Xros Wars AU 02 — CH28

We open CHAPTER 28 on a cold note.

Brr. Going down into the sewers. I’ve got a bad feeling about this.


Water dripped from pipes, and steam could be heard venting from somewhere nearby. Lying in the dirt, barely visible in the low light, were a set of footprints… Matadormon’s unique shoe style.

There was a click, and then this very dark hallway was illuminated as a door slid open, revealing it’s contents to those outside.

A small form stepped in front of the light source on the other side of the room. “See?” Lopmon said as she tossed the tiny drill key up and down in her hand. “Exactly what I thought would happen.” She then addressed those behind her without even turning. “Get your flashlights, we’re going Matador hunting.”

The Core Drill is literally a key that unlocks something here. Nothing Spiral based whatsoever.


*cue Title theme*

“GALAXY XROS! Cutemon’s family rescue!” 

Welp. No opening theme here. I wonder why?

Water splashed under the feet of those walking the tunnel that seemed to be descending further and further down.

The Hallway was illuminated by a several flashlights, held by everyone but only certain ones were actually turned on, as Xros Heart walked down it.

“This is creepy.” Shoutmon grumbled. “Why the hell would Matadormon come down here for anyways?”

“It’s a good hiding spot,” Lopmon said as she lead them forward, looking for any possible places her Drill-Key could fit into, “nobody would want to come down here if they were sane. Not even Matadormon’s subordinates.”

Kotemon, who had reloaded finally and was itching to give his rival a good smack down, rolled his neck. “I’m surprised ol’ Spike-face came down here at all in the first place. He’s not one to get his hands dirty unless he can avoid it.”

Spadamon, arms crossed behind his head, yawned. “Well, whatever this “Giga-Break” project is, surely it can’t be that impressive if it’s locked away down here.”

“I wouldn’t be so sure.” Akari said with a frown. “Anything Tactimon’s got up his sleeve is bound to be important.”

“Agreed.” Dorulumon nodded. “Tactimon is the kind of person who has a back up plan for every back up plan for every back up plan for every single plan he makes.” He narrowed his eyes. “Whatever “Giga-Break” is, him losing control over it was probably already planned for.” He smirked. “I’m betting Tactimon even has a plan to use us to defeat Matadormon in the first place.”

“Seriously?” Shoutmon asked. “You think he’s planned this?”

“Something’s been making me feel off ever since we talked to Lilithmon in the void.” Dorulumon explained. “She seemed glad to hear that DarkKnightmon was dead, but apparently didn’t want someone to over hear.” he glanced around. “Tactimon also said back in Jungle Zone…”

And now, as the first Act of the story comes to a close, we start to get pieces put into place.


“At your current level, neigh, at those even higher, I can not even dream of fighting you and winning as I am now.” Tactimon smirked under his helmet. “Tell Hinomoto that the next time we meet, I want nothing more than to have a honest duel to see how far she’s surpassed her father.”


“A Honest duel?” Dorulumon frowned.

“You know…” Shoutmon frowned. “Tactimon said something else before that…And then with what we found in Akari’s Xros Loader…”

“Eh?” Akari looked over at him. “What did you find?”

Taiki looked over at her. “Well…”

“First off, there’s what Tactimon said.” Shoutmon began.


“You know, Tactimon,” Shoutmon started as he tightened his grip on his sword. “You really shouldn’t be so cordial with the guy who’s about to send you into next week!”

“Please.” Tactimon scoffed. “I Doubt this new fusion has time travel capabilities.”


“Then when Taiki was fixing the Xros Loader…”


“Physically? Nothing.” Hephaestus said. “Not even in the programming. In fact, the ONLY Discrepancy we can find is that some of it’s internal clock settings are twenty years fast.”

“Eh?” Everyone stopped at that, especially Shoutmon.

“The clock’s ahead?” he asked.

“The ‘Time Since Activation’ clock is Twenty Years fast.” Taiki nodded. “Even weirder, since it says the original activation date is sometime next year.”


“So maybe the clock’s broken?” Akari suggested.

I’m sure the readers are smart enough to have pieced it all together at this point, but Xros Heart needed to put the pieces together for themselves. And thus, this scene confirms some reader theories as it goes on.

“We thought so too.” Lopmon said. “But the Xros Loaders always sync to local time. The ONLY way the original activation date could be from next year is if it was actually activated on that date. It’s one of the things hardwired into the programming.”

And it Can’t be because it’s an older model with bad programming.” Hephaestus added. “I tried messing with the clock on Nene’s Xros Loader while we were working on it and I found something even more disturbing.”

“What?” Nene asked, stopping in her tracks. “Is it something to do with Dark Knightmon?”

“The Original Activation date was years ago.” Taiki said. “Around when you and Kotone were pulled into the Digital World.”

“Well that makes sense.” Sally said with a nod. “That’s when DarkKnightmon sent the Xros Loader and Nene took it.”

“The Disturbing part is that the Version number of the Operating System is smaller than the one on Akari’s.”Hephaestus explained. “I Checked Taiki’s after the last fight on a hunch. It’s activation date is when he was pulled to the Digital World, and it’s version number is somewhere in-between the two other Xros Loaders we’ve looked at.”

“That is disturbing.” Zenjirou frowned as he stared at his Xros Loader.

“The energy storms.” Shoutmon deduced with a snap of his fingers. “That’s got to be it.”

“Agreed.” Taiki nodded. “We’ve been teleported from one Zone to another before, and with the last surge, we all saw things from different points of time.”

And thus we find out a new piece of info about the Xros Loaders, and with it- the proper deduction is made.

The Static Storms are TIME RIFTS.

“So…” Sally began. “You think Tactimon’s from the future?”

“It makes sense.” Dorulumon frowned. “Actually, it makes a lot of things make sense.”

“Like?” Lopmon asked.

“Like the fact that the three Generals used to hold private conversations that had nothing to do with the planning stages of the war.” Dorulumon said. “The bits and pieces that people were able to gather made no sense in context. Just some far-away land no-one had heard of before.”

“What was it called?” Akari asked.

“They called it ‘Digi-‘” Everyone stopped.


“Well. That’s unexpected.” Wizardmon said with a frown.

Cutemon, who had been silent all this time as he thought about his parents, trembled as he clenched his fists. “OH COME ON!”

Before Xros Heart lay a branched path.

Three forks in the road.

Each tunnel as dark and as gloomy as the last.

And so before that crucial sentence could be completed, They have to split up.

This is kind of sort of metaphorical, kind of sort of foreshadowing, and kind of sort of bad timing.


Shoutmon sighed. “Alright, looks like we don’t have much of a choice.” he marched over to the lead position, then turned around to face everyone. “We split into three teams, each with a Xros Loader. We are NOT getting caught with out pants down here. Not like with Arkadimon.” He nodded quickly. “We have Four working Xros Loaders, so that means we can afford to double team on one group.” He pointed at Zenjirou, Nene, Kotemon, and Lila. “You guys will take the left path.” he pointed at Akari. “You’re taking Dorulumon, Lopmon, Cutemon, and Wizardmon to the right.” he jabbed his thumb over at Taiki. “Taiki, Sally, Spadamon, and I will take the middle corridor.” he clapped his hands before anyone could protest. “let’s go, people! We’ve got a mad matador to catch!”

Speaking of said Mad Matador, Matadormon had arrived at his destination: A massive chamber that was buried under the middle of Sweets Zone entirely.

To be honest, it looked like someone had taken a garbage disposal blade-gnashing-whirling-death-device out of a sink, used a hugenifyer on it, then built a floor around it, then the huge massive walls, then the ceiling, and then topped it all off with a massive, green, octagonal shaped box on the roof, directly above the giant garbage disposal.

Matadormon laughed to himself for a single second, more of a guffaw than a chuckle, before he turned towards the far wall and the ladder that rested there upon. “Xros Heart has fallen for my trap hook line and sinker…” he giggled as he began climbing. “Oh how I wish I could see their faces when I unleash their worst nightmare upon them…”

They split up with Shoutmon arbitrarily assigning routes. …And Matadormon makes a fishing joke.


“Why are you doing this?” Spadamon asked, not above a whisper, as he narrowed his eyes.

“Like I said.” Shoutmon grinned at the ‘mon. “Things’re in motion already. I just chose groups at random!”

