Xros Wars AU 02 — CH26

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Underneath the setting sun, A Holsemon was peacefully nibbling at the grass as he thought back upon his day so far. A Fairly Good Day, by any standard. It was his birthday, after all.

“Help! Someone!” A voice cried out in horror.

Holsemon looked up, spotting a cloaked figure running away from a demon bird that was chasing them. A Velgemon! The monster! Why if he took that beast down, he’d spare his village from the trouble that was sure to follow it!

With a roar, Holsemon leaped into the sky, preparing his primary attack… “MACH IMPULSE!”

The attack flew straight and true, smashing straight into Velgemon’s face…


…And straight through it’s entire body as if the beast was made of air.


The Velgemon vanished, revealing the frightening face of SkullKnightmon and his golden Ninja companion.

“What the he-?”

Holsemon didn’t have time to finish his startled exclamation, as, down below, the cloaked figure threw off her hood and held up the Darkness Loader. “FORCED DIGI-XROS!” Kotone Amano ordered.

Holsemon’s world exploded into darkness, and he knew no more.

And in true Mood Whiplash fashion–



A Pair of pink eyes snapped open, light reflecting off of the orbs despite the dim surroundings. These eyes darted about in a panic as their owner tried to regain her breath from the nightmare just inflicted upon them.

“What the hell…?” Lunamon asked to herself in . “Just what the hell was that!”

*cue Title theme*

“Shinobi Throw Down! Blastmon’s Vengeance?”

Alright so- time to explain.

We open with a dream sequence: this much is very clear as soon as it’s over.

This time, however, it is NOT Akari having the dream! That would be Miss Lovegood, Lunamon. Yes, I did just make a Harry Potter joke. DWI.


As I was saying in previous chapters- and as is explained in this and a later chapter- DarkKnightmon is a parasitic Digi-Xros. He doesn’t need to Digi-Xros to fuse with anyone, but a Digi-Xros lends him more control than not. SkullKnightmon is the “Center” with DeadlyAxmon being his “armor.” However: the DeadlyAxmon part is not an actual variable in it- ANYONE that SkullKnightmon uses to turn into DarkKnightmon is turned into a DeadlyAxmon, even if they weren’t that species to begin with. Why? Because it helps SkullKnightmon maintain his DarkKnightmon form consistently over the years. It’s a conscious choice of his.

The ol’ Dork is basically luring a hapless Digimon into a trap- poor Holsemon is the target here- on its birthday no less!

Tsuwamon appears- revealing the “Velgemon” to be a disguise! And here you all were thinking it was Duskmon, right?

And then Kotone forces them into a Xros.

Our dreamer- this time a “Seer of Heart”- is Miss Lunamon, and for once her dreams are nothing good.

You’ll notice I use the “Seer” class a lot. IDK why that is. Maybe it’s my subconscious telling me something? The Heart aspect I just pulled out of my bag of references right here and now. It’s the closest I could fit her dreams into.

Lunamon sighed to herself as she finished up her days work in the Monita-village. Bagura had been pushed out for the time being, and the Code Crown was held by the Generals of Xros Heart. ‘Why can’t I push that dream from my head?’

“Something the matter?” A female voice asked from above. Lunamon glanced up to see the ever so familiar blue eyes of Wizardmon’s familiar.


“So?” The cat jumped down from her spot on the fence and stood next to the girl. “What’s on your mind?”

“It’s nothing.” Lunamon huffed and picked up the basket full of laundry she had just finished taking off of the line.

“Sure doesn’t look like nothing.” Tailmon narrowed her eyes. “A cat can tell these things, you know.”

“It…” Lunamon shook her head out. “it was just some stupid dream I had. That’s all.”

“Dream huh?” Tailimon mused. “Are you sure it wasn’t more like a nightmare?”

“I’m sure!” Lunamon huffed as she started walking back home.

Lunamon is a Shinobi Zone native, and good friends with Tailmon here. Tailmon, being the resident “Shipper”, is casually teasing Lunamon about her dreams of a certain Digimon:

“Nothing to do with your dream boy, does it?” a sly smile formed on the feline’s face. “He didn’t get a girlfriend, did he?”

“It had nothing to do with Spadamon!” Lunamon spat out, trying to fight back the furious blush that had formed on her face. “It wasn’t that kind of dream!”

“Then tell meeeee!” Tailmon prodded. “I wanna know so I can help!”

“Fine.” Lunamon sighed. “If you absolutely must know, it was about this Holsemon who went to fight a Velgemon.”

“Velgemon?” Tailmon asked. “Aren’t they extinct?”

“It turned out to be some sort of ninja trick.” Lunamon continued. “There were really two digimon inside it, some golden ninja and a black knight with dual lances.”

Although he didn’t show it, nearby, one of Nene’s Monitamon froze at the description.

“What a trick!” Tailmon frowned. “So what happened next?”

“This girl who the Velgemon was chasing then pulled out this thing that looked like the Generals’ Xros Loader and then…” Lunamon shuddered. “The dream ended.”

Before Tailmon could pry any further, the Monitamon jumped before them both, saying “Please excuse me for a moment” before he teleported the three of them away.

Lunamon dreams about a certain “Spadamon.” You must know this is important, somehow, due to the law of detail conservation.


“EHHHH!” a trio of voices cried out in horror. Lunamon flinched back slightly, but finished as well as she could.

“That’s…that’s all I saw…”

Nene growled. “To think that DarkKnightmon survived somehow…!”

“That perverted bastard just won’t go down…!” Sparrowmon clenched her hands into fists.

“Oi.” Tailmon frowned. “Can someone explain to me why a Seer who usually dreams about the perfect boy gets called up to the Monita-fort the second she has a nightmare?”

“It’s simple, really.” Wizardmon said as he petted his familiar’s head, just behind the ears. “They came to our Zone after just defeating this SkullKnightmon character, seeking refuge. It’s understandable that a dream about this monster would cause concern.”

“I still don’t get it…” Tailmon pouted.

“This is most concerning.” Panbachimon, Princess of Shinobi Zone, frowned as she conversed with Akari. “A demon that you defeated at the cost of your own age not even suffering a minor setback in his plans…?”

