Xros Wars AU 02 — CH24

You START CHAPTER 24 with a simple COMMAND JOKE combined with a VHS REWIND GAG.

>Resume Story_ _ _|

“Now can we get back? It’s almost sun down.” Shoutmon asked.

“You’re right!” Tailmon gasped. “We need to get back to the village as soon as possible!”

>STOP_ _ _|

Time stops.

>REWIND_ _ _|

You rewind the tape.


You are now viewing the Royal Rescue team, one hour in the past from the end of the last chapter.

Cue theme song?


>Y._ _ _|

You Cue the opening theme song, NEVER GIVE UP (TV SIZE).

I must have thought this was clever.

Why did I think this was clever?

*Cue Title theme*

Swordsmen Fight! Zenjirou Vs. Mussyamon!

We open the chapter proper with an introduction to the Red Monitamon trio!


Both sighed and glanced over their shoulders, towards the three rust red Monitamon that were accompanying them on this mission. ‘How did we get stuck with these guys again?’both thought with grimaces.

Everyone knew the answer, however. With Nene’s Monitamon trio being the Best of the absolute BEST in Shinobi Zone, these three were next in line to be their successors. Meaning that since one rule of training was that they absolutely MUST accompany their Seniors on at least ONE rescue mission, well…

…Unfortunately for most anyone who had the pleasure of knowing these three, calling them “successors” seemed like too much of a compliment to actually mean anything.

This trio was severely lacking in the discipline and training that Nene’s Monitamon had- So Much so that they could not even pull off the simple vanishing into thin air trick that Nene’s Monitamon had perfected. In fact, that was why their armor was rust red- They were the lowest of the low, with regards to their training level and with respect to their kind’s color hemospectrum.

Blue Monitamon were civilians. Purple Monitamon were heavy-laborers, performing construction and maintenance for their village. Yellow were farmers, providing the food. Any shade of Green Monitamon were the elite ninjas, and often had their own teams stationed out in other Zones. Orange were the mid class ninjas, who made up the general bulk of Monitamon spy work. Candy Red were low-mid class, having only just emerged out of their training missions.

There’s some Monitamon world building here that would go COMPLETELY UNNOTICED in an actual anime!

Rust Red were the trainees themselves.

And, to be fair, they weren’t all that bad on the training courses. Real Life Missions on the other hand…?

Aradia, the sole female of the trio, would often get distracted by the scenery around them and begin digging for buried treasure. Sollux, the one who had just sneezed, often found himself catching some cold or another, leading to a peculiar lisp that came from his clogged up nose rather than from his teeth. Eridan, their leader, found himself constantly having gravity issues- In that Gravity always found a way to pull him to the ground in the most deliberate and painful way it could imagine- Even though he had the most perfect balance and center of gravity and tended to avoid it for the most part, it seemed the longer he went without a fall, the more severe the next fall would be.

That’s right. I made ARADIA, SOLLUX, and ERIDAN teammates.

All of this means they got along perfectly with Zenjirou, the Starmonz, and the other Pawnchessmon- of whom, speaking of, Flute Girl was currently being hit upon by Eridan. The poor lad just couldn’t see she wasn’t interrested.

However, they did seem to strike up a similar interest in fish-based puns. Glub Glub.

Bah- That shouldn’t be Flute- that should be Reena.

Or Kroket.

“Bluh…” Sollux began, his monitor showing a -_- emote on it’s face. “‘Ow ‘ome we’v gotta sit out ‘ere in buh cold fur?”

Aradia, whose monitor showed a perpetual 0u0 on it at all times in normal every day life, giggled. “Cause we’re waiting for the A-Team to get back with intel on the base, that’s why!”

“Budit’s our own fort.” Sollux complained. “‘Ouldn’t we know wut’s ‘ere already?”

“Bagura could have changed the layout.” Eridan said, turning away from his conversation with Flute Girl. “We need to know about what they have or haven’t changed before we go fishing for the Princess.”

Sollux doesn’t have a Lisp.

He has a COLD.

This is because my own personal Sollux impersonation is at its best when I have a stuffy nose.

Bon’t bask be guy mou. Mouse Ay Mon’t.

“Quiet.” Dorulumon scowled. “We don’t want to be caught, now do we?”

“No, sir.” The trio said in their own unique ways.

And so they waited…

A few minutes later, Zenjirou, the Starmonz, and the Elite Monitamon returned to their small hiding place.

“Good news and bad news!” Starmon said. “Which do ya wanna hear?”

“Bad news.” Dorulumon said.

“Bad News it is then.” Zenjirou said. “They’ve got the Princess at the top floor and that they’ve got guards at every entrance to the place. We won’t be able to get in by land or air.”

