamdemon; the second was a humanoid with long hair, Splashmon; the third was a man with an archer’s bow strapped to his back, Zamielumon; the fourth a man similar to Splashmon, but with wavy arms and thin stature, Gravimon; The fifth and final one was a beast man with a lion’s head, Appolomon. Each of them appeared to be the same height due to the imager table adjusting their sizes to fit into the same room, several of these Generals were, in fact, much larger than the room itself.

This is the moment where we’re introduced to the Death Generals!

This scene was meant to convey a few things:

  • The Bagura Empire is actively participating in warfare against their Land’s inhabitants.
  • The Empire is actively at war with Xros Heart.

“Where is the Gold Land Representative?” DarkKnightmon asked.

“Olegmon had something to deal with.” Appolomon replied. “Apparently some prisoners from Splashmon’s land managed to escape into his territory.”

Splashmon growled. “Lies!”

“Now now.” Zamielumon held his hands up, speaking with a whiny voice that didn’t seem to fit someone of his apparent size. “Let’s not get Ashen here! We were all called to this meeting for a reason, and that reason was not to fill each other’s Spades quadrant!”

  • Olegmon- of Gold Land- is off doing something that is *not* related to the Empire’s shady dealings.
  • Splashmon- of Cyber Land- Calls Appolomon out on it!
  • Not even the mighty “Death Generals” can escape the references of Homestuck! (Or rather, Maryam Monthly, as it’s called in this universe)

The reader, from this exchange, is meant to draw the conclusion that Appolomon and Olegmon are in “CAHOOTS!!!!!!!!” and the others are not afraid to call them on it not because they’re being obvious- but rather because they don’t have PROOF.

“Quite true.” Gravimon replied in his eloquent voice. “What is the purpose of this summons?”

“Resistance in my Land has begun to grow with the return of those we long since thought dead.” Dorbickmon began as he tapped a few keys on the table before him. “Specifically in the form of a problem with our Xros Loaders.”

On the center of the table appeared holographic images of all those who had recently returned to the Digital World- With two in particular highlighted: Shoutmon and Akari.

You could hear the tension in the room rise as each took in sharp breaths.

Lilithmon narrowed her eyes. ‘So they’ve returned?’

Lilithmon recognizes Xros Heart’s return.

“Xros Heart.” DarkKnightmon growled as he spotted the holographic figure of Corone. “And it seems that my former Xros Partner has defected to their side.”

DarkKnightmon spots his former “Sibling” DeadlyAxmon as part of them. He’s none too happy about this- having though that she’s been DEAD this whole time.

But- he immediately writes getting her back off as a lost cause.

“There’s more.” Dorbickmon continued as he pressed another button.

Immediately the footage cut to a recording of Agumon digivolving into ShineGreymon.

“What the-?” NeoVamdemon took a step back in shock. “What in the seven hells was that?”

“That.” Dorbickmon replied. “Would be the problem.” The feed rewound, and then focused on Marcus.

“D.N.A. CHARGE!” the recording yelled as he activated his Xros Loader. “OVERDRIVE!”

“What you see here is the Human causing his Digimon to achieve a far more powerful form without Digi-Xrossing.” Dorbickmon stated.

“There is no fault in our Darkness Loaders.” DarkKnightmon stated. “This was not mentioned in the notes I’ve gathered on Hephaestus’ design.”

DarkKnightmon’s covering his bases. Outwardly, he’s cool as a cucumber.

“Could it be, perhaps,” Appolomon began, “that The Denizen has upgraded the Xros Loaders?”

“Impossible.” DarkKnightmon insisted. “There have been No precedents for Digimon spontaneously Evolving like this, not even in the days of the Beast. Even so, Such spontaneous evolution would be perma-“


The footage cut to the fight between Blue Flare and the Fanglongmon twins.


DarkKnightmon’s eyes widened in surprise as one of the two Fanglongmons suddenly shrunk down into an Armadillomon from the surprise attack by DeltAntylamon. “-ment.” he concluded in a whisper.

He’s flipping out like a Weasel King about an erupting volcano.

“As you can see.” Dorbickmon smirked. “That would not be a problem for them by any means, if they can do this to our forces.”

The Death Generals began murmuring among themselves while DarkKnightmon stared at the hologram in horror.

“So…” Zamielumon began. “You’re saying that we’re doomed, right?”

