Xros Wars AU 02 — CH29

A curious note: You’ll notice that the FF.Net description doesn’t use the full chapter title. Instead it says “Chapter 29.” Why? This will be covered later. But do keep it in mind!

So! With that out of the way: we begin CHAPTER 29 on a familiar stage.

Now we know: It’s called…


“A day has passed since we arrived in Sword Zone.” Taiki said into his tape-recorder. “And now I find myself standing somewhere familiar.” he smiled slightly. “That dream I had on that day, when Zenjirou and I were pulled into the Digital World… It looks like it’s finally happening.”

The Sun finally rose over the cliff face that Taiki was standing on, illuminating the frozen lake before him on which the Bagura Army approached.

A Flag with the Xros Heart emblem wavered in the air above him, held firmly in place without support by Hephaestus’ powers.

“So Taiki…” Shoutmon said as he walked up. “Are you ready for this?”

“Yeah.” The boy nodded as he pocketed the recording device.

“Looks like quite an army.” Dorulumon noted as he marched up behind Shoutmon, with Ballistamon at his side. “Think we can take them all?”

“As long as Kiriha provides the distraction we need.” Taiki replied, not taking his eyes off the approaching army. “Is Akari ready?”

“She and Lopmon are in place.” Shoutmon said.

“Good.” Taiki nodded. A few minutes passed in silence, then Shoutmon whistled lowly.

“Quite a sight, isn’t it?”

“Yup.” Dorulumon agreed. “One of the largest armies I’ve seen out of Tactimon’s subordinates.”

“It’s different than what we saw before.” Shoutmon continued. “The dream we all had?”

“What was with that anyways?” Taiki asked. “I never did find out.”

“I’d heard that people who were destined to be together at critical points of time would have a shared dream.” Dorulumon said. “I’ve had a few dreams like that when I was just a kid, defining moments of my life, really.”

“True as that may be…” Shoutmon smirked slightly. “I’m afraid Akari’s got to take credit for this one.”

“Really?” Taiki asked.

“Yup.” Shoutmon nodded. “She’s always had this… Seer-ey thing. When we were growing up, it was just random snip-its of strange symbols, but the older she got, the more clear they became.” he chuckled slightly. “Even then, they were always still symbolic for the most part.”

“So how did we see them then?” Taiki asked.

“Hell if I know.” Shoutmon said as he put his arms behind his head. “Usually if you’re in the dream, and asleep at the time, you share it.” he paused for a moment. “Kiriha never mentioned having a dream about this, and Gureimon and MailBirdramon don’t remember either. So that explains why they weren’t in it properly.”

“I never had one either.” Nene said as she walked up behind them. “So I’m afraid this is all new to me.”

“You weren’t in it either.” Taiki commented. “So that makes sense.”

“I suppose.” She said, looking out over the approaching army. “How cold…”

“To freeze a lake solid?” Shoutmon nodded. “I wonder…” he glanced around, before spotting a speck of white in the air. “Yup. There’s an IceDevimon.”

Quick call back to Lake Zone there.

“Hopefully one of the laws of conservation will come into play here.” Nene said. “The more enemies there are, the easier they’ll be to defeat.”

“Sounds good.” Dorulumon chuckled. “Got any more Ninja laws to share?”

And this is a TV trope I missed. Gonna hafta add this in…

*cue Toushi*

“Sorry, I can’t think of any right now.” she shook her head.

“Well.” Hephaestus began. “I think it’s about time we began.”

Taiki nodded. “Right.” he brought up his wrister and began talking into it. “Good morning, everyone.” Behind them, all of Xros Heart looked up to the cliff top. “This is it. The final battle.” Saberdramon ruffled her wings in anticipation. “We’ll be facing off against what looks to be one of the largest resistances they’ve put up so far.” Knightmon and the PawnChessmons tightened their grips on their weapons. “I don’t doubt we’ll have some trouble, but, at least, I think we’ll come out of this.” Zenjirou and Lila looked towards each other and smiled. “Tactimon isn’t here, only the Zone Comander, Grademon.” Dondokomon geared himself up for the music-power-up of a lifetime. “We don’t know his strengths, or his weaknesses…” Taiki smiled slightly. “But since when has that ever stopped us?” Cutemon smirked at this. “We’ve already kicked reason to the curb, we’ve done the Impossible, fought the unfightable…”

Shoutmon grabbed Taiki’s wrister, startling the boy. “Oi, Listen up!” he grinned. “We’re going to beat these Bagura goons back to the stone age! I think it’s a fair guess that they know just who we are right about now, but let’s be sure to engrave it on their hearts just one last time!”

Akari smiled at this.

“Let’s tell the whole world just who the hell we are!” Shoutmon threw his fist into the air.

Shoutmon takes the last bit of it there. Fitting of a King to be to deliver such powerful words.

Dorulumon laughed, then reached up to toggle the radio on his headphones. “Alright everyone, you heard the man.” he grinned. “Let’s go!”

“Let’s go!” Shoutmon roared.

“Let’s Go!” Ballistamon agreed, getting caught up in the moment.

“Let’s go, Everyone!” Taiki grined as he held his Xros Loader up. “DIGI-XROS!”

“DIGI-XROS!”Nene threw hers up as well.

“DIGI-XROS!”and then, with one swift motion, they threw their arms down and crossed them in an X formation.

Down below, The Troopmon leading the charge looked up as three beams of light shot into the air.

“Oh no.” One whined.




Emerging from the resulting explosion of light was the infamous Digi-Xros of that one particular trio:

Shoutmon Xros Three.

And so begins the most action-packed opening sequence this Arc will ever see.

Unlike the last few times I’ve done this, due to stupid “Legal” issues that don’t affect *ANY* of the other Digimon Theme Songs that exist, I can’t link to a video with the opening theme in it. So if you have it, get the full song ready to play…

*cue NEVER GIVE UP! (full size)*

The Digi-Xros came falling down the cliff, leading the charge with a roar. “LET’S GO!”

The camera suddenly pans up to the Xros Heart Flag as, only for you the viewers, the symbols and letters for the logo began writing themselves into existence with their ever changing randomness.

With a flash of light, a bar of gold shot in from the side, and finalized the logo into one you are no-doubt familiar with:


And so the logo flashed with random reflections of light as the lyrics began.

A bit of a meta sight thing here, but otherwise, everything plays out as it should.

What a Tough heart! Once I decided to keep up the fight, my road has never stopped unraveling!

As Xros Three landed on the frozen lake, he let loose a Three Victorize into the Bagura troops as those with flight capabilities took to the air.

Caring a small bit of pride,

Saberdramon let loose her variation of “Meteor Wing”, blasting through the Pteramon and Rhinomon’s armor.

With my fists clenched,

JetTuruiemon (plus Star Sword) gave a swing, sending a wave of fire down upon the unsuspecting Sealsdramon.

I’ll aim for the goal again,

Tankdramon armed with rocket launchers prepared to fire upon the enemy, when, suddenly, the Ice beneath them shattered as MetalGureimon burst out from beneath them.

Step by step, racing towards it with all my might!

With that as their signal, Zenjirou gave the order to fire, and the catapults they had prepared launched the Knights from Lake Zone high up into the air.

Sometimes it’ll be a bad day,

With the necessary momentum on their side, their signature move, Checkmate Break, came raining down upon the Bagura army.

And nothing goes my way,

Grademon, at the far back of the army, roared in indignant rage as his front lines were shattered beyond all repair.