Xros Heart is NOT happy to hear that the Dork survived- especially with the news that Kotone is with him.  Panbachimon-hime is getting her maximum screentime here. She’s really a decent ruler, despite being a kid.

“It’s more of a setback than you’ll realize.” Wisemon said as he came into the room, holding Taiki’s Xros Loader. “Kudo Taiki captured exactly one half of Dark-Knightmon in Dust Zone.” He held up the Xros Loader, summoning a holographic circle with the image of a particular Digimon inside. “This is just a picture of that Digimon, named DeadlyAxmon.”

“What happened to it?” Panbachimon asked.

“Taiki asked me to take it to Wizardmon this morning.” Akari began. “I didn’t know what was inside it at the time, but when I reloaded her…”

“Her?” Lunamon asked, her curiosity getting the better of her.

“Yes.” Wizardmon said. “When we reloaded DeadlyAxmon, she immediately hid from us, insufficiently, I might add.”

“She didn’t seem to get she was as big as the bed she was trying to hide under.” Akari sighed as she remembered the sight of the massive beast glancing around in a frightened trance.

However- this is slightly good news! It means that Taiki’s capture of DeadlyAxmon actually DID something to the jerk! And we also get the reveal- DeadlyAxmon is a girl!! DarkKnightmon is more of a pervert than we initially thought!

“If what Lunamon’s vision tells is is correct, and that DarkKnightmon has taken another Digimon into a forced Xros.” Wisemon explained. “Then he may be trying to replace DeadlyAxmon.”

“Would that even work?” Nene asked. “Taking a different Digimon in to make an old Xros?”

“In theory.” Wisemon shrugged. “But in practice, The Darkness Loaders are a whole new realm of information for me. I’m afraid I don’t know much.”

“I think it’s possible.” Wizardmon said. “From the heavy amount of data manipulation I found in DeadlyAxmon’s core, it seems to suggest the girl was from a different evolution line from the DeadlyAxmon species.”

“Combined with how she acts…” Akari frowned. “DeadlyAxmon seems more like she’s had her mind broken. She kept wanting to be suppressed inside of ‘the darkness’.”

This whole scene is really to tell you all of the stuff I spelled out to you at the beginning. Xros Heart is basically in Wild Mass Guess mode, and they’re hitting it right on the head, even though they don’t realize it.

“That would fit with our theory.” Wisemon nodded.

“So what can we do?” Panbachimon asked. “What can we do for DeadlyAxmon?”

“I’ve already treated her data structures, and they seem to be healing all on their own now.” Wizardmon began. “By this Friday she should be well enough to recover her memories, and we’ll see were we can go from there.”

“I have a theory about how the transmutation occurred in the first place.” Wisemon continued. “If all SkullKnightmon needs to turn another Digimon into a DeadlyAxmon is to be merely Xrossed with them, then it might be part of his original data core to need a secondary host.”

“DarkKnightmon always preferred to be Digi-Xrossed…” Nene recalled. “I don’t think we ever actually saw him split until we were actually fighting against him.

A few more ‘facts’ here, this time telling us about DeadlyAxmon’s status. We won’t properly get to know her better as a character until after the Code Crown Arc (AKA: Act 1) is over with, but this is good news for her. Also: Wizardmon and Wisemon are fulfilling the same “Mentor/Scientist” roll here: With Wizardmon analyzing the spiritual/mystical, and Wisemon handling the Technical.

It fails, sort of.

They’re basically the same character split into two roles.

“I propose a full theory on SkullKnightmon’s biology.” Wisemon held up a finger. “He is a parasite, no- not even a physical Digimon, requiring a physical host to maintain his body. In doing such, he suppresses an existing host’s soul down to nothing but a mindless animal, taking away the coding that allows the host Digimon to stay together. Eventually the host would die from the lack of it’s own coding, and he would need to find a new host. They can separate for the sake of battle, but rarely do so due to the risk of his data drifting apart in the SkullKnightmon form. However, this may be how he survived the Drill attack.” Wisemon nodded. “Yes, that definitely explains it.”

“So…” Sparrowmon frowned. “He’s a Ghost?”

With that question on the table, everyone seemed to pause in thought…

All the timing needed for Aradia, one of the Red Monitamon seen previously, to run into the room and declare. “The Generals have returned!”

Wisemon’s theory is pretty much spot on- with a few key incorrect deductions, however, due to SkullKnightmon being half of Baguramon.

Oh, and Taiki’s back.


With that announcement, the group held off their discussions until Taiki and Zenjirou joined them, which wasn’t all that long of a wait, in reality.

Of course, when the duo and their Digimon companions rejoined them inside the chamber, all thoughts about DarkKnightmon were pushed away upon seeing the grim looks on their faces.

“What happened?” Akari asked.

“Disk Zone…” Taiki began. “Disk Zone is gone.”

“Gone?” Wisemon asked. “How so?”

“The whole place was collapsing when we left.” Shoutmon said. “When we got into the Air-space, we just watched it dissolve away.”

“Though, if Blastmon or any of his goons were still there when it went down, I would be surprised if they failed to make it off.” Dorulumon grimaced.

“That still doesn’t answer my question.” Wisemon pointed out. Shoutmon sent the Researcher an annoyed look, and he quickly added. “But it can wait!”

And so, Xros Heart’s Five Generals traded tales of their days. Primarily, though, it was Shoutmon retelling of how he, Gureimon, and MailBirdramon went into Disk Zone’s Core, and Akari re-capping what they had learned of DarkKnightmon.

With this ‘transition’ over with, we continue with the theorizing, and they all stumble upon the biggest thing about DarkKnightmon!

“No, Wisemon’s right.” Nene began. “Remember during our battle in Jungle Zone?”

“Yeah.” Shoutmon nodded. “He said something about being able to make his armor vibrate to match the energy wavelengths of our attacks or something like that…”

“Paildramon was formed in the sky, and he never cast a shadow during the fight.” Nene continued. “Which was how he was able to actually do damage to DarkKnightmon.”

“Matching the wavelengths of your shadows?” Wisemon mused the thought over.

“Then the Shademon…?” Dorulumon’s eyes widened in shock. “SkullKnightmon is an evolved Shademon!”