“No.” was the reply. “I will have returned to my land in the morning.” Dorbickmon said. “Once there, I will have the Xros Heart members that I’ve captured executed. From there, I will kill the rest with ease.” he paused. “However…” Lilithmon liked the sound of this ‘however.’ “Should I be defeated, you all should have backup plans in place for defeating them.” Dorbickmon continued. “We will crush them with everything we have! They shall NOT Take the Pandorica! Our Glorious Capital!

Pandorica is a Doctor Who shout out.

And that’s all I’ve got to say on this segment.


Nene was sewing the Xros Heart Logo onto Taiki’s shirt. Over half of it was done now, perfectly symmetrical, and all without a pattern to speak of. Everyone was impressed. They were all reuniting, trying to figure out what to do next, when, suddenly…

A giant flag appeared in the sky, showing the Bagura empire logo on it’s face.

“Oh, great.” Riska huffed. “Looks like it’s time for the speech of the day. Again.”

A few moments later, a new image loaded over the flag, revealing DarkKnightmon’s spooky, modified face. “Attention, residents of the Seven Lands.”he began.

“Jerk!” Corone spat out at the demon Knight.

“No doubt you are wondering by now, what of the Xros Heart criminals Dorbickmon captured some time ago?” he continued without interruption. “Well, the time has come for them to finally be executed.”

Shoutmon growled and Akari gasped as the screen cut to an image of Beelzebmon, Knightmon, Wisemon, all of the Music team, and the PawnChessmonz, all of whom were sitting in a cage.

DarkKnightmon begins BOASTING to the Seven Lands about the predicament that Xros Heart’s captured members are in.

“These criminals will be put to death after the sun rises on Dragon Land tomorrow morning, and shall be broadcast for all of you to see.” DarkKnightmon continued. “All who dare to rebel shall learn from their example.”

Elsewhere in the Land, what was originally Green Zone, inside the still existing Village of Smiles, The Leomon brothers snarled at the image.

“We will crush all enemies of the state, including the notorious rebels, Blue Flare.” DarkKnightmon continued. “We will make sure that all who dare to oppose the creation of the D5 will be soundly defeated.”

In what was originally Shinobi Zone, Princess Panbachimon clenched her fists as she watched the transmission on her many monitors.

“That said, should Blue Flare and Xros Heart decide to surrender, we will spare their lives to bring the ring leaders of this…Rebellion to justice.” DarkKnightmon concluded. “Gloria, Bagura!”

And then the transmission faded away, leaving the flag behind as an ominous reminder in the sky.

“Damn it.” Kiriha began walking away.

“Kiriha!” Akari stood up, only to be stopped by Lila grabbing her hand.

“Let him go.” she said with a sigh. “He’s been having a bad week.”

And also- we get a brief mention of a mysterious “D5.”

Why What Ever Could It Mean? /sarcasmMode


The Camera Zooms into one side of a coin, showing Kiriha standing with his Xros Loader at the ready, then pans over to the other side, showing MetalGureimon preparing to slash his glowing left claws down into some unseen opponent.

The camera pans back, and the coin flips over, revealing a dark blue outline of what appears to be a modified MetalGureimon standing with a slashed Z in the background behind him.


And so we’re introduced to ZekeGureimon in outline form.

Thanks for the heads up, Eye Catch!

The stars twinkled brightly despite the doom that was to come in the morning.

“Xros Heart eh?” A Betamon mused as he and his friend looked over the waterfall area where tomorrow’s execution would be held.

“Yeah.” The Otamamon nodded. “Who would’ve thought it?”

As they sat there, listening to the rushing water of the falls, a form slithered through the tall grass behind them.

Well, I say slithered when it’s more of a crawl.

A fast crawl.

Fast enough to rustle the grass enough to make the duo turn around in horror as a large, green lizard crawled towards them, staring blankly with it’s giant button eyes and…


“Quiet!” the mouth of the lizard opened, revealing it to be a costume that Nene was wearing. “Do you want to be caught out after curfew?”

The two digimon gulped and shook their heads no.

“Good then.” She smiled, then pulled out a notepad and pencil. “Now tell me what you know of the waterfalls.”

Nene shows her stealth skills around.

“According to the information I got from Otammamon and Betamon,” Nene began, “the waterfalls are weak here,” she pointed to a spot on the map, “and here.” she pointed elsewhere. “Now.” She placed 2D cut outs of some random dinosaur like digimon onto the map. “Their plan is to have Salamandramon being placed under the water to attack us when we try to free them.”

