Xros Wars AU 02 — CH32

We begin Chapter32 on the heels of the last chapter with a seemingly out of place phrase:


There was a flash of light, and some strange electronic sound that reminded one of a clock for some reason…

Exactly one second later, Xros Heart found themselves floating inside a white void with random splashes of digital color surrounding them.

“Better hold on tight!” Marcus said as they were propelled forward by some sort of force. “This gets a little wild!”

“Where are we?” Shoutmon asked.

“The time vortex!” Agumon replied. “Specifically, the one adjacent to your universe!”

“Most Human Worlds and Digital Worlds are connected by portals.” Marcus explained. “Portals that usually warp you from one dimension to another easily enough, but when you throw time into the equation, well…” He laughed. “It just doesn’t work!”

“So how are we here then?” Akari asked.

“Easy!” Agumon replied. “You jump into another universe’s time vortex, ride it back the right amount of time, and then just jump right back into the first one!”

“So we’re in another universe’s time stream?” Taiki asked.

“That’s Not exactly how it works, but for now it’ll have to do.” Marcus continued. “I’m sure Rythm could explain it better though, or maybe even Thomas if he got the chance to look at the mechanics of it all.”

“I suppose that makes sense at least.” Akari mused.

“Wait.” Zenjirou threw in. “What about the storm we were in?”

“What about it?” Marcus raised an eyebrow.

“If individual universes have their own time vortex things, then shouldn’t there be a time vortex thing keeping them all consistent with each other?”

The two Dimensional Protecting Time Leaping Guardians looked at each other, eyes widening at the comment.

“Boss, I think he just nailed it on the head!” Agumon said.

“I do believe he did!” Marcus nodded. “Oh shit. Now that I think about it, the space that HQ was centered in always had this storm surrounding it. Rythm said we were at it’s eye, and out side of the normal flow of time!” he hit his forehead with his hand. “Oh man. We’ve been looking at this in the wrong way.”

We open with the TIME VORTEX- and the explanation of how Time Travel works in this Story! They’re actually riding another timeline -In the Opposite Direction- to get to where they want to go on another world in the same universe!

Meta, i’n’t it?

Dorulumon frowned. “Yeah. I think I see where our previous theories went off track.” he nodded. “I think we can work with this…”

“Heads up!” Kotemon called out suddenly as a dark circle loomed before them. “Looks like we’re here!”

The dark circle then exploded with a burst of fire, serving as our transition back to the Digital World.

“Blue.” Corone said quietly.

Indeed, all around them was blue sky, with the faintest hint of hills in the distance and…

“Um…” Wizardmon piped in. “Is it just me or is there a disturbing lack of ground beneath us?”

Shoutmon’s eyes went wide as everyone looked down. “Oh Crap in a hat.” He cursed not a moment before Gravity took hold, and they fell.

And so comes the typical running gag!

*Cue New World (TWILL) TV Size*

*cue Title Theme*

“Dragon Land! The evil Death Generals?”

Of note- I’d like to mention at this point that the Opening Animation Sequences for The Story So Far have been fairly identical to the ones seen in the canon Anime. The only difference here is that Lopmon was in the first opening sequence- and she and Akari are both in this second. There is no sign of Marcus in either of these opening sequences what-so-ever.

Why? It’s not his show- that’s why.

Anyways- the Title Cards for the Seven Swords Arc (Of which we are in Act 1 of. Making the current Story Progression: Act 2 Act 1, which is pretty just meaningless fluff at this point.) followed a single rule I made.

They have to be themed after whatever Land they’re in.

Thus- they each begin with the Current Land’s Modifier.  We’re in Dragon Land, so the Title begins “Dragon Land!” The Next episode will be somewhat different, but will still retain the “Dragon” adjective at the beginning.

Lila the Lillymon sighed to herself as she stared up at the blue skies of Dragon Land from her spot in the large and wide flower fields.

Six months had passed since the climatic battle with Tactimon in Sword Zone, although she had only been present for the latter five months thanks to the dimensional storm that had torn Xros Heart apart and scattered them to who knows where. “Oh, Zenjirou…” she sighed again. Where in the world was he? Surely he’d have come for her the moment he got back to-

There was a pin-prick of white light in the sky. Lila narrowed her eyes. “What the…?”

And then, voices.


The flower girl sat up, staring up as several black dots became visible…Then got biger, gaining details and more colors and…

“I THOUGHT WE WEREN’T MAKING A HABIT OUT OF THIS!” Shouted a very familiar voice.

“Shoutmon?” Lila’s eyes widened.

Not a moment later, Xros Heart landed in Dragon Land with a thud and a massive cloud of dust a few yards away. Most everyone had shifted back to their Digimon forms in order to better survive the impact, which saved Lila the trouble of identifying the new-comers as she rushed over.

“You’re back!” she cried out with glee as her eyes locked onto the one person she wanted to see the most.

“Huh?” Zenjirou looked up not a moment too soon- Just in time to see Lila jumping for him to embrace him in a massive hug. “Gak!”

And IMMEDIATELY! Lila Rejoins Xros Heart! The Reason for her role here is rather simple. I’d added in a Lillymon to the Plot at the very beginning, taking a cue from the manga, and then Death Generals comes along and pulls a Lillymon out of nowhere to join the cast!

So- instead of making up a brand new character (who did nothing other than provide the “Local News” role to Taiki and Shoutmon), I used a pre-existing one and actually made Xros Heart work towards reuniting!

“I don’t recognize this Zone.” Shoutmon mused as he adjusted his scarf, back in his human form. “Did the Digital World reform?”

