Xros Wars AU 02 — CH18

We begins CH 18 in a doozy of a rush!

And also inaccuracy!

“~~~~~~-~~~MON!”A voice cried out in anguish as the last of a Digimon’s Data floated into the air.

The gathered humans and Digimon could only turn in anger and annoyance as a different, smug voice started talking to their left.

There was a Bagura army flag behind him, and a massive army of Hippogriffonmon, Ceburumon, Centarumon, Wendigomon, and Sagittarimon behind him.

There were dual cries of pure emotion, and blinding flashes of light as two golden forms appeared.

Three Xros Loaders flew into the air, and a trinty cry roared into the air. “~~~~~ XROS!”

Suddenly, Seven Digimon flew together into a single Digi-Xros; fusing together in a massive display of golden light.

Towering, massive, that was the only feeling that could describe this new Digi-Xros as they ascended into the air, glowing and shimmering with golden light, sand cascading down across their surface.

“~~~~ ~~~~~!” And then, with a united cry, they let loose a roar of an attack as a Burning, Golden V shaped laser lanced out across the battle field. “~~~~~ VICTORIZE!”

The Smug digimon jumped up to avoid, a look of shock on his masked face as his entire army was vaporized by the attack.

And inside the massive fusion, everyone narrowed their eyes and prepared for their next attack.

This scene was DIRECTLY lifted out of the anime just after it aired. The Form seen here would have been animated directly as Shoutmon Xros Seven. But this scene also introduces us to a rule of thumb with Akari’s dreams:

They are MORE accurate when MORE people are asleep to share the dream.

Akari’s eyes snapped open as two smaller Digimon jumped into her bed, or, more directly, onto her torso. “Gah!” she winced as her breath got knocked out of her from… What she wasn’t quite sure of, actually.

“Taiki’s got breakfast for us!” Lopmon was smiling.

“It smells so good!” Cutemon was practically beaming. “You’ve got to come get some before they eat it all!”

“Alright, alright.” Akari smiled as she sat up. “I’ll be in in a second, okay?”

“Okay!” and with that, the two scampered off.

From the door-frame, Shoutmon narrowed his eyes at her. “You okay?”

“Yeah.” She replied quickly. He narrowed his eyes more. Akari sight. “No.”

“Another dream?” Shoutmon asked. Akari nodded without saying anything. “That bad, huh?” he grimaced.

“I…” She frowned. “I’m not sure yet.”

“Well, hopefully it’s nothing serious.” Shoutmon shrugged as he turned to leave. “I mean, we did just have a really stressful battle last night. Maybe you’re just working out the stress in your dreams?”

“Maybe.” Akari sighed as she stood up. ‘I really hope so…’

In this case, Akari was the only one asleep, seemingly!

Also, I make no point in hiding it- Deckerdramon is doomed from the very moment he’s introduced.


Akari rubbed her eyes as she stumbled into the room where, the night before, everyone had been recovering from injuries, now filled with a few cloth covered tables, at which everyone from Xros Heart was seated, or rushing about to and from, the President of Heaven Zone, Lucemon, and his fiance, Petsula, added into the mix.

“Lucemon.” Akari smiled. “Petusla-san!”

The two looked up, smiles on their faces.

“Akari!” Lucemon stood up, smiling despite his right arm being in a sling. “I didn’t get a chance to thank you yet for last night.”

“I want to thank you again, too.” Petsula stood up to give her fiance a hug. “We wouldn’t still be here if you didn’t save him.”

Akari blushed slightly. “It’s nothing, I did what anyone would have done.”

“Yeah yeah.” Shoutmon rolled his eyes as he walked by, carrying a plate of buttery pancakes with him. “But do those other guys have Xros Loaders?”

Lucemon manages to get away with ONLY a broken arm! Petsula is in better condition, however- to the point that she and Lucemon fall to the age old emotion of wanting to have kids right after a very stressful event!

When we later see these two- Petsula is exactly as far along in her pregnancy as it’s been as long since she last saw anyone from Xros Heart.

Geeze, and they aren’t even married yet!

Akari sighed. “Allright, where’s Taiki at? I’m hungry.”

“Right over there.” Lucemon gestured to the other side of the room, where a makeshift kitchen had been set up.

Taiki had set up a frying pan ontop of an oven range, and had roped Ballistamon into mixing up the batter that he was pouring onto the pan.

“Pancakes?” Akari asked as she walked up. “You’re making pancakes for everyone?”

Taiki jumped slightly in the middle of a pancake flip- only barely managing to catch the cooking food stuff in the pan again through sheer luck. “Akari!” he turned around and smiled. “Yeah, my dad always cooked pancakes on my birthday, or for Christmas, or for any holiday, really.” he mused on that for a moment. “My mom once joked that Golden week meant ‘Pancake week’ for him.” He grinned.

She laughed, then frowned slightly. “What’s Golden Week?”

Taiki blinked, for a single moment he forget that the girl he was chatting with had been born in the Digital World, and not the Human world. He sighed, then went to explain.

Here we have some comedy, and some insight into Taiki’s family life. Akari then reminds him that she’s not from Earth.


“Finally, we make an appearance.” Blastmon muttered to himseslf.

“What was that?” Tactimon asked, not paying attention.

“Nothing.” Blastmon shook his head. “So you’re heading off to take over another Zone?”

“Jungle Zone.” Tactimon confirmed as he sorted out the invading forces of his army on the console in front of him. “I received word that the Barrier that protected it from the outside world has fallen for whatever reason. I’m going to strike while it’s vulnerable.”

“Sounds good…” Blastmon glanced over at a certain little creature hiding in the shadows. “So… What about Lili-tan?”