“Like hell you did!” Spadamon growled, the hair on his tail flaring up like a cat’s. “You did not make random groups! That was a deliberate choice!”

“Well we can’t all make random decisions that seem like deliberate choices, now can we?” Shoutmon said with wry smile.

“You…You…!” Spadamon clenched his fists. “oh I swear if I didn’t hate that dumb stupid quadrant system to the ends of the earth…!”

“What quadrant system?” Shoutmon asked, blinking in confusion.

Spadamon is referring to Maryam Monthly again, which is odd that Shoutmon hasn’t gotten this reference. Maybe he’s just playing dumb? IDK.

“Never you mind!” Spadamon poked the Dragon in the chest before huffing and storming down the hallway, which seemed to be leveling out now, and not going down as far.

Shoutmon glanced backwards at Sally and Taiki, apparently they were too engrossed with their own conversation to have noticed his conversation.

“So you really think there’s time travel involved?” Sally was asking.

“It makes sense when you look at everything.” Taiki answered. “The dimensional rifts, the mis-matched dates on the Xros Loaders… Something’s not right and time travel’s the only way to piece it all together.”

“Do you think it’s got something to do with the Bagura Empire?” Sally asked. “I know Baguramon, their leader, has an attack called ‘Dimensional Storm’, so…”

“It could be.” Taiki shrugged. “The Code Crown absorbed the power of a device that was designed to reset a whole timeline when it was destroyed. If Bagura’s after it for that fact alone, not to mention the ability to format the Digital World whatever way he likes…”

“Still…” Sally frowned. “My mom always told me there was ‘no such thing as time travel’ and that it was just a ‘literary device used to create mischief by untalented writers’, which never really made sense to me since she loved…” She took a moment to think back about something. “Doctor Who! The whole show’s about time travel! Heck, they even had an AWESOME time-travel plot in the Sixth series!”

“Really?” Taiki blinked. “I don’t remember that one.”

“Well, the Eleventh Doctor…”

Shoutmon tuned them out and marched on ahead after Spadamon. “Oi! Wait up!”

Taiki is covering his tracks here- He has NEVER seen Doctor Who.

I think.

Zenjirou’s group was the first to actually find something.

“Ewww…” Lila grimaced as she stared at the slobbering beast blocking their path. “What the heck is this thing?”

“It’s a Raremon.” Kotemon said, disgusted. “What one’s doing here, I have no clue.”

“What do we do about it?” Nene asked.

“Just walk around it.” Kotemon said with a shrug.

And so the quartet of tunnel explorers worked their way around the slobbering Raremon, covering their noses as they did such.

Typical ‘walk around it’ scene.

A few moments after the group had left the beast behind, and it’s eyes grew accustomed to the dark again…

Raremon turned around and began pounding after them, roaring as it went.


In a single second, everyone stopped, turned around, widened their eyes in shock at the sight of Raremon chasing them, then, finally, they absconded as fast as their legs could carry them.

“!W!H!A!T!” Kotemon cried out in terror. “Raremon are NOT THIS FAST!”

“It’s a Zombieeeee!” Lila screamed.

Lila’s called it fairly accurately here! She doesn’t know how correct she is, however. This is just her brain working overtime 😛

“Reload!” Nene held out her Xros Loader. “Monitamonz!”

In a flash, the trio of green Monitamon reloaded from the light pink Xros Loader. “Moni!” Without missing a beat, they joined into the run.

“What’s the situation?” One of the Monitamon asked.

“Raremon’s chasing us!” Nene explained. “It must be a sentry!”

The Trio of Monitamon glanced back, then jumped into the air in surprise. “NO WAY!” they returned to Nene’s Xros Loader without missing a beat.

“Sorry, Nene-san!” the female Monitamon replied. “But we can’t fight that thing!”

The Monitamon FLAT OUT REFUSE to fight this Raremon.

“Looks like I’m up then!” Zenjirou pulled out his Xros Loader and held it high.

*Cue Kougeki Kaishi*

“STARMON!” Zenjirou ordered. “PICKMONZ!”

“HAIII!”Starmon reloaded.

“YEAH!” The Pickmonz joined him.



There was a flash of light surrounding Zenjirou’s Xros Loader, and when it faded, the Delta Rare Star Sword was held in his hands.

The Raremon, galloping at full speed, only paused in it’s gallop for a brief moment at the bright flash of light…And then began rolling head over heals towards them as its body kept it’s forward momentum.

“Yokay!” The kendo master spun around and brought the glowing blade down on Raremon. “CHORD CRUSHER!”

The Poor Raremon was hit with the strike, cutting it straight down the middle into two even pieces that just kept on rolling on past them before crashing into something not too far ahead.

And a bit of comedy to lighten the mood! Not by much however.

For the moment though, everyone just took the moment to take deep breaths and reflect on what had just happened.

“That. Was scary.” Lila breathed.

“Raremon don’t usually charge people like that.” Kotemon frowned. “You’re probably right about it being a sentry.”

“Thanks.” Nene smiled slightly.

“Which means…” Zenjirou narrowed his eyes. “Whatever it crashed into is what it was guarding.”

Indeed, the room the Raremon was guarding was directly ahead, and ten times as creepy.

Digimon were suspended from giant IV bags, and each bag was connected to a wire that seemed to feed off to somewhere else.

“w..What is this place?” Lila shuddered.

Let’s…Let’s follow those wires, shall we?

A visual cue here would be the camera following the wires, panning, upwards into the floor above:

Up one level, we reunite with Taiki’s group in what appeared to be some sort of control room. Machines covered with cloths were scattered all over the dark chamber; while the wires from below connected into them in a fairly obvious way that practically screamed “Jurry-rig,” and then carried themselves away to some other part of this strange laboratory. The machines- despite being covered, indicating misuse- were still humming away without a care in the world.

“What kind of a freak show is this Matadormon anyways?” Shoutmon frowned as he shined his flashlight onto a slightly faded poster on the wall. “Just look at this! ‘Under no Circumstances should anyone press the red button.’ Heh! Anyone who sees this is going to want to press that button out of spite!”

“The technology here looks like something my dad would use.” Sally mused aloud as she pulled a cloth off of a machine.

Taiki pulled a cloth off of what looked like it was a desktop station. “Ahha!” It was: A perfectly ordinary Desktop computer that seemed to be set to standby mode.

This room is NOT from the canon anime! This entire chamber is something that only exists due to Time Travel!

After a few minutes of looking, someone finally found something:

These Computers are old.” Hephaestus said as he and Taiki looked through the available documentation on the desktop computer. “Really old. Twenty years at least.”

“They look brand new though.” Shoutmon frowned.

“That’s because they’ve been constantly repaired and maintained.” Hephaestus continued. “The journal-log on this computer insists that whenever one breaks down, something’s on the verge of breaking out of containment.”

“Something?” Shoutmon frowned. “I don’t like the sound of that.”

“What’s even stranger is that they’re using some of my work in this!” Hephaestus frowned as he scrolled through a different program. “How the hell did they even manage to get a hold on the Xros Loader’s Data Vault program? Completely ignoring the fact that it’s been heavily modified to prevent whatever it is from breaking loose! Almost like it’s not enough to keep whatever it is stable…”

Taiki later writes said Heavy Modifications.

“I’m telling you, these look like my dad’s computers.” Sally said as she looked over one particular console. “Right down to the pointless blinking lights!”

“Sally’s father got the original Xros Loader, didn’t he?” Taiki asked the Denizen in his head. “Remember when Wisemon was showing us the past, and…”

“You’re right.” Hephaestus sighed. “I completely spaced it out…That explains the Xros Loader programming at least…But what the hell! There’s no way he could have had time to jury-rig something like this up in the short time they were all here in the Digital World!”

“Oi.” Spadamon called out as he pointed his flash light up at something on a nearby wall. “Come look at this!”

Shoutmon wandered over while Taiki and Sally looked up. “yeah?” Shoutmon asked. “What is it?”

Spadamon said nothing, but instead stepped back so that his flashlight illuminated more of the wall.

Taiki and Hephaestus gasping nearly simultaneously did not go unnoticed by everyone else.

“So that’s what this is all about.”The Denizen breathed shallowly.

“Breakdramon.” Taiki narrowed his eyes.