Indeed, Dorbickmon’s forces were already submerging themselves into the lagoon as the sun began to rise.

“To counter:” Nene continued. “We’ll set up a bomb here-” she pointed to a spot on the map. “and drop a load of pollen onto them while we make our escape.”

The two HiVisionMonitamon worked tirelessly to fix the sticky bomb into place- one attaching the bomb, the other disguising the work from the view of the Dragon forces.

“Speaking of said escape.” Sally said as she adjusted her new gloves. “How are we getting them out of the execution area?”

“The Xros Loaders.” Taiki said with a snap of his fingers. “We load them up and escape as fast as we can.”

“Exactly.” Nene nodded.

“Okay, I like how this is going.” Shoutmon began. “But what the hell is this pollen stuff?”

The “Unspoken Plan Guarantee” is shot in the foot here. We see their plan’s being made.

Nene, in her ‘Midorizamon’ costume, nodded as she wrote down the instructions to the Dragon freezing formula from a wise old Jagamon.

“Dorbickmon’s forces are all Dragons.” Nene said. “The pollen is specifically designed to cause a dragon digimon to be paralyzed by sneezing and coughing while their body practically stops moving.”

“That was annoying, by the way.” Agumon protested.

“We have an antidote for it, which you’ve been given already.” Riska countered. “It keeps you from freezing up when we use it on Dorbickmon’s forces.”

Agumon flexed his arms as he and Marcus hid in a small cave behind the waterfalls.

“So what happens if we get caught?” Kiriha asked. “Or followed?”

“We fight back.” Shoutmon grinned as he held up his Xros Loader.

“And we have this same evolution program on them now?” Kiriha asked.

Blue lines emerged from where Taiki was holding onto Kiriha’s dark blue Xros Loader, upgrading it’s internal structure to match that of the newer models, and altering it’s secondary color from light blue to lime green.

“Yup.” Taiki nodded. “They should both let you evolve a Digimon to a future form.”

“Whoever the Xros Loader considers to be your partner, at least.” Marcus threw in.

Kiriha expresses concerns about this plan.

Kiriha sighed as he put his head up against a tree as the sun began to set. “This day just keeps getting better and better.”

“I’m sure it’ll get better.” Nene walked up, wearing her Midorizamon costume, obviously preparing to head out to research the execution site. “Taiki and the others are back now. We’ve got a trump card the empire hasn’t seen coming.”

“Yeah.” Kiriha rolled his eyes. “Going into some super golden mode. Like that’s going to help.”

“Stop being so sarcastic!” Nene frowned. “What’s gotten into you anymore?”

There was a moment’s pause before the boy replied with two words:

“Deckerdramon’s dying.”

Nene blinked in surprise. “He’s…what?”

“Jungle Zone’s Code Crown.” Kiriha said. “It was stuck inside of him when it got pulled away by that storm, and…” he turned to face her. “He’s dying because his body got poisoned by all of that energy being inside of him and now that it’s gone… He…” he sniffed as he laughed, ever so lightly. “He only told me today, right after we stole the necklace.”


“I Can’t lose him, Nene.” Kiriha replied. “I can’t lose any of them.”

And then we find out that Deckerdramon is *dying.*

Kiriha’s not taking it well– THUS begins the downward spiral of a “Break the Cutie” plot.


Kiriha looked over to the Dracomon standing in the doorway to his room. “What?”

“I heard about Deckerdramon.” Riska said flatly. “I…I’d hate to lose another dragon digimon to all of this fighting, especially one who’s literally the love god of the Digital world.”


“Maybe you should let the Cutemon look at him?” She offered. “Or at least see if Hephaestus can…” She trailed off when the Denizen of Breath narrowed his eyes at her. “You know.” she huffed and turned around to leave. “Maybe you shouldn’t let your own feelings get in the way of helping others!”

Riska’s offering hope…Kiriha’s reluctant to follow it.


*Cue Toushi*

Beelzebmon narrowed his three eyes at Dorbickmon and his trusty steed, Fanglongmon. “You’re making a big mistake.”

“Am I now?” Dorbickmon replied with a laugh. “See, the way I see it, your little friends will come running to save you from death and fall right into my trap, and then I’ll execute you all at once!”

“You should realize that Taiki-dono won’t surrender to the likes of you!” Knightmon replied. “Xros Heart will…!”