“Yes!” Sparrowmon agreed. “Wait no! No!” She shook her head, clenching her fists. “He hired that guy who turned me into a Digimon to make the Shademon to begin with, AND the Darkness Loader blueprints as well!” she gasped. “No! No!”

“Someone care to fill me in here?” Tailmon asked, a frown on her face.

“Um…” Lunamon interrupted. “I’m a bit lost as well…”

“DarkKnightmon’s experiments to make a Shademon were experiment’s on himself!” Zenjirou explained. “The Shademon need hosts, just like him, but they’re more stable!”

“Right.” Taiki nodded. “The Shademon that we fought in Heaven Zone were able to exist in a sealed environment without a host for years. Plus, the Shademon that possessed Lucemon said that he had been made years ago, but he sounded like he had only been introduced into the Zone in recent times.”

“So if DarkKnightmon had managed to Xros with a Shademon…?” Akari frowned. “He wouldn’t have needed a host to begin with!”

“If the Shademon he put into Kotone matured, instead of dying like we planned…” Nene frowned. “He would have had the power to Digi-Xros himself with any Digimon he wanted to, without having to worry about them dying on him.”

“What a frightening concept.” Dorulumon murmured to himself.

Dorulumon sums it up nicely.

This too was another of DarkKnightmon’s long-term goals- something that’s now impossible for him to pull off!

He wanted to be able to free himself from needing a host, much like his brother did by taking in a TREE to stabilize himself!


Meanwhile, while everyone in Shinobi Zone had fitful dreams of mixed feelings, two Digimon were not so tired.


A Barrage of ten energy bullets (shaped like feathers for some reason) came rushing down towards Shoutmon, who, for some reason, had a giant boulder strapped to his back.

Even though those bullets were coming at him a mile a second, Shoutmon narrowed his eyes and focused, making the projectiles slow down to a perceptible rate to his mind’s eye.

‘One!’ he leaped to the left. ‘Two!” he jumped back. ‘Three!’ he turned to the right. ‘Four!’ a turn to the left.‘Five!’ he jumped away to the right. ‘Si-‘a feather flew into his nose, and the whole barrage dispersed at once. “Damn it!”

“Oi.” Beelzebmon sighed as he jumped down from the tree he was standing on. “Keep it down. You’re the one who wanted ‘stealth’ training.”

Shoutmon sighed.


“Well.” Came a voice that made Taiki, Kiriha, and Zenjirou turn around to find the source. “That looks bad.”

“Beelzebmon!” Taiki smiled.

“Yo.” The Warrior nodded with a small wave. “So what’d I miss?” he smiled. “Good to see you’re not captured anymore.”

“You missed a lot. Shoutmon complained from Zenjirou’s Xros Loader. “That’s what you missed!”

“Care to fill me in?” Beelzebmon asked.


“Yeah yeah.” Shoutmon grumbled. “But really… though…”

“You’re doing better than you think.” Beelzebmon complimented. “I don’t think I’ve seen anyone ever dodge one of those, let alone five.”

“I Need to do all ten blasts.” Shoutmon clenched his fists. “All ten…”

With the destruction of Disk Zone, Shoutmon is feeling somewhat down- first Akari gets ‘shrunk’, then Disk Zone is destroyed, and then DarkKnightmon turns out to be alive! It’s not a good last-couple-of-days for him, and he knows it. Beelzebmon, however, has shown up conveniently to give Shoutmon training.

Shoutmon’s insistence on the training is literally him trying to beat himself up over things that are well out of his control. It’s subtle, but it’s a tiny bit of self punishment. Beelzebmon notices it.

Meanwhile, elsewhere in the Zone, Shurimon had finally escaped the wrath of the Zone’s Guardian, Karatenmon, while his other two companions…had not been so lucky… “Gaioumon…Asuramon…!” He growled under his breath.

Let’s rewind a day, shall we?


As the trio of Bagura soldiers fled the Monita-Fort, they failed the notice the winged shadow above them in the night sky.


Asuramon exploded into data, barely having time to scream in surprise.

“Asuramon!” Gaioumon cried out in horror as Karatenmon landed infront of them.

“Y-You’ll pay for that!” His hands shaking very slightly, Shurimon drew his shurikens. Nobody could beat Karatenmon in a straight out duel. He is simply the best there is.

“Will I?” Karatenmon drew his swords. “It seems that the Bagura Empire are the only ones who have anything to pay for.”

“GRAHHH!” Gaioumon ran forward. “DIE YOU MURDERER!”


Shurimon stared at his reflection in his Shuriken. “I will make sure your sacrifices will not be in vain.”He stood outside the Zone’s sole remaining base-camp of the Bagura Empire: Inside was a communications device.

The Empire would soon be upon them in full force- most probably led by Blastmon himself.

“Soon…Very soon…” An evil laugh began floating through the forest.

We cut back to Shurimon- and find out that Karatenmon managed to take part in the battle after all!

Shurimon is going here to call Blastmon personally- too bad he doesn’t know about Disk Zone.


Lunamon woke with a start.

No dream had woken her.

Nothing dangerous, at least.

So why…?

Then she heard a sound, just outside her window- A muffled crunch- followed by a restrained curse.

“Shit! Not again…!”

She froze.

That was what had woken her up.

Someone had stepped on one of the many twigs scattered across her lawn. And had stepped on several of them at once, too…

Lunamon threw off her covers and hoped over towards to the open window. When she saw that, currently wading through her stick pile, was none other than Shurimon, she immediately opened fire. “TEAR SHOT!”

To say that Shurimon was surprised would be an understatement.

The poor Ninja went flying backwards by the attack, slamming into a nearby tower.

“EVERYONE!” Lunamon called out at the top of her voice. “Bagura is here! I repeat! Bagura is here!”

“Well…” Shurimon groaned. “This could be going better…”

After making his call and despite being a Ninja, Shurimon slips up and gets caught by- of all people- Lunamon!

WHY Shurimon entered the village in the first place I do NOT know. He’s just being dumb and stupid.

Soon enough, Lunamon, along with the many villagers she had woken up with her war cry, was blasting him back out of the village and into the outskirts of town.



-Akari swung her Mic-stand down upon the battered ninja’s head.

