Xros Wars AU 02 — CH 34

We begin Chapter 34 with a bit of ominous foreshadowing.

Also: A TRIGGER WARNING! Again, written in white text at what I feel is the most offending spot- Skim over it if you want to- but this whole Arc entirely sort of deals with potentially… Offending themes… So…I can’t really say that there’s only one spot. Read on at your own Risk, I guess.


Baguramon frowned at the massive, swollen, purple colored Code Crown, which was currently connected to several cables that pulsed with negative energy. “Such a shame.” he said aloud. “That in order for D5 to come to fruition, we must corrupt the Code Crown’s programming in such a way.”

“Even so.” Duskmon said as he emerged from behind the Code Crown. “Hephaestus’ programming changes to keep this… ‘Reset’ program from running are preventing any of our wishes from being granted.” he paused. “It makes you wonder what this ‘Reset’ program even does.”

“I think.” Ranamon frowned from the corner of the room. “It’s something we should leave alone, go about creating D5 some other way.”

“There is no other way.” Baguramon replied flatly. “The Code Crown is the only known object refractive enough to transmit and amplify the wave front.”

…Here we find out just a little of what they want the Code Crown for.

It’s not ruling the world.

It’s using its properties as A CRYSTAL to refract wavelengths of some kind!

“Yes, well…” DarkKnightmon grumbled as he entered the room. “That might be a problem.”

“How so?” Baguramon turned to face his brother.

“Input of negative energy has…” he grimaced as he forced the next word out: “Diminished rapidly.”

Silence fell over the room for a moment…

“BWHAHAHA!” Then Ranamon laughed. “You’ve got to be kidding! Right?” she pointed at the Corrupted Code Crown. (YAY For alliteration!) “We’re still getting a nice, juicy flow of energy from the Seven Lands!”

“Reserves that were being transmitted from before this morning, I’m afraid.” DarkKnightmon’s grimace remained.

“Dorbickmon is dead.” Everyone turned towards the door, surprised at the intrusion of one Lilithmon. “You know that execution that was supposed to happen this morning? The one that Dorbickmon had broadcast live, over all of the Lands?”

“What about it?” Duskmon asked, all of his many eyes narrowing onto her.

“Weell…” she took in a deep breath before putting on a smirk and saying her next words carefully. “Let’s just say that it had the opposite effect from what Dorbickmon was hoping for.”

She let that sink in, then added.

“And now he’s dead!”

The Gurren Lagann Principle at effect- folks!

“You’re…” Ranamon began.

“She’s not joking.” DarkKnightmon cut her off, and, as if to punctuate this point…

The stream of dark energy from the Seven Lands suddenly came to a screeching halt, as did half of the machinery in the room, which whined as they powered down.

Then, to add insult to an already large injury…

The lights cut out, leaving the room illuminated only by the purple light of the Corrupted Code Crown.

“Food for thought.” Lilithmon said with a good-natured chuckle as she turned to leave.

Lilithmon…You Troll.


With a mighty roar, the entire palace began crumbling as OmegaShoutmon’s Resonance Cascade attack threw it into the skies, where it promptly exploded at a safe distance into the air.

Once the dust settled, everyone looked at the place where Dorbickmon’s mighty pink tower had once stood, all one could see was land…and a giant hole that lead into what- at first glance- appeared to be a sewer system.

“Now then.” OmegaShoutmon said as he walked over to Xros Heart, shrinking back down into regular old Shoutmon as he did so. “What do you suppose that giant tunnel underneath the tower was for?”

“Dorbickmon was gathering negative energy from the suffering of all of the Land’s Digimon.” Kiriha frowned. “He must have used these tunnels to send them back to the the Empire’s headquarters.”

“I don’t see anything in there.” Nene began as she looked down into the pit.

“DarkKnightmon had the execution broadcast live, all over the Digital World.” Sally began, also looking into it. “When he died, all the negative energy probably got replaced with positive energy.”

“So…” Shoutmon began. “Can we use this to travel to the next Land?”

Now here’s a change from Xros Wars canon! Instead of using the Xros Loaders- they TORE A HOLE OPEN in Dorbickmon’s castle, and are hijacking the Negative Energy tunnels to their own ends!