“So what’s the good news?” Sleuth asked.

“The Good News is that there’s a filter at the moat’s pump they left unguarded.” The Lead of Nene’s Monitamon said. “We can sneak in through the river, and then break into the palace via the moat’s drainage systems.”

“You mean the sewers?” Aradia’s 0u0 emoted turned into a 0n0 emote in sadness. “We’ve got to go in through the sewers?”

“Meh.” Sollux shrugged. “Batlest I won’t be abul to smel anyding.”

“There aren’t any crocs’ in the sewers, are there?” Red Pickmon asked.

“No, Ace.” Sleuth replied. “There aren’t.”

Red gets a nickname! “Ace!”

That’s probably his real name too.

Knightmon sighed. “So we have a plan, but we’re bound to be spotted if we all go in at once.”

“What are you suggesting?” Dorulumon asked.

“We split up.” Knightmon said. “I Take the PawnChessmon and lead a frontal assault on the front gates, while Zenjirou takes the others into the palace.”

“We’ll need Dorulumon for breaking into the palace through the sewers.” The female of Nene’s Monitamon trio spoke up. “We’ll need to get into the exact center of the tower, and there aren’t any vents in that area.”

“Sounds reasonable.” The wolf nodded, but grimacing. “Not sure I’m liking the sewer part, though.”

“It Doesn’t matter what we like or not.” one of the other PawnChessmon spoke up. “We all have our own parts to play.”

“Oh Karcrab!” Flute girl giggled. “You have such a way with words sometimes!”

Karcrab = Cabarat.

Flute/Reena loves the fish puns.

Eridan clenched his fists, and his monitor displayed an animated hazard sign, on fire.

Nobody noticed, however.

Nobody except the one other PawnChessmon in their group, by the name of Kroket. She didn’t like that animation one bit at all.

And Kroket gets her Name! W00T!

Night began to close in, and, at the prescribed signal, they began their attack.


The front gate exploded with a tremendous explosion, and the PawnChessmon dashed inside.

With the sounds of battle now raging outside, Dorulumon broke down the filter keeping them out with his Drill, allowing them access to the inside. “Hurry now…” As they climbed out into the water…


Thankfully, Sollux’s sneeze happened to be well timed with a massive explosion above, so nobody above actually heard it.

Still, Eridan gave him an annoyed look, and they continued on.

As they began wading across the moat, Zenjirou winced as he realized something. “Doh! I should have had Taiki Xros me with the Swords!”

“We’ll steal one if it makes you feel any better.” Dorulumon growled. “Now keep moving!”

Zenjirou’s lament here is both a subtle jab at the Anime canon AND a bit of foreshadowing.


Shurimon was busy leading a Gaioumon and an Asuramon towards the Town’s edge. “Since the Etemon failed to report in, we will see if they succeeded in collecting the Code Crown, if they failed to get it, then I will head back to tell Musyamon to kill the Princess.”

Asuramon nodded. “And then we shall kill the villagers as well.”

“Not on my watch.”came a familiar voice.


Familiar to us, anyways.

*cue A Comeback Win*

Shurimon looked up towards the sky, where Taiki stood, floating by the power of the jet wings on his back, and burning as bright as a star topped Christmas tree with his fire-long-coat with his Orange Xros Loader in hand.

“Woah.” Gaioumon took a step back, sword drawn. “Who the heck’s this guy?”

“You really don’t know?” Came another familiar voice.

And the trio turned towards their collective left, where Shoutmon stood, leaning back against a tree.

“You really don’t know who he is?” Shoutmon was raising an eyebrow, smirking all the time. “Well, then, how about me? Do you know who I am?”

“A Shrimp who’s about to be fried!” Asuramon clenched all four of his fists.

“Wrong!” Hephaestus said, smirking as well.

“You really don’t know who we are then?” came a third voice from behind the trio, and they turned around yet again.

There was a girl. Almost Ten, perhaps Eleven. Wearing a set of blue overalls and a familiar pink sleeved shirt, There was a V Crest on her head, and a red tail wrapping around her left leg, in her hand was a Red Xros Loader, glowing brightly. Her orange eyes glowed with a fierce fire, and a smirk danced on her face, almost identical to those on the other three.

This is Akari’s “normal” Digimon form introduction. This is what she’d transform into normally had she gotten the spell cast on her. The reason she’s “Half” Human/Digimon is because of her parents.

Genetics still play a roll in her biological form, I’ll remind you! 😉

“Well, then.” Shoutmon said as he pushed himself off of the tree. “I guess We’d better introduce ourselves.”