“GAH!” Shurimon reeled from the blow. “Damn it!”



He was sent flying into the night-sky by Dorulumon’s surprise attack-


And then was burnt to a crisp mid air before he came crashing down back to the hardened earth below.

“Ow…” the ninja groaned as data particles started floating off of his body.

“Didn’t we send you running already?” Akari growled.

“Came to try again?” Dorulumon added.

“No…” Shurimon started laughing as he pushed himself up, beginning to lose even more data now. “Just came to tell you all something…”

Or Not.

“Came to tell us what?” Akari narrowed her eyes.

“Blastmon’s coming.” Shurimon kept on laughing. “He’s coming to kill all of you! And there’s nothing!” he coughed as his laughter became too much for him to handle. “Abosolutely nothing you can do…” he fell to his knees. “to stop him…”

And then…

“You’re so screwed! Hehehehahahaha!” The last of the three Shinobi Zone Bagura Samurai dissolved away entirely, laughter once more gracing his lips.

“Wow…” Dorulumon grimaced as he watched the digimon’s data float up into the night sky. “I didn’t think we hit him that hard.”

“Um…” A Yellow Monitamon spoke up. “That would have been us…”

“I’m Sorry…” Lunamon looked down at the ground sheepishly.

“Nah…” Akari smiled at the girl. “It’s fine. We would’ve beaten him to a pulp anyways!”

“On the other hand.” Dorulumon added. “We now know Blastmon survived Disk Zone’s collapse.”

“That’s one mystery I hoped we wouldn’t solve.” She sighed.

It seems the chance to gloat was simply too much for Shurimon. He died doing it.

The idiot.


“Has anyone seen Shoutmon?” Akari asked the rest of her team-mates as they prepared for the inevitable battle that was soon to come to the Zone.

“Nope.” Zenjirou shook his head.

“N’gah.” Ballistamon shrugged.

“Hmf.” She crossed her arms. “He’s been gone all night. I was hoping he’d be back by now…”

“I haven’t seen Beelzebmon since we got back either.” Taiki said nonchalantly as he walked by, carrying a rather large stack of iron/steel bars with his transformed arms. “I remember Shoutmon asking him about something before we got to the tower, so maybe they’re off doing something?”

“What could be more important than preparing for Blastmon’s arrival?” Akari asked, flabbergasted.

“Eight!” Shoutmon back-flipped away from the laser bullet. “Nine!” he spun around mid air to dodge the next one…

“Te-!”The boulder still strapped to his back was hit with a bullet, and portion of it broke away- Much like the rest of it, in fact.

The rock that had once been as large as Shoutmon was tall was now only as big as his back and head.

“DAMN IT!” Shoutmon roared in frustration as he fell to his knees, exhausted.

“I think that’s enough now.” Beelzebmon frowned. “We’ve been going at this all night. The sun’s up, and I’m sure everyone’s looking for us now.”

“…” Shoutmon said nothing.

“Come on. Let’s get that rock off of you…”

Shoutmon and Beelzebmon don’t know of the mid-night message delivery- so they’ve been at this ALL NIGHT LONG.

It’s quite stupid of Shoutmon to be pushing himself like this: Beelzebmon doesn’t like it, so he asks what’s up.

Shoutmon rants:

“Let’s look at my track-record the past few days shall we?” Shoutmon stopped and turned to face the winged warrior, holding up one finger as he did so. “First, Heaven Zone. Akari one ups me by Xrossing with Sparrowmon and defeating a giant dragon Shademon who had Nene held captive, while I- on the other hand- distracted everyone long enough for that same Dragon to get born AND absorb Nene in the first place.” He held up a second finger. “Second, Jungle Zone. We go into a temple, trying to rescue Nene again, and then- what do you know!- we get our asses handed to us on a silver platter by a demon ghost shadow guy and his stupid golden ninja who THEN proceeds to capture Nene, Taiki, AND Kiriha while leaving everyone else out on the ground.” A third finger. “Third, Dust Zone! In the process of rescuing everyone, A: I make a Digi-Xros that leaves everyone involved unconscious afterwards! B: I then lead a march into DarkKnightmon’s temple where- would you believe- I don’t do a single thing besides holding off a few random Digimon while Taiki awakens as a Digital God and completely trounces DarkKnightmon, not only separating him into his base forms but also getting SkullKnightmon eaten by a Machinedramon. C! He breaks everyone out and then- idiotically of me- I try to impress him with our stupid one-shot Xros again! In the process, we fight MILLENNIUMNMON of all Digimon, and Akari gets stuck in some weird hybrid form because she used up too much energy or something during the fight, and- to top it all off!- the Xros Loader breaks!” He took a few moments to regain his breath before he moved onto the next hand to raise the count to four. “Finally, just three days ago, we get caught up in an Arkadimon nest and have to be rescued by Taiki YET AGAIN.” he grumbled. “Sure, sure, I managed to one up Akari’s one up of Xros Five, but Zenjirou was the one who put the Darkdramon Digimemory into the Xros Loader and THEN even he got a Xros Loader of his own two days ago!” he dropped his hands to his side in an exasperated manner. “And the cherry on top is Disk Zone dissolving away, and what do I have to show for it all?” He directed this at Beelzebmon with a pointed finger. “Nine energy blasts out of ten dodged.” he poked the warrior in the leg. “Nine. Out of. Ten.” And with that, he walked off.

Beelzebmon stared at the dragon for a few moments before starting after him.

“I couldn’t even hold it together in Disk Zone.” Shoutmon said after a few minutes of walking. “The noise got to me and I split as soon as Blastmon got thrown at me.” with that, he pulled off his still broken headphones and stared at them. “What kind of General am I?”

After a moment of silence, Beelzebmon sighed. “You’re just trying your best. And that’s all anyone can ask for.”

“My best?” Shoutmon asked, narrowing his eyes. “My best isn’t good enough!”

Shoutmon is pretty much annoyed by a bunch of inconsistent things- basically he’s mad at the universe itself. His thing on “One upping” is merely him looking at things in retrospect after a bunch of LARGER and MEANER things and deciding that it’s the Universe’s way of trolling him.

Beelzebmon realizes how flimsy and shitty this type of logic is- it’s pretty similar to what he himself had been running on before he evolved from Ba’almon.