*cue Fight for Victory!*

“The Digital World!” Kiriha narrated. “Once a beautiful world now divided into seven Lands, each ruled by an evil Death General, the first of whom, Dorbickmon, has been soundly defeated by Blue Flare’s own ZekeGureimon!” with a breath, he concluded. “Perhaps a bright ending can be written for this dark story after all.”

*cue New World (TWILL) TV Size*

*cue Title theme*

“Vampire Land! NeoVamdemon’s insatiable hunger!”

Kiriha’s narration changes to reflect the story at large- once more highlighting that he’s the main focus of this entire Act!

The answer was “Yes.”

Apparently the negative energy was pushed along by a powerful air current…or magnetic force…or…something…

Anyways: the point is that as soon as they entered the pipe, they were being pushed along towards the next land at a break-neck rate. (Except for that fact that it was slow enough that no necks were broken in the process.)

“Where do you think we’re going?” Shoutmon asked.

“Probably either Cyber Land or Vampire Land.” Nene replied. “They’re the ones that are adjacent to us in the order the Generals chose.”

“Eh?” He blinked. “What?”

“Dorbickmon was the Dragon-King General of Tuesday” Kiriha recounted. “NeoVamdemon is the Vampire-Forger General of Monday, and Splashmon is the Cyber-Controller General of Wednesday.”

“Wait.” Taiki intruded into the conversation. “They’re named after the days of the week?”

“Yuppers!” Sally nodded. “Kind of lame, if you ask me.”

“There aren’t even really Seven Lands either.” Kiriha lamented. “There are Eight.”

Taiki blinked. “Like Dracomon’s eyes?”

“Exactly.” Nene nodded. “The Seven Lands ruled by the Generals, and the eighth being the Empire’s base of operations.”

Some exposition on the Lands- there are Eight.

Akari frowned at this, remembering her dream from just that morning. “Eight…?”

“Heads up!” Zenjirou called out as, all of a sudden, a three way split appeared in the distance. “Looks like we’ve got a choice to make!”

“Three paths?” Shoutmon frowned. “What the hell…?”

Regardless, the pipes themselves made the choice for our heroes, suddenly forcing some people in one direction, and others in another direction while leaving some on the same path.

“Damn it!” Kiriha growled as they all went their separate ways through the tunnels.

Kiriha isn’t intentionally going loner here- they all got separated.


There was a moment’s pause…

And then a burst of steam erupted from the middle of the ghost town, throwing Taiki, Sally, Yuu, Corone, Marcus, and Agumon out into the air…


“Damn you, Aperture!” Marcus growled as he dusted his jacket off. “I hate the Diversity Vents, stupid lousy pieces of unaligned…”

“And here we go on the Portal 2 ranting.” Agumon sighed. “Again.”

“Portal 2?” Yuu blinked. “What’s that?”

“And I Still Never GOT MY CAKE!” Marcus concluded with a roar.

Marcus…is a bit obsessed with Portal 2.

“Ignoring that.” Taiki began looking around. “Where are we?”

“Vampire Land.” Sally said with a growl. “Feel that breeze?”

Indeed, there was a…demonic chill in the air. Looking around, all one could see were rotting buildings, and eerie, floating blue flames.

“Reaper Zone.” Corone took in a sharp breath. “What happened here?”

“Bagura happened.” Sally said as she pointed up towards the mountainous distance, where three things could be seen easily.

The first thing was the tower sticking out of the mountains, reminding one of something from a cliche Monster Movie… Or- perhaps even worse- A Zombie Factory where in a Goth-teen Vampire from the olden days of Train Travel and Archaeology held “Mad Raves Yo” only to have his soul crushed in his own soul crushing machine by a Detective Dog, a Lagamorph Rabbit, and his own Frankenstein monster that had their souls swapped out somehow and…

Wait a second!

Alright, Who put the Plot to one of the Sam & Max games in my notes?

*whistles innocently as he closes the trans temporal portal.*

Whoever does it gets a free Vampire Plushie!

*never had the plushie to begin with*


The second thing was the Bagura Empire flag floating above the tower in the dark and eternally twilight skies, and the third was the dark shape of the Corrupted Code Crown, just barely visible through the Zone’s sky dome, above the flag.

“Is…that…?” Marcus blinked. “The Code Crown?”

“Looks like.” Hephaestus chimed in. “It’s too far away for me to really tell right now, but it looks like they…Oh dear god no.”

Sally blinked. “Excuse me?”