Indeed, the full wall mural was of the dangerous Digimon that had been seen in the future-vision, with the disturbing caption “Press the Red button to End the World.” written on the top and bottom.

“Well.” Shoutmon gulped. “I guess that explains the ‘something’ bit now, doesn’t it?”

Indeed- Breakdramon is here! What ominous-ness!

Matadormon settled down into his little chair and smirked as his fingers ran over the controls before him. “Hehe…” he giggled like a child. “Oh Xros Heart…Such fools…”

He pressed the “Giant, Big, Red, Threatening Button That Must Never Ever Be Pressed Under ANY Circumstances (TM)” in the center of the console above him.

“Prepare to die now, my little snacks!”

He then proceeded to laugh like an idiot who thought he knew better and didn’t know when to stop making things worse…

…For himself.

Suddenly, the machines around them started beeping loudly as if they had gone into cardiac arrest.

“What the hell?” Shoutmon growled.

“I didn’t press anything!” Spadamon gulped.

“Not.” Sally narrowed her eyes. “Good.”

The Giant, Big, Red, Threatening Button That Must Never Ever Be Pressed Under ANY Circumstances– This is a Doctor Who shoutout.

One among many, this chapter.

Suddenly, the Digimon in the plastic bags began writhing in pain as the liquid around them glowed with a diluted green glow.

“What the-!” Nene took a step back.

“Guys!” Lila squeaked as a groan came from behind them. “We’ve got company!”

The Raremon that had been chopped in half was now marching towards them from two separate directions.

“Z-Z-ZOMBIE!” The flower girl squealed in terror.

“There’s more!” Kotemon growled as he watched the green energy flow down into the cords and then up into the ceiling. “Something’s happening!”

Indeed it was, that green energy was DATA- all necessary Data for one certain Digimon to live was being stripped forcibly from these poor captives…But their suffering didn’t end there.

No, this strange liquid only took enough data to remove their individuality, transforming each and every one of them into a slimy creature…


…That then proceeded to break out of their bags once their data had been removed.

“Correction.” Lila said calmly. “ZOMBIES!” she squealed again.

“Wh-!” Zenjirou gulped as they were surrounded on all sides by Raremon. “This…Is not good!”

“Daaataaaa…” The Raremon entoned. “Daaataa!”

“Zenjirou?” Nene frowned as she pulled out her Xros Loader.

“Right, Nene-chan.” He pulled out his own.


The green energy from below flowed into the machines around them. Hephaestus growled in annoyance as the computer he had been using crashed with a dreaded Blue Screen of Death. “No! No! NO! You are NOT doing this!”

“What’s wrong?” Shoutmon asked.

Taiki turned to face them, horror in his eyes, as he said his next words as slowly as possible. “Someone pressed the red button.”

Akari’s group stopped in surprise as the green tubes that had appeared in their tunnel a little while ago were filled with blinding energy.

“What the!” Dorulumon growled.

“This isn’t good!” Wizardmon frowned. “This energy…! It doesn’t feel right…”

As if to punctuate this, Cutemon suddenly screamed out as he pressed his hands up against his head-phones. “NO! NO NO NO NO!”

“Cutemon!” Akari reached out for the bunny, whose body was starting to glow in a similar green glow.

The Energy that’s being extracted? The same as Cutemon’s Spiral powers. The poor kid just doesn’t understand what’s going on.

“System’s crashing!” Taiki growled as he tried rebooting the computers around him. “I can’t stop it!”

“I can’t find the main terminal either!” Sally called out from the other side of the room. “Someone’s removed the main circuit breaker from it! Dad always puts it on his core machine just to be on the safe side!”

“We’re going to have to do something!” Spadamon gulped as a siren began wailing all throughout Sweets Zone, but most particularly in that room.


Suddenly, one of the machines exploded as Shoutmon’s Mic-stand crashed into it.

A moment later, everything that wasn’t a flashlight went dark, and the room became quiet save the quiet sparking from the damaged computer.

“Well…” Shoutmon coughed as he waved away the smoke. “Let’s never do that again!”

The Zombie Raremon stopped in their tracks, not seconds away from forcing their way through the bubble shield both HighVision Monitamon had created around our heroes.

“Why’d they stop?” Lila asked.

“Who cares.” Kotemon growled as he looked at the frozen Digimon. “Now’s our chance to get the hell out of here!”

Surprisingly- shutting down the servers make the Raremon stop! What the hell? How did that work? …Meh, technojargon babble babble.

Matadormon stared blankly at the holographic display that had popped up before him. “What.”

The message on the display read as follows in a very cutesy font type:

ERROR: Data Drain halted at 96% Completion due to
Physical error at Host:
Callstack Variable Exceptions:

Power Upload Failure: Unit K-7-9

Exceptions in programming:
ERROR:Unable to load list
ERROR: unable to access backup data units
ERROR: Data loss at Physical Unit K-7-9
“GigaBreak_Exe” unable to compile
Program Will Self-Terminate in 10 (TEN) Seconds.
Press Any Key To Continue.

Blue Screen of Death– 14 LINE CALL STACK VERSION!

The ONLY thing that’s a shout out in this pile of random jargon is “Data Drain.” From the .Hack// Series.

Matadormon: Flip out.

“WHAT DO YOU MEAN NINETY-SIX PERCENT ! ?” Matadormon began rocking in his seat, yanking at the controls in front of him with rage and impedance and generally flipping out like a weasel king faced with the impending destruction of his universe by the hands of a Demonic Monster King-pin whose only sworn enemy is a particularly hard boiled detective with the power of SLEUTH DIPLOMACY. “WHAT DOES THIS TECHNO-JARGON-BABBLE-BABBLE EVEN MEAN ! ?” he cried with annoyance as he began hitting random buttons at random. “WHAT! THE! HELL! DO! YOU! MEAN! NINETY! SIX! PERCENT? ! !”

He slammed his head into the console.

Problem Sleuth again. Techno-jargon-babble-babble is Gunnerkrigg Court. Also: Punctuated For Emphasis and a FACEDESK.

The emergency lighting flickered on, leaving Akari’s group alone in a dim, red lit corridor.

Cutemon shuddered.

“Cutemon?” Lopmon asked. “Are you ok?”

“That…That energy…” The boy shivered. “it’s not right…”

“You could say that again.” Wizardmon muttered to himself.

“Cutemon?” Akari asked. “What happened?”


“Oi.” Dorulumon frowned slightly. “What’s gotten you all worked up all of a sudden?”

“My parents..” Cutemon managed. “I could hear them crying out…”

“Oh no.” Lopmon frowned.

“I..I could…” he gulped. “They said my name…” Cutemon said finally. “My other name…The one my mom gave me…” he looked up at them. “They told me to run.”

Here it is- Cutemon’s reaction….And also…

Akari blinked. All Digimon had two different names, a Species name that most usually went by in diverse groups such as in armies like Xros Heart, and Family names- like in the Human world- that they rarely went by when there were massive groups of the same Digimon in an area, but were more typically used between close family groups- such as between siblings, parent and child, and lovers. “Then that means…” She began.

“They were my parents.” Cutemon sniffed as his eyes began to water. “I finally found them and they tell me to run?”

“That Coronamon was right.” Lopmon said. “They don’t want him to help with whatever’s going on…”

“It’s one thing coming from a stranger, but…” Cutemon sniffed again, trying to keep from crying. “When I hear it really from them?”

Some exposition on the Name thing! I’d been inconsistent up to this point so I decided to explain it a bit.

“Got it.” Hephaestus said as he brought the desktop computer back online. “Now let’s see…”

The computer seemed to be running through some sort of automated Disk-Check that was triggered from the crash. Except…

“What’s this?” Taiki frowned.

Once it completed, instead of bringing up the desktop, the monitor went black… But it was a grey-ish black of a video, not the black of nothing to show. Furthermore, static began pouring out of the tiny box-speakers that were so common with Desktop computers.

There was a pop from the speakers as the static turned to a single tone while the screen turned a green-ish shade of blue.

A moment later, the video began playing.

“Well. I suppose there’s no getting around this.” The boy in the video said as he sat down in the chair, revealing his face to the screen. “Taiki-san, Sparrow-san, Shouto-san.” blue eyes blinked at the camera, partially hidden behind golden hair. “Good afternoon.”

And now- Sally Sparrow once again is caught up in a “Blink” plot.