“Let’s.” The girl grinned.

Lopmon, from her perch on Wizardmon’s right shoulder, grinned. “I love this part.”

“Hm?” Tailmon, on Wizardmon’s left shoulder, looked over at the bunny. “What’s happening?”

“You’ll see.” Lopmon winked.

“The burning soul that won’t be put out!” The girl, who as you might have guessed who she is already, struck a pose and called out her name. “HINOMOTO, AKARI!”

“The ‘Mon who will one day become King!” Shoutmon struck a mirrored pose. “SHOUTMON!”

The third general dropped to the ground slowly and controlled, dismissing the jet engines once his feet touched the ground. “The Creative General, Kudo Taiki.” Taiki said as he casually strolled forward, hands in his coat pockets. “The Mighty Forger!”And then Hephaestus took over. “DENIZEN HEPHAESTUS!”

The trio made an odd sight, Akari being the shortest on Taiki’s Left, who was tallest, and Shoutmon being in between them in height on Taiki’s left. “And if you still don’t know who we are?” Shoutmon was still smirking.

“Then you’re really out of the loop.” Akari was grinning as well.

“Because we are…” All of them said at once. “XROS HEART!”

Shoutmon and Akari drew their Mic-stands and aimed them at Shurimon, yelling, simultaneously. “ENGRAVE THAT ON YOUR HEARTS!”

The trio of confused Bagura generals just stared at them.

“What the hell.” Shurimon finally managed.

“Should we attack them now?” Gaioumon asked.

“Well what do you think, dragon breath?” Asuramon asked.

“How should I know?” the WarGreymon subspecies shot back. “That’s why I asked you, Four Arms!”

This is my FAVORITE reaction of all of the “Seems they don’t know!” bits. “Should we attack them?” It’s like: They don’t got a clue what to make of this Sentai Roll call.


Also, Asuramon have six arms typically. This is a BEN 10 Shoutout.

*Cue DigiXros!*

“SHOUTMON!” Akari ordered. “SPARROWMON!”

“BALLISTAMON!” Taiki ordered. “BASTEMON!”

They flung their arms over each other in an X shape, and ordered at once: “DIGI-XROS!”

“DIGI-XROS!” two sets of voices cried out.

“SHOUTMON: JET SPARROW!”Shoutmon was now riding on Sparrowmon’s back, mic-stand mounted into some port or another, with the hover board flipped onto the side to reveal a set of sound-speakers.

“BALI…BASTEMON!”And into the fray came BaliBastemon…Yet again.

Yes. BaliBastemon gets a SECOND use!


Panbachimon was the Princess of Shinobi Zone. She was a panda bear/Bee hybrid of some sort. Typically, you’d see this digimon carrying around a bamboo stalk with a tiny stuffed panda bear toy riding in the top.

Also, normally, you wouldn’t see them tied up and stuffed inside a small cage that was hanging from the ceiling.

“Let me out of here!” she protested.

“Not a chance.” Musyamon chuckled as he surfed the TV channels the MonitaFort received from the Human World. “And shut up would you? I’m trying to find the BBC channel. Doctor Who’s on in an hour and I’m not missing it!”

Panbachimon stared at her would be captor. He was a cruel, tyrannical little samurai wannabee who had a fascination with Human Television programming and generally acted younger than he should be at that age. “You do realize our Cable provider’s going to charge us with excessive fees if you don’t stop that!”

Panbachimon — Winner of that one Fan contest– REALLY should have gotten more screen time than she did.

So I made her princess of Shinobi Zone.

“So?” Musyamon asked as he skipped past a Squiddles And Friends! Rerun. “It ain’t my house!”

“They’ll cut off the Cable if you go over our monthly limit!” Panbachimon countered.

“Ch’ Yeah right.” he scoffed. “I checked. This place is Wireless, babe. You’re lifting signals that float across the void for free!”

She sighed. “It was worth a try, though?”

The TV obsessed Digimon snickered. “Yeah, Sure. Had me going there for a second.”

“-Only One Truth Prevails!” the TV said as Musyamon settled on some Anime channel for a moment.

“Seen it!” he skipped to the next chanel.

Squiddles- Homestuck.

“One Truth Prevails” – Case Closed/Detective Conan.

“Did you just do that thing where you say “BAM” Right when I decide to jump?” one miss “George Parley” of “Gunnerkrig Court” Fame questioned her boyfriend right before- SKIP!

“Why do you assume something that we suggest would be rejected?”SKIP!

“There’s Money in space debris?”SKIP!

Gunngerkrigg Court — Self-Explanatory.

