Xros Wars AU 02 — CH20

We begin Chapter 20, and only chapter 20 this time, with a cold opening and THEME SONG CHANGE!

Remember everyone, this is supposed to be animated MOVIE STYLE! ūüėČ changing the theme song is a part of this!

Grey eyes cracked open to the sound of metal wheels clattering on rusted tracks.

A Train whistle sounded, and Kudo Taiki’s eyes focuses immediately on the bright blue sky above. “What the!” He winced from the brightness, eyes closing once again.

With a groan, he sat up, rubbing his head. “Where am I?” The last thing he remembered was…

DarkKnightmon stood with the golden ninja at his side.

Xros Five being broken down into his seperate forms.

Duskmon holding them at blade point.

“Shoutmon!” He jumped up… Or tried to, at least. “Wah!” His feet were chained directly to the floor, he wouldn’t even be able to pace across the floor if he wanted to. “What the..?” he examined the cuff-links around his ankles. Rusted, tight, and uncomfortable. Worse? The rust was already splattered around the edges of his socks. So that meant…

Either he’d been chained up for a really long time, or the atmosphere of the Zone itself caused metal to rust rather exponentially.

“Dust Zone.” A female voice said to his left.

“Huh?” Taiki glanced over towards Nene, also chained to the floor of their little cage. “Nene!”

“We’re in Dust Zone.” She repeated, monotone, emotionless. “It’s DarkKnightmon’s base of operations. Team Twilight’s base of operations. My base of operations.” Another train whistle. “Sparrowmon…Kotone…” She stared up at the tower they were being dragged towards and sighed.

Taiki turned towards his right, spotting a still unconscious Kiriha on the ground, and the back side of the train that was pulling their small, portable cage along the rusted tracks. They were headed towards a tower. Massive, tall, spiraling- Actually, it more closely resembled the infamous tower in Seattle than anything else. He narrowed his eyes. “Why are we being transported by train?”

“Dust Zone’s atmosphere is corrosive due to massive wavelengths caused by whatever’s buried under the tower.” Nene said. “And since the tower is at the center of the zone, that’s also where the distortions are the worst. The closer to the center you are, the worse off the distortions.” she sighed. “The Distortions prevent the Zone Transfer functions of the Xros Loaders from working properly. You can only enter or leave at the furthest edges of the Zone.”

“Then…” Taiki reached for his Xros Loader, which was missing. “Even if we had them…?”

“We’d be trapped here as long as we’re DarkKnightmon’s prisoners.” She confirmed.

Wow, that sounds bleak, huh?

*cue Gurren Lagann OP1: Sora iro Days, TV size*

Taiki looked up at the sky, eyes narrowed. “I don’t know what he wants, or what he’s going to do.” his fists clenched. “But there is no way we’re going to let DarkKnightmon win!”

And, as he stared up at the sky…

He saw it.

A shooting star, barely visible through all the dust in the air and their continual forward motion.

And so, he wished upon it.



No title card yet. ūüėČ

Can you hear it?

This voice of mine was pulled

Into the endless darkness!

Dusty winds blow through Akari’s hair, her eyes narrowed at the tower in the distance.

If the world has any meaning,

Then these feelings aren’t futile!

Trailmon of all kinds rush about the scattered train tracks, carrying their heavy loads towards a massive building. A lone girl watched these Trailmon with anger burning in her eyes.

We get a shot of Akari- indicating that Xros Heart and Blue Flare have arrived in Dust Zone.

This girl would be Puppetmon’s girlfriend.

I was crushed by my longing,

And had given up,

In the abandoned ruins of a train silo, a Massive Train Digimon sighed in defeat, his very soul buried under crushing anguish.

Without even knowing the color of the endless sky.

Also physically buried within his own little pile of dirt and trash was a puppet boy, his eyes were burning with resolve at the sky visible through the hole in the debris above him.

GrandLocomon is seen- then we get Puppetmon himself.

I began to run,

Because my feelings, even now,

Are definitely beating against my heart!

With resolve and determination, Xros Five fused together, taking off towards the sky, carrying Akari and Zenjirou on his shoulders. Right next to them, MetalGureimon soared in the sky, roaring loudly.

The me of today,

Will continue towards our destination,

At the controls of the certain Prison Trailmon, Duskmon’s eyes narrowed at the tower, ignoring the complaints of his subconscious.

We’ll amass our own tomorrows!

Inside the depot silo the Trailmon were taking their massive collection of junk into, a lone cybernetic dragon smirked inwardly towards himself as his radar board picked up the two Digi-Xroses.

Yes, the answer is always right here!

Xros Five and MetalGureimon flew over a hill, and found themselves over-looking the Zone’s only town.

Akari’s eyes narrowed in determination, spying the tower in the distance, hanging like an ominous omen.

She gave a nod too Gureimon, and then to Shoutmon, each of them nodding in turn as they descended towards the town below and split back to their base forms.

*end song*

Self explanatory shots here- except for the inclusion of CHAOSDRAMON!

This is the tale of a group of heroes who continue to fight against destiny, even when all seems hopeless.

DarkKnightmon captured the three Generals, Kiriha Aouma, Taiki Kudo, and Nene Amano, in order to further his own dastardly plots. Leaving only Akari Hinomoto- General of Xros Heart, and holder of her Father’s red Xros Loader- free to Rescue them.

This fool’s errand is fueled by a burning, passionate desire to right the wrongs done to them, but in the end, who will be able to say if winning is the correct path?

“‘Ro, ‘Ro, Fight the Power!”

Demonic Light! DarkKnightmon’s Moving Plot Explained!

This is a direct shout out to Gurren Lagann — Right down to the very thick of the title theme.

We cut to Puppetmon- who is immediately freed by Gureimon landing on the trapping trash pile he felt like jumping on.

There was a massive flood of smoke and scattering debris, and when it all cleared, Puppetmon found himself freed from the rubble that had trapped him…

Of course, he found himself instead half-trapped under Gureimon’s body. “Gah! Get off of me you big oaf!” he growled.

“Uhh…Sorry.” Gureimon blinked as he picked himself up. “What were you doing in there anyways?” Sparrowmon suddenly lowered down, carrying Akari, Shoutmon, the Starmons, and Zenjirou on her back.

“Gureimon!” Akari said, annoyed. “What do you think you’re doing jumping into random trash piles! What if people live in these?”

“I thought it was solid!” Gureimon protested. “You don’t have to bite my head off for it!”

“We don’t have time to fool around!” Akari growled. “Taiki, Nene and Kiriha are…!” She trailed off as Shoutmon put his hand on her shoulder.

“Akari.” he said calmly. “Deep breaths. In and out.” She huffed in an annoyed manner, but complied. “Hey, uh, Sorry about that!” Shoutmon continued as he waved towards Puppetmon. “You okay down there?”

“I’m actually better off after that big oaf there fell on me.” Puppetmon jabbed his finger at Gureimon. “Me and my friends were trying to retake control of this Zone when that stupid Roachmon dropped a pile of trash on me!”

“Roachmon?” Zenjirou asked, squicked out. “I hope that’s not a literal name!”

“You were fighting Bagura?” Shoutmon asked.

“Bagura?” Puppetmon asked in return, then laughed. “HAH! As if! Honestly, Everyone here’d¬†love¬†it if Bagura retook this place!”

“Eh?” Shoutmon blinked. “Really?”

“No duh!” Puppetmon nodded. “Their former Zone commander, GrandLocomon, was the nicest guy you’d ever meet in this trash heap of a Zone.” he crossed his arms and grimaced. “Of course then¬†Chaosdramon¬†shows up and throws everything into ruin, making us harmless Dust-Zoners do all the hard work in collecting the materials needed to keep that stupid¬†tower¬†of his intact!”

“That tower?” Sparrowmon asked, pointing at the distant tower.

“That’s the one.” Puppetmon nodded.

Puppetmon tells us that Bagura would be better rulers than who is CURRENTLY in charge of the zone! Meaning that Chaosdramon is not Bagura-stock! He works for DarkKnightmon- and so works to maintain the tower at the center of the zone’s corrosive disturbance.

“Well, good luck getting there.” Puppetmon began walking off again. “That tower’s got some serious defenses! Nobody can get within a mile of the place without tripping off some sort of sensor and then BAM!” he clapped his hands together. “You’re dead.” he sighed. “Believe me, it’s been done before.”

“Why would you want to attack the tower anyways?” Gureimon asked.

“That, you big oaf, is a good question.” Puppetmon turned towards the Dinosaur. “And the answer is even better! Chaosdramon isn’t even his own boss! He works for whoever he built that tower for! And I’m willing to bet…” he smirked slightly. “Our two bad guys are one in the same, if they live in the same tower.”

This is just how movies progress sometimes- especially movies based off of existing series. No need to introduce the existing characters! Just drop ’em into a plot and GO!


The glowing crystal orb before him glowed with an ominous dark light, highlighting DarkKnightmon’s armor with a strange negative glow. “I have all that I need to revive the Darkness Loader.” he said to himself as he picked up the orb and measured it with his fingers. “I have the Dark energy required. I have the three Xros Codes from the Generals, and the vessel to channel it into. And Also, I have the Black Xros Loader along with Orange and Blue, fitting, don’t you think, that they are opposite in color?”

A female giggle filled the chamber. “Yes it is, my Lord.”

“Maiden Ranamon.” DarkKnightmon turned to face the female. “Has Duskmon secured the prisoners?”

“Yes, My Lord.” She said with a nod as she emerged from the darker recesses of the room, revealing herself.

“And have you prepared them thusly?”

“Orange was stubborn and refused to do as he was told.” The blue skinned, frog themed girl wearing a black robe that was un-traditional for her kind said. “Thankfully, his roll is minimal for the end result, and he is not your Chosen.”

“Indeed.” DarkKnightmon nodded. “Blue and Black?”

“Blue remains unconscious, and Black has no will to fight.” Ranamon said. “They are both prepared for the ceremony.”