“Yes and no.” Lila said as she still held onto Zenjirou while they walked through the flower field. “Bagura reformatted it into seven lands- This is the first, Dragon Land.”

“Dragon Land?” Akari asked. “What kind of a name is that?”

“Ask Dorbickmon.” Lila spat at the ground after saying the name. “He’s the guy who named it that.”

“Dorbickmon?” Dorulumon asked. “Sounds like a Digi-Xros between me and a Pickmon.”

Dorulumon’s jab here is a fandom nod to all the theorizing that went about when info about DEATH GENERALS was first slipping out.

“Ugh. I wish!” the flower girl replied. “he’s the meanest Dragon digimon you’d ever meet!”

“What the heck’s a Dorbickmon?” Marcus asked as he messed with his Xros Loader. “I can’t find the name in the database.”

“Take Blastmon, turn him purple, slim him down, and make him a dragon.” Lila described the digimon. “That’s Dorbickmon.”

“Lila.” Taiki began. “Have you seen anyone else since we were here last?”

“A few of us managed to regroup.” Lila said. “About half of that group got captured over a month ago, though.”

“Is Dorbickmon really that strong?” Cutemon asked.

“He’s got a Xros Loader.” Lila stated.

And everyone stopped.

“He…What?” Taiki asked.

“He has a Xros Loader.” Lila repeated.

And here comes the bombshell the readers were expecting- HOWEVER! If this were a broadcast anime, The fact that the Death Generals would use Darkness Loaders would NOT have been leaked out in the magazines! This moment was supposed to have been as much of an “Oh Crap” for the people who kept up with the magazine articles as WELL as for the characters.

“Ne, Taiki san.” Yuu began. “Shouldn’t that be impossible?”

“Are you sure it’s a Xros Loader?” Hephaestus asked.

“Well, it sure acts like one.” Lila huffed. “Even though it’s all demon-ey looking.”

“Do the leaders of all the lands have them?” Taiki pried.

“yup.” she nodded.

“And there are seven generals?” Zenjirou asked.

“Yuppers.” nodded again. “And the official title is ‘Death General’, as Dorbickmon reminds us every. Single. Day.”

“Damn.” Hephaestus growled. “He’s managed to copy the Darkness Loader.”

“But you guys are back now!” Lila said with a grin. “We actually have a chance at winning now!”

Lila is hopeful. And with good reason- it’s been six months since she last saw any of them. Coincidentally- this puts her age evenly with Zenjirou, by about a day or so. What with all the Time Travel going on, this’ll happen to everyone by the end of this arc- they’ll all be the same age within a spitting distance of a couple of days, even if their actually listed birthdays put them elsewhere.

“A chance?” Akari frowned. “What about Kiriha or Nene?”

“Well…!” Lila trailed off as the flowers around them moved in a blast of wind they could not feel. “Shit!” she suddenly began pushing anyone she could get her hands on down to the ground. “Get down get down get down now!”

A moment later, there was the sound of a siren blaring aloud.

“What’s going on?” Zenjirou asked.

“The Dragon Brigade.” Lila whispered, with her eyes shrunken back in fear.

The ground rumbled, and then quaked, and then all went silent, ignoring the wailing siren, which soon cut off to allow someone to speak through the invisible speakers.


Heh. Sorry about that Radio-Guy.

Everything went silent.

Nobody dared to move.

Not even as the sound of wings could be heard in the distance.

A squad of four Devidramon were on the move, chasing after someone who was running through the flower field.

You could hear her poor voice squeaking as she called out an attack: “BABY BREATH!”

“CRIMSON NAIL!”The lead DeviDramon swatted the fireball away, back towards the offender.

It was a teal skinned, Dragon digimon identified as Dracomon. Normally, one saw these Digimon flying around in their bare skin on scaly red wings.

Why this one was running, or wearing a grey jacket with one of the sleeves torn off, or even had an eye patch on over the left eye, made no sense at all to those who knew these Digimon.

Dracomon also normally didn’t carry thin, plastic, electric guitars on their back, nor used them in the manner this strange girl was about to:

“MEGALOVANIA!”She held the guitar like a baseball bat, using it’s neck as the handle, and swung it back at her own, reinforced attack.

Carrying on with the Music theme subtly introduced with Act 1, Riska here (Who is very much the Xros Wars version of Vriska, going off of the Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles theory of Inter-universal Soul Sharing) uses a Guitar as he weapon, much as Shoutmon and Akari use Microphone stands.

The lead DeviDramon was shocked by this turn of events, and was hit by the attack. His companions, however, were not so shocked. “RED EYE!”they roared.

Laser beams of red light shot out of their eyes, towards poor Dracomon.


There was an explosion as two forms jumped in front of the attack.

Shoutmon and Turuiemon Xros Two.

“Oi oi oi oi OI!” Shoutmon snarled as he twirled his Mic-stand around like a shield. “Now is that any way to treat a music lover like this little one here?”

“Hey!” Dracomon shot back. “I’m sixteen!”

Turuiemon, ignoring this, added. “What’s she done to you anyways?”

“Who the hell do you think you are?” The lead DeviDramon growled as he got up. “You should know better than to interfere in the Death General’s business!”

“Oh boy.” Shoutmon grinned. “Did he really say that he didn’t know?”

“I do believe he did.” Akari nodded from within the Digi-Xros.

“Well, let’s engrave it on their hearts then.” Shoutmon said as he brought up the Xros Loader.

