Xros Wars AU 02 — CH17

We pick up CH17 here after a devastating cliffhanger!

Nene’s been fused into a Shadeon Dragon Form Lucemon !!

The Space between Zones was a beautiful sight. But it was expansive, nearly impossible to transverse in one trip.

Sparrowmon sighed as she stared up at the airspace around her. “It’s too big…”

Suddenly, a distant thud caught her attention.

“Huh?” she looked up just as…


-An even larger explosion rocked Heaven Zone. Sally’s eyes snapped open as Taiki and Akari stumbled to keep her upright as they meandered through what seemed to be an abandoned city space. “What- what’s..?”

“Lucemon’s gone crazy.” Akari started. “Nene Digixrossed all of those Shademon together, and they’re rampaging through the city.”

Sally looked up into the sky to see the Dragon form of Lucemon circling above Heaven Zone, massive lasers firing from seven different seals rotating around him. “What!”

“We’ve got to keep moving.” Taiki grimaced. “That last attack was too close for comfort.”

Sally stared up at the Sphere that Lucemon was holding, a tiny speck of color at the center of it’s dark mass. “Where’s Nene?”

“She got pulled into the Xros.” Akari growled.


We’re opening with what I hope comes across as an ongoing flash-back episode. Sally, being knocked unconscious at the end of the last episode, is quickly brought up to speed on what’s happening.

*cue Title theme*

“Sky Dancing Hero! Save Lucemon and Nene!”

I’m being flat out honest with the title here. The mission is to save them BOTH.

“What.” Taiki blinked.

“The.” Akari’s mouth hung open slightly.

“Hell.” Shoutmon, through X4B, finished.

All of them were staring up at the massive Dragon that had just formed from Lucemon and Nene’s forced Digi-Xros of the Shademon imprisoned inside the sphere that it held in it’s chest.

Lucemon: Shadow Lord Mode roared as his massive legs flexed, and launched himself into the air.

“GYRAAHHH!”he roared.

X4B clenched his sword as Lucemon started circling the floating temple. “I barely managed to send him flying last time!”

Even Duskmon, who had been so eager to fight earlier, was staring up in shock at the Dragon above them. “What the hell is that.” he finially managed after a moment.

“That’s Lucemon Shadow Lord Mode!” A Monitamon explained. “That is the mutated demonic form that the leader of the Seven Demon Lords took upon before he forced the others into a Digi-Xros!”

We see that everyone is shocked by this new Digi-Xros! Also: the plot the Monitamon is referring to is the Demon Lord Digimon Odugoumon (Or however it’s spelled /lazylazy), who is said to be a Xros of the Seven Demon Lords themselves!

“Eh!” Akari stared at the Monitamon. “You mean that the Lucemon of the Demon Lords is…?”

“No no!” another Monitamon piped in. “That Lucemon is just as separate from this Lucemon as much as The Bagura Lilithmon is related to the Demon Lord Lilithmon!”

Akari face-palmed. “This is just getting confusing!”

Taiki narrowed his eyes. “Can we do anything to save Lucemon?”

“Nothing!” the third Monitamon replied. “Every time a Lucemon has evolved into that form they’ve had to been killed in order to stop them!”

“And even then!” The first Monitamon threw in. “They had to break through his defense systems which-!”

Right on cue, seven bright, glowing, demonic seals appeared around Lucemon’s draconian body.


One of the seals glowed brightly, and then…


A Blinding laser beam lanced out of the seal, soaring through the sky, straight towards the floating temple.

“AKARI!” Shoutmon cried out seconds before…

At this moment- Everyone’s forgotten about “Armies” and “Wars.” The Monitamon are freely helping Taiki to understand that this is a “HOPELESS SITUATION!” Massive Sarcasm Quotes Right There.

The Demon Lord’s seven seals are a canonical Card game attack, by the way. The Anime never used them in Frontier.

Shoutmon’s eyes snapped open as he was suddenly ejected from the Xros Loader. “Wah!”

“Sorry, Shoutmon.” Taiki apologized as he inserted Heaven Zone’s Code Crown into his Xros Loader. “But I need to run the healing program…”

“Oh, that’s fine.” Shoutmon grumbled as he rubbed his head. “Ugh.. What hit me? I feel like I got ran over by a Monochromon!”

Taiki blinked at the unfamiliar name, and hesitantly asked. “You don’t remember?”

“Uh…” Shoutmon blinked as he slowly glanced around the room he was in.

It was the lobby of the hotel all of Xros Heart had stayed in the previous night, refugee digimon from all over were crowded inside, all of them injured in some fashion or another.

He spotted Ballistamon, being maintenanced by Zenjirou and Revolomon, who looked like he’d been sent off a cliff and back, but otherwise seemed fine. Dorulumon had a bag of ice ontop of his head, and looked like he was nursing a headache. The Starmons seemed fine enough, all of them hopping about to tend to someone-else’s injury. Beelzebmon had a large, red stained bandage wrapped around one of his wings, but seemed only mildly in-convinced.

Everyone has gone through hell by this point already. ShadeDragoLucemon (Heh) has probably been running rampant for about ten or fifteen minutes now.

“What the heek happened here?” Shoutmon blinked.

“You nearly killed youself is what you did!” Akari said as she lightly whapped the top of his head with a small metal tray.

“Yowtch!” Shoutmon winced. “Why’d you do that for?”

Akari’s right eye twitched slightly. “Shoutmon.” She dropped the tray, grabbed him by a bandage that was wrapped around his chest (Where did that come from?) and pulled him up to her eye level. “You were almost dead!” She roared at him.

“Uhh…” Shoutmon blinked.

“If Taiki hadn’t loaded you into his Xros Loader-!”

What happened next caught Shoutmon by surprise: Instead of hitting him again, she pulled him as close as she could and pressed her lips to his in a very public display of affection.

Infact, he couldn’t ever really recall her doing that beyond when they had time alone. Not even when Lopmon had been around.

‘Wow.’ He thought sarcastically. ‘I should throw myself into laser beams more often.’