“That’s why they were collecting negative energy.” The Denizen of Creativity replied. “They’re corrupting the Code Crown!”

…Things are instantly gone from good to bad.


“I hate cemeteries.” Cutemon shuddered as they walked through the massive lanes of gravestones. “People are supposed to die in bursts of data, not leaving any body behind.”

“From what Taiki told me about Sand Zone…” Akari frowned. “That’s exactly what happened to Beelzebmon’s friends and family.”

“I think we can all agree that’s the nice thing about the Digital World.” Revolomon grimaced as they passed a hastily marked grave. “Everyone gets a free pass unless something happens to prevent their data from scattering.”

“So what happened to all of these people?” ChibiKamemon asked. “Why do they have graves?”

“We didn’t tell you about what happened under Sweets Zone, did we?” Lopmon asked.

“Nene explained it a bit, but…” ChibiBastemon shook her head. “I still can’t wrap my head around it.”

“Something must have happened here, similar to those two cases.” Lopmon said with a sigh. “Their data was held together while they died, preventing them from having any chance of being reborn.”

“I wonder what happened though?” ChibiKamemon repeated. “Who would do such a thing?”

“I know who.”

Everyone froze at the unfamiliar voice.

Introducing Nia- the Lopmon- another Gurren Lagann shoutout/expy- she’s here for two reasons- one is to have a name to separate MY Lopmon from the CANON Lopmon- and two is to play with people’s expectations about Nia herself.

“She’s the Lopmon from the Anime and now she’s named Nia so of course she’s going to double die!”

^^^^ That is what I wanted the readers to be thinking. ^^^^

Moving on:

“NeoVamdemon, the Death General of this Zone, did it.” Came the owner of the young, female voice as she stepped out from behind a small grave stone that held her form in shadow. “He kidnaps people, seducing the women and tricking the men, takes them to his castle, and then…” the girl stepped out of the shadow, revealing the pained look in her blue eyes and her scratched and battered form.

Lopmon gasped as she took a step back in surprise. “You’re a…!”

“He eats them alive, Data Draining them of their very being, their very cores.” The girl, a Lopmon much like Our Lopmon, but different. “My name’s Nia, and…I’m the last Lopmon of my village.”

Indeed, where as the Lopmon (henceforth called Kaiyumi) that we are all familiar with is technically classified as a “Xros Variant,” this other Lopmon (henceforth called Nia) would be identified as a “Normal Type” had she been in prime condition.

“The…last?” Cutemon asked.

“Yes, I’m afraid.” Nia looked to the ground. “All that remain are the younger Kokomon, who don’t have much experience in taking care of themselves.” her stature slouched somewhat in depression. “And If I stay in that village, I’ll only be dragging them further into trouble.”

“What do you mean?” Revolomon asked.

“NeoVamdemon targets only those who are above a certain age.” Nia answered. “In my village, that age is when we turn into Lopmon from our younger forms of Kokomon.” she looked slightly hopeful. “When I say I’m the Last Lopmon I also mean it in a larger sense.”

…Dang it. *hits the trigger warning tag and goes up to the beginning to write in a warning.*

This last line set of Nia’s is invoking the fact that NeoVamdemon is only targeting those who are sexually mature or maturing. He’s basing his targets on those over a certain age for whatever reason- but that’s still not any good because it implies that he’s “playing” around with them all before he eats their data. Nia is sort of like that one girl in horror movies who’s managed to survive to the end by hiding and dodging- but she’s completely scared for her own life. Except this isn’t a movie. This is real life. 

“Oh no…” Akari frowned, not liking where this was going.

“NeoVamdemon’s managed to take all of those who have passed that certain age within Vampire Land. He’s killed everyone in this land except for the Children, who he can’t feed on.” Nia’s eyes shimmered slightly as she sniffed back tears. “Everyone except me, that is.”

“You mean…?” ChibiBastemon began.

“I’ve been on the run for a week now.” Nia replied. “I’ve managed to hide from his forces by evading my old village, where everyone in Vampire Land is hiding for the moment, in hopes that I might be able to starve him to death.”

Nia is trying to Starve NeoVamdemon out- this is another theme that might hit close to some people. 


The Demon Roared with annoyances as he slammed his fist into the table. Not a single soul to devour.

“He thrives by eating the life data of the Lands people.” Nia continued. “His hunger got the better of him, however, and he began eating people in large groups.”