I feel that I should remind the readers that Shoutmon is still in his human form here- Most of the Digimon coming from Earth are, infact, but Shoutmon returns to it more often than the others do during this act. He actually finds it a bit more comfortable to be in than his regular form- the reason is that even though he’s still a head shorter than Akari, being in human form makes him feel closer to her.

Part of this is also to blur the line for the viewers a bit and makes them ask: “What makes a human a human and a Digimon a Digimon?”

Because, despite the fact that the other Digimon animes tended to do this whole “Digimon are just like us!” thing, they never actually sort of  worked with it to the degree that they could have. For example- we never saw Human/Digimon partner pairs of the opposite genders very often. The main examples being Jeri and Leomon and Miyako and Hawkmon- and while Jeri had a ‘small crush’ on Leomon, she ended up punished for it by having Leomon die on her.

Tamers had the Humans and Digimon Bio-merging, which was really awesome! But some people still thought down on it for some reason. Frontier ended up being a bit better on this- making the humans turn INTO the Digimon to do the fighting! It made me think, “Maybe they’re not so different after all, humans and Digimon…” But sadly, Frontier ended up going down for being too “Super Sentai/Power Rangers” ish. 

Coming into Xros Wars pre-announcement (the “AROuND” rumor), I’d desperately wanted to see a Human and a Digimon be in a relationship that wasn’t just “We’re Partners!” and to drop it at that, just because it was something that hadn’t been done before and it was a type of thing that I though could have been a decent plot point.

Hence- come Xros Wars proper with it’s tones of Digimon Characters and few humans, I found a potential mine-field of gold- something that ended up un-mined during the show with only subtle things like Bastemon leaning on Kiriha or Taiki in her debut episode. Sparrowmon is a point of tension for me as well- being able to be dubbed into english as either a Boy or a Girl. She’s confirmed a Girl in the manga, and most people assume that Sparrowmon is a girl- but then they said the same thing about CUTEMON at first, and look how that turned out.

(“I AM A BOY!!!”)

Heck, even Shoutmon got caught off guard by that one.

I’m rambling a bit here, but I think you can see where I was coming from when I wrote this story. I wanted to see a Human and a Digimon have a meaningful relationship that *wasn’t* the usual “We’re Partners!” stuff that we’ve sat through for almost four consecutive seasons of Digimon Anime. Hence- going into the Xros Wars anime, I saw a potential connection between Akari and Shoutmon that would have made me proud if they’d gone that route.

Originally, when I started this AU- my initial idea was to have Akari dropped into the Digital World long before Taiki. She would have gotten to meet Shoutmon first, and together they’d have formed some sort of connection- then Taiki and Zenjirou fell into the Digital World and they’d be caught off guard by Akari being there and pretty much in this relationship with a Dragon Digimon!

Now- that idea changed a bit- I wanted Akari to be able to be an EQUAL to Shoutmon- not a partner with a Digivice that just so happened to be romantically inclined towards him- but a girl who could do as much damage as Shoutmon could. The Idea evolved to Akari being able to have LEARNED all the same Moves Shoutmon knew- probably by him teaching her- and then because THAT would have required her to have been there for even longer, I just settled on having her being born in the Digital World itself and…

Thus- this incarnation of the story was born.

Akari was meant to be as Human as Taiki and Zenjirou were- but she had a different set of emotional ties. She doesn’t CONSIDER herself to be Human! Not even after all of this has gone down.

Of course, I wanted a parallel! People were saying Sparrowmon was a guy at the time (Even though her voice clearly wasn’t male), and I thought them wrong. I thought it was just annoying that we didn’t have that many female Digimon on Xros Heart- so I made her a girl for this story and then…It hit me!

Two different romances: Shoutmon and Akari- both raised as Digimon and already in love as Digimon despite one being human- and Taiki and Sparrowmon- both raised as humans falling in love as humans despite one being a digimon!

They’d contrast against each other- showing how this same type of HumanXDigimon romance could play out in completely different ways! AAaaand then I went and made the Generals the reincarnations of the Denizens.


Suddenly- Zenjirou was the only NORMAL human character around! So it was a good thing I’d already been building up him and Lila over the course of the story.

Lila the Lillymon was a Digimon who *Wanted* to desperately live a Human life- and so she fell in love with a Human who would eventually come to view her as just some girl who could fly around on plant wings. It’s why Lila’s design as a Lillymon differs by her *LACK* of a Lilly-shaped-hat! She doesn’t wear it because she’s trying to be more human.

A brief plot point I’d had in mind when Taiki’s parents were still Davis and Yolei was that Lila’s parents would be Matt and Mimi or Palmon and Gabumon- or some other combination of the two. Of course, I couldn’t work out the timeline for that, and that was immediately dropped the instant I wrote up Lila’s character. It made infinitely more sense to just have her living as a digimon wanting to be human- and thus came her motivation in the Lake Zone Arc. What she saw in the mirror was her ideal life- Living as a human in the Human world!

Of course, this was before I wrote Time Travel into the plot- but this works towards her goal in a sense and is probably why it worked so well on Lila in the end- and because Lilithmon is from that future she want’s to be in (Something she accomplishes, by the way), Lilithmon could show Lila her own future as a promise of what would come!

And it worked because not only was it her dream- but it was also her real and actual future!

And speaking of futures…

*Cue A Comeback Win!*

“TIME BURST!” Shoutmon roared as he threw it high into the air, illuminating the screen with the Delta symbol.