But even if the sky blurs with my tears,

Kiriha, from his spot high up in the sky, dealt the next blow by letting loose tornadoes of windy-energy into the middle of the army, courtesy of Typheus’ powers.

I’m sure that my smiles will come back tomorrow,

Xros Three and JetTuruiemon shared a nod, and then the latter broke back down into Turuiemon Xros Two, Sparrowmon, and the Starmonz.

So It’s okay!

Turuiemon X2 gave the red Xros Loader a swing as she yelled out the magic words.

There’s nothing out there to fear,

Three beams of light- red, yellow, and silver- raced into the sky, spiraling together and then colliding:

I’ll keep believing that “I’m Strong” and get going!

Xros Five appeared in the sky, with the blazing Xros Heart emblem behind them.

“With You around, there’s nothing to worry about now!”

Xros Five shot forward, letting loose even more aerial destruction via the blasters built into the Sparrow Shield.

I Felt as if the sky was saying that to me with a laugh.

Up above, Kiriha activated his Xros Loader, and down below, another hole in the ice formed as Deckerdramon burst out of it to Digi-Xros with MetalGureimon.

With the sweat and tears I Build up,

And then DeckerGureimon smashed down onto the ice again before jumping away as it collapsed from the weight, dragging a poor Rhinomon down into the frozen depths.

I’m sure I’ll come out dazzling!

And then, winged back to winged back, DeckerGureimon and Xros Five let off their Five Victorize and Plasma Deckerdrauncher attacks.

Even if I end up felling anxious after it all,

Explosions rocked the icy battlefield, and more troops sank into the frozen pond.

As long as I believe that I can do it,

And then Zenjirou, joining Taiki and Nene on the cliff top, swung his Xros Loader out.

These footsteps have taught me to, always…

The Knights lanced up and joined with Xros Five, forming their Knight formation. They brought their sword to bare, and gave it a swing three times…


…Causing a burning “K” shaped wave of fire to smash down into the Bagura army.

As Grademon’s eyes widened at the damage, his supervisor, a BeoWulfmon, simply mouthed “What.” silently.

“I’m always comparing myself to someone else…”

Taiki narrowed his eyes as he watched the Bagura army shrink even further as Akari activated the Leviamon Digi-memory.

Even though I know that it’s okay to be me.

As the leviathan’s Rostrum attack flooded the lake and tore up what little was left of the icy covering, IceDevimon flew down to try to counter the beast…

I put the blame on others, avoiding the issue,

Grademon roared orders to his floundering subordinates as they tried to get off of the frozen lake, now falling apart as IceDevimon dissolved away into data.

And I can’t forgive that about myself!

Turuiemon X2, the ninja that she was, was expertly diving across floating islands of ice while slashing through any Bagura ‘Mon that was still standing.

I run into walls blocking my path,

DeckerGureimon landed in front of a group of retreating Troopmon and smiled at them.

And can’t figure things out on my own.

The Troopmon ran back the way they came, tears flowing from the lenses of their gas masks.

But despite the hard times, I had friends who stuck by me and gave me their support.

Too bad they were running from Kiriha’s Gaossmonz and Cyberdramon to begin with.

Because they laughed and cried with me,

Having done enough damage in that form, Xros Five Knight broke apart in a flash of light, leaving everyone except Shoutmon and Sparrowmon dropping down to the battle field below.

They’re irreplaceable to me, giving me invisible stength and courage, pushing me forward!

But as Sparrowmon and Shoutmon roared forward through the air, Turuiemon X2 and the X4K components flashed together into… Xros Four Knight.

There’s nothing out there to fear!

With a heave, they leaned back, and then slashed down, launching a blistering, burning, V-Shaped tornado towards the middle of the Bagura lines.

Because we’re friends, we’ll go together!

At that moment, Taiki and Kiriha joined the battle directly, each throwing themselves at a pair of Dinohumon; Taiki with his sword arm, Kiriha with his wind blades.

“With you around, there’s nothing to worry about now!”

A Stab- a Slice- and the Duo of Generals then turned on BeoWulfmon, who was charging forward to face them under orders of Grademon.

I felt as if the sky was saying that to me with a laugh.

Sparrowmon let off a Random Laser attack while Shoutmon jumped off to smash his Mic-stand into a Minotarumon’s head with a roar of “Rowdy Rocker!”

With the sweat and tears I build up, I’m sure I’ll come out dazzling.

And then more of the frozen lake shattered under Xros Four Knight’s spinning variation of the Burning Star Crusher, bringing a herd of Rhinomon to their watery graves.

Even if I end up feeling anxious after it all,

Xros Four Knight split back into their component parts as Dorulumon bounded over towards Taiki’s corner of the fight, and Akari bounded over towards Shoutmon.

As long as I believe I can do it,

Sparrowmon dove down towards a gaggle of Troopmon shooting at her as she then shifted into her human form and began blasting them with some bullets of her own.

These footsteps have taught me to, always, NEVER GIVE UP!

At this moment, the battle kicked into high gear as Zenjirou, Hangyomon, Kotemon, Revolomon, and Cutemon flung down into the middle of the fray.

If now is the time to hold out, then don’t wait around; Take a stand!

Akari swung her Mic-stand around, bashing it’s head into Troopmon and Mammothmon.

Wrap your heart around your head like a headband,

Ballistamon let loose a barrage of Heavy Speaker attacks.

And clench your teeth inside your heart,

Kiriha threw out his Xros Loader, and before BeoWulfmon could realize what was going on, Taiki was firing the Dorulu-Cannon straight in his face.

Once you do that, then surely you’ll take a one step lead, be a single hero,

Shoutmon summoned dual Rock Damashii spheres, and flung them out before him before he jumped through the explosion in a way that would have been twenty percent more awesome if he had a scarf on.

If You justify the situation saying “There’s no helping it”

Revolomon and Hangyomon, back to back, let loose their attacks against the hapless Troopmon.

Then give that naive self yours a kick in the rear!

Cutemon smashed his fist into an Yashamon’s head, breaking the creatures mask, while Lopmon soared overhead and let loose a barrage of Blazing Ice pellets to finish the job.

Don’t be scared, Light a fire underneath your timidity!

DeckerGureimon split back into MetalGureimon and Deckerdramon before they let loose their signature attacks upon the remaining Bulbmon and Rhinomon.

You’ve gotta move!

Zenjirou and Kotemon kicked and slashed their way through the few remaining Dinohumon in their path, now functioning more fully as a team thanks to the battles that had occurred over the previous day.

Step it up, and put an end to this farce,

Akari and the Starmonz ran towards Grademon, who had drawn his two swords.

Don’t just stand there, but Restart all over again!

Xros Loaders flashed into life, and as Akari gripped the Star Sword, RampageGureimon roared into life behind her, preparing all weapons for firing.

Keep On! Always with a smile! Zone, Here We Go Nowww! !

Grademon watched as missiles and laser blasts streamed over head, smashing into the giant sword that the Bagura Empire had made as their base, destroying it entirely.

You’re never alone, don’t ever give up,

He looked up into the sky as Shoutmon came falling down from above, fist pulled back.

Look up at that sky, and raise your fist into the air…

Grademon’s face mask shattered as Shoutmon gave nasty right hook with a burning fist of fire.

“With you around, there’s nothing to worry about now!”

Grademon recoiled, falling backwards as, suddenly, vines suddenly burst out of the frozen lake and held his arms to his side, thanks to Lila’s flower powers.