“What the…?” Sally blinked.

“Yuu?” Taiki breathed.

“Yup!” The boy in the video smiled. “That’s me!”

“What the! ! ?” Spadamon jumped back. “How did he…?”

“Transcript.” The boy held up a small stack of paper. “And yes, Sparrow-san, this is like in that one Episode of Series Four.”

“How did he know I was…?” Sally stared at the video.

“Thinking that? heh.” The boy grinned some more. “I think I answered that question already, didn’t I?”

We’re formally introduced to one YUU AMANO here, aka, the Boy who Taiki failed to save.

“Yuu…” Taiki stared at the video playing. “What are you doing here?”

“Well, Taiki-san.” the boy leaned back in his chair, putting his hands behind his head. “That’s all relative. I’m actually not in the Digital World at all.” He laughed. “And yes, I know about it. I also already know what your theories are at this point of time, you told me all about it already.”

“Well that’s a relief.” Shoutmon frowned. “We told him about it already?”

“Just trust me when I say you’re all on the right track.”

“What?” Taiki asked. “That Tactimon’s a Time traveler?”

“Spoilers!”the boy winked.

“Oi.” Sally frowned. “Now I know he’s just messing with us.”


Dang it River.

“To be fair, Sparrow-san. You wrote this out for me in advance.”The boy said as he leaned forward, holding up the stack of paper again.

“What?” She blinked. “I’m intentionally playing out that one episode for my own benefit?”

“Why yes, yes you are.” And at that moment, a slightly older looking Sally Sparrow leaned into the camera’s view.“Hi past-me!” she gave a cute little wave. “Hey Past-Taiki!” she winked. “Shoutmon.” she narrowed her eyes.“Don’t press the green button.”

“What green button?” Shoutmon frowned.

“Oi.” A voice from off camera dragged the future Sally back behind it. “That’s enough of that!”

Taiki blinked as he recognized it. “That’s my voice.”

The Green Button thing is just Sally trolling Shoutmon here.

There isn’t a green button.

“Exactly the same as that vision we had…”Hephaestus remarked.

“Yup, Hephaestus-sama!” The boy nodded. “That’s exactly it!”

“You mean that…?” Taiki began, only to stop as the boy in the video continued.

“That you’re rigging up your own past?” A nod. “Yup!”

“Why?” Taiki asked.

“‘Cause.”The boy replied.


“Actually, I’m surprised you recognized me at this point!” the boy began wandering off on a tangent. “But then again, You still have my goggles at that point of time, so…” as if to prove that point, the boy grabbed said goggles from off screen and placed them on his head. “How do I look?”

And here’s where we find out that Yuu is the boy Taiki got his goggles from.

Taiki paled. That explained why he had different goggles in that vision, he’d actually managed to give the boy his goggles back.

“I’m taking the lack of reaction as: ‘pretty good!’ Haha!”


“Alright!” Spadamon growled. “Can SOMEONE please tell me what’s going on here?”

“Right, sorry.” The boy smiled apologetically. “Down to business…” he took a deep breath, then looked down at his script. “Alright, so apparently I’m going to say this: You’re about to fight a Digimon that has armor and weapons that are practically invulnerable.”

“Breakdramon.” Shoutmon guessed.

And here’s the important part of the message. Instead of “Don’t blink,” it’s a warning about Breakdramon.

“Exactly.” the boy in the video nodded. “The only way to defeat this guy is to turn his own attack against him.”he paused for a moment as something caught his attention off camera. “You want me to say what?” There was an impatient tapping from off screen that seemed to be coming from a board of some sort. “Fine fine…” the boy rolled his eyes. “Taiki-san, Taiki-san says ‘don’t play by “His” rules.’ What does that even mean, anyways?” The boy narrowed his eyes. “Taiki. Please stop…Just stop writing it down already! I’m just going to have to say it again anyways!”the boy got up and left the camera’s sights.

Ironically, they’ve just done the exact same thing with Breakdramon’s past self, there in the future. A bit more ironically than what’ll happen in this chapter…but close enough 😉

Future-Sally then quickly sat down in the boy’s seat and gave a small smile. “Sorry guys, but this is where the transcript ends!” she reached up to brush part of her hair out of her eyes, then placed a small hair-clip in to hold it in place. “So, I’m going to give you some advice about the rift-things!”

“What the hell.” Sally stared at the blank screen. “Why am I so…cheerful again?”

“Casual Spoilers!” future-her winked again. “Anyways! When the next rift opens, you all need to do one thing: Don’t.”

“Blink?” Sally finished.



“Blink and you’re a goner!” the future her giggled. “Don’t worry though, the worst that you’ll have to do is take the long way around!” she sighed. “Okay, enough of this. If I keep going on and on and on, you’re just going to take out your gun and-“


Everyone flinched away as the screen went blank, and the computer shut down from the new aperture in it’s tower of parts.

Sally-Future is speaking from experience here. Also lampshading the Blink Scenario they’re in.

Also, Both Sally’s took out their guns and shot the camera and computer tower. She just doesn’t like that she’s done this to herself.

“She…Knew I was going to do that, right?” Sally asked.

“I’d say so.” Shoutmon frowned. “Too bad we can’t go back to that, I thought I saw some writing on that hair clip of hers.”

“Okay.” Spadamon frowned. “Can someone explain to me what the hell just happened here?”

Sorry Spadamon. Nobody knows just yet.


The wall shattered, allowing Zenjirou’s group to abscond through it and into the massive garbage disposal chamber (now dark and dim and without power) just as the Raremon began to gather their wits about them and resume the chase.

Of course, there was just the ever so tiniest hint of a drop to the floor below.

Only about one story.


Thankfully, the HighVision Monitamon had that covered with their ninja-skills, managing to create a Ten foot wide, 25 foot long air mattress below the targeted landing zone.

“Ow…” Lila groaned.

Of course, they’d all managed to land on the same spot- namely: each other- so the relative damage sustained from the drop was still slightly higher than it would have been had they jumped one at a time.


Of course, Ballistamon, going last, didn’t even land on the mattress.

“N’gah.” he said simply.

Poor Ballistamon.

“That’s going to leave a mark…” Kotemon grumbled as he readjusted his helmet.

At that moment, on the exact opposite side of the room, Akari’s group emerged from the end of their path.

“Zenjirou!” Akari waved as she spoke into the wrister. “Nene!”

“Oi!” Zenjirou called back. “How’d you get all the way over there!”

“We just followed our path to the end.” Dorulumon said. “What about you?”

“ZOMBIES!” Lila cried out, not even bothering to use any available wrister, instead opting to point straight up towards the shambling Raremon that couldn’t figure out where their prey had gone.

“Oh…” Dorulumon paled. “Slime-crabs in a hat.”

Reasonably Clever/Brick House shout out modification.

“Crap in a hat” > “Crab in a hat” > “Slime-Crabs in a hat.”

Wizardmon raised an eyebrow at the unusual euphinisim, but otherwise did nothing to react to that particular statement; instead, he opted to ask the obvious. “What are Raremon doing down here?”

“Good Question, my little snacks!”came a voice over the loud speakers, that seemed to operate on battery.

“Matadormon!” Kotemon growled, fists clenched.

“Yes, that is me!” Matadormon said from his little control room, buried in the massive structure on the roof. “Hownice of you to drop by.”

“Oi!” Dorulumon roared into the chamber. “What did you do to Cutemon’s parents?”

Thus comes the dramatic moment!

“Oh, the Cutemon couple?” Matadormon laughed. “It seems like Tactimon’s plan worked to fruition! You’re now down here in revenge, instead of simply hunting me down! Hah! Alas, A shame the Tactician won’t be able to see this. Despite your little sabotage attempt, Giga-Break reached the crucial progress marker, and from here, I can simply use those two rabbits and their incredible Spiral Energy reserves to power up my little weapon of mass destruction and- oh, I suppose this is obvious- Kill You All.His voice dripped with…a tone One can’t really describe well. It…Just Dripped with…Drippy…Derpy…ness.

I really screwed that metaphor up didn’t I?

Let’s try that again.

His voice dripped with sarcasm and hunger on the last three words.

…What the hell past me?

For crying out loud, you could hear him licking his lips.




Past me???

“Did anyone else get really creep-ed out by that just now?” Lila asked while cowering behind Zenjirou.