The ninja clothes changed into formal robes, albeit modified for battle use, and the swords transformed into emerald axes. The ears smoothed out, becoming more simplified, and their eyes turned into a glimmering emerald color.

“DELTANTYLAMON!” the new digimon struck a pose in front of a glowing emerald Delta letter.

“What the-! ?” The DeviDramon squad took a few steps backwards, each of them voicing their surprise identically. “How the hell-! ?”

“TREASURE AX!”DeltAntylamon threw her axes forward, splitting them into their multiple angelic bunny forms for an explosive finish.

Those poor DeviDramon were not anywhere as well protected as Tactimon was- The two closest ones were finished in one strike.

When the axes returned to DeltAntylamon’s hands, she leaped into the air, then brought her hands down in front of her waist and spread her legs out as spheres of energy formed on her hands and feet. “DELTA…!” An emerald triangle formed between the three points. “WAVE SPIN!”she flung her hands up to her sides and high into the air while snapping her legs together- Causing the triangle to suddenly spin as it lurched forward towards it’s target- the lead DeviDramon.

The Spinning green triangle smashed into the command DeviDramon and obliterated him on the spot, causing a decently sized explosion that could be heard for miles, and forcing the lone remaining DeviDramon to flee with it’s tail between it’s legs.

With that done, DeltAntylamon returned to the ground, then, with her back facing the explosion, dusted her hands off- The whole encounter taking no more than forty seconds of song time.

Lila stared, jaw wide open, at the sight, still hanging onto Zenjirou. “Those devidramon were…! But how did she…!”

“New Xros Loader feature.” Zenjirou said with a laugh. “Kotemon and Agumon can do it too.”

Shoutmon evolves Akari and Lopmon into their future form- DeltAntylamon.

I should mention that originally DeltAntylamon was another Digi-Xros form- “Antylamon X3” which would have been Akari, Lopmon, *and* the Starmonz as a Xros- with the Pickmonz becoming those little Bunny Blades. But I couldn’t figure out how to make this Digi-Xrossed form appear in the story and was about to drop it when along came OmegaShoutmon’s first Digivolution. Suddenly I had an in for this unused form- just a few design tweaks and TADAH! Now she’s usable again!

“The name’s Dracomon.” The girl they’d rescued said as she lead them towards where the sounds of battle could still be heard. “But everyone calls me Riska anyways.”

“Glad to be of help.” Shoutmon said.

“So what’s going on?” Taiki asked. “Who’s fighting?”

“Blue Flare and Dorbickmon’s forces.” Dracomon said as they reached the top of a Hill that, from there, you could see DeckerGureimon standing atop the ruins of what appeared to be a research facility as Gaossmons fought against DeviDramon.

And…There! creating the spiraling blue tornado that was keeping the DeviDramon from swarming DeckerGureimon- Kiriha!

Sure his clothes had changed, and his hair was longer- But the green energy long coat and the miss-matched set of wings let you see who it was right away.

Finally, completing the scene, was DeckerGureimon’s main opponent- A pair golden dragons by the name of Fanglongmon.

As I said, Riska is an expy of Vriska- but the reason I insist on using her name is because there are TOO MANY DIGIMON with similar spellings–

“Dragomon” “Dracomon” and “Dracmon.”

Those are all separate and VERY DISTINCT digimon sharing NO SHARED DESIGN CUES AT ALL!

I didn’t want to make any potential typos- so I immediately switched to Riska as her given name.

Things were not going well for Blue Flare.

Kiriha growled as he had to throw another tornado into the fray as more Devidramon (Where the hell were they coming from? !) came to join the battle. His Gaossmons were taking them out fairly easily, but they were going to be out numbered if he couldn’t pull back from this fight.

DeckerGureimon was having trouble with the two Fanglongmons- What else could you expect from a Digimon whose species was equal as powerful as the Denizens?- and didn’t seem to be able to land many damaging hits on them, despite landing several powerful blows already.

BTW- this is pretty much about as worse as Digimon attacks get- Fanglongmon is *TRADITIONALLY* the SOLE GOD OF THE DIGITAL WORLD- ruling over even the Four Sovereigns.

…And there are TWO OF THEM!

Damn. If only they could get those dragon off their backs for just a few-


Everyone froze at the booming voice- And I mean everyone. The Devidramon, the Gaossmons, DeckerGureimon. EVERYONE.

“What the-?” One of the Fanglongmons began to turn around…Only to get two wolf head shaped energy blasts straight to the eyes. “GAHHHH! MY EYES!”

And then…


Suddenly, a golden light shot out from a nearby hill top and circled around the stunned Fanglongmon several times before…


Slashing through the Holy Dragon in a Z shaped line.

There was a blinding explosion of golden light as Fanglongmon roared in pain and surprise.

The Devidramon army stared upwards in horror as their commander was purified and reformed down into a younger form. Whole centuries were removed from the dragon’s body…But, alas, the very nature of being a Fanglongmon meant that in order to truly purify him of all evil…

The attack finally concluded with an explosion of data, transforming the mighty Fanglongmon into a tiny little Aramdilomon.

There are TWO of them- and DeltAntylamon just *TURNS ONE OF THEM INTO A KID.*

You read that right. She turned a FANGLONGMON into a tiny little Armadillomon!!

“WAHH!” The little digimon fell to the ground…

“Gotcha!” Only to be caught by Musyamon before he could hit the ground and die from that impact.

“What did you do to me!” The Aramdilomon cried out in dismay.

The DeviDramon army was frozen.

What could they do now? Fanglongmon had been…had been…! They had no clue what the hell just happened to Fanglongmon! How did one get turned into a younger form just by an attack?