NeoVamdemon turned towards a LadyDevimon, standing guard in the corner, and shouted something incomprehensible.

“He ran out of available ‘snacks’ a week ago,” Nia explained, “and he’s been running on reserve energy since then, so by now I’d think he’d be fairly week in terms of raw power, But…”

The demon then roared and lunged for the LadyDevimon, who, despite having been turned into a demon by loss of data, still had enough self-awareness to flinch away in surprise as he…

…Yeah, see? This isn’t a ‘good’ scene. It’s showing that NeoVamdemon is a really. REALLY. Bad person.



“That’s good news for us then!” Akari began. “We can take him out easily if he’s been weakened!”

A Squadron of Devimon stood tall over the cowering Kokomon.

“You can’t!” Nia cried out in horror. “Once he finds you that you’re here, he’ll do everything he can to eat each and every one of you!”

And then, the Devimon looked up as a shadow fell from over head.

“We’ve taken out Dorbickmon already- When he was at Full Strength too.” Kaiyumi replied. “I think we can handle a hungry vampire.”

Suddenly, they were hefted into the air by a sudden gust of wind, straight into the path of an awaiting “PLASMA CANNON!”courtesy of MailBirdramon.

“You don’t understand how desperate he is! None of the surviving Digimon in Vampire Land are anywhere NEAR his target range! He’ll starve to death before he admits defeat and leaves the land!” Nia continued.

An incoming wave of LadyDevimon screached in delight as they dive-bombed MailBirdramon, not even expecting the sudden intervention of Zenjirou, OmegaShoutmon, and Musyamon’s triple sword strikes.

“But once he knows you’re here, he’ll do everything he can to get your data!” she pleaded. “I don’t want to have to bury any more bodies!”

With a roar, MetalGureimon Digi-Xrossed into existence and let loose a “GIGA DESTROYER” wave upon the next round of Devimon.

However- while Nia is trying to warn Xros Heart about NeoVamdemon’s plans- Kiriha’s group is out causing the exact kind of trouble Nia didn’t want to happen.

The following series of explosions could be heard all over the land.

“Uh oh.” Revolomon muttered. “Sounds like Kiriha’s work.”

“That came from over near the village!” Nia gasped.

And as they rushed away to find the source of the commotion, no-one noticed a clawed hand pierce through the ground from behind one of the grave stones.


“Kiriha!” Akari called out as she and the others ran up. “What the hell are you doing?”

“Protecting these villagers from Devimon and LadyDevimon.” Kiriha replied from atop MetalGureimon’s head as he held up his Xros Loader, which contained said villagers inside it. “Why?”

“Because now NeoVamdemon knows we’re here!” Kaiyumi called out. “We’ve lost the element of surprise!”

“Oh.” His eyes widened. “Crap.”

“Kiriha!” Suddenly, Nene descended from above, having been floating on energy wings provided by Echidna. “There are more of them massing in the west, from what looks like a cemetery.”

“From the cemetery?” ChibiKamemon asked. “But we just came from there!”

“Oh no…” Nia’s eyes widened. “He didn’t…! He couldn’t…! He wouldn’t…!”

Kaiyumi slapped her face. “Dammit. Of course Data Draining would Zombify them.”

“Zombies?” Zenjirou asked. “You mean like in Sweets Zone?”

“Exactly like those Raremon!” Kaiyumi nodded. “Only this time they’re Devimon segregated by gender.”

“So we were fighting the villagers?” Nene asked, eyes widening in horror.

This is another horrific revelation. Every single one of the Digimon here that’s a Devimon or LadyDevimon? A Villager.

“Oiii!” Marcus’ voice called out as, a few seconds later, ShineGreymon landed in what remained of the Lopmon village. “What the hell happened here?”

“NeoVamdemon’s forces attacked.” Kiriha summed it up. “And then it turns out he’s been making said forces by draining the villagers of their data.”

“Damn it!” Marcus growled as his group dismounted their ride. “Why do we always miss the important battles?”

“There’s more Devimon coming out way as we speak.” Nene replied. “We’ll be neck deep in battle again any minute now.”

“So what do we do now?” OmegaShoutmon asked, looking to the sky.

“NeoVamdemon’s weakened right now.” Akari began. “But he knows we’re here now, so…” She started smirking. “We need to hide before those Devimon get here! I have a plan, but we’ll need to prepare for it first!”