“Oh Shut up!” Fanglongmon replied. “Those fools don’t know what powers they’re dealing with!”

“On the contrary.” Wisemon began. “By all the reports I’ve heard through your guard’s chattering, it seems that you are the ones dealing with powers you know nothing about.”

“Yeah!” Terezie the PawnChessmon spat at the dragons. “Shoutmon and Akari are going to kick your asses!

“Ahhem.” Kroket, another PawnChessmon, coughed politely. “Language, please.”

“Screw language!” ProblemChessmon cried out. “These Bagura bullies are goin’ DOWN!TOWN!” He stuck out his tongue. “BLYEH!”

“I’ve faced execution once before!” Dondokomon rallied with a quick rhythm. “I survived that and I can do it again!”

Xros Heart is defiant just knowing that Taiki and Akari are back! Dondokomon is even being spunky!

“Hmf.” Dorbickmon simply rolled his eyes. “We shall see…” he turned towards a Sealsdramon and nodded.

“Sayonara, Xros Heart!” The Sealsdramon said with a chuckle as he pulled a lever.

There was a moment’s pause…

And 30 seconds after the altercation had begun…

Absolutly NOTHING happened.

“Um…” The Sealsdramon blinked, reset the lever with a click, and tried again with a clak. Nothing.

“Click-Clak-Click-Clak-Click-Clak-Click-Clak”went the lever as the Sealsdramon repeatedly reset the lever again and again.

Dorbickmon raised an annoyed eyebrow at the would-be-executioner. “Well?”

…A bit of comedy to lighten the mood.

“Um…” The Sealsdramon turned around, a hand behind his head and a sweat drop on the side of his face. “We appear to be experiencing technical difficulties, Sir!”

“Told you!” Dondokomon grinned as the Flute playing Chessmon giggled alongside the Pucchiemon band.

Fanglongmon growled. “This is getting us nowhere.” He turned towards Dorbickmon. “We should just kill them ourselves!”


Suddenly, from the inside of the waterfall, two figures leaped out from the falls.

“Good!” Marcus roared as he pulled his fist back in preparation of… “Morning!” …Delivering a resound punch to Dorbickmon’s face. Simultaneously, Agumon landed on Fanglongmon’s face and blew a Pepper Breath straight into the God-Dragon’s eyes.

Both Dragons fell to the ground, roaring in dismay.

Marcus proves once again why they let him into this show by punching Dorbickmon in the face.

Agumon goes for the eyes.

“NOW!” Marcus ordered to the skies…


Or rather, to the HiVision Monitamon hiding on a cliff face with the remote to a bomb full of paralyzing pollen.


A Second later, a gust of wind rushed down from the top of the falls, gathering up the pollen into a whirlwind that gusted down into the entire valley.

Cue the Bagura-mon’s waiting-in-wait freezing up as their dreaded spring time allergies took over their basic motor controls.

“What the hell’s going on here?” Beelzebmon asked with wide eyes as he watched Agumon digivolve into ShineGreymon to give the immobile Fanglongmon the smack down of a lifetime.

“No time to explain!” Riska said as she and Zenjirou (Holding out his Xros Loader) slid down on ropes that were being held by Akari and Shoutmon from atop Sparrowmon’s back. “Just get in!”

“Zenjirou!” ProblemChessmon cried out in surprise. “When did you get here!”


For the second time in two days, that poor Fanglongmon was caught up in an explosion that sent him to the Dream Bubbles, but not outright killing the thing. “Damn, are living gods tough to kill or what?” he grumbled as he turned his attention to Dorbickmon, who, at the moment, was at the mercy of Marcus’ rapid fire punches and the affects of the pollen attack.

“-And how about a little of THIS!” Marcus gave a solid uppercut to the Bagura general’s jaw.

“GAK-No-AHHCHOO-STOP-OW!-IT!-*COUGH*-PLEASE!” The Bagura Dragon was pleading, as if he meant any of it, the lying bastard. Literally. ‘Cause he’s lying, on the ground, and he’s a…?

Oh Forget It.

I just can’t let the General live it down- Marcus is just being a Boss by punching Dorbickmon while he’s down- sneezing with allergies and coughing to boot.

“Taiki!” Beelzebmon grinned at the boy as they rushed away from the waterfalls. “Boy are you a sight for sore eyes!”

“You’d never believe the thing’s we’ve be through so far.” Taiki laughed.