“WHAT DID YOU DO?” The other Fanglongmon roared.

“‘What did we do’, that’s a question indeed!” Came a voice over a loud-speaker… A familiar, female voice that Kiriha and Typheus smiled at hearing.

“We’ll fill that answer as we feel the need.” came a second voice, another familiar one, male this time.

And with this mighty introduction– Akari and Shoutmon pull off the GOOD GUY version of a Team Rocket Oath.

By the way- this was written around the time that I got into Pokemon- when Diamond and Pearl was still airing on TV, but just before they switched over to Black and White.

I *loved* the Team Rocket spontaneous rhyming introduction, and so I had to do it.

“Shining the light of the future on all to see!” DeltAntylamon cried out from above, speaking into Lopmon’s Xros Loader.

“And stopping the Bagura Army where ever they be!” Shoutmon grinned from the hill top, speaking into the red Xros Loader.

“So Listen up, ted!” Akari smirked.

“Engrave it on your hearts!” Shoutmon laughed.

And together they cried out at once: “It’s time to put those questions to bed! Our Name is Xros Heart!”

The Fanglongmon took a few faltering wing flaps backwards. “Oh Crap!”


It doesn’t *quite* work- but it gets the point across so very, VERY well.

Suddenly, there was a yelp of pain from a Devidramon, whose leg had just been punched out from under it by none other than Marcus Damon and Agumon.

“Howdy!” Marcus grinned as he held up a fist full of glowing data. “Mind if we join in?”

Everyone turned towards him in shock as he casually placed his hand on top of his translucent red Xros Loader. “D.N.A. CHARGE! OVERDRIVE!”

Agumon let loose a roar as energy filled his body…and he Digivolved. “AGUMON FLASH DIGIVOLVE TOOOO…!”

Before the Shocked Bagura army’s very own eyes, the tiny Agumon grew tall and big, gaining wings and a really long tail…

But as the light of evolution faded away, Marcus still wasn’t done…


The Xros Loader chimed as it opened up, and let loose a burst of data that flew over to Shine Greymon, who caught it in his right hand, and then smashed it into the ground.

A Burning ring of fire burst out of the ground, surrounding ShineGreymon entirely (The poor Devidramon who were in the way of that fire were deleted instantly). Then, with a roar, he jumped into the air, ripping out a massive giant, red, metallic circle- with a handle bar across the center- from the ground. With a spin, twin blades shot out of the side of the circle on opposite ends of the bar.

“SHINEGREYMON!” The Digimon roared as he struck a pose, eyes narrowing directly at Fanglongmon. “Oi! Goldy!” he taunted. “You’d better run, or else I’m going to do to you exactly what I did with this thing to the guy who tried to destroy my world!” he lowered his voice a bit to say this next bit. “Ever heard of Yggdrasil before?”

Marcus joins the fight briefly- bringing up ShineGreymon in the middle of the field and then TEARING OUT the mighty “Geo-Grey Sword!”

…Sorry I cracked up the moment I wrote that line.

It’s just not true.

“R-RETREAT!” The remaining Fanglongmon roared to his troops, who easily followed that order and fled the scene along with their commander.

As ShineGreymon watched the Bagura goons flee into the distance, one of the blades on his sword cracked, then fell to the ground- It hadn’t even been used to fight. “I’m glad that didn’t happen sooner.” he muttered with annoyance.

Marcus let loose a laugh. “Oh man, that thing really is useless, isn’t it?”

The Geo-Grey Sword is *STILL* pretty damn useless.

…Except for looking intimidating…But even then…!


The camera zoomed onto the right side of a disk, showing Shoutmon in his Digimon form, then panned over to the left side, showing him in his Human form.

The camera pulled out and the disk flipped over, revealing an red cut out of what looked like Shoutmon holding a sword and a shield, with the Greek letter “OMEGA” behind him.


Eye-Catch foreshadowing OmegaShoutmon.

Deep underneath the surface of Dragon Land, Xros Heart was being led through a massive tunnel system by Kiriha and Dracomon.

The former, for some strange reason, seemed to be ignoring the returnees for the moment, instead focusing on leading them through the tunnels as he conversed with the smaller dragon. “Did you get it?”

“Yeah, got it right here.” She nodded as she patted her eye patch. “I would’ve lost it if they hadn’t shown up though. Damn devidramon nearly fried me to a crisp.”

“I see.” He replied, before silence fell over them again.

As they walked, Taiki was able to better take in the changes in their friend: His clothes were similar to something a military general would wear, taking their title to it’s fullest definition, only in a blue color with black under tones. Kiriha’s hair was long, uneven, greasy and mud stained, indicating that he hadn’t had the luxury of being anywhere near water for a while.

After a few more minutes of walking, they entered a small, round cave with what looked like a few stone beds carved into the walls. Kiriha walked over to one and sat down with a sigh.

Kiriha’s a bit different from the last time we’ve seen him. I wonder why?

“Six months.” Kiriha cut him off. “Six, back breaking, utterly soul crushing months.” his voice cracked as he looked up. “I’ve had to live through every single day of it.” the normally calm and rational boy had tears welling up in his eyes. “And then you all just walk right back in as if nothing’s changed when clearly-” he pointed at the still Human Shoutmon and still evolved DeltAntylamon. “-A lot has!” he laughed quietly. “Six whole months and then you come back with these new Generals with Xros Loaders and new digimon and new powers…!” he closed his eyes and shook his head. “And I’ve had to suffer through it all without hearing a word from you.”

