Xros Wars AU 02 — CH30 and 31

We’re doing another two-parter upload here! So it’ll be one whole post here, yet again! ūüėõ



Wind howled eerily against the static in the void that really should not have been solid enough to produce any kind of noise, let alone any kind of edge tone.

There was a gust of wind, and a small burst of static as the words “DIGIMON: XROS WARS” Appeared in a plain, ordinary font before fading away along with the static.

Floating through the void were the rest of the credits usually attributed towards an opening sequence, Writer, Director, Animators, Voice actors- The usual stuff.

Then, once all of those faded back into the void, a flat screen computer monitor, whose standing base was broken and sparking- yet somehow it was still active and showing an “Aperture Science” Logo on it’s display-, floated into view and took up the entire screen as it cut to static and then…

This bit is a blatant meta thing. If this were animated, you’d just be seeing all the things you usually do in a standard opening sequence.

Aperture Science– Portal reference. ūüėõ

*Cue Title Theme*

“Time Travelers! Xros Heart: Escape the Void!”

Here’s the title sequence for the first half. It’s pretty telling about where we stand here, especially compared to the overall whole of the last arc. Things went from: “Battle to save the Digital World” to “Oh no! We’ve got to get back!” preeeety quickly.

It’s just a lot of–


to Process.
Thank you space core.

Dorulumon stared at the white sphere that had just flown past him and his traveling companions. “What the hell was that?”

Cutemon, from his spot on Dorulumon’s back, simply sighed. “Probably someone who’s been stuck here longer than we have.”

“Oh come on, it’s not that bad.” Revolomon, who was floating upside down near by, huffed. “I’m sure everyone’s just fine!”

As if to confirm that statement, Wizardmon and Tailmon suddenly -blip-ed back into existence a few yards ahead of them.

“Hi ho di do!” The cat said with a wave.

“Eh?” Dorulumon blinked. “What?”

“Can’t a cat just be silly for a change?” Tailmon rolled her eyes.

Hi Ho Di Do was a Physics thing I can’t remember at the moment.

Some sort of formula, I think?

“I suppose so.” Wizardmon said as he walked over to the others. “So where have you all been?”

“I saw a Larval Mode Lucemon get cut with the same sword in the same strike twenty times!” Revolomon said with glee. “It was the awesomest thing ever!”

Frontier Lucemon got sliced up pretty well there.

“Cutemon and I haven’t been anywhere yet.” Dorulumon said. “What about you?”

“We saw an alternate Human World being saved from a Myotismon.” Wizardmon said.

“A Tailmon turned into an Angewomon in a single moment!” Tailmon grinned ear to ear. “It was awesome! This whole team of digimon fired their attacks into the Angewomon’s attack and then she blasted that vampire to kingdom come!”

“She…Evolved in a single moment?” Dorulumon asked. “How is that even possible?”

“The girl the Tailmon was partnered to had a strange necklace and something similar to a Xros Loader, I’m assuming.” Wizardmon said. “The girl activated both items in unison and the Tailmon in that universe evolved instantly.”

“That’s rather impressive.” Dorulumon said with a frown. “I wonder if it’s possible for us to harness the same energy and get out of here?”

“Probably!” Revolomon said. “That’s pretty much what some Digi-Xrosses do!”

“Like ours.”

Everyone facing Wizardmon looked surprised in a happy way, and when the Wizard turned around, he spotted Akari and Lopmon standing behind him.

“Hi everyone.” Akari waved, a smile on her face.

“Akari!” Revolomon let out a whoop as he spun around in circles. “Yeah! Finally! Now we can get out of here with an awesome Digi-Xros!”

Expectations rising!

“Shoutmon has the Xros Loader.” Lopmon said, immediately deflating Revolomon’s glee.

“Oh…” he sunk down towards the ‘ground.’

“But if we can find Shoutmon…” Dorulumon began. “Then maybe we could create a Digi-Xros that can teleport us out of here?”

“Sorry, but I don’t think that’s going to work.” Kotemon said as he and Zenjirou suddenly –blip-ed into the middle of their gathering. “Zenjirou’s Xros Loader’s completely dead!”

“Again?” Lopmon groaned. “Why can’t the Xros Loaders stop breaking on us?”

Expectations fell short.


Cutemon sighed again, muttering “It’s hopeless.” under his breath before taking a deep gulp of air in…”WE’RE NEVER GETTING OUT OF HERE!”

The void around them suddenly KLICKED, as if someone changed the channel, dropping Xros Heart down into the middle of a playground, somewhere on earth.

“What.” Revolomon breathed in sharply. “The…”

“-Hell is going on here? !” Shoutmon finished his rant with a huff.

“Well…” The man began. “For starters, the name’s Marcus, Marcus Damon.”

“Pleasure to meet you.”Hephaestus said.

“And secondly, I’m just about as lost as you are.” ‘Marcus’ said as he crossed his arms. “ShineGreymon and I were sent to investigate a dimensional disturbance that occurred when a Milleniumnmon appeared in your universe, just the latest in a long line of oddities that we’d put off investigating until we had the resources.”

“Oddities?” Taiki asked.

“Stable time loops that haven’t even started yet, for one thing.” Marcus said with a roll of his eyes. “See, there’re these Digimon in your world that-”

“No.” Shoutmon said as he held up a finger. “Hold Up for one second.” He narrowed his eyes. “You said Our “Universe” as if you’re from some other dimension or something.”

“That’s ’cause we are.” ShineGreymon began. “Haven’t you noticed that this void shows you other worlds, and not just other times?”

“So those were other dimensions?” Shoutmon asked. “Seriously?”

Marcus and ShineGreymon are properly introduced into the Xros Wars universe! W00T!

“That’s right.” The man before them smirked as he fished out his wallet and flipped it open. “We’re a part of a team that operates outside of the normal flow of the Multiverse.” The piece of paper on prominent display seemed to be made up of some sort of psychic paper that was on the fritz like everything else in this weird void. “We have dozens of names, plenty of sub divisions, and hell, at times there are even more alternate universe versions of ourselves working in the same office then we can shake a stick at.” he looked at the piece of paper and scowled. “And apparently, your universe is the epicenter of something that we haven’t encountered before.”

“Thanks for that by the way.” ShineGreymon said sarcastically.

“You say it like it’s our fault!”¬†Hephaestus protested.

“Says the Digital God locked in the body of a perfectly normal boy.” Marcus rolled his eyes.

What Marcus is describing here is pretty much EVERY SINGLE “Interdimensional Taskforce” ever thought up.

Basically: Every universe is just as real as any other. You’ve got your universes where Takari is canon and Daikari is canon side by side. You’ve got every single iteration of EVERY Elder Scrolls Game actually happening. You’ve got universes where everyone’s gender is flipped around.

Things like that.

And all of those inter-dimensional task forces that are guarding all these other dimensions? They’re all working together- they just usually don’t know it.

Shoutmon crossed his arms in front of his chest and narrowed his eyes un-appreciatively . “Let’s Say for a moment that I don’t believe you?”

“Look.” the man sighed. “Agumon and I came here looking for something we knew how to beat and suddenly we’re blown clear out of the water into some situation we can’t get out of.” he reached for a pocket in his coat and pulled out what looked like an iPod fused to a Xros Loader, and then changed up somewhat. “See this? Specially modified so that it can open portals from any-where and any-when back to our base. It’s also got dampeners that block any kind of known interference that would prevent it from working.” he pressed a button to prove his point. “And look at that. Would you believe it? Nothing happened!” he angrily shoved the device back into it’s pocket.

Shoutmon pulled out the red Xros Loader and looked at it with a sigh. “Still Dead.”

“I don’t even need to look inside to tell me it’s broken.”¬†Hephaestus remarked.¬†“I created these things, and…They’re¬†NOT¬†supposed to break as easily as they have been.”

“Cheap knockoffs?” ShineGreymon offered.

Not really ShineGreymon. Not really.

“Anyways.” Marcus continued as he sat down, ignoring his partner’s comment along with Taiki and Shoutmon. “Whatever’s going on here is something that’s dangerous. And if we can’t get back to HQ and report it, then…” he narrowed his eyes. “How can we stop it?”

“Didn’t Tactimon say someone had to live through the source of the waves?” Shoutmon said after a moment of silence.

“What?” Marcus looked up.

“Yeah.” Taiki nodded. “Someone whose role in events was as ‘subtle as a brick.’ Quote unquote.”

Shoutmon laughed as he jabbed a thumb over at Marcus. “I doubt these two are the ones he was talking about though!”

I don’t think Tactimon said it on screen. If he didn’t that’s my bad.

Anyways- this is the CRITICAL INFORMATION that is needed to be known.

Someone’s role in events is as SUBTLE AS A BRICK.

Now just think about that for a moment. A Brick can do two things in this phrase:

It’s either being *thrown* through a window- in which case it’s not very subtle at all- or it’s simply *lying* on the ground- in which case most people would be IGNORING the bloody thing!

“Subtle as a brick?” ShineGreymon asked. “What does that mean?”

“Alright, our turn to explain now!” Shoutmon grinned. “We know where the source of this storm is!”

“What?” Marcus stood up from where he had just sat down. “Where?”

“My home town.” Taiki said. “Or somewhere close to it, at least. One year from now.”

“One year?” Marcus narrowed his eyes. “Where the hell did you get that information from?”

“Someone who’s lived through it already.” Shoutmon said. “Someone who got sent back in time to twenty years ago along with Akari’s parents.”

“Twenty years ago?” Marcus stared at them incredulously. “What the hell happened?”

“He didn’t say.” Taiki said. “We were all pulled into the void before he could tell us what we needed to do.”

“Well that’s convenient!” ShineGreymon remarked.

“Not like we planed it that way.” Shoutmon frowned. “But beyond that, we also saw a video from back then too.”

“A video?” Marcus groaned. “Seriously?”


“Seriously!” Akari stared at the two high school girls who were trying to break open a green colored pumpkin…

It still refused to break after half a minute of beatings.

“What the hell is that thing made of?” Dorulumon asked, eyes as wide as dinner plates. “A rock?”

The one girl jumped into the air and¬†THREW¬†the object so hard at the ground it left a trail of white light in it’s wake…

The ground exploded from the impact!

“Now that’s got to have finished it!” Zenjirou said, fists clenched in anticipation.

When the smoke cleared, the green pumpkin was still intact.

Everyone stared at it in shock and dismay.

BTW- this scene is from Nichijou.



Marcus stared at the duo in shock and dismay as they finished explaining what they had learned from Tactimon.

“I know.” Shoutmon said. “It’s a lot to take in…”

“And that’s saying something.” ShineGreymon muttered. “considering the things we’ve seen…?”

“But we’ve got to work together on this!” Shoutmon continued. “Tactimon told us someone had to live through the event so that we could fix it! Even if you’re¬†not¬†the guy he said had to do it…You’ve still got a job protecting the multi-whatever, right?”

“I guess so…” Marcus replied as he looked up at the static cloud above them. “So, I guess Agumon and I’ll have to-” He stopped.

And then…

“SPAAAAAAAAAACE! SPACE! GO TO SPACE! BA-BA-BA-BA-BA!” That weird white core from before shot over head as it cried out, with a passion:¬†“SPAAAAAAAAACEEEEEEEE!”

Space Core- What a thing! I have *NO CLUE* how he got into this storm space.

Marcus’ eyes widened. “SHINEGREYMON!” he roared. “After that Core!”

“On it Boss!” And with that, they took off after the Infamous “Space Core.”


“Um?” Shoutmon protested. “Why are we going after this thing?”

“Haven’t you played Portal 2 before?” Marcus asked, a grin on his face.

Also- Marcus is clearly a Portal 2 fan.


