Xros Wars AU 02 — CH22

We Open CHAPTER 22 On the wake of that last Movie-Scale 2-parter! WHEEE!

*cue Toushi*

Thunder cracked and rolled. Lightning flashed. “My name is Kudo, Taiki.” A burning dragon of flame roared as it began to circle the center of the storm. “My parents, and those of my fellow Generals, Aouma, Kiriha-” A green whirlwind began chasing after the fire dragon. “-And Amano, Kotone and Nene-” Blue waves and purple energy beings began circling along with the others. “Were heroes of the Digital World who once made a deal with the Denizens.”

The Purple Snake slithered through the storm, the lightning from it’s body creating life where-ever it touched. “Echidna.”

The Fire Dragon solidified, burning red eyes roaring as the fire from his wings manifested several interesting objects for life to use. “Hephaestus.”

The Air being coiled around the storm in harmony with the Water beast, providing the life created the materials needed to survive. “Typheus and Cetus.”

At the center of the storm was the Code Crown, glowing brightly. “The deal for however, would not be fulfilled in the subtle ways the Denizens had hoped, however, due to the insistence that these finer details were not to be included.” The Code Crown cracked, and golden light poured out of it, forming an “N” on it’s surface. “This led to the destruction of the Digital World.”

It shattered, destroying everything.

We open with a massive re-cap which- in that imaginary universe where this is the actual Xros Wars over canon- would serve to inform those who had missed seeing the movie. Though I don’t see why they would have- It probably would be on TV that following week.

“However, the written and accepted deal provided for for the eventual repairing of the Digital World.” The Orange Xros Loader began to circle the core of what remained of the Code Crown. “Digivices created by Hephaestus had the power to unite and combine individual elements.” The Red and Blue Xros Loaders began circling along side the Red. “Xros Loaders, utilizing the energies of the legendary ‘Digi-Xros’, would be held by Generals destined to restore the world.” Lavender and Yellow Xros Loaders joined it, accompanied by Black, Green, Silver, and Pink Xros Loaders.

THIS. Oh GLUB this sentence! The different Xros Loader colors: Red, Orange, Blue, Yellow, Lavender (Foreshadowing Nene’s Xros Loader’s imminent color change from) Black, Green (Foreshadowing Both Zenjirou and Ryouma’s Loaders) Silver and Pink (Ren and Airu’s Xros Loaders).

There’s a subtle typo in there- repeating Red when it should be “Orange.”  But just ignore that.

“However, time is a tricky thing.” They opened up and let loose a flash of light. “Many of these Digivices would not appear in the time of restoration. Instead, dark, corrupted versions called Darkness Loaders would appear in their stead.”

A Darkness Loader materialized from the light of the Xros Loaders, corrupting and tainting everything it touched. Evil laughter could be heard all the while. “The Immortal Demon, DarkKnightmon, rose to prevent a bright future, where all could live in harmony, from ever occurring by creating these Dark Devices.”

“But that future is something that will not be easily stopped.” A group of Xros Loader holding figures stood before a massive tree, with a slightly smaller figure floating in front of it.

This whole sequence is MEGA FORESHADOWING– This “massive tree”? I didn’t know it at the time, but oh man this is so foreshadowy it makes me grin!!!

I am, of course, referring to a plot idea that takes place during the hunters arc- or just after it, depending on time-lines.

“We will keep on fighting until the end!” Taiki took a step forward, Orange Xros Loader raised. “DIGI-XROS!”

“DIGI-XROS!”the others cried out.

Seven bright columns of light shot into the sky, all of them glowing gold. With a burst of light, they fused together.


*Cue NEVER GIVE UP! (tv size)*

By this time- Hunters has already begun airing, and this is *really* where the present Time Travel Plot makes itself known- also, the Manga has also revealed “EX6” as a Digi-Xros…

Therefore my basis for Victory King has already been planned.

*cue Title Theme*

Wisemon Speaks! The History of the Digital World?

History Time! *Bell Rings!*


Thunder rolled and cracked, and a five year old Akari watched in glee from the shelter of her bed as the lightning made the entire sky light up with bright, strange colors.

“So cool…!” Her orange eyes widened in awe as another bolt of lightning made the sky particularly crackle.

A hand reached down and ruffled her hair. “Enjoying the view?”

“Yeah!” the girl smiled up at her mother. “It’s so pretty!”

There was a sigh from the woman. “If only your father wasn’t out rushing about causing mayhem. Maybe then he’d be here to see it too?”

“But daddy has an important job to do!” Akari protested. “He’s gotta go beat up the bad guys so we don’t hafta!”

Her mother chuckled as she pushed a stray strand of her green hair behind her ear. “I suppose so, dear.”

Akari nodded, a smile on her face. “‘Course I’m right!”

Akari’s mother is seen in brief flash back here- though not completely. In animation, her face would be over-shadowed by her hair.

And Yes, for those coming off of CH58, I did indeed plan Akari’s mother to be Chou/Opposumon by this point. I knew it would be her, I just didn’t know the specifics yet. Chou was, at this point, ACTUALLY the Future Form of Opposumon- Cho-Hakkaimon.

The convoluted plot idea I had to get her to stay as such just didn’t work for me.


“Gotta…” Akari’s eyes slid shut within the Digi-Xros. “…gotta beat the badguys…”

“Akari?” Dorulumon turned towards the girl. “Akari? What’s wr-?”

At that moment, Engine King Grand Nine suddenly broke down into it’s original forms, high up in the sky.

Not that anyone was awake to realize it.

And now we catch up to the end of the last chapter- with the Xros Breaking apart.

“AKARI!” Shoutmon was running, fast as he could, towards where the girl had hit the ground. “AKARI!” There wasn’t any data floating up into the sky from any of the impact sites, which was a good sign.

“Shoutmon!” Taiki was chasing after the Digimon. “Wait up!”

They were both so focused on reaching the Digimon involved in making Grand Nine up that neither of them noticed that the red Xros Loader, still held firmly within Shoutmon’s hand, was giving off smoke.

Lopmon, still on Taiki’s shoulder, did see it however- But only out of the corner of her eye. She didn’t recognize it as a potential threat.

“AKARI!” Shoutmon cried out again. “AKARI!”

The Xros Loader giving off smoke. I’m not quite sure why it does this- arguably it shouldn’t be connected to anything wrong with the Digi-Xros, but…

However- given that I’ve just established that the Xros Loaders are SENTIENT…

And then…

They found her.

Everyone else seemed to be fine, only unconscious from the impact.

But Akari…?

She’d shrunk.

And her hat had apparently fused into her head, giving her a V-Crest much like Shoutmon’s.

Her feet were more like Shoutmon’s as well- her hands too- and her …well, she had a tail now.

Adding to the overall impact?

Red and white scales were bunching up allover her body in glaring patches.

“Akari…” Shoutmon’s eyes widened- Not quite comprehending what they were seeing.

Of course, the first thing he did was try to put her into the Xros Loader. “Return!” he cried out.

Nothing happened.

And it was then that they finally noticed that the Red Xros Loader was broken, it’s screen cracked with a reversed Z shape.

“What the hell…?” Shoutmon’s eyes widened even more.

The Scratch shape is an important motif for this arc- and the next one as well, ESPECIALLY for Akari.

That it appears here on the Xros Loader’s screen is important.

It’s almost as Akari’s age has been reset here!

Not an hour later, Blue Flare was taking off.

“Sorry about taking off in a rush like this Taiki.” MetalGureimon said as he held the still unconscious Kiriha in his hand. “But Kiriha’s Xros Loader’s picking up trouble in Disc Zone, and since it’s our base of operations…”

“It’s fine.” Taiki waved it off. “You’ll have Deckerdramon with you the entire time, too.”