I felt as if the sky was saying that to me with a laugh!

And then, Taiki fired the Dorulu-Cannon again, at the proper distance this time, causing the ice to vaporize and send Grademon flying backwards even further.

With the sweat and tears I build up, I’m sure I’ll come out dazzling!

And then, just as Grademon got to his feet…

Even if I end up feeling anxious after it all,

Akari sliced through his exposed chest with the Star Sword.

As Long as I believe I can do it!

Grademon let out a scream of pain, and collapsed to his knees as Xros Heart surrounded him on all sides.

These footsteps have taught me to, always, NEVER GIVE UP!

And so, as the song wound down, the Code Crown descended from the sky, floating down directly into Akari’s hands.

This whole sequence. Where do I even begin??

This whole fight is just to remind everyone that Xros Heart is *REALLY STRONG*, even at their lower levels. The lyrics are partially set to mimic what’s on screen. Grademon’s rather mad as “nothing goes” his “way.”

There’s a bit of some call back scenes in this too, with Leviamon being activated to fight, and all that other stuff.

The battle strategy in this scene- going from X5K to X4K- really doesn’t make any sense logistically, but keep in mind that this is actually their plan:

Open small- go big- and then close in on the stragglers individually.

It actually makes a lot of sense when you realize that the major strategy here is: “Wreak Havoc!” Everything is done just to eliminate the larger targets first- then break down to get rid of everything else. And once they narrow it down to just Grademon- they don’t even bother finishing him off once they get the Code Crown!

Anyways, this scene is mainly to act as the biggest battle Xros Heart’s ever pulled off- as well as to end this first arc with a bang. Canon Anime just…sort of fizzled out at this point. They just struck Grademon with one strike from X4, and that was it.

Underwhelming, is what that was.

This, thankfully, is a lot better! 🙂

Xros Heart had relocated to an empty field of grass to do their next task:

“Thirty, Thirty-One, and Thirty-Two.” Taiki said as they combined all of Xros Heart’s Code Crowns so far, excluding Wizardmons. The larger Code Crown had a purple glow on all sides except for two, indicating that it was but a piece of a larger puzzle. “Kiriha?”

“This had better work…” Kiriha held up his Xros Loader and pressed a button…

Then, each and everyone of his Code Crowns left the Device, merging with the larger Code Crown piece, and causing it to grow ever so slightly.

“Hephaestus?” Taiki asked.

“Do you even need to ask?” the Denizen asked as he pulled the glove off of his right hand. “I know what I’m doing…”

Grademon, who had been bound and tied and forced to watch, simply sat there as data poured out of the bandaged wound on his chest at a slow rate. “Just what the hell do you think you’re doing?”

“Sending a message.” Kiriha said as Taiki-slash-Hephaestus reached out and touched the Code Crown’s surface.

A moment later, Taiki’s hand glowed a soft blue color- a far cry from his usual fire-red color scheme- as lines that appeared to be circuit boards appeared on the Code Crown’s surface.

Borrowed imagery from Generator Rex. Taiki’s ‘interfacing’ with the partially restored Code Crown- which is composed up of as many free Code Crowns they have!

“Opening the back doors…” Hephaestus began. “Geeze, it’s dusty back here.”

Typheus rolled his eyes. “Seriously?”

“You try opening a machine that’s been left alone for twenty years, and then we’ll talk.”Hephaestus replied.

The circuit board lines and Taiki’s hand then began glowing orange.

“We’re in.” The goggle Boy said.

“Alright then!” Shoutmon grinned. “What now?”

“First off, I’m looking for the ‘Reset Digital World Timeline’ subroutine, if it exists, and then deleting it.”Hephaestus began. “Don’t want that undoing all of our hard work, now do we?”

“No way!” Zenjirou shook his head.

This is what I would do first. Wouldn’t you?

Also, of note, the reason that they’re doing this with a *majority* of their Code Crowns instead of going to grab the rest of them is because this is the equivalent (What the hell spell check? Give me the proper spelling of this word!!) of running the Code Crown in Windows Safe Mode. It’s easier to make the changes now, rather than on the verge of the timeline ending!

“Alright, now then…” The Denizen pulled out the Xros Loader, and opened it’s holographic display. “Let’s see what we’ve got here…”

The Code Crown and Orange Xros Loader glowed briefly with a violet glow, then settled down into the orange glow of…whatever it was the Denizen was doing.

The Xros Loader’s holographic display then opened up with a list of subroutines listed in order of importance within the Code Crown’s memory. That is to say: nothing besides the expected “Revive Denizens upon arrival” code, which was blocked out with a bright red X at the front, indicating it couldn’t run for whatever reason.

“Alright, everyone, I’ve set it to only respond to us in master mode by adding a password. So even if Bagura somehow does get hold of these Code Crowns, he won’t be able to do much about the things it’s been told to do.” Hephaestus said. “So the question is…What do we want it to do?”

Taiki didn’t even need to say anything- The Xros Loader beeped as the boy’s heart entered in the first command.

“Revive all Dead Digimon as Good Digimon.” appeared on the list, soon followed by “Restore Digital World.” and “Activate Leadership Flags.”

Grademon, who was technically still in the “Dying” category, was suddenly surrounded by a bright golden glow. “What the!”

“Taiki?” Shoutmon tensed up. “What did you do?”

What indeed?

When the light faded, Grademon looked the same…But different.

Where as before where his armor had been grey and black and his formerly broken face plate more demonic looking, he was now covered in golden armor, and his face plate armor had been restored to a more friendly look. Also: all damage to his body was gone.

“What the hell?” he gasped. “my..My mind…What…?”

“I don’t feel any different.” Shoutmon mused. “Anyone else?”

“Nope.” Dorulumon shook his head.

“Perfectly shiney, cap’n.” Starmon remarked.

“You..What…?” Grademon mumbled as though he seemed to be having a serious moment of de ja vu. “What did you do to me?”

This isn’t an automatic process like in the anime. Taiki had to subconsciously wish for it to happen here.


As the shared flag of Xros Heart and Blue Flare appeared in the sky, Babamon stared at the center of the village, where several Digimon had just appeared out of thin air, and many more seemed to be appearing outside the village as well.

Two of the closest ones were Leomon- Brothers by the looks of it.

“What the…?” One asked. “Wasn’t I…Just…Dead?”

“Akari…Shouto…” Babamon smiled to herself. “You’ve done it now…”


A Bukamon watched in fascination as the Digimon that had once tried invading their land rose out of the ocean, looking…peaceful…Somehow…

“Heh…” Archelomon smiled to himself as he looked at the Xros Heart flag above their island home. “Looks like that Takiyaki guy Akari and Shoutmon found did us right.”


Bearmon and BlueMeramon watched as a Grumblemon stumbled into their base camp, looking dazed and confused as to why he was there.


Bastemon sighed in relief as those that had died during the battle against Bagura re-appeared inside the castle limits. “Xros Heart…You’ve done us well…”

Meanwhile, a Kumamon blinked in confusion. “Where am I?”


Puppetmon looked up in surprise as the whole zone shook and shuddered as another Zone suddenly appeared in the sky and then vanished again. “What the…?”

It would take a Trailmon luckily at the edge of the Zone to see what happened next:

Suddenly, what seemed like the edge of the world expanded outwards into a seemingly endless desert.

Sand Zone and Dust Zone had been reunited.

Here we see how everything works out! Although the MagmaZone folks shouldn’t be there to see Grumblemon (Ancient Volcamon) be reborn. The Kumamon is IceDevimon’s and DaiPenmon’s fused form’s revived self.