Poor Space Core, after a few minutes of zig-zagging through sub-space, was tackled from above by Marcus as he leaped off of ShineGreymon.

“SPACE?” The core asked, frightened, as it’s one single eye shot back into the furthest recesses of it’s casing while, simultaneously, Marcus hit the ground and rolled to a stop, still holding onto the technological artifact.

With a grin, he stood up and held the core out at arms length to get a proper look at it. “Well hello there!”

“Who are you?” the core asked, it’s eye spinning around on it’s track. “You the space cops? Space cops help! Here come the space cops!”

“haha!” Marcus laughed. “Oh man, when Thomas sees this, he’s gonna flip out!”

“We just chased this thing all over time and space just so you could see Thomas react to it?” ShineGreymon asked as he landed on the ground.

“Of course.” the man grinned at his digimon partner.

That’s right- Marcus just chased down Space Core for TROLLING PURPOSES.

“Dad?” The core asked. “Are you space?” it changed to a lower voice. “Yes Son, now we can be a family again.” Back to it’s higher voice. “SPACE-DAD!”

“Okay.” ShineGreymon laughed. “I approve.”

Taiki and Shoutmon had climbed down off of ShineGreymon’s shoulder by this point, and were walking over to the spacey-Space Core.

“What the hell is this thing?” Shoutmon asked as he stared at the Space Core.

“This would be Space Core.” Marcus replied as he held it up for view. “And this is a thing that should not exist in this universe!”

“Ba-ba-ba-ba-ba!” The core hummed as it spun around. “Space cops! Look out here come the space cops!”

“I’ll say it shouldn’t.”¬†Hephaestus said in astonishment as he stared at it.¬†“This thing isn’t made out of data like Digimon… It’s completely man made!”

“We don’t have this level of AI back on Earth either.” Taiki added.

“S. P. Aaaaaace! SPACE!” The core cried out in glee. “Hey I know! I know I know I know!”

“Wow this thing is annoying.” ShineGreymon remarked. “Can’t we just dump it into the void?”

More so in the writing, than the watching.

“Mister! I know! I know! Hey Mister! Let’s go to space!”

“No.” Marcus said as he shifted his grip on the core. “We need to see where this guy’s from and why he’s working when our tech isn’t.”

At that moment, a thought hit Taiki. “Wait a second…” With that, he pulled out his Xros Loader and turned the dial.

The screen came on with it’s normal light.

“Taiki!” Shoutmon gasped. “How come you didn’t say it was working!”

“I didn’t think to check.” he began. “Then again, it was inside it’s case when we entered…”

“You know what?”¬†Hephaestus grumbled.¬†“I’m just going to go out on a limb here and say that someone,somewhere,¬†is just messing with us now.”

Taiki’s is the ONLY Xros Loader thus far to have NEVER BROKEN.

I don’t think the universe is too unkind to let this atrocity pass by unnoticed.

“But this means we can get out of here!” Shoutmon grinned. “Just open up a Zone Portal and Bam! Back to the Digital World!”

“We should see if we can find the others first.” Taiki began. “Then maybe…”

As if on cue, those of Xros Heart that had managed to regroup together –blip-ed back into existence around them.

“Shoutmon!” Akari jumped towards the dragon and hugged him tightly.

“Akari!” he hugged back.

“Taiki!” Zenjirou and Dorulumon said simultaneously.

“Everyone!” Taiki smiled.


And then everyone stared at Space Core, who was still being held up by Marcus at arms length.

“Who’s that?” Wizardmon asked.

“Long story.” Marcus said. “We’ll explain later.”

“Hi.” ShineGreymon waved at them.

As far as the rest of XH is concerned- Marcus and ShineGreymon are completely out of left field.

“Is this everyone?” Taiki asked.

“As much as it’s going to be.” Tailmon replied. “I get the feeling that we aren’t going to run into anyone else from this point on.”

“Why’s that?” Marcus asked.

“Portals act the way they do for a reason.” Tailimon reiterated. “And Taiki’s got a working Xros Loader, doesn’t he?”

“Yeah…” Kotemon nodded. “Looks like he does.”

“Then that’s it then.” Tailmon said. “We use it to get out of here and back to the others!”

“Sounds like a plan to me.” Revolumon shrugged. “What else do we have to lose?”

Tailmon’s theory of portal mechanics is holding true here. They WONT run int anyone else even if they stayed there for a thousand years.

That’s because everyone else has been dropped back into the timeline to where they need to be for future events.

“Well, I suppose it couldn’t hurt…” Taiki held the orange Xros Loader up.¬†“ZONE TRANSFER!”

In front of them, an oval of light formed, with electricity sparking across it’s surface…

It “POP”ed out of existence a second later.

“Guess that’s out of the question then.” Kotemon said sourly.


Portal FAIL.


“Revolomon!” Taiki ordered. “Dorulumon!”

“HOWDY!”Revolomon spun his twin revolvers.

“ROGER!”¬†Dorulumon growled as he crouched down in preparation.



And as the two Digimon fused together, Taiki tapped into Hephaestus’ creation powers and altered the resulting Digi-Xros’s design from the standard Dorulu-Cannon…

The cannon formed as per usual, with Revolomon in the control position… However…

Something new was added to back, a rather large gun handle, and on the end of the handle was a third cannon mount, directly centered overhead above the other two cannons.

“XROS UP!”¬†Revolomon called out.¬†“HYPNO-RAILGUN STRINGER!”

The name is a combo of a shoutout- HYPNOS (from Digjmon Tamers) RAILGUN (From the A Certain universe) and STRINGER (From HERO FACTORY).

“When I open the Portal again, I want you to fire, Revolomon!” Taiki said. “If the new cannon can’t force it open, then I want everyone to attack at once!”

“Alright.” Shoutmon gripped his mic-stand. “Sounds like a plan!”

“Ready?” Taiki asked, holding up his Xros Loader again…¬†“ZONE TRANSFER!”

Once again the circle of light appeared, arcing with un-controlled power.


This is another Digimon Tamer shout out- something that long time fans would NOT let slip by them ūüėČ

The three mouths of the cannon glowed brightly as spheres of energy formed at the tips…Then, lighting arced between the three spheres and the whole assembly FLUNG itself into the unstable portal.

The two energy wavelengths combined, and the energy of the portal turned blue as it made a rather odd… Splooshing sound.


Wasting no time to see if the portal was still unstable or not, Shoutmon and Akari let off their signature attacks at the same moment, sending fire and song directly into the portal.

With a tone, the energy turned orange on it’s edge as the inside faded away into a flickering green static.

“MAGICAL GAME!”¬†Wizardmon threw his staff forward, sending a bolt of lighting into the event horizon.

“FIRE MEN!”¬†Kotemon threw his own kendo sword into it for good measure.


And finishing it off was ShineGreymon’s massive energy blast, pumping more energy than was good for it into the portal.

Suddenly, the portal began glowing with an intense white light…

“KEEP FEEDING IT!”¬†Hephaestus ordered.¬†“WE NEED TO GET IT OPEN!”

Note- this would have actually worked in opening them a portal back to the Digital World, if…

Marcus, finally getting tired of holding the fidgeting Space Core, flung it up into the air and then punched it towards the portal as if it was a volley ball.

“EARTH! WANNA GO HOME!”¬†The Core cried as it flung into the portal.¬†“EARTHHHH! ! ! !”

Everything went white, and nobody could see a thing as the portal quite literally exploded in their faces.

Space Core hadn’t suddenly changed his catch phrase at that exact moment.


The camera zoomed onto a large disk with Marcus standing on one side, then slid over to Agumon. Both were standing in a matching pose, ready to strike whatever may be foolish enough to challenge them.

The Camera zoomed out and the disk flipped over, revealing a bright red outline cutout of ShineGreymon, holding what looked to be dual swords in each hand.


 The Beginning of the eye catches! This is based off of the Hunters style eye catches, but twisted to my own style to fit the story.

EARTH_ _ _| JAPAN_ _ _|

“Use this Xros Loader, Kudo Taiki.”¬†With that, the unclaimed Xros Loader turned a bright shade of orange, and floated down to the boy’s hand.¬†“And Save the Melody of the Digital World.”

Kudo, Taiki, almost a month younger now, easily caught the Xros Loader, identical to the one in his dream- that, for you readers, had only just happened two chapters ago-, that descended from the green light above them. “Now then…” Taiki turned the device towards the shrinking orange glow that was Dorulumon’s melody. “Can I?”

“If it’ll put me out of my misery, go ahead.”¬†was the only reply.

“Wait! Kudo Taiki!” Zenjirou interrupted. “Think about this calmly! Just put the strange device on the ground and…!”

“Revive!” Taiki called out, causing the top half of the Digivice to slide open, and absorb the orange glow into it’s memory within one second. “You alright in there?” He looked at the screen to see a toonish looking drawing of the wolf’s face.

“What power… I’m feeling all my injuries being dissolved away!”

Zenjirou could only stare in shock at the sudden friendship between the creature and his rival. “B…but…but… This… That… he… I…But…!” You know, Zenjirou, this is just as annoying as it was the first time. “But…!” Seriously, I can’t believe how static you were back here and then. “I…” Oh, Stop gaping like a fish already, would ya? “He… It…” Can you please calm down already? “What?” Ah, wait, here we go. In three…

Yay for re-visiting the past~

Also, I made Zenjirou’s flabbergasted glubbing even more obvious in retrospect.


Suddenly! (Or not so suddenly, actually!) A Portal of glowing green energy opened up underneath Taiki and Zenjirou, dropping them down into the Digital World before the portal began to lift itself up into the air…

Once it was a good six feet in the air, it exploded with a blinding white light and a shock wave that shattered any nearby glass that wasn’t already broken.

When the smoke cleared, all those that had been on the other side groaned as they were deposited into a dog-pile.

Yeah. That’s right. Taiki was ONLY sent to the Digital World because he was returning from it at that exact moment.

Don’t you just *love* stable time loops?

“You know…” Marcus said from the bottom of the pile. “I’m reminded of that first time we went to the Digital World.”

“At least things aren’t upside down.” Agumon, formerly ShineGreymon, remarked casually.

“Speak for yourself.” Cutemon, who was lying on his back on the top of the pile, grumbled.

Somewhere in the middle, Taiki let loose a yelp of surprise as his Xros Loader began sparking heavily and…

Ejected the only thing within it’s memory vault as it died: The human girl that had once been DeadlyAxmon, still unconscious as she reloaded on the ground and seemingly unaware about all that had just transpired.

And yay! We’re now visibly introduced to DeadlyAxmon! I bet you all forgot about her, didn’t you?

“Great.” Shoutmon grumbled. “There goes the last Xros Loader.”

“I’ll take a look at them in a minute…” Lopmon said tiredly. “Just let me catch my breath first…”

“You didn’t even do anything.” Revolomon replied.

“Yet.” Lopmon replied. “I was going to attack after that last attack…”

“I think I beat you to the punch.” Marcus chuckled. “Literally.”

Get it? punch? it;s because he punches things?

…forget it.

After getting untangled, everyone tried to sort out what had just happened, where they were, and if it was a hostile environment or not.

The second and third were easily answered: “This is the alley way where we were pulled into the Digital World.” Taiki noted.

The first came easily after that: “The explosion must have opened the portal too far, and put us back on earth.” Marcus deducted. “Either that, or when I threw Space Core in, he redirected the destination.”

And once that was sorted out, everyone took a look over themselves, having not even done such yet.

“WHAT!” Akari cried out in surprise- She had changed back into her other form, the one she had “Mode Changed” Out of back in Sweets Zone.

“Oh dear.” Wizardmon sighed as he looked at the younger girl. “I was afraid something like this might have happened.”