“I’m sorry we did not get a chance to talk more, Taiki-San.” Deckerdramon said from the Blue Xros Loader, safely held within Kiriha’s vest pocket. “But I must speak with Kiriha when he wakes up. There is something very important we need to discuss.”

“And if Typheus is still active,” Hephaestus cut in. “Tell him Echidna’s safe, and he’ll know where to find us when the time comes.”

“That I can do.” Deckerdramon promised.

“That double voice thing’s kinda creepy.” Gureimon remarked as he took off.

“True.” MailBirdramon said. “But it makes sense in hindsight.”


Blue Flare soon takes off for other Zones- One of the ones Kiriha himself has owned.

Ironically: It’s called DISK ZONE.

I didn’t plan this one, I swear!


“I Just don’t get it!” Lopmon growled in annoyance as she slammed her screwdriver down onto the workbench before her. “It’s internal components aren’t damaged, and the only thing physically wrong with it is the screen and I fixed that!” she sighed “Why won’t it work?”

Cutemon glanced over at the device, resting in (carefully measured) pieces on the work bench. “Healing didn’t work either.”

“It’s got to be tied in with Akari then.” Lopmon sighed. “She’s the Admin, Shoutmon’s just a sub-user…”

“So what do we do then?” Cutemon asked.

Here we see that Lopmon can’t fix the Xros Loader- which in of itself lends to a portion of FRIDGE HORROR.

The Xros Loaders have been proven to be sentient to some degree- and Lopmon’s taking the thing apart to try to FIX it?


“I know what’s wrong!” Sparrowmon suddenly barged into the room.

“You know what’s going on then?” Shoutmon asked excitedly.

“I’ve seen it before all right.” Sparrowmon said as she shifted to her human form. “I Got stuck in a similar state when I was first learning to Mode Change. I just didn’t recognize it at first because…”

“Akari’s born Human.” Shoutmon said. “She shouldn’t have been affected by that.”

“Exactly.” She nodded.” Digimon and Humans have opposite forms.” Sally stated as she checked Akari’s forehead temperature. “That’s just the way our two Worlds are linked together.”

“Eh?” Shoutmon blinked. “So what about you then?”

“What happened to me was I was fused with my board, making my data unstable, which made me turn fully into a Digimon.” She explained. “Not what I’d normally turn into, though. The board’s data made me fully unique. Got to hand it to that mad scientist though.” She mused as she stood up. “He sure knew how to make new Digimon species.”

Sally/Sparrowmon tells us exactly what’s wrong with Akari here- she goes on to explain, with the added cliche of a TROPE:

“Ahhem. For those of us who weren’t conscious during the last Twenty or so Random Adventures?” Hephaestus coughed. “Where are you going with this?”

“Right. Right.” Sally turned to face the two. “I was getting to that. The reason I can change between forms is the result of lots of practice…” She paused.

“And?” Shoutmon asked. “I’m sensing an ‘And’ in there.”

“And I’m trying to figure out how to say this without it coming out like some overused TV trope!” She snapped.

Hey, I don’t mind the tropes.” Hephaestus remarked.

“Me either.” Taiki agreed.

Sally sighed and muttered something.

“Eh?” Shoutmon blinked.

“I Said…” Another sigh. “Wizard Did it.”

“A…Wizard?” Taiki blinked.

“A Wizardmon, to be exact.” Sally said. “I met him in Shinobi Zone back when I first escaped. Apparently he was working on learning a spell that let Digimon and humans switch forms.”

“Contrived coincidence?” Shoutmon asked.

“No, actually.” She said. “Every Magic-using Digimon has to learn it.”

Taiki blinked. “How come?”

“Some Digimon are machines, in case you haven’t noticed.” Hephaestus began. “And the primary reproductive method for the Digital World doesn’t apply to them in that state.”

“Exactly.” Sally nodded. “Can’t let whole species die out, now can you?”

(“I Always wondered why Babamon knew a spell that turned people into frogs.” Shoutmon crossed his arms. “Probably some variation of that shifting spell.”)

A Wizard did it.

Yes. I actually went there.

Hephaestus also has NO CLUE what’s going on here, and plays the audience surrogate- he’s literally as lost about all of this as we are.

“But my point is, the shape shifting part can be mastered by anyone once the spell’s cast on you.” She continued. “That’s why I can keep shifting between forms when I’m not anywhere near Wizardmon.”

“So Akari got part of the spell?” Taiki ventured.

“Yes.” Sally sighed. “When we were merging our wavelengths during the battle, Akari’s started to take on more of mine instead of anyone elses, since I was in my human form when we Xrossed.”

“You said that you got stuck in a similar form.” Hephaestus said. “I’m assuming that this is reversible then?”

“Akari got the spell put on her indirectly.” Sally said. “Even if she practiced, she wouldn’t be able to shift.”

“So, we need to get it cast directly then?” Shoutmon asked.


“We’re heading to Shinobi Zone.” Taiki declared soon after. “We’re going to seek out a Wizardmon who we think might be able to help Akari.”

“We’re leaving Dust Zone to you, Locomon!” Shoutmon said.

“I’ll do my best!” The Train nodded.

“Let’s Go!” Taiki held up the Orange Xros Loader, and loaded everyone inside. “Zone Transfer!”

Xros Heart leaves with little fanfare- they’re on a mission to find a wizard, after all…

Oh, and Irony of ironies- they’re traveling down a yellow/green tunnel/road!


Taiki, Zenjirou, Sally and Nene dashed through the air space on the back of Sparrowmon’s hover-board.

“This beats swimming.” Zenjirou remarked. “We’re going much faster than usual.”

Taiki nodded, guiding them along with the Orange Xros Loader. “We’re getting close, according to Monitamon’s map.”

“It is their home Zone, after all.” Sally noted. “How’s Akari holding up?” she asked towards the Loader.

“Getting worse, actually.” Shoutmon said inside the Xros Loader. “Her skin’s getting redder by the second in here.”

“Temperature?” The girl asked.

“Warm. Really warm.”

“Damn it.” She cursed. “We need to hurry up.”

“Why?” Lila asked from inside the Xros Loader. “What’s wrong with her temperature?”

“Wizard said I needed to choose one form or the other that one time I got stuck, or else I’d burn myself out and lock into that state for-ever” Sally explained. “I was barely awake at the time, so I managed it before I reached the point of no return, but since Akari’s out of it entirely…”

“It’s not good then.” Dorulumon said grimly.

“We need to get out of the air space as soon as possible.” The girl said. “The Xros Loader’s accelerating the time line.”

“Nene’s still unconscious too.” Zenjirou said as he made sure the girl didn’t fall off of the board. “Why?”

“Whatever DarkKnightmon did, it was un-done when Cetus was Super Xrossed with the Shademon Data. Data which Typheus and Echidna were using to project themselves without overpressing their hosts.” Hephaestus explained. “Since I managed to build my own work around based on that using my Creation powers, Typheus and Echidna will have to build their own on their own, based on their own host’s brain chemistry.” He shrugged.“It’s going to take longer than that.”

Zenjirou and Sally shared a glance that equally said “I’m never going to get used to that” before saying “Sure. That makes sense.” At the same time, even though they didn’t quite understand the mechanics of it.

“I wanna know how you’re so calm about sharing a body with a Digimon.” Zenjirou crossed his arms.

Taiki shrugged. “It’s not that weird, really.”

“Meh.” Sally turned her attention towards their flight path. “I’ve seen weirder things in my dad’s lab that don’t make as much sense as them.”