“Perfect.” DarkKnightmon grinned to himself, then he asked. “And the Shademon?”

“The Genetic pool has been mixed to prime supremacy.” She said, a smirk appearing on her face as well. “All that is required are the four missing Xros Codes, and then the Genesis Shadow may be born.”

We are introduced to Ranamon (AKA: Mizuya), who is oddly dressed in a robe! We also get some hints as to what DarkKnightmon needs from the generals. These strange “Xros Codes” that we never have heard of or never will hear of again after this ‘movie’ is over with.

That’s just how it works sometimes- though it makes one wonder how much DarkKnightmon knows about our heroes.


That was all Taiki could think of. DarkKnightmon was absolutely¬†cold.¬†As if taking him, Nene, and Kiriha captive (and the Blue Flare general still hadn’t woken up yet) wasn’t enough, he’d had that “Ranamon” strip the other two Generals of their clothes and placed them in loose robes that could eaisly be removed without having to unchain the two.

Speaking of, all three were locked within a giant, frozen chamber. Taiki within a cage of ice, Nene suspended over the floor via ice handcuffs that were pulling her arms over her head, and Kiriha strapped to a table.

All around the room were frozen Popsicles of other Digimon- Monochromon, A Greymon (The orange variety of Kiriha’s companion), A Garurumon, an Airdramon, a Devimon- just to name a few. And in the dead center was another Popsicle, only this time containing a human girl, seemingly frozen as a child.

And it didn’t take a genius to figure out that it was Kotone by Nene’s unblinking staring at the crystal.

“What are you planning to do with us!” Taiki called out to Duskmon, who was simply leaning against the only door in the room (they open inwards and are locked from the outside) and watching them all without a concern.

Clever watchers know exactly who these particular frozen Digimon are- and what they mean for the plot. This scene is pretty much like the Manga in that respect.

Nene is already hanging from the cuffs however, and Kiriha had no part of this scene to begin with.

Also, readers of this coming from the Manga are probably expecting it to end similarly to how the manga’s version of this ended.

They’d be wrong about that.

Duskmon didn’t reply.

“Why do you have them tied up!” Taiki tried again.

…And yet again, no reply.

“Answer me!” Taiki punched one of the bars in front of him- It rung like metal instead of ice.

“Why should I?” Duskmon finally said. “I’m just the dumb guard.”

“A dumb guard would have said more than that!” Taiki growled. “What did you do to Kiriha!”

“Heck if I know.” Duskmon shrugged. “We gave you all the same sleeping drug. He should have been awake by now.”

“Then wake him up!” Taiki demanded.

“We don’t even need him awake until the ceremony.” Duskmon replied.

“…” Taiki stared at the Dark warrior. “What happened between you and Sally that-?” The look Duskmon sent his way (from every single eye!) caused him to quiet down.

“That is none of your concern.”

We get a bit of immediate foreshadowing that something IS wrong with Kiriha! Coming off of this episode just off of the last one, archival watchers/readers would realize that Kiriha was hurt by MailBirdramon landing on him.


“It’s impressive that you can stick everyone (even that big oaf) into such a tiny device.” Puppetmon remarked as he, Akari, Shoutmon, Zenjirou, Sparrowmon and Dorulumon walked (and floated) along. “I didn’t know they had such things!”

“You’ve never seen a Xros Loader before?” Shoutmon asked.

“Is that what it’s called?” Puppetmon blinked. “Huh.”

“Yup.” Shoutmon nodded.

“Sounds like this ‘Dorkness Roader’ thing Chaosdramon’s had everyone gathering supplies for the past few months.” Puppetmon noted.

“‘Dorkness Roader’?” Sparrowmon mouthed, then stopped entirely.¬†“Darkness Loader?”

“That’s the thing!” Puppetmon snapped his fingers.

“If Chaosdramon¬†is¬†getting supplies for the Darkness Loader, then he really is working for DarkKnightmon!” Sparrowmon deduced. “And if They’re building a Darkness Loader together…!”

“How close to being done did Chaosdramon say he was?” Akari asked.

“Ahh…” Puppetmon scratched his head, embarrassed. “Completely?”

“Eh?” Shoutmon blinked. “What do you mean ‘completely’?”

“I mean…” Puppetmon flinched and turned his back to them, staring up at the sky. “The reason me and my friends were fighting was to keep them from getting the last part they needed to finish it. Some kind of energy relay thing.” He sighed. “We failed every single time at keeping them from getting what they needed, and then I got buried!”

“Dorkness Roader” is a play on syllables in Japanese. The Xros Loader was once romanaized as “Kurosu Roader,” so Darkness Loader gets a similar treatment due to “Meta Joke.”

“Wait.” Dorulumon cut in. “Something doesn’t make sense. Why kidnap Nene, Taiki, and Kiriha if he had everything he needed to activate the Darkness Loader?”

“Has Chaosdramon been collecting anything else besides mechanical parts?” Shoutmon asked.

“Yeah.” Puppetmon nodded. “He’s called in random citizens into his base, and they never were seen coming out.”

“He’s taking their data?” Akari mused.

“No way.” Puppetmon shook his head. “Chaosdramon and his lackeys are all big showoffs when it comes to their attacks. We’d know if they were killed.”

“Hmm…” Shoutmon started pacing for a few moments. “What Digimon?”

“Pretty random.” Puppetmon shrugged. “There’s Monochromon, a Kabuterimon, MetalGreymon…”

“Eh?” Gureimon reloaded. “What!”

“Eh?” Puppetmon blinked. “Yeah, one of those Orange MetalGreymons.”

“Oh. One of those magma sniffers?” Gureimon sighed in relief. “Carry on then.” He returned to the Xros Loader.

Puppetmon is not wrong about it being a MetalGreymon. The reason this wasn’t mentioned in the last listing is simply because I FORGOT about MetalGreymon needing to be here for the end plot. Why I simply didn’t add him into the description of Frozen ‘Mons, I don’t know.

Maybe he was too big for that room?

“Then there was Angemon, Airdramon…” Puppetmon shrugged. “I lost count.”

“Why those particular digimon?” Akari asked aloud.

“The Darkness Loader needs a sacrifice?” Dorulumon offered.

“No. That doesn’t make sense.” Sparrowmon shook her head. “I remember seeing a frozen Kuwagamon getting dragged into the Tower one day. When I asked about it, all I got was ‘Someone who will be revived in the future’ as an answer.”

“How long was he collecting Digimon?” Akari asked.

“Last few months.” Puppetmon stated. “It started with Kabuterimon.”

“I’m going to think on this for a few minutes. There has to be some sort of connection between these random Digimon.” Dorulumon said as he returned to the Xros Loader. “Let me know when we get there.”

Ah, but now you see- I’m listing other Digimon that weren’t seen. This is probably a bit of “Mystery” that people would figure out as they watched/read this episode.


The doors swung open, allowing DarkKnightmon, the girl Ranamon, and a Ravemon with orange sunglasses into the room.

“DarkKnightmon!” Taiki growled as his hands clenched the bars.

“Ah, hello.” DarkKnightmon gave an off handed wave. “I’ve just come in to check in on things.” he motioned, and the Ravemon went over towards the unconscious Kiriha.

“What are you doing with him!” Taiki growled.

“Relax.” The Ravemon said. “I’m a doctor.”

“Indeed he is.” Ranamon said with a giggle. “Best in Dust Zone.”

‘Dust Zone.’¬†Taiki thought with a growl as he glanced to his Wrister.¬†‘Even if Nene’s Xros Loader was set to allow the Wrister’s signals, the interfeerance from the Zone itself would probably block the signal.’

“Fine then.” he declared. “Since you’re checking on Kiriha, why don’t you answer my questions then?”

“Ah?” DarkKnightmon asked. “A reverse interrogation? The Prisoner asking the Warden?” he laughed. “I agree. I could use a good laugh. But ask a question wrong and I won’t return to the subject again.”

DarkKnightmon’s giving Taiki the benefit of the doubt- cordially offering information if Taiki asks the right questions.

“What did you do to the others?” Taiki began. “Shoutmon and Sparrowmon and the others? What happened to them?”

“I let them be.” DarkKnightmon said. “You three were my only targets, and I have no intention of bringing harm on those my plan does not involve.”

“Why us?” Taiki narrowed his eyes.

“All Humans and Digimon born within the Digital World are given a particular genetic structure.” DarkKnightmon explained. “This Structure is called ‘Xros Code’ and is a key in operating a Xros Loader.” he turned his head down slightly as if to indicate narrowing his eyes. “As for how four humans born in their natural world came across the Xros Code will remain a mystery, let alone how it is the strongest I’ve ever seen.” he turned towards the frozen Kotone. “As this leads into a different question. Ask right and I shall continue. Ask wrong and I will ignore the proper question in future.”

Taiki grimaced.¬†‘What do I ask then?’¬†Finally, it hit him. “Why is our Xros Code so strong?”

“Ah, there you go.” DarkKnightmon turned with a flourish of his cape. He seemed to be… Excited?…Some how. “The Xros Code among the four of you is super strong, stronger than those born in the Digital World, even.” He chuckled. “The only possible way this could be is if the original source of the Xros Code was implanted directly into your genetic structure from the beginning!”

“You mean…?” Taiki paused. Did he really want to know the answer to this?


“One or both of our parents were born in the Digital World?” Taiki asked.

“Ehh.” He made a buzzer sound. “Wrong.”

Oooooh, that Knight! He was enjoying this!

“What then?” Taiki asked. “How do we have it?”

“Sorry, you got it wrong. I can’t say.” He was. He was really enjoying it now. Rubbing it in, even. “Ask another question!”

DarkKnightmon is GLOATING. And he is having FUN with this. For as long as he’s been sitting on his plans, he now has the opportunity to TALK about his plans to someone who DOES. NOT. KNOW.