“If she catches you calling her that, she’ll kill us both.” Tactimon remarked. “Especially when considering her mood lately…”

“Oi!” Blastmon growled at the creature. “Scram!”

It absconded with a cry of “Dame Dame! Dame Dame!”

“Was that necessary?” Tactimon raised an eyebrow behind his helmet.

“He gives me the creeps.” Blastmon huffed as he crossed his arms.

Tactimon sighed. “Lilithmon’s current mood type is usually only cured when she finds something to distract her for long enough to forget about her issues.” He turned away from the console. “That creature may be the key to helping her retain her normal attitude.”

“Meh.” Blastmon huffed again.

Tactimon and Blastmon, despite being time travelers, have no clue exactly what this particular Damemon is in relation to the timeline! Lilithmon on the other hand, does know, as seen in CH58. Also- Blastmon is just as 4th wall breaking here as he is in Canon. This is probably due to the whole…Incident that gets them there.

I’m being vague, yes, but only because I haven’t even written that scene out. As evidenced by the opening of this chapter, by the time I get to that certain point to use something, things can change drastically.

So, with breakfast taken care of, Xros Heart loaded into the Xros Loaders, and they took off into the Air space.

“Pancakes?” Zenjirou had to ask. “I’m glad for the change of pace when it comes to edible food, but pancakes?

“I Just went through this with Akari.” Taiki shot the boy a glance. “I’m not explaining again.”

“So blame me for missing the recap then?” Zenjirou crossed his arms. “Fine fine.”

Taiki shrugged. “Can I ask you something?” he asked, changing to a somber mood.

“Sure.” Zenjirou nodded.

“Do you remember hearing anything about the Digital World before this?”

“Um…” The other boy mused on it.

“I mean, about everything that we know happened?” Taiki continued.

“Eh…” Zenjirou paled. “Not really.”

“My Mother wrote a series of Light Novels, remember?” Taiki started. “Remember what it was called?”

“Never been into the things, so no.”

Digica Scrab.” Taiki quoted. “Do you remember what it was about?”


“A Video game.” Taiki started. “A multiplayer online game that had been modified by one of the heroes of the story.”

“I kinda remember that…” Zenjirou mused.

“The code changes somehow conflicted with the original coding, and it pulled each of the players into a new world.” Taiki explained. “The Digital World.”

“Eh?” Zenjirou glanced at him. “Really?”

“That’s why I wasn’t surprised all that much when we got dragged here.” Taiki looked over at his companion. “It ended with the team getting separated when the gateway was destroyed.”

This is where I begin working SBURB into the plot- even though the ending of the story Taiki’s just mentioned is completely made up. His mom doesn’t know why the gate was destroyed- she didn’t even know it was. She just made a lucky guess.

“The Code Crown?” Zenjirou asked.

“Probably.” Taiki nodded. “I think my mother wrote her books based on real events. The series is so popular that most people would probably get confused by the similarities and forget the real thing ever happened if any mentions of it were removed from the history books.”

“So, you think it was a cover up?” Zenjirou asked.

“I don’t want to think that about my parents, or about the world’s governments, but…” Taiki narrowed his eyes. “There are too many facts that add up in all the wrong ways.”

The approaching Zone brought an end to the conversation.


When the flash of light from entering the new Zone ended, several more flashes of light occurred as Akari, Shoutmon, Lila, Cutemon and Lopmon emerged from the Xros Loaders.

“Huh.” Akari blinked slightly. “It sure is blue.”

“Yeah.” Lopmon frowned slightly as she hopped onto the girl’s shoulder. “Something seems off…”

“Meh.” Shoutmon put his arms behind his head and started walking. “Just as long as we didn’t end up in the middle of the sky like Lake Zone.”

Taiki froze, and glanced down. “Funny you should mention that…?”

Zenjirou looked over at him. “Eh?” He asked.

“What do you mean?” Lila blinked, also looking at their General.

“Just ah…” Taiki gulped and put on a fake ‘everything’s fine’ smile. “Don’t look down.”

Xros Heart enters Jungle Zone MILE HIGH!

“TAIKI YOU IDIOT!” Akari yelled at him as they fell rapidly towards the Jungle below. “How many times do we have to go through this before you learn to NOT say that kind of thing!”

“I Don’t like this!” Cutemon cried as he latched onto Zenjirou’s head.

“Neither do I!” Zenjirou and Lila agreed as they hugged each-other tightly.

“Oi!” Shoutmon huffed as he crossed his arms. “Anyone care to point out that we don’t have any real way of landing yet?”

With a flash, Beelzebmon jumped out of the Xros Loader. “Don’t mind me, I’m just a skydiver passing by!” he saluted.

“Beelzebmon!” Taiki grinned before gesturing vaguely at the others. “Go catch them!”

“Gotcha!” With that he dove towards Akari, easily swooping down underneath to let her and Lopmon land on his back.

“So.” Shoutmon started after a few moments of watching Beelzebmon trying to catch Lila and Zenjirou. “What about us?”

Taiki glanced up at the Dragon Digimon and paled. “Uhhh…”

Beelzebmon’s line is a Shoutout to Haruhi-Chan– The comedy-joke version of Haruhi-Suzumiya– where you had ‘secret agents’ always in disguise saying “Don’t mind me, I’m just a ___ passing through!” when they did something dramatic.

“That’s it!” Taiki snapped his fingers against his goggles then held out his Xros Loader. “RELOAD: DORULUMON! STARMONS! DIGI-XROS!”

A blinding stream of light emerged and formed around him and Shoutmon, solidifying into the familiar form of Dorulumon, with the addition of the Starmons on top of his drill tail.

Why you might ask?


His tail now functioned as a helicopter blade.

“How mortifying!” Dorulumon sighed as he lowered himself and the Generals safely down to the ground.