Tactimon frowned as he felt a great heat bubbling up within his armor: The pocket where he kept his Code Crowns was over-heating for some reason… “So it begins…?”

Nearby, Lilithmon gasped in surprise as a pocket of her dress began glowing with a golden light. “What the-?”

Blastmon, who was now nothing more than a soccer-ball sized version of his head, blinked in confusion. “Lili-tan? What’s wrong?”

Baguramon, nearby, began laughing. “And so the resurrection begins!”

Damemon, watching this happen before his very eyes, simply said nothing- Not even his usual catchphrase.


From a non-linear, non subjective view point, the scattered Zones were bouncing all over the place as the puzzle pieces that made up the Digital World tried to piece themselves together.

That is to say, everything was going smoothly

Indeed it is! Everything is being restored and reformatted. The Programming changes in the Largest portion of united fragments are reaching out to affect the other Code Crown Fragments out there.


Hangyomon whistled as the sky started flashing in rainbow like colors. “Well if that ain’t the prettiest thing you’ve ever seen.”

“Quite so…” Taiki nodded.

“Alright, before this thing picks up on any more brain-waves…” Hephaestus said as he inserted a second password lock into the Code Crown. “That should keep Bagura from removing the lines we’ve already installed.”

With that done, the orange glow from the Code Crown faded, as did the circuit lines, as Hephaestus removed his hand from the device. A moment later, the Crystal broke back up into it’s many pieces and each returned to their original Xros Loaders.

“Now then.” Kiriha began. “How long do you think it’ll be before Tactimon shows up?”

“Not long.” Wizardmon said as he walked up, drawing everyone’s attention. “My Code Crown began glowing as soon as the Zones began restructuring.”

“Well…” Taiki smiled as he pulled his right hand glove back on. “Let’s get ready then.”

Believe it or not- THIS was the message they were sending! They were both- at the same time- fixing the Code Crown programming as WELL as alerting Tactimon to the fact that they were doing such!


Tactimon moved swiftly, dragging Lilithmon away from the main chamber, and handing her what looked like the inside of Code Crown fragment, but much larger in the horizontal, rather than the vertical of the DigiMemories. “I’m heading to Sword Zone, use this when I give the signal.”

“What’s this?” Lilithmon blinked.

“I’m going to explain to Xros Heart.” Tactimon said. “To Hinomoto. I need you to make sure that while Baguramon watches, he can’t hear us. I want him to personally see how strong Xros Heart truly is, especially when they understand the threat that’s coming before them. This Card will block audio in the transmission until you remove it.”

“You’ve been prepared for this since that day, huh?” Lilithmon asked.

“No.” Tactimon shook his head. “I’ve only recently figured out how things should happen…Hinomoto…He’d want it this way.”

Lilithmon frowned. “Tactimon…”

“It doesn’t matter.” he turned to leave. “I leave control of my armies to you, dear Moirail.” he chuckled. “Even if I successfully manage to pry the Code Crowns from Xros Heart, I’ll not be returning to base with them.”

And with that, Tactimon stormed out of the chamber.

He got the message loud and clear.

And he knows now that this is the beginning of the end of the Bagura Empire!

“Where’s Tac-chan going?” Blastmon asked as Lilithmon returned.

“He’s going to fight the army that just claimed the last Code Crown.” She said aloud, more for the benefit of their Emperor than for anyone else, not looking anywhere but her feet. “He was just giving me control of his division of the army…” She sniffed, genuinely trying to keep her emotions in check. “Just in case he somehow lost.” She lied.

Baguramon said nothing as he observed her. He could tell she was lying about something, just now, but what it was he couldn’t say…

“But…” Lilithmon said finally, looking up towards Baguramon. “He said that in any case that we should watch this fight. It’s a turning point, he said”

“And observe it we shall!”

Lilithmon and Blastmon froze at the suave voice behind them.

“Brother.” Baguramon said with a smirk. “It has been too long.”

“Indeed.” DarkKnightmon said as Damemon lead him into the main chamber, Duskmon and two cloaked girls following behind him- Ranamon and Kotone. “It has been.”

“B-Brother!” Lilithmon stammered.

“How goes your Anti-Xros Loader research?” Baguramon asked.

“Completed.” DarkKnightmon said as he pulled the demonic looking Darkness Loader out of his cape. “However…I ran into some…Complications…with the test subjects.”

“Did he just say “brother”?” Lilithmon asked Blastmon’s head.

But despite Tactimon’s departure, DarkKnightmon arrives! Now Blastmon and Lilithmon are afraid about what’s going to happen next.

“What kind of complications?” Baguramon asked, raising his one good eyebrow.

“The test subjects I chose had very strong Xros Codes…” DarkKnightmon said with a grimace, seemingly impossible with his immobile, armored face, “Too Strong.” he made a hand gesture, and one of the girls stepped forward, removing her cloak as she did so.

Lilithmon’s eyes widened in horror at the girl, seemingly naked other than the strange blue energy that had settled around her skin, almost like a wet-suit… “No…!” Not to mention the glow in her eyes, and the eerie reflection in her blond hair off of the wave-like wings that fluttered open off of her back.

“Behold, the Denizen of Light: CETUS!”DarkKnightmon said with a dramatic flare of his cape.

And Lilithmon gets an “Oh Crap” Moment here… She recognizes Cetus/Kotone from the past….In fact, due to Chapter 58 being online now, I can say without fear of spoilers (Unless you haven’t caught up to it all yet. In which case WHY ARE YOU READING THIS??) that this is because they FOUGHT in the past. Lilithmon knows what Kotone/Cetus are capable of.

Tactimon had little time for waste, DarkKnightmon’s grandiose way of speaking echoed through the halls with little need for reflections- After all, a creature of shadow spoke through the shadows themselves.

He reached the his personal chamber post-haste, closing the door behind him and then walking over to the Transportalizer he’d been building in secret.

With a quick search through his safe- conveniently located next to the Transportalizer via his own design- he grabbed only the essentials: the holo-camera he was going to use to rig this fight’s appearance with and a few other little tools he’d been saving for this day.

“Damn it, I thought I’d have more time.” he muttered under his breath as he set the coordinates for Sword Zone into the Transportalizer. “So long Bagura Empire.” he smirked under his helmet as he stepped onto it. “I never was a true believer.”

A single Kuramon, hovering in the shadows of the corner of the room, blinked in surprise as the General vanished into thin air.

And so Tactimon’s true personality begins to shine through, as he repeats the thing about belief and traitors.


Indeed, not three minutes after they’d begun the restoration of the Digital World, the sky suddenly flickered with a dark purple, hexagonal-shaped pattern, blocking out the light-show from above.

“Tactimon’s here.” Dorulumon said with amusement. “And look, he’s brought along a portal-blocker. He means business.”

“Well, let’s hope he’s still up for that honest duel.” Akari said as she adjusted her hat. “Shouto? Xros Four for now, please.”

“Alright, then.” Shoutmon nodded as he held up his Xros Loader. “Digi-Xros.”

Tactimon smirked to himself as he marched down the hill-top towards the field where Xros Heart- And Blue Flare! What a surprise- waited for his arrival. He reached into his cape, pulled out the holo-camera, and threw it into the air.

The camera immediately activated and began floating as it reached the peak of it’s ascent.

“Hello Xros Heart!” Tactimon said cordially, even though his body was set into a position that showed nothing but anger. “I believe it’s time for our duel.”