DarkKnightmon knows enough about Nene’s parents to know that they were the a few of the ones who defeated the evil MOON MILLENIUMNMON- that is shown in the next arc after this movie- but he doesn’t know the HOW the defeat happened.

He can only guess about Kiriha and Taiki- but it’s a guess well founded.

“Fine…” Taiki sighed. “What do you intend to do with our Xros Codes?”

“That is simple.” DarkKnightmon clapped. “The Darkness Loader requires an impossibly strong Xros Code in order to use it properly. Such a strong Xros Code, in fact, that it never appears naturally.”

“Meaning…?” Taiki ventured, not even surprised at the bit of information DarkKnightmon had just let slip. “You have to breed it?”

“Correct.” DarkKnightmon motioned around to the frozen Digimon around him. “These are the Strongest Xros Codes in the entire Digital World, or at least, this Zone. The Digital interference of this Zone’s atmosphere causes the likelihood of a strong Xros Code appearing even more likely!” He laughed. “I have pooled and collected all the strongest Xros Codes I could find, but, alas, it was simply not enough to place it into dear sweet Kotone here…” He stroked the crystal gently. “The existing Xros Code won’t merge with new input after a certain age, which she would have passed had I not called her back before she hit sexual maturity, also, the resulting Xros Code would fall very short indeed.” He turned towards Taiki. “And that…”

“Is where we come in?” Nene said, suddenly.

“Yes.” DarkKnightmon nodded. “You three have enough Xros Code in you to push her Xros Code to the desired level for handling the Darkness Loader. And I’m glad you could join us, Nene.”

“How do you plan on getting it into her then?” Taiki narrowed his eyes.

“Simple.” DarkKnightmon snapped his fingers, and Nene’s Shadow flared up, forming a serpentine form on the ground in place of her normal one. “The Shademon I specifically ordered have possession as an ability.” he laughed. “And not just mental possession either, but physical!”

Taiki’s eyes widened as he remembered Lucemon transforming from one form to another. “Then…!”

“I will have Kiriha Aouma place his Xros Code inside a possessed Nene Amano via certain means, and then, with it carrying both her and his codes, she will take your Xros Code as well, via a different means. Then, the Shademon shall add it’s own data to the genetic Mixture, and the Genesis Shadow shall be born!”

AKA: The Pervert wants Kiriha to sex up a possessed Nene- whose shademon will then take TAIKI’S Xros Code through a Different means (A Digi-Xros over a possession).

“Genesis Shadow?” Nene narrowed her eyes.

“Yes.” DarkKnightmon nodded. “A super Shademon infant strand containing all of the combined Xros Codes. From there, the Genesis Shadow shall be implanted inside Kotone, and I shall release her Stasis field, causing her to grow into her natural Maturity level within weeks and months instead of the years that have already passed.”

“And she controls the Darkness Loader?” Taiki asked.

“The resulting genetic mixture of the Genesis Shadow shall be poured mostly into Kotone, but the remainder shall be fed into the Darkness Kernel.” He held up a glowing dark orb. “This is the result of several years hard work.” he explained. “The Darkness Kernel is the seed that will grow into the Darkness Loader at the same rate as Kotone’s forced evolution.”

“You’re a monster.” Nene growled. “You know that, right?”

“This is true.” DarkKnightmon chuckled, and went to say more when Ravemon interrupted them.

“Lord DarkKnightmon.” He said. “I know why the boy remains unconscious.” Nene and Taiki looked over at this.

“Yes? What is it?” DarkKnightmon asked.

“He suffered internal injuries prior to capture.” Ravemon stated. “He will die before it is even time for the ceremony to begin.”

“What!” The two generals gasped, both flashing back to when MailBirdramon’s wing landed on the poor boy.

We now know why Kiriha is hurt- but not why this is a GOOD THING for the plot!

“That’s not good.” The Knight ‘hmmf’ed. “How shall we save him then?”

“The only way will be to fuse him to one of the earlier Genesis Shadow attempts.” Ravemon explained. “The one that resulted in healing.”

“That will also increase his Xros Code.” DarkKnightmon noted.

“Yes.” The Raven nodded. “But if my calculations are correct, it shouldn’t cause any genetic defects within the final Genesis Shadow.”

“You have my permission.” DarkKnightmon said. “Implant the Healing Shademon into the Blue General, so that he may live to see the light of tomorrow.”

“I will begin preparations immediately!” Ravemon dashed off.

“DarkKnightmon.” Taiki growled. “This is all your fault!”

“Is it?” the Knight asked.

“If that ninja hadn’t forced MetalGureimon apart, Kiriha wouldn’t have been hurt!”

“Hmm.” DarkKnightmon thought about it for a moment, then nodded. “This is true.” He held up a finger to silence Nene from saying anything. “And that Is why I have authorized the fusion, my plans require all three of you to live past today.”

Nene and Taiki grit their teeth, but said nothing.

“Now then.” The Knight turned to leave. “I’ll be off. I have other matters to attend to.”

“DarkKnightmon!” Nene called out. He didn’t stop, or turn around- he just kept on walking. “You’re a dead man, do you hear me?” she roared.¬†“YOU’RE DEAD!”

The Doors to the room slammed shut, and with that, Nene began crying.

DarkKnightmon cements his status as BIG BAD.

At this point- Nene has effectively DOOMED DarkKnightmon through powers she doesn’t even know she’s using- However, fate requires that Dooming to happen at a certain time and place.

We now cut to Kiriha’s subconscious mind…and we soon find out what makes the Four Generals SPECIAL.

Deep Within Kiriha’s unconscious mind, the boy found himself floating in an endless expanse of blackish-blue goop. “Where am I?” he wondered.

“On the brink of death.”¬†came a voice from…somewhere.

“What…?” Kiriha’s eyes narrowed. “Who are you?”

“I am you, and yet…”¬†the voice chuckled.¬†“I am not.”

“Is this one of DarkKnightmon’s tricks or something?”

“No, I’m afraid not. Although I’ll assume his actions¬†have¬†allowed us this opportunity to have a nice little chat.”

“What do you mean by that?” Kiriha asked, frustrated. “And could you stop hiding in the shadows and face me like a man?”

“You cannot see me just as I cannot see you.”¬†the voice replied.¬†“The darkness around you is the same darkness around me. And as for what I mean by it…”

There was a sigh.

“Kiriha, Aouma. I knew your parents.”¬†the voice said.¬†“Made an offer to them. A Choice, really.”¬†it explained.¬†“They chose to allow my rebirth in exchange for my aid in stopping a great evil.”

Homestuck readers will recognize my usage of the word “Choice” as a trigger flag! The thing Kiriha is talking to here is a DENIZEN.

“You’re a digimon?” Kiriha asked.

“You ask, when given a massive bombshell of a revelation about your parents, if¬†I¬†am a Digimon?”¬†the voice sounded surprised.¬†“I’m appaled, Kiriha. Surely you’d have more common sense than that. Didn’t they tell you before you came here? About the roll you’d play in this World’s fate?”

“They’re dead.” Kiriha spat coldly. “Long before I even came to the Digital World.”

“Oh…I see.”The voice sounded sad.

“Don’t act surprised.” Kiriha growled. “If you’re really supposed to be a part of me, then you’d have known that already!”

“Kiriha, I…This conversation is the first I’ve ever had with you for a reason.”¬†the voice explained.¬†“I was reborn through you, but I was never to be an actual part of you. Just a means to return to the Digital world and resume my status as one of it’s four Guardian deities.”

“You’re a Guardian of the Digital World?” Kiriha asked.

Specifically, a Denizen is THIS Universes version of Adventure’s and Tamer’s Four¬†Sovereign. Hence why there are four, and not 12- or 19 or 50 or -8.

“Yes. I am. And that is the answer to both of your previous questions.”¬†The voice said.¬†“You see, our deal was thus: We would provide those first warriors our power by splitting ourselves between them, and, once my fellow Denizens and I sacrificed our power to your parents and their companions, and as soon as they¬†left¬†the Digital World, the guiding hand we provided for the World was removed, and the peace they would create was left to crumble into chaos over time. But we aren’t monsters. We wouldn’t let the peace we’d fought for be destroyed so easily. Hephaestus set up the Code Crown to hold the world in check until some evil eventually arose that it could not suppress or that we would return on our own; furthermore, Echidna and Cetus set it to restore our bodies and souls the moment we returned to this world inside of you and your friends.”¬†the voice seemed to shrug, if voices could shrug.“I don’t know why it hasn’t happened yet, we should have left your bodies the moment you arrived.”

“You really can’t read my mind then?” Kiriha asked, surprised.

“Sadly, no. The communication between minds was one condition of the deal that is unbreakable without a third party’s intervention. This DarkKnightmon fellow’s current actions.”

“So you really don’t know then?” Kiriha asked.

“I’m afraid not.”

The Denizens are named- Homestuck’s first four named Denizens as well, though ONLY for the mythological rolls those Denizen play!- and we learn that the Denizens and Generals were NEVER supposed to know about each other during their time together.

“Hah. This is rich.” Kiriha laughed.

“What is?”

“Give me a second, I’m loving every second of this!” Kiriha continued to laugh.

The voice frowned. If it could frown, that is.¬†“We are both on the verge of death, and you laugh?”

“Right… Right…” Kiriha sighed as he got his breath, sobering up. “The Code Crown’s been broken up, along with the rest of the Digital World.”

“What.”¬†The voice said flatly.

“You heard me.” Kiriha smirked slightly. “The Digital World’s infrastructure was supported by the Code Crown. When it got shattered, so did the rest of world.”

“That can’t be right.”¬†the Voice said.¬†“Nothing in the Digital¬†OR¬†human worlds could destroy it. Hephaestus made sure of that!”

“Well, a Human and a Digimon destroyed it together.” Kiriha said. “To prevent it from falling into the wrong hands.”

“That’s impossible.”¬†the voice insisted.¬†“Hephaestus’s craftsmanship is unrivaled. There is nothing in our respective worlds that can destroy¬†his¬†work! Not even partially!”