“Not good enough?” Beelzebmon narrowed his eyes, all three of them, as his voice dropped an octave. “Not Good Enough for who?” he took a step forward. “Not good enough for you?”

Shoutmon looked up. “I-!” But before he could say anything more, Beelzebmon grabbed him by the cloth/armor in front of his neck and lifted him up into then air, bringing them face to face.

“Well, let me tell you something, bub.” Beelzebmon growled. “You’ve got all these people who care about you. Who don’t care how much stronger you are today than you were yesterday. You’ve got Taiki, a true warrior of the Goddess, who trusts you to just be yourself. You’ve got Akari, your own girlfriend- And don’t deny it, I’ve seen the way you look at each other!- who loves you despite your flaws!” Shoutmon glanced away at that one. “You have Dorulumon, Ballistamon, Lopmon, Cutemon, and EVERYONE HERE IN THIS ENTIRE ARMY who counts on you just to be who you are, and nothing more!”

“I…” Shoutmon started.

Beelzebmon’s hand opened, and Shoutmon fell to the ground. “I’d think about that if I were you.” he turned to leave. “You have friends- Family- and pushing yourself won’t make you any better in their eyes.”

His counter is short, simple, and to the point. Nowhere NEAR the brick of text that Shoutmon’s rant was.

This is really where Shoutmon begins to learn how to BE a King.

It’s been a subtle thing- nowhere near as vocal as the Anime’s plot line- but Shoutmon DOES want to be the Digital World’s King one day. But he can’t go off of what HE thinks of himself- it’s all about his SUBJECTS- His friends- His Family.

EVERYTHING ELSE THAT IS NOT HIM- That is what he must focus on.

“Oi.” The raven winged warrior waved as he and Shoutmon approached the rapidly growing fort. “What’s going on.”

“About time!” Akari growled slightly as she walked over and pulled Shoutmon’s headphones off of his head before tossing them over her shoulder, where Lopmon easily caught them. “We’ve been trying to reach you all morning!”

“Blastmon’s on his way!” Taiki explained as he rushed past (in hover bike mode), dragging a cart full of heavy looking straw blocks behind him. “We’re expecting him any minute now!”

Beelzebmon chuckled lightly. “Good thing we did that training then.” he looked over his blaster. “I think it’s about time we gave this guy a run for his money.”

Shoutmon’s headphones being broken in the last episode is a returning plot point here- To the point that Akari yanks them off of Shoutmon and forcibly gives them to Lopmon so that he’s NEVER OUT OF CONTACT with them EVER again!

A crack appeared in the sky, and, a moment later, an explosion followed.

When the smoke cleared, Blastmon and a small gaggle of Troopmon plus his three Vilemon companions stood in Shinobi Zone, in front of the fort where Xros Heart stood gathered.

“Ho Hoooo!” Blastmon grinned. “So here we are!” The Troopmon gave uneasy glances to each other. This was not what they wanted to be doing on a fine, bright and sunny, mid-morning summer’s day. “So…” He looked around at their surroundings, before grinning like an Idiot. “It Looks like I found you… Xroz Hart!

The display of random puppets that were mocked up to look like Xros Heart and the Shinobi Zone natives had no response to this.

Ninja tricks.

Gotta love them.

Blastmon is distracted by the Ninja puppetry.


The Troopmon froze at the sound of a very…Very…Powerful voice.

“I think it’s the other way around.”

Blastmon turned around, very, very, slowly.

“You see… I think we’ve found you.”

Everyone looked up.

“Well…” Hephaestus, floating on jet engines, shrugged. “I’m sorry to say, but that’s just how we roll.” He grinned, and held up the Xros Loader. “RELOAD AND DIGI-XROS!”

Three Digimon and their associated Brigade of Stars emerged from the Xros Loader high up in the sky, already glowing with an impressive amount of energy.


The four Digimon fused together mid-descent, and brought their sword down into the gaggle of Troopmon.“BURNING STAR CRUSHER!”

The explosion that followed obscured the results with a smoke screen.

Hephaestus really fits into Xros Heart here- and in fact, it really makes you wonder if Hephaestus and Taiki are all that different. They seem to have similar personalities, and appear to resonate similar thoughts.

But this episode isn’t about Taiki or Hephaestus:

Blastmon, the Vilemon, and a few surviving Troopmon coughed as the smoke began to clear, revealing a powerful figure in the middle of the the carnage.

Immediately one could see his eyes burning with determination, his sword ablaze with fire, and the V Crest on his chest glimmering with a translucent, crimson light.

Once you could make out his body, however, something new could be seen adorning this Old fashioned Digi-Xros.

A Yellow scarf, wrapped around his neck, flowing down his back and to his waist.

“Xros-Up.” he said simply. “Shoutmon Xros Four.”

And with that, he leaped forward, sword blazing. “STAR CRUSHER!”

It’s about Shoutmon- the Xros Up line is named here, with X4 gaining a SCARF.

This is the same scarf that his Canon Hunters Counterpart wears- and it’s literally appeared out of nowhere.

The secondary explosion that occurred finished off the Troopmon, forcing the Vilemon to flee and forcing Blastmon to stand alone against the Digi-Xros.

“Whoooo!” Blastmon whistled as he leaped away from the Digi-Xrossed Digimon. “What a shoow!”

“Blastmon!” Shoutmon growled. “It’s time we had a rematch!”

“Nice scarf!” Blastmon grinned as he kept jumping backwards. “Where’d ya get it!”

“What scarf?” Shoutmon asked as he plunged his sword forward, completely ignoring the new addition to his Digi-Xrossed form. “I’m quite sure…!” he swung to the side as Blastmon dodged, hoping to catch him in the side. “That there never was…!” Blastmon jumped back, but Shoutmon kept pushing forward. “Nor never will be…!”

Blastmon’s right foot happened to land inexplicably on a randomly placed pumpkin, causing him to trip up and fall to the ground with a THUD and a “What!”


Shoutmon has NO CLUE that it’s even there- he’s flat out ignoring it despite everyone else inside the Xros seeing that it’s there.