“Yeah, well…” Zenjirou turned his attention forwards as well. “I still…”

They came to a screeching halt.

We get some more back-story on Sally’s life: her training to shift between forms and some foreshadowing that her dad is a scientist.

What could be weirder than Taiki and Hephaestus’ situation? Trust me, you don’t want to know.

“What the?” Hephaestus gasped as a dark shadow mass loomed in front of them. “No way this is Shinobi Zone.”

“It’s not.” Sally said as she began backing them up. “It’s a Demon’s nest!”

“A What?” Zenjirou asked.

A Growl came from behind them, making them stop reversing as well.

“Arkadimon!” a Monitamon began. “It’s a demon that built its nest in an orbit around our Zone! He’s completely immune to the Air Space!”

“And we just woke it up, Moni…”a second Monitamon shuddered.

They slowly turned around to see a massive set of jagged teeth behind them.

“Well.” Zenjirou gulped. “At least we know we’re close.”

“Arkadimon?” Hephaestus mused. “I don’t recall such a beast in any of Echidna’s life-form plans.”

“Is it just staring at us?” Taiki asked.

The beast didn’t move much as it began to laugh.


It didn’t laugh.

It’s chest was.

Arkadimon slowly floated high up, making a gem on it’s chest come to eye level.

“Hello there~!” Lilithmon waved through the reflection of the gem- Some sort of broadcast system. “Fancy meeting you here.”

Lilithmon is- for no explainable reason- happily greeting Xros Heart through her pet: Arkadimon.

Yes, I said that with a straight face.

“Lilithmon!” Taiki clenched his fists.

“Glad you remember me.” she smiled at them. “Like my new pet?”

“Pet?” Zenjirou’s eyes widened. “What do you mean pet?”

“You don’t have to be so mean about it.” She pouted. “Just because Mugee-chan under-performed doesn’t mean that-“

“The Mugendramon?” Sally asked. “That was you?”

“I don’t think we’ve had the pleasure of meeting yet.” Lilithmon’s eyes settled on her. “You’re much too mainstream to have come from Heaven Zone or Jungle Zone.”

“Dust Zone, actually.” She sparred.

“Ah? That explains the boots.” she sneered. “But enough pleasantries. Where’s Hinomoto?”

Lilithmon is correct: They HAVEN’T had the pleasure of meeting yet. Not even in the Past/Future! Sally is pretty much an unknown to Lilithmon.

“Who’s asking?” Shoutmon asked from the Xros Loader.

“Tactimon, actually.” Lilithmon turned to her nails. “He said he had a message for her.”

“We’ll give it to her when we get the chance.” Taiki said.

“Isn’t she just inside the Xros Loader of yours?” She paused, then counted. “Wait a second. How come one of you is sleeping?”

“Just get on with it already.” Hephaestus growled. “We’re on a tight schedule.”

If Lilithmon noticed the voice change, her face betrayed no sign of recognition.

Lilithmon doesn’t notice the voice change because Past/Future Taiki does it all the time. She simply doesn’t notice!

“Fine fine. Tac-chan says Baguramon’s got some sort of specialist working on the Darkness Loader, and, if you so happen to come across any ‘SkullKnightmon’, it wouldn’t be so backwards to-“

“Killed him.” Taiki said.

“Twice.” Sally nodded.

“With a Giant Drill!” Zenjirou punched the air for emphasis.

“Scattered him to the four winds.” Hephaestus threw in.

This is true! :33 Lilithmon and Tactimon are actually trying to subtly arrange things so the future does NOT come about. If they kill SkullKnightmon before it’s ‘time’, then the whole future gets thrown askance.

It doesn’t work and we don’t see her reaction, because off screen, Baguramon, makes his appearance.

“…” Lilithmon’s attention was drawn off screen. “Damn it!”She snapped her fingers.

Arkadimon roared and brought its fist slashing across the hover board, swatting it, Zenjirou, Nene, and Taiki’s orange Xros Loader towards the dark cloud. In the same motion, it’s left hand came across and snatched Sally and Taiki within it’s grip.

“Lilithmon!” Taiki growled. “What are you…?”

“Since you fell right into my trap!” she began, using a rather loud and proud voice. “I’m doing what any good little general would do.” she winked a them. “Eliminating the competition.”

With that, Arkadimon reared back, and spun around.

“Bye, little insects!”she waved at them, still using that odd tone of voice.

“RAWR!”Akradimon let loose a mean curve ball.

“WAHHH!” The duo cried out in horror as they were sent flying away.

“Akradimon.” Lilithmon said. “Feel free to eat them all, but leave the Xros Loaders behind. I want any Code Crowns they have inside.”

Of course, she failed to realize that the broken, Red Xros Loader was still in Taiki’s Xros Loader pouch, and, also, contained several Code Crowns within it’s memory.

She wouldn’t be getting as many as she thought she would.

Taiki lost his Xros Loader here- the Xros Loader with EVERYONE inside of it!

And speaking of Taiki…


The jet engines of flame materialized off of his back as he wrapped his arms around Sally and quickly brought their uncontrolled flight to a stop.

“Wow…” the girl panted. “Sweet catch.”

“Thanks.” he narrowed his eyes at the cloud. “Now we just need to..”

At that moment, a rather heavy book slammed into the back of his head. “Ow!”

“What the?” Sally’s eyes went wide as the book opened up, revealing a black window inside…

With two yellow eyes staring out of it.

“How Interesting.” a voice said as an arm reached out and dragged them both inside.



A massive throne descended from the roof, drawing the three General’s attention towards it.

“Baguramon-Sama.” Tactimon noted. “He’s coming to a meeting personally?”

“Bad timing.” Lilithmon whispered to him. “I just had to fling Kudo and his friend into the Air Space because he showed up.”

Tactimon clenched his fists together. “That’s not part of the plan.”

“I know.” She grimaced.

“Byrruriza!” Blastmon shook suddenly as the throne chair locked into place in the floor, letting loose a massive burst of steam. “Anyone else just get a massive shiver down their backs?”

We cut back to Bagura HQ to watch Baguramon descend. The Generals really show their faltering “loyalties” here, talking about their plans in harsh whispers as their Emperor enters the room.


Akari’s eyes slowly opened to see the strangest sight- Knightmon and the PawnChessmons creating a light barrier with their shields to prevent the set of massive claws from entering the massive room they were in. “Whe…?” She struggled to sit up, not even feeling the massive V crest on her head.

“Oi!” Shoutmon started as he sat down next to her. “You picked a bad time to wake up!” he grinned at her.

“Shouto…?” She blinked, not even noticing her squeaker voice. “What’s going on?”

“We’re caught between a rock and a hard place.” Dorulumon said as he readied his Drill Buster attack, just in case Arkadimon broke through. “We got separated from Sally and Taiki, we’ve got his Xros Loader, he has Your broken one, And Nene’s still unconscious, so we can’t even use hers.”

“What happened to Dust Zone?” Akari asked. “Did we win?”

“You bet we won.” Revolomon said as he made sure his guns were loaded. “But then you got shrunk!”

“Shrunk?” She glanced down over herself, finding her smaller, younger body a sudden change, especially as she started hyperventilating. “What! What happened to me?”

“Akari..!” Shoutmon started. “Just Keep calm!”

“Panicking isn’t going to get us anywhere.” Knightmon said through gritted teeth. “We’re going to hold out as long as we can until Taiki-dono can get back to us!”

“As long as it takes!” The PawnChessmon chimed in.

“N’Gah!” Ballistamon nodded.

To Akari here- she’s suddenly overwhelmed by the fact that she’s stuck in a younger body that is visually mutated. 