“Oi.” Shoutmon growled. “Looks like we’ve got company.”

Indeed, behind them was a small squadron of Airdramon, each of whom looked positively ready to tear them to pieces.”

“I’ve got this!” Lopmon said before taking in a deep breath, and… “BLAZING ICE!”

The lead Airdramon’s eyes went wide as the frozen projectiles came straight towards him. “Oh no!” he gulped.


“I could use the target practice” Beelzebmon raised his canon arm up. “DEATH THE CANON!”

There was a blast of green light, and the Poor, disorientated Airdramon squadron were hit by another exploding attack.

“Let me have some fun too!” Akari raised her Microphone stand and sang. “SOUL CRUSHER!”

The following explosion completely obliterated the Airdramon.

“WAHOO!” Shoutmon cheered. “We sure showed them!”

Then- with a flash of purple light, an Aegisdramon burst out of the smoke screen, roaring as it charged it’s massive- MULTIPLE weapons of mass destruction.

Everyone’s jaw dropped open as Lopmon cried out with shock: “Where the hell did THAT come from!”

Despite that- Things go from bad to worse.

Aegisdramon is a MASSIVELY overpowered digimon!! Look him up. I’ll wait.

Sufficiently impressed?


The Aegisdramon didn’t get a chance to fire, as METAL. ROARING. GUREIMON suddenly fell from above with a glowing left claw and a roar of “TRIDENT CLAW!”

The Aegisdramon did little besides get pushed down towards the ground at an alarming rate, unable to adjust it’s flightpath at this time.

“Howdy!” MetalGureimon smirked at them as Kiriha and Nene waved from their perch on the Digi-Xros’s head.

A few moments later, ShineGreymon, with Marcus on his shoulder, came soaring up behind them.

“Was that an Aegisdramon?” Marcus asked, eyes wide with confusion and shock. “Where the hell did That come from?”

“HOW SHOULD I KNOW?” Sparrowmon cried out with anger as she kept on pushing forward. “I’M The one FLYING US AWAY FROM IT!”

I need to rewrite this sequence. I think I’ve got stuff that needs clarifying.

(“Remind me not to get her angry.” ShineGreymon remarked offhandedly to no-one in particular.)

“What happened to Dorbickmon?” Taiki asked.

“The pollen started to wear off, so we hightailed it out of there!” Marcus replied. “I’m pretty sure he was mad and I don’t think that Aegisdramon was a normal digimon.”

“He probably Digi-Xrossed the Airdramon into it from a distance.” Kiriha growled. “Cheating bastard.”

“I-” Marcus stopped when there was a roar from below- Aegisdramon was not out for the count, and was rising rapidly to resume it’s attack. “I think it’s time we brought out the big guns.” He held up his Xros Loader. “ShineGreymon! Let’s show ’em what we’re made of!”

“Right Boss!” ShineGreymon tensed up and…


“What.” Marcus said flatly as his Digivice failed to react. “DAMN IT!” He stomped his foot. “Of all the times for us to not be able to use Burst Mode, It had to be…!”


A Wave of energy rushed over Xros Heart, sending them all tumbling to the ground below.

“AS IF WE DIDN’T GET ENOUGH OF THIS ALREADY!” Zenjirou cried out in protest.

…I really need to rewrite this sequence.

There was a few tense moments as Aegisdramon watched its targets fall through the cloud layer…

And then…

There was a double flash of red light and…


The cloud layer dispersed away in a tremendous explosion, revealing a glowing, burning ShineGreymon at the center of a crimson sphere of energy that held everyone who had just been falling within it.

Of course, they were still falling- at a very fast rate in fact- but at least now they would actually survive the impact with the ground.

…Then again…?

From CentaurDorbickmon’s perspective, it looked like a meteorite was falling towards his Land, complete with its final strike being a massive explosion.

Of course, he knew better. Aegisdramon had done the trick, it seemed. Now all he had to do was pick off the survivors.

“Owww…” Agumon groaned as he sat up. “Let’s not do that again.”

“Agreed.” Marcus nodded from near by, not even bothering to get up just yet.

“Thanks for the save back there.” MetalGureimon mumbled as he inspected his wing assembly- Cracked, thanks to the angle of landing on his back. “I don’t think we could’ve survived that without that fire trick of yours.”

“No problem.” Marcus gave a thumbs up. “Any time.”

“Well…” Taiki said with a grin. “At least we’re all still alive!”