“Yes.” The boy said, his voice high in pitch due to fear.

“LET MY PARENTS GO!” Cutemon yelled. “Let them go right now or I will rip your tongue out and feed it to you!”

This is QUITE Violent for Cutemon! Wow, I can’t believe he actually went there.

“Hm, Amusing offer, rabbit. But I doubt you have what it takes to defeat my ultimate weapon…!”The room suddenly took on a deep, dark red afterglow as warning lights and hazard beacons flashed all over the room. Adding onto the threatening feel of the room was the buzzer that was going off as two bright spotlights shone upwards onto the green box on the roof.

There was a hydraulic wheel on the center that had just been un-sealed, and was now twisting and turning open.

With a loud hiss, the wheel fell off, and the Octagonal box began splitting up into it’s eight pieces, each end sliding into the far corners of the room.

There were un-clamping sounds, and then a massive box, dark teal and neon purple in color, began to unfold from it’s position on the roof.

The…Creature…was upside down, still attached to the roof as it was, but even at this angle, you could get it’s general appearance down in one shot: MASSIVE.

It looked like a Brachiosarous, only mechanical in nature. It had massive, golden drills attached to it’s back (much like Dorulumon’s); it’s head lifted up (down, technically) like it was a massive construction crane- In fact, the two arms that sprouted from it’s side WERE construction cranes, turned on their sides- and on top said head was a bubble dome, obviously a force-field protecting the inside glass-dome that contained the cockpit and Matadormon.

Also, the “BREAKDRAMON” lettering that had been printed on it’s side had an obvious addition to it: “GIGA” had been written into what little margin space was available before the name in a COMPLETELY different font style. The bastard.


Unlike Canon, the battle order is GIGA-BREAKDRAMON and *THEN* BREAKDRAMON!

I was pretty confident at the time that when people read this description they had a “Oh SNAP!” reaction to this little swap about.

“GIGA-BUREAKDRAMON!”Matadormon concluded, as the whole above sequence took no more than fifteen seconds.

Yes, indeed, this monster was named “GIGA-BREAKDRAMON.”

It was a force to be reckoned with.

“INFINITY BORING!”Matadormon ordered as he threw a switch.

Almost immediately, every single drill that adorned this monster (Yes, even the drill on its nose) launched out from their holders, snaking down with a might vengeance as they revved up to nearly impossible speeds.

“SCATTER!” Dorulumon roared.

Thankfully, The Drills had no functioning auto-targeting programs, and GigaBreakdramon had a hard time seeing uniformly, what with its eyes on the sides of its square head as they were, so the drills went wild, missing their intended targets by a wide margin.

And so, with Akari’s Group hiding back inside the tunnel they’d emerged from, and with Zenjirou’s group having absconded to a nearby alcove, all Matadormon succeeded in doing with his drill attack was wreck the show-room floor.

“Damn it…” Matadormon growled. “I knew I should have made sure that the targeting program worked first!”

It seems to me that every Breakdramon Pilot in this story so far has been about as insane as the Machine itself.

 that moment that a glowing red spot on a nearby wall caught everyone’s attention.

“Oh what now?” Lopmon groaned.

“That looks like…!” Nene began.

A moment later, the wall exploded outwards, scattering debris everywhere.

As the smoke cleared, Two forms became visible- Shoutmon and Taiki- The former with his Mic-stand smoking from an over-powered Soul Crusher attack, and the latter with his fists transformed into their smack-down mode, held triumphantly in a punching position.

“Taiki!” Zenjirou grinned. “He’s alright!”

“He didn’t run into any Zombies?” Lila asked, overjoyed.

“N’gah!” Ballistamon nodded.

“Oi!” Shoutmon called out. “What the hell’s going on out here?”

“YOU!” Matadormon relaunched one of the Drills right towards the opening in the wall. “YOU’RE THE ONES WHO WRECKED THE SERVERS!”

Neither of them flinched as the drill approached their position.

And why should they when Taiki simply morphed his right arm into a matching drill, and punched the opposing drill into oblivion.

Drill? Meet Drill.

This is a NEW Attack, not borrowed from Generator Rex.

“What the!” Matadormon gasped.

“ALRIGHT TAIKI!” Zenjirou grinned.

“Show ‘im who’s boss, brother!” Starmon cheered.

“YEAH!” The Pickmonz agreed.

*cue Kougeki Kaishi*

“Well then.” Shoutmon smirked as the goggle-boy turned his hands back to normal and then wiped the dust off. “Shall we teach this guy a lesson?”

“Let’s.” Taiki grinned as he pulled out his Xros Loader.

Seeing this as their cue, Nene and Akari raised their Xros Loaders as well.

“DIGI-XROS!”the trio called out from opposite sides of the room.

With this triumphant display, Xros Five enters the scene.

“METEOR BUSTER ATTACK!”The Fusion didn’t waste time at soaring up into the air, bringing the Star Sword down upon Matadormon’s fancy ride.

Of course, GigaBreakdramon had an easier time targeting an enemy that was closer to it.


Poor Xros Five just wouldn’t cut it for this battle. EVERY SINGLE DRILL came pounding down, smashing into Xros Five’s chest, and pushing him into the nearest far wall, a mere SECOND before he would have hit the beast.

Thankfully for Xros Five, the Drills were not very sharp (actually rather dull, which is why Taiki’s Drill had been able to pierce through the whole of one), but if they continued pressing forward, eventually something would crack. “GARRR!” Shoutmon growled. “That really tickles!”

“SHOUTMON!” Akari cried out in horror.

“S-Sensei!” Cutemon gasped.

Of course, while Xros Five was distracting GigaBreakdramon and his pilot, Taiki was able to sneak up behind the beast with his jet wings.

AH- I just realized something here.

Both times that Breakdramon goes on a rampage without it’s pilot…Taiki causes it.


“TAKE THIS YOU LOUSY IMITATION!”Hephaestus roared as he and his host swung their sword arm through the clamps holding GigaBreakDramon to the roof.

Poor Matadormon’s eyes widened in shock as gravity took hold. “Mamma.” he whimpered before they fell to the ground below.

The Drill attack against Xros Five stopped as bright, golden light filled the room from above.

The sun was high in the sky, now visible thanks to the clouds that were parting.

In the briefest moments GigaBreakdramon lay overturned on top of the massive garbage disposal, which had now activated- somehow, despite the loss of power to the room- thanks to something lying on top of it.

GigaBreakdramon seemed broken, and battered, and there was no sign of whether or not Matadormon had survived or not…

Then, a mysterious green glow began to cover the robot; Cracks began to vanish, metal began to unbend and snap back into place, the drill that Taiki had broken regenerated and those that remained sharpened considerably: finally, ever so slowly, GigaBreakdramon rose to it’s feet.

“Oh you think that will stop GigaBreakdramon?” Matadormon asked through the Digimon’s own loudspeakers. “Like I was saying before, the two sources of Spiral Power within this robot- those Cutemon you want so badly- are able to not only power this robot, but also can heal any damages done to it!”

However, now with Gigabreakdramon on the ground, Xros Five just didn’t care.

Spiral Power. Quite amazing, isn’t it?

“METEOR BUSTER ATTACK!”The blazing V shaped fire-sword-strike came blasting down, hitting GigaBreakdramon dead on.

There was an explosion, but any damages were repaired by the green glow.


Another explosion- no damage.





Explosion after explosion.

Nothing damaged this beast.

Xros Five actually can’t DAMAGE this thing because of The Cutemon healing any damage.

“HAHAH!” Matadormon laughed as he looked back towards the back of his chamber, where the two Cutemon were held in bags, just like the other Digimon from the zone. “Oh and the amusing thing is, GigaBreakdramon doesn’t feel pain at all! All of those attacks you’re throwing are being felt by the very ones you’re trying to save!”

“What?” Shoutmon froze.


“HAHA!” Matadormon laughed as he threw Xros Five into the far wall with the crane arms. “Made you look!”

“Why…You…!” Shoutmon pushed himself out of the wall…


Suddenly, the whole room took on a purplish glow as everyone was pulled down to the ground, as if gravity had suddenly increased by ten fold!

“What…” Akari gasped. “The?”

“This…Just isn’t fair!” Zenjirou struggled to push himself up.

Taiki was having it worse- Any of his builds were weighing him down- Nothing could get him up.