“Leave the escape part to me and Dorulumon.” Taiki held up his hand, which was glowing with the light of an oncoming transformation.

Of note- Echidna should be awake well before this point. She’s just being her usual quiet aloof self.

MailBirdramon soared through the air, circling the space above the tower. “Are you sure about this?” He asked.

“Well.” Kiriha replied from his perch on the bird’s back. “I’m as sure as I’ll ever be.”

Approaching the tower’s main gate were two Lady Devi- Wait a minute. That’s Akari and Nene WEARING Costumes like the Lady Devimon wore.

“Are you sure this is going to work?” Akari asked.

“Trust me.” Nene whispered back. “They won’t be able to tell the difference.”

“Honestly.” Kaiyumi, our Lopmon, sighed from her place in Akari’s arms. “I’m not so sure about this part of the plan.”

“Me either.” Cutemon whined from his place in Nene’s arms. Compared to the rest of them, he looked rather comical. Fluffy socks weighed his antenna/ear things down and he had his scarf reconfigured to look more like Kaiyumi’s bandanna. “Why do I have to play the other prisoner?”

“Because we’re technically underneath his age limit, since Nia’s species of Lopmon evolves later than we do. They’ll think we’re ready and let us infiltrate.” Kaiyumi replied.

“Somehow I don’t like this.” Cutemon whined.

Akari gets in on the Cosplay this time instead of Taiki.

It just works better this way- trust me.

“ugh…” MailBirdramon shook his head out.

“Are you okay?” Shoutmon asked from behind Kiriha.

“Just a headache. I’ll be fine.” The Digimon replied, much to Kiriha’s dismay.

‘I hope it’s just a headache.’ he frowned. ‘This whole plan depends on you, buddy.’

Kiriha is not happy here- MailBirdramon is heavily out of it from what happened in the last Land.

This is worse than it appears.

“There’s no way to enter the tower unless you’re invited through the only breach in the outer shielding: the front gate.” Nia explained as she pointed to a spot on the map laid out before them all. “And the only way the front guard will let anyone in is if they’re carrying a Lopmon.”

“Good thing we’ve got two then.” Akari said with a clap and a rub of her hands. “Our Lopmon and Cutemon!”

“What!” The Bunny stood up in surprise. “But I’m not a Lopmon!”

“Ehh?” The Devimon behind the gate stared at Cutemon. “Are you sure that’s a Lopmon?”

“You think I wouldn’t know my own species, you jerk!” Kaiyumi spat.

“Quiet!” Akari shouted…in a deepened voice that really didn’t fit her at all. Even if the Devimon fell for the disguise, that voice surely would give her away in an instant.

“Hrm, good point.” The Devimon rubbed his chin. “Alright, you can come in!”

Apparently this Devimon had lost his paradox programming in his Data Drain.

Dumb as a door nail.

He pulled open a lever, and the gate began lowering down.

Poor Devimon.

“So while Akari and Nene are going into the tower,” Shoutmon continued, “Kiriha and I will go up on MailBirdramon with Taiki and Sparrowmon and cause a distraction. If we do things right, we should be able to lure out NeoVamdemon’s forces.”

“What about me?” Marcus asked.

“You and Zenjirou…” Shoutmon began.

“‘Prepare an attack from beneath the tower’ he says.” Marcus quoted as he, Zenjirou, Agumon, Kotemon, the Starmonz, and the Three red Monitamon crowded behind Dorulumon who was drilling through the ground towards what was assumed to be the first of the underground castle supports. “‘Hopefully he’ll think the two events are tied to each other in a more connected way than they are’ he says.”

“Whatever happened to the days when we were on the front lines, eh?” Agumon asked.

“Don’t complain.” Zenjirou scolded them. “Sometimes these sneaky missions get the tougher jobs!”

“He’s right!” Aradia nodded. “The rescue mission hinged on our sneaky-ness!”

“Don’t remind me.” Kotemon groaned. “As if that wasn’t embarrassing for me as it was already.”

“Besides!” Starmon chirped in. “Sometimes digging to the core unearths some major discoveries!”

Some Call Backs to Shinobi Zone.

Marcus doesn’t take to being support very well, but he knows he has to.

“Once the Lady Devimon and Devimon show up.” Shoutmon continued. “We’ll lead them around the castle in big huge loops so Akari and Nene can get to the shield generator and shut it down.”