She reacts appropriately.


Taiki’s eyes opened to the sight of a man in a crimson robe writing in a book, talking as he wrote. “Ten Oh Five, Subject M has just woken up.”

“What?” Taiki blinked as he sat up. “Where am I?”

“What? Where am I?” The Digimon, named Wisemon, repeated as he copied down his words. “The first things said.”

“Oi!” Taiki stood up. “What do you think you’re doing?” he asked. “Where’s Sally?”

Of course, the Digimon said every word verbatim.

“Stop repeating everything I say!” Taiki growled.

“Stop repeat-” It was then that Wisemon looked up and turned his yellow eyes towards the boy. “Oh. Hello.”

“Don’t you ‘Oh hello’ us!” Hephaestus growled. “The boy asked you a question!”

Wisemon mulled this over. “Subject M seems to have a split personality. Speech pattern and Vocal tones are very familiar.”

Back to Taiki: Wisemon- who in canon reminded me a LOT of Wayward Vagabond from Homestuck- notes that Hephaestus’ voice is familiar!

Taiki went to take a step forward, only to find that his right foot was tied down to a rather large iron ball with a short chain. “What the?”

“You dare chain me up?” Hephaestus tried transforming his leg into the super jumping foot. “Eh? What the heck?”

“I negated your transforming ability within this space.” Wisemon said. “Quite easy, since I created it.”

Taiki narrowed his eyes. “Where’s the girl I was with?”

“Subject F?” The Digimon asked. “You wish to see her?”

“What do you think?” Hephaestus narrowed his eyes.

“Fine fine.” he snapped his fingers, and, suddenly, the room wobbled a bit.

“Oi. Took you long enough.” Sally huffed. Her left leg tied to the same metal ball Taiki was. “I was getting tired of watching to that stupid Kid’s show.” She shuddered. “Stupid Squiddles.”

“Subject F Stress test completed.” Wisemon said as he made note of it on the clipboard he was suddenly holding with a pen that he…was suddenly holding.

“MY NAME.” She growled. “Is Sally Sparrow.”

“Kudo, Taiki.” Taiki introduced himself. “My other half is Hephaestus.”

“That’s DENIZEN HEPHAESTUS to you!”The Denizen remarked.

The Digimon dropped the board and pen. “He…Hephaestus?” There was a dry tone to this question.

“Damn Straight.”

“And…Kudo, You said?”


Poor Wisemon colapsed from the shock.

“I hope we didn’t kill him.” Taiki said.

“I hope we did.” Sally grumbled.

Wisemon- Once he learns of both HEPHAESTUS AND TAIKI’S names (also partially due to Sally’s name)- collapses.

Wouldn’t you, after all, if you just accidentally chained up one of the world’s Guardian’s as well as the son and daughter of two old friends of yours?

“I’m sorry about that.” The Digimon said once he had woken up and had removed the chains around Taiki and Sally’s legs. “But I wasn’t ever expecting to meet you again, Hephaestus-Sama.”

“We’ve met before?” Hephaestus asked. “Not to sound rude or anything, but I don’t recall ever meeting a Wisemon before.”

Wisemon shook his head, smiling. “Not surprising. I was just a boy at the time.”

“Younger evolution then?”Hephaestus mused.

“Precisely.” Wisemon nodded. “I was a Hawkmon when we met.”

“Then that means…”

Taiki blinked as the Denizen suddenly went silent. “Hephaestus?”

“I don’t blame him.” Wisemon smiled slightly. “After all, I suppose it makes sense he’d not want to elaborate on-”

“That’s not it.” the Denizen said suddenly. “I just need to gather my thoughts. I need to figure out what questions I really need to ask here.”

“You don’t need to ask anything.” Wisemon said. “I can just explain what happened through and through.”

“You can, huh?” Sally asked, raising an eyebrow.

“Yes.” Wisemon said. “I took up writing history as my hobby after my Island’s hero’s favorite hobby.”

“History?” Taiki immediately began searching his pockets for his tape-recorder. “Give me a second, My mother has a job writing history books.”

“Yes.” Wisemon nodded. “I’d imagine Miyako would get such a job.” Taiki, having just found the recorder, dropped it to the floor at this comment.


“Well, there we go.” Hephaestus said. “Now you’ve got to explain everything to them.”

“Fine by me.” Wisemon laughed.

And then reality warped around them.

Here we get Taiki’s mother’s name. Miyako- that part hasn’t changed from the initial concept. However, the rest of it….well…


Wisemon had seemingly teleported them several years into the past within his book-world. “One of the benefits of living inside a space I can alter at will is replaying my own memories in a fully rendered, three dimensional space.” He explained.

“Great.” Sally said as she looked around the black void they were in. “Did you have your eyes closed or something?”

“Give it a moment.” Wisemon said a few seconds before the blackness was overwritten with a temple of sorts. “Reconstructing memories takes time.” The temple, for the moment, was empty.

“hey!” Hephaestus exclaimed. “This is our old meeting place, the Frog-lin Temple!”

Frog-Lin Temple- double shout out to Homestuck (Frogs) and Beyblade (The Bey-Lin Temple).

Wisemon is directly manipulating the world around them (essentially a dream bubble in a book) to show his own memories.

“Indeed it is.” Wisemon nodded. “This is where the Heroes and their Consorts-” as he said each word, two groups appeared- Several humans, and several accompanying Digimon. “Came to meet the Denizens.” At that, four beasts appeared in the air, floating above those gathered around them.

“That’s you.” Taiki pointed towards the red dragon with golden armor. “Isn’t it?”

“Yes.” Hephaestus said, agreeing. “The Green one is Typheus, Blue is Cetus, and Purple is Echidna, my sister.”

“What!” Sally suddenly grabbed Taiki by the collar. “Since when is Nene your sister?”

“I said ECHIDNA is.” Hephaestus said, rolling his eyes. “Not Nene. We’re about as distant to her now as we are to you thanks to the Deal.”

Sally let the boy go and crossed her arms. “Hmmf.”

Sally doesn’t like these suddenly appearing family relations! It makes the shipping chart rather complicated.

Wisemon chuckled. “I believe in soul, they remain siblings, not in blood.” He began walking across the floor towards two humans in particular- one a boy with brown hair, messy and untidy as much as Taiki’s, his eyes were a deep red, only partially obscured by sun glasses; the other a girl with long, blue hair with purple highlights in them, her eyes a light green. “These are Kudo, Daiko and Sakamoto, Miyako.” Wisemon turned towards Taiki. “Your parents, I believe?”

Taiki nodded. “Those are their names all right.”

“Yes. Exactly so.” Hephaestus agreed. “The ones I split my spirit and energies between.”

Daiko- Taiki’s dad- is an expy fusion of Dave and Davis/Daisuke.

Miyako is essentially Miyako with hair dye and different eyes- “Sakamoto” is a shout out to Nichijou, where there is a cat with the same name.

“Miyako was the hero of my island home.” Wisemon explained as he walked over towards a Hawkmon that was standing near the girl. “She, along with the others around us, were not from this Dimension.”

“They came from earth?” Sally guessed.

“Yes.” Wisemon held up a finger, indicating there was more. “But not the earth you come from.”

“See the guy over there? Brown hair with a grey streak through it?” Hephaestus pointed at the boy, wearing a yellow coat similar to Sally’s. “That’s Tyson Sparrow.”

Sally turned to face the boy slowly. “What was that?”

“He programmed a Modification to a harmless video game on his Earth.” Hephaestus said. “Crafty fellow, that one. Too smart for his own good, in some cases.”