“Woah! Wizardmon! Look! Look!” And then, everyone looked over towards Tailmon…Or where she would have been if she hadn’t been turned back into a human. She was pretty, with blond hair and blue eyes, about as old as any of the rest of them, wearing a pair of blue jeans, a sleeveless white shirt, and a pair of run down looking sneakers.

And thus the reveal! For whatever bizarre reason- the Shape Shifting spell has been removed from those who landed back on earth! This is why DeadlyAxmon is also human now!

This surprising turn of events caught everyone except Wizardmon by surprise, as he knew her back story while they didn’t.

“Well.” Wizardmon huffed. “This makes things even more troubling.”

Meanwhile, Zenjirou couldn’t help but be distracted by their location. “We’re…home?”

Taiki nodded. “Looks like it.”

“We’re home?” Zenjirou repeated. “Back on earth? Back…?”

Silence fell between the two for a moment.

“I wonder.” Taiki began. “Did we remain constant across time? A day for a day?”

“Eh?” Zenjirou stared at the General. “Oh yeah. That storm was warping us around for a while.”

“Incredible!” Wizardmon’s exclamation drew everyone’s attention back over to him. “Somehow all traces of the spell, even the tiniest remnants of the broken one on Akari, are gone from the both of you!”

“What?” Akari blinked. “How could that happen?”

“It’s like what happens when you wipe a magnet over a VCR tape.” Tailmon said. “You lose the data on it!”

Don’t ask me WHY the storm acted like this in this case. It just did.

But it provides an opportunity!

“Most of us are Digimon in the human world.” The Wizard said. “And the Xros Loaders are- for the moment- all broken. We can’t use them to hide inside.” he pointed to Akari. “She’s a Digimon who normally looks like a Human but was then locked out of that form and then returned to it.” he pointed to Tailmon. “She’s a human who’s been turned into a Digimon all this time, using the exact same spell I used to turn Akari back into a human.”

It took a few moments before it finally clicked in everyone’s mind.

“You’re going to turn us all into humans!” Dorulumon stared, wide eyed.

“Wait what.” Marcus blinked. “You can turn digimon into humans?”

“It’s the perfect disguise.” Wizardmon said as he crossed his arms, and completely ignoring the man’s question.

“How long will it take?”¬†Hephaestus asked.

“About ten, maybe fifteen minutes tops.” Wizardmon gave an estimate. “Why?”

“Zenjirou and I need to check something out.” Taiki said as he grabbed the other General by the shoulder and began dragging him out of the alley way. “We’ll be back as soon as we confirm it.”

“Alright then.” Wizardmon nodded.

“I’ll come too!” Tailmon jumped to her feet. “It’s been forever since I was in Japan!”

Remember folks, Marcus is behind the curve here. Anyways, Taiki goes off to check *when* they are, next.

“Woah!” The girl stared wide eyed at the carnage that was littering the street. “It looks like a Mammothmon walked through here.”

“That’s because one did.” Taiki noted as he looked around. “I think we returned the exact moment that we left.”

Zenjirou walked over to a nearby store front. “Look at the time.”

Just a bit after One in the afternoon… And factoring in the amount of time it took to get sorted out and find their way out of the alleyway…

“We did arrive at the exact moment we left.” Taiki corrected himself. “Odd.”

“Not really.” Tailmon said as she put her hands on her hips. “Portals always make sure things happen for a reason.”

As we just saw- this is pretty much the truth. They caused their own departure by arriving.

Time Travel. Ain’t it just grand?

“You sound like you’re talking from experience.”¬†Hephaestus remarked.

“A few years ago, I was at a party.” The girl said. “It was just some causal thing at a beach. A lot of stuff happened, and…Well…” she shrugged. “I fell into the Digital World and I gave up my old life as Tairru Yagami for a chance at being Wizardmon’s familiar.”

“‘Tairru’?” Zenjirou paled. “Really?”

“Nene thought it was a funny coincidence.” The girl smiled. “Considering that my Digimon self was a Tailmon? Yeah.” she looked over her reflection in the mirror. “Wow, have I grown!” she started toying with her hair. “I could really do with a hair cut too…”

We get some quick backstory on Tairru here- first up is that yes, she is human; second is her name, Tairru Yagami, a shout out to Taichi and Hikari from Adventure01; the highlight that her name fits as a “Tailmon;” and finally: That she’s GROWN as a human despite spending time as a Digimon, it’s not by much, but she has grown somewhat!

ou haven’t seen your parents then?” Zenjirou asked. “For all those years?”

“I was an orphan.” She said with nonchalance. “Parents died when I was just a baby. I never really had a life here on earth anyways. Always bouncing from one foster home to the next, never really staying in the school system for more than a few months at a time.”

“Oh…” Zenjirou went silent at this point, looking up to the sky and thinking about a certain fairy.¬†‘Lila…’

“You okay?” Taiki asked.

“No.” He sniffed. “I promised Lila that if I ever got back to the human world that I’d take her back with me.”

“Really?” the boy blinked, having never heard of this before.

“I hope she’s okay.” the newest general began. “I…I couldn’t save her in time.”

No one said anything in response after that.

After a few moments, Taiki clapped his hands. “Well, all things considered. I think our first stop should be my place.”

“Eh?” Zenjirou blinked. “Why?”

The boy narrowed his eyes. “I have some questions for my mom.”

We see that Zenjirou is missing Lila, and also find out that Tairru is an orphan! No family to speak of! The Poor thing. Finally, Taiki makes the decision to confront his mother about the Digital World!

That’ll be fun. ūüėõ

Returning to the alleyway, our trio of humans found that everyone (save three) had been enchanted and were now as human looking as the rest of them.

Akari, being back in her usual attire, was the easiest to pick out. Next to her was a boy with red hair and blue eyes, slightly shorter than Akari was, and was dressed in a white t-shirt with a red vest and tan shorts. With the state of his hair, and the fact that he was wearing Shoutmon’s still broken headphones around his neck, it was easy enough to guess who he was.

Shoutmon’s human form is ripped pretty much from the manga with a bit of design variation.

Next to Marcus was a boy with shaggy brown hair and green eyes. He was wearing a blue pull over hoodie with a strange…Windy symbol on the front; the sleeves were rolled up to the elbows, revealing the red bracers running up along his arms. Combined with the blue stripes on his orange pants, and the claw mark pattern on his sneakers: it was obviously Agumon.

Voice actor Joke: Agumon’s human form is just Takato with green eyes.

In the English Dub, this would be abundantly clear and absolutely hilarious to old-time viewers.

Nearby, in a striking cowboy costume, was a boy with golden eyes and very tanned skin- Revolomon

Not much to say about Revolomon’s design except that it’s hilariously out of place on Earth in present day Japan.

Next to him was an older man in what looked to be a detective’s uniform (looking ripped right out of an anime Taiki had seen once). The orange flame pattern on the jacket and pants legs screamed Dorulumon.

This is a BLACK CAT shout out. Dorulumon’s human form is based off of Sven’s character design.

Standing rather uncomfortably behind him was a boy in a kendo costume- Kotemon.

You can’t see it, but Kotemon’s human form is another design rip off- This time he’s Cody, from ADV02.

Yes. You read that right.

Leaning against a wall was a young boy with light pink hair, wearing a dark purple T-Shirt that read “PUT THE BUNNY BACK IN THE BOX” in red text underneath a light green jacket. His fingers were tied up with bandages, and, as if that wasn’t enough, the fact that the headphones on top of the boy’s head had bunny ears on them tipped you off to who this was: Cutemon, looking not quite so cute and actually rather dashing.

Cutemon, Cutemon, Cutemon. PUT THE BUNNY BACK IN THE BOX is a dual Homestuck/Con Air shoutout, but is also…well…It’s ironic. He’s a bunny type digimon, wearing a shirt saying to put the bunny in the box? And then the Headphones…?

Next to Cutemon was a little girl who could pass as Taiki’s younger sister. Her hair was brown, and tied up into twin tails that reminded one of ears. Her eyes were blue, her dress was purple, and her boots matched those of a certain bunny rabbit. Combined with the same oddly shaped bandanna, you could tell that this was Lopmon.

Lopmon’s human form is basically taking her modified digimon form and updating it to match a human. Her design is supposed to take cues that line up to Taiki, for various reasons that lead into the Hunters arc.

Wizardmon…was still Wizardmon. “Turns out you can’t cast the spell on yourself without the aid of a mirror.” he said with a shrug.

“So…” Marcus began. “What did you want to confirm?”

“We’re on earth, the same day and time as when Zenjirou and I left.” Taiki explained. “I think we should go to my place, and see what we can do to fix the Xros Loaders.”

“You’re the home town expert on this Zone, Taiki.” Akari said with a smile. “So lead the way!”

Akari is joking here. She *knows* it’s not a Zone, but so far? Xros Heart has had someone have *SOME* sort of intimate Knowledge on the Zones they were passing through. Taiki and Zenjirou (Mostly Taiki though due to Zenjirou living one ‘county’ over however) are those experts for this area.

The walk to Taiki’s house began soon enough, with the General walking down the streets towards his destination.

“You know.” Zenjirou began. “I don’t think I’ve ever been over to your house before.”

“Hm, probably.” Taiki nodded. “I don’t think I ever invited anyone over. I always went over to other people’s houses instead.”

“How come?” Shoutmon asked, half distracted by looking around at everything.

“Well…” Taiki laughed nervously. “You’ll see when we get there.”

They walked some more.

“I never really thought about ever visiting the Human world in my life time.” Dorulumon, who was carrying the still slumbering DeadlyAxmon on his back, mused aloud. “It’s different from what I imagined.”

The reason Dorulumon’s carrying DeadlyAxmon is a bit of another Black Cat shout out- but he’s also the tallest of the bunch.

Taiki’s also shy about his housing because his parents are *RICH.* Taiki’s house is more of a small mansion compared to the rest of the local area.

“I always thought the Digital World was better, to be honest.” Tairru remarked. “Earth has a lot of down sides to it.”

Wizardmon, gathering quite a few odd looks from passerbys due to his state of dress, laughed. “The Digital World has it’s problems too, you know.”

“Earths with Digital Worlds have it easy. Even then, whole other universes don’t even have earths and they’re just as screwed up as the rest of ’em some times.” Marcus remarked. “One time, Agumon and I visited a space ship that was being invaded by a bunch of self-replicating fur-balls that had kids as soon as they ate something.”

Agumon shuddered. “The horror!¬†The¬†Horror!”


I need not explain further.

And so they continued walking, conversing about things as they went. And as they walked, they passed a cafe where a boy with blond hair happened to be sitting at a table. The light reflecting off of Taiki’s goggles caught his attention, and recognition sparked in his eyes.


Everyone stopped.

‘That voice.’¬†Shoutmon’s eyes widened.

“Huh?” Taiki asked as he turned around to face the boy who had stood up. “What?”

“It’s me!” The boy grinned. “Yuu Amano! From grade school?”

“Yuu…” Taiki’s hand went up absentmindedly to the goggles on his head. “Yuu?”

Shoutmon stared at the scene.¬†‘Is this why we got pulled back here?’

Yup! It’s confirmed- Yuu AMANO- Nene’s brother!

They move to a cafe.

“I’m surprised you actually remembered me.” Yuu said as he took a sip of his tea. “But then again you’re still wearing my old goggles, so… I probably shouldn’t be.”

“I haven’t stopped wearing them.” Taiki said with a shake of his head. “I’ve replaced the band a few times since then, but I haven’t stopped wearing them.”

Nearby, Akari leaned in and whispered to Shoutmon. “What’s going on?”