Suggestion Rejection and Space Debris — Legostar Galactica, I wasn’t sure on the second for a moment but then:

“BAH!” Musyamon groaned. “Same show on two different channels! I hate it when they do that!”

Cleared it up for me.

“But What happens when it makes contact with the force-field? Isn’t that kind of like the unstoppable force and the-” SKIP.

“Sciency mumbo jumbo…”

“I believe I said MEH.” One Whisky Tango said to an Angel of Death moments before.. SKIP!

“Where’s that stupid BBC channel?” Musyamon groaned even louder.

“And Remember Kids! Always wear safety goggles when playing with Dad’s Vice!”SKIP

“Oh Wait. Wasn’t that Sam and Max?” he went to change back when…

Force-Field — I Don’t Recall what this is to for the moment. If I do, I’ll come back and edit it in later.

“MEH.” — Reasonably Clever.

“Dad’s Vice!” — The old Sam and Max Cartoon series!


…The power went out for the entire complex.


“Told you they’d cut you off.” Panbachimon couldn’t help but smile at that. “Any minute now, an elite team of Repo men are going to burst in here asking who’s been using all this free TV without paying for it.”

“So No Doctor Who?” Musyamon whined.

“Not for you!” The Princess stuck her tongue out in a very un-princess-sly way. “Nyeh!”

Really- Muysamon’s just too pathetic to be killed.

“Whoops!” Aradia gasped/giggled as she picked up the cord she had just tripped over, therefore yanking it out of the wall. “I hope that didn’t do anything important!”

Eridan face palmed. “If we get found out because that turned out to be the power line or something…”

Dorulumon, who was currently focusing on drilling an exit out of the sewers, grimaced. ‘The worst thing that they could think is someone’s attacking a power station further down the line.’ He glanced over to his right. Zenjirou was keeping quiet too, focusing on a battle strategy he could use without the use of the Star or Chibic Swords. ‘I’ve got to admit. The kid’s doing better than I thought he would. What was he doing with Taiki in the first place, anyways?’ He decided to ask. “So, how did you and Taiki meet in the first place?”

“Hm?” Zenjirou looked up. “Oh, I was going to challenge him to a Kendo Rematch when we got pulled over to the Digital World.”

“Kendo?” Dorulumon asked. “Really?”

“Yeah. Well.” He shrugged. “It’s sort of been an excuse, really. I haven’t been serious about the thing for years.” he laughed slightly. “Even though I kept calling myself his rival, we were more like friends, really.”

“I guess that makes sense.” Dorulumon said. “So why were you even challenging him in the first place?”

“He beat me in Kendo when I was the top of my class and he was just a trainee.” Zenjirou laughed. “Taiki’s always been one of those ‘get it right on the first try’ kind of guys.” he frowned. “I wonder if that has anything to do with him being a reborn Digimon?”

Zenjirou’s backstory– FINALLY EXPLAINED!!

“Who knows.” Dorulumon turned his attention back to his drilling.

“Actually, I’m not even sure why I went out to challenge him when we were dragged here…” Zenjirou mused. “It’s almost like…”

“Better hold that thought.” Dorulumon cut in. “I think we’re almost through. Better keep it quiet now…”

Indeed, not ten seconds later, Dorulumon’s drill broke through the hardened concrete that made up the floor of the Monita-Fort’s armory.

“What Luck!” Starmon said in (Very) hushed tones as they began climbing out. “We found the store room!”

“Eben better.” Sollux said as he hauled himself out. “Dere’s a hibben wadder in da woof dat obens in da main hallway that leads wight binto da main chambur.” He sneezed. “Sorry…”

Just realized– I was unintentionally invoking Mituna with that “Sorry” at the end plus the un-readable sentence structure.

“That’s where the Princess is, Right?” Zenjirou asked.

“If they haven’t moved her due to the fighting, then most likely, yes!” Said one of Nene’s Monitamon, speaking up for the first time (and making the trio noticeable for the first time in the entire trip, cementing their Elite status).

“We can get into the vent through the ladder as well!” said another of Nene’s Monitamon as she pulled open a roof panel, revealing said ladder. “Since they use the same pipes and vents, it should be easy for us to get the drop on them!”

“Sounds like a plan.” Dorulumon said as he climbed up. “So what am I supposed to do?” The Monitamon and Starmonz stared at the wolf blankly. “I can’t exactly climb ladders, you know.”

“You guard our rear!” Zenjirou said as he picked out a sharp looking katana from the wall. “We’ll rescue the princess, and, if anyone comes to investigate, you knock ’em out!”

The wolf sighed. “Good grief. If I die, tell Taiki that it’s all on your head.”