We get a bit of ShoutXAkari  here- She’s relieved he’s alive, and she really doesn’t care that she’s being showy. But they’re not out of the woods yet.


X4B let loose a cry of pure pain as he threw himself into the laser beam that surely would have deleted everything around it- including everyone in the room. Pay no mind to the fact that Akari would have been hit head on by the beam. No sirree. That was not why he’d thrown himself into the beam at all.

Those were the last thoughts Dorulumon managed to pick up from Shoutmon as the Digi-Xros was broken as the Center was sent to a near-death state.

“Shouto!” Akari cried out as the small Digimon hit the floor, his data flaring dangerously to the point of deletion.

“LOAD: SHOUTMON!”There was a flash of green light as Shoutmon suddenly was pulled into Taiki’s orange Xros Loader.

“Damn it!” Dorulumon growled as he unsteadily got to his feet. “That idiot forced himself to take all the damage!”

“We’ve got bigger problems!” Beelzebmon growled as he glanced up. “That guy’s gearing up for another attack!”

Without much thought, Taiki rushed across the room, past the still stunned Duskmon, to recover Sally and her hover board. “Everyone! Get on!”

“Eh?” The Monitamon glanced over at him in surprise.

We cut back to the moment of the battle. Honestly, I’m not sure what I was doing with this episode- but I think the fragmented nature of the world around them is reflected nicely in the back-and-forth of the narration’s timeline.

When Akari finally let go, it wasn’t due to a lack of air. It was instead due to Lopmon coughing politely and saying. “I think he gets the point already.”

Slightly embarrassed, Akari let go of her grip on Shoutmon, letting him fall to the floor slightly. “Well…”

Taiki instead refused to acknowledge that the event had even occured, and instead was focusing on using the healing program provided by the Code Crown on the occupants of the room.

This is purely to remind Akari that, yes, they didn’t get wiped out by the flashbacks. Time is still moving linearly on both sides of the story.

He’d barely managed to get almost everyone into some Xros Loader or another in time to- rather awkwardly- jump start the hover board and send it barreling through DarkKnightmon’s earlier path at a break-neck pace when Lucemon launched the next laser attack- A laser beam that practically deleted the entire of the floating temple in one sniper like shot.

Thankfully, Taiki sighed slightly, the hover board barely managed to out-pace the deletion rate.

A second later, however, he realized that they were still in possible danger.

Lucemon’s laser defense seals were already narrowing in on their position.

“RELOAD: BEELZEBMON!” Taiki quickly explained. “I’m going to cut the engines, Beelzebmon, catch us if I can’t get it restarted!”

“Yokay!” The winged guardian nodded.

With that, Taiki quickly reached for the one foot brake he’d seen Sally use earlier and pushed it in.


The Hoverboard dropped down enough fast enough to avoid being hit by the laser. Beelzebmon…


…Barely avoided having his whole wing torn off.

Sally, being unconscious from the attack, is unable to fly the board. In a bit of unintentional foreshadowing, Taiki, despite only seeing her using this board once up close, is able to reproduce the necessary controls to get EVERYONE out of the way.

Taiki also apparently does something stupid here.

Taiki grimaced as he stared up at the dragon circling above, now randomly shooting lasers into the Zone below.

“Taiki.” Dorulumon started as he walked up.

“Yeah?” The boy turned his head towards the wolf.

“It’s not your fault.”

“Hm?” Taiki blinked. “What do you mean?”

“Ah?” Dorulumon blinked. “So you’re not hitting yourself over the head over this like Shoutmon is?”

A distant, metallic “KLANG” followed immediately by an “OW.” proved Dorulumon to be speaking literally.

That was Akari, by the way, hitting Shoutmon for trying to do something stupid. In a bit of partner characterization, Dorulumon comes to check on Taiki to see if he’s upset any by unintentionally getting Beelzebmon hurt.

“No.” Taiki shook his head. “I’m trying to figure out how to save Lucemon.”

“Ah.” Dorulumon nodded. “I see.”

“You said that when you were fighting earlier that you briefly saw Lucemon split from the Shademon.” Taiki started. “If we could deal enough damage, and be fast enough about it, we could grab Lucemon and Nene from inside the Shademon sphere.”

“You think they’re both inside?” Dorulumon asked.

“I saw Nene for a few moments when we were escaping.” Taiki nodded. “I think Lucemon’s in there too.”

“It’ll be hard getting to them.” Dorulumon sighed. “Even if we could get up to him, which we really can’t now that the temple’s gone, there’s no way we’d be even fast enough to hit him.”

“Right.” Taiki nodded, remembering their battle in Sand Zone. “Even Xros Four Knight wouldn’t be fast enough.”

“During the fight.” Dorulumon started. “Someone said that if we had MailBirdramon, we might have been able to fly.”

“I don’t know how to contact Kiriha.” Taiki started. “Even then, he’d probably only want to fight with MetalGureimon.”

“True, we don’t have Blue Flare here.” Dorulumon gestured with his head towards where Sally was sleeping ontop of her inactive hover board. “But we do have that.”

Sally also fell asleep despite herself. You try being knocked into a wall and not being tired afterwards. 😉

Taiki’s eyes widened slightly as an idea hit him. ‘Sparrowmon has even better control of speed than MailBirdramon. She’s smaller, faster, lighter. Those thrusters are probably ten times more powerful than MailBirdramon…’

“So you’ve figured it out too.” Dorulumon smirked slightly. “Once that girl’s up, I’m going to ask for permission to use the board.”

“That’s not going to do much good though.” Taiki frowned. “Shoutmon’s in no condition to fight. Not physically.”

Dorulumon winced as he remembered the impact of that one laser beam. “When we were fighting Lucemon, before Beelzebmon joined us, Shoutmon was struggling just to keep up at the pace he was going.”

“Which is why he can’t fight this next battle.” Taiki frowned. “Being bashed into a wall, then taking a laser beam…?”

“We could use Akari.” Dorulumon suggested. “I don’t know if she’d be willing to fight though, with Shoutmon…”

This is a bit of a reminder that Shoutmon is DOUBLY out of it! First, he was knocked around in the last episode, and now he’s just barely survived a DEATH RAY.  He’s out of it as far as fighting goes.