“Maybe not for long…” Riska growled as she pointed into the distance. “We’ve got company…Again.”

CentaurDorbickmon and Aegisdramon were approaching rapidly from the north.

“Is anyone up for a battle?” Shoutmon asked as he held up his and Akari’s Xros Loader.

“I think I’ll be fine if we Xros into Turuiemon.” Akari said as she dusted off her shoulders. “What about you, Lopmon?”

“I’ve been better.” The bunny replied as Cutemon began healing up a bruise on her right ear. “But I’ll be ready in a few seconds…”

“Gureimon?” Kiriha asked, hesitantly. He knew he could fix that wing assembly if he Xrossed the Digimon with Deckerdramon, but…

“I can fight.” The Dragon replied.

Of course- they’re not in a perfect condition to continue fighting- and the lack of Ballistamon makes forming X5KB impossible.

“Taiki.” Shoutmon began. “I want you to get everyone who isn’t Xros Ready as far away from here as you can.”

“Right.” The boy nodded.

“As if you’ll get far.” CentaurDorbickmon laughed as he entered talking- And attack- range. “Aegisdramon will obliterate you the moment you try anything funny.”

“So?” Shoutmon asked as he reached for his necklace. “Even if you strike us down here and now, we’ll become more powerful than you can even imagine!”

“Aw,” Dorbickmon replied with a guffaw, “but I can imagine a lot.”

This whole sequence is to show that Kiriha is afraid of losing people now- after the whole six month time skip…He’s not feeling so well about using people who he’s afraid to lose.

“And I can imagine even more than that!” Kiriha growled as he held up his Xros Loader. “GO: METALGUREIMON!”

“RAWR!” The dragon roared as he leaped forward…


…And was completely pushed into the ground by the onslaught of Aegisdramon’s finisher attack.

There was a massive explosion as energy continued to be poured onto the poor MetalGureimon…

He screamed so loud- so painfully- as his armor broke, wings shattered, horns cracking and…

When the onslaught finished, the only thing sparing MetalGureimon’s life was the fact that the “Shine Breaker” was designed to purify all evil…

And there was barely anything evil about MetalGureimon at all.

The poor Digimon shuddered and shook, with data floating away from his wounds.

Kiriha’s eyes went wide as he heard the dragon sniffling in pain. “G..Gureimon…!”

And Gureimon has just been moved up on that list of people.

MetalGureimon is severely damaged here- and his *only* Saving grace is the technicality in Aegisdramon’s finisher attack description.

“GUREIMON!” Riska cried out as she ran forward. “GUREIMON!”

“Oi!” Shoutmon grabbed her hand, keeping her back. “Don’t go out there! You’ll get killed!”

“GUREIMON!” The Dracomon cried out more and more.

“Kiriha!” Deckerdramon called out from the Xros Loader. “You have to let me fight! Reload me and DigiXros us so we can save them!”

The Blue Flare General didn’t listen, not even as Akari and Lopmon Xrossed together and then Flash Digivolved into DeltAntylamon, aiming to take down Aegisdramon in one strike. ‘Gureimon…! Gureimon is…’

‘Kiriha!’ Typheus was yelling. ‘Let me take over now! You’re no good to us like this!’

Kiriha is so frozen up that Typheus *CAN’T* Take control!

The Blue Flare General didn’t listen, not even as CentaurDorbickmon kicked the broken Metal Dinosaur in the nose, shattering the first of three horns, breaking the red visor revealing the broken eyes, and sending the digimon flying backwards from the impact.‘He’s dying…Just like Deckerdramon…Just like…’



The General just stared in shock as Gureimon began crying both tears and blood, and he stared as Shoutmon glowed with the Light of evolution, and OmegaShoutmon tore into CentaurDorbickmon’s defenses with a Beat Slash attack.

“KIRIHA!” Hephaestus was calling out to him now. “You need to snap out of this NOW!”

“KIRIHA!” Nene was shaking him. “KIRIHA!”

He’s utterly locked up- nothing’s getting through to him.

The only one not calling his name now was Riska, who was crying for Gureimon, trying to get out, to try to help him, only to be held back by Kotemon and Zenjirou and Lila, each trying, and failing, to keep the girl still.

“YOU’VE GOT TO GET UP!” The girl was crying out. “YOU CAN’T LEAVE ME HERE!”