“About right it’s time.” Akari said from within Xros Four.

“Good, You’re already Digi-Xrossed!” Tactimon said as he stopped walking towards them, and got into a battle stance. “Now keep it that way- for the moment I only want questions coming from those without visible mouths.”

“Eh?” Shoutmon blinked. “What’s he going on about now?”

“Sssh.” Lila hit the Digimon on the head.


“What’s going on?” Tactimon laughed, even though he was shaking his fist in an over-dramatic motion. “Well, for the moment, we’re actors in a silent play!”

Tactimon is genuinely a trickster at heart! He’s playing Baguramon for a fool by acting dramatic while talking casually.

Indeed, back at the Empire HQ, the video came through loud and clear, but the audio… Did not.

“Lilithmon?” Baguramon asked.

“It’s nothing on our end, sir.” Lilithmon honestly said as she looked at the computer chip she had yet to plug in. “There’s interference on his end.”

“Sort it out then.” Baguramon ordered.

“Will do.” She then looked at the console and smiled inwardly. ‘Sorry, Tactimon, but I think I’m useless here.’

But Lilithmon isn’t the orchestration master behind this! There is something BLOCKING the Audio transmission!

“Here’s what I’m suggesting.” Tactimon said as he held his arms out and clenched his hands into fists. “We will mock-fight while I explain some things that need to be said.” At the moment, everyone had a look of unease on their faces, which was exactly what he was hoping for. “Then, if you have any questions, Hinomoto, please ask them.” he then summoned his sword, Jatetsu-fuujin-maru, from hyper-space, and pointed it at them. “If you don’t have any, then we will fight properly, ending this farce and beginning our duel properly.”

“Alright.” Akari said, narrowing her eyes. “We’ll bite.”

“Good then.” Tactimon swung his sword out to his side, then entered a second battle stance as he re-gripped the sword with both hands. “Let’s begin, shall we? Come at me!”

And so, Xros Four leaped forward, immediately closing the distance between them, and powering up to half-strength for a “Star Crusher” attack.

Tactimon easily blocked the strike as he began. “Twenty Years ago, your father and I were close friends, you could even say ‘partners in crime’, if you wished to.” He twisted around, and jumped backwards. “Lilithmon and your Mother were a pair as well, and we were rivals for a time- fighting for the same things and on different sides of a war that was more of a game- despite having friendly relations between the four of us during our off hours.”

Tactimon begins his explanation- vaguely explaining about the events of the Hunters arc that is to follow after Seven Swords.

“Funny.” Akari frowned as she came in for another strike. “They never mentioned you.” Not that she could remember much of her past at the moment, only flickers and shadows that were left as the result of the broken spell she’d absorbed part of.

“I don’t doubt they would have.” Tactimon said as he easily blocked it, his body language showing aggression, despite his voice showing remorse. “We knew that the Digital World was in turmoil, and that the Bagura Army would one day become a force to be reckoned with…”

“So you and Lilithmon joined the army to take it down from within?” Dorulumon guessed as they locked blades for a few moments.

“I had to drop my care-free lifestyle, forcing myself to re-become the monster that I had long since turned away from.” Tactimon pushed back, and went on the offensive. “Lilithmon likewise had to do the same, but on a lesser level than I.”

“Why?” Akari asked as she jumped back a few steps. “Why did you do it?”

“We needed to ease any and all suspicion from us, even to the point that we brought in Blastmon to make us look as if we couldn’t hold any secrets.” He laughed as he twirled his sword around. “The fool being a part of our inner circle and his lack of being able to keep a secret- or so they thought- made us look better in comparison.”

Tactimon is more of a tactician than it seems! He’s used Blastmon’s own kookey nature to pull off a MASSIVE con on everyone!

“That makes sense.” Dorulumon said. “Blastmon always struck me as the kind of fellow who knew when not to talk.”

“Indeed he does.” Tactimon froze as MetalGureimon lunged at them from the side, albeit at half speed. “Woah!” he broke away from engaging Xros Four and jumped away as fast as he could.

“Sorry!” MailBirdramon said from within the Xros. “We thought it would lend more credibility to the fight.”

“That’s fine!” Tactimon said as he brought his sword up. “But I’m afraid I’m going to have to attack now, just to keep up appearances.” And then, he slammed the head of the sword’s case into the ground- Ichi-no-tachi.

Even though the shock wave was half-strength, it still backed quite a punch, forcing Xros Four and MetalGureimon back a few yards.

“So all this time that you were being ruthless…?” Dorulumon began.

“Yes.” Tactimon said with remorse. “I was forcing myself to do it, and I regret it all the same.”

And thus comes the reveal, with the addition of Blue Flare to the fight to make it seem credible.

“You didn’t have to kill my dad.” Akari said with a growl.

“Hinomoto’s not dead.” Tactimon said. “merely in hiding.”

“What?” Akari blinked.

“You see, we discovered a portal to another dimension many years ago, just before we committed to the infiltration scheme.” Tactimon explained as he shook his fist menacingly, but threat-less-ly. “It was a one way bridge, and it never did work until that one day when we needed it.” he threw his hand out to the side. “Hinomoto’s plan was to form a team- Xros Heart- and have Blastmon, Lilithmon, and I fight it constantly. On the day that the portal finally opened, we used it to our advantage, to sell our cover, so to speak- Finally defeating the thorn in the empire’s side, or so it would seem.”

Akari had Xros Four launch a half-powered Four Victorize, which Tactimon easily side-stepped. “So they both left for another dimension, just to leave me here?”

This sort of makes Akari’s parents seem kind of…Heartless when you read it like this.

“Yes and no.” Tactimon said as he jumped away from MetalGureimon’s Trident Claw. “We knew what we had to do in advance, as the portal was guarded by a sooth-sayer who constantly saw the future.” He narrowed his eyes as he squared off against the two Digimon. “She had been one of the few to survive from the turmoils of the days when the Denizens vanished and lived through the shattering of the digital world.”

“A sooth-sayer?” Dorulumon frowned.

“Up your forms after this next attack.” Was Tactimon’s reply as he slammed the sword down into the ground once-then twice. “NI-NO-TACHI!”

Suddenly, the ground beneath Xros Four and MetalGureimon exploded upwards, sending the two Digimon flying backwards at a tremendous speed and velocity.

“Believe it or not-” Tactimon said grimly. “That was at one-eighth strength.”

“One eighth?” Shoutmon blinked.

“Damn, no wonder he asked us to Xros Up…” Akari growled.

“Kiriha!” Gureimon called out.

“Right!” The Blue Flare General held up his Xros Loader. “RELOAD AND DIGI-XROS: DECKERDRAMON!”


Sparrowmon and Deckerdramon flew over to their respective Xros-Partners as beams of light.

A dual cry of “DIGI-XROS!”later, and DeckerGureimon and Xros Five stood before Tactimon.

Tactimon is RIDICULOUSLY over powered! He seems to have been holding back this entire time!

But back to the thing on Akari’s parents. Why would they do it? Because they know that they’re not there in Akari’s life come the events leading up to them going into the past- and it really hurts them to know this!

Tactimon held no emotion in his eyes for the latter Xros except for remembrance. “Your father would be so proud of you right now, Hinomoto.” he sighed as he twirled his sword around again, more like a shield. “We knew you would end up fighting me one day, but the sooth-sayer didn’t tell us that you would be so powerful.” he entered another battle stance. “GigaBreakdramon was a test of mine, to make sure that you would truly be ready for this day!”