“Can’t put a dent in it?” Kiriha asked.

“No Dents.”

“How about a crack?”

“No Cracks.”

“What About a Scratch?”



“…The Scratch.”¬†The voice said, deadpan.¬†“Please tell me they didn’t destroy the Code Crown in the Town of ‘Beat Mesa’?”

“Uh, You’d have to ask someone like Green Zone’s elder, Jijimon.” Kiriha shrugged. “He knows more than I do.” His eyes narrowed. “Why are you so concerned?”

And here we learn exactly that Jijimon’s flash back was WRONG. Typheus here is understandably concerned! The Code Crown was supposed to be unbreakable, and yet it was broken!

WHY is the Beat Mesa a bad thing?

“Only one object in the entire Digital World is capable of destroying any of Hephaestus’s works.”¬†the voice continued cautiously.¬†“And that’s not even ‘theoretically’ since Hephaestus made it himself.”

“What’s this Beat Mesa thing then?” Kiriha asked.

“The physical manifestation of a reset button within the Digital World.”¬†The voice said.¬†“It triggers a series of events called ‘The Scratch’ which resets the Digital World to it’s original condition’s, to create a ‘better’ Alpha timeline.”The voice sounded scared now.¬†“If the Digital world¬†shattered¬†by the destruction of the Code Crown via Beat Mesa and hasn’t been reset to zero, then…” A gulp.¬†“Maybe I’m over reacting, but if the Digital world is broken up and¬†not¬†reset, then the Code Crown fragments might have absorbed the Scratch Mechanism entirely.”

Kiriha’s eyes widened slightly. “Then what happens if the Digital World is restored?”

The voice said nothing.

And this is why it is suddenly a BAD IDEA to restore the Code Crown to its full form! The fact that the Code Crown ABSORBED all of the energy that was released is a major plot point for whole ACTS to come! To the point that you should be very, VERY concerned by what happens to it in Cascade Side A.

We now cut to happier times! The Dust Zone Browncoats are reunited!! (Also, Browncoats = Firefly shoutout)

“YOU IDIOT!”the girl cried out as she swung the hammer down on poor Puppetmon’s head.

He quickly rolled to the side to avoid the blow and crab-walked backwards up against a wall. “Woah! Kira, wait a second!” He held his hands up to block the expected next strike.

No hammer came down after more than a few seconds.

Puppetmon carefully, cautiously, moved his hands down to look at the girl, taking in her appearance.

It had been only days, but she looked much worse for the wear. Her light blond hair was matted down, twisted, and sticking up in places, looking more like it was a light brown shade with all the dirt in it. Her own body was covered in dirt, scratches, and bruises that she didn’t have before; she looked like she hadn’t eaten all day, judging by how she was panting. What little clothing she wore (a pair of overalls and a sleeveless T-Shirt) were battered and ripped open in places, not having even been bothered to be patched up like usual.

“Kira?” he ventured.

“Why…” She started, dropping the hammer down to the ground. “Why did you come back?”

She didn’t sound pleased, but she certainly didn’t sound mad.

“Why didn’t you dig me out of the trash heap?” Puppetmon asked in return.

“We thought you were dead.” one of the many Black-ToyAgumon in the room said simply, sadly. “We couldn’t even check. The Roachmon chased us off before we got a chance, toy.”

“Well, be glad you didn’t.” Puppetmon started smiling. “Because if you had, I wouldn’t have met the guys who helped me out!”

“What guys?” Kira asked, brown eyes narrowing.

“The guys who are going to break down that stupid tower.” said Shoutmon as he leaned against the door frame. “That’s who.” He smirked at them all.

Kira is to Puppetmon as Akari is to Shoutmon- why? Remember what I said on the first review- This was originally a thinly concealed ship-fic. ūüėõ

A short wait, some quickly brewed tea, a few replaced light-bulbs, and one needed explanation later, and The Dust Zone Browncoats were informed entirely about Xros Heart’s and Blue Flare’s plight.

“I still can’t believe it!” Kettle, The Yellow Duck Trailmon, said in amazement as she and the rest of their rag-tag group stared at the Red Xros Loader. “That little thing holds an entire army?”

“Two, with room to spare.” Shoutmon said with a nod.

“Yeah, they can fit Gureimon inside that thing!” Puppetmon jabbed his thumb outside. “And¬†that¬†big oaf’s the one who landed on me!”

“And it can merge Digimon together?” A Toy-Agumon asked.

“Yup.” Akari nodded. “I’ve personally Xrosed with over thirteen others before so far!”

“I’ll believe it when I see it.” Kira crossed her arms crossly.

“So, what’s the plan Chief?” The Garbagemon asked, in Puppetmon’s dirrection.

“Okay, our plan’s simple…” Puppetmon grinned as he pulled out a small, rolled up map from one of his pockets. “First things first, we’re going to need to get as many Browncoats as are willing to pull this off…”

Akari’s claim there is to Xros Four Knight- which has an IMPRESSIVE Xros Count of well over 13 when you start counting the Starmonz Individually.

Outside, on solid ground just before the bridge began, Dorulumon, MailBirdramon, Gureimon, Knightmon, the PawnChessmons, and Beelzebmon stood guard.

“I don’t like this Zone.” Problem-Chessmon remarked. “Not one bit.”

“Meh. It’s a step up from Sand Zone.” Terezie-Chessmon shrugged. “I’m perfectly fine with it.”

“My armor’s rusting.” Problem Said. “It’s rusting and I haven’t even gotten it wet!”

“Dust Zone has always had some sort of interference.” Dorulumon recalled. “Nobody knows why, it’s always been that way, even before the Zones shattered.”

“Really?” The Flute playing PawnChessmon asked. “I didn’t know that.”

“Why else do you think Sand Zone and Dust Zone aren’t the same Zone anymore?” Dorulumon asked in return. “The interference only affected what is now part of Dust Zone, when the shattering happened…” he shuddered. “The interference protected Dust Zone from most of the re-structuring’s effects.” he mused suddenly. “It’s probably still on the Digital World’s original orbital path as well.”

“I’d heard from Angemon-sama,” Beelzebmon started, “that Dust Zone’s sole town used to be called ‘Beat Mesa’ before the shattering.”

“Beat Mesa?” Knightmon asked, the name ringing some kind of bell.

“Yeah.” Beelzebmon laughed. “Supposedly, it held some mystical tool on par with the Code Crown in terms of sheer energy.”

This is where we learn that things are not QUITE what they seem! There is NO such thing as a coincidence when time-travel has been involved.

“Kiriha had a nightmare once.” Gureimon began. “Back when we first met, I mean. He doesn’t get them any more.”

“What was it about?” Dorulumon inquired.

“A device that could destroy the entire universe.” MailBirdramon answered. “Supposedly held within the ‘Giant Record’- The Beat Mesa.”

“Dust Zone does look rather like a record from above, doesn’t it?” Dorulumon asked.

“Yeah.” Gureimon nodded. “A broken record.”

“Kiriha didn’t remember the dream when he woke up.” MailBirdramon continued. “The only reason we knew he was even having a nightmare was because he was talking in his sleep.”

The Beat Mesa is such a terrible artifact that TYPHEUS’s own nightmares of it affected Kiriha outwardly.

DarkKnightmon’s personal army- Twilight- begins its march.

“That sounded like Beelzebmon!” Akari stood up at the sound of an explosion.

“AKARI!” Dorulumon’s voice roared from outside. “We’ve got company!”

Before anyone could react, however, a deep, rumbling voice rushed through the canyon.


There was a flash of light, the sound of an explosion, and suddenly, the Shack’s back door suddenly lead into thin air, instead of the other side of the bridge. Not that anyone would bother to check.

Everything shook like mad, forcing those inside to the ground.

“What the heck was that!” Shoutmon growled as he and everyone else forced themselves to their feet.

“Not a clue.” Akari’s eyes narrowed as she went over to the front of the door to pull it open.

A second before she did so, however, another round of¬†“GROUND ZERO.”;¬†K-THWAM!;¬†RUMBLE-QUAKE-TILTINGoccurred.

And in doing so, the entire shack, and the section of the bridge it was on, suddenly began falling backwards towards the far side of the cliff.

Thankfully, it was a short fall; un-thankfully, the front door swung open in the impact, revealing the battle outside to all those inside.

There was a massive, humongous, skeletal dinosaur flying in the sky, easily dodging the ground based attacks from the others, and not even flinching at the air based attacks that managed to hit.

In Short- Their next opponent was SkullGreymon.

This SkullGreymon is a HAPPY accident of sorts– it’s there from Canon Dust Zone for me to use….AND he happens to be the last piece needed for Chimeramon. ūüėČ

We Make a ‘quarter’ way break with a “Ro Ro Fight da Power!”


“Gureimon!” Akari held up the Xros Loader. “Mailbirdramon!”

“YO!”¬†The Dinosaur roared.

“At Your Command!”¬†MailBirdramon nodded.

“DIGI-XROS!”The Red Xros Loader let loose a blinding flash of light.

“XROS-SHINKA!”¬†Gureimon and MailBirdramon roared as one- fusing together into the massive dinosaur called:“METALGUREIMON!”

The Digi-Xros took to the sky, and headbutted the Skeleton. “Howdy!”

SkullGreymon recoiled, and impossibly roared. “Grahh! Who are you?”

“The Name’s MetalGureimon!” Gureimon growled. “Weren’t you watching my Digi-Xros sequence?”

“DigiXros?” the Skeleton asked, bony eye sockets narrowing (somehow). “What the heck is that?”

“Just¬†THIS!”Suddenly, JetTuruiemon (Plus Star Sword) slammed into SkullGreymon’s frontal horn, slashing through it with a blazing Inferno of star powered blade.

SkullGreymon recoiled once more, blanching at how he had suddenly been attacked from behind. “Who are you!”