Ah. That would be why.

“It’s only been one week for us.” Shoutmon began. “One long, fearful, terrified week of waiting and being unable to do anything besides watch the world around us begin to fall apart as time continues to unravel.”

“One week?” Kiriha asked, incredulous. “Only oneweek?”

DeltAntylamon glowed a soft yellow, then split back into Akari and Lopmon. “Yeah.” Akari said. “One week. Just one week.”

Lopmon, from her perch on Akari’s shoulder, nodded. “I was working day and night trying to get our Xros Loaders working again so we could come back.”

“Wait a second.” Shoutmon began, pinching the bridge of his nose. “We went back one week expecting to arrive shortly after we left, but somehow we’ve skipped an entire six months?”

It doesn’t quite make sense, now does it?

“If the original portal Zenjirou and I used took us back seven months to begin with,” Taiki began, “then the storm threw all of us back to the exact moment we left…?”

“That Makes sense.” Marcus nodded.

“Wait. Let me get this straight.” Dorulumon blinked. “So for six whole months, Most of us didn’t even exist due to being displaced, and, at the same time, Taiki and Zenjirou existed in two worlds at once?”

“I think that about sums it up.” Hephaestus mused.

Kiriha laughed sarcastically. “And here I was worried that you were all dead, but nope, just sent forwards in time.”

“Sorry to have made you worry, Kiriha.” Akari said with a half-smile.

This is actually pretty much it. Time travel is a major pain- isn’t it?

An awkward silence filled the chamber again, only to be interrupted by Dracomon coughing. “Well, since that’s over with.” She pulled off her eye-patch, and began messing with it’s inner lining…

But that wasn’t the surprising thing.


Her left eye had seven pupils- A center one surrounded on all sides by six more- Vision Eight-fold.

She had eight eyes, counting the one on her right side.

“What the-!” Yuu took a step back in surprise.

“Oh? My eye?” Dracomon grinned at them. “Been like that ever since the Digital World re-formatted. Heh, you should’ve seen me before then! whoo! I couldn’t see a thing with all those eyes!” she laughed. “I may have been blind as a bat, but I had all the eyes, though! All of them! Hahaha!”

“Riska.” Kiriha sighed, indicating that he’d heard that joke one too many times in the past.

Yup- this is Vriska all right.

Vision Eight fold.

For what ever reason- her eyes are mimicking the state of the Digital World.

I didn’t have any real reason for it- other than to cement her introductory episode as a Vriska Expy. But it also serves as a nice visual cue later on when the Digital World *is* restored fully.

“Whaaaat?” the dragon asked, smiling despite the situation, as she finally wrenched open her eye patch. “Anyways, here we are!” she began pulling out a chain. “The very object that Dorbickmon had hidden away under so many layers of security that we just HAD to steal it on principle!” she pulled out the object that had been hidden within- A golden necklace in the shape of the Greek letter Omega.

Shoutmon’s eyes widened at the sight of the necklace. Memories long forgotten stirring in his brain. “No way…” he gasped.

Looking up… a girl… wearing that necklace… In the distance… A Boy…fighting…Defending…

“That’s impossible.” He said.

“What is?” Dracomon asked as she put the thing around her neck.

“I’ve seen that necklace before.” Shoutmon began. However, before he had a chance to explain further, the underground chamber quaked as the Zo-LAND encountered what appeared to be an earth-quake.

And so we find out what the little Thief of Light here stole. It’s a memento from Shoutmon’s past!

In actuality, Fanglongmon laughed as his team of Fire dragon digimon set off the nearby volcano, once having come from Magma Zone. “And now we flush them from existence.”

“What was that?” Kiriha narrowed his eyes.

There was the distant sound of an explosion, and then…something bubbling.

“A tunnel collapsed.” Dracomon’s eyes dilated in shock. “Oh this is bad.”

“What is?” Zenjirou asked.

“These are lava tubes!” Kiriha jumped to his feet and turned around. “We have to run- NOW!”

They ran through the tunnels as the internal temperature began to rise and rise and as the way they had been coming from began glowing redder and redder.

And then…

They reached a dead end.

The tunnel had collapsed, sealing their only way out.

“Look!” Yuu pointed upwards. “There’s a crack in the ceiling!”

Sure enough, a small sliver of white light could be seen coming through a crack in the ceiling.

“If we can break through it, then we can get out of here!” Kiriha smiled a true, genuine smile.

Taiki summoned his drill arm. “Alright, let’s get to work!”

Dorulumon growled as he shifted back to his human form and brought up his own drill. “Let’s make it snappy!”

And so, those who were able to dig began digging against the roof and the rock pile that lead up to it, hoping for an escape.

“There has to be a faster way!” Shoutmon growled. “What about a Digi-Memory?”

“That might work!” Taiki began. “Who has the Guilmon memory?”

“I do!” Marcus held it up along with his Xros Loader. “How does it work again?”

Akari growled. “You just stick it in!”

“Oh! Right!”

Marcus is utterly useless here! He doesn’t know how to use a Digi-memory!! -_-; This is why he falls back and lets everyone else lead- it’s not his universe, so fate isn’t letting him do all the things he used to do as the lead character in his world. He’s fumbling around- and the GeoGrey Sword broke without even touching anything.

He’s out of his league here.

Despite some small progress being made- the rock that made up the roof was tough stuff. It wouldn’t break easily even WITH everyone and everything they had working against it. There was only a small enough opening for someone’s head after about fifteen minutes of digging.