“Hehe.” Shoutmon laughed. “Yeah, but atleast we’re not going to die!”

Inside one of the Xros Loaders, someone was laughing. “LOL, Dorulu-Copter!”

“We must never tell Cutemon of this.” Dorulumon decided immediately. “Never.”

“You have my word!” Taiki smiled, although still trying to hold in a laugh at the offhanded comment.

And now we have an In-Universe name for what was already an Internet Meme: “LOL! DORULU-COPTER!”

And yes, that is this particular Digi-Xros’s Proper Name.


Anyways, Xros Heart gets separated, and they work on reuniting.

Things don’t go so well, however. In trying to find everyone else- Xros Heart splits up even further!


A flash of light and a western melody later, Revolomon was leaning up against a tree and twirling one of his pistols. “Howdy!”

“Okay.” Dorulumon started towards Taiki and Shoutmon. “Revolomon and I will go find the others, and we’ll regroup as soon as we find them.”

“Sounds like a plan!” Revolomon laughed as he climbed onto Dorulumon’s back.

“You two…Ah…” Dorulumon blinked. “Just stay here for now? In case they find you before we find them.”

“Yokay!” Starmon cried out as he hopped into the air. “We hear you Loud and Clear, Brother!” he, and several Pickmon, saluted.

With a rush, The Wolf and the Deputy rushed into the jungle.

“Right.” Shoutmon huffed. “We stay here.”

“It’s not that bad.” Taiki started as he looked around. “I’ve never been to a jungle before.”

“Eh…” Shoutmon glanced at him. “It ain’t all it’s cracked up to be.”

Ballistamon suddenly reloaded from the Xros Loader. “Hot.” he said.

“I bet Lopmon’s fur’s gone all frizzy from the humidity!” Shoutmon joked.

Taiki glanced at the inside of his goggle lenses- Fogged up with condensation. “I hate it when they get like this.” he muttered as a giant, green, insect Digimon called “Snimon” walked behind them, completely ignoring them entirely.

Silence for a few moments.

A MegaKabuterimon soared overhead, his over-sized shell casting a shadow over the area.

Shoutmon paled. “Yeah. Giant Bugs in a Giant Forest. Makes perfect sense.”

“Perfect Sense.” Ballistamon echoed.

Taiki shuddered. “I just hope there aren’t any giant moths hanging around.”

“Ehhh…” Shoutmon grimaced. “I Hope there aren’t any giant bees.”

“Beeth!” A Pickmon cried out, sporting a noticeable lisp. “Beeth! I hate beeth!”

Yup. Giant Insects for a Giant Forest.

Perfect sense.

Meanwhile, with our other Zone Explorers…

“I hate this humidity!” Lopmon complained. “It’s making my fur all frizzly!” You couldn’t tell, really, except for the fact that she looked slightly… ‘poof’ier.

“Agreed.” Cutemon was in a similar situation, however only with his ears sporting the most obvious change.

“I hate jungles.” Zenjirou agreed. “Add that to things I dislike. Right after heights and falling.”

“Suck it up.” Beelzebmon sighed, exasperated from the complaining. “If your General isn’t complaining, you shouldn’t either!” with a lower tone, he added. “That’s one thing the Bagura army got right. ‘Don’t complain about something unless your CO’s complained about it once before.’ Simple enough. You can’t get punished for complaining about something your CO’s complained about.”

This is Beelzebmon ranting on things. Also, Cutemon’s bunny ears aren’t actually ears, as I now remember. They’re antenna or whatever.

Suddenly, a sharp snap from above caught her attention, and she stopped walking.

“Hm?” Beelzebmon stoped as well. “What’s wrong?”

“I heard something.” She frowned.

“Probably a bug.” Zenjirou kept on walking.

“Maybe a bird.” Lila added on.

Another snap, and this time, the feeling of an impending battle descended upon them.

Beelzebmon tensed up, his Death The Cannon charging up for battle as he scanned the treetops above.

Nothing, nothing, not-THERE!

He raised his arm to fire-!


A humanoid, green and black armored digimon dove out of the trees, his orange eyes narrowed, and red hair flaring out behind him as his wings propelled him towards Xros Heart- two giant spikes extending from the upper part of his hands aimed right for Akari and Beelzebmon!

With the speed that only comes with the adrenalin rush of battle, both dodged and brought their weapons to bare.

“SOUL CRUSHER!”Akari sang through her Mic’ Stand, launching a song-bird of flame at the Digimon who attacked them.

“DOUBLE IMPACT SDX!” Beelzebmon let loose his favored Berenjena SDX shotgun.

The insect digimon dove and dodged, but finally revealed himself as he stood atop a heavy branch. “Bagura Scum!” he cried. “Leave now! For this Zone is under the protection of Stingmon: The Hero of Jungle Zone!”

Stingmon attacks our heroes- and mistakes them for Bagura! Whoops!

“Bagura?” Akari narrowed her eyes. “We’re not Bagura!”

“Lies!” Stingmon narrowed his eyes. “I Know Bagura when I see them!”

“We’re Xros Heart!” Cutemon threw in. “We’re here to fight Bagura, not join them!”

“I-I’ve never heard of Xros Heart!” Stingmon stated, although he obviously recognized the name. “N-Now leave This Zone at once!”

Akari sighed. “If you want a battle…” She pointed her Mic stand at him. “Then it’s a battle you’ll get!”

He falters- trying to maintain that he doesn’t recognize them- trying to ignore that he made a mistake.

Kiriha didn’t know why Nene had called him to this Zone, other than the fact that Bagura was trying to take control of it, and that it would be another for his collection of Code Crowns.


