PSA: Six Strikes

I’m putting this post on all my blogs that get traffic, because I need to say this.

Here it comes: After over a year of secret negotiations with the players who pushed SOPA, the major Internet Service Providers on the verge of implementing their “Six Strikes” plan to fight “online infringement”.  With essentially no due process, AT&T, Cablevision Systems, Comcast, Time Warner Cable and Verizon will get on your case if you’re accused of violating intellectual property rights — and eventually even interfere with your ability to access the Internet.  (You can contest accusations — if you fork over $35.)

After the first few supposed violations, they’ll alert you that your connection was engaging in behavior that they — the giant corporations that provide your Internet service — deem inappropriate.

And then it gets really dicey: They can make it difficult for you to access the web, or start throttling down your connection.

As a Comcast customer, I’m tempted to drop their services right here and now! That’s me being honest right here. I am SERIOUSLY considering canceling my services with them because of this- I don’t care if they take it back, the Very FACT that they’re trying to do this at all is *WRONG.*

Look, I’m mostly upset about this because of the Skyrim Video Series that I do, there *SHOULDN”T* be anything wrong with them at all as far as copyright is concerned, but the fact that the ISP’s only need a “Suspicion” of Infringement to start harassing someone makes me very angry and very upset. I’m not too fond of politics, or the fact that the governments have been trying to meddle with the internet, but the simple fact that I could be affected by this because I’m doing Skyrim videos is simply a risk I am NOT willing to take.

Another reason I’m posting this is because I’ve already started noticing my internet connection slowing down somewhat. If they *ARE* doing this already without people’s attention, then that’s ANOTHER reason to protest. Plus, where would this leave FanFiction writers too? I just get a pit in my stomach thinking about sticking with Comcast any longer than necessary.

Click on through this link here to sign on if you agree with me. I’m definitely not happy with any of them, and I’ll bet you all aren’t either.



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