It didn’t matter. The Lava was close enough to be seen now.

“Damn it!” Dracomon growled. “We’re out of time!”

Again, a bell ringed inside Shoutmon’s memories.

“We’re out of time!” The girl called out as she prepared to run away.

“Not by my watch!” The boy roared as he ran forwards, head on towards the approaching enemy.

“Not by my watch…” Shoutmon repeated. “Not…by my…” He narrowed his eyes in determination.

“If I have to, I’ll buy us the time with my own sweat and tears!”

“If I have to.” Shoutmon growled as he stood up, summoning his mic-stand in the process. “I’ll buy us the time with my own sweat and tears!”

The girl- as will later be revealed- is Lilithmon’s past self. The boy is Tactimon’s.

“Shoutmon?” Akari asked, looking back in surprise. “What are you doing?”

“What else.” Shoutmon reached over towards Dracomon and grabbed the necklace off of her neck, unlocking the clasp without even touching it, much to the smaller dragon’s surprise. “Being a big damn hero!” That done, he jumped down off of the rock pile and began running towards the incoming lava flow.

“Shoutmon!” Akari cried out in surprise. “Stop!”

“Stop it now!”

“I Can’t!” Shoutmon growled as he looked down at his clenched fist, containing the…now glowing necklace. “My pride won’t allow it! Not if we want to live to fight another day!”

“I Can’t!” the boy growled. “Not if we want to live another day! My Pride won’t allow us to run away like this!”

“Pride?” Dracomon blinked, taken back. “You’re doing this out of some stupid idea of pride!”

“Pride! ?” The girl gasped, shocked. “You’re doing this out of pride?”

“This…” Shoutmon stabbed his Mic-stand into the ground, and narrowed his eyes at the Lava flow that was almost upon them. “Is where…!”


With the necklace still clenched in one hand, Shoutmon let loose a roar into his microphone stand.


Instead of the usual red wave of fire came a blinding flash of gold light that rushed out towards the lava flow like a tsunami crashing down onto land.

Shoutmon’s modified attack here is a play on recording terms- “Gold Edition” is a limited type of album.


Suddenly, the volcano’s side exploded outwards in a burst of golden light, causing all of the Bagura goons to take a step back to shield their eyes.

At that moment, two things happened.

The first was that- somehow- Xros Heart and Blue Flare were teleported out of the volcano in a burst of golden light.

And the second?

Was that Shoutmon was soaring high into the sky like a golden meteor. “SHOUTMON SHINKAAAA!”

Agumon’s eyes widened upon spotting the glow. “Boss! That’s the…!”

“No way!” Marcus’ eyes widened as well.

atsui chikai ga kokoro ni kureta

Shoutmon spun around, switching back to his Digimon form before transforming into a brand new form. His body height doubled, he was covered in thick, golden armor that radiated with the heat of a burning red fire of creation, and the V crest on his head grew outwards, nearly matching the same length as that of Xros Five’s V crest.

jikuu wo koery kiseki no EVOLUTION

The new digimon spun around and struck a pose with a rift of that ever so familiar guitar rift that we seem to have not heard in a while. He then roared out the first name that popped into his head: “OMEGASHOUTMON!”

Also- if this were that other universe, one change here is that the song would just be called “Evolution and Digi-Xros” — No “Ver Taiki”….well, maybe.

Anyways- Shoutmon’s evolving all on his own emotion- this is AGAIN to make the readers question what is a Digimon and What is a human?

yuuki to yuujou kakehashi ni shite

At that moment that OmegaShoutmon suddenly began shooting back down towards them, The Bagura ‘mons knew this was a VERY bad sign.

“HEAVY METAL VULCAN!”OmegaShoutmon’s hands… transformed, in a manner similar to Hephaestus’ transforming abilities, into decently sized cannons that let loose repeated blasts of golden light.

mirai no jibun ni ae

As explosions rained down on the battle field, Taiki and the others stared in awe.

tamashii furueru tomo no jounetsu ga

“What the hell just happened here?”Hephaestus asked.

“He evolved without a Xros Loader!” Akari said, eyes wide. “How is that even possible?”

nemureu nanika wo okosu ze

“It’s been done.” Marcus said as he narrowed his eyes. “Rarely, and usually with a human partner at that. But it’s been done.”

Shoutmon *IS* Using Hephaestus’s powers! As will be later shown- The Omega Necklace is a *key* that seals Taiki’s powers– and Shoutmon has just tapped into the Power set that the Omega Key locked!

saa moe agare fumetsu no XROS HEART

OmegaShoutmon hit the ground like a meteor and then kicked into a spin. “BEAT SLASH!”

A double Shockwave pulsed out, giving a brief impression of a giant record being made out of the ground. Devidramon, FlaLizamon, and Vitramon alike were sent flying from the impact.

Beat Slash- there is a visual cue here- as he kicks into gear, there’s the image of an old fashioned RECORD on the ground. This is a visual cue to tie into the Record Scratch attack DeltAntylamon uses.

sokoshirenu POWER fuki agero

And then, as a VictoryGreymon jumped towards him, OmegaShoutmon smirked as he brought up his arm and…turned it into a stylized sword.

“This is getting ridiculous!” Hephaestus lamented. “Where the hell is he getting all of my powers from?”

“HARMONIZED BLAAAADE!”OmegaShoutmon Slashed to the side, hitting VictoryGreymon with the flat side of his sword.

aku no daichi no sadame wo kaeru tame

The VictoryGreymon was easily batted to the side, into a very confused Vitramon, sending them both sprawling.

tsuyoku hoero tsume wo tatero

Fanglongmon roared. “KILL IT NOW!” All of the long range fire dragons let off their best fire attacks, all aimed at OmegaShoutmon.