“Heh.” Zenjirou grinned goodnaturedly. “If you die, we’re toast.”

“Good point.” Dorulumon chuckled, then shook his head. “Let’s get going then.”

“Right.” Everyone nodded.

More Splitting up.


The Bagura ‘mons had summoned a small army of Troopmon to aid them in their battle.

Unfortunately (for them), Xros Heart had a small army of Monitamon ready to defend their homes.

“AIR SHOOTER!”Shoutmon had been grinning like an idiot the moment he found out that the Jet Sparrow Xros had an Air Canon feature. “Take That!” He roared as he blasted the Troopmon that had been cowering behind Asuramon, who had just dived forward to avoid the air based attack.

“CAT SPEAKER!” the dreadful V4ST M30W cut through a group Troopmon like a hot knife through butter the instant Gaioumon jumped to the side.

Shurimon yelped as Akari swung her mic-stand at him again. “Kids like you should NOT be fighting like this!”

“So Sue me!” She grinned as she prepared another “ROWDY ROCKER”attack. “I’m younger than I look!”


With Bagura effectively decimating their own forces with their dodging, things were going well, especially as the Monitamon were taking out their own fair share of the troops.

“FIRE BALL!”several launched fire based attacks from… flame throwers.

“WATER STREAM!”others shot the troopmon with… Squirt guns… of varrying design.

Needless to say, things were not going well for the Bagura Amry.

With this unnecessary cut away from Team Ninja: we return to Dorulumon.


Dorulumon failed at it.

“Good Grief!” He growled as he ran through the corodoors, being chased by one Catsuramon, the Dog Deva digimon.

“Get back here you infidel!” the blue armor was seriously weighing the dog down, however, giving Dorulumon the major edge in escaping away from the Bounty Hunter, employed on Bagura’s payroll. “Geesh! I need to lay off on the Scotty Dogs!”

Nope, things not going well here either.

For Bagura.

Scotty Dogs — Homestuck: Spade’s Slick Reference.

A closet door was pushed open, and Zenjirou peered out. The the RedPickmon jumped up onto his head and glanced about. “looks like the coast’s clear!”

Starmon peered out from underneath Zenjirou. “Let’s move out, Brother!”

From there, a mass of yellow and silver Pickmon exited the closet, followed by the six Monitamon.

“I’m reminded of the ball pins at WacDonalds.” Zenjirou remarked at the sight of the Pickmonz.

“Heheh.” Aradia giggled. “Me too!”

“Me three?” Sollux sniffed as his nose began to clear up. “Heh, Higher altitudes save the day again.”

AKA: I was tired of writing Sollux’s ‘tupid kold tawlk.

Nene’s three Monitamon shared a glance, then faded into the shadows with a cry of “Moni!”

“Let’s go then.” Zenjirou drew his katana, and began moving down the hallway towards the large, obvious doorway at the end.

Stealth was something this group was excelling at, Despite Eridan’s rivalry with Gravity.

Musyamon didn’t know what was coming for him, as his back was turned to the door when it opened, very quietly.

Panbachimon, however, saw it, and for a moment her eyes lit up with hope before she squished it in hopes that the Samurai hadn’t seen it.

The group of Starmonz and Monitamonz, lead by Zenjirou, sneaked up behind Musyamon, each of them preparing for an attack.

“So, I’m really hoping that it’s all just a trick.” Musyamon was saying. “That he’s not REALLY Mobster Kingpin. I mean, come on, how plausible is it that Lord Honking English of all people becomes the Demon who spawns infinite health bars?”

Panbachimon was feigning interest, despite having no clue what he was talking about. “Uh, Sure…?”

“Though, I guess it’s plausible.” Musyamon didn’t have his hands anywhere near his swords. “I mean, they’re Both demons who devour universes, but it seems like such a reach to tie the two universes together like that when they’ve already got the Troll Session merged with the Human ses-!”

Musyamon’s talking about the Anime adaptation of Maryam Standard here, which is subtly different from the light novels/manga, in that it combined Plots from Problem Sleuth into it.


Everyone froze as Sollux sniffed. “Oh Gorram it.”

And so, Musyamon turned around, much to his surprise, to see Zenjirou plus the rest of the Royal Rescue team standing behind him. “Who the hell…?”

“TEAM, CHARGEEEEE!” Red Pickmon roared.

Gorram it == Firefly shout out, you gorram browncoats!

Also- Team Charge= Aradia and Tavros’ FLARP Team.

“CHORD CRUSHER!”Zenjirou leaped up and swung his sword down…

And the cage holding the princess broke open while Musyamon was being held back by the others.