GigaBreakdramon didn’t seem to be affected in the least.

Ironically, this can serve as a Shout Out to SAO’s Fairy Dance arc’s conclusion… But I didn’t write it as such.

“Haha!” Matadormon grinned. “This is GigaBreakdramon’s Gravity Press attack.” he proceeded to elaborate as everyone fought against the attack. “It transfers it’s own weight mass to EVERYONE in the area! Making them unable to move, while it can move around just fine!”

“yeah?” Shoutmon smirked. “Well guess what?”

“Hm?” Matadormon turned around just in time to see a HALF-SCALE Xros Five blasting towards him.

“We’ve got our own sliding adjustment scale!”Sally grinned, having used the size adjustment data that she somehow possessed to change the scale of Xros Five’s mass, immediately negating the effect of the Gravity Press attack.


…The fist impacted GigaBreakdramon’s head- specifically, the bubble dome that had been added to it.

AHHA! Sparrowmon’s size adjustment ability actually has USE here! CHEKOV’S SKILL!

The bubble dome was designed to hold back energy attacks- but as the Meteor Impact hadn’t even been CHARGED by the Airspace, the attack was physical- and the dome was most definitely NOT designed for physical attacks.

Matadormon didn’t even have time to gasp as his control room was vaporized, sending GigaBreakdramon into a thrashing frenzy before it fell over and collapsed once more- this time with it’s head over the garbage disposal.

Xros Five was still floating in the air, however, and had something held tightly within his hand, something that was still connected to GigaBreakdramon by two long, glowing, green tubes.

GigaBreakdramon’s injuries began healing themselves over as per the automated process, but when the bridge repaired itself, the cords were cut by the glass and energy domes reforming at the same time.

The Gravity Press attack cut itself off as the robot’s power supply was removed, and the robot shut down.

Everyone stared at the slumbering beast as Xros Five lowered to the ground, next to Akari, Wizardmon, Lopmon, and Cutemon, before he deposited the two unconscious Cutemon to their son.

Shoutmon sighed in relief. “whewf. What a day!”

“Yeah.” Sally sighed as well. “Tell me about it.”

“Atleast that’s over with!” Zenjirou smiled. “So what do we do with tall, green, and purple over there?” he jabbed a thumb at the robot.

And YAY! Matadormon is DEAD, the Cutemon are Rescued, and everything’s over!

Xros Five shrugged. “We should destroy it. Nobody should get their hands on-” A Drill suddenly launched out and hit Xros Five in the chest, throwing the poor Digi-Xros into the wall YET AGAIN, and keeping him there as more drills rushed out to join their companions.

“SHOUTMON!” Akari called out in horror.

“GYAHHH!” Shoutmon cried out in pain as the drills began piercing through Xros Five’s tough armor in multiple places.

“KYUUU!”Cutemon suddenly threw his fists out as he immediately began healing over GigaBreakdramon’s damage to Xros Five… “Why?” he muttered to himself through gritted teeth and watery eyes. “WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY?”

“Youuuu…” Came a deep, rumbling voice from the robot that was, yet again, climbing to it’s feet. “Youuuuagaiiinnn…”

“What the?” Spadamon, who had been watching from the server room this whole time, gasped. “Why does this keep happening!”

“Can…we…help you?” Shoutmon asked through the pain of being drilled alive.

“YOUUUU!” GigaBreakdramon seemed outraged at Xros Five for some reason. “YOU NOT CAPTURE ME AGAIN!”

Breakdramon is MAD. This is one of the downsides of time-travel. Xros Heart hasn’t Captured Breakdramon yet- but he remembers them DOING it! So he’s going to get revenge for something that hasn’t happened yet!

The drills began revving up with even more power, pushing deeper and faster than poor Cutemon could keep up with.

“NO!” He cried out. “YOU! WILLNOT! PASS!”

It didn’t matter- in a matter of moments, Xros Five would have been drilled through front to back and then they would all be dead.

Then- Like a miracle waiting to happen- two more beams of green energy lanced out and hit Xros Five, managing to overwrite GigaBreakdramon’s progress, forcing the drills back by a major landmark.

“Huh?” Cutemon blinked suddenly as two hands placed themselves on his shoulders.

“I thought we told you to run!” To his left, came the firm voice of Cutemon’s father- A taller rabbit with a top hat and a vest. “To run away and never look back!”

“We never wanted you to be involved in this!” To his right, came the caring voice of Cutemon’s mother- a lighter pink shaded rabbit with a bandanna/scarf wrapped around her head. “What possessed you to come find us like this!”

“You’re my parents!” Cutemon said, narrowing his eyes in determination. “I did what you asked! And I’ve been running on the assumption that you were dead for the last few months!”

“Then why are you here?” His mother asked.

“I got stronger!” Cutemon said, pouring more of his energy into healing Xros Five. “I trained under my Sensei: Dorulumon! I Joined Xros Heart! I’ve beaten back more Bagura goons than I can shake a stick at!” he sniffed as he forced himself to stop crying. “I’ve gotten to the point that I figured- I’ve got a lead! Why Not?” he took a step forward, inching closer to Xros Five.

Cutemon’s motivations here are more selfish than in canon. He *Wants* to rescue his parents. He *KNOWS* he could rescue his parents.

And he’s done it!

“So that’s it then?” His father said as he and his wife matched steps with Cutemon. “You’ve decided to kick reason to the curb?”

“Exactly!” the boy said as he pushed himself another step forward. “I’m going to do the impossible! I’m going touch the untouchable!”

“ROW ROW!” the Pickmonz chimed in. “FIGHT DA POWWA!”

Cutemon’s quoting the song that GrandLocomon had playing during their raid on Chaosdramon’s HQ, which was in of itself a Gurren Lagann shout out because it was from Gurren Lagann.

Cutemon doesn’t realize how much fate he’s manipulating here with this song.

“SHOUTMON!” Cutemon called out. “What do ya say to fighting the un-fight-able?”

“Breaking the unbreakable?” Shoutmon asked, raising an eyebrow at the irony of facing off against GigaBreakdramon.


“ZENJIROU!” The red-pickmon called out from within Xros Five. “KICK IT UP TO ELEVEN!”

“GOTCHA!” Zenjirou held up his Xros Loader, and called out the magic words:

“SHOUTMON XROS FIVE! CUTEMON!” The Xros Loader lit up with brilliant green energy matching that of Cutemon’s healing powers. “DIGI-XROS!”

Cutemon literally merged with his energy field and shot directly into Xros Five…

This is Zenjirou’s accomplishment here- I’ll note. Everything past This Point (In rewrite, this song version would be used over the original one, maybe) is due to him having a Xros Loader. Not Taiki- Not Nene- Not Akari- it’s all on Zenjirou for this scene.

It just wouldn’t work any other way.

“Oi!” Shoutmon grinned as Cutemon joined them within the Xros. “Drillmon!” Together, everyone reached out to grab one of the spinning drills.

*cue Sora Iro Days*

Smoke shot into the air as Xros Five pushed one Drill away, managing to slow its rotation down with a horrible screech.

“I think…” They turned the drill on its side. “That this thing…” they grabbed hold of the cord with both hands. “Would look better…” With a horrible screach, Xros Five TORE the Cord in half while fighting off the other drills. “ON US!”

GigaBreakdramon faltered for a single moment, and each drill stopped for that split second.

Xros Five Slammed their right fist into the back end of the drill, still held by the cord with the left hand, and then roared as it became incorporated into their Digi-Xros.

This scene is simply as epic as it comes. They’re STEALING Breakdramon’s drill. Literally TEARING it off of him.

“RRRRRAAAAAHHHHHH!”the Digi-Xros Yelled as they exploded from the wall, transforming into their new form as they did so.

“SUPER GALAXY COMBINATION!” The body shone with crimson armor, their sword now incorporated into the torso to make it look more like a giant face. The legs and arms were thicker, and the Sparrow-wing assembly on the back had taken on a black coloring while the shield had vanished entirely. “GURREN LAGANN: XROS FIVE!”Oh, yeah, the helmet had changed too, and, topping it all off, were the brilliantly shining Awesome-Shades on the CHEST.

Can you hear it?

“Did…” Zenjirou stared in awe at the Xros. “Did I make that?”