Oh- another note on the song- Lyrics should be “Get Back Our World, Xros Heart!”


Another Shockwave- one that obliterated the incoming fire attacks without even trying.

Everyone took a step back. And Shoutmon just smirked. “Let’s see if you like this one.”

Suddenly- Jet engines mounted on support wings burst out of his back- Much like with Taiki and Hephaestus- and he took to the sky of his own volition.

tashikameta no wa tatakau ketsui

Fanglongmon’s head panned upward in a hope of following the empowered digimon, who had now dismissed the sword and had switched back to the hand cannons.

yasuragi wo sute futatabi ano basho e


With a roar and a swing, OmegaShoutmon spun around in mid air as he let loose a continual stream of fire down upon the Bagura goons.

ore ni takushita nakama no tame ni

Many of the digimon were vaporized on the spot, including a Kuramon spy camera. The viewer on the other end let loose a roar and clenched his fist as the feed cut out.

mirai wo akiramenai

That would be Dorbickmon. He’s leaving off-screen now to come Confront Shoutmon.

OmegaShoutmon hit ground again, this time summoning the sword and a massive shield (something similar to that of a certain Hazard bound Royal Knight) in favor of the wings and cannons as he jumped into a melee fight with another roar.

That’d be Dukemon/Gallantmon.

mune ni kizamareta ikuta no deai ga jibun no nanika wo kaeru ze

The sword came down on a VictoryGreymon, and the shield slammed into an unsuspecting Devidramon. Then With double surprise, OmegaShoutmon’s legs transformed into larger, heavier, spring loaded versions as he jumped into the air, flying straight towards Fanglongmon with a mighty kick. “FINAL IMPACT!”

Fanglongmon was hit square in the nose, forcing him to rear backwards and roar in pain.

saa moe agare warera wa XROS HEART

And then, he switched the legs modification for the giant fist modification and pulled a series of punches (followed up by another kick) that even left Marcus staring in awe as the heavenly god digimon went flying away. “ROCKER METEOR!”

zetsubou sae mo BANE ni shiro

As good ol’ Fang-face hit the ground, Shoutmon created another transformation Taiki had yet to try- A massive rectangular block in place of his right arm that had a back grabber arm that was reaching out to pull in a nearby rock pile.

nanatsu no kuni no akumuy wo uchi kudaki

“Let’s see how you like my firey spirit!” OmegaShoutmon grinned as the front of the cannon unfolded to reveal a glowing, spinning interior. “RESONANCE CASCAAAADE!”

tsuyoku kaware tomowo mamore

Fanglongmon had barely gotten back to his feet when it fired- A Brilliant, shining white beam of energy that sang with the emotions of every energy of the temporal storms that had been targeting our heroes since chapter one. “WHAAAA-”


The explosion that followed was massive- And looked particularly stunning as a background as OmegaShoutmon spun around to strike a bad-ass pose in front of it.

The Bagura army stared at the golden warrior that had just easily taken out their commander.

*end song*

“So.” Shoutmon smirked as he readied his sword. “Who’s next?”


Another of Generator Rex’s builds- only exclusively used by OmegaShoutmon here.

Oh- as a bit of irony- you’ll remember that Shoutmon once asked Taiki how he did the transformation stuff.

Now he knows.

“DIGIMON INTRODUCTION CORNER!”the red Monitamon trio cried out as they introduced their second episode ever!

“OmegaShoutmon!” Aradia smiled brightly as she pointed at a poster of said Digimon with her trusty laser pointer. “A Shoutmon who was blessed with the power of a god and evolved into his next self to right the wrong doings of others!”

“His finisher attack is the Beat Slash!” Sollux said as he pointed to a screenshot of OmegaShoutmon spinning at the center of an apparition of a giant record. “It’s been said he can spin at speeds so great he can turn back time itself!”

“His name is spelled OMEGA Es, Ech, Ou, You, Tee, Em, Oh, En.” Eridan held up a board showing the proper English spelling. “It is pronounced “Omega Shoutoumon” and comes from the addition of the Greek letter Omega-”

“DON’T EXPLAIN THE JOKE!” Aradia roared at her fellow monitamon…Having seemed to have grown twice her size just to tower over him.

“gulp.” eridan gulped. “yes, Ma’am.”

Repeated Don’t Explain the Joke, from Aradia.

Sollux gives us foreshadowing on what Beat Slash is meant to do later on.




“TAIKIII! ! !”







“Next Time Digimon Xros Wars: Seven Swords!”

“Dragon’s Pride! Blue Flare’s Dedication!”


As you can see- “Dragon’s Pride” over “Dragon Land.”

IDK why there’s a random Omegamon shout in there. I probably meant OmegaShoutmon.-_-;

Also, to answer a review on the last chapter: Don’t be silly! Akari’s Dad’s last name is “Hinomoto”, not “Akashi.” Full and legally, that is his last name. 😉 Come on. If Tagiru were going to be Akari’s dad, wouldn’t her mother have taken his last name when they married instead? _DT


Actually- I’m not quite lying here. Tagiru *IS* Akari’s dad, as we later find out. That last line is a troll. Dang it past me.

Yeah- there’s no way I’m not explaining this here.
SPOILERS: AHHEM. Tagiru takes on Chou’s last name when they get married.
Yup. That’s simple enough.

I hate past me.


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