With a slight squeal, the princess dropped down right into the awaiting arms of the Monitamon Elite, once more appearing from thin air.

“Princess!” the trio said cheerfully. “You’re okay!”

“I am now!” she said with a smile.

“Get her out of here now!” Zenjirou took a defensive position in front of them. “We’ll hold this jerk back!”

“Moni!” and with a flash, the trio Plus one Princess vanished into the shadows.

“Gah! So what if you managed to capture the princess?” Musyamon grumbled as he drew his own sword to block the attacks hitting him. “OW!” he winced as a stray Pickmon bashed into the back of his helmet. “I’ll cut you all down to size and have time to spare for some Midnight Panda snacking!”

The Red trio gasped. “You wouldn’t!” Aradia’s 0_0 emote turned into an enraged }:[ Emote.

“I Would!” Muysamon growled as he swung his sword in a wide arc. “SHIRATORI-MARU!”

A massive chicken made out of pure white energy lanced out of the sword, smashing into everyone it could get it’s talons on.


That’s what I went with for attack descriptions on Musyamon.

A giant energy chicken.


An explosion occurring at the top of the Monita-fort caused the battling both below and at the Village to come to a halt.

“What in the-?” Wizardmon frowned.

“Zenjirou!” Lila gasped.

“So they managed to get into the palace eh?” Gaioumon asked.

“They’re fools if they think they could challenge Musyamon-sama to a fight and win.” Shurimon remarked.

Knightmon growled. “Fight on men!” he slashed through a Ravemon. “We must hold this position!”

“PAWN!” The PawnChessmon surged forward again.

Everyone looks up.

Zenjirou, the unlucky guy, had somehow managed to cut through the attack with his stolen katana, now badly singed and cracked in several places. But somehow, he was still standing.

“So you survived my attack, eh?” Musyamon asked as he motioned about the room, where everyone seemed to be sprawled out in various stages of damage. “You shan’t be so lucky to do that again.”

“‘Shan’t’?” Zenjirou asked. “Just who in the Digital World do you think you are anyways?”

“I am Musyamon!” The Samurai said, brandishing his sword again. “I am Blastmon’s chief general, and I personally lead all of his conquests that he cannot personally over-see!” He sneered at the boy. “So who are you?”

“I’m Tsurugi, Zenjirou!” he tightened his grip on his sword. “The Top of my Class back home! I’m The TOP swords-master of Xros Heart!”

“Eh?” Musyamon raised an eyebrow. “Swords-Master?”

“That’s right!” Zenjirou said.

“You’re a fool then.” Musyamon brought his sword into a certain stance. “AM the ONLY Swords-Master of the Digital World! ” the sneer widened into an all out death-glare. “All others who claim that title have been slain by my hands!”

Zenjirou gulped.


Another Explosion, one that somehow restored power to the external monitors on the exterior of the fort, showing what was going on inside the main chamber.

Don’t ask me how that power thing worked. It’s physically impossible with the main power line cut.

“Zenjirou!” Lila put her hands over her mouth as she gasped. “Oh Zenji…!”

“Taiki!” Shoutmon called out. “We’ve got to do something!”

“Not just yet.” Hephaestus said as he closed his eyes. “Something…There’s something…!”

As they were escaping, Panbachimon gasped as she felt a wave of energy unlike anything she had felt before ripple throughout the entire Zone.

“Princess?” The lead of the elite Monitamon asked.

“It’s been unsealed…!” her eyes went wide.

“I Can feel it too…” Nene said as she looked down at her Xros Loader. “Something was sealed before…!”

‘And it’s been unsealed.’Came a voice within her head.

‘Echidna?’She looked up in surprise.

Echidna makes her vocal return as something is unsealed!!

But what ever could it be?

“What?” Musyamon growled with annoyance as he spotted Zenjirou climbing out of the wide-screen TV he had been thrown into. “Are you still alive?”

“Of course I’m still alive.” the boy had dropped the broken katana somewhere inside the set he was now leaning upon for support. “I’m not giving up that easily.”

Portal 2 ref.

“Zenjirou…!” The Monitamon stared at the boy.

“I’ve got my friends who need me to win this.” a determined tone was overtaking the boy’s voice. “I’ve got someone who needs me to win this personally.” His fists clenched. “The Monitamon and the Starmonz… Lila and the others…!”

“What are you going on about now?” Musyamon growled, preparing for another sword strike.

“I’m not giving up.” Zenjirou said as he began straightening up. “I’ll Never Give Up.” He turned his narrowed, determined eyes towards the Samurai. “Not as long as my name is TSURUGI ZENJIROU!” and with that, he pulled his right fist out of the Broken Monitor, throwing it forward as the glowing object firmly held within his fist glowed even brighter than any star in any universe.