They’d be screwed if this were the canon universe and Akari weren’t compatible with X4.

Sparrowmon was flying through a forest, idly wandering to put her thoughts into order. ‘I know I can’t survive the void in this form… But I’d never make it home without it’s speed…’ she sighed. ‘Even though those Monitamon said that the gate back home was destroyed, I still think that I could…’ a sudden, terrified scream cut her thoughts of mid sentence.

With a sudden burst of speed, Sparrowmon rushed through the forest, searching for the source of the intrusion.

Finally, she found the source- A young girl, hair tied up into braids, curled up into a small ball, cowering away from a certain digimon, holding a very familiar, and very open dark colored container in his hands.

“Get away from her!” Sparrowmon cried out as she dove towards the golden armored digimon.

What the?”the Digimon cried out in (surprisingly) English as Sparrowmon crashed into him head first, causing the container to fly out of his hand and…


Sally’s eyes snapped open the instant a glass mug hit the ground.

“S-Sorry!” A Pucchiemon bowed quickly as she started to pick up the remains. “It slipped off my tray before I realized it!”

Akari sighed. “That’s okay…”

“Eh?” The Pucchiemon glanced over at Sally as she collected the glass fragments. “Hey! She’s awake!”

More sound-effect transitions. That’s Nene, by the way, being approached by Tsuwamon. The container had a Shademon in it, by the way. Not that Sally or Nene knew it at the time.

The Digimon ran off after a burst of her first attack- Crash Boom. Sparrowmon smirked slightly before turning towards the girl. “Hey, are you allright?”

The girl sniffed and she looked up- violet eyes watery and shimmering at her savior. “H…He…”

Sparrowmon blinked as the girl suddenly lunged, and hugged her. “Wh…?”

“He took my sister!” the girl wailed.

And here is the reveal! Nene has a SISTER who has been kidnapped!! Of course, if you’re coming into this straight from the Anime, this comes as a major shock! “What? No Yuu?”

In actuality, this is me setting up Dust Zone’s arc- which by this point I’ve seen the Manga and know about Kotone’s existence- where some details from the Manga will become heavily important.

Sally grimaced as a PawnChessmon shined a pen light into one of her eyes. “So what happened after I got blasted into that wall?”

“Lucemon appeared.” Taiki started. “And demanded that Nene free the Shademon that she’d put into her Xros Loader.”

“I can’t imagine that went well.” Sally noted as the Zone shook with a distant explosion. “Otherwise I don’t think we’d be in here…”

“It didn’t.” Akari shook her head. “She reloaded the Shademon, then Digi-Xrossed them all together, somehow the Xros Loader took the sphere into account too…” she sighed. “We’re all in trouble.”

“Right now.” Dorulumon started. “The only problem we’re facing is reaching a flying Dragon.” he glanced up at the roof. “None of our current Digi-Xrossed forms can fly fast enough to avoid that laser defense system.”

Taiki nodded. “X4B is too bulky and slow, and even if it wasn’t, Beelzebmon’s in no condition to fight right now.”

“Thanks for the vote of confidence!” Beelzebmon chuckled.

“Regardless.” Taiki grimaced. “We can’t do much of anything unless we can get up there.”

PawnChessmon’s Strider.

Taiki’s reexplaining what happened exactly, but they don’t realize that Nene had a Shademon in her to begin with! They really don’t know HOW she was pulled in yet, only that she was!

Sparrowmon took the girl back into the Monitamon village, and watched over the girl as she recovered from the shock of the attack; She eventually learned that her name was Nene Amano, and that her sister’s name was Kotone.

The girl and her twin sister had fallen through a rift into the Digital World, just as she had. Only, instead of being captured in a Zone, the Ninja Sparrowmon had chased off had attacked the two in the middle of the Air Space; Kotone was kidnapped, but Nene had her own revenge.

The girl with her oddly styled hair (Which reminded Sparrowmon of a bug for some reason) had snatched a blank Xros Loader from off of the Ninja at the same moment he had grabbed Kotone.

The Xros Loader bonded with Nene, which the Ninja obviously hadn’t wanted.

Sparrowmon growled, vowing to herself that if she ever ran into that ninja again, she would kill him personally for causing Nene so much trouble. And even until after that moment had past, she vowed to protect Nene like an older sister, no matter what.

And this is more Nene/Sparrowmon partner bonding. We see here that the reason Sparrowmon is so protective of Nene is because she’s known her since Nene was a little kid!

And she was failing miserably. Sally sighed as she stared at the dragon circling above. “Oh, Nene…”

“You’re leaving already?” Taiki asked from inside the doorway.

“I’ve got to try.” She said.

“We’ve got a plan, let us help…” Taiki offered.

“I’ve leaned on you enough as it is.” Sally growled.

“That doesn’t make any sense at all.” Taiki replied. “As I remember, all you’ve done for us so far was fire a gun a few times.”

She puffed out her cheeks in frustration.

“Again with that look.”

No reply.

“We both want the same goal here.” Taiki insisted.

A few moments of silence pass, before she sighed in defeat. “Fineeee…” She whined. “I’ll stay.”

In Canon, Taiki lets Sparrowmon go after offering her a Wrister. This time, however, he’s got a better plan than her- and she knows it!

For the Dragon flying above Heaven Zone, his current mental process was something along the lines of a family fighting over who would get the last dinner roll at supper.

Only, instead of a dinner roll at dinner time, it was control over their shared body, at that exact moment of time.

The defense system that was currently running was to prevent anything from interfeering with the mental stalemate.


That defense system could only stop those who were physically there.

With that meaning a live, breathing digimon.

Suddenly, with a cry of “ROSTRUM!”, Lucemon Demon Lord Mode found himself being blasted from below by a massive current of water.

Isn’t it a life saver that Digi-Memories don’t count as living Digimon?

“Haha! So this is the fabled ‘Demon Lord Mode’?” Leviamon roared in laughter. “He doesn’t look so tough!”