“So you were the one who made my parents suffer?” Cutemon clenched his fists, forgetting the rules that had been set for this fight.

“Sadly, yes.” Tactimon frowned. “However, Matadormon usurping my plans was not forseen- GigaBreakdramon was not supposed to be powered by the Cutemon’s healing powers.” He jumped towards DeckerGureimon. “In fact, it was supposed to be powered by nothing but processed baked goods! You were to defeat it by destroying the bakery that would have been mounted on it’s underside.”

And now we see that Tactimon had a RIDICULOUSLY stupid plan to get rid of Breakdramon! Also, He’s somewhat covering his tracks a bit- he’s not entirely telling the truth because he left out the fact that they all *KNEW* how powerful Xros Heart would become!

“Did you have anything to do with placing GigaBreakdramon underneath Sweets Zone?” Sally ventured as the Tactician’s sword bounced off of the dinosaur’s armor. “What about the computer banks?”

“We placed GigaBreakdramon in Sweets Zone, yes…” Tactimon began as he jumped away from DeckerGureimon’s swinging arms. “But that was twenty years ago that we did it, and that monster had nearly broken out too many times for comfort!”

“So you did place the terminals there?” Sally asked. “Even what was on them?”

“You saw the message then?” Tactimon asked rhetorically.

“What message?” Akari blinked, having not been told about it.

“Of course we saw it.” Sally said, narrowing her eyes. “It’s not every day that you see yourself in a video you haven’t recorded yet.”

“Heh.” Tactimon rolled backwards as DeckerGureimon rolled forwards. “Then I believe you already know about the dimensional rifts?”

“The damn things have been plaguing us since we began this adventure.” Dorulumon said with a growl.

And now, on this subject, Tactimon begins to get into the meat of what’s really going on. The Storms are really what’s all the trouble- and since it seems that Xros Heart knew about them all along, he’s now able to become a bit more free-er with how he talks about things.

“Good!” Tactimon said with a laugh as he came to a stop and began jumping up DeckerGureimon’s side. “That means I don’t have to explain about what they are then!”

“We-What?” Akari blinked.

“All that I’ll say on the matter is thus:” Tactimon began as he reached the Digimon’s back. “The Storms are but a part of a bigger picture. Time itself is dying, and there’s nothing we can do about it at this particular point of time itself.”

“What the hell are you blabbering on about now?” Gureimon growled through gritted teeth as he tried to shake the general off.

“Time is strictly linear in a strange course of sense!” Tactimon said as he raised his sword up. “Until a certain person lives through the epicenter of the cause of the storms, there’s nothing that can be done to stop the storms from destroying everything.”

“That doesn’t make any sense, Brother!” Starmon said.

Tactimon spells it out for us- there is someone who needs to *LIVE* through the storm’s epicenter in order for them to have a chance of defeating them!

“No..Wait…” Sally frowned. “It does to me.”

“Your knowledge of time travel tropes comes in handy yet again.” Tactimon laughed before he lightly tapped his sword against DeckerGureimon’s back- Ichi-No-Tachi again. DeckerGureimon roared as the half-strength shockwave forced him down to the ground.

“Someone care to explain?” Dorulumon asked.

“People think time is a strict progression of cause and effect.” Sally began her quote. “But actually, from a non-linear, non subjective view point, it’s more like a big ball of wibbly wobbly, timey wimey…” she paused as she realized what she was saying. “Stuff.”

“Exactly.” Tactimon nodded as he began running towards Xros Five. “Now you’re getting it.”

“FIVE-VICTORIZE” Ballistamon, ever on the ball, kept up appearances by launching the V-Shaped Fire attack.

Tactimon brought up his sword to block it, and was actually pushed back a few feet by the attack- low-powered as it was. “Impressive!”

“There’s one person, traveling linearly through time, from a certain vantage point.” Sally guessed. “And he or she hasn’t lived through the necessary event flags yet, am I right?”

“Quite so!” Tactimon’s sword finally smashed through the fire wave, and he resumed his charge.

“It’s one of us, isn’t it?” Sally continued.

“Yes and no.” Tactimon said as he jumped into the air, towards Xros Five. “This person is someone you will know, but have yet to meet.” the two swords, one still locked within it’s sheath, clashed mid-air with a mighty ‘clang’. “This person’s role in events is so subtle that it took Hinomoto’s father and I years to figure out what was going on!”

And it’s spelled out here. Someone they’ll know, but have yet to meet. Their role in events is SUBTLE!

Akari narrowed her eyes. “What’s this guy’s name then?”

“That I can’t say!” Tactimon broke away, and dropped down towards the ground again- Xros Five likewise did the same. “Causual Spoilers, apparently.”

“His name wouldn’t happen to be Yuu, would it?” Sally asked, and, down at the battle field, Nene tensed up at the name.

This is fauxshadowing, but also a bit of foreshadowing.

It’s an attempt to sway the Reader’s perception of events. Especially with the jump in perspective!


The combatants had slowed for the moment, taking their breaths, it was assumed.

While in actuality: the most critical piece of information regarding the entire future of the Digital World was being discussed… Not even you or I can hear it due to this perspective switch.

Not that it matters, no-one besides us, Lilithmon, and Blastmon were watching the fight on the monitor anyways.

Baguramon and DarkKnightmon were discussing something that obviously interested them more than this final battle, Damemon was hanging around Kotone, who had put her robe back on, and Duskmon and Ranamon were playing some variation of “I Spy.”

“Look at this!” Lilithmon hissed under her breath. “They’re giving the show of a lifetime, and nobody’s watching it but us!”

“I know…” Blastmon said with a frown. “It’s dumb! Stupid and dumb! Dumb Dumb, Stupid Dumb-!”

The monitor went blank with static, and the sudden change of noise (from dull silence to crackling static) made everyone jump.

“What happened?” Baguramon asked as he turned around to look at the screen.

“I-I don’t know!” Lilithmon replied as she scrambled over to the control terminal and began messing with it’s controls. “This shouldn’t be happening!”

This is a bit of a pull. The most critical piece of information on the storms and we don’t know WHAT it is.

Then the camera goes out.


Nothing had happened, in reality, except that the camera Tactimon had set up had just Vanished in a burst of static.

Everyone stared up at the missing camera in confusion.

“Well…” Taiki ventured a guess. “I’m thinking that’s not good?”

“No…” Tactimon tightened his grip on his sword. “Everyone! Return to a Xros Load-!”

The Bagura General vanished in a -blip- of static, leaving only his Code Crown Collection behind.

“Taiki- We Should-!” Zenjirou, too, vanished in a -blip-of static, as did Kotemon, and Hangyomon, and Revolomon.

Xros Five suddenly broke down into it’s core components as Ballistamon and the Starmonz vanished from the Digi-Xros.

“T-!” Sally, too, vanished, as did Nene and Kiriha, leaving their Code Crowns behind as well.

DeckerGureimon stood up, horror in his eyes. “Kiri-!”

The Dragon Vanished.

All around him, Shoutmon watched as people and Digimon vanished from thin air. “Everyone…!” his eyes went wide as…

Sword Zone vanished entirely, and the Red Xros Loader, still held with in Shoutmon’s hands, beeped loudly at him as it seemed to short-circuit for the second time within days.

“Gah!” he nearly dropped the thing as it shot sparks out. “Oh man…Oh man…!”

The poor digimon looked around in horror as he floated aimlessly within a void made entirely out of static.