For a single, solitary moment, nothing happened as the boy’s name echoed through the air, thrice in succession.

And then…

The blinding white light took on a brilliant dark green glow as the unclaimed Xros Loader that had somehow been hidden inside that high-definition television set accepted it’s new owner.

Theme song Title Drop and DRAMATIC 3X ECHO NAME CALL COMBO!


“STARMON!” The newly christened General ordered as he summoned two holographic circle images of the Digimon in question.“PICKMONZ!”

“HAII!” Starmon took to the air.

“YEAH!” the Pickmonz jumped up after their leader.

“DIGI-XROS!”a swing of the arm, and the two circles fused together as the Digimon cried out one phrase:


…And, with a blinding flash of light, Xrossed into action.

Starmon transformed into the star blade hilt, and the Silver and white Pickmon piled ontop, each with their own miniature “Clink!”

To top it all off, The Red Pickmon landed on the top. “HEY BRID BRAIN! WE’RE BAA-AAACK!”



There was a flash of crimson light, and the pickmon blade transformed into a long, burning blade of fire reminiscent of a Christmas Tree.


This wonderful, and impressive weapon.

This was the Delta Rare Star Sword.

Why Delta?

It had the Dark Green Xros Loader as it’s center grip instead of the bar usually forming in Starmon’s mouth.

How cool is that?

This is an attempt at FAUXSHADOWING that ALSO serves as Foreshadowing and also was me trying to not reuse the same sword form with the same name. It’s got a Xros Loader in it, after all!

Zenjirou gets a weapon that is named with “Delta” in the name, and as you’ll see… “Delta” has an interesting power to it.

“Awesome!” the Monitamon cried out in surprise.

*Cue to We Are Xros Heart!*

“What the hell?” Musyamon gasped. “That Xros Loader was inside the TV the entire time?”

“You bet it was.” Zenjirou smirked a brilliant, triumphant smirk as he hefted his new weapon. “And guess what?”

“What?” Musyamon frowned sadly, knowing somehow that he was doomed.

“I wasn’t kidding around when I said I was the top of my Class.” With that, the Kendo master leaped forward, bringing the Saw Blade like Sword down upon Musyamon. “BURNING CHAINSAW STRIFE!”

The Jagged edges began spinning rapidly, and Musyamon went to block.

The two blades clashed, and immediately, it was clear that Musyamon’s “cheap piece of shit” (TM) sword just couldn’t handle the pure AWESOME that came from having a chainsaw sword in one’s possession.

“H-How!” Musyamon jumped back as the sparks from the brief collision nearly hit his eyes. “How did you know?”

“Fate has a funny way of working out, don’t you think?” Zenjirou laughed as- with a flick of the wrist- he sent the already spinning blade spinning around in a circle- independent of the handle, much like a shield.

A Laser shield.

Made out of RAW Chainsaw.

On Fire.

“No!’ Musyamon whimpered. “I Don’t think it’s funny at all!”

“Then how about…?”

The boy vanished.


Zenjirou is just making up attack names here- and then sticking to them as he performs the same moves.

Musyamon let loose a painful howl as the sword smashed through his back armor, sending blue blood everywhere.

“What Power!” Aradia gasped as she helped Sollux up.

“Who knew that Xros Loader was inside our own base the entire time?” Eridan asked.

“I sure didn’t.” Sollux groaned. “Ugh, I got a headache…”

And so, Musyamon and Zenjirou DRSS Began trading blow for blow, with the Kendo General gaining an edge over his opponent every step of the way.






Sorry, got caught up there re-watching the theme song there.

Wow, Childhood memories! ❤

As those below watched the battle unfold on the monitors of the Monita-Fort, the Bagura Army was considering retreating.

“YAHOO!” Cutemon pumped his fist into the air. “Go Get ‘im Zenjirou!”

“You can do it, Zenji!” Lila cheered.

“Blast ‘im outta the sky!” Hangyomon roared in delight.

“How is this possible?” Musyamon was pushed to the far edge of the floor, where a hole had been blasted through the roof by his own attacks. “How can you be so strong?”

“I told you already.” Zenjirou brought his Sword to a certain stance. “I’m the top Swords-Miester of Xros Heart.” he narrowed his eyes. “Finishing move…!”

“W-Wait!” Musyamon raised his hands up. “Don’t!”

He Slashed across… “Rare…”


Up, at an angle. “Delta…”

“Please…!” Musyamon wrenched his eyes shut.

And Down at the same angle.