“Nice timing.” MailBirdramon complemented.

“Thank Shoutmon.” Akari said as she adjusted the grip on her sword, eyes narrowing on the target infront of them. “So who’s this guy?”

“That’s SkullGreymon!” Puppetmon called out from below. “He’s one of Chaosdramon’s flunkies!”

“Ah.” Akari smirked. “Thank explains it.”

Nobody in Dust Zone knows what Digi-Xros is even if they SHOULD!

“Shall we?” Gureimon asked.

“In a second…” Akari paused for another brief series of flashes of lights below, and then grinned as Beelzebmon + Revolomon joined them in the sky.

“This jerk’s in for a world of hurt.” The Symmetrical warrior said with a scowl.

“Now we go.” Akari nodded, and, with that, they cut into action.




Blue energy beams, twin green blasts, and an pentagram shaped fire wall came soaring at SkullGreymon and, within in blazing second, exploded dramatically, sending the skeletal monster flying off into the horizon.

“Kyaaahhh!” The skeleton cried out. “I’m blasting off agaaaaiiiiin!”

Gureimon sweat-dropped. “Did he really just say that?”

“Blasting off again?” Beelzebmon inquired.

“No, the part before that.” Gureimon corrected.


Silence for a moment, and then MailBirdramon spoke. “Yes, he did indeed just squeal ‘Kyaaah’.”

SkullGreymon is a Pokemon shoutout here- You guys know who I’m talkin’ about here.


There was a few moments of antagonized silence as DarkKnightmon, the Ravemon, and Ranamon all re-entered the room.

Ranamon was carrying a rather large see-through vat containing some kind of rainbow colored concoction inside- Along with whatever form of life said concoction was supporting-; The Ravemon held a bag with a red Cross on it; and DarkKnightmon…

Had the Blue and Black Xros Loaders in hand.

Taiki and Nene only broke eye contact with the devices long enough to match gazes and nod in unison.

They had to get the Xros Loaders back.

DarkKnightmon began talking to the unspoken question in the room. “The Shademon we are implanting within Kiriha Aouma has a rare genetic mutation that prevents it from living outside of liquid elements.” He placed the two Xros Loaders into niches carved into the table Kiriha was laying on. “As such, there is only one way to place the Shademon inside him.”

“The Xros Loaders?” Nene ventured, eyes never leaving the sight of her Black Xros Loader the entire time.

“Indeed.” DarkKnightmon said. “Using a particular feature of the Xros Loaders, I will ‘Double’ Xros Kiriha Aouma and the Healing Shademon together.” There was a sigh from the Ravemon at this. “It is the only way to save his life.”

Ravemon motioned for Ranamon to place the rainbow vat onto a certain part of the table. “Place it there and we’ll begin.”

The girl complied, but complained. “Why do I have to do the heavy lifting again?”

“Your unique genealogy allows you to hold any type of water without harm.” DarkKnightmon answered. “That vat is boiling, in case you hadn’t noticed.”

“Hmm, So it is.” The frog girl mused as she looked at the water inside. “Still seems like a flimsy excuse though.”

This scene introduces Ranamon to Taiki and Nene, AND introduces the feature Name of using two Xros Loaders for one Xros- which Shoutmon and Taiki already used in lake Zone. This name, “Double Xros,” comes straight from Death Generals, which has already been aired long ago by this point.

“Regardless, it does not matter.” DarkKnightmon said as he took position in front of the Black Xros Loader. “Take your position and we’ll begin when the good doctor is ready.”

“Right right.” She went over to stand by the Blue Xros Loader.

“I’m all set here.” Ravemon nodded, and, with that, they began.

“Blue Xros Loader!” DarkKnightmon said loudly as he and Ranamon placed their hands on the respective devices.

Taiki blinked. That was what he was doing? Talking to the device? Did they even have personalities?

“Your master is on the verge of death, and if you do not allow us to perform this ceremony, he will die.” The Blue Xros Loader’s screen pulsed slightly at this. “When I open my Xros Loader, You must do the same.” he continued “I will then call out ‘Double Xros’, and my associate will do the same, and you will respond to her.” The Xros Loader pulsed again.

So it seemed they did. Taiki mused to himself.¬†‘It looks like they’ve evolved beyond their original programming.’¬†Then he blinked. Why had he thought that?

Two things here- We’re flat out told by this scene that the Xros Loaders are *SENTIENT.* Aaaand: Taiki thinks on the Xros Loaders a thought that isn’t¬†quite his.

This is hinting towards Taiki’s Denizen, Hephaestus.

“Howdy!” Ranamon said with a smile. “I Hope you don’t mind me borrowing you for this, but it is for a good cause!” The Xros Loader pulsed again. “And just so you know, we didn’t want him to get hurt in the first place! He was just standing in the wrong place at the wrong time.”

With that said, DarkKnightmon opened the Black Xros Loader within it’s niche; showing that the stone had been carved especially for such a thing, as the top went firmly inside the table. “I am ready.”

Kiriha’s Xros Loader seemed to be besides itself for a few moments, then decided, whether it be for good or for bad, it couldn’t go without it’s owner, and opened up on it’s own occord.

“Excellent.” DarkKnightmon chuckled slightly. “Double Xros.” he intoned.

“Double Xros.” Ranamon chimed.

There was a dual flash of light from both Xros Loaders as both Kiriha and the Shademon within the vat were bathed in colored light of the same shade of blue-ish green.

Ranamon is POLITELY apologizing to the Xros Loader about Kiriha’s injury! I find this amusing for some reason.

“Ah! It’s begun.”¬†the voice said suddenly as the shadows around them turned a similar shade of Blue-green.

“What?” Kiriha blinked. “What’s going on?”

“Exactly what I was hoping would happen.”¬†The voice said, somewhat hopeful.¬†“Someone’s activated one of Hephaestus’ healing programs.”

“Healing Program?” Kiriha blinked. “Like within a Xros Loader?”

“Xros Loader?”¬†the voice asked, surprised.¬†“How do you know about that device?”

“It’s a tool me and a few others use to fight Bagura.” Kiriha said.

“Impossible. There should be only¬†one¬†Xros Loader in existence anymore, and it most certainly could not be reproduced.”¬†the voice said soundly.¬†“Every single attempt to make a copy of the original resulted in the creation of a Darkness Loader! Demonic devices, those.”

“Just like it’s impossible for the Code Crown to be broken?” Kiriha narrowed his eyes.

“Erm…Quite right. I guess Hephaestus didn’t quite get some things exactly fool-proof.”¬†The voice said, and Kiriha could imagine it’s owner sweat-dropping.¬†“Even a master forger can make mistakes.”

Wait. No.

Kiriha wasn’t imaging the voice’s owner sweat-dropping. He could¬†see¬†it doing such. “Hey, can you see me right now?”

“Eh?”¬†The creature before him looked vaguely serpentine, but with two arms tipped with claws, and wings of green energy. It’s tail was split into two as well- each ended with a hammer head.¬†“Can you see me?”¬†the creature’s green eyes widened.

“I can…” Kiriha took in the creature’s appearance. It sure looked like a Digimon, And at the same time…

“That’s odd.”¬†the beast said.¬†“Then again, I’m not surprised, considering we’re on the verge of death.”

“Death?”¬†came a new voice.¬†“No. You are not dead quite yet.”

The Healing-Shademon is breaking down the mental walls between the two!

It was at that moment that a rainbow like shadow slithered in between them.

“What in the Dark Zone are you?”¬†The beast said suddenly.

“I could ask you the same thing.”¬†the Shademon remarked.¬†“I was under the impression that only the boy would be inside this Digi-Xros.”

“Digi-Xros?” Kiriha’s eyes widened. “You mean I’ve been Digi-Xrossed?”

“Yes. With me.”¬†The rainbow said.¬†“You are Kiriha Aouma?”

And with that, The Beast within Kiriha’s head swallowed the rainbow Shademon whole, sending data flying across the void.¬†“Yes. Yes he is.”¬†The Denizen looked at Kiriha, eyes widening in glee.¬†“And you may call me Typheus.”

Kiriha stared at the beast, eyes widening in awe.

It is promptly eaten with that important task done.

Also, Typheus is talking about Adventure 02’s “Dark Zone” concept. Not the later dubbed “Horror Zone” that I came up with to be similar. Typheus doesn’t know one Zone from another, really.

Now, the entire Digi-Xros finished within a few seconds, but the boy remained unconscious, and bathed within a massive aura of rainbow colored light for the next few minutes.

Ravemon said that it was because the Shademon they’d Xrossed him with was like that to begin with, and that it would vanish when the Xros was broken. After that, the Twilight Trio left the room (taking the Xros Loaders with them), leaving the rainbow boy, the two imprisoned generals, and Duskmon left in the room.

“Damn he’s bright.” Duskmon winced as he averted his eyes from the sight- a nearly impossible thing to do, considering his armor choice.

“Kiriha…” Nene was staring at him full on instead of her sister.

“You put a Shademon in him instead of using the Resurrection program.” Taiki noted. “How come?”

“Resur-what?” Duskmon turned himself towards Taiki, focusing on him fully to spare his eyes from the rainbow kid.

“In the Xros Loaders.” Taiki said. “There’s a resurrection-slash-healing program.” And yes, he said the slash for emphasis.

“There is?” Duskmon blinked with all of his eyes.

All of them.

“Yes, yes there is.” Taiki nodded.

Nene took this chance to look over at them. “I didn’t know that.”

“Yeah. I used to partially heal Beelzebmon in Sand Zone.” Taiki explained. “And Shoutmon used it to heal Akari in Island Zone.”

As it so happened, as this conversation continued, Taiki, Duskmon, and Nene were all standing/hanging in such a way that they weren’t looking directly at Kiriha, and when the rainbow effect around him solidified into a solid green color, they didn’t even notice.

Taiki is TELLING Duskmon that they should have used the Resurrection Program! They don’t even know it existed.