“This…This is not good…!” he gulped.

This is NOT what anyone was expecting- am I right?

The fact that everyone has literally just been *ripped* out of space time is a complete and total break from what happened canonically that the readers were most definitely NOT expecting it!


Suddenly, everyone looked up in surprise as the feed from the camera came back, showing an empty Sword Zone…

Not a single living soul remained on that piece of rock.

Not even the birds. (Red Pickmon would have squealed with joy had he been able to see it.)

The only thing of interest that made the view even more heart-wrenching was the fact that all of the Code Crowns were floating in the sky.

Taiki’s, Akari’s, Kiriha’s, Tactimon’s…

All of them.

Even Wizardmon’s single Code Crown was included in the bunch.

“W…Where did they go?” Lilithmon asked.

“That…” Baguramon frowned, “is a very good question.”

And so comes the reveal.

This was a major loss for everyone but the Empire.

*cue Title Theme*

“Sword Zone Sh-shs-shs-wd*cue title-d-*T-t-t-t-t-the*-Tac-iogh*xxxzzzzttt*


Unable to load default title screen: Exception variable:

[Click to Open Folder (100,000+Exception list)]

Load Custom Title Screen? Y./N.



*Cue Title Theme*

“Broken Dimensions! The end of Time itself?”

Remember how I mentioned at the beginning why the Chapter was labeled incorrectly? SURPRISE!

This is why!

The title card is *CHANGED* due the storms! The one that was shown in the preview *fails* to load!

By the way, this is just *past* the half way mark by a good ways. This is the *latest* any title card appears in the entire first act.

In what had to be the longest teaser opening in the history of teaser openings, we rejoin Taiki as he walks aimlessly through the static filled void.

“It’s bright…” he grumbled as he shielded his eyes, which were already covered by his goggles.

“This has to be worse than the last time we got pulled into one of these.” Hephaestus grumbled. “At least before we had something to look at.”

“Agreed…” Taiki nodded, then winced as a burst of wind rushed past him, dragging static and other random junk along with it.

“I hate this stupid void-ey-!”

They stopped as the wind, and static, vanished, leaving Taiki standing on a cliff face overlooking a large ocean.

Or perhaps a Grand Lake?

In any case, it wasn’t any place on Earth that Taiki recognized…Although that probably had something to do with the rather large fleet of giant metal space-ships fighting other, differently designed space-ships.

“What…” Taiki blinked. “Is this?”

Now, lost in the storms, Xros Heart is wandering aimlessly across time and space!

Taiki and Hephaestus wind up on the Earth of Last Exile- Fam the Silver Wing, during a certain battle scene.

Akari glanced around nervously as she wandered down the streets of what appeared to be some sort of abandoned, old, Spaghetti western styled town.

It was utterly destroyed, and, baring the occasional fallen signs reading “EVERGREEN”, not a hint was given as to where she was.

“This doesn’t look like a Zone…” She mused to herself as she walked towards what appeared to be a shopping mall. “This has to be Earth, I guess…”

Given that it was the middle of the day, she assumed that, if there were anyone still around in this town, that would be where they were.

Akari has wound up in some place called Evergreen. Where-ever could this be? Why it’s…. It’s…!!!

It’s the GUN X SWORD universe! (Great series, really, You guys need to watch this if you haven’t already.)

Shoutmon stared blankly at the young girl before him.

She stared at her book.

His blue eyes blinked.

Her green eyes blinked at the line she’d just read.

Shoutmon, thoroughly creep-ed out, glanced away, looking around the room that he had somehow appeared in, thanks in part to the static void dumping him here. It was what appeared to be the inside of a castle tower, there was a window he hadn’t looked out of yet, and there was the only door in the room, which was curiously missing a handle.

He’d tried talking to the girl already, trying to figure out where in the world (or multiverse, as it seemed to be) he was.

Unfortunately, not only did she instead speak some other language he had never even heard before, but she couldn’t even hear him.

“This is annoying.” he grumbled. She seemed likewise frustrated with her book. “Stuck in a room with some kid I don’t even know, and we can’t even talk.”

The girl blinked, but said nothing in return, having not even heard him.

“Alright, let’s see about getting out of here…” he walked over to the window and stepped up onto a small bench the girl had moved there.

Much to his surprise, his foot went straight through it as if he were made of nothing but air. “What the-?” He growled as his leg seemed to warp into static around where he had tried stepping onto the bench.

The girl said something he didn’t understand, her eyes wide with curiosity at the book before her.

“You’ve got me, kid.” he shrugged, and stepped away from the small bench. “Hm..” he stared at the door. “I wonder if I could get through that…”

He walked over to the door, then looked over at the girl and waved. “Well, let’s see if this work…”

He took a deep breath, closed his eyes, then walked forward…



Right into the door.

The girl looked up at the noise as he rubbed his nose in annoyance. “Well, that didn’t work.”

Shoutmon is in the GOSICK universe!

“This is getting annoying.” she frowned.

Almost as if it were listening, the static time warp thing pulled her out of this other world, and placed her back into the static world.


Suddenly, Lopmon jumped onto the girl’s shoulders.

“Lopmon!” Akari smiled. “You’re okay!”

“I could say the same thing about you!” Lopmon nodded. “You wouldn’t believe the crazy things I just saw!”

“I’m sure they’ll beat what I saw.”

“Try a sentient blob of Jello eating everything in sight for one thing!”

Akari meanwhile, catches up with Lopmon, who has just seen a DIGIMON TAMERS universe variant- the blob of Jello is the D-Reaper.

Tailmon sniffed as she watched as some other Wizardmon jump in front of some other version of herself and a little girl to protect them from the attack of a Myotismon. “Why…”


Her Wizardmon currently held her in his arms, and also seemed to be sad. “I suppose this is another dimension…Or another pair of Digimon like ourselves…”

He was trying to rationalize it away as seven other Digimon and their human partners climbed up onto the rooftop where this was happening, to confront the evil Vampire.

Everyone seemed to be in shock as the Wizardmon dissolved away into data…And then…

A boy with Goggles threw what looked to be a pocket watch towards the girl.

A DemiDevimon went to intercept it, but…Somehow…

The Girl got it, and…

The necklace she wore began to glow with a brilliant pink light…

“What the…?” Wizardmon narrowed his eyes.


Wizardmon and Tailmon shielded their eyes as the other Tailmon exploded in a brilliant bright light.

When the light faded, the cat had transformed into an angel… “ANGEWOMON!”

“Woah…” Tailmon stared. “Who let the cat out of that bag?”

The Myotismon seemed equally surprised.

This scene is two fold: One it’s to show that we’re seeing OTHER universes (Namely Adventure 01 here), and two…

It’s to introduce the idea of a Digimon evolving on command to the readers/viewers. 😉

Zenjirou stared at the high school students that kept walking right past him, as if he didn’t even exist.

“Where am I?” he asked aloud. Nobody replied.

There was a short bust of static, and the hallway emptied.

“Just great…”

At that moment, a girl dragging a boy along behind via his tie rushed down the hallway and…Right through poor Zenjirou.

The whole world seemed to burst into static at that point, and, when it settled, Zenjirou was back in the void. A relatively short trip, compared to others.

“Oi!” Kotemon waved as he floated over. “About time I found someone else in this mess!”

Zenjirou’s passed through Haruhi’s universe here.

Shoutmon had found himself becoming this girl’s imaginary friend of sorts.