“As that’s being done.” Kiriha pointed to the part of the map showing Marcus’ team. “You guys will take out the last of the central supports of the castle, destabilizing it all. Hopefully NeoVamdemon will think the two events are tied to each other in a more connected way than they are, and he’ll turn his attention downwards while we swoop in from above.”

“Here they come.” Taiki pointed towards the distance, where a mass of black wings flapped in the distance.

“Time to Aggress and Aggrieve!” Sparrowmon punched her right fist into her left hand.

“What about the rest of us?” Yuu asked. “We can’t just sit idly by and wait while this is all going down.”

“Someone needs to protect the rest of the villagers, and that’s you guys.” Taiki replied. “Knightmon and the PawnChessmons will keep guard here too, and we need a place to fall back to here if things go south, so it’ll work out best this way.”

“But…!” he began to protest.

“But nothing.” Hephaestus countered. “We don’t know how this is going to turn out yet. So just sit still for now, okay?”

Taiki is holding people back in reserve- it’s a sound strategy. At this stage Yuu doesn’t really have much to do besides throw a  Xros Loader around.

Shoutmon closed his eyes and reached up for his golden necklace. ‘Alright…Time to show these demons why I call myself the “‘Mon who will one day become king”…’There was a gust of wind swirling around them all, and then Shoutmon began to glow a bright golden color.


He shot into the air as a golden burst of light, and evolved. Shoutmon’s body height doubled. His body was covered in thick, golden armor that radiated with the heat of a burning red fire of creation, and the V crest on his head grew outwards, nearly matching the same length as that of Xros Five’s V crest.


Before he even began falling back down thanks to gravity, the twin jet engines formed off of his back and propelled him upwards, even higher than he had gone before. “Let’s see how you guys like this…!” his hands transformed into the miniature cannons and began humming with energy. “HEAVY METAL VULCAN!”

Twin bursts of golden energy soared outwards and slashed into the Devimon forces, cutting two clear paths into their lines.

“SKREEE!” They began crying in dismay.

“PLASMA CANNON!”MailBirdramon launched a blast of energy from his mouth, creating a massive explosion inside of the middle of the Devi-ranks.


Bursts of blue light energy sailed out and into the Devimon hoard as Sparrowmon sailed past them from below, all the while, Taiki slashed upwards in random directions with his sword armament.

The Poor Devimon horde. The Poor. Poor. Devimon. Horde.

They get revived later on- sure….but still….

Inside the castle, Akari and Nene’s progress went unhindered. No Lady or regular Devimon were to be seen; it seemed the distraction was working.

After several minutes of aimless wandering, they finally stumbled upon the Shield Generator room.

“Okay…” Akari said as she let Kaiyumi down. “let’s see about trashing this thing…”

“Right…” Nene nodded as she let Cutemon go.

And so the the two generals began searching the massive machine for any obvious ways to shut it down.

“All this work…” Cutemon muttered as he and Kaiyumi stood guard by the door. “Just so we can attack NeoVamdemon from behind?”

The Lopmon frowned. “I know, it seems too easy, almost…”

Cutemon’s jaw popped open. “Don’t say that! Now you just KNOW something bad is going to hap-”

Suddenly, the far wall exploded as- Like the Kool Aid Man- NeoVamdemon smashed his way through with a mighty cry of “OH, YEAH!”

“Pen.” Cutemon finished with a scowl.

Yeah. That’s right.

I did a Kool Aid Man “Oh Yeah!” shout out.

Yes. I went there.

Also a bit of tempting fate right here.

“Well well well…” NeoVamdemon smirked. “What do we have here? A couple of lost girls dressed up like my faithful servants? And what’s this? A Pair of Lopmon! It’s almost as if you’ve presented yourselves to me on a silver platter!”

Akari growled as she summoned her Mic-stand. “NeoVamdemon I presume.”

“Quite correct.” NeoVamdemon was a massive beast of dark metal with gangly proportions, having a thick, wide chest and a thin, almost twig like, waist. His arms stretched down to the floor, and his head almost seemed too small for his body. “I am NeoVamdemon, Vampire General of Blah Blah can we get to the point already?” he snarled. “I’m quite famished!”

“Sorry…” Akari smirked. “But I don’t think we’ll quite agree with you!”

There was a moment’s pause as Nene’s voice cracked into the Wrister channel. “SHOUTMON NOW!”