“Taiki explained it to me back in Sweets Zone…” Shoutmon began. “There was a boy who Taiki didn’t help when he was a kid, and he got put into a coma and Taiki kept his goggles until he woke up.” He jabbed a thumb over at Yuu. “That kid there eventually gave the goggles back after he woke up and Taiki’s been wearing them ever since.”

“Yuu Amano?” Zenjirou asked. “Why have I never heard of this before?”

“What gets me is the name.” Dorulumon began, barely above a whisper. “Do you think he’s related to Nene and Kotone?”

“Only way to find out is to ask.” Akari frowned.

They’re putting the pieces together as quickly as the readers are supposed to.

“So, what have you been up to, Taiki-san?” Yuu asked.

“Quite a lot, actually.” He pulled out his broken Xros Loader and placed it on the table. “And it all started with this, not a few minutes ago, by local time.”

“Eh?” Yuu stared at the broken Xros Loader. “That?” he looked up at Taiki. “And what do you mean by ‘local time’?”

“Before I go into it…” Taiki said, glancing over at the rest of Xros Heart. “Do you happen to have any sisters? By the names Kotone and Nene?”

Yuu, who had taken a mouthful of tea into his mouth at that exact moment, spit it out in surprise, thankfully to his left and into the street and not onto Taiki. “W-What!”

(“I guess that answers that question.” Shoutmon rolled his eyes.

“Yup.” Akari nodded.)

“Answer me, Yuu.” Taiki begged. “If you don’t know them, then what I have to say will probably just sound like some crazy story.”

“Yeah.” Yuu nodded. “I did have sisters…Kotone and Nene…” he frowned. “They went missing right around the time that I was in the hospital though. Mom had me quit mostly because she was dragging us all over creation trying to find them.”

“I found them.” Taiki said, as seriously as possible. “I found them, and then…” he stared down at his own drink. “We got separated.”

“What?” Yuu asked. “How?”

Taiki looked up, a solemn look in his gray eyes. “Have you ever read “Digica Scrab” before?”

Confirmed! Confirmed! Confirmed!



As Taiki launched into his explanation, Deadly Axmon’s eyes fluttered open. “Wuh..?”

“Ah, looks like sleeping beauty’s awake.” Tairru smiled. “Hey, there!”

“Huh?” DeadlyAxmon blinked, then glanced around. “Wh…Where am I?”

“You’re at a cafe.” Wizardmon said as he pulled a flash light out of a pocket and shined it into one of her eyes. “What can you remember?”

The girl blinked at the light. “Corone.” she said. “My name is Corone.”

“That’s good.” Wizardmon said with a smile. “You remembered it without me even having to ask specifically.” he moved the flashlight over to her other eye. “What else?”

“Um…” She blinked again at the light. “I was born in Reaper Zone and I…I was kidnapped by a shadow.”

Reaper Zone– Soul Eater Shoutout again.

Wizardmon took the light away. “Anything else?”

“No. Sorry.” The girl shook her head.

“Well, you’ve done better than I’d have expected.” He held up a hand in the peace sign. “How many fingers am I holding up?”

“Two.” She replied immediately.

He pulled his hand back and opened his thumb. “Now?”

“Three.” She replied immediately.

(“Relax!” Tairru said to a concerned passerby. “He’s a licensed doctor, and we just came from a costume party.”)

Tairru is making things up to calm people down.

“What’s the square root of 1?”

“An Irrational number.” the girl said on instinct.



“What’s four hundred Thirteen plus Six hundred and twelve?”

“One thousand twenty five.”

“Reactions are normal.” Wizardmon mumbled to himself. “Motor skills fine…” He smiled at her and said, louder, “You seem to be recovering just fine.”

Random math Skills.

Also, 413 + 612 = 1025

I needed some math, and that arc number math from Homestuck worked just fine.

“You’re…What?” Yuu stared.

“I know it’s hard to believe.”¬†Hephaestus began.¬†“But it’s all true.”

Yuu’s eyes shrunk in surprise as he squeaked “you talked differently.”

“Yeah. We can do that.”¬†the Denizen replied.¬†“You get used to it after a while.”

“You’re…The guy in Taiki’s head?” Yuu asked.

“Yeah, you could say that.”¬†Hephaestus replied.

“And Nene and Kotone have them too?”

“Echinda and Cetus, yes.”

“Why?” Yuu frowned. “Why didn’t they tell me?”

Because they never knew! Or wait- are you talking about your parents, Yuu??

Meanwhile, across the street, two school girls were walking towards the cafe our heroes were currently at.

“Mato?” The girl with green eyes asked as he companion stopped suddenly. “What’s wrong?”

“Yomi…” Mato, the blue eyed girl, just stared in horror as she pointed at the car that was half-way stuck inside a nearby wall. “Look…!”

Yomi screamed.

Black Rock Shooter shout out here.

Everyone, and I mean everyone in the general area, looked up at the scream, and then they all saw it: A floating car stuck inside a wall half way up a four story building.

Panic ensued, even as the poor driver (who had literally only just realized her predicament) tried to get herself out of her car; but it was clearly evident that the car was sliding out of the building, to fall to the ground a story below.

Taiki didn’t waste any time. He jumped over the waist high fence that their table was next to, and ran across the street towards where the car was about to fall.

The Driver had barely gotten her door to finally open when the car came loose.

Everyone screamed.



And then the car’s descent stopped as Taiki’s transformed hands managed to grab hold of the car before it could hit the ground. The car’s descent should have stopped then and there, and yet, somehow…

It kept pushing downwards, as if something was pulling it harder than Gravity could normally.

Taiki’s arms strained, and the ground beneath his feet cracked from the pressure, but he forced out a grin and said, very casually through the pain, “Second floor, Superhero costumes and wares!”

Taiki just doesn’t care- he immediately breaks out his super powers in the middle of his home town.

Thankfully, there was a window near where the car had stopped near, and the person in that office had opened the window to see just what the hell was going on out there. Of course, once he saw the suspended car, he immediately began ushering the poor driver inside. (Curious fact: these two would eventually get married, and have a son who would end up creating nanite micro technology that would give a random boy somewhere else several years down the line the exact same powers as Taiki had at this exact moment, not to mention the fact that this had already happened in an alternate dimension YEARS before this!)

This is another Generator Rex shout out. But irrelevant to the story at hand.

With the Driver out of the car, Taiki tried tossing it to the side…

Only to find with absolute horror that the car wouldn’t budge in any direction but¬†DOWN.

“Taiki.”¬†Hephaestus said trivially as the metal and data that made up their transformed arms began to crunch under the pressure.¬†“I do believe this is going to hurt.”

“Ya think?” Taiki shot back not a moment before the transformation finally broke and the car crashed down into the ground- and Taiki too- with more force than really should have been possible.

There was an explosion…

Everyone stared in horror…

But, when the smoke cleared, Taiki stood in the center of the wreckage with his right hand transformed into it’s drill form, looking no worse for ware other than the burn marks and soot all over his clothes and face.

“Yeah!” The driver began cheering as the man who had opened the window clapped in agreement. “Whoo! Awesome man! Just absolutely awesome!”

The Driver, by the way, is supposed to be a woman- but I didn’t specify it. So leave it up to your imaginations.

Soon enough, the gathered crowd began clapping as well, cheering, and whistling.

Taiki just brought his arm back to normal and tried to look humble at all the attention he was getting.

Back at the cafe, Yuu just stared with his jaw on the table while the rest of Xros Heart joined into the applause. “He really…did…what?”

“Well.”¬†Hephaestus thought to Taiki.¬†“Now we really do have a reason to go to your place.”

“And what’s that?”¬†Taiki thought back.

“We just survived an exploding¬†CAR.¬†I think our clothes could do with a bit of replacing, don’t you?”

Basically, yeah- Taiki just Giga Drill Break’d a car that was about to crush him. A change of clothes would do him wonders about now, would it not?

As if they didn’t get enough stares from Wizardmon’s presence before, now Taiki was getting all the attention from people passing by.

“If I ever find a way to use the time storms to our advantage.” Taiki muttered. “I am erasing that moment from history.”

“That’s an understatement, Taiki.” Shoutmon remarked. “If we ever find a way to use them to our advantage, I’m going to make sure there was a camera¬†there to record all of that!”

“Shouto.” Akari lightly hit him on the head. “I think that’s going a bit too far now.”

A bit of foreshadowing from Taiki here- for later on when he *Can* erase events from history- about him wanting people to forget this little incident.

Shoutmon, however, wants to record it for posterity.

“I gotta say, dude.” Marcus punched his fist into his left hand. “That was pretty hard core. I mean, you held a car in place and the¬†drilled¬†through it!”

“And the explosion?” Agumon threw in. “I thought you were a goner there for a moment!”

“Yeah, so did we.” Taiki said as he tested out his shoulders. “Ow. I think I might need to lie down for a few hours…Or a week…”

“Taiki.” Yuu began, finally having figured out how to react to what had just happened. “Forget any doubts I had. That was epic in all forms of the word!”

“Well, thanks.” Taiki said with a shrug, and grimaced at the action. “Ow. Again.”

“Where can I get a Xros Loader?” Yuu asked. “I want to come with you when you go back to the Digital World.”

“Well, that’s going to be a bit of a problem.”Hephaestus began.

“Why?” Yuu blinked.

“Because I haven’t even opened up¬†our¬†Xros Loaders to see what’s wrong with them yet.” Lopmon said. “You can call me either Lopmon or Kaiyumi, by the way.”

“Um…” Yuu blinked. “Okay?”

“Cutemon or Simon.” Cutemon threw in, apparently continuing a thing that was apparently happening.

“Dorulumon, please.” Dorulumon said. “But my given name is Dren.”

Names are given- since they’re trying to blend in.

Heh. “Sven” to “Dren.” I wasn’t even being subtle, was I?

“Tsurugi, Zenjirou!” Zenjirou introduced himself. “Taiki’s rival and best friend!”

“Tairru Yagami!” Tailmon said again. “Pleasure to meet ya!”

“Akari Hinomoto.” Akari said with a smile.

“Shoutmon.” Shoutmon said. “Just Shoutmon.”

“Wizardmon at your service.” Wizardmon said.

“Kotemon’ll work just fine.” Kotemon shrugged.


Everyone paused to look at DeadlyAxmon, who was nervously tapping her index fingers together.

“I’m Corone.”

“Well…” Yuu said with a smile. “It’s a pleasure to meet you all!”

And last but not least- Corone! The Crona expy from Soul Eater. She and Yuu immediately hit it off, even if they haven’t realized it yet.

Everyone stopped to stare at Taiki’s house.

“Yeah.” Shoutmon said flatly. “I can see why you never invited anyone over.”

It was a two story mansion, on a hillside overlooking the bay-harbor, located a few blocks away from the bridge that spanned said bay-harbor.

Zenjirou whistled. “I never knew being a writer paid this well.”

“Half of this is from my dad’s work too.” Taiki said as he fished through his pockets for his key.

I don’t know HOW Taiki thinks he has his house key after all that’s gone down. But hey, he’s managed to keep his Tape Recorder for all this time.

“What did he do again?” Zenjirou asked.

“He owns a chain of restaurants across the globe.” Taiki pulled out the dull bronze key that belonged to the front door, and frowned at it’s state. Horribly bent out of shape. “Mom’s going to kill me for killing another key.” he muttered under his breath.

“Restaurants?” Yuu pried. “Really?”

“Yes, really.” Taiki began searching the small rock garden next to the front door for something.

“So basically your mom’s a writer and your dad’s a chef?” Shoutmon asked.

“Pretty much.” Taiki replied as he pulled up a blue rock and twisted it open, revealing a spare key. “But he doesn’t do half as much cooking as it is making sure each and every restaurant functions according to schedule.” He closed the rock up with a snap and put it back in place before walking over the door. “He’s gone most of the time anymore anyways. You’d be surprised at how much can go wrong between visits.”