This static sub-space thing was taking him linearly through the girl’s life, and yet he could tell that he wasn’t going quite AS linerarly as possible.

Essentially, she was zig-zagging across his time line.

He’d tried to explain it once, just for his own sake, but, alas, he was unable to interact with the world.

Weeks and months passed between the times he appeared, and each time the girl didn’t seem to change much other than gain a few inches in height.

She continued to ignore him constantly, except for the few times he was able to manipulate the world’s surroundings by running into a wall or something.

He really had no clue what was up with that. He couldn’t interact with anything but the walls.

Eventually, he watched as the girl was moved to a private school in the middle of the country somewhere, then proceeded to spend most of her time at the top of a library tower. She soon met a boy who, much to his surprise, was Japanese- Evidently a transfer student. At this point, his visits into her life seemed more like something one would see on some television show.

(It briefly crossed his mind that perhaps he WAS in some television universe, watching this story from the perspective of the viewers of that show.

He shrugged it off a moment later as stupid.)

Actually, Shoutmon IS seeing Victorique’s life unfold much like we do in the Anime- except he’s going linearly, and she’s not.

Then the girl’s brother, some wanna-be-inspector guy who had a drill-like hairstyle (Shoutmon was sure he might have had something to do with that, having gone on about Xros Heart’s adventures, despite the girl not hearing what he was saying), showed up and the girl solved the riddle he presented.

Life went on after that, with him going straight through this winding trail of some other person’s life.

“It’s annoying.” Shoutmon said at one point while the girl examined a pop up book she had found. “Me traveling like this. I’ve only been at this for a few hours, but you- you’re taking the long way!”

He honestly had no clue that there was anything wrong with the world as it stood up until the girl opened a hidden wall in an old clock tower, revealing a dead body, speared repeatedly with many, many arrows.

From there, things went from bad to worse. Things happened in between his visits into this other world, and he didn’t like the way they headed.

But somehow, at the end of that long, winding road that he had been traveling, things worked out for the girl and the boy.

And once this point had been reached…


He was unceremoniously dropped into the life of a girl with pink hair as she saved a boy from an exploding bicycle.

“Not again…!”

This time, at least, he could understand what everyone was saying.

Shoutmon then lands in the HIDAN NO ARIA universe!

Shoutmon found Taiki again, only this time inside another world.

“Oi.” he waved nonchalantly as they stood on solid air high up in the sky, watching a battle below them unfold.

“Hey.” Taiki said as he watched two opposing sides of the same army fight against each other.

“So what’s going on?” Shoutmon asked.

“Earth’s far future, as far as I can tell.” Taiki mused. “There’s a group called the Ades Federation whose Premier went a bit overboard in his ‘kill them all’ strategy, and now his country’s turned against his forces.”

“Sounds like fun.” Shoutmon replied as a new ship suddenly emerged out of thin air, beginning to blast everyone on the enemy side.

“Ah!” Hephaestus said with glee at the sight. “So they survived afterall!”

“That’s one cliff hanger I was hoping they’d resolve sooner.” Taiki commented offhandedly.

“Okay, completely lost here.” Shoutmon frowned. “Moving on?”

“What have you been up to?” Taiki asked, not taking his eyes off the battle.

“Oh, this and that.” Shoutmon frowned as he stared up at the sky. “became some girl’s imaginary friend, then watched a different girl fight this “E.U.” corporation’s head honcho…or so it seemed anyways.” he frowned. “Say, do vampires turn into werewolves back on earth?”

Taiki turned around at this, a confused look on his face. “What?”

“Never-mind.” Shoutmon sighed.

After a bit, he reunites with Taiki- who has no clue what Shoutmon’s rambling about- just in time to see the Silvius survive a seemingly impossible death!

The wind picked up, rustling Taiki’s hair. “And here we go again…”

“What do you-?”


“-GAK!” Shoutmon coughed and sputtered as a sudden gust of wind slammed into him face first, knocking him and Taiki down to the invisible ground as cloud after cloud rushed over them.

“It’s just a wind storm!” Hephaestus yelled over the wind. “It’ll pass in a few seconds!”

A few seconds later, the clouds turned into static, and then the wind kicked into hurricane level gales right as the floor they had been standing on vanished entirely.

The duo were sent flying with the wind.

“This is new!” Taiki noted as they flew uncontrolled towards a dark shape looming in the static before them.

“Must just be my luck!” Shoutmon spat into the wind.

A few moments later, they crashed into the form’s massive, red armored chest, only to be scooped up by it’s equally massive gloved hand as the wind vanished and- thus- no longer was pushing them into it.

“Boss!” The armored form said loudly, only due to it’s mass. “Look at who I just found!”

Shoutmon and Taiki looked up towards the armored form’s head, spying an unfamiliar human form riding atop the form’s yellow head.

“ShineGreymon.” The man said. “I do believe we’ve just caught a lucky break.”

And with that done? They crash into ShineGreymon and Marcus Damon.

>ARC-The Code Crown Hunt: FINISHED.


>STORY: To Be Continued!


“The name’s Marcus, Marcus Damon.”

“The fate of the universe itself is at STAKE here!”

“Well, it’s not like we’re not used to it already.”

“It’s…TACTIMON? !”


“Now is the time, Hinomoto! UNLOCK YOUR POTENTIAL!”


“Next time Digimon Xros Wars Two part special!”

“Time Travelers! Xros Heart: Escape the Void!”

“Tokyo Showdown! The Power of the Future Forms!”

“You Can’t turn your back on me now!”

“Hey! That’s my line!”

“Oh great, just what I needed. Another World to save.”

Heh. And thus the story continues on.

Over all- this arc was the most all over the place because I *DIDN’T* have a stable story plot in mind when I started it. The Time Travel stuff just sort of slid into it mid way and things spiraled out of control from there.

Along the way, things picked up steam and, much like the Gurren Lagann anime that was shouted out to in the last chapter, things escalated well beyond the Anime’s canon power levels.

I mean, come on.

Look at what happened in this arc that was MAJORLY different from the canon Anime?

Sparrowmon’s a human; Lucemon *AND* Nene are saved from DarkKnightmon’s plans; The Kids turn out to be the vessels for the REINCARNATIONS of this Digital World’s version of GODS; Zenjirou got a Xros Loader; GURREN LAGANN XROS FIVE; And finally Time Travel!!

Now with Marcus Damon having LITERALLY just been ran into? You know that this story is about to go off the rails in a *major* way.

Not that it hasn’t already, mind you.

It was around this point that I began to realize that this story was rapidly outpacing my own initial expectations of this Universe. Things I wrote as I wrote them were SURPRISING ME! (Zenjirou’s last second purification of Musyamon, for example.) And even as I’m Plotting through the story in hopes of solidifying the whole damned thing for future reference if I ever do a re-write…I’m STILL coming up with new plot twists and connections that are just tying together so rapidly I don’t know what the hell I’m even looking at any more.

As I told a friend of mine earlier today…It’s occurred to me that any “Fictional” story of any kind is but a window into another universe, or a branch of a similar one.

Fanfiction like this? Absolutely meta in how it’s unfolded! Why? How? Considering that they’re now considered Dimension Travelers *AND* Time Travelers…

It wouldn’t surprise me if this sentiment shows up in the story sometime soon….

Well, it doesn’t surprise me because I *WANT* to include it….but it wouldn’t if I never get a chance to say it in story.

ANYWAYS! Enough rambling from me. I’ve got a sore throat.

Need some water…



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