IRONY! Demon Lord Vs. Demon Lord!

Lucemon roared in anger. Who dared to attack him? He aimed his defensive seals at the Digimon and fired, repeatedly.

Strangely, the energy attacks passed straight through him, causing no damage at all.

“Hah! That tickles!” Leviamon laughed.

Lucemon growled in annoyance. This wasn’t supposed to hap-


Leviamon swung up and smashed his two tails into Lucemon, sending the Dragon reeling.

ARGH! The collective Shademon growled. How could it attack him, but he not attack it?

It was then that a new Digi-Memory came into play- a Trio of Patamon, creating a fluffy white stair case into the sky.

And running up said stair case…?

This is already different from Canon’s fight! Two Digimemories are being used simultaneously!

“Akari, As Xros Three will use the Patamon Digi-Memory to get close enough to Lucemon.” Taiki explained the plan. “Once she gets ontop of the sphere, she’ll distract Lucemon with Leviamon’s Digimemory while Sally, Zenjirou and I will approach the sphere, and cut it open with the Star Sword.”

“Allright!” Zenjirou grinned, having heard this part of the plan before. “I finally get to do something!”

“Once we get it open, we’ll search for Nene and Lucemon inside.” Taiki finished. “If we can get them both out, the Shademon won’t have any physical data to hold their form together, and will tear themselves apart trying to hold together.”

Shoutmon nodded. “Sounds like a plan.” he frowned. “But why isn’t Akari as Turuiemon with Lopmon?”

“Ehh…” Taiki paled. “Let’s just say that it’s Plan K, since it involves Xros Four Knight..”

“VICTORIZE BOOMERANG!”Akari cried out as she summoned the V shaped energy attack, and whirled at one of the massive wings as she ran across the Dragon’s back.

A small explosion later only increased Dragon-Lucemon’s annoyance.

But, when combined with Leviamon’s continued interference, proved to be the perfect distraction from the approaching yellow dot.

The plan is explained, but we now know that it will fail because of the “Unspoken Plan Guarantee.” Taiki’s got plan after plan piled up for this fight, and the one that works is the one that seemingly comes out of nowhere!

Sally Sparrow, plus her crew of two, were quickly ascending towards the dragon.

“Once we hit a certain altitude, I’ll have to start going faster.” Sally started. “Once that happens, you’ll need to hold on as tight as possible.”

“Gotcha.” Zenjirou nodded. “Just let me know when.”

“Oh trust me.” Sally and Taiki shared a glance. “You’ll know.” She remarked.

From down below, the PawnChessmon and Knightmon were ready and geared up to fight at a moment’s notice.

Shoutmon glanced at Dondokomon and the Pucchiemon, who seemed to be preparing for a new song. Maybe they’d written something for Xros Four Knight’s DigiXros?

But the way they were glancing at him, especially with that one Pucchiemon’s continued giggle, made him suspect Taiki had a different plan in motion.

Regardless, he returned his focus onto keeping the Leviamon Digi-Memory active.

“Can’t let that fail…” he muttered.

Suddenly, A blinding flash of light occured in the middle of the sky, where Sally’s hover board was ascending towards The battle.

Shoutmon paled.. “What the heck was that?”

And speaking of that plan- The Music Team is in on it! But they refuse to tell!!

What that was, was Taiki activating another Digimemory- The Agumon triple flame.

That was Sally’s signal to kick the thrusters to max, sending them flying closer to the sphere as Lucemon was attacked from three angles- All of them from above.

Within a few precious seconds, She closed the massive gap between them, and hovered right next to the sphere.

“Zenjirou, you’re up.” Taiki nodded.

“Got it!” The Kendo master held up the sword, and brought it down onto the dark sphere before them. “CHORD CRUSHER!”

Instead of making even a dent, the blade bounced back, sending Zenjirou tumbling back onto the board.

“Ow…” he groaned.

“That’s not going to work then.” Sally remarked as she pressed her hand onto the sphere. “It’s as hard as a rock- probably stronger than the star sword, even if it were Xrossed with Akari up there.”

Taiki nodded. “We’ll have to resort to plan S then.”

“Plan S?” Zenjirou blinked. “But that’s past plan K!”

Sally rolled her eyes. “Guess we’ll have to do that then.”

With a quick shift in momentum, she brought the hover board over towards the top of Lucemon, who -thankfully- was looking the other way.

Xros Three, on the other hand, was very surprised. “Taiki? Zenjirou?” she blinked. “What are you doing…?”

“Plan S!” Taiki grinned as he hopped off the board.

“I still don’t know what it is.” Zenjirou paled as he climbed down.

Plan upon plan- Taiki signals the start of this “Plan S” with the Agumon Digi-Memory! That’s already two more Digi-memories than the canon battle!

A second burst of light, just underneath Lucemon now, caught Shoutmon’s attention. “What the hell? Another Digi-Memory?”

Dondokmon grinned. “Guess we’ll be going with The Victory Keitai then!”

“Get ready everyone!” Haruhi ordered. “Instruments at the ready!”

“What?” Shoutmon blinked. Victory Keitai: “Victory Mode”? What was that supposed to mean…?

Victory Keitai — This is a shout out to the card game. Like I imagined before, in the universe where this Xros Wars is canon, anyone who read the descriptions for Shoutmon’s Xros # line will know what’s coming next- even without the previews from last week.


With a blinding flash of light, Sally descended towards the sphere again, shifting immediately into her other form: Sparrowmon.

“Guess it’s time to bring up the heat!” she started circling the dark orb rapidly. “WING…” Sparrowmon started.“EDGE!”

Suddenly, the tips of her wings elongated into sharp blades, blades that pierced and cut into the sphere as they formed.

The spiral cut did little to damage the orb beyond a nice scratch.

Lucemon growled at the irritation, but found Leviamon, the Agumon trio, and Xros Three to be the more pressing concern.




Sparrowmon grimaced as the attacks hit the dragon, making him falter back a small bit away from her. “Okay, spiraling won’t work…” She nodded. “Let’s try cutting!”