“What Was That!” Sally asked again, voice raising in pitch.

“The game Sburb was what was modified.” Wisemon explained. “It brought meteorites from above crashing down into their version of Earth, wiping it out entirely.”

Wisemon is quoting PROPER Sburb mythology here- this was written before the [S] Cascade flash, however, so the idea of the Red Miles attack hadn’t occurred to me yet.

“The only way to escape was to play the modified game he’d created.” Hephaestus continued. “Our Digital World was the dimension into which their houses were warped into, instead of the dimension they were ‘supposed’ to be pulled into via the un-modified game.”

“‘Digica Scrab’.” Taiki narrowed his eyes. “So mom didn’t make that part up…”

“Eh?” Sally’s eyes widened. “Your mom wrote that?”

“Miyako always loved history.” Wisemon chuckled. “I’m not surprised.”

“The game mechanics went out the window the moment they entered, though.” Hephaestus sighed. “Our world didn’t function like the one in the coding. So, instead of them each having Denizens to talk to and whole worlds to explore, the code only searched for a world with four Denizens and one world to explore.”

“Our Digital World.” Wisemon said. “But it was a good thing they came when they did.”

“The messed up game code also called for a monster. Something that was threatening to destroy everything.”Hephaestus continued. “By the very nature of the multi-verse, our Digital World being picked out of millions is nothing short of a miracle.”

“That is why the Heroes came to the Denizens.” Wisemon said. “Alone, even at the top of their game-granted powers, were unable to stop the monster ready to destroy the world.”

“We crafted a deal.” Hephaestus said. “Neither of our groups were able to fight the monster one on one, so we united.”

We get that even though they STARTED a SBURB game….it fell apart the moment they all Entered the game!

It became even LESS of a game than what SBURB normally is.

The Memory around them played, sans audio.

Memory Typheus transformed into twin spheres of energy, each of which went down to a couple- boy and girl- with blond hair and blue eyes.

Taiki blinked. “Kiriha!”

“Aouma.” Hephaestus nodded. “I thought those two made a nice couple. Shame they died.”

Memory Echidna turned into a beam of energy which shot down towards a girl with brown hair, tied up similarly to Nene’s own hair style, only on the back of her head like a pony tail instead of on the top like a Helicopter. Similarly, Memory Cetus immediately transformed into a beam of energy as well, choosing to fuse with a boy with dirty blond hair next to the girl.

“Nene’s Mother?” Sally guessed. “And father?”

“That explains why they’re siblings.” the Denizen noted. “Ironic they chose lovers, eh?” Taiki simply nodded in response.

We get Kiriha’s and Nene and Kotone’s parents here- names revealed later on.

The memory Hephaestus then created Four objects- One of which was a Xros Loader, Gold body with red highlights, which floated down towards the designated Tyson Sparrow. The second and third were a set of matching spherical devices, each marked with a red light on the front, and had sides that would fold out to release a barrage of bullets- This went down towards the girl standing next to The inventor to be.

“That’s the girl from the phone!” Taiki gasped, and Sally did as well, but for other reasons you can probably guess.

The Devices Sally’s mother gets here are hand held versions of Portal Turrets.

Then, Memory Hephaestus created a glimmering golden diamond in the sky- the Code Crown- before he transformed into a sphere of energy and lanced out to fuse with Taiki’s parents.

There was a flash of light, and the world shifted to a battle field.

“Using the powers of the Denizens,” Wisemon began. “The Heroes fought against the monster.” He pointed up at the sky, revealing the beast, being fought against by the powered up heroes and a single Digi-Xrossed Digimon, made up of the consorts who had so faithfully followed their chosen.

“That’s…!” Taiki and Hephaestus gasped. “I knew that name was familiar.”

“Impossible…!” Sally’s eyes went wide with horror.

“MoonMillenniummon.” Wisemon said quietly. “The ultimate evil of any world, and bane of all existence.”

“Damn it.” Hephaestus. “To think we almost let that thing get reborn.”

“If DarkKnightmon hadn’t survived…” Taiki grimaced. “If he hadn’t taken control…!”

“You sound surprised.” Wisemon said as he shifted them back to the black void. “What are you talking about exactly?”

Hephaestus sighed. “Long story short, we just came from fighting the first of that monster’s forms.”

“Oh.” Wisemon blinked. “Oh My.”

“Okay! History time for the kids is over.” Hephaestus decided suddenly. “My Turn. Enough trips down memory lane. What caused the Digital World to shatter?”

Wisemon chuckled. “That’s simple, Hephaestus-sama.”

The world shifted once more.

Here we see that Milleniumnmon’s appearance in the last Zone is a VERY BAD THING and would have been EVEN WORSE had they not acted.

Now with the kid’s caught up on the Denizen’s past- it’s time for Hephaestus to catch up to current.

They were Floating over the dusty town of Dust Zone.

“When the Heroes defeated the Monster,” Wisemon explained, “They created a new Human world using the remnants of the Game code, born from the Digital World’s core itself. The Code Crown was then used as a controller, keeping balance between both worlds as well as maintaining the gateway between them.”

“I think I know where this is going.” Taiki mused.

“Perhaps.” Wisemon shrugged as he continued. “Approximately twelve years ago, the Code Crown was discovered, and removed from it’s hiding place. The person to have found it was Kanagi, Hagashi, and he soon discovered that the Code Crown could control the fabric of the Digital World according to his whims.”

“I definitely know where this is going.” Taiki groaned.

“Everyone in the right mindset sought to have the Code Crown under their thumb, and, in the process, the Bagura Empire rose to power.” Wisemon continued on uninterrupted. “Eventually, Kanagi and a group of Digimon, known as the Knight’s Aegis, took the Code Crown into the only remaining construction of Hephaestus’s capable of destroying any of his works.”

They shifted through the ground, and emerged into the Record Chamber, where the Code Crown rested inside a rather large record needle.

“Beat Mesa, AKA The Scratch Mechanism, was that device, having emerged into the world due to-”

“I Know where Beat Mesa came from.” The Denizen sighed. “I Built it, remember?”

“Ah, right.” Wisemon nodded in embarrassment. “I forgot.”

Sally groaned. “So what? We don’t know where it came from!”

“Eh…” Hephaestus paused for a moment. “It was a fail-safe device I made, just in case we failed in defeating MoonMillenniummon. Should I have died in the way that the monster killed it’s victims, it would activate and reset the Digital World to the point before the Monster was even born.”

“A reset button.” Taiki noted.

“Exactly.” Wisemon nodded.

We find out that this universe’s Beat Mesa was a fail safe- in case the kids and denizens failed.

“Right. So where were we?” Sally asked.

“Right.” Wisemon nodded, and the room was then populated with two individuals, a human- this Kanagi fellow- and a Digimon- a rather Regal looking fellow by the name of Omegamon. “Kanagi and his partner-in-crime took the Code Crown and used it as a record needle, for use in ‘Scratching the item from History’s Record’.”

Hephaestus groaned. “That sounds so corny when I’m not the one saying it!”

(“Visual pun much?” Sally whispered.

“Very.” Taiki nodded.)

“However.” Wisemon continued. “The Code Crown was imbued with fail safes that they did not even consider.”

Omegamon shoved the needle onto the record, as Kanagi, on the other side of the room, activated the player.

This memory, by the way, is a re-creation from facts Wisemon has collected- EVERYONE WHO SAW THE SCRATCH WAS TURNED INTO A DIGI-MEMORY!

“GARURU CANNON!”The Knight roared as he fired off his cannon arm, striking the needle, and forcing it off of the record’s grooves.


The Record was scratched in a perfect Z shape at the very center, where a red lable would have been placed, and then…

A Blinding flash of light.