This voice of mine,

“What.” Spadamon’s jaw had dropped to the floor.

Endlessly, was sucked into darkness.

“Not bad.” Taiki smirked. GigaBreakdramon was stepping back in horror now, obviously recognizing this Digi-Xros, even though this was the FIRST time it had been formed.

If the world,

“RAH!” GLX5 threw themselves forward, leading the attack with GigaBreakDramon’s re-purposed drill- Now Silver instead of Gold.

Has any meaning to it,

GigaBreakdramon threw a drill to counter it, and the two Digimon locked themselves against each other with their matching weapons. “NOOOO!” The machine cried out in fear.

“You’re a stain on this world’s history!” Cutemon growled. “I can’t allow such a thing to exist!”

then these kinds of feelings aren’t futile!

The Drill on GLX5 suddenly doubled in size, and they EASILY batted GigaBreakdramon’s drill away. And they lunged forward, dismissing the drill in the process.

I was crushed by my longing, and had given up.

GigaBreakdramon suddenly gulped as GLX5 dove down, UNDER it, and then pushed UP with both hands. “GALAXY RUSH!”

without even knowing the color of the endless sky!

They pushed up into GigaBreakdramon’s lower chest, and then, despite the massive weight difference, PUSHED the monster up into the air, up, and OUT through the hole in the roof.

I began to run, because my feelings, even now,
Are definitely beating against my heart!

The hole wasn’t nearly big enough, but they kept on pushing, and GigaBreakdramon went flying up into the frosty cold air of Sweets Zone, right up through the remnants of the giant kitchen and then out through the roof itself.

The me of today will continue towards our goal,
We’ll amass our own tomorrows

With one mighty heft, GLX5 THREW GigaBreakdramon down into the streets below, which, for some odd reason, made GigaBreakdramon seem ever so suddenly tiny when compared to the buildings.

The answer, yes, is always right here.

Oh what could it be?

I know.

The fact that the monster whose species was considered to be an omen of the end of days was cowering in fearof this Drill wielding DigiXros.

Even if Time Travel was involved somehow, GigaBreakdramon KNEW he was going to lose this battle. Somehow…Some way… This Digixros had already done something so impressive that it had scared him for life.

Alas, I think you can guess what that might be.

I don’t have time,

The battling duo stood across from each other, glaring daggers at the other.

To lament the seasons that have passed.

GLX5 summoned giant, silver drills on BOTH arms, then rushed forward, spinning with their whole body as well as spinning both drills.

GigaBreakDramon quickly countered with its own drills, but…

So that I won’t ever waver again,

GLX5 somehow managed to fused BOTH drills into one, massive, giant drill, that was spinning in perfect time with the actual full body rotation.

Anything GigaBreakdramon put of in forms of resistance were destroyed immediately.

And that included most of his drills.

With countless, tiny little,

Oh, alas, poor GigaBreakdramon, we barely knew ye.

Regrets carried in my arms.

The drills vanished, and GLX5 began PUNCHING GigaBreakdramon in the face. Repeatedly.

Inside the Xros, Cutemon’s eyes were closed in concentration as he focused all of his emotions into power to fight this Monster with.

“I’ve come this far,” He thought in time with the song that he couldn’t hear. “Having chased only after you,”

Here Cutemon is thinking the lyrics to the song- Beelzebmon did similar in his first appearance- Shouting a line in time with WE ARE XROS HEART.

Oooh. There went a round house kick. If GigaBreakdramon had teeth, they surely would have flown away with that combo attack!

This is something only I, seeking you, can do.

With one final Drop Kick, GLX5 took to the sky, summoning the first drill again. “GALAXY…”

Those words you gave me on that day, even now,

“GIGA DRILL…” They flew down, pierced GigaBreakdramon’s back with the drill, then let it rip! “SPIN!”

Definitely reach my heart!

Poor GigaBreakdramon was sent spinning BACK the way he came, towards the hole he had just been pushed OUT of, and…

I’ve realized my reason, for having been born,

“METEOR KICK!”The Moment GigaBreakdramon hit the edge of the pit, GLX5 soared down from above, planting a kick right in that last drill spot, sending GigaBreakdramon plummeting back down to the garbage disposal room.

With a massive CRASH and THWAM!, GigaBreakdramon hit the floor again, groaning in pain as GLX5 back flipped away from the monster as it tried to recover, much to the surprise of Xros Heart.

Today more than I did yesterday!

“What kind of attack was that!” Akari gasped at the battle.

The answer, yes, is always right here.

“This is our power!” Shoutmon said. “Cutemon’s power! Give up now and we won’t have to kill you!”

“NEVER!” GigaBreakdramon roared.

“Fine then.” Shoutmon summoned the massive right arm drill again. “But don’t say we didn’t give you the chance!”

“RARH!” GigaBreakdramon launched one final drill against GLX5, broken and battered as it was…

The attack never reached, as the drill fell apart half way to it’s target.

GigaBreakdramon whined, only briefly considering surrendering before dismissing the thought. Never. GigaBreakdramon would never surrender! “NEVER!”

It was as if everything was completely natural…

“CERTAIN KILL!” GLX5 began, making the drill grow to it’s full size.

Our precious days haven’t ended yet,

GALAXY…”he aimed it down at GigaBreakdramon.

And then, again…!

“DRILL!” he launched forward, revving the drill up to it’s maximum speed. “BREAK!”

I Began to run, because my feelings, even now,

GigaBreakdramon was hit dead on with the drill, straight from above…

Are definitely beating against my heart!

The Garbage disposal that had been activated YET AGAIN began to chew up GigaBreakdramon’s underside as it was pushed down into the masher from the drill force from above.

The me of today, will continue towards out destination!

Drill and Masher began crunching against each other as the digimon caught between them screamed a silent scream.

Then, there was a dual explosion as GigaBreakdramon AND the disposer detonated at the exact same moment.

We’ll amass our own tomorrows!

And so, as GLX5 stood in the clearing smoke, with data flowing up around him as GigaBreakdramon disintegrated

The answer, yes, is always right here.

Akari gave a thumbs up towards the DigiXros as the stolen data from the natives then drifted down towards their rightful owners and healed them of their zombification.

GLX5 raised a hand, and returned the thumbs up with a smile gracing the faces of all those inside the Xros.

Taiki simply shook his head in disbelief. “We are so getting sued by Sci-Fi if my mom doesn’t edit this when she writes the next series.”

“What?” Hephaestus asked, suddenly confused by the boy’s comment.

“Never you mind.” The boy laughed. “Never you mind…”

Taiki’s last comment there is a Meta joke. Sci-Fi brought over Gurren Lagann’s english dub. 😛 Seriously, though- i’d imagine to pull off a scene like this- or any with a spinning drill attack- there would need to be a LOT of legal loopholes filled in.

“I’m heading on ahead to the Next Zone.” Nene said as she and Sally stood before a Zone Portal. “We’ll meet you there.”

“Alright.” Taiki waved to them. “We’ve got some business to wrap up here anyways.”

“Oh, one more…” Nene had started to talk again, but Sally had cut her to the chase.

“Taiki, by the by, did you happen to catch what that other me had written on that hair clip?”

“Um, no.” The boy shook his head.

Sally, still hoping to get some revenge on Nene for her earlier trolling, then leaned in and whispered something into Taiki’s ear.

Whatever it was made his cheeks flush and cause Hephaestus to begin laughing without containment.

With that done, Sally spun around, grabbed Nene by the shoulder, and dragged her through the portal. “Let’s go.” she said flatly.

Okay, so Nene and Sally run off, with a hint that her future self’s hairclip is important.

As for what it is?

Shoutmon whistled lowly as he flipped Sweets Zone’s Code crown up and down in his hand like a coin. “So what was that all about?”

“Oh, let’s just say that we just got a bit more of foreknowledge from that video than Taiki thought.”Hephaestus said, as Taiki was still unresponsive to whatever it was Sally had said. “Remember how you pointed out the writing on the hair clip?”

Shoutmon frowned. “Please tell me that isn’t what I think it is.”

“Let’s just say that if this were an Anime,” the Denizen of the Forge remarked. “The Shipping community would be flipping out right about now as they rewound to freeze frame that exact shot.”

Shoutmon facepalmed. “I asked you not to tell me.”