This is a bit of that same internalization of thoughts that he needs to run off of- he needs to focus on the good of everyone else, not his own personal issues. Those can WAIT until later.

Blastmon brought his arms up to block, but, alas…

His right hand was cut off by the Burning Star Blade.


(“Blastmon-sama!” The Vilemon cried out in horror as data spewed into the air like a fountain.

One was so shocked that he almost dropped the shiny blue gemstone he had been carrying.)

That was the signal.

In time with Blastmon’s pained scream, Beelzebmon, Revolomon, and Hangyomon burst out of their hiding places.

“DEATH THE CANNON!”Beelzebmon let loose his primary cannon.

“JUSTICE BULLET!”Revolomon fired off his twin pistols in rapid motion.

“FISHING FIVE!”Hangyomon threw his spear, which immediately split into five identical copies and continued on towards their target.

Xros Four immediately jumped away, leaving Blastmon alone to take the full force of the attack.

“Mommy!” he whined as another explosion occurred.

Ouch- Indeed, Blastmon DID just call out for his mommy.

I feel sorry for him.

I really do.

And then Akari stepped forward, Red Xros Loader raised high. “XROS FOUR! BEELZEBMON! DIGI-XROS!”

The Two Digimon transformed into energy and warped up high into the air, fusing together immediately.

“Xros Up!” The Mighty Guardian, still maintaining that strange scarf, landed with a thud before the scorched and battered Blastmon. “Shoutmon Xros Four B!”

Blastmon groaned as he pushed himself up. ‘I knew this would happen one day…’

“HANGYOMON! REVOLOMON!” Akari spun towards the other two Digimon. “DIGI-XROS!”

‘But this is even worse than I expected!’ he winced as a new Digimon- Essentially Hangyomon in Revolomon’s clothing and armor- emerged onto the field of battle.

“REVOLO-HANGYOMON!” the Digimon named itself.

‘I know this has to happen…’ Blastmon closed his eyes. ‘But that doesn’t mean I can’t put up a fight…!’ he took in a deep breath and prepared his first attack. “DAIMOND HEAD-!”

Blastmon is reminding us that he’s a time-traveler: and one piece of info he knows is (well, Tactimon knows anyways) that Blastmon is visibly “Killed” By Xros Heart at some point during their adventure. Despite that, he has a plan to escape death- fulfilling the ‘fixed point’ of his death by leaving a part of his body elsewhere (that blue gem the Vilemon were holding).


A sudden Burst-dash of blue fire rained down upon him..


As Six Monitamon came out of nowhere, slashing and dicing at his crystaline skin with air swords.

“CHAOS FLARE!” X4B Fired his primary attack, before following through with his sword slice attack. “STAR BLADE CELESTRIKE!”

“JUSTICE HARPOON!” Revolo-Hangyomon pulled out a massive Rifle and fired out twin harpoons from it’s twin mouths.

“CRASH BOOM!”And then five different versions of Sparrowmon crashed down upon Blastmon to finish it off.

Poor Blastmon coughed as the smoke from the third explosion dispersed. “Owwie…”

Xros Heart is REALLY going to town on Blastmon here. They don’t know he’s a Time Traveler- or the fact that he’ll one day know them personally- so all they’re running off of is “He’s a Bagura General! We must stop him!”

Even so- Blastmon is NIGH INVULNERABLE. The most damage done to him so far is his HAND being cut off.

“MONITAMON!” Called Zenjirou as he leaped into the fray. “DIGI-XROS!”

The two sets of Monitamon, Red and Green, burst together into two seperate, but identical forms.

“HIGH-VISION!”the one on the left began…

“MONITAMON!”the one on the right concluded.


The High-Vision Monitamon- who were essentially all Black clothed Monitamon with (mostly) Flat-screen TV monitors instead of the bulky Analogue monitors of standard Monitamon- stood back to back as they brought up their Radio antenna styled wands and whisked them briskly through the air.

Before Blastmon could even figure out what was going on, he was being pounded with a massive, SIDEWAYS tornado, flinging him backwards, and then UPWARDS…

The HiVision Monitamon make their debut in this fight- two of them here!!


Speaking of tornadoes, a yellow and silver one in the form of Sparrowmon spun right into him, using her drill variation of the blade attack.

And then, before Blastmon could even recognize the PAIN from that still ONGOING Attack, the HighVisionMonitamon struck again.

“BLAZING SHINOBI FIRE ORB!” Lefty flung a fireball from his wand.

“WATER SPIRIT DRAGON EMPEROR!” Righty let loose a tsunami of water from his wand.

The explosion from the three, almost concurrent attacks knocked Blastmon to the ground once more.

Now, of all the humiliations that could have been bestowed, his left foot was now deleting away into nothing.

Now Blastmon’s lost a foot.

A HAND AND A FOOT- after all of THAT!!!

Anyone else would have died from all of these attacks so far.

Blastmon had the wind knocked out of him so badly that all he could do was gasp for air.

The poor guy was just not having a good day- First off he had to be fished out of the air space from the remains of Disk Zone last night, secondly he didn’t even get a good night’s sleep to recover from the battle he had fought the day before, and finally- without even having time to eat his fill of his favorite breakfast- he was summoned away to Shinobi Zone where, as you’ve just seen, the above happened.

You might feel sorry for the guy, but, as it stands, he had to take a hit for the team- It was a part of Tactimon’s Plan, after all, and- friends as they were- Tactimon had a back up plan just in case things weren’t going to go right and Blastmon ended up getting deleted.

But DAMN, it looked like they were going to have to go with plan Z-Delta-F-309 at this rate.

That plan was just a random string of letters being hit.

No reference in there, for a change!

How did they get so prepared in such little time?

It didn’t matter really. Here came the next wave…

Oh, look, it’s the Knights from Lake Zone…

Three Xros Loaders chimed in sync as their tops tapped each other as they slid open. “GREAT XROS!”Zenjirou, Taiki, and Akari called out.

“SHOUTMON XROS FOUR B!” the centaur struck a pose.

“SPARROWMON!” the jet girl grinned.

“KNIGHTMON! PAWNCHESSMONS!” the nine warriors leaped forward.

“DIGI-XROS!” The combatants cried out.