OmegaShoutmon blinked, then focused his energies on making Turuiemon X2 Digivolve, as per the backup plan. “TIME BURST!”he roared as he summoned the Red Xros Loader from where-ever it went when he Digivolved.

A moment later, NeoVamdemon exploded out of the castle walls straight into the inside wall of his own force field.

“GRAAAAHHHHH!” he screamed in pain as 10,000 volts pumped into his body.

There was a second explosion from within the castle, and then the Shield vanished, letting the scorched Vampire fall to the ground. Immediately after that, DeltAntylamon soared through the hole in the castle, Cutemon on her shoulders, with Nene following suit on a pair of pink, glowing dragon wings.

An off screen Digi-Xros and Evolution- we only see the end result.

“That’s our cue!” Marcus smirked as he activated his Xros Loader. “Agumon! Let’s show ’em who’s boss!”

“I’m glad I took the time to dig an extra hole right about now.” Dorulumon grimaced as Agumon began glowing with a bright white light.


Agumon is activating his Burst Mode form- which we last ‘saw’ in Saver’s finale and also in the Hunters Anniversary episode.

There was Yet ANOTHER explosion, this time from beneath the castle as it’s foundations were all obliterated by the one super attack.

There were then several subsequent explosions all throughout the interior of the castle as it began to collapse and crumble onto itself.

For a few moments, the fighting Devimon all stopped to stare…

Then, they began to disintegrate into spare data, floating away on the four winds…

“NOOO!” NeoVamdemon cried out in anguish at the ongoing loss of his army. “NO! YOU WILL NOT ABANDON ME!”

He held up his hand and summoned a Darkness Loader…

And then all the spare Data in the sky began floating down towards him as wildly scanning beams of purple energy lanced into the sky. “FORCED DIGI-XROS!”

“Plan D Everyone!”Hephaestus ordered.

NeoVamdemon goes Berserk with his Darkness Loader and tries to do “Everything’s better with everything.”

“MAILBIRDRAMON! GUREIMON!” Kiriha/Typheus roared. “DIGI-XROS!”


“TIME…!” Kiriha began…


And then MetalGureimon was hit by one of the Purple beams and vanished into the Dark Digi-Xros, knocking the poor General off of the Digimon’s back and sending him hurtling down towards the ground below.

“KIRIHA!” Nene took off like a rocket, diving towards the falling general.

“CRAP!” Sparrowmon cursed as she dodged a beam. “We’re sitting ducks up here!”

“Gureimon…!” Within DeltAntylamon, Akari’s eyes widened in horror as NeoVamdemon’s form began growing, having absorbed all he could with the Darkness Loader. “No…!”

“MUWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!” GigaNeoVamdemon began laughing as he gave a test swing of his darkened, mutated version of MetalGureimon’s Trident claw. “Oh How Lucky could I have gotten?” his new wings were utterly demonic, having no relation to MetalGureimon beyond their silver coloring, and his tail…Had MetalGureimon’s head at it’s tip. “One of you Xros Heart Brats in one swipe?” he began laughing again. “Damn! I didn’t think I had it in me…!”

“You… You…!” Cutemon clenched his fists as he tried his best to hold back tears. “DAMN MONSTER!”


….AND Things went from Bad to HELL NO THIS IS SERIOUSLY BAD!!!

Ugh- this episode is just not one of my better ones.

Just look at past me’s AN:

A.N. Oh MAN am I sorry for the long delay on this chapter. I swear, I had 3/4ths of it written for almost a month now, but…School… BLUH. And life in general. MEH. So! To make it up to you all, a Double update! Ish. The second half of this arc will HOPEFULLY be up sometime this weekend. Also, yeah, I know I just kind of threw that ending together, but… :/ I just had to get onto the next chapter before I lost my interest. _DTC

…I can tell I really hated writing this episode. That’s probably why this one is pretty….small.

Here’s the next chapter segment:

Next time:

Thump Thump.

“MetalGureimon was…!”

Thump Thump.

“There’s one hope we have left…The White Lopmon shrine.”

Thump. Thump.

“Kiriha? KIRIHA!”

Thump. Thump.

“You Monster…!”

Thump. Thump.





“Next time, Digimon Xros Wars: Vampire Demon. Xros Heart’s undeniable fate.”


“I won’t turn my back on you!”

….Glub. I swear, this episode needs a major re-write out of any of them.



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