What we see is a diamond shaped hair clip. What’s written on it is: “T<3S”

It’s a shipping thing.

They are now firmly cemented as a couple in the future. As if those hints weren’t heavy handed enough this arc as it were.

“You’re staying?” Cutemon asked his parents.

“Yes.” His mother said. “That nice man said we should stay here once we were released.”

“What nice man?” Cutemon asked, suddenly concerned.

“We, ah…” His father began. “We were contacted just before the Bagura invasion of our town…”

“He gave us a list of instructions to follow if we wanted you to stay safe.” His mother said. “Part of it was working with Tactimon for the duration of his experiments, and then staying in whatever Zone we were in once we were released.”

“Again, I ask…” Cutemon repeated. “What man?”

“He said his name was…”

“Boss?” The agumon asked as he and his partner overlooked Sweets Zone.

“Gurren Lagann, Agumon. Gurren. Lagann.” The man said aloud. “How did that happen here of all places?”

Marcus Damon. He’s just as confused as he rightly should be.




“Xros Heart. We need to talk.”

“What? What! WHAT!”

“Don’t Blink.”

“This is the final battle for the Code Crowns, everyone!”

“Don’t even blink.”

“I Can’t turn my back on them!”

“Blink and you’re dead.”

“You can’t possibly imagine how these small things affect the future!”

“Next Time: Digimon Xros Wars! Sword Zone Finale! Tactimon strikes!”


More BLINK foreshadowing. Fauxshadowing, even.

I give the Chapter title here…A bit of misdirection.


The crane rolled forward- making you, the viewers, slightly uncomfortable after having just watched GigaBreakdramon be drilled into oblivion- with Deuce and Konata still tied to it.

“Woah…” Slick muttered as he watched the sky crack open above their destination. “What’s that?”

“Looks like…” Droog began…


They felt the shock wave a moment later, causing their little construction crane to come to a halt.

“Woah.” Konata grinned. “That was awesome!”

After a moment, they kept driving…

Within thirty seconds, there was a ripping sound, and…

With a flash of demonic green light, a ShogunGekomon suddenly appeared, towering high up into the sky.

The Midnight Crew stopped dead in their tracks a good half-mile away from the karaoke bar.

“Isn’t that…?” Slick began.

“It is.” Boxcar replied.

“But why is he…?” Slick asked.

“No clue.” Boxcar replied.

And then a moment later, with a flash of cleansing green light, a robot tall enough to match the ShogunGekomon in a decent fight rose up to face it.

Professor Scratch EVOLVES into ShogunGekomon!

Let’s rewind a minute, and Join Xros Heart.


The Sword swung down, letting a massive wave of fire loose upon the cue-ball headed man…

He exploded with a horrible ripping sound and…with a flash of demonic green light, transformed into the massive, towering, ShogunGekomon.

“Well now.” Scratch bellowed in his British accent. “That wasn’t very nice.”

Xros Five stared up at the monster, blinking. Now their sizes had been switched, essentially.

“XROS FIVE!” Zenjirou called out, holding his Xros Loader up. “CUTEMON! DIGI-XROS!

Cutemon shot out from where-ever he was hiding at, and fused with Xros Five, transforming the color scheme and height up to give ShogunGekomon a good run for his money.

“SUPER GALAXY COMBINATION!” the Digi-Xros yelled as they brought out their giant, silver drill once more.“GURREN LAGANN: XROS FIVE!”

ShogunGekomon took a step back. “WHAT.”he said flatly.

Scratch, btw, has become the XWAU02 version of Lord English. But, I don’t think LE could stand up to GLX5.

Deuce and Konata watched with mixed horror and glee as the robot tore the shades off of it’s chest and threw them forward at ShogunGekomon.

The massive beast was sent flying up into the air as the shades split into two identical pieces and then lodged themselves into the Geko’s arms and legs and just KEPT ON SPINNING.

“CERTAIN KILL!” the robot cried out as it held the giant drill up above it’s head, suddenly making it twice as big.“GALAXY…!” it jumped into the air as the drill began spinning, using the thrusters on it’s back to propel them faster and faster then would seem possible with ordinary physics. “DRILL…!” The massive drill lightly touchedShogunGekomon’s chest… “BREAK!”

And then in the blink of an eye, GLX5 was on the other side of the massive geko that now had a matching hole through it’s chest.

Poor Scratch didn’t know what hit him, other than the fact that he picked the wrong day to be a gang leader.

“Uhhhh…” Spades Slick stared at the leader of their rival gang disintergrating into data. “Right…”

“I think that’ll keep the Felt out of town for a while…” Deuce deduced. “What do you think?”

“Uh…” Slick kept staring.

“I think that means he’s going to let us go now, right?” Konata asked.

“Probably.” Deuce nodded.

So far, for a Karaoke Ending there hasn’t been much Karaoke.

“Ahoyyy!” Konata waved as she and Deuce walked up to the Karaoke Bar. “What’s shakin’?”

“Konata!” Kagami the Terriermon growled as she marched over to the Togemogumon. “Just where have you been?”

“Oh! Deuce here was just showing me this awesome place to watch the sunrise at!” she said. “And then we saw you guys drilling through the Felt’s leader so we came right on over here!”

“Hmmf.” The Terriermon stared at the nervous looking boy for a few moments, then sighed as she stormed off. “Fine. Whatever…”

Dorulumon rolled his eyes at their antics. “Heh…Kids…”

“Oh, By the way.” Deuce began. “Can we come with you, mister wolf?”

“Eh?” The wolf blinked. “What?”

And these two are tagging along! NEVER TO BE SEEN AGAIN AFTER THIS CHAPTER until Hunters starts up, btw.

I just couldn’t work them into the plot.

“Told ya!” Shoutmon grinned as he held up the Code Crown. “Just had to fight someone, and BAM! There it is!”

“Heh…” Akari smiled at him. “Well, that’s a relief.”

“Hm…” Taiki frowned as he stared at his Xros Loader. “I think I did my math wrong…”

“What?” Shoutmon blinked.

“With this one, that means we have an extra one somehow. 32 instead of 31.”

“So…There are one hundred and Nine Code Crowns?” Shoutmon asked.

“Karaoke Zone seems to be a sub zone of sorts, probably there were 108, and then one split up into two…” Taiki mused. “Making 109.”

“In any case.” Kiriha interrupted. “Bagura still thinks there’s 108 and that there’s only one Zone left now.”

“What Zone is that?” Nene asked.

“A place called Sword Zone.” Kiriha said. “Apparently, it’s Tactimon’s home land, but for some reason he’s left it for last.”

“Probably didn’t want to shame his people or something.” Shoutmon shrugged.

“In any case, we should get going.” Kiriha continued. “There’s no doubt that Tactimon will be waiting for us.”

“So, then…” Taiki waved to Kazemon and Astamon. “We’ll be going!”

“Good luck!” The fairy waved back. “Don’t get yourselves killed!”

And so we get the reveal about my inconsistent Code Crown count. And we get some foreshadowing about Tactimon- Sword Zone is his home Land!

Foreshadowing about who he really is galore!

You just don’t know it yet.

And so, during the chaos of everyone splitting up into the Xros Loaders, Deuce and Konata easily hitched a ride by hiding behind Dorulumon when he went into one.

Nobody would notice until they got to the next Zone.

Well… Nobody except for The Togemogumon’s friends…

“Well, there they go.” Miyuki, the Palmon, sighed as they watched Xros Heart enter the portal.

“She’ll come back in one piece.” Kagami, the Terriermon, said. “She left her manga collection behind.”

“Yes, I assumed as much.” The Palmon nodded.

“Um…” Tsukasa, the Poyomon, looked up at Kagami. “Sis?”

“Yeah?” The Terriermon looked down.

“What now?”

“I don’t know…” The girl sighed. “I really don’t know.”

Slick was still frozen in the same pose as they drove back to base. “Poor guy.” Droog sighed. “I think today’s been a bit too much for him.”

“Probably.” Boxcars replied.

“So what now?” Droog asked.

“We find a new Clubs Deuce…” Boxcars said. “But that’s on the short end of things. First off, I think…” he smirked. “We take over the Felt’s casino empire!”

BTW: before I wrap this chapter up, here’s what Sally’s future clothing looks like in the video, in case you missed the link I posted earlier on in this. You can see the Hairclip in it. T<3S



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