Sparrowmon’s jets and wings attached to the back as per usual, and the Sparrow Shield attached itself like it had in the X5K configuration as, a moment later, Knightmon’s shield formed in the open hand, now showing a blazing, burning, emerald version of the Xros Heart Logo on it’s front. There was a blast of light, and simultaneously the helmet changed into the X5 version while the sword brilliantly switched into it’s Knight variant form before glowing with a blinding white light. All of the Dorulumon Drills transformed into PawnChessmon spear heads while the yellow scarf turned into a brilliant shade of crimson red. Finishing off the transformation, the V Crest on the Digi-Xross’s chest transformed into a brilliant, glowing, translucent, pearly white color while it expanded into it’s Xros Five size.

“XROS UP!” The sword swung through the air as the new Digi-Xros took to the air, striking a pose.“SHOUTMON XROS FIVE KNIGHT: BURST MODE!”As if that alone wasn’t enough, to punctuate the effect, burning letters made of white fire etched themselves into the air before the Digimon, spelling out one letter string: “X5KB!”

Yes, the exclamation mark was in there.

This is really Xros Heart’s best seat of power here- reality ITSELF is modifying itself around them with this Xros. Unlike in the anime where the letter acronyms of the Xrosses was a simple visual cue…

This set of letters is visible to EVERYONE.

Blastmon’s eyes went wide, and, at that moment, he realized that this was what had to happen. Winded as he was, he couldn’t even try to surrender.

Not that that would work anyways- Tactimon’s plan had to have him lose here and now.

“VICTORIZE…!” The Digi-Xros swung the sword down, then up again, creating a Glowing V of crimson energy in the sky. “BURST…!” The Death the Cannon charged up as it opened it’s mouth wide. “DASH…!” The White V Crest burned with the power of a thousand white suns. “STREAM!”

Twin V Energy blasts rushed down through the air, being propelled from behind by the crimson energy blast from Beelzebmon’s Cannon.

To add insult to an already large list of injuries…

The whole attack was spinning so fast that it simply looked like a giant meteorite hurtling down towards Blastmon.

When the final explosion occurred…

All that was left of impact site was a crater and Blastmon’s stash of Code Crowns- Twenty of them all together.

….And the code crowns SURVIVE that annihilation!

How resilient!

The Vilemon glanced down towards their tiny crystal, which now had turned white and had Blastmon’s face engraved on the surface.

“well…” he said, voice tiny and squeaking. “im glad thats over with.”

“Back to base then…” And with that, the Vilemon quickly fled to the airspace.

When the Massive Digi-Xros broke down, Shoutmon, surprisingly, was without that strange scarf.

“Where the hell did that come from?” Hangyomon asked as he poked the dragon in the shoulder.

“Where did what come from?” Shoutmon asked.

“That scarf you were wearing!” Akari smiled at him. “It was cute!”

“What scarf?” Shoutmon asked, blinking.

Awkward stares followed, only for the silence that accompanied it to be broken by Problem-Chessmon laughing.

“Hahha! Good one!” he grinned. “What scarf? What about that pumpkin that Blastmon stepped on!”

“No, Seriously.” Shoutmon frowned. “What scarf?”

“You didn’t notice it?” Dorulumon raised an eyebrow.

“So you’re telling me…” he paused for dramatic effect. “That I had an awesome scarf on during that whole battle…” Shoutmon narrowed his eyes. “And I didn’t even realize it?”

“I thought you were just being ironic.” Beelzebmon shrugged.

“I really had a scarf?” Shoutmon turned towards Revolomon, his voice completely flat. “Honestly and truthfully?”

“Heck yeah!” Revolomon nodded. “It even turned red when Knightmon and the others Xrossed in!”

“Quite so.” Knightmon nodded. “I don’t know how you missed it.”

Shoutmon stared at them all for a few minutes, then face-palmed. “Damn it! And here I thought Blastmon was just being kookey!”

And so Shoutmon learns that there ACTUALLY WAS A SCARF.

He makes a mental note here to actually GET a scarf like that in the future.

A Few minutes later, Xros Heart were gathered outside the Monita-fort, with Zenjirou, Taiki, and Akari redistributing the collected Code Crowns evenly between them.

“If we count Wizardmon’s Code Crown, we have Thirty total.” Taiki was saying. “Since One technically belongs to Nene, the three of us will take nine each, that’s twenty-seven, and Nene can take Shinobi Zone’s and another one.”

“But My Xros Loader still doesn’t work.” Nene reminded him.

“We’ll fix that as soon as we finish up dividing them.” Taiki smiled, but it was a bit of a fake smile as well… Neither he nor Hephaestus knew what was wrong with Nene’s Xros Loader, and besides completely reformatting the Digivice’s memory, they didn’t know what would work completely.

Furthermore, something struck him as off with the way that Blastmon had been carrying his Code Crowns with him. Why had those survived the attack but he didn’t? What was even more worrying was the fact that the explosion had been so big, they never saw his data scatter.

“So what do we do next?” Sparrowmon asked while watching the last of the Code Crowns enter Taiki’s Xros Loader over his shoulder.. “Move onto the Next Zone?”

Taiki has genuine concerns here. This was an “Easy” win for them- One Digimon with 20 Code Crowns! Xros Heart is now a MAJOR player on the field of battle.

He doesn’t get a chance to talk about it- however- as the time storms make their next appearance, reminding us once again that these things are still HERE, and what’s more is that they’re getting WORSE!

“Probably…” Taiki frowned. “But we still don’t know where…”

He was cut off as the entire world around him, and those next to him, vanished into a brief burst of static that, when it faded, left him in what looked like an empty version of his home town, with the sky looking like the Airspace of the Digital World.

“What the?” He turned around suddenly.

“Taiki!” Hephaestus growled, panicked. “What the Hell was that!”

“Another Dimensional burst?” he frowned, looking down at his Xros Loader, Nine Code Crowns.

At least that had worked.

“No. I mean.” Hephaestus clarified as they began walking. “What the hell is a Dimensional burst!”

“We don’t know…” Taiki replied. “They’ve been completely random as far as we can tell…” he glanced around. “They’ve been like portals sometimes, dropping us off in Heaven Zone from Sand Zone without even entering the air space, but they’re like time warps too…”

“How is this even possible?”