As it turns out, he DOESN’T. The one he had with him is BROKEN from ADVENTURING.

And apparently, this is a HABIT of his?

“Good old Daiko.”¬†Hephaestus mused as Taiki unlocked the door.¬†“Stuck with his dreams, I’ll give him that.”

With a deep breath, Taiki opened the door and called out inside. “Mom? I’m back!”

Silence was the only reply.

Taiki frowned. “Odd. I didn’t think she was going anywhere today.”

“Better for us then.” Zenjirou said as he rubbed his hands together. “Let’s get our Xros Loaders fixed and get back to the Digital World!”

Taiki’s dad Daiko, as previously mentioned, was originally Davis. Now he’s just a Davis expy.

This was meant to lampshade that fact.

As Xros Heart and company spread out into the spacious front room, Taiki went over the answering machine, which was blinking to indicate a new message.

“*BEEP**click*_Message One_*BEEP**click*” The machine intoned as he pressed the replay button.¬†“Hi, this is Katelin Zeron from the D’ni Restoration Foun-“¬†he hit the ‘skip’ button.¬†“_Message Two_¬†*BEEP**click*¬†Taiki?” Came his mother’s voice. “Sorry to leave you hanging like this, but I’m pretty sure you saw what happened in town today.” everyone looked over at the machine at this. “I’ve got to meet up with some old friends. Out of country, actually. I’ll be bringing your father back home too, if the stars are aligned right…” Taiki frowned. “Anyways, There’s a DVD you need to see, it’s in my office, in the safe. Code’s Four Twelve Six Thirteen, and I¬†will¬†be resetting it when I get home mister.” Taiki sighed. “Sorry. Got to run, my flight’s in. Leftovers in the fridge, and pizza money’s in the bread box if I’m not back by tomorrow. Love you!¬†*BEEP**click*_End Of Messages_”

“I guess this makes sense.” Wizardmon said with a shrug. “You did say your parents were heroes of the Digital World before…If she saw what happened in town with the storms, she might have recognized it as Digital World related.”

“Yeah…” Taiki frowned. “But what can they do that we can’t?”

Katelin Zeron is a play on the avatar name one of my buddies from URU went by, the “D’ni Restoration Foundation” message is meant to highlight that.

Taiki’s mother is also GONE. Thus giving Xros Heart a chance to settle in and begin investigating before heading out…


Thunder cracked and lightning rolled through the darkened clouds surrounding the eviler, more demonic looking palace, with a dark purple Code Crown hovering over it’s top.

A Command Carrier Whamon floated into the nearby dock, and allowed it’s passenger, a humanoid, purple scaled Dragon Digimon by the name of Dorbickmon, access to the waiting bay where, a much slimmer looking DarkKnightmon and a bulkier Duskmon stood in wait.

“Ah, Commander Dorbickmon.” DarkKnightmon began. “What gives me the honor of receiving one of the Seven Death Generals on this fine day?”

“Nothing good, I’m afraid.” The Dragon said with a smirk as he refused to disembark. “Just…Coming to offer my condolences before the upcoming war.”

“Condolences?” DarkKnightmon asked, raising an eyebrow on his now much more expressive mask. “What ever do you mean?”

“My scouts and I have encountered a disturbance within my domain recently.” Dorbickmon said. “I’ve come here personally to tell you of the fact that it is the result of a boy with a Xros Loader.”

“Kiriha Aouma?” DarkKnightmon mused. “He is nothing but a thorn. Blue Flare is not powerful enough to cause any long lasting wrinkles to our plan.”

“No, Dear Knight.” Dorbickmon said. “This boy¬†saved¬†the Blue Flare General from me, and gave us a nasty surprise too.”

“A surprise?” Duskmon inquired. “Of what kind?”

“A Digimon who transformed into another form via the Xros Loader,¬†without¬†Digi-Xrossing with another Digimon.” Dorbickmon answered.

This scene is foreshadowing (rather obviously) that Xros Heart has already returned somehow….But you see…

“Impossible.” DarkKnightmon said with a scowl. “The Xros Loaders do not have such an ability.”

“Ah, but you see…” Dorbickmon chuckled. “This was no ordinary Xros Loader…”

DarkKnightmon’s scowl deepend. “Explain.”

“It was¬†red.

And as DarkKnightmon’s eyes narrowed at this, the Camera pulled back as the song¬†“Infinity Mechanism”, from the Homestuck Soundtrack, began playing for you, the viewers.

We’re just seeing the future from sometime in the present.

With a massive jump cut, the camera pulled away from the Demon’s Nest, revealing it to be viewed from within a dark cloud among other dark clouds that were flickering with lightning and thunder.

The camera pulled back Again, revealing the clouds to being viewed on some sort of window with a set of closing curtains on it. And when that pulled back, you were viewing it through a fluffy white cloud that soon turned dark as it’s portal like ability disabled.

There was a massive storm brewing on the horizon as the camera zoomed backwards across the ocean’s surface, and then it turned to the side, rushing across as the water began turning to stone, and then…

The camera panned up past a broken, battered suspension bridge and then began rushing towards the nearest cliff-face…

The image flipped over, as if reflected, and turned golden as the camera then pulled away, revealing the dreamer’s eyes to you viewers exactly at the 38 second mark- Akari.

She watched without reaction as the stone water began to be littered with a battle field.

Numerous Digimon of all kinds were fighting each other, with either one of two symbols above their heads- A Purple Globe for Bagura, and a Red V for Xros Heart. Also scattered about the Battle field were obscured forms with different, golden symbols above their heads. There was a massive creature with a Z with a slash through it obliterating enemies. A flying digimon with the Greek letter Sigma; a land based form zigzagging through the opposing army with the Greek letter Lambda, and another digimon with a circle with a line through it- A Zero- that was using it’s staff weapon for massive damage. Each of these were revealed even further as the camera continued to pan backwards away from the cliff.

At the 52 second mark, the camera spun around to reveal the storm turning into some towering shadow figure with DarkKnightmon’s evil, yellow eyes glowing from within the storm. There was green lightning and dark energy coursing through out the shadowy storm that seemed to make the skies itself glow with green energy.

At the 1:08 mark, the Camera shot upwards, aiming at the flickering diamond of gold in the sky- The Code Crown. Something was happening to it, causing it to shoot out energy of green and red wavelengths, each fighting with the other for control.

The Camera pulled out again, revealing Earth orbiting on one side, and a planet broken up into seven pieces on the other side- The Digital World. Both spun around the Code Crown as the Astrological symbol for Cancer formed around them, with each planet taking up the center of each circle.

The Camera pulled away again, revealing the rotating cancer symbol to be floating with in an eye that was flickering with red and white energy, and when it pulled away again, the Eye was belonging to a Dragon, that was orbiting the seven pieces of the Digital World along with a Bird, a Snake, and a Whale.

At the 1:25 mark, the four animals transformed into energy and shot towards the center of the seven, releasing a wave of energy that drew the other pieces in, and reforming the Digital World into one.

At the 1:40 mark, the camera pulled back again, revealing the two whole planets still circling the Code Crown, with the Cancer symbol still around them. The camera pulled back again as the Greek letter Omega shot out of the Code Crown and descended towards earth.

At the 1:56 mark, the letter hit the ocean and the song took a warped sound to it as the other symbols joined Omega, centering themselves around the Greek letter Delta.

Bubbles rushed up and swirled around the symbols as they all transformed into a united symbol with a W shape, much like Starmon’s Shades, making up the background. The Symbol began shooting upwards out of the ocean, and finally burst free at the 2:11 mark.

The Symbol floated high and proud above a glowing, humanoid form made up of of white energy that flickered briefly every few seconds, revealing a new Digimon inside at each point, many of which could be recognized as DigiMemory Digimon.

The Camera Pulled back, revealing the shadowy form, which had condensed into a purple tower with a sphere on top, facing off against the holy Digimon on either side of the bay harbor. The sky flickered with the green light of the Air Space as the Code Crown descended behind the Holy Digimon.

At the 2:24 mark, the Camera pulled away, back to the Cancer symbol, which was now a dark reflection in a yellow lens, belonging to none other than Tactimon, whose armor had taken on a more…purified look to it, reminding one more of a Dukemon or a ChaosGallantmon than of his previous form.

And then the camera began pulling back at an even faster rate, retracting through clouds showing images of various lands and future battles, and even scenes Akari herself had seen that week before.

And at the 2:45 mark, the camera finally pulled out of the dream and retracted away from Akari’s open eyes, which, despite being such, were still fully immersed inside the dream that was taking place, as evidenced by the flickering light deep within the irises.

And as the camera faded to black, the title card appeared and printed the name of this episode to you in a fine text as the song wound to an end:

Tokyo Showdown! The Power of the Future Forms!

Okay!!! This scene….This scene indeed. SO MUCH FORESHADOWING. This is the FINAL CONFRONTATION in¬†symbolical¬†form!

I’ve borrowed the Original Flash’s cloud imagery for the opening motions, also mimicking the Canon anime’s “stone turning” wave of energy that Baguramon used to stone-ify the earth. From here we see an army battling it out, with some¬†suspicious¬†imagery of Digimon with floating symbols over their heads.

We then get some foreshadowing about “Green=DarkKnightmon” from the clouds having his eyes. Why? This is a bit of foreshadowing towards Digi-Quartz, which has an over-all green themed environment to it…

And then there’s the Code Crown- flickering with Green and Red energy. What’s going on here is DarkKnightmon’s Green Miles attack in Cascade Side A being reversed by Taiki- hence the colors fighting eachother.

We pull out and then get Vriska’s funny Eight Fold Eye symbol of a single Dot to the side next to seven others, in the shape of an asterisk (*); this is surrounded by the Cancer Symbol- 69- with the Circles as the planets and the trails being the direction the planets are coming from.

Dragon, Bird, Snake, Whale- these are symbols representing the Denizens, and ‘together’ they unite the Digital World. This is a symbol that was just mean to mean that the Digital World could *only* be made whole when all four Denizens were on the same side.

Then- Omega shoots out of the Code Crown and falls towards the earth– even at this stage I knew Shoutmon was going to die and be reborn again, just like in the canon anime. However, there’s a bit of something different here as those different symbols join the Omega shape, giving us this little beauty:

The Seven Fold Xros.

The Seven Fold Xros.

Quite an image, isn’t it? This is probably, outside of my Deviant Art, the first time that this symbol set is seen in conjunction with the story proper. Now- coming into this off of the canon anime, You’ll IMMEDIATELY catch OmegaShoutmon and ZekeGreymon’s symbols as a part of it. But what of the others? Yeah, there’s pretty much no way these aren’t the symbols of the other Xros Heart Members.

And Considering that they all Xros Together? You’ve got this story’s version of Xros Seven.

There’s a bit more foreshadowing for Digi-Quartz/Quartzmon and some hints that the final xros is going to be something grand…and then…

We dump to the present: a week after Xros Heart arrived on earth.


Akari yawned as she walked into the dining room, just adjacent to the kitchen where someone was cooking something that smelled delicious, which, as per usual for the last three days, was a fluster of busy activity.

“Oi!” Shoutmon waved her over. “Sleepy head!”

“Sorry, I over slept.” She apologized as she walked over to the table to join him and Taiki. “What’s up?”

“Lopmon’s just finishing up the last testing on the new Xros Loaders.” Taiki explained. “Once she’s done with that, we’ll be waiting on Zenjirou and Yuu to arrive.”

“We also managed to get back in contact with Marcus’ group while you were still asleep.” Shoutmon said. “Things are going from bad to worse faster than we thought.”