“What happened is something even I do not know.” Wisemon shrugged as he took them to a view outside of the Digital World. “If I had been there, I may have been able to show you what Digimon were inside the room when it was scratched. Had I been there, I might have been able to accurately depict what they did instead of my speculated theory.”

“It’s good enough.” Hephaestus frowned. “So what happened next?”

“The Device was never intended to be used in such a way.” Wisemon said. “The very nature of the scratch was a time rewinding device, to rewrite history, as it were.”

“It wasn’t meant to destroy the Code Crown.” Sally frowned.

“Indeed it wasn’t.” Wisemon nodded.

There was a blinding flash of light, and then the Digital World below them visibly shattered into one-hundred and eight little self contained spheres.

“The Code Crown was broken, but not destroyed, due to it’s nature of keeping the world together.” Wisemon sighed. “Such a waste, in my opinion.”

“There were more ramifications than just a shattering, weren’t there?”The Denizen guessed.

“Indeed there were.” Wisemon said. “The Corrosive Airspace was created out of the Scratch’s aftermath. I was fortunate enough to have been locked inside my lab when it happened. But, unfortunately, my lab, this book that we are all inside, was in a place where no Zone exists now.” he explained. “It’s why we’re out here floating.” He then brought them back to the black void, and then…


Back to his Lab.

“Before we close, I have one question.” Wisemon said. “There are One Hundred and Eight Code Crown Fragments, a good majority of which have been collected by Bagura.” He clasped his hands together and bowed his head. “How many is that?”

Wisemon’s question serves as a transition back to Bagura HQ:

By the way- everyone’s code crown count is off in this. I never managed to get it accurate or consistent.

There are one hundred and NINE Code Crowns, not 108- this is part of the problem.

HOWEVER: This count is as close to as accurate as I’ll ever get and in a future re-write, this scene will remain UNCHANGED.


‘Thumpa Thumpa.’ Blastmon thought to himself as he, Tactimon, and Lilithmon stood kneeling before Baguramon. ‘What is this feeling inside my chest? Love?’ Gazing upon the dual sided face of their leader, he dismissed the idea. ‘No. It’s Fear.’ He cast a glance over to Tactimon, who was currently giving a report on their Zone Conquest, and the resistance the Natives had put up.‘Tac-chan has a plan that ends up with us giving Xros Heart information and leads, all the while playing our own boss for a fool.’

“And what of the Code Crown count?” their prestigious leader asked, moving his large, skeletal right arm for a fine glass of wine. “How many do we possess compared to the resisting armies?”

“I personally have collected Twenty-Six.” Tactimon said. “Lilithmon has Twenty-Four, and Blastmon Twenty. All together we have Seventy.” He brought up a diagram on the holographic imager in the floor between the three Generals and their supreme commander. “The Orange Xros Loader army has Seven Code Crowns. The Blue Xros Loader army has Twelve. The Black Xros Loader Army…” Tactimon trailed off, a smirk forming under his helmet. “Has Zero Code Crowns, having lost Dust Zone’s Code Crown to the Orange army. Furthermore, The Orange Army united briefly with the Blue to overtake Black’s stronghold.”

“How so?” Baguramon asked.

The Three Generals shared a glance, and Tactimon continued. “The resulting battle destroyed the fortress entirely. Nothing remains of the Black Army.”

The wine glass in the skeletal hand shattered. “Of the remaining Code Crowns…” his voice remained monotone. “How many are we close to capturing?”

“Twenty Code Crowns remain un-claimed.” Tactimon began. “Witchenly’s Code Crown remains hidden, leaving Nineteen unclaimed.” he said. “We have armies currently occupying three Zones fully, with the remaining Sixteen under siege as we speak.”

“Good.” Baguramon said. “Is there anything else to report?”

“Yes, actually.” Lilithmon spoke up. “I was just enacting a plan to seize Xr- the Orange Army’s Code Crowns when you arrived, My lord.” she winced at her near slip-up. “By the time I reach my Arkadimon’s nest, my Code Crown count should have increased to Thirty-One.”

If their Emperor noticed the verbal slip, he didn’t show it. Instead, he simply smiled. “Lilithmon.” he said, beginning to laugh. “Keep this up and you may become my successor.”

“T-Thank you sir.” Lilithmon bowed very quickly, hiding the grin that was forming on her face.

Tactimon smirked as well. ‘Even if Xros Heart is removed from play, Lilithmon becoming his potential replacement is a step even further ahead in our plan than I had ever dreamed of!’

Blastmon barely concealed the fearful trembling in his arms as anger with a well timed scowl on his face. ‘Tac-chan and Lili-tan have a plan to over-throw Baguramon-sama.’ he grimaced inwardly. ‘I can only hope that nothing unforeseeable happens that Tac-chan can’t maneuver us out of.’

The sad thing is that- despite being time travelers- The Three Generals know absolutely NOTHING about the time-line of the War itself.

They’re operating with the intent to change events – which they can’t really due because they ALREADY CHANGED THEM.

A quick cut back to Taiki shows them trying to convince Wisemon to let them go- that doesn’t appear to work all that well, and so we rejoin Akari’s group…


Cue something unforeseeable- A Falling skeleton.

Bastemon screamed in horror as the decayed body of a Dynasmon landed in front of her and ChibiKamemon. The Island Zone native sighed as the Lake Zone princess wrapped her arms around his neck. “Poor guy.”

“Is that what’s going to happen to us?” The princess asked quietly.

“No way.” ChibiKamemon shook his head. “Taiki’ll come back for us, and then we’ll get out of here.”

“Okay…” And then, she hopped over to the poor Knight’s armor covered skeleton. “Wow, I’ve never seen anyone like this before…!”

“His armor’s been ripped to shreds.” ChibiKamemon flinched as he pointed out the gash marks in the back. “He probably didn’t stand a chance…”

“Hey…” Bastemon said suddenly. “Look here…”

“Hm?” He walked over to where she was prying open one of the deceased Dynasmon’s hands. “What is it?”

“He’s got something in his hand here!” She said excitedly. “Help me get it open!”

Where Chibi- Bastemon and Kamemon are exploring.  Also: Remember when I was referencing my Frontier plot by saving Lucemon?

…Yeah. Dynasmon here dies because of the shit he pulls in that same story.

“Digi-memories!” Zenjirou gasped as the duo showed the five little chips before the rest of Xros Heart.

“Well what do ya know.” Shoutmon said as he looked them over. “DORUmon, MetalGarurumon, Impmon, DarkDramon…Vmon? Didn’t we get one of these already?”

“Maybe it does something different?” Revolomon suggested. “The one I gave Taiki had the ‘Triple Armor’ attack.”

“Vmon-Head.” Shoutmon read the Digi-memory. “Huh.”

“I guess it was a good thing we landed here after all.” Lila mused.

“Maybe so…!” Knightmon grunted as Arkadimon slashed at their combined shield once more. “But we won’t last much longer if something doesn’t draw this beat’s attention away!”

“What if we used Taiki’s Xros Loader?” Lilamon asked suddenly, snapping her fingers. “We put in a Digi-Memory and activate it!”

“Xros Loaders are voice activated.” Shoutmon said with a scowl. “But then again, that’s for the Digi-Xros Function… Zenjirou did manage to Reload us after all.”

At that moment, everyone turned towards Zenjirou.

“Huh?” he blinked. “Why is everyone staring at me for?”

“We love you, Zenjirou.” Lila said. “That’s all.”

“Oh. Okay.”

Lila is being absolutely sincere here.