“I don’t know, but I’m…” Taiki trailed off as he heard a voice coming from a nearby alleyway.

His own voice.

Taiki frowned, making note of the street location as well as what time was on the clock in the nearest store window, before following his own voice’s echo to the source.

When he entered the alley way, he saw himself, looking to be about a year or so older, standing with his back turned to an old man. From where he stood, Taiki could spot the different goggles and clothing the boy wore, but he couldn’t make out all of the details

Taiki is seeing his future here- A conversation that takes place in the Hunter’s arc!

Taiki went to move closer for a better look, but the future him shook his head as he said, completely unrelated to what he was doing: “You can’t just write the rules.”

The man laughed. “Says the boy who has the power to re-write history itself.”

“I sealed that power away a long time ago.” Future Taiki said as he fished a note out of his pocket, holding it up so that Taiki could see what it said.

“Don’t say anything! I know you’re confused, and I sure was, But you need to listen to this. ALL of it.”

Taiki blinked as the future him continued, folding the piece of paper up and returning it to his pocket just after he’d finished reading it.

“But that’s not what’s important here.” his eyes narrowed to match this. “What is important is that you’re messing with something that shouldn’t be messed with.”

“And what, pray tell, will you do if I continue on this path of mine?”the man asked.

“I’ll tell you the same thing that I told Ryouma.” Future Taiki turned around to face the man. “I’ll have to join this game of yours and stop it from the inside.”

The Man laughed, and it was a laugh that sent shivers down Taiki’s spine. “You already have your Xros Loader…Made them even! So Who am I to keep a player from the game you so desperately wish to play?” the man’s head turned slightly, to face Future Taiki. “Read the rules first, boy. Someone with your level of power is bound to upset the balance of the game.”

And then, the streets of Japan vanished into static, leaving the Denizen and his host standing on nothing but air.

This scene is repeated later from the other side almost verbatim. (I copy+pasted and re-wrote the sentence tenses.)

“What the hell was that?” Hephaestus asked.

“I don’t know.” Taiki frowned. “Foreknowledge doesn’t help much in this case, does it?”

“I’d guess not!”

There was a lapse in the static, and Taiki found himself in what looked to be a shipping yard, again, seemingly empty.

Then, a second burst occurred, and for a moment, a Giant Digimon appeared in the distance- Immediately identified as BREAKDRAMON by the sharp font written on it’s side.

It appeared to be locked in battle with several other Digimon, but at this distance, he couldn’t tell who or what they were.

A moment later, a massive drill appeared in mid air, owned by one of the Digimon, and plowed straight down into Breakdramon’s torso…

The world went into static again.

“Grand Nine?” Taiki raised an eyebrow. “What are we doing fighting in the human world?”

“Don’t ask me. I’m even more confused than you are…” Hephaestus grumbled.

This scene….is actually a bit of a skip. Two different points load up. The Drill in the air? That was Breakdramon’s own drill being knocked into the air. The reason it appears suddenly is because time is jumping around just a bit.

A few moments passed, and everything seemed to stabilize, back in Shinobi Zone…

Where everyone was looking confused and dazzled.

“What the hell?” Shoutmon looked like he’d seen a ghost. “Why the hell was I seeing that for?”

Zenjirou and Lila were sharing uneasy glances as well, but these were different, in an embarrassed sort of way. Apparently they had seen the same thing judging by how they were now standing next to each other.

“I’m never going to touch cat-nip again…” Tailmon said as she clutched Wizardmon’s leg for support, her eyes wide as dinner plates. “Nothing can beat that trip.. Maaaann that was awesome…” She purred.

The Starmonz Brigade were having a laugh-overload about something, meanwhile Dorulumon stared at Lopmon and Cutemon with mild amusement, although the both of them were confused by what they had seen.

“So I take it everyone saw different things then?” Akari asked as she stared up at the sky.

Everyone saw something different- all of these things glimpses of their near futures.

For the record: Shoutmon sees Taiki and Sally kissing, setting up their romantic arc; Zenjirou and Lila saw something about their own personal future, probably something during the Hunters Arc; Tailmon….Uh….I have no clue what she saw; The Starmonz? Again, no clue; Dorulumon however saw something to do with Lopmon and Cutemon’s near future, again, something during Hunters; and as for Akari, Cutemon, and Lopmon? I don’t know what they saw either.

All of the “Don’t knows” really don’t have much bearing on the plot, I don’t think.

“Yeah…” Taiki nodded. “I…” And he trailed off, as, through the remnants of static, a faint melody played through the air.

Dorulumon’s head snapped up to attention. “Taiki.”

“I know!” He nodded.

And before anyone could say anything, they were running off into the distance.

“Wh-!” Sparrowmon stared after them. “T-T-Taiki! Get b-b-b-back here!” she was stuttering, and apparently fighting back a blush for some reason.

Nene simply grabbed the Digimon’s hand and pulled her after the two boys. “Come on!”

Shoutmon, still dazed by what he had seen, took a moment to gather his wits before chasing off after them as well. “Oi! Wait up!”

Akari sighed. “Why is it that we never catch a break around here?”

And with that, she, and the rest of those gathered nearby, ran off after them.


A Melody plays- Spadamon’s- and everyone rushes off.

Sparrowmon and Nene saw similar things, though somewhat different. Sparrowmon saw a…rather intimate moment between two people (not sure if it was between her and Taiki, however!), while Nene DID see something related to Sally and Taiki!


“But I don’t know how to bake anything!”

“I’m Sweets Zone’s protector: SPADAMON!”

“You’re the boy from my dreams!”

“N-NENE! We are NOT Talking about that!”

“The Bagura Empire’s got some plan in place…”

“What? You saw my parents?”

“Next time: ‘Sweets Showdown! Akari the Chef?‘ You can’t turn your back to it!”


No Karaoke Zone this week.

We’re winding down to the conclusion of the Code Crown Hunt….and my AN on this chapter makes note of SOPA/PIPA. So this chapter was written around January of last year. Huh.

Funny how the timing is lined up, isn’t it?

So…a year or so’s worth of chapters before we catch up to current. Dang. I really did schedule slip. -_-; What happened to one a week, past me?



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