“You can say that again!” Marcus shot at them from across the room while Tairru finished up bandaging his arm. “OW!”

“Now stop fussing!” she scolded. “You don’t want to reopen that wound!”

As Shoutmon’s said- things are going from bad to worse. It’s not explicitly shown, or very well explained- left up mostly to the reader’s imaginations really- but Digimon have been randomly appearing through this whole skipped week. The Storms are causing so much havoc it’s absurd.

Most of Sword Zone’s natives have wound up in this part of the world- along with some Digimon who have been pulled from other places and times.

“What’s the status on the storms?” Akari asked.

“Getting more frequent.” Wizardmon said as he walked up, having finally cast the spell on himself and now looking like a blond haired British fellow with pale green eyes. “Digimon are appearing all over town now, having fallen through from Sword Zone.” he pressed his hand to his forehead and sighed. “But at this rate, we’re already running out of friendlies and starting to run into the weaker leveled Bagura digimon. It won’t be long before we get swarmed by stronger forces.”

“We can’t fight ’em right even with our Xros Loaders fixed.” Shoutmon huffed as he crossed his arms. “Ballistamon and the Starmonz are a critical key of any of our best Digi-Xrosses!”

“What about the time portal?” Akari asked.

“Lopmon says the Boss’s Digivice’ll work like it should!” Agumon said as he returned from the kitchen, carrying a plate full of pancakes, fried eggs, and bacon. “That’s how we got in contact with HQ again, at least, so we should be able to open up a portal back to the digital world at any time and place we want to!” he stuck a fork into the bacon and then stuck it into his mouth. As he chewed, he continued. “‘Though she says th’ coordimakes ‘re a bit ‘iffy.”

“Swallow then speak!” a hand hit Agumon over the head. “Don’t be improper!”

“Yeah!”¬†Hephaestus grinned.¬†“Teach him who’s boss.”

Taiki took over and sighed. “Can we not get into manners right now, mom?”

His mother, the one who did such manner teaching, smiled at him. “Oh come on now, There’s always a time and place for manners.” Miyako Kudo was older from when we had seen her last in flash back form some ten chapters ago, twenty years older to be exact. Her hair had settled into a blackish blue, and her green eyes were seated behind round lenses. But even so, you’d recognize her even at a glance. “Just ask your father!”

Said man, Daiko Kudo, was in the kitchen, cooking what was to be everyone’s breakfast. “Yeah, sure, whatever she says.” He said calmly without even turning around.

And now we meet Taiki’s parents face to face! Miyako’s similar to Miyako from ADV02, but still different. ¬†Daiko is a bit of a fusion of Davis and Dave, as previously mentioned.

A half an hour later, Zenjirou, Yuu, and Yuu’s mother had shown up, and now everyone was gathered around the dining room table, which had been cleared off to display the re-worked Digivices, although for the moment they were hidden underneath a large cloth.

Lopmon, accompanied on either side by Taiki and Tyson Sparrow (Who you should remember from chapter 22 along with the rest of these older folk!), coughed politely as she stepped up onto a chair so she could stand over the table. “As a recap, Since Marcus’ Digivice had it’s programming intact and we also had access to a working Xros Loader, we used them as a base to develop new versions of the Xros Loader. With Sparrow-san’s help, and Hephaestus’ powers, we were able to combine both devices into one coherent form, which we then reproduced and put inside the other Xros Loaders.” With that done, she reached over and pulled the cloth away. “I give you: the Xros Loader:¬†Flare¬†Edition.”

On the table were five, golden Xros Loaders, with Gold apparently being the default color for these new Digivices.

“Flare?” Marcus asked, raising an eyebrow.

“Your old Digivice was called the¬†Burst.”Tyson remarked. “Don’t sound so smug.”

Flare does have a certain ring to it over “Burst,” despite the later call phrase being “Time Burst.”

“And speaking of…” Marcus frowned. “Where IS my Digivice? I see Five Xros Loaders, not three and one Data Link.”

“It had it’s programming in a sealed conduit.” Lopmon explained. “That saved that part from the melt down the others experienced.” She held up a hand full of melted circuit boards. “And I literally mean ‘melt down’, this was what was inside¬†all¬†of our fancy toys. They overheated due to some obscure form of radiation coming from the void.”

“Now, we could only save the external shells and a bit of internal stuff from our Xros Loaders.”¬†Hephaestus said.“I had to create new parts for every Loader, even making them in special sizes to fit within Marcus’ Digivice.”

“Sooo…” Agumon asked. “Where is it?”

“That’s the impressive part.” Tyson said. “ALL of the Digivices quite literally changed into new, identical forms once we turned them on.”

“Really?” Marcus blinked, then picked up one of the new Xros Loaders. “Well, that doesn’t surprise me, considering that it’s done it before, but still.” he frowned. “I liked how it looked before!”

“Oh, by the way.” Lopmon said. “That one was yours to begin with.”

“Thanks.” Marcus turned the device over. “So my Digivice turned into a Xros Loader? How the heck do I use it then?”

“They work off of voice matching software, but first you need to set it up for your voice.” Taiki said as he picked up one from the middle. “Ahhem.” He cleared his throat, then pressed the center button and spoke clearly into the device.¬†“Kudo, Taiki.”

Immediately, the golden color reverted back into it’s familiar orange color scheme.

“Voice Identity Locked.”¬†The Digivice said in a replica of Hephaestus’ voice.¬†“Have a nice day!”

“Hah!”¬†The denizen laughed.¬†“I don’t think I’m going to get tired of that.”

Akari rolled her eyes. “Very funny.”

Yes, he’s a bit immature with how the new Xros Loaders work. You’ll note a bit of body horror with the fact that the Xros Loaders were previously mentioned to be *ALIVE.* I’m not sure what to make of it at this point, and it kind of creeps me out when I think about it.

Marcus repeated the process of pressing the center button and speaking into it.¬†“Marcus Damon.”The Digivice shifted from gold with blue highlights to a translucent crimson red with Black highlights and said it’s confirmation message again. “Nice!” he grinned.

“Continuing…” Lopmon coughed again, getting everyone’s attention back on her. “There are a few new features to the Xros Loader thanks in part to Marcus’ Digivice. Namely, a curious program called¬†‘Burst Evo exe’¬†that we’ve been unable to run, but have opened up to look inside.”

“Oh, I think I know where this is going!” Agumon grinned.

“It’s mostly just a random mash of Binary.” Lopmon said. “But there were a few key lines of text describing how it uses emotions to power a ‘future form’ that was more powerful than the current one. It listed four types, a “Champion Future,” “Perfect Future,” “Ultimate Future,” and the oddly named “Time Burst” Form. I have NO clue what these things do, but the Xros Loaders programming update locked out the first two, leaving us with the last two forms only.”

“Damn.” Agumon frowned. “No RizeGreymon then.”

“ShineGreymon can take hits better anyways.” Marcus grinned. “Besides, we still have Burst mode!”

“Ooooh.” Agumon whistled. “Shiny!”

Shiny- despite Agumon being brought down to “Normal” levels along side Xros Heart.

“Wait.” Zenjirou started. “You said Marcus’s turned into one. Including ours, that makes four. So where’d the fifth one come from?”

“Ah, that…actually…” Taiki began nervously. “Was me trying to see if I could turn my old MP3 player into a Xros Loader once we’d finalized the design…”

“Long story short: it worked.”¬†Hephaestus summarized.¬†“Just a bit too well…”

“Eh?” Shoutmon blinked. “What do you mean.”

Lopmon held up a Light brown Xros Loader with Purple highlights. “He means he made two Xros Loaders out of one MP3 player. This was the one I accidentally activated.”

“So that’s six Xros Loaders then?” Yuu asked as he picked one up. “Not including Sparrow-san’s Xros Loader?”

“That’s about the gist of it.” The girl nodded.

“I think once we find Nene and Kiriha.” Taiki began. “I Can update their Xros Loaders in a similar way, and maybe purify DarkKnightmon’s Darkness Loader if we ever get the chance.” He narrowed his eyes. “The tricky part is getting back to the Digital World. It’s already been a week, and the Bagura empire’s probably taken the Code Crown and used it to their own ends. If we can go back to just after we left, then we should be able to make sure that everyone gets out alright without too much fuss.” and after a brief pause, he added “And I do mean everyone.”

It’s been longer than a week for them.

Finally, Yuu’s mother spoke up. “If you can bring Nene and Kotone home after all these years, then …Then I think that’s all we can hope for.”

“Bring my daughter back safe too.” Tyson said. “Sally’s been missing from our lives for far too long now.”

The goggle wearing boy nodded. “I…” And, like many times over the past few days, for a single second, the color of the world seemed to invert itself as the dull hum of static filled everyone’s ears.

Taiki narrowed his eyes. “We’ll do our best.” He then turned to Wizardmon. “Where was the portal just now?”

And so Tactimon arrives~!


Zoom in, towards a disk with Lopmon on one side, Akari on the other. Both were standing in a pose, holding their two Xros Loaders together at the top. Zoom out, the disk turns over, and a green filled in outline of what looks like Turuiemon Xros Two standing with a golden triangle behind her.


Eye Catch again. This is foreshadowing the events to come ūüėČ

Xros Heart hit the streets, heading towards where a Digimon was thought to have emerged. Each of the Xros Loader holders had a handful of Digi-Memories with them, all twenty evenly distributed between them all- Including a new one that had somehow found it’s way to Earth (An Omegamon Digimemory) that had been found during the previous week.

The Sky was dark despite it being mid morning- A storm was coming.

“Is it working right?” Lopmon asked Marcus.

“Yeah, the portal program seems to be fine…But then again.” he sighed. “The darn thing never worked right to begin with on some days, so who am I to judge?”

“We’ll just have to hope it’ll put us right where we need to be then.” Shoutmon muttered.

Zenjirou tossed his new Xros Loader into the air, Dark Green with tan highlights, and caught it again. “Well!” he said with a grin. “I’m ready to get back to the Digital World once we get this digimon under control!”

Of note- all of the Xros Loaders now have updated Color schemes. I never figured it all out- just that their secondary colors changed from the light blue to something else– Except for Taiki’s. His remained Orange and Blue like it originally was.

Why? Doesn’t matter.

It’s just some ominous foreshadowing, maybe? Maybe not?

As they walked past a flower shop, Cutemon stopped as something caught his attention. “What the?”

“What’s up?” Dorulumon asked, looking back as his student walked over towards a half red, half white sphere, no larger than a baseball, that was lodged into the gap between a city dumpster and the building behind it.

“This wasn’t here yesterday.” Cutemon said as he reached out for the orb. “And it’s energy’s all off too…”

“Wait!” Revolomon’s eyes went wide as he recognized the sphere from a certain Monster themed Anime he’d seen the day before. “Don’t touch it!”

Too late, Cutemon touched the sphere, and it split open with an explosion: Sending both Cutemon and the dumpster flying (in different directions) as the monster reloaded from the sphere, as if it acted like a Xros Loader.

That’s right- It’s a POKEBALL.

I went there.

Or rather- Tactimon went there, anyways.

Dorulumon caught his student with ease, and growled as something laughed from the smoke.

Marcus and Agumon tensed up as they spotted the familiar form slithering out of the shadows.

“Not this guy again!” Agumon growled as he shifted back into his Digimon form.¬†“PEPPER BREATH!”he let loose a fire ball that flung into the smoke, and- when it exploded- scattered the smoke instead of creating more.

“GRYARHHH!”Blossomon, a flower plant type Digimon, roared in dismay at it’s entrance being ruined.

“What the hell!” Shoutmon summoned his Microphone stand.

Suddenly, there was another explosion, further down the street- Another Monster Ball had opened, as if on a chain reaction.