Moments later, Zenjirou held the Orange Xros Loader in his Left hand, and the Darkdramon Digimemory in his right. “Digimemory!” he ordered. “Lend us your strength!” with that, he pushed the Card into the Loader. “ACTIVATE!”

The Xros Loader beeped and it’s screen flashed.

…But nothing more happened as the Xros Loader spat the Digi-Memory part-way out with a ‘spring’.

“Nothing happened!” A Monitamon cried out. “We’re doomed!”

“Nene-sama’s still unconscious, Moni.” The Second Monitamon said, cowering.

Akari, for the most part, was still struggling to remain conscious through-out the entire discovery of the Digi-memories. “If I just had my Xros Loader…” She said quietly. “If I hadn’t gotten shrunk…”

Akari laments being useless for a change! This is the start of a small character arc to rebuild her confidence.

For a few moments of heightened panic, everyone watched in horror as, suddenly, Arkadimon’s claws pierced the glowing energy shield produced by the Knight and PawnChess shields.

The demon smirked and licked its lips as he began pulling the hole in the shield wider and wider…

“Get ready everyone!” Dorulumon said as he readied his drill tail. “He’s almost through!”

“Let’s make it memorable!” Shoutmon said, gripping his mic-stand. “If this is where we die, then let’s take this beast out with us!”

Arkadimon got the hole wide enough to stick his head through…


When something small, round, and FAST bounced off of the armor over Arkadimon’s left eye, causing the Demon to turn its head towards the source of the intrusion, snarling angirly.

“Moni!” the Monitamon jumped at the familiar sound.

“That sounded like a Nine-Mill!” Revolomon deduced instantly.

“Sparrow-chan!” Nene’s Monimon leaped into the air, a “0u0” emote displayed on it’s face. “It’s Sparrow-chan!”

“GAK!” The RedPickmon jumped onto Zenjirou’s head. “Another Bird?”

The RedPickmon forgets about Sparrowmon.


Two more shots rang out, and Arkadimon dashed off to the side, forgetting about the meal within his own nest- instead prefering to target the ones who were shooting at him.

And those shooting?

Indeed, Sally Sparrow was firing at the demon, twin 9 Mm. hand-guns turned towards the beast. “Die You Damn Piece Of Trash!” she roared at it. “DIE!”

But, you might be wondering. HOW was she here when her hover-board was inside the nest along with the rest of Xros Heart?

Simply put- She was standing on Taiki’s back.

And how was he carrying her?

The twin jet thruster engines he could summon thanks to the Denizen inside his own mind.

Further more, he wasn’t just restricted to the jets alone. No. For the moment he was doubling up on the transformations, and had summoned the MEGA HANDS 0F INFINITE H0LDING, Which were indeed holding the ankle chain weighted sphere that they had borrowed from Wisemon (they stole it when he wasn’t looking).

And Yes: The Zero’s are necessary.

Fun Fact: I wrote this sequence before Rex in Generator Rex pulled off the same trick of combining builds.

Also, Sally has a bit of a mouth here, doesn’t she?

“LEAVE OUR FRIENDS ALONE!”Taiki and Hephaestus roared as one.

Arkadimon roared…

“PRISON BLOCKER!”Taiki’s voice roared as he quickly went into a spin and threw the sphere.

…And immediately got a mouth-full of Metal Ball, courtesy of said Ankle Chain Sphere.

With the Demon fully gagged, they rushed past it towards the entrance to the Demon’s nest.

“TAIKI!” Shoutmon’s eyes widened in surprise as they pulled up in front of them. “You’re okay!”

“‘Course we are!” Taiki grinned as he tossed the Red Xros Loader down to the ‘Mon.

“Welcome back, Captain!” Zenjirou grinned as he tossed the Orange Xros Loader up to the boy.

“All right everyone!” Sally jumped down, holstering her guns as she walked over towards her hover board, just laying innocently on the ground. “Listen up! That ball ain’t going to last for long!”


To Prove her point, Arkadimon had broken his jaw while breaking the massive jaw-breaker.

“But we’re not going to let that stop us!” with that, she jumped onto her board, and turned towards everyone around them. “We’re going to break out of this place and we’re going STRAIGHT to Shinobi Zone!”

There was mass cheering as the demon loomed in the now open entrance way.

“So then…” A grin formed on her face. “Who’s ready to send this biology class reject to the scrap pile?”

“US!” Everyone roared as one.


The Reason I used the Karaoke version here is because nobody is there to sing it.

But also:

Xros Five formed together, then threw the star-blade into the air, where it immediately transformed into the Knight Star Blade. The Sparrowmon shield slid off, spun around, and reattached itself so that the Xros Heart Shield could fit in the left hand perfectly. The many drills on Xros Five’s body transformed into the Pawnchessmon spear-tips, and a brilliant red cape of burning fire emerged from Sparrowmon’s thrusters. Finally, with a triumphant twirl and swoosh of said cape, the new Digimon caught the sword and cried out it’s new name; “SHOUTMON: XROS FIVE KNIGHT!” The roof of Arkadimon’s nest exploded as X5K burst through it, preparing to face the demon head on. “LET’S GO!”

Because it’s a different Digi-Xros and therefore the usual theme song doesn’t apply.

“Reload: SABERDRAMON!” Taiki reloaded the massive bird, now that she had the space to spread her wings.

“Cawrr!” Saberdramon crowed.

“Everyone!” Taiki ordered. “Climb on and we’ll fly out of here!”

“Wait!” Lila protested suddenly. “Won’t we disintegrate once we leave the nest?”

“Not a chance!” Taiki grinned. “We’ve got Dorulumon’s Crystal, remember?”

Cutemon pulled said red crystal out of a hidden pocket in his scarf. “He gave it to me to hold, Kyu!”

“See?” Taiki said. “We’re covered!”

Now then…

Back to the fight!

“FIVE KNIGHT VICTORIES!”X5K roared as five blazing V laser beam lanced out of the sword into multiple directions, all of them then converging on Arkadimon’s chest, forcing the demon further and further away from it’s nest.

This is a variation on the “Seven Victories” attack uses in Death Generals.

“FLAMING METEOR SMASHER!”X5K swung the sword down as they jumped up over the charging Arkadimon, managing to leave a nice gash in the skin between the demon’s wings as they did so.

“Damn, this guy’s got some tough skin!” Problem-Chessmon remarked. “If only we had some sort of super-powered writing implement!”

“What are you going on about?” Terezie spat at him.

“Ooooh! I’d write such a scalding, scathing letter to him!” The PawnChessmon ranted. “He’d never be able to recover!”

“Less chatting- More blasting!” Shoutmon growled as they dodged Arkadimon’s massive claws.

More Problem Sleuth shout outs and a Star Wars The Clone Wars shout out too, the latter courtesy of Shoutmon.

“Damn it!”Hephaestus growled as he summoned the energy sword arm.

“WE’RE GONNA DIE!”Lila and Zenjirou were hugging each other very tightly.

“Shout-onii-san!” ChibiKamemon cried out in horror as he spotted X5K trying to make up the difference in speed. “He’s not going to make it!”

Arkadimon roared again as he jumped forward, jaws opened wide for a large mouthful of tasty bird wing…


…Only to bite down upon his own tongue as a rather thick and heavy book slamed down upon his upper jaw, forcing him to stop the chase. Eyes widened and watered, and then Arkadimon roared a bloody roar as half of his tongue exploded away into data.

“What the…!” Shoutmon’s eyes widened.

“No way…” Sally’s eyes widened as well.

“Wisemon!” Taiki grinned as he spotted the Digimon floating up along side them.