You can thank KingWhamon for this little tidbit.

Nor did they see him rise up into the air, the cloth robes he had been wearing disintegrating into data that began to swirl around him. They didn’t see the Energy wings sprouting from his back- four of them, two like Typheus’ arms, two like his wings-, and the single tail forming off of his back, splitting into the two hammer heads of the Denizen’s tail. All of these new appendages made out of energy in the green color that surrounded him

Nor did anyone spot the data from his clothing reforming around him, forming a similar style of outfit to that of a certain sunglasses wearing hero from a certain drill-orientated anime. His hands were fitted with claw tipped gloves made of the same energy; his feet clad in boots that had claws like a dragons.

When his eyes opened, nobody saw that the whites were a shade of lime green. Nobody saw that they looked utterly demonic without any sort of reflection or pupil.

Nobody saw that they held the wavelengths of two souls instead of one.

In fact, it was only when the bright light around the newly created body vanished, and his feet touched the ground was it that anyone noticed any change at all.

This scene was UNINTENTIONALLY written to mimic a God Tier Ascent, infact, it wasn’t until someone posted a review pointing this out that the thought hadn’t even OCCURRED to me!

“Kiriha!” Taiki said suddenly.

“What the?” Duskmon drew his blades, preparing for an assault.

“What happened to him?” Nene asked, eyes wide with concern.

“Kiriha?” Taiki asked, trying to get the boys attention.


Kiriha Aouma and Typheus stood there silently, waiting for more information to come, waiting for DarkKnightmon to come, waiting for the chance to create a counter plan.

The Denizen of Breath had awakened, and he was patiently waiting for the opportunity to make his next move.

And so another John/Kiriha parallel appears. Typheus’s element is Breath.


“So this is the place, eh?” Shoutmon asked as he stared up at the building.

“Yup.” Puppetmon nodded. “Exactly where GrandLocomon went into exile. He didn’t like it one bit either.” the puppet sighed. “‘Course he doesn’t let anyone in anymore. Sealed the door shut from the inside after people tried asking him to come out and fight, and won’t open it for anyone anymore.”

Akari looked the doors before them up and down. “We could reload someone through the seams…” She pointed at a spot between the two large doors before them, where one was slightly dented in at a certain angle.

“Eh?” Shoutmon blinked. “You mean…send them inside?”

She nodded. “It’d be easiest, really.”

“So, who do we send in?” Kira asked, stepping forward.

“Allow me.”Deckerdramon said from within the Xros Loader.

“Deckerdramon…” Akari stared at the Xros Loader.

We cut to Akari’s side of things- they’re recruiting GrandLocomon for this upcoming fight! They use Deckerdramon for this- one giant machine talking to another!

Of course, Dust Zone’s atmosphere made it such that he could only use low-power frequency in communicating with the empire, making his daily reports monthly reports into semi-annual reports into having to give no reports at all. Bagura eventually forgot Dust Zone existed entirely! Now he could rule it as a leader should! Fairly and Justly!

Of course, all of that meant that when someone stronger than his stationed portion of the empire showed up- that nasty gag of gears Chaosdramon- he was unable to send for reinforcements.

GrandLocomon sighed. Another day in exile. Another day of failure. Another day of monotony.

Monotony that was broken by a brilliant flash of green light filling his en-darkened tomb.

“What the?” GrandLocomon blinked warily. “Who are you? How did you get in here?”

“I am Deckerdramon.” The Crocodile said loudly, sending echos reverberating across the room. “I have come from Jungle Zone along with the teams Xros Heart and Blue Flare in an effort to rescue fallen companions of ours.”

“And this concerns me how?” GrandLocomon asked quietly, although this Deckerdramon had his attention. Why was that name so familiar?

“Because we share a common enemy.” Deckerdramon answered. “Your Chaosdramon works for our DarkKnightmon. We wish to take both of them down this day.”

“You know how late it is?” GrandLocomon said wittily. “It’s almost time for my nap.”

GrandLocomon shows that all this exile has done to him is give him time to think up witty one liners.

“I would think a ruler such as yourself would not be able to stand for the suffering of your people!” Deckerdramon’s eyes narrowed.

“I ain’t a ruler.” GrandLocomon said as he turned his eyes away from the Crocodile’s. “Not anymore.” he sighed. “I failed them.”

“Then redeem yourself!” Deckerdramon said stubbornly. “I failed to protect the ones I was sworn to serve, and so I am here!” He took a step towards the train. “I refuse to fail again, for I have a destiny that I must meet.” And another. “And in order for me to meet that destiny head on, I must first pass this trial.” And Another step. “I must press on to make sure that the future I have seen comes to pass!” And another. “A world greater than this one, born from the darkest of shadows!”

GrandLocomon literally had no choice but to look the Dramon straight into the eyes. “Wh..Where do you get such motivation?”

“Because I am Deckerdramon, the Love god of the Digital World.” Deckerdramon said with a heavy weight. “I fight to make sure that the world I have always dreamed of comes to pass. The day I give up is the day I die.” he said, eyes narrowing even further. “And the day I die will be the final day that my dreamt of future is locked firmly into place. Nothing will prevent it from being formed by that point.”

Deep within GrandLocomon’s chassis, something stirred within his great engine. Flames of fighting spirit sparked into life within his heart. His eyes narrowed in determination long thought gone. “Nothing will stop it?” he asked, his voice raising in tone.

And Deckerdramon….he knows that he’s doomed to die.

Not five seconds after those gathered outside managed to take cover behind a moderately large trash pile, a combined call of:




Announced the poor doorway’s sudden death with an ear shattering kaboom.

When the smoke cleared, GrandLocomon and Deckerdramon were standing triumphantly in the entrance.

Puppetmon saluted at the train digimon. “Locomon, sir! Great to see you again!”

“You and a few others I remember.” GrandLocomon said. “I take it the others are this ‘Xros Flare’?”

(“Glad to know we’re remembered!” Kira remarked.

“Haha!’ The Garbagemon laughed.)

“Indeed they are.” Deckerdramon nodded.

“Good.” GrandLocomon nodded in return, before turning towards the Dust Zone natives. “I want you all to gather as many of my supporters as you can find.” he ordered. “Tell them…” His eyes narrowed in determination. “Tell them that we re-take our home this day!”

“Way ahead of ya, Boss!” Puppetmon saluted. “The Black-ToyAgumon have been recruitin’ all day!”

Xros Flare — This is a hint that the two armies are going to always unite together.

And with this dramatic moment…

The Fight Begins:

The giant red, streamlined version of a Mugendramon raised his head as a Sealsdramon entered the room, bowing. “Chaosdramon-Sama!” he said loudly and proudly. “GrandLocomon has returned from his exile at the prompting of some natives and the intruders that SkullGreymon encountered earlier!”

“What is their current course of action?” The Dragon asked, his deep voice rumbling.

“Somehow they’ve managed to rally the Zone’s citizens without our knowing!” Sealsdramon reported. “Our spies have only just confirmed that they’ve been recruiting for the past several hours!”

“What?” Chaosdramon asked, surprised.

“And the only reason we know this is because…” The digimon gulped. “Sir. They’re comming right for us. An Army of them sir. Everyone from the Zone willing to fight is coming here. Right Now.”

“WHAT!”¬†the Dragon roared.

“They’re-” The Poor Sealsdramon was cut off as the entire building shook and trembled under the might of a mighty explosion. “Here sooner than we expected. Damn it! How did that happen!” The Sealsdramon cursed.

How did this happen? You happened to side with the BIG BAD. Your lives are forfeit.

We cut to the outside where we have more ROROFIGHTDAPOWER playing as theme music- more Gurren Lagann parallels- with Shoutmon shouting to their united army like he’s a wrestling announcer.

KONICHIWA, DUST ZONE-TACHI!”¬†Shoutmon roared into the Red Xros Loader, using it as a Microphone/Loudspeaker again like he had in Island Zone. “Welcome to the first fight of the day! In the North-West corner are our returning champions! The breakers of rules, the champions of awesome!¬†XROS-FLARE AND THE DUST ZONE BROWNCOATS!

There were several loud cries of victory from the marching army, and those from inside Chaosdramon’s standing army that were (failing at) guarding seemed to be taken back by that.

“And in the other corner, weighing in at a¬†whopping¬†Side-Ways Eight Giga-tons are the ones you love to hate, the guys who are about get their shiny metal behinds handed to them!” Shoutmon dropped his face into a grimace and said flatly. “Team Excalibur. So¬†Lame.”

To that, Jijimon snatched the Xros Loader away from Shoutmon (literally appearing from nowhere) and screaming “FOOLS!” Into it while pointing his staff at the building they were siegeing.

That garnished several dozen laughs and much ‘boo’ing- Mostly on behalf of the guards.

“Let’s Make sure we give them a¬†proper¬†Dust Zone farewell!” Puppetmon snatched the Xros Loader away next. “If we wanna get by, No Pain, no Gain!”

“You heard the ‘Mon!” Shoutmon grabbed the Xros Loader back. “Let’s give ’em hell, Everyone!”

Shoutmon, I just realized, really is fit to be King what with all of his motivational speeches.

More Soul Eater and Gurren Lagann shoutouts here. The “no pain no gain” bit would hopefully be synched to the music.

The battle scene is just made up of pure awesome. I just pretty much spaced out re-reading it!


DarkKnightmon looked up from his work in surprise as a Ninjamon appeared suddenly. “Yes?” he asked. “What is it?”

“My lord.” The Ninja bowed. “Chaosdramon’s fortress has come under siege.”

“By whom?” DarkKnightmon asked.

Ninjamon held up a tape recorder that played back a part of the message broadcast earlier.¬†“-corner are our returning champions! The breakers of rules, the champions of awesome! XROS-FLARE AND THE DUST ZONE BROWNCOATS!”Shoutmon’s voice came out of the device before it clicked to a stop.