Aegisdramon prepared another Shine Breaker attack, this time directed towards DeltAntylamon…

Kiriha stared at it all… His hand closing in tighter and tighter around his Xros Loader… He stared on as CentaurDorbickmon xrossed himself with Aegisdramon into AegisDorbickmon, a golden, giant version of Dorbickmon, and he stared on as Marcus and Agumon tiredly ran to join the fight.

He watched in silence, ignoring everything trying to break through to him, as Dorulumon and Deckerdramon tried to force themselves out of his Xros Loader, Cyberdramon too- The Gaossmons…


“I can’t loose them all…Not like before…Not like…”

“DON”T YOU DARE DIE ON ME, JOHN!” Riska cried out as Terezie pinned her to the ground. “YOU IDIOT! I LOVE YOU!”

And here’s the thing that finally gets through to Kiriha.

He learns Gureimon’s Given Name.

Remember those rules I set up earlier on? About how most digimon only give their given names when it comes to large groups of their species type, or how they only give it to close relatives?

Well- Gureimon’s name is John. (Also- from this line alone you can tell that I Ship Vriska<3John in Homestuck canon. No. I don’t care what you think about that- remember, this story was originally a thinly veiled SHIP FIC.)

Riska knows this.

Kiriha didn’t.

A connection is made.

He wasn’t the only one who was risking their lives here.

Shoutmon, Akari, Zenjirou and Lila…

The Chessmonz, Knightmon, Taiki and Nene…

He…He couldn’t let them all down by just standing here.


What kind of man just stares as someone he cares about DIES?

“GUREIMON!” He roared out, raising his Xros Loader high up. “STAND UP! STAND UP RIGHT NOW!”

Kiriha gets a bit of determination here.

The Dinosaur’s eyes slowly opened. “Kiri…ha?”

“That Monster just BROKE YOUR NOSE!” Kiriha roared out, tapping into Typheus’ powers to amplify his voice across the field without yelling. “Are you just going to let him get Away With THAT?

“He…” Gureimon repeated. “Broke my nose…?” And then, as if the pain finally registered from that one injury alone and nothing else. “He Broke My Nose…!” he repeated, sounding slightly dorkish in the way that his voice changed pitch from that particular injury. “He Broke My Nose!”

Kiriha gets Gureimon to get up by pointing out Gureimon’s old berserk button: Someone broke his nose.


A moment passed as Kiriha’s Xros Loader flared to life, sending a pulse of healing blue light over MetalGureimon’s body…

The Dinosaur stood up, drawing everyone’s attention to him, as the blue glow turned into a golden glow as his entire body restored itself to it’s previous form.

“You…!” Gureimon breathed towards AegisDorbickmon… “BROKE…”

Dorbickmon gulped. “Uhoh.”

“MY!” He took in a deep breath, and then roared: “NOSE!”

“METALGUREIMON!” Kiriha roared as a slashed Z Formed on the screen of his Xros Loader. “TIME BURST!”

“GRYAHH! ! ! ! ! ! !”

Shoutmon smirked. “About time!”

“METALGUREIMON: CHO SHINKA!” Blue armor turned golden, The red visor broke away, revealing Gureimon’s crimson red eyes, the missile laden wings streamlined out, and his right hand molded itself into a rail gun cannon. “ZEKEGUREIMON!”

As the new giant entered the field of battle, everyone took a step back as ZekeGureimon sized up the AegisDorbickmon.

Two golden Digimon dueling for the Fate of the Land.

“ZEKEGUREIMON!” Kiriha roared. “Show Him the Devotion of Blue Flare! Show him that we will NEVER GIVE UP!”

MetalGureimon evolves- healing most damage instantly- and Kiriha title drops the old themesong.

And who needs a new fancy song for evolving anyways? Blue Flare sticks to the same damn song.


Suddenly, everyone was thrown away by a force field as the two opponents were thrown high into the air by a miraculously appearing giant record disk; if one were to look at it from below like Xros Heart were doing, all you would see was said recordbalancing on a thin, metal tower.

“What the hell?” Hephaestus gasped. “What’s Beat Mesa doing here! ?”

“RAIL GATLING!”ZekeGureimon aimed his canon arm at the surprised AegisDorbickmon and let loose a barrage of bullets down upon the Bagura General, riddling him with holes despite his Gold Chrome Digizoid armor.

With a roar, the ZekeGureimon flew forward, left claw pulled back in preparation of a side strike…

When suddenly the blades on his claw adjusted themselves into the shape of a Z!