The poor AlturKabuterimon (who were blue variants of their Red ‘Mega’ Counterparts) who were stuck between the trees were fried by Gureimon’s precise fire attacks.

“HAH!” Nene’s Main DigiXros fighter (A black and gold armored being by the name of DarkKnightmon with a large dual spear as his main weapon) was someone Kiriha had never seen before. His voice, however, was all to familiar- the very one he’d heard from Nene’s Xros Loader on occasion.

And it was terrifying to him that this Dark Knight could take out single hordes of these Bagura lackeys without using a single one of his base attacks.

“DEADLY GAZE!”Nene’s other fighter was someone completely new- A Duskmon by name. He fought with twin red blades that cut through the Troopmon (who were accompanying the AlturKabuterimon) with ease.

All in all, Kiriha found the sudden lack of the Monitamon, Monimon, and that Sparrowmon Nene seemed to favor to be the most disturbing thing of all.

It was as if her entire army had been swapped out within the few days since he had last seen her.

“Well done, Duskmon.” Nene complimented the single fighter as she pulled DarkKnightmon back into the Xros Loader.

“Thank you, Milady.” The Warrior bowed before following his master into the Xros Loader.

Kiriha frowned as he pulled Gureimon back into his Xros Loader. “You’re different again.”

“Am I?” Nene looked at him, curious.

“Every time I see you, you’re either a kind girl with no misleading intentions or some cold business associate pushing her plans forward.” Kiriha narrowed his eyes. “Today you’re something else entirely.”

“Well.” She sent a strange look his way as she began marching through the jungle. “Let’s just say that I had an eye opening revelation back the last Zone.”

Nene has not informed Kiriha of Taiki’s plan, not that it would help any. Immediately, Kiriha picks up on the fact that SOMETHING is not right here.

Nene is playing it ‘cool’ infront of DarkKnightmon and Duskmon- she’s trying to maintain her cover.

Kiriha sighed. “Fine. Whatever.” he grumbled as he marched after her, albeit at a slightly slower pace than her so he could talk to the Digimon inside his Xros Loader. “I don’t like this.”

“Agreed.” MailBirdramon remarked. “She’s got too many personalities. And then there’s the disturbing lack of the Digimon she usually keeps company with.”

“Annoying as those Ninjas were,” Gureimon threw in, “they’re ten times better than those creeps.”

Cyberdramon growled slightly, and a lone Golemon simply threw in a “Meh.”

Kiriha stared after the girl he’d partnered with, wondering exactly what he was dealing with here.

Nobody likes the ominous feeling this whole day is giving them.

Speaking of, this should be day… Eleven- Or twelve- since Taiki arrived in the Digital World.

*cue Toushi*

There was an explosion, and a massive swirl of flame as Tactimon’s troops tore their way through the jungle.

“Finally.” Tactimon smirked under his helmet. “I got away from that whimpering Lilithmon.” he chuckled. “Loosing Heaven Zone was the perfect addition to a very pitiful week for her.”

Kongoumon laughed. “Indeed it was sir!”

“Now, we shall take control of Jungle Zone and prove to Baguramon-sama how not even Xros Heart can stand in my way!” Tactimon clenched his fist at the thought. He’d heard that Hinomoto’s daughter had unlocked two new Digi-Xrossed forms over the last three days. To beat them in combat…!

To say the least, defeating one who defeated a Dragon Form Lucemon would be the utmost perfect battle in existence!



The Front line Digimon exploded into data.

“What the…?” Tactimon narrowed his eyes as he spotted Ballistamon Xros Two, Plus Star Ax, opposing his encroaching army of Troopmon and AlturKabuterimon.

“Xros Heart’s general!” Kongoumon’s eyes widened in horror.

“Kudo Taiki,” Tactimon greeted as he spotted the boy leading his main DigiXros, Knightmon, and the PawnChessmon towards his position. “We meet again!”

“Is this too sudden?” Taiki asked as he adjusted his gloves, a smirk playing on his face. “Sorry, I should have knocked first.”

This exchange goes to show how casual Tactimon is with Xros Heart’s members- despite being a Bagura top general. Taiki’s casually joking around, and Tactimon’s reply is simple in return:

Tactimon shook his head as his subordinate left. “I must ask something, however.”

“Yeah?” Taiki asked back. “What’s that?”

“Where is Hinomoto?” Tactimon narrowed his eyes. “I hear she has unlocked two new Digi-Xrosses in your arsenal, and I would like to test their strength.”

“Where’s Akari?” Taiki mused for a moment, then shrugged. “You’ve got me!”

“You’ll just have to wait for our stronger Digi-Xrosses, Tacky.” Shoutmon rolled his eyes as he hefted the Star Ax. “They’re busy right now.”

“Fine then.” Tactimon summoned his sealed sword. “A Practice match, then?”

“Fine with me!” Taiki smirked again as he held up the Xros Loader. “Mind if I add one more to the fight though?”

“The more the merrier!” Tactimon laughed as he twirled his sword in anticipation.

“RELOAD!” Taiki ordered. “SPARROWMON!”

Yes, Shoutmon DID just call Tactimon “Tacky.” He doesn’t care. This is really showing that deep down, he’s not that bad of a guy- despite the horrible things he’s done.

The trio of fighters broke off their attacks for a few moments to catch their breath, each of them glaring at the other. Finally, just as they were about to continue…


The warrior froze as a blush appeared on his face. “L-Lilly…”

Akari and Beelzebmon turned their heads towards Zenjirou and Lila, spotting a Lilamon behind them.

‘Wait.’ Akari thought. ‘He called her Lilly, but she’s a Lilamon… We have a Lillymon, but we call her Lila…?’ she blinked. ‘What the heek?’

We cut back to Akari’s group to be introduced to Lilly the Lilamon!

And yes, Yes I did do this on purpose.

“What did I say about attacking lovvy-duvvy couples and their companions?” The Lilamon strode over to Stingmon and glared at him, a pout on her face.

“N..” He gulped. “To Not to.”

“Exactly!” She nodded, then pointed at the four. “And not only do you attack one very cute toy-couple-” Akari was sure that comment was directed at Lopmon and Cutemon. “-But you even attack another possible Matespritship!”

And there Akari was lost by the terminology, but she- and apparently they too- knew it referred to Lila and Zenjirou.

“WHAT?” the two exclaimed. “We are SO NOT a couple!”

“See?” Lilly the Lilamon smiled. “They even talk like one!”

Stingmon sighed, head bowed in shame. “Sorry, Lilly-chan…”

“That’s fine!” she smiled at him, then turned that smile towards Akari. “Hiya Hiya!”

“Uh…Hello…?” Akari blinked, unsure at how to react towards the energy this girl had.

Lilly is a shipper- she subscribes to that “Maryam Monthly” previously mentioned, which, being this universe’s version of Homestuck, ends up having the same quadrant system of romance to it.


Tactimon leaped backwards, sportingly avoiding the attack from the newly formed DigiXros: Sky-Knight Xros-Three, or SKX3 for short.

The new fusion was a simple DigiXros- Ballistamon Xros Two riding atop Sparrowmon’s hover board, with Ballistamon’s head having moved to the back to turn into some sort of mega cannon fused with the rest of Sparrowmon. Adding into that, Knightmon had been thrown in, giving Xros Four Knight’s Shield and glowing orange edged sword into the mix.

“Hmm, this is a new one.” Tactimon noted. “I take it you just threw something together?”

“Yup.” Taiki nodded. “Not bad if I do say so, though, right?”

“You know, Tactimon,” Shoutmon started as he tightened his grip on his sword. “You really shouldn’t be so cordial with the guy who’s about to send you into next week!”

“Please.” Tactimon scoffed. “I Doubt this new fusion has time travel capabilities.”

“We’ll see about that.” And with a flash, SKX3 vanished into thin air with a subtle “wooooshh.”

Tactimon barely had time to react before the Star blade came soaring down at his exposed back.

We’re introduced to a one-off Xros. Also, I believe I’d just started forming the basis of the Time-Travel plot at this point, hence Tactimon’s foreshadowing line. No- I didn’t know who Tactimon was going to be yet- but I knew I wanted to do something with time-travel in the future of the story.

The temple area was- in simplest terms- a set of ancient-looking ruins that had one main structure set into the side of a mountain. It’s single entrance was a door way with a golden field of energy inside, indicating to all that it was sealed off.

However, Akari found this all unimportant in the overall scheme of things. No, what she found interesting was that there were all sorts of Digimon living in this area. Several Kokuwamon, an uncountable number of Woodmon, at least one Kazemon variation (In yellow clothing with blue wings and yellow hair instead of the classic lavender, pink, and purple), a few dozen Keramon, a Kyokyomon family, and a gaggle of Kunemon all seemed to be natives.

All in all, Akari thought that the massive crowd was something to behold. Lilly the Lilamon was currently explaining how while Bagura was driving the natives towards the temple, the increased numbers wasn’t really that much. Akari couldn’t help but smirk at the way the Jungle Zone native was hugging onto Zenjirou and Lila the Lillymon (WOW that’s confusing!) and cooing as she said this, however.

But through it all, Akari was only half paying attention, instead focusing on the distant sounds of battle, some of which were ever so steadily getting closer. ‘I hope Shoutmon’s doing okay…’she frowned.

Suddenly, a name from the conversation being held next to her caught her attention. “What was that?”

“Huh?” Lilly blinked. “What was what?”

“The name you just said.” Akari clarified.

“Deckerdramon-sama.” Stingmon restated. “He’s the guardian of this Zone. He’s kept Bagura out of our Zone for most of the war by casting a barrier around it like this one,” he gestured at the doorway. “but just this morning, the barrier he put up around the Zone has collapsed, allowing Bagura in.”

“We don’t know why,” Lilly remarked sadly. “But we heard his pained screams during the night. We think something happened to him, but we can’t check up on him because the barrier’s still in place!”

“Deckerdramon…” Akari mouthed the name as she remembered the dream she’d had.


Her eyes widened in shock. ‘It can’t be…’

“Akari?” Lopmon asked as she hopped onto her partner’s shoulder. “Are you okay? You look like you’ve seen a ghost…!”

“I…I think…” Akari’s thoughts were cut off as a bright orange form burst into the clearing.

“Akari, Beelzebmon!” Dorulumon called out as he came to a halt next to them. “Finally, we found you!”

“Howdy!” Revolomon waved as he dismounted.

“Revolomon!” Akari blinked. “Dorulumon! What’s wrong?”

“Those explosions back there are where Taiki and the others were waiting.” Dorulumon explained as he motioned back towards the non-moving sounds of battle. “I think him and Shoutmon are holding off part of the Bagura army.”

Akari narrowed her eyes. “Who do you need?”

Cutting back to Akari- we hear Deckerdramon’s name fully, and get some exposition on the Zone’s nature.

“KNIGHT REQUIEM!”A Blazing laser beam in the shape of the Xros Heart Logo soared out from the shield, blasting through the remaining Troopmon and barely catching the back of Tactimon’s cape, setting it aflame.

With a chuckle and a flick of his wrist, Tactimon flung the burning garment to the side, into an already burning section of forest. “You are very formidable opponents, Kudo Taiki.” Tactimon narrowed his eyes. “But this isn’t the Digi-Xros I had hoped to fight. Neither is Hinomoto’s daughter here either.” he leveled his sword parallel to the ground and prepared to use it’s primary attack. “So, I’m afraid we shall have to end this here…”

He spun the sword so that it was pointing down, and lifted it up, in preparation to strike. “Ichi-no-!”


Suddenly, a barrage of bullets slammed into the ground, forcing Tactimon to spin around and use his sword to block the next wave of bullets that were most definitely not part of the previous warning shot.

Tactimon was about to make a witty and sarcastic comment when…


…A Whirlwind of orange energy smashed into him and forced him to dig his sword into the ground to prevent being blown away.

Taiki grinned as he spotted Beelzebmon flying in from above, carrying Revolomon on his back, and Dorulumon running in on foot beneath him. “Beelzebmon! Dorulumon!”

“Ah! Taiki!” Beelzebmon nodded.

“We found Akari!” Revolomon jumped down onto SKX3’s side wing. “So had over the Xros Loader and Me an’ Sparrow can go give it to her!”

“Gotcha!” With that, Taiki flung the Red Xros Loader towards Revolomon.

‘Sweet Catch!’ Revolomon grinned to himself as he snatched it up.

“Tactimon!” Taiki smirked at the General. “It’s time to show you one of those new DigiXrosses you wanted to see!”

“About time.” Tactimon said, using a mocking, insulted tone.

Dondokomon reloaded from a Xros Loader along with the Pucchiemon band. “Festival Time, Everyone!”

Also, I don’t recall reading it before- I must have forgotten to mention it…But somehow Taiki got the Red Xros Loader. Shoutmon must have had it on hand when they fell.


“SKY-KNIGHT XROS THREE!” Taiki held up the Orange Xros Loader. “BEELZEBMON! DORULUMON! DIGI-XROS!”





There was some shuffling of parts, and then “SHOTUMON: XROS FOUR B!”emerged, with Sparrowmon, Knightmon, and Revolomon being ejected from the Fusion.

The Centaur hit the ground with a “THUD”, and Tactimon’s eyes widened slightly at the sheer height of the Fusion. “That’s…” He gulped. “That’s bigger than I thought it was…”

“Just wait until you see Xros Five, then!” Sparrowmon winked as she and Revolomon took off towards the temple. “Ja ne!”she waved.

“So, Tactimon.” Taiki smirked. “Ready for the fight of your life?”

“Perhaps.” Tactimon replied as he spun his sword around. “We shall see.”

Sparrowmon’s intentionally using Japanese there to sound cute. Why? I don’t got a clue.

Meanwhile, inside the temple, a golden statue of a dragon digimon sits in the center of a hidden jungle. There are two Digimon guarding the temple, a blue skinned dragon with white wings and an X Shape on his chest, and a Dark blue bird with orange eyes.

X-Vmon is the Dragon’s name, Saberdramon the Bird’s.

They both glance nervously at the outer walls of the temple, from which sounds of battle echo through.

X-Vmon glances up at the golden statue digimon and grimaces. The Bird simply ruffles her feathers.

They both know what’s comming.

It’s presence is unmistakable.

A brief cut inside- we’ve just been introduced to XVmon and Saberdramon– one of whom will become a future Xros Heart member!

Kongoumon laughed as his army of AlturKabuterimon and Troopmon march through the brushes surrounding the temple. “Haha! Finally! We’ve found it!”

It was at that moment that a sudden explosion of fire cut off his army’s path.

“What the…?” he narrowed his eyes at those who were standing guard, ready to fight his army- Stingmon, Akari, Lopmon, Cutemon, and a few random natives.

“Bagura!” Akari started as she leveled the head of her Mic’ Stand at Kongoumon. “Leave this place at once!”

“And who are you to tell me what to do, HUH?” The golden beetle asked, annoyed.

“You don’t know?” Akari feigned surprise.

“Ne, It seems he doesn’t.” Lopmon mock-sighed as she shook her head.

“I suppose we’ll have to tell him then.” Akari shrugged.

Stingmon glanced at them for a few moments. What were they doing? He wondered. Why were they not attacking?

“I Suppose we’ll have to then.” Lopmon nodded.

With that, the duo struck poses.

“Hinomoto, Akari is my name.” Akari pointed towards Lopmon. “This is my Xros-Partner, Lopmon!”

Kongoumon didn’t seem to particularly care. “So?”

“Together, we lead the army my father started!” Akari narrowed her eyes at the beetle. “The Army that will crush the Bagura empire and reunite the Zones!”

With that, they leaped forward.

“Our name is…” they chimed in as one. “XROS HEART!”

That- That got his attention.

“X-Xros Heart!” Kongoumon’s eyes widened as two attacks formed and launched at once.



More of the Sentai Roll calling plus the “Seems they don’t know” running line.

Swords clashed, and a certain Tactician found himself struggling to keep himself from loosing his edge. “This is very impressive!” he remarked.

“Heh” Shoutmon smirked from inside the Xros. “Thanks!”

Tactimon leaped backwards, and back flipped away. “This power, I’m guessing you used it to defeat Lilithmon’s Mugendramon in Sand Zone?”

“Haha!” Shoutmon laughed. “Nope! We only got this in Heaven Zone!”

“Then how…?” Tactimon narrowed his eyes. “That Mugendramon was overpowered to the point of ridiculousness!”

“I’m a Native of Sand Zone.” Beelzebmon started. “I joined Xros Heart at the battle with Mugendramon!”

“I thought all the natives were wiped out?” Tactimon questioned.

“I evolved!” Beelzebmon concluded. “From Ba’almon to Beelzebmon!”

That got Tactimon’s attention.

Tactimon now knows a piece of Xros Heart’s timeline that he didn’t know before! Whee!

The Bagura goons were, for the most part, held back by the wall of fire created by Akari and Lopmon’s combo attack, the rest were in shock at the beating their commander was taking from several, Un-Xrossed Digimon.

“KYU!”Cutemon’s glowing fist smashed forward.

“BLAZING ICE!”Lopmon’s projectile attack flew through the air.

“ROCK DAMASHI!”Akari threw a flaming musical note like a baseball.


Kongoumon was sent flying backwards from the combined attack. A few Troopmon glanced at each other in concern, and at least one AlturKabuterimon was shivering in fear.

“Heh.” Akari smirked at them. “Anyone for round two?”

“Grrr…” Kongoumon forced himself to his feet. “I really don’t like you stupid Generals…!”

“Huh, Good to Know.” Said a new voice.

Kongoumon froze, suddenly realizing that none of the natives infront of him had said that, furthermore, Akari and Lopmon were staring up at something above him now. “Uhhh…” He glanced upwards…


…Right up into the grinning jaw of MetalGureimon.

Kongoumon gulped.


Blue Flare to the Rescue!! XD

It’s just a simple “Howdy!” but it conveys so much fear for Kongoumon.

“Ba’almon?” Tactimon asked. “You mean to say…?”

“Yeah.” Beelzebmon nodded. “That’s me, Tac-chan.”

Tactimon narrowed his eyes. “To think that a survivor from an annihilated Zone has slipped past our notice… Right under our noses…?”

“Heh.” Dorulumon chuckled. “You were never one for seeing what you didn’t want to see, Tactimon!”

Tactimon spun his sword around a few times as he thought. “Tell me…” He started. “Is your other Digi-Xros- the one that you used to Defeat a Dragon Mode Lucemon- as strong as this current form?”

“Stronger, Brother!” Starmon threw out. “Stronger than anything I’ve ever felt before!”

“I’ll have to agree with the Star here, Tactimon.” Dorulumon nodded. “I doubt there’s anything that can top it.”

“Perhaps.” Tactimon mused for a few moments, opting to stare at his sword instead of at Xros Four B. “This seal needs to be lifted, if you’ve progressed this far.”

“You’re going to remove the seal then?” Dorulumon asked, concerned.

“Even with this lower level Digi-Xros, I have no doubt that Jungle Zone is yours.” With that, he turned to leave. “Farewell, Xros Heart.”

“Eh?” Shoutmon blinked. “You’re leaving?”

“At your current level, neigh, at those even higher, I can not even dream of fighting you and winning as I am now.” Tactimon smirked under his helmet. “Tell Hinomoto that the next time we meet, I want nothing more than to have a honest duel to see how far she’s surpassed her father.”

Taiki nodded. “Understood.”

There was a flash of Light, and the Tactician was gone.

Tactimon’s a mixed bag here. He now knows where Xros Heart is on their Timeline, and he knows they win the Zone’s Code Crown. He also knows how strong their Digi-Xrosses are now! He can’t fight them with his sword sealed- which is stated in the manga and cards as being able to split open an entire Zone when unsealed!

This piece of information is CRITICAL to the future story arcs- especially seeing how Tactimon’s sword is forged. It’ll be similar to the Manga, with Susanoomon’s main cannon/sword being the basis…but at the same time there will be a LOT more too it! Especially with how the Sword is made into its current form. (Remember that lightning crack I mentioned before? Hehehe)

“R-RETREAT!” Someone cried out.

And with that said, with three Generals and their respective armies in play, the Bagura forces retreated.

“Well.” Kiriha laughed. “That was fun.”

“Quite.” Nene nodded in agreement.

“Kiriha.” Akari smiled at the boy. “Good to see you again.” a cautious glance at the girl. “Nene.”

“Akari.” Nene gave a similar look back. “Did you do something with your hair?

“Nope.” Akari shook her head. “You?”

“Thanks, but no.” Nene shook her head as well. “I did not.”

Kiriha stared at the two, confused. But it was MetalGureimon who spoke what he was thinking. “Did we miss something…?”

To those who weren’t in the loop, it seemed as if the two girls had become rivals, but Lopmon and Cutemon saw it for what it really was- A test.

“Did you do something with your hair?” was a code phrase meaning “Has the Plan Changed?”

The answer was “No” in both cases.

There was a bit of a breeze that rustled through the Jungle’s leaves and branches, as relative silence filled the air.

Stated explanation is Stated.

“So…” Nene turned her head towards the Temple. “What’s in there?” Duskmon, who had yet to say a word through this entire exchange, stared at the Temple as well.

“It’s the temple of our guardian, Deckerdramon!” Lilly the Lilamon piped in before Akari could answer.

“Deckerdramon…?” Kiriha’s eyes widened at the name. MetalGureimon seemed to be having a similar Deja Vu moment. Nene didn’t show it, but she was startled by the name as well.

Inside the Black Xros Loader, DarkKnightmon was having a reaction at the name as well, but it wasn’t for the same reason as the others. ‘Finally,’ he thought. ‘I’ve found the so called “Love God” of the Digital World…’

“Kiriha.” Akari ventured. “Did you happen to have a dream last night?”

“I…” Before Kiriha could complete any form of reaction, DarkKnightmon forced himself out of Nene’s Xros Loader.

“DarkKnightmon!” Nene threw at the ‘Mon. “What are you doing?”

“Sorry, Nene.” the Knight sure didn’t sound like he was sorry. “But There’s something I need to do here.”

Nene, Kiriha, and Gureimon were asleep during Akari’s latest dream- so they shared the premonition too!

X4B galloped through the forest, chasing after the Bagura Army, and Sparrowmon and Revolomon. Taiki frowned from his perch on the Fusion’s left shoulder. ‘We shouldn’t have wasted so much time fighting Tactimon.’

Unsurprisingly, Sparrowmon and Revolomon got to the temple first…


…Just in time to see DarkKnightmon slam MetalGureimon into the ground, forcing the Digi-Xros back into his component forms.

“Nene!” Sparrowmon cried out in horror. The girl was being restrained by Duskmon, unable to do anything to prevent DarkKnightmon from completely overwhelming Akari, Kiriha, and the Digimon around them- In essence, anyone who had stood up to fight was laying nearly unconscious on the ground.

“Oi, You…!” Revolomon threw out, using the derogatory “kisama” form of the word, as he fired at DarkKnightmon.

Of course, the bullets simply bounced off of the black armor. DarkKnightmon glanced over at them. “So the Traitor returns.”

“Can’t be a traitor to something you never believed in!” Sparrowmon growled. “And you…! I never believed you!”

“Hmmf.” DarkKnightmon mused. “And I suppose you think that makes a difference?”

Foreshadowing for DarkKnightmon’s absurd power levels, as well as a call back to the “Can’t be a traitor” belief line.

Xros Four B burst into the clearing just in time to see the retreating form of DarkKnightmon jump through the closing barrier at the front of the temple.

“What the heck just happened here?” Shoutmon gaped at the scene in horror- Everyone was in some form of beaten-ness. Even Sparrowmon (well, Sally now) and Revolomon were struggling to stand.

“The Plan fell apart is what happened.” Akari grumbled as she forced herself up, leaning on her Mic. Stand for support.

“DarkKnightmon went bonkers at the mention of Deckerdramon, went and K.O.’d everyone while Duskmon held Nene back.” Lopmon recalled as she stared up at the sky. “Then when Stingmon tried to fight DarkKnightmon after he took out Revolomon and Sparrowmon, the barrier vanished and he got pulled inside by a beam of light. DarkKnightmon and Duskmon went after him and then you showed up.”

“Okay.” Shoutmon nodded as X4B broke down into his seperate components. “I get that. Just one question.”

“What’s that?” Akari asked, only shifting her eyes towards him.

“Who the heck is Deckerdramon?”

Shoutmon’s question is with Good Reason! He has no clue what important role Deckerdramon will play in future events- nor what role he’s already played in past events!


“You MUST do the ‘Love Love Dance’!”

“Deckerdramon, One of the few remaining Digimon who survived the Shattering.”

“You have no Love in your heart! I refuse to join your team!”

“Oh, did I neglect to mention…?”

“Your Attacks cannot harm me.”

“Next time, Digimon Xros Wars: The Legendary Deckerdramon Moves!


This next time segment is at the same time spoilery and at the same time misleading.

Deckerdramon will move indeed in the next episode- but the question is when?


“You guys should sing!” Taiki started suddenly, breaking Lila and Zenjirou from their conversation.

“What?” They said simultaneously, “No way! We had enough of that in Jungle Zone!” with Zenjirou soundly adding “I Don’t do karaoke.”

“I’m sure you guys would do a great job.” Taiki smiled at them. “Come on, it can’t be that hard, could it?”

Zenjirou narrowed his eyes. “Alright, Mr. “it can’t be that hard,” Why don’t You get up there and sing?”

“Tone deaf.” Taiki replied nonchalantly. “I can’t sing on key.”

Zenjirou narrowed his eyes even further. “Is that so? Well…” A devious smirk appeared on his face. “If you get up there and prove that to me, then me an’ Lila will go sing.”

(“What!” the Fairy stood up in surprise. “No! I can’t! I won’t!”)

Taiki blinked Once- Twice- Thrice. “Alright. Deal.”

With that, he got up and headed over to the bar where Astamon was currently holding a conversation with Kiriha.

One Horrendously offkey Karaoke session later…

Sally put her hands on Taiki’s shoulders the moment he stepped off the stage to stop him from moving, looking him Straight into the eye. Her own eyes looked blood shot and she clearly had an expression of severe annoyance displayed within. “Taiki, We love you as a General and all, so please don’t take this the wrong way.”

“Don’t worry. I won’t.” Taiki smiled at her, knowing what was comming.

“Do Not EVER sing again. Never Ever. EVER. Not in a million years. Okay?” She glared at him.

Taiki’s smile grew slightly. “Can Do!” With that, he slauntered over to the table that he, Akari, Lila, Zenjirou, and Shoutmon had been sharing.

To the Karaoke segment- first, we skip Taiki’s off-key singing. This is a shout out to Taiki’s anime voice actress in Japan- the same person who did Detective Conan in the same titled Anime. The actress is a singer- Conan is tone deaf!

So, they took to the stage, a song chosen, and a reluctant look on both of their faces. But, by golly, they were going to have FUN!


Lila narrowed her eyes at Zenjirou. “This is all your fault for putting us through this again.”

“I didn’t think he’d go through with it!” Zenjirou paled. “Atleast we don’t have to dance.”

A sigh and a shudder passed between them.

“Atleast there’s that.” Lila nodded. “We’re actually kinda doing the opposite, I guess…”

“You two ready?” Astamon asked from the bar.

A reluctant glance between them, and then they nodded.

“Cue that funky music.” Kiriha smirked as Astamon started the track.

This is more foreshadowing to the LUV LUV DANCE coming up in the next episode. We now know in advance that it is something they won’t like.

“We are not doing that again.” Zenjirou declared as they sat down.

“Aw, but everyone liked it!” Akari smiled at the duo.

“Doesn’t matter.” Lila crossed her arms. “Never. Again.”

“Atleast until next time, you mean, right?” Shoutmon asked as he poked something on his plate with a fork.

The two stood dramatically, in unison, exclaiming very, very loudly: “NO!”

The song they sing is the first Opening to Nichijou! What fun! :33



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