“So Xros Heart has arrived in Dust Zone?” DarkKnightmon mused. “I am not surprised.”

“Sir, Chaosdramon’s forces are being beaten back, and defeated.” The Ninja said. “I suggest you move our plans ahead.”

“Should it seem that Chaosdramon is about to fail us, we will.” DarkKnightmon said as he turned back towards the Darkness Kernel on his desk. “We won’t lose just because of one unfortunate mishap.” he paused in his thinking for a moment. “Ah, do prepare our defenses and the standing army.”

“The Raven forces shall be prepared, My lord.” The Ninja faded out of sight.

We cut to DarkKnightmon as he learns that Xros Heart is HERE- and they’re doing a LOT of damage to his personal army.


This is a Phineas and Ferb shoutout.

“GrandLocomon!” Chaosdramon laughed as he jumped away from the train Digimon’s charging attack. “I’m honored that you would come all this way just to fight me!”

“Don’t be!” GrandLocomon flung about, throwing his front wheel forwards.

“HAH!” Chaosdramon easily stopped the spiked wheel’s progress with his right claw. “You really think your pitiful attacks can stop me now when they didn’t work before?” With a jolt, the grabber claw suddenly began spinning at the joint, sending GrandLocomon flying across the room.

“Guhh…” The poor train landed on his side, and stopped there. “You’re… You’ll…”

“I’ll what?” Chaosdramon asked, laughing. “Watch you flounder on your side while I kill you?”

“Even if I die, Others will stop you!” GrandLocomon spat. “My memory will live on in others!”

“You Fool.” Chaosdramon’s eyes narrowed. “I let you live before out of some form of kindness. Well, I’ve erased that part of my programming now.” The mechanical digimon smirked, in as much as a mechanical jaw could. “I’m going to rectify my previous mistake now.” He reared his right claw back, snapped each of the three jaws closed, and began spinning it.“CHAOS CRUSHER!”he roared, and drove his claw forward.

Chaosdramon is acting like a typical AI Boss. Shades of GLaDOS float through.

Metal clashed against metal as MetalGureimon suddenly rammed his head into Chaosdramon’s side.

“GAH!” The crimson dinosaur roared. “Who the hell are you!”

“The Name’s Gureimon.” The Blue Flare digimon said. “Metal Gureimon.”

The name’s Bond. *adjusts tie* James Bond.

For a split second, they were evenly matched. Gureimon’s gauntlet stopped the spinning claw.

However, as a Drill always continues forward, the rock must also break.


With a resounding explosion, MetalGureimon’s claw hand exploded into shrapnel, leaving a bloody stump of an arm behind- no hand to be seen. “GYAHHHHHH!” Gureimon cried out in pain as the Digi-Xros broke apart, fixing all of the damage done to the blue dinosaur’s arm, but leaving the Digimon out cold on the floor.

“You…” MailBirdramon however managed to remain conscious, if albeit in a pained state due to his damaged tail. “You monster.”

Gureimon gets seriously hurt here!

He spoke too soon as- the moment the words left his mouth- a giant cage of blue spikes formed around him from behind.

“What the heck!” Chaosdramon blinked in surprise, unable to look behind him.

“You…Hurt…Friends!” Cyberdramon snarled as a massive charge built up in his chest. “Now…You… DIE!”

“What the…?” Chaosdramon’s eyes widened in surprise as he felt the energy being pent up for the next attack. “Don’t tell me that you’re from-!”


A Resounding explosion blew the roof off of the palace.

Cyberdramon does NOT take it well.

This was just before Hunters fully aired, by the way, but just after we’d known it existed- Specifically Digi-Quartz.

I was trying to set it up that Cyberdramon came from Digi-Quartz.

That….Plan probably won’t ever be cashed in upon.


The shockwave was felt all the way down into the frozen sub-chamber, where things had remained at a standstill since Kiriha had ascended- nearly two hours ago!

“What the heck was that?” Duskmon narrowed his eyes, but refused to move an inch from his spot.

Kiriha’s eyes narrowed slightly, but he said nothing. Typheus however, had one comment to think on the matter.¬†“Well, this is getting us nowhere.”

Kiriha scoffed at the creature in his head.¬†“You think?”

“Akari.” Taiki muttered. “Shoutmon.” Somehow, some way, he knew what that explosion was.

“Duskmon!” Nene ordered the Digimon. “Get DarkKnightmon. I want to ask him what’s going on outside.”

“I can’t leave this room, remember?” Duskmon repeated. “The doors are locked from the outside.”

And now we find out why nobody’s gone to tell DarkKnightmon about Kiriha’s changed condition- they’re all stuck in there.

Meanwhile, at the top of the tower, DarkKnightmon stared out over the Zone, spying the billowing cloud of smoke that signified the destruction of Chaosdramon’s fortress. “A Shame.” He turned towards a Peckmon. “Begin the preparations for the ceremony.”

“As you command.” The bird bowed.


Xros Five entered the room to find a horrible sight, Cyberdramon’s Glutton Fang attack had done nothing to damage Chaosdramon.

“How…Possible?” Cyberdramon asked, shocked, as Chaosdramon broke the blue ribs surrounding him, and sending the poor Digimon tumbling towards the ground.

“Ch, And to think I was worried there for a moment.” Chaosdramon said as he shrugged off the dust from the roof’s collapse. “For a single second I’d forgotten that my armor can absorb all kinds of energy attacks thrown at me.”

“Then how about some Physical Attacks?”

Chaosdramon turned around in time to see Xros Five bringing down the Star Blade. “Huh?”


Cyberdramon’s attack does NOTHING.


Suddenly, the doors swung open as DarkKnightmon, Ranamon, the Ravemon doctor, and a Peckmon entered the room.

“Lord Dark-Knightmon!” Duskmon bowed suddenly. “The boy, he’s… Changed!”

“Oh? What’s going on here?” DarkKnightmon raised an eyebrow, taking in Kiriha’s changed form.

A Large green trench-coat, green wings, and a twin hammer tipped tail.

Quite impressive.

He said as much.

“So, who might you be?” DarkKnightmon asked. “Kiriha Aouma?”

“No.”¬†The boy finally said something in the echoing voice that came with a Shademon possession.

Taiki winced upon hearing it. “Kiriha…”

“Who are you then?” DarkKnightmon asked. “My shademon plant?”

“I am no-one.”¬†Kiriha’s body said.¬†“And I am someone.”

“You are evading the question.” DarkKnightmon observed before he snapped his fingers. “Duskmon.”

“Yes, sir.” Duskmon stepped towards Nene and drew his blades, the audible sound of metal upon metal making the boy turn his head.

“Leave her alone.”the boy said firmly.

“So you are Kiriha then?” DarkKnightmon smirked to himself.

“Do you truly have no clue who I am?”¬†Typheus said as he took full control, shifting the Shademon’s vocal chords to match his own original ones.¬†“Do you not recognize me?”

“I am assuming you are either Kiriha Aouma or the Shademon.” DarkKnightmon guessed. “Or perhaps a fused personality of both? A new mind born from the Digi-Xros?”

“You really don’t know then?”¬†Typheus asked, eyes narrowing.¬†“Then I’m afraid that I’m going to have to ask you to leave the girl alone, or face my wrath.”

Kiriha and Typheus BOTH have concern for Nene’s well being! So much so that when Duskmon literally cuts the dress Nene’s wearing off of her back, he reacts violently!

“Now now.” Ranamon cooed as she stepped up behind the girl, reaching up for the golden ring in her hair. “Don’t struggle.” Before she could even touch it, however, a green energy blade was positioned at her neck. “What the?”

“I SAID.”¬†Kiriha’s voice became more dominant now.¬†“LEAVE HER ALONE.”

“You are obviously Kiriha Aouma.” DarkKnightmon deduced. “Ninjamon.”

Before Kiriha or Typheus could react, the blade arm that had been extended towards Ranamon shattered into pieces.“GAH!”

Ninjamon faded into view, his sword tip covered in residue from slicing through the wing. “You will not interfere.”

“Like hell I’m…!” Kiriha began to protest when, just as suddenly, the hand wing above the one that had been cut was sliced off as well.

He screamed, and fell to his knees.

“There.” DarkKnightmon said. “Now you match.”

Typheus pulled his eyes up to match the demon’s.¬†“I will kill you. I swear to you…!”

And DarkKnightmon retaliates back- breaking BOTH of the energy wings on Kiriha’s one side.

“Well, then.” DarkKnightmon pulled out the Black Xros Loader. “Shall we begin?”

With that, Ranamon grabbed the golden ring and pulled it out of Nene’s hair.

“Stop!” she cried out, panic filling her eyes. “Don’t…!”

At that moment, DarkKnightmon held up the Xros Loader, and said…¬†“Reload: Shademon.”A Writhing mass of shadow ejected itself from the Xros Loader, and wrapped itself around the girl, it’s serpentine head appearing next to her neck.

“Shadeeee…”it hissed not a moment before it burrowed itself into her skin.

She screamed.

“NENE!” Taiki called out in horror.

“Nene Amano.”¬†DarkKnightmon opened the Xros Loader.¬†“Digi-Xros.”

A Flare of purple darkness overtook the girl, and her screams intensified.

Kiriha and Typheus narrowed their eyes at the sight, the Denizen thinking one thought.¬†‘C’mon, old girl, figure it out, figure it out before it’s too late…’

Nene is now poorly clothed only by a Shademon coiling around her body- all inorganic data has been pulled off of her forcibly, and then the Shademon burrows into her neck just like a Goa’ould in Stargate.¬†As it does this, they Digi-Xros.


Shoutmon grumbled to himself as he followed the trail of destruction that GrandLocomon had left throughout the facility. “Why the heck did I climb off of Xros Five for?” he winced. “I would’ve gotten there already if I hadn’t…!” He slowed to a stop as he entered the main chamber, or what was left of it.