AegisDorbickmon’s eyes widened as he gasped in shock from the penetration of the Z claws…Which then spun back into their proper place, causing even more damage as ZekeGureimon pulled his hand back and spun around to aim the plasma cannon hidden within his tail right in the Bagura General’s face.


The explosion that followed sent Dorbickmon- And ONLY Dorbickmon- flying towards the ground as the Needle bound Record vanished into thin air, leaving ZekeGureimon the opportunity to deliver one final attack:

“Back At Ya!” he grinned as he landed on Dorbickmon’s face with his left foot, breaking the purple dragon’s nose and delivering the death blow of crushing his brain all in one blow…


So– ZekeGureimon comes up with an AOE attack- Needle Mesa. It flings Dorbickmon and him into the air- where ZekeGureimon absolutely PULVERIZES him with just three attacks.

Dorbickmon’s data floated into the sky, in plain view for all Digimon of all Lands to see, for, you see, this whole battle was broadcast live due to the execution being the starting point.

“Oh my oh my,” Lilithmon laughed to herself as she watched it, “how the tables have turned.”

DarkKnightmon’s fist smashed into the hologram table as all subroutines for Dragon Land were taken out of the empire’s control. “NO! How could they have done this!”

In fact, the reason that all of those subroutines had been taken out?

Dorbickmon’s Darkness Loader shattered as Taiki and OmegaShoutmon ran it through with their swords.

“And that’s the end of that.” Shoutmon breathed a sigh of relief as the Loader’s data floated into the sky, mingling with Dorbickmon’s.

So the ol’ Dork just pulled a Gurren Lagann style slip up of broadcasting his own general’s defeat.

Instead of taking it away- the whole world was just given hope.

After a few moments of rest and relaxation, someone pointed out that the Bagura Flag was now replaced with a hybrid of Xros Heart’s and Blue Flare’s flags.

“That mean’s we’ve taken the first Land!” Yuu began with a smile and clenched fists. “Now we can go on and free the rest of the Digital World!”

“Damn straight.” Gureimon nodded as he shared a glance with MailBirdramon, who was looking slightly weak, all things considered. “You Ok there dude?”

“For the most part.” MailBirdramon frowned. “It’s strange, but I can’t remember anything past being hit by Aegisdramon’s Shine Breaker attack up until we De-xrossed, only this dark, black void.”

“I thought we’d almost lost you there too.” Akari said with a smile. “I’m glad you’re okay though!”

“I’m glad too.” Kiriha said with a smile. ‘One less life lost today.’

But that hope is squashed partially for the readers- MailBirdramon doesn’t remember a thing from the fight.

“DIGIMON INTRODUCTION CORNER!”the Monitamon cried out as they opened the THIRD (3RD) episode of their hit new series!

“ZekeGureimon!” Aradia pointed towards a print out of ZekeGureimon. “A MetalGreymon whose bonds of friendship and love allowed him to evolve to his future form!”

“His special attacks include the Needle Mesa.” Sollux said as he held up a record. “In which he separates his opponent from the surrounding environment for a truly one on one battle.”

“His name can be spelled in English as, Zee, Eee, Kay, Eee, Gee, Arr, Eee, Wy, Em, Oh, En.” Eridan held up a board with two names printed on it. “But is officially spelled as ZETA, Gee, Arr, Eee, Wy, Em, Oh, En.” he turned the card over. “The pronunciation is: ZeeKuGuuReiMahn.” he paused, then looked over at Aradia. “Ummm…”

She was gone.

“Huh.” he blinked, and put the card down, before turning towards Sollux. “Where’d she…?”

He was climbing up a tree, holding a sign that said “Duck and Cover!”

“What does that…?”

Suddenly, a giant, ghostly hammer fell on poor Eridan’s head, sending him to the dream bubbles.

“DON’T! EXPLAIN! THE JOKE!”Aradia cried out with annoyance.

Some meta joke stuff- That the name is STILL spelled ZekeGureimon rather than ZekeGreymon.


“Vampire Land?”

“Look! It’s a Lopmon village!”

“He captured all of us, and ate us all except for…”


“The White Lopmon!”

“Who is this guy anyways?”

“Vampire Land! NeoVamdemon’s insatiable hunger!”

“I…Will NOT Turn my back on him!”

And so careful readers coming from the Anime will have some expectations from this next episode…

I can honestly say that I had several going into writing it.


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