She pulled up as close to the sphere as possible, then started circling, forming a donut of color as she sped up.“WING EDGE!”

When she pulled back, her wing blades were severely damaged, but there was a solid circle etched into the sphere.

“Okay… Then…!”

A light bulb went off as she stared at the mark in the sphere.

“Let’s try Drilling!”

Sparrowmon started twirling in place, elongating the blades forwards, instead of outwards, as she dove forward.


Combined with the circle plus the final drilling, a hole was finally punched through the sphere with a crack.

And, although the sudden change in air pressure certainly helped, Sparrowmon’s forward momentum pushed her through into the sphere.

This was a bit of unintentional foreshadowing- or perhaps intentional- to chapter 28.


Gotta love ’em.

That, Lucemon had felt.

And NOW the collective consciousness of Shademon was mad.

He reared up and roared as he began to ignore the attacks hitting him. He pulled away his right clawed hand from holding the sphere and clenched it tightly.

“NENE!” Sparrowmon cried out as she pushed herself towards the center of the sphere. It was nearly impossible to see in this dark sphere, so she had no clue if Nene was anywhere near by or not.

But then, she heard it, a faint cry of “S-Sparrowmon…”

“Nene!” Sparrowmon pushed herself forward again. The dark energy inside was nearly as hard to move through as it was to see through. But that didn’t matter! It was starting to lighten up the closer to the center she got…


That didn’t make any sense at-


Lucemon’s fist punched through the sphere’s outer shell, easily reaching through to grab Sparrowmon.

The dragon pulled his fist out, holding onto the Digimon with the tips of his sharp claws.

“GAHH!” she cried out as the points pierced her light armor.

“What the?” Zenjirou double taked at the sight. “When did she get here?”

Xros Three (Well, Xros Four now that Zenjirou’d handed over the Star Sword again) narrowed her eyes.

Taiki hasn’t filled anyone in on the fact yet that Sally is actually Sparrowmon- though they soon figure it out the moment they see her.

“What happened to Sally?” Akari wondered within the Xros.

“She’s Sparrowmon!” Dorulumon’s eyes widened. “That’s the only explanation!”

Akari glanced over at him. “How does that even work?”

“Hybrid.” Ballistamon cut in. “She said she was experimented on.”

More Internal-Xros-Discussions.

Lucemon’s mouth opened slightly, but said nothing. Not even a roar.

Instead, he simply stared at her.

Sparrowmon grimaced from the points where his claws dug into her skin, but said nothing as well.

Lucemon tilted his head, and then, without using his mouth, asked a question. “Tell me.”the collective Shademon inquired psychically. “Tell me why I shouldn’t kill you where you stand?”

“Because…” Sparrowmon narrowed her eyes. “Because I won’t let the ones I care about be hurt!”

Inside the Dragon, Lucemon, the real one, started to wake up. ‘Petsula…’

“Because I fight to correct all the wrongs in the world.” She growled. “All of them!”

“You cannot right every single wrong.” the Shademon remarked. “This would be impossible…”

With that, he gave Sparrowmon one more squeeze before throwing her down to the Zone below.

It was at that moment that he realized that punching a hole in a containment sphere that already had a hole in it was a bad idea.

How did he realize it?

He happened to look down as he tossed Sparrowmon, spotting his precious dark energy flowing out of the sphere.

Well, that wasn’t good.

“Sparrowmon!” Taiki called out.

“Damn you…!” Akari raised the Star Sword. “BURNING STAR CRUSHER!”

The Shademon made a GRAVE mistake- adding a second hole to the first!

“It’s so different.” The younger girl started as they looked up at the night sky.

“I know.” Sparrowmon smiled.

“You’ve been to earth?” Nene asked, surprised.

“I’ve been lots of places.” Sparrowmon sighed as she remembered. “Portugal, Japan, The UK, France, Brazil…”

“You’ve been lots of places!” Nene’s mouth was in the shape of an O.

“Yeah.” Sparrowmon was glad the girl didn’t ask about getting back, but sad at the same time. She knew Nene was never going to return home without her sister. “Hey.” She turned her head towards the girl. “I’ll tell you what.”


“Once this whole mess is over, I’m going to take you flying.” Sparrowmon smiled. “I’ll take you where-ever you want to go.”

“Really?” Nene’s eyes widened. “Anywhere?”

“Anywhere!” Sparrowmon nodded.

By the end of Seven Swords- this childhood promise becomes a bit moot with Nene being able to actively teleport.

‘I’m sorry, Nene.’ Sparrowmon cried as she fell. ‘I couldn’t save you…’

She opened her eyes to look up at the dragon above, and the waterfall of dark energy that was pouring out.

‘I guess this is it. I’m dead.’ she sighed. ‘I’ve failed…’

It was then that a sparkle of something lighter colored in the descending energy caught her eyes.


No, it wasn’t a sparkle… It was a dot.

Then, the dot became bigger, and bigger, as it fell through the energy faster than terminal velocity would normally allow.

And then, Sparrowmon’s eyes widened as Nene Amano fell past her.


She stared at the girl, now falling down faster and faster.

Sparrowmon fired up her thrusters…


But they wouldn’t turn on- Lucemon’s dragon claws had pierced something.

Next comes the big damn hero moment for Sparrow-chan.

That had happened once before, her mind started to wander idly, when a Petaldramon had impaled one of her wings with it’s spikes. That had been before she’d found Nene, and had shifted back to her human form to escape from the plant dragon. She had then been pleasantly surprised to find that the hover board was then back in working order when she shifted back and…

“DOH!” She winced, then set her face to determination. “MODE CHANGE!”With that goal in mind, She switched back to her human form, the board under her feet.

“NENE!” She called out as she kicked off the board. “I’m Comming!”

She passed into the energy, and sped up quickly, but not nearly quickly enough.


She summoned her board back to her, and refused back into Sparrowmon, speeding up faster and faster, also shattering the water fall below her with the transformation.


This is a MUNDANE use of the shape-shifting spell- quick healing!!