Stepping out of the Shadows was a rather feathery looking creature: A Harpymon.

More explosions could be heard across town, and more Digimon were appearing from these strange orbs.

“Go!” Marcus ordered. “We need to take care of all of these Digimon before they can cause any more damage!”

“Right!” Akari nodded. “Let’s go!”

Marcus cracked his knuckles and smirked at Blossomon as Xros Heart ran off to fight the other digimon. “Well well well, look who the cat dragged in. If it isn’t our old pal, Blossomon.”

Blossomon, who had yet to say or do anything up until this point, just laughed again. “You’re someone I don’t recognize.” it hissed. “So I get to destroy you completely!”

“Fat Chance.”

Blossomon blinked as both human and Digimon vanished into thin air, as if they had stepped out of sight at the speed of light.

“Where did you-?”


If you’ll recall- Marcus and Agumon fought a Blossomon in their original adventure.

Consider this the New Game Plus rematch.

Suddenly, two fists, belonging to two arms belonging to two bodies, appeared out of thin air and smashed into it’s central face.

A heart beat passed as time seemed to freeze…

*Data Swirl*

And then a flurry of orange data EXPLODED out of the contact zone between Marcus’s fist and Blossomon’s face.

Marcus and Agumon back flipped away.

*cue Koubou*

“D.N.A.!”¬†Marcus spun around mid air, and then slammed his glowing fist onto the top of his evolved Digivice.¬†“CHARGE!”Still spinning, he threw out his hand with the Xros Loader out towards Agumon.¬†“OVERDRIVE!

Blinding white energy shot out of the Digivice towards Agumon, who absorbed said energy and roared out Four magic words:¬†“AGUMON FLASH DIGIVOLVE TOOOO!”

“Hell Yeah!” Marcus grinned as his partner grew in height to match Blossomon- Wings shot out of the dragon’s back, and horns sprouted from his head.


When the Light faded, Marcus stood atop ShineGreymon’s shoulder.

Blossomon’s eyes widened in surprise. “Uhoh.”

ShineGreymon cracked his knuckles. “You can say that again.”

BTW, Marcus no-longer NEEDS to do the DNA charge thing for his Xros Loader to work- he’s just going off of hold habits.

The resounding punch could be heard for miles around as Zenjirou and Kotemon (now back in his Digimon form) chased after a Zanbamon who was charging through the streets, cutting through anything he could with his swords.

“Alright, Kotemon!” Zenjirou held up his Xros Loader and spun the dial. “Let’s see if we can make this guy stop and think for a few seconds!” With that, a symbol looking like a pair of Crossed Swords appeared on the Xros Loader’s screen.¬†“HERE WE GO, NOW!”


The Kendo sword turned into an olden styled sword, Kendo armor was replaced with that of a Samuai’s…


Poor Zanbamon had to turn around at the words “Flash Evolve.”

“Hi!” Musyamon smirked, his voice now back to the way it was back in Shinobi Zone. “Remember me?”

Zanbamon’s horse head shook “No” as he replied. “Who the hell are you?”

“The guy who’s gonna kick!” Musyamon jumped up and forward, sword raised. “Your!” He swung down. “ASS!”

Zanbamon raised his swords to block…but at this close range…


The following energy attack hit with it’s full force.

And hey! Look who’s back! It’s MUSYAMON!!

What once was taken has now been returned.


Harpymon’s wings clashed against Taiki’s sword as they dueled it out mid air.

“You again!” The Bird hissed. “I haven’t seen you in years!”

“Somehow I’m not surprised!” Taiki said as he dodged Harpymon’s next wing slash. “Would it be twenty years, to be exact?”

“DIEEEEEE!” the bird screamed.

“I’ll take that as a yes then!”Hephaestus remarked.

Ah- another Time Traveler. I wonder what happened to this Harpymon?

No really. I don’t know exactly what happened to them yet. 0_0; (haven’t written that episode yet.)


Dorulumon didn’t even need to transform back into his Digimon form to kick ass and take names. He just put out his hand and¬†threw¬†tornadoes at his target- As a Digimon pair by the name of Ogermon and Fugamon just found out.


Cutemon got in on the action as well, throwing punches like no-one’s business. Even as a human- No, doubly since he was still in his human form- he was very much a cute bruiser.

Student and Teacher are fighting epicly.

“These are all my dad’s Digimon!” Akari said as she, Shoutmon, Lopmon, Revolomon, Yuu, and Corone chased after a MetalTyranomon.

“You think Tactimon’s behind this?” Shoutmon asked.

“Who else would my dad’s signature Digimon run instead of fight?” She narrowed her eyes.

“Then this guy’s leading us right to Tactimon!” Shoutmon brought up the red, now with green trim, Xros Loader. “You should Digi-Xros then!”

Akari nodded. “Go for it!”

why else. Not who.


Zanbamon was running for his life. “Stop it!” he cried out in terror, having already lost his swords to the former Bagura employee’s melee attack.

“Hahah!” Musyamon swung his sword, sending wave after wave of energy after the horse-man. “Not on your life!” he grinned. “This is the most fun I’ve had in my entire life!”

And then Taiki did something strange- He turned his sword arm into something that looked like half of the Dorulumon cannon.

In fact- it was!


Harpymon’s eyes widened in surprise.

ShineGreymon held up his hands and summoned a sphere of fire.¬†“GLORIOUS BURST!”

Blossomon squealed in terror as ShineGreymon threw it.

Things go well.

Silence filled the street as Shoutmon, Turuiemon Xros Two, and the others rounded the corner.

Standing next to MetalTyranomon was, indeed, Tactimon. “Xros Heart.” He said trivially. “I do believe it’s time to begin our duel proper.”

“Tactimon.” Shoutmon growled. “We’re in no mood to fight!”

“Oh but you are!” Tactimon leveled his…Drawn sword at them. Damn that thing is freaky looking. How the hell did that even FIT in the case? ! “You see, I was hoping to force you into this back in Sword Zone, after I’d finished explaining…” He nodded over at Yuu and Corone. “But it seems like you’ve already gotten a head start on it.” he hummed for a moment. “How you managed to pull this off in a day, I have no clue.”

“We’ve been here for a week.” Akari said flatly.

“A week?” Tactimon relaxed a bit in surprise. “Well…I suppose that explains it then.” he straightened up again. “Well then! Bring out your strongest Digi-Xros!”

“Can’t.” Revolomon said.

“What?” Tactimon blinked beneath his helmet.

“Ballistamon and the Starmons aren’t here.” The cowboy shrugged.

“What.” Tactimon said flatly.

Tactimon’s miscalculated. Not surprising.

“Can’t Digi-Xros with out ’em, I’m afraid.” Akari shrugged within Xros Two. “This is all you’re going to get.”

Tactimon seemed to struggle with that for a moment. “Well…” He paused. “This isn’t going to plan at all.” he admitted.

“Ya think?” Shoutmon asked.

“Hmmm…” Tactimon paused to think on this for a few moments. “Well…”

“Plan B?” MetalTyranomon growled.

“Yes. Plan B.” Tactimon replied with a nod. “Excellent idea.”

And before anyone could react, MetalTyranomon’s clawed hand shot out at lightning speed, grabbing Yuu, Corone, and Revolomon in one fluid motion before¬†pulling¬†them back towards him.

“WAHHH!” Corone gasped in surprise. “Being squished! I don’t know how to deal with being squished!”

Tactimon did a double take at this. “what did she just say?”

Tactimon’s past self doesn’t know Corone that well- but what he does know about her is that she’s NOTHING like Present her is!

“Oi! Give her a break, You…Whoever you are!” Yuu narrowed his eyes. “She’s been through a lot, you know!”

“Yuu Amano.” Tactimon blinked in surprise. “I almost didn’t recognize you without your goggles!”

“What?” The boy blinked, not a moment before MetalTyranomon began squeezing tighter. “GAH!”

“Hmm…” Tactimon looked over at Xros Two and Shoutmon, noticing the arrangement of how they were standing. “You!” He pointed his sword at Shoutmon. “Drop the Xros Loader!” he pointed at Xros Two. “De-Xros immediately!”

“Why should we?” Shoutmon growled.

“Do it, or I’ll have Tyranomon squash them like the bugs on a windshield!” Tactimon threatened.

Revolomon groaned. “Really? A Bugs on a windshield joke? That was Lame!”

“I’ll have him do it!” Tactimon continued. “I’ll create a Paradox if I have to! Put the Xros Loader down and De-Xros or I’ll have them squashed like…uh…Roaches!”

Tactimon is *Stretching* the bug thing a little thin here. Heh.

I think he’s intentionally doing this over and over for some reason. Though I can’t imagine why.

Shoutmon narrowed his eyes. “Dude. Really?”

Could he really do it? Too much was at stake here… Did he really do what Tactimon said in order to get Yuu to survive to make that video?


The explosion further down town, made his eyes snap back open.

Looking towards the distance, Shoutmon could even see A Zanbamon being chased by…Was that Musyamon?

“There are references to ‘future forms’.”¬†Lopmon’s words from that morning echoed back.¬†“Future forms?”he mouthed to himself.

And while this realization took place in the course of a few seconds, something had already¬†snapped¬†within Corone’s thinkpan.

Once was enough:

“Bugs?” She asked, rather calmly for someone who was panicking just a few moments before. “Did he just call us‘Insects’?”

“Yeah.” Yuu said. “He did.”

“Did he just call me. And Us.” She continued.¬†“Roaches?”

“Ummm…” Revolomon blinked. “Yeah?”

“I am NOT an insect!” the girl growled. “I am not a roach! And I Am Most Certainly NOT a bug!”

Tactimon looked up, eyes widening in surprise. “Oh…Crap. Did I really forget that about her?”

Tactimon…Are you actually saying that those bug puns were NOT intentionally done????????

….What the hell man?

“Insect insect insect.” The girl continued to growl. “That jerk turned me into a stupid, squirming, Fracking¬†BUG!

Yuu blinked, taken back by this. “Corone?”

“I REFUSE.” She yelled to the man with the sword. “To be even¬†compared¬†to a bug¬†ever AGAIN!

“YEAH!” Revolomon got in on the act. “We’re not insects! We’re not bugs! We’re people! We’re Digimon! We’re Generals! We’re REAL!”

Yuu, catching onto it, began to smile. “Oh yeah! Another thing too! I can’t be squashed like a bug today!” He narrowed his eyes at Tactimon. “I’ve got two sisters to save!”

“You!” Corone yelled as she began to glow. “YOU Are the insect, bug eyes!” she spat at Tactimon. “IT.¬†IS.¬†YOU!”

Homestuck phrasing there. “You are the X. It is you.”

“CONGRATULATIONS!”¬†Revolomon added as he and Yuu caught the glow too. “You just pissed off the one digimon in all of the universe who even¬†DarkKnightmon¬†was scared of on some level!” He had no idea if this was true or not, but- hey!- it sounded good.

MetalTyranomon suddenly didn’t feel so safe holding these three, glowing, squirming prisoners in his hand. “Ummm… Tactimon?”

“We.” The trio yelled. “Are Not!” They glowed so brightly that MetalTyranomon had to let go from the¬†heat¬†that they were putting off.¬†“INSECTS!”

There was a blinding flash of light, and then…

Honestly- I think they just started rolling with it. But still, Tac-chan, WHY?

From the spot where ShineGreymon sat on Blossomon, everyone could see the sudden explosion of emerald green light that shot up into the sky.

“What in the world?” Marcus blinked.

Taiki and Harpymon had to swerve aside as the pillar of light nearly hit them.

“What the-!” Taiki yelled, very annoyed at the interruption.