A Blinding emblem, the Greek letter Delta, surged through the air, smashing through Musyamon, and obliterating the corrupted warrior’s data down to it’s very core.

And when the light faded, all that remained was a simple, tiny, dragon Digimon in a Kendo Suit.

A Kotemon.

“W…What the,…?” The Digimon squeaked at the sound of his own voice. “I’m…?”

“Load!” Zenjirou held out the Xros Loader he had just gained, pulling the Kotemon inside before he could get his bearings.

And now Kotemon/Musyamon is reliving HIS childhood!

But yeah. This is what “Delta” is powered to do: Regeneration.

DeltAntylamon’s Record Scratch and Zenjirou’s Rare Delta Purification both do the SAME THING:

Reverting a dark soul into their younger form.

Essentially- it’s the reverse of the power the Xros Loaders later gain.

Shurimon did not even NEED to give the order.

When their boss has been shrunken down to his younger self, Gaioumon and Asuramon were running for their lives.

And Shurimon?

…He was right behind them.

“Wait for meeeeeheheeee…” He was crying.

“Every man for him self, man!” Gaioumon was crying as well. “Abandon ship! Abandon Shiiiihihihip…*chokedsob*!”

“Wow…” Tailmon said as she watched them flee. “Who knew these Bagura goons were such cry babies?”

“Meh.” Lopmon shrugged. “It’s kind of expected from them by now. Plus, didn’t they say they were under Blastmon’s division?”

“Why Yes. Yes they did.” Wizardmon said.

“Well, there you go!” Lopmon said, pointing her hands at the fleeing warriors.

Bagura retreats, and Wizardmon makes a Phineas And Ferb style “Why yes, Yes SUBJECT VERB.”

Zenjirou and the rest of the rescue team walked back from the Monita-Fort, satisfied smiles on each of their faces.

“Knightmon! Knightmon!” Bastemon ran up to the Knight. “You’re okay!”

“As if those stupid birds could lay a finger on me.” He laughed as he picked up the princess.

“Those Birds Ain’t Got Nothin On Us!” Red Pickmon cried out with a vengeance. “WhoooBoy Did you see that whoopin we gave that guy?”


The boy was then pounce-greeted by Lila, who apparently was taking a page out of Bastemon’s book in the reunion department.

“Hi…!” he smiled.

“I thought you were going to die.” She whispered to him. “And then when you had Musyamon cornered…I thought…!”

“We all thought you were going to kill him, really.” Lopmon said as she jumped onto the boy’s head. “Did Not see the purification thing coming, to be honest.”

Lopmon is echoing my own thoughts here. I HAD NO CLUE what Zenjirou was going to do RIGHT UP UNTIL he pulled off that Purification.

Akari, who was silently watching from the sidelines along with Shoutmon, smiled.

“You okay?”

She looked over at the Digimon, who was still taller (but not by much now) than her. “Fine.”

“Really?” he asked.

“Well.” She shrugged. “I’m still stuck in this half-n-half form until I can master this ‘shifting’ thing, and I still can’t remember some things…” A frown briefly flashed across her face. “But all things considered, We’re pulling out pretty well, here. I mean. I’m not stuck as a five-year-old any more, now am I?”

“Heh.” Shoutmon grinned. “Yeah. There’s that.”

“Plus.” She continued. “I had a dream when I was out of it.”

“Like before?” he asked.

“No.” Akari shook her head. “More symbolic, like when I was littler. I really didn’t get it before, but I think I do now.”


“There was this Symbol, Delta, and it had this purifying effect on another symbol, and then it lead a charge against more symbols on another world.” She recounted. “I think that’s Zenjirou.”

“Really?” Shoutmon blinked. “You think so?”

“He did just use an attack called ‘Rare Delta Purification’, you know.” she winked at him.

“Good point.” he leaned back against the wall behind them. “So…Did I have any part in this dream of yours?”

“Maybe.” She started walking over to the main group. “Maybe not.”

“Oi!’ Shoutmon got up to follow her. “That’s not fair!”

“Spoilers!” she winked at him with a laugh and took off running.

“Oi! Akari!” he began running after her. “Akariii~!”

Spoilers! Oh River Song, how dare you slip that word into Akari’s vocabulary!


No Karaoke Zone this week.



“To Disk Zone We Go!”

“We need to check up on Kiriha.”

“Blastmon’s Here?”

“Oi. Diamond face. Ready for a rematch?”

“Disk Zone is…! Disk Zone is…!”

“Next Time: Digimon Xros Wars: Disk Zone Terror! Digi-Xros Disabled!”

“I Can’t turn my back on them!”

“We’re too late! Disk Zone’s…!”

And Next episode:




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