Lucemon was getting fed up now. He roared, reaching back around to swat at those on his back, when, suddenly, his arm failed to move.

The Shademon roared in anger. Why was their body not moving? It didn’t make any sense!

Inside their warped fusion, several Shademon turned their attention to their physical hosts, and were shocked to discover that one of them was missing!

“The Girl has escaped!”one Shademon exclaimed.

“Eh. Our own fault for punching a hole into the containment unit.”another blandly replied.

But the loss of one would not hinder the movement of their body, so they searched for the original host, and they found him struggling to keep even a minor control over his body- the arm that would not move.

“He fights!” a Shademon growled. “Why does he fight? How can he fight?”

Another Shademon briefly read his surface thoughts. “Oh My!”

“What is it?”one of the first Shademon demanded.

“He fights for his Zone!” The Shademon replied. “He fights for those who fight to save others!”

Suddenly, Lucemon smirked. “You’ve got that right.”

Before the Shademon could even begin to think up any form of a reply, They were obliterated by a golden energy wave called:


The Shademon are fighting among  themselves, and then Lucemon takes them by surprise.

Suddenly, a brilliant, shining cross of energy blasted through the shell of the dark sphere, puncturing one more hole in it.

Down below, A PawnChessmon’s eyes widened. “That’s Lucemon’s attack!”

“HAHA!” Shoutmon grinned. “That means he’s fighting it!”

“GO GET ‘EM LUCEMON!” Terezie the PawnChessmon cheered.

“RESTRAIN HIM!”Several more Shademon appeared behind Lucemon, pinning his arms to some invisible wall.

“We CANNOT allow him to break free!”they chimed in.

“I’ve Had ENOUGH of your manipulations!” Lucemon growled.

“You WILL NOT LEAVE!”the Shademon chorused.

The Draconic body swayed a bit side to side, and the defense system began to wildly miss fire into the sky.

“What the hell’s happening in there?” Dorulumon growled from inside the Xros.

“It’s like they’ve lost control of themselves!” Akari agreed. “What did Lucemon do to make them so mad?”

“What did he…?” Taiki suddenly snapped his fingers against the edge of his goggles. “That’s It!”

“What’s-” Zenjirou threw himself towards Xros Four’s leg as Lucemon started flailing about, moaning loudly.

One of canon Taiki’s subtle running motions that I’ve completely forgotten about.

Nene’s eyes opened to the sight of yellow, and the sound of something moaning. “Ngh…what…?” She blinked the sleep out of her eyes.

“Nene!” Sparrowmon smiled. “You’re okay!”

“Huh?” Nene blinked again, this time glancing up and around at her surroundings. “Sparrowmon!”

“Yeah!” The digimon nodded.

Nene was being held by the jet digimon, over a Zone she didn’t recognize. There was a massive Dragon floating above them, swaying wildly as the seven seals around it fired off lasers in no real direction at all.

“What happened?” She asked. “Where are we?”

“You don’t remember?” Sparrowmon asked, concerned.

“No.” Nene shook her head. “The Last thing I remember was leaving Sand Zone…Then…” She winced slightly. “I Can’t remember.”

“Damn.” Sparrowmon cursed. “Being inside all of those Shademon must’ve messed with your memory…”

“Shademon…?” Nene trailed off as a cry from above caught their attention.

Nene doesn’t even remember- more Shademon mind-trickery.

“We’ve got to jump.” Taiki started. “We can’t stay up here any more!”

“Wait, what?” Zenjirou protested. “We’ll die if we do that!”

“We’ll die if we stay up here!” Akari agreed with the other General.

“But…!” Before Zenjirou could protest further, Taiki pushed him off, then jumped down after him with a cry of:


Akari smirked under he helmet, then dove down as well, bringing the Star Sword around. “BURNING STAR CRUSHER!”

A Blinding V Laser lanced out and smashed into the sphere, adding yet another crack to its surface.

Taiki leaps off with an unintentional Doctor Who shout out. (Off screen, weeks later, Sally would berate him for such a thing!)

“Hold on, Nene!” Sparrowmon said before she suddenly increased her speed.

Nene had no clue what was about to happen untill…

“YAH!” She was suddenly thrown up into the air… “Sparrow-?”


…And landed on the Digimon’s back again.

“Hang on tight!” Sparrowmon threw herself forward.

Zenjirou, of course, landed first, hitting the yellow board face down with a loud “THUD.”

“Ow…” He moaned.

Nene blinked at the sudden arrival.

“You might want to move over a bit!” Sparrowmon ordered as she zoomed around so that Xros Four landed on the back of the fused hover board next.

Both digimon winced at the shudder that went through both of them, but gave no other indication of damage beyond that.

“What about Taiki?” Zenjirou started when…


…The boy in question fell past them.

Of course, his fall was immediately stopped as Sparrowmon grabbed his hand as he fell.

“Thanks, Sparrowmon.” Taiki smiled.

“No problem!” Sparrowmon smiled at him.

This is how well Taiki planned this- and it seemingly just falls into place out of nowhere.

Shoutmon paled when he saw Akari, Zenjirou, AND Taiki jump off of the Dragon’s back.

He sighed in relief, however, when he saw them land on Sparrowmon’s back.

“Here.” Dondokomon handed him a page of lyrics.

“Eh?” Shoutmon blinked. “What’re these for?”

“Well… You can adlib if you want!” Dondokomon grinned. “But I’d appreciate it if you stuck to the lyrics as best you could!”

“Just be sure to replace the ‘Name Here’ part once it comes up!” Jade, the Pucchiemon, added.

“What?” Shotumon blinked as he scanned over the lyrics. “…Huh… Oh…OH!…” his eyes widened. So THAT was Taiki’s plan!

They’re going to make Shoutmon SING.

With Zenjirou’s help, Taiki climbed onto the back of the board. “Hi!” He smiled at them.

“Okay, so we’re down here, now what?” Akari asked from inside the Digi-Xros.

“That all depends,” Taiki started. “On what Nene knows?”