Zenjirou stared up at the sky as the pillar of green light hit the clouds, scattering them and bringing the blue sky on the other side to everyone’s view.

“What the hell?” Musyamon asked as he, too, sat on his opponent.

Pillar of light into the sky.


*Cue We Are Xros Heart*

Xros Two was the source of the pillar of green light, standing inside it and fueling up on the energy of those around her.

“Know what?” Shoutmon asked as he opened the Xros Loader. “I think you’ve forgotten just who the hell we are.” He held the red and green device up, revealing that the screen had the Greek letter Delta glowing brightly on it. “How about we engrave it on your heart again, Tactimon?”

“Wait.” Tactimon blinked. “What?”

Shoutmon threw the Xros Loader high into the air and roared:¬†“TURUIEMON:¬†TIME BURST!”

The energy pillar collapsed onto Turuiemon Xros Two, and the Digi Xros Digi ‘volved.


The thicker ninja clothes changed into lighter and less heavy clothing, and the swords transformed into emerald axes. The ears smoothed out, becoming more simplified, and the eyes turned into a glimmering emerald color.

“DELTANTYLAMON!”the new digimon struck a pose in front of a glowing emerald Delta letter.

Delta Antylamon. DeltAntylamon.

Also- remember how I said “We are XROS HEART” was Akari’s theme?

This hasn’t stopped being a thing that’s true- Infact, this is pretty much where it became a thing for me.

Tachiagare, tomo yo

The Evolved Digi-Xros rushed out of the explosion of light, smashing into MetalTyranomon, sending the Dinosaur flying withone punch.

tomaranai, BURNING SOUL!

With a reflection of emerald light, DeltAntylamon landed next to Shoutmon again, letting the three hostages back down to the ground.

“I-Imposible!” Tactimon gasped. “That isn’t how the time line goes!”

Tactimon expected SHOUTMON to evolve first- not Akari and Lopmon.

dokomademo yuku sa

“Just call us the Paradox squad then.” Akari smirked from inside the evolved Digi-Xros.

And then…

She flung forward at the speed of light, leaving a trail of green light behind in her wake.

Tactimon went flying into the sky as DeltAntylamon landed a solid kick.

Kimi wa, Hitori, ja nai

“Well.” Corone said as she brushed her dress off. “I’d say he wasn’t expecting that.

nakama no kizuna ga kirifuda sa

From where Marcus was standing, all he could see was a trail of green light shooting out over the harbor. “Well. Looks like RizeGreymon all over again, right pal?”

“yup.” ShineGreymon nodded.

inochi wo muyashite

Taiki and Harpymon just stared at the blur of green light.

“Damn.” The bird swore. “I’m never going to be faster than that.”


Axes and Sword met in mid air as the duo battled it out over the harbor.

“Impressive!” Tactimon said as he flew backwards while struggling to get a grip on himself. “I wasn’t expecting this!”

ima, hitotsu ni GREAT XROS tokeau

“Then you won’t be expecting¬†THIS!”¬†Lopmon roared as she threw the axes at him.¬†“TREASURE AX!”

This is a jab at the English Dub of Antylamon’s attack “Bunny Blades.”

I literally made the attack a bunch of little bunnies. Reason is- if this season were dubbed into English and the attack name was translated over? Heh. The attack name suddenly becomes fitting!

The axes suddenly glowed¬†pink¬†and split into six identical pieces that then transformed into… Little angelic versions of Lopmon that giggled as they spun towards Tactimon.

ore ni kure minna no hiketa SHOUT wo!

“Oh Crap.” If Tactimon’s mask had been missing, his face would have said it all as the bunny blades hit him with massive explosions.

Ima umareru GREAT HEART asu no kiba!

The former general went flying, unable to control his flight.

tobitate tatakae WE ARE XROS HEART!

And they are totes adorable too.

Eventually, though, he did come to a stop a few feet over the water. He looked up and narrowed his eyes at the evolved Digi-Xros. “How?” he asked.

tobichitta mirai senran no BATTLE FIELD

“You didn’t pay attention Tactimon.” Akari said. “We don’t care if it’s for the sake of the timeline or not.” she narrowed her eyes. “We’ve got a world to save.”

kono mune ni todoku tomo no nageki namida.

“Well, then…” Tactimon soared high into the sky, raising his sword for a solid strike at DeltAntylamon.¬†“SAN-NO-TACHI!”

The swing sent a wave of dark energy right at the emerald Digimon, but…

hohoemi ubatta zetsubou wo!

She simply dodged as if it were nothing. The poor bridge behind her, however, was sliced in half- Thankfully nobody was on it or else that could have been messy!

“Ehhhh!” Zenjirou stared in horror. “What the hell was that! ? !”

tamashii tsunagete Ku-Da-Ke!

DeltAntylamon brought her hands down in front of her waist and spread her legs out as spheres of energy formed on her hands and feet.¬†“DELTA…!”

Ima chikaou

An emerald triangle formed between the three points.¬†“WAVE…!”


“SPIN!”she flung her hands up to her sides and high into the air while snapping her legs together- Causing the triangle to suddenly spin as it lurched forward towards it’s target.

This is a rift off of Rapidmon’s TRI BEAM, with an added SPIN to it.


asu wo kono hata ni atsumatta

Tactimon’s eyes widened as the wave of energy lanced down at an improbable speed.

minna no kazu dake

Another explosion, and Tactimon was sent flying upward, being pushed back by the still spinning Delta Wave.

ima kagayaku GREAT HEART yume no shisha!

DeltAntylamon wasn’t giving him a break, however, and immediately launched another¬†“BUNNY BLADES!”attack at him, firing even more energy into the ongoing attack, creating another massive explosion.

butsukare takamare! WE ARE XROS HEART!

Tactimon finally got a grip on himself somewhere up in the sky. “Fine!” He roared. “You’ve brought this upon yourselves!” He spun his sword…¬†“SAN NO…No!…¬†SHI-NO-TACHI!”¬†holding it up into the air, the blade extended high up into the sky, creating the illusion of a purple blade piercing the sky from above, when, in fact, it came from below.

“If that hits…!” Taiki’s eyes widened. “The town will be…!”

“Not Happening!” Lopmon cried out.¬†“TREASURE AX!”¬†The still energized bunny angels flew up and smashed into the blade as Tactimon began to bring it down.

It barely held for the moment, And Akari followed the bunnies up with another¬†“DELTA WAVE SPIN!”

Tactimon’s literally pushing them as far as they’ll go. He needs them to be as strong as possible.

nakama no kizuna ga kirifuda sa

The two combined attacks managed to hold the descending blade from descending for the few moments it took DeltAntylamon to prepare their next attack.

inochi wo moyashite RO-A-R!

The town fell silent as Akari roared two words:¬†“RECORD SCRATCH!”

The Song would stop here for a moment.
And then…

Ima hitotsu ni GREAT XROS tokeau

DeltAntylamon began spinning, and then began soaring up into the sky, beginning to circle Tactimon as fast as possible, yet still managing to take her time with it.

ore ni kure minna no hiketa SHOUT wo!

Completing the circle, DeltAntylamon suddenly shot down at an angle, zigging back quickly, and then zagging forward again, managing to cut through Tactimon THREE times in time with the song.

Ima umareru

“I Hold…!” Tactimon cried out as an implosion of purifying energy collapsed upon him. “NO REGRETS!”

GREAT HEART Asu no kiba!

DeltAntylamon stopped spinning as Tactimon’s body began shrinking down to a younger, purer form, in which the energies she had just unleashed quite literally scratched his physical record back to an earlier time.

tobitate tatakae WE ARE XROS HEART!

Tactimon’s younger body splashed into the water, followed by his sword a moment later.

Ah! Butsukare

Shoutmon gave a thumbs up.


DeltAntylamon returned it.


And as the song wound down, DeltAntylamon glowed a soft yellow, and then split back into Akari and Lopmon (both in their Digimon forms). They were very surprised by this turn about, clearly shown by their eyes going wide, as, not a moment later, they fell down into the harbor as gravity took hold.

Shoutmon gasped. “Akari!”

Heh. The usual thumbs up fails again, but this time nothing bad happens.

Half an hour later, everyone was fully gathered outside of Taiki’s house, prepared to move out to the Digital World properly before something drastic happened to keep them from leaving.

To fully say “We’re ready to go!” everyone had changed clothes in some form or another. Taiki had replaced his previous shirt and vest combo with a simple Red and Blue T-shirt with a sound wave theme to it. Akari had ditched her red jacket entirely, and had switched from the old pink Heart T shirt to a sleeveless shirt with a gear on the chest. Shoutmon on the other hand had grabbed a jacket with a broken record over the back, and had somehow acquired a yellow scarf nearly identical to the one that had mysteriously appeared back in Shinobi Zone.

Dorulumon had found a fisherman’s hat and now sported it proudly, Cutemon now had on a pair of sunglasses to add onto his previous look, Lopmon had found a jacket, and Zenjirou now wore a light green button down shirt with a tie added on for good measure. Corone, who was returning to the Digital World with them, had switched to a shirt and skirt combination instead of the one piece dress she had on before. Zenjirou must have stolen his clothes from Yuu’s closet, however, because the boy was dressed in a similar manner, except with a yellow shirt and no tie.

Revolomon was dressed in more normal clothes, but still retained the cowboy hat. Wizardmon was wearing a teal leather jacket with the British Flag as a background pattern. Tailmon Had added shoulder length gloves to her previous look, along with having gotten a quick hair cut earlier in the week. Finally, Rounding off the group were Marcus and Agumon- Both having changed into matching blue and white uniforms with the logo for a “DATS” Group embroidered on the back. Nobody knew where they had gotten them from, however, and just assumed they had used the Xros Loader’s ‘redress’ function.

“Ready to go, everyone?” Taiki asked.

“Ready.” they all replied with nods and cheers.

“Alright then.” He grinned as he held up his Xros Loader, its screen reading a series of numbers and letters. “Let’s go!”

Five more Xros Loaders went into the air, and, as one, they yelled out a phrase that would be very ironic in the year to come:


And so They leave, with updated clothing designs!


>LOAD: ARC 2: The Seven Swords


“DIGIMON INTRODUCTION CORNER!”¬†The Three Red Monitamon cried out in unison as the curtains opened on their new stage segement.

“DeltAntlyamon!” Aradia pointed to a poster board with a picture of said digimon on it. “A Holy digimon born from the bonds between a Shoutmon and a Lopmon that evolved as one!”

“Her finishing move is the Record Scratch!” Sollux explained as he switched the poster board to the next one, a freeze frame from the previous battle. “It is a purifying attack that, when used, resets the target’s physical age and emotions to a time where they were not such a bad person, all while retaining their older memories!”

“Her name is spelled formally as DELTA, En, Te, El, Why, Ay, Em, Oh, En in English, and is pronounced as “Delt-An-ty-ra-mon” in every day speak.” Eridan explained as he held up a note card showing the proper English spelling of the name. “The name is also a punny fusion of “Delta” and “Antylamon” at the…”

“Oi!” Aradia narrowed her eyes at the other Monitamon. “Don’t Explain the Joke!”

“Ack!” Eridan dropped his note-card. “Sorry!”

Introduction Corner is introduced here with many of the running gags that are to be repeated in it later on.


“This is the Digital World? !”

“The name’s Dracomon! And you’d better watch out for Dorbickmon’s forces!”

“It’s Blue Flare!”


“OI! I’m not about to let these suckers win by a long shot!”

“Next time: Digimon Xros Wars: The Seven Swords!”

“Dragon Land! The Death Generals’ march?”

“I Can’t turn my back on you!”

“Let’s go, Shine Greymon!”

And so- the beginning of the Second Act occurs.

Let’s see how it goes, shall we?


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