Gureimon, MailBirdramon, GrandLocomon, and Cyberdramon were all laying on the ground unconscious or near about, and Xros Five…

Was being pounded into the wall with Chaosdramon’s drill- at the chest. The V emblem was holding strong, but it was cracked through and through, and threatening to break any moment now.

“S-Shoutmon!” Akari managed to say through the pain.

“You made it, Brother!” Starmon cried out in glee.

“Not a moment too late…” Dorulumon remarked before…

Xros Five broke apart into it’s component forms, and were scatterd across the room.

Shoutmon’s eyes widened in horror. It couldn’t be…

Chaosdramon began laughing as he turned to face Shoutmon. “So The mighty fall.”

Shoutmon arrives to see everyone lying scattered on the ground. And so begins the ending sequence.

I’ll let you just open this link in another window, and you can read along to the text as it goes.

Junk stars

“Akari…” Shoutmon gasped. “Ballistamon…Dorulumon…”

Are the stars

“So you’re the next one who comes to die today?” Chaosdramon quesitoned.

Of Glittering dreams.

“Starmons…Sparrowmon…” Shoutmon stared over them all. “Cyberdramon…”

I Wanna be…

“Eh?” Chaosdramon’s eyes spied the red Xros Loader firmly gripped in Shoutmon’s hand. “What’s that?”

Let’s Go…

“Gureimon…Mailbirdramon…!” Shoutmon’s fists clenched together. “GrandLocomon…!”

Let’s Go…

“Everyone…’ Tears welled up within the dragon’s eyes, and then…

He roared.

LET’S GO!”he held the Xros Loader high up, activating it without a proper command for Digi-Xros. A Wave of energy ripped out through the room, emerging from the Xros Loader, hitting every unconscious digimon, and healing them instantly.

I! (I!)

“GREAT XROS!”¬†Nine voices cried out in unison. And to say that Chaosdramon was startled would be an understatement.


I WANNA BE! (1!2!3!4!)

GrandLocomon formed a Left Leg, Gureimon formed the Right. Sparrowmon latched herself onto the left Arm, and the Mighty cyborg fist of MailBirdramon latched itself onto the right hand, already gripping the Star Sword.

The World is stained black,

MailBirdramon’s wing-span fused with Sparrowmon’s, creating a massive yellow winged jet array on their back. Dorulumon and Cyberdramon transformed into their weapon forms and attached themselves onto the back. The Red V on their chest transformed into a radiant Dark Purple. And the helmet…

Even though our breath remains white.

Akari’s Xros Four Knight Helmet appeared in a blinding flash of golden light.

I wonder what has changed for us,

“ENGINE KING:¬†GRAND NINE!”the new Digi-Xros cried out in nine unique, but unified voices as it rose to match Chaosdramon’s full form.

Since the day I promised I’d go crush the hear and now?

“What the heck!’ Chaosdramon’s jaw gaped open. “How in the world did that just happen!”

In the corner of the Night’s junkyard

“You messed with the wrong guys, Bucko!” Shoutmon roared, tears still rolling down his face. “Go Get him,¬†G-NINE!”

A voice, Screamed to the extent of insanity,

“This…This…!” Chaosdramon immediately opened fire with his back mounted cannons.¬†“HYPER INFINITY CANNON!”

Blew through without a sound,

Despite the energy exploding the ground beneath Grand Nine, the Fusion was unharmed, and, in fact, the Mecha was already soaring high into the sky, the Cyber and Dorulu Cannons on the back sliding up and down to face the crimson dinosaur.¬†“G-NINE GRAND PRIX!”

Even so, Listen to my story,

Three energy blasts launched out of the cannon mouths and soared down towards Chaosdramon- Thrice.

Surely you still ought to make it in time.

“HYPER INFINITY CANNON!”¬†Chaosdramon quickly countered with his own energy blast, canceling out the new Digi-Xrosses attack mid air.



Together with

That was what they wanted, as when the smoke cleared, Grand Nine was nowhere to be seen. “What!”

Ghastly pale despair

“G-NINE KICK!”Chaosdramon whirled around in time to get a GrandLocomon-Foot to the face- Armor broken.

Pierce through it


Letting out a scream,

Chaosdramon was slashed across the face, severing his jaw proper, however, that didn’t stop his vocal abilities, as his digital voice box was still intact.

Before everything changes

“How did you get so strong?” he cried out in horror.

Let’s Go,

“We fight with the bonds of friendship!” Dorulumon began.

Let’s Go,

“We fight for our friends who are trapped!” Gureimon growled.

Let’s Go,

“We Fight to save them!” Starmon said. “And to stop bad guys like you!”

Let’s Go,

“We Fight for those who can’t!” Akari finished. “So prepare yourself…”

I! (I!)

Wanna! (Wanna!)


“BECAUSE WE WON’T LOSE TO YOU!”¬†they roared as one.

On a Winters night, That one kid jumped down.

With that, the right hand changed. The gauntlet slid back onto the arm as they switched sword hands for but a moment, allowing the right hand to retract fully into the arm. And then…

It was the wrong freedom, it jumped down.

They jabbed the sword into the hole left behind by the hand, and two sharp blades split off from the sides of the sword proper, forming a sort of upside down T shaped sword configuration.

Without even understanding,

“GRAND SPIRAL SABER!”¬†they roared, and jabbed forward, using the sword like a lance.

What the heck evil really is,

Chaosdramon lurched backwards to dodge.¬†“Damn they learn fast!”he glupped.

That foolish me somehow admired that child.

Suddenly, the sword began¬†SPINNING,¬†as if to counter Chaosdramon’s own spiral claw.

Since then, a lot of time has already passed,

“No Fair!” Chaosdramon revved up his own arm and went to block.


And even though I’ve certainly lived by my self up ’till now,

Drill met drill, and sword blocked sword.

Now they were on even ground.

“FIGURE NINE SLASH!”They brought the spinning sword up to above their left shoulder as they suddenly leaped back, bringing it around in a circle up until the point they started at, before suddenly slashing downwards towards the lower right, making a sort of “G” Shaped laser attack.

I still don’t understand anything!

Chaosdramon gulped and braced himself for the incoming energy beam. And, although his armor was meant to absorb that kind of attack, it still did damage. “HOW!”

You have taught me softly

“Because we’re Xros Heart!” Shoutmon roared.¬†“Just who the hell do you think we are?”

Even the true meaning of eternity.

“G-NINE GRAND PRIX!”G9 aimed it’s cannons again and fired, which Chaosdramon quickly matched again. This time, the energy attacks didn’t cancel out in an explosion, but kept on plowing into each other.


And then, Grand Nine brought up the spinning sword and plunged it forward into the energy mass, thrusters pushing forward at full speed.¬†“GRAND SPIRAL SABER!”

Notice it, Because I’m here

They cut off their own energy blast attack and pushed through the remainder of Chaosdramon’s attack. Chaosdramon quickly thrust his own drill arm forward, and the tips clashed.

For what purpose am I what kind of person?

“You’re strong!” Chaosdramon remarked, eyes narrowing, before he pushed forward even more. “Too strong!”

Teach me, Because I’m here!

Grand Nine leaped back before their own spinning weapon was broke.¬†“I have an idea.”¬†Dorulumon said.


“What is it?”Akari asked.

Singing and yelling,

“Just follow my lead.”¬†Dorulumon said as he detached his tail-drill and GrandLocomon’s spiked wheel from the Xros.

Our song of hope,

With a mighty lunge, he pushed the sword through the wheel to the star shaped hilt, and then into the drill tip.“GURAND…”

Which won’t despair of reality!

“…GIGA…”¬†The drill suddenly grew down to reach the spiked wheel as Grand Nine heald the Massive Drill above their head.¬†“…DORILU…”


“BUREIKA!!With a massive lunge, Grand Nine thrust the spinning drill towards Chaosdramon.

Born on the stars of dreams,

“What the heck!’ Chaosdramon was so shocked by the massive size of the drill itself (as tall as Grand Nine itself was!), and the fact that the DigiXros was pushing it forward with such relative ease that he forgot to even attempt to block.

Then I ought to make it in time!

The Drill drove forward through the air…

By Riding on tonight’s blowing wind,

…touched Chaosdramon’s chest…

Let’s Go find the succession of this!

“How can this be!” Chaosdramon asked, eyes widened in awe, as his armor cracked. “How can I be beaten so easily!”

Let’s go… Let’s Go… Let’s Go… Let’s Go…

“You Forget.” Akari smirked as they pushed through Chaosdramon’s torso. “We’re not ones to give up easily.”

Let’s go… Let’s Go… Let’s Go… Let’s Go…

“Heh…’ Chaosdramon’s eyes closed as Grand Nine broke through entirely, sliding to a halt on the other side of his body. “So I guess this is the power of friendship, eh?”

I Wanna Be…

“Not bad…” Data flowed upward. “Not bad at all…”

-Is it audible?-

And with that, he exploded brilliantly behind The Grand Xros. Thrice.

…Staying here.

Shoutmon gave a thumbs up, relief in his eyes.

One which Grand Nine returned, determination still brewing behind those emerald lenses.

The Battle was only half over.


That was a rush, was it not?

First off: The Digi-Xros of the hour is ENGINE KING GRAND NINE. If you’re paying attention at home, you’ll notice that this breaks the sequence of Numbers so far. We’ve just jumped from 5 to 9. This Xros is such ¬†a jump because it is a direct shout out to ENGINE SENTAI GO ONGER’s 3rd “King” Megazord Formation: Enjin-Oh G9.

Second: There are MANY Gurren Lagann things in here- The Drill, and the “Who do you think we are?” bit especially- but also the “Not bad” line from Chaosdramon.

Thirdly: The Song. It’s Soul Eater yet again!

As I said before, this would be a Movie quality episode- aired in theaters in my little fictional universe. As such, after the end of this battle, the movie would go on “Intermission” for the audience- a chance to take a break.

I suggest you all do the same. It’s going to be a long 30 minutes coming up next.


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