“The Shademon wiped her memory of the last few days.” Sparrowmon remarked. “So, we’ll have to save the explanation for later.”

“Okay.” Taiki nodded. “Then we’ll have to go with the Victory Keitai!”

“Eh?” Akari blinked. “What’s that?”

“Nene.” Taiki started. “Mind loaning Sparrowmon over for a bit?”

“Uh…” The girl blinked, but nodded. “Okay.”

“Right then!” Taiki held up his orange Xros Loader, the screen glowing brightly. “Let’s make this happen!”


“That’s Our Cue Everyone!” Dondokomon ordered. “HIT IT!”

With that, Shoutmon brought up his Microphone, and started singing.

“Burning on! Burner on! Buddy on!”


“Fly Out, Friend!”

“Yokay!” Xros Four leveled her sword out.

“Let me at ’em!” Sparrowmon grinned.

“The Hero of the Skies is Here!”

“DIGI XROS!”The Xros Loader flared into life.

The two digimon transformed into beams of light that arched up into the sky, then smashed into each other with a mighty cry of:


They Xros Together- and we’re subtly introduced to another feature of Sparrowmon’s data manipulation as they do such:

There was a surge of energy, as the new Digimon flew through an energy crest in the shape of the Xros Heart logo, causing all proportions and size to equal out roughly the same height- a towering giant the same height as Lucemon’s Dragon form.

This is a Power Rangers Mystic Force/Magiranger shoutout as well as being practical- Sparrowmon can adjust the size of ANY of her Digi-Xrossed forms to match whatever opponent they’re facing. This is partially to explain away the Anime’s inconsistent sizing of Xros Five who at times is a towering giant, and other times no bigger than Xros Four.

The battle that follows was more dramatic in my head- but alas, that’s the difficulties of writing an action scene to music.

Inside the Xros, Akari smirked. “You’re not going to take us down That easily!”

With that, the Gattai spun around and brought the star Sword in front of the V crest. “FIVE VICTORIZE!”

A Blinding V Rushed out of the Sword, and soared towards Lucemon.

“With passionate fury,”

A Seal came to block the attack, and was shattered by the impact!

“Cut the evil to shreds!”

The dragon sneered, but summoned a new seal in it’s place.

“Strongly, Strongly, Strongly pile on your wishes!”

Zenjirou paled from his vantage point. “He can regenerate them!”

“Hero of the Skies,”

Down Below, a certain PawnChessmon shook his fist. “That DMK Rip-Off!”

“Shine Bright, XROS FIVE!”

Akari grimaced within the Xros. “We’ll have to break them all at once if we want to get close enough.”

This is both a Problem Sleuth Shout Out as well as providing something for Xros Five to actually be challenged with.

Xros Five came to a halt high up above the Zone, to the point where it could easily be seen as two parts. (A small part of Sally’s mind noted that it looked like a giant Z had ripped it’s way through the Zone, then shoved that thought away for later.)

Oh by the way, here was that Beat Mesa foreshadowing I was talking about.

And then Xros Five makes its finisher move even more spectacular than in canon- They Cheat by breaking open the Zone’s SKY and powering up with the disruptive energy of the Airspace:

A massive hole in the sky dome broke into existence, revealing the air space beyond.

Xros Five entered the air space, and then began drawing in the cosmic energy around them.

And, for a brief moment, the entire Air Space seemed to fluctuate into REAL space.

“On day we will surely get there…”

All those inside the Digi-Xros started grinning as they focused the entire energy around them into their right fist.

“To A world brimming with kindness…”

“On three?” Akari asked.

“That’s why we can’t fold our wings…”

“How about on one?” Sally asked back.

“Together now…”



Suddenly, like a comet, Xros Five descended towards the Zone below them.

“Burning on! Burner on! Buddy on!”

Unlike a comet however, there was massive speed involved with this descent.

“Keep on Soaring!”

There was a sudden “BOOM” and a circle of clouds appearing suddenly behind them.

The dragon quickly spawned his seal defenses in a straight line, to slow down the incomming attack.

“The Warrior Spirit seething with fire,”

Another Sonic Boom, another cloud ring, and the seals began to break. Shademon respawned them again and again, trying to keep the attack from hitting, But…

“Destroys the evil!”

Another boom, another cloud ring, another seal batch shattered…

“Burning On! Burner On! Buddy On!”

And then the Shademon knew their days were numbered as every defense seal it put up was destroyed.

“Overtake Everything!”

“METEOR IMPACT!”Everyone called out at once.

“Strongly, Strongly, Strongly Pile on your wishes!”


The Flaming meteorite also called Xros Five smashed into the Remaining Dark sphere, shattering it entirely…

“We will grab a tomorrow overflowing with peace!”

Before crashing through the Dragon’s back side, leaving a gaping hole through it’s torso.

“Hero of the Skies!”

Akari smirked. “Gotcha!”

“Shine Bright!”

With a resounding KTHWHAM!, the Dragon’s Body shattered into a massive firework of golden data particles.


And with that said and done, Xros Five’s clenched fist opened to reveal an unconscious Lucemon resting on the palm.

It couldn’t be helped, everyone let loose a cry of triumph as the remnants of Shademon data dissolved into the air.

That’s right- Xros Five PUNCHED through ShadeDragoLucemon and literally stole Lucemon right out from the center of the Xros!

Elsewhere in Heaven Zone, DarkKnightmon sighed in annoyance as the data flowed overhead. “What a waste. If that fool hadn’t misjudged my intentions, his race would no longer be only two creatures away from extinction.”

The Monitamon trio stared at the Xros Loader.

“Oh well. It doesn’t matter I suppose.” DarkKnightmon continued. “There will be another chance sooner or later. My only concern now is that Nene returns to us.”

Duskmon scoffed along side him. “I Doubt Sparrow will let her return to us, considering we left her to rot inside that dragon.”

“Now now.” DarkKnightmon scolded. “We were only letting her body be converted even further.” he started to laugh. “Soon, Nene Amano will learn the truth, and there will be nothing she can do about it.”

Ooooh. Ominous.

“DarkKnightmon attacked you?” Nene asked, surprised.