“I Can’t turn my back on you!” The Researcher cried out as he summoned his two glowing “Space-Time Stones” as he prepared his next attack. “Not upon the son of my oldest and dearest friend!”

(“And What am I?” Sally face-palmed. “Chopped Liver?”

“You know this guy?” Dorulumon asked.

“Unfortunately…” The girl sighed.)

“You’re not talking about me, now are you?”Hephaestus casually deduced.

“Of course not,” Wisemon chuckled casually. “Miyako would kill me if I let her son come to harm.”

Ah- and here begins (I think) the running gag of “BLANK would kill me if I let BLAH Happen.”

At this moment, Arkadimon regained enough focus to ignore the pain coursing from his mouth to grab Wisemon’s Book with his hands and rip it in twain, roaring a muted, gargling roar.

“My. It seems I’ve angered him.” Wisemon remarked.

“You think so?” Saberdramon growled as she pushed them outside of the nest’s zone and into the air space. “I really don’t see how you could have done that!”

Arkadimon went to follow them when, finally, X5K caught up to it and Brought the sword down. “FLAMING METEOR SMASHER!”

Arakdimon’s right wing exploded into burning flames of pain as X5K rushed past it to join up with the rest of Xros Heart.

“Sorry I’m late!” Shoutmon said with a grin. “We had a Demon to de-wing!”

Of course, the combined insult of the jaw breaking, the tongue biting, the wing cutting, and the whole slew of insults gave Arkadimon the rage to push past the pain and his halved speed to rush up after them, roaring all the way.

“Damn he’s resilient!” Dorulumon growled.

“Please don’t start respawning health bars!” Problem-Chessmon prayed. “Please don’t start respawning health bars! Please don’t start respawning health bars!”

More Problem Sleuth shout outs to the DMK fight.

In a moment of DEUS EX MACHINA: the Digi-Memory finally activates!

*DigiMemory Activate!*

There was a flash of light from the Xros Loader and, moments later, DarkDramon stood proud between Xros Heart and Arkadimon.

And, at that Moment, Arkadimon knew he was screwed.

“GIGA STICK LANCE!”the Digimemory roared as it lunged forward, arm bunker pointed straight ahead, sharp point gleaming, angelic wings glowing- And Akradimon was suddenly sporting a brand new body piercing- straight through the lower abdomen.

With a smirk, X5K brought the Xros Heart Shield forward, and powered it up. “METEOR BUNKER IMPACTO!”


Don’t let the small font fool you. The sound effect was heard all through out the Digital world, thanks in one-quarter to the solid left hook occurring in the Air-Space itself, and the remaining three-fourths from the sheer force of it alone.

Akradimon’s upper torso separated from the rest of his body due to the attack, sending the demon tumbling down towards his own nest- His own grave- roaring all the way.

“Well…” Zenjirou said after a few moments of silence. “That was fun.”

Lila slapped the back of his head with two fingers. “Baka.” She muttered.

“Whaaat..?” the boy whined. “What did I do?”

With this fight over- Xros Heart continues on to Shinobi Zone.

And with that done- we cut back to DUST ZONE!

The ruins of the tower shifted slightly as two figures searched through the remains, hoping to find their personal belongings and that of the unconscious girl they carried with them.

“This is ridiculous.” Duskmon grumbled. “We’re never going to find your back-up robes in this mess.”

“I don’t care.” Ranamon growled. “I’m not leaving this zone unless I have my robes!”

“Fine.” Duskmon sighed and glanced over towards the sleeping Kotone, currently clutching the Darkness Loader in her arms like it was a teddy bear. Already she had grown up slightly from when they had found her. “What are we going to do with her anyways?”

“With DarkKnightmon dead…” Ranamon commented offhandedly as she began digging through a broken treasure chest. “We’re going to have to follow his standing orders.”

“Which are?” he asked.

“Wait for the Code Crowns to be collected, then infiltrate Bagura HQ.” Ranamon said. “From there…I don’t know, only he knew that part of the plan.”

“You mean knows.” A bit of fear had crept into the skeletal digimon’s voice.

“No. I mean knew.” She turned towards Duskmon, who looked like he had seen a ghost, standing completely still, eyes wide in shock and fear. “He’s dead, remember?”

“Um…” Silently, Duskmon raised an arm and pointed in the way he was looking. “Do Ghost Digimon usually take up their old forms then?”

Ranamon paled, and slowly turned around.

“Good evening.” The battered, broken, but still very much alive form of SkullKnightmon waved to them as he approached. “How are you on this fine evening?”

“Da-S-SkullKnightmon-sama!” Ranamon’s eyes widened. “You’re alive!”

“Rumors of my demise have been greatly exaggerated.” SkullKnightmon remarked offhandedly. “I am not called “The Immortal” for nothing, after all.”

Yup. The Jerk survives.

Even when he’s finally KILLED…well…He’s not actually DEAD.

Xros Heart then arrives in Shinobi Zone, and for once things seem to be going well!


A portal from the Bagura HQ Zone opened up, and Lilithmon stepped out into Arkadimon’s nest. “Ugh.” She grimaced as she nearly stepped into a Dynasmon skeleton. “I really need to clean the litter box out one of these days.” She sighed and walked around it. “Oh Arcadia?” She cooed. “Are you there, my love?”

She soon found what was left of the chamber where Xros Heart had made their escape from- Where Akradimon’s upper torso still clung to life.

“Arcadia!” she gasped “What happened to you! Are you alright?”

The creature sent a death glare at her as it slowly raised one hand, curling fingers in a crude form of sign language, forming one word with two letters.

“No?” She sighed, realizing her stupidity. “Of course you’re not alright… But you’re still…!”

One particular sign now- a single finger.

She gasped at the demon’s profanity. “Hey now! That’s…!”

A satisfied smirk formed on Arkadimon’s face before the demon’s body completely disintegrated.

Lilithmon stared at the free floating particles. “I…”

Her fists clenched. “I’m going…”

“I’M GOING TO EXPLODE?” she gasped in horror.

Arkadimon held on just long enough to give Lilithmon the finger– which she interprets as Arkadimon telling her that in the future she will end up like him…

I have no clue why I wrote it like that- but I find it funny.


“Oi, Taiki.” Kiriha said suddenly, dragging the boy away from his table. “We need to talk.”

“Uh. Sure.” Taiki smiled and waved at Akari and Shoutmon. “I’ll be right back.”

After a few moments, they exited the Karaoke Bar, walking past Dorulumon and Beelzebmon, and continuing on towards the road.

Finally, they came to a stop, and they stood there for a few moments.

“So..?” Taiki began.

The General held up a finger, indicating silence. Taiki sighed, and waited.

A moment later, there was a blinding flash of green light and a swirling tornado of energy. When one looked now, instead of Kiriha Aouma was the human form of the Denizen Typheus- long coat and wings glowing with brilliant green energy.

“Still sporting the broken wings, eh?”Hephaestus asked.

“Quiet you.” Typheus grumbled. “I’m still sore about you punching me out in Disc Zone.”

In Karaoke Zone: we get some conversation between the Denizens as I hastily try to retcon their existence into the Karaoke Endings!

Then, we have Wisemon singing a song.

I Kid You Not: The only reason I kept him in the plot wheel before I came up with the Denizen connection was really just so I could have him singing “She Blinded me with Science.”


A.N.: Only thing I have to say here is that Gangsta!Wisemon is inspired by BlueIke over on DeviantArt.

I gotta repeat this because it is true.

By the way- the song’s random inclusion of “Good heavens, Miss Sakamoto – You’re beautiful!” Was completely unintentional when I gave Taiki’s mom that last name.

Irony. It hurts.


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