“Yeah.” Shoutmon grumbled. “He blasted me into a wall. Don’t you remember?”

“The Shademon messed with her memory.” Sally repeated. “Not much else we can do.”

“And you!” Nene turned towards her guardian. “Why didn’t you tell me you were human?”

“You never asked.” the girl returned with a huff. “But I gave you enough hints that you could have figured it out.”

Lila smirked slightly. “She’s got you there.”

Nene sighed. “I need to go get my Xros Loader back, though.”

“Um, About that.” Sparrowmon started. “Duskmon will try to kill me again if I go back.”

“Duskmon…?” Nene asked, another blank in her memory.

Off to the side, Taiki sighed. “We can’t let her go back to DarkKnightmon. Not without some sort of plan.”

Akari nodded. “That jerk had no concern for her safety…”

Sally quickly corrects her mistake of not letting Nene know about her dual-nature, and Taiki begins another plan while flashing back…

As the hover board came to a halt, The lone Monitamon that had refused to stay out of the Xros Loader hopped away, carrying the Black Xros Loader in his hands.

“Hey!” Taiki called out. “Aren’t you going to help save Nene?”

The Monitamon froze.

“She can get herself out.” DarkKnightmon smugly replied from the Xros Loader. “Besides, if she cannot, then I have no doubt you will do it yourselves. Neigh, even if she attempts to free herself, you will still go in!”

Taiki narrowed his eyes. “I wasn’t asking you.”

The Monitamon froze even more. “Moni!”

“They follow a strict chain of command, and I am higher than Amano Nene.”DarkKnightmon remarked.

“He claimed to be higher than Nene.” Taiki frowned. “But Nene claims to be his General…”

“He’s got his own agenda.” Akari nodded. “Then there’s what you said about her reactions during the fight…”

“She didn’t even flinch when Shoutmon broke the roof.” Taiki repeated.

“I think that DarkKnightmon did something else to her.” Akari frowned. “Something to do with those Shademon he was trying to free.”

“You don’t think that…?”


And then they come to the conclusion that I’ve flat out told you all along– Nene had a Shademon in her from the beginning.

So, as the sun began to set on Heaven Zone, the Monitamon Trio watched as Nene walked up to them, a grim expression on her face.

“Nene-Sama!” they cried out in joy.

“I’m glad to see that you’re al-“ DarkKnightmon stopped as Nene snatched up the Xros Loader from the Monitamon. “What are you…?”

“Reload.” The girl stated. “Duskmon.”

With a flash of light, the swordsman appeared in front of her in a bow. “Yes, milady?”

“I don’t remember ever meeting you before yesterday.” Nene started.

“I work in the catacombs.” Duskmon started. “I make sure that-”

“Stop.” she clenched her fists. “Just STOP.

Inside the Xros Loader, DarkKnightmon tensed. “Nene…”

“From what I can gather.” she narrowed her eyes. “You’re a better ninja than the lot of them.” She pointed at the Monitamon.

This caught everyone off guard.

“Moni?” The trio gasped.

“If you’ve been a part of this team and I’ve never seen you before…” Nene continued. “Then you’re better than them.”

DarkKnightmon raised an eyebrow. ‘What is she doing…?’

“I…” Duskmon was taken back as well. “Thank you, Milady…”

“That’s why you’re taking their place.” Nene concluded. “You will be my new spy, and these lot…” she sent a cold glare at the Monitamon. “Can stay here for all I care.”

“Nene-Sama!” a Monitamon started. “Surely you don’t…!”


They stopped.

DarkKnightmon grimaced. ‘Oh dear… it seems the Shademon had an adverse affect on her… She seems to have become rather violent!’

With that said and done, Nene raised her Xros Loader, then took in Duskmon again. “Zone Transfer.”

And, with another flash of light, she was gone.

Nene plays the part of the Corrupted Evil Villain. She praises Duskmon, intentionally snubbing DarkKnightmon in the process, and frees the Monitamon from her service in the process.

The Monitamon trio stood there, confused and shocked. “Why…?” one said after a few moments of silence. “Why would she…?”

“Because.” Sally started as she and Taiki walked into view. “I asked her to.”

“Sparrow-san!” the third Monitamon started. “Why did you do that?”

“We need DarkKnightmon to think she’s gone for the worse from being combined with the Shademon.” Taiki started. “Something he wouldn’t have expected.”

“And trust me.” Sally concluded. “He won’t see what’s coming next until it’s too late.”

We quickly reveal it, however, as all part of the plan.


We cut to Karaoke, and we have Shoutmon singing the OP for Digimon Adventure 02– Incorrectly.

This was because when I started writing this, I was going off of an incorrect translation. So like any good writer- I instead rolled with it and lampshaded him singing the lyrics incorrectly.

Konata looked up in surprise. “I know this song!” She gasped. “He’s getting some of the lyrics wrong, but I know this song!”

Zenjirou pulled out the cell phone, and scrolled through the list as soon as he heard that. “Hmm…”

Shoutmon grimaced slightly at the ‘wrong lyrics’ comment, but continued anyways. “My energy’s hit the limit, The time to pull the trigger has come. That blurring, bridge-building rainbow, Now overheat as you chase it Far Awayyy!”

After the song, Sparrowmon arrives, having come in separately from Nene. Again, slight plot hole with how 28 ends, if I’m remembering right.

“Damn, there’s another one.” Spades clenched his fist around the dagger-ended crowbar he favored as a weapon. “And a shape-shift-er at that.”

“We’ll have to be careful then.” Droogs remarked. “I don’t want to be on the wrong end of those jet thrusters.”

“Can’t we just introduce ourselves?” Deuce asked.

“Didn’t we already go over this?” Boxcars asked.

“Uh…Maybe?” Deuce replied. “I don’t remember.”

“Whatever.” Spades narrowed his eyes at the small establishment. “We’ll make a great first impression, that’s for sure.”

And we end it with Midnight Crew shenanigans. Deuce is too good for these guys, though you’d expect that from Droogs